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People are becoming more conscious about the elements of their home. They are paying attention to detail and know what they want. With the cost of running a large house becoming more apparent, homeowners are demanding the most of their living space. President of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association Central Interior (CHBA CI) Matt McCurrach said anyone who is thinking of building a house should do as much of their homework as possible — know what you want and then talk to industry professionals. Whether it’s a builder, a house designer or a realtor, professionals can consult with you and bring your ideas to fruition. “Really think about what your ideas are,” he said. “What’s most important to you in a home?” McCurrach said it’s also crucial to have your priorities straight when it comes to your home requirements. Is it the location? Is it the size of the house?

MATT MCCURRACH President, Canadian Home Builders’ Association Central Interior “I think people are becoming a lot more detail oriented in their homes,” McCurrach said. “They’re a lot more conscious of what goes into a house now.” McCurrach, who is also the operations manager of Homex Development Corp., said there are a variety of projects in Kamloops right


A little closer to nature A little more for families a little more of everything A little more value

now, both multi-family and single-family dwellings. Although the number of residential building permits are down, he said the CHBA CI still anticipates a good year. Now is the time when many projects will get off the ground. McCurrach said all areas of the city are equally active and projects are spread out across the city. Townhouses, condos and houses are all going up, but McCurrach said people are very conscious about what they buy and are moving away from building very large homes. “They’re not all after the huge homes anymore,” he said. “They’re a lot more conscious of the cost to run a home, so they want generally smaller footprints but good usable space and natural light.” Storage and garage space are more and more important as people now have a tendency to keep things off of their lawns and driveways. Bringing the inside outside continues to be a trend

and homeowners are increasingly trying to make the most of the outdoor living component of houses. McCurrach said gas fire pits, nice patios and outdoor heaters are common and suited for the year-round climate in Kamloops. Home automation is also becoming more prevalent. With today’s technology, you can control many of the functions in your home with a smart phone or tablet and a growing number of people are taking advantage of that. Home colour trends are lighter this year, with whites and greys coming back and regaining popularity. McCurrach said clean lines inside and outside the house are also prominent right now, and have been increasingly important for the past few years. Kitchens and ensuites are still the number one area of interest to homebuyers, who are always looking for great qualities in those areas, McCurrach said.


Located next to the Juniper Market (Just before round-a-bout)



GALORE CRESCENT PHASE I Only y 3 lots leftf








THE AMENITIES YOU WANT, SURROUNDED LIVING HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY BY THE NATURE YOU LOVE. PHASE II JUST RELEASED! • Juniper West is just minutes from the bustling city of PHASE I Only 5 1 home left! Kamloops and within an hour to almost any recreational Kam activity you can imagine activ Larger lots, more room to breathe, affordably priced • Larg • Jun Juniper West Developments Ltd. is the premiere and only land developer in Juniper West offering you and your ffamily fa m a little more of everything.

• Outdoor beauty and total convenience at your doorstep— Coldwater Terrace is the newest Kamloops housing development built in Juniper West. • All three amazing home plans available to suit your individual lifestyle needs in Juniper, Kamloops. (All three floor plans available) • Kitchen appliances included

BERT GATIEN 250-319-0227 •

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& C O N D O S

FEATURES DW Builder’s is introdocuing resort-style living to Kamloops with its premier gated community, Pacific Rige Estates. The exclusive 24-unit bare land strata community is set in the middle of the Aberdeen hills. The highly customizable home development provides comfortable and secure living. Read more on page 11.

CONTENTS This month find quick tips for staining wood surfaces, your spring decor guide, the deck design guide, an update on the Kamloops real estate market, an update from the Mortgage Alliance, in addition to a full home builders and services directory, and some ideas for beautifying your backyard.

On the HOME FRONT For the new home buyer or the tenured home owner, Kamloops Home and Condo Living is the guide for enjoyable living. Love your home and everything in it with the help of this tailored resource, which brings you the help of the city’s premier home outfitters and builders. Whether you’re renovating your current space, on the market for a new one, renting or building something brand new, take advantage of new ways to make the most of your surroundings. The experts are at your finger tips with everything you need to know about creating the space you want to live in. Find something for your condo or home, new or seasoned, and ideas for every room, from your kitchen to your closet.

