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Consumer Questions Answered by the Experts

Unlocking your KEY questions What do I do if I lose all the keys for my car?

We do offer onsite programming for lost key situations.

Can you unlock vehicles? We do offer onsite unlock services for vehicles.

Do you cut trailer keys?

Yes, we have many trailer keys in stock

Do you cut house keys?

Just ask Ray

Do you make vehicle keys and remotes?

Can you cut High Security Keys?

Can you upgrade window security?

Can you secure my car if my keys are stolen?

Can you make ATV or motorcycle keys? What can you engrave?

Just ask Tessa We do make most vehicle keys and remotes

We can rekey vehicle locks and also delete and reprogram key memory

Will you program a car key or remote bought online? We can attempt to program a customer provided key or remote but there is no guarantee.

Yes we cut all common house keys

We are able to cut US Star, Mul T Lock, Platinum, Medeco and MX restricted keys

with more questions

We make custom window bars for window protection.

We can copy or create most ATV and Motorcycle keys

We engrave locks. keys, key chains, pet tags and much more.

Can I get my house changed to a new key?

What safes do you carry?

Yes we can rekey most door locks to a different key

We carry Brawns Safes; including fire resistant, deposit, floor, wall and many others.


Since 1982

CALL 250-320-5625 if you see a dog in distress locked in a car! We can help!

Located in the Heart of Downtown Kamloops, Both Businesses Have been an Integral Part of Kamloops Culture. Brown’s Repair has been serving Kamloops and Area for 99 Years and Ray’s Lock and Key Mobile service for over 39 Years. Two Great Companies, one Great Service. Now Offering you Full Shop and Mobile Service together. Brown’s Repair Shop Ltd is also a Member of the Better Business Bureau, The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association. Brown’s and Ray’s Have always Been Locally owned Businesses with Friendly Professional Staff.

Car Fobs & Chip Keys!

The Staff is Diverse, with each member bringing a unique skill set that creates an amazing team. Owner Ray Dhaliwal says “for keys and locks from residential to commercial to institutional as well as mailboxes, boats and ATVs, we have you covered.” Brown’s has a large selection of automotive key fobs and keys , including Honda, Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Nissan, Kia Hyundai. Browns Repair also rebuilds Honda ignitions as well as program keys for most vehicles.

Free Parking While in the Shop!

220 Lansdowne Street

Monday to Friday 8-5 Saturday 10-4 Emergency Service available evenings/weekends Shop 250-372-3656 Direct 250-320-5625 ®




Consumer Questions Answered by the Experts

What Makes a Great Dance School?


here are lots of extracurriculars these days for children. Dance is a great way to stay active and increase endurance, co-ordination, strength, flexibility, agility, confidence and expression. Life skills that will follow your young dancer into adulthood. Because all parents want the best for their children, here are some things to consider when choosing the dance studio that will best fit your – and your child’s – needs. • First call or email the studio and ask questions about what programs they have for the age group you are looking into. • What are the fees? Are there fees in addition to the price of enrolment? • How much are costumes and are there any other fees that come up throughout the season? • What is the philosophy of the dance studio? • Is it to teach children how to enjoy dance and build many life skills? Is it to offer a safe, fun and nurturing environment ? How do they feel about the competition side of dance ? What avenues are there for your child whether they choose to compete or not compete? Does the studio recognize there is a path for recreational dancers as well?


Your child’s dance instructors should be positive, professional and have dance experience . They should have a rapport with their students that promotes not only technical growth, but confidence and nurtures your dancer. Ask what the teacher’s name will be. Talk to your dancer at home about their teacher and get them excited about meeting them. Feel free to ask about the teacher and how their journey in dance began.


Decide in what type of class you would like to enrol your child. Classes can include ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, pointe, musical theater, acro , lyrical and contemporary. Also, for younger dancers, studios will offer specialized programs for them, which is a great way to introduce them to dance. Trust the studio in guiding and deciding what level and program best suits your child. Some dance disciplines require more of a commitment than others therefore, always ask how to achieve certain classes if your child has an idea in mind, so that it’s clear how to achieve this.


Your child’s dance studio should be equipped with: • Mirrors to promote learning technique • Sprung floors to prevent injuries • Ballet barres • Age appropriate music, movements and themes.


Remember that dance is a discipline. This starts with respect for the studio, teacher and to yourself. It is important to come weekly to class to stay committed and to always come in proper attire listed by your studio. Dance studios teach more than just dance. The relationships and respect among many other things that are taught will last a lifetime.


