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December 2016

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The North Pole Heats up!

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| Roasting Chestnuts


| What’s new in dance and fitness

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| PARTTIME CFO Take your business to the next level | Layesha Walton & LIFT Mentorship Program



Kamal Macko GKamp Fitness

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| Shannon Cordero


| Fete Fit with Ashlee John Caribbean workout for your mind, body and soul


Shannon Cordero

Pinup Cosmetics

| by JaDacy Shepard

90 | What’s the Secret Sauce? Achieving your New Year’s resolution 4

The North Pole Heats Up!


| Where Are They Now? Taylor Hatfield From student to teacher

Legends Kickboxing

108 | Rick “The Jet” Roufus 116 | Dancer’s Diet

126 | INSPIRING WOMEN Retired, Rejuvenated & Ready Patricia Louisa Tully

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Victoria Richards Chocolates 7

Editor’s Note

The Christmas Song Chestnuts roasting on an open fire Jack Frost nipping at your nose Yuletide carols being sung by a choir And folks dressed up like Eskimos Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe Help to make the season bright Tiny little tots with their eyes all aglow Will find it hard to sleep tonight They know that Santa’s on his way He’s loaded lots of toys and goodies On his sleigh And ev’ry mother’s Child is gonna spy to see if Reindeer really know how to fly And so, I’m offering this simple phrase To kids from one to ninety-two Altho’ it’s been said Many times many ways Merry Christmas to you


The Christmas Song is definitely my an-

them for the Christmas season. As a little girl, my dad played a lot of Nat King Cole’s holiday songs and he would sing them as well. Out of all the songs I was exposed to growing up, this song resonated with me most and still does today. I am 47 and the holidays do not officially start unless I hear Nat singing this tune. The peculiar thing about this song is that it can provoke blissful for melancholy emotions. If you are blessed enough to live in a home where toys, Santa, chestnuts and a fireplace are familiar to you, this song evokes blissful feelings. However, if you don’t have a family, can’t afford food or gifts, this song can be depressing. I’m in no way trying to bring a damper on the holiday seasons, but we need to realize how blessed we are during this time. Some people are lonely, poor and even depressed and don’t really feel the hope and love that this song offers. But what if there is something that we can do this Christmas and holiday season that will change how this song speaks to a person’s heart in the future? I mean perhaps we can take a family out for Christmas lunch or dinner; volunteer at a homeless shelter serving food; or get involved with the Angel Tree program which provides gifts for the unfortunate. Take a family along for a drive to Walmart or Target to select a Christmas tree. Whatever it is, YOU can literally change the way a family member, friends, a stranger, an elderly person or a child feels about this holiday season. Pass on the good regarding what Christmas is about, Christ’s Birth and the spirit of hope, love, and charity. There is magic during this season. This magic that is not fueled by a magician or an imaginary spell, but of all men practicing goodwill to each other. As for this issue, we are sure that you’ll be reading it well into the new year as we have a lot of great stories to keep you engaged. Starting with our cover story featuring the

amazing IFBB Figure Pro, Kamla Macko, and her journey to fitness and the LIFT Mentoring Program (founded by Layesha Walton) that gives back to the community. Keep clicking the pages and meet our ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

“Altho’ it’s been said many times many ways- Merry Christmas to you. “

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Ballerina in video Zhanna Gubanova

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Beauty By Brenda Michel/Editor’s Makeup

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BlaizeDance, Inc. Team CONTRIBUTING JOURNALIST Melina Pagoulatos COVER PHOTO Model: Kamla Macko Swimsuit: Sexy Pin Up High Waisted Bikini in Red & White Polkadot BySarah available at Makeup Artist & Consultant, Kamla Macko (makeup line - Arbonne /


Heidi of Chacha Braids/Editor’s Hair LOOKING FOR BLOGGERS! If you would like to become a blogger for our Beauty and Fashion section please forward an email to blaizedance@ - title your email “I want to be a blogger.” Send us a brief bio and examples of your work written/video.

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MarkaDecor Premium Hand Made Wedding Accessories 14


Destination Disney World Animal Kingdom Orlando, Florida

16 16

17 17

Miami SouthBeach

Florida Vacations, Miami and Orlando Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek (HOBC) Staying at the HOBC was a real treat for our family. We were surrounded by beautiful grounds, an elegant pool (to include a wave pool), indoor shopping mall , and easy access to Downtown Disney. Which is important if you have kids. In addition, dining in was wonderful as the hotel offered various restaurant options with delicious foods. Beautiful views of the beach and pool. Loved relaxing on that balcony.


For reservations Phone: 1-800-291-9434 14100 Bonnet Creek Resort Lane Orlando FL 32821



For more attractions in Vegas:


Roasting Chestnuts Oven Roasted Chestnuts Pre-heat your oven to 400ºF (205ºC) the Grill. If you’re going to use a grill , campfire or a fireplace, get these items fired up and ready to go. 1. Carefully poke a hole or cut a line or an X into the flat portion on the head of each nut with a sharp, pointed knife, digging or cutting through the shell. This will allow steam to escape, otherwise, the chestnuts can explode! 2. Spread nuts evenly on a rimmed baking sheet when cooking in the oven or directly place the nuts on the grill with the cut or pierced side of the nut facing upwards. Lightly sprinkle with water and if roasting over an open flame, including a gas stove, put them in a pan with a long handle and cover. Tip: Some people prefer to lay the chestnuts slit side down so that the shell is cooked, dried and separated from the nut for optimal crispiness.



3. Roast for 15 to 20 minutes or until they’re tender and the shell comes off easily. Move them around frequently so that they do not burn. 4. Wrap the hot chestnuts in a towel and firmly squeeze them to crush the skins. Leave them wrapped in the towel for five minutes afterward. 5. While still warm, peel the nuts, remove the inner skin along with the shell. You can reheat briefly if the nuts become too hard to peel.

Seasonings You may eat naturally or add a dash of salt, a no-salt substitute, or seasoning like Mrs. Dash Table Blend or Mrs. Dash Mrs. Dash Spicy Jalapeno. If you have a sweet tooth, add some nutmeg or cinnamon powder or drizzle some caramel syrup directly over the nuts.


Sources Wikihow, Roasting Nuts and Yummily. Additional tips from BlaizeDance, Inc.


1950’s Jive

Photographer: Moodboard



Photographer: stockyimages


Photographer: blanaru


Photographer: blanaru


Photographer: blanaru

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Ballerina: Zhanna Gubanova Choreography by Alisa Aslanova Videographer: Alisa Aslanova Photography by Ballet Maniacs and Alisa Aslanova

Find your favorite instructor at your fingertips with DanceLoveAppÂŽ

Coming Soon to Dance & Fitness! By, Melina Pagoulatos Edits, Vanessa Shorter



A new app is coming to the dance and fitness community that will revolu-

tionize these industries. DanceLoveApp速 was created by CEO Pat Lang after he recognized a need for an app in the dance fitness community. Lang, an avid dance fitness fan, found it difficult to keep track of his favorite instructors which is how DanceLoveApp速 was born. DanceLoveApp速 is more than an application. Its greater purpose is to spread love through dance fitness and unite communities across the globe. Lang and his team have worked hard to create a system that is user-friendly, informative, and brings people together.

DanceLoveApp速 will help instructors market themselves in a professional manner. Instructors will be able to list their classes and see who is coming to their class. In addition, the instructors can post their profile for users to view,

choose templates that are specific to the format they teach, and also have the option of posting a video of them teaching. Lastly, they can link to their current social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Dance format owners will save money by integrating DanceLoveApp® content into their existing web and mobile platforms. This allows instructors to have the proper tools to market themselves across social media while consumers, like you, will be able to search and find them easily in the app. Since there are so many fantastic dance fitness formats out there, DanceLoveApp® allows you to discover them in one place. Students will be able to find classes much easier. For example, if you are traveling out of town and want to find a Fierce Funk® class in Texas, you would simply put in your location. The app then directs you to the closest class and will show the following: instructor information, class location and time, and how much it costs. This app is expected to be released early 2017. Be one of the first to be alerted when it goes live. Go to www. today! Pat Lang, CEO of Danceloveapp® and his journey so far

Mel: How did you come up with Danceloveapp? Pat: I started doing dance fitness over six years ago and lost nearly 100 lbs. in the process. I was laid off from my app design job last year and had a lot of free time, but found it difficult to find my favorite instructors or learn about new ones. In addition to Zumba®, there were lots of great new formats now such as AfroFunk®, BollyX®, Bokwa®, and MixxedFit®. I was using a combination of gym websites, Facebook, word of mouth, dance format websites, and instructor websites. They all had their strengths and weaknesses, but overall it was a bad user experience. So, of course, I thought to myself, that there should be an app for that.

