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WHO WE ARE KISMET X CURATED Kismet x Curated is the newest extension of Kismet Sales Inc. Our main focus is to create exclusive marketing content with Influencers across all social platforms. We are expanding ourselves to provide the connections, content, and position your brand to enhance awareness and audience reach.

OUR GOAL To connect YOUR brand with our Influencers, in order to create buzz, drive sales, and increase social reach for your company.


WHAT WILL THE BOXES BE? WE'RE GLAD YOU ASKED The Kismet x Curated gift boxes will consist of thoughtfully handpicked pieces including jewelry, clothing, bags, and other fun products. The boxes will be gifted to Influencers in exchange for shared content through photos and social media audiences. BOX DESIGN/ INTERNAL AESTHETIC



PROBLEMS OFTEN ENCOUNTERED IN INFLUENCER MARKETING Cost: Working with Influencers can be expensive. Many of them charge thousands of dollars for a single post without guaranteed return on investment. Choosing the Right Influencers: Choosing Influencers with the right reach, following, and whose personal brand aligns with your brand goals. Audience Reach: With the overflowing influx of Influencers, many Influencer brands are beginning to look similar and


lack a diverse audience.

High costs are virtually eliminated through our established relationships with our deck of influencers. Our data research has proven that our Influencers create large impacts on social media accounts and brands as a whole. All of our influencers have diverse looks, audiences, and feeds. Promoting through these boss babes will take your brand to the next level.


KISMET X CURATED BABES OUR INFLUENCERS Our girls are top notch! We will start by sending 10-15 of our Influencers the curated gift boxes and will continue to add more Influencers as we grow. Influencers will be sent contracts to outline the requirements for being apart of Kismet x Curated. Influencers will be required to post photos of the gifted items within two weeks of receiving their gift boxes. All photos posted will include the affiliated brand tag on social media.

@Jocelynnickel Model

@Ekredd Fashion Blogger

@Victoriavesce Model

@Chelciemay Model

@Selenaweber Model

@Kristalheredia Model + Content Creator


WHAT YOU GET OUR EXPERTISE Influencer Relationships:

Through Kismet x Curated we have strong relationships with a wide network of leading Influencers on multiple social media platforms. Curated’s main focus is to create fresh content and exciting campaigns through: Instagram YouTube Influencer Collaborations Influencer Strategy

PR and Media Content:

Our team prides ourselves on creating appealing and quality content with social influencers through: Media Placement Media List Outreach Brand Media Relations and Communication Influencer and Entertainment Media Relations Content Calendar and Scheduling

Digital Marketing Content: We plan to help establish and provide content for your social media campaigns through digital marketing. We stay updated on trends, current strategies, and lasting connections to impact your company through: Social Product Placement Social Community Strategy Paid and Organic Social Media Planning Social Media Strategy

Data and Analytics:         Through our previous research and data collection we have the knowledge and resources to provide and improve insight on how to create quality campaigns for the best results. Social Media Analytics Trackers Information Output After Every Gifting Round


PRICING LET'S TALK LOGISITICS To participate in Kismet x Curated it will be a flat fee of $1,000 per gifting round along with providing the products to fill the boxes. There is a minimum of three rounds of gifting required to participate.

The Breakdown Price Per Gifting Round: $1,000 Price Per Year: $12,000 Price Per Year if Paid In Full at Beginning: $11,500


JOIN US BECOME APART OF OUR CURATED FAMILY Kismet x Curated is unlike any service out there. We strive to provide the best content, reach, and connections to you and our influencers. We take pride in curating products and boxes specific to influencer wants while working with you to maximize your brand, products, and social presence. Become a part of our Kismet x Curated family and join us in creating an experience tailored to you. The products we produce are created with the utmost expertise and passion that we would love to share with you. We want to create unforgettable content and establish unforgettable relationships with YOU! Check out our Social Media for more information and our vision! @Kismet.Curated and @Kismet.Sales



Brenna Sill, CEO

Kameron Ramirez, Assitant Marketing Manager

My intention behind curated has always been collaboration. I wanted to build a community of creative trendsetters, and connect them with brands they could truly stand behind. It began to evolve naturally as I focused on gifting designs from the brands I worked with to influencers of all followings - not just the big guys. If I felt they had something to offer my brands through their own unique style, I chose them. The focus was shifted from follower count, to genuine creativity, and the results were beyond anything I had hoped for. I had a constant stream of content that was unique, and most importantly, authentic. Curated lived in my imagination for a really long time before my team came alongside me to bring it to life. Aubrie has kept the focus where it needed to be and put my plans into actionable steps to bring forth Curated. Lea has been my cheerleader and right hand every step of the way. What we have now is better than I even dreamed of. Kameron totally heard what I was saying and ran with it. She translated my vision into this beautiful brand deck, and I hope it excites you as much as it did me when I saw the final results.  Cheers to making badass content, with badass babes.

My name is Kameron and I am Assistant Marketing Manager at Kismet INC. I am currently a fourth year student at Cal Poly majoring in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations. My main role within Kismet is social media management, content creation and other general marketing tasks. I have always been obsessed with fashion and being able to use my passion to connect your brand to a wider audience is a dream come true. We're so excited show you what we can do!

My name is Lea Thompson, I am the Director of Sales at Kismet Sales Inc. I am currently a student in Boston working towards a double major in communication and graphic design with a minor in psychology. Growing up in a family full of entrepreneurs has allowed me to understand the importance and the challenges of every role within the industry. That being said, I hope to create open communication between everyone who crosses paths with Kismet and make their experience the best that it can be! Lea Finny, Assitant Director of Sales

Aubrie Arndt, Assitant Marketing Manager

I’m Aubrie, and I handle all the marketing alongside Kameron here at Kismet. Having a past position as a marketing intern for another start up has given me valuable industry knowledge that I now bring to the Kismet team. Outside of work I also have run a blog for a few years which has provided me with the skills I need to handle social media and influencer marketing. We have an amazing team here at Kismet, and I look forward to showing you all that we can do for you.


JOIN OUR GIRL GANG INFLUENCER OUTREACH AND CONTACT Outreach to Previously Collaborated Influencers Hey babe! Kismet Sales is launching our sister brand Kismet x Curated in the coming months and we’re looking for Influencers to be apart of our gifting experience!  We would love to collab with you again and bring you on as one of our killer brand ambassadors! If you’re interest please fill out and send back the Trendsetter Profile so we can send you products and pieces you’re obsessed with! We are so excited at the opportunity to work with you again and have you apart of our fam!

Outreach to New Influencers Hey babe! Thank you so much for wanting to collab with Kismet x Curated and become one of our lovely brand ambassadors. We are so excited to create custom gift boxes designed by you! To make sure we are gifting you products and pieces that you totally love, we ask that you fill out our Trendsetter Profile and send it back so we can gift you your favs! We are so excited to have you as a part of the Curated family and have you representing us and all of our favorite brands.


Profile for Kameron Ramirez

Brand Deck Proposal  

A brand deck I created for my Summer 2019 Internship that was used to pitch to brands to be apart of the companies newest branch.

Brand Deck Proposal  

A brand deck I created for my Summer 2019 Internship that was used to pitch to brands to be apart of the companies newest branch.