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H E AV Y O I L S H O W OFFICIAL SHOW GUIDE | Lloydminster Exhibition Grounds | September 12–13, 2012

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Retire? Forget it. They could be out golfing, but these three entrepreneurs would rather be chasing heavy oil in the Lloydminster area By Jim Bentein


Step by step Technological advances in recovering and processing heavy oil come at a slow but steady pace By Graham Chandler






Lloydminster services more than heavy oil Long the service and supply capital for heavy oil in Canada, Lloydminster diversifies to support the Viking shale play By Graham Chandler




Ken Zacharias, CMA | OFFICES Calgary

Deep roots Heavy oil belt has a 90-year history of resource exploration and development

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2012 Ll oydmi nster H eavy Oi l Show 5

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A warm welcome from... Mike McIntosh Chairman, Lloydminster Heavy Oil Show On behalf of the volunteers that comprise the Lloydminster Heavy Oil Show committee and the Lloydminster Oilfield Technical Society, I would like to welcome all the exhibitors and visitors to the 2012 Lloydminster Heavy Oil Show. The Lloydminster region has a reputation for innovation, problem solving and experience with heavy oil. As a result, our area is visited yearly by many domestic and international visitors who seek out this knowledge. The Lloydminster Heavy Oil Show provides exhibitors and visitors an excellent opportunity to share ideas and innovations with all levels of industry. For 2012, our show has 368 booths with over 200 exhibitors. We are expecting over 6,000 visitors to attend the show, with representation from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America and the United States. Thank you for attending and supporting the Lloydminster Heavy Oil Show.

Jeff Mulligan Mayor, Lloydminster Welcome to the Border City, Canada’s heavy oil capital! Whether you are an experienced oilfield professional or moving into the industry, the Lloydminster Heavy Oil Show will provide you with an opportunity to engage with experts, network with heavy oil professionals, and discover new and innovative technologies. The heavy oil industry leaders have in many ways put Lloydminster on the economic map. Our western Canadian heavy oil fields are the best places to visit to see the latest developments in heavy oil technology. The City of Lloydminster is positively impacted by the heavy oil industry in an unparalleled fashion, driving low unemployment, economic wellness, community investment and volunteer resources. On behalf of City Council, we welcome all of you to the 2012 Lloydminster Heavy Oil Show and look forward to working with our industry partners to continue to attract investment in heavy oil to our region.

2012 Ll oydmi nster H eavy Oi l Show 7

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Tim McMillan Minister Responsible for energy and Resources, Saskatchewan It is my pleasure to welcome all delegates, exhibitors and visitors to the 2012 Lloydminster Heavy Oil Show. As the MLA for the Lloydminster area, and Saskatchewan’s Minister Responsible for Energy and Resources, I am thrilled to have an event of this magnitude in our city once again. The Lloydminster Heavy Oil Show is an excellent showcase for our dynamic oil industry. More than 6,000 visitors pass through the show’s gates bi-annually. There are more than 200 exhibitors displaying their products and services this year, and the trade show, technical symposium and multiple social events are expected to attract participants from as many as 20 countries. Lloydminster is, of course, the perfect location for this show. Our city and this region are at the heart of heavy oil activity in both Saskatchewan and Alberta. The heavy oil produced in this region accounts for approximately 35 per cent of the oil produced in Saskatchewan—over 160,000 barrels per day. Activity in the oilpatch here contributes significantly to Saskatchewan’s status as Canada’s second-largest oil producer. I congratulate the show’s organizing committee on staging another outstanding event. And to all of you attending the show, I wish you a great visit as you meet the best in the industry, renew business acquaintances and make new connections. I would like to thank all of our industry partners for their continued investment in our province; your success exhibits what the Saskatchewan advantage truly is: real growth and real opportunity.

Richard Starke MLA, Vermilion-Lloydminster Once again, participants from around the globe have gathered in the world’s heavy oil capital to attend the Lloydminster Heavy Oil Show. As the representative for Vermilion-Lloydminster in the Alberta Legislature, I welcome you to this outstanding opportunity to meet, learn, exchange and conduct business with a worldwide array of industry leaders. The heavy oil industry is a critical economic driver in this constituency. Local entrepreneurs have developed systems, processes and equipment that are now exported worldwide. Many of these innovations were first showcased at the Heavy Oil Show. Our region is greatly enriched by the opportunity for investment, employment and ingenuity driven by heavy oil. Once again, this year’s show was sold out months in advance, highlighting the optimism industry leaders have for the future of heavy oil. On behalf of Premier Alison Redford, Minister of Energy Ken Hughes, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development Diana McQueen and all of my colleagues in the Alberta Legislature, I extend a warm welcome to Alberta and wish you a productive and enjoyable stay in Lloydminster.

2012 Ll oydmi nster H eavy Oi l Show 9

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Retire? Forget it. K

evin Gibson, Jim Saunders and Allen Bey all have something in common besides their experience building and selling off oil and gas juniors. The three could all retire in style if they wanted to, and all are in their 50s—a time in life when many people would choose golf courses and European vacations over boardrooms. But the three are all still working at turning juniors into larger companies, and they believe they can do it by focusing on heavy oil production in the Lloydminster region.

Making waves with technology

▲ Kevin Gibson, president and chief executive officer, Palliser Oil & Gas Corporation

12 201 2 L l o y d m i n s t e r Heavy O il Sh o w

Gibson, who’s a geologist by trade, did briefly retire in his mid-50s, but he admits he wasn’t very good at life without work. The 36-year veteran of the oilpatch began his companybuilding stretch by launching a privately owned firm, which was sold in 1989. Soon afterward, he formed Western Star Energy and then sold it in 2000. That same year, he became president and chief executive officer of Innova Energy Ltd., which focused on tight oil development in the Bakken play and was sold to Crescent Point Energy in September 2007. “All of the companies were bigger than the ones before them,” he says. “I sold the first one for $3 million, the second one for $21 million and the third one for $400 million.” He then retired, but that only lasted for about a year or so. After being approached by Palliser Oil & Gas Corporation chairman Daryl Fridhandler and discussing the company’s prospects with Allan Carswell, its vice-president of exploration and a veteran of the heavy oil business, Gibson became intrigued with Palliser’s approach and joined the company in 2008.

They could be out golfing, but these three entrepreneurs would rather be chasing heavy oil in the Lloydminster area by Jim bentein | photos by Christina Ryan

Palliser is a heavy oil–focused company with production of 1,802 barrels of oil per day in the first quarter of 2012 and plans to exit the year at 2,700 barrels of oil per day, all from heavy oil properties in the Lloydminster area, where it owns 19,618 net acres of undeveloped land. The company has developed a technology called high-volume lift (HVL), an approach towards saltwater disposal that Gibson thinks will allow it to grow substantially in the years ahead. The HVL pod technology, which uses progressive cavity pumps to inject higher volumes of water into wells (many of which are

considered played out), has led to recoveries far beyond what might have been anticipated. “We’re establishing rates of production that are 10 times more than have ever been seen,” says Gibson. “Wells that had a recovery factor of seven to 10 per cent are achieving recoveries of 20 per cent and more.” Its cookie-cutter approach—using the technology in an approximately 160-acre field with four producing wells and a saltwater disposal facility—is modelled to produce an average of 240 barrels of oil per day, usually from abandoned fields. The company has both “new pool” and “old pool” strategies—the more

▲ Allen Bey, chief executive officer, Rock Energy Inc.

2012 Ll oydmi nster H eavy Oi l Show 13


▲ Jim Saunders, president and chief executive officer, Twin Butte Energy Ltd.

14 201 2 L l o y d m i n s t e r Heavy O il Sh o w

conventional cold heavy oil production with sand (CHOPS) approach is used in new fields and HVL technology is used in older pools. “The high-volume lift technology doesn’t work everywhere, but when it does, they end up being our best wells,” he explains. “At Edam [in west-central Saskatchewan], we moved into an abandoned oilfield with our [HVL] technology and we produced 664 barrels per day, with some wells producing 10 times what they had ever produced,” says Gibson, whose enthusiasm about his new company is almost contagious. Because large volumes of brackish water are used, saltwater disposal becomes a

problem—and an expensive one. When Palliser first started to fully implement its HVL technology in 2011, the company trucked the saltwater to disposal facilities, which added about $9 million to the operating costs. Palliser now has six saltwater disposal facilities in operation and eight saltwater disposal wells, which handle a total of 35,000 barrels per day of saltwater. “It’s important to have your own saltwater disposal facilities,” says Gibson. The company is currently spending about $1.3 million for disposal wells at its production units and about another $200,000 on pipelines. Overall operating costs dropped to $26.52 per barrel of oil equivalent per day in the first quarter of 2012, compared with $29.42 per barrel of oil equivalent in the fourth quarter of 2011. Gibson believes the combination of HVL and CHOPS on underappreciated properties could lead to Palliser producing as much as 8,000 barrels per day. “But it would take $154 million of capital to do that, and that probably won’t happen in this market,” he says, alluding to the lack of enthusiasm for juniors in today’s stock markets. Palliser, listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, has traded at around one-third of what he believes its enterprise value is for much of the year, despite the fact that it has grown its production per share about 1,100 per cent since 2009, and that is expected to increase another 40 per cent this year. Its cash flow in the first quarter of 2012 was $2.70 per share, up from just $0.16 per share in the same quarter last year. But Gibson has been here before, having headed three juniors that saw their true value unlocked only after they were acquired by others. “Palliser is the only company I didn’t start,” he says. “The others I started in the same way: bringing them through the prospecting and organic growth stage.” Palliser calculates that HVL allows it to gain access to 75,000 barrels of incremental reserve, which totals 300,000 barrels per four-well pod. Each four-well pod has operating costs of about $4.5 million, including


“ We’re establishing the saltwater handling and disposal facilities. This makes operating costs around $16.61 per barrel “At $15 a flowing barrel the economics are quite good,” he says. “And we have quite a bit of experience doing this now.” If Lloydminster heavy crudes were selling for West Texas Intermediate (WTI) prices, the netbacks would be spectacular. But they aren’t. Gibson estimates the differential between WTI and heavies has been averaging about $20 per barrel with another $7–$11 per barrel as an “adjustment” of Lloyd heavies needed to calculate the cost of diluent for the crude to be pipelined. But even at $80 per barrel WTI, he calculates a netback of $30–$37 per barrel which translates into a payout period of 1.5 –1.8 years. Those netbacks should stay the same or improve now that it is developing its saltwater disposal facilities.

rates of production that are 10 times more than have ever been seen.” — Kevin Gibson, president and chief executive officer, Palliser Oil & Gas Corporation

Palliser currently has 30 HVL wells in operation and continues to operate CHOPS wells at all of its leases, including Edam, Tangleglags/Frenchman and Manitau Lake, all in west-central Saskatchewan, and Lloydminster. It has 151 producing wells in total: 31 CHOPS wells and 30 HVL pods. The company maintains a 100 per cent working interest in all of those assets.

Gibson is a strong believer in the HVL technology. “The opportunities exist,” he says. “Last year we acquired 41 abandoned wellbores from a major and we’re reconfiguring them to our saltwater disposal model. We’ve also been buying properties this year. The key to making this work is knowing how to operate the wells.” He estimates Palliser has as many as 500 drilling locations. The company, which had net debt of $27.3 million in the first quarter of 2012 and access to a credit facility of $38 million, has projected a capital program for this year of $30 million. Even in today’s less-than-bullish environment for juniors, Gibson is confident the company’s approach will provide it with enough cash flow to continue gradually increasing its production. Now if it could only get its hands on the $154 million he believes will allow it to increase production to 8,000 barrels per day and beyond.


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2012 Ll oydmi nster H eavy Oi l Sh ow 15


Focusing on production Another oilpatch veteran is working on getting his company, already producing more than 10,000 barrels per day of heavy oil in the Lloydminster region, to the 20,000-barrelper-day mark. “I fully anticipate this company will be producing more than 20,000 barrels per day and will grow its market cap from $650 million now to over $1 billion,” says Jim Saunders, chief executive officer and president of Twin Butte Energy Ltd. in Calgary. Saunders is an engineer originally from the Maritimes who moved to Alberta in the 1980s to work for a succession of companies, including the former Amoco Corporation, BP p.l.c. and Barrington Petroleum Ltd. (now wholly owned by Petrobank Energy and Resources Ltd.). He first went out on his own in 1997. After building and selling three oil and gas companies, Saunders formed Twin Butte in 2005 as a conventional natural gas producer focused on west-central Alberta. In 2008, Saunders, who had served as the firm’s

“We’ve gone from zero heavy oil production three years ago to 14,000 barrels per day.” — Jim Saunders, president and chief executive officer, Twin Butte Energy Ltd.

board chairman, took over the reins and shifted the company’s focus to heavy oil. “Heavy oil [provides] probably one of the best rates of return of any sector,” he says. “The cost of entry is low.” As part of the shift, Twin Butte sold off its key Montney natural gas assets in 2009 for $9.9 million. In August of 2009, the company entered the heavy oil business with a

vengeance—a share-based $119-million acquisition of Buffalo Resources Corp, which had a key heavy oil property at Frog Lake, north of Lloydminster. That property, then producing 1,150 barrels of oil equivalent of conventional heavy oil, has since become a core asset. “We’re now producing 4,000 barrels per day of heavy oil at Frog Lake,” says Saunders. Twin Butte has a 50/50 partnership with a Frog Lake First Nation–owned company there. Last November the company announced it would acquire Emerge Oil & Gas Inc. in a share-based transaction worth $170 million. At the time, Emerge had conventional heavy oil production in the Lloydminster area of 5,800 barrels of oil per day, with a drill-ready inventory of 250 net locations. “We’ve gone from zero heavy oil production three years ago to 14,000 barrels per day,” says Saunders. “We were a 75 per cent gas-weighted company three years ago, and now we’re 82 per cent liquids-weighted.”

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“We had been using The company maintains some gas assets in the Grande Prairie area of Alberta, but Saunders says 100 per cent of its capital spending is now on heavy oil assets. It spent $70 million last year and drilled about 125 wells, and this year plans to spend $65 million and drill 100 wells. “A typical well costs about $500,000 to drill, and we typically [recover that investment] in eight to 10 months,” he says. Aside from the low cost of heavy oil development and the predictability of recovery (although recoveries only range from four to 10 per cent), Saunders likes the potential for growth. “There’s a lot of oil left behind, which is the opportunity,” he says. “A typical target holds two million barrels of oil.” Twin Butte, which currently uses CHOPS for all of its production, plans to utilize secondary production methods like water and polymer floods, as well as HVL, in the future. The company is one of the few juniors to pay a dividend, which Saunders plans to

maintain at a recent yield of about seven per cent. And he plans to grow the company’s heavy oil production. “There’s a saying in the investment community that ‘bigger is better,’” he says. “It’s easier to sell shares of a larger company to investors. We’re keen to get bigger.” In early June, Twin Butte made a small acquisition of producing assets near Frog Lake that added 320 barrels per day of production, as well as a 100 per cent working interest in 20 sections of land. Then, in late June it announced another acquisition: this time of a much larger privately owned company called Avalon Exploration Ltd. The $88.9-million share-based acquisition added 1,920 barrels per day of conventional heavy oil production in Twin Butte’s core Lloydminster area, most of it with a 100 per cent working interest, as well as 85,000 net acres of undeveloped lands, also mostly with a 100 per cent interest. The deal more than doubles Twin Butte’s undeveloped land in

our heavy oil production to finance elmworth but now we’ve come back to our heavy oil roots.” — Allen Bey, chief executive officer, Rock Energy Inc.

the area, from 77,000 to 162,000 acres, and adds 85 low-risk heavy oil drilling locations to its portfolio. The company recently received about $64 per barrel for its heavy oil production, with netbacks in the $31–$34 range. It has about 69 per cent of its production hedged into the latter part of the year at $82 per barrel.

Your rotating EquipmEnt ExpErts Booths 79, 80, 81, 82

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sEE our wEbsitE

2012 Ll oydmi nster H eavy Oi l Sh ow 17


Saunders makes it clear he has no plans to retire. “I’ve made a career out of growing and then selling companies,” he says. “But the business has changed and it’s no longer as easy to sell companies any longer.” And Saunders, who owns four per cent of the company’s shares, adds that Twin Butte is “the shareholders’ company,” not his.

Growing through land acquisition Allen Bey is another successful oilpatch entrepreneur with a strong belief in Lloydminster’s heavy oil. Bey, an engineer, worked for the former Norcen Energy Resources Ltd. in several capacities before founding Avid Oil & Gas Ltd. in 1996, which was sold in 2001 to Husky Energy Inc. for $160 million. Then, like Gibson, Bey retired for a time. “I took one-and-a-half years off,” he says. “The first year was fine. The last six months were hell. Now I love what I’m doing.”

