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What Makes a Great Dance School? There are lots of extracurriculars these days for children. Dance is a great way to stay active and increase endurance, co-ordination, strength, flexibility, agility, confidence and expression. Life skills that will follow your young dancer into adulthood. Because all parents want the best for their children, here are some things to consider when choosing the dance studio that will best fit your – and your child’s – needs. • First call or email the studio and ask questions about what programs they have for the age group you are looking into. • What are the fees? Are there fees in addition to the price of enrolment? • How much are costumes and are there any other fees that come up throughout the season? • What is the philosophy of the dance studio? • Is it to teach children how to enjoy dance and build many life skills? Is it to offer a safe, fun and nurturing environment ? How do they feel about the competition side of dance ? What avenues are there for your child whether they choose to compete or not compete? Does the studio recognize there is a path for recreational dancers as well?




Your child’s dance instructors should be Your child’s dance studio should be equipped with: positive, professional and have dance • Mirrors to promote learning technique experience . They should have a rapport • Sprung floors to prevent injuries with their students that promotes not • Ballet barres only technical growth, but confidence and • Age appropriate music, movements and nurtures your dancer. themes. Ask what the teacher’s name will be. Talk to your dancer at home about their teacher and get them excited about meeting them. Feel Remember that dance is a discipline. This free to ask about the teacher and how their starts with respect for the studio, teacher and journey in dance began. to yourself. It is important to come weekly to class to stay committed and to always come in proper attire listed by your studio. Decide in what type of class you would like to Dance studios teach more than just dance. enrol your child. Classes can include ballet, The relationships and respect among many tap, jazz, hip hop, pointe, musical theater, other things that are taught will last a lifetime. acro , lyrical and contemporary. Also, for younger dancers, studios will offer specialized programs for them, which is a great way to introduce them to dance. Trust the studio in guiding and deciding what level and program best suits your child. Some dance disciplines require more of a commitment than others therefore, always ask how to achieve certain classes if your child has an idea in mind, so that it’s clear how to achieve this.




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Come enjoy the Experience of Dance

Groove 2 Move • Creative Dance • Combo Dance Ballet • Pointe • Acro • Musical Theater Funky Jazz • Jazz • Hip Hop • Lyrical Contemporary • Adult Ballet

Now Offering Adult Ballet Fitness

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Offering Beginner to Advanced Level Classes for All Ages

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Your Experts in all Pets Do you know how to read the ingredient list on the pet food you’re buying? What are you actually paying for and what are the benefits to your pet? Ingredients are listed in order by weight. Heaviest to lightest. If the first ingredient is Corn or wheat, which is not that heavy then where’s the meat? Also as carbohydrates are not a bioavailable source of food for your pet then what are you actually paying for? Ingredients like beet pulp, Tomato pomace and brewers yeast are not even digestible by your pet but it increases the protein levels so that the manufacturer can say this food has xx amount of protein. Lets take a look at 2 different dog food kibbles and you be the judge.

Brand “A” Vet recommended brand

Ingredients: Brewers rice, chicken by-product meal, wheat, corn gluten meal, oat groats, chicken fat, natural flavors, dried plain beet pulp, fish oil, calcium carbonate, grain distillers dried yeast, vegetable oil, potassium chloride, monocalcium phosphate, salt, hydrolyzed yeast, l-lysine, choline chloride, vitamins [dl-alpha tocopherol acetate (source of vitamin E), l-ascorbyl2-polyphosphate (source of vitamin C), biotin, d-calcium pantothenate, vitamin A acetate, niacin supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), vitamin B12 supplement, riboflavin supplement, folic acid, vitamin D3 supplement], trace minerals (zinc proteinate, zinc oxide, ferrous sulfate, manganese proteinate, manganous oxide, copper sulfate, calcium iodate, sodium selenite, copper proteinate), rosemary extract, preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid Fiber (estimated dry matter content) = 3.4% Red items indicate controversial ingredient

