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Dear Child,

You Are on the Nice List Rethinking ‘Naughty or Nice’


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’Tis the Season


old and flu season is upon us: that magical time of year full of sleepless nights, non-stop laundry, and miserable Letter from a lines at the clinic. Kamloops Yes, sick little ones are no fun. In some ways, though, having Momma sick kids actually makes me feel like a good parent! You see, it reminds me just how unconditional my love for them truly is. I can look at their snotty little faces and still think they are the most beautiful creatures on earth – but if I look at a snotty child who is not mine, I turn my head and have to gag. And I will crawl into a twin bed with my child who has just thrown up everywhere without any concern for a repeat…or the smell that inevitably lingers. Knowing that my daughter needs me simply trumps everything else. Sick little ones also reinforces how much I am needed. With the attitude, tantrums, and unintentionally hurtful statements that sometimes pervade the life of a parent, it can be easy to forget my value as a mom. But when my kids are sick, they want me not their dad, nana, aunty, or friends: just me! I am their comforter; I alone can soothe them and make them feel better. And when they’re sick, my girls tell me they love me...a lot! And I love the adorable fever-induced incoherent babbling, as well as the greatest sentence a momma can hear: Momma, I want to go to bed! Then there are the cuddles. Oh! Those sleepy, sweet, endless cuddles. Healthy happy children like to run, jump, dance, which is wonderful, but sometimes I just want some calm - calm that I get when they are not feeling well. Sick kiddos just want to be held. Mine snuggle their head against my chest just like a puppy and look adoringly into my eyes, as if I hold the keys to the universe. Now, I hope that this letter doesn’t curse me because I don’t actually want sick kids! But if and when they inevitably are, I’m going to try to enjoy the time it gives me to connect with them...and maybe even sneak in a few naps myself! -- Courtney Charlton, editor

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These stunning little girls just happen to be the daughter’s of Kamloops Momma’s main momma! Yes, after much debate, I decided that this would be my Christmas gift to myself. What better gift could there be then getting to stare at my girls’ smiling faces every time I work for the next 2 months? (and if Oprah can do it every month, then I can do it every two years!) Photo by the lovely Lisa of Milk & Honey Photography.


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Dear Child, You Are on the Nice List


Giving from the Heart


Birthday Party Review


Low Back Pain: Why?


Moms with Cameras: The Right Thing


Bridging the Gap

Answers from an SPCA volunteer Rethinking “naughty or nice”

26 fun and inexpensive holiday gift ideas Events by Kate and Sweet Spot Cupcakes Dr. Sarah Brise explains

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Taking a Stance Against Bullying: One Parent and Child at a Time By Julie Letkeman n the wake of the recent suicide of 15 year old Amanda Todd, the topic of bullying has become a forefront issue in the newspapers, schools, and in daily conversation. Bullying has probably existed since the dawn of man; and chances are you have been a victim, a bully, or a bystander of someone being bullied. It is a topic not to be taken lightly. Campaigns and policies are being created in order to respond to bullying; schools are proactively teaching children the consequences of bullying, and creating “bully free zones.” But is this enough? Reports still indicate that 8% of teenagers aged 12 – 19 are bullied on a weekly basis [1]. We are in the dawn of a new era of bullying. When I went to school, bullying existed in the school yard, at parties, and other places where kids gather. But we now live in the age of social media, and bullying exists on an entirely different level. The internet and social media has created a world where, with a simple Facebook status update or Tweet, you can literally destroy the reputation of another person. Slanderous messages can be sent to hundreds or thousands of people with the click of a button, impacting the life of the victim potentially for their entire life. So what exactly is bullying. Basically, it boils down to one person exerting power over another through aggression. Public Safety Canada defines bullying as “… [being] characterized by acts of intentional harm, repeated over-time, in a relationship where an imbalance of power exists. It includes physical actions (punching, kicking, biting), verbal actions (threats, name calling, insults, racial or sexual comments), and social exclusion1 (spreading rumours, ignoring, gossiping, excluding)” [1]. Many people believe that bullying is just a normal part of childhood, with some believing it is actually good for you, as it helps build character. This is an incredibly false belief, as “… the Journal of the American Medical Association reports that ‘individuals formerly bullied were found to have higher levels of depression and poorer self-esteem at the age of 23, despite the fact that, as adults, they were no more harassed or socially isolated than comparison adults” [1]. Also, in today’s society, bullying exists well beyond the childhood years. Bullying in the workplace has now been defined as a problem. Adults putting down, gossiping, and degrading the reputations of other adults; how are our children to learn not to bully, if we as adults are not showing them proper behaviour? So why do people bully each other?? Like others, I believed that it was due to low self esteem on the part of the bully. But during my research, I found that I was incorrect. In fact, “[r] esearch studies have proven that there is no link between kids who behave aggressively toward other kids and low


self-esteem. In fact, psychologists have found that kids who behave like bullies have high self-esteem, but that they are very ‘shame-prone.’ That means they are afraid their failures or shortcomings will be exposed” [2]. Childhood and adolescent bullies are also shown to have higher levels of delinquencies, anti-social behaviour, as well as have a greater percentage of having a criminal record by the time they reach adulthood. So what can we do about bullying? As a parent, this is a huge concern. No one wants their child to be ridiculed, hurt, or most horrible – having thoughts of suicide due to being tormented. I believe that we as a society need to take a stance against bullying; not just to wear the pink shirts or bracelets, and profess that we are against bullying – but actually doing something about it, and standing up to bullies. We need to teach our children not to be bystanders to bullying, or participate in the harassment of others; we need to teach them compassion and generosity, and to stand up for those deemed to be weaker. “Peers are present during 88% of bullying incidents. When peers intervene, bullying stops in less than 10 seconds, 57% of the time” [3]. We need to teach them that humans are fallible, and that we make mistakes, and that our outward appearance does not dictate who we are as a person. We need to tell our children that if they are being bullied, that they need to tell someone – that is part of the solution. We need to talk to our children about internet, smart phone, and chat room safety, as well as sex-ting, and inform them that anything put on the internet is never gone – EVER! And, most importantly, we need to be positive role models for our children. Many cases of bullying are learned at home, by adults’ intolerance of others. Children model this behaviour, so be aware of your own negative conversations about others. I cannot imagine any greater pain than what the family of Amanda Todd is going through. I truly hope that through her death, that we can learn lessons to prevent any other person (child, teenager or adult) from suffering the pain and sadness inflicted by bullying.

REFERENCES 1. Public Safety Canada. Bullying Prevention: Nature and Extent of Bullying in Canada. Retrieved October 16, 2012 from: 2. Lamia, Mary C. (2010). Do Bullies Really Have Low Self Esteem? Retrieved October 16, 2012 from: http://www. 3. PrevNet. Bullying Prevention Tips for Back to School. Retrieved October 16, 2012 from http://prevnetblog.blogspot. ca/2012/09/bullyingprevention-tips-for-back-to_20.html.