Bey now heads Rock Energy Inc., which he founded in 2004. Similar to Twin Butte, Rock also started out as a gas producer, with a “significant land position” of 58 net sections in the Elmworth area of the Montney deep gas play. Earlier this year it concluded the sale of those assets to two unnamed majors for $46 million, leaving it with $10 million in cash following the conclusion of the deal. “We owned world-class assets at Elmworth, but wells cost $10 million to drill there,” says Bey. “With annual cash flow of $30 million, we decided we were out of our league.” Meanwhile, Rock, which also held heavy oil assets producing 2,400 barrels of oil equivalent, decided to shift its focus entirely to heavy oil. “At $600,000 a well, we can drill 30 or 40 wells a year,” says Bey. “We had been using our heavy oil production to finance Elmworth but now we’ve come back to our heavy oil roots.” His goal is to grow Rock’s heavy oil production to 5,000–10,000 barrels of oil per day through land acquisitions,

which is how it reached its current level of production. Rock bought more land in February and then purchased another five sections in early June. The company is currently doing a waterflood, and Bey says it plans future secondary production and will also look at HVL production. Rock uses insulated rail cars to ship about 750 barrels daily of its production to the U.S. Gulf coast, with the potential to ship up to 1,000 barrels per day, shielding it somewhat from high differentials because of lack of pipeline access for heavy crude. (Twin Butte also uses rail.) Bey says Rock will remain heavy oil–focused. “In this market, nobody [investors] is looking for wildcat exploration companies,” he says. Although his company’s shares are “way down” and have been trading below its peer group, he is a believer in the long-term potential of the heavy oil business, pointing to large heavy oil upgrading capacity in the United States and Canada, leading to ongoing demand for Canadian heavies.

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STep STep


Technological advances in recovering and processing heavy oil come at a By Graham Chandler slow but steady pace

IllustratIon: Jenna o’Flaherty


echnological advances in heavy oil tend to move in small steps, rather than big bursts. At least, that’s the opinion of an experienced heavy oil specialist who’s been engaged closely with technology for most of his career. “It isn’t often you end up with spectacular developments that give the industry a big shakeup,” says Gerry Belyk, vice-president business development with EIT Canada Ltd and technical volunteer with the Canadian Heavy Oil Association (CHOA). Belyk spent several years in the Lloydminster and Peace River areas, developing technologies such as polymer additives that reduce the viscosity of heavy oil. “Much of it has been in incremental steps and improvements over the years,” he observes. That’s particularly true of employing polymer flooding for cold heavy oil production (CHOP). “Polymer flooding is kind of a newer thing,” he says. “There are different types of polymer flooding, and where these incremental changes take place is the industry took sort of a step function coming into it, but now within that there are a whole lot of different polymers.”

One example is a new polymer used in waterflooding. Normally in waterflooding, the water channels its own way, bypassing a lot of heavy oil in the reservoir. “One of the polymers that’s used now will actually work in the water and thicken it up, so it acts more like a plug and causes the flood to redirect and force [the oil] out into the reservoir, around these water channels,” Belyk explains. The waterflooding polymers can be used along with another type of polymer that encapsulates the oil. The encapsulating polymer makes the oil more slippery, and when combined with the waterflooding polymer, allows it to travel through the reservoir, thereby increasing the recovery factor even more. Champion Technologies, Inc. recently introduced another product that encapsulates the oil to improve flow. “We are seeing producers go to reservoirs that are containing more viscous oil all the time,” explains Travis Minish, Champion’s business development manager. “And as viscosities go up, that oil becomes increasingly harder to produce.” To solve this problem, Champion came up with Flow Plus VR-1100, a product that 2012 Ll oydmi nster H eavy Oi l Show 21


Makeup H2

A new process called Uniflex uses thermal cracking in the presence of hydrogen and a proprietary catalyst to produce products like diesel and naphtha.

Recycle H2

Source: uoP LLc

C4Uniflex Reactor



Light Vacuum Gas Oil Feed

Heavy Vacuum Gas Oil Catalyst Pitch

Gerry Belyk, vice-president, business development, EIT Canada

22 201 2 L l o y d m i n s t e r H eavy O il Sh o w

50–100 per cent production increases on wells with high torque requirements. “Well selection is paramount,” he says. “We have noticed there have been a few wells that don’t respond to VR-1100 as we had anticipated off the get-go. We’ve looked at those wells and are currently developing two new products to address some of them.” Another way to get stubborn heavy oil moving out of a reservoir is by adding foam. Foam operations have been fairly standard for some time, but Belyk points out they are another area that is seeing incremental change in the way they are applied. For example, “adding a polymer to the foam helps to capture oil,” he says. “There is really good synergy between the two.”

Advancing underground Advances in extending wormholes into reservoirs are high on the growth ladder in recent years too. Tracking them with 4-D seismic allows operators at the surface to know what is happening below. “They can tell…what has happened or hasn’t happened,” says Belyk. “One company goes downhole with a tool that goes down vertically and then is deflected

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Gerald Bruce, president, CHOA

focuses on enhancing flow into or along the wellbore, as opposed to enhancing production. “What we see now is there are wells out there that are fairly good wells and their reservoirs are able to produce a lot of oil,” he says. “We have high fluid levels in our wellbore, but because that oil is so viscous it imparts such a drag on the pumping equipment that we are limited on the production speed due to torque requirements.” A surfactant-based product, VR-1100 is injected down the wellbore with produced water. There, with a little agitation, the oil breaks up into smaller droplets as it goes through the pump. “These little oil droplets now become water-wetted,” explains Minish. “So they have a film of water around them and they drop into the water phase.” Flowing easily to the tank, the encapsulated oil then separates back into the original oil. “We call it a viscosity modifier because we don’t really change the viscosity of the oil but we create dispersion that behaves like it has a low viscosity.” Once separated, both the water and VR-1100 can be recycled. Minish says Champion currently has over 50 wells on the program and has seen


A lot of new technology needs to be developed for heavy oil fields, since research proves that what works for conventional oilfields does not work in heavy oil. — Joan Embleton, project operations manager, CHORUS Heavy Oil Integrated Reservoir Characterization

out horizontally. It will actually drill little holes maybe as much as 100 metres and artificially manufacture some of these wormholes.” The challenge, he says, is that the horizontal wormholes can extend as much as one kilometre. “The good news is they can travel quite a distance and [the operators] would like to go ahead and extend them but the challenge of course is that [the wormholes] will go wherever they want; they are random. So it’s not unusual for them to find their way to the next well.” Belyk sees pump performance “tailoring” as one of the few new heavy oil technologies that has taken a significant step rather than an incremental step. “Tundra [Process] Solutions [Ltd.] has a production system that is not only a producing pump, but they’ve got quite a bit of electronic controls that closely monitor how the production is going so they can change the stroke lengths of their pumps, and the rates,” he says. “It’s all computerized so they can optimize production from well to well. It seems now to be taking a good position in the market.” The biggest issue though, is approaching wells that are post-CHOPS (cold heavy oil production with sand) or post-CHOP. “What do we do now the reservoir has been modified; now theoretically filled with all these channels? Some say let’s go back in with thermal,” he says, but points out that this can be a challenge. “If you put steam down just one hole, then it would run over to the next hole, but maybe what you do is take a number of these wells and put steam in all of them and force it into the reservoir generally. There is some of that done in the Lloydminster area—I believe Husky [Energy Inc.] is doing that.” Husky, one of the longest-time heavy oil operators in the Lloydminster area, has just

launched another new technology aimed at improving its heavy oil recovery. “As part of the goal of extending heavy oil production in the Lloydminster area, we are capturing CO2 from our ethanol plant and using it in enhanced oil recovery [EOR] projects in new and existing reservoirs,” says Husky’s media and issues manager Mel Duvall. “This allows us to recover more oil while reducing CO2 emissions.” The company’s ethanol plant has been producing since 2006, but Duvall says the new carbon capture project commenced operations in March this year. The project converts about 250 tonnes per day of produced CO2 into a high-pressure refrigerated liquid. That cooled and compressed liquid CO2 is transported by tanker truck to Husky’s heavy oil fields, where it is vaporized and injected into reservoirs to displace the oil and help extract it. When the reservoirs are fully depleted, the CO2 stays permanently stored in the reservoir—a nicely closed and environmentally appropriate package.

Field-level improvements Gerald Bruce, president of CHOA, has his eye on two above-ground technology steps. The first, an advanced coking pilot ETX Systems Inc. is working on with Suncor Energy Inc., is called IYQ Upgrading. The pilot is expected to be the last stage of development before the technology is rolled out commercially. IYQ Upgrading leverages recent advances in the fundamental understanding of heavy oil upgrading processes. The second technology is a high-conversion processing technology supported by Alberta Innovates. “It’s commercializing what was once known as the Canmet process, which is now being marketed by UOP [LLC] in Chicago as the Uniflex process,” Bruce says. Uniflex

technology utilizes thermal cracking in the presence of hydrogen and a proprietary nanosized catalyst to reduce the molecular weight of residue. Main products from the process are naphtha and diesel. A perk of these and other field-level upgrading projects is that they will reduce diluent needs. “Value Creation [Inc.] is looking at a level of field upgrading using a solvent-based facility,” says Bruce. “It’s targeted for bitumen but would have an application for heavy oil. Some of the solvents reject the heaviest fraction of the heavy oil. As you make that separation, you effectively eliminate your need for transport diluent.” Ivanhoe Energy Inc., with operational headquarters in Calgary, is developing an innovative way to reduce diluent demands too: Heavy-to-Light (HTL) is an upgrading process that can be located in the field and integrated with upstream field operations. As the name suggests, it converts heavy oil to a lighter, more valuable product that can be transported by pipeline without the need for blending. Moreover, coke and gas by-products from the process are converted in situ to steam or power, available to the field operator. Ivanhoe says its HTL facilities can be economically applied in scales as low as 10,000–20,000 barrels per day. HTL is a close analogue to fluid catalytic cracking (FCC), a common processing unit used in refineries worldwide. The primary difference is that FCC circulates catalysts to produce transport fuels mainly from vacuum gas oils, while HTL circulates common sand as a heat-transfer agent to convert heavy oil, including pure vacuum residues, to upgraded light oil. More leading-edge heavy oil technology research is happening at the university level. Some creative reservoir 2012 Ll oydmi nster H eavy Oi l Show 23


“It isn’t often you end up with spectactular developments that give the industry a big shakeup.” — Gerry Belyk, vice-president, business development, EIT Canada

characterization studies are being undertaken by the Consortium for Heavy Oil Research by University Scientists (CHORUS) at the University of Calgary. “In our reservoir characterization studies of a CHOPS field, a 3-D geo-cellular model was built using high-resolution 3-D seismic and wellbore data,” says Joan Embleton, project operations manager, CHORUS Heavy Oil Integrated Reservoir Characterization at the University of Calgary’s Department of Geoscience. In that study, she says, 4-D seismic data were used to determine the lateral extent of the reservoir in finding the production footprints of the CHOPS pool. “The vertical high-resolution [centimetre-scale] facies distribution of the reservoir has been analyzed from wireline logs and offset core data,” she explains. “These integrated results, along with the detailed near-wellbore heterogeneity imaging, allowed for an exhaustive evaluation of the reservoir performance.” That facilitated identification of additional drilling opportunities, which she says enhanced the EOR processes by avoiding the CHOPS depressurized wormhole network. The study

predicted potential for 625,000 barrels of recoverable oil. Embleton sees a lot of promise. “Future applications will include estimation of a complete set of reservoir model parameters from geological and geophysical data— including viscosity estimates obtained from seismic Q and borehole constraints,” she says. “These new and innovative methods should greatly enhance our ability to model production history in hot and cold production of heavy oil.” “In any heavy oil field, the geology is very important to know,” she says. “Our integrated reservoir characterization models that we are now doing are necessary for the very beginning plans for the heavy oil producers to know before they make any decisions about the field.” Embleton says a lot of new technology needs to be developed for heavy oil fields since research proves that what works for conventional oilfields does not work in heavy oil. “Our new technology is very much needed to help producers understand the unique conditions of the heavy oil fields.”

More than just standard products.

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Lloydminster services more than heavy oil By Graham Chandler

26 2 0 1 2 L l o y d m i n s t e r Heavy Oil Show

Photo: Joey Podlubny

Long the service and supply capital for heavy oil in Canada, Lloydminster diversifies to support the Viking shale play

Lloydminster is a lot of things— Canada’s border city, the heavy oil capital of Canada, a place to stop on the Yellowhead highway between Edmonton and Saskatoon—but most of all, Lloydminster is a growing, vibrant communityminded home to more than 26,500 residents and a service centre to 110,000 persons.” That’s Mayor Jeff Mulligan’s opening statement introducing the City of Lloydminster. Soon Mulligan will be able to add “Viking gas and light, sweet oil service centre” to that list, as the city is poised to become the go-to centre for service and supply activities in the newly booming play. Cradling Lloydminster in an arc stretching from the Dodsland-Kindersley area in Saskatchewan, to the southeast through Provost, Alta., and all the way to Redwater near Edmonton on the Alberta side, the Viking trend plays have become part of the rush to exploit formerly uneconomic oil and gas reserves in tight formations using the game-changing combination of horizontal drilling and multistage fracturing technologies. The formation was first discovered in the 1950s and has been producing

conventionally ever since, but recently only at low rates until the new techniques were ushered in. Due to their long production history, Viking oil pools in southwestern Saskatchewan and southeastern Alberta have been well delineated with vertical drilling over the years. That makes them attractive for operators with new technology because it means minimal geological risk and virtually no fresh exploration to design a drilling program. There are a lot of logs to consult: on the Saskatchewan side alone over 8,000 vertical wells have been drilled in the Dodsland-Kindersley area. And that’s where the majority of the Viking light oil is found; otherwise, the trend is mostly gas bearing. But that new production is expected to produce from a formation with a large amount of original oil in place; it is second only to the Cardium formation in Canada and has one of the lowest historical recoveries—estimated at four per cent. The amount of oil left makes the Viking formation look highly promising for Lloydminster service and support

operations. It’s made up of sandstones sandwiched between two marine shales. The upper zone has largely been produced from those thousands of vertical wells and even with such low recovery factors historically, there is still an estimated two billion–plus barrels of light oil in place that could be exploited with traditional technologies. With the new technology and its ability to exploit horizontally between the layers and also into the previously uneconomic lower pay zone, that could easily climb to six billion according to some industry estimates. Horizontal development is expected to easily increase recovery factors up to 12 per cent, perhaps even topping 20 per cent with secondary recovery. Another attraction is that, compared to other unconventional plays like the Cardium, the Viking is shallower—just 700–750 metres—which means lower drilling and completion costs.

In the right place at the right time On the Alberta side, various pools are scattered along the Viking trend, and the lower part of the formation is handy to Lloydminster service companies. From the Provost/Neutral Hills

2012 Ll oydmi nster H eavy Oi l Sh ow 27

viking play

area northwest to Halkirk, Alta., the Viking retains proximity to the city, but from there as it trends further towards Redwater service and supply operations from Edmonton become more convenient. However, because that part of the formation is more gas bearing, market economics are slowing development towards that end. From the small to the large, service and supply companies are starting to note the Viking influence. At D & D Oilfield Rentals in Lloydminster, shop manager Mark Grieve has taken notice of how busy his shop is. D & D rents out equipment such as downhole tools, matting, light towers, pipe, annulars, tanks and wellhead accessories. “We are shipping stuff down there [the Dodsland-Kindersley area] on a dayto-day basis,” he says. D & D’s Lloydminster operation serves the field down to Kindersley, Sask., which is the cutoff for where their main office in

Redcliff, Alta., takes over the territory south of there. “It is busy down there, absolutely,” Grieve says. And the demand to the south has been growing over the last few years. “Probably 40 per cent of our rentals are down in that Dodsland-Kindersley area now,” he says. And since the Viking is a play that demands extensive use of horizontal drilling and multi-fracking techniques, larger companies that offer those services are enjoying newfound action in Lloydminster. One of those companies is Trican Well Service Ltd., which has been servicing the Lloydminster region for decades. “We provide cementing services out of our Lloydminster base as well as our nearby Provost base, both of which support Viking play development. This includes primary cementing as well as remedial services—well abandonments and squeezes to repair leaking wells or shut off depleted or unwanted zones,” says Robert

With Kindersley just 235 kilometres down the highway and provost halfway in between, the City of Lloydminster is ideally situated for servicing the Viking play.

Viking play oil in place

Redwater 162 mmbbls

Oil wells on production

Edmonton Lloydminster Joarcam 295 mmbbls

Halkirk Provost/Neutral Hills 601 mmbbls


Dodsland 2,000 mmbbls Drumheller

The Viking play contains an estimated two billion–plus barrels of light oil in place that could be exploited using traditional technologies. Source: FairweSt energy

28 201 2 L l o y d m i n s t e r Heavy O il Sh o w

Cox, Trican’s vice-president, Canadian geographic region. “Although we only offer cementing services from our Lloydminster and Provost bases, we also offer several other services in the area using equipment that is based from other Trican locations.” These services include installation of their patented Burst Port System (a ported collar that is run integral to the well casing string and fitted with burst ports, which allows for selectively fracturing zones through the collars), hydraulic fracturing services and coiled tubing services. “All these technologies, including our cementing services, are used in the area to support the Viking play development. Other services, including acidizing and specialty chemicals, are also used periodically.” Cox notes that Trican is clearly seeing an increase in demand for services as the Viking play heats up and, with that, an increased demand for personnel. “As the majority of the Viking wells are horizontal, we are also seeing the size of our jobs getting bigger and longer, which requires more pumping horsepower, more bulk transportation and more bulk product,” he says. “The expansion of the Viking play has been a very positive development of our business in the Lloydminster and Provost areas, and even though our fracturing and coiled tubing equipment comes from other bases, having the two bases located in the heart of the play has been very strategic for us to provide maintenance and other support services and infrastructure.”

