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Important Contact Details From The Estate Manager Remember Our Rules


The Aesthetics Committee Building Rules The Clubhouse From The Fitness Instructor A Word From Werner De Waal The Oval Luxury Apartments Competition Winner It’s Time For A Giveaway How Safe Is Your Pet This Holiday? The Cycling Club 7 Tips For Sader Holiday Travel Car Games For The Whole Family Click On Upcoming Events

Disclaimer: This Newsletter is produced especially for residents/owners of The Hills to provide updates and useful information. It is produced by KS Studio on behalf of Trafalgar Property Management (Pty) Ltd. Although every effort is taken to ensure accuracy of content, Trafalgar Property Management (Pty) Ltd and/or the Publisher, cannot be held liable for any inaccurate andPublication may not agree opinions expressed in this publication. 2information, The Official Ofwith TheallHills

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Contact Details 4 The Official Publication Of The Hills

Security Manager

Estate Manager

Environmental Officer

Wynand de Sousa 071 674 3095

Hannes De Wet 082 551 6015

Main Gate

079 079 4711

Levy Enquiries

Bianca van Niekerk 011 214 5200 Netcare

Pretoria East Hospital

012 422 2300 (Antivenom)

Jaco van Wyk 072 258 2239

Dear Residents I can’t believe it’s the end of another year! When I was young and couldn’t wait for the December holidays, my grandmother use to tell me that I should not be in such a hurry, that the older you get the faster the time goes by, and was she ever right.

From The

Estate Manager

This past year has been another very good time for The Hills community. 127 Owners are currently residing in The Hills and 150 are under construction. Construction of the Clubhouse has been completed and the following projects have all started (The Oval, Hillstead and Attreburry entrance). From HOA management we would like to wish everyone a joyful festive season! Travel safe and here’s to an even more exciting 2017!

Wynand de Sousa

5 The TheOfficial OfficialPublication PublicationOfOfThe TheHills Hills 5


the Rules

6 The Official Publication Of The Hills

• Motorised vehicles, including golf carts, shall be driven on the Estate’s roads only by persons who hold a valid current driver’s license, which permits them to drive the vehicle in question. • The driving of motorised vehicles on common property is confined only to roads and driveways. • Hunting, the trapping of birds (and animals) and the setting of snares are specifically prohibited. • No person shall launch any boat or craft of any description, powered by a motor or otherwise, on any dam on the Estate. • No water sports are permitted on any of the dams on the Estate and no person shall enter any dam without The Hills HOAs prior written consent being obtained. • The setting off of fireworks are prohibited in the Estate. • No quad bikes or motorbikes are to be ridden on the walking trails, parks and bridle paths or within the Estate (whichever is applicable) except when traveling between the homeowner’s stand or unit and the main gate for purposes of entering and exiting the Estate.

The Official Publication Of The Hills 7

The Aesthetics Committee The Aesthetics Committee has been moved from Century to Studious Architects. For any plan related enquiries please contact them on 012 663 3371 • Plan approval • Guidelines enquiries • Plan changes

8 The Official Publication Of The Hills


12 days, 12 stores, one phenomenal deal every day See our Facebook page for more

The Official Publication Of The Hills 9

building sites

The construction gates will be closing on the 15th December for the builder break and will then reopen on 9 January 2017. During this period no contractor will be allowed on any building site.

WEDNESDAY 14 DECEMBER 2016: FINAL INSPECTION TO BE DONE ON ALL THE BUILDING SITES. Please ensure that the following is in place by then • • • • • •

Building sites are cleaned Skips are cleaned Road are cleaned Shade netting is 100% Gates can/are locked Toilets are cleaned

9 December 2016 will be the last day any electricity connection will be done. If you wish to have your electricity connected before then please contact Kobus Rademeyer 082 787 4113 10 The Official Publication Of The Hills

The Official Publication Of The Hills 11

The Clubhouse

12 The Official Publication Of The Hills

It is with great pride that we announce the opening of the new Estate clubhouse, which features a family restaurant, full gym with studio, cardio and weights section, outdoor swimming pool, tennis court and a kids’ play area. The clubhouse is positioned overlooking the dam and forms the social hub of the development. To celebrate this opening and the arrival of summer we will be hosting a family day, which will include a kids mountain bike ride, a Christmas market and an outdoor big screen movie on Saturday 3 December. Look out for the invite.

