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July 2014

Ken & Chris MOORE’s

‘63 Custom CORVETTE Hoosier’s Hottest Garage:

Hamilton MACHINE

Tony Ballor’s ‘00 Indian

Eye Candy



July 2014 This month’s cover, features Ken & Chris Moore’s custom ‘63 Corvette shot by Jessica Halliar at the Indiana Welcome Center. The Content Page image features Jim Mohoi’s Slammed ‘62 C-10 by Jerome Hindmon.

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In This Issue Pictorial Review of June

Fast Focus

Aaron Muñoz’s ‘02 Ford Focus SVT


Jim Mohoi’s Slammed ‘62 C-10

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Ken & Chris Moore’s ‘63 Corvette 14

Eye Candy

Tony Ballor’s Modified ‘00 Indian Chief

Hoosier’s Hottest Garage Hamilton Machine

Region Renegade

Danny Allen - Automotive Artist

Car Club Feature Hoodlum Motor Club

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Winfield Ace Hardware Car Show


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Mobile Blasting, High Performance Dentistry, Kniola’s Automotive, Pat’s Frame & Axle, Pick-Ups Bar Inc., Pro One Polishing, Van Senus Auto Parts, Valparaiso Trailer, Verona Pizza, and Winfield Ace Hardware. WOW... what a month... from all the local shows and cruise nights to the 20th Anniversary of the Hot Rod Power Tour stopping in Crown Point, it’s been a crazy month!! Here’s a pictorial retrospective on June 2014, ENJOY!

Region Rides is, of course, a magazine for the gearhead in the NWI region. Muscle car, import, tuner, chopper, sport bike, you name it – we appreciate it. That’s the attitude that Aaron Muñoz, subject of this article, carries with him as well. You see, there’s been this sort of “war” between the muscle car guys and the import/tuner guys for the past 15 or 20 years. It’s very similar, in Aaron’s view, to the old battle between the traditional hot rod guys and the “kids” with their factory muscle cars of the 1960s. Back then, if you wanted to go fast, you chopped up a 1920s or 30s car and MADE it into something. Once automakers caught on, though, you could buy high performance cars right from the dealership, and it was different. It was something never seen before. Now, with many more marques on the scene, and different types of cars, going fast doesn’t necessarily mean a big displacement V8. Like he says, “Someday, my kid will probably have some battery powered or solar powered… thing… and I hope I won’t be close-minded like those guys before me.” We hope so, too. So, without further ado, meet Aaron and his 2002 Ford SVT Focus. I promise – the hot rodder blood that runs in all of us here at RR is just as thick in him. This isn’t your average run-of-the-mill Focus hatchback. SVT, Special Vehicle Team, is the Ford performance outfit behind many of their modern muscle cars – the Cobra, the Lightning, and they even had a hand in developing the Ford GT supercar. What they did was take a Focus hatchback, tune the 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine for more power, and mate it to a special 6-speed manual transmission. The result? This hot hatch you see today. Sort of. You see, Aaron isn’t the type of guy to leave things alone. When something breaks, he wants to make it better. When he broke a spring on the Focus, he went all out and rebuilt the whole suspension and lowered the car. When a stain marred the appearance of his stock interior, he went to his friend, Dan the Canvas Man in Valpo and had a whole custom stitched interior done. The love for his Focus is just as strong as the love for the lifted Blazer he had before it (which he did an entire engine swap on), or the 1969 Chevelle that he daily drove when he was in high school. I told you – he’s a true gearhead. Aaron picked up his SVT Focus about 7 years ago, and since then has put almost 70,000 miles on the car. In his mind, cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed. Aside from the cosmetics and suspension work, he’s also done a cold air intake, upgraded the ignition system, installed a stainless steel Magnaflow exhaust, a computer tune from Steeda (a well-known Mustang tuning outfit), and more. His uncle Barry and his dad, George Muñoz, helped him to get in to the car hobby, like so many of us. “I can’t think of ANY

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Fast Written By: Ray Saez, Jr.

t Focus Photos By: Jessica Halliar

project I’ve owned that they haven’t had their hands on.” Today, his dad is the mechanic manager for the police fleet in his hometown, and was instrumental in selecting the new

Ride Specs Who: Aaron Muñoz

Taurus police cars over the competition for

Where: Portage, IN

his department.

What: 2002 Ford SVT Focus

When he’s not working on the Focus, he can be found with his wife, Trisha, or his two sons, Dillon and Logan. Dillon owns a Volkswagen GTI hatchback, and it’s helped to spark his interest in cars, too! Remember, folks: it doesn’t matter if it’s a Ford, a Chevy, a Volkswagen, or even a Toyota. If it sparks your imagination and gets your motor running, you’re just like us here at Region Rides. So the next time you see someone with an import or a tuner at a car show, ask them about it. You never know just who might be behind the wheel of that car, or what you can learn from them.-RR

Engine: 2.0 Zetec 4 cylinder tuned by SVT Transmission: 6-speed Getrag manual Interior: Custom seats, door panels, shift boot, etc. from Dan the Canvas Man Paint/Exterior: SVT-exclusive Sonic Blue with yellow brake calipers Wheels: Stock SVT Wheels Suspension: Lowered on springs – all new steering and chassis components

Slamm Written By: Ray Saez, Jr.