Looking to the future Some operators maintain much of their own support services in Lloydminster. Baytex Energy Corp. is a long-time heavy oil operator in the Lloydminster area, but has acquired some acreage positions in the Viking play on which they may commence drilling next year. “We do have some lands down near Kerrobert [Sask.]—about 21 net sections for Viking development, but we are not highly active on that front yet,” says Brian Ector, vice-president of investor relations at Baytex. “We have about 100 potential locations identified for drilling, but not this year.” Ector sees the company working out of Lloydminster when it begins drilling in the Viking, as the company currently has operations there.

viking play

“We have a trucking operation that operates out of our Lloydminster office,” he says. Like Baytex, WestFire Energy Ltd. also has a large land position in the Kerrobert area. Vice-president of operations Cam King feels that because the Kindersley area hasn’t established itself as a major service provider, WestFire often looks to Lloydminster for services. At this point, development is just beginning for their Viking operations, but once more active, Lloydminster will play a larger role. “With the rapid development of the Viking, new regulations are coming in from the Saskatchewan regulatory board where you have to tie in gas,” says King. “We’re going to be utilizing pipeline crews, welders and whatnot that we would have to source out. But as far as service equipment, such as rigs, there hasn’t been a real demand yet because these are new wells and haven’t had the down time,” he says. “But I would think that’s going to be another area where once the failure frequency of a well starts creeping up, there’s going to be a demand for service rigs.”

Photo: Joey Podlubny

Adapting and diversifying Naturally, the local chamber of commerce takes note of all the new potential generated by the Viking. “Lloydminster is ideally geographically located in the centre of oil and gas developments in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, so it will always be the heavy oil capital of Canada,” says Leana Ross, president of the Lloydminster Chamber of Commerce. “As a primary service centre, this is still evident and obviously true for heavy oil.” But, she adds, the larger service companies with established and expanding operations in Lloydminster also have the equipment, manpower, services and branch infrastructure to support aspects of the Viking activities as well. “The ever-expanding Lloydminster oil and gas service centre has educated, experienced personnel that travel the globe, providing technology and expertise in many facets of resource development, including Viking plays a few short hours away. “The oil companies and service companies are still committing for the long term with large regional infrastructure stakes in Lloydminster as we witness commitment from Husky [Energy Inc.], Devon [Canada Corporation], CNRL [Canadian Natural

Resources Limited], Weatherford [Canada Partnership], Baker Hughes [Canada], Trican and others,” continues Ross. For the Viking plays, it’s particularly tempting, she reckons. “Saskatchewan offers an extremely attractive royalty rate structure whereby Viking horizontal wells qualify for a 2.5 per cent royalty rate on Crown lands and zero per cent production tax on freehold lands for the first 37,700 barrels of cumulative oil production,” she says. “This would equate to about half of the expected ultimate recovery of some producers.” The Viking oil play is having a positive impact on the Lloydminster oilfield service sector by bringing in several services not previously in demand for heavy oil operations—those needed by the new technologies for producing from shales. “New fracking equipment is being added to local fleets; fracking materials, chemical solutions, engineering technologies, machining, manufacturing, operator expertise and new jobs have been added to support the Viking oil play developments,” says Pat Tenney, executive director of the Lloydminster Chamber of Commerce. And a multitude of services common to both heavy oil and shale operations are sharing new growth as a result, too. Mayor Mulligan figures much of the heavy

oil exploration and servicing intelligence, and industry expertise is transferable. “Most notably, the climate and environmental considerations are core strengths of the industry in this marketplace,” he says. “The completions processes are similar and leverage similar best practices oftentimes. The last few years have seen continued business expansion and growth with reach to our surrounding communities as a primary source of expanded services.” Mulligan says the gains have been most welcome. “This growth has largely insulated the economy from negative impacts and sustained property values, employment rates and business investment.” Business growth has been steady at a rate of four to five per cent per year, he says, due in part to the surrounding business demands and the evolution of Lloydminster as an oil service hub for the region. With Kindersley just 235 kilometres down the highway and Provost halfway inbetween, the City of Lloydminster is ideally situated for servicing that prolific segment of the Viking play. Moreover, it’s a great place to live. For a small population, it has a lot to offer residents: sunshine, city amenities, a college, reasonably priced housing, arenas, golf, curling, cultural centres, green spaces and more.

Lloydminster-based service rigs will see increased demand as activity in the Viking heats up.

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Regent Energy Group Gears Up to Expand Exports of Sand-Control Products and Services


or the Regent Energy Group Ltd. these are changing times. When it opened shop at Nisku, Alta., in 2002, the custom manufacturer produced a pretty limited product line—mainly slotted liners and related sandcontrol technologies. Early on, its markets were almost exclusively in Canada. Today, under the leadership of CEO Laurie Venning, Regent is undergoing rapid transformation and re-branding itself as a “full-service engineering, solution-driven company” focusing on enhanced recovery and steam optimization. Beyond Canada, Regent is moving into new markets and stepping up sales in the Middle East and Latin America. Two years ago, the Regent Group set up an engineering department to further improve and bolster the range of specialty tools designed by the company’s R&D division and built by its fully equipped machine division. “These tools,” explains Director of Sales and Marketing Butch Loewen, “are helping

parcel of land and now has its boots on the ground in the form of sales and engineering representation. It also has a sales office in Villahermosa, Mexico, where PEMEX is a major client. This is part of an ever-expanding Regent presence in Latin America, where Venezuela’s national oil company PDVSA recently became a client. Other key export targets are Colombia and Nigeria. As a privately owned firm, Regent does not publish detailed financial information, but it readily shares the fact that during the last decade sales have grown from less than $1 million a year to the present $50 million-plus. Another measure of growth is that, during the same period, employee numbers have risen from 15 to approximately 200. “The oilsands has been our major focus. Until recently, the SAGD and the cyclic steam world have been, and still are, our bread and butter,” Loewen emphasizes. “But on any heavy-oil application—especially in hori-

key company product. By using its uniqueto-the-industry Hot Pig™ process, Regent removes 95 per cent of the wickers and burrs on smaller size slots. This compares with the industry’s average removal rates of 60 to 70 per cent realized by using traditional mechanical cleaning. “All of our slots are open and unplugged before they go downhole,” explains Loewen, “and that’s a huge competitive advantage for us.” With Regent custom designing and building all its products to meet specific customer requirements, it means stock is not warehoused for “random” or “off-the-shelf” sale. In an oil industry where every reservoir differs in some way from the next, it is essential to respond to customer-specific needs. “We believe it is important to study the reservoir and study the rock to optimize the oil you are getting out of the ground,” states Loewen. Regent has dedicated sand control specialists who are tasked with performing the

companies optimize their downhole steam for SAGD operations. We have developed a new cement head that both rotates and reciprocates, creating a complete cement bond and we have all sorts of liners, packers and hangers that now make us a full-service operation and not just a supplier of slotted liners.” Typically, these products originate from specific requests by Regent’s customers, a group that includes just about every major oilsands player in Canada. Because Regent’s products are customized to meet customers’ niche needs, Loewen notes, “it means in many cases, in a way, we become partners with our customers.” Once a solution is found for one client, Regent often can develop a variant of that tool to meet the similar yet specific needs of other customers. Nisku, just south of Edmonton, remains the home base for Regent’s manufacturing, research and administration. A 28-acre site has provided ample room for three major expansions, which have resulted in a fully equipped manufacturing plant that now extends over 76,600 sq. feet. Regent’s main sales office is in Calgary. As part of its international push, in 2008 Regent opened a Middle East operation in Oman, where it acquired an 11,000 sq. foot

zontal wells and any sand-control—we can help, as we can with any thermal application where clients are using heat applications downhole.” Until natural gas prices took a downturn, Regent was working at coalbed methane sites and the company is considering ways to apply its technologies on shale plays. Loewen notes that right from day one, his company’s “quality control has been very high.” But even with high standards and expectations already in place, enhanced in-house quality management procedures adopted by Regent in the last couple of years have “dramatically improved” efficiencies in areas such as office procedures, processing and documentation. Knowing that company products and processes constantly are improving brings staff satisfaction and client reassurance. Furthermore, with increased export sales, widely recognized QA stamps of approval become even more important. As a result, Regent is working toward achieving ISO and American Petroleum Institute (API) certification within the next year. Just one of the many examples of the care and attention Regent places on quality is apparent in the precision it applies to the manufacture of slotted liners, still a

analysis required in understanding the client’s challenges and identifying optimum solutions with producing unconsolidated reservoirs. Once the analytical tools are applied, Regent can then supply the hardware to get the job done such as the flow control joint (FCJ), liner hanger or a brand new staging diverter pump (SDP) which offers the user a multitude of options to control steam distribution. Regent is also about to introduce a new cement head to the market, which both rotates and reciprocates. The cement is completely distributed around the casing creating a true complete cement bond. The tools may differ in function, but, says Loewen, they share the common purpose of “helping customers enhance their oil recovery.” Many of those customers will continue to be based in Canada, but, Loewen observes, increasingly they will be outside Canada. “The heavy oil market globally is huge and the sand-control market alone is a multi-billion-dollar industry. We will continue to invest heavily in R&D in order to explore new ways to improve recovery and increase production rates while reducing costs for our clients.” It appears that Regent Energy is in a business where keeping your head in the sand really can pay off.

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Lloydminster 5701 - 63 Avenue

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Roots Heavy oil belt has a 90-year history of resource exploration and development

By Peter McKenzie-Brown

The first commercial production in the Lloydminster region came from Dina No. 1, shown here overlooking the Battle River Valley in 1937.

Photo: barr Colony herItaGe Cultural Centre


t’s appropriate that Canada’s only border city is where it is, since the country’s heavy oil bounty is also divided between Saskatchewan and Alberta. Located near the more southerly section of the Alberta/Saskatchewan border, the heavy oil belt contains an estimated 50 billion barrels of oil in place, of which nearly nine billion barrels can be recovered using existing technology. Other sources provide different numbers, of course; but regardless of which calculations are right, resources like those in Canada’s heavy oil belt are world-class, with a great deal of room to grow. The story of Lloydminster’s heavy oil development is a fascinating one. “The heady excitement of the early finds often deteriorated as quickly as the oil production,” report Franklin Lloyd Foster and Alan Grant Griffith in Bordering on Greatness: A History of Lloydminster’s First Century. “Wells sanded in or watered out. It took a while before we realized we had a special type of oil; a black, thick, smelly, highly viscous crude—now called heavy oil. For more than 60 years we’ve been responding to its challenges. It’s generated more work than conventional oil, prompted more inventive technologies and fostered a greater spirit of innovation. Now, in the 21st century, our expertise and innovations are sought after throughout the world. Our heavy oil community has contributed to a significant expansion of the recoverable energy reserves of planet Earth.”

First finds The first heavy oil discoveries were a sideshow in the pursuit of conventional oil. Because much of western Canada’s heavy oil is in pools close to the surface, early explorers using older rigs discovered many of those pools before they came upon light oil in deeper reservoirs. One of the first finds was near Wainwright, Alta., in 1923, where three years later producers would draw nearly 6,000 barrels of heavy oil in Alberta’s first significant heavy oil production. A tiny local refinery distilled the goo into usable products. There were other finds elsewhere, but the recovery techniques of the day, low prices for highly viscous oil and the size of the discoveries left most of the fields undeveloped. The most important exception was at Lloydminster. Now part of Lloydminster folklore, the first exploration activity began in the mid-1920s in response to a 48-metre-deep water well for livestock. Cattle refused to drink the well’s water, so Charlie Marren sent a sample to the University of Alberta. After laboratory tests showed the presence of oil, the Marren-Lloydminster Oil and Gas Company Ltd. was quickly born. On April 1, 1926, the Lloydminster Times headline read, “Oil Discovered in Lloydminster District.” According to the paper, this was the theme of conversations in offices, hotels, stores and street corners, and leases were being taken out on a great deal 2012 Ll oydmi nster H eavy Oi l Show 37


of prospective land: “Judging from the interest being taken in the district at the present time—as a result of the coming of the CPR and the oil discovery by local men and several outside firms— Lloydminster has every hope of becoming one of the leading commercial centres in the west.” A series of 1937 ads for Marren-Lloydminster contain encouraging headlines like “The Romance of Oil is Still Very Much in the Making” and “Do Not Wait for Your Ship to Come In...Row Out and Meet It.” The advertisements proclaimed that “important developments will come this year in the Ribstone-Blackfoot oilfield which extends for some miles south of Lloydminster on the border lands of Saskatchewan and Alberta. This is a gamble, but a legitimate gamble and one where the odds are in your favour.” The company, which soon evaporated into history, also proclaimed that the “Lloydminster Field Gives Promise to Surprise the Whole Oil World This Year.” Its demise notwithstanding, Marren-Lloydminster’s successes ignited an exploration mini-boom that lasted through the Great Depression. Despite the economic and technical limitations of the day, there was some development. In May 1937, Dina Oil Company Limited brought in a well that produced better quality oil, and other wells followed. Fortified by its exploration triumphs, Dina constructed a tiny refinery that “was so small it did little more than heat the crude in hopes of encouraging some of the impurities to leave,” according to Foster and Griffith.

Husky joins the fray Encouraged by the great urgency for oil supplies during wartime, heavy oil development accelerated during the war years. However, serious development did not begin until Husky Oil moved into Lloydminster. Husky was born during the Depression through the efforts of Glenn E. Nielson, an Alberta farmer driven to bankruptcy when the bank called a loan on his farm. Nielson moved to Cody, Wyo., where he founded Husky as a refining operation. He turned his attention back to Canada after the war, and decided to set up a refinery at Lloydminster. Steel was scarce at the time, so Husky dismantled a small Wyoming refinery constructed during the war to provide bunker fuel for the American Navy. The company loaded the pieces onto 40 gondola cars and shipped them north by railway. The company assembled the 2,500-barrel-per-day refinery in 1946, and it went on production the following year. Strategically located between the Canadian Pacific and Canadian National railroad tracks in Lloydminster, the refinery soon began to get contracts for locomotive bunker fuel. The company also found a strong market for asphalt for road building. Husky expanded the refinery—today known as the Husky Lloydminster Asphalt Refinery—to 8,500 barrels per day in 1952 and then to 12,000 barrels per day in 1963 and 25,000 barrels per day in 1982. Now at 28,900 barrels per day, it is the largest asphalt producer in western Canada.

533587 Ministry energy and resources 1/2h • hp

Saskatchewan is full of energy opportunity. With over 40 billion barrels of conventional oil in place, we offer excellent prospects in heavy oil, our Bakken Formation and other tight oil plays. We have potential for oil sands development. We’re also on the leading edge of new research into enhanced oil recovery and carbon dioxide capture and storage. Explore investment opportunities in your next energy destination, Saskatchewan. Stop by booth 262 and visit us online at

38 201 2 L l o y d m i n s t e r Heavy O il Sh o w


Starting out as a 2,500-barrelper-day refinery in 1946, the Husky Lloydminster Asphalt Refinery is now the largest asphalt producer in western Canada at 28,900 barrels per day.

Husky began producing heavy oil from local fields in 1946, and by the 1960s was easily the biggest regional producer. To take advantage of expanding markets for Canadian oil, it also began a program to deliver heavy oil to national and export markets. The key was the construction of a reversible pipeline that could move the viscous heavy oil into the marketplace. The 116-kilometre “yo-yo” pipeline—the first reversible pipeline in the world—brought condensate from the Interprovincial Pipe Line station at Hardisty, Alta. The company mixed these light hydrocarbons with the heavy oil, enabling it to flow more easily. The company then pumped the blend back through the yo-yo pipeline to Hardisty. From there, the Interprovincial took it eastward to market. These developments made heavy oil more than a marginal resource for the first time. Within five years, area production had increased fivefold to 11,000 barrels per day.

building the upgrader

Husky’s move into the area spurred drilling and production. Within two years of the company’s arrival, there were oversupplies of heavy oil and shortages of storage space. Producers solved the problem by storing the oil in earthen pits holding up to 100,000 barrels each. For a while, Husky bought the oil by weight rather than volume since it was clogged with earth, tumbleweeds and jackrabbits. The company had to strain and re-measure the oil before it could begin refining.

In 1978, Husky announced a major heavy oil investment. “Spurning…farm-in offers involving its 1.6 million acres of Lloydminster heavy oil properties, Husky will spend $450 million over the next five years in drilling, field development, primary and secondary recovery, tertiary research and the engineering studies on a 50,000 barrel per day upgrading plant to be built in Saskatchewan,” reported the Daily Oil Bulletin. The publication added that Husky had “rejoined the Pacific Petroleums Ltd. group, which will apply November 1 for a provincial


ple The Pumpjack Peo


Phone 403.264.6688 Fax 403.237.8271 Toll Free 1.888.745.4647

519810 Platinum Pumpjack services Corp PREMIUM S 1/2h • hp QUALITY UNIT

1280 912 640 456 320 228 160 114 80


SERVICE CENTRES Lloydminster Provost Kindersley Drayton Valley Medicine Hat more coming soon...

