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Limit Your Excuses

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Carribbean Dance


The Model Dancer Rachel and Megan


Where are they now? JorDayn’s Journey - Blaize Dance Students


Balloonz Unlimited, Inc Women in Business


Arizona Moms Melissa Hunt


Arizona Moms Beth Huggett


Using Toys in your Workout






Hannah’s Shoebox


Brenda Michel Before and After

& 104 Fitness Healthy Lifestyle Oral Hygiene Tips


Goal Girl Jorgie Franks


10 Back to School Etiquette Tips for Middle School Girls


Nikki Talks Natural



Olivia Hirsch For the Love of Dance


Legends - Bob Fosse


Limit Your Excuses Taking on Life and Keeping Fit


Profiles of an Iron Chef Jim Cropper

From the Editor articles on how to have a successful school year. In “10 Back to School Etiquette Tips for Middle School Girls”, etiquette specialist Tia Young shares how to have a successful school year. As for Jorgie Franks, author of “You Goal Girl!” she shares how girls can be successful by making the right choices, staying focused, and maintaining good grades. I must admit, this issue is filled with a lot of “girl power’ as we have talk to young promising dancers who are encouraging other girls their age to GET MOVING by becoming active in the world of dance. Our cover story on Olivia Hirsch, gives us a glimpse into her seven year dance career. Then there is “Where Are They Now”, reconnecting with JorDayn who is one of Blaize Dance School’s first students! Then for the adult women who desire to be that fit girl at heart- “Limit Your Excuses” will motivate you as Babette Bouchard, Master Group Fitness Instructor, tells us how she balances her hectic life and still be able to stay fit.

Summer, School, Girl Power, and Fitness Summer fun is almost over and going back to school is on the minds of many parents. Some of us are returning to schools that we are familiar with and others are searching for new schools with high ratings – so that our kids can get a better than average education. Whatever the case, “school life” can be stressful on both parent and kids. For parents, the goal is to get our children motivated and excited about the new semester. As for kids, the majority of them are concerned about making new friends, fitting in, playing sports, trying out for cheerleading, and just how much homework will be on their plates. Whatever the concerns, our special back to school issue is filled with

If you are looking for ways to diversify your fitness regimen, take a peek at “Working out with Gym Toys.” In addition, we want to help you locate a gym where ever you are in your travels, so check out “10 Best Fitness Clubs Globally.” Our issue this month has something for everyone and we hope that you enjoy what we have prepared for you! Write to us and let us know what articles you like the most and why. Send your submissions to blaizedance@gmail. com titled “What article I like”. Your responses will be featured in our upcoming issue in our Readers Feedback section. Thanks for reading our magazine and may the rest of our summer vacation be filled with great family, lots of fun, and healthy tasty food. Good luck to all in the coming school year! Constance Blaize-Shorter Editor-In-Chief

Clearwater Beach , FL

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Olivia Hirsch For the Love of Dance BDF: What do you like about dancing Olivia? Olivia: I like moving and showing my emotions. BDF: Who are some of the people that made you want to dance influenced you to dance? Olivia: There wasn’t any dancer that influenced me to dance, but my mom encouraged me to try it. She was looking for an activity to put me in. Before I started dancing, I tried different sports, like tee ball, soccer, and swimming. Then my mom put me in ballet and tap dance class when I was three or four to see if I liked it. When we moved to Scottsdale from Chicago, I was five and my mom signed me up at a dance studio and I’ve been dancing since then. BDF: What was it about them or their dancing that made you want to be a dancer? Olivia: Watching other girls dance at competitions made me want to try new dance moves and work harder to be a really good dancer. BDF: On my bucket list is to dance with Derek Hough from dancing with the stars, and of course to meet Debbie Allen. What famous dancer would you most like to meet and why? Olivia: I went to a convention where I saw tWitch (Stephen tWitch Boss), Travis Wall and Sonya Tayeh were teaching. Someday I would like to meet them and dance for them because they’re talented. BDF: How many competitions have you competed in this year? Olivia: Eight BDF: Do you have any more competitions coming up? Olivia: In July, I will be competing at Nationals. BDF: What do you do to prepare for competitions? Olivia: I spend at least three hours every day at the dance studio practicing new techniques and rehearsing recital and competition dances.

Photography by: Dwayne Bramwell



BDF: What do you like most about competitions and what do you like least about it? BDF: What are your other hobbies besides dancing? Olivia: What I love the most is being with my team, and I like having fun during the dances. Least, I enjoy perOlivia: Swimming, playing four square, and playing with forming, but I get nervous beforehand. my dogs- Briggs and Chico. BDF: For those who did not read your article in the June BDF: How does it feel to be on the front of a Magazine? issue, what is your favorite style of dance? Olivia: Contemporary BDF: Why do you like this style? Olivia: Because I show my emotions in this style of dance. BDF: What is your advice for young dancers like yourself?

Olivia: Strange. I’ve never been on the front page of a magazine before. I’m only nine years old and, I didn’t think I was good enough. It’s a new feeling. BDF: Last question Olivia. Give me one word that describes you, and tell me why you chose that word.

Olivia: Have fun and believe in yourself. Don’t worry about winning or losing, just have fun!

Olivia: Joyful. I’m always jumping around, being silly and having fun.

BDF: What is the most important thing you want to tell them about dancing and doing your best?

BDF: Olivia, it has been a pleasure interviewing you! Good luck to you in the future.

Olivia: Practice and working hard makes you a better By CBS, EIN dancer. I practice at home when I’m away from the stuCourtesy Photos - Dr. Lisa Piccione dio and if I’m tired or my body hurts, I rest it.

Carribbean Dance

Blaize International Dancers (B.I.D.E) Vanessa Hardy, Kerri Ann Prescod, Samanthia Paris, and Azianette Branch. Event- Antigua and Barbuda Association of Georgia (ABAG)

Caribbean 101

backwards motion

3. Go Forward- “come forward” simply moving your Caribbean music and dance is extremely captivating. body in a forward motion. Although I was originally born in St. John’s Antigua, and very familiar with the music, as soon as I hear the rich sounds of percussions and steal pans, my hips 4. Jump- Simply jump up in the air. You can also jump automatically start to move. The Blaize Curriculum around in a circle or side to side as well. covers traditional Caribbean dance styles influenced by islands such as, Antigua, 5. Hand Clap- clapping hands fast or slow to the beat Trinidad, Tortola and Guadeloupe. We also add a of the music. Hands can be high or low and even component of Afro-Caribbean since African roots are moving side to side. intrinsically a part of all the Caribbean islands. Basic Technique for Caribbean Dance Class

6. Hands Up- simply throwing your hands up in the air in a celebratory fashion

1. Contraction – moving your torso back and forth in a contracted motion to the beat of the music. Your 7. Hands on your hip- putting one hand or two hands knees are bent slightly and you are standing still, on hip as you lean forward and move your torso in a moving around or side to side. simple wine. Sometimes you can even move forward or backwards fanning yourself with one hand while 2. Backward- “go back” simply moving your body in a placing keeping the other hand on your hip. Hands

on your hip technique is usually used in traditional 10. Side to Side- Step usually done by two people folklore West Indian dance that depicts female el- who are anchored together by holding each other’s ders in celebratory dance. waist. They are standing side to side and move in sync as they perform simple choreographed steps forward, backwards and around. 8. Limbo-Feet spread apart line up with your, bend your knees, lean torso back as far as you can, spread your arms out to the side, engage your abs, and 11. The Wine - involves gyration of hips, can be slow move forward as you go under the stick. Remember or fast. Circular movements that can be 180 (halfway to maintain this positon until your head clears the circle) rotate with your right or left hip. Or circular stick on the other side. As you see the limbo stick movement that is 360 (circle all the way around) pass your eyes, count to three, begin to lift your body upright, and then exhale. Relax your neck, shoulders and back and do not make any sudden 12. Wine Up- coming back up from the Wind Down positon while doing a 180 circular move. 13. Wine downFull 180 circular movement as you descend to the ground. You can drop your body as low as you can. Some skilled dancers wind down to the ground. 14. Dutty WineMovement where you wine and move your legs like the butterfly and twist your neck on the beat. Dance origi-

nated in Jamaica. By BlaizeDance, Inc.

movements directly after you have cleared the limbo stick. This dance was created by Julia Edwards of Visit this site for a brief description of Caribbean dance and Trinidad and Tobago ( culture. Note that there is more information on the web Limbo_(dance). that speaks to the different styles of Caribbean dances and where they originated and the types of music used. For example, Afro Caribbean and Latin Caribbean styles of dance. 9. One Leg Up- jumping around in circles with one Music- Reggae, Zuke, Salsa and Merengue music. www.caleg (right or left) bend knees as you go around. A

180 turn is popular with this movement.

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The Fashion Movement Lacey B. Smith

The Model Dancer Rachel and Morgan

Some little girls start working on their careers quite early! This is the case with Morgan who is both a model and dancer. We thought it would be fun to have Morgan’s mom, Rachel, interview her to find out just how this busy seven year old (who will be eight in September) juggles modeling, dance, school, friends, reading, writing, and play.

Photogrphy by: Denise Sotebeer

(Left to right) Sadie, Josh, Rachel, and Morgan Barkley

Mommy: Why do you like dancing? Morgan: Because it’s fun! And when I grow up I want to be serious dancer.

are some of the awards that she has won in dance competitions. Awards

Mommy: what is your favorite style of dance?

Most Entertaining- Spotlight Dance competition 2015

Morgan: I would have to pick Contemporary.

Best Entertainer- Centrestage Dance Studio 2015 Three dance scholarships at regional dance conventions

Mommy: How did you feel when Mom told you that Mrs. Shorter wanted to do an article about you in her Dance Magazine?