Relaxation During Pregnancy: My Daughter’s Experience

By Cathy Lidster


hen my daughter, Megan, became pregnant she was filled with the anticipation of a peaceful, joyful pregnancy and an all natural childbirth. After much research, she registered for a Hypnobirthing class, found a midwife, and made plans for a home birth. No one was more surprised than she and her partner when at the 20th week ultrasound, the technician casually mentioned there were two in there! Twins! In the state of Colorado, where the expectant parents were living at the time, licensing laws prohibited midwives from delivering twins. So their midwife referred them to a “high risk” obstetric medical team. Thus began a very different journey than Megan had planned. I had the privileged task as grandma-to-be of driving my daughter to her prenatal visits. These events were very busy as there were meetings with each of the team professionals to discuss risks, potential procedures, surgeries, and vaccines. Each visit included an ultrasound to determine the growth of each baby. As Megan’s belly grew larger and heavier, it was good news for the babies, but mom was becoming increasingly more uncomfortable. The babies were very active in utero and Megan began to have frequent Braxton Hicks contractions. (In Hypnobirthing jargon, these are referred to as uterine practice surges). When the prenatal visits became weekly events, it seemed as though the ordeal aggravated the babies and stimu-


lated the uterus, especially during and after the ultrasound procedure. At her 31 week check up, Megan was fit, healthy and happy and the babies appeared well grown. Everything looked just great except for the frequent and strengthening Braxton-Hicks contractions. As we were about to leave the office that day, the doctor made a last minute decision to place Megan “under observation for a little while longer”. Almost before we knew it, she was ushered into the hospital side of the building where a gown, bed and machine awaited her. There were 3 heart rate monitors with readout strips, one for each baby and one for Megan. Everything happened so quickly that Megan’s head was spinning with questions. The nurse was very busy checking the strips and seemed somewhat reluctant to discuss anything. Eventually she reported that there would be two medications coming, one for calming the uterine contractions and one for Megan’s heart. As there had been no previous mention of the need for any medication, Megan politely requested an explanation for their use. She asked about their purpose and possible side effects to the babies and asked if she could go home and have a day or so to think about whether or not she wanted to receive these drugs. Without answering any of her questions, the nurse abruptly left the room. Megan and I looked at each other wondering what would happen next.

What came next was an experience I am not likely to forget for the rest of my life. In walked the head doctor surrounded by 8 other medical professionals. They stood in a row perpendicular to the foot of Megan’s bed. The doctor’s first words were “Why are you here?” Megan really didn’t know why, but truthfully answered that she came because she thought she had no choice. His next question was “Why are you noncompliant with my recommendations?” Then he proceeded to lecture her. It was his firm belief that the babies would be born prematurely that weekend if she did not accept the medications. He listed many potential risks to the babies. He assured her that the medications were safe and effective, but if not, there were other medications they could turn to. I could see that Megan was having a difficult time holding herself together emotionally but she managed to ask him if she could go home and think about it. The doctor was obviously not happy with this request, but he and his entourage filed out of the room leaving one nurse to present us with a liability waiver, which was required in order to leave the hospital. Understandably, my daughter was distraught. She had strong opinions about non-intervention and drug free childbirth but she also respected the doctor’s well-intentioned advice and expertise. She really needed some time to think it through before making a decision. We left the hospital, but we did not go straight home. We detoured to the office of an acupuncturist. Since acupuncture is well known for inducing labor in cases of prolonged pregnancy, we hoped that the opposite might also be true. Maybe an acupuncture session would calm the uterine contractions and help avoid a premature delivery. However, the treatment did not have the desired calming effect. By the time we reached home, Megan was exhausted and the uterine contractions were more intense and more frequent than ever. As I helped settle my daughter on the couch, an idea came to me. I had recently been trained in a new modality, called Access Consciousness BARS. The modality works by touching 32 points on the head in order to release stuck energies that are held in the brain as polarity. The concept is analogous to defrag-

“ a mother and the owner/authority of your body, you have a knowing that is stronger and more powerful than you might ever have been led to believe.” ging one’s computer hard drive. During the BARS process the brain releases negative energies from emotions, self judgments and limiting beliefs. The results reported include relief from insomnia, tension, and other stress related symptoms. I said to my daughter, “Why don’t we try this BARS technique? It is supposed to relax you.” Within minutes of placing my hands on her head, my daughter had fallen asleep and her tummy was quiet. An hour later, she woke up refreshed and feeling rested. She told me that as soon as I touched her head she immediately felt the energy moving through her and her babies began to relax. It was truly a gift! Perfect timing. Perfect result. Happy Ending. The best part of the story is that Megan went to full term with her pregnancy and the babies were born healthy and strong just as their mommy had always known they would! Please understand that there are sometimes risks that do need medical intervention and we are grateful for the availability and expertise of medicine. Megan’s twins were born in a hospital with many qualified caring professionals in attendance. Also, know that sometimes babies decide to come into this world in a manner that may not be exactly as in their parent’s dreams. But do be assured that as a mother and the owner/authority of your body, you have a knowing that is stronger and more powerful than you might ever have been led to believe. Listen to your heart; trust yourself and your babies, as you experience this wonderful, natural process of the circle of life. For more information about the BARS, individual sessions, trainings and stories of it’s wonderful results when used prenatally and during labor, please call Cathy Lester, Certified Access Bars Facilitator, Centennial Building Wellness Centre, 250 -819-9041.


By Lindsay Curry, SPCA Volunteer


ost dogs are wonderful companions and family members. But even a friendly, well-socialized, “good” dog may bite if threatened, afraid, angry, or hurt. Every dog has the potential to bite! Dogs protect things that they care about, like food, toys, treats, and their puppies. They also can protect spaces, such as eating or sleeping spots, yards, or parked cars. Dogs (especially small ones) can feel defensive or threatened when we corner them, crowd them, or stand over them. Reaching over their heads makes them uncomfortable, too. Stray dogs can be dangerous, especially if they are lost, scared, or hurt. They are unknown quantities, so we should be cautious around them. If a dog is injured or sick, it is also more


likely to bite, often out of fear or irritation. Older dogs can have trouble hearing or seeing and can easily be startled. They can also be more sensitive to being touched, especially if they are in pain, such as from arthritis. Many dogs have not had enough socialization. This means that they may find new things and people scary or strange, especially children. If they feel startled or threatened, they may bite. Most dog bite injuries to children happen during play with a dog they know – either the family dog or a neighbourhood dog. Children, especially those under ten years of age, are most at risk for dog bite injuries. The face is the most common place where serious dog bite injuries happen. No one, especially children, should ever put their faces close to a

Neleta and her best friend, Taz. Photo: Troi Crombie Photography

Why Do Dogs Bite?

dog’s mouth. How else can we prevent dog bites? Do not bother a dog when he is eating or chewing a bone or toy. Leave dogs alone when they are sleeping or resting. Don’t pester them, climb on them, or hug them (most dogs don’t like it). Learn to recognize the signs that a dog is scared or anxious, and leave them alone if they show them. Teach children these common sense rules about interacting with dogs, and ALWAYS supervise them when they are together. Train your dog to associate kids with positive experiences so she’ll be more likely to tolerate your child in case he acts inappropriately. For great resources, see:


Dear Child,

You are on the nice list Rethinking “Naughty or Nice” Scarlet, 22 months Photo: Captured Memories Photography By Janet Whitehead


few years ago I found a naughty or nice quiz online. The ‘advocate for children’ in me fumed. The naughty or nice quiz was sure to make all children feel guilty, especially those who already beat themselves up for not living up to adults’ expectations for reasons that are completely out of their control. It also missed an opportunity to honour each child and actually build their self-esteem. Below are 2 examples of questions the quiz asked with the multiple choice answers provided. To each answer, I have given scenarios from the ‘naughty’ child’s eyes. Do you do all your chores on time? •Yes, every day I do my chores. (There are some things that I think I would be really good at like organizing the cupboards. Maybe I don’t do it the way my parents want, because the chores I’m given are just the boring things. Sometimes I have really cool ideas about other ways to clean the kitchen, but I think people think they are stupid. Maybe they are stupid ideas.) •Most of the time, I only forget on rare occasions. (The part of my mind that knows what’s really best for me sometimes forces me to forget so that I will pay attention to creative time, play time, active time. But those things seem to have little value in the world, and I’m starting to forget how to do those things, so I watch TV) •Sometimes, unless I can pay my little brother/sister to do them. (I’m learning to delegate and build a team and will one day be a great entrepreneur. I sure hope this one doesn’t put me in the naughty category, because I worry that I might be given a lump of coal. But then, there are probably some pretty creative things I can do with a lump of coal...I wonder if I could barter with it.)


