Ketchum Arts Festival Guide 2021

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23rd Ketchum Arts Festival Sun Valley Festival Meadow

July 9-11


About Ketchum Arts Festival The unhurried pace in our grassy meadow will encourage you to linger. Ketchum Arts Festival is still a locals’ kind of event, celebrating all the arts with home-grown beer on tap and regional music playing. Families can sign the kiddos into the Kids’ Activity Tent. Shop at your leisure. Have a drink in the shade. Encounter friends. Relax!

Festival Schedule:

Hours for July 9 & 10: 10am-6pm Hours for July 11: 10am-4pm Kids’ Activity Tent: 10am-4pm Food & Drink Vendors: 10am-6pm

Information Tent:

Located in the SW corner of the meadow. See map on back cover.

The community-focused Ketchum Arts Festival is held every year in mid-July. Drawing on a county crammed with artistic ability, the Ketchum Arts Festival spotlights Blaine County artists and crafts makers, adding other Idaho artists for spice. KAF’s location, flanked by Bald Mountain, reflects the outdoor spirit of nearby towns Ketchum and Sun Valley. Our independent minded artists infuse their wares with Western spirit. We’re Idaho, folks! The start up of KAF in 1999 was attended by a few local artists who held a tiny fair in a downtown Ketchum courtyard. Popularity with artists and shoppers alike prompted the move in 2005 to our current location in Festival Meadow on Sun Valley Road. 2021 is our 23rd show, and we are getting better all the time. So slow it down. Stay a while. Bring your pooch and linger longer!

Contact Information:

web: email: phone: 208-720-5425

Kids’ Activity Tent Free fun for the little ones so the folks can relax and enjoy the festival! Ages 4 and up can be checked in and left, if the responsible adult has a cell phone and remains on the Festival grounds. Any child younger than 4 needs their own minder of at least 15 years of age. The Kids’ Activity Tent (KAT) offers painting, bubbles, bracelet stringing and other crafts plus lots of supervision. See map for location. Open 10-4 each day.

Dog Policy Well-mannered dogs are welcome but must be on leash at all times.