Come enjoy the Experience of Dance WINNER 2020

Dance With Me • Groove 2 Move • Creative Dance • Combo Dance Ballet • Pointe • Acro Musical Theater • Funky Jazz • Jazz Hip Hop • Lyrical • Contemporary

Register Now!

Offering Beginner to Advanced Level Classes for All Ages

Academy of Dance 910 Camosun Crescent 250-314-9974

Consumer Questions Answered by the Experts

Top 10 Shoe Consumer Questions I always seem to get blisters. Why is that?

This is one of the top questions we get asked! Blisters are caused by friction or movement. The two most common causes we see are: 1) shoes that aren’t tied properly, and 2) cotton socks. While cotton breathes well, it doesn’t wick moisture away. A foot that’s wet or damp is much more likely to blister.

My toenails go black/blue when I run. What’s with that?

If your toenails are going black, it’s most likely because they’re hitting the end of your shoe. The two biggest reasons for this are that: 1) your shoes are too short or 2) your shoes are laced incorrectly.

I have custom orthotics. Do you have shoes that will accommodate them? Yes! We have shoes that not only will fit your orthotics, but have the right support to make sure that they are being used effectively. We have hikers, walkers, runners, and even sandals that will work!

I heard your running shoes are more expensive than other stores. Is that true?

That’s a big misconception! We charge MSRP, or Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, like all other merchants in town. The difference is, our trained staff will fit your feet to the right shoes for no extra charge!

How long should running shoes last before I need to replace them?

This all depends on you! A 270lb linebacker will need to replace shoes more often than a 125lb female triathlete. Your activity, weight, and gait will all determine how long this is. The industry standard is 500 miles or 800 kms.


I’m a walker. You don’t have anything for me, do you?

Absolutely! We have classic leather walking shoes for men and women to supplement our collection of breathable running shoes that can be used for walking.

I’ve had my shoes for five years. How do I tell when they’re worn out? If you are feeling more achy than normal, have a recurring tender area or injury, chances are that your shoes are needing a replacement! We can assess your footwear to see if there’s any life left in them.

I have plantar fasciitis. You can’t help with that, can you?

Yes, we can! We see multiple customers daily with a variety of foot ailments, including plantar fasciitis. We carry products like compression socks, night splints and foam rollers than can help lessen your pain and fix your problems.

“Shoe Fitters” not “Shoe Fetchers”

I’m a size 14 2E, no-one seems to carry big sizes. Do you?

The proper fit is crucial to your health, comfort & well being.

We carry shoes ranging from infants all the way to size 22! We even have a special section in our store for large sized shoes: thirteen and up! If you need a size we don’t carry, big or small, we can order it!

My friends all wear brand “XYZ”, do you carry those?

We carry over 15 different shoe brands in the store! However, just because those shoes work for your friends doesn’t mean that they’ll work for you! Everybody’s feet are unique and need different types of support, shapes, and sizes.

- Answered by Wayne Richardson: Runners Sole Owner and Shoe Guru Athletic Career: 30 marathons, 35+ ultra marathons, Ironman, and many more!

WE ARE PROFESSIONAL • If you’re already a runner, bring your current running shoes with you to the store. We can look at the wear on the bottom of your running shoes to get some more insight into your running style. • Make sure you get your foot measured while you’re standing up. • If you use orthotics or customfit insoles, bring them with you to try on your running shoes. You need running shoes that are roomy enough to accommodate your insoles. • Don’t pick running shoes based on the colors or style. Just because they look cute doesn’t mean they’ll be the best running shoe for you!


PUTTING FEET FIRST The Runners Sole team are multi-sport enthusiasts committed to ensuring that individuals are fitted in shoes and apparel according to foot structure, activity level or type of activity and body ailments. As Kamloops’ technical running store with the largest selection of footwear and trail shoes in BC Interior, we want to provide you with the correct shoe rather than the trendiest or most expensive shoe. Keeping true to what we do, we want you to have what’s best for YOU!


ONLINE! Check out our full selection at

FOOTWEAR FITTING SPECIALISTS • Gait Analysis • Orthotic Fittings • Large Sizes Adults 5-15 • Widths 2A-6E • Kids Sizes 3-7½ SPECIAL ORDERS WELCOME!



