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Amrita Ebata Ray Jolicoeur Darla Gray Dale Bass Lee Malbeuf CONTACT

OUR COMMUNITY GIVING BACK MISSION: “ICCHA” MEANS “WISH”. THE ICCHA/WISH FUND was established in 2007 at the Royal Inland Hospital Foundation in Kamloops. “When someone is sick in the hospital, we wish them well but that is not good enough. WE HAVE TO DO MORE! A wish for a healthy community can come true by businesses and individuals giving something back for the benefit of all who rely on Royal Inland Hospital.” Have a Heart to Give, For a Heart to Live

Al Patel, Founder 3


Board of Directors (Donated $10,000+ since 2007) Mr. Al & Mrs. Bina Patel SCOTT’S INN AND RESTAURANT

Mr. Anil & Mrs. Jyoti Parekh LAMPLIGHTER MOTEL

Dr. Bas & Mrs. Shankaramma Gowd BOARD MEMBER

Dr. Krishna Parghi BOARD MEMBER

Mr. Charan Rai & Ms. Lucky PHI HOTEL GROUP


Mr. Grayden & Mrs. Sangita Flanagan SUBWAY RESTAURANTS

Mr. Hasmukh & Mrs. Sangita Parekh RIDER’S MOTOR INN

Mr. John & Mrs. Stephanie Hampel BEST WESTERN PLUS

Mr. Bob Purohit ACADIAN INN

Mr. Jeff & Mrs. Tanya Isfeld SPEEDY CASH


Mr. Jim Oakley & Mrs. Sherry Blanchard KAMLOOPS HONDA


Mrs. Eleanor Thompson BOARD MEMBER


Dr. Russell & Mrs. Amrita Ebata EBATA EYE CARE OPTOMETRY

Dr. Archie E. & Mrs. E. Jane Dempster BOARD MEMBER

ICCHA means “WISH”. The ICCHA/Wish Fund was established in 2007 at the Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops.

Let’s Get This Done! This is our HOSPITAL This is our COMMUNITY

Kamloops 4



A BIG WOW for the ICCHA/Wish Fund! In 2007, I talked to friends Anil Parekh of Lamplighter Motel, retired gynecologist Dr. Bas Gowd, Hasmukh Parekh of Rider’s Motor Inn and Bob Purohit of Acadian Inn to give back to our community from where we built our financial strength. We felt the board of directors of the ICCHA/Wish Fund should be those who contribute $10,000, regardless of how long they take to “Give Back”. Today, we have 19 directors and I thank them for believing in us and all those who, by their donations, are surely progressing themselves to be on our board. When a patient is sick in Royal Inland Hospital, “wishing them well” is not good enough! We have to give our doctors the best equipment and services possible so patients can recover quickly. Reducing hospital stays is not only good for patients but also saves money for our health-care system. Although it’s been a decade, it seems like yesterday we began our journey. Initially, our heart was set to improve cardiac care at RIH but we

had to wait till we had enough cardiologists. Today we have six cardiologist waiting for a cardiac-care unit which is basic care for a tertiary hospital like RIH. It is time Kamloopsians wake up and ask the government to invest in Kamloops and give us what is our right to basic health care! We are in the 21st century and yet the ICCHA/Wish Fund has replaced 20-yearold heart monitors used after surgery in the postanesthetic recovery room at RIH. We donated a lithotripter machine for a doctor who knew how to remove kidney stones with but the government did not see that! We donated over $100,000 for this machine and now there are almost 18 cases per year where patients do not have to suffer the pain or wait to travel to Vancouver or Kelowna to have their kidney stones removed. Over the past 10 years, our stories of giving have touched many hearts and today, we are asking you all to “have a heart to give, for a heart to live”. As I understand, a cardiac-