Booths in Numerical Order 1 - James, Diane

41/42 - Abbott, Merete

91 - Fehr, Ronald

2 - Khalsa, Gurumukh

43 - Renfro, Marjolaine

92 - Arnold, Mary

3/4 - Flocchini, Lea

44 - Gulick, Adam

92 - Butler, Suzi

5/6 - Sewell, Andy

45 - Burlingame, Dick

93 - Leedy, Jeff

7 - Fenton, Kenneth

46 - Jeffery, Anne

94 - Pena, Jim

8 - Sorensen, Anne Watson

47/48 - Kjesbo, Kary

95 - Mesce, Gwen

9 - Schrell, Deanna

49 - Egnatz, Brandi

96 - Johansen, Carol

10 - Beehler, John

50 - Matlock, Megan

97 - Spencer, Hannah

11/12 - Liston, Nancy

51 - Friedlander, Margery

98 - Neumann, Ronni

13 - Haleen, Brentano

52 - Koenig, Kylee

103 - Duran Carolina

14 - Wooding, Wendy

54 - Sims, Seth

104 - Cutlip, R

15 - Kline, Barbara J

55/56 - Newman, Ken

105 - Gervais, Nancy

16 - Larsen, Nonia

57/58 - Jackman, Robert

106 - Pettinger, Brenda

17 - Riley, Alicia

59 - Hughes, Vint

107/108 - Bellinger, Jennifer

18 - McBride, Tracie

60 - Hughes, Linda

109 - Kilcup, Jennie

19 - Luque, Michael

62 - Stutzman, Jackson

110 - Hampton, Michele

20 - Watkins, Patricia

63 - Dettwiler, Jane

111 - Brown, Christopher

21 - Whitt, Heather & Tyrel

64 - Raziano, Trish

112 - Brown, Melissa

22 - Palm, Solymar

65/66 - Peters-Frisk, Vicky

113/114 - Baldwin, Mike

23 - Gardner, Larry

67/68 - Paulson, Cory

117 - Howard, Kim

24 - Gribskov, David

69 - Moates, Dwayne

118 - Griffith, Jineen

25 - Henrie, Carla

70 - Bryant, Nicholas

119 - Winters, Ann

26 - Rosen, Alison

71 - Gibson, Christopher

120 - Cammack, Clayton

27 - McCurdy, Miranda

72 - Petersen, Sean

121 - Boley, Melissa

27 - Seidl, Brooke

73 - Stauts, Julie & Bob

123/124 - Syme, Sara &

28 - Galbos, Julie

74 - Mehaffey, Larry

29 - Stelling, Elise

75/76 - Horton, Lisa

132 - Warfel, John

30 - Leach, Gail

77/78 - Pohle, Elisabeth

133/134 - Shafer, Janelle

31 - Bittenbender, Jan

79/80 - Roberson, Connie

136 - Jacobsen, Karen

32 - Smith, Natalie

81 - Avery, Mike

137/138 - Marsden, Bruce

33 - Lyon, Marty

82 - Odette, Kevin

139/140 - Grigsby, Steven

33 - Phillips, Peter

83/84 - Kern, Sally

141 - Neeley, Phillip

35/36 - Dibbs, Marcia

85/86 - LaMure Jr, Dave

142 - Yancey, Christopher

37 - Stewart, Marie

87 - Wood, Connie

148 - Berquist, Sara

38 - Goulder, Mike

88 - Schreiner, Brian

39 - Young, Karen

89 - Perin, Susan

Late addition:

40 - Stewart, Angela

90 - Hill, Diane

99 - Wilson, Laurie


2021 Ketchum Arts Festival Participants Booth 41/42


Abbott, Merete Pearls & Shawls MJA

Handmade pearl jewelry & handknit shawls tedmerete@gmail. com

Arnold, Mary MGArnold Art

Expressionistic landscape painter

Booth 81

Booth 92

St. George, UT

mgarnoldart@yahoo. com

Booth 10

Rock planters & metal sun faces

Handmade fishing nets & fly boxes Idaho Falls, ID

Beehler, John Woodturnings of bowls & platters



Bellevue, ID

Ketchum, ID

Bellinger, Jennifer

Berquist, Sara

Jennifer Bellinger Fine Art

Comtemporary realism oil painting 208.720.8851 Ketchum, ID

Booth 148

Booth 113/114 Booth 107/108

River Rock Art

Snake River Nets

Boise, ID

Baldwin, Mike

Avery, Mike

Zyla Jewelry

Pearls, gemstones, silver & gold jewelry Ketchum, ID

Wet/dry felted painted imagery

Booth 121

Bittenbender, Jan

Handmade hula hoops

McCall, ID

Bellevue, ID

Brown, Christopher

Brown, Melissa

Christopher Brown Drawings

Original graphite pencil drawings

Hells Canyon Bolo Company

Navajo inspired modern western wear

Booth 120

Fused glass art

Dix Stix

Heirloom quality inlaid walking sticks Boise, ID

Boise, ID

Sizzle Glass Studio

Burlingame, Dick



Butler, Suzi

Colorful contemporary landscapes

Hailey, ID

Booth 45

Bryant, Nicholas

Melissa Graves Brown

melissagravesbrown. com

Hailey, ID

Booth 70

Sun Valley Hoops


christopherbrownart. com

Booth 92

Boley, Melissa


Booth 112

Booth 111

Booth 31


Cammack, Clayton Clay Cammack Photography

Photography with an old west feel Claycammackphoto

Eagle, ID

Cutlip, R Creations 4 You

Balsamic, olive oils, sauces & seasonings

Booth 63

Booth 104

Idaho Falls, ID

Dettwiler, Jane Berrycreek Fairies

Nature inspired birdhouses & fairy gardens

Kamiah, ID

Hailey, ID

Summit Jewelry Designs

Locally themed bronze & silver jewelry

Booth 103

Dibbs, Marcia

Duran Carolina Oh! Sunnyslope

Handcrafted bags with original textiles ohsunnyslope.etsy. com

Hailey, ID

McCall, ID

Egnatz, Brandi

Fehr, Ronald

Happy Place Hammocks & ReCap Hand woven hammocks & upcycled hats

Booth 91

summitjewelrydesigns. com

Acquainted with Butterflies

Framed exotic insects & butterflies acquaintedwithbutter

McCall, ID

Idaho Falls, ID

Fenton, Kenneth

Flocchini, Lea

Fenton Metal Design

Freeform stainless steel sculpture

Booth 3/4


Le La Designs Jewelry

Inspired designs Unique jewelry

Fruitland, ID

Hailey, ID

Friedlander, Margery

Galbos, Julie

Margery Friedlander Art Monotypes & lithographic photo transfers

Booth 28

JAM Designs Handmade jewelry, scarves, skirts, ponchos



Hailey, ID

Ketchum, ID

Gardner, Larry

Gervais, Nancy

Sow’s Ear Woodworks Handmade wine accessories & Intarsia

schoonerg77@gmail. com Hailey, ID

Booth 105

Booth 23

Booth 51

Booth 7

Booth 49

Booth 35/36


Acrylic paintings with vintage maps 425.766.4026 Sun Valley, ID

Gibson, Christopher Gibson Glass Art LLC

Kiln formed glass art

Booth 38

Booth 71


Boise, ID

Goulder, Mike Treeworks

Handmade cooking utensils from Idaho wood

Circular Creations

Artistic & functional wood turnings

Booth 118

Gribskov, David

Boise, ID

Ketchum, ID

Grigsby, Steven

Gulick, Adam

Bug’s Bowls Custom Wood Works

Wood & antler products

Lucky Seven Scarves

Original paintings, drawings scarves & puzzles

Idaho landscape & nature photography

Stanley, ID


Haleen, Brentano

Adam Gulick Photography

asgulick@hotmail. com

Hailey, ID

Booth 13

Plein air oil paintings/ local landscapes jineengriffith@gmail. com


Hampton, Michele Tractor Wheels and Tumbleweeds Tractor wheel tables, burned side tables 208.450.9198

208-720-1467 Ketchum, ID

Ketchum, ID

Henrie, Carla

Hill, Diane

Hanging Bead

Booth 90

Booth 25

Griffith, Jineen

dgribskov@gmail. com

Booth 44

Booth 139/140

Booth 24

Boise, ID

Hillmanor Design


Watercolored eco prints & wildflower collage

Ketchum, ID


Gemstone zipper pulls

Idaho Falls, ID

Horton, Lisa Bangles, Baubles & Beads

Mixed metal jewelry with gemstones

Booth 117

Booth 75/76


unique_rocks@aol. com

Booth 59

Dried rose garlands

Hailey, ID

Jewelry, gem &

crystal, rock sculpture

Hailey, ID

Jackman, Robert

Jacobsen, Karen

Sculpting Time

Custom wood geared clocks 208-420-5402

James, Diane Picabo Ironworks

Recycled metal made into fountains Boise, ID

Anne Jeffery Photography

Digital composites of original photographs

Bellevue, ID

Booth 83/84

Capturing moments of zen in oil paint

Jeffery, Anne


Picabo, ID

Carol Johansen Art

Plein air & studio landscapes Ketchum, ID


Johansen, Carol

KarenJacobsenFineArt. Com


Booth 46

Booth 1

Hughes Designs

Hailey, ID

Filer, ID

Booth 96

Hughes, Vint



Booth 57/58

Booth 60

Hailey, ID

Idaho Rose Garlands

Watercolor & pen folk paintings kimhow111@gmail. com

Hughes, Linda

Howard, Kim

Kern, Sally Kernworks Pillows, napkins, batik skirts, windsocks, fleece Hailey, ID

