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During this module I will investigate the importance and impact, both positive and negative, of heritage culture and traditions that are a part of contemporary national identity. It will focus on Europe and use UK as a base, however research about countries/cultures outside of Europe might also be included as a means to support and compare any of my key research and theory. I decided to investigate this project as I’m interested in the impact and relevance an old set of values, beliefs and views officially kept by nations for generations has on contemporary society. Up until this point I’ve been collecting research mainly about subculture, national traditions, technology and sharing information, statistics and global transitions, in a context of a historical time linecomparing and finding patterns in reasons, changes and importance. After the research I’ve decided to use youth subculture and online folklore/groups to look further into, it’s relevant and my question is highly affecting younger people, that’s why this will become a point of reference for this project. Next, I intend to research further into youth subcultures, specifically in the UK, online culture and online folklore, as well as carry out research on more specific topics that found out through earlier research. Apart from this I will begin my sketchbook with reportage illustration of anything that’s I’ll find relatable to this project- this will start the visual side of the project. Later I’m aiming to experiment with collage, glitching and poster design, everything following will be a result of my future findings.

Michelle Thomson * Collage, mixed media, found material, digitalized *Themes of society, community, inherited values, conflict * Bold, strong but limited colours, overlapping

Nastya Nudnik

• Reportage Illustration by Greg Betza

Alexey Kondakov Combines photographs of rural areas and pieces of traditional paintings together, as a commentary on culture.


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Task 5