BUILDING DREAMS New decor or furniture can turn your lived-in den to a brand new abode. Some new lighting? Different paint colours? New landscaping? Or maybe you need to take out that wall or add that kitchen island you’ve always wanted? Whatever you’re thinking of trying, start here. Learn about the hottest styles and local trends in today’s homes and who to talk to. Also find out how to get up to date on the most cutting edge automated home technology or green solutions. This month features advice from locals about h o w t o d e s i g n a n d Everything you need to d e c o r a t e y o u r d e c k o r know about outfitting patio and enjoy the summer your home exactly how months to the fullest. you want it, today. Yo u r h o m e i s y o u r sanctuary. Let’s make it the place you want to return to.

Thinking about updating your patio or deck area? Learn about this year’s hottest trends on page six.



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FOR STAINING WOOD SURFACES Staining brings out the best in a wood surface. Adding stain to a wooden surface


not only aligns the colour to match a room’s décor, however it also emphasizes the are some professional staining tips that

the surface. After the stain has been applied,

focus on pre-staining procedures, effective

wipe the stain off immediately for a lighter

products, and applications that will ensure

tone, or for a deeper tone, leave it on 5-10

the best results for your finished product:

minutes before wiping off using a clean rag.

Equipment for project: fine grit sandpaper,

Similarly to the application of the stain, make

disposable rubber gloves, Minwax Wood

sure to wipe off any excess stain going in the

finishing cloths and clean rag. Directions:

direction of the grain of wood. Never allow

Sanding — Always prepare the wood with a

any excess stain to dry on wood surface—it

light sanding. Sanding the wood surface ensures

will cause all sorts of adhesion and other issues.

you get a nice even coat of stain when the time

Evaluation: After letting the finish sit for an

comes. Always sand in the direction of the

hour, evaluate your work. If you are satisfied

grain to avoid leaving unsightly scratches. Use

do not apply any further stain. However, for an

a fine grit sandpaper or even a very fine grit to

even deeper color and sheen, wait one hour,

get a smooth down appearance. Make sure to

then apply a second coat, using a fresh cloth.

remove all the sanding dust before moving on.

Remember – Stain provides colour,

Preparation: To keep hands clean,

but not protection. Once the stain has

wear the gloves provided in the Minwax

dried, apply a clear finish product such as

Finishing cloths package. Open the front

Minwax Polycyclic Protective finish to

label. Remove a stain cloth. Close the

protect both the stain and the wood. For

front label to keep cloths from drying out.

more information visit

Application: Using the stain cloth wipe in the

— News Canada

 Big Box Store Prices  Quality Products You Need  Staff you can actually see with professional advice 6 6 0

K i n g s t o n

A v e n u e

2 5 0 - 3 7 6 - 5 7 8 1

w w w . w i n r o c . c o m






direction of the wood, working the colour into

natural grain pattern on any wood. Here



250-319-5760 DISPLAY SUITE OPEN DAILY 11AM-4PM 250.377.4200


ONLY 6 5 3


$319,900 Frank Rossi • 250.319.1072 Personal Real Estate Corp. Remax Real Estate (Kamloops)

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HOME DECOR How many times have you checked into a hotel and been impressed by the decor? Hotels spend millions of dollars to get that perfect look and feel - one that can appeal to travellers with various design aesthetics. So, if you’re looking to reinvigorate your home with a fresh new look, your favourite hotel can be one of the best sources of inspiration. The hotel experts at Choice Hotels Canada want to help you get that stylish look with five tips to bring the hotel to your home. Paint the walls: Revive your walls with a fresh coat of paint, but keep it neutral and uncomplicated. If you need colour, consider an accent wall in a slightly deeper tone or a wall vinyl with a modern nature-inspired pattern. Simplify the furniture: Ditch the bulky, patterned or outdated pieces in exchange for furniture with clean lines and solid colours. But don’t worry; you can keep personality with fun accessories, like pillows with funky designs or unique textures.

