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February 14, 2008



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In response to the world’s changing environment and in the spirit of kökua, Kamehameha Schools Maui is doing its part to save the earth by finding ways to save energy and “go green.” KSM has included solar panels on parking lot lights to conserve energy and is in the process of incorporating more energy-efficient lighting in the high school gym, Kaÿulaheanuiokamoku. The lighting will save money by using the solar power from the sun, creating the same amount of light, but with less energy. Aside from saving energy, KSM is also addressing the upcountry drought problem by dry-scaping, removing water-dependent plants and replacing them with water-conserving ones. These plants and others are not going to a landfill, rather they are taken to a green waste recycling company for re-use. See KAMEHAMEHA on A2 Photo courtesy of Keely Hassett

Ka Leo o Nä Koa

February 14, 2008



Recycling pays By WHITNEY SANTOS, sports editor

Photo by Kyle Deeley

Over Winter Break: Junior Ethan Cabatingan and other KSM students attend driver’s education class at Maui High School.

Global Warming threatens sea life By NOAH CLEMONS, staff writer

The Hawaiian Islands’ reefs and sea life are being threatened by global warming according to marine biologist, Ku’ulei Rodgers, an assistant researcher at the Hawai’i Institute of Marine Biology. Hawai’i is one of the most beautiful places in the world, a nature-lover’s paradise and a favorite tourist destination. Unfortunately, it is also the endangered species capital of the world. Global warming has contributed to the decline of Hawai’i’s sea life. Hawai’i already has 317 endangered species, whose endangered status was brought about by global warming, as well as invasive species and habitat destruction. On the endangered species list are Hawai’i’s corals and sea animals. Global warming also threatens the lives of the Hawaiian monk seal, sea turtles, and seabirds. Global warming threatens the corals and islands located in the Northwestern

and main Hawaiian Island Chain in several ways. As the temperature rises, the sun and warm temperature will bleach the coral in the ocean. If the temperature rises even higher, Hawai’i’s reefs will be algal dominated, instead of coral dominated. This will unbalance Hawai’i’s ecosystem and change the fish population. No more raw fish to eat, no sushi, not even fish sandwiches. More than the reefs around the islands are being affected. The islands themselves are in danger, too. Whale Skate Island, located in the Northwestern Hawaiian Island chain, has already been submerged due to rising sea levels. According to Ku’ulei Rodgers, sea levels have risen six inches over the past century. By the year 2100, studies show that 65% of the Northwestern Hawaiian Island chain will be submerged. If action is not taken to prevent global warming, soon enough, low-lying parts of Hawai’i will be under water.

KAMEHAMEHA Continued from A1 Another way the operations department is working to create a healthy environment is by purchasing environmentally friendly cleaners. These cleaners contain less harmful chemicals and are healthy for the staff and students. Mr. Kane, operations team leader, says they “always look for cleaners with the green labels”. The most visible signs of going green are recycling bins on campus. Students who make use of these bins are preventing litter on campus, saving money, saving energy, and saving the earth. KSM principal Dr. Warren Hitz supports the recent green efforts, “We are continually looking for ways to conserve and reutilize resources.”

Welcome to our green issue! We hope to open your eyes to threats to our environment, new eco-technologies, and ways that you can go green. One of the best ways is recycling. I bet you didn’t know that over 900 million beverage containers are sold in the state of Hawaiÿi every year. According to the Hawaiÿi Beverage Container Deposit Program, more than half of these containers are discarded in communities and streams. “Is recycling worth our time?” I say it most definitely is! As an encouragement to recycle, the Hawaiÿi Deposit Beverage Container Program will redeem your beverage containers at any local redemption center for 5 of the 6 cents you pay per container at the checkout counter. Many believe they shouldn’t be charged the extra cent that goes to pay for redemption center operations, but if we didn’t pay that extra one cent, everyone would end up paying for operations through higher general taxes. Others complain about the time, or gas, or use the biggest excuse “It’s such a hassle.” If you have time to purchase the bottle, you most definitely have 10 minutes to recycle it to help make a difference in the world. And, to make recycling even easier, the Hawaiÿi Beverage Container Deposit Program has created a weighing system that can calculate the amount of money you will receive rather than placing one bottle in at a time. So why is recycling such a hassle when programs like this are making something that can save our future so easily. Here’s a way to start: designate three different bins for your glass, aluminum, and plastic. Save your water bottles from school or sporting events and collect your cash when the bins get full. Save the earth and fill up your wallet, too. Recycling shouldn’t be a chore, but a choice that you make to help save the planet.

Ka Leo o Nä Koa

February 14, 2008


Eco-Friendly products arrive By ASHLEY SHAFFER, news writer Maui Chemical and Paper Products, Oÿahu’s Styrophobia, and other local container distributors are making it easy and affordable for Hawai’i’s food-service industry to get and use environmentally safe, biodegradable containers instead of the standard Styrofoam. Styrophobia was founded in January 2007 by Krista Ruchaber to give store owners the option to benefit the environment and “go green.” The products distributed by Styrophobia, utensils, straws, cups, plates, trays, takeout boxes, and to-go bags, are all made of bagasse, or sugarcane fiber, and cornstarch. These products aren’t much different from regular Styrofoam products. They are just a little thicker and cost more. With 73 billion Styrofoam cups and plates being thrown away each year according to Styrophobia’s Web page, biodegradable products will add up to a lot less waste in landfills. They break down in 30 to 90 days. Styrophobia’s motto is, “There’s

no home for foam!” Maui hotels and restaurants are already taking advantage of this ecofriendly opportunity thanks to a move by Maui Chemical and Paper Products, Inc., food service suppliers who began carrying Boulder, Colorado’s EcoProducts biodegradables in mid-2007. Maui Tacos restaurants have taken the big step toward going green by buying potato-based cutlery and cornbased straws and takeout bags. All items have a shelf life of two years, but begin to break down in compost within 60 days. Junior Keely Hassett recently purchased her own bio-degradable, yet reusable corn starch fork. “I love it, especially because it helps the earth,” Hassett says. For food-services that use many Styrofoam products, it is convenient and eco-friendly to make the switch to biodegradable products, but prices are not as friendly. Prices of bagasse plates are estimated to be about $56 per 1,000 products on Eco-Products’s Web page, whereas regular Styrofoam cost about $20 per 1,000. Maui Taco worker Edelmira Bata says, “We buy cases of 1,000 [potato] forks, knives, and cutlery for about $30.” Though these products are more expensive, MCCP says that many current customers don’t think the price difference is an issue. In fact, many of their environmentally aware clients sought out their sugarcane/corn starch products and were prepared to pay extra to preserve the environment. Junior Isaiah Kaneakua concurs as a consumer, “I wouldn’t mind paying an extra ten cents for a plate lunch if I knew it was going to eco-friendly product use.” These products go through a series of steps from sugarcane plants to nonStyrofoam containers. First, the sugar cane juice is extracted from the sugarcane plant. The leftover stalks are made into paper pulp called bagasse, ready to be manufactured. Bagasse products are heat stable, grease-resistant, microwave safe, and sturdy enough for a wide range of food needs.