Do you share your toys? •Sure – if we share, then we all have more to play with. (I am so confused by this. I’m taught to look after things. Then I’m taught to let others wreck them. No matter what I decide, I’m naughty. Then I feel like I’m talking back when I try to explain. So I feel bad about being too stupid to understand what I’m supposed to do) •Sometimes, but only if they have one I want. (One day I will be a really great negotiator and entrepreneur. Win Win for all. Unless of course, I get a lump of coal for this, then I know I am naughty and the things I am good at are of no value.) •Only if they pay me 5 cents per toy. (Child’s response 1: I got my toys from a nice family who donated them to us for Christmas. I don’t want them wrecked. So if other kids are going to play with them, maybe I can help Mom buy food with the money. Child’s response 2: I probably have the gift of being a financial genius, but I won’t learn about financial matters until I’m out of school and on my own.) Certainly there is value in being helpful, caring, sharing and listening to adults. But given the possibilities of why a child might not get to pick the ‘good’ option – perhaps the whole concept of naughty and nice can change so that each child will discover that they are good. What if the questions alone instilled a sense of self worth and gave value to a child’s personal well being, gifts and their individual best way of learning? What if we honoured that a child’s play is their work? Let’s find ways to acknowledge the wonder of each child, and help them acknowledge that for themselves. That’s so much more fun than threats of coal for not keeping their room clean all the time. Here’s an improved version:

“Naughty or Nice?” ~ For Kids Dear Child, You are on the Nice list. Ho Ho Ho, there’s no lumps of coal at Christmas! If you answer ‘No’ to any of the following questions, that’s okay. There’s no such thing as a naughty child in my eyes. I, Santa Claus, grant you magic to find ways for your answers to be ‘Yes’ in the future! {Elves, quick! Sprinkle some magic dust on this child just for fun!} 1. Do you give yourself plenty of time to be creative? (imagining, inventing, painting, singing, dancing, role playing, banging on drums, creating drums, writing stories, drawing, that sort of thing?) 2. Do you often spend time being physically active doing things you love? (favourite sports, hiking, climbing trees, running, swimming, exploring?) 3. Have you had fun building or repairing anything this year? (forts, cardboard castles, helping build shelves, helping to work on a vehicle?) 4. Do you like planning and dreaming about things you’d love to do? 5. Have you ever thought about making things work better, or helping people get along better? (Have you come up with some ideas about this, even if right now it might not seem possible?) 6. Have you played lots and lots and lots? I, Santa, would love for you to list 5 things you are good at! And then 5 more! And even more!! If this is hard for you, because sometimes it can be, you can ask a good friend or family member or teacher to help you! Wishing you a sleigh full of knowing You Rock! We at the North Pole know you do! Ho Ho Ho, Merrrryyyyy Christmas!

“Naughty or Nice?” ~ For Adults 1. Do you really notice ‘aha’ moments and synchronicities and maybe even a bit of magic? Yes. Cool. Santa notices the magic of you too. No. That’s okay. A lot of people don’t. I’ll put you on the ‘help them notice’ list. 2. Do you give yourself plenty of time to be creative? Yes. That’s nice. Or you might think you’re naughty. Either way gets you on the Nice list. As in “Nice.. that’s awesome!” No. Uh oh.. are you on the ‘too nice’ list? Being so dedicated to others and other responsibilities that you don’t get to the other stuff that feeds your soul? (You’re only on the ‘too nice’ list if you feel a bit of resentment by all those responsibilities.) 3. Do you get to spend time being physically active doing things you love? Yes. Nice! No. Want a hula hoop or a good dance tune for Christmas? 4. Have you had fun this year? Yes. Nice! I just bet you’ll keep it up, sunshine! Yes, but some of that was naughty. Ho ho.. too much information, dear. No. Oh, naughty you. Wait a sec, I think you did have some fun, remember? 5. Have you ever thought about making things work better or helping people get along better or have you sent kind thoughts to others? Yes. Nice! I knew you knew everything begins with a thought. 6. Does your inner critic need duct tape? Yes. Ho ho.. watch out, inner critic, here it comes! No. Well, well, I thought all mortals needed duct tape to shut up their inner critics! Yes, even I have to pay attention to my limiting beliefs! 7. Do you know what’s right about you? Yes. Nice! I know, too! It’s a very very very long list, isn’t it! No. Tis a very very very long list. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m opening a little door to your soul so you can notice. Hear it creak open? Ho Ho Ho.. Wishing you a sleigh full of believing in your own wondrous self!!








Things We Love... {Holiday Gift Edition} Slippers by Padraig Cottage

Why do we love it? Made with all

natural materials - wool, sheepskin, and leather - these slippers are durable, comfortable and have a smaller environmental impact than ones you could buy at a big box store. And though Padraig Cottage has gained international success, operations remain in Vancouver and the slippers are still hand crocheted and hand dyed by local artisans. Mulberry Bush, 1304 Battle St.

The Christmas Box of Questions by Melissa & Doug

Why do we love it?

Christmaslovers, rejoice! This is the game for you. And if you’re more of a Scrooge, it might just put you in the Christmas spirit with questions like, “If you could invent a toy in Santa’s workshop, what would you create?” and “if you could spend Christmas anywhere in the world, where would it be?” We think this game will become a new tradition in our house. Lizzie Bits Baby Co., Lansdowne Village

Height Charts by Wilox Design

Why do we love it?

Looking for a height chart you can take with you if you move? These wooden charts are not only practical and very reasonably priced, they are beautifully crafted by a local dad. Flower, sceptre, hockey stick, and sword designs are available. Lizzie Bits Baby Co., Lansdowne Village

SnowStopper Gloves

Candy Basket by Papa’s Candy Shop

Why do we love it?

Do you like old fashioned candy and unique treats? Then you need to check this place out! Salt water taffy, Santa’s Coal, and dill pickle mints are just some of the cool things you’ll find. Gift baskets that are sure to please are also available in every price range. Papa’s Candy Shop, Sahali Mall

Why do we love it?

Because they actually stay on!! As any seasoned momma knows, dealing with gloves in the winter isn’t fun - most of the time kids end up with cold wrists or bare hands. SnowStoppers solve this problem with a cozy sleeve attached to the glove to prevent it from falling off and to keep snow out. These are the only gloves our children will be wearing this winter! Mommy & Me, 3 - 700 Tranquille Rd

Popcorn and Fudge by Gourmet Kettle

Why do we love it? Sweet, salty, smooth,

crunchy - the perfect combination of treats! Gourmet Kettle has 70 flavours of popcorn and up to 150 flavours of fudge. We had the pleasure of trying a bunch and, lets just say, some didn’t even make it to the photo! Our personal favourite is the Chicago blend, a combination of cheddar and caramel popcorn - it is sinfully delicious. And if you’re looking for Christmas in a bag, the Dark Chocolate Mint popcorn is a must! Then there is the fudge, oh my! White Chocolate Cheesecake, Chocolate Peanut Butter, RED VELVET and so many more! You can definitely tell that they use the finest ingredients, like Dairyland Eggnog and Oreo cookies. 18

Gourmet Kettle, 11-2121 ETC HWY

Riviera Coin Earrings by Stella & Dot

Why do we love it?

Whenever we get dressed up, Stella & Dot is our go-to jewellery. It’s high quality, fashionable, and ranges from classic to very unique. These earrings feature silver plated vintage coin dangles with a labradorite stone (and a little birdie said that they might have seen them on sale...but we don’t know how long that sale will last!).

Do you make or sell something that you think we’ll love? Contact us at for more information on how your product could be featured here!

Giving from the


Facial Products by ProDerm

Why do we love it? Within days of

using the ProDerm cosmeceutical products, our skin was noticeably softer, and not just to the touch; it was visibly softer too! We love the clean scent, the non-greasy formula, and the ease of application. We’ve been using the Liftense LTL, Daytim Fluid SPF 20, and Gentle Cleanser for a few weeks now and cannot believe the results: it will definitely become part of our regular daily routine. Kamloops Medical Aesthetics & Bodywork 754 Seymour St.

Castle Logix by Smart Games

Why do we love it?