shopping GUIDE

Brighten the bathroom: A large mirror for the bathroom is a staple in many upscale hotels and it also offers better light. Another quick and easy upgrade are new plush towels – in white, of course. Unclutter: Get rid of things you don’t need such as the miniature horse collection on your fireplace or the 25 frames dominating your bookshelf. Instead, decide on a few key things to display and put the rest in storage. Find your inner Zen: Have you noticed when you check into a hotel room, you often feel a sense of calm? It could be exhaustion from travelling, but hotels are also designed to provide comfort to their guests. Asian-inspired décor pieces can encourage set a spalike feel in the space and a lavender c a n d l e o r t w o w o n ’ t h u r t e i t h e r. So turf the designer and do it yourself. With just five easy steps, you can give your personal space the hotel look you love, but without the nightly rate. — News Canada

KAMLOOPS PAINT & WINDOW COVERINGS 105-805 Notre Dame Dr., Kamloops, BC 250-828-1800


Kamloops, BC • 250-318-5336 •


Kamloops, BC • 250-371-0355


LUCILLE'S INTERIOR AND WINDOW FASHIONS 975A Notre Dame Dr., Kamloops, BC 250-374-0077

Rebate when you purchase Pirouette Window Shadings.


Effective May 1 until August 31, 2014. † Purchase 3 Pirouette® Window Shadings and receive a $200 rebate. Also, when you purchase any number of these additional shades, you’ll receive an extra $40 for each. Valid at participating retailers only. The rebate will be issued in the form of a Hunter Douglas Prepaid American Express® Gift Card. THE PROMOTION CARD is a trademark of The Hunt Group. All Rights Reserved. THE PROMOTION CARD is a Prepaid American Express® Card issued by Amex Bank of Canada. ® Used by Amex Bank of Canada under license from American Express.

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2 0 1 4 Deck

A popular trend for patios and decks this season is a lounge style, with a built in kitchen or bar. Bringing indoor décor styles outside continues to be a hot trend that is perfect for the dry summer climate in the Thompson Nicola.

Outdoor living is all about bring the inside to the outside. The trend has been hot for the last five years but with the dry and hot summer climate in Kamloops, it’s still a popular style choice for patios and decks. Kamloops designer Michele Hunt Wiebe of 4 Sister Designs said because the region doesn’t get a lot of rain, you can easily use inside furniture outside on your deck or patio, especially if your deck has some sort of coverage. Although you can get modern outdoor furniture that resembles indoor styles, you have the freedom to choose pieces that aren’t

necessarily designed to go outside. “You don’t have to be stuck with going and getting the PVC or composite material tables and chairs,” Wiebe said. “You can have a little more fun. Put a funky glass table outside that you would put in your living room. Try it outside.” She said natural looks have taken over the previous hollywood glam styles for patios. It doesn’t end with furniture, however. A popular trend right now is to have different

sections on your deck, much like you would in your kitchen and dining room. “We tend to focus on small areas on your deck,” Wiebe said. “Depending on your needs, you might have a dining room table, you might have a built in kitchen or bar. Bars seem to be even more popular now than kitchens do.”

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healthy landscapes, healthy living

Glass Ltd.

We Can Do That!

proper lawn care Have a lawn you can feel good about. Here are three lawn care tips that will save time, money and water:

1. Mow High Leaving grass 5 – 7.5 cm (2-3”) tall, shades the roots and helps prevent evaporation. Grass grows deeper and stronger roots that can overpower weeds. Avoid cutting off more than 1/3 of the grass height.

Our unparalleled technicians, glass quality, prompt installations, and pristine repairs are what have allowed our business a decade of success, and hundreds of satisfied clients. Southwest Glass sets itself apart by providing our clients with personable service, and a very strong passion for our work. Whether your needs are commercial or residential, you can always trust Southwest Glass to provide the greatest service at the lowest price, guaranteed.

Premium Service

For over ten years, Southwest Glass has been providing exceptional glass installation and replacement services in the Kamloops area.

Summer is almost here! Our Glass Patio Railings are the ultimate addition to your deck. Enjoy the beautiful Kamloops summers in style! Inquire Today.