Supporting 34 Community Running Events Annually for 19 years! RUNNERS SOLE IS YOUR




starting at



Call for more info

#74-1395 Hillside Drive • Aberdeen Village • Beside Milestones • 250.377.4055 •

Consumer Questions Answered by the Experts

You want to stay active — but life is getting in the way


any adults admit to having little or no time to exercise — and statistics support the notion that men and women simply aren’t exercising enough. According to Statistics Canada, only 16 per cent of Canadian adults are getting the recommended amount of physical activity (150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week). That means 84 per cent of the adult population is not active enough. Or, to put it another way, eight in 10 Canadian adults are not active enough to reap the health benefits of a physically active lifestyle. Commitments to work and family can make it hard to find time to visit the gym or exercise at home. While just over half of Canadians surveyed by Statistics Canada think the

daily grind — commuting, busy schedules, screen use and excessive sitting — gets in the way of being physically active and wish they could find a way to work more physical activity into their day, many surprisingly aren’t overwhelmed by the prospect of leading a more active life. Most tellingly, Canadians surveyed think individuals have the power and the responsibility to solve the problem. About 82 per cent of those queried think the only way to be physically active is for it to become a habit and more than half of respondents think there’s no good excuse for not being physically active. The bottom line is exercise, like anything important in life, must become a habit — and the benefits of regular exercise are so substantial that even the busiest adults should make concerted efforts to find time to exercise.


Embrace multitasking.

Many professionals are adept at multitasking in the office. Those same skills can be applied when trying to find time for exercise. Instead of plopping down on the couch to watch television, bring a tablet to the gym or the basement and stream a favourite show while on the treadmill or the elliptical. When running errands around town, ride a bicycle or walk instead of driving, the possible.

Cut down on screen time.

This includes time spent using smartphones, tablets, personal computers and other devices. By reducing that screen time by just one hour per day, adults can create enough free time to meet recommended exercise requirements.

Make it a group effort.

Involving others can make it easier for adults to find time to exercise. Instead of hosting work meetings in a conference room, take the meeting outside, walking around the office complex while discussing projects, rather than sitting stationary around a conference table. At home, take the family along to the gym or go for nightly post-dinner walks around the neighbourhood instead of retiring to the living room to watch television.

Redefine date night.

Adults who can’t find time for exercise during the week can redefine date night with their significant others. Think of enrolling in a local fitness class together. Consider taking dance lessons. Inquire about canoe, kayak or stand-up paddling lessons in Kamloops. How about ditching a movie date night for a trip to Riverside Park to rent some watercraft from The Concession?


Finding time to exercise can be difficult for busy adults. But those committed to getting healthier can find ways to do so even when their schedules are booked.dining out. KAMLOOPS THIS WEEK | ASK AN EXPERT


$30/month BECOME





• STATE OF THE ART FITNESS EQUIPMENT • ADVANCED CARDIO EQUIPMENT • JUICE, SMOOTHIE & COFFEE BAR • WORLD CLASS BOOT CAMP ROOM • PERSONAL TRAINING • HOT YOGA • SAUNAS & STEAM ROOMS • KIDZ ZONE Personal training packages with fully certified coaches. PLUS we offer meal plans and 3D body scans. Touch on fully serviced locker room, sauna and steam room. Smoothie bar and pro shop for supplements.






905-8th St. Kamloops | 778-470-5550 | | OPEN EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK • 4AM - 11PM

Consumer Questions Answered by the Experts

RV Maintenance Advice If someone is thinking about buying an RV or just purchased one is there a lot of maintenance involved?

Just like your home or vehicle, owning an RV is an investment that you want to protect so performing regular servicing and preventative maintenance on your RV is similar to that of your home and your vehicle. An RV is a home on wheels after all! To ensure your RV and components are in good working condition there are key items that we recommend being performing on a regular basis and an annual basis. To ensure you are protecting your investment, we have developed our Preventative Maintenance Menu to help put owners at ease.

What should I be doing to prepare my RV for our first trip of the season? The general rule of thumb is to perform annual and ongoing preventative maintenance so each time you hit the open road for an RV vacation you can simply perform DIY steps to inspect, monitor, and top up as needed.

What do you recommend that I can do myself and what should I bring my RV in to have done?

As you prepare for the season there are some key items to inspect and service. There are many Do-it-yourself maintenance items that can be performed each season, each trip and during each use. Our service departments have you covered with our Preventative Maintenance Menu items and our tips below.