Have a Heart to Give, For a Heart to Live

care unit is an assembly of acute-care beds in one location with specialized nurses and doctors serving cardiac patients. Establishing a cardiac-care unit is a government responsibility, not ours! Once a cardiac-care unit is established, it will be the beginning of our journey. The next step is a cauterization lab so that we can stop the traumatic travel of patients in ambulances to Kelowna or Vancouver for diagnosis and angiograms. The board of directors of the ICCHA/Wish Fund is asking you to raise your voices and concerns to all levels of our government and health-care system. If we don’t demand, we will keep on losing what is rightfully ours. We will raise enough money to buy RIH the most modern state-of-the-art equipment for a cardiac-care unit and continue to demand from our goverment a cath lab. Join us in this uphill battle! Please donate: www.iwishfund.com



As a health care provider and a small business owner, my wife and I know the importance of supporting local. We rely upon our patients for our livelihood and in turn, we feel that it is our responsibility to give back to the community that supports our family. We know firsthand the impact that good health can have to improve someone’s quality of life. We also know many of the doctors, nurses and staff at Royal Inland Hospital who do a phenomenal job at helping improve the lives of the patients who seek their care. The Cardiac Care Unit at RIH will help improve the lives of countless people in Kamloops and the interior and supporting the ICCHA/Wish Fund in its quest to establish a Cardiac Care Unit only makes sense. The goal of $500,000 that Mr. Patel and the Board of Directors have set, is a testament to our community’s commitment, generosity and dedication to helping improve health care in Kamloops. Knowing that every dollar goes toward achieving our goal makes it that much easier to contribute to ICCHA/Wish Fund. We are proud of where we live and proud to be part of ICCHA/Wish Fund’s 2018 campaign.

Dr. Russell & Mrs. Amrita Ebata Ebata Eye Care Optometry

www.ebataeyecare.com 6


Thank you for giving back!

For the full list of donors or to donate please visit www.iwishfund.com Proud sponsors of our local RIH and the

ICCHA/Wish Fund

Dedicated to providing reliable, quality workmanship and exceptional customer service for all your commercial and residential projects. Heartfelt appreciation for 22 years of Kamloops community support!


Have a Heart to Give, For a Heart to Live


Off: (250) 374-5572 Cell: (250) 319-0998 Fax: (250) 374-5582



A message from MP

Cathy Mcleod The ICCHA/Wish Fund was established in 2007 at the RIH Foundation to improve healthcare services and provide greater patient comfort to patients at the Royal Inland Hospital. “Iccha” means wish and the fund has been making wishes come true for Kamloops patients with its many fundraising campaigns. Over the last 11 years, the ICCHA/Wish Fund has successfully fundraised for two heart monitors for the post-anesthetic recovery room, over-bed warmers for the neonatal ICU, a compassionatecare room for families with loved ones in critical care and a portable X-ray machine for immobile patients — and more. This year, the ICCHA/Wish

Fund has set the ambitious goal of a $500,000 cardiaccare unit at RIH, which would allow advanced cardiac care for patients in Kamloops who presently have to be transported by ambulance or flown to Kelowna or Vancouver for treatment. I have known Al Patel, founder of the ICCHA/Wish Fund, for many years. He is passionate about improving health care, and the city itself as the owner of a successful business, Scott’s Inn and Restaurant. I am happy to lend my support toward this worthy and important fundraising project to improve health care in Kamloops.

A message from Mayor

Ken Christian On behalf of Kamloops city council, I would like to thank those in attendance at the 10th anniversary ICCHA/Wish Fund Gala on May 25 and the many other residents of Kamloops and region for their generous


support of the Royal Inland Hospital Foundation. It is only through your support that we are able to realize our vision for improved health care for area residents. Our dollars support our hospital.


