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portfolio Dutch illustrators Floor Rieder

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Noëlle Smit

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Marie Bodié

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Loes Riphagen

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Eva Gans

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Marenthe Otten

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Sylvia van Ommen

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Geertje Aalders

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Sieb Posthuma

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Pattern design Floor Rieder Cover Illustration © Noëlle Smit, In the Garden -3-

about kbizz In 2006, Kajsa Blomberg founded kbizz creative talents. talents By establishing kbizz everything fell into place: her law degree with ­specialisation Intellectual Property Rights, her international marketing career at Universal Music and her genuine passion for art and illustrations. With her original and innovative ideas, she constantly finds opportunities to develop ­talent in a positive and commercial way. It’s not just about ideas but about actually ­realising and implementing them.

Illustration Sieb Posthuma



introduction Welcome to my portfolio, full of beautiful work by a wide range of award-winning Dutch artists, illustrators, designers and authors. Each of them boasts a unique style, which has led them to wide-spread acclaim and international success. Their creative talents are available for commissions in any field, from illustration for magazines, books or online publications to pattern and product design. These illustrators also have archives of different illustrations which may suit your needs. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am more than happy to discuss the ways in which we can work together and explore opportunities to bring creativity to your business.

With love from the Netherlands,

Kajsa Blomberg

This portfolio is a relatively brief overview of the art available to give you an idea of the diversity and quality of the talents.

Š Renee Bounin

children’s books illustrations, fashion & beauty illustrations, editorial illustrations, lifestyle illustrations, papercuts & library

Floor Rieder

an unique and humorous style with much detail Floor Rieder is an illustrator and designer, mostly known for her children’s books. In 2014, she won the G ­ olden Paintbrush prize for her children’s book debut Het raadsel van Alles wat Leeft (The Mystery of Life), by Jan Paul Schutten. The book was awarded many prizes and is translated into more than seven languages. A second book Het Wonder van Jou (The Marvel of You) about the human body and created in the same style as Het Raadsel, was published in 2015. The third book in the series will ­follow in November 2018. In 2016 she wrote and illustrated the picture book for the Dutch Children’s Book Week 2016.

© Peter van der Heijden

Floor also illustrated a new edition of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. She used an old ­technique, painting on glass. The book won prizes such as Most Beautiful Book Cover 2014 and was placed on the I­­BBY-Honour List. Floor’s version of Alice is also published in ­Germany and Russia and will be ­published in China. Floor Rieder makes editorial illustrations for news­ papers, magazines, city maps and also designs for products. She designed and illustrated a theatre set and loves to design textiles.

The non-fiction trilogy illustrated by Floor Rieder, with the award winning Het Raadsel van Alles Wat Leeft -6-

Award winning book Alice in Wonderland

Chinese cover Het Raadsel van Alles Wat Leeft. Shenzen Award 2019 Luxury playing cards set in Alice in Wonderland style

Illustration podcast Groene Oren (Green Ears) Staatsbosbeheer

Illustration Alice in Wonderland -7-

Floor Rieder

Editorial illustration, de Volkskrant

Illustration Noordbrabants Museum -8-

The Nightwatch by Floor in a promofilm, commissioned by Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

De Wereld Volgens De Kat (The world according the cat), Lannoo

Het geheim van de tuin (The secret of the garden), Gottmer, Rijksmuseum and Gemeente Amsterdam

Illustration Het geheim van de tuin -9-

Noëlle Smit

colourful and humorous illustrations with a nostalgic feel Noëlle studied at the University of the Arts in Utrecht, and graduated in 1999. Since then she has been ­working as a freelance illustrator and has illustrated dozens of children’s books, which have been translated in over ten other languages. In 2017 her own picture book, the wordless picture story To the Market was published in the Netherlands and in France as well.

© Jean-Pierre Jans

She illustrated Rico is niet bang (Rico, the brave sock monkey) which was the first Dutch Little Golden Book, also published in the United States, in the 60-year history of the Golden Books. The picture book Fiet wants to Run by Bibi Dumon Tak and Noëlle, won the Picture Book of the Year Award in 2011. Noëlle worked with the Concertgebouw on two cdbooks and the posters for their children’s c ­ oncerts. Apart from her work as an illustrator for c ­ hildren’s books Noëlle also designs sets and c ­ ostumes for t­heatre productions.