At first glance, this game looks pretty easy. It’s just 7 pieces - 7 very well-made pieces - and a book of ‘castles.’ But there’s a reason the game is for ages 3-99: it’s fun and challenging! The pieces can be put together in so many different ways. There are 48 ‘challenges’ ranging from starter to master level. The game helps kids (and adults too!) develop logical thinking skills, strategic planning, and visual and spatial perception. Tumbleweed Toys Sahali Mall

Tutu and Hair Clips by Hugabelle Bowtique

Why do we love it? Have a girlie-girl on

your holiday shopping list? We do! And she love’s to get dressed up in tutu’s and pretty bows (and momma likes taking pictures too!). Hugabelle Bowtique makes adorable kids stuff that are high-impact for kids and low impact for parent’s wallets! Lizzie Bits Baby Co., Lansdowne Village


fun & inexpensive holiday gift ideas

By Julie Letkeman


he holiday season is upon us once again; a magical time of year that brings with it much joy, laughter and love. It is a time when family and friends gather from near and far to celebrate the warmth of the season, and share the blessings of another year together. It is a time when a child’s eyes sparkle with wonder, excitement and anticipation of the arrival of Santa, and what gifts he might leave under the tree. The holidays can be such a fun time for gifts as well; it’s a time where you look at those you love, and try and pick a gift that will mean something to them. And, truly, it doesn’t have to be expensive. I think the best gifts come from the heart! With that being said, here is a list of some fun and inexpensive ideas that your family and friends might enjoy receiving from yourself or your children:

1. Salt dough crafts – An easy combination of flour,

salt and water, which can be used to make ornaments for the tree or rear view mirror, etc. Have your child put their handprint in it – what a memorable gift!

2. Hallmark Smilebox photo montage – Collect lots of fun pictures of your loved one, and have a slideshow. You can even add music for an extra personal touch! What’s better than showing someone how wonderful they are! ( 3. Personalized book – You can make an “I love you because…” book, or an “All about you...” book out of scrapbooking supplies, etc. Nothing’s better than hearing that you are loved. 4. Coupon book – Make a coupon book for your children with tickets for things such as, “A day with Mom” or “Free chores pass.” You could make one for your partner as well, with ideas such as “no to-do list today” coupons. Just get creative! 5. Chocolate chip cookie mix in a jar – Put dry ingredients for making cookies in a jar, decorate, and add the recipe (including what else to add before baking). 6. Personalized hats/mittens – Add felt pieces to

make a hat/mittens into an animal, or use fabric paint to create designs.

7. No sew blanket – Create a cute, easy to make blanket made out of fleece. (Website tutorial: Craft_elf_general_no_sew_fleece_blanket.htm) Continued over...


Fun & Inexpensive Holiday Gift Ideas Cont’d... 8. Locker message or bulletin board – For a very func-

14. Felt board/felt board stories – Glue pieces of black felt onto a large piece of cardboard; then make felt board characters so you can tell the story. Kids love this because they tional gift buy a little chalkboard/bulget to help! (You can also print off story templates from sites like letin board and add some useful - laminate the pictures, and add a small piece ditions (ie. clips on the bottom to hold of felt to the back) papers, small mirror, etc.) and some magnets. 15. Fort building kit - Include everything you need to build a fort, like sheets, clothes pegs, suction cups, rope and 9. Bracelet made from even a flashlight for when it’s all built. scrabble pieces – Use pieces from an old scrabble board to make a personal- 16.Personalized colouring book – Do an online search for colouring pages that your child would enjoy, and ized bracelet. Drilling might be required! then print them off. Simple, but the kids will love it! 10. Fleece scarf – Another easy to make gift that will 17. Kids craft basket – Create a basket full of fun keep your loved ones warm all winter! things to make crafts, such as construction paper, crayons, pipe 11. Super hero cape – Every little kids dream, and so cleaner, glue, glitter (if you dare). easy to make! You could even make one out of an old t-shirt. 18. Movie Night gift basket – Have a teenager who is 12. Homemade playdough – Add glitter or scent for a movie buff? Make a basket that includes popcorn, pop, movie extra fun! theater candy, and a DVD. And, better yet, watch the movie with them! 13. Decorated picture frame - buy a cute picture frame (or make one from popsicle sticks), have your child dec- 19. Beads for making own jewelry – Create a orate it, and add a picture, and you’ve got a really cute present. jewelry making kit with beads, string, etc. You can even make your own clay beads, using only bread, water and salt. 20. Homemade refrigerator magnets – There

are endless possibilities to this gift: print off pictures of special moments, laminate, and put magnets on the back; glue magnets on the back of clothes pins – do an online search for this, and you’ll have tons to chose from!

21. Play clothes – Make your child’s imagination

sparkle by making an apron, chef hat, firefighter jacket (easily made with black shirt/jacket with reflective tape) wand, fairy wings, sword and more!

22. Doll suitcase – This idea is SO cute! It’s a doll house inside a suitcase so kids can take it anywhere. (

23. Girly spa kits – Buy or make a cute little tote bag

and fill it with spa goodies. If you’re making this for a little girl, include one set for yourself so you can have a “Mom and Daughter Spa Day.”

24. Dinosaur hoodie - Just sew fabric onto the back of a hoodie, making a dinosaur or dragon look. (

25. Up-cycle play kitchen from an old entertainment center – Take an old entertainment center

and make it into a play kitchen.

26. Explorer kit – If you have a little explorer in your house, create a kit with a compass, magnifying glass, magnets, tweezers, etc. Then let the learning begin! I hope some of these ideas have inspired some ideas for gifts to make for your loved ones. Just a quick note – if there isn’t a link provided, and you need more instructions, just do a web search – you’ll find lots of great information. I truly wish everyone a wonderful holiday season, and all the best in 2013!!


Birthday Party Review:

Events by Kate & Sweet Spot Cupcakes


ave you ever woke up one morning and realized that your child’s birthday is only 10 days away and you haven’t planned ANYTHING? Well, I did! My little Lainey’s 2nd birthday. So, I did what any panicked momma would do: opened Pinterest and searched “2nd birthday party ideas.” I thought about an Elmo or Curious George party, her two favourite characters, but it felt a little generic (especially since I spent months planning her sister’s Pirates and Pixies party earlier this year). Then I remembered Events By Kate. I’d seen photos of her work on Facebook and was smitten. I sheepishly sent a message, knowing that I was pushing it with the deadline. To my delight, Kate responded immediately with, “Yes!” She asked what kind of party I was thinking of. “Nothing yet!” I thought, so I sent a ridiculously long list of my daughter’s ‘likes’ and together we decided on a strawberry party. The next question: What designs did I want? Hmm…

Photos: Ian Read hadn’t thought about that either! Kate suggested cupcake and straws toppers, welcome sign, food tent labels, and chocolate bar wrappers. Kate set to work creating the designs while I came up with cute themed food for the labels (back to Pinterest I went!). Then a few short hours later a message notification appeared. I opened it and became giddy with excitement. The strawberry design was perfect. Bold, sweet and sophisticated. After approving the initial design, Kate started designing all of the elements. The rest of the day I sat glued to my computer ‘working’ and waiting to see more designs. It felt like opening a present every time I saw a new design. Once all of the designs were created and approved, Kate sent me a file to have printed. I printed 2 sets for less than $8! They looked even better in print and were really easy to cut. Then a few days before the party I realized that I hadn’t planned a cake either (Yes, I might not be in the running for

parent of the year this year!). I asked Teresa at Sweet Spot Cupcakes if she could come up with something in time. I told her it was a strawberry party for a 2 year old girl and let her work her magic. I have long been an admirer of her work: Teresa truly is an artist. On the day of the party we picked up the adorable mini cupcakes. They were just the right size for Lainey. The combination of chocolate and vanilla cake with light pink frosting, heart sprinkles and strawberry decorations was perfect! When guests arrived, they were delighted by everything, especially the treats. The chocolate bar wrappers were a definite favourite. There isn’t anything much cuter than having teenage boys ask if they can have a “Double Lainey.” Most importantly, Lainey was thrilled! She kept pointing at the designs: “Strawberry, Momma, more strawberry!” Lainey was pretty happy with the cupcakes and Double Laineys, too! We had a great evening and are so thankful for everyone who made it possible, especially on such short notice! We highly recommend Events by Kate. Her designs are fantastic and really affordable. It’ll likely cost less than taking your child to the movies to have a truly custom party. You can also check out Kate’s online store for awesome pre-made printable designs: And Sweet Spot Cupcakes is definitely on our list of recommended birthday vendors. If you can dream it, they can make it! (We’d also like to thank Heather of 4 Funky Funks for making Lainey’s beautiful strawberry dress the very night that I asked for it so that it arrived in time for the party!)