Peter Milobar, MLA

Kamloops  North Thompson

Todd Stone, MLA

Kamloops  South Thompson

May 25, 2018 To the Members and Supporters of the ICCHA/Wish Foundation Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! The ICCHA/Wish Foundation continues to be a cornerstone of the community when it comes to rallying community support for capital needs at Royal Inland Hospital. Through your dedication and committed efforts, the people of the Kamloops region are able to access equipment, education and recovery spaces that were previously not available. Many families have been positively impacted by the work of the ICCHA/Wish Foundation, likely too numerous to truly count. It is with utmost gratitude that we express our congratulations. In Kamloops and BC, we are truly blessed with a high quality health care that is experienced in very few places in the world. The ICCHA/Wish Foundation continues to work in collaboration with Royal Inland Hospital and the community to ensure that the services and equipment are up to date and addressing the needs of some of the most vulnerable at a time when they require it the most. We wish you all the best as you enter into your second decade of fundraising for these important initiatives! Once again, we thank you for your efforts.

Todd G. Stone MLA, Kamloops - South Thompson Opposition Critic for Municipal Affairs

Kamloops  South Thompson Constituency Office 446 Victoria Street Kamloops, B.C. V2C 2A7 T 250.374.2880 | F 250.377.3448 .ca

Have a Heart to Give, For a Heart to Live

Peter Milobar MLA, Kamloops - North Thompson Opposition Critic for Environment

Kamloops  North Thompson Constituency Office 618B Tranquille Road Kamloops, B.C. V2B 3H6 T 250.554.5413 | F 250.554.5417



Thank you to our in-kind donors

The Grocery People


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Al Patel’s story has led to chapters of giving CHRISTOPHER FOULDS KAMLOOPS THIS WEEK MARCH 15, 2018

Helping others should be innate. It should be something we all do instinctively. But many who can afford to do so, don’t — and many burdened with so much, do.

Al Patel is fond of saying everyone has a story. His tale stretches back to 1964, when his family went from have to have-not in the blink of a firestorm that destroyed the clan’s men’swear store and associated buildings in Fiji. Interestingly, had those flames not devoured the family’s livelihood 9,000 kilometres across the Pacific Ocean, chances are a hospital in Kamloops would be without about a half-million dollars’ worth of medical equipment. Patel, owner of Scott’s Inn and Restaurant downtown and founder of the ICCHA/Wish Fund, told his story this week to a roomful of donors and doctors as his foundation held a 10th anniversary thank you event at the Ramada Inn. The ICCHA/Wish Fund is a non-profit entity that raises money each year to buy a crucial piece of medical equipment for Royal Inland Hospital. Each year, a goal is identified and the fundraising begins, culminating with a sold-out gala at Colombo Hall to thank the donors and celebrate the new EMG machine, portable X-ray machine, incubator, heart monitor and other pieces of medical equipment purchased for RIH. In the decade since Patel, Dr. Bas Gowd, Anil Parekh and others created the ICCHA/Wish Fund by seeding it with their own money, more than $600,000 has been raised to help doctors, nurses and other staff at RIH better treat patients. The current goal is the most ambitious to date — raising $500,000 to help land a cardiac-care unit at the hospital. During the recent appreciation dinner, another $67,600 was pledged. Helping others should be innate. It should be something we all do instinctively. But many who can afford to do so, don’t — and many burdened with so much, do. When Patel was 16, his family’s “empire,” as he called it, went up in flames, leaving debt so crippling he had to borrow clothes for school. “That was the beginning of my journey,” Patel said. His family was scrambling to recover and had managed to rent a place about a mile from their hometown. Patel was sitting outside one day when he saw an old lady stumbling toward him. She was wearing a threadbare veil and sari and begging for food. “I said, ‘Oh my God. I have nothing. What can I give her? What can I give her?’” Patel recounted. continued on pg. 12

Have a Heart to Give, For a Heart to Live


ICCHA/WISH FUND continued from pg. 11

He then ran inside and scooped up a meagre cup of beans, which he gave to the woman with a request: “Please don’t tell my family.” Patel buried that secret, believing he had done something wrong because he gave away goods while his family was needy. Four years later, in 1968, the Patel family arrived in Canada and he finally unburdened his guilt by confessing to his parents about We are proud to be Bronze Sponsors of the ICCHA/Wish Fund

Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary President Jasvir Singh Grewal

Kamloops Gurudwara Sahib Society

1345 Ord Rd, Kamloops, BC

(250) 554-3871

“stealing” the beans to give to the woman. Nonsense, his parents replied. “You didn’t steal,” they told Patel. “You gave to someone less fortunate.” Even the less fortunate, it seems, have capacity to give. “That’s why you are here today,” Patel said to the donors and doctors in the room at the recent event. “Because you gave. And that story will continue, thanks to you.”