Brand “B” Canadian Brand

Ingredients: Fresh chicken meat (13%), fresh turkey meat (7%), fresh whole eggs (7%), fresh chicken liver (6%), fresh whole herring (6%), fresh whole flounder (5%), fresh turkey liver (5%), fresh chicken necks (4%), fresh chicken heart (4%), fresh turkey heart (4%), chicken (dehydrated, 4%), turkey (dehydrated, 4%), whole mackerel (dehydrated, 4%), whole sardine (dehydrated, 4%), whole herring (dehydrated, 4%), whole red lentils, whole green lentils, whole green peas, lentil fiber, whole chickpeas, whole yellow peas, whole pinto beans, whole navy beans, herring oil (1%), chicken fat (1%), chicken cartilage (1%), chicken liver (freeze-dried), turkey liver (freeze-dried), fresh whole pumpkin, fresh whole butternut squash, fresh whole zucchini, fresh whole parsnips, fresh carrots, fresh whole red delicious apples, fresh whole bartlett pears, fresh kale, fresh spinach, fresh beet greens, fresh turnip greens, brown kelp, whole cranberries, whole blueberries, whole saskatoon berries, chicory root, turmeric root, milk thistle, burdock root, lavender, marshmallow root, rosehips, Enterococcus faecium, zinc chelate Fiber (estimated dry matter content) = 5.7% Red items indicate controversial ingredients



Almost all the ingredients in Brand “A” are not Bioavailable (utilizable) proteins for your pet. Where’s the Meat? Chicken by-product-meal is slaughter house waste which means all the prime cuts have been removed. Is Brand A really such a great deal? Maybe if what your looking for is fertilizer for your lawn. Make a trip to The Bone & Biscuit soon for your pet’s health sake. - Corbie Black

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Your neighbourhood pet store. Providing the finest quality, natural pet food to pet owners everywhere!

The Natural Solution for your Pets! Take a Vac

! s U n O iat on

Every $100 before tax receives one entry into our Summer Vacation Draw! Winner will receive

470,000 Aeroplan Points! Valued at $4000! Contest on today! Ends August 31, 2018!


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Mutual Fund Fees – for Unbiased Advice and Lower Costs Which structure is best for you? Deferred Sales Charge (DSC) – comes in different formats

• Full DSC (BE) – usually takes 6 to 7 years before you become commission free. Here the fund company usually pays a 5% commission to the dealer. Eg a 500,000.00 investment means a 25,000 commission to the dealer, which you will pay for, if you cash out early.

Low Load DSC

• Usually takes two to three years to become commission-free. Here the fund company usually pays a 2% to 3% commission to the dealer, which you pay for if you cash out early. • In both cases, your dealer also gets an ongoing trailer fee. • FE – or front end means you pay up front anywhere from 0% to 5% as a one-time commission going in. • Your dealer also gets an ongoing trailer fee.


• Trailers are paid by the mutual fund company to the dealer. • They are included in the overall MER charged by the fund company. • They range on average from .25% or 25 basis points, up to 1.25% or 125 basis points. • The lower volatile funds, such as fixed income, pay the lowest trailers, while the pure equity funds pay the highest.

MER – Management Expense Ratio • The MER is the cost of managing your fund

• The MER consists of both the fund company costs and the dealer costs • There is also a small TER (trading expense ratio at the fund company level to cover taxes and incidentals).



Fee Based:

• No commission or trailer is paid. A fee is negotiated between you and your advisor, usually based on the value of your account.

The Four major benefits here are: 1) Y  ou can write off the fees on your non-registered funds.

2) Th  e MER is reduced by the value of the trailer and in most cases it is reduced a little bit more than the trailer (lower costs), as there is less work for the mutual fund company. 3) No cost for rebalancing your portfolio. 4) Your advisor can be totally unbiased in his advice as there is no longer an incentive due to commission’s or trailer fees.

Financial Planning

•E  state and trust planning – establishing appropriate vehicles to protect accumulated wealth (may include insurance consulting) . •G  eneral tax planning, e.g.: tax loss harvesting – Selling securities with losses can offset gain positions, minimizing taxes. Investors may be unwilling to incur trading costs on securities which have declined in value. Behavioural economics has shown investors often want to hold securities until they have recovered their losses. Tax loss harvesting may raise post-tax returns.

Portfolio Rebalancing

• Rebalancing has been shown to add 0.30% annualized return but investors will hesitate to rebalance when faced with trading commissions. Fee-based planning eliminates this concern as there is no cost when rebalancing. Failure to rebalance adds unintended risk to a portfolio.