Photo by Kyle Deeley

Burning Algae? By MATTHEW QUENGA, features writer

Now algae has a better use than as an obstacle for people to slip on. Scientists have discovered that it can be another alternative fuel source. Yes, little green, slimy plants that grow on rocks are 50% oil. Roger Ruan at the University of Minnesota is one of the many scientists to discover that algae oil can be converted to bio-diesel or jet fuel. Unfortunately, the current price of algae fuel is $20 per gallon. Many are hoping that it will eventually be sold for $2 a gallon. Algae fuel is an attractive resource to oil companies because it has a much greater oil yield than other bio-fuel sources. Corn can only produce 18 gallons, soy beans can produce about 48 gallons, and sunflowers around 102 gallons of oil per acre. Algae, on the other hand, can yield, 500-20,000 gallons per acre, according to Ruan. Algae fuel is not commercially available yet, and without proper research funding and development, it could be many years before it will be commercially viable.

Survey Says… Out of 150 KSM students surveyed, they recycle

Top Photo by Keely Hassett/Bottom Photo by Kyle Deeley

Top: Students still use traditional disposable products at lunch, but the recycling bins in the background are one step in the go green movement. Bottom: A pile of bagasse waits outside the Wailuku sugar mill. This sugarcane byproduct supplements the coal that is used to fuel the mill, but has recently become a hot commodity in the manufacture of eco-friendly wares.

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46 Cardboard/ Newspaper

Ka Leo o Nä Koa

February 14, 2008


Eco Briefs

Professor Terrence Cosgrove demonstrates the problem with traditional gum that sticks to carpets in a video on the Revolymer Web site. His lab is making easily removable Clean Gum.

British create Non-sticking Gum By KAMALU KAINA, staff writer ENGLAND— Professor Terrence Cosgrove, professor at the University of Bristol, England, has created a Revolutionary product that will keep our streets, shoes, and tables free of sticky gum. At the British Association for the Advancement of Science Festival in New York, Cosgrove and his Revolymer team announced that a new easy-to-remove chewing gum is to become a major reality. Revolymer is a spin off company from the University of Bristol, England. The researchers there have developed Clean Gum that can be removed simply from shoes, clothes, pavement, and hair. Opening results state that the gum will also disintegrate naturally in water. Because the mouth in the human body has liquid, the gum will disintegrate in the person’s mouth after extended chewing of more than three hours. Chief Scientific Officer Cosgrove says, “The advantage of our Clean Gum is that it has a great taste, it is easy to remove, and has the potential to be environmentally degradable. The idea of creating such a product was based on my experience in polymer absorption,” Cosgrove said, explaining where the idea for Clean Gum originated. The company plans on releasing the product in Europe in fall 2008. The price, according to Cosgrove, will be competitive with other gum companies’ products. It will first come in two flavors: peppermint and spearmint. Cosgrove hopes to release Clean Gum in the United States shortly after.

water reclaiming. Stationed under the carwash, this system takes the dirty water that comes off the cars and filters it into a useable form. Maui Oil uses a partial reclaim system that recycles around 35% of the water used in the carwash. They also use biodegradable soap. Since the carwash opened on Valentine’s Day in 2007, the residents of Maui have been flowing through daily. This new form of recycling is quickly becoming the standard world-wide for companies who use large amounts of water. Ali’i Linen Service has also begun to cut back on water using only 11,000 gallons per day down from the 20,000 gallons they were using before. Patrons of the carwash are positive about its eco-friendly nature. “I love the fact that the car wash is eco-friendly and I don't have to do any work,” says Senior Kamalei Kawaiaea.

The plants have three pointed leaves like the islands’ kukui nut trees. When the fruit ripens, it contains three seeds that are high in oil content. These seeds are 43 to 59% oil. The trees have the potential to produce 300 gallons of oil per acre of trees. Jatropha trees also grow in a variety of conditions and can withstand high temperatures and drought. Mike Poteet, a crop scientist with the Hawaiÿi Agriculture Research Center believes biofuels have the potential to create a new agriculture industry in Hawaiÿi. Poteet says, “There’s a very great potential for this industry, but we’ve got to have the support to get things off the ground.” Richard Ogoshi a crop researcher at the college of Tropical Agriculture at UH-Mänoa says that the market is there, and companies need to do something to meet fuel demands, but farmers won’t risk growing jatropha trees without knowing the best way to raise it and if they can make money off the trees they produce.

Photo by Kyle Deeley

A clean car emerges from Maui Oil’s Maui Express Carwash. The car wash washed using water that is partially reclaimed.

Roll and cut; new solar energy

By KYLE DEELEY, news writer A company based in Lowell Massachusetts, Konarka, is making the worlds first “printable” solar cells. These cells called “PowerPlastic” are about as thick as a layer of photographic film and when linked together can create decent amounts of power. The traditional problem with solar panels has been that they are bulky, heavy, and ugly. Scientist have been looking for an alternative to silicone pales for years, but power output has been too insignificant to unseat the reigning champion. Portable electronics can be recharged by PowerPlastic on the go either extending to life of the battery or eliminating the need to charge completely. Konarka’s vision is for a world without power Happy Anniversay! lines, where everything has its own independent Carwash celebrates one year of solar power factory. PowerPlastic can use not only sun light, but indoor and invisible light as eco-friendly green water use well. It can be cut into sheets of any length and By Michael Jenkins, news writer in any color to fit any application. Due to recent water shortages and overuse, In 20 years we may see a world without wires Maui residents have been urged to water their where the only global environmental crisis we yards in the morning or the afternoon and to take have to worry about will be what to do with all shorter showers. So what was Terry McBarnet of the extra power. Maui Oil thinking when he built a new car wash? Tree holds promise for biofuel At Maui Oil’s eco-friendly carwash, Maui Express Carwash on Hana Highway, the people By TYLER HILSABECK, sports writer recognize that carwashes are a major source of O`AHU—Researchers at the University of over-use of water. Carwashes use 35-40 gallons Hawaii's Poamoho Experimental Farm have said of water per car. that they can produce biofuel by growing jatroSo, Maui Oil did its research and found a way pha trees, which are already being farmed to to make a wash that is eco-friendly. CATEC, a make biodiesel fuel in India. water recovery company, had a solution called

Al Gore

Al Gore continues the fight By TERANI RICHMOND, sports writer Many people know about Al Gore’s past and his fight with global warming. Today, Gore continues to deal with this planetary emergency through two organizations: the cable television network Current TV and the investment firm Generation Investment Management. The independent media company Current TV encourages people to submit their own videos on global issues. Viewers and users can submit “pods,” documentaries of three to seven minutes, to be aired. The network is the first to air viewer-generated material 24 hours a day. Gore also chairs, Generation Investment Management, which created a global research platform that takes heavy global research and turns it into easy to understand information. According to their Web site, they “focus on the economic, environmental, social, and governance risks and opportunities that can materially affect a company's ability to sustain profitability and deliver returns.” They get environmental information on companies and analyze it for sustainability, helping influence people’s decisions about whether or not to invest in the companies. After winning the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for raising awareness about global warming, Gore announced he would share his half of the 1.5 million dollar prize with the Alliance for Climate Protection, whose focus is to reduce global warming. Widely recognized as a major influence on the “green movement,” he continues to push for a cleaner, brighter, and safer world. To find out more, visit:

Ka Leo o Nä Koa

February 14, 2008


A Giant Block of Ice The solution to all our cooling problems By KYLE DEELEY, news writer

In a country that uses copious amounts of fuel, at least one business is trying its best to cut back on polluting, non-renewable resources — Maui Harley Davidson Kawasaki Vespa Audi KTM, or more simply Cycle City Maui. Currently Cycle City Maui has 230 photovoltaic power cells (solar panels) which they use for power during the daylight hours. This system has enough power to run the entire three-story complex of CCM, even on overcast days. The cells are located on the roof of the building and on a small lean-to off to the side. CCM has plans to add an additional set of cells soon, Photo by Kyle Deeley which will allow them to produce more power than is nec- Cycle City Maui’s service manager, Sid Ludwick, shows off the Matson essary to run their complex. This extra power can be sold container-sized ice block cooler. Instead of using traditional air condito Maui Electric Company through existing power lines. tioning, chilled air is blown over the block and into the dealership. In addition to the cells, CCM is also utilizing a technology called ice block cooling, which cools the building by blowing air over a massive block of ice. At night, ethylene glycol solution enters a water filled chamber roughly the size of a Matson shipping container at the back of the building. The solution freezes the water to -30°F. Then, fans kick on and blow the cold air into the building. According to Sid Ludwick, the service manager at CCM, this saves energy and maintenance costs, as the system is easy to maintain. However, during the initial months of use, the glue used as a sealant kept freezing and cracking due to the extreme cold. This problem has been rectified, and there have been no further difficulties other than power outages resetting the block’s cooling timer. The ice block cooling system is being utilized by other companies to cut their cooling costs. In New York, the Met Life building uses this system to save itself hundreds of thousands of dollars in electric bills. It is more efficient than traditional A/C in every way but takes up a lot of room. In big buildings, the tanks can take up half a floor or more. Joe Nicolai, the owner of J&K motor group and CCM has made a commitment to environmental efficiency. At its Oÿahu location. Cycle City Oahu uses more photovoltaic cells to power their much larger complex, making it totally self-sufficient. Maui students come up ‘roses’ when…

Band students hit parade route By JADE BEERMAN-KAPOI, guest writer

PASADENA— Fourteen Kamehameha Maui students departed for Pasadena, California, to partake in one of the world's most famous parades, the Tournament of Roses Parade, on December 25, 2007. Prior to this departure, many of the band students had not had any marching band experience, let alone been on a band trip. The students worked hard at numerous weekend practices and earned the honor of being a part of the All-Kamehameha “Warrior” Marching Band, comprised of students from all three KS campuses. They had the confidence to move forward, but the biggest challenge was yet to come. The All-Kamehameha Warrior Marching Band, totaling about 300 performers, met for the first time at the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel in Buena Park. That night, the Maui band was able to mingle with students from Kapälama and Keaau at the award-winning musical,

“Wicked” at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. The following day, the combined band began their first practice on what Kapälama band director Mr. John Riggle referred to as “marching band heaven” - 10 acres of solid concrete parking lot. Practices Photo courtesy of Kelsey Galago would last over four hours Members of the All-Kamehameha band march down Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, California on Jan. 1. each day. The three campuses did work, but at the end of each day they not mesh well at first, and Riggle, KS celebrated at Southern California Maui band director Siuai Laufou, and theme parks including Universal StuKeaau director Wayne Kawakami, hus- dios, Disneyland, California Adventure, tled to unify the marching performance. and Knott’s Berry Farm. On the last With constant progression being made day, everyone had the opportunity to each day and the dedication of each learn to snowboard or ski at the Big individual performer, the AllBear Ski Resort. Underlying both work Kamehameha Warrior Band was ready and play, a nervous tension built in the to make a lasting impact at the Tourna- group as the day for the 7-mile march ment of Roses Band Festival and a down Colorado Boulevard in the Tourbrief Disneyland appearance. nament of Roses Parade. Students reported that it was tough See PARADE on page A6

Ka Leo o Nä Koa

New batteries lose old weight

February 14, 2008


Can you say “Soro lahn nhee ah?” By TERANI RICHMOND, sports writer

Expressing your love for someone has just gotten easier. Saying those “three By KAIPO KIAHA, lifestyles writer simple words” can be more exotic and TROY, NEW YORK – If you romantic in a different language. When is flip your laptop upside down or there a better day then Valentine’s Day to open up your cell phone, you’re say “I love you” 21 different ways? sure to find a bulky battery in1. English: I love you. side. With modern devices get2.French: Je t’aime. ting smaller and more portable, 3.German: Ich liebe Sie. the devices’ batteries still take 4.Italian: Ti’amo. up a lot of space. Scientists have recently developed a new 5.Spanish: Yo amor usted. battery made out of paper thin 6.Portuguese: Amo-o. material. The new batteries will 7.Norwegian: Jeg elsker deg. be able to improve everyday Photo courtesy of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 8. Albanian: Te dashuroj. electronics. The paper battery is flexible and eco-friendly. 9.Armenian: Dr. Robert J. Linhardt of Yes qez sirum em Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is one of the leaders on the project to create 10. Bengali: and commercialize this paper battery. Aami tomaake bhaalo baashi. However, don’t expect to see the paper battery at your local store anytime 11. Cambodian: Soro lahn nhee ah. soon. The cost to produce the paper battery’s material is much higher than 12. Cantonese: Ngo oi ney. current battery material, and because both battery types produce the same amount of power, the paper battery is not yet cost effective to produce for the 13. Croatian: Ja te volim. 14. Farci: Tora dost daram. mass market. Linhardt says, “Our work on our paper-based energy storage 15. Filipino: Mahal kita. devices continues. Our current research focuses on improving the power storage characteristics of our paper battery and developing new approaches 16. Greek: S'agapo. for its production. We would like to be able to print our devices roll-to-roll the 17. Hawaiian: Aloha wau ia ‘oe. way a newspaper is printed as this would allow production on a scale suitable 18. Indonesian: Aku Cinta Kamu. for commercialization.” However, plans to take the product to market are still 19. Japanese: Ai shiteru. being made. Linhardt says, "We'd like to be able to ultimately print these bat- 20. Korean: Tangsinul sarang ha yo. 21. Tahitian: Ua here vau ia oe. teries like a newspaper is printed, from roll to roll, on a printing press.” Current batteries are made up of many layers of metal and electrolyte material stacked on top of each other and wrapped around a central wire. The layers are stacked in a certain order that produces an electrical charge. For the paper battery, scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and MIT use cellulose infused with aligned carbon nanotubes that eliminate the need for the multiple layers. The battery’s electrolyte is ionic liquid, a liquid salt. No water is involved. “Plus, because of the high paper content and lack of toxic chemicals, it’s environmentally safe,” according to research associate Shaijumon Manikoth in the company’s August 2007 press release. The new battery has a paper thin appearance. The amount of power from a much larger multi-layer battery can now be generated with just this single layer. To increase the new batteries’ power for more powerful devices, it can be made into larger sheets. If the device is not wide enough, the battery can be bent and/or stacked to increase the power. The paper battery can also be activated by electrolytes found in body fluids. This technology can revolutionize the medical industry. Blood or urine could be channeled through the battery to maintain the charge. This could allow for medical and cosmetic applications. They could be used to power devices currently in use like hearing aids or pacemakers, which could lead to uses in entirely new devices. Scientists have speculated a use for it in teeth whitening devices. Since the batteries are biodegradable and contain no toxic materials, this new technology is looking promising. Previous batteries in electronic devices would be too dangerous to use in some places such as in the mouth or underneath the skin. Although no major electronic devices using the paper battery have yet been commercially produced, the company is finalizing its invention of medical test kits that analyze a patient’s health via their urine. PARADE continued from A5 On parade day, with the alarms set at 3:30 am, students got dressed in their blue and white uniforms, ate breakfast, and reluctantly faced the 50° weather with chilly winds gusting at 15-30mph as they made their way to the parade route. With an antsy audience overloading the 40-foot bleachers, which lined the length of the entire route, dozens of