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Photos By: Jerome Barnes

Everyone loves a six-figure show piece, but for many of us, those vehicles are simply out of our price range. Trailer queens are great to look at, but some people prefer to drive their classics wherever they can. Meet Jim Mohoi, the perfect embodiment of “Drive it anywhere and enjoy the ride.” His 1962 Chevrolet C10 pickup has, in my opinion, one of the coolest paint schemes I have ever seen. Just stop and take a look at it. It grabs your attention, because it’s different. The roof is a satin white finish, and the body… well… that’s something else. Sometimes, he calls it Champagne satin, which is a pretty accurate descriptor. Other times, the color is jokingly referred to as Juarez Gold, so named because his friend, Richie Juarez, painted it and mixed the color based on a color sample taken from the original ash tray of the truck. Anyway, sweet paint scheme aside, when asked just what sort of modifications Jim has done to the truck, he chuckled and said, “It’s exactly how the truck was when I bought it, but everything’s different.” See, when he bought it, it was mostly done. It was already lowered, but he put new carpet in the interior, a tonneau cover on the bed, and the paint job (obviously). He finished it and turned it into the truck he wanted. Jim loves his truck, and he drives it everywhere. This year, he took the ’62 out on the last three stops of the Hot Rod Power Tour, when it stopped over in Crown Point. He also takes it to the Goodguys show in Columbus, Ohio every year – and has even won a “Finest 5” award. The truck has been on the cover of Classic Trucks magazine, too. It’s no stranger to the limelight, but, funnily enough – that was never Jim’s vision for the truck. “It’s just a cool old truck. It wasn’t ever meant to be a show truck. It’s scratched up, dinged up, but people just like it.” In fact, on the last leg of Power Tour this year, the truck was hit by a wayward semi-tractor tire tread, and it suffered some damage to the paint and a broken headlight, but Jim says he and his buddies will just fix it over the winter. He puts between 6,000 and 8,000 miles on the truck each year before storing it in the winter season. He’s been involved in the hot rod scene for most of his life, and the list of cars he’s owned in the past is impressive (Novas, Cutlasses, a ’31 Chevy, and much more). His girlfriend, Sandra, even has a project of her own, a 1962 Mercury Monterey that they retrieved from a barn after being parked for 25 years. Jim says

that she does just as much work on the truck

the presence of creature comforts, Jim

satin paint, but it’s loud and proud both

as he does. Sounds like a match made in

laughed, paused a moment, and said,

inside and out – and you’re sure to see it at

heaven to us.

“Um, no. There’s no radio, no air condi-

a local event near you!-RR

Despite driving the truck fairly regularly,

tioning… it’s a hot rod. I just like it like that.

and on the highway, when asked about

It’s just a loud hot rod.” It may have muted

Ride Specs Who: Jim Mohoi Where: Lowell, IN What: 1962 Chevrolet C10 Engine: 327 cid SBC Transmission: 700R4 Overdrive Automatic Interior: Hot Rod Interior with custom woven blanket door panels and “seat cover”

Paint: Champagne satin metallic body with satin white roof Wheels: American Racing 15x7 front and 15x8 rear Suspension: Front suspension from 1975 Chevy truck, Air Ride Technologies on all 4 corners

MOOREVETTE Written By: Ray Saez, Jr.

When it comes to our love of great cars,

look the best that they could.

This story starts way back on November

trucks, and bikes, many of us had a men-

Ken and Chris Moore of Highland, Indi-

20, 1974. Ken’s wife, Caryn, bought the

tor. In my case, like so many of you read-

ana, take that concept and turn the dial up

Corvette as an anniversary gift. Their son

ing this, it was my dad. He showed me the

to 11. This father and son duo have loving-

Chris was just two months old – and they

ropes, taught me the terms, and together,

ly restored their 1963 Chevrolet Corvette

never could have envisioned what would

we spent countless hours fixing this and

convertible… but as you can see, it’s a little

happen from there. When the car was

different from stock.

bought, it wasn’t flawless. The previous

that, making his cars (and mine) run and 14 | Like us on Facebook

MOOREVETTE Photos By: Jessica Halliar

owners had attempted to do some modi-

However, around 1992, the motor was

enthusiasm lit the fire in his dad to really

fication on their own, and weren’t exactly

pulled from the car. It sat in the garage for

begin a proper restoration.

successful. In 1976, Ken and his brother

years. Ken insisted that this was to keep

As you can see, it doesn’t look quite like

Norman decided to repaint the car be-

Chris from driving it, but it didn’t last long.

a regular 1963 Corvette. Chris and Ken

cause the original finish was beyond sav-

A few years later, the engine was put back

tried to enlist their friend Ron Seifert to do

ing. They put the car back together and

into the car, and it was driven around from

the paint and body work. However, Ron

they drove it for 20 years.

time to time until about 2000 when Chris’s

insisted that Chris learn how to do it himself

used the car to teach Chris how to do the work,

Ride Specs

and looking at the photos, his learning came out

Who: Ken and Chris Moore

quite well. The first, most noticeable thing about

Where: Highland, IN

so he could work on more cars in the future. Ron

the car is the nose. The original nose cone was modified and the headlights were relocated to the grille using a modified header panel from

What: 1963 Corvette Convertible Engine: 327 ci – approx. 325 hp

a 1985 Buick. With Ron’s guidance, Chris and

Transmission: T-10 4-speed manual

Ken completed the majority of the body work together, and Ron completed the final paint job.