Photographer: warrengoldswain

Mel: What is the focus of Danceloveapp? Pat: Since doing business model planning and interviewing many instructors and format owners, the company has shifted to focusing on dance in general and not just dance fitness. We are committed to making tools that help dance format owners, studios, choreographers, and instructors market and manage their business. Since I started by myself the team has grown to seven people, and I’m proud to say that it’s mostly women who have incredible experience in design, marketing, and business. The experience and commitment of the team are the biggest assets to the company and why we’ve seen so much love from the dance and fitness community. Instructors tell us why they are excited about Danceloveapp. “What I’m most excited about with DanceLoveApp is that there’s finally an app just for dance fitness no matter the format and it can be accessed by anyone! Lots of my students aren’t on social media and I’ve struggled to keep in touch with them regarding my schedule changes or events. I can’t wait for everything to be in one place. Also with DanceLoveApp it will be so much easier for me to introduce my own dance fitness program to the public soon. I’m more confident and excited now!” -Kamila Emilia, Sacramento “What I am excited most about the new DanceLoveApp is the ability to go one place for class information. No matter what format, what instructor or what location, the DanceLoveApp is a one-stop-shop location for everyone in the dance fitness industry.” -Lynnette Falls, El Dorado Hills “I think the app is such a great tool to highlight local studios, instructors, and formats. It creates a real sense of love for our dance fitness community, which is what The Klubhouse 2 is all about! Our motto always is “Doing What We Love, Loving What We Do” and this app truly shows that! Love all the posts, the different pictures of classes and instructors. Can’t wait to see the app when it’s fully launched!” -Vivien Stoudemire, West Sacramento Sources: DanceLoveApp®, links from The Klubhouse 2, and marketing services provided by Melina Pagoulatos. Complimentary Images by, DanceLoveApp® and Pat Lang. Additional images provided by BlaizeDance, Inc. and Photographer’s: Warren Goldswain, Leungchopan, and Wavebreakmedia of Yay Images.

Our Pointe Shoe Blog by BlaizeDance, Inc. The response to our blog from was so great we decided to add it to this issue. Thanks for reading our blog!

Photographer:Volodymyr Melnyk

Drying Your Pointe Shoes After your dance class or stage performance, your shoes will be wet on the inside from sweat. Therefore, upon gathering all your belongings and tossing them in your dance bag, remember the following tips about your shoes. 1. Never leave your wet pointe shoes in your dance bag! I have 2. Take them out as soon as you get home. If they do not dry properly it will decrease their longevity. 3. Always fold up shoes properly after each class, rehearsal or performance, by winding the ribbons loosely around each shoe. 4. When you get home place the shoes in a location where they can dry. The time for drying may be 26 to 36 hours. 5. Drying your shoes allows the glue inside of the shoes to harden once it has been softened by moisture. 6. To help shoes maintain its shape crumpled newspaper or a paper bag should be inserted into the shoes. Some may opt to place the paper inside a baggie before putting it into the shoes.

Q. Can you re-harden your shoes? Certainly! There are various shellacs or glue on the market. Here are a list of shellacs and glues: •


Super Glue (Jet Glue)

Floor Wax (Future)

Floor Wax (Future)

Sources: BlaizeDance, Inc., YouTube, About Home /Point Shoe Re-hardening, and http://dance.about. com/od/Pointe_Ballet/qt/Pointe-Shoe-Hardeners.htm - it gives great instructions on the hardening process. Images by Yay Images. Tips: Search YouTube as well for videos on shellacking and glues. Tell us about your tips for taking care of your pointe shoes. Original date of Blog -Monday 4/20/15 5:04 pm. You can join our blog anytime. Sign up at

PARTTIME CFO Take your business to the next level “After close to 25 years of excelling in the financial industry, my expertise is now your expertise. Let me and my team provide you with first class CFO services. We are an online firm that provides Chief Financial Officer services.” --Dr. Craig Bythewood, Ph.D. in Finance and Economics Affordable, customized service plans based on your individual needs Strategic Expertise Available help when you want it All aspects of business Financial Modeling For more services more... Contact Us Address: 10511 Martinique Isle Drive Tampa, Florida 33647 Email: Website: Phone: 813 313 8446 Images provided by BlaizeDance, Inc. and Photographer’s Netsay, and Yellow of Yay Images.



Spotlight Minister Layesha Walton Giving back to the ladies in her community Minister Layesha Walton, Visionary and Founder of Music & Dance Unto the Lord and Anointed to Dance Inc., is known globally for her Liturgical dancing and powerful conferences that seek to unite brothers and sisters in faith and in dance. In 2012, she launched a new program called the L.I.F.T. Mentorship Program (known as LIFT) which has been successful in preparing and positioning young ladies for their purpose in life. Programs such as LIFT is a direct response to paying it forward in one’s community, which is why we’ve decided to showcase Layesha as our Spotlight person for this month.



What doe What does L.I.F.T stand for? L.I.F.T. stands for Ladies Influencing their Future Today.

Why did you start this program? Initially, I desired to start a youth mentorship program for girls because I enjoyed volunteering at the church I was attending at the time as the dance ministry director, which included many opportunities to mentor. Well, I enjoyed it so much I developed an entire program. But, for some reason I never pushed it forward. But, after several years of also mentoring young college women while working at the University of South Florida, it became clear that the girls I thought I was called to mentor had indeed grown up. So, I was led to turn the GIFT program for girls into the LIFT program for ladies.

I’m curious as to why you selected ages 18 through 35? I mainly selected ages 18-35 because those are often the women who need a little push to move forward in what they believe they’ve been called to do, or need encouragement to keep growing into a better employee, college student, working mother, or overall person. We’ve seen some amazing transformations. And now we’re excited to share that the cap has been lifted and now LIFT is for women of all ages. But, you have to be at least 18 to participate.

Tell us how women are selected and explain the enrollment process. Again you have to be at least 18 to enter into the program. An application portfolio has to be completed and submitted before the deadline; recommendation letters have to be submitted on behalf of the interested applicant, we have an entry interview to make sure the applicant is ready to commit to the program and after the review of the LIFT Admissions committee we then decide who enters into the program.


es L.I.F.T stand for?



Are there any sponsorships or scholarships for girls who want to be part LIFT? Currently, we don’t have scholarships available. But, we do welcome Purpose Partners to partner with each applicant as they go through the program. Purpose Partners are allowed to submit any amount they’d like to help the participant reach their total commitment fee.

Who is on your team or board for LIFT? We have several influential women on our team who make up the LIFT Coaches, and we pull from our LIFT alumni/graduates to step in as volunteer staff and accountability sisters for the active participants.

So are the LIFT Coaches assigned to a specific mentee to assist them with helping them obtain their goals? Yes, the LIFT Coaches are paired with one/two mentees based on their overall goal and if the coach or mentor would be able to successfully help them.

Tell us about the LIFT Awards and Graduation Ceremony and what it entails? The LIFT Awards and Graduation Ceremony is the annual formal event we host to introduce our graduates to the community, along with their finished work or product. Even if the finished work is themselves and sharing their testimony of how they were able to find their purpose or develop a sisterhood with people outside of their normal circle, who helped them reach new goals. During the ceremony, we also shine a light on others and give awards to other programs in the community who do great work to lift others.

The ladies are all adorned in such beautiful dresses and look like models and celebrities. What inspired you to adopt that signature look?