• Battery maintenance to maximize performance and battery life. DIY: check voltage and ensure you have a full charge before each trip. Monitor water levels monthly. Annual Service: servicing to clean terminals and connections, test voltage and hydrometer, inspect and top fluids, apply anti-corrosive. • Wheels, brakes and tire maintenance to ensure you have proper and safe operation. DIY: Retorque wheel nuts and check/top up tire pressure. Annual Service: inspect brake shoes, bearings and magnets, clean and repack bearings, adjust brake linings, inspect magnets and switches. • Appliance maintenance for trouble free operation and longer life. DIY: Visual inspections and monitoring during use. Annual Service: Clean burner tube assemblies, test operation, verify air mixture, clean stove burners, inspect filters, rooftop AC inspection. • Slide outs and jack maintenance to ensure you have proper and safe operation. DIY: Lubricate your slide outs and check your slides and jacks for proper operation and ensure debris is cleaned/removed. Annua Service: Testing, lubricate seals and components, test control board, clean jacks including foot pads. • Propane tank and system maintenance to ensure you have proper and safe operation. DIY: Fill tanks and perform soap test on connects to detect any leaks. Annual Service: Inspect regulators and tanks, complete pressure test, check LP detectors.

• Tank maintenance to ensure proper operation and detect the condition. DIY: Fill freshwater tank, monitor system during operation for leaks or pressure issues and utilize tank deodorizer/ treatment solutions. Annual Service: Check pump operation, check faucets, holding tanks and flood and pressurize, complete water line pressure test. • Generator maintenance for troublefree operation and longer life. DIY: Visual inspection during operation, load test, monitor fluids and filters. Annual Service or every 75 hours: Clean/ check battery, verify inspect exhaust, CO detector, air and fuel filters, change oil and filter and perform load test. • Test your safety systems for proper operation such as your smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, LP detector and fire extinguisher. Replace batteries annually. • Check fluid levels and tire pressure in your motorhome or tow vehicle. • Inspect your hitch for signs of wear or loose bolts and ensure that it is set to the proper tow height. RVing provides freedom to travel at your own pace – you can go where you want when you want. Performing regular preventive maintenance can help ensure your RV adventures are filled with family, friends, great memories and… s’mores! Fraserway RV has you covered with parts to perform DIY maintenance or repairs and our service teams can schedule you for maintenance, servicing and upgrades. We have more tips and tricks available at


Fraserway RV Is YOUR Place For Everything RV In Kamloops RV SALES

We offer industry leading manufacturers and brands


We offer quality replacement RV parts designed by manufacturers, and specifically tailored to your RV as well as camping accessories to outfit your RV and campground. Start shopping and accessorizing your RV today and be the envy of the campsite!


We’ve got you covered to protect your investment. Proper routine care is essential to keeping your RV in peak condition. Maintenance will extend the life and value of your RV, and help you avoid future expensive repairs or inconvenient breakdowns. We take pride in our work at Fraserway RV so you can have comfort on your adventures.






Our Loyalty Program rewards your purchases with Reward Dollars back on your card. Every time you buy parts or service, or rent an RV, simply present your Cash Card at the till to earn 5% of your pre-tax purchase back in Rewards Dollars. See dealership for details. D#: 40065

CANADA’S ONLY NATIONAL DEALER WITH 12 LOCATIONS COAST TO COAST 1300 Chief Louis Way, Kamloops, BC 250-828-0093 | 1-866-964-8837

Consumer Questions Answered by the Experts

How do I Navigate the Digital Landscape for Business?


one are the days where businesses had very few options when it came to marketing their pro1lex marketplace consisting of most of the original options while adding the options of online search, digital storefronts and social media, to name just a few. If you’re feeling frustrated and confused about where you should invest your hard-earned money, don’t worry, you’re not alone. After multiple discussions with business owners and managers in Kamloops and area, we’ve heard a consistent concern: how do I choose the right digital path for my company? Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all solution that will work for every business or vertical market. There are, however, some things that every business should be aware of that can help guide you down the right path and set your business up for success online.

Google My Business

Your Digital First Impression

Many of you may have heard the expression “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”. The same applies to your business online. By the time a customer visits your store or office for the first time they have already formed an opinion of your business based on your online ratings and your website. This is why we encourage business owners and managers to think of your website as your digital receptionist. It should be able to answer any questions people have about your products or services. Understanding now how big of a role your website plays in the success of your business, here is a quick checklist to make sure you’re on the right track. • My website provides a great first impression. Making sure your website is a true representation of your business, looks great and is easy to navigate is a must in today’s world online. • I have control of my website and I have the ability to update the information on it. Keeping your information up to date can help eliminate confusion and frustration with your potential customers.

