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Nightclubs and Lounges Easily-adaptable systems with top-end performance


With the beats flowing and the bass pumping, K-array designs acoustic systems of high quality and flexibility for nightclubs, lounges, bars and pubs. The powerful yet fast and controlled sound that the speakers make pulses through the veins and literally punches the air with vigor, all whille harmonizing with any adjoining areas with different audio requirements. These reliable solutions can go night after night without relenting.


12 Stories at InterContinental DC Washington DC | United States


Nightclubs and Lounges


12 Stories at InterContinental DC The InterContinental Hotel in Washington, D.C.’s new billion-dollar residential and retail development The Wharf, boasts a 3,500-squarefoot rooftop cocktail spot, dubbed 12 Stories which features modern artwork, industrial-chic design touches like concrete flooring, wired pendulum lighting, velvet, marble, leather and wood furniture, and an expansive 26-foot Nana Wall, opening up onto an outdoor terrace. Restaurant managers requested an audio system that could deliver a high SPL in a compact enclosure. Together with hotel management, the team selected K-array’s Kayman-KY102 line array loudspeakers for its amazing horizontal coverage and its 4” closely-spaced drivers that allow for better frequency response in the lower bandwidth.


Audio Solution



7x Python-KP52 I



Taiga Beirut Nightclub Beirut | Lebanon


Nightclubs and Lounges


Taiga Beirut Nightclub Taiga Beirut is a leading nightclub known for its unique blend of Arabic and English pop music, live solo performances and a spectacular lineup of DJs. Emphasizing the importance of sound quality, Taiga owners required a state-of-the-art audio system to reinforce its reputation for great live performances.



Audio Solution



6x Dragon-KX12



2x Thunder-KMT12 I

Thunder-KMT18 l


Yojimbo Lounge Hong Kong | China


Nightclubs and Lounges


Yojimbo Lounge The Dining Concepts’ latest bar, Yojimbo, was designed by international designer, Ashley Sutton complete with a K-array audio installation. Located in the heart of Hong Kong’s night life district, Yojimbo replicates the underground world of Japanese clubbing through its international DJs, entertainment features and cocktails similar to the underground Ginza lanes of Tokyo. Yojimbo is a slightly bigger space than many of Hong Kong’s bars or clubs yet a discreet system comprised of few loudspeakers has enough DSP to cover the lobby area of the bar while K-array’s powerful Concert Series line arrays are used on either side of the DJ booth on the dancefloor.

Audio Solution









2x Mugello-KS5

2x Rumble-KU210



White Nightclub Dubai Dubai | United Arab Emirates


Nightclubs and Lounges


White Nightclub Dubai White Nightclub Dubai, located at the Meydan Racecourse Grandstand rooftop, is the only nightclub in the Middle East ranked among the top 30 clubs in the world. The club hosts three different themed nights each with its own floor layout and AV setup to create an entirely different experience every night. Club owners required a homogeneous, high SPL sound in the venue adaptable to the different setups.


Audio Solution




8x Firenze-KS8



TAO Chicago Nightclub Chicago | United States


Nightclubs and Lounges


TAO Chicago Nightclub The Chicago nightclub-and-restaurant hybrid TAO is housed in a landmarked Romanesque Revival building in Chicago and is designed to reflect the theme of existing TAO locations with Asianinspired dĂŠcor. The restaurant seats up to 300 diners and hosts a DJ booth while the 7,000-square-foot, 1,000-person capacity nightclub resides on the second floor and is equipped with two bars, a lounge area, dance floor and DJ booth. K-array was selected to meet the many aesthetics, performance, reliability and sound quality requirements presented by the clients throughout the restaurant, bar and bathrooms. For the club, the sound consultants suggested a live sound system that was less aggressive than the other TAO locations for a better experience for the clubgoers, but yet still maintained a powerful sound with high-definition. The club was moreover impressed with the high performance from its compact design that integrated perfectly.

Audio Solution



8x Python-KP52 I


Python-KP102 I







6x Firenze-KH7









2x Kommander-KA24




Iris Lebanon Nightclub Beriut | Lebanon


Nightclubs and Lounges


Iris Lebanon Nightclub Heralded for its unique atmosphere, setting and ambiance, Iris Lebanon is an open-air city retreat in the New Waterfront district in Beirut. One of the most-visited rooftops given its amazing city views especially at sunset, the nightclub demanded excellent sound coverage able to provide pulsating dance music and to accommodate live performances, including professional DJ sets, without spilling over to other downtown buildings and without compromising the design of the venue.