Interior: ’66 Corvette seats with 1964 center console – everything restored

The side exit exhaust wasn’t originally included

Paint/Exterior: 1992 Torch Red paint

with this car either, but they decided to modify the rear valence and fill it in to remove the exhaust holes and added the side pipes themselves. Though the work beneath the fiberglass skin of this Corvette is extensive, Ken and Chris insist that it is mild. “Nicely modified and not radical,” they say. I’d say they hit the nail on the head. To the untrained eye, it looks like a C2 Corvette with the headlights down all the time, but the more you look at it, the more you notice subtle details and fine craftsmanship that only a real love and passion for automobiles can accomplish. Even Ken admits that it was Chris who re-ignited the flame to get the car restored. “If it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t have done anything with it,” he says. Instead, the father-son duo has a show winning Corvette with custom touches, about a dozen trophies to its name, and a whole lifetime of memories. Chris’s sons – four-year-old Josh and six-year-old AJ – have been in the Corvette, too. It’s a family icon and they both enjoy taking joy rides in the car just as their father did. They drive it to shows, and put about 500 to 1,000 miles per year on the car to keep it fresh. When not working on the Corvette, Chris could be working on his other truck project. If you’re wondering, the car LEGALLY belongs to Ken, but Chris is in the will to receive it. “I have to keep an eye on him, though. He might want to do me in and take the ‘Vette.” We could… maybe… see where the idea could come from, for a car like this. We still wouldn’t recommend it, though.-RR

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Wheels: 15x7 inch Chevrolet rally wheels Suspension: New shocks, and brakes. New rubber, radius rods, and bushings on the rear; working on front

Eye Can Written By: Ray Saez, Jr.

Photos By: Jerome Barnes

“I wanted something with more of a classic car feel that would attract the custom car guys as well.”

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Those big, swooping fenders are unmistakable. This bike’s an Indian, and it’s a badass one, too. This bike belongs to Tony Ballor of Chesterton, IN, and it’s one of the coolest ones I’ve seen to date that wasn’t a full-on custom build. There are lots of subtle touches to this 2000 Indian Chief Silver Cloud that make it an absolute stunner. Anyone with eyes can notice the wild paint job on this Indian. The colors are called Hard Candy Green and Cream White. They’re divided by a silver pinstripe that adds a touch of classy character to the bike. Tony’s ultimate goal when he did the paint scheme was to have something that was reminiscent of the custom cars from the 1950s and 1960s. To achieve the look he wanted, he paid a visit to a local Chesterton shop that you may have heard of that goes by the name of Curly’s Custom Cycles (Hint: we did a feature article on them back in October 2013). They broke out the markers, sketched up an idea, took the bike down to the frame, and got to work. Tony says of the de-

sign, “I didn’t want it to look like something

and even upgraded from a 5-speed to a

the environment of the home garage, it’s

a 90-year-old would ride. I wanted some-

6-speed transmission.

almost superhuman.

thing with more of a classic car feel that

It’s also worth noting that Tony complet-

The bike, says Tony, is a pleasure to ride.

would attract the custom car guys as well

ed all of this work (paint aside) with his

With the 5.5 gallon gas tank, he reports

[as the typical bike guys].”

friend Mike Forrest… in his garage. Tony

fuel mileage of about 35 mpg, even with

His goal with the restoration and custom-

says that teardown on the motorcycle took

the fenders that create a considerable

ization of his Silver Cloud was to get into

about a week to complete, and then, once

amount of drag. “I could ride that bike to

bike shows from the get go. So they went

the pieces were painted and back in his

the Grand Canyon.” When he’s not out

with a set of 17 inch ape hangers, removed

possession, about three weeks to reassem-

riding the Indian, he can be found on his

the windshield, kept the trademark fenders,

ble everything. That’s impressive by any-

Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Fat Boy.

converted all the lights on board to LEDs,

one’s standard, but when you consider

Like many of us, Tony got his start in cars

driving age, his father had a ’55 Pontiac Star Chief that

Ride Specs

was green and cream white as well. It would go on, of

Who: Tony Ballor

course, to become the inspiration for the bike you see

What: 2000 Indian Chief

and trucks. When he was just growing up to be of legal

today (Pontiac? Indian? Get it? Ha!) When asked how he made the switch from an interest in cars and trucks to bikes, Tony laughed and said “I have no idea, ex-

Where: Chesterton, IN Engine: 88 cubic inch S&S V-twin

cept that I kept running out of garage space!”