3rd place Miss Petite Dance KAR dance competition 2015

Morgan: I was so excited and happy.

By Morgan and Rachel Barkley

Mommy: Who is your favorite dance teacher ever?

Edited By Blaize Dance, Inc.

Morgan: I get to take a few master classes from “twich” (Stephen “twich” Boss). I love him! Mommy: What do you want other little girls to know about dance honey? Morgan: I want them to know that dance can be really fun and you can get your energy working. I love dancing with all my friends. Mommy: Do you have a favorite song you like to dance to? Morgan: Yes, Um I love to dance to Barbie Girl. Mommy: What else do you like to do Morgan besides dancing? Morgan: I like to write and read. Mommy: What do you want to be when you grow up? Morgan: I told you- I wanted to be a professional dancer. Mommy: Last question- What would you like to say to the lady who created the magazine? Morgan: That I am happy someone wants to write about dance to help people get interested in it so they can have fun dancing. Fact: Morgan started dancing at 16 months old. Below Courtesy Photos (competitions and family) from Josh and Rachel Barkley.

Mindy Kerr Photography


Where are they now? JorDayn’s Journey - Blaize Dance Students JorDayn: What I remember was that DANCE was fun! When I finally closed the doors at Blaize Dance School I enjoyed you as teacher because you always encouraged and departed Florida, I was blessed to keep in touch with your students. several of my clients. JorDayn’s mom, Donetta, was one of them. So, imagine my excitement when I saw a picture BDF: I remember that your mom also had you in cheerof JorDayn on her Facebook page dancing up a storm! I leading as well. Have you kept up with cheering? And immediately contacted Donetta and asked if I could do for how long? a story on JorDayn. Donetta discussed our conversation with JorDayn and well, the rest is history. JorDayn: Yes I do cheer but for now only for Conference Branch Young People & Children’s Division which repJourney from Blaize Dance School to Present resents 58 AME Churches in the Tampa Bay Area. JorDayn enrolled in Blaize Dance School (BDS) at the tender age of 4 and was a part of the Combo Ballet/Jazz class. What I remember most about her was her willing- BDF: What do you like about cheering? And how is it ness to learn whatever I taught her. The other noticeable different from dance? quality that she possessed was an irrepressible passion that was exhibited in her movements. Everything she did JorDayn: I also have a passion for cheer and I am considwas explosive as she gave it her all! She was a natural per- ering tryout for the Cheerleading Squad at School. former and always stage ready. JorDayn has performed in two of BDS productions – “Dancing to the Scriptures” and “A Conscious Christmas” (theatrical dance produc- BDF: After Blaize Dance School closed down, did you tion in which JorDayn played one of the lead roles). enroll in any other dance schools? What school was is it and what did you like about it most? Reconnecting on Facebook

The Interview BDF: JorDayn I have so many pictures of you when you JorDayn: Yes, once there was no more Blaize, I enrolled were at Blaize Dance School. What do you remember at Jackie’s. What I like about Jackie’s was the diversity of the students and the classes offered. about your time there? JorDayn: I remember the 1st. recital when I danced to “Now Behold the Lamb”

BDF: How old are you JorDayn? JorDayn: I am 14 years old.

BDF: What did you like about dancing back then? Do you remember if you liked me as your teacher?

BDF: What school do you attend? Do they have a dance team there?

State Dance Championship

Holiday Show Xtreme studio

Blaize Dance School Combo Classes

Glenda Dexter, Realtor Century 21 Shaw Realty Group 813-610-8369

Glenda Dexter recently joined Century 21 Shaw Realty Group in January 2015. With 12+ years of experience in the Real Estate industry she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company. Glenda's educational background includes a BS in Business Administration, A Masters of Business Administration, and an AS in Nuclear Medicine Technology; as you can see she enjoys learning new things and helping others. She has been in the customer service industry for over twenty plus years, of those she's serverd ten years as a manager at various companies. Accustomed to working in

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BDF: From you mom’s Facebook page, I see that you are into JorDayn: In the fall I will be attending Hillsborough High competitive dancing. When was the first competition that you entered? And how old were you? School and I made the Dancerette Team this past April. BDF: What dance school do you currently attend? What is your favorite style(s) of dance?

JorDayn: I was 10 years old when I began competitive dancing and I believe the 1st. Competition was Starbound Dance Competition.

JorDayn: This summer I will be a part of the Performance Team for the City of Tampa which is housed out of the Wayne BDF: Since I have been in AZ, I have gotten the opportunity to train some young girls for various dance competitions and C. Papy Athletic Center. the process of competing can be stressful at times. Did you find competitions stressful and how so?

JorDayn: Yes the world of competitive dance is stressful especially if you are in multiple dance numbers. At some competitions were we would have maybe 10 other dances we had to perform with just our team. In addition to that, we supposed to be backstage 3 numbers ahead of the next performance prior to going out. So that meant that we only had 7 numbers or about 20 minutes to change before we needed to be back on stage! BDF: What do you love most about competing?

JorDayn: Yes, I would like to be a professional dancer and own dance studios around the country. BDF: Can you take a second to talk to girls your age and younger regarding the importance of exercising? JorDayn: Exercise is a very import part of a healthy lifestyle. Realizing that we will not always be young, what we do in our youth will reflect on our bodies later in life.

JorDayn: I love competitions though. I believe it helps make BDF: What do you do for exercise? us better dancers. JorDayn: Back-ups, sit-ups, crunches, planks, and pushups. BDF: How many competitions have you been in and where did you place in them? BDF: What do you think about our First Lady, Michelle Obama, and her campaigns such as Let’s Move? Which she JorDayn: In the past 4 years I have competed at 4 Compe- talks about exercising and eating right at a young age.

titions per year with at least 5 or 6 competition number per competition. JorDayn: I think First Lady Obama’s campaign “Let’s Move” is very important. I hear my Grandmother talk about when she was young how they road bikes, skated, played baseball, BDF: Do you have any more competitions coming up? kickball, 4 square, 2 square, hide- and – go-seek and other games. When she compared it to my generation, we mainly JorDayn: For now just once a year at our annual 11th Episco- sit around, talk on the phone, and are on our laptops playing pal District Black Heritage Weekend which is held in Jack- games. My generation does need to MOVE! sonville Florida in February. BDF: How important is nutrition and exercise when it comes BDF: Other than dance and cheering, what do you like to do to dancing and cheerleading JorDayn? Do you see a difference in your performance when you do not eat correctly and as Hobby? slack on your exercise? JorDayn: I love my telephone, shopping and reading, BDF: You just graduated right? What grade are you in now?

JorDayn: Yes, there is a big difference when I do not eat properly or when I slack off the exercise. It seems like I can hardly make it through a practice or performance.

JorDayn: Yes, I just graduated from St. Joseph Catholic BDF: JorDayn, I remember you being such a go getter even at School 8th grade and will be attending Hillsborough High four years old at Blaize Dance School. You had a very powerSchool as a 9th grader this fall. ful presence and I enjoyed watching you dance. I even casted BDF: Do you know what you want to do as your profession you as a lead in our Christmas Production called “A Conscious Christmas.” Do you remember that? when you grow up?

JorDayn: Yes, I remember sitting on the stage and later in my Dad’s lap in the audience during the performance. Ms. Connie, I still remember the dance to the song, “We Acknowledge Your Presence O Lord”. Actually, I remember a little bit but my mother remembers most of it! I actually performed the piece in the Black Heritage Weekend- 2012 and won 1st. Place.

BDF: Thanks for sharing that story with me JorDayn. I feel honored that you won 1st place with a dance that I taught you so many years ago. I remembered specifically during A Conscious Christmas, how you remembered your steps and your acting parts so well. It is my hope that you continue to dance and that I get to work with you again.

JorDayn: Ms. Connie, I also hope we get to work together again. BDF: JorDayn, what words would you use to describe yourself ? JorDayn: I would describe myself as energetic, outspoken and entertaining. BDF: What word or words would you use to describe how you feel about dancing and performing? JorDayn: Since I was very young my Mother has always referred to me as “A ONE MAN SHOW” and she is correct. I live and love to dance and perform BDF: Finally, what advice would you give to girls and boys who want to go into dance? JorDayn: In my opinion dance is the most beautiful art form. Dance gives you the freedom to express yourself through your movements. Dance also helps to keep you physically fit. One of my life mottos is; “Dance like no one is Watching You. DANCE, DANCE and DANCE!” By CBS, EIN

Balloonz Unlimited, Inc. Theresa Perkins-Paramoure Women in Business


eing an entrepreneur myself, I have a special interest in sharing stories of women who have started their own businesses. It is my hope that when you read their stories, you will be inspired to follow your dreams. Theresa Perkins-Paramoure is an example of someone who decided to make a profit by perusing her passion. The business of bringing joy to people through bouquet of balloons and other creations is definitely her calling. Theresa spreads joy through her playful, fanciful, sophisticated and bubbly arrangements. If you’re having a baby shower, party or corporate event and need to add some flair and pop to your party, call Theresa, because - “It’s not a party until the balloonz arrive!”

How I got started I graduated from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) in 1987, and my focus was just on getting a job. But after a few years of tap-tap- tapping away (doing data entry at a secure 40 hour a week county job), I decided that this career was just not the life for me. I knew I wanted to do something else, but finding my niche was the key. I didn’t come from an entrepreneurial family background, but my late brother always had dreams of owning rental units. So that planted the entrepreneurial seed. After seeing a few of my close friends run successful nail and hair salons, I knew I could and wanted to do something too! Most business ideas come from a simple thought or circumstance, you just have to know when to see the opportunity. I was constantly admired for always remembering friends and family birthdays, holidays and anniversaries by sending a greeting card. Someone said, “I wish I could remember to do that or have you do it for me.” Well, after the birth of my son, I had to get busy. Long story short, in 1993 my dreams

were realized and my business, appropriately named, “Greetings Unlimited” was born. This was a business of sending out personal greeting cards to my client’s friends and also for companies. And may I add that I started doing this way before “Send out Cards” became popular. Well, that idea was short-lived and eventually turned into the balloon company. Balloonz Unlimited has now been delivering balloons and doing on-site decorating in the Tampa bay area for the past 22 years!