Audio Solution



22x Tornado-KT2C



3x Thunder-KMT21 I

2x Kommander-KA24



Tenax Florence | Italy


Nightclubs and Lounges


Tenax More and more frequently the managers of restaurants, bars and, above all, nightclubs are requesting audio systems that comply with regulations that ensure a reduction in noise pollution, especially in areas with high residential density, hence solutions that minimize the emission of sound energy in areas outside the dance floor. So when the managers of Tenax, the historic Florentine nightclub founded in 1981 which is considered one of the most famous nightclubs in Italy, became aware that it was necessary to keep up with the technological developments of the professional audio industry and decided to invest in the renewal of the audio system, K-array was ready with a unique solution.

Audio Solution 8x Firenze-KH7

2x Dragon-KX12




8x Lyzard-KZ14




Kobra-KK52 I

1x Axle-KRX402

2x Firenze-KS8



Bassick Nightclub Quito | Ecuador


Nightclubs and Lounges


Bassick Nightclub


12x Mugello-KH2

4x Mugello-KS5




Audio Solution

1x Axle-KRX202


Kayman Stainless steel line array element with 4” drivers

Like the Kobra and the Python lines, the Kayman line is an advanced line array with a sleek design in a stainless steel frame. A passive speaker comprised of closely-spaced, full-range sound sources, the Kayman boasts our innovative Pure Array Technology with its 4” neodymium magnet transducers. With no crossover and no reflex, it shows a perfect phase response both in the near and the far fields, rendering the Kayman the ideal solution for venues the require long, even throw. The narrow vertical coverage minimizes ceiling and floor reflection, thus increasing the intelligibility in highly reverberant environments. The Kayman’s vertical dispersion pattern can be switched for wide or narrow coverage, allowing for a great variety of applications such as large theaters and congregations and live concerts. And with the ability to customize the color as well as the finish of the speaker, users are able to match the Kayman with the architecture and design of the venue. Integrating one of K-array’s powered Thunder subwoofers with the Kayman assures excellent coverage of the entire musical frequency range.


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Firenze Electronic beam steerable, state-of-the-art touring systems

K-array has put years into research and development into the Firenze Series to create a state-of-the-art system in terms of performance but at the same time, the most practical as possible in terms of portability, installation and management. The Firenze Series, comprised of the Firenze-KH8, Firenze-KH7 and Firenze-KS8, is a set of powerful, top-ofthe-line touring systems. Boasting Electronic Beam Steering (EBS) capabilites, sound performance is optimized with the ability to precisely and independently control each element of the array eliminating noise pollution: the series is fully controlled by onboard DSPs for hyper-detailed beam steering and maximum operational flexibility. Its unique EBS technology allows the user to direct the sound in a targeted area or provide continuous, even coverage. Each unit is designed to be tilted on its own horizontal axis for exceptional SPL and throw capability. And just by looking at the loudspeaker, it’s apparent the Firenze Series is a lightweight solution that integrates seamlessly thanks to its Slim Array Technology as it minimizes the cluster’s volume and allows maximum freedom on where the speakers are flown resulting in a wave front that has the desired curvature from a perfectly vertical cluster. But the most significant benefit is that the compact design allows sound to exit instantaneously without resonance, generating a significant amount of sound pressure in the low and low-mid range which results in a better impulse response and maximum sound clarity and definition. Slim and compact, these self-powered and weather resistant speakers offer a unique solution to the touring audio market.