Servingnada WesternnCda a th or N ern USA


PLATINUM 2012 Ll oydmi nster H eavy Oi l Show 39


development permit to build an upgrading facility on heavy oil leases in Alberta.” The Saskatchewan upgrader was eventually commissioned, but the proposal for a plant in Alberta went nowhere. After a series of false starts, by 1988 Husky had three partners and a firm agreement to construct what was then called the Bi-Provincial Upgrader. Located just east of Lloydminster, this $1.6-billion upgrader received most of its funding from government. Originally budgeted at $1.2 billion, the federal, Alberta and Saskatchewan governments respectively owned 31.67 per cent, 24.16 per cent and 17.5 per cent each, with the balance belonging to Husky. Under the terms of the original agreement, Husky would receive 50 per cent of the plant’s net revenue plus a 10 per cent return on investment until its investment was recovered. The balance of plant profit would go proportionally to Husky’s partners. A wrinkle in this arrangement occurred as the project neared completion, however; Saskatchewan’s newly installed New Democratic Party government refused to pay its share of $190 million in cost overruns. The other players eventually agreed to pay, but would withhold returns to Saskatchewan until they had recovered the province’s $33 million in arrears. The upgrader went on stream in mid-1992, but required a year of debottlenecking before it could reach productive capacity of 46,000 barrels per day. One of the early oddities was that the governments that had invested in the facility did not receive a direct return on

the plant. In 1994, the Canadian and Albertan governments announced that they would sell their combined interests—for which they had paid $1 billion—for $75 million. Husky and the province of Saskatchewan were equal owners until 1998, when the Saskatchewan government sold its interest to Husky, which now owns and operates the plant and has increased throughput to 82,000 barrels per day. While the governments took a haircut on their direct investments, they did benefit indirectly. Because the upgrader turned lower-quality Lloydminster-area oil into more desirable crude, they benefited from the much higher sales price received for their heavy oil and bitumen royalties. Still today, the upgrader’s feedstock consists mostly of production from the heavy oil belt. Its ultimate product, synthetic crude oil, feeds conventional refineries in Canada and the United States. By converting heavy oil to high-quality, low-sulphur synthetic oil, the upgrader is a vital link between heavy oil supply and conventional oil demand. Still a giant among Canada’s heavy oil producers, Husky holds two million acres of mineral rights in the Lloydminster area, with 19 oil-treatment facilities tied into its regional pipeline system. With production of approximately 100,000 barrels per day, Husky remains a major heavy oil producer. It is no longer number one, however; that honour goes to Canadian Natural Resources Limited—a company not even formed until Husky was half a century old. The two companies are now approximately


489365 Kenilworth Combustion ltd 1/2h • hp

Kenilworth Combustion is a proud developer, manufacturer and provider of patented Natural draft combustion equipment. Kenilworth Combustion has a preassembled combustion system for just about every application in the Oil and Gas industry. Kenilworth Combustion’s green and clean technology has achieved a 99.9% REDUCTION in harmful BTEX and VRU emissions. This technology utilizes these “problem” gases as a process heating fuel, reducing process heating costs while reducing the total environmental footprint of your operation.


RELIAB MAIN OFFICE: 1-780-774-3974 Kenilworth Combustion Main Office Contact Heine Westergaard 1-780-744-3974

40 201 2 L l o y d m i n s t e r H eavy O il Sh o w

Nomad Electric in Nothern Alberta Contact Clint Ferriss 1-780-624-2447

Taking care for the future



FAX: 1-780-774-2242 Pronghorn Controls in Southern and Central Alberta Contact Stan Neu 1-403-501-4895

CCR Combustion in East Central Alberta Contact Kevin Moan 1-780-872-0706


the same size. Other big heavy oil producers include Cenovus, Baytex Energy Corp. and a privately held firm named Northern Blizzard Resources Inc.

New technologies along the heavy oil belt By the early 1990s, production from the heavy oil belt was some 250,000 barrels per day, and Husky was still Canada’s biggest heavy oil producer. Since the 1980s, operating costs for conventional heavy oil production have been in relative decline because of improving technology and a better understanding of the reservoirs. In addition, the volumes of heavy oil in the Alberta/Saskatchewan heavy oil belt are huge. Although the reservoirs tend to be thin, the output is large and production lasts for many years. Government policies developed since 1990 have lowered royalties for heavy oil. In 1993, the Alberta government redefined conventional heavy as “third-tier” oil with favourable royalty rates. Once Saskatchewan’s New Democrats were removed from power, new governments in that province matched and then exceeded the Alberta initiative—after all, heavy oil is Saskatchewan’s single most important long-term hydrocarbon resource, so the province had good reason to kick-start development. Another modification to the royalty system came in 2002, when Saskatchewan defined “fourth-tier” heavy oil with even lower initial royalties. One of the most important developments of the last 20 years has been the development of entirely new lifting technologies—notably

cold heavy oil production with sand (CHOPS). These methods produce sand from the formation along with water and oil, increasing productivity by creating a path of least resistance for the oil to flow to the wellbore. Of these systems, the most sophisticated is progressive cavity pumping, which uses a screw pump to produce through horizontal wells. Initially, about half of the fluid mixture returned to the wellhead is sand. However, as a cavity forms within the reservoir around the well casing, increasing volumes of oil and water flow into the cavity. The result? The screw pumps—also known as “eccentric pumps”—bring higher ratios of oil to the surface. Once the darling of heavy oil recovery, thermal techniques for heavy oil recovery are now relatively less common than in the heavy oil sector’s earlier days. And when it is used, the recovery technique is more likely to be steam assisted gravity drainage— originally developed 25 years ago for the oilsands—than steam flood and other older systems. Despite the sector’s great successes, neither the National Energy Board (NEB) nor the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) sees a great period of growth ahead. In its most recent forecast, the conservative industry organization suggests that Canada’s heavy oil production will touch 323,000 barrels per day this year, and then flatten out. Both the NEB and CAPP see production remaining stable into the foreseeable future, with low rates of decline.

418913 Leading With Energy bantrel Co 1/2h • hp Engineering, Procurement


Bantrel offers a complete and fully integrated

and Construction solution.

req rh pg bfr lstgs

2012 Ll oydmi nster H eavy Oi l Show 41


Facility expansion and new programming make Let the building begin.

Conceptual rendering by Stantec Architecture

Dignitaries, supporters and Lakeland College officials will break ground on the future home of Lakeland College’s Petroleum Centre during a sod-turning ceremony Tuesday, Sept. 11 at the Lloydminster campus. The facility will enable Lakeland to offer more oil and gas programming to meet student and industry needs. The focal point of the building is a large power engineering and heavy oil lab with three steam boilers, water treatment equipment, a turbine generator and breakout training spaces. No ceiling tiles will be used so students can see the lab’s mechanical system. Outside the lab, an observation deck will make it possible for people to watch as students live the learning. Students will be able to simulate complete heavy oil upgrading and steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) processes from beginning to end in the lab.

Instructor Greg Shalay, a first class power engineer who worked in industry for 37 years before joining Lakeland College, helped design the facility with input from industry partners, students and faculty. “With a modern lab, we’ll be able to deliver on-campus the level of training industry is looking for in new employees plus offer professional development opportunities for people who already work in the sector,” he says. The lab will also serve as a fully-functioning power plant that will heat the Lloydminster campus. “We’ll have the capability to produce 200 kilowatts of power that will go into the campus grid,” says Shalay. Construction of the facility, estimated to cost $17.5 million, will begin in October. When completed, Lakeland will be able to serve hundreds of more students in full-time, part-time, and short-term programs and courses. Between now and 2015, the oil and gas industry will need to fill almost 10,000 positions due to industry growth and retirements. Source: Canada’s Oil and Gas Labour Market Outlook to 2015 Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada

Lakeland adds HOPE Third class power engineering training, advanced heavy oil skills and firefighter fundamentals are the three key elements of Lakeland’s newest program, Heavy Oil Power Engineering (HOPE). The two-year diploma began Aug. 27 at the Lloydminster campus. It complements Lakeland’s Heavy Oil Operations Technician program, a one-year certificate program that focuses on fourth class power engineering training and field operator skills. Lakeland worked closely with its advisory councils and companies in northeastern Alberta and northwestern Saskatchewan to develop HOPE. “Industry told us they needed more third class power engineers and they have a need for more complete operators with advanced heavy oil knowledge plus upgrading and steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) training,” says Kara Johnston, director of energy, entrepreneurship and aboriginal programming at Lakeland College. A new boiler will be added to Lakeland’s current power engineering lab this fall so third class power engineering training will be available onsite this academic year. Lakeland also offers second class power engineering training that is delivered primarily online.


Lakeland College the place to Lakeland and Onion Lake First Nation project wins Literacy Award of Merit In May, Lakeland College and Onion Lake First Nation received the Program or Project Award at the 2012 Saskatchewan Literacy Awards of Merit in recognition of their efforts to spearhead the inclusion of literacy and essential skills programming in their workplace training. Lakeland College received funding from the Government of Saskatchewan to partner with Onion Lake First Nation to develop and deliver an Adult Basic Education-Essential Skills for the Workplace project. They ran a Vacuum Truck Operator program to help address the need for more qualified oilfield drivers in the Onion Lake First Nations region. Students developed literacy skills, earned their Class 1A license and industry specific safety certificates, and completed training in essential skills for the workplace to help them find and keep a job. Of the ten students enrolled in the 12-week program, nine graduated. One left the program early because he was offered employment. Six months after the program ended, eight people were still employed.

Petroleum-related programming Heavy Oil Operations Technician Heavy Oil Power Engineering Introduction to Heavy Oil and Gas (offered at Onion Lake First Nation) Power Engineering (full-time, part-time and online options) Air Brake: Q-Endorsement B Pressure Certification B Pressure Welder Prep Course Driver Training Gas Process Operator Pressure Truck Operator Vacuum Truck Operator Apprenticeship Trades Automotive Service Technician Carpenter Electrician Gasfitter Heavy Equipment Technician Instrument Technician Parts Technician Steamfitter-Pipefitter Welder Pre-employment Trades Automotive Service and Heavy Equipment Technician Carpentry Electrician Instrument Technician Steamfitter/Pipefitter Welder

Help from our friends Support from the Government of Alberta and industry are making expansion of oil and gas related programming and training facilities at Lakeland College possible. Thank you to these supportive partners. • The Government of Alberta contributed more than $9.975 million in capital funding for the new Petroleum Centre. • Husky Energy provided $1.1 million of which $750,000 will be used for the Petroleum Centre and $360,000 will go into an endowment fund to create student scholarships and provide financial support for power engineering students. In 2011, Husky provided $81,500 toward the development of the four sections required to earn a third class power engineer certificate. • Canadian Natural Resources Limited pledged $500,000 towards the Petroleum Centre. • Cenovus Energy Inc. donated $1.5 million which will go towards the development of the Petroleum Centre and to provide financial support for power engineering students. • A portion of Allan Markin’s $200,000 donation fast tracked curriculum development for Lakeland’s Heavy Oil Power Engineering program, online fourth class power engineering plus advanced heavy oil curriculum (SAGD and upgrading). • Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Company contributed $25,680 towards the course creation and curriculum development of a blended program (online delivery combined with classroom and hands-on training opportunities) in second class power engineering. • Husky Energy, Cenovus Energy Inc. and Keyera Corp are among the industry partners that helped develop the Heavy Oil Power Engineering courses.

Help us build a legacy for the future.

To learn more about donor opportunities contact the Lakeland College Fund Development Office at 780 871 5732.

Campuses in Lloydminster and Vermilion 1 800 661 6490

828925 dragon Products full page • fp

L LOY D M I N S T E R H E AV Y O I L S H O W EXHIBITOR LISTINGS The Lloydminster Heavy Oil Show organizers would like to thank all of the sponsors and exhibitors for helping to make the 2012 show a resounding success.



Bay 3 212 Saskatchewan Drive NE Redcliff AB T0J 2P0 p. (780) 603-7770 f. (403) 548-7733 CONTACT: John W. Wiwat BOOTH: 360 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Abstract Gasfield Solutions Ltd. formed to provide the natural gas industry with tried and proven innovative solutions to production optimization. Safe, compliant, efficient designed equipment for field production. Sales of portable gas compression with meter run, scrubber and tank facilities. Rentals of equipment, inline testing, gaswell cleanout, equipment sourcing, joint venturing and consultation.

PO Box 2002 Sundre AB T0M 1X0 p. (403) 638-5234 f. (403) 638-4973 CONTACT: Andrew Pearce BOOTH: 252 PRODUCT/SERVICE: ACL Manufacturing is an industry leader in the design and fabrication of industrial burner controls, high efficiency/low nox burners and flare stack/ incinerator ignition systems. We will increase your heat transfer to the process, reduce your fuel/gas consumption and reduce your total emissions.


615 71 Ave SE Calgary AB T2H 0S7 p. (403) 255-5578 f. (403) 255-5854 CONTACT: John Rynsburger BOOTH: 350, 351 PRODUCT/SERVICE: The Advance Group designs, manufactures and supports aluminum and stainless steel tank trailers, bulk trailers and vacuum trucks and

5208 63 St Lloydminster AB T9V 2E6 p. (780) 875-5878 f. (780) 875-5939 CONTACT: Chad Durocher BOOTH: 149, 150 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Canada’s largest distributor of industrial, safety and fastener products, offering more selection, more service and more solutions.


trailers. Founded in Regina, Advance operates production facilities and trailer service shops across Canada including: Edmonton, Lloydminster, and Westech Vac in Nisku.


RR 2 Site 7 Comp 55 Didsbury AB T0M 0W0 p. (403) 264-1647 CONTACT: Jarrod Parks BOOTH: 62, 63, 86, 87, 340 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Manufacture specialized equipment for the energy sector: (leading edge products) torqstopper, pcp stabilizer, side winder, on and off tool.


2910 12 St NE Calgary AB T2E 7P7 p. (403) 735-2005 f. (403) 735-2771 CONTACT: Krista Mahadeo BOOTH: 263

2012 Ll oydmi nster H eavy Oi l Sho w 45

eXhiBitor listings


401 Highway 4 S Biggar SK S0K 0M0 p. (306) 948-5262 f. (306) 948-5263 CONTACT: Justin Wappel BOOTH: 69 PRODUCT/SERVICE: AGI-Envirotank is a premier Canadian single/double wall and field storage tank fabricator specializing in petroleum storage for retail, bulk, oilfield and commercial storage of gasoline, diesel, aviation fuels, oils, mining and bulk chemical plants. Shop or field erection specializing in carbon and stainless steel.


Hwy 16 W RR 14 Lloydminster AB p. (780) 875-4471 f. (780) 875-6606 CONTACT: Darren Lindsay BOOTH: 307 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Bobcat equipment and John Deere equipment.


4340 78 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6B 3J5 p. (780) 466-5050 f. (780) 465-1177 CONTACT: Darcy Chichak BOOTH: 64, 65 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Gaskets, valves, fittings, and bolting.


250 Karl Clark Rd NW Edmonton AB T6N 1E4 p. (780) 450-5111 f. (780) 450-5242 CONTACT: Shauna Cameron BOOTH: 57 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Innovation, research and progress in recovery technologies for Alberta’s vast resources. This includes in situ processes for heavy oil, bitumen and oil sands, unconventional light oil, and methane. Other research areas include mined oil sands, advanced surface separation, multi-phase flow, and novel petroleum upgrading technologies.


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6939 68 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6B 3E3 p. (780) 434-8566 f. (780) 436-4329

46 201 2 L l o y d m i n s t e r H eavy O il Sh o w

CONTACT: Kristal Leemet BOOTH: 113, 114 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Sucker rods, drive rods, and sucker rod guides.


PO Box 12278 Lloydminster AB T9V 3C5 p. (780) 875-5256 f. (780) 875-8287 CONTACT: Robert Heffner BOOTH: 314, 315, 316 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Hydraulic skid, wellhead drives, hyd pumping unit, and hyd control programs. PC disposal pumps, disposal packages, transfer pump packages, surface pump, machining, field service.


5210 50 St Leduc AB T9E 6Z6 p. (780) 980-0731 f. (780) 986-2224 CONTACT: Christina Forth-Matthews BOOTH: 152 PRODUCT/SERVICE: One-stop freight logistics company, 207 agents worldwide, offices in Canada and USA, 911 times critical freight needs, project logistics, service and drilling rig moves. Specialize in oversize/heavy weight air freight, ocean containers-break bulk/LCL, worldwide air charters, custom crating/packaging/container blocking and bracing.

APEX ADVANCED SOLUTIONS INC 550-407 2 St SW Calgary AB T2P 2Y3 p. (403) 519-3303 f. (403) 269-2669 CONTACT: Rick Joyes BOOTH: 395, 397


4702 62 Ave Lloydminster AB T9V 2G2 p. (780) 875-6969 f. (780) 875-6191 CONTACT: Kevin Lider BOOTH: 361 PRODUCT/SERVICE: New A-Plus manufactured product pump, composite hose and fittings.


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PO Box 160 Brantford ON N3T 5M8 p. (519) 758-2700 f. (519) 758-5540 CONTACT: Peter Sikora BOOTH: 271

PRODUCT/SERVICE: Two-, three- and four-way solenoid valves, combustion products, fluid power and motion control products, sensors, temperature and pressure switches, and air operated piston valves.