Want to WIN 10 Customized Printable Designs for your next party? Go to Events by Kate’s Facebook page and tell her what kind of party you would like to win! We’ll draw a winner January 21 20!

Low Back Pain:


By Dr. Sarah Brise


o you suffer from back pain? If so, you are not alone: about 80% of Canadians will suffer from back pain at some point in their life. Also, once you’ve had back pain, you are more likely to have that pain return again…. and again…. and again. The same injury keeps happening over and over! One of the most frustrating things for people can be the lack of information they get from their health care practitioner (HCP) on WHAT exactly their diagnosis is and WHY their pain keeps returning. Our bodies are complicated systems with hundreds of variables contributing to your injury. Often it may be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the injury. However, there are a few common culprits, and you may be able to relieve and/or prevent back pain by addressing some of the following issues: 1. Weak “core” muscles (DEEP abdominal and low back muscles) a. No, you do NOT do sit-ups or dead lifts/back extensions to strengthen these muscles. Activation of these muscles requires specific targeted exercises, ideally under the supervision of your HCP. 2. Too much sitting/not enough exercise a.Our bodies are meant to move! Many people can get relief from back pain by simply getting out for a daily walk to get your muscles working and blood flowing. 3. Tight hamstrings (the back of your thighs)


4. Tight hip flexors (the front of your hips) 5.  Poor posture 6.  Weak bum muscles (gluts) The list above could go on all day, that’s why it’s so important to seek professional help when addressing your back pain. Be an active participant in your health care! There are many professions that can help you on your road to health (medical doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist, registered massage therapist, etc.) so when you DO decide to seek treatment, make sure to educate yourself, and always ask the following questions: 1. What is my diagnosis? (Be specific, and get them to write it down for you. “Back pain” is NOT a diagnosis) 2.  What should I be doing at home to help relieve my pain? (heat or ice, specific stretches or exercises, activities to avoid, medication if applicable) 3.  How can I prevent this injury from happening again? Always remember to check with your HCP before starting any rehab/exercise program, especially if you have a history of back pain. Dr. Sarah Brise is a chiropractor, kinesiologist, and certified Active Release Techniques ® (A.R.T.) provider at Kamloops Active Health. Dr. Sarah can be reached for an appointment at 250-3728856 or, or visit for more information.

The Right Thing

Moms with Cameras: By Sara Schreiner, Life Unfolding Photography


is jeans are hitched low on his tiny hips and the bottoms are bagging over rubber boots he insists on wearing. The boots make him look slightly duck-like because they are his sisters and four sizes too big. His down vest is pulled askew by his backpack and his hair, despite repeated watering down this morning, is sticking straight up. He is looking down the steps for just the right game to burst into. When Jack turned five he went to the grocery store for his birthday. A red balloon was tied to the cart and he perched in the seat until it got so full it couldn’t hold both him and the food. It was December 20th and Jack had been looking forward to his birthday with great anticipation. He spent his big day shopping for the Food Bank. At five years old, he didn’t understand what hunger meant. He had never felt the rawness in his belly. He just knew this is what Mom calls ‘The Right Thing.’ Often The Right Thing is easy and obvi-

ous. Give to the food bank. Keep your hands to yourself. Use kind words. Be honest. Inspire, encourage, and always do your part. Jack, Tlell and, most especially, Mikayla - thrown into the public eye before she had the opportunity to say no - are slowly learning The Right Thing is more complicated than just the doing. The Right Thing is filled with responsibility. A young boy who struggles with severe ADD came to our home a few weeks ago: a child who struggles to make friends, do his school work or even finish his lunch; a boy bullied by his peers because they don’t understand how his brain works. In his arms he carried a bag full of coins. It was a gift for Mikayla, who is travelling to Ottawa this month to Lobby in parliament, because she inspired him. She was thrilled. She’s been saving for an iPod. Sometimes The Right Thing is hard. The gift came with responsibility. He gave be-

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cause she inspired him. He gave because, in the giving, he is seeking healing of his own. The money wasn’t something she earned through her chores. This gift was a part of the circle of The Right Thing. Mikayla finally understood what The Right Thing means; that when she recognizes it, she needs to do it even when it isn’t easy or fun. Receiving The Right Thing comes with the responsibility to pay it forward in whatever capacity you are capable. Even when it means giving something up. She won’t always do The Right Thing. She will be fallible and often make a wrong choice. But this time, on her own, she decided she will take Thomas’ money to Ottawa and do The Right Thing when she recognizes it. Our kids are all standing at the top of stairs choosing into which game they are going to announce themselves. I just hope that as mine grow they always do their best to choose The Right Thing.


Dear Aunty...

Answering questions about you and your child’s health


Let’s talk about the different “kinds” of TRU. I’m part of the Open Learning program. How is that different from other programs at TRU? Thompson Rivers University (TRU) is a traditional face-to-face university with campuses in Kamloops Okay, so 4-year old Sean didn’t and Williams Lake as well as an Open Learning Centre in actually sign the letter. He just Vancouver, BC. asked me. Loudly. In the coffee The Open Learning (OL) Division of Thompson Rivers shop while we were waiting for University is the online and distance education arm of TRU. our donuts and I was trying to explain that mommy needed time to study so Daddy would be taking him to a movie. Ouch. TRU-OL offers online and distance courses and/or online and The truth is I went to Nursing School back when RN diplomas distance education programs in the following streams: Arts, Business and Management Studies, Education, General Studies, were still offered. Actually, I was enrolled in a Bachelor’s Health and Human Services, Science, Technology and Tourism. degree program, but dropped out after the RN portion to Some students take single courses and transfer them back to travel, work in Ghana, and resettle first in Vancouver, then in their home institutions, while others apply for a full program Kamloops. It was a long, almost two-decade road, but I did finally end up back in school, picking away at the degree that from certificate to diploma to degree. Some work through one or two courses at a time before applying for a program I’d like to finally finish, although this time in developmental and later apply all their credits towards a program credential. psychology instead. The whole “going back to school thing” Students completing certificate, diploma or degree programs can seem pretty daunting, especially for those of us whose high school transcripts were written on papyrus. I’ve certainly by distance and online studies through Open Learning are awarded Thompson Rivers University credentials. second guessed myself: “I’m too old. I can’t do this while Students can complete a program through Open Learning working full-time. I’ll be the only student with children....”. and do all of their coursework or gain all of their credits However, taking courses again and sitting at the kitchen through online/distance studies or they can transfer credits to table doing homework next to my daughter has been both personally and professionally rewarding, even factoring in the their TRU credential and utilize a blended learning. Students enrolled in a program on-campus at TRU can also use the whole “You’re OLD” thing. On a grander scale, statistics have blended approach by transferring some of their online/ proven time and again that a post-secondary degree leads distance courses/credits to their on-campus credential. to greater financial remuneration during the working years Open Learning at TRU offers students: and greater security at retirement: for Canadian women, a Accessibility: Students don’t need to have a specific grade Bachelor’s degree will earn you roughly $700,000 more over point average or submit their secondary school transcripts to your lifetime than a high school diploma alone. For men, it’s be admitted to TRU-OL and to register in courses. about $1.1 million more1. Flexibility: Students can study anywhere, anytime and at a Financial reasons are only one of the reasons to return to pace that suits their lifestyle. (while it is recommended that school, of course. Some people, me included, want to finish students complete assignments in order and prior to the final a degree to facilitate a career change, like from nursing to exam or paper, they can do so at any time throughout the psychology. Others may want to expand their career choices course) with their current employer, perhaps with a post-graduate Choice: Students have access to hundreds of courses and a degree. variety of certificate, diploma, degree and post-baccalaureate Lest you feel that you and I are the only ones wanting to programs in an array of disciplines. Many courses can be make a grand re-entrance to the classroom, Statistics Canada transferred as credit towards credentials at other institutions if research shows that more students are attending college and TRU-OL does not offer the students program of choice but does university than ever before, and those who choose to attend do not necessarily follow a “typical” pattern: some are starting offer the courses they are interested in.(students are advised to contact the other institution in order to ensure this will be earlier, some are returning to school, and others are staying acceptable) longer in order to complete their programs of study or to Recognition: Students can gain credit for the university-level pursue graduate studies. knowledge they have received through a variety of means, I chatted with Elise Desjardine at Thompson Rivers University including past education from other post-secondary institutions to talk about returning to school, and about traditional and nontraditional ways of completing post-secondary courses. Spoiler and private trainers, relevant work experience (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition) and workplace training (Credit alert: There are lots of advantages to going back to school, lots Bank). TRU-OL students receive a TRU credential, the same as of different ways to complete courses, and lots of guidance and help available for us “non-traditional” types to cope with anxiety that which on-campus students receive. Just because students are returning to their postand succeed. Read on, Mommas and Papas for the skinny on how secondary education, often after a number of years, to get your new student card this New Year! doesn’t mean they have to start from scratch. The open approach to education means students won’t necessarily lose the valuable time they have already spent working towards 1 Education Statistics Bulletin No. 32 their education. September 2005 ISSN 1708-9697 (PDF) 28-2765A By enrolling in an Open Learning program, students can maximize their experiences and skills by transferring credits