CALL OR VISIT US TODAY! 250-374-5303 105-1339 McGill Road Kamloops, BC WWW.CUSTOMGLASSKAMLOOPS.COM

2. Grasscycle Leave grass clippings on the lawn when mowing. Eliminate bagging and raking and reduce watering and fertilizing. 3. Water Properly Water deeply, but infrequently. This means watering 1 - 2 days per week, but when you do, give your grass about 2.5 cm (1") of water. As with mowing high, this also produces deeper stronger roots and helps the grass withstand dry periods. Other practices that will encourage a healthy lawn: Dethatching – Aerating – Topdressing – Overseeding - Fertilizing Try corn gluten meal to manage weeds. It is an organic fertilizer that prevents the germination of seeds, however, it does not control existing weeds.

Contact: Integrated Pest Management Coordinator 250-828-3888 or

FRIDAY, June June 6, 6, 2014 2014 v � D7 FRIDAY,


Kitchens or bars are often an extension of a typical barbecuing area. For entertaining purposes, a bar and sitting area is suited for serving drinks and appetizers rather than a more formal dining setting. Weather-proof televisions are increasingly popular on patios, which ties in nicely with the bar vibe. “That whole fireplace/TV/bar/lounge feel is probably the number one trend,” Wiebe said, adding that gas fire pits are still a very popular

choice, as well. Outdoor lighting is becoming a feature on patios, whether its built into the stairs or a statement style piece, such as oversized pendant lamps. In Kamloops, many people want some sort of shade covering, especially if you have a southfacing deck. Choices range from a simple patio umbrella to larger pergolas. Even umbrellas come in more sophisticated options, such as styles with a large swing arm.

Retractable coverings are a popular option for those who want to enjoy their outdoor space in both the spring fall months. Patrick Foidart at Nu-Vue Exteriors said motorized awnings and sunrooms are a frequent request. For deck materials there are many options, from the standard concrete and composite materials or cedar plank. Foidart said they are still doing a lot of vinyl membrane decking, which is durable and nice on the feet. But you can also get materials that look like hardwood floors or wood tiles. For renters or anyone who doesn’t want to invest in permanently altering their decking there are temporary wood tiles you can purchase that simply lay overtop of your current surface. “It gives you a totally new look. You can stain them you can paint them, you can do whatever you want with them and then they lift right back up,” Wiebe said. For railings, Foidart said topless glass is still the most popular choice.

The address address that The that has it all all! GRAND OPENING PROMOTION!

FREE internet & cable for one year & ask about our $450 rent rebate*! *Some conditions apply.

Kamloops Newest 55+ Independent Living Adult Residences

Silvercrest features:

at 154 • Located New secure building Avwith Vernon sprinkler system enue, directly • adjacent Elevator to

Enjoy the ease activeofliving in the heartin of the downtown Enjoy theofease active living heart of Kamloops. Quality condo homesQuality featuring: downtown Kamloops. condo homes • Private Balconies featuring: • 9’ ceilings • In-suite LaundryBalconies • Private • Exclusive Rooftop Patio • 9' ceilings • Secure Parking Laundry • In-suite • Secure bicycle and scooter parking • Exclusive Rooftop Patio • Hospitality room • Secure Parking • 6 energy efficient appliances

Located at 154 Vernon Avenue, directly adjacent to Northills Mall, Shoppers Drug Mart, Extra Foods, TD Canada Trust, the YMCA Fitness Club.

429 St. Paul, a vibrant community within a

429 St. Paul, a vibrant community within a few blocks of few blocks of events, Riverside Park, arena events, Riverside Park, arena theatre, library, museum and library, museumservices, and shopping, art gallery. art theatre, gallery. Health and professional Professional services, Farmers' Farmers’ Market, restaurants — allshopping, easily accessible Market, restaurants — all easily accessible while leaving your car at home.

One bedroom suites starting at

while leaving your car at home.