They call me the Balloon Lady I was initially called, “The Balloon Lady”, the name kind of stuck and I ran with it! Long gone are the days of stuffing balloons in my car, walking around Horizon Park, (which is now named Al Lopez), selling a balloon on a string during the Florida Classic football game. I now had a retail shop that catered to personal and corporate clients by offering the following: • Individual and bulk latex balloon for pick up or delivery (for your own decorating) • Themed and custom balloon bouquets for all occasion • Sweet and scrumptious candy arrangements • Custom imprint balloons • Themed balloon decorations from baby showers to weddings • Delivery services

Thoughts on growing a business Growing a business takes dedication and sacrifice. You actually work harder and longer. But you do it because “It’s yours!” I initially grew my advertising via word of mouth and direct mail. These days, it’s now more email marketing, social media, and colorful balloon vans that you just can’t miss! According to Bloomberg, eight out of ten entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. Reflecting back, I’m amazed that I started a business from ground zero knowing nothing about balloons. Moreover, I survived that failed business statistic and learned through trial and error- about

balloons and business management. Just about six years ago I started attending balloon seminars which has been a great source of information. The seminar material keeps me up to date on the latest trends, designs and techniques-which I continue to bring my customers. “New ideas for balloon decorating.” My future goal is to continue to offer my customers great service to help make their events awesome with balloons. In addition, I’d like to work with colleges and universities by offering external business class studies and/or internships to the students.

I wanted to thank you so very much for the amazing balloon arrangement you created for my mom. It was even better than I thought it would be. This was the 2nd time I have used you and both times you far exceeded my expectations. I will definitely recommend you to anyone in need of balloons. Thank You!! - Krystina Piatkowsk

By Theresa Perkins-Paramoure

I love balloons! “I love balloons, they are fun, bright, empowering and will always bring joy and smiles. People tend to think that balloons are just for kids. Surprisingly we decorate and deliver balloons to more adults than kids. So, keep Balloonz Unlimited on mind for all your events and special occasions. Balloons will never go out of style and they fit any and all occasions. Yes, even funerals.

Edited by Janet Samuel

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Testimonials Awesome Balloon Arch and column was done for my daughters Cheer party! We are still getting tons of compliments! I will continue to use Balloonz Unlimited for all my events!

• Primerica • Verizon • Lupus Organization • JP Morgan Chase

- Ty Hawkins I called Balloonz Unlimited in a panic. I needed decorations for my 30th birthday party and I did not know what to do. I called them and spoke to Theresa. She was awesome! She put my mind at ease and really helped me with my party ideas. Thanks to her and her great work, my party was a big success! Thank you Ms. Theresa and Balloonz Unlimited. God Bless You! - Amanda Charles

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You really came through with a nice Balloon Bouquet for my wife. Thank you!! -Stan Grey

Pintrist: @balloonlady


Iris Lorenzi on vacation atPunta Cana

Discovery Punta Cana

Courtesy Photo - Iris Lorenz


Bob Fosse

Robert Louis “Bob” Fosse (June 23, 1927 – September 23, 1987)

Early life and career Fosse was born in Chicago, Illinois on June 23, 1927, to a Norwegian American father, Cyril K. Fosse, and Irish-born mother, Sara Alice Fosse (née Stanton), the second youngest of six. He teamed up with Charles Grass, another young dancer, and began a collaboration under the name The Riff Brothers. They toured theatres throughout the Chicago area. After being recruited, Fosse was placed in the variety show Tough Situation, which toured military and naval bases in the Pacific. Fosse moved to New York with the ambition of being the new Fred Astaire. His appearance with his first wife and dance partner Mary Ann Niles (1923–1987) in Call Me Mister brought him to the attention of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Fosse and Niles were regular performers on Your Hit Parade during its 195051 season, and during this season Martin and Lewis caught their act in New York’s Pierre Hotel and scheduled them to appear on the Colgate Comedy Hour. Fosse was signed to a MGM contract in 1953. His early screen appearances included Give A Girl A Break, The Affairs of Dobie Gillis and Kiss Me Kate, all released in 1953. A short sequence that he choreographed in the latter (and danced with Carol Haney) brought him to the attention of Broadway producers. Although Fosse’s acting career in film was cut short by typecasting, he was reluctant to move from Hollywood to theatre. Nevertheless, he made the move, and in 1954, he choreographed his first musical, The Pajama Game, followed by George Abbott’s Damn Yankees in 1955. It was while working on the latter show that he first met the rising star whom he was to marry in 1960, Gwen Verdon. Verdon won her first Tony Award for Best Actress in Damn Yankees (she had won previously for best supporting actress in Can-Can). (Fosse appears in the film version of Damn Yankees, which he also choreographed, in which Verdon reprises her stage triumph as “Lola”; they partner each other in the mambo number, “Who’s Got the Pain”.) In 1957 Fosse choreographed New Girl in Town, also directed by Abbott, and Verdon won her second Leading Actress Tony. That year he also choreographed the film version of “Pajama Game” starring Doris Day. In 1960, Fosse was, for the first time, both director and choreographer of a musical called simply Redhead.[6]

With Redhead, Verdon won her third Tony Award for Best job of choreographer of the 1961 musical hit How to SucActress in a Musical; the show won the Tony for best mu- ceed in Business Without Really Trying, which starred Robsical and Fosse carried off the award for best choreog- ert Morse. raphy. Fosse was to partner star Verdon as her director/ choreographer again with Sweet Charity and again with Chicago. (Fosse was to win the Tony for Best Direction of a Musical in 1973 with Pippin.) Fosse performed a memorable song and dance number in Stanley Donen’s 1974 film version of The Little Prince, and in 1977, Fosse had a small role in the romantic comedy Thieves.[citation needed] Notable distinctions of Fosse’s style included the use of turnedin knees, the famous “Fosse Amoeba,” sideways shuffling, rolled shoulders, and jazz hands. With Astaire as an influence, he used props such as bowler hats, canes and chairs. His trademark use of hats was influenced by his own self-consciousness. According to Martin Gottfried in his biography of Fosse, “His baldness was the reason that he wore hats, and was doubtless why he put hats on his dancers.” He used gloves in his performances because he did not like his hands. Some of his most popular numbers include “Steam Heat” (The Pajama Game) and “Big Spender” (Sweet Charity). The “Rich Man’s Frug” scene in Sweet Charity is another example of his signature style. Although he was replaced as the director/choreographer for the short-lived 1961 musical The Conquering Hero, he quickly took on the

Later career Fosse directed five feature films. His first, Sweet Charity in 1969, starring Shirley MacLaine, is an adaptation of the Broadway musical he had directed and choreographed. Fosse shot the film largely on location in Manhattan. His second film, Cabaret, won eight Academy Awards, including Best Director, which he won over Francis Ford Coppola for The Godfather starring Marlon Brando. The film was shot on location in Berlin and Munich, Germany; Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey both won Oscars for their roles. Fosse went on to direct Lenny in 1974, a biopic of comic

Lenny Bruce starring Dustin Hoffman. The film was nominated for Best Picture and Best Director Oscars, among other awards. However, just as Fosse picked up his Oscar for Cabaret, his Tony for Pippin, and an Emmy for directing Liza Minnelli’s television concert, Liza with a Z, his health suffered and he underwent open-heart surgery. In 1979, Fosse co-wrote and directed a semi-autobiographical film All That Jazz, which portrayed the life of a womanizing, drugaddicted choreographer-director in the midst of triumph and failure. All That Jazz won four Academy Awards, earning Fosse his third Oscar nomination for Best Director. It also won the Palme d’Or at the 1980 Cannes Film Festival. In the summer and fall of 1980, working with All That Jazz executive producer Daniel Melnick, He commissioned documentary research for a follow-up feature having to do with the motivations that compel people to become performers, but he found the results uninspiring and abandoned the project.[citation needed] In All That Jazz, Fosse not only toyed with the notion of his own death, but immortalized the two people who would perpetuate the Fosse legacy, Gwen Verdon and Ann Reinking. Reinking appears in the film as the protagonist’s lover/protégé/domestic-partner. She, like Verdon, would be responsible for keeping Fosse’s trademark choreography alive after Fosse’s death. Reinking played the role of Roxie Hart in the highly successful New York revival of Chicago, which opened in 1996. She choreographed the dances “in the style of Bob Fosse” for that revival, which is still running on Broadway as of November 2014. In 1999, Verdon served as artistic consultant on a plotless Broadway musical designed to showcase examples of classic Fosse choreography. Called simply Fosse, the three-act musical revue was conceived and directed by Richard Maltby, Jr. and Ann Reinking and choreographed by Reinking and Chet Walker. Verdon and Fosse’s daughter, Nicole, received a “special thanks” credit. The show won a Tony for best musical. [10] Many credit him with being the sole engineer of Michael Jackson’s career for his work on The Little Prince (1974), saying that Jackson may have copied Fosse’s choreography and the wardrobe Fosse’s character had in that film. In many ways Fosse is credited as the indirect innovator of the careers of many dancers around the world.[11]