Illustration from Naar de Markt (To the market), Querido - 10 -

Naar de Markt (To the market), Querido

Illustration from Naar de Markt (To the market), Querido

Illustration from Naar de Markt (To the market), Querido - 11 -

NoĂŤlle Smit

Illustration from In the Garden, Little Island Press

In the Garden, Little Island Press

Haren vol Banaan, Rubinstein Publishing - 12 -

Hallo Teckel Tom, Gottmer

Pak die bal Teckel Tom!, Gottmer Illustration from Hallo Teckel Tom

Dikkertje Dap, Querido

Vuilnisvarkens Job & Bob, Gottmer - 13 -

Marie Bodié

trendy, cutting edge watercolour illustrations Maartje Bodt, a stylist and illustrator based in ­Amsterdam, founded the brand Marie Bodié in 2016. She combines this with her work as a stylist for ­major fashion and beauty brands. Her eye for detail and ­fashion trends can be seen in her cutting edge ­illustrations which capture the cultural zeitgeist and trends of today. Marie Bodie’s illustrations have been licensed for greeting cards and mobile phone cases. Her designs are used for fashion (t-shirts, shawls, ­fabrics) and i­nterior items (pillows, wallpaper). She illustrates for magazines, newspapers, fashion brands, stationary clients and book publishers.

© Emma Peijnenburg

Maartje’s hand painted illustrations stand out and are much loved. Her work is easily recognized by its ­intricate details and harmonious colour use. Clients include Estee Lauder, Glamour, Topshop, Pom Amsterdam, FD Magazine, Other Stories, Starbucks.

Sushi for Casetify

Collection of Coffee’s for Chapter Friday - 14 -

Phonecase design for Casetify

Illustrations for greeting cards

Marie BodiĂŠ

Fashion illustrations, FD

Moroccailoil, Glamour Beauty special

Woman of the World for POM Amsterdam shawls - 16 -

Beauty products for Libelle magazine - 17 -

Loes Riphagen

cheerful illustrations and extraordinary cutting technique With her cheerful and original illustrations, Loes ­Riphagen stands out to the audience, press and juries. In 2007, she graduated at Willem de Kooning A ­ cademy in Rotterdam. She made her debut as author and ­illustrator of children’s books with Bedroom Beasties, a picture book that was nominated for the Kinderboekenwinkelprijs 2010.

© Monique van Kessel

Since then, her work has been awarded several times. The book Superheldjes (Little superheroes) was nominated for the European Design Awards 2012 and was one of the main titles of the Children’s Book Week 2011. Vlieg op dikke bromvlieg (Fly away noisy fly) was ­nominated the European Design Awards 2014. In 2013, Loes was asked by promotion organisation CPNB to make the picture book for the Children’s Book Week. In 2016, she made Bij de neus genomen (A trunk for a nose), in which Loes retells the Rudyard Kipling-story How the Elephant got his Trunk in her own way. This is more than just a book, Loes has created an interactive work of art. Her work has been published many countries, i­ncluding France, Russia, Germany, USA, Latvia, F ­ inland, ­Denmark, China, South Korea, Portugal, Japan, Spain and Slovenia.

3 books Friso campaign, Friesland Campina China - 18 -

French version of A trunk for a nose (Didier Jeunesse)

Illustrations from A trunk for a nose De Fontein Publishers

The creepiest creep Querido

Craft your own animal characters De Fontein Publishers - 19 -

Loes Riphagen

Free work

Illustration for a new project Illustration from Kat en Vis (A cat and a fish) with Alain Clark, Moon Publishing

Illustration from Coco kan het! (Yes, Coco can!), Gottmer - 20 -

The “picture book of the year 2021� in the Netherlands

- 21 -

Eva Gans

with a single line she tells a story, inspired by the everyday ‘I like to present the world from my perspective. With only a few lines, I expose the small traits that make us human. Every minute detail is vital to the image as a whole.’

© Kajsa Blomberg

It is almost impossible to suppress a smile at the sight of Gans’ work. With one line she tells a story or an anecdote, inspired by her playful perspective on the mundane. Her work is described as follows: Gans’ work has an impressive light-heartedness to it. With a s­ ingle, ­deliberate stroke of a pen she captures the world around her with a remarkable eye for detail. Colour, object, posture; she is able to find the essence of that which she draws, thus reaches the audience directly. Her vitality and cheerfulness jump off the page in both an uplifting and moving experience for the viewer. Eva is an autodidact. After a year at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam she developed her own style and decided to pursue a career in illustration. Eva draws commissioned pieces for individuals and businesses like logos, i­llustrations, wall-paintings and greeting cards.