Transmission: 6-speed RevTech

If you want to see the bike in person, your best bet is

Suspension: Progressive Rapid Adjustment Suspension

to try and find Tony at any number of local bike nights around the area. - RR

Brakes: Stock Tires: Dunlop Whitewalls Paint: Hard Candy Green over Cream White w/silver pinstripe Exhaust: Custom straight pipes Other: Corbin seat, 17 inch ape hanger handlebars

Hoosier’s Hottest Garage: Written By: Ray Saez, Jr.

Written By: Ray Saez, Jr. Any serious hot rodder or enthusiast who

Hamilton. See, he’s a third generation au-

His father raced dirt cars in the 1950s and

has ever wanted to go fast probably has

tomotive mechanic, racer, and machinist.

60s, and then asphalt tracks through the

their favorite machine shop on speed dial.

His grandfather was the first, then his father

late-1970s, and this, too, helped to fuel

Hamilton Machine Performance Engines

opened a service station when James was

James’s passion. As he puts it, “Out of all

of Lake Station, Indiana has been fulfilling

just 10 years old. From there, he pumped

the things I know how to do in order to

that role for its customers for the past 27

gas, rebuilt carburetors, and more through-

make money, this is the one I like the most.


out his teen years. He wasn’t interested in

It’s not work to me.” James owns and op-

A wise person once said that if you do

sports, but he could confidently rebuild a

erates Hamilton Machine full time, and his

what you love for a living, you’ll find true

transmission by the time he reached high

22-year-old son, Mitch, works there part

happiness. That’s what happened to James

school. He found his calling.

time as well. It’s a family business that cre-

Photos Provided by: Hamilton Machine ates some serious engines for street cars,

is custom tailored to the customer’s wants,

work, making them a true one-stop shop

daily drivers, circle track cars, and any-

needs, and expectations. Every new client

for the performance enthusiast – and they’ll

thing else you can imagine all the way up

gets asked the same question: What do

work on almost anything with an engine.

to full on alcohol engines. They even do

you want to do with this engine?

James says, “The metal doesn’t know what

full-on restorations, too.

From there, James and Mitch have the ca-

it is – Ford or Ferrari. I’ll work on it. I get

The racing experience that James picked

pacity to select the proper parts and pieces

asked to work on some weird stuff, from

up from his father has been passed onto

to build the perfect engine. Almost anyone

old Oliver tractors and more.”

his sons, who also race in their spare time.

can put an engine together, but very few

That’s what happens when you have a

He uses his experience to build durable en-

can properly BUILD one. Hamilton Ma-

reputation for quality and reliable perfor-

gines that will be reliable, and each build

chine does their own in-house machine

mance. People come to you with their en-

gines no matter what they are. The internal

for clients, he says he doesn’t have a proj-

engine builder to finish the powerplant for

combustion engine has remained funda-

ect of his own. “I’m always busy working

your pride and joy, or if you’re looking for

mentally the same for over a century, but

on someone else’s toy. My work IS my hob-

a shop to help you complete your entire

fine machine shops like Hamilton Machine

by. I’m not hurting for one; I love what I

project, visit Hamilton Machine, located

can help you get the most out of your car,

do.” He does, however, have a supportive

at 2715 Central Avenue, Lake Station, In-

truck, or street rod.

wife named Jeannette, and a 1946 Hud-

diana, or give them a call at (219) 962-

Despite James’s extensive interest and ex-

son that he would someday like to restore.

3267 -RR

perience building engines and project cars

If you’re looking for a machine shop or


danny allen Automotive artist Written By: Ray Saez, Jr.

Normally, decorating the house just isn’t something us hot rodders are interested in. I don’t think it’s because we don’t CARE, but rather because nobody makes anything cool enough for us to care ABOUT. Well, by the end of this article, I think you’re going to think differently. Meet Danny Allen. By day, he’s a truck driver for Modern Machine and Grinding, but by night, he’s an artist. He creates what he calls “Hot Rod Art.” No, he doesn’t take photos of people’s cars, and no, he’s not a painter either. Danny is more of a practical kind of guy who likes to see his art come alive through sculpture. What he does is takes a look at regular parts and pieces of engines, cars, and other metal objects and sculpts them into other even COOLER things. For instance, he’s built a series of tables where the legs are old pistons and connecting rods, and the shaft of the table is an old camshaft. How cool is that? Danny gets his parts and pieces from all over, but many of them


come from his friends who own Pro Auto machine shop. If he needs something for a piece, he can call them up, get a broken piston or camshaft or crankshaft or whatever he needs, and off he goes to create some art. Have you ever looked at that blown engine in your garage where you cracked a cylinder and thought, “Man, I wish I could do something cooler with that than just scrapping it for peanuts?” Now, thanks to Danny, you can. He even takes commissioned work, too. You’ve probably seen some of his pieces around many local businesses in the area. Scooter Shooterz, who we featured in last month’s issue, has a huge skull and rebar glass table from Danny, and Bugaboo Tattoo has one made from an old repurposed V8 engine block. The Blue Top diner has several pieces, too. Among them are coat racks made from engine pieces, overhead lights made from repurposed oil filters, and a sink made from a mechanic’s tool box. The Man Cave Barber shop has some of his work, too. Those are just a few examples. If you see something cool that looks like it was made out of car parts in NWI, chances are, you’re looking at some of Danny’s work. When he’s not working, or creating art, Danny can be found spending time with his wife of two years,