His final film, 1983’s Star 80, was a controversial biopic about slain Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten. The film is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning article on the same topic. The film was nominated for several awards, and was screened out of competition at the 34th Berlin International Film Festival. In 1986 he directed, wrote, and choreographed the Broadway production of Big Deal. Although nominated for five Tony awards, and winning for best choreography, the production closed after only 69 performances. Innovations Fosse was an innovative choreographer and had multiple achievements in his life. For Damn Yankees, he took a great deal of inspiration from the “father of theatrical jazz dance”, Jack Cole. He also took influence from Jerome Robbins. New Girl in Town gave Fosse the inspiration to direct and choreograph his next piece because of the conflict of interest within the collaborators. During that piece, Redhead, the first he had directed as well as choreographed, Fosse utilized one of the first ballet sequences in a show that contained five different styles of dance; Fosse’s jazz, a cancan, a gypsy dance, a march, and an oldfashioned English music hall number. Fosse utilized the idea of subtext and gave his dancers something to think about during their numbers. He also began the trend of allowing lighting to influence his work and direct the audience’s attention to certain things. During Pippin, Fosse made the first ever television commercial for a Broadway show. In 1957, both Verdon and Fosse were studying with Sanford Meisner to develop a better acting technique for themselves. According to Michael Joosten, Fosse once said: “The time to sing is when your emotional level is too high to just speak anymore, and the time to dance is when your emotions are just too strong to only sing about how you ‘feel.’”[13]

Honors and awards Fosse earned many awards, including the Tony Award for Pippin and Sweet Charity, the Academy Award for Cabaret and the Emmy Award for Liza with a “Z”. He was the first person to win all three awards in the

same year (1973). He is also the only person to have won all three awards in the category of “Best Director”.[citation needed] His semi-autobiographical film, All That Jazz (1979), won the Palme d’Or at Cannes. It portrays a chain-smoking choreographer driven by his Type A personality. In 1999, the revue Fosse won a Tony Award for best musical, and in 2001 the show earned Fosse (together with Ann Reinking) a Laurence Olivier Award for Best Theatre Choreographer. Bill Henry’s 1990 documentary of Fosse’s work (Dance In America: Bob Fosse Steam Heat), was produced for an episode of the PBS program Dance in America: Great Performances. The production won an Emmy Award that year. There was a resurgence of interest in Fosse’s work following revivals of his stage shows, the Broadway show Fosse, and the film release of Chicago (2002). Rob Marshall’s choreography for the film emulates the Fosse style but avoids using specific moves from the original. In 2007, Bob Fosse was inducted, posthumously, into the National Museum of Dance’s Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney Hall of Fame. Fosse is also a member of the American Theatre Hall of Fame. Legacy Fosse was inducted into the National Museum of Dance in Saratoga Springs, New York on 27 April 2007. The Los Angeles Dance Awards, founded in 1994, were called the “Fosse Awards”, and are now called the American Choreography Awards. A length of Paulina Street in Chicago at roughly 4400 North received the honorary designation of “Bob Fosse Way”. The Bob Fosse-Gwen Verdon Fellowship was established by his daughter Nicole in 2003 at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Company


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Limit Your Excuses Taking on Life and Keeping Fit

Babette Bouchard Mother of two Manager for Chase Part Time Group Fitness Instructor at Life Time Athletics, Scottsdale Being a student of Babette’s I would be remised if I did not say a few words regarding Babette. I met her approximately eight months ago when I enrolled in the Life Time Academy program via Life Time Athletics in Scottsdale, AZ. I was studying for my ACE Group Fitness Instructors License. She was my lab coach and that meant that she was the one who would be kicking my but physically! She would instruct, inspect, and adjust all things that we were doing as it pertains to group fitness. She was there to make sure that we could translate our book knowledge in a live classroom. I found Babette to be honest and she provided a “non-sugar-coated feedback” to all of students in the group. She was and still is serious about the business of a GFI. I bonded immediately with her for two reasons: 1.We were both from Tampa, FL. and 2.She knew her stuff! I can go on about her, but as you read this interview, you will discover very quickly why I consider her one of my role models in fitness as well as life. The long overdue interview

Babette Bouchard

BDF: Babette, give us a little background into your history. Have you always been athletic and did you ever have any weight issues growing up? Babette: I started working out when I was 21 years old. I learned early enough in my 20’s- with the lack of knowledge about food and exercise- I was never going look and feel good about myself. I lived with three girls, all with some type of eating disorder, as well as myself. It wasn’t until my roommate had a seizure in our living room that my eyes were opened and I realized that I needed to go to the gym and eat healthier. That first day began my journey and life into fitness. BDF: What modifications did you make to your diet to achieve your goals?

and I am a mother of two. So, it’s important to me to allow time for myself to be happy and decrease stress. I choose being fit and teaching group fitness classes to escape from the daily grind. BDF: What certifications have you acquired over the years? And how long have you been teaching? Babette: I have been certified by ACE, AFAA, Ultimate Cardio Kick Box, YMCA group fitness, Mat Pilates, Insanity and a few other classes. I’ve been teaching exercise classes for over the 23 years. BDF: What and how many classes do you teach in a week?

Babette: A diet high in protein with many fruits and vegetables throughout the day is my diet of choice. I do splurge on treats. Ultimately, I watch my caloric intake daily. I do not overeat anything!

Babette: My schedule can vary, but an average week for me can consist of the following: Tuesday 6pm

BDF: Tell me about your fitness journey. What made you choose a career in physical fitness?

BDF: Wow that is a lot! Which is your favorite class to teach?

Babette: Fitness is my passion, I enjoy being fit and helping others. Teaching classes and working out is my personal sanctuary and escape. I work full time at a bank

Cycle, Wednesday 5:30am Strictly Strength and TCX at 6pm, Friday 5:30am and 4:30pm Cycle, and Saturday TCX 9:45am!

Babette: My favorite formats vary, I love strength training, cycle and kick boxing classes. BDF: Since you have been teach-

Photography by: Steven Trujillo

ing for 20 plus years, what would you say is the BDF: Are your kids into working out and how do difference between fitness back then and what is you encourage them to exercise and eat right? currently is today? Babette: Fitness trends change often, new formats, intensities and the toys. I love going back to the basics and teaching a good cardio aerobics class.

Babette: I believe that parents should take the role for educating and ensuring their children eat healthy. I find it easier to be active with my chilBDF: What would you say was your biggest chal- dren, take them hiking, and invite them to join me lenge when it came to getting in shape? Also, what in 5K runs verses telling them they have to work would your message be to others regarding set- out. Kids enjoy being active. backs and perseverance? BDF: In addition to being a Group Fitness Instruc-

Babette: I feel the biggest challenge to staying in tor you also have a 9-5 where you travel on a regushape is motivation. Family, work, health related lar basis. How do you juggle your 9-5 and your life and unplanned events can take time away from at the gym? your work outs. The longer you stay away from you fitness plan, the harder to get back in the groove. Babette: I travel often! It is very hard to squeeze in BDF: Do you have a family? an extra workout when I am traveling. Prior to my Babette: Two children and I’m a single mom. travel, I ensure my body gets a full intense weight

training work out. Your body burns more calories as it heals itself. BDF: I know that while traveling, it can be difficult to stay committed to a healthy diet. What are some tips you can give us regarding eating when you travel so much? Babette: I limit my carbohydrates and avoid sugars when I travel and eat lean proteins and vegetables. BDF: Who is you mentor or mentors in the fitness field? Do you still keep in contact with them? Babette: I have many mentors and instructors who have inspired me over the years in the fitness industry. I have worked with great, strong and knowledgeable instructors and I am close friends with most of them. BDF: Let’s talk to women over 40 Babette. Do you think that age plays a role in regards to the obtaining optimum fitness? And how does a woman over 40 or any woman for that matter, stay motivated? Babette: I believe most women in their 40’s that start a fitness program have an easier time, than those in their 20s and 30s. Usually, they’ve had their children or their careers are stable. They can leverage resources like childcare or school to al-

Photography by: Steven Trujillo

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Arizona Mom Melissa Hunt S

“everything in moderation….”


I first saw Melissa, she looked like she stepped out of a magazine. Seriously, she reminded me of “The girl next door model” type. She was always dressed in the cutest relaxed clothes. Blue or colored jeans, nice cropped jackets and stylish blouses. She knows how to mix it up as she wore both high heels and flats in the mornings. What was clear to me was that she took some time to do her makeup and pick out her clothes in the morning. She obviously made it an effort not to look as if she placed all her time and energy into getting the kids ready in the mornings. “Although I know she did.” What I also noticed about her was her down to earth ways. And her kids always wanted to love and hug on her, and she welcomed it. She was fashionable, but never for show. She was just being Melissa. I am a fashionable mom too, and this is one of the first things that drew me to her. Let’s learn more about this classy lady! ·

Melissa Hunt




Born and Lives in--Scottsdale AZ


Marital Status- Married


Children - 3


Occupation- Stay at home mom


Motto “everything in moderation….”

BDF: Melissa, before you were a stay at home mom- what did you to for a living? Melissa: Before I was a stay at home mom I owned my own spa supply company. I sold supplies from cotton balls to high tech laser equipment to spas all over the west coast. After I sold my company, I worked as a sales rep for food and spa magazines in Scottsdale. This allowed me to have flexibility in my schedule that didn’t have before. I loved it! However, I ended up leaving the magazine industry after I had my first child to be at home with him. BDF: Do you have any side businesses or charitable organizations that you run from home? Melissa: No. BDF: Simply, one of the best things about me being at home with my kids is that I get to ‘be there’ for them in every way possible. Whether it’s play time, homework, watching TV with them or just horsing around. Knowing that I am available for them really makes me happy. To that end - What do you like best about being at home with the kids?