reporters videotaping the event live for all the world to see, a blimp soaring directly above, and the dreaded “turn” that would make or break the band, the pressure was immense. After a final prayer and the singing of the school song “Sons of Hawaiÿi,” it was show time. With the sounding of the conch shell, the All-Kamehameha Warrior Band made its way down Colorado Boule-

vard on January 1, 2008. The cold weather and the fatigue felt earlier could not beat the excitement and pride they felt as they marched that day. A banquet followed the performance, and the next day, after skiing and snowboarding, the Maui group said their final goodbyes to the other two campuses at the “Medieval Times” dinner show.

Ka Leo o Nä Koa

February 14, 2008


Makahiki Games Upper Left: Sophomore Chase Bell finishes in third place with Junior Ethan Cabatingan hot on his heels during Kamehameha Schools’ annual Makahiki games. Lower Left: Freshman Jared Kanesiro exuberantly cheers for his classmate while watching the arm wrestling contest. Left: The sophomores and freshmen face off in the chicken fight. The freshmen won this round. and several others in a day of surprising freshman wins.. Photos by Kyle Deeley

By KYMEE BURK, news writer

Valentine’s Day is in the air, but freshmen may have other things on their minds today. In less then a month, they will attend their first high school banquet. Class advisor Kathleen Frampton along with freshman class officers have decided on March 1st, 2008, for the “Candyland” themed banquet which will be held in Nämähana dining hall.

By ASHLEY SHAFFER, news editor

With junior prom quickly approaching juniors need to be sure to get their dresses and tuxes ready for junior prom “A Night for Teen Royalty” on March 29th at the Westin, Lähaina. The prom committee, led by Kerri Higa, has hired 007 Productions for entertainment. Ron Tolbert, founder of 007 Productions, promised the prom committee that they have never seen a DJ like him, and that they will be able to see his passion for music through his unique style. “I can’t wait By KYLE DEELY, news writer for prom! It’s going to be so much The banquet is fast approaching and fun,” says junior Malia Santos. Prom the theme is “Run through the jungle”. will begin at 4:30 pm and ends at The date is April 5 and it will be held 10:00 pm. at Nämähana dining hall. Dress code The junior sleepover has been postfor boys is a collared shirt and dress poned until some time after prom to code for girls is any appropriate dress give more time for planning and makthat is not skin tight. Tickets are now ing it a night to remember. on sale. See Mrs. Laepaÿa for tickets and permission forms.

By ASHLEY SHAFFER, news editor

The senior class is in the middle of their Hö’ike Nui presentations and looking forward to finishing their senior projects once and for all. “Once the deadlines are past, I’ll be able to enjoy the rest of my senior year without any more stress,” said senior Michelle Caris previous to her February 5 presentation. The class of 2008 student government is currently awaiting approval of a senior bash pool party. Pending continued compliance with school rules and administrative approval, the class council will begin bash planning, and they will release details when and if the bash becomes a reality. One graduation reminder, senior boys will need to purchase their blue sashes. They can be purchased at

February 14, 2008

Serial Story Chapter 3

What if… Our school was taught by the greatest minds in the world? By KYLE DEELEY, news writer Last time, our heroes found themselves in a world of idiots, who were unable to recite the alphabet. The teachers slept on the job and taught pidgin English in English class. Marcus, the jock at normal school, got all A’s in classes like Surfing Theory, and Krista, already hopelessly dense to begin with, tried to catch fish with her teeth. Disgusted by this abhorrent lack of knowledge, Keoni wanted to go to a school where he could learn something, and there he went…

The school seemed strangely empty and there was no sign of movement anywhere. The boys’ footsteps echoed off the walls of the Päkï/Konia building as they strode through the corridors of the school. There was something unnatural about the silence in that, normally, there is always another student talking somewhere or a bird chirping in some far off tree, but this silence was total. “Where is everybody?” Keoni asked, his voice booming strangely in the oppressive quiet. “Maybe they all went home. It is almost 3:00.” Kawika responded, “Let’s go check the parking lot.” Upon arrival at the archway leading out of the building courtyard, they discovered that there were no cars in the parking lot. In their stead, there lay an expanse of gleaming metal. “It looks like its shimmering,” Kawika observed, his voice slightly apprehensive. As he stepped out onto the surface, several things happened at once. He let out a loud yell and tried to jerk his foot off the metal, but to no avail. The shimmering turned out to be waves of heat, rising specter-like from the silvery sheet. A sound that was more a feeling than a sound ripped through their consciousnesses causing them both to fall to the ground as a large floating creature swooped out of a ventilation duct, and everything went black. When they awoke, they found themselves standing, fully dressed in a strange black “clean suit” surrounded by other students in identical clothing. A small man with a disproportionately large head was standing at the front of the class with a glowing device attached to his temple. All the students had the same device on the sides of their heads Then a strange sensation began to make itself felt. It felt like waves lapping at the edges of their brain stems as the devices on the sides of their heads began to pulse rapidly. “wwwWelcome to-o ttelepathhy ooone ohh oneeee, mmmy name is... See GREATEST on B3

By LINDA C. BLACK, Tribune Media Services

Ka Leo o Nä Koa


Horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only. If you need answers to life’s questions, you’ll find them in your Bible. Jan. 20—Feb. 18 Once you've made the decision about what to do at home, there'll be time to relax. Schedule an interesting evening for you and somebody you love.

Feb. 19—March 20 The list of things you've been meaning to do is getting pretty long. Go over it again before you start. Some have lost all justification, and can be deleted.

March 21—April 19 The answer you've just discovered leads to new questions, naturally. You never have to worry about being bored; you won't let that happen. You're interested in everything.

April 20—May 20 Look around, while you're out there in unfamiliar territory. Odds are good you'll find a way to do business at a profit. You love it when this happens.

May 21—June 21 Don't rush off before you've finished a task that must be done. You know what it is, or if you've forgotten you'll be reminded. It has to do with money.

June 22—July 22 Review your holdings and you will find a leak that needs to be plugged. You're paying too much for something you don't use anymore.

July 23—Aug. 22 You've almost had too much of a good thing in the past few days. Schedule a break to share with congenial friends. Restore your sense of humor.

Aug 23—Sept. 22 Important business decisions will have to be made soon. Things should go well, once you have misunderstandings cleared away. Ask if there are any.

Sept. 23—Oct. 22 Through your own intervention, your place is quite comfortable. It may not be quite finished, but it's good enough. Gather with good friends.