700 Cambridge Crescent, Kamloops, BC • 250-376-1454

Proud to support ICCHA/Wish Campaign Mr. Mahendra & Mrs. Kanchan Patel Portland, OR

Is a proud supporter of the Iccha-wish fund @ RIH Foundation & congratulations on 10 succesful years!!

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Bal Kamloops, BC

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Mr. Pravin & Mrs. Gita Patel

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Have a Heart to Give, For a Heart to Live

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The time has come for cardiaccare unit at Royal Inland Hospital As a retired gynecologist who worked at Royal Inland Hospital for many years, I’ve seen many changes there that have served the community using the latest technology available. These include fetal monitoring, laparoscopy and laparoscopic surgery, colposcopy for early diagnosis of cervical cancer, laser surgery and hysteroscopy. To acquire the skill set for these state-of-the-art therapies, I once closed my office and went to Vancouver for advanced training in these disciplines, doing so because of my firm and passionate belief Kamloopsians deserve the best possible treatment. I am proud to say I have contributed my share toward that goal, saving the health region millions of dollars of your money by providing these modern therapies locally. Since I retired, I have been active on improving facilities at RIH, raising money through the United Way ThompsonNicola-Cariboo, Rotary International, Thompson Rivers University Foundation, the RIH Foundation and the ICCHA/Wish Fund. I believe we are born to serve and that service is the best form of worship. I have always passionately believed in giving

rather than receiving, especially in donating funds to medical and educational institutions. For the past 10 years, I have worked with Al Patel, founder of ICCHA/Wish Fund, to create a modern, dedicated cardiaccare unit at RIH. We are concerned about the lack of this facility for cardiac patients at RIH. We boast of being a tertiary-care

hospital but are lacking in the field of cardiac care. We do not have a dedicated cardiac-care unit, let alone a catheterization laboratory. Heart attacks, the No. 1 killer in Canada, are therefore managed haphazardly, with patients left waiting throughout the hospital. Many wait several days before being sent to Kelowna General Hospital or to a Vancouver hospital for therapies we can not provide here in Kamloops. There are well-documented instances where patients have died while waiting for transfer

Have a Heart to Give, For a Heart to Live

or on the way to Kelowna. Neither money nor lives are saved by this strategy of waiting for a bed somewhere else. Politicians have promised us so much to us over the years, only to fail consistently in the delivery of those promises. The classic example is when then-premier Mike Harcourt promised a us a cancer clinic or cardiac centre. We got neither! RIH now has a full complement of cardiologists and we must provide them with the equipment they need to provide the state-of-theart therapies found in other tertiary centres. Our cardiologists have the skills but they need the right tools to provide treatments that will not only help people in Kamloops but save the Interior Health Authority all that money it now spends on expensive patient transfers and air-ambulance costs. This will be a win-win-win situation for all parties. Unless you raise your voice to this long standing problem, the politicians will keep fooling us with their false hopes and promises. So let us strike while the iron is hot! Dr. G. B. Gowd, MD FRCSC



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Education room established at the new cancer clinic The education room at the Kamloops Cancer Clinic has been a major benefit for patients, family members and staff since its construction in 2007. It offers a bright spacious area for learning opportunities, group teaching for new patients, staff education on new medications and procedures and connecting with oncology resources through telehealth. It is also a place where physicians can meet with patients and families for confidential discussions on their oncology care. We are extremely grateful we have access to such an accommodating space in our clinic. Thank you from the cancer clinic!