The Official Publication Of The Hills 13

From The

Fitness Instructor The Hills Fitness Centre is situated in the Estate and boasts the latest in Fitness equipment and services. It is our aim to play a very important role in placing a value-added service in creating the Ultimate Lifestyle Eperience to the residents of The Hills Our team consist of qualified personnel as well as group

14 The Official Publication Of The Hills

training instructors, which will guide all members towards their Fitness Goals, whether it is to loose weight, rehabilitation, increase fitness levels or transforming their bodies.) All the outstanding gym equipment will be delivered in the first few weeks of December. An official opening for the gym will be held in the last weekend of January 2017

For more information contact: Francois 062 608 1814

The Restaurant A new operator for the restaurant has been appointed. Opening date and future information will be communicated within the first couple of months of 2017

Once open the restaurant in the Clubhouse will offer Portuguese and Italian Cuisine with a South African influence. All our meals will be freshly prepared with fresh ingredients. flamed grilled chicken, spicy or plain seafood, pizzas, pastas and South African grills. Our deck is set in front of the lake and is perfect for you to relax and enjoy a great meal. The outdoor playground will keep your little ones busy. Also a perfect area for kiddies themed parties. We will host conference and corporate events to suite your specific needs in our private dining room. We will also do deliveries to your home from our Deli and our kitchen.

We have something for everyone!

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16 The Official Publication Of The Hills

The year 2016 has shown great development in The Hills Estate, with 127 families currently residing in the development and a further 150 homes under construction. As the year draws to a close we spoke to Resident Estate Agent and Team Leader Werner de Waal from RE/MAX Infoglobe about market trends and property growth within The Hills Estate. “The property market in 2016 saw good growth and demand in the first two quarters, this led to a strong number of sales and sales prices for the development. Within this period of time a total number of 10 completed homes were sold, the average marketing price was R10,352.20 per sqm. We were able to achieve a 2.91% variance between marketing - and sales price, resulting in an average sales price of R9,913.86 per sqm. We have also noticed a decline in activity within the property

A word from

Werner de Waal

market over the last two quarters of 2016, this has been measured on a national scale. Despite this decline in activity we still saw an increase in property values within the development. Vacant stands in the development still attracted most buyers wishing to build their own homes. This has resulted in an increase of 16% in sales prices. Facilities such as the clubhouse and future infrastructure upgrades will further impact the property values in 2017. For any property related questions or for free valuations please do not hesitate to contact me. “ Best Regards, Werner de Waal (RE/MAX Infoglobe) 083 445 0495


18 The Official Publication Of The Hills

The Oval is a new precinct of luxury apartments situated inside The Hills Game Reserve Estate. The 190 apartments come in a variety of different designs ranging from 51m² to 65m² one-, 88m² two- and 117m² three-bedroom options with the ground floor units including a private garden. The Oval is completely unique as it is an apartment complex that is inside the Estate, this is a first that can’t be reproduced and there is a very limited number, which makes it a savvy investment. The R50,000 launch discount still applies until 15th December with a further R150,000 discount if The Oval Luxury Apartments in The Hills Cont.

you purchase a second unit. The apartments also include a Bosch appliance package making this an exceptional investment with lots of value-adds.

The first phase of apartments are nearing completion with transfer in December 2016. This is a savvy investment to move in or rent out, contact us now to enquire about the The Oval Apartments. The Official Publication Of The Hills 19

20 The Official Publication Of The Hills

CONGRATULATIONS to our competition winner

Melani Nezar Stand No5 WHO WON

A HALF DAY SPA PACKAGE FOR TWO @ make sure not to miss this month’s competition!

The Official Publication Of The Hills 21

22 The Official Publication Of The Hills


Stand a chance to win Barnyard Tickets for you and 3 friends Closing Date 31 December 2016

23 The The Official Official Publication Publication Of The Of The Hills Hills 23

24 The Official Publication Of The Hills

How safe is your pet this holiday? The holidays are approaching fast. Have you secured reliable caretakers for your pets? If you haven’t yet, please see our list of kennels below. Kennels in Pretoria East: • Berg en Dal Kennel - 082 909 7038

• Menlyn Kennels and Cattery – 012 480 2031 • KatHotel – 012 361 0412 • Kanaan Kennels – 012 817 2068 • Glenfelix Kennels And Cattery - 072 496 0944

• •

Your yard and gates are secure so that your dogs won’t be able to get out. Your pets have ample shelter to stay safe, warm and dry from rain.

In addition to arranging people to care for your animals, also make sure that: • Your pets’ annual vaccinations are up to date (including kennel cough if they are going to a kennel). • Your pet has a chip implant and/or clearly marked tag on his/her collar.

Remember, fireworks over the New Year and even the Gauteng thunderstorms can put your pets under severe stress, especially when you are away. Consider this when finding suitable people to care for your pets.