Amy, or working on one of his projects. He’s got a 1976 Volkswagen Bug that he turned into a Volksrod, a 1975 Chevrolet stepside pickup, and a 1956 Ford pickup that he’s chopped five inches, channeled, and is constantly tinkering with. His love of cars and art comes from his dad, Jim, and his brother, Scott. Together, they are “Boone Customs,” and their slogan is very simple: We Build Cool Sh*t. Artwork,

motorcycles, cars, trucks, you name it – these guys do it. His mom, Carol, is a gearhead, too. Danny says that she knows just as much as anyone when it comes to identifying cars of all types (and probably MORE). She used to go drag racing with the guys, and sit right in the middle of the car and shift. Together, Jim and Carol have owned literally hundreds of cars, and they’ve been married for 47 years. Cool cars and racing run deep in the

Allen family. If you want to get a hold of Danny, you can find him at local car shows and events often displaying his wares. Some may see it as turning junk into more junk, but, like Danny, we see it as Hot Rod Art. Honestly? I find myself wanting an engine block table more than ever before. To contact Danny and get a piece of your very own, call him at (219) 712-3464 RR

Written By: Ray Saez, Jr.

Photos Provided by: Nate Goodfellow

The Hoodlum Motor Club is

work, cruise together, and have a good

not exactly your typical group

time. As Nate says, “Collectors took the

of car guys or motorcycle

fun out of [the car/bike scene], and mo-

guys. It’s Motor Club, not car

tor clubs like us are bringing it back. The

club or bike – and that’s exact-

Hoodlum Motor Club is not about fancy.

ly how they want it to be. You

The HMC is about FUN.” They’ve been

see, the guys at Hoodlum MC are

holding meets as a group of friends since

into everything: cars, trucks, motorcy-

2004, and it originally started with just four

cles, hot rods, rat rods, and even lowrider

members. In 2013, they formally organized

bicycles, just to give a few ideas. I sat down

as a motor club.

with Nate, one of the founding members of HMC and gained some valuable insight into the world of Motor Clubs, car clubs, and the way things used to be. As he says, “If it’s got wheels, or it’s got a motor, it’s golden.” Car, truck, bike, scooter, or motorcycle: it’s all cool in the Hoodlum Motor Club. HMC is a small group of guys, with about 15 members, but what separates them from many other groups is the family involvement. At an event where HMC shows up, you’ll expect to see wives, kids, girlfriends, and anyone else who just might have an interest in cars or motorcycles. There will be food, fun, beer, and good times for all. Their goal,

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mainly, is to preserve the old school car club lifestyle. Nate says, “All [your kids] will ever hear is stories, unless you get them involved.” The guys of HMC are not above having a fun cruise in at a bar, or meeting up at another member’s garage. That’s what makes them special. They’re taking the idea of the motor club back to basics: a close-knit family of enthusiasts of all kinds who help each other out, net-

As for Nate, he credits his passion for cars and bikes to someone not often referenced in the pages of Region Rides: his grandmother. She was a biker in the 1930s, and

used to show him photos, tell stories, and en-

enthusiasm and involvement of the members

event cookouts – and no one who walks past

joy taking her bike on long distance rides to

themselves. “Each man is his own Hoodlum.

the Hoodlums leaves without some food in

meet up with others who shared her passion.

Nobody tells anybody else what to do. All

their stomach, a cold beer in their hand, and

Nate carries that passion on to his son now,

we ask is that you remember that you rep-

a smile on their face. If only the rest of the

as they work together on his 1953 Plym-

resent the larger group of guys, kids, and

world were that simple. - RR

outh, and on their lowrider bicycle projects.

families who wear the same shirt on their

The other thing that separates the Hoodlum

back as you.”

Motor Club apart from many other car and

That’s my kind of philosophy. HMC goes out

motorcycle groups is the accountability fac-

of their way to, above all else, have a good

tor. Everything they do is dependent on the

time. Reportedly, they’re famous for their

o w l B O g u i t B Music & Carshow #3 Saturday, August 2nd

Written By: William Mathews Music buffs and car show aficionados alike should circle August 2nd on their calendars, the date of the “Big BlowOut Music & Car Show #3” at PickUps Bar & Grill in Lynwood, Illinois. This 1950’s themed car/music show is sure to please your eyes, ears and palates, with plenty of hot rods, pin-ups, good music and plenty of tasty food. And it’s all for a good cause too, as all proceeds from the show will benefit the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life cancer research. What makes this show different from any other in the area? According