Presales now selling from $150,000. Studio, 1, 2 and Presales nowavailable being offered from $150,000. 3 bedroom homes and presale purchasers have some finishing choice options. homes available Studio, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom


Walk to work and appreciate the time and money savings.


and presale purchasers have some finishing Call: 250.320-6442 choice options. Email: Call: 250.374.6585 or 250.319.6848



• Northills Roof top garden Mall, Terrace and Shoppers Drug recreation room

Extra • Mart, Storage units and scooter TD parking Foods, • Canada Each unitTrust, has balcony or the YMCA patio Fit-

• ness Efficient units Club. allow for low cost living • In-suite laundry • Pet friendly


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Real Estate M A R K E T

SAHALI IS NUMBER ONE CHOICE FOR BUYERS Ingrid Pfeiffer, president of the Kamloops and District Real Estate Association, said she was reluctant to post statistics for March sales. “It wasn’t a good month,” she said, “but we’ve caught up now” with the release of statistics processed to the end of April. That report shows more than $65 million in residential real estate was sold and brings the year-todate total to $183 million. Last year at the end of the first quarter, the local real estate association reported $210 million in residential sales. Pfeiffer said one of the realities realtors confronted was “the bad winter we had.” With a lot of activity in buying houses in the $240,000 to $280,000 range, “that tells me there are a lot of first-time buyers,” she said.

Sahali remains the No. One choice for homebuyers, she said, with 22 sold in that area in April. We s t s y d e c o m e s i n s e c o n d w i t h 18 houses sold, while Aberdeen, Brocklehurst and South Kamloops each saw 17 houses change owners. I t ’s p o p u l a r b e c a u s e i t i s close to downtown, shopping centres, the university and several schools, Pfeiffer said. She said she’s finding “more and more people coming from different areas” to the River City, including many from Alberta who are coming back to B.C. after leaving years ago. “Kamloops is a nice size and has a good feeling,” she said. “And people are so nice here. I was talking to someone I sold a house to a while ago and she said ‘Are people always this friendly?’ “That’s what’s great about Kamloops.”

Indulge Yourself With Superior Appliances

• Wolf • Sub-Zero • Miele • Bosch • GE Café • Thermador • Fisher & Paykel • DCS • Bertazzoni • Marvel • Asko and many more brands.

Appliance Gallery

250.372.2536 -

2321 E. Trans-Canada Hwy. Kamloops •

4 2 9 S T PA U L 250-320-6442

Your new home is steps away from hundreds of shops and services,all within a few blocks. Easy access to public transportation, grocery stores, professional services, fitness and swim programs.

C O L D W AT E R T E R R A C E - J U N I P E R W E S T 250-319-0227

Outdoor beauty and total convenience at your doorstep. Offering incredible north facing views, landscaped yards and the option to choose your own flooring and interior colors – ready for your final touches. Your perfect home awaits!

I R O N G AT E P L A C E - S U N R I V E R S G O L F R E S O R T 250-377-7722

Surrounded by three fairways, Irongate Place offers wide open spaces and privacy, all within the recreational playground of Sun Rivers, appointed with a private English Country courtyard to extend the outside space and capitalize on the myriad of views, sunrises and sunsets.


We have a number of mortgage professionals who can bring you the choice, convenience, & counsel to get the right mortgage, because the right mortgage means something different to everyone.


Durvene provides personal service and develops a long-term relationship with her clients – she says it sets her business apart. Kamloops’ growing residential construction means continued success. We are your one stop shop for all appliance needs and are now offering installations and a service department for warranty work on all the products we sell.


Over 40 Years Offering the Best Countertop Brands in BC.

K A M L O O P S PA I N T & W I N D O W C O V E R I N G S 250-828-1800

Discover Benjamin Moore interior and exterior house paints, primers and wood stains.

PA C I F I C R I D G E - D W B U I L D E R S 250-372-5516

DW Builders’ commitment and ultimate goal is to provide our customers with quality construction whether it is a small renovation, custom home or commercial construction. Like our homes, our company is built on a solid foundation of honesty, integrity, knowledge and professionalism.



778-471-5858 Featuring the best in Custom Upholstery and Solid Wood Furniture since 2005. We offer the best selection of designer fabrics and finishes combined with a large variety of designs in both upholstery and solid wood: come and see why we say that at Urban Cabin you are limited only by your imagination.


Creating maintainable communities through diversity, innovation, and efficient design by focusing on living rather than housing, while offering a variety of home styles to suit any lifestyle.


BC Blinds-in-Motion owned and operated by Hennie Thompson, makes window treatment selection as easy as it possibly can be. Our everyday prices can beat those of competitors, even the big warehouse operations. Best of all, we bring the showroom to you!