2602 50 Ave Lloydminster AB T9V 2S3 p. (780) 875-0331 f. (780) 875-0082 CONTACT: Jo-Anne Johnstone BOOTH: 356, 357 PRODUCT/SERVICE: ASTEC Safety Inc continues to provide the highest quality in safety training and equipment. We continue to strive toward third party accreditation for all of our courses from organizations such as the Oil Sands Safety Association and the Alberta Damage Prevention Council. Dealers for Miller Fall Protection, Survive Air and Bio Systems.


1 Industrial Dr SE Redcliff AB T0J 2P0 p. (403) 548-1231 f. (403) 529-5193 CONTACT: Grant Stegen BOOTH: 342


1000-401 9 Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 3C5 p. (403) 537-3559 f. (403) 537-3796 CONTACT: Susanne Lill BOOTH: 220–222, 376, 378, 380, 382 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Specialty oilfield chemicals and consultative services.

BALON CORPORATION GD Rolly View AB T0C 2K0 p. (780) 916-2707 CONTACT: Darwin Rye BOOTH: 117


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eXhiBitor listings


1-6304 56 St Lloydminster AB T9V 3B6 p. (780) 870-5055 f. (780) 808-6312 CONTACT: James Nichols BOOTH: 73


2600-144 4 Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 3N4 p. (403) 452-8343 f. (403) 452-8358 CONTACT: Marci Hamilton BOOTH: 247 PRODUCT/SERVICE: The Blue Spark service is a wellbore stimulation technique achieved by a wire line tool that converts standard electrical power into repeatable, high-power hydraulic impulses. The fast dynamics of the repeated hydraulic impulses mechanically disrupt the near wellbore region to achieve sustained higher oil flow in poorly producing or non-producing wells.


2305 8 St Nisku AB T9E 7Z3 p. (780) 955-4795 f. (780) 955-8032 CONTACT: Dennis Thompson BOOTH: 324 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Borets horizontal pumping systems (HPS) provide a reliable, flexible and cost-effective solution to API split case and positive displacement pumps for a wide range of high-pressure applications. We provide surface pumping technology for water injection, dewatering for mining and CBM, jet pumping, pipeline flow-boosting and industrial fluid transfer needs.


2410 Millar Ave Saskatoon SK S7K 3V2 p. (306) 664-4141 f. (306) 665-1188 CONTACT: Darcy Bulitz BOOTH: 387 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Wheel loader with pipe grapple, horizontal drill, hydrovac, skid steer w/ mulcher, other industry-related attachments on loader or skid steer.


PO Box 3278 Wainwright AB T9W 1T2 p. (780) 842-6264 f. (780) 842-6248 CONTACT: Dale Myggland BOOTH: 76 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Brias Inc., an integrity-focused company. Providing Alberta and Saskatchewan with pressure vessel integrity inspection and ultrasonic corrosion survey services for regulatory compliance complete with remaining life calculations. Storage tank inspection with the LEFT scanning process for detecting under floor corrosion before the tank leaks, causing environmental issues.


9001 20 St NW Edmonton AB T6P 1K8 p. (780) 430-1777 f. (780) 449-5233 CONTACT: Darrell Hughes BOOTH: 168 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Bruin Instruments Corp. is a major Canadian manufacturer of chemical injection pumps and accessories. We manufacture and supply the complete line of Bruin Pumps™ chemical pumping equipment. Also representing Sandpiper Pumps, Sidewinder Pumps, Kinray Equipment, Pumper Parts and SMC Pneumatics.

CAMERON VALVES & MEASUREMENT FORMERLY COOPER CAMERON 1300-311 6 Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 3H2 p. (403) 290-0001 f. (403) 290-1526 CONTACT: Rachel Knight BOOTH: 253, 254


3-4720 50 St Lloydminster SK S9V 0M7 p. (306) 825-8845 f. (306) 825-0222 CONTACT: Janice Unrau BOOTH: 70 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Safety training and first aid.


2907 Parsons Rd NW Edmonton AB T6N 1A3 p. (780) 436-7730 f. (780) 436-7736 CONTACT: Tory Butz BOOTH: 256 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Drilling and production equipment. Omni Valve, Oteco, Double-E, Baird, Larkin Products, Lewis Friction, Lewis Manufacturing, Gearench, Tulsa Valve, Lubrikup and Cactus Flow Products.


9743 51 Ave Edmonton AB T6E 4W8 p. (780) 432-5575 f. (780) 432-5780 CONTACT: Marshall Paxton BOOTH: 264 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Casterland: Wheels plus more — residential and commercial casters, ATV tires, trailer, golf cart, and lawn and garden. If it rolls, see us at Casterland.

CHAMPION TECHNOLOGIES LTD 5201 63 St Lloydminster AB T9V 2E7 p. (780) 875-7488 f. (780) 875-7309 CONTACT: Blaine Harland BOOTH: 18

PRODUCT/SERVICE: Champion Technologies is a market leader in specialty chemical management offering innovative and environmentally responsible solutions to heavy oil production. Our ongoing commitment to research and development has led to one of the most groundbreaking portfolios in chemical management, setting us apart as a leader in our field.

CHRISTIE CORROSION CONTROL (1983) LTD PO Box 1458 Lloydminster AB T9V 1K4 p. (780) 875-6559 f. (780) 875-1366 CONTACT: Marcel Revet BOOTH: 51 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Samples of sandblasting, painting and foaming. Literature for above.


950-717 7 Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 0Z3 p. (403) 262-7846 f. (403) 262-9355 CONTACT: Jessica Clements BOOTH: 199, 200


PO Box 11279 6309 43 St. Lloydminster AB T9V 3B5 p. (306) 820-5200 f. (306) 820-5201 CONTACT: Eugene Smith BOOTH: 381 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Oilfield services, trucking, environmental and hazardous waste.


PO Box 508 Delisle SK S0L 0P0 p. (306) 493-3238 f. (306) 493-2481 CONTACT: Pat Esau BOOTH: 370


6759 65 Ave Red Deer AB T4P 1X5 p. (403) 342-4494 ext 209 f. (403) 346-7110 CONTACT: Brandon Parsons BOOTH: 137 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Burner management systems (BMS 2000/2500), ignition systems for pilots (Pilot Pro 900, 800, 550, 250), Series 100 control valves (Standard TCV and proof of closure), and Canalta Jr. and Sr. meter runs and orifice fittings.


4203 95 St Edmonton AB T6E 5R6 p. (780) 432-1611 f. (780) 433-5176 CONTACT: Lisa Demers BOOTH: 212 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Industrial, safety and oilfield supplies.

2012 Ll oydmi nster H eavy Oi l Show 47

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PO Box 269 Cold Lake AB T9M 1P1 p. (780) 639-6654 f. (780) 639-3775 CONTACT: Glenn Eckert CONTACT: Leanne Gibson BOOTH: 25, 26 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Contain Enviro Services Zero Ground Disturbance containment systems allow for cost-effective installation and maintenance and are more durable than earthen berms. We now prefabricate liners at both locations in Grande Prairie and Cold Lake. With specialized equipment we can repair, add on and install piling boots to any geomembrane.

CONTROL TECHNOLOGY INC 6828 52 Ave Red Deer AB T4N 4L1 p. (403) 885-2677 CONTACT: Trevor Phillips BOOTH: 317


3201 84 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6P 1K1 p. (780) 464-3800 f. (780) 417-7089 CONTACT: Bob Redman BOOTH: 311 PRODUCT/SERVICE: C-TECH specializes in the manufacturing of oilfield service equipment. This equipment ranges from custom-built coiled tubing units, rapid rod service units, flushbys, mud tanks, coiled tubing and rod injectors, and everything in between. To complement manufacturing, full design services are on site to make sure your project is designed to suit your specific needs.

CUMMINS WESTERN CANADA PO Box 959 Stn Main Lloydminster SK S9V 0Y9 p. (306) 825-2062 f. (306) 825-6702 CONTACT: Myron Bassett BOOTH: 163, 164

PRODUCT/SERVICE: Sales and service of natural gas engines and generators. Sales and service of Cummins diesel engines. Sales and service of Cummins Onan generators. Yamaha portable generator sales/service.


2410 Northridge Dr Saskatoon SK S7L 7L6 p. (306) 931-1911 f. (306) 931-4919 CONTACT: Vince Boechler BOOTH: 363 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Kenworth trucks.


201-11450 29 St SE Calgary AB T2Z 3V5 p. (403) 232-6950 f. (403) 232-6952 CONTACT: Chris Plante BOOTH: 49 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Danatec offers a wide range of TDG training, WHMIS training and compliance tools including Self-Teach programs, online training, handbooks, posters, videos, reference manuals and more.


3403 74 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6B 3B8 p. (780) 466-5237 f. (780) 463-3613 CONTACT: Bruce Armstrong BOOTH: 248, 394, 396


5901 44 St Lloydminster AB T9V 1V6 p. (780) 875-2283 f. (780) 875-2174 CONTACT: Keith Wells BOOTH: 331, 333 PRODUCT/SERVICE: International truck dealer, VG pump distributor. All-makes parts supplier, service repair professionals.

DIRECT DATA TECHNOLOGIES INC 2-4201 52 St Lloydminster SK S9V 2B3 p. (780) 800-0946

CONTACT: Dean Schlekewy BOOTH: 127 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Oil and gas well monitoring equipment. MTS liquid level sensors. Optitrol pump-off controllers.

DSI DALCO SERVICES INC 211-37565 Hwy 2 Red Deer AB T4E 1B4 p. (403) 348-5554 CONTACT: Rebecca DeHooghe BOOTH: 151


1911 66 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6P 1M5 p. (780) 469-4000 f. (780) 469-4035 CONTACT: Grant Pegden-Wright BOOTH: 147 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Control valve manufacturer and instrumentation supplier. ESD actuation and service centre. Bel-gas regulator exclusive distributor.

EDMONTON VALVE & FITTING INC 4503 93 St NW Edmonton AB T6E 5S9 p. (780) 437-0640 f. (780) 435-6935 CONTACT: Jim Begg BOOTH: 12

PRODUCT/SERVICE: Edmonton Valve & Fitting is the authorized distributor for Swagelok Fluid System components, which include the following: tube fittings and tubing, needle valves, ball valves, check and relief valves, regulators, thermometers and thermowells, orbital welding systems, pipe fittings and face seal fittings, manifolds, plug valves, filters, hoses, insulated and electrically traced tubing.


RR 5 Lloydminster AB T9V 3A1 p. (888) 893-5111 f. (306) 893-2445 CONTACT: Les Harper BOOTH: 143 PRODUCT/SERVICE: AFX oil anti-freeze, dragon fuel conditioners, hydra blue hydraulic oil, and 15w-40 engine oils.

“Industry Leading Quality & Service Since 1987” Specialists in internal & external coating applications Epoxies • Metallizing • Fibreglass Linings • Plural Spray Pipe • Tanks • Vessels • Towers • Valves 6150 - 76 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6B 0A6 Phone (780) 440-2855 Fax (780) 440-1050

• 100% Canadian Owned • 48 201 2 L l o y d m i n s t e r H eavy O il Sh o w

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71-4511 Glenmore Trl SE Calgary AB T2C 2R9 p. (403) 720-3633 f. (403) 720-3634 CONTACT: Jim Johnson BOOTH: 10 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Endurance Technologies Inc provides surface engineering services through a diffusion alloying process. Steel tubulars and parts are processed to provide superior resistance to abrasion, erosion and corrosion. EdurAlloy Wear Joints are the only boronized production tubing joints available to prevent production tubing failures due to rod wear in rod pump applications and abrasion from sand and fines discharged in progressive cavity pump applications.


161 Woodburn Cres Okotoks AB T1S 1L4 p. (403) 815-2016 CONTACT: Marlon Ellerby BOOTH: 259 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Website, equipment sales and online auctions exclusively for the oil and gas industry.


801 2 Ave Wainwright AB T9W 1C4 p. (780) 842-7570 f. (780) 842-7536 CONTACT: Rhonda Busch BOOTH: 74 PRODUCT/SERVICE: The ERCB was created more than seven decades ago to ensure that the development of our resources occurs in a safe and responsible manner that serves the public interest. Today, these principles continue to guide the ERCB in its quest to become the best nonconventional regulator in the world by 2013.


5055 11 St NE Calgary AB T2E 8N4 p. (403) 516-8000 f. (403) 291-9408 CONTACT: Lois Holloway BOOTH: 44

PRODUCT/SERVICE: Enform is the safety association for Canada’s upstream oil and gas industry. Our mandate is to develop safe work practices through a range of safety services and resources, and more than 120 training programs. All Enform products and services are developed in consultation with Canada’s leading oil and gas industry trade associations.


PO Box 25055 100 Cory Rd Saskatoon SK S7K 8B7 p. (306) 244-9500 f. (306) 244-9501 CONTACT: Mathew Theriault BOOTH: 165 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Automotive fluids supply and recovery, industrial services, emergency response Haz-Mat, and hazardous waste disposal/recycling.


3-1820 30 Ave NE Calgary AB T2E 7M5 p. (403) 243-1442 f. (403) 258-2614 CONTACT: Mike Derkach BOOTH: 16

5701 63 Ave Lloydminster AB T9V 3B8 p. (780) 875-9115 f. (780) 875-1403 CONTACT: Brad Schoettler BOOTH: 29 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Heavy-duty parts, oilfield products.


5201 40 Ave Lloydminster SK S9V 2B7 p. (306) 825-3553 f. (306) 825-6851 CONTACT: Stephen Edey BOOTH: 308, 309, 310 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Peterbilt trucks, Allweld tanker trailers. 9204 37 Ave Edmonton AB T6E 5L4 p. (780) 455-2260 f. (780) 451-5469 CONTACT: Brad Oliver BOOTH: 231, 232, 233 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Diesel and natural gas engines/ generators and light towers.

300-400 5 Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 0L6 p. (877) 513-7455 CONTACT: Duwayne Springer BOOTH: 251


FIRST TRUCK CENTRE LLOYDMINSTER INC PO Box 11767 6203 56 St Lloydminster AB T9V 3C1 p. (780) 875-6211 f. (780) 875-6219 CONTACT: Rick Hildebrand BOOTH: 313, 364, 365 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Oilfield rigged Western Star and Freightliner trucks. Various parts displayed. Branches in Lloydminster, Edmonton (2) and Vancouver.

3501 54 Ave SE Calgary AB T2C 0A9 p. (403) 503-0548 f. (403) 503-0547





CONTACT: Janet Waye BOOTH: 201, 202

4403 37 Ave Lloydminster SK S9V 1E9 p. (306) 825-2875 f. (306) 825-3246 CONTACT: Greg Schwenk BOOTH: 36 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Distributor for T&E Gear Pumps. Distributor and installer for Performance Diesel Inc (PDI) Heavy Duty Engines. Heavy truck services, parts and supplies.


4700 47 St SE Calgary AB T2B 3R1 p. (403) 387-6300 CONTACT: Alisa Morosoff BOOTH: 157, 158

TDG • WHMIS • Class 7 Ground Disturbance • Confined Space Electrical Safety • General Safety Placards & Labels • Regulations Handbooks • Posters • Videos Instructor Packages Canada’s Leading Provider of Safety Training Materials Since 1985

1.800.465.3366 2012 Ll oydmi nster H eavy Oi l Sho w 49

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2264 Mons Ave SW Calgary AB T2T 5L1 p. (403) 542-4223 f. (403) 261-2813 CONTACT: Kevin MacDonald BOOTH: 174 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Fleet management and lone worker safety for oil and gas.

GRENCO ENERGY SERVICES INC A LUFKIN COMPANY 3710 78 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6B 3E5 p. (780) 468-2000 f. (780) 468-2070 BOOTH: 179–184, 193–198


PO Box 10730 5508 59 Ave Lloydminster AB T9V 3A5 p. (780) 875-5577 f. (780) 875-2463 CONTACT: Jim Spenrath BOOTH: 105–109, 116 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Mechanical desanding equipment, tank heating technology, fabrication, natural gas line heaters, treaters, burner management systems, combustion analysis and equipment, transportation equipment, secondary containment systems, portable storage solutions.


310-8810 15 St NW Edmonton AB T6P 0B9 p. (780) 416-4823 f. (780) 416-4836 CONTACT: Stan Thomson BOOTH: 142 PRODUCT/SERVICE: API gate valve parts, chokes and parts, needle valves, ball valves, lubrication fittings, synthetic valve lubricants, ring joint gaskets, high pressure grease guns, globe valves.


PO Box 3029 Fort Saskatchewan AB T8L 2T1 p. (800) 661-6544 f. (780) 992-1885 CONTACT: Wallace Gray BOOTH: 173 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Guardian Chemicals Inc is a Canadian ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 and COR certified specialty chemical manufacturer, with Green Seal products providing a complete lineup of industrial cleaners through our industrial division, production chemical through our oil and gas division and water treatment chemicals.


6320 63 Ave Lloydminster AB T9V 3A7 p. (780) 875-5822 f. (780) 875-5824 CONTACT: Chad Guest BOOTH: 240, 241 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Electrical products, instrumentation products and burner products.

50 201 2 L l o y d m i n s t e r Heavy O il Sh o w


1600-645 7 Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 4G8 p. (403) 231-9300 CONTACT: Teresa DeMare BOOTH: 175, 391


4716 76 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6B 0A5 p. (780) 490-4295 f. (780) 490-4290 CONTACT: Dave Tanguay BOOTH: 27, 28 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Level indication, vapour control, pipeline and underground production equipment.