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White Nightclub Dubai Tenax


Mugello Electronic beam steerable, powered line array speakers

Boasting design elements made in the heart of Tuscany, the Mugello line is our flagship series. With incredibly flat boxes, it’s apparent the KH2, KH3 and KH5 are lightweight solutions that saves space along with transportation costs. But the biggest takeaways are their impressive power, intelligible control and high quality. Mugello’s compact design allows sound to exit instantaneously without resonance, generating a significant amount of sound pressure in the low and low-mid range which results in a better impulse response and maximum clarity and definition. In fact, the Mugello line measures up to the highest standards in the pro audio live sound market, both in sound and quality, by procuring an exceptional peak output and improves upon traditional loudspeakers by virtue of our Slim Array Technology which produces a dispersion in a hyper-cardiod figure which maintains the desired directivity with low back emission and minimal side dispersion keeping the stage clean from sound pollution and preventing easy feedback when sensitive microphones are used on the stage. The Electronic Beam Steering capabilities of the line array allows the user to direct the sound beam to concentrate the audio in a targeted area or provide continuous, even coverage in a straight configuration without a banana curvature. Results are maximized with the ability to precisely and independently control each Mugello line array element eliminating noise pollution. The KH2, KH3 and KH5, all Dante compatible, together with the with the self-powered KS5 subwoofer, are best suited for high-powered extended bass response applications in arenas, theaters, stadiums, concert halls and outdoor events.





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Yojimbo Lounge Bassick Nightclub


Thunder Ultra-light, high power subwoofers

Our Thunder line gives you all the boom with bass you need for installation applications. With both passive and active models in various sizes starting from 12” to 21” and dual 18”, the Thunder line is a high performance sub-bass system featuring a woofer with magnet structure and suspension engineered for maximum linear excursion. The subwoofers – KMT12P, KMT12, KMT18P, KMT18, KMT21P KMT21, KMT218 and KMT218P – contain a unique four-corner port configuration which provides symmetrical back loading to the speakers for extended bass response with very low distortion and provides incredible structural strength to the cabinet despite its light weight. Pocket handles and an M20 thread mount position for attaching mid-high speakers make the subwoofers convenient to use and ideal for applications in theaters, concert halls, and restaurant installations. More than just powered subwoofers, our active models depart from traditional subs in that their “smart” design puts electronics as the central component, transforming the mid-low frequency loudspeaker into a proper tool for the management and processing of the audio signal. These multi-tasking subwoofers include an integrated touch screen providing intuitive control over the main DSP functions, two balanced analog line level inputs and a two-channel AES/EBU digital input, and an onboard Class D amplifier. It’s possible to connect a wide array of passive speakers including mid-high models or additional passive subwoofers. To optimize performance, the onboard DSP includes up to 40 programmable presets. The first 8 have been designed by K-array, the additional 32 slots can be used to create, save, and store personal presets using the K-framework software. And with the K-dante accessory, the subwoofers are able to connect to the Dante network for audio and data transmissions.

Thunder-KMT12 l Thunder-KMT12P

Thunder-KMT18 l Thunder-KMT18P

Thunder-KMT21 l Thunder-KMT21P

Thunder-KMT218 Thunder-KMT218P

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TAO Chicago Nightclub Iris Lebanon Nightclub Tenax


Dragon 12” coaxial passive stainless steel array element

Designed to be unique like all K-array products, the Dragon is a radical interpretation of a traditional coaxial 12” speaker. When high pressure is needed in the foreground with a rapid depreciation once distanced from the source, the Dragon is a powerful point source that can meet this demand to become one of the most useful tools for an installer. An adjustable 100° by 30° horn that is easily rotatable gives to the speaker an added value providing two modes of coverage to choose from to meet the needs of different installations. Additionally, dedicated accessories assist in the setup of joining, flying and stacking the speaker, making it a perfect line array component. Its steel chassis offers maximum rigidity in a minimum size and the Dragon is compatible with all our Thunder subwoofers.


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Iris Lebanon Nightclub Tenax



All-in-one stainless steel amplifiers and processing solutions

Taking command of the controls, K-array’s line of power amplifiers, Kommander, is comprised of the KA14, KA24 and KA84. The versatile line features four fully-independent and configurable output channels and the integrated DSP offers EQ, Matrix, Levels, Delays and a Limiter to avoid the need for additional external processors. The front panel has an easy-to-use touchscreen that gives access to all the basic functions for quick setup. The Kommander line is a complete system and can be used as a mixer for fixed installations thanks to the XLR and RCA analog inputs. An onboard library preset with K-array speaker gives an optimal and easy configuration for endless combinations with the Lyzard, Vyper, Tornado and Rumble loudspeaker lines. All DSP functions are remote controlled via the K-framework software over USB connector. The amplifier is built into a lightweight yet tough 2U chassis and comes with a kit of removable rack adapters and four rubber pads for flat surfaces. Kommander amplifiers feature optical limiters and protection against overheating, overcurrent and short circuits to command all your system’s needs.





