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Proto question: 1.How do traditions and individual cultures of the public fit in with the modern UK? Or 2.What is the value and importance of tradition in the modern Europe (or just UK) ? Or 3.Does maintaining traditional views and beliefs within national identity lead to conflict within its society? (broad, probably most research will be about Europe, UK as the base)

Four core texts • Youth Subcultures and Subversive Identities by Nikola Bozilovic • Traditional Values and Modernization Challenges in Forming Unrban and Rural Culture by Jelena Petkovic • The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life by Émile Durkheim • Folklore and the Internet : Vernacular Expression in a Digital World by Trevor J.Blank

Key quotes so far: • “Many revel in their group’s thematised communication with its initialism, narratives, and beliefs that distinguish the group and represent the internet as a cultural space” • “Since all the men of a single civilization represent space in the same way, it is clearly necessary that these sympathetic values and the distinctions which depend upon them, should be equally universal, and that almost necessarily implies that they be of social origin”. • "Tradition has always been repeatedly reconstructed through interpretation and selection process . Members of one nation, in their self determination and self construction, unquestionably keep,but also modify and repeatedly form their tradition in the process on inter-generation transmission. " • "Future requires from the present moment a critical valuation of the past,as an indispensable condition and method for traditional elements to join and adjust to contemporary development necessities."

Found out so far: • Tradition is constantly modified and re-constructed through interpretation and changes in the society. • Youth subculture groups rebel against the norms, and use outer image to create a widely recognised association with that image • The idea of ‘clash of civilisations’ is sometimes used as a curtain by the nations establishments to hide inequality in social structures. • In comparison the spreading and developing of cultures in the contemporary world is faster than it was in the past. • Tradition is an important element in the construction of national identity. • Web culture- new ideas and information can be shared easily allowing for online folklore to be created.

Practi cal • Collage – look into punk and protest posters • I’m thinking probably poster for a final, maybe a zine ? Something informative and representative • Bold, to the point, so far I’m thinking B+W and a limited palette of strong colours