25 The The Official Official Publication Publication Of The Of The Hills Hills 25

Cycling Club If you are looking for cycling buddies or if you want to start a new hobby – look no further. The Hills will soon start its own social/practice cycling club. The aim of the Club is to get beginners and experienced cyclers together to potentially train for cycling events taking place in 2017. The Club will consist of two short rides during the week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 17h15, and a longer ride on Saturdays at 7h00. The Club will meet up at The Hills gym. 26 The Official Publication Of The Hills

Fun rides for the kids in the Estate could also be something we can explore in the New Year. For more information or suggestions kindly contact: Dirk van Zyl on 082 806 6136

7 Tips for safer Holiday Travel The December holidays are literally around the corner. By now you’ve probably already made all your lists, cleaned the trailer and spend many hours daydreaming of holiday bliss. And right you should, you deserve the break. Apart from the few days standing

28 The Official Publication Of The Hills

between you and the holidays, there are one more obstacle to overcome‌the drive down. Every year the masses of cars on the roads, and a lot of reckless driving, not only cause stress levels to rise but also lead to fatal accidents. With this in mind we have put together 7 tips to encourage safer, more relaxed travel.

Tip 1: Service your car

Tip 4: Pack food, snacks and cold drinks

Tip 6: Stay alert

Take your car for a service before your trip, and check all the usual before your departure i.e. water, oil, wipers, tyres (spares) etc. This includes safety checks on your trailer. Make sure you have all your emergency gear like triangles, flashlights, reflective jackets etc. packed and ready.

Regular stops to stretch legs and get fresh air are essential. However, stopping for that inevitable bathroom break and refueling can often end up in a 30-minute delay due to a snack and cold drink run. During lunchtime the masses of patrons at diners can delay your trip with over and hour if you are travelling in peak time. A good way to avoid delays and the stress of trying to make up lost time on the road is to pack a cooler bag with treats and even lunch. Also try avoiding the popular pit stops. A quick detour to a fuel station in town could save you a lot of time.

Alertness is key in road safety. Stay alert by snacking regularly, staying hydrated, ensuring good ventilation in the car and by getting your coffee fix every few hours or so. If you didn’t get enough rest the night before and you start feeling drowsy, ask a co-driver to take over for a few hours. Prevent drowsiness further by engaging in car activities with fellow passengers and listening to vibey music.

Tip 2: Plan your route If you are travelling to a new destination, make sure you plan your route in advance. Getting lost will not only place added stress on you but also add time to journey. Even if you know the route, do some research on whether there are any roadworks or stop-and-go sections as these are best avoided if possible.

Tip 3: Get a good night’s sleep Make sure you get proper rest the night before. Don’t drink any alcohol as it will disturb your rest and perhaps take a sleeping tablet if you are too excited or stressed out.

Tip 5: Relax Easier said than done, we know. But remember, even though you have a lot of road to cover, you are on holiday. Don’t let the stress of driving steal your joy. Try and take it as easy as possible and keep to the speed limit. Delays happen so don’t aim to arrive at your destination in the least possible time. Add a few hours to your travel plan, and keep calm. If at all possible, a halfway stopover for the night is always a great idea!

Tip 7: Keep the kids entertained Bored kids are the worst travel companions. Circumvent this added level of stress by ensuring the kids have enough to keep them occupied with for the entire trip. A portable DVD player with ample DVDs they haven’t seen yet, music, games, you name it, pack it and give it a go. Some families prefer driving through the night, especially with younger children, so they sleep through most of the journey. However, if you don’t drive well at nighttime, don’t attempt it. 7 Tips forThe saver OfficialHoliday Publication Travel Of The Cont. Hills 29

That endless kilometer upon kilometer can become quite boring after a while. Especially if it’s the fifth time you’ve listened to the same playlist. It could perhaps be a good time to bring up car games. Make sure you have pen and paper to write down all your scores. Here are 4 games the whole family can play together:

Car Games for the whole family 30 The Official Publication Of The Hills

1. The car colour game Each person in the car picks a popular car colour. For e.g Mum picks the colour blue. Therefore every time a blue car drives past she will get a point. And so on and so forth. 2. The license plate game This popular USA game can work well in SA too as we have multiple provinces and various license plate districts for the Western Cape. Name where each passing car comes from and test your knowledge. Not sure about all the Western Cape districts? Venture a guess and Google it afterwards. Who knows, perhaps you’ll even see cars from other countries in Africa too.