Have a Heart to Give, For a Heart to Live




Two new heart monitors for post anaesthetic recovery room Every patient in the post anaesthetic recovery (children through the elderly) has their cardiac and respiratory status monitored closely following surgery as there is a potential for change. Cardiac/respiratory monitoring is a means to meet our National Standards for Practice as defined by the National Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses of Canada. These monitors are essential in excellent post-operative care for patients. Donna Lineker

Gold Sponsor of the ICCHA/Wish Fund

Congratulations on 10 years service to our community

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Overbed warmers for neonatal intensive-care unit The overbed warmers have been used extensively for neonates in both the NICU and in the labour and delivery setting. They allow us to preserve warmth while being able to carefully assess, observe and, when necessary, treat newborns who may present with a medical complication. This is essential for neonates who cannot easily maintain a normal temperature and, when cold, can incur more medical

distress or complicate what is already going on. They are the first stop certainly for a newborn who isn’t transitioning in a healthy state from birth and also is a stop for nearly all newborns

to have a thorough initial exam after skin-to-skin contact with mom. We wholeheartedly appreciate the gift of these warmers for our tiniest population! Thank you from the NICU!

Our joy of giving. Have a Heart to Give, For a Heart to Live




Compassionate room for families with loved ones in critical care The compassionate room is an integral part of our intensivecare unit and it is used on a daily basis by families and the multidisciplinary health-care team. Families with loved ones in the ICU are often in crisis and the room provides a quiet and calm environment where families can rest. It also provides a perfect venue for meetings between families and the multidisciplinary team to provide support, medical

updates and discuss the ongoing care plan of the family member. If we did not have such a space, it would be very difficult to meet the needs of our families and this would surely add to the significant stress are ready encountered in our environment. We are extremely grateful for the gift that ICCHA/Wish has granted for the patients and families that grace our unit — it is an invaluable part of the service we deliver. Thank you from the ICU!

The Gill family proudly supporting the ICCHA/Wish Fund 176 Comazzetto Road

1775 E. Trans Canada Hwy.

Kamloops, BC V2C 6L6

Kamloops, BC V2C 3Z6

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(E. Trans Can. Hwy.)

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Portable X-ray machine crucial for immobile patients at RIH While many patients can come to the department for imaging, there are those who are not well enough and need continuous monitoring on the wards. Having the ability to do this with portable x-ray equipment allows us to give the physicians the information they need quickly and at the bedside, the best care for them. Having additional portable units ensures we have the equipment available when it is needed most. Thank you from the diagnostic imaging department!

Proud to Support Our Community As a locally-owned insurance broker, we’re dedicated to the place we call home and to those who share where we live.

capricmw.ca Have a Heart to Give, For a Heart to Live



2013 - 2014

ICCHA/Wish provides essential new colonoscopy equipment The colonoscope is a vital piece of equipment to the ambulatory-care unit (ACU). We see thousands of patients through our endoscopy procedural area in a year’s time. This equipment aids in monitoring, diagnosis and follow-up care of a patient with bowel disease. We also use these types of scopes as part of the BC colon cancer-screening program, which aids in detection and/or intermittent screening for bowel cancer. The colonoscope purchased in 2013 is helping to facilitate many procedures annually. Our ACU team and patients would like to say “Thank-you” for your support to patient care. Deana Rismondo Manager, ACU

Thank You We wish to thank ICCHA for their amazing work and raising awareness and support for a CCU in 2018 and past campaigns that have made such a difference in lives of fellow Kamloopsians.