Making sure you claim or create your Google listing is a key first step to your company’s online presence. This is free to do and • My website is secure. This means you have SSL certification don’t worry, no matter what the telephone salesperson says, you which tells potential customers that you’re a real person, don’t require a credit card to do it and your listing won’t expire. your business is real, and they can interact with your Once you have control of your listing, make sure you keep it website without fear of hackers collecting information. current. This is a great tool to communicate the most frequently searched questions by your potential customers. This includes your • My website looks great on all devices. More than half of your business hours, location, and contact info. Also start posting your website visitors (and that number is increasing every year) visit blog articles, and products for sale (if you’re setup for e-commerce) your website from their mobile devices which are all different and link them back to your website. This can help your website rank sizes. People are also visiting it from computers using large screen higher in search queries. monitors. Make sure your site is appealing for all your users. Your Google listing will also provide you with valuable feedback • I can sell my products or services on it. Don’t kid yourself: the for your traditional marketing campaigns. Typically, the first world has become accustomed to shopping online thanks to behavior customers do after experiencing an advertisement or online retail giants like Amazon. Asking your customers to having a friend recommend your business is Google your business support your local business is great; however, business owners online. Your listing will provide you details such as how many times need to meet their customers with the same level of online people have searched for your business and how many people got convenience that they already have with your competitors. directions, called, or visited your website. A successful ad campaign If you’re interested in learning more about reimagining will see these statistics increase. your business in a digital age, please feel free to reach out for a free consultation. We’re here to help.


Your local Digital Media studio & agency Website Design / Geo Fencing / Social Media / Digital Marketing / Google Marketing / Email Marketing /


Heather and Jo are the very definition of what it means to be adaptable. The intense pressure that Covid brought to any manager at any retail store has been immense. Challenges that no one could have possibly

Managers of the Year! seen coming. Covid changed how people needed to be managed, how policies needed to be implemented, how changes needed to happen NOW. It is never easy to turn on a pivot like that, as flawlessly as they did. In our store we talk about how important it is to have everyone rowing the boat in the same direction. Covid became the tsunami that our team had not experienced before. Not only was it difficult to keep the boat upright, it felt at times like the paddles were slipping out of our hands. But Heather and Jo helped the team pull those paddles away from the storm, built more paddles, and continued to row with the team. They were not just the Captains that yell row! row! row! They grabbed paddles themselves and helped.

They became counsellors to some of the team that were scared. They were the storm watchers that helped predict the changes they needed to make. They were the anchors that kept the boat from going astray. DelRae and I are forever grateful for that. It wasn’t easy for them either. With their own personal challenges and fears going on we know there were days that before they walked into the store, they had to take a very deep breath. They could have walked and hid or run for that matter, everyone would have understood. They could have looked to us to tell them what to do. But they didn’t. They worked with us to keep their team safe, healthy and happy. They adapted to each change that every day brought and continues to bring.


Are they worthy of Petland Managers of the year? Undoubtedly that and more. These two managers are the Covid tsunami warriors. They are the absolute heroines for Petland Kamloops.

Our Pet Counsellors are Amazing! Pet Counsellor of the Year Jordynn has been an amazing part of our team for almost 5 years now and continues to lead our team with incredible guest service, product and animal knowledge, all while helping to make our store look great by stocking and cleaning. Jordynn sets a high standard for what we expect our Pet Counsellors to be and is quick and eager to help train new team members to achieve and maintain those same goals each and every day. She is always eager to do training opportunities and to pass that newfound knowledge to our guests and the rest of the team. A weekly team challenge on the go? Watch out! Jordynn has a fun competitive drive that levels everyone up, encouraging team participation on all of our fun games to keep our team challenged and motivated. Jordynn remembers regular guests, their pets and they remember her for her knowledge and a robust laugh that can be heard anywhere in the store! Her strength as a key holder means that we can count on her to make decisions about returns and to help guests find what they truly need independently and with the care and attention that our store is known for. Jordynn has worked very hard and we count on her to be a strong pillar for our team-to uphold and reach beyond our expectations to be the best pet store in Kamloops. Jordynn has done all that and more during her time with us and we are very lucky to have her on our team!