Melissa: There are many things that I love about being home with my kids. But my all-time favorite thing is being in their company. I truly enjoy it! They keep me laughing and on my toes! We go to the movies, out to eat, bum around the house, etc. And love it. It’s not to say that there aren’t times where it can be, and has been, overwhelming and exhausting, but it has created a certain relationship and bond that I feel very good about. Now that two of my three kids are in school, and gone most of the day, I look back on their babyhoods and feel very grateful that I was able to spend as much time with them as I could. Because like I said, I really love it. As they grow up and become more and more independent, I grow more and more proud. My hope in the long run is to have a solid relationship with my children, even if they live on the other side of the world or down the street. I also hope they maintain a strong sibling relationship too so that we can always continue to enjoy each other’s company.

new approach to fitness is to make it fun and a challenging. I know that sounds cliché, but I found a gym where there is constant encouragement to challenge myself, which makes working out. Seeing the results are fun and rewarding! When I belonged to other gyms in the past, I wasn’t that into fitness because I lacked motivationbut more than that, I didn’t know how to motivate myself. So, I’d do the bare minimum and go home. There wasn’t anyone telling me to ‘pick up the pace’, or to ‘keep going’, or to ‘enjoy feeling the burn’, so, I didn’t. I tried everything from Yoga, to Zumba, to personal trainers, and I finally found the work out that I keep going back to. Enjoying my workout has allowed me to enjoy being into fitness. BDF: How do you juggle your duties of being a mom, wife and still find time for yourself ? You know what I mean? Eating right and sticking to an exercise regimen can be tough when you are taking care of a large or small family.

BDF: Where did you meet your spouse Melissa: It is definitely a juggling act! Melissa? The most important thing that I do is plan. I plan the days I can go the gym, the day I can do the weeks grocery Melissa: In Las Vegas at a club! shopping, the days I’ll be staying at home and catching up on house work, BDF: Wow, you don’t hear that story prepping healthy dinners and I even every day! So, how long have you guy plan my time to myself or out with been married? friends. However, my plans seem to change a lot due to life, and I’m okay with that. A great thing about being Melissa: 9 1/2 years a stay at home mom is that I have the flexibility to plan around my plans. I BDF: Are you into fitness and what do also have a great husband who is very supportive of eating healthy and being you do to stay in shape? active so we encourage each other to make time to get outside, play with the Melissa: I am into fitness. Well, at kids, and go out with friends. least now I am. I do a 30 minute high intensity work out at Impact MMA BDF: What do you like about your in Scottsdale about 3 times a week. network of mothers at Sandpiper? When the weather is nice, I enjoy going on long walks and hikes. My

Melissa: I’ve made some great friends at Sandpiper! The network that us moms have created is a great way to get to know each other and for us to get to know each other’s kids. The network establishes trust too. So, I feel confident in calling another mom to watch my kids if I’m running a little late for pick up. I think that’s pretty special. BDF: It is very special! When you are not taking care of your family- What are your hobbies? Melissa: My hobbies are cooking, interior design, travel and dining out. BDF: For my final question, what words of wisdom would you like to pass on to moms out there? In regards to juggling a husband, kids, and taking care of yourself ? Melissa: I want people to know that it is a long term commitment and it takes effort to being balanced. Also, that it’s not a perfect science. So, I would encourage anyone to try new things, meet new people, and be open to change. Sometimes we might think we are balanced only to realize we were way off, so keep an open mind as well. Oh, and laugh a lot (it’s great for the abs too!) BDF: Yes it is Melissa. Work those abs with laughter girl! By CBS, EIN

Arizona Mom Beth Huggett Name- Beth Age- 36 Lives- Phoenix, Arizona

When my family and I moved to Arizona last year I was excited, but a bit nervous at the same time. It can be a little tough to get acclimated in a place where you do not have any family or friends. However, the prospects of meeting new people, Mom’s in particular, was exciting! In my travels, I have met some amazing women along the way who have welcomed me and my family with open arms. “They made me feel at home.” Beth is one of those special individuals! I met her at my Son’s school, Sandpiper Elementary in Scottsdale. She, like all the other women in what I call, my AZ Mom’s Connection, welcomed me with open arms. One of the things that I looked forward to seeing in the mornings was her big beautiful smile.

Marital Status - Divorced Children- four - Benjamin 18, Carmine 15, Donavan 10, and Isabella 5 Occupation- Project Manager for a Mining Manufacturing Company and works part time at daycare.

BDF: So, tell me a little more about your occupation, and what you like best about your job?

Beth: I am a Project Manager for a mining company that manufactures mining equipment for Hard Rock Mining. What I like best is that I am blessed to be able to work from home. With 4 kids, having the flexibility is the best part of my job! BDF: How did you get into this field and how long have you worked with your company? Beth: After having my daughter, I decided I did not want to travel for work anymore so I only looked for a job near my house and I was blessed to have been the perfect fit for this job! I have worked for this company for 3 years and I have been a Project Manager for 10 years. BDF: What charitable organizations that you are involved in Beth?

Beth: None at the present time. My kids and I give back to the homeless by serving meals during the holidays and also throughout the year. BDF: Before I met you, I would observe you at drop off in the morning. You were always dressed in your workout gear and full of energy! But every mom at drop off in work out gear is not really working out (laugh). So, are you into fitness and what do you do to stay in shape? Beth: I am. I belong to Jabz, a boxing gym and I work out there 3-4 times a week. I also have a personal trainer 2 times a week and then I run 2 times a week. BDF: Wow! That is impressive for any woman, let alone a mom with four kids! How do you juggle your duties of being a single mom and still find time for yourself ?

Benjamin Arqueros - 18, Carmine Arqueros - 15, Donavan Arqueros - 10 , Isabella Arqueros -6

Beth Oh, it is not easy. The answer would be my kids. They are truly my life and my motivation. I have learned that it is vital for mothers to make time for themselves so that they can truly be the best for their children. I expect my children to stay active and eat correctly and so I believe that I must be the example that I want them to be. I want them to know that they should always take time for themselves, be the best they can be, and do their best. Exercise and eating well are important steps to reaching these goals.

BDF: What do you like about your network of mother’s at Sandpiper?

Beth: They are real moms who have the same struggles with life, kids, work and home. When we get together whether it’s talking at drop off and pick up or for a cup of coffee, we are a support system for one another other and we make each other smile. We all know that we are here for each other. BDF: What are your hobbies? Beth: I enjoy hiking, exercising and attending my kids sporting events. With 4 kids playing sports, you most likely will find me at a basketball court or softball field and I enjoy watching and supporting them more than any hobby! I do enjoy eating out and going to the movies. Trying new restaurants is one thing I enjoy. As for the movies, it’s my escape from reality. BDF: Finally Beth, what words of wisdom do you have for moms, particularly single moms? Beth: It is not easy being a single mom, but it is rewarding. You must find balance within yourself. For me, I keep things simple and I keep a small, close group of friends that double as a support system.


Using Toys in your Workout

In the fitness gym world, personal trainers and group fitness instructors incorporate a variety of exercise equipment to enhance the member’s workout. These various tools or “toys” as they are often called, can increase flexibility, balance, strength and coordination when added to an exercise routine. In addition, recent studies show that working with equipment such as balls and bands allows the individual to have a bit of diversion during exercise! Instead of focusing on the pain, strain or burn, their attention is split as the individual becomes somewhat preoccupied with how to maneuver the equipment. Asking an individual to throw a medicine ball up in the air to increase their heart rate quickly opens the opportunity to incorporate “play”.

Hand flexor/Hand grip– basic foam hand flexor or hand grips starts at (12.95). Price increase when the grips are metal and has a different levels of strength. Levels can go as high as 11 ($25.95) Benefits of Hand Flexor is more forearm muscularity, hand endurance (apply pressure for longer periods of time), increased hand strength (for sports such as gymnastics, climbing and tennis), and improved dexterity.

Jump rope- basic cloth jump rope for speed shown ($11.99) for intensity-adjustable weight rope ($15.99). Weight loss, increased cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone are some benefits of jumping rope.

Cast Iron Kettle bell- basic bell shown ($33.99) Price increases with various weights and brands of bells. Example a York Hercules Cast Iron Kettlebell 50lb is ($79.99). Some benefits of Kettle bell is Full-body conditioning. “The body learns to work as one synergistic unit linked strongly together, increased resistance to injury, increased resistance to injury, simultaneously work aerobically, and enormous calorie burn (Recent study conducted by American Council on Exercise (ACE), participants burned approximately 20 calories per minute (1,200 calories per hour.)

Adjustable Resistance Tubes start at 14.99. Prices increase as you pay for sets that include several tubes with varying lengths that may or may not be adjustable. Resistant bands allows you to diversify your workout, bands can be used for injury recovery and prevention, and they are convenient (take them with you when you travel and exercise in your hotel or workout in the comfort of your home). Ab Wheel – singe wheels start at ($7.99) and double wheels, as shown, starting price ($12.95) Tip: Dual wheels tend to offer better stability during hard workouts. Apart from your abs, you will gain increased strength in your shoulders, upper back, lower back, hips and thighs. It also reduces potential for back pain, improves coordination and core mobility (stabilizing your spine and preventing extraneous movement).

Weights-When we think about strength training, the natural tool to use is weights. Strength traing has many benefits such as an increase in muscle-fiber size, muscle contractile strength, tendon strength, and ligament strength. Weights or dumbbells comes in various shapes, colors, weight sizes. Standard weights shown in can start at ($5.00 to $44.97 for a single hand held weight) .More advanced name brand like Exertec 120 lb. Adjustable Dumbbells can be ($179.99) for a pair.

Stability Ball can start from as low as (14.95) and increase in price in respect to professional balls that are specifically designed for strengthtraining. Such as, the Hammer Strength Stability Ball ($189.95). Although stability balls are used for a variety of exercises, the best uses for the ball is to achieve a greater range of motion on abdominal exercises. Outside of rehabilitation work, this is the best use for this tool.