Keep up the good work! Owners John and Stephanie Hampel and employees of the Best Western Plus Kamloops

660 Columbia Street West, Kamloops, BC V2C 1L1 • (250) 374-7878




Lithotriptor machine helps doctor remove kidney stones efficiently The lithotripsy equipment purchased by ICCHA/Wish to perform ‘percuanteous nephrolithotomy’ surgery has allowed more patients to be treated in Kamloops instead of travelling to Vancouver. These surgeries require an overnight stay in hospital, which puts a strain on families when patients had to travel to Vancouver. We now perform almost all these surgeries in Kamloops. This surgery is ideal for patients with large kidney stones measuring two centimetres or greater in size. The equipment provided allows us to dilate a pathway directly from the skin into the kidney where the kidney stones can be fragmented. The subsequent fragments can then be removed with a probe

that works similar to a vacuum (removing the fragments with suction). Over the past three years, the number of cases being performed in Kamloops is steadily rising: 2015 – 5 cases 2016 – 12 cases 2017 – 15 cases 2018 – 3 already (on pace for 18 cases) I anticipate we will be performing 15 to 20 cases per year moving forward. The equipment has been working great — and we look forward to making good use of it for many years to come! Dr. Steve Faddegon

Congratulations Al Patel and everyone involved with ICCHA/Wish Fund For 10 years of hard work for our community At Bridgeport Floors, it’s more than quality flooring, it’s about building relationships.

1216A Battle Street Kamloops, BC 250-374-7144 • bridgeportfloors.com Have a Heart to Give, For a Heart to Live




An electromyography machine helps with pain and weakness The donated electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction machine is used daily on multiple patients for the evaluation of numbness, tingling, pain, and weakness in the arms or legs. It has filled a need for our community which is so appreciated by the physicians, technologists, and patients. Dr. Jill Calder



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ICCHA Wish Fund


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Portable Ultrasound Machine for RIH The ultrasound machine generously donated to our clinic has made such an impact on our patients and practice. It’s immensely helpful to be able to confirm a baby’s position in the clinic, which saves significant resources in avoiding a formal ultrasound through diagnostic imaging. The machine has various other uses that are both reassuring to our patients and helpful for clinicians and we are very grateful to have it! Thank you from the diagnostic imaging department!

Proud to be a Gold Sponsor ICCHA/Wish Fund - Jack Nijjer Owner/Operator

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What is a catheterization lab? Commonly called a Cath Lab, a catheterization lab is an examination room with equipment that can visualize the arteries and chambers of the heart and treat abnormalities. For example, a coronary catheterization is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a catheter — a thin tube — to take a look at various parts of the heart and its functioning. Catheters can be used for other minimally invasive procedures including: • Angioplasty, a procedure used to widen narrowed or obstructed arteries or veins; • Aortic valve replacement, when a damaged valve is removed and replaced with an artificial one; • Balloon septostomy, which enlarges the hole between the left and right atrium to improve blood flow; • Catheter ablation, used to remove or end a faulty electrical pathway from sections of the heart. This condition can lead to arrhythmias.

• F itting pacemakers, medical devices that generate impulses to electrodes to help the heart work properly; and • R emoving plaque, material that can accumulate on artery walls and affect the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the heart. The labs require a multi-disciplinary team of medical specialists in cardiac care, radiology and post-procedure care.

If you or your loved ones have experienced the trauma of cardiac disease and the journey to Kelowna or Vancouver, please share your stories with us at iwishfund@gmail.com

Proudly supporting ICCHA/Wish fund for 10 years

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Valley First in our community Valley First, a division of First West Credit Union, is a new sponsor of the ICCHA/Wish Fund, a decision made when one of its team member needed health care that wasn’t available, said Kelley Bossert, regional manager of commercial banking in Kamloops. The lack of a cardiac-care unit has touched all of them and the fund fit with the financial institution’s belief in helping its members and its communities, “Last year, through our community giving, we invested $877,243 in the communities Valley First services through organizations, charities like ICCHA/ Wish, through volunteerism and employee giving and more,” Bossert said. It has signed on as a gold sponsor for the ICCHA/Wish Fund gala fundraiser on May 25 at Colombo Lodge. “In Kamloops, our staff not only raise food and

Have a Heart to Give, For a Heart to Live

funds for the food bank through barbecues, in-branch fundraising and events like our Blazers Feed the Valley food bank night that we held last year. We have also supported the Royal Inland Hospital for many years, particularly as a sponsor of a Royal Affair and the radiothon. “This year, we sponsored a half-day for the radiothon and our staff came out with so much energy and enthusiasm, winning Dialing for Dollars for the second year in a row and raising $10,000 to support Royal Inland Hospital, Bossert said. “The hospital is really a centre-point for the community. It’s a place most of us end up needing at some point and so, supporting the continued development of the hospital is critical for a thriving community.”



