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Reinventing A Photography Folio by Kaye Clarete

Born as Kathleen Mae Clarete, she chose to be called Kaye. Kaye is a 20-year old photography enthusiast who specializes in portrait and fashion photography. However, she does not want to let limitations stop her from doing other fields. Instead, she continues to explore other things such as street photography and photojournalism. Thus, the title of this folio: REINVENTING. She takes inspiration from both vintage and modern things, handcrafted details, both the urban and rural, and the photographs that reminisce the good old days. Little by little, she begins to be deeply influenced with Japanese cinematography and the art itself.

Fashion and Portrait “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” - Confucius

People and Stories Photos of people who each have their own stories to tell.

A Walk with Me A collection of photos of the big and little interesting things I see.

Š 2011 All Rights Reserved. This is an ongoing portfolio and therefore, may contain changes from time to time.

Photography Folio  

A photography folio by Kaye Clarete.