Khalsa, Gurumukh Guki Khalsa Jewelry

Jewelry inspired by architecture & nature

Booth 109

Booth 2


Custom made jewelry kary@karykjesbo

Functional, decorative & wearable glass art

torchedglassworks. com

Probiotic, organic hair & body care clearwatercultures

Art that makes you laugh

artthatmakesyou Boise, ID

Bronze sculptures & vessels

Leach, Gail Leachwerks

Whimsical,innovative assemblages from found objects

Sun Valley, ID

Booth 11/12

Booth 93

Jeff Leedy Studios

Dave LaMure Jr Studio

leachwerks@gmail. com

Clearwater, ID

Leedy, Jeff

LaMure Jr, Dave

Kimberly, ID

Booth 30

Booth 16

Clearwater Cultures

Gelatin silver, analog photo montage, hand-colored


Boise, ID

Larsen, Nonia

Barbara J. Kline Photography

Ketchum, ID

Booth 85/86

Booth 52

Torched Glassworks

Kline, Barbara J

Hailey, ID

Koenig, Kylee

Watercolor, enhanced with pen etched outlines

Hailey, ID

Booth 15

Booth 47/48

Kary Kjesbo Designs

Jennie Kilcup Waterworks

Hailey, ID

Kjesbo, Kary

Kilcup, Jennie

Liston, Nancy Liston Studios

Hand painted ceramics info@listonstudios. com Gardnerville, NV

Luque, Michael Bear it Design & Photography

Limited edition giclee photographic prints

Booth 33

Booth 19


Lyon, Marty Soft pastel landscape paintings 253.209.4586


Hailey, ID

Marsden, Bruce Barrel Merchant - Wine Stave Designs

Furniture & decor using wine barrels

Booth 50

Booth 137/138

Eagle, ID

Booth 27

Booth 18

Mixed media arts & glass mosaics traciemcbridearts. com

Hand carved exotic hardwood wildlife sculptures

Hand thrown & painted ceramic vessels

Hailey, ID

Booth 95

Booth 74

LM Wildlife Carving

McCurdy, Miranda


Boise, ID

Mehaffey, Larry

Fine metal & natural stone jewelry

Hailey, ID

Boise, ID

Tracie McBride Arts

Elk Creek Jewelry



McBride, Tracie

Matlock, Megan

Mesce, Gwen Bigwood Balm

Hand harvested cottonwood balm 208.999.2381


Hailey, ID

Moates, Dwayne

Oil paintings -wildlife & western

Booth 141

Booth 69

Dixie, ID

Neeley, Phillip Art by Phillip

Horizontal Abstract Pianter


Moore, ID

Ketchum, ID

Neumann, Ronni Stella Goods

Leather & felt handcrafted goods stellagoods@icloud. com

Booth 55/56

Booth 98


Northwest landscape photography printed on metal kevinodettephoto

Booth 94

Hand drawn & printed quality goods

Vintage & nature inspired handmade accessories

Pena, Jim Summit Fine Art Photo

Nature & wildlife photography

perrinemanpress. com

summitfineartphoto. com

Twin Falls, ID

Rathdrum, ID

Perin, Susan

Petersen, Sean

Landscapes in acrylic, pastel, oil, watercolor

Pinkchef Woodturning

Lathe turned wooden bowls sppinkchef@gmail. com

208.721.1618 Sun Valley, ID

Stanley, ID

Peters-Frisk, Vicky

Pettinger, Brenda

Vicky’s Craft Creations

Hand made birdhouses & feeders Chubbuck, ID

Booth 106

Booth 65/66

Fluff Hardware

Boise, ID

Booth 72

Booth 67/68 Booth 89

Perrine Man Press

Palm, Solymar

Idaho Falls, ID

Paulson, Cory

Clay & cast in bronze & wood

Cambridge, ID

Booth 22

Booth 82

Kevin Odette Photography

Ken Newman Sculptures


Ketchum, ID

Odette, Kevin

Newman, Ken

BP Pottery

Rustic, functional, Idaho-inspired pottery @BPpotteryIdaho Nampa, ID

Phillips, Peter Casein & oil painting - landscape gamlefisken@gmail. com

Booth 77/78

Booth 33


Raziano, Trish Trish Raziano Art & Designs

Mixed media mandala art & designs


Booth 79/80

Booth 17

Hand sewn headbands & neck gators

Sun Valley Remedies

Handmade organic body products sunvalleyremedies. com

Wednesday, Everyday

An ecletic mix of artistic passions

Roberson, Connie Ladies upscale fashion connie@connie

Schreiner, Brian Original acrylic, watercolor paintings, prints, cards 208.340.8301