Photos Provided By: Pick-Ups Bar & Grill to show founder A d a m S e a r le what makes the show different is that it is just as much of a music fest as it is a car show. “I go to a lot of car shows, from Northwest Indiana to the south side of Chicago to Iowa, and there was nobody doing a car show here that is as much a music fest as it is a car

show,” said Searle, a Crown Point native now living in Des Moines, Iowa. “I started this with the idea that we could have a car show with vendors and music here. I thought it would be great if we could have a show with so much to do and see that everybody isn’t just sitting around by their cars all day.... There will be ten bands, at least twenty vendors, a 1950’s style pin-up contest, a barber giving 1950’s style haircuts, pin-stripers, panel jams, low riders, photographers, catered food and when it gets dark we’ll have flame shooters too,” continued Searle. The pin-up contest is sponsored by Peek-A-Boo Pin-ups and is open to the first twenty contestants to sign up. Following the show’s 1950’s theme the competing pin-ups will do their best to mimic 1950’s divas Marilyn Monroe and Betty Page.

t The car show itself is limited to pre1980 vintage cars, with the idea of keeping the traditional hot rod motif alive for the next generation. (Sorry, no late model cars or oversize rims!) There will be prize categories based on the decade of the car, with categories for pre-1950 cars, 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s cars, a motorcycle category and a “Best in Show” award. Car clubs will also hand out their own awards. There are no judges for the awards, as everyone who attends the show will be given a slip of paper to vote for the best entries. And the awards won’t be your run of the mill plastic trophies either. All of the trophies are hand made by Searle and his father Don, and are actually made from vintage car parts. “There are no judges because we don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable,” said Searle. “A lot of guys do all their own work or can’t afford to put a lot of money into their car, but here no one will judge you on what you have done with your car, everyone is accepted.

The idea is to let everyone express their own personality by what they have done with their cars.” Two mini fridges and neon beer signs provided by Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, one of the sponsors of the event, highlight a silent auction. There will also be a 50/50 raffle and other raffles too, with prizes provided by vendors at the show. “This is a family friendly event,” said Searle. “We had 75 cars the first year and last year we jumped to about 175 cars and 250 bikes. We have people that travel from all over to come to the show and we even have some people coming here to renew their marriage vows too. It’s all about keeping the old hot rod tradition alive.” $15 cov-

ers the cost to enter a car in the show (two people per car). If you just want to take in the show as a spectator, the cost is $10 per person. The fun begins at 10 am and is expected to continue into the wee hours of the night. PickUps Bar and Grill is located at 21000 Torrence Avenue in Lynwood, IL. - RR

5th Annual Car Show

Winfield Ace Hardware Saturday, July 26th

Written By: Danny Vega

Start your engines – the 5th Annual Winfield

important award after him. “This year we will

Bob said. “We started this award last year and

Ace Hardware Car Show is rolling into town

have the Bob Kleinaman Senior Best of Show,”

the kids chose a World War 2 jeep with ma-

on Saturday, July 26. This car show has really

explained Bob. “This gets awarded to the over-

chine guns on it – not a big surprise, that jeep

grown in popularity over the years, and organiz-

all best of show car.”

was awesome.”

er Bob Kleinaman couldn’t be happier. “The first

Registration for the Winfield Ace Hardware Car

The Winfield Ace Hardware Car Show is a

year we did the car show we had about 30 cars

Show starts at 9am and goes until noon. The

great event for the whole family. Last year they

enter,” Winfield Ace Hardware General Manag-

fee is $15 and includes entry into the show, a

had close to 700 spectators, and it’s in part be-

er Bob Kleinaman said. “Then last year we had

door prize ticket, goodie bags for the first 150

cause of the great entertainment. “We will have

about 150 cars enter. This year we expect an

cars and dash plaques for the first 150. Trophies

Captain Kidd racing, and U.S. 30 Dragstrip

even bigger turnout.”

will be given out at 2pm and will be awarded

Memorabilia,” he said. “We will also have Rick

This car show is always a big hit, and it’s prob-

to 13 different classes. “We are going to give

Busca Chicago Outlaw Monster Truck.”

ably because Bob has such a passion for cars.

out trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the cate-

Small Sweets and Treats food vendor will be on

“I’ve been a car guy my whole life – I grew up

gories of 1930’s and older, 1940’s, 1950s,

hand, as well as great music, a variety of door

around cars and it’s just something I have al-

1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000-2010,

prizes, and a 50/50 raffle. All proceeds from

ways loved,” he said. “When I was 16 my dad

2011-present, 2-wheel drive truck, 4-wheel drive

this event go to the American Cancer Society.

and I got a ’72 Chevelle. We worked on it and

truck, jeep, and special interest,” Bob said. “The

Last year they raised $2,000 for the organiza-

have showed it off for years- it has become a

awards are given out by participant and custom-

tion and hope to raise even more this year.

staple for cruise nights.”

er judging.”