Oct. 23—Nov. 21 You and your partner need to discuss an upcoming purchase. You can get something that will last for years, if you pool your resources.

Nov. 22 —Dec. 21 The most difficult part of the task should almost be over by now. Soon you can hand the maintenance duties over to somebody else. Look forward to that.

Dec. 22—Jan. 19 Your reverie is broken by an urgent request. Take care of the job immediately, and get back to having fun. Keep your priorities straight.

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Fill in the blank squares so that each row, column and each 3-by-3 block contains all of the digits 1 thru 9.

February 14, 2008

Ka Leo o Nä Koa

KS students Go Green: What have you done to “go green”?


Join the dark side on Valentine’s By KAIPO KIAHA, lifestyles writer

Every year as February 14 nears, sweets are everywhere. So, it might seem hard to stay healthy. Dark chocolate lovers could have an advantage at staying healthy, however. Dark chocolate (not milk or white) has been proven to have certain cardiovascular health benefits. Epicatechin, an antioxidant naturally present in dark chocolate can help improve high blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. Antioxidants remove molecules called “free radicals,” which are naturally introduced into the body by breathing. Dark chocolate’s antioxidants can remove these free radicals that lead to an increase in LDL (bad) cholesterol on artery walls, which can eventually lead to heart disease. “At my house we have “I’ve tried to write smaller A study done at the University of California San Francisco changed all our light bulbs and try not to use as much showed that people who ate a small dark chocolate bar to the swirly ones.” paper as well as recycle.” every day had healthier blood vessel function. They all had high amounts of epicatechin in their blood. Milk interrupts the body’s absorption of these antioxidants, so don’t look to milk or white chocolate for lowering your blood pressure numbers. Also, pass on the thought of having a tall glass of milk with your dark chocolate bar to reap its potential health benefits. Milk and other dairy products interrupt the body’s ability to absorb the antioxidants into the bloodstream. Don’t get too excited and start hoarding dark chocolate, though. It may be healthy in these respects, but the added calories, approximately 150 per ounce, are definitely not “To go green I started to healthy in large quantities. A two to three ounce bar every “I stop at red lights, and pick up rubbish that I day provides sufficient antioxidant benefits, however be go at green lights. And I see on the ground and prepared to give up other snacks. The calories need to be voted for our class shirt to also recycle old papers. balanced out by eating less of them in other foods. be green.” However, not everybody likes dark chocolate. Due to its Photos by Kamalu Kaina, Terani Richmond, Nagamine Photo Studio high concentration of cocoa, dark chocolate can have a bitter taste, but take “heart.” According to the Cleveland Keliÿi Dias: “Be kind to the land and the land Clinic Foundation Heart Center, chocolate manufacturers will be kind to you.” are already looking for ways to improve the taste of dark Keely Rivera: “Get involved because it’s your chocolate without losing the health benefits. earth too.”

Students’ best green tips

Kerri Higa

Beth Onaga

Haÿaheo Auneloa

Kainalu Camanse

By BRANDY GOMES, features editor

Shea Fernandez: “Catch the Maui Bus.” Brice Taniguchi: “Plant Hawaiian plants.” Ashley Correa: “It’s the little things like recycling or community service clean-ups that make a difference.” Cole Peralto: “Buy a Hybrid.” Keli Hayase: “Listen to tittah, no littah.” Olivia Borge: “A little can go a long way.” Matthew Kahoÿohanohano: “Recycle, because you can make money doing it.” Tanya Tavares: “Use gel instead of aerosol hairsprays. This will help slowdown the depletion of the ozone layer.” Kuÿulei Makua: “Always recycle and pick up trash if you see it, even it’s not yours.” Dayton Alexander: “When you’re brushing your teeth, never let the water run.” Leah Santos: “Take care of our land, and don’t litter.”

Which type of chocolate do you prefer? (Results of on-campus survey of 150 students)

Graphic by KAIPO KIAHA

February 14, 2008

Ka Leo o Nä Koa


Love Notes To: Varsity B-ball Boys

To: My Girls

Good luck, tonight & at States!

Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you all!

From: Your biggest fans

To: Serena Yarborough To: Ryanne

GREATEST from B1 … Mr. Aid,” a voice said in their minds, like cold mercury against their scalp. “yyyou may be −wwwwondering wwhat is attached to yyyyour head…” Mr. Aid proceeded to explain that the “telepathic enhancement nodes” or “TENs” worked by reading the brain’s electrical signals and converting them into bits of code. This code was transmitted as a series of electrical pulses to other devices, which then reconverted them into coherent thoughts. According to Mr. Aid, the tough part was thinking the word as opposed to thinking about saying the word. The students were arbitrarily separated into groups of three and asked to communicate telepathically. Keoni’s group contained a scrawny boy, who appeared to have prosthetic feet, and Krista, whose TEN. had the unique property of simply echoing back whatever the sender thought, almost like a cave. “hhhey, you,” thought the scrawny boy with great effort at Keoni. “III don’t remember ssseeing you in classss before. mmMaybe you can help me. YYYou see thesese feet?” he asked, pointing at his prosthetics. “I haven’t seen the sun in 10 years. They never let you out of this place to go and walk around, and you never have any fun. So, I got tired of it one day, and I tried to run. That accursed heat-sheet burned my feet right off and crippled me. I was hoping you could help me escape again, and maybe we could leave this campus. Oh, and by the way, my name is Marcus.” With horror, Keoni realized that this withered husk of a man in front of him was none other than football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, swimming, tennis, and golf player-of-the-year, Marcus Kirk! Unable to reach their locker this time, will Keoni and Kawika ever escape this horrible alternate reality? Read our next issue to find out.

Club OMG prepares activities By ALEX KAHALEHILIi, lifestyles writer

New to the list of clubs on campus this year, Club OMG is working towards bettering our environment by going green and recycling. KSM senior, ‘Iolani Antonio, is founder and president of Club OMG with Kumu Lökahi and Kumu Kapulani as its advisors. Antonio says, “I felt like there needed to be more awareness among students about the state of the environment and what we can do to fix it.” So far, Club OMG has made a presentation to the faculty and staff to raise awareness and introduce a recycling collection system on campus. They are currently preparing activities and opportunities for club members to “go green.” Activities such as cleaning beaches, planting trees, creating and staffing a booth at the Hoÿolauleÿa are a few of them. Antonio is incorporating the green movement into her Hö’ike Nui project by educating the middle school on environmental awareness. To get involved with Club OMG, contact Antonio at

Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope that you have a great day I love you very, very much, and there’s no one else in the world that can make me happier. =]

Love, Aaron Asato To: Anuhea Medeiros Happy Valentine’s Day, Anu!

From: Anonymous

You know how I feel about you Serena, LOL.

From: Ashley Shaffer To: Kekoa Turbeville Nice B-Ball skills!

From: Anonymous To: Keoni Hassett & Caleb Pierce Hi Caleb; Happy Valentine’s Day, Keoni!

From: Keoni Hassett & Caleb Pierce

To: Chaysen Miyazono

To: Kalae Camarillo

Thanks for all the laughs.

You’re the bestest boyfriend in the whole entire world. Aloha wau iā ‘oe.