Inventory Control Manager of the Year

23 years and counting! Andrea has done pretty much everything one can do in the store-starting off as a Pet Counsellor and through hard work and determination, becoming one of the best inventory specialist in all of Petland. Andrea has an insane amount of knowledge quietly stored away-a fish question? Ask Andrea. A bird question? Ask Andrea. Is this product available from any of our suppliers? That’s right, ask Andrea! She also has a very unique gift of looking at a section and reorganizing it mentally so that when she physically does it, it takes no time and seems almost effortless. New products are no match for merchandising, no matter how full the space is, and while it might take others a bit of thought and planning, Andrea can come along, do it in half the time and make it look fantastic! Guests always seem to know which sections her hand has been it-it looks professional and eye catching. Andrea has the super important job of ordering 90% (at least) of the product that we bring into our store. She is always on the search for new and exciting products that our guests and their pets will love. This year has been challenging, but Andrea has found her creative side and expanded our products so that we always have something to offer our guests. Speaking of guests, Andrea knows and remembers guests who first came into our store 23 years ago, and they remember her! Andrea takes great pride in her role as inventory manager and it shows in her selection of products. She truly is a super star on so many levels and we are lucky to have her on our team!


~ Trish Hinheoson & DelRae Ca

Runner Up Small Animal & Bird Manager of the Year

13 years!! That alone is an amazing testament to Shauna’s commitment and dedication to Petland Kamloops. Her passion for small animals is apparent in everything she does and is the first quality that guests and team members recognize in her as she wears that passion on her sleeve for all to see. Guests ask for her by name, knowing that she has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and Shauna remembers every one, their past and present pets, and will immediately point out a new product that she knows instinctively their small animal or birds would just love! Her attention to their care while in store sets an amazingly high bar that cannot be matched anywhere else. She invests herself into each animal that spends time with us, getting to know them in any way she can so she can achieve our motto of matching the right pet with the right guest. However, don’t think for one moment that Shauna’s only experience is with small animals and birds! Her knowledge of fish and reptiles make her a key person that all members of the team go to when they have a question they just can’t quite answer, knowing that she will give sound advice with an easy smile. Shauna also takes care of our Facebook and Instagram pages, posting adorable pictures of guests pets and our animals in store, and creating fun videos to announce contest winners. She is a rock star on our local radio station and t.v. channel, helping educate our whole community on animal care and products. Guests listen to her, seek her out, and come back again and again to receive the one on one attention and care that she has provided to our guests for over 13 years.


We offer curbside & home delivery! Mon-Sun 10am—6pm

Q: I really like to scratch! But my people aren’t as excited about my choice of scratcher! A: Cat posts ... redirecting cat’s natural desire to scratch. With so many incredible choice in cat trees, and scratching posts, trays and more, your furniture is unlikely to be your cat’s first choice. Q: I really want to look my best! What can I do to help my colours pop? A: Diet is one of the easiest ways to enhance your colour. Foods to try would be blood worms or shrimp, in freeze dried or frozen form, to help your reds and oranges. Foods containing algae or spirulina will help your blues and greens sparkle! Nutrafin Max Colour enhancing flakes and Fluval Colour Enhancing Pellets would be great choices! Q: Will I get dehydrated if all I eat is kibble? A: If you feed a kibble only diet (especially a lower quality kibble) with limited water intake, the chances of your pet being dehydrated is vastly increased. Make sure the water dish is full of fresh cool water or supplement with canned food, goat’s milk, raw food or other options with more moisture.

important. Have several dishes around the house even if you only have one pet. Q: We’re going on a trip and I’m nervous about being in the car! A: Petland carries a variety of products to help ease your stress! A great place to start would be with one of the pheromone calming products such as Pet Remedy De-Stress and Calming Spray or a Sentry Calming Collar. Other options would include Homeo Pet Travel Anxiety drops or a Thunder Shirt! Q: My people don’t like it when I leave yellow marks on the lawn! A: Did you know that those yellow marks are caused by impurities in the water you drink, such as tin, ammonia, and nitrates that are then passed through you? Adding “Dog Rocks” to your water is a natural, chemical-free way to filter out those impurities and eliminate those grass burns. Q: It’s not always possible to have live bugs or mealworms on hand to supplement my diet, what can I do? A: Sunseed Wigglers and Berries

Trail Mix Treat for hedgehogs is the perfect thing to have around for those times it may not be possible to have the live food available! It’s a delicious way to treat your pet to the treat he loves and the fun snack he deserves! Q: I’ve heard about Petland having frequent buyer programs. What does that mean? Is it a lot of work? And how much do I really save? A: Most of our dog and cat foods have a frequent buyer program! Petland even has frequent buyer programs for cat litters, dog treats and crickets too! You’ll get an average savings between 8-10% a bag once you’ve redeemed your program. Best of all it is easy! We track it here! And we will even carry it out for you! Plus, check out our Seniors Day! Seniors get 20% off on the last Thursday of every month! Q: I’m feeling kind of low and I’m not eating as much as I usually do. A: While there are many avenues to explore, one of the most common causes of feeling low and lack of appetite could be a lack of UV exposure. Did you know that your reptile’s UV bulbs should be changed every 6-8 months to maintain an optimum UV output?