From a series of music illustrations - 22 -

- 23 -

Eva Gans

Greeting cards box, Bekking & Blitz Publishers


Macaron box Hotel L’Europe, Amsterdam

Illustration from Niksen (Dutch art of doing nothing), Kosmos

French version of Niksen (Dutch art of doing nothing) - 24 -

Free work

Marenthe Otten welcome to the daring design world of Marenthe

Marenthe is an illustrator of wondrous things, graphic designer, typographer, pattern designer, concept-maker and adventurer. Her work is radically different and sought after by the sharp and shrewd across the globe. Marenthe studied at the Academy of Arts, Graphic Design and Illustration in Belgium, graduating cum laude in 1994. Marenthe has a passion for creating and an unquashable desire to share the wonders of nature, love and happiness with the world. She does this from her studio in The Hague, looking out over a beautiful forest.

Š Floris Leeuwenberg

Marenthe’s work has been recognised in Europe, Asia and the United States. She has won a number of prestigious international awards, including a European Design Award (silver) and Merits from the Art Directors Club, New York. Marenthe was shortlisted for an award from the Type Directors Club Tokyo and has been nominated several times for the Dutch Design Awards.

Greeting card Trader Joe’s

Various Illustrations - 26 -

Marenthe Otten

Christmas Cover, Flow Magazine

Free work illustrating magazine covers

Various illustrations - 28 -

Illustration from educational book for De tuin van Jan - 29 -

Sylvia van Ommen

likes to observe and picture the seemingly normal day to day life Sylvia van Ommen studied illustration at the art academy in Zwolle, Netherlands. After graduating in 2001 her first book Drop (sweets/jellybeans) was published, shortly followed by De verrassing (the surprise). Drop won an award for best children’s book in 2003 and in that same year De verrassing was chosen on the longlist for the Gouden Uil (literary price). Both books are translated and published in several countries. Os and Jo, the characters in Drop, appeared again in the books Mindfulness en andere moderne ongemakken (Mindfulness and other modern discomforts) and in Een succesvol leven, we slepen ons er wel doorheen (A successful life, we muddle through).

© Maurice van der Bij

Een IJsje (An icecream), Gottmer

Sylvia makes illustrations for (picture) books, interactive design and she writes. She likes to observe and picture the seemingly normal day to day life, discovering the humor and weirdness in small things. Animals in all sorts and sizes are often the main characters in her work. Besides individual projects and commissioned work she works together with Maurice van der Bij. They form the creative company ‘fruitcocktail’ and combine their work fields of illustrator and motion graphic designer in fresh original visuals.

Illustration from Een IJsje - 30 -

Mindfulness en andere moderne ongemakken (Mindfulness and other modern discomforts), Lemniscaat

Een succesvol leven, we slepen ons er wel doorheen (A successful life, we muddle through), Hoogland & van Klaveren

Illustrations from Een succesvol leven, we slepen ons er wel doorheen

Illustrations from Mindfulness en andere moderne ongemakken - 31 -

Geertje Aalders a nature loving illustrator and cutting artist

Geertje Aalders is an illustrator, specialized in paper cuts and detailed, refined pen drawings. Geertje Aalders’ cut-out illustrations are true works of art. She provides illustrations for books, magazines, packaging and stationary. Often they are papercuts, though she also creates detailed illustrations in pen or oil paint. Since 2013 she regularly illustrates books for publishers. Her cover for the book Arabische Sprookjes (Arabian Fairy Tales) was awarded The Libris Most Beautiful Book Cover 2017 and earned the Jenny ­Smelik Ibby Prize in 2018. The book has been ­published in America and Canada. Het Papercutboek (The Papercut Book), an inspiring handbook on paper cutting art, was published in 2019. Geertje’s intricate organic patterns are also used on wrapping paper and packaging. Common motifs throughout Geertje’s illustrations are flowers, plants and insects, stemming from her great fondness of nature.