Sun Valley, ID

Boise, ID

Schrell, Deanna

Seidl, Brooke

Fine art oil paintings Ketchum, ID

Booth 27

Booth 9

Renfro, Marjolaine

Marina Del Ray, CA

Booth 88

Booth 26

Melba, ID

Rosen, Alison


Ketchum, ID

Hailey, ID

208 explore

Handmade agate & turquoise jewelry

Riley, Alicia

Elisabeth Pohle Designs

Sun Valley, ID

Booth 43

Booth 64

Ketchum, ID

Pohle, Elisabeth

Brookline Pottery

Handmade functional pottery @BrookeSeidl Ketchum, ID

Destiny Design

Watercolor and oil paintings & prints

Booth 133/134

Booth 5/6

Sewell, Andy

Viola, ID


Shafer, Janelle Get Outside Idaho

Idaho adventure brand apparel & accessories hello@getoutside

Seth Sims Productions

Handspun American glass art & sculpture

Booth 32

Sims, Seth

Mixed media acrylic art on canvas

Boise, ID

Hailey, ID

Sorensen, Anne Watson

Spencer, Hannah Baron

Watercolors by Watson

Paintings that radiate joy

Emulate Natural Products

Handmade skin care & pain relief

Hand pulled woodblocks with watercolor North Fork, ID

Booth 29

Stauts, Julie & Robert

HBS Artworks

Meridian, ID

Stelling, Elise Elise Stelling Jewelry

Fine silver, copper & bronze jewelry

elisestellingjewelry. com

Donnelly, ID

Ketchum, ID

Stewart, Angela

Stewart, Marie

Ladybug Press

Original letterpress & screenprinted goods

Booth 37

Booth 73

Nani Art

nani@visionsmith. com

Booth 40

Smith, Natalie


Booth 97

Booth 8

Booth 54

Buhl, ID

Marie Stewart Designs

Paintings: Wearable & wall art

Boise, ID

Hailey, ID

Stutzman, Jackson Idaho Livin

Self-embroidered/ printed branding company

Booth 123/124

Booth 62


Outdoor & Idaho inspired apparel

Booth 20

Booth 132

Half Basque Job Design

Watkins, Patricia Artistic Facets

Stylish classical jewelry - local greeting cards

Boise, ID

Santa Barbara, CA

Whitt, Heather & Tyrell

Winters, Ann

R.A.D. Mosaic

Unique glass mosaics in antique frames

Encaustic & mixed media on panel

Booth 14

Connie Wood Studio Weston, ID

Booth 39


Wooding, Wendy Art Attack Glass

Kiln formed glass 208.867.2305 Boise, ID

Hagerman, ID

Yancey, Christopher

Unique upcycled metal designs

Emmett, ID

Boise, ID

Wood, Connie

The Red Penguin

2redpenguin@gmail. com


Booth 87

Handmade super hero capes & accessories

Booth 119

Booth 21

halfbasquejob@gmail. com

Booth 142

Super Rad Cape Co

Boise, ID

Boise, ID

Warfel, John

Syme, Sara & Jeffrey

Young, Karen Frill

Distinctive handmade handbags & accessories Caldwell, ID

Artists by Booth Number

Food Court

The Ketchum Arts Festival Board greatly appreciates assistance from: Volunteers from The Community School * Deanna Schrell Michal Abbott and the Kids’ Activity Tent staff * Kim Howard for the cover art Albertsons’ Market * City of Sun Valley * Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church Don Zimmer of Sun Valley Records * Andy Ferguson of Edge Productions KAF Board Members: E.J. Harpham, Patty Holley & Lisa Horton

Festival Guide copyright: 2021 Ketchum Arts Festival

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