Behavioural Coaching

• Minimizing losses – reluctance to trade securities that have dropped in value exposes a portfolio to increased downside risk. Eliminating the commission concern from trade decisions results in more objective assessments. • Running a concentrated portfolio – it may be uneconomic to add to existing positions because each trade will trigger a commission. As a result, investors tend to favour adding additional securities, changing the portfolio’s risk profile and diluting core holdings . • Asset allocation determines 91.5% of an investor’s probability of achieving their investment objectives. Rebalancing a concentrated portfolio, minimizing losses, is a major consideration in asset allocation. Kamloops This Week | ASK AN EXPERT

FINANCIAL MATTERS Saving And Managing Money





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• PROTECTING AND ENJOYING YOUR LIFESTYLE • HELPING YOUR FAMILY • CREATING A LEGACY • MANAGING YOUR NEST EGG • PEACE OF MIND David takes families from “uncertainty and confusion“ to “clarity, confidence and excitement“ regarding their financial future. David Page has extensive experience in Estate, Retirement & Tax Planning; and uses sound money management principles to help clients achieve their financial goals. David has been serving his community with financial planning services for over 41 years. It’s never been more important to work with a financial advisor, someone who lives and breathes financial planning, someone who can take all the loose ends and tie them together into a neat little package–one that’s relevant to you, and you alone.

Paying too much for your investments? Let’s review your Portfolio. Investment Planning makes Sense And Fee Based Accounts Means:


CALL US TODAY! 778-470-3100

To further ensure that we can help you plan your financial future using the best options available, we have also developed strategic relationships with leading investment fund managers, insurance providers, and financial institutions.

combined with

Money Management Principles and a complete

Variety of products and services means

Clarity, Confidence and Excitement Both personally & financially to create

Financial Security With Peace of Mind™

David W. Page, CFP, CPCA

Caroline Knox, CFP

D.W. Page Wealth Management

D.W. Page Wealth Management

Certified Financial Planner

As a D.W. Page Wealth Management client, you will have access to our complete selection of exclusive funds designed to provide you with a variety of investment opportunities. Each fund is managed by investment professionals located not only here in Canada, but in strategic locations around the world.

Experience & Wisdom

Certified Financial Planner

Helping you plan for your future, that’s our personal guarantee. - David and Caroline

#5 - 685 Tranquille Road | Kamloops, B.C. V2B 3H7 Phone: 1-778-470-3100

Mutual Funds Provided Through FundEX Investments Inc.. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the prospectus before investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. Insurance products and services are offered through Manulife Securities Insurance Agency. Banking products and services are offered by Manulife Bank through an approved referral arrangement with FundEX Investments Inc.



How to Buy Your Family a Mule When choosing a UTV, it is important to know who will be riding it as well as where and for what purpose. Based upon these three criteria, use the list of questions below to make it easier to find the perfect UTV Mule for your family.

1. Work or Play?

Farming and utility work or trail riding, hunting or family fun? If you plan to use a UTV for work, consider the size and weight capacity of the cargo box, which ranges from 400 to 1,000 pounds. Most cargo boxes are steel, others have composite plastic boxes that won’t dent or rust. Do you need a tilt assist for the box? What towing capacity will you require? Will your model equipment handle the accessory tools you need? You might want the capability to push a snowplow, for instance, which on may require the installation of a winch and heavyduty front suspension to support the weight. See more options in Question 6. For purely recreational use, speed and agility are usually more important than payload capacity. Many UTV’s can reach speeds close to 80 kph although most work models are governed to 40 mph and go almost anywhere you could ride an ATV. However, they don’t offer the box size or capacity of work-oriented models. If you’ve

got a big piece of property, vehicle speed might be a time-saver, and it’s certainly fun.

2. Where Can I Use It?

What sort of terrain do you plan on riding on? Check your local Forest Service regulations. You must register your off road vehicle (OVR) for use on crown land both for work and leisure. Private land is free to roam.

3. How many people do you want to transport or ride with you?

Some models have a bench seat that can handle three adults in a pinch, most have two bucket seats in front. The new Kawasaki Mule 820 Trans 4X4 seats six ahead of a shorter cargo box. If you need box space, the back seats fold down and the box expands forward, making the Trans 4X4 a convertible among UTVs.

4. 2x4 to 4x4?