HEATING SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL INC 5114 62 St Lloydminster AB T9V 2E4 p. (780) 875-3453 f. (780) 875-3923 CONTACT: Steve Wolos BOOTH: 155, 156 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Firetube burner systems and instrumentation, insulating, sound suppression buildings.


PO Box 845 Lloydminster AB T9V 3A9 p. (780) 875-5358 f. (780) 875-5825 CONTACT: Gord Snider BOOTH: 355 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Trucking (hauling).


9211 41 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6E 6R5 p. (780) 438-6055 f. (780) 434-5866 BOOTH: 255 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Seals, o-rings, oilfield seals, thread protectors, carbide components, ceramic components, vibration mounts, custom-molded parts.


PO Box 28 Blackfoot AB T0B 0L0 p. (780) 875-7282 f. (780) 875-0410 p. (877) 875-7282 CONTACT: Gerry Hobbs BOOTH: 33, 34, 35 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Roto molded plastic products, liners, geotextiles and geogrids.


170-22555 Twp Rd 530 Sherwood Park AB T8A 4T7 p. (780) 467-5149 f. (780) 467-6641 CONTACT: Lindsay Bass BOOTH: 368 PRODUCT/SERVICE: We provide sales, service and rentals of Tufport fibreglass industrial-grade slide-in units for pickup trucks. Product lines include medical transport, utility,

climate control and custom models. Rugged, versatile and built to last!


6014 52 Ave Lloydminster AB T9V 2S8 p. (780) 875-2468 f. (780) 875-2478 CONTACT: Chris Webb BOOTH: 133 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Slide blind, volant torque rings, EMI and NDT inspection services.

HOTSY WATER BLAST MANUFACTURING LP 16712 118 Ave NW Edmonton AB T5V 1P7 p. (780) 451-4521 f. (780) 455-3920 CONTACT: Kathy Smith BOOTH: 32 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Industrial pressure washers and automatic parts washers.


1-8306 113 St Fort Saskatchewan AB T8L 3T8 p. (780) 998-2266 f. (780) 998-0954 CONTACT: Braden Hermus BOOTH: 375, 377, 379

HUNTING ENERGY SERVICES (CANADA) LTD PO Box 1541 Lloydminster SK S9V 1K4 p. (780) 808-6761 f. (780) 872-0510 CONTACT: Blair Ask BOOTH: 272 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Supplier of proprietary connections for all applications such as 4040 H01, SLHT for heavy oil, and MMS for internally coated tubulars.


PO Box 2038 Lloydminster SK S9V 1R5 p. (780) 875-5597 f. (780) 875-5434 CONTACT: Blake Fisher BOOTH: 138 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Air and foam equipment.


707 8 Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 3G7 p. (403) 274-8433 f. (403) 298-6083 CONTACT: Layne Pynten BOOTH: 188, 189 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Pictures and information related to Husky surplus equipment.


6010 53 Ave PO Box 21027 Lloydminster AB T9V 2S1 p. (780) 872-7470 f. (780) 872-7478 CONTACT: Andrew Thompson BOOTH: 362

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PRODUCT/SERVICE: ICI designs, manufacturers, sells, installs and services a unique suite of artificial lift equipment used in the production of light/medium crude, heavy oil, natural gas and shallow gas/coalbed methane. ICI technologies decrease operating and maintenance costs, while increasing production efficiency, leading to dramatic cost savings to oil and gas producers.


2943 19 St NE Calgary AB T2E 7A2 p. (403) 275-1919 f. (403) 275-1888 CONTACT: Business Development BOOTH: 90 PRODUCT/SERVICE: I-Dent is dedicated to the oil and gas industry and remains the largest supplier of regulatory signs in western Canada. It’s our proven track record and oil and gas industry experience that has warranted I-Dent its loyal client base. Reliability, knowledge and a consultive approach gives our valued clients exactly what they need, when they need it.


240 4 Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 3M9 p. (403) 874-4626 f. (403) 237-2133 CONTACT: Jordan Wakefield BOOTH: 250 PRODUCT/SERVICE: For over 100 years, Mobil has established an unsurpassed reputation as a supplier of leading-edge lubricants with in-depth industry expertise, programs, and tools to help bring customers to new heights of equipment productivity. Learn how we can help your productivity take off.


Site 2A Reinhart Industrial Park Lloydminster AB T9V 3B4 p. (780) 808-2844 f. (780) 808-2874 CONTACT: Craig Wells BOOTH: 383 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Cased hole wireline tools and service, logging and perforating and downhole tools.


200-816 55 Ave NE Calgary AB T2E 6Y4 p. (403) 209-3500 f. (403) 245-8666 CONTACT: Kim Walker BOOTH: 53, 54 PRODUCT/SERVICE: With over 75 years of experience, JuneWarren-Nickle’s Energy Group is Canada’s oldest and most recognized energy information provider. Providing authoritative print and online publications, data sets, maps, charts, directories and events, we are the Canadian leaders in oil and gas, and construction publishing. Our flagship products, the Daily Oil Bulletin and Oilweek magazine, were launched in 1937 and 1948, respectively, and have continued to provide relevant and extensive coverage of the upstream oil and gas industry. Since 1981, the Canadian Oilfield Service and Supply Directory has been the most comprehensive directory of its kind, connecting buyers to sellers across the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, while the Canadian Oil Register recently celebrated 60 years as one of the industry’s most vital reference publications. Throughout the history of the Canadian oilpatch, our

publications have been there, telling the stories and making the connections. As we continue to grow, our commitment to our readers and advertisers remains steadfast, our mission unwavering: To be the most trusted source of energy information in Canada.


PO Box 10989 Lloydminster AB T9V 3B3 p. (780) 875-7252 f. (780) 808-2874 CONTACT: Gord Rohs BOOTH: 79–82 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Sales and service of oilfield surface pumps. Unitized pump skids. New and reconditioned equipment. Machine shop services. Engine rebuilding. Compressor service. Field service.


PO Box 12118 Lloydminster AB T9V 3C4 p. (780) 744-3974 f. (780) 744-2242 CONTACT: Heine Westergaard BOOTH: 319 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Manufacturer of CSA B149.3-10 Standards Council of Canada approvable natural draft combustion appliances from 35,000 to 20,000,000 Btu.


PO Box 11800 Lloydminster AB T9V 3C1 p. (780) 871-0950 f. (780) 871-0926 CONTACT: Veronica Richard BOOTH: 353, 354 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Oilfield rigged heavy truck units, along with personnel offering and promoting sales, parts and service.


102-1724 50 Ave Lloydminster AB T9V 0Y1 p. (780) 871-0711 f. (780) 871-0722 CONTACT: Kim Kovacs BOOTH: 249 PRODUCT/SERVICE: KCBL is an international engineering, environmental and geotechnical consulting firm. We offer value-added solutions to our industry and government clients in the following sectors: oil and gas environmental, oil and gas infrastructure and pipelines, northern/offshore developments, water resources, transportation, oilsands mining, mine environmental, earthquake engineering, and hydropower.


PO Box 707 Stn Main Regina SK S4P 3A8 p. (306) 545-3311 f. (306) 949-6249 CONTACT: Becki Schultz BOOTH: 329 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Caterpillar construction equipment, engines and generators. Caterpillar CT660 vocational trucks.


1200-717 7 Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 0Z3 p. (403) 875-3874 f. (403) 263-7158 CONTACT: Jennifer McMurtry BOOTH: 185–187, 190–192 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Progressing cavity pumps, driveheads, downhole tools, power units and field optimization.


Bag 6600-2602 59 Ave Lloydminster AB S9V 1Z3 p. (780) 871-5526 f. (780) 871-5787 CONTACT: Raelean Hickson BOOTH: 67 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Trades and Technology courses and programs that are offered at Lakeland College’s Vermilion and Lloydminster campuses.


PO Box 12250 Lloydminster AB T9V 3C5 p. (780) 875-2596 f. (780) 875-2591 CONTACT: Terrill Paniak BOOTH: 71, 78, 358, 359 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Custom built flushby, rod rig, pressure trucks units and components. Hydraulics and custom fabrication.

LEADING MANUFACTURING GROUP INC 3801 48 Ave Vermilion AB T9X 1G5 p. (780) 854-0004 f. (780) 854-0044 CONTACT: Debbie Hudson BOOTH: 392


PO Box 10457 Lloydminster AB T9V 3A6 p. (780) 875-0657 f. (780) 875-4947 CONTACT: Terry Mardell BOOTH: 144 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Used oil collection and recycling. Oil filter and plastic recycling.


PO Box 21006 Lloydminster AB T9V 2S1 p. (780) 808-8788 f. (780) 874-0331 CONTACT: Justin Mallett BOOTH: 2, 3 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Complete line of service tools, completion tools, MultiStimFrac equipment, fishing tools, liner hangers, retrievable casing patches and drilling motors. Exclusive agent for Saltel Slimline Patches.

2012 Ll oydmi nster H eavy Oi l Sh ow 51

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1050-808 4 Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 3E8 p. (403) 234-7692 f. (403) 265-6913 BOOTH: 179–184, 193–198 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Field optimization, beam pumping units, hydraulic pumping units, progressing cavity pumps, reciprocating pumps, automation plunger lift, completion products and training.


3300-205 5 Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 2V7 p. (403) 901-5997 f. (403) 934-9941 CONTACT: Anne Marie Bootsman BOOTH: 31 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Magnum Cementing Services provides primary and remedial cementing services to the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin out of Red Deer, Strathmore, Lloydminster and Fort Saskatchewan. Magnum provides service with the highest degree of integrity and customer satisfaction.


5205 60 St Lloydminster AB T9V 3E7 p. (877) 875-1210 f. (888) 844-2353 CONTACT: Brandon Tupper BOOTH: 172 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Weed spraying, mulching, hydroseeding and tree spraying.


64071 RR 65 Grande Prairie AB T8V 3A5 p. (780) 532-0366 f. (780) 532-0540 CONTACT: Wayne Hunt BOOTH: 88, 89 PRODUCT/SERVICE: MPI, an ISO 9001:2008 company, has been supplying western Canada’s oil and gas industry with single- and double-walled chemical tanks, containment tubs and drip trays since 1990. MPI is proud to introduce to the industry a safe innovative solutions for filling tanks: the Top Fill Adaptor.


1A-5803 63 Ave Lloydminster AB T9V 3K2 p. (780) 875-3312 f. (780) 871-0927

CONTACT: Scott Purves BOOTH: 48 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Soil remediation and reclamation, spill response, groundwater remediation, environmental site assessments, and environmental monitoring.


Bay 1 5208 62 St Lloydminster AB T9V 2E4 p. (780) 872-5518 f. (780) 872-0577 CONTACT: Wade Jacobson BOOTH: 30


6744 50 St Edmonton AB T6B 3M9 p. (780) 378-8521 f. (780) 378-8699 CONTACT: Derek Fraser BOOTH: 135 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Maxxam creates value for the oil and gas industry by delivering the most comprehensive range of analytical services that address key business objectives. We are the scientific leaders in gas analytics and oil sands solutions. Customers leverage Maxxam’s technical expertise to optimize their processes and to design customized solutions.


552, Site 26, Comp2 Fort St John BC V1J 4M7 p. (250) 263-0977 f. (250) 263-0978 CONTACT: Chris Kane BOOTH: 68 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Solar-powered chemical injection pump, N-Seal secondary containment adaptors and SUPERLOK tube fittings with integrated safety “i-fitting.”


4003 67 Ave Lloydminster AB T9V 3G8 p. (780) 872-9355 f. (780) 872-5826 CONTACT: Gerald Aalbers BOOTH: 55 PRODUCT/SERVICE: MI SWACO Production Technologies, a Schlumberger company, is a leading provider of specialty

chemicals for Canada’s oil and gas producers. We offer a complete specialty chemical line including: demulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, stimulation products for both producing and injection well cleanouts, and SulfaTreat products for your H2S and odour control issues.


5910 44 St Lloydminster AB T9V 1V7 p. (780) 808-2223 f. (780) 808-2265 CONTACT: Dwight Mushtaler BOOTH: 169 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Communications equipment, 2-way radios, video surveillence, satellite phones, business phone systems, structured cabling, assett tracking.


6210 50 Ave Lloydminster AB T9V 2G9 p. (780) 875-1561 f. (780) 875-7880 CONTACT: Alan Cayford BOOTH: 305, 306 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Pressure trucks, water trucks, air and hydro, pipeline testing, and stable foam sand cleanouts. Clean water for rig shacks and pools, and deicing fluid.


9-101A 26230 Twp Rd 531A Acheson AB T7X 5A4 p. (780) 962-2825 f. (780) 962-2829 CONTACT: Jeremy Coules BOOTH: 99, 100 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Data acquisition systems for pressure trucks, hot oilers, nitrogen pumpers, coil tube trucks and portable applications.


PO Box 743 Lloydminster SK S9V 1C1 p. (306) 825-6141 f. (306) 825-9896 CONTACT: Brent Mathison CONTACT: Daryl Marlatt BOOTH: 386 PRODUCT/SERVICE: (1) Excavator, (1) Wheel loader, and 10’ X 10’ tent, supplied by Tent Guy. Non-alcoholic refreshments and snacks.

“The Team You Can Trust” 1.888.868.2658 • Grande Prairie, AB

Double Wall Chemical Tanks • Barricades Secondary Containment Basins • Mould Design Water Tanks Custom Plastic Welding


100 Gallon D o u b l e Wa l l C h e m i c a l Ta n k

Visit Us at Booth 088! 52 201 2 L l o y d m i n s t e r Heavy O il Sh o w

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6102 56 St Lloydminster AB T9V 0A2 p. (780) 875-0807 f. (780) 872-5018 CONTACT: Donald Bertrand BOOTH: 214–216, 237–239 PRODUCT/SERVICE: PC pumping systems, hydraulic skid/ engine package, hydraulic wellhead drives, advanced oil and gas product (EMP), valving. Silent shacks and engine skids.


PO Box 1739 Provost AB T0B 3S0 p. (780) 753-3533 f. (780) 753-3534 CONTACT: Mike Dennehy BOOTH: 321


PO Box 11517 Lloydminster AB T9V 3B8 p. (780) 875-8952 f. (780) 875-0951 CONTACT: Larry Paul BOOTH: 119 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Mission: To provide unparalleled technical expertise and superior local service to our customers through cost-effective applications of customized specialty chemicals.


PO Box 21003 Lloydminster AB T9V 2S1 p. (780) 875-1950 f. (780) 875-1997 CONTACT: Kevin Clarke BOOTH: 110, 111 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Thermo Optimized Production Tank “T.O.P. Tank” for heavy oil storage.


6010B 50 Ave Lloydminster AB T9V 2T9 p. (780) 875-6777 f. (780) 875-7007 CONTACT: Cam Zarowny BOOTH: 166, 167 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Automation, SCADA, instrumentation, electrical, safety, environmental services, nHance line of products, nGauge.


PO Box 280 Glenboro MB R0K 0X0 p. (204) 827-2015 f. (204) 827-2495 CONTACT: Norbert Collet BOOTH: 323, 325 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Oilfield doghouse, boiler trailers, enclosed and flatdeck trailers.


RR 3 Site 1 Box 18 Grande Prairie AB T8V 5N3 p. (780) 538-4135 f. (780) 538-1839 CONTACT: Bill Patershuk BOOTH: 258 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Northern Mat & Bridge specializes in providing temporary access solutions for resources and construction-based industries, including: oil and gas, energy and transmission, pipeline construction, mining, wind energy and general construction. In soft or muddy terrain, muskeg or environmentally sensitive areas, we can provide and maintain access for any project. Our products include: access mats, crane mats and temporary and permanent bridges.


6302 50 Ave Lloydminster AB T9V 2C9 p. (780) 875-1818 f. (780) 875-2742 CONTACT: Dale Venance BOOTH: 203 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Cellular phones, two-way radios, data products and boosters; GPS tracking solutions.


PO Box 12650 Lloydminster AB T9V 0Y4 p. (780) 490-3799 f. (780) 875-5504 CONTACT: Austin Wilcox BOOTH: 208–211, 242–245, 372–374 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Artificial lift systems, pipe valve and fittings.

682 Okanagan Ave E Penticton BC V2A 3K7 p. (250) 492-7866 f. (250) 492-0686 CONTACT: Gerry Turchak BOOTH: 335, 337

PO Box 380 Lloydminster AB S9V 0Y4 p. (780) 875-5566 f. (780) 875-2630 CONTACT: Joe Halbach BOOTH: 273 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Tuboscope, a National Oilwell Varco company, is the world leader in oilfield tubular inspections, sucker rod inspections and internal coating techniques. Tuboscope has operating facilities throughout Alberta including Lloydminster, Bonnyville and Provost.




4006 50 Ave Lloydminster AB T9V 1B2 p. (780) 875-4800 f. (780) 875-9191 CONTACT: Pam Beznoska BOOTH: 4, 5 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Nomex and Indura coveralls, work boots, safety products and fire retardant clothing.



25 Midland St Winnipeg MB R3E 3J6 p. (204) 788-1030 f. (204) 788-1593 CONTACT: Andrew Maitland BOOTH: 56 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Packaged oil/lubricants.