From: Anonymous To: CHICKA BONITAS The CHICKA BONITAS rock the house in paddling!

From: Mana To: Blaine Loque You’re Hott!

From: Anonymous To: Jaime Kane Lol, where is my heart?

From: Travis Motooka

From: Alexandria Agdeppa To: Class of 2011 To all of you crazy nut heads Happy Valentine’s Day, Ya’ll is the best, OFA ATU!

From: ‘Iolani Maile To: My Sexy Six, Fab 5, and Chicka Bonitaz I LOVE YOU GUYS!

To: Jaime Kane

From: Alena Tihada

I <3 Yoo!!!

To: Lory Pacil

From: Travis Motooka

To: Chelsea Grimm

Happy Valentine’s Day my monkey, hope that this day will be memorable. I love you so much my monkey I love you always and forever. <3 P.S. Can’t wait for our one year. I’m so happy.

Happy Valentine’s Day Chels!

From: Karlton Baring

To: Travis Motooka I <3 yoo 2, Travy Poo

From: Jaime Kane

From: Anonymous To: Dane Lum-Ho You’re awesome!

From: Anonymous

To: The KS Studly Paddlahs I love our Sexy Six & Fab 5 paddling groupies!

To: Karisa Taketa

To: My Gangies

Hey babe, I hope you know that I love you.

To: Shaffer

From: Kaikea Blevins

To: Rae Ann Namau’u

I love all the gurlies and guy on the LTC. I Love Ashley! Rae Ann you must hear this again, “I love your baby!”

To: Kamalei & The Girls I Love Kamalei & my chicka bonitaz!

To: The Chicka Bonitaz Love you all!

To: Kamalei Your eyes are where blue skies meet the sunrise and you warm me up when everything else is cold.

From: Keli’i Mawae To: Aaron Asato My love, my best friend. Sometimes after practice you smell gross, sometimes your jokes aren't very funny, but I still love you. Happy Valentine’s Day. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

From: Ryanne To: Keoni Hassett Hola keoni, I just wanted to say that I love you, and that me and my friends ate your hot pockets. Have a great day!

From: This is not your sister Keely Hassett

From: Kamalei To: Kyra Orikasa You are the coolest human being on earth & if you were on Mars, you would be the coolest Martian.

From: This was not your sister To: Sarah Ishikawa I Love you Sarah, Happy Valentine’s Day, Babe.

From: Connor Kihune


February 14, 2008

Ka Leo o Nä Koa How chocolate works

I feel giddy, oh so giddy...I think By KYLE DEELEY, news writer

Since its discovery by the ancient Aztecs, chocolate has been believed to enhance certain moods by acting on the brain. This is only partly true. While chocolate does contain small amounts of tryptophan (a chemical that helps with serotonin production, thereby creating a feeling of ecstasy) and phenylethylamine (a chemical that promotes giddiness and happiness), but it does not contain sufficient amounts to affect the brain for any length of time. In fact, if you are looking for a buzz, have a nice hot grilled cheese sandwich. Cheese contains 32 mg of tryptophan, putting it near the top of the tryptophan food chain, followed closely by turkey. Some may say that trytophan in turkey accounts for their exhaustion after a big Thanksgiving dinner, but that is not the case. In fact, it’s the large amount of carbohydrate-rich foods that make people sleepy. As for the phenylethylamine, what small amount there is in chocolate breaks down before it ever reaches your brain. Though the chemical does affect brain chemistry in larger amounts, the trace amount in a Crunch bar does nothing for you. Phenylethylamine can be effective in cases of depression, however only when administered by physicians in proper amounts. So, the next time you are feeling down and depressed, have a piece of cheesecake, or just convince yourself that you never read this article and go on enjoying the placebo effect of thinking chocolate makes you feel fantastic.

Brown Rice

Loving living, living loving… By Matthew Quenga, lifestyles writer

Love is not rocket science.. Love can be a variety of things from brotherly love to over-obsession. But to me love is: “L-ife O-utstanding V-ictorious E-verlasting” I feel that love should not only be shown on Valentine’s Day but ,rather, every second, of every day, of every year. Love is what connects us all here in Hawai’i, the feeling of Aloha as we would put it. I know that love will make this world go ‘round, so for the (love) of all that is loveable… LOVE! Oh and be “dense” and spell love, l-o-v-e, not luv. (That’s a compliment. Thanks Mr. Laxson)



Top 10: Love songs By MATTHEW QUENGA, features writer

1. Crazy In Love (2003)-Beyonce featuring Jay-Z 2. I Don’t Want to Miss a ThingAerosmith 3. I'll Make Love To You (1994)-Boyz II Men 4. Your Song -Elton John 5. Lost In Your Eyes (1989)-Debbie Gibson 6. All I Want Is You-U2 7. Crash Into Me (1996)-Dave Matthews Band 8. You’re Beautiful-James Blunt 9. My Love (1973)-Paul McCartney 10.Truly Madly Deeply (1997)-Savage Garden

Top 10: Date movies By MICHAEL JENKINS, news writer

1. Sleepless in Seattle 2. While You Were Sleeping 3. Return to Me 4. Notting Hill 5. Sixteen Candles 6. A Knight's Tale 7. Ever After 8. Titanic 9. 50 First Dates 10. Shakespeare in Love by Alex Kahelehili

Ka Leo o Nä Koa

February 14, 2008


years to disintegrate, they take about 50 days. The Eagles cheerleaders even use recycled materials in their pom-poms. The Eagles stadium houses 572 lights, each light consumes 2,000 watts of energy, that’s 1,144,000 watts for each day of practice. That’s enough energy to power 1,000 homes. Fortunately, the Eagles are able to supply 30% of that energy with clean energy sources like wind power and recycled methane. The Eagles have also added solar power panels to their corporate office. The panels are expected to produce 16,100 kw/h of electricity eliminating 26,400 pounds of carbon dioxide waste that would have been the result of using electricity generated by traditional means. Additionally, the Eagle Corporation has started a campaign to create an Eagles Forest in Neshaminy State Park in Bensalem, PA. The Eagles Forest is 6.5 acres, and visitors can purchase a tree to be planted there for $62. In this way, visitors can do Photo Courtesy of The Illadelph Blogspot their part to reclaim harmful carbon gases. By WHITNEY SANTOS, sports editor part of the “Go Green” cause, Since beginning the “Go Green” The Philadelphia Eagles not too, because their tickets are cause, according to their website, the only have the greenest team printed on recycled paper. Eagles have recycled more than 150 uniform in the NFL, but they are Over 40 tons of recycled tickets tons of materials and saved more also the greenest team, ecologi- and programs are printed for than 200 tons of trees. For more cally, in the history of national the Eagles and fans’ plastic interesting ‘trash talk’ visit: football. beverage cups are made out of As soon as fans enter Lincoln a biodegradable corn-based gogreen/news.asp. Field, they are automatically substance. Instead of taking

Eagles spread ‘trash talk’

Nike considers environment with new Considered division By KEKOA TURBEVILLE, Sports Writer