I have to admit I’m a girly girl and I love dressing up! But, I’ve also learned while the ladies go through the program they start in one place and literally go through a metamorphosis which is why our symbol is the butterfly. Within this program, we believe in producing ladies, who are well rounded spiritually and naturally, poised and socially correct. So, towards the end of the program, it’s just an awesome way to celebrate their press, and an opportunity to have fun, getting dressed up and allowing the beauty to shine inside out. Classy, elegant, and God-fearing will always be our signature stamp!

I see that you allow vendors such as Mary Kay to be a part of the program. What is their role? Well, we welcome all types of vendors as an opportunity to bring awareness to their businesses and products, during the awards and graduation ceremony. We also have our graduates set up their own vendor tables as a way to introduce their new products,

After the ladies leave LIFT do they remain in contact with their mentors? Specifically, how do the mentors help them to keep focused on their purpose? Once a person enters the LIFT program, they enter a sisterhood for life. It’s literally a community purposed to support each other. We have annual retreats, fellowships, and opportunities when we can come together. Additionally, the alumni are highly encouraged to attend the annual graduation to support the new graduating class. As for the mentors, they are encouraged to remain in touch with their mentees even after graduation. It’s an ongoing relationship. The coaches are in touch with their mentee regularly and the mentees use a curriculum/toolkit I created which includes assignments, activities, etc. while going through the program.

I saw on your recent Facebook post a note that said; “Choices, Chances, and Change.” We do our best to encourage the ladies to understand the choices they make today affect the consequences of their tomorrow, to take advantage of the multiple chances given by God to make Godly decisions instead of repeating mistakes and expecting different results, and lastly, we really encourage





our participants to be open to change. Without being open to change we can miss when God reveals new vision, provides new relationships and wants to produce a totally new person within us!

Congratulations, you just celebrated an anniversary this year! Yes! We just celebrated four years and we recently enrolled our fifth cohort so we’re entering year five and it’s very exciting! Five is the number of grace so we are looking forward to what God has in store for our latest group to join the LIFT family and the overall program.

Where would you like to see LIFT in another three years? In another three years, I want to see the program blossom into whatever the Lord says. I like to say I never want to put a limit on what He can do. If you would’ve asked me several years ago, I wouldn’t have known I would start a mentorship program where almost 50 women would graduate and have a life-changing experience, causing a beautiful ripple effect in the journey they call life, all while gaining new sisters. Some who have become so close that they’re now best friends, bridesmaids, and beautiful accountability sisters. So, whether it’s an academy, major convention or chapters around the world, I’ll never know…. But I’m open to choice, chance, and change!

Do you have any stories from graduates that you would like to share? In reference to how LIFT has changed their lives? There are several awesome stories, but, one in particular which happens to be my favorite, is one young lady who throughout the program just really wanted to know what her purpose was, and to find herself. Without much pressure and just loving her where she was and how she was while also providing a safe place to grow, by the end of the program she gave her life to Christ and shared her testimony by way of dance at the graduation. She was extremely fearful of dancing in front of an audience. But, she did it and she shared her testimony! I’ll NEVER forget that moment! It brought such joy.


How has LIFT changed your life? LIFT has changed my life in multiple ways, from allowing me to meet amazing young women who were an added blessing to my life; it gave my life even greater purpose and an opportunity to answer a call near and dear to my heart. As I think back LIFT was actually a prophecy fulfilled. As a former performer as a dancer, and then becoming exclusively a dancer for the Lord, I just really had no idea how He’d use my life in multiple ways to bring Him glory and I believe LIFT is one of those ways. And, my heart continues to overflow with gratitude.BDF: For ladies, who may not have a program in their area like LIFT, please give them a word of advice on finding their purpose.

Layesha: For ladies who may not have a program in their area like LIFT, what is your advice to them? I’d say connect with us! We are not only available for women in Florida. We have graduates from Suriname, Cape Town, South Africa, Milwaukee, and ladies participating from New York. Soon, South Carolina by way of Miami. So, we are definitely willing to accept anyone who believes they can benefit from this program. But, if joining this program is not an option at the moment. I would encourage them to understand every creation has a purpose. A vase was created for a purpose, a door was created for a purpose, the sky was created for a purpose and the ground was created for a purpose. But, not one of the aforementioned was created with more purpose than the person reading this article. We all have a special call. It’s my hope that the reader will hear, and answer so the world won’t be deprived of their greatness and their impact to make this world a better place. Don’t be afraid to connect with someone who can teach and help you grow into a better you!

Layesha thanks so much for sharing your story with us! It’s been my pleasure. Thanks for inviting me to share! By Constance Blaize-Shorter Edits, Janet Samuel For more information on LIFT visit their or connect by calling or emailing (470) 344-5438/ or . Follow them on Facebook . Visit the following links for more information on Music & Dance Unto the Lord Anointed to Dance Inc. Photography- Layesha Walton and Captured By Arlene. Some images can also be viewed via LIFT’s website and Facebook. ht t p s : / / w w w. f a ce b o o k . co m / p g / L a d i e s o f L I F T / about/?ref=page_internal



GKamp Fitness 58

The North Pole Heats up!

Photography Shannon Cordero


Kamla Macko- GKAMP FITNESS Talking About Her Passion Photography by Shannon Cordero

For a lot of women who want to become fit, lifting weights still seems to be the least attractive option in their exercise regimen. Why? Well, there is this notion that lifting will add muscles that will look too masculine and also that lifting is just boring. I don’t think that women, in particular, realize how crucial weight training is as it burns fat quicker, build muscle, boost mood, and improve sleep. As for our bones, many studies have shown that 16 weeks of resistance training increased bone density and increased blood levels of osteocalcin (a marker of bone growth). I believe that our cover fitness model and personal trainer, Kamla Macko, knows a lot about full body workouts. This 2X Olympia competitor and her partner, Gus, are the owners of G~KAMP FITNESS in Tampa, Florida. The programs at G~KAMP Fitness consist of Agility Training, Strength and Conditioning, Functional Fitness, Weight Training, Tabata, Mixed Martial Arts and Track-N-Field. Kamla is passionate about fitness and she shares some of her journey with us in this exclusive interview.


Were you and athletic child? If so, what types of sports did you play? Kamla: I was an extremely athletic child. My parents enrolled me in ballet and jazz at the age of four. Since then I have been active in many sports such as basketball, cross-country and track. Did you ever have issues with your weight? Kamla: Honestly, I have never had issues with my weight. I have always been conscious of my image, therefore I stay on top of my health- mind, body and soul. What made you want to become a fitness professional and what are your certifications? Kamla: I grew up seeing my mom teach aerobic classes and my dad was heavy into weight training along with proper nutrition. I come from two amazing hard working very physically fit individuals that introduced me to "The Fit Life". As for my certifications, I have a BA in Exercise Science from Florida International University, I’m an NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, and I’m also an IFBB Figure Pro (International Federation of Professional Bodybuilding). What are some of the classes that you’ve taught? I have taught Boot Camp Classes and Caribbean Aerobics for Women. Since I am Caribbean-born, I’m curious as to why you chose to teach a Caribbean Dance Aerobic class. Are any of your relatives from the islands? Kamla: I had an opportunity to create a new class at Miami Dade College where I was studying my AA degree and I wanted to offer a class that was completely different. I thought; “Doesn't everyone love to dance?” So why not bring a Caribbean feel to the schedule of classes. It's a great way to express yourself through dance and help women lose weight while having FUN! My parents are both Jamaican and I wanted to keep my heritage alive through my training.


What do you find clients are looking for the most when they secure your services? Kamla: They are looking for abs and glutes workouts. These are the two major groups of muscles that women want. I came out with an abs and glutes book called Abs & Glutes TUNE UP, which you can purchase on my website at You are a graduate of Florida International University. What did you major in? Kamla. Exercise Science. I read that while in college you entered your first figure competition, the Sunshine State Classic figure competition, in West Palm Beach, Florida. You won first place! What was that experience like for you and how did it change your life? The experience was empowering. When I walked across that stage I knew this was my passion and my God-given talent. I knew I had a bright future in the sport so I continued and made a business out of it. I have competed in 19 PRO Shows with excellent placements. You can find my competition history in my book, Abs & Glutes TUNE UP. How long have you been with Powerhouse Gym? Kamla: I’ve been training at Powerhouse Gym for four years and have been running my G~KAMP Fitness Personal Training Business for the last two years. What attracted you to this particular club? Kamla: The Level of athletes in the facility and the workout equipment.