ear Aunty: You’re OLD! How are you even in school?! Signed, Sean

they have previously earned or by “laddering” a previously earned certificate or diploma into the program, which allow students to use their existing credential as credit for the completion of another credential (i.e. diploma, degree or postbaccalaureate) in the same area of study. Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) can provide students with the opportunity to have knowledge they have gained through formal and non-formal education as well as life and work experience, assessed and recognized in the form of academic credit toward requirements of their TRU-OL program. Prior learning includes the skills and knowledge gained through learning experiences such as industry-based training, professional development, workshops and seminars, private study and/or volunteer and work experience. PLAR can help students finish their program quicker and may also help save time and money as they may be required to take fewer classes. Contact Christine Wihak, Director, PLAR, at cwihak@ for more information and quote opportunities. My kids aren’t in school full time, which means full-time is out of the question. What are my options? TRU-OL takes a student’s lifestyle and commitments into account and helps remove the barriers blocking their access to quality postsecondary education. Online and distance education through TRU-OL means you can study anytime, anywhere that works for you. There are some paced courses, which means a group of students work though the course together. These courses have a set start and end date; therefore all enrolled students must begin the course, submit assignments and complete final exams on, or by, a predetermined date. Most of the courses however, are non-paced which means they are offered on a continuous basis, so students may register anytime throughout the year. These courses are designed to be independent. Students complete these courses by studying on their own, within a specified time, at a place and pace that suits their needs. Students receive instructional support from Open Learning Faculty Members, whom they communicate with via email, phone, mail or electronic conference for web courses. Students don’t have to apply for a program to study with TRU-OL. They can just enroll in courses one at a time and later transfer these credits towards a credential should they choose to do so. Therefore, they don’t feel pressured to study with a load of a full-time student but can take as many courses at a time as they can handle. What are the major misconceptions about going back to school? Many adults return to school to upgrade and maintain competitive in the workplace. Some return to school for a complete change of career after having worked for decades at jobs that did not fulfill them. Online and distance education

makes this completely feasible. Studying, through online and distance or on-campus modes, does take a lot of time and commitment however, by studying online and distance students can make their study habits fit their life and schedule. They can study anytime, anywhere – after the kids go to bed, on a lunch break from their full-time job, or on their commute on the way to work. Online and distance students can also take the time they need to complete the courses they are interested in or those that are required for an eventual credential. This also makes completing a credential more financially feasible. Students can take just a few courses a year. Prior learning assessment and recognition as well as transfer credit may help reduce the financial burden of completing a credential as if they can prove their knowledge gained through prior work and life experience and have it applied to their credential as PLAR credit, then they don’t have to spend the money on the courses that would have been required. This also can potentially shave time off of the length it would have taken to complete a credential. Is there such a thing as being too old/too far out of school to go back? No. Open learning means ANYONE can enroll in an online and distance course. All persons are eligible for general admission to Open Learning and can apply for admission into credential programs. Applicants do not require a specific grade point average and are not required to submit transcripts from secondary school to be admitted to TRU-OL and to register in courses. Why TRU? Why not another, possibly cheaper, distanceschool? Credibility is definitely one factor for choosing TRU: Now the fourth largest university in BC, Thompson Rivers University is a fully accredited Canadian university and the largest online and distance education provider in British Columbia as well as a respected institution among employers. Potential students looking for more information can contact Student Services at 1.800.663.9711 (toll-free in Canada) or 250.852.7000 (Kamloops and International). You can also check out these online resources: PLAR: Financial Assistance: resources/financial.html Professional associations that recognize TRU-OL: distance/services/credential.html.

Do you have a question for ‘Aunty’ Erin? Contact her at


Notes from a Boho Momma By Amanda Barker


appy Winter Mommas and Papas! With Christmas fast approaching and so much pressure to “be ready.” I’m feeling a little rebellious this year. For one, I am not ready at all, not even close, and for two, I’m tired of it all. The working, spending, stressing, watching the kids open and open… still wanting more, finding a place for all the new things, seeing the bill (“this must be a mistake!”), and then paying the bill in January. Not this year though, since this time our family has decided to make or bake everything we give (and to my eldest son, I cannot make or bake you a Nintendo 3DS, so you can stop asking.) This idea is not revolutionary by any means, but it allows our family to savour the best parts of the holidays without succumbing to the ever increasing consumerism of the season that leaves a bad taste in my mouth every year. We will still be able to enjoy the anticipation

of presents (Santa is really into crafts this year), the smell of gingerbread, our Charlie Brown Christmas music, and the time together spent making and baking all of our gifts. We may even cultivate some new skills in the process! One of my homemade gifts will be a basket of interesting culinary items for a few of my foodie friends. This recipe is oh so simple and a nice addition to any meal. Try to find some unique glass jars at thrift or antique shops to make it a bake until the zest is dry (about 1 hour). beautiful addition to a counter top. Let cool and then feel free to add herbs or spices to the mix. I personally Lemon Gourmet Salt love lavender with lemon, or you could ~ Course sea salt add some cinnamon to an orange zest and salt blend…use your imagination! ~ lemons (or any other citrus fruit Amanda Barker is a herbalist, doula, Preheat your oven to 200 F and grate 2 CBE, and owner of Ovio Organico skin Tbsp of lemon zest for every cup of salt. care and Boho Birth. Blend the salt and zest together and then pour the mixture onto a baking tray and