You may not realize it, but your shoes can be unhealthy to the environment. In 2005, Nike realized this and started Nike Considered. This new branch set a goal to “eliminate all substances that are known or suspected to be harmful to human health or the health of biological or ecological systems,” according to their website. They began their mission by making the Nike Considered Boot. The boot uses minimal materials by employing unique weaving patterns that eliminate many unneeded materials and using more natural materials. The parts of the shoe that aren’t natural are used in Nike’s Re-Use-a-Shoe Foundation, which takes parts of old athletic shoes

and makes them into rubber. This same rubber is in new Nike shoes, playgrounds and the small pieces of rubber that is found in artificial field turf. Nike’s newest “green” product is the Jordan XX3 basketball shoe. This is the first basketball shoe in the Nike Considered line. The shoe’s unique pattern minimizes wasted materials. In addition, Nike uses breakthrough science to eliminate solvents in the shoe that can be dangerous for the environment. . Nike has also made changes in the Air Max line. The Air Max shoes have a pocket of air that supports the foot while reducing impact during running or jumping. In the past, this pocket wasn’t

actually filled with air, but SF6, a greenhouse gas that is toxic to the environment. Nike initially fielded complaints from environmentalists about this issue, but this potent gas was ideal for its purpose. The gas maximized the air pocket’s capabilities, while regular air leaked from the pocket. Instead of ignoring the problem, Nike spent millions of dollars on finding an environmentally safe solution. They succeeded in extracting all of the harmful gases and found a way to keep the clean air within the air pockets. With these improvements, Nike looks to lead other shoe companies into a new era with awareness for a green planet.

February 14, 2007

Ka Leo o Nä Koa


Soccer Goalie Villalon takes on responsibility KEKOA TURBEVILLE, sports writer

In soccer, the position of goalie is essential. Each move is closely critiqued, whether it’s ‘nice save’ or ‘why didn’t he stop that?’ Goalies carry a lot of responsibility for the team’s success. Kamehameha Maui goalie Chawn Villalon has handled the responsibility of holding the game in his hands this season, posting eight shutouts and allowing only five goals. The Warriors finished the season undefeated with 10 wins, no losses, and 2 ties, and won the MIL championship for the second straight year. Villalon, a 2006-07 All-State honorable

mention selection said, “This year’s goal is to maintain our high-level of play.” This season’s team still has the nucleus of the team that lost to eventual state champions, Punahou, in sudden death overtime in last year’s state tournament. They eventually tied for fifth place against KS Kapälama. Villalon says he isn’t the only person who deserves credit, “My job is easy at times because everyone plays well, and they usually make me look good.” With his strong play, Villalon has caught the eye of some college teams. He hopes to play soccer at Hawaiÿi Pacific University next year.

The Warriors were seeded second in the state tournament, drawing a first round bye, In their first 1-0 game against Roosevelt, Villalon had 6 saves and a Photo by Kyle Deeley whopping 22 Chawn Villalon, goalie against KSK. Though they didn’t win the state title, the team improved to a fourth place finish in 2008.

Kaina joins the basketball brotherhood Senior Kamalu Kaina plays high school basketball for the first time in his senior year By TERANI RICHMOND, sports writer

Coming in at 6 foot 4½ inches and weighing 248 pounds, senior Kamalu Kaina is the newest addition to the Kamehameha Maui Warriors basketball team. Kaina talked to the coaches about joining the MIL championship team because he wanted to be “the intimidation factor during games by giving the opposing team ‘the eye’,” he says. The whole team seems glad to have Kamalu in the brotherhood. Sophomore teammate Kekoa Turbeville says, “He brings energy every day to practice, and he tries hard to make everyone better. When he runs onto the court for the first time, the whole crowd seems to go crazy, like Maru (one of Kamalu’s many team nicknames) paid them or something. Its really good for the team, and everyone gets psyched.” Photo by Kyle Deeley First-timer Kamalu Kaina take To chants of “ Malu, Malu” Kaina took to the court on senior night, and the crowd went crazy for the gentle giant of a center. Kaina was able to play in five of the eight regular season games. his final shot on varsity basketball’s senior night. His statistics are five points scored, one assist, and eight rebounds in his short varsity basketball career.

PARTING SHOTS The varsity basketball team made it to the MIL tournament despite an uneven season that got off to a shaky start. At left: Erwin DeCoite is about to be fouled by Lähainaluna’s Nutti Pousima as he takes his shot. Middle: 6’3” center Kaiea Medeiros makes it look easy. Far right: Senior Kaleo DeMello rises to the top for two points against King Kekaulike High. MIL CHAMPIONSHIP TONIGHT 7:00 AT KING KEKAULIKE. Warriors take on Lähainaluna! Photos by Kyle Deeley

Ka Leo o Nä Koa Staff: Faculty Advisor:Ms. Kye Haina, News Editor:

Ashley Shaffer, Sports Editor: Whitney Santos, Lifestyles Editor:Brandy Gomes, Copy Editors: Kyle Deeley, Kaipo Kiaha, Hawaiian Language Editors: Kaipo Kiaha, Noah Clemons, Graphics: Kaipo Kiaha, Brandy Gomes, Alex Kahalehili, Ashley Shaffer, Photographers: Kyle Deeley, Kamalu Kaina

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Ka Leo o Nä Koa

February 14, 2008


KULA BATANGAN Three KSM swimmers already have a guaranteed spot in this year’s state tournament, seniors Kellen Pacheco and Keoni Hassett, and sophomore Victoria Crozier.

By WHITNEY SANTOS, sports writer Photos by KYLE DEELEY

The girl’s and boy’s wrestling team started off well this se ason with a large 20 pe rson roster led by senior captains Hoku Kubota , Kaÿahumanu Rozet, Kyle Saiki, Stanley Naka mura, and Cole Peralto.

BRYCE TANIG UCHI Photo By Kamalu Kaina

Boys varsity crew pictured above. The Varsity Mixed I crew needs one more win to qualify for the state championship after being disqualified in the January 19 race that could have already qualified them for the tournament.

The boy’s varsity basketball team has a shaky season start, losing 3 important games, twice against Baldwin and once against Lähainaluna, diminishing their chances of another MIL title.

During the middle of the girls soccer season, Lahela Matsui a senior and key player for the team injured her knee.

The boy’s varsity soccer team encountered their first two ties of the season, against King Kekaulike 1-1 and Baldwin 2-2.



KYLIE WATSON The girls Varsity Soccer team finished their season 13-1-0 and was ranked No. 3 in this year’s HHSAA Soccer State Championship. Unfortunately, the road to states ended for the Warriors in the first round.

Ka Leo o Nä Koa

February 14, 2008

To get ready to swim in a meet, she said that she eats a lot of carbohydrates and snacks, and she gets a by TYLER HILSABECK, sports writer Not many swimmers out there are good night of sleep. Crozier says that named all-stars as freshmen. That’s before her swim meets she also likes one of the accomplishments that Victo- to listen to music that hypes her up so ria-Elle Crozier is proud of. Crozier she can get ready to perform her best. swims in three different events: the She started swimming in the second 100m freestyle, with a time of 55 sec- grade and has been doing it for eight onds; the 50m freestyle, 25 seconds, years. Crozier says that “the hard and 100m backstroke, 1 minute and 12 work you put in at practice pays off for seconds. So what is Victoria’s the future.” When she first started secret? swimming, she was not supposed to

Victoria’s Secret


join a swim team. She was supposed to learn how to swim so she could join a paddling club. She became a pretty good swimmer, though. In addition to swimming for the KSM swim team, Crozier has swum for the South Maui Sharks and for the Hawai’i Swim Club. She also joined waterpolo for the first time last year. As it turns out, Crozier doesn’t really have any secrets except for hard work and dedication.