Let’s talk about you being an IFBB Figure Pro and Olympia athlete. How did you find out about it and why did you choose this particular competition? Kamla: I was studying Exercise Science at Florida International University and in one of my classes there was a woman who had an awesome physique and we automatically hit it off. We would workout and study together. We both loved the fit look and wanted to enter a fitness competition. We found an ad for the Sunshine State Classic and entered. We both won our classes. After my first show, I was hooked and I wanted to go the highest level in the sport because that's the type of individual I am. When I know I'm good at something I try to reach my fullest potential. I realized that I had the genetics, tenacity, determination and mindset to achieve this goal. BDF: What motivates you? Kamla: I'm self-motivated What is your message to women specifically about making lifestyle changes and keeping fit? Kamla: Create realistic goals for yourself that you know you can achieve. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals that are positive and supportive of your goals. Any upcoming competitions scheduled? Kamla: I'm retired Do you have a favorite life quote? Nothing is impossible; the word itself says I'm possible! We are so glad to have you on our cover and look forward to speaking with you again in the future. Kamla: Thank you so much.







Kamla’s Incredible History 1st Place -Sunshine Classic - West Palm Beach, 2007 1st Place - Tampa Bay Classic - Tampa, June 2010 & Overall Championship. 1st Place - USA NPC Florida Championships - Orlando, & Overall Championship - 2010 3rd Place -USA NPC Championship - Las Vegas, - 2011 1st Place - USA NPC Championship - Las Vegas, 2012 5th Place - IFBB Pro Championship - Tampa, 2012 2nd Place - IFBB Valenti Gold Cup - Sarasota, 2012 2nd Place - Ft. Lauderdale Cup - Ft. Lauderdale -2012 2nd Place IFBB Miami World Pro - Miami, Florida -2012 10th Place Arnold Classic - Columbus, Ohio - 2013 2nd Place - IFBB Pro Championship - Tampa, Fl 2013 Competed in Figure Olympia - Las Vegas, - 2013 4th Place - IFBB Tampa Pro - Tampa, Florida -, 2014 1st Place - IFBB Kentucky Pro Championship - 2014 6th Place - IFBB Tampa-Pro Championships - 2016 By, Constance Blaize-Shorter Edits, J. Samuel

Kamla Macko lives in Florida where she continues to inspire others on their journey to fitness via G~KAMP Fitness. For more information on Kamla Macko and G~KAMP visit their website at Purchase her book , Abs & Glutes TUNE UP, at the site as well. Source: Stats on competition history taken from G~KAMP site. Search on Kamla Macko on Youtube to view various training videos. Photography, Shannon Cordero of FotoCafe LLC & Events.



Photographer, Shannon Cordero True Stories Behind-the-Scene When I arrived at the venue I was definitely anxious, nervous, and excited to meet an athlete, Ms. Kamla Macko. After a quick greeting, I found her to be a very down to earth, and just as excited as I was. Ms. Macko was easy to work with and open to any creative ideas. A brief awkward moment happened when Ms. Macko's top unsnapped between shoots. She quickly prevented an embarrassing moment in a very busy gym by grabbing her top just in time. Without skipping a beat, she accredited her quick reflexes to her martial arts training. Definitely an athlete's response!

About FotoCafe LLC & Events FotoCafe is made up of two local photographers, Daniel Garber and Shannon Cordero, who love to capture special events, weddings, fashion, celebrations and more. With two distinct visions share with us your special moments and we will capture those memories for a lifetime.

In his own words Born a Chicagoan, and a transplant to Tampa Bay, I can truly say I enjoy long walks on the beach. No pun intended. As a photographer, I owe my creative sense to a lineage of artists found in my mother and grandmother. I also attest this to the experience and enjoyment of other cultures. Every time I share my gift with a client, I try to offer three things: that moment you didn't witness; my own unique view, and your best you. I've been shooting professionally for a few years now and my goal is to make my passion full time one day soon. I hope you enjoy my work. “Blaize Dance & Fitness Magazine really enjoyed working with Shannon. He was professional, punctual, passionate, insightful and easy going. We’re looking forward to working with him in the future.” Founders Joseph and Constance Shorter (Constance Blaize-Shorter, Editor-in-Chief ). Some behind-the- scene images were taken by BlaizeDance, Inc. for 2016 Follow Shannon @ Facebook- Blog-




Behind the Scenes at Powerhouse Gym Downtown Tampa, FL We had so much fun behind the scenes at Powerhouse Gym - Downtown Tampa, FL with Kamla Macko and my children. I watched my little daughter, five years old, study Kamla’s poses attentively. And just when no one, but the photographer, Shannon was looking, she struck her ‘tough girl pose.” As for my eight-year-old son, he was in his element as he hit, pushed, and jumped on every gym equipment! I could not resist hitting Kamla with a pretend sucker punch. She reciprocated with an uppercut and sent me backward in a Matrix fall. All in all, it was a great day and photo shoot. EIC, Constance​


Fete Fit


Photo by Sergi Lakhno

Caribbean workout for body and soul 76

Tampa, Florida has a gem in its midst when it comes to Fete Fit. If you are familiar with Caribbean music then you know it’s next to impossible to sit still when you hear the collaboration of the steel pan drums, bass guitar and cow bells in the music. This hypnotizing and energizing music really gets your heart pumping. Perhaps this s one of the reasons that CEO/Owner, Ashlee John, of Fete Fit chose soca, calypso and other forms of island music as the foundation of her aerobics classes. Read more about Ashlee and the Fete Fit movement.

your mind,


Ashlee, tell us a little about your Caribbean roots? Ashlee: I was born in America but I have Afro-Trinidadian roots

Were you active as a child? Ashlee: Yes I was extremely active. I was actually a tomboy. I always loved dancing I never took dance but was a very creative youth. I loved to climb trees, compete in all sports. I was a Track and Field star in my junior high and Highschool days. I competed at National levels and traveled all over the U.S.

Did you ever have an issue with your weight growing up? Ashlee: No I was always slim but I started to get Fit in my track season because I started lifting weights as a sophomore in Highschool.

Photo by Sergi Lakhno

When did you start your journey in fitness?


Ashlee: I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the early age of 17. It is mandatory that I do try to maintain physical activity but over some time I had become too comfortable and lazy. In 2011 when I started to gain weight. I started to get fatigued and I had a lot of joint flare-ups to where I was continually in and out of the hospital I knew I needed a change. I was going to the doctor for a checkup and I was told I was overweight for my height. My doctor then told me I must stay active because it was healthy for my joints. I gained 20 pounds over my normal weight and I did not want to make my chronic illness worse by not taking care of myself. I started out working out with my kids. I then became a local community coach for the kids looking to get strength and conditioning training for their seasonal sports. I also started to go out more to local Caribbean Fetes and travel to participate in the Caribbean carnivals. Many women would ask me how do I stay in shape. I told them I dance a lot and workout with kids. Then the local response grew and mothers would join me in my workouts at the parks. I would bring my speakers to the park and play soca as I trained children and danced with their parents. The Soca was so engaging random people would start to join in on the workout and wanted to know if I taught classes. The inner me to inspire and help people was calling out more loudly. I could not stop thinking about it‌I knew it

Photo by Sergi Lakhno

Ashelee in Trinidad Carnival costume was my calling. That’s when I decided to and bring positive unity to an event. Fete start a dance fit program inspired by Carib- Fit exposes the true vibes of the freedom bean rhythm mainly Soca music. of the music in the Caribbean culture. So I chose this word because that’s exactly the atmosphere you experience in my classes.

Do you hold any certifications in dance fitness or group fitness?

Ashlee: Yes I do have a group fitness certification.I am currently studying to get NASM certified to be Nationally certified. I am also looking forward to going back to college to study Orthopedics Sports Medicine.