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Bridging the Gap The life of a ‘childless momma’ By April Wainwright


ately I have been thinking about the divide between people who have kids, and people who don’t; whether it is by choice, or they are unable to have them. Some friendships that I have had through the years have died due to my not having kids. It makes me sad, but it is also a part of life. What can mommas do to bridge the gaps between your childless friends? Here’s what works for me! Don’t assume that I don’t want to hang with you and your little ones. Even if I can’t have kids, it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be around them. Being around kids allows me to be a kid again, to laugh and act silly, and see the world through a child’s eyes. This also includes asking me to baby sit. I will love that time to hang out and spoil your little ones, just ask; however… Don’t assume that I always want to hang with your kids, either. Just ask. There are some days when the hurt of not being able to have kids is so great, that I have to allow that space between us and kids for a while. Do talk about other things other than your kids. Sure, I love to hear stories about your kidlets. There are other things that make you uniquely you, too: What are your dreams, your hobbies? Don’t assume that because I don’t have kids, I don’t have some thoughtful advice. No, I am not a parent, but I helped raise my 4 younger siblings. I babysit and have lots of kids in my life, so I do have some valuable ideas to share. Do allow some space, when it comes to baby-related events. I don’t always want to go to your niece’s best friend’s daughter’s baby shower, or christening. It’s not to say that I don’t enjoy holding the baby, and talking about all things baby-related - I do - but events especially can remind me that I may never know the feeling of being a mom, and all that goes with it. I often find it easier to visit another time, and bring a gift, and spend some time with you and your baby. Do know I want to spend time with you (shopping, coffee, etc). Just because I don`t have kids, it doesn`t mean that we don`t have anything in common anymore. Yes, our lives are different, but it doesn’t give us an excuse to never see each other. Besides, maybe I will want to hang out with your little ones while you are trying on that new dress you’ve been eyeing! Don’t offer platitudes like, “oh, so-and-so were told they couldn’t have kids, and BAM they had one” I appreciate you are trying to help. Maybe you don’t know what else to say, or you feel awkward, but every case and circumstance is different. Do ask questions about my life, thoughts, and dreams. Just because I don’t have children, I still have a lot going on. And even though it sometimes does get tiring talking about our “baby journey,” I do like to know that you are interested. Just like you sometimes the best thing we can do for each other is ask questions and listen. We don’t have to give advice or try and fix the situation, just being heard is enough. Do let us know that you are thinking of us on special days. Mothers /Fathers Day in particular can be quite hard on childless parents. I like to know that I am in your thoughts and prayers. Do know that when you are rocking your baby back to sleep

“We don’t have to give advice or try and fix the situation, just being heard is enough.” in the middle of the night, or you are yelling at your toddler for the 100th time that day, there is a woman (and her hubby), who would love to be doing those things, and to have a child call them “momma,” and who wishes for you to enjoy your babies for it will all go fast. These, my momma friends, are just a few of the things that I think can help bridge the gap between friends with children and friends without. And, to my friends, know that I love you and I love your kiddies too! Have a wonderful holiday season with your babes! To contact me, my email is I like chocolate!


Community Resource Directory Childcare and Preschool

Gourmet Kettle

Up to 150 flavours of fudge, 70 flavours of Kamloops Child Development popcorn, and kettle and potato chips! Society Safe and inclusive child care and 2121 ETC HWY Unit 11 early learning programs 250.377.0997 250.376.2233

Nature’s Fare Markets

Smooth Effects Laser Hair Removal The leader in laser hair removal #8-1390 Hillside Dr. 250.372.2261

Yoga Loft

Yoga for You.Yoga for Your Family.Your Yoga Community. 201- 409 Seymour Street 250.828.6206 250.319.8583 Children’s Retail Papa’s Candy Shop The sweetest little Sahali Center Littlest Toy Shop Hot Wheels, Barbie, Disney, Puzzles, Board Mall. Old fashioned candy, custom candy Home-based Sales and Services buffets, gift wrapping, and full service Games and More! 250.299.6448 Beneath the Monkey Tree 1800 Tranquille Rd (Brock Shopping Ctr) candy shop Sahali Mall 259.377.0986 Vintage-inspired handmade treasures... with a modern twist. Lizzie Bits Baby Co. Sweet Spot Cupcakes 250.819.8478 Cloth diapers, unique children’s items, Visit us for delicious, custom holiday high quality children’s consignment treats. Cookies, Cakes, and cupcakes! 205-450 Lansdowne 250.374.8706 Bunches ‘n Bundles 8-1415 Hillside Dr 250.574.6251 Custom gift packages for all occasions featuring items from small local compaMulberry Bush nies 250.318.5368 Gently Loved Consignment & New Items Health & Wellness 1304 Battle St. 250.374.2501 Amanda Chow, Zija Discover the remarkable nutritional value Charlene Brugger, Norwex

River City Gymnastics

Organic and Natural Foods Grocer Gymnastics and mutli-sport facility 5-1350 Summit Drive 250.314.9560 778.471.5767

Nuggles! Cloth Diaper Co.

Cloth diapers from $8-$18! Providing quality cloth diapers for a reasonable price. 250.574.2416

Tumbleweed Toys

Safe, Sustainable & Inspired toys, games, puzzles and more. Sahali Mall 250.372.3500

Dance Bishop Dance Productions

Dance lessons from 18 months to adult 1417B Lorne St. 250.828.7137

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and therapeutic qualities of Zija. 250.434.5454

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Beauty Has Endless Possibilities...

Denise Swoboda, Unit Leader Photo-safe scrapbook albums and more! 250.578.8589

Shannon-Lee, aesthetician and makeup artist specializing in Brazillian waxing, custom facials, and makeup artistry. 250.819.2988

Fit By Design

Family Friendly Fitness 250.819.0822

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Big Brothers Big Sisters

821 Seymour St 250.374.6134

Chiropractic. Rehabilitation. Massage. 865 Seymour St. 250.372.8856

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Kamloops Medical Aesthetics

Assistance with day care costs 1.888.338.6622

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Ministry of Children & Family Services 250.371.3600 Parent Helpline 1.888.603.9100

Food and Beverage Fudge Yeah The Fudge Store With More! 442 Victoria St 778.471.5505


Full range of spa services and Medical Aesthetics offered by Naturopathic Drs. 754 Seymour St. 250.377.3077

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Delish Naturals

Organic & natural body care for the whole family

Discovery Toys, Alison Gregory Discovery Toys Team Leader 250.851.2270

Karla Robertson, Arbonne Int’l Independent Consultant

Pure. Safe. Beneficial. Skin & Body Care 250.318.8893


Jane McMillan, Seamstress & Knitter. Specializing in sleepsacks, infant accesWorkshops, workbooks, personal coach- sories, knitted/felted accessories and ing with a creative twist. alterations. Tel: 250.828.2309 Mobile: Janet L. Whitehead, certified professional 250.319.8808 coach Moms Helping Moms – 250.376.8402

Musings and Mud Coaching Studio

The Pilates Tree

Pilates, Yamuna, and Active Wear. Gift Certificates are available! 101-409 Seymour St. 250.320.2639

work from home

Perfect opportunity for moms and others

Community Resource Directory Pam Hildebrand, Arbonne Int’l Independent Consultant

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Fri 9:30-11:30, 700 Hugh Allen Drive S.W. Community Church 250.828.1114

Next Steps

Your resource for child passenger safety and cloth diaper education. Jennifer Harbaruk 250.572.1717

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Monthly, Deanna,

Unique new, used, and repurposed decor Fri, 1-2:20, Kamloops Public Health Unit 408 Seymour St. 778.471.6696 519 Columbia St. 250.851.7300

Music Kamloops Symphony Music School

Group classes and private instruction for all ages and levels. 250.372.5000 Station Plaza #3-510 Lorne St.

Prenatal education focusing on late pregnancy, labor & delivery, breastfeeding, & newborn care. 250-819-0510

(during school year)


Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, 8:30-11:30 Wed, 12-2:30 Arthur Hatton Elem. 315 Chestnut Ave., 250.376.7217

Captured Memories Photography

Children • Engagement • Family • Graduation • Maternity • Newborns • Weddings 250.320.6558

Long & McQuade Musical Instruments Dragon Flies

Life Unfolding Photography

Medical Services

Milk & Honey Photography

Music lessons for all ages, stages, and styles. Register for music lessons today! 250.828.2315

BC Nurse Line 1.866.215.4700 Royal Inland Hospital 250.374.5111 Walk-in Clinics: Northshore Treatment Centre

700 Tranquille Rd 250.554.4265

Summit Medical Clinic

5 - 1380 Summit Drive 250.374.9800

Kamloops Urgent Care Clinic

#4 - 910 Columbia Street 250-371-4905

Online Resources Access Kamloops

Mon-Fri, 8:30-11:30 Marion Schilling Elem., 2200 Park Dr. 250.376.2027

Eagles’ Nest

Mon-Fri, 8:45-11:15 South Sahali Elem., 1585 Summit Dr. 250.374.2451

YMCA Child Interactive Centre Mon-Fri 9-12 Southwest Y/CCRR Unit E, 1420 Hugh Allan Dr 250-372-7791

Prenatal and Postpartum Care Birth Matters - Jodi Anderson

Doula and Childbirth Educator 250.372.3733 250.819.2099

Boho Birth A regularly updated directory connecting people with a variety of not-for-profit Doula services & prenatal education Amanda Barker 250.376.8331 resources. The online resource to all things familyfriendly in Kamloops.