Yoga mats are utilized any various exercise and floor activities. This versastile mat comes in various lengths and can be extra thin or thick. This definitely will efffect the price. A standard mat shown can start at (14.95). Price will increase with professional extra cushioned mats like The Black Mat PRO for ($108.00) Traction (keeps feet stable on ground), cushioning (on hard surfaces), improved balance (allows your foot to roll easier and more subtly for minor adjustments necessary to balance, and warmth (provides warmth for muscles which other hard surfaces does not do).

Sources Competitive Sports Extreme- 4 Benefits of Using Hand Grips (cited American Council on Exercise (ACE). (2000-2013), Fit Day -The Benefits of Working out with Resistance Bands (2003), Spark People- The Iron Truth about Kettlebell Training - By Nicole Nichols, Fitness Instructor & Health Educator (2015), Find Out If This Fitness Trend Is Right for You, Web MD- Fitness and Exercise "Skipping Rope Doesn't Skip Workout “By Leanna Skarnulis (2005-2015), Overstock (Guides at overstock) Yoga Mat Benefits by Staff Writer (2014), HUMAN KINETICS, "Benefits of Training With Dumbbells" An excerpt from Dumbbell Training by Allen Hedrick. (2014)


rofiles of an Iron Chef

Jim Cropper


ne of my all-time favorite restaurants is the Cheese Cake Factory. Who knew that in my travels that I would meet one of their top Chef’s! His name is Jim Cropper. What I love about Jim is that he is a family man. He is married to my dearest friend, Ruby, and they have five beautiful children. I was taken aback when first met Jim because he is extremely fit! Not what we often see with our chef’s or the one’s that I have come across anyway. Nevertheless, a part from taking care of himself with exercise, he knows how to cook scrumptious healthy meals. We have showcased one of his recipes in this issue. Whenever you are in Arizona, stop by the Cheese Cake Factory, and when they bring you the menu, ask them for one of Jim Cropper’s creations. I am sure you will not be disappointed!

In Jim’s Own Words I started cooking back in 1993 when I found out I was going to have my first daughter, Alisha, and decided I needed to change my life. Before that I did many facets of construction, landscaping, tree trimming (climbing palm trees with a chainsaw), laying asphalt in the summer Phoenix sun, electrical plumbing, hanging dry wall, and painting oil silos in St. Croix Virgin Islands. As for cooking, I started as a pantry cook and quickly moved to the exhibition kitchen mesquite char broiler where a gentleman asked me to come help him open a new restaurant in Scottsdale. I went, quickly became the Executive Chef after only cooking for maybe a year or so at that time. Then the restaurant closed down. From there, I went the Planet Hollywood as a line cook again moving quickly into a training position- opening restaurants all over the country as well as around the world in Paris, London, Moscow, Sydney, Melbourne, Honolulu and Montreal gaining the title of Culinary Training Coordinator.

Getting a Mast

g to know ter Chef

Jim Cropper Area Kitchen Operations Manager The Cheesecake Factory Inc.

I was promoted to Executive Chef of the Phoenix What was your favorite chocolate experience? PH Restaurant and ran it for quite a while. Then At the Del Mar Fair this summer. One of the venit closed. dors bake chocolate volcano to order. It was amazing! Ruby, my four girls and I gathered I then went to Bahama Breeze as a sous chef and around one paper food tray devouring this gooonce again quickly move forward into a Sr. Exec- ey warm mess of chocolate heaven! It was unutive position opening all three in AZ and train- forgettable! ing new chefs and helping troubled restaurants all over the country. I also spent two months in the development kitchen in Orlando as part of a development team creating an entire new lunch menu as they were a dinner only concept until that point. They started closing restaurants and I didn’t want to go through that again. So, I went to The Cheesecake Factory. At Cheesecake, I started in Rancho Mirage California as a Kitchen Manager, became the Executive Kitchen Manager in one year, opened two more very successful restaurants over the next two years, and then got promoted to my current position of Area Kitchen Operations Manager. In this position I am overseeing six restaurants in AZ and four in Las Vegas.

Let’s ask Jim a few questions What chef do you most admire? Thomas Keller for his creativity, attention to detail and order in the kitchen, getting everyone involved in innovation, immaculately clean kitchen and his deep respect for food and for where it comes from. Also, Jiro Ono for his relentless pursuit of perfection. Do you have a favorite ingredient? I go through phases. It can be a nice olive oil or maybe spaghetti squash or Branzino or Brussels sprouts or short ribs or Kobe Beef sirloin or habanero peppers or duck.

Who do you like to cook for the most? I know it sounds corny but I love to cook for our guests. I also love cooking for friends and family. We just had a dinner for all of our GMs and EKMs. It was very special to serve them. Give us three words that describe your cuisine? Healthy, Fresh and Simple OR Bold, Well Balanced and Delicious. Either way, I use high quality fresh ingredients combined with great technique, executed well made from the heart. I season in layers, use great technique and taste as I go to create perfect balance. I enjoy cooking all styles of food and am not locked into any one type of cuisine.

About the Summer Recipes The summer time dishes are just what I have been cooking this summer. Fresh, simple and sooooo good! I love the combination of the vanilla olive oil on the simply grilled sweet potatoes! So perfect together. The watermelon and cucumbers is so basic but such a simply perfect balance of flavors; sweet, savory, spicy and acidic. So refreshing and clean. And the Salmon is smoky, moist and succulent. Again with great balance. All so delicious and perfect for sharing and enjoying over conversation with friends and family and of course a bottle of wine or two!

Really anything I see or taste that I find interesting and want to play with. Right now, I’m loving the smoked salt and vanilla olive oil we got in By Jim Cropper Edited by Vanessa Shorter Maui!

Recipies Smoked Grilled Vegetables

Ingredients (In Order):


Cooking Procedure

Regular Yellow Squash




Red Pepper


Green Pepper


Yellow Pepper


1. Make simple vinaigrette in a stainless steel mixing bowl with the oil, vinegar salt and pepper and some of the garlic and shallots. Season to taste. 2. Place the vegetables in the stainless steel mixing bowl and gently toss them in the vinaigrette.

Baby Portabella Mushrooms 3”-4” 2-4 each Olive oil

1 ounce

Balsamic Vinegar

1 Tablespoon

Kosher Salt

To Taste

Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

To Taste

Fresh minced Garlic

2 teaspoons

Fresh minced Shallots

2 teaspoons

Fresh Thyme Chopped

To Taste

3. Grill the vegetables on char broiler with high heat to create grill marks. Do not over cook. 4. Remove from heat and place on sheet tray. 5. Sprinkle remaining garlic and shallots over vegetables. 6. When ready to cook the Cedar Plank Salmon place sheet tray on top shelf of char broiler with the lid closed to smoke the vegetables. 7. Sprinkle thyme over vegetables and re-season with a little more salt and pepper to taste. Add more olive oil if desired.

Group Fitness


GFI IN TRAINING While training for the Group Fitness Certification (GFI), the instructors challenged me to expand my knowledge of the business by answering several questions in an essay format. These essays had to depict how I would handle real life scenarios during a group fitness class. Below is the question that they asked and my answer. Question: What would be the appropriate response of a Group Fitness Instructor involved in the following scenario? A mother and daughter come to a step class. They want to improve their health and spend time together. The mother is a beginner, and the daughter is intermediate. How does a professional group fitness instructor present the class where both the mother and daughter can benefit from it? I believe that this question is one that all teachers, not just in the fitness profession, must continue to ask themselves as every individual that is taught (any subject, skill) is indeed unique. They are unique in how they process, respond, and utilize the information. Having said that - GFI’s definitely must build skills that help them identify the varying levels of each student in their class. It is very easy to focus in on the student (s) that are keeping up with you as it helps you progress quicker through your curriculum and your class. However it can be challenging to “keep the class moving” while verbalizing and demonstrating lower impact or modified moves. However, this is a skill that must be rehearsed to ensure that you are providing movements that meets each student at their level. In addition, these movements should also help them build muscle, strength and endurance to get them to the next level in their exercise journey. In this scenario, the GFI needs to address the mother daughter team with suggestions listed below:

If the daughter has 3 steps on her bench, the mother may want to only have 1 or 2 steps added to her bench. Tip: “This decreases intensity.” The daughter may be able to utilize hands and feet movement at the same time. So instruct the mother to keep her

feet moving and add hands later so that she can keep Let’s say the daughter is able to rise up on her toes her momentum going. during a hamstring curl as she steps on top of the step Tip: “Hand and leg coordination during step chore- bench, but mom does not have that type of balance ography can become confusing and slow the student or chore strength. The modification for mom would be for her to step up with her heel on the bench, endown.� gage her chore, execute the hamstring curl and get as

low as she can on that lunge with her working foot when descending. Tip: “Modification of this sort meets the need by increasing intensity on the descending movement.” Modification is definitely the key to helping your entire class feel as if they are getting their desired work out. While going at their own pace! As it states in the Ace Group Fitness Instructor Manual, Chapter 6, page 171) Therefore, it is essential that GFI’s have a basic understanding of how to appropriately modify movements to meet the unique needs of individuals participants while still providing and effective workout for the class as a whole. Written by Constance Blaize-Shorter November 2, 2014

For Certified and training Group Fitness Instructors -Send us your real life scenarios in a fitness class in a question and answer format to “Titled GFI Real Life”. We would love to add your story to this section! NOTE: The information above does not ensure that you will pass the ACE fitness certification with said answers. The questions that were given to the student in this session by the instructor changes from course to course, and GFI’s in training should not look to these as answers in this publication to ensure high grades in the ACE courses or test questions, but instead an additional source of information to be discussed with your instructors and lab coaches.