The Winfield Ace Hardware is located at 11702

And while the ’72 Chevelle will be at the Win-

And for a second year, the Car Show will give

Randolph Street in Crown Point. Parking for this

field Ace Car Show, one key member will not.

out the George Diaz Kids Choice. This award

event will be in the surrounding grass field at

Bob Kleinaman Senior, a huge supporter of the

gives those little car enthusiasts a chance to

Ace, as well as around the store. Everyone is

Car Show, lost his 3 year battle with cancer. To

make their opinion count! “Every kid that comes

welcome. For more information, go to www.

pay homage to this car enthusiast, Bob and the

to the show fills out a ballot and votes for their,

Winfield Ace family have decided to name an

favorite car and the winner receives this award,”

(219)663-7676 and just ask for Bob.-RR





SUNDAY, July 20th

Written By: Danny Vega


The Crown Point Corvette Club is proud to

son Car Show benefit the Humane Society of

Dog Guy, arts and crafts vendors, refreshments,

announce the details for the 4th Annual Chris-

the Calumet Region and VA Fisher House. “We

music and more. Kids can also get to pet some

tenson Chevy Car Show. Rain or shine, this car

always use our proceeds to benefit the Humane

of the furry friends the Humane Society will bring

and truck show will take place Sunday, July 20

Society, and then choose another organization

out there. There will also be raffle tickets avail-

at Christenson Chevrolet, located at 9700 Indi-

or person,” said Bill. “We chose the VA Fisher

able for purchase during the car show – first

anapolis Blvd in Highland. Registration is from

House because we knew we’d be able to help

place prize a large screen TV.

8:00am to 10:00am, and the first 75 cars will

a lot of people.”

The Crown Point Corvette Club is a not-for-profit

be guaranteed indoor parking – aka a spot in

The 2014 Christenson Chevy Car Show will fea-

organization comprised of a group of people

the showroom.

ture 36 Stock and Modified Classes, two more

who are passionate about Corvettes. The group

Last year the car show broke the 100 mark with

than last year. “We added the C7 Corvettes

formed in September of 1999 with just four

entries and the car club hopes to set a new re-

because we wanted to try and accommodate

friends who had fulfilled their lifelong dreams

cord this year! “We were so excited to get 125

all the classes and years of cars,” Bill said. “It

of owning a corvette. The club has continued

entries last year,” said Bill Gnerlich, President

should probably stay with 36 now for a while.”

to grow, not only in size but activities. You can

of the Crown Point Corvette Club. “Anytime we

This judged show will give awards out for 1st,

find the club participating in numerous cruises,

can break over 100 entries is great because the

2nd and 3rd place in each of 36 Stock and

parades, car shows, and picnics. Membership is

more we have, the more money we raise for our

Modified Classes. In addition, awards will be

open to all generations of Corvettes.


given to Best in Show and a People’s Choice

For more information on the Crown Point Cor-

Registration for this event is $25. The first 75


vette Club, and to download your registration

registrants will receive a t-shirt, dash plaque and

This family friendly event will feature food from

form for the Chevy Christenson Car Show, go to

goodie bag. Proceeds from the Chevy Christen-

vendors like All Soup’d Up and Mike the Hot

Written By: Danny Vega

Bleeding Blue

Car Show & Swap Meet

If you’ve ever watched roller derby, you know

So to give back even more to the community, the

show?? A little bit of everything!! “We are in-

those girls mean business! They look mean, they

SSRG is hosting a “Bleeding Blue” Car Show/

viting any and all vehicles to take part in our

are badass and they don’t take any BS! And if

Swap Meet on August 24 at Sunset Hill County

car show,” said Laurie. “We’ve already had in-

you’ve seen the South Shore Roller Girls in ac-

Park, located at 775 Meridian Road in Valpara-

terest from motorcycles and we even have one

tion, you know that all of this applies. The South

iso. Laurie Perrine, Car Show Organizer and

guy that wants to bring a camper. Even though

Shore Roller Girls (SSRG) are Northwest Indi-

mom of South Shore Roller Girl Tracey Jo Perrine

this is our first car show we are still hoping for a

ana’s premiere women’s flat track roller derby

aka Southurn Comfurt, is thrilled to be helping

turnout of anywhere from 50-100 entries.”

league. They were founded in June of 2013 and

out the girls with this one of a kind event. “My

The entry fee is $25 and registration is from

have quickly turned heads in both the roller der-

daughter Tracey used to enter car shows -she

8:00am-11:00am. The show will run through

by community and amongst those in the region.

has a 1974 Manx replica dune buggy that she’s

4:00pm and then trophies and awards will be

The SSRG is a non-profit, and aims at helping

won several trophies with,” Laurie said. “So hav-

given out. During this day-long event, those com-

various organizations – in fact proceeds from

ing a car show to raise money for a local charity

ing out to take part in the show or just come as

their bouts go directly to local charities. “We

seemed like a great fit! And I’ve done car shows

a spectator will enjoy some live music, a variety

have given to the Caring Place, Haven House,

in the past when I worked in the Portage school

of vendors, a corn hole tournament, a “meet the

and Habitat for Humanity,” said Mallory De-

system so I knew I had to help these girls.”