What classes do you offer? Ashlee: Fete Fit Caribbean Cardio Dance. I host it on Friday nights. The 2017 year I will be hosting the classes three times a week with different themes that target certain muscle groups.

Tell us about Fete Fit. What made you decide to call your studio/gym by What is your biggest clientele? Ashlee: Woman and children for now. this name? Ashlee: Fete is a universal word in the Caribbean and it means a party, festival but more importantly signifies where people gather


What makes Fete Fit different from other fit- How has she been instrumental in encouragness clubs in Tampa? ing you to keep working in the field of group Ashlee: FETE FIT is a high energy Caribbean Cardio exercise? dance fitness program. It’s extremely versatile and can be hosted at kids events, corporate events, Caribbean Carnival events, and much more. The woman feels empowered to be confident within themselves to do movements that are at times outside of their element. My classes are versatile and I also discuss mental fitness and empowerment with all my clients. I always try to connect the positivity of healthy conversations in my workouts. I always tell people that health and wellness are not only about physical fitness it’s your relationships you keep, the food you eat, the conversations you have that all contributes to your health and wellness.

Ashlee: Angela Davis reminds me of how I affirm goals in my life. She is influential and inspires people to be mentally, spiritually and physically fit.

Do you have any children? Ashlee: Yes two boys Jah’Zion age 7 and Amir age 10

What do your sons think about you being a fitness professional?

Ashlee: They love it and they have grown extremely knowledgeable about training. I successfully trained my oldest son in the sport of Track and Field and lead Who are some of the exercise gurus in the him to 3 National Champion titles. I also trained him to host his own kid’s boot camp. The boys love it and if I spotlight that you admire? do Carnival events they are sometimes on stage with Ashlee: Angela Davis, Motivational Coach me or high-fiving me when it’s done.

Do you exercise with your child? And Ashlee: I actually can relate. As a mother, not how do they respond to your teach- every woman bounces back into shape and loses that stomach so easy. I am a witness to ing? having extra saggy skin after having my last son. I was always bloated and I tried to hide it between girdles. Once I made the decision to live a healthier active lifestyle I was able to work extremely hard enough to actually How has Fete Fit changed your life? tighten my skin and get rid of the pudge. It’s Ashlee: It has been a positive experience for just being committed and determined so I me. I no longer have RA flare-ups as much as stayed consistent. I use to anI have developed some great relationships and also have some big plans for the 2017 year. What is your message to women in reAshlee: Yes I do. They love it and at times get creative and want to show me their exercises. They are very athletic.

gards to body image?

Do do you have a dance background, Ashlee: Love yourself more first. There is no such thing as the perfect body. We are all difAshlee?

ferent and we must embrace our truth. If you wish to get fit then get connected with the woman who you can call your soul tribe that positively be honest and will encourage you on the journey. It’s about being the best verSince the holidays are upon us, can sion of you and whatever that means to you. Ashlee: No

you give our readers about five tips on staying active? Ashlee: Absolutely. Drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated. Eat your fruits and vegetables Be selfish with your rest time.

What’s the next for Fete Fit in the near future? Ashlee: Caribbean Carnival Fit Camps, Motivational Coaching/Health and Wellness Events, Kids BootCamps and a Tour to spread the vibes.

Try to get a minimum of 30 minutes of activity a day. Walking, running, some light cardio. What motto do you live by?

Keep healthy friendships that encourage you Ashlee: Give thanks no matter what and stay to live an active lifestyle. Let go of anything centered. Let whoever think whatever, just keep getting better. I live by that because if I toxic to your health and wellness growth. engage in negative activities and take it personally this can weaken my thought process. Some women have problem areas that My vision was planted within me and I must no matter how hard they work that create in my calling. There is no one like me spot; they never get the results that and I understand that is my power. So I look they want through exercise. Do you to interact on levels that vibrate me higher in my thoughts, my relationships, and on my have any issues like this? And how do journey.

you overcome it?

By CBS and BlaizeDance, Inc.

Pinup Cosmetics

Members of Shalamar Jeffrey Daniel, Carolyn Griffey and Howard Hewett

JaDacy Shepard Makeup That Empowers



The Beauty and Fashion (B&F) section of our magazine is aesthetically pleasing as we’ve had gorgeous models, creative designers, and top-notch hairstylist and makeup artist display their work. Alongside the beautiful imagery are fascinating stories behind these talented men and women in the beauty industry. They give us a glimpse into what inspired them to turn their passion into profit. Their stories are the American dream in respects to small businesses and their potential to make an impact globally. Following in the same tradition of great stories told in B&F, Owner and Makeup Artist at Pinup Cosmetics, JaDacy Shepard, shares how her company came to be in spite of challenges that made her question what she already recognized as one of her purposes in life.


A lot of makeup artist are self-taught. Does Sometimes we do not turn our passion into transforming faces with cosmetics come nat- profit. When did you have a sense that this urally to you? was going to be your career? JaDacy: Transforming faces with makeup did come naturally to me. I've literally been around makeup my entire life. My grandmother was a cosmetologist and my mom is too. I had a fascination with both of them. Seeing their makeup transformations was breathtaking. I remember just being in awe of their beauty. Them being in this industry had a strong impact on me. What I am doing now isn't forced, it's my gift.

JaDacy: I knew from the very first wedding I did. I didn't expect that response at all from the bride and during that time I was facing some struggles. Being fruitful in the midst of my frustration, and helping someone else was an amazing feeling. The client didn't know what I was dealing with, and I was comforted when she gave me that big hug. Although my mom is my ultimate support system, receiving that energy from someone that didn't know me only confirmed that makeup was my gift, it is my purpose, and here I am ten years later.

Do you remember the first person’s face that you made up and what their response was afHow did attending School of Style help you ter the job was done? with our craft? JaDacy: I was 18 years old and I did my first

JaDacy: Being that Pinup is a brand where beauty and fashion collide we believe that makeup is to help accessorize your individuality, personality, and uniqueness. Style and beauty are simply a feeling of confidence. I wanted to know more about the fashion industry. Makeup is my first love but I did not How did that make you feel? want to limit myself to just that. When clients JaDacy: It made me feel so good. Because I come in and tell me their outfit details, I can knew this was my gift and it's tied to a purpose. easily execute their makeup looks. School of It goes beyond putting makeup on someone. Style helped me gain knowledge of wardrobe styling. I wanted to create a platform for beauIt's a connection. It's a ministry. ty and fashion since fashion plays a huge role in my artistry. wedding party! The bride literally burst into tears, I was taken aback a little. I was like; "Oh God she hates it!" She embraced me, thanked me, which made me cry too. In that moment I knew this is what I'm supposed to be doing.


How long has Pinup Cosmetics been in existence?

JaDacy: Empowerment to me is a feeling of confidence.When I think of confidence, I think BOLD! We JaDacy: Pinup has been in existence for three years wanted to create bold hues for every woman. When now. women wear these shades she will exude confidence! You will feel empowered. Our company is all about Creating a cosmetic line is not easy. How long did it empowering women. That's how we came up with " Empow(her)- it's very pro-woman and feminine. take you? JaDacy: it took me two years of just planning, strategizing, and research. We've been in business three What are your favorite products and or colors in years, but I've been giving it my all the past five years. your line? JaDacy: EMPOWher, INSPIher, and Goals are my abI am interested in the process of creating colors for solute favorite. They're all a liquid to a matte formula cosmetics. What is your inspiration for creating a that lasts all day, which I love since I'm alway eating (laughing).

color like, EmpowHER Lippie, and then giving it Did you find it difficult to create makeup for all skin that name?

tones and skin types? JaDacy: Yes, skin is so tricky, you have to be mindful that everything isn't going to look good on everyone. So I try to stay pretty nurtural with the shades so that they will complement every woman.

Every makeup artist has their own niche. How would you describe your work? JaDacy: I would describe my work as classic, classic glamor. Never too much, just simply enough.

Let’s talk about caring for the skin. What products would you recommend to our clients to keep our Have you worked with any celebrities? skin in prime condition?