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TAO Chicago Nightclub Iris Lebanon Nightclub


Mastiff Low-profile, high power stage monitor

Zealous fans and demanding performers are important factors that must be taken into consideration for live performance applications. And like a loyal guard dog, K-array’s Mastiff line of low profile, super powerful monitors keep a close watch of onstage musicians to ensure a flawless performance. Comprised of the KM312, KM312P, KM112 and KM11P, the Mastiff line produces ultra-low distortion giving vocals and instruments incredible clarity and precise sound. The monitors feature an adjustable 100° by 30° horn granting performers the possibility to select a wide or narrow sound emission. And with an incredibly strong stainless steel grill and sturdy birch wood chassis, these monitors are built to withstand any onstage abuse that may incur from the musical acts. These hard-hitting speakers are ideal for touring, concerts, music festivals and live events in large venues and are prefect for drum monitoring.



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Axle Multi-use, high pressure portable systems

By combining the Dragon loudspeaker with active K-array subwoofers, the three portable systems in the Axle line are created: KRX202, KRX402, and KRX802. As sound on-the-go, the Axle line is the perfect solution for touring DJs, multi-purpose lounges and clubs; basically, anywhere a lot of pressure is needed in the near field. The Dragon tops of the system feature an asymmetric horn with variable orientation that allow the user to adjust the emission angle simply by rotating the horn. In one position the sound dispersion pattern is wide (FLOOD - 100째) in the horizontal plane and narrow (SPOT - 30째) in the vertical plane. In the other position the sound dispersion pattern is narrow (SPOT - 30째) in the horizontal plane and wide (FLOOD - 100째) in the vertical plane. And the self-powered Thunder subs maintain the same digital editing features of all our active subwoofers such as an integrated touch screen that provides intuitive control over the main DSP functions, such as input/output levels, signal routing, offset delays for subwoofer and mid-high speaker output (up to 12 ms each) and overall system delays (up to 330 ms). All DSP functions of the systems, including EQ, can also be controlled remotely via software through USB or RS485 (3 pin XLR). With the K-dante accessory, the Axle can connect with a Dante network. All systems can be flown or stacked with dedicated accessories like an extendable pole or brackets for hanging. The easily-adjustable fixed angles and modular capabilities allow for various arrangements of setup.




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Tenax Bassick Nightclub



We have the ability to customize your project by color matching your system to any RAL code to help you to better integrate the speakers into a wide variety of venues. Thunder







We utilize the most durable and resistant materials when developing our products to protect and conserve the system regardless of the elements, rendering a reliable and long-lasting installation. Thunder



We created a portfolio complete with lightweight products that are easy to transport and quick to set up, optimizing logistics, space, labor costs and time. Thunder





Produces an impressive high-power performance by producing a high SPL from a small frame. Thunder

The emission of point source loudspeakers is characterized by high sound pressure HIGH PRESSURE IN levels in the near field, ideal for applications where the audience is close to the sound THE NEAR FIELD source, like clubs, dance floors and live events, like DJ sets. Dragon Axle


Thanks to its versatile design, this solution can be used either as a stand alone, single point source or joined with multiple units in an array configuration which can be easily steered mechanically in order to modify the coverage angle. Dragon Firenze Axle


PLUG AND PLAY Easy to use and quick to install, our active systems are developed with the end user in mind. There is no need to manually configure the system; it’s ready to go as soon as it’s connected so simply switch it on. Axle



Practicality in transporting, ease of assembly and cost savings aren’t the only benefits of our innovative Slim Array Technology (SAT). Firenze Mugello


The directivity of many K-array solutions can be modified in order to optimize the coverage. Our column loudspeakers are equipped with a regulator with two coverage options: SPOT for very narrow sound beaming and FLOOD for wider coverage. Dragon Axle Mastiff


With the dedicated K-dante accessory, this solution can be integrated into a Dante network making it interoperable with other devices. Thnder Mugello Axle Mastiff

An integrated touch screen provides intuitive control over the main DSP functions, from ONBOARD TOUCH SCREEN signal routing to level and delay settings. The touchscreen can be locked during shows or permanent installations via software to avoid any accidental setting changes. Mugello Axle Mastiff Thunder

INTEGRATED DSP Built-in DSP allows for fine tuning of every single sonic parameter of the loudspeaker, providing the sound engineer the highest control on overall performance and fine granularity in system configuration. Mugello Axle Mastiff Thunder

SELF-POWERED Our self-powered solutions prevent distortion from cumbersome and fragile passive CAPABILITIES crossovers and power loss due to long running cables, and offer plenty of advantages ranging from the compactness of the solution to the ease of integration with new and existing sound systems.