Q: How can I make sure I’m getting enough vitamin C in my diet? A: Making sure you have a food specifically formulated for guinea pigs, such as Oxbow’s guinea pig food is the best place to start! Guinea pigs are herbivores and as such need fresh greens and foods rich in cellulose. The total amount of fresh foods daily is about one cup. You can also add Oasis Vita-Drops for guinea pigs and Oxbow Vitamin C, both of which contain stabilized vitamin C to support overall health. Q: You can lead me to water, but you can’t make me drink! A: Chronic dehydration is a common year round problem for most cats’ and smaller breed dogs. Access to freshly changed water every day is

905 Notre Dame Dr. 250.828.0810




City of Kamloops


The City’s Civic Operations Department receives many different questions on the various services we provide. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers.

Does the City’s Recycling Program Actually Exist? I have heard that recycling ends up in landfills (or worse) overseas. How much of the City’s recycling actually gets recycled? The City is part of the provincial Recycle BC program, a non-profit agency that oversees collection, processing (sorting), and sale of material to end markets. Over 90% of material collected through the program is managed by recycling; 3% of material is not recyclable (flexible plastics) and is sold as engineered fuel. The rest of the material cannot be recycled.

Marcia Dick, Solid Waste Services Analyst

What happens to my recycling? Where does it go after I put it in my recycling cart? City trucks collect recycling from residents and deliver the materials to a sorting facility. Material is sorted and baled into commodities like metals, plastics, cartons, cardboard, and mixed paper, which is sold to end markets. Many of these markets are right here is BC—98% of plastics are recycled at a facility in the Lower Mainland. Metals are recycled in North America. Some paper is recycled in North America, but a lot of the end markets for paper are overseas.

It seems like I can’t put anything in my recycling cart. Soft plastics, glass, and foam packaging all have to go to a recycling depot. What’s the point of a recycling program if I can’t put anything in it? The Recycle BC program is larger than other recycling programs in Canada, and the list of accepted materials is consistent across the province. While some communities have separate glass collection (the City is currently investigating glass collection as well), no other communities collect soft plastics or foam at the curb—these materials can only be effectively recycled at depots. See the complete list of accepted items at

What is (household) hazardous waste? Can I throw hazardous household waste in the garbage if the hazardous container the waste was in is empty? Many common household items contain hazardous substances that are dangerous if not properly managed. Items can be hazardous for many reasons—they can contain poisonous or toxic substances; they can react, explode, or catch fire easily; or they can be sharp objects that can cut or injure workers. Even when containers for hazardous substances are empty, they contain residual material that can catch fire or react with other material. When these reactions take place at landfills and recycling facilities, the outcomes can be very serious—there is a lot of materials in these facilities that can catch fire—and landfill fires are extremely difficult to manage.

What are the most common hazardous items? How do I get rid of them? Batteries are one of the most common and dangerous items found in households, especially the rechargeable type (lithium) as the material can react with water and other metals and cause fires. Lithium batteries are found in an increasing number of household products, the most common being hand-held power tools, vape pens/e-cigarettes, laptops, cell phones, and hearing aids. Batteries are the leading cause of fires in recycling facilities, but thankfully, they are also easy to recycle. Many retailers and workplaces have battery recycling bins. Tip: lithium batteries must be protected by placing them in clear bags (available at battery collection points) or wrapping them with tape. Search the Waste Wise Kamloops app to find your nearest battery recycling location.

What are some other common hazardous items I should be aware of, and what should I do with them? Flammable liquids must be safely recycled because they can release gases that will catch on fire/ignite or explode and act as a projectile. Even residual amounts of the following products can give off vapours that may ignite and cause fires or explosions: • compressed gas containers for: - propane (camping stoves) - helium (balloons) - carbon dioxide (Soda Stream)

• flammable liquids like: - lighter fluid - paint and paint products - fuels (kerosene, methanol, diesel)

Use the Waste Wise Kamloops app to learn how to properly dispose of these items.