JaDacy: I've worked TV networks, VH1, BRAVO, the OWN network -primarily with reality stars. I've attended many events with celebrities but none were my clients, just interacting. I would absolutely love to work with Angela Bassett. I love Angela! She inspires me so At times, I don't want to put on a full face of make- much and with her just creating a skin care line, that up. However, I want that clean finished look. What collaboration would be awesome. Also, Diane Carol, she's so graceful, so beautiful and Cicely Tyson who is cosmetics can help women do that? the epitome of grace, elegance, and style. Everything JaDacy: Girl I hear you! Okay! I personally don't like I hope to be at 91 years old. They all inspire me and the full face for me! It's so time-consuming! For me, collaborating with them would mean the world to a full face of makeup would be primer, concealer, me. foundation (liquid), and eye shadow. Not that I don’t like these things, but don’t always have time for it. A full face for my clients is enhancing brows, full eye- What makeup artists have inspired you? shadow, full coverage foundation, highlighting, conJaDacy: Mali Magic, she's a makeup artist based in touring, baking, eyelashes, eyeliner. Now, one way to the New York and New Jersey area. She's inspired me achieve a clean finished look, I highly recommend so much on my journey as a makeup artist. During a growing your natural eyebrows, that's one step to cut period of doubt I began to ask myself this question; out of the process (instead of enhancing them with "Is a makeup artist what I'm supposed to be doing?" mascara). If you're to grow your brows, you can throw I remember feeling like I was at a standstill and my on some Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel and you're work wasn't progressing as other makeup artist wee good to go. Eyebrows take the longest for me. popping up everywhere. Their work was amazing, and then there was my work. I remember asking God; I agree eyebrows are important to my look as well. " Why am I not progressing in my artistry?! " Then I What are some of your go-to products for a more came across Mali's Instagram, I was mesmerized with how stunning she was. Then I saw her work and it was natural look? everything I've dreamed about doing. Her technique JaDacy: The products I use for a lite makeup applica- reminds me of my own, very classic. tion are Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel, Blink Mink eyelashes or just any mascara. However, my favorite I was being blindsided by the trend of bold eye color, is L'Oréal voluminous. Black opal foundation stick glitter, bold lips, feeling like that's what I should be (beautiful bronze), and blush, my favorite is Any of doing- but my gift wasn't in that. I give a huge praise Mac's blush. When I'm rushing I just use a bronzer and to the makeup artist who does that type of work because it's an art, a true talent, but it's not my calling. I of course a " PINUP " lip! came to the realization that I wasn't going to be able to do every kind of makeup and that's okay. It doesn't JaDacy: Cetaphil! I love Cetaphil and I recommend it for all skin types. This product cleans without stripping and moisturizes without clogging. It's a perfect balance. I use the cleanser and moisturizer daily.

make me any less than the other fantastic makeup artist out there. I specialize in bridal glamor, I specialize in classic glamor, that's my thing, that's my gift. Mali Magic allowed me to embrace all of that and I'm so grateful. She still inspires me. Mali she gives awesome tutorials so I've been able to advance in my artistry with her techniques. To sum it up, she's my mentor and has been very influential in my journey.

What overall message do you have for women regarding beauty? JaDacy: Makeup is just an enhancement, you're already beautiful. Makeup is to help accessorize your individuality and personality. Style and Beauty are simply a feeling of confidence.

What’s next for Pinup Cosmetics?

JaDacy: Pinup is working towards being a full What is one or two makeup mistakes women cosmetic brand and we have some amazing collaborations coming up, you just have to stay make when applying? tuned! I don't want to ruin the surprise since JaDacy: Not blending well. Good makeup apwe've been working really hard towards this plication is all about blending. project becoming a reality. It is a blessing.

Thanks for sharing with us JaDacy and we wish you much success. Thank you so much, it's an honor. By, CBS, EIC, Edits, L.Shorter

JaDacy lives in Lakeland, Florida, You can order products at and follow JaDacy on Instagram: @pinupcosmetics @jadacyshepard.Complementary images by JaDacy Shepard and additional images by BlaizeDance, Inc.2016. via Yay Images. Like this article? Tell us about it and we will post your comments in the next issue. Send comments to

Ask Jovette

What’s the Secret Sauce?

Achieving your New Year’s resolutions By Jovette Muniz Edits, Blaizedance, Inc.

Just Do It Have you ever thought that this is the time of the year where your health and fitness journey can be railroaded? Unfortunately , this is the season the weight will usually pile on. Sorry, don't shoot the messenger. It happens to most of us because we forgot what we promised ourselves on January first. Now that the year is almost over way too many people have this attitude; "Oh I'll just wait until January to join a fitness club or start to eat right." WHY? Start today. My advice to those reading this article - don't wait until tomorrow which is not guaranteed to us. Start now. As NIKE says; Just do it."

Before you start just remember: "Slow and steady wins the race." •

There are no quick fixes that will last 5+ years later.

There are no easy buttons that will last 5+ years later.

There are no microwave results that will last 5+ years later.

The only answer is YOU. You, your commitment and hard work!

True story After over four years of coaching others, I promise you that I've heard it all. All the excuses, all the quick fixes, all the easy buttons and all the microwave results. Believe me when I say they do NOT work. Everything last for a minute but the goal is to make lifestyle changes. In order to change our lives, we must change our thinking. My favorite motto is "Life is short and then you die. What happens if you live until 95? Not too many people think that far ahead but what if you do? We have no idea when our time is up. Yet, too many people have the philosophy of ; "Well if I die I'm going to die eating this double meat double cheese with everything on it." If this article was a video, you would see me shaking my head at that comment. I can't speak for anyone else but I would prefer to eat right and exercise so that I can be around to see my miracle babies grow up, since I carried all of them for over 2 1/4 years in my belly, I think it's a good idea for me to be around as long as I can, call me crazy. Nevertheless, as for me and my house, we will be happy, healthy and debt free. Won't you join me this year?

Join our challenges Stay in touch and be a part of my monthly Beachbody Challenge Groups, NonBeachbody Accountability Groups and Free five day Facebook Challenge Groups (topics will rotate from fitness, nutrition, water, and sleep. Visit my website at Sources: Jovette Muniz daily blog via Beachbody Fitness and Complimentary images by Jovette Muniz and Blaize Dance, Inc. via photographer's Wavebreakmedia of Yay Images.

Atlanta Festival Ballet Company

Beauty & the Beast March 11, 2017 – March 12, 2017 Mar 11, 2017 at 7 PM to Mar 12, 2017 at 2 PM



Edits by BlaizeDance, Inc.


A BALLERINA'S TALE IS NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD & BLU-RAY AND ONLINE* DVDs and Blu-Rays are available for purchase online at, ShopPBS. org,,, and among others. Check with your area retailers to find out where it's available in-store. The film is also available for download in the iTunes store, Amazon Video and Google Play. You can also rent it online on Amazon Video, YouTube, and Google Play. *Available in the US, Canada, Ireland & Malta. This page will be updated as the film becomes available in other regions.

Where Are They Now? Taylor Hatfield From student to teacher I knew Taylor when she was a little girl in children’s church at Bible Based Fellowship Church, Inc. She always had a bright smile and somewhat of a shy presence. However, when it was time to dance, act, sing, or participate in the kid's sign choir- the quintessential performer in her was revealed. I got an opportunity to see Taylor teach a group of teens at Studio28 Dance Studio, Tampa. I was extremely proud as I watched the dance student become the instructor. It was refreshing to know that after all these years of dancing in church and dance schools like Studio28, she decided to advance her passion. I'm sure that we will be hearing more about Taylor in the future and we wanted to interview before she takes Hollywood by storm.