37-19 Aero Dr NE Calgary AB T2E 8Z9 p. (403) 291-5300 f. (403) 291-5301 CONTACT: Gord Rasmuson BOOTH: 217–219, 234–236 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Oil lift manufacturers, progressive cavity pump drive heads, rod lock BOPs, hydraulic skids, electric generators.

(780) 875-9250 LLOYDMINSTER ISN & COmPLYwOrKS mEmBEr

• Boom & Knuckle Pickers

• Double Man Basket

• Tandem & Tri-axle Trailers

• Storage Yard

• 15 - 50 Ton / 165’ Reach

• Winch Tractor c/w Lo-Boys

• Tank Cradles c/w Hydraulic Arm

• Pilot Trucks

• COR / IRP Certified

PO Box 655, Lloydminster, SK/AB S9V 0Y7 • Phone: (780) 875-9250 • Fax: (780) 875-4148

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305-4311 12 St NE Calgary AB T2E 4P9 p. (403) 648-4959 f. (403) 648-4972 CONTACT: Nicole Lamarche BOOTH: 269 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Oilflow Solutions is the pioneer developer of the Proflux suite of applications which provides a revolutionary integrated solution to mobilizing heavy oil. Proflux is used in wellbore, flowline and pipeline as well as reservoir applications. We help to unlock heavy oil by increasing oil production and reducing downtime and costs.


2308 8 St Nisku AB T9E 7Z2 p. (780) 955-4292 f. (780) 955-4294 CONTACT: Rod Berry BOOTH: 58, 59 PRODUCT/SERVICE: PC Compression Inc packages, rents and services natural gas compressors from 5 hp to 200 hp. Our variety of compressors are well suited for boosters, casing gas, CBM, VRU and other specialty gas compression, and gas drying systems.


7316 18 St NW Edmonton AB T6P 1N8 p. (780) 439-3322 f. (780) 430-7433 CONTACT: Doug Roberts CONTACT: Ron Magnolo BOOTH: 125, 126 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Peerless Engineering is your “onestop hydraulic and pneumatic technology centre.” We represent Parker, Dinamic Oil, Versa, Norgren, Baluff, Northman, VOBC, Denison, Richwood, Ace, Colder, Pisco, HCT, HR Textron, Marsh, Therman Transfer, Item & Thomas.


8002 Edgar Industrial Ave Red Deer AB T4P 3S2 p. (403) 346-7474 f. (403) 343-7260 CONTACT: Dwayne West BOOTH: 60 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Penetrators Canada Inc offers the MaxPERF Drilling Tool Technology. A hydraulic, radial drilling service for completion or remedial work in oil, gas and water disposal wells. A mechanical alternative to conventional perforating.


PO Box 10418 Lloydminster AB T9V 3A5 p. (780) 872-7700 f. (780) 872-7714 CONTACT: Robert Penny BOOTH: 384 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Oilfield cementing services equipment.

54 201 2 L l o y d m i n s t e r H eavy O il Sh o w

PERFORMANCE INNOVATIONS FORMERLY TITANIUM TUBING TECHNOLOGIES 4003 52 St Lloydminster SK S9V 2B5 p. (780) 875-1395 f. (780) 875-5249 CONTACT: Pat Potter BOOTH: 136


200- 15015 123 Ave Edmonton AB T5V1J7 p. (866) 335-3369 f. (866) 590-5517 CONTACT: Brianne Michael BOOTH: 112 PRODUCT/SERVICE: For over 25 years Petro-Canada Lubricants has delivered a complete line of greases, oils and fluids that go beyond today’s standards. That’s how we become the lubricants provider of choice for major companies worldwide, delivering tangible savings solutions in the industries we serve.


PO Box 238 Marsden SK S0M 1P0 p. (306) 826-5550 f. (306) 826-5597 CONTACT: Hal Wright BOOTH: 265, 266 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Manufacturing: Tank trailers, sting valve assemblies. containment wall access doors and lifting lugs. 26 years experience oilfield/gas servicing: construction and maintenance service consulting of new battery sites and oil lease sites; lease site road building, grading and maintenance. Excavating, welding, picker truck operations. Journeyman HD mechanic. QC-gas fitter. Trucking equipment. Piloting service.

PIPETECH CORPORATION LTD 3311 114 Ave SE Calgary AB T2Z 3X2 p. (403) 287-3558 f. (403) 243-6279 CONTACT: Terry Letwin BOOTH: 66


8305 McIntyre Rd NW Edmonton AB T6E 5J7 p. (780) 496-9800 f. (306) 825-6608 CONTACT: Dean Segberg BOOTH: 139, 140, 161, 162 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Chemical pumps, wellhead, polythylene fittings, pipeline products, pipeline pipes, downhole tools.


PO Box 10207 Lloydminster AB T9V 3A3 p. (780) 875-7145 f. (780) 875-7149 CONTACT: Andrew Oracheski BOOTH: 301, 302 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Oilfield equipment, gas processing, pumpjacks.


430-736 8 Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 1H4 p. (403) 444-5545 f. (403) 444-5444 CONTACT: Matthew Davis BOOTH: 84, 85 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Polycore: Thermoplastic lined tubing for downhole and line pipe applications. Conestoga: OCTG products for the oil and gas industry.

PRECISION WELL SERVICING 6002 53 Ave Lloydminster AB T9V 2T2 p. (780) 875-5333 f. (780) 875-3410 CONTACT: Norm Watts BOOTH: 339

PREMIUM ARTIFICIAL LIFT SYSTEMS LTD 8-10672 46 St SE Calgary AB T2C 1G1 p. (403) 723-3008 f. (403) 723-3011 CONTACT: John Haverko BOOTH: 204, 205


6025 99 St Edmonton AB T6E 3P1 p. (780) 437-0244 f. (780) 438-2893 CONTACT: Brad Emes BOOTH: 132 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Procon Systems Inc is proud to be affiliated with some of the world’s most recognized names in hazardous gas detection and measurement and control. Together we have been meeting the demanding needs of customers around the globe. If your life or business depends on precise measurement and control, or accurate detection of potentially hazardous workplace atmospheres, you can rely on the precision instrumentation and expertise of Procon Systems Inc.

PRODAHL ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LTD PO Box 1443 Lloydminster SK S9V 1K4 p. (306) 825-5933 f. (306) 825-5935 CONTACT: Brian Prodahl, Tony Prodahl, Jason Kvill, Steve Williams BOOTH: 388, 390 PRODUCT/SERVICE: We sell and install Sioux Steel Secondary Containment Systems. We also do system extensions, relocations and repairs.


530 East Lake Rd NE Airdrie AB T4A 2J5 p. (403) 912-7257 f. (403) 912-7252 CONTACT: David Sorba BOOTH: 96, 97, 128, 129 PRODUCT/SERVICE: 24-hour parts and service for the oil and gas industry. Fabrication, engineering, service.

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6300 59 Ave Lloydminster AB p. (780) 875-3167 f. (780) 875-1377 CONTACT: Paul Klassen BOOTH: 42 PRODUCT/SERVICE: New steel supplier, new steel processing, 400 amp plasma, 320 ton 12’ brake, 10’ shear, recycling bins and scrap iron purchaser. Powder coating.


1650-734 7 Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 3P8 p. (403) 450-8280 CONTACT: Steve Winkler BOOTH: 385 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Quantum provides unique coiled tubing based under-balanced well clean out and evaluation technology. We deploy this via a dual conduit coiled tubing. The two flow paths allow for activation of a redesigned downhole jet pump. The well bore material and power fluid are returned to surface via the second conduit of the coiled tubing.


4080 77 St Red Deer AB T4P 3P7 p. (403) 347-1128 BOOTH: 179–184, 193–198


202- 5910 44 St Lloydminster AB T9V 1V7 p. (780) 205-6903 f. (780) 875-7847 CONTACT: James Babenek BOOTH: 83


4625 101 St NW Edmonton AB T6E 5C6 p. (780) 438-2183 f. (780) 437-0281 CONTACT: Lorna Chan BOOTH: 154 PRODUCT/SERVICE: RBW Waste Management Ltd is a privately owned Canadian company that specializes in the recycling and cleaning of soiled wiping rags, absorbents, automotive filters, process filters and spent aerosol containers, and brokerage of liquid hydrocarbons, glycol, batteries and ’chemical’ wastes.


7911 Edgar Industrial Dr Red Deer AB T4P 3R2 p. (403) 314-2265 f. (403) 314-2249 CONTACT: Duane Hirsekorn BOOTH: 312 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Vacuum trucks, hydrovac trucks— approx. 14 feet high!


410-510 5 St SW Calgary AB T2P 3S2 p. (403) 517-3266 f. (403) 294-1998

CONTACT: Jarrett Gough BOOTH: 270 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Industry’s only provider of high definition data (HDDtm), 16 times current logging resolutions, supplying open hole and specialty cased hole logging solutions (production logging, mechanical integrity). RECON is “The New STANDARD in Well Logging.”


705 Henderson Dr Regina SK S4N 6A8 p. (306) 721-2666 f. (306) 721-2899 CONTACT: Dan Roberge BOOTH: 336, 338 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Heavy-duty Mack trucks and construction equipment.

REINHART HEAVY EQUIPMENT RENTALS PO Box 12628 Lloydminster AB T9V 0Y4 p. (780) 808-2233 f. (780) 808-2375 CONTACT: Faye Forges BOOTH: 246 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Supply a full range of rental equipment to the oilfield industry.


6005 50 Ave Lloydminster SK S9V 2A4 p. (306) 825-4322 f. (306) 825-4303 CONTACT: Glenn Curwin BOOTH: 43 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Custom manufactured pressure wash packages, industrial chemicals and crude oil removal.


5801 63 Ave Lloydminster AB T9V 3C3 p. (780) 872-5635 f. (780) 872-5643 CONTACT: Morty Smith BOOTH: 13, 371 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Complete sales and service of fire extinguishers and safety supplies. Lloydminster’s only authorized Scott Service Centre. All work done right here.

R.L. ELECTRIC MOTOR REWINDING (1995) LTD 6506 50 Ave Lloydminster AB T9V 2W8 p. (780) 875-6880 f. (780) 875-7076 CONTACT: Lloyd Lavigne BOOTH: 11 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Electric motors.


10586 Hwy 75 N Willis TX 77378 p. (936) 856-9252 f. (936) 890-9595

CONTACT: Angel Santos BOOTH: 223, 224, 229, 230


3230 97 St NW Edmonton AB T6N 1K4 p. (780) 465-4429 f. (780) 469-6275 CONTACT: Julie Tran BOOTH: 1 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Roda Deaco by AMOT provides complete diesel engine overspeed air intake shutoff systems. We offer a wide selection of sizes and actuation methods to meet the installation requirements of the hundreds of different diesel engine applications in use today.


2915 50 Ave Lloydminster SK S9V 0N7 p. (306) 825-8500 f. (306) 825-8503 CONTACT: Neil Veltikol BOOTH: 72 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Cellular products, two-way radios, data devices.


5108 62 St Lloydminster AB T9V 2E4 p. (780) 522-8175 BOOTH: 77 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Safety training services: Enform H2S, GODI, ground disturbance, first aid and CPR, fall protection, gas detection, hours of service, fatigue management, WHMIS, TDG, defensive driving/PDIC.


2-6761 50 St NW Edmonton AB T6B 3M6 p. (780) 466-5808 f. (780) 466-5828 CONTACT: Jamie Petrovic BOOTH: 276 PRODUCT/SERVICE: The Saltel Expandable Steel Patch is a permanent solution used to repair a zone of damaged tubing or casing, to shut off unwanted perforations, to seal a leaking sliding sleeve, or other remedial operations.


PO Box 10453 Lloydminster AB T9V 3A6 p. (780) 875-2850 f. (780) 875-2894 CONTACT: Doug Gray BOOTH: 45 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Pressure trucks, semi vac, tandem vac, slop trailers, flushby’s and steamers.


200-505 2 St SW Calgary AB T2P 1N8 p. (403) 269-1420 f. (403) 269-1433 CONTACT: Vivienne Allen BOOTH: 304

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300-2103 11 Ave Regina SK S4P 3Z8 p. (306) 787-8360 f. (306) 787-2198 CONTACT: Linda Ungar BOOTH: 262 PRODUCT/SERVICE: The Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy is the government agency charged with advancing economic growth to generate wealth and opportunity in Saskatchewan. It offers programs and services in the areas of economic, resource and labour market development, as well as initiatives to enhance opportunities for First Nations and Métis people and northerners.

SASKATOON BOILER MFG CO LTD 2011 Quebec Ave N Saskatoon SK S7K 1W5 p. (306) 652-7022 f. (306) 652-7870 CONTACT: Brandon McCullough BOOTH: 75

525 3 Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 0G4 p. (403) 509-4059 f. (403) 509-4016 CONTACT: Heather Lindsay BOOTH: 94, 95, 130, 131, 352 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Schlumberger is the world’s leading oilfield services company supplying technology, integrated project management, and information solutions that optimize performance for customers working in the oil and gas industry. Schlumberger supplies a wide range of products and services from advanced seismic acquisition and processing; formation evaluation and directional drilling to well cementing and stimulation; well completions and productivity; and consulting, software and information management.


4215 54 Ave SE Calgary AB T2C 2A2 p. (403) 243-7542 f. (403) 640-0234 CONTACT: Neil Beckett BOOTH: 176 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Coil tubing completions, wellhead equipment, coil tubing drilling services, abandonments.


1370 Fletcher Rd Saskatoon SK S7K 3R3 p. (306) 934-7720 f. (306) 934-7736 CONTACT: Rod Pack BOOTH: 17


10509 46 St SE Calgary AB T2C 5C2 p. (403) 236-0580 f. (403) 279-6553

CONTACT: Celeste Howe BOOTH: 39, 40 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Simark Controls liquid turbine flow meters and totalizers. Control Microsystems hardware and software products for remote monitoring, control and SCADA. Invensys Foxboro field measurement and control products. General Monitors safety solutions, combustible, H2S, toxic gas detectors, and flame detectors. ABB LV variable frequency drives and engineered drive solutions.


PO Box 475 Glaslyn SK S0M 0Y0 p. (306) 342-7608 f. (306) 342-4791 CONTACT: Trevor Davies BOOTH: 148 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Access mats/swamp mats/rig mats. Access roads, lease pads, pipelines. Lower your footprint and create easy access year round! Sales and rental available.


PO Box 570 1441 Aviation Pk NE Calgary AB T2E 8M7 p. (403) 516-3561 f. (403) 274-3323 CONTACT: Dan Knapp BOOTH: 257 PRODUCT/SERVICE: STARS is dedicated to providing a safe, rapid, highly specialized emergency medical transport system for the critically ill and injured.


133 “Quality is our Objective Service is our Business”

■Custom Built Flushby, Rod Rig, Pressure Truck ■Mechanical, Machining, Fabrication Services ■Oilfield Equipment & Parts Sales ■Hydraulic System Design ■Hydraulic Sales & Service For more information on Lash Enterprises Ltd. visit us online at




Safer & Faster Blinding

Light-weight Large Format Solution


Multi-Lobe Torque Torque Rings Rings Multi-Lobe

Electro-Magnetic Tubing Inspection

Prevent Tubing Backoffs

Superior On-Site Inspections or visit

5510 - 63 Ave., Lloydminster, AB HETIC OIL

or call

1-888-544-5274 or visit

Booth Numbers: Inside 71, 78 & Outside 358, 359

6014 52 Ave, Lloydminster AB phone: 780-875-2568 email:


T @HOT_Tools f Y /2HOTTools

"Your oil and gas, energy solutions provider!"

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STATS GROUP INTERNATIONAL INC 5303 82 Ave Edmonton AB T6B 2J6 p. (780) 462-0221-9111 f. (780) 462-0230 CONTACT: Stephen Rawlinson BOOTH: 145


5112 48 St Lloydminster AB T9V 0J1 p. (780) 875-9111 f. (780) 875-3406 CONTACT: Ken Currie BOOTH: 19, 20 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Stuart Wright is the one stop for all your oilfield needs. Our knowledgeable staff will help you in-store or over the phone. Pick up your product or have them delivered by our prompt delivery service. Products include: hand/power tools, hoses, fittings, bolts, fasteners and safety products.

SUMMIT LIABILITY SOLUTION INC 110-855 42 Ave SE Calgary AB T2G 1Y8 p. (403) 802-3633 f. (403) 802-3634 CONTACT: Jeff Carratt BOOTH: 120, 121


6210 44 St Lloydminster AB T9V 1V9 p. (780) 875-9425 f. (780) 875-8753

CONTACT: Marty Dyckson BOOTH: 334 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Gen-sets, oilfield burner equipment.


200-505 2 St SW Calgary AB T2P 1N8 p. (403) 720 3197 CONTACT: Vivienne Allen BOOTH: 304 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Suretech’s primary focus is identifying new opportunities to increase well completions efficiencies.

SUR-FLO METERS & CONTROLS LTD 4520 50 Ave SE Calgary AB T2B 3R4 p. (403) 207-9715 f. (403) 207-9440 CONTACT: Pat McCune BOOTH: 61

TAM INTERNATIONAL OIL SERVICES LTD 10341 50 Ave SE Calgary AB T2C 3E3 p. (403) 279-8012 f. (403) 236-2443 CONTACT: Lee Morey BOOTH: 267

PRODUCT/SERVICE: TAM is an independent oilfield services company that provides inflatable and swellable packers and related downhole products and services to the oil and gas industry. Visit TAM for a wide variety of solutions to your downhole energy applications. On display: PosiFrac Multi-Stage Hydraulic Fracture System, casing annulus packers, FREECAP.