The boy’s varsity soccer team was the no. 2 seed in the division I HHSAA tournament. The MIL champions won their first game against Roosevelt 1-0, and advanced to the semifinals, but lost to sister campus Kapälama 2-1 on penalty kicks. The Warriors then finished fourth in the state tournament after losing 1-0 against Mililani.


The girl wrestlers are sending all of their competitors to the state tournament on Oÿahu, February 29 - March 1.


Kekoa Turbeville flies past King Kekaulike opponents to score. The boy’s varsity basketball team finished the 2008 regular season in a two-way tie with Baldwin. They became MIL tournament champions after winning their first and second round games against Baldwin 62-51 and Lähainaluna 64-51 advancing them to the MIL tournament championship game against the Lunas tonight at 7:00 at King Kekaulike.

For more great sports photos by staff photographer Kyle Deeley visit: Search: “journalism”

Ka Leo o Nä Koa

February 14, 2008


Lady Warriors finish strong by KAMALU KAINA, sports writer

Name: Jessica “Leinaÿala” Song Grade: 11 Home town: Kula Sports: Volleyball Photo by Kamalu Kaina and Soccer rd (3 year varsity player) Position: Volleyball: Opposite Hitter and Setter Soccer: Forward Height: 5’4” Extra-Curricular: Club Soccer on team Rip Girls Why she plays: “Sports make my high school experience more enjoyable. They also prepare me to move to the college level.” Strengths: Dedication, speed, and leadership Struggles: Injuries and busy schedule Playing sports at the college level: Yes for soccer Top Three Schools: Keeping my options open! Go Green Cause Contribution: “I re-use my water bottle every day!”

J.V. Briefs

Starting their season with four losses, the girls varsity basketball team had a rough start as they lost the first round of this year’s basketball season. In their fifth game, they came together and played as a team to defeat King Kekaulike. Junior Nanea Cavaco said, “Well, we had to learn off of the first round we played. We didn’t win any games, but that is what inspired us to play as a team and not for ourselves.” The Lady Warriors won their next two games against the Maui High Sabers and the Baldwin Bears. Head Coach Joe Blackburn said his team had been working hard and putting a lot of effort into practices, “I’m really proud of my team as they come into practice with a learning attitude. I really thank the seniors for stepping up and showing good sportsmanship when the underclassmen are put into the game.” Seniors, Jasmine Poouahi, Natasha Kealoha, and Heather Heath played hard as they faced the Sabers from Maui High School on Senior Night, January 31. It was a hard-fought battle, but the Lady Sabers finished on top, final score 38-36. At the end of the night, the seniors said their farewells and took their final shots on the home court. They finished their regular season with five wins and seven losses. On Wednesday, February 6, the Lady Warriors faced the Lady Sabers from Maui High at the Baldwin auditorium for a chance to play in the state tournament on Oÿahu. It was a close game, but in the end the Sabers pulled away by two points, denying the team a spot at States. Senior Heather Heath said, “I don’t regret anything this season, for it was only mental mistakes.… Hopefully, next year’s basketball team will lead them [The Lady Warriors] to their first state tournament appearance.”

Name: Cole Peralto Grade: 12 Home town: Wailuku Sports: Wrestling Height: Photo by Kamalu Kaina 5’ 9.5” Extra Curricular: Drawing, cooking, cruising with humans, and talking stories Why he plays: “For the adrenaline rush I go through before matches, always being in shape, the respect I get from my family and other people, in general.” Strengths: “I think my biggest strength in wrestling is my conditioning. I think my conditioning overcomes my strength and technique.” Playing Sports at college level: “No, thanks. Maybe I’ll consider club sports, like hockey or something.” Top Three Schools: Oregon State University, University of Oregon, and University of Nevada Las Vegas.

J.V. Briefs

a little inexperienced with only two sophomores. Sophomore Emily Farm said their Thrilling JV basketball boy’s best game of the season was “Our win against Maui High because we played season winds down better as a team, and we didn’t commit as By KEKOA TURBEVILLE, sports writer many turnovers.” This year’s JV boy’s basketball team High turnovers and inexperience led to has had their share of close calls. The their 2 and 11 season record. Standouts JV boys finished the season 8-5. They for the season were freshman Leah Santeam found themselves on both sides of Photo by Kyle Deeley tos, who did a good job of running the tight games this year. The team, which Forward Natasha Kealoha attempts a layup on a fast break over King Kekaulike. offense and keeping the team in control, is filled with many untested freshmen and sophomores Emily and Lacy Farm, has benefited from the leadership of the seven seasoned who helped out the team by providing leadership on the sophomores. Leading scorer, sophomore Tyler Hilsabeck this heated battle. The Spartans were recipients of to a court. said ,”The close games have given us lots of experience couple of fortunate bounces in the final ten seconds that saw Kamehameha’s 2-point lead vanish and left the team JV baseball off to a slow season start in these kinds of situations, but it’s not fun to lose them.” By NOAH CLEMONS, sports writer The JV Warriors started the season 0-3 with one loss to in disbelief over the end of their six consecutive wins. The 2008 Junior Varsity baseball season is almost Maui High and two to Lähainaluna, before finally beating The Warriors would fall again to the Luna’s after giving half-way over and is not going too well for the Warriors. Baldwin. The Warriors would avenge that loss to Maui by up a one-point halftime lead. The intense up and down season ended fittingly with The Warriors lost 6-4 to the Baldwin Bears in their seanarrowly escaping with a 3-point win at the Sabers’ gym another tight game against Baldwin. The Warriors led the son opener on January 16. The Kamehameha Warriors in their 5th game of the season. Sophomore Blake Lau played the Bears for a second time on January 19, and sealed the win with a few clutch free throws in the closing majority of the game by double-digits, when Baldwin th again, suffered a stunning defeat, 13-6. The JV baseball seconds. Kamehameha Maui would continue this trend of came roaring back to within a few points in the 4 quarter. However, the Warriors held on to their lead and won team soon went into a bye week. “We were working tight games with a two-point loss to the undefeated the season finale by only two points, thrilling all in attenreally hard during the by week. We practiced a lot of Luna’s in Lähaina at the next game. dance. plays and drills so we could be ready for the next game This loss sparked the team, who would go on to win against King Kekaulike,” says third-baseman and pitcher JV girls basketball their next six games. The winning streak included anKody Kahaiali’i. Currently the JV Warriors’ record is 1-4, other 3-point win against the Sabers. The team looked by TYLER HILSABECK, sports writer winning their first game against Maui High 5-4 on Februlike it was going to extend the streak to seven until bad Although the J.V girl’s basketball team had a disapary 9. Their last game will be this Saturday at 11 AM at luck struck when they played the Seabury Spartans. pointing year, they were able to pull off two wins against Lähaina. The Warriors held the lead until the closing seconds in the Maui High Sabers and Seabury Hall. The team was

February 14, 2008 Ka Leo o Na Koa  
February 14, 2008 Ka Leo o Na Koa  

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