I remember you dancing at Bible Based with our ministry; you were so little back then. When did you start taking formal dance lesson?

really see and feel the words of the song through my movement. Especially when I minister. When I minister, I make it a point to get the mindset of it’s just me dancing in front of and for people. of ‘it’s me dancing in front of people, let me get into character’. I make Taylor: I took my first formal class around the age of sure that my focus is on God and allowing Him to six. I had to stop and didn’t take another formal dance move through me in order to reach His people. class until Studio28 in January 2015. In between those two times, I tried to take as many master classes I could and danced as often as possible. I remember being a judge for the Delta Sig-

Who encouraged your love of dance? Taylor: I think my love of dance has always been expressed. I was exposed to dance/ the arts at a young age and just seeing different genres and companies even the ministry of dance made me love to dance even more. I will say the people who always encouraged me by telling me to take care and protect my gifts were my parents. They told me never to give up or compare myself with others. They saw the love I have for dance and they pushed me to be the best I can be in the field.

ma Theta Jabberwock Pageant when you were a contestant. How old were you then? Taylor: Wow! I believe I was 15 or 16. Geesh time flies!

I saw your name on the lineup and could not wait to see your dance. I was taken aback at the forceful, graceful and expressive dancer you had become. How was that experience and did it help confirm that you should continue to hone your dance skills?

Taylor: I was terrified! It was my first time dancing an entire piece by myself. It was the first piece I choreoDo you currently have a mentor in dance? graphed by myself. Looking back at the video, honestly, I thought I could’ve done better technique wise. And what have they taught you about this But that’s just me being my worst critic as I always try craft? to be better and grow in my technique. But yeah, it Taylor: Yes I do! Her name is Ms. Layesha Walton. She was one of my ‘Aha’ moments where I thought I wantis the founder of the L.I.F.T (Ladies Influencing their ed to keep doing this. This is where my heart is. Future Today) program. She also has a ministry called Dancing my Testimony and is the founder of M.D.U.T.L (Music and Dance Unto the Lord). I name all her ac- Tell us about your experience at YourStudcomplishments because it’s these things that helped and are helping me become the dancer I am today. Taylor: I love it! The community is great, students are More specifically a dancer for the Lord. It was in the great, and the owner, Ms. Janice, is awesome. ActualL.I.F.T program where Ms. Layesha became my official ly, she is one of my L.I.F.T big sisters. I am so grateful mentor. What I’ve learned from Ms. Layesha was that for Ms. Janice because she has helped me in not only this craft I have is not my own. She taught me that my getting my first dance teacher job but also teaching gift belongs to God and everything I do is for Him and me the ropes of the business side of dance. It’s easy to not for man. She said; “It’s one thing to grow in your work for her because not only is she compassionate craft, but if you’re not growing spiritually then.what’s and understanding, but she’s led by God the Father, the point in gaining the world’s approval of your tech- Son, and the Holy Spirit. nique when your soul is being neglected?”

Watching you teach at Studio28 was a full cirWhen you are performing, what are you trycle moment for me. What do you like about ing to portray to the audience through your teaching dance? movement? Taylor: The kids. I love being able to see the potential Taylor: When I perform I try to bring whatever char- and growth in their journey through the classes. They acter I’m portraying to life. I try to help the audience

actually teach me as well. Patience for one! They also fine tune, tweak and develop new ways to achieve your teach me that the spirit of a young child is so precious dream. Also don’t go through it alone. At some point, and I should try to keep that spirit alive in me. you will need help. So make sure to use discernment in whether or not someone is there to help or hinder you from your dream.

Do you consider yourself a choreographer?

Taylor: Yes I do. Over the years I’ve started to see myself more of a creator of dance than a dancer. Now don’t get me wrong, I will forever be a dancer and perform, but I can’t count the amount of dance pieces I’ve stored in my brain and how many times I would daydream about choreographing pieces. I just sit in my room and listen to a song on constant repeat -coming up with choreography for just me myself and I (smile).

Taylor, thinking about opening a studio one day? Taylor: Not sure. More so a performing arts center like the Straz Center for the Performing Arts (STRAZ). I’m pretty sure I’ll need to start somewhere so a studio may be in the future.

What would you like the audience to experience through your choreography? Taylor: I want them to relate, to see the story that’s being told. Whether it’s love, hate, struggle, my goal is to transfer these emotions through the movement.

Are you going to pursue dance as a career? Taylor: That’s the plan! I would like to become an artistic director either in dance specifically or performing arts in general.

Are you currently in school? Taylor: I attend the University of South Florida and I major in Theatre Arts Performance.

We’ve spoken a bit about the LIFT Mentorship Program and I know you a graduate. How has LIFT helped you in your life? Taylor: It helped me realize that faith without works is dead. That I can’t simply say I believe God will help me in my endeavors but I have to do my part as well. It also helped me realize that I can’t do everything on my own; Taylor Hatfield is a dancer at Studio28 in Tampa, FL where that I’m not alone and there are people there to help me. she also choreographs and teaches ballet, tap, and hiphop classes for youth ages six plus. This rising star is also a student at the University of South Florida where she is What is your message to young women your age majoring in Theatre Arts Performance. She participates in an amazing Tampa-based dance ministry 13:46. If you regarding following their dreams? Taylor: I suppose what’s helped me is to have a focus. would like to get in touch with Taylor, send an email to It’s great to dream but when there’s no focus it can get titled “More on Taylor H.” If you a little jumbled and chaotic. Don’t neglect your dream. liked this story and our previous “Where are they now?” Make sure it’s something you’re passionate about, Always articles, let us know by sending an email to blaizedance@

Glenda Dexter, Sales Executive I am pleased to announce my affiliation with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida PropertiesGroup,formerlyPrudentialTropical Realty. The company’s new name offers youtheconfidenceyouneedwhenbuyingor selling a home. As a Sales Executive with Berkshire HathawayHomeServicesFloridaPropertiesGroup I can offer you the best of both worlds: the strengthandnamerecognitionofapowerful new network-recognized as the No. 1 companyinBarron’sannualrankingoftheworld’s 100mostrespectedcompanies-alongwiththe personal attention andexpertiseofalocallyownedandoperated company.Weofferafullmenuofservicesand take great pride in our ability to facilitate everyaspect of yourtransaction.Ilookforward to finding solutions to all of your residential and/or commercial real estate needs.




Tyley Miller Coach & Owner

CrossfitPotentia Greenville, SC

Address: 1011-A Lowndes Hill Rd, Greenville, SC 29607 Phone: (864) 475-7099


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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) continues to be one of the favorites competitive sports enjoyed by many. The men and women competing in this sport usually gains a huge following and a lot of respect as this sport takes tremendous strength, stamina, mental toughness, discipline and of course, a bit of a mean streak. These fighters need to also be intelligent people who are able to learn technique quickly. They also need to identify the different skills sets and abilities they face in each opponent and adapt their strategies. A fighter once said; “Adaptability is the name of the game.” Having said all of this, we did some research and decided to choose Rick “The Jet” Roufus as our Living Legends athlete. Currently, Rick "The Jet" Roufus is the Owner RR Kickboxing/ Boxing since 1970 to present. His gym is located in Phoenix, Arizona. His programs are specifically designed for each individual client and their personal goals. Rick provides Boxing, Kickboxing, general strength, shaping and toning programs geared to specific sports training, In addition, he offers nutritional counseling. "I design safe, challenging workouts that get results", says the versatile title holder of the PKA, IKF, ISKA, FFKA, and KICK. He also stated that he loves what he does, teaching and giving back all the skills that he gleaned via martial arts, kickboxing, Thai-boxing, and boxing.


Beginnings Rick Roufus (known as The Jet) was born Rick John Roufus on June 3, 1966, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He began his lifelong practice of the martial arts at the age of five. His father taught him taekwondo He quickly rose through the national point karate circuit and debuted as a professional kickboxer in his late teens. Rick had his first professional fight in May 1985 against J.C Owens whom he defeated by decision. On 19 August 1989, in his tenth fight, The Jet sent shockwaves through the kickboxing community by outworking the reigning national PKC Light Middleweight champion in a unanimous decision win. In April 1987, he fought against John Moncayo for the world title of KICK at super middleweight. Roufus knocked out Moncayo in round seven to win his first world title.

Changing the Game In the early part of his career, Roufus fought under the rule of Full contact where leg kicks, elbow strikes, and knee attacks were not allowed. He changed tracks on November 5, 1988, when he challenged Changpuek Kiatsongrit in a non-title fight in Las Vegas. His kickboxing record stood at a perfect 28 wins, but the Thai proved to be too powerful and smart. The Jet knocked Changpuek down twice with punches in the first round but lost by knockout in the fourth round due to the culmination of low kicks that he was unready for.