5109 63 St Lloydminster AB T9V 2E7 p. (780) 870-5350 f. (780) 870-5359 CONTACT: Gary Kelahear BOOTH: 47 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Safety services, training and equipment rentals.


5008B 47 Ave Lloydminster SK S9V 1M7 p. (306) 825-3363 f. (306) 825-3368 CONTACT: Greg Johnston BOOTH: 37, 38 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Electrical and instrumentation construction and maintenance, burner management systems B149.3 compliant, SCADA, telecommunications and Capstone Microturbine.


TANK COATINGS & LININGS • Fiberglass • 100% Solids • Abrasive blasting • All media types • Large shop facilities & yard space

• Pipe spool lining • Equipment painting • Spray urethane foam insulation • NACE certified inspectors • Pipeline certified coating applicators



1.800.875.6180 fax 780.875.1366

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3000-150 6 Ave SW Calgary, Alberta T2P 3Y7 p. (403) 538-4802 CONTACT: Linda D’Angelo BOOTH: 261


710-7015 Macleod Trl S Calgary AB T2H 2K6 p. (800) 265-3835 f. (403) 252-1429 CONTACT: Rick Soyka BOOTH: 115 PRODUCT/SERVICE: We file Alberta and BC provincial offroad fuel rebates on your behalf. We also file rebates across Canada on the Federal Excise Tax program for dyed diesel used to create heat or electricity. We supply and install GPS tracking modem systems specific to your fleet and industry classification.


6404 53 St Taber AB T1G 2A2 p. (403) 223-1113 f. (403) 223-6312 CONTACT: Trevor French BOOTH: 326 PRODUCT/SERVICE: TCA is a full service provider of secondary containment systems for the Western Canadian oilfield.

1-43 East Lake Cres NE Airdrie AB T4A 2H5 p. (403) 243-0990 f. (403) 243-1434 CONTACT: Cindy Kaiser BOOTH: 225–228 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Electrical and instrumentation service provider for construction and maintenance.


5304 Hubalta Rd SE Calgary AB T2B 1T6 p. (403) 272-0318 f. (403) 273-1073 CONTACT: Kevin Pelletier BOOTH: 46 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Custom polyurethane jacketed cable for instrumentation, control, communication and power. Custom polyurethane overmolded circular connectors for ruggedized cable assemblies. Wiring harness assemblies.


800-2200 West Loop S Houston TX 77027 p. (713) 767-4400 f. (713) 767-4444 CONTACT: Eugena Bosch BOOTH: 118


PO Box 316 Marshall SK S0M 1R0 p. (780) 808-4239 f. (306) 387-6188

CONTACT: Mike Bongfeldt BOOTH: 177, 178 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Waste services booths.


5759 67 St NW Edmonton AB T6B 0B4 p. (780) 469-6002 f. (780) 469-3257 CONTACT: Ron Douglas BOOTH: 92, 93 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Flow Control/Valve Automation Division are distributors for: Flowserve/Worcester ball valves and actuators, Red Point special material ball, gate, globe and check valves, Emerson/Hytork pneumatic valve actuators and TopWorx actuator accessories, and Flowserve/PMV positioners.


5759 67 St NW Edmonton AB T6B 0B4 p. (780) 469-6002 f. (780) 469-3257 CONTACT: Dave Oake BOOTH: 92, 93 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Our Plant Maintenance Equipment Division offers sales, rentals and training on the following specialty equipment: hydraulic/pneumatic torque wrenches, stud tensioners, portable machining, pipe cold cutting clamshells, millhog end prep tools, heat exchanger testing and plugging equipment, high pressure hydrostatic

Discover How the Enviro-Tub will pay for itself and save you money for years to come


Manufacturer of: • Water storage tanks up to 12,000 imp. gal. • Water hauling tanks • Chemical tanks • Secondary containment basins • 100, 300, 500 & 1,000 gallon double wall tanks


• Gives better double-wall protection for small capacity tanks than any other product on the market. • One complete totally enclosed portable secondary containment pkg. • Keeps weather out...snow, rain, water, etc. • Protection and security for primary container, chemical pumps and site glass. • Allows for possibility of total recovery of expensive product. • Permits for use of low cost single wall repairable tanks, plastic or steel. • Exceeds G-55 guidelines.

Canadian & US Patents 7520 Yellowhead Trail, Edmonton, Alberta, T5B 1G3 Ph: (780) 474-7440 Fax: (780) 474-3454 Toll Free: 1-888-474-7441

Now Open in Grande Prairie Email:

58 201 2 L l o y d m i n s t e r Heavy O il Sh o w

Canadian Enviro-Tub Inc Phone: (403) 742-2967 Fax: (403) 742-5239 email:

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test plugs, flange weld test plugs, flange spreaders and aligning tools.


8734 51 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6E 5E8 p. (780) 437-6326 f. (780) 437-0372 CONTACT: Ken Procinsky BOOTH: 50 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Thermon-electric heat trace products/ engineering.


PO Box 21022 Lloydminster AB T9V 2S1 p. (780) 808-0007 f. (780) 875-6283 CONTACT: Tracy Klotz BOOTH: 7, 8 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Downhole oil well tools such as pump to surface pumps, no turn tools, tubing hangers and drains, tubing bailers, coated rod couplers, coil tubing units. Tool research and design.


PO Box 10676 RPO 10 Lloydminster AB T9V 3A7 p. (780) 875-7667 f. (780) 875-1998 CONTACT: Fred North BOOTH: 328, 330, 332 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Trailer sales, rentals, parts and repair.


9519 28 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6N 0A3 p. (780) 436-3400 f. (780) 436-3659 CONTACT: T.J. Gorton BOOTH: 146 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Well service and drilling equipment.


500-1777 Victoria Ave Regina SK S4P 4K5 p. (306) 777-9207 f. (306) 525-3422 CONTACT: Layne Shoemaker BOOTH: 6


790 Montrichard Ave Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu QC J2X 5G4 p. (450) 247-7822 f. (450) 247-8372 CONTACT: Kevin Sheepwash BOOTH: 344, 346 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Tremcar Inc. is a family-owned company that manufactures stainless steel and aluminum tanker trailers for transport of chemical, sanitary, petroleum, crude oil and dry bulk products.



4080 78 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6B 3M8 p. (780) 465-4582 CONTACT: Brian Dyck BOOTH: 52 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Tranter is a global manufacturer of gasketed and welded plate heat exchangers for use in a wide variety of industries. At the forefront of heat exchanger technology for over 80 years, Tranter has solved thousands of heat transfer problems. The Edmonton service centre has 24-hr parts and service.

2900-645 7 Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 4G8 p. (403) 266-0202 f. (403) 237-7716 CONTACT: John Wilson BOOTH: 274, 275 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Trican Well Service is a major provider of pressure pumping services in the global marketplace. Services include fracturing, coiled tubing, cementing, acidizing, N2, CO2, geological solutions, completions systems, industrial cleaning and pipeline services.


6702 56 St Lloydminster AB T9V 3A7 p. (780) 875-0800 f. (780) 875-8731 CONTACT: Eldon Heck BOOTH: 159, 160 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Downhole tools.

Your locallY owned and operated truck & trailer dealer PLANT MAINTENANCE

Now open 7 days a week to better serve our customers • Serving the midwest for 34 years • Service for Caterpillar, Cummins, and Detroit • Your local Western Star, Freightliner, and Doepker trailer dealer • Parts and service for all makes



(780) 875-6211 |

toll free:


Box 11767, 6203 - 56 Street, Lloydminster, Alberta 403.538.4802

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TUNDRA PROCESS SOLUTIONS LTD 7523 Flint Rd SE Calgary AB T2H 1G3 p. (403) 255-5222 f. (403) 253-4448 CONTACT: Lindsay Childs BOOTH: 23, 24, 303

UNITED RENTALS OF CANADA INC PO Box 2809 4401 37 Ave Lloydminster SK S9V 0Z1 p. (306) 825-5431 f. (306) 825-5678 CONTACT: Rick Graff CONTACT: Frank Fletcher BOOTH: 366 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Rental equipment.


E6-050 E.T.L.C. U of A Campus Edmonton AB T6G 2V4 p. (780) 492-8680 f. (780) 492-2732 CONTACT: Robert Kully BOOTH: 141 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Student technical/engineering employment services.


700-300 5 Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 3C4 p. (403) 218-7100 f. (403) 215-5445 BOOTH: 170, 171, 206, 207, 389 PRODUCT/SERVICE: URS Flint is a leading provider of an expanding range of products and services for the oil and gas industry including: oilfield hauling, fluid hauling, tubular management, pipeline installation, electrical and instrumentation, fabrication and modularization, facility construction, maintenance services, wear technologies, and plastic pipe manufacturing


4408 51 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6B 2W2 p. (780) 436-0281 f. (780) 436-0283 CONTACT: Chris Kozak BOOTH: 268 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Weatherford RE2G water cut, Drager gas detection, Flexim ultrasonic flow and Ohmart Vega level.

VERTEX RESOURCE GROUP LTD 121-2055 Premier Way Sherwood Park AB T8H 0G2 p. 780 416-5975 f. 780 416-5986 CONTACT: Mark Chan BOOTH: 393

VICON ENT OILFIELD SERVICES 1-5110 63 St Lloydminster AB T9V 2E6 p. (780) 872-0925 f. (780) 875-9850 CONTACT: Victor Guillet BOOTH: 104

60 201 2 L l o y d m i n s t e r Heavy O il Sh o w


11659 180 St NW Edmonton AB T5S 2H6 p. (780) 452-0680 CONTACT: Andrew Buhaj BOOTH: 153 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Since 1925, Victaulic has been the world leader in mechanical pipe joining system solutions designed for process, utilities and general piping services found in oilfield and petroleum applications. Victaulic delivers a proven technology—reliable, economical and maintenance friendly—with benefits not found in flanged, threaded or welded systems.


PO Box 10978 Lloydminster AB T9V 3B3 p. (780) 871-0003 f. (780) 875-2245 CONTACT: Derek Selby BOOTH: 327 PRODUCT/SERVICE: V-Tech Energy Solutions Inc is a rapidly growing Lloydminster company. We repair all makes of natural gas engines, hydraulic skids, hydraulic well head drives, hydraulic pumps and motors. We also distribute new GM OEM and Doosan natural gas engines.


PO Box 1490 Estevan SK S4A 2L7 p. (306) 634-7212 f. (306) 634-7887 CONTACT: Dave Heier BOOTH: 9 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Rotating equipment services, mobile mechanics, ALX pumping units, Inovator pump, compressor packaging.


PO Box 6023 Bonnyville AB T9N 2G7 p. (780) 826-4146 f. (780) 826-2676 CONTACT: Audrey Campbell BOOTH: 21, 22 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Oil spill response equipment, two trailers with equipment exhibited on ground, two boats and an air boat.


1100-333 5 Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 3B6 p. (403) 693-7577 f. (403) 693-7720 CONTACT: Kim Fitzmaurice BOOTH: 101–103, 122–124 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Artificial lift, engineered chemistry, completion systems, fishing services, rentals, wireline, drilling services, testing services, production optimization and pipeline services.

WESTEEL DIVISION OF VICWEST CORPORATION PO Box 792 Winnipeg MB R3C 2N5 p. (204) 233-7133 f. (204) 235-0796 CONTACT: Doug Forsyth BOOTH: 213


Bay 1 & 2-4045 74 Ave SE Calgary AB T2C 2H9 p. (403) 236-4888 f. (403) 236-7629 CONTACT: Gerry Hafichuk BOOTH: 260 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Pressure and temperature instrumentation, needle valves and manifold valves, diaphragm seals and syphon, pressure and submersible transmitters, humidity instruments, and differential pressure gauges.


7108 56 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6B 1E4 p. (780) 437-7733 f. (780) 437-7792 CONTACT: Brad Metke BOOTH: 134 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Western Oilfield Specialties offers quality products such as downhole sandscreens from Odessa Separator, On-Off Tools from Browning Oil Tools, leak/spill containment products from PCC Pollution Control Corp and the DCI Shock Absorber to optimize pumpjack and sucker rod efficiency.


5901 63 Ave Lloydminster AB T9V 3C1 p. (780) 875-0650 f. (780) 875-0645 CONTACT: Jeff Steinhauer BOOTH: 318, 320, 322 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Service, sales and parts provided for the oil and gas industry. Mobile mechanics—24/7. In-house machine shop.


200-6002 50 Ave Lloydminster AB T9V 2T9 p. (780) 875-1442 f. (780) 871-0925 CONTACT: Darren Gordon BOOTH: 98 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Environmental approvals and monitoring, reclamation assessments and certification, cost-effective spill remediation, drilling waste management, environmental management plans and assessments, rare plant and animal surveys.

ZIRCO (1989) LTD.

5614A Burbank Rd SE Calgary AB T2H 1Z4 p. (403) 259-3303 f. (403) 259-2814 CONTACT: Dani Whitney BOOTH: 14, 15 PRODUCT/SERVICE: Zirco firebox flame arrestors, burner ignition systems, fuel gas trains, Jatco BTEX eliminator systems, gauge and thief hatches, pressure/vaccum relief valves, emergency vents, gas blanketing valves, flame/ detonation arrestors, flare stacks, 0-100% water cut meters, optical interface device/CHA, oil-in-water analyzers (PPM) shear pin/EnviroValve, rupture discs and insulation covers.

Pressure Trucks • Semi Vacs Tandem Vacs • Steamers • Flushbys

533263 sandpiper truck services ltd full page • fp (may move to 61, and this page will be listings)

Box 10453 Lloydminster, AB T9V 3A6 E-mail: Phone: (780) 875-2850 • Fax: (780) 875-2894 Toll free: 1-888-875-2859

780 875-2850

aDvertisers’ inDeX

Advantage Products Inc .................................................... 10 & 11

Kelro Pump & Mechanical Ltd ................................................... 17

Annugas Compression Consulting Ltd ..................................... 36

Kenilworth Combustion Ltd ...................................................... 40

Baker Hughes ............................................................................ 25

Kirby Hayes Incorporated .................................. inside front cover

Bantrel Co .................................................................................. 41

Lakeland College .............................................................. 42 & 43

Barrett Tax Law ......................................................................... 16

Lash Enterprises Ltd .................................................................. 56

Bilton Welding and Manufacturing Ltd .................................... 24

MaXfield Inc .............................................................................. 62

Brother’s Specialized Coating Systems Ltd ................................ 48

Medius Industrial ........................................................................ 3

Bry-Tan Trucking Ltd ................................................................. 53

MPI-Marmit Plastics Inc ............................................................ 52

Calroc Industries Inc .................................................................. 19

Norwesco Canada Ltd .............................................................. 58

Canadian Enviro-Tub Inc ........................................................... 58

Oil Lift Technology Inc .............................................................. 18

Christie Corrosion Control (1983) Ltd ....................................... 57

Platinum Pumpjack Services Corp ............................................ 39

Clean Harbors ............................................................................. 8

PWM Steel Services Ltd ..................................... inside back cover

Danatec Educational Services Ltd ............................................. 49

Regent Energy Group ...................................................... 30 & 31

Dragon Products ....................................................................... 44

Robbins & Myers ......................................................................... 6

First Truck Centre Lloydminster Inc ........................................... 59

Rockwell Servicing .................................................................... 15

Flexpipe Systems ......................................................................... 4

Sandpiper Truck Services Ltd ..................................................... 61

Fort Garry Industries Ltd ........................................................... 35

Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy .................................. 38

Hobblestone Enterprises Inc ..................................................... 57

SGI Canada ............................................................................... 34

Hot Tools ................................................................................... 56

Tartan Canada Corporation ...................................................... 59

Hunting Energy Services (Canada) Ltd ........... outside back cover

Tundra Process Solutions Ltd .................................................... 20


buyer’s guide to Canada’s oil & gas industry


For over 10 years MaXfield has quietly been gaining the expertise and experience to handle your next project. From custom vessels to structural steel, piping and modular packaged equipment, MaXfield is now your one-stop shop for industrial fabrication.


w w w. m a x f i e l d . c a COSSD.COm

62 201 2 L l o y d m i n s t e r H eavy O il Sh o w

RECYCLE CONTAINER SERVICE from Bonnyville, Provost, Turtleford and Maidstone


Motor Shroud


Quad Pieces

We buy scrap metal

523660 Rails PWM steel services ltd Largest Indoor Inventory of New Steel between Saskatoon and Edmonton full page • fp



New Steel

inside back cover

Plasma Cutter - 400 Amp 11’ by 90’ Table

320 Ton 12ft Brake

Key Supplier of Steel Products and Services Since 1982 Open: Monday - Friday 7am to 5pm Saturday 8am to 12am

6300 - 59th Ave. Lloydminster, AB

(780) 875-3167 - Fax (780) 875-1377

Hunting innovation is at every step from well completion to well intervention. See for yourself. Visit us inside at Booth 272 September 12 & 13th 2012

Lloydminster: 1-780-871-0969 Calgary: 1-888-773-0334

Š 2012 Hunting

Lloydminster Heavy OIl Show 2012  

OFFICIAL SHOW GUIDE - Lloydminster Exhibition Grounds | September 12–13, 2012

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