You are house hunting. You have already determined your price range. Now you find a home you love, at the upper limit of your range, but it needs a new roof. You can swing the purchase financially, but you will have no cash left for the new roof. Enter the Purchase Plus Improvement Program. This program, administered by mortgage insurers but funded by mortgage lenders, will allow you to finance the purchase of your home plus the cost of future



For over a decade, Lenna Sawyer of Lenna’s Creative Interiors has been providing award winning interior design for families and businesses throughout the Kamloops area.


Kara offers high quality Interior Design, with a winning attitude. She will not only meet, but exceed the needs of every client, each special with their own unique style.


S I LV E R C R E S T 250-318-4192

Silvercrest Suites is designed to provide a new, safe, physically accessible and manageable living space for the 55+ market.


Stylish, affordable condominium across the street from the vibrant Thompson Rivers University, and only a short walk to the best shopping & services. Exceptional location, magnificent views & affordable quality.


The City of Kamloops has launched its first mobile app called myKamloops, now available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone markets and now available for Windows Mobile phones too.

HUNTER DOUGLAS 250-374-0077

We continue to lead the industry in innovating new and proprietary window covering designs that add distinctive beauty and style to the décor while also providing advanced solutions to everyday practical needs, such as insulation at the window, managing natural light, child safety, sound absorption and much more.

L U C I L L E ’ S I N T E R I O R A N D W I N D O W FA S H I O N S 250-374-0077

Style, quality expertise. You can find it all here at the Hunter Douglas Priority dealer. All services provided are with a local touch because we’re independently owned and operated.



250-374-5303 From windows, to shower doors, automatic entrances, and much more, Southwest Glass can meet any demand with fast and efficient service.


ULTRA VAC Carpet & Furnace Duct Vent Cleaning is owner/operated so you get that exceptional personalized service every time. In the cleaning industry for over 24 years Neil specializes in Wool Area Rug cleaning and Pet stain removal. With high powered truck mounted units, you get the deepest cleaning job possible with quicker drying time.

For more information on how to list your business in our directory, please contact Danielle Noordam at or 250-374-7467 (ext. 204)

250-376-5781 We stock far more standard products in more sizes than you’ll find anywhere else – but custom ordering is our specialty. We can save you time and money by providing products to your projects.

renovations, all in your original mortgage. These required renovations would be financed at the mortgage rate of interest, which is lower than the loan rate of interest. You would then spread the repayment of these renovations over 25 years, the same as your mortgage, resulting in a small increase to your mortgage payment. The maximum amount you can obtain for renovations will be the lesser of either 10 per cent of the purchase price or $40,000. There’s no change in interest rate or insurance premium rate. Your down payment will be based off of the total as improved value of the property. Example : Purchase Price of $350,000 Improvement Value of $35,000 Down Payment of $19,250 ($350,000 + $35,000 x 5%) Don’t let your dream home get away because it needs a bit of work. Give your Mortgage Alliance Kamloops mortgage professional a call to discuss how we can make your dream a reality.

A little closer to nature, a little more for families, a little more value. Carefully planned & thoughtfully developed, choose from single family or multifamily options. Either way, a truly spectacular view is included.

L A N D M A R K H E I G H T S - C U L O S G R O U P O F C O M PA N I E S


Attached homes featuring private courtyards and garden spaces appealing to active adults seeking to streamline household chores and create more time for work and play. Designed as the ideal solution for the empty nester, career oriented adult and first time home buyer.







FRIDAY, June 6, 2014 v D9 FRIDAY, June 6, 2014 � D9 CITY OF KAMLOOPS

Because the RIGHT MORTGAGE means something different to everyone ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Purchases Refinances Renewals Construction Debt Consolidation Self Employed New to Canada Home Renovations Investment


Mortgage Consultant


Mortgage Consultant


Mortgage Consultant

For an exceptional experience call one of our Mortgage Consultants today. LIZA DHARMAWAN Mortgage Consultant


820 Seymour Street, Kamloops, BC V2C2H5

250-374-3010 Independently owned & operated franchise of the Mortgage Alliance Network. *Mortgage Alliance-Sarah Park.