3. Names, Animals, Cities The classic “name, diere, dorpe” game. Run down the alphabet and give each person a try to name a person’s name, an animal and a city of that specific letter. 4. Questions This game can be played in one of two ways. The one method is where a passenger thinks of something (anything) and the rest of the car has 20-questions to guess what he/she is thinking of. The second method (and perhaps the most fun one) is when everyone in the car writes down the name of a celebrity on a piece of paper, which is then stuck to the forehead of the person on their left. Everyone then takes turns by asking a question in an attempt to guess who they are. However, the questions a person are allowed to ask may only have a “Yes” or “No” reply. For e.g. Am I a woman? Am I an actress? etc. Seeing as a car has a mirror you will have to think of a way to ensure there is no cheating.

Enjoy your trip & travel safe!

The Official Publication Of The Hills 31

32 The Official Publication Of The Hills

VISITOR ACCESS SYSTEM QUICK GUIDE The Hills Visitor Panel Numbers: 079 079 4711 Main Gate

Communication with the system is only possible if your phone number is listed on the Estate database.

WHEN YOUR VISITOR ARRIVES AT THE GATE: Step 1: Your visitor must furnish the guard with your stand number for effective access to the Estate, should your visitor provide alternate information the access process will take longer and cause delays at the gate. Step 2: A call will be placed by the guard to your phone announcing your visitor. Step 3: Press 9 on your phone to grant access for your visitor, an “access granted” voice will be heard and your visitor is granted access. If you do not want to grant access to the visitor press ### on your phone and an “access denied” voice will be heard. The Official Publication Of The Hills 33

Visitors to the Estate will only be granted access on condition that the driver of the vehicle is in possession of a valid driver’s license. PRE-CLEARANCE OF VISITORS VIA SMS This feature is only available via a cellphone Step 1: Ensure that your cellular number is loaded on the Estate database, if it is not listed the SMS features of the system will not be available to you. Step 2: Decide on how many visitors you would like to pre-clear for the day. Step 3: Should you require 3 visitors to have pre-clearance access codes, SMS C 3 to the visitor panel at the number listed above. Step 4: You will receive an SMS reply from the visitor panel containing the Access code. 34 The Official Publication Of The Hills

Forward the SMS to your visitor/s who in turn communicates the code to the Guard at the visitors entrance lane to access the Estate. Access codes will only work for the number of times they were requested and will automatically expire at the time indicated on the sms EXTENDED PRE CLEARANCE CODES An extended pre clearance access code can be requested in instances where the resident requires an access code to work multiple times for an extended period. As per step 3 of pre-clearance codes, simply add the start and end date to the code request The format is as follows: c xx yymmdd yymmdd (note the spaces between the various fields) c Code Command xx - Number times the code must work yy - Year i.e 13 (2013) mm - Month i.e 01 to 12 dd - Day Example: You require an access code to be valid from the 25th December 2013 to the 28th December 2013 and you require the code to work 3 times only for the period, send the following sms: c 3 131225 131228 Please note that start and end dates may not exceed 30 days

ClickOn Communications cont.

WHEN YOUR VISITOR EXITS THE ESTATE Once you have granted access to your visitor by pressing 9 on your phone your visitor will receive a printed slip containing a one-time PIN for use at the entrance and the exit. The PIN number must be presented by the visitor (on the keypad) to enter and exit the Estate. The expiry date and time of the PIN is indicated on the slip. Should your visitor arrive at the exit gate with an expired PIN number, the guard will contact your stand as per the entry process described above to activate a new exit slip.

The Official Publication Of The Hills 35


Submit your photos to: 36 The Official Publication Of The Hills

To all keen photographers out there‌ why not forward your contributions for placement in the newsletter? We live in such a beautiful Estate, let’s share with one another what life offers in such abundance. We eagerly await your contributions! Feel free to include any information that fellow photographers might find interesting, e.g. type of camera used, lens size, shutter speed etc. It would be super if you would name your contribution, who knows you might see your photo on the Cover of our next issue.

The Official Publication Of The Hills 37

Upcoming Events Christmas Market Saturday 3 December 2016 10h00 - 19h00 Kiddies Train Rides, Live Music, Outdoor Movie, Kids Mountain Bike Ride, Food Stalls and loads of Kids Entertainment. Like 2 Bike Saturday 3 December 2016 Registration 08h00 - 09h00 Start 09h00 2km: 2-3 yrs, 5km: 4 - 6yrs, 10km: 7+yrs Cost R100 per child Adults welcome to run/ ride with their kids at no charge.

38 The Official Publication Of The Hills

The Official Publication Of The Hills 39

The Official Publication of The Hills Estate_Issue 4 December 2016  

The Hills Game Reserve Estate is an upmarket, secure 480 hectare residential estate which includes a game reserve stocked with several speci...

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