Proud media sponsors of the ICCHA/Wish Fund



Lyons Landscaping supports ICCHA/Wish I WISH. There are many times in our lives where these five letters come into play, often when we have missed something that we suddenly realize was very important. We find ourselves saying “I wish I had.” We might feel guilty, sad, upset, mad or, more likely, regretful. It teaches us to not miss the next moment in life, to say “I’m glad I did that.” Waking up at Royal Inland Hospital’s emergency room really gives you clarity. You slowly regain your focus. Finally, you are looking at important people. Your loved ones are there with wide

eyes and you immediately feel guilty. What have I done? What am I putting them through? I wish I had paid more attention to the signs. Yes, I WISH. I know I could have done something and missed it – and I know exactly where it happened. I was alone on a mountainside, outdoors in fresh snow, fresh air, quiet. Then it hit me – left arm and chest pain. I took a break until it went away and thought I needed to get it checked out. I WISH I had made the appointment. My condition taxed our

medical system: many ambulance trips, including an air ambulance to Vancouver. Waiting in the ER for the weather to clear for the air ambulance to leave. What did all this cost? I’m in a bed taking up space in a swamped hospital because I can’t get treatment here. That’s why I’m telling you my story. I support the ICCHA/Wish Fund and hope you will too. I am supporting this cause so you will hopefully miss going through some of my journey.

Colin Lyons Lyons Landscaping and Garden Centre

Thanks Al Patel & everyone at

Iccha-Wish fund for your tremendous effort and passion for the betterment of our community and Royal Inland Hospital. PROUD GOLD SPONSOR 271 Salish Rd, Kamloops, BC, V2H 6H3 250-374-6942 lyonslandscaping.com

Have a Heart to Give, For a Heart to Live



Cascades Casino Kamloops’ Neighbourhood Entertainment Destination


ascades Casino is a proud member of the Kamloops community and believes strongly that it is their responsibility to give back to and support the community. In 2017, Cascades donated $244,000 in monetary donations, volunteer time, and in-kind sponsorships to charitable and non-profit organizations; including serving 10,000 meals to those affected by the 2017 wildfires. Since 2014 Cascades has donated over $50,000 to the Royal Inland Hospital in support of the great work that they do. “I am extremely proud to work for an organization that encourages us to support our communities. This is something that I know is a goal that is shared by all staff and management at Cascades”, says Robert Case, General Manager.

Cascades Casino is Kamloops’ casual and approachable entertainment destination that offers a place to have fun, relax, and play. The site offers an exciting gaming floor, live entertainment, and multiple food and beverage outlets, featuring signature food


and beverage brands, beautiful and inviting patios, and family-friendly dining.

Image: Cascades Casino Kamloops

ATLAS Steak + Fish is a modern twist on the North American steakhouse that offers a warm and casually elegant ambiance, and a stylish approach to hospitality and remarkable cuisine. Cascades Casino Highlights

MATCH Eatery & Public House is a contemporary themed pub that offers a fun sporting and entertainment experience with the atmosphere and comfort of a neighbourhood pub.

The Buffet offers excellent food at a great price. Featuring themed nights and an array of international specialties, The Buffet is said to serve up something for every age and appetite.

• Exciting gaming floor with over 440 slot machines, 14 table games, and 2 poker tables • Featuring 3 family-friendly restaurants and beautiful outdoor patios • Donated $244,000 to charitable and non-profit organizations in 2017

F&B Manager, Christian Kelly says, “given that our patios were affected by the fires last summer, we are very excited for guests to visit them this summer. Whether enjoying a casual meal on the MATCH and The Buffet patios or trying ATLAS’ dedicated patio menu, we look forward to continuing to serve the Kamloops community and our valued guests.”