Mortgage Consultant


Mortgage Consultant

v FRIDAY, June 6, 2014 D10 �

BACKYARD Summer is here and while not all of us can escape to the beach or cottage, we can create our very own backyard oasis. It starts with considering what you already have and the areas of your backyard that could use a little love. Your oasis should reflect your personal taste and serve as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Read more for ideas on how to bring this concept to life: Create a cozy outdoor lounge area. Make your outdoor space feel like your indoor living room. Comfortable and clean patio furniture will do just that, enticing families and friends to sit outside and enjoy the warm summer months. This will be the centre of your oasis, a gathering place, so making it comfortable and welcoming is important. Bring the barbecue back to life. Grimy grills aren’t a welcome part of any backyard. Give it a good cleaning with the popular brand Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. Using a damp brush, give the grill and overall

summer OASIS

barbecue a good scrub and then a thorough rinse to bring the lustre back for a new season of grilling. Spruce up the garden. Your garden is a magical place, allowing you to escape the realities of day-to-day life so you can enjoy the simple beauty of flora and fauna. When designing your backyard keep the amount of sunlight and water that plants will need in mind. Be sure to include the colour and textures that you love to create an environment you’ll want to retreat to at the end of the day. Bring a sparkle to your pool and outdoor toys. Whether you have an in-ground pool or one of the inflatable variety, a few toys serve as necessary accessories for a fun and carefree environment. If they’ve been stored over the winter, mix baking soda with warm water and give the toys a good wipe or soak and then rinse. More information is available at — News Canada

Create your backyard oasis this summer by updating your outdoor lounge area, cleaning up your barbecue and outdoor toys and designing a garden that optimizes sunlight for plants.

Colonial Countertops Kelowna 1630 Innovation Dr 250-765-3004

FRIDAY, June 6, 2014 v D11



new choice is on the horizon. DW Builders is introducing resort-style living to Kamloops with the development of an exclusive 24unit strata community. Set in the middle of the Aberdeen hills, Pacific Ridge Estates is a highly customized home development that provides comfortable living in a beautifully landscaped, gated, secure environment. Through this community-based development, Doug Wittal and Mark Poulsen are building choices for Kamloops residents. With only 24 homes, the development is a closely knit community in itself. Kamloops’ newest signature gated community will provide privacy and comfort for the two dozen neighbours within its gates. Pacific Ridge Estates borders the new Aberdeen Highlands Park and is surrounded by paths to hike, bike or jog. Many outdoor activity venues lie within the area for the young at heart to enjoy. Shopping and dining destinations are also nearby. Parkland, open spaces and stunning mountain and city views are a luxury of the location, which completes the DW Builders vision for the premier gated community. The freedom of lock-and-go living is unique to Pacific Ridge Estates. The gated lifestyle within the new bare land strata development means Kamloops residents seeking secure, resort-style living can now remain in our community. The development provides a comfortable, relaxed and upscale environment for luxury living. Beautiful landscaping and fully maintained grounds create properties that are convenient, low maintenance and enjoyment ready for the discerning buyer! Pacific Ridge Estates provides the opportunity to choose a unique lifestyle. Buyers are provided with a stunning variety of interior finishing packages with upscale products, but also the freedom to fully customize their new home. Resort-style designed and landscaped common areas bring the distinct sophistication outside, as well as in.




tSecure, gated community tOutdoor courtyards tBareland Strata tGrounds gully maintained and landscaped tBordering new Highland Park in Aberdeen

tEnjoy the new scenic park tEasy access to walking and biking trails tRecreation facilities nearby tClose to shopping, schools and much more

tOpen concept living includes great room with 14-foot ceilings tMain floor master tTen-foot main floor ceilings tHigh-end customizable finishing throughout the home tDouble car garage with six-metre driveway

Starting at $399,900

Reserve now!

Mark Poulsen 250-372-5516

40% Sold!

Dan Dobrovolny 250-571-5400

Visit us online BUILDERS



D12 v FRIDAY, June 6, 2014

Kamloops This Week - June home and condo  
Kamloops This Week - June home and condo  

Kamloops This Week - June home and condo