5. Are Roll Bars necessary?

Almost all UTVs have a roll-bar device, or ROPS (roll-over protection structure), to protect the occupants should the vehicle tip over. Only about half the UTVs are ROPS certified, so make an informed choice.

If your utv is going to spend most of its life on farm lanes, gravel roads, and flat ground, you can probably get along without four-wheel You can customize a UTV with an endless drive, which will save you about $1,000. If array of accessories, from tool racks and plows your UTV is going to see mud, off-trail use, to chrome wheels and custom body kits. or be used in the snow, however, four-wheel • A Cab Roof in either lightweight drive is the way to go. aluminum or composite, to provide shade and rain protection. If you’ll be out in the cold a lot, fully enclosed cabs in canvas, steel and composite materials are available, as well as cab heaters.

6. What UTV Options should I choose?

• A Windshield really helps cut the wind chill effect in cool weather or winter. Plastic windshields are lighter and less expensive than glass, but tend to have a static charge that attracts dust, and can get scratched over time. A glass windshield solves both of those problems. Some windshields are designed to fold down, so you can enjoy the breeze in warm weather. • A 4,000-pound Capacity Winchbecause when a UTV is stuck, it’s really stuck. Before you go charging through your back 40 bog, remember that a UTV weighs 300 to 700 pounds.



• A Gun Scabbard to transport your firearms safely and a Roof Rack to carry a boat or canoe. Kamloops This Week | ASK AN EXPERT


The hard working Kawasaki MULE™ Series offers a full range of dependable compact and midsize utility side x side vehicles. Whether you need to maneuver in tight spaces, transport a heavy payload and a crew, or simply enjoy light recreational driving, there’s a Kawasaki MULE to suit your needs. Choose your ideal workhorse from the wide range of Kawasaki MULE side x sides, all built strong to work hard and play hard. FEATURES: SERIOUS PERFORMANCE • ABUNDANT CARGO & TOWING CAPACITY • CONTINUOUSLY VARIABLE TRANSMISSION (CVT) • BUILT TOUGH • AGILE PERFORMANCE • TILT STEERING • EXCESS GENERATING CAPACITY • RIDE COMFORT HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKES




Roomy, 4-seater.

Reg. $19,199



Motor 812cc, 4-stroke, 3-cylinder. INCLUDES 7 YEAR WARRANTY

Equipped with premium features.

OUR PRICE Reg. $17,999 $


Reg. $16,599




1794C KELLY DOUGLAS RD (250) 377-4320

DL 30329



Create Your Xeriscape There are numerous reasons to xeriscape • To have beautiful surroundings options are endless, and there are many plants to choose from.

• To conserve water - 50-80% of residential water is used in our yards. • To minimize pest problems - landscapes suited to our climate are healthier. • To be environmentally responsible - overwatering can cause water to run off lawns and carry pollutants into storm drains. • To save time - xeriscaped yards require less watering, less mowing, and less weeding. • To save money - minimizing the costs of delivering water to our homes and businesses benefits us all.

Do I have to give up all of my lawn?

No. Lawns can add to the enjoyment of our yards, increase property values, and help cool our homes in the summer, which reduces the need for air conditioners. However, most lawns are much larger than required and consume large amounts of water in comparison to most other plantings. Take a look at your lawn and ask yourself these questions: • How much of my lawn is actually walked or played on? • Is my lawn there because I don’t know what else to do with that area? • Are there areas that are difficult or dangerous to mow? • Could sections of the lawn be replaced by ground covers, shrubs, or ornamental grasses that need less water and maintenance? • Are there areas where hard surfaces like walkways or decks could make the living space more practical?

Where can I get ideas?



The City is endeavouring to apply the xeriscaping principles to all newly installed city landscapes. The xeriscape demonstration garden at 790 Harrington Road that has recently undergone some renovation, so be sure to check it out.

The demonstration garden at 790 Harrington Road is a great example of how attractive a xeriscape can be.

What plants suit Kamloops? Many beautiful trees, shrubs, and flowers have low water requirements. Be sure to check out the plant list in the City’s “Creating a Xeriscape” brochure available online at It groups plants according to their water needs. If you choose plants with higher water requirements, consider creating an oasis—concentrating higher water use plants together—and then group other less thirsty plants separately.

What are some water-saving tips?