28Pixels Photography

Jada Kennedy

Lacey B. Smith

The Fashion Movement

Tyra Kennedy

Studio 28 Dance Company

Kayla Kennedy

About Hannah’s Shoebox

What We Offer

Hannah’s Shoebox is a specialty online fashion footwear store who elimates the shopping dilemma for customers looking to buy age-appropriate stylish shoes in women sizes for tween girls. pledges to provide exceptional value, quality, and customer service. Our brands consist of several trusted designers and our buyers travel throughout the country so our customers will always have their desired styles and sizes. To purchase shoes go to Shipping is available throughout the United States and Canada.

Since shopping for the perfect style and size shoe can become a huge challenge, Hannah’s Shoebox offers families the ease of a one-stop shopping experience for special occasions throughout the year. Such as, middle school dances, graduations, father-daughter dances, music recitals, religious events and much more! When purchasing at Hannah’s Shoebox, customers will always find a variety of the latest fashionable shoes that are age and size appropriate with thought given to the needs of their growing feet.

Fact: Hannah’s Shoebox is the only retailer to exclusively provide fashion footwear to preteen girls who wear women sizes 5-13 in a variety of styles including boots, flats, dressy/casual sandals and those hard to find special occasion shoes.

Fact: Research shows that most girls today hit puberty earlier and are physically larger than those generations ago. In addition, their feet are larger too and it’s understood that special attention should be given to their feet’s development and size.

Personal Testimony to Profitable Business The idea to create the store came from my own frustration of shopping for my 11-year-old daughter who was in a women’s size 11 shoe in the 5th grade. There’s more to this business than selling shoes. My ‘aha’ moment came when I began to see the confidence and pride of young ladies after they would purchase our larger sizes 11, 12 and 13.

Dolly Fact: Magic happens when they find shoes that are just right for them. Their faces light up and they are so happy to find cute, stylish shoes in their perfect sizes. I have seen shoes transform attitudes and emotions.

Hannah’s Shoebox Gives to Charities Hannah’s Shoebox doesn’t just make a difference through selling shoes to tweens. The company has donated more than 100 pairs of shoes to Joshua House, delivering hope and self-esteem to the young girls of the shelter who have been abandoned, abused and neglected.

Written by Colette Glover-Hannah Edited by Laura H. Shorter


For additional information or to customize group or large shoe orders, email us at or call 813-435-8940. Customers can follow the online store on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter @ “hannahsshoebox� and on Instagram @tweenshoes.

Fashion Addict By: Carrol Burgen


Brenda Michel Occasion: High School Reunion What look Sarina’s going for: Sarina wanted a classic glam with a twist. So we created a bronzy sultry smokey eye with a retro red lip to go along with her little black dress.


hat Brenda said about her client:

She’s one my favorite clients because she’s an easy person to work with. In addition Sarina is talented, smart, and beautiful inside and out! Normally, I’d do a very natural look for her as this is her preference. However, this time I was able to experiment and choose the look that would be suitable for the occasion and her outfit. I was a bit nervous as I was not sure what her response would be to the extra drama on her face. Luckily, once she saw herself in the mirror she screamed, “Omg, Brenda I love it!” Her husband, Keith, loved it as well. You know, Sarina even slept in her make up! I don’t recommend that my clients do that. She also took selfies all night.

Before and After Model: Becca Ashley Photo by: Adrienne Andersen

Author: Sarina Babbs Photo by: Kristian Walden Photography

Model: Sarina Babbs, Author, Wife and, Minister Courtesy Photo - Brenda Michel


ow you see it, now you don’t!

Sarina had a stye on her eye and was concerned that it would ruin her look for the night. Thank God I worked my magic and she was pleased that it was not noticeable.

Products used: Face: Moisturizer- Embryolisse PrimerBecca Ever Matte Poreless Foundation- Black Opal Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation Concealer/Highlight- LA girl pro concealer Powder- Sasha Buttercup & Ben nye mojave poudra (Honey Spice) Eyes: Urban Decay eye primer Makeup Geek Coco bear (Transition color) Mac Embark (crease) Colour pop mooning (lid base) Nyx pigment Walnut (lid) Inglot gel liner Broadway Lashes #DW Blush- Le

femme (Russet mixed with Sienna) Highlight powder Nars Albatross Bronzer- Queen bronzer (ebony) Lips: Ben nye lip pencil (red) Mac lipstick (Ruby woo). By Brenda Michel Edited by CBS For more information on Brenda Michel and her services visit More makeover stories to come. Stay tuned!

Healthy Lifestyle Oral Hygiene Tips

Dr. Cathy L Rearden

Get religious about brushing and flossing. Taking care of your teeth and gums is essential to good oral health. Ensuring that your mouth is healthy is important to overall well being. It can also help you avoid painful and expensive cavities, oral infections, and diseases of the mouth like gingivitis. BRUSHING AND FLOSSING 1. Always brush your teeth before bedtime, and after every meal if at all possible. 2. Use toothpaste that contains fluoride to help prevent cavities. 3. A soft head toothbrush is best; hard bristles can be too tough on teeth and cause irritation of the enamel. 4. Flossing after brushing each time helps remove plaque from between the teeth, and helps with breath. 5. Use a tongue cleaner/scraper to help eliminate mouth-borne bacteria.

HEALTHY DIET 1. Avoid eating too much sugar and drinking sugary drinks such as soda, sweetened teas, or fruit juices. 2. Nuts and dairy foods such as cheese are all good dietary choices that can help strengthen enamel because of the calcium and vitamins they provide. 3. Chewing sugarless gum after a meal is a good way to substitute brushing in between meals; it can help remove food particles from between the teeth. 4. Fresh fruits like apples can be good for your teeth because they can help

remove loose foods and clean the surface of your teeth. 5. Vitamin deficiency can cause tooth decay and oral disease. Make sure you are getting enough essential vitamins such as the B vitamins, calcium, and much needed essentials. LONG-TERM DENTAL CARE 1. Getting regular teeth cleanings and checkups at the dentist, every six months is recommended. 2. Replace your toothbrush every two months to ensure proper cleaning. Keep brushes free from germs.

3. If you have a toothache, it is important to seek dental care immediately as this could be a potential infection or abscess tooth. 4. Avoid chewing tobacco or smoking to help ensure gum, mouth, and teeth health for life. 5. Good long-term dental care can prevent excess dental visits, cavities, yellowing teeth, and bad breathe. 6. U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher refers to poor oral health as a “silent epidemic”, a disease that restricts activities in schools, work, and home, and often significantly diminishes the quality of life. You are encouraged to brush and floss each day, eat nutritious foods, and visit the dentists on a regular basis. Your teeth and gums will thank you. Sources: • Smile Program Newsletters MI • •

Dr. Cathy L. Rearden, a native Philadelphian, is a 25-year retired Veteran of United States Navy. Dr. Rearden has been a dentist for 31 years and still shares her profession with BIG Smiles –Mobile Dentists, providing in–school services to children around the state of Virginia. She holds membership in the National Dental Association (NDA) and serves on executive board of Alumni Association of Lincoln University (PA) –Coasta Virginia Chapter. Dr. Rearden resides in Chesapeake, Va with her adult son and daughter and granddaughter.


Testimonial from recently satisfied client. "After receiving a quote of $3500, I contacted Ann Thomas, Simply Ideal Solutions, and received a more reasonable quote. Right from the beginning I found Ann to be professional and easy to communicate with. She was just brimming with suggestions and great ideas to market my new book! Ann stayed in touch with me throughout the entire process, giving me ample opportunity to review what she had done so far and allowing me time to think through any additional items I might want to add. Even as we were winding things up and Ann was fully paid, she remained positive and helpful. I never felt as if she was rushing me through to get to her next client. I am so pleased with my new website! I would highly recommend Ann's work. Mary Rock, author of "Cancer: How I Beat It on a Shoestring Budget!"

GOAL GIRL Jorgie Franks

Goal Girl offers inspiring motivation for women of all ages- a must read.”Former Mayor Pam Iorio


ow Jorgie Became a Speaker and Author

I got started as a young girl always excelling in writing and speaking. First, I started reciting Maya Angelou poems in front of family and performing at black history events. I would do essays for various competitions which eventually lead to me being on the debate and forensics team in high school. I wrote for the school paper and joined Toastmasters (an organization for practice and training in the art of public speaking and presiding over meetings). With the speaking and writing skills I have attained, I was able to become a professional speaker and author by the age of 24. The book that I authored was, “You Goal Girl! -The Ultimate Guide to Achieve All Your Goals.”

The Goal of ‘The Goal Girl’ Is to help people be the best they can be. Each of us have individual talents and skills. Our organization has given back to the community by mentoring middle and high school students. I utilize my books as a curriculum for mentoring sessions as it outlines success tips on how to achieve your goals by taking responsibility and not making excuses.

The Difference between ‘You Goal Girl!’ and ‘Mind Your Own Business’ Between both books you will see the theme to stay encouraged, stop making excuses, and take responsibility. In “You Goal Girl!” I talk about students maintaining a good GPA of 3.0 and higher, because passing with an average grade does not bring success. I also cover a lot of, “Do’s and

Don’ts” in life and making sure that you project the image that you want people to perceive about you. As for “Mind Your Own Business (MYOB)”, it’s about youth leadership skills that helps promote responsible young people by using the analogy that students are, ‘Their own business.’ Students will be instructed on how to foster their brand, slogan, and motto. In addition to getting reviews from their investors, parents, teachers, and friends. I teach students that grades are comparable to paychecks! This encourages students to treat their schooling as if it were their jobs.

How Her Recent Book MYOB Is Shaping Lives While doing a presentation called, ‘Taking Responsibility’ some years ago, I remember this kid who came up to me after in tears. She said; “I owe my mother, (who was one of her biggest investors), an apology. I definitely have not shown her any appreciation.” These are the kind of life changing stories that motivated me to write this book. MYOB helps youth to discover who they are so they can choose the right majors and narrow down their interests at a younger age.