Illustration from Arabische Sprookjes (Arabic fairy tales), Gottmer

Illustration made for Dutch magazine Libelle - 32 -

Geertje Aalders

Illustration from Arabische Sprookjes (Arabic Fairy Tales), Gottmer

Arabische Sprookjes (Arabic Fairy Tales), Gottmer Awarded The Libris Most Beautiful Book Cover 2017 and The Jenny ­Smelik Ibby Prize in 2018.

Het Papercutboek (The Papercut Book), Kosmos Uitgevers

Cover Flow Magazine - 34 -

Een knipoog van de Boeddha, (A wink from the Buddha), Gottmer

Illustration from Een knipoog van de Boeddha, (A wink from the Buddha), Gottmer

Illustration from Mary Poppins, Ploegsma

Mary Poppins, Ploegsma - 35 -

Merel Corduwener modern, contemporary illustrations of daily life

Merel Corduwener (1991) studied Illustration Design at ArtEZ University of the Arts. She graduated in 2013 and subsequently started working for leading Dutch newspapers such as de Volkskrant, NRC and Het Parool. Merel’s illustrations strike a balance between humour and poignant social commentary. She likes to tackle a wide variety of subjects, with human interaction as the focus. She incorporates her fascination with the world around her into her works.

© Marie Wanders

Her book “Polderpolonaise” is a prime example of this, with its in-depth exploration of Dutch identity by means of an illustrative journey through Dutch towns and countryside, looking at the range of annual festivities. In 2017 Merel was nominated for the European Design Award in the category “Book and Editorial Illustration”. In 2019, her first book “Polderpolonaise” was published in both Dutch and English. Merel draws and paints all her illustrations with watercolour and finishes them digitally. This mixed-media approach facilitates her detailed, brightly coloured illustrations.

Editorial illustration, NRC magazine

Editorial illustration, NRC - 36 -

Merel Corduwener Illustration “Sex and I�, Harper Collins

Editorial illustration, Het Parool

Editorial illustration, NRC

Polderpolonaise, Atlas Contact

Editorial illustration, Trouw magazine - 38 -

Editorial illustration, NRC

Illustration from Polderpolonaise, Atlas Contact

Editorial illustration, de Volkskrant - 39 -

Sieb Posthuma

award-winning illustrator with an impressive legacy Sieb Posthuma (1960-2014) has left a comprehensive oeuvre that extends to many disciplines, including ­designs of stamps, costumes and stage settings for theatre. Also, he wrote and illustrated numerous ­children’s books. His style is c ­ haracterized by the ­exuberant use of colour, graphic elements and humour.

© Dorien van der Meer

Sieb’s work is published in many countries, including USA, Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, France, Spain, Italy, Finland and Portugal. There have been various ­expositions about his work: in London, the Rijks­museum Amsterdam, at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, in the Literatuurmuseum in The Hague, in the Original Art Annual Exhibition in New York. In 2017 Teylers ­Museum in Haarlem held an exhibition with a selection of his ­illustrations, for both children and adults. In 2018, illustrations from the book Alexander’s thread were ­included in the exhibition Artist in Books in the Hyundai Museum of Kids, Books and Art in Seoul. One of Sieb’s most famous creations is Rintje (Rusty), based on his own fox terrier. Besides various picture books, Sieb wrote and illustrated a story about Rintje every week for the Dutch newspaper NRC, for more than a decade. In 2017 an animated television series of 26 episodes on Rintje, produced by Lemming Film followed and a new series is in development. The tvseries was also shown in Belgium and Finland.

Illustration from Een vijver vol Inkt (A pond full of ink), Querido

- 40 -

Het gouden boek van Rintje (The golden book of Rintje), Rubenstein Chinese version Het Grote Rintje Voorleesboek

Rintje in Amsterdam, London and New York

Rintje, Lemming Film/A Private View

Werk (Work), Querido - 41 -

Sieb Posthuma

Set design and costumes for Coppelia, Dutch National Ballet

De draad van Alexander Calder, (Alexander’s thread), Leopold Publishing

In 2008 Sieb designed the stage setting and costumes for Coppelia, in request of the Dutch National Ballet. His ­designs received unanimous favourable r­ eviews by the press: The designs by ­Posthuma are a milestone in the history of ballet (NRC 2008). In december 2016 Coppelia was brought to stage again in Amsterdam.

Exhibiton Artist in Books, Hyundai Museum of Kids’, Books and Art, Seoul

Chinese version Aadje Piraatje

Illustration from Aadje Piraatje, Gottmer

Pattern design Floor Rieder - 42 -



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