Breastfeeding Centre

Cathy Lidster, B.Sc., GCFP, HBCE, ABF

Map of Family & Breastfeeding-friendly businesses in Kamloops 250.554.3134

Parent-Child Groups Attachment Parenting

2/month - days and locations vary 250-376-4723

Family Tree Drop-in

Mon and Wed 9-4 283 West Victoria St. 250.377.6890

Healthy Beginnings

Tues 9:45-11:45 / Thurs 10:30-12:30 Interior Indian Friendship Society 2355 Parkcrest Ave. 250.554.3134

Drop in breastfeeding info and help Kamloops Health Unit 519 Columbia St 250.851.7300 Mon 1- 4, Thurs 9 - 12 Happier healthier mom and baby with nutritional support, Pregnant Pauses, Hypnobirthing, and Access BARS. CB Wellness Centre .Com #102 A - 153 Seymour St. 250.819.9041 or 250.374.7383

Photography for all your little wild things Moms with Camera’s facilitator Lisa DiGeso

Sunbeams and Freckles Photography Capturing those intimate, everyday moments that often go undocumented 778.471.2828

Real Estate and Investments Chelsea Mann, Realtor

Century 21 - Desert Hills Realty 250.571.6666

Karen Lanoue

Canadian Scholarship Trust Boost your post-secondary education savings by $7200 250.573.2299

Ken Featherstone, Realtor

Royal LePage Westwin Realty Personal Real Estate Corp. 250.374.1461

Women’s Clothing Jenni Couture

Clothing and accessories that compare to your favourite designer labels for a fracCBWellness.Com tion of the cost! Pregnacy Programs fb/jennicoutureclothing *Aqua Prenatal * Watsu * Prenatal Journey * Pregnant Pauses The Ruby Room Free Consultation ph: 250 374 7383 New & Recycled Fashion Mighty Oak Midwifery 265 Victoria Street Personal, professional, woman-centered 250.828.7829 maternity care. 250.377.8611


Community Events Calendar

presented by:

Visit for a complete, up-to-date calendar of family-friendly events! Dec 1-2: Children’s Winter Art Show The Old Courthouse Cultural Centre Dec 1-19: Rebuilding Stained Glass Art Show and Fundraiser Silent auction of amazing ‘experiences.’ Wilson House Extension Gallery. M-F, 1:15 - 5 Dec 1-8: A Christmas Story Sagebrush Theatre www. Dec 1 (Cont): Chapters Craft and Storytime Saturdays 1112pm 250.377.8468 (free)

Dec 2: Kamloops Young Naturalist Club Bird Count 1-3pm (ynckamloops@gmail. com)

Dec 8: Yoga and Dance for Kamloops Food Bank Let’s Move Studio 2-8pm (nonperishable food donation)

Dec 2 (Cont): Kamloops Library Family Storytime Kamloops Library, 1-1:30pm

Dec 8: Christmas Frolics Calvary Community Church, 7pm ($10 adults, $5 children)

Dec 2: Christmas Oratorio St Dec 9: Breakfast with Santa Coast Hotel & Conference Paul’s Anglican Church, 2pm ($20, special rates for families) Centre Ballroom, 8am ($12) Dec 3: Toonie Day Sun Peaks, 9-3pm ($2 + non-perishable food donation) Dec 3 (Cont): Tiny Tunes North Kamloops Library, 10:1510:45am (free)

Dec 1/8/15: Visions Farmers Market Sahali Mall 10-2:30pm Dec 3 (Cont): Tiny Tunes Dec 1: Kamloops Home Based Kamloops Library, 10:15Business Show St Andrews on 10:45am (free) the Square 11-3pm ($1) Dec 4/ Jan 8: Mom’s Morning Out Mighty Oak Midwifery, Dec 1: Teen Yoga Session North Kamloops Library, 11am 11am – 1pm (free) (free) 250.554.1124 Dec 5: Toys for Kids Hotel 540, 7-10am, (new, unwrapped toy Dec 1: Family Art Saturday or $10 donation) Kamloops Art Gallery, 1pm3pm (free) Dec 6 (Cont): Shambhala

Meditation Thurs 7:00pm, Dec 2: Christmas Market Thistle Farm, 11am-5pm (free) 433b Lansdowne St. kamloopsshambhala. org 250.376.4224 Dec 6: Super Science Club Big Little Science Centre, afterschool-4pm ($5) Dec 7(Cont): Connexions Southwest Community Church, 9:30-11:30am ($5)

Dec 16: CP Holiday Train North Side of Interior Savings Centre, 5:30pm Dec 17/ Jan 21: Kamloops Infant and Pregnancy Loss Support Group 205-535 Tranquille Rd, 7 – 8:30pm 250.376.4646 Dec 19 (Cont): Family Fun Skating Night Sun Peaks Skating Rink, 5-6:30pm (free)

Dec 9: Christmas Market Thistle Farm, 11am-5pm (free) Dec 19/20: Kamloops Dec 9: Cloth Diaper 101 Lizzie Heritage Railway Spirit of Christmas CN Station, 7pm Bits Baby Co., 1-2pm (free) (250.374.2141) Dec 9 (Cont): Family Storytime Kamloops Library, Dec 21: Family Fun Race Sun Peaks, 10:30-2pm ($5) 1-1:30pm (free) Dec 21/22: Kamloops Dec 9: Christmas Frolics Heritage Railway Spirit of Calvary Community Church, 2pm ($10 adults, $5 children) Christmas CN Station, 4:30 pm & 7pm (250.374.2141) Dec 10 (Cont): Tiny Tunes Kamloops Library, 10:15-10:45 Dec 24: Breakfast with Santa (Sun Peaks) Masa’s Bar and (free) Grill, 8am ($5) Dec 13: Super Science Club Dec 24-31: Puss in Boots: the Big Little Science Centre, Panto Presented by Laughing afterschool-4pm ($5) Stock Theatre, Matinee Dec 14-Jan 6: BC Wildlife Park + Evening shows www. Wildlights BC Wildlife Park, 5-9pm ($11 adults, $9 children) Dec 31: New Years’ Eve Family 250.573.3242 ext 226 Dinner and Dance at Rainbow Dec 15: Children’s Christmas Roost w Craft Workshop Parkview Jan 2-16: Sun Peaks Family Activity Centre, 9-12pm Cup A celebration of family (250.828.3500, $45) and snow sports 250.578.5542 Dec 15: Christmas Half Day Jan 11(Cont): Connexions Camp Rivercity Gymnastics, Southwest Community Church, 9-12pm ($20 first child, $15 9:30-11:30am ($5) add’l child)

Dec 15: Swim with Santa Dec 7: First Steps Westsyde Pool, 1-4pm Drop-in Public Dec 15: Santa’s Alpine Visit Health, 519 Columbia Sun Peaks Village, 3-7pm (free) St, 1-2:30pm (free) Dec 15/16: Christmas with Dec 8/Jan 12: Home the Kamloops Symphony Depot Kids Building Orchestra Sagebrush Theatre, Workshop Home 7:30pm Depot, 10-12am, free Dec 16: Christmas Market Dec 8: Surf with Thistle Farm, 11am-5pm (free) Santa Canada Games Aquatic Centre, 1-4pm


Have an e vent? Tell us abo ut it and w e’ll put it in our Co mmunity E vents Calendar for FREE! info@kamlo opsmomm Find us on Facebook !

Jan 20: Young Naturalist Club Explorer Day 1-3,

Jan 22: Walloper Lake Family Ice Fishing Day 10-2, by donation Jan 26: ABC Family Literacy Day 10-1pm, Storytellers, musicians, puppet shows, crafts, Henry Grube Centre (free)


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