By Jorgie Franks Edited By Vanessa Shorter

10 Back to School Etiquette Tips for Middle School Girls It’s a new school year and butterflies are normal on the first day! But, you can set the tone for the rest of the year with the following “Back to School Etiquette Tips.”

By Tia Young, Founder & Director of Tampa Etiquette Academy

Model in blue sweatshirt is Taylor Young daughter of contributing writer, Tia Young Photo was taken by Academy of the Holy Names for the school calendar.



irst impressions really do matter. Be on time, smile, show confidence and have a positive attitude.

3 Greet your teachers by their last name. Be sure to offer a firm handshake, make eye contact, smile, and say Hello. Remember to show them respect throughout the year.


Use your Magic Words daily. They are “Please”, “Thank you”, “Excuse me” and “I’m Sorry”. They can help you make friends easier and stand out above your peers.

5 2


e prepared for class every day. Make sure you have your outfit ready the night before and all of the necessary books, writing utensils and personal/sanitary items.


tay organized from the beginning of the school year to the end. Keep a paper or digital calendar of upcoming assignments, tests, projects, and events.


heck school policy on cell phones and other electronic devices at school. They are very addictive and distracting. Never use them during class time.


D 7

uring lunch period, be polite to the cafeteria staff. Be kind and considerate to students sitting alone or looking for a place to sit. Ask them to join your table. Remember to clean up after yourself.




Don’t be a Bully. Bullied students feel scared, vulnerable and alone. If you see someone being bullied, stand up for them and tell someone.

Remember the Golden Rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Good manners will help you get along with others and get through the day more easily.

Be a Leader. By taking charge of your life and leading by example, you will exhibit the confidence that will inspire others to follow.

Nichelle Hanner, Master Stylist Hair Care for Transitioning and Natural Hair BDF: How long have you been a hair stylist and where did you study? Any specific licenses for hair other beauty services? Nikki: I have been a hairstylist for over 25 years and I studied at a small private beauty school outside of Ft Lauderdale, FL. In Florida, having a cosmetology license covers all aspects of beauty including nails, skin care, and braiding in Florida. I am also a certified educator with a Basic Hair Care product company. BDF: Where can people contact you for services? Nikki: My business name is Visions Hair Studio and it’s located in a cozy loft space inside of LDS Beauty Boutique. BDF: I am glad to hear that you are teaching classes! Tell us a little about that.

Visions Hair Studio 3117 West Columbus D. Suite #208 Tampa, Florida 33607 (Inside of LDS Beauty Boutique) Telephone: .813-764-4567.

Nikki: I spend my weekdays at Howard W. Blake High School teaching cosmetology to 9th and 12th grade students. I teach the students all about the beauty industry. Such as, how to greet a client, consult with a client, and most importantly- how to analyze the client’s hair and scalp and prepare for chemical and nonchemical services. I also teach professional stylist how to properly use and retail the Basic Hair Care lines to their clients. BDF: Many women are “going natural” these days. Tell me the ways in which women can go natural. Nikki: This is true! Many women are going natural by doing a big chop, wearing protective styles, or using transitioning products to help ease breakage while strengthening the hair. BDF: How long is the process for growing your hair out of the relaxer phase?

Nichelle Hanner, Master Stylist Nikki: the growing out process for relaxers can take anywhere from one year to 18 months depending on the clients length BDF: What types of products do you use in between this process and how do you care for our hair during this process? Nikki: Well, you always want to be sure to keep your scalp cleaned very well and not to use a lot of heavy oil based products that can build up on the hair and scalp. So, just because you are going natural does not mean you should skip visits to your hair care provider. your hair stylist will want to use products to help strengthen your hair because you will experience some hair shedding .The hair will continue to shed due to the two textures which is called the line of demarcation. Your stylist will help these two textures to reside on the head and make it easier for you to manage with protein treatments and a good balance of moisture. BDF: Are there different types of hair grades or textures for African Americans? Can you break that down for us?

Nikki: Yes, there are different hair textures. As professionals, we analyze hair by the different textures weather fine, medium or coarse. Its density, porosity (how well the hair is able to absorb moisture), and elasticity (will it return if I stretch it or will it break) Once those four factors (texture, density, porosity, and elasticity) are determined you can do just about anything to anyone’s hair. BDF: Once you are fully natural, how do you care for this type of hair? Nikki: Once you are fully natural you have the freedom to choose many different styles. Your regimen consists of shampooing and conditioning the hair weekly or biweekly and keeping your moisture protein balance even. I realized many you tubers suggest cowashing (which means using conditioner instead of shampoo, for the hair) and this will leave terrible build up on the scalp. Build up on the scalp means that there is the presence of bacteria. Therefore, I suggest cleansing the scalp always with a sulphate free shampoo. My go to prod-

ucts are Carbon Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner. Also Carbon Pomade by Basic Hair Care. These products allows a gentle removal of any dirt, debris and product buildup. It has natural ingredients like tea tree peppermint, lemongrass eucalyptus, and activated charcoal to cleanse the hair while keeping the hair soft and the scalp free from dry, itching, dandruff and a host of other scalp issues. BDF: Can natural hair be trimmed? Can you put hair color in it? Nikki: Of course natural hair can be trimmed. You can also do color enhancements to add more flair! The only difference with natural hair is that it takes a little bit more work,

“Once you are fully natural you have the freedom to choose many different styles” time, and money to keep it neat and styled whether -you do it yourself or go to your professional stylist. BDF: Let’s talk extensions Nikki for natural hair. What type of braided styles or weave styles do you recommend? And how do you care for the hair while you have these extensions in. Nikki: Extensions on natural hair are the best because natural hair is much stronger than relaxed hair. So it gives you a stronger base when using extension or braids. There are so many various types of braids and styles. My only suggestion is not to get them too tight, keep your scalp clean by using Sea Breeze or some type of antiseptic to cleanse your scalp, and use a light moisturizer on your braids so your hair stays lubricated. These tips are important because the type of

synthetic hair that is used normally, robs the hair of moisture. Also remember not to leave the extensions in your hair past 8 to 12 weeks. This is usually a good length of time before the braids and extensions start to frizz and fray at the root, ends, and begins to deteriorate the integrity of your hair. BDF: If you don’t want to get extensions and your hair is long enough, what type of braided style do you recommend? Nikki: Extensions are not for everyone. You definitely can

1. I recommend you shampoo and condition weekly or bi weekly according to your lifestyle activity. 2. I do recommend that you moisturize. I do not recommend steam treatments. Shampoo and conditioners will help to maintain moisture levels in your hair. 3. I also recommend deep conditioning treatments and reconstructor or protein treatments every 6 to 8 weeks. 4. Finally, I recommended that you wrap your hair at night with a silk or satin scarf or satin pillow case BDF: What are some of your favorite products out there for natural hair care?

use your own hair to do different styles. For instance, you can always shampoo, condition and use some type of setting lotion to braid your hair, twist your hair, let it dry, loosen it, and wear a very nice textured look which is very popular with naturalists BDF: Can you give the reader a couple of tips on maintaining the health of your natural hair? Nikki: Sure! If you do the following, you will maintain a healthy relationship with your hair:

Nikki: Connie when it comes to hair care products I am a little biased because I educate my students with a specific product company. I believe in these products and I recommend them because they work! if you’re experiencing dry scalp, I’m going to recommend our carbon scalp system which consists of the basic carbon tea tree shampoo- which contains the key ingredients of activated charcoal, tea tree oil, and lemongrass. It has a cooling agent of the peppermint, pink grapefruit, lavender, and geranium. All these key ingredients work well together to remove build up and debris on the scalp and the hair. These products are available at your professional stylist or you can go online to

The other system that I would recommend for moisturizing will be our conditioning system which contains our conditioning shampoo and Celerity Conditioner. The key ingredients in these products contain coconut oil for moisture retention, vitamin E soy bean oil, and hydrolyzed wheat protein. These products work well together to give that extra detangling smooth slippage that you will want to experience on the hair strands. As you as you comb the hair, it helps to moisturize and detangle at the same time. Some of the other fixatives that I recommend would be the basic leave in conditioner a lightweight moisturize. Also, for your hair and body I like the Herbaceous Oil. The key ingredients in our Herbaceous Oil is Kukui nut oil, Argon oil, Ximena oil, Kalahari melon seed oil, Baobab oil. These ingredients helps the oil to absorb easily into the skin and hair without any greasy residue. Another great product to use on natural hair is our basic enhancing cream. Because these are heavily concentrated a little goes a long way and costs is $15.00-$45.00, these products can be purchased from your professional hair stylist or online at BDF: Tell us your views on hair and how it adds to a woman’s beauty. And what is your motto in life regarding hair care and taking care of yourself in general. Finally,

“What I lo about he she is comm teaching h how to m the health hai

By Cons Blaize-Sho

what is your favorite hair style to create? Nikki: I view woman’s hair as an important accessory. Therefore accessories are made to complement an outfit or lifestyle. Our hair should always compliment us. One of my favorite styles to do is a free flowing wrap with lots of body, lots of bounce, and lots of shine. “These are signs of healthy hair.” I believe healthy hair is also a sign of a healthy lifestyle. Meaning a nutritious diet, plenty of water, and staying active are things that will help increase the blood flow to pump nutrients throughout your body. By Constance Blaize-Shorter, EIC Nikki and I have been friends since High School. She has been caring for my hair for over 20 years. She also styles my mom and my sister’s hair. Recently, my daughter, Laura Ann, got her first professional hairdo from Nikki! What I love most about her is that she is commitment to teaching her clients how to maintain the health of their hair.

ove most er is that mitted to her clients maintain h of their ir.”

stance orter, EIC

Dancer: Sasha Brown

Courtesy of 28PixelsPhotography

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