Kamloops Honda is a proud sponsor of the ICCHA/Wish Fund

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THE ALL-NEW 2018 ACCORD. Rewardingly redesigned.


The weekly lease offer applies to a new 2018 AccordFROM LX 6MT (CV1E1JE) for a 60-month period, for a total of 260 weekly payments of $78, leased at 2.99% APR. 100,000-kilometre allowance (12 cents/km excess charge). Total lease obligation is $20,194. Lease paymentINFO includesGOES freight and PDI of $1,655 and applicable fees, but does not include lien registration DEALER HERE WEEKLY and lien registering agent feeDOWN (up to $5.75), which are due at time of delivery. No down-payment required. Taxes, insurance, licence, and registration fees are extra. Offer ends May 31, Lorem and ipsumis dolor sit amet, adipiscing elit. Vivamus sed ligulanotice. non orci lacinia semper et sit orci. new Aenean egestas leo2018 nec lectus volutpatWhile bibendum. Suspendisselast. porttitor ligula inmay erat lobortis, sagittis tellus euismod. Namand nec vulputate 2018 subject toconsectetur change or cancellation without Offers valid onamet select in-stock vehicles. quantities Models not bein equipped as shown are for lacus. Vivamus sit amet tortor fringilla, sollicitudin orci sed, dignissim metus. Donec et venenatis odio. Proin hendrerit dui nec nibh tristique vehicula. Ut porttitor facilisis lorem a congue. Sed pulvinar ligula urna, id tincidunt felis faucibus ut. Sed placerat purus eu sem ultrices, illustration purposes only. KamloopsHonda.ca aliquam varius purus bibendum. NamVisit tempor, orci quis tincidunt malesuada, justo augue tincidunt nunc, non suscipit risus ligula sed dolor. Sed pulvinar ligula urna, id tincidunt felis faucibus ut. Sed placerat purus eu sem ultrices, aliquam varius purus bibendum. Nam

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dipiscing elit. Vivamus sed ligula non orci lacinia semper et sit amet orci. Aenean egestas leo nec lectus volutpat bibendum. Suspendisse porttitor ligula in erat lobor SALE HOURS: Mon-Thurs 8:30am - 7:00pm, orci sed, dignissim metus. Donec et venenatis odio. Proin hendrerit dui nec nibh tristique vehicula. Ut porttitor facilisis lorem a congue. Sed pulvinar ligula urna, id tincid or, orci quis tincidunt malesuada, justo augue tincidunt nunc, non suscipit risuspm ligula sed dolor. Sed pulvinar ligula urna, id tincidunt felis faucibus ut. Sed placerat puru Fri 8:30 am - 6:00 pm, Sat 9:00 am - 6:00 o augue tincidunt nunc, non suscipit risus ligula sed dolor. id tincidunt felis faucibus ut. Sed placerat purus eu sem ultrices, aliquam varius purus bibendum. Nam tem 1308 JOSEP KAMLOOPS nec et venenatis odio. Proin hendrerit dui necWAY, nibh tristique vehicula. Aenean egestas leo nec lectus volutpat bibendum. Suspendisse porttitor ligula in erat lobortis, i

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ne a prosperous py Vaisakhi!


$600,000 for RIH

f Directors, Sponsors, Donors and Volunteers for eeded equipment for the Royal Inland Hospital. e Kamloops a healthier and happier place. dedicated Cardiac Care Unit at RIH and 000 for equipment. ”

Wish FUND Founder 2007)

Recipient of President’s Award and Winner of Tourism and Hospitality Award


Voted one of the best Hotels and Restaurants in Kamloops!







includes Soup and Dessert


! Premier sponsor of the ICCHA/Wish Fund

Kamloops • www.scottsinnkamloops.ca • (250) 372-8221 551-11th Ave & Battle St., Kamloops • www.scottsinnkamloops.ca • 250-372-8221