Choose an irrigation method that will water the plants in each area most effectively without wasting water. Water when the weather is cool and calm. Early morning watering is best, followed by early evening. Water close to the roots to minimize evaporation. Contact the City’s Integrated Pest Management Coordinator at 250-828-3888, email, or visit for more information. Kamloops This Week | ASK AN EXPERT


XERISCAPE Xeriscape means water conservation through creative landscaping. Landscapes suited to our semi-arid climate conserve water give plants an advantage over pest problems. Apply these principles to any garden style and have a healthy, high-quality landscape:

PLANNING AND DESIGN: Group plants according to their water use. Slope hard surfaces to drain to planted areas. Avoid steep slopes—create terraces instead. Use groundcover on gentle slopes. GOOD SOILS: Organic matter is an excellent addition to soil. It improves moisture holding capacity in sandy soils and helps to loosen clay soils. APPROPRIATE PLANT SELECTION:

Drought-tolerant plants thrive here. There are many beautiful trees, shrubs, and flowers with low water needs.


lawn with other plants. Use hard surfacing for play courts, patios, and walkways.

WATER WISELY: Water deeply but infrequently to

encourage deep rooting and drought tolerance.

MULCH: Apply a layer of organic matter to protect roots from the elements, enrich the soil, and control weeds. LOWER MAINTENANCE: Your landscape will require less maintenance over time.

WATER PROPERLY FOR PLANT HEALTH Plants are constantly defending themselves against enemies. Pests prefer plants that are stressed, and one of the most common causes of stress is being improperly watered.

UNDER WATERING stresses plants, which makes them more prone to pest problems. OVER WATERING increases the risk of plant disease and attracts certain insects that prefer lush, weak growth. It is not in your plants’ best interest to water every second day. To encourage deep rooting and drought resistance, water deeply, thoroughly, and less often.

TO DETERMINE WHEN TO WATER YOUR LANDSCAPE BEDS—squeeze a handful of soil • if too dry to form a ball, you’ve waited too long • if it forms a crumbly ball, it’s time to irrigate • if it forms a ball and is slick, there’s no need to water

YOUR LAWN—step on your grass • if it readily bounces back, no watering is required • if it takes a while to recover, it’s time to water • if it lies flat, you’ve waited too long


Real world dog training Fernando spent much of his childhood on the father’s COCOA farm in Salvador, Brazil, surrounded by various animals. From an early age, he knew he wanted to spend his life working with animals, particularly with dogs. In 2004, Fernando moved to Vancouver and shortly thereafter settled in Kamloops, where he fell in love with the area and the community. In Kamloops, After 12 years in the business accumulating experience, Fernando realized his childhood dream when, in May 2016, he opened The Brazilian Dog Guru Facility. The location on Leigh Road on the North Shore is ideal in that Fernando can expose his clients to the real world just outside his doors, not in an open field that does not replicate day-to-day city life with a dog. The philosophy at The Brazilian Dog Guru Facility is exercise, socialization, stimulation, discipline, control and love. Fernando believes in being honest with dog owners and he will tell it like it is in order to get the results needed. Fernando is fearless when it comes


to tackling the most challenging cases, knowing it is essential to be the pack leader and demand respect, build confidence and banish weakness. Above all, Fernando teaches that consistency is key. Dogs are much like children. When dealing with either, one must be patient and take baby steps. When seeking a happy and disciplined dog, one should strive to understand their expectations, while Fernando cautions against buying a canine based on look. It must match your lifestyle. Dogs need boundaries as much as affection. Fernando notes people often humanize dogs too much, which can hinder the commanding energy a dog requires. It is human nature to let little behaviors slide, but they cause larger problems. Every owner needs a trainer, but not necessarily every dog. Either way, both pet and owner are in for an education when meeting with Fernando. Remember — The Brazilian Dog Guru Facility does not make promises; it produces results.


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of the


We have heated floors, full water service, and climate control! We will also meet your pet’s medical & dietary needs. Here are the services we provide!


Bring your pooch in for a spa day! Our groomers are experienced with all breeds, sizes, and temperaments. Your four-legged friend is guaranteed to come out looking their best!


We offer bootcamp style and group classes - helping with difficult behaviours as well as on/off leash obedience, anxiety, and aggression.


We offer dog and cat boarding - we strive to provide a home-like environment and always cater to your pet’s personal needs.