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On 19 June 1991, Roufus faced another top class fighter in Marek Piotrowski. A rematch as Piotrowski defeated him in their first encounter. The vacant ISKA Full Contact Light World title was on the line, while Piotrowski's

The Title Up For Grabs PKC ( Full Contact Light Heavyweight World title was also up for grabs. Roufus won by heavy second round KO from a high kick that left the Polish fighter unconscious on the canvas. On 20 December 1991, The Jet defended his ISKA ( Full Contact Light World Light Heavyweight title against Dutchman Rob Kaman. Initially, Roufus was declared the winner by the decision but the match was later declared a no-contest after Kaman's corner protested that only one minute had been fought in the fourth round. This round could have been critical to Kaman as he had hurt his opponent. A second fight between the pair came to fulfillment in February 1994 in Paris, France. The fight was sold out weeks in advance with ticket sales of 20,000. Rick Roufus won the rematch by KO in the second round. On January 22, 1994, Roufus won the IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Light Heavyweight World Title when he won the fight against Michael McDonald of Vancouver, BC, Canada, by "KO" at 43 seconds of round first at Caesars Tahoe Casino- Tahoe, Nevada.


Heavyweight Champion, Struggles, and Boxing Roufus traveled to Montreal, Canada on March 26, 1994, where he took on the legendary Jean-Yves ThĂŠriault. Roufus won the fight by unanimous decision after 12 rounds, defending his PKC Full Contact Light Heavyweight World title. In Paris, France 1994 the ISKA and PKC World Light Heavyweight champion met Ernesto Hoost, the WMTA and WKA World Light Heavyweight champion. Unfortunately for Roufus he lost by knockout in a dramatic fight. Frustrated by sanctioning body politics and attracted by the better paydays, Rick decided to enter the world of boxing. Although he enjoyed some success he was never able to fight for a world championship. In August 1996, he challenged the vacant title of WBC Continental Americas at cruiserweight. He knocked out Sean McClain and won his first and only title in boxing. After several losses, The Jet returned to kickboxing. He emerged victorious at the K-1 USA held August 17, 1998, in Las Vegas quickly dispatching Pedro Fernandez and Jerome Turcan. On May 15, 1999, in Lowell Massachusetts, USA he won the IKF Pro International Rules Heavyweight World title when he defeated Stan Longinidis of Box Hill, Victoria, Australia by TKO after Loniginidis suffered a broken bone in his foot at the end of round 9. Roufus was ahead on all three judges cards at the time, 89-81, 86-83 and 88-81.


Mixed Martial Arts

Kickboxing record

Late in his career mixed martial arts (MMA) proved to be a new challenge for Rick. In his MMA debut, Roufus defeated by Maurice Smith in the first round through kimura at the Strikeforce: At The Dome event in Tacoma, Washington on February 23, 2008. In March 2008, Roufus had his second MMA fight, this time in Newkirk, Oklahoma for Caged Combat Championship Fights. He won Mike Buell by unanimous decision. After a stint in several local promotions, Rick brought his mixed martial arts record to four wins with six losses.





The Jet's Titles Kickboxing

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No contests



Mixed martial arts record Total




By knockout 2 2003 K-1 World Grand Prix 2002 Preliminary USA runBy decision 2 ner-up Losses 6 2002 K-1 World Grand Prix 2002 Preliminary USA runBy knockout 1 ner-up 1999 I.K.F. International Rules Heavyweight World By submission 3 Champion By decision 2 1998 K-1 USA Grand Prix '98 champion

Other information

1996 ISKA Full Contact Heavyweight World champion Notable relatives Duke Roufus, brother 1994 IKF Full Contact Light Heavyweight World Cham- Boxing record from BoxRec pion Mixed martial arts record from Sherdog last updated 1991-94 PKC Light Heavyweight World champion on 10/14/12 1991-94 ISKA Full Contact Light Heavyweight World champion You can follow The Jet on twitter 1990 FFKA Light Heavyweight World champion RickRoufus and Facebook https://www.facebook. com/profile.php?id=100005621174907&fref=ts 1989 FFKA Super Middleweight World champion 1987 KICK Super Middleweight World champion

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By knockout Losses


Jasminko Ibrakovic and Kentoh. 11

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Dancer’s Diet

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Understanding that dancers are athletes that are required to perform at peak performance, eating proper nutrients and refueling the body is very important. The foods they eat must support the demands placed on their bodies. Hence, the calorie intake needs to come from a clean diet that consists of lean proteins ( meat, fish, chicken, eggs) and good carbs ( apples, almonds, whole, kidney beans). Knowing what times to consume these foods is key to achieving optimal energy levels.


“According to the joint position statement developed by the American College of Sports Medicine, American Dietetic Association and the Dietitians of Canada, proper hydration significantly affects performance. Have a light sports drink with your lunch to help fuel your muscles, maintain blood glucose, maximize performance and reduce recovery time.�

Just for you! Below is a food guide that you can add to your meal plan for breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch and dinner. Remember to check with your doctor prior to adding or subtracting foods from your diet, and also, to make sure that you are not allergic to any of these foods on this list. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Start off with foods that supply a lot of energy and is filling. Eggs, whole wheat toast, oranges, greek yogurt, oatmeal, chia seeds, berries ( blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries.), nuts, flax seeds, cottage cheese and green tea. Coffee is great to start the day and reduces inflammation because it is rich in antioxidants. To get the best benefits from coffee, drink it black, no cream. If you must add sugar, use a sugar substitute like agave nectar (Total carbs is 5g and 1 tsp. 6.9g) Snacking throughout the day in between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, helps to keep your mind and body from becoming tired prior to your next meal. Eating six small meals per day every three hours is enough to keep the body moving throughout the day. However, if you opt for a traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacking very small portions will help balance hunger and keeps you from becoming fatigued. Cheese, avocado, banana, macadamia, pecan, almond and Brazil nuts, boiled egg, cold cuts, olives, and olives. Eat small portions of these items that need no preparation except for boiled eggs. Tip: Energizing snack combination, apples with almond butter, wheat crackers, and cheese, or greek yogurt.

“Healthy fats (coconut oil, extra virgin olive oils, fatty fish, nuts) helps the body function at optimal levels. “

Eating lunch is very important and should be consumed around 12 and 1 pm. You are likely to become very hungry if you wait until later in the afternoon. Fish,skinless poultry (chicken, turkey), beef cuts, pork, and lamb are all great sources of lean meats. Always, grill, poach, steam, bake or broil to keep the fat content low. Always purchase meats with no visible fat and a few grams Don’t saute or fry, even in good oils, as this drastically changes the fat content. Add a salad or solo veggies such as bell peppers/ sweet peppers, cauliflower, capsicums, broccoli (considered a superfood), and mushrooms. When making a salad, kale, spinach, and romaine lettuce are the best. Important: Since dancers are usually on the run, sitting down for lunch can be problematic. Make sure you do your food prep for the week and take your lunch with your for easy access. Eating a healthy dinner at night, around 6 pm, that consist of vitamins, nutrients and minerals help to regenerate a tired body that has been moving all day. Dinner will improve your digestion, brain function and allows you to get a good night’s sleep. Eating foods that are high complex carbs ( peas, beans, whole grains, vegetables) and lean protein (fish, lamb, chicken) the night before a strenuous dance session or performance will give your muscles the energy that it needs. High complex carbs give the body energy while lean protein repairs damaged muscles tissue. A good combination for dinner would be grilled chicken breast, broccoli, and brown rice.




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INSPIRING WOMEN REAL PEOPLE Retired, Rejuvenated & Ready Patricia Louisa Tully On September 22nd, 2015 Patricia embraced retirement. The next day, September 23rd this image was taken on Patricia’s 65th Birthday. Age - 66 Occupation - Retired Hobbies - acting, dancing, reading, photography, travelling Life Quote - "Don't carry grudges; forgive quickly and keep love in your heart for everyone" Photography by Ann Granger, Ms. Antigua Barbuda

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