Why should we consider xeriscaping? • To have beautiful surroundings (xeriscaping options are endless, and there are many plants to choose from)

Jeff Putnam, Parks and Civic Facilities Manager

• To conserve water (50–80% of residential water is used in our yards) • To minimize pest problems (landscapes suited to our climate are healthier) • To be environmentally responsible (overwatering can cause water to run off lawns and carry pollutants into storm drains) • To save time (xeriscaped yards require less watering, less mowing, and less weeding) • To save money (minimizing the costs of delivering water to our homes and businesses benefits us all) Can I have a lawn? Yes! Lawns can add to the enjoyment of our yards, increase property values, and help cool our homes in the summer (which reduces the need for air conditioners), but most lawns are much larger than needed and consume large amounts of water in comparison to most other plantings. We suggest taking a good look at your lawn and asking yourself these questions: • • • • •

How much of my lawn is actually walked or played on? Is my lawn there because I don’t know what else to do with that area? Are there areas that are difficult or dangerous to mow? Could sections of the lawn be replaced by ground covers, shrubs, or ornamental grasses that need less water and maintenance? Are there areas where hard surfaces like walkways or decks could make the living space more practical?

What are some water-saving tips? Many beautiful trees, shrubs, and flowers have low water requirements, and if you group plants according to their water needs, you can create an oasis by concentrating higher water use plants together and less thirsty plants separately. Choose an irrigation method that will water the plants in each area most effectively without wasting water. Water when the weather is cool and calm. Early morning watering is best, followed by early evening. Also be sure to water close to the roots to minimize evaporation. Be sure to check out the plant list in the City’s “Creating a Xeriscape” brochure available online at

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Why act now on climate change?

Glen Cheetham, Sustainability Services Supervisor

The Community Climate Action Plan (CCAP) outlines moves that will reduce emissions and increase our resilience to climate change impacts: • Actions to promote low-carbon development • Sustainable transportation options • Zero-carbon buildings • Circular economy and renewable energy • Enhance local ecosystems The CCAP’s target is to reduce community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30% by 2030 and up to 80% by 2050. What can I do? Here are a few actions Kamloopsians can take to reduce their personal carbon footprint: • Replace vehicle trips with transit, walking, cycling, skateboarding, etc. when possible • Consider electric or hybrid vehicle options • Reduce home energy use - Unplug unused devices and use high-efficiency appliances - Make homes more energy efficient by upgrading insulation, doors, and windows and replace end-of-life natural gas furnace and water heaters with a low-carbon electric alternatives - See for energy efficiency information and incentives • Compost organic waste • Reduce food waste • Choose reusable over disposable items and repair rather than replace when possible (search “Repair Cafe Kamloops”) To learn more, visit

Where do our community’s GHG emissions come from? Our primary sources of GHG emissions in Kamloops are from fossil fuel powered transportation (66%), energy use in buildings (29%), and waste decomposition (5%).

How do we manage our green space? How do we keep our parks and green spaces looking so good?

Jeff Putnam, Parks and Civic Facilities Manager

The City maintains numerous parks and green spaces in all neighbourhoods, including approximately 16,000 trees. We have a team of experts who use various processes and technologies to keep our green spaces, plants, and trees healthy and looking fantastic for all residents to enjoy.

What guides the City in terms of the trees that are planted? The City is guided by an Urban Forestry Management Strategy, and we have a crew of six full-time arborists who maintain our public tree inventory. On average, each tree receives general maintenance every six to eight years. The overall tree canopy in Kamloops (including public and private trees) is 15.6%, and our long-term goal is to increase the canopy to 20%. There is a significant amount of space available for new trees in the city; however, access to irrigation water is the limiting factor.

What does the City do to maintain its sports fields to such a high level of turf quality? Kamloops has always had a great reputation for its excellent playfields, and the recent international recognition for Norbrock Stadium as “Field of the Year” by the Sports Turf Managers Association has been turning a lot of heads. The City has a state-of-theart turf maintenance program and a dedicated crew who take pride in their work. Our turf maintenance strategy is a year-round program that includes goose control, special mowing techniques, irrigation programming, top dressing with a compost/sand mixture, deep-tine aeration, regular field inspections, accurate line marking, infield shale grooming/edging, litter control, and much more.

Who do we call if we notice a problem or unsafe condition in a park, facility, or public space (e.g. a broken tree branch, a large pothole, sprinkler head not turning off, or excess litter)? The Civic Operations Department has a central phone number that you can call, or you can email any time to report an issue. Please provide as much detail as you can regarding the specific location and what you would like the City to do to respond to your concern. Once your request for service is logged, it will be sent to the appropriate City team to take action, and you will receive an updated response in a timely manner. We always appreciate hearing from the public about any observed conditions in our parks and facilities. Contact us at 250-828-3461 or

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