Firenze Mugello Axle Thunder

The ability to digitally adjust the dispersion of a line array not only ensures the same ELECTRONIC BEAM STEERING listening experience to all audience members but, at the same time, limits the noise pollution in the areas where the sound pressure must be kept at a minimum. Firenze Mugello


With a very extended frequency range the loudspeaker covers the entire audible spectrum without the need for a subwoofer ideal for when there are space constraints. Mastiff Axle

The unique four-corner port configuration provides symmetrical back loading to the FOUR-CORNER PORT speakers, for extended bass response with very low distortion. CONFIGURATION Thunder Axle


For product specifications, download the datasheet Kayman-KY102 Download datasheet Kayman-KY102: www.k-array.com/product/kayman-ky102

Firenze-KH7 Download datasheet Firenze-KH7: www.k-array.com/product/firenze-kh7

Firenze-KH8 Download datasheet Firenze-KH8: www.k-array.com/product/firenze-kh8

Firenze-KS8 Download datasheet Firenze-KS8: www.k-array.com/product/firenze-ks8

Firenze-KS7 Download datasheet Firenze-KS7: www.k-array.com/product/firenze-ks7

Mugello-KH2 Download datasheet Mugello-KH2: www.k-array.com/product/mugello-kh2

Mugello-KH3 Download datasheet Mugello-KH3: www.k-array.com/product/mugello-kh3

Mugello-KH5 Download datasheet Mugello-KH5: www.k-array.com/product/mugello-kh5

Mugello-KS5 Download datasheet Mugello-KS5: www.k-array.com/product/mugello-ks5

Thunder-KMT12 l Download datasheet Thunder-KMT12 l: www.k-array.com/product/thunder-kmt12l


Thunder-KMT12P Download datasheet Thunder-KMT12P: www.k-array.com/product/thunder-kmt12p

Thunder-KMT18 l Download datasheet Thunder-KMT18 l: www.k-array.com/product/thunder-kmt18l

Thunder-KMT18P Download datasheet Thunder-KMT18P: www.k-array.com/product/thunder-kmt18p

Thunder-KMT21 l Download datasheet Thunder-KMT21 l: www.k-array.com/product/thunder-kmt21l

Thunder-KM21P Download datasheet Thunder-KMT21P: www.k-array.com/product/thunder-kmt21p

Thunder-KMT218 Download datasheet Thunder-KMT218: www.k-array.com/product/thunder-kmt218

Thunder-KMT218P Download datasheet Thunder-KMT218P: www.k-array.com/product/thunder-kmt218p

Dragon-KX12 Download datasheet Dragon-Kx12: www.k-array.com/product/dragon-kx12

Kommander-KA14 Download datasheet Kommander-KA14: www.k-array.com/product/kommander-ka14

Kommander-KA24 Download datasheet Kommander-KA24: www.k-array.com/product/kommander-ka24

Kommander-KA84 Download datasheet Kommander-KA84: www.k-array.com/product/kommander-ka84

Mastiff-KM112 Download datasheet Mastiff-KM112: www.k-array.com/product/mastiff-km112

Mastiff-KM112P Download datasheet Mastiff-KM112P: www.k-array.com/product/mastiff-km112P

Mastiff-KM312 Download datasheet Mastiff-KM312: www.k-array.com/product/mastiff-km312

Axle-KRX202 Download datasheet Axle-KRX202: www.k-array.com/product/axle-krx202

Axle-KRX402 Download datasheet Axle-KRX402: www.k-array.com/product/axle-krx402

Axle-KRX802 Download datasheet Axle-KRX802: www.k-array.com/product/axle-krx802








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