We offer a doggy daycare service Mon-Fri 7AM-6PM and Saturday 8AM-5PM. We help socialize your pup in a safe, controlled environment. We always make sure they have a blast!

Check us out on Facebook for videos & promotions!

Fernando Silva

177 Leigh Road • 250-554-3700 •


The Right Retirement Community for You

Selecting the right community is an important decision that involves more than choosing a floor plan – it’s about lifestyle. In addition to meeting your social, cultural, educational and recreational requirements, you’ll want to know what care options are available should your needs change. Whatever your motivation, here are a few things to consider:

Are you ready for retirement community living?

Before you say “I’m not ready,” answer these questions: Why am I not ready? Often, people confuse moving to a retirement community with giving up their independence. Today’s retirement communities are quite different. They’re for people who want to maintain independence, expand horizons and make their own decisions. Will I know when I’m ready? Do you worry about home maintenance? Are you tired of shopping and preparing meals? Do you have health concerns? Are you troubled about personal safety and security? Would you like to explore new interests and meet new friends? Now is the time to experience the freedom a service-enriched retirement lifestyle offers.



Will I have to move again if my health fails? Most of our residents never have to make another move! While we encourage healthy, active, independent living, we realize circumstances change. That’s why we provide a range of services and support.

Why should I consider a move if I’m still healthy? What better time? Most people need to make housing adjustments as they grow older. Our residents tell us they’re glad they decided to move while the decision was theirs. You’ve planned ahead your whole life. Don’t wait until a crisis forces you into a decision you haven’t prepared for. Isn’t a retirement community for “old people?” Throw away your misconceptions about retirement living. Today’s communities are not nursing homes! Enjoy the advantages of an independent lifestyle within a comfortable and burden-free environment. You’ll free yourself from the daily concerns of meal planning and home repairs, while filling your time with new friends and a variety of social and recreational opportunities.

How do I start?

Begin researching in advance — before the need arises. A good place to start is to ask family, friends and valued advisors. The internet, professional resources, senior directories, senior information centers, newspapers and social circles may also provide helpful information. Determine which type of community best fits your needs. It’s important to understand the different types of community options available and the types of services and support offered. In Kamloops there is a community to fit every budget and lifestyle. Narrow the list to a few possibilities by taking into account location, amenities, activities, support and care options.

Visit the community. Tour communities in your area to evaluate your options. Get a feel for their “culture.” Sample the dining services by visiting for lunch. Attend a community event. There are numerous opportunities which provide fun-filled, no-pressure invitations to mingle with current residents. Take your time. You will likely need more than one visit. Make an appointment with a community representative. They have a wealth of knowledge and are there to help you to determine the perfect mix of services and amenities to meet your needs. Does a retirement community make sense financially? When compared to the monthly expenses and upkeep of a house, many of our residents find they actually spend less and gain countless benefits. To help determine if a retirement community makes sense financially, we suggest you ask for a “Make the Comparison Worksheet.” Do you have a home to sell? Berwick on the Park has a number of valuable resources to help you make the transition. Here are some tips for getting started: • Contact a realtor to assess the market value of your home • Attend one of our Informative Seminars • Work with our downsizing specialists • Receive helpful checklists When shopping for retirement living, consider the Berwick on the Park difference, and make sure you ask about the BCSLA Seal of Approval. Kamloops This Week | ASK AN EXPERT

Discover the Berwick Advantage Comfort. Freedom. Choice. Independent Living Assisted Living Short Term Stays 24 Hour Nursing Care Short Respite Stays Pre/Post Surgery Care

     

Housekeeping Transportation Recreational Activities Private Car & Driver Well Balanced, Nutritional Meals 24 Hour Emergency Response

     

At Berwick on the Park we offer a unique and affordable take on retirement. With a large range of amenities and services we continue to be the retirement community of choice in Kamloops. Call Erin Currie, our Senior Living Expert today to learn how you or your loved ones can discover the Berwick Advantage.


Fresh • Healthy • Local

Kamloops only locally owned grower serving locally grown produce. Freshly picked produce arrives daily! • 30+ Local Suppliers • Local Produce

• Local Dairy • Local Bakery • Local Groceries

740 Fortune Drive | Kamloops | 250.376.8618 | Find us on Facebook - nuleafmarket

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