roller girls” area where people can get pictures

Graff, South Shore Roller Girl better known as

This car show will raise money for 500 Tur-

and signatures with the roller girls, and great

MALtreatment and head of personal training for

keys, a local organization that feeds families

kids activities. “We will have a kids area with a

the team. “It’s so important for us to give back

with a complete Thanksgiving meal. This year

bounce house and also an area for kids to dec-

to the community.”


orate their bicycles,” Laurie said. “We thought

organization has the goal of



we’d try a Bicycle Kids Show where kids could

families, so the

either bring their decorated bicycles in and

SSRG wants to

show them off OR decorate their bikes here. This

do their part in

will be free for the kids.”

helping making

The cost for spectators coming to the show is $3

their goals a re-

per car. Each car will be given a ballot to cast


their vote for their favorite vehicle. Judging will So what’s i

be participant voting as well as public voting.


For more information on the Bleeding Blue Car


Show/Swap Meet, go to www.southshorerol-

f o r, on


lerGirls, by emailing Laurie at ssrgcarshow@

c a r or calling 219.973.1014.-RR

2014 Car Show/Event Schedule All show dates, times and registration fees are subject to cancel or change. If in doubt, call appropriate phone numbers to confirm

July 2014 3rd Annual Full Throttle Throwdown

Saturday, July 19 • New Buffalo, Mi 19015 US Hwy 12 • $10 Entry Fee All Day Action Packed

Christenson Chevy Car/Truck Show

All Makes & Models Welcome! Sunday, July 20 • Rain or Shine 9700 Indianapolis Blvd • Highland, IN Registration: 8am to 10am This is a Judged Event • Awards at 2pm $20 Early Registration • $25 After June 1st First 75 to Register Receive a T-Shirt, Dash Plaque & Goodie Bag All Proceeds to Benefit Humane Society of the Calumet Region and VA Fisher House For More Info Call 219-765-1933

3rd Annual Adler’s Ride Benefit Poker Run

Sunday, July 20 • Rain or Shine 9:30-10:30am Registration $15 Single Rider • $20 Double Riders Registration at Harley Davidson of Valparaiso 11:30-First Bike Out • 4:30 Last Bike In All Poker Run Proceeds will be donated to Riley Hospital for Children in Memory of Adler Shelbourne for Pediatric Cancer Research

5th Annual Winfield Ace Hardware Car Show

Saturday July 26th • 9am to 2pm 11702 Randolph St • Crown Point, IN Registration 9 to Noon • $15 Entry Fee 14 Vehicle Classes!! • Judging Begins at Noon Food & Refreshments Available More Bob for More Info - 219.663.7676

Bass Lake Summer Splash Classic Car Show

Show your Appreciation for American Troops! Registration Begins at 3:30pm July 26 • 4pm to 8pm $10 Donation Per Vehicle • 50/50 Raffles Finnegan’s Pub • 1074 Joliet St • Dyer, IN

Sunday July 27th • 3am to 2pm Bielava’s Resort • Bass Lake, IN Registration 9 to Noon • 25 Awards! Open to ALL Cars, Trucks & Bikes Judging Begins at Noon $15 Entry Fee Model Car Contest • Dash Plaques Music • Door Prizes • Top 25 Awards Call Cambe Chevrolet for More Info 574.772.2191 ext 5

Rust Belt Rebellion Benefit Car Show

Mill Street Cruise & Show

Boot Campaign Charity Car Show

August 2014 Portage First United Methodist Church Car Show to Benefit Back Pack Program Saturday August, 2, 2014 2637 McCool Rd • Portage, IN 9am • Trophies Awarded at 4pm $15 Donation in Advance or $20 Day of the Car Show Dash Plaques to the first 50 Entries Door Prizes • Contests • More Call Steve for more Information 219-742-0926

Mill Street Cruise & Show Saturday, August 2nd 5pm to 9pm • Lowell, IN

Pick-Ups Bar The Big Blowout Saturday, August 2 21000 Torrence Ave Lynwood, IL 60411 708-757-6758

Saturday, August 16 The Reed Ranch • 11am ‘til Late 23121 Pierce St • Shelby, IN All Proceeds for Alzheimer $10 Donation • Trophies • Live Bands Food • Drive-In Movie • More!

Bleeding Blue Car Show/Swap Meet Saturday, August 24 Sunset Hill Country Park 775 Meridian Rd • Valparaiso, IN Looking for: Car Clubs • Vendors Swappers • Crafters If you’re interested in entering a vehicle or having a booth please call 219.973.1014 or email

Saturday, August 30th 5pm to 9pm • Lowell, IN

Northwest Indiana MOPAR Assoc. Annual Picnic

Saturday August 31 MOPAR ONLY EVENT Lake County Fairgrounds All funds will be donated to the Honor Flight Chicago to send WWII vets to the WWII monument in Washington D.C.

Sauers 10th Annual Car Show & Family Fun Fair

Saturday August 23, 2014 9am to 3pm • Sauer’s Buick GMC 1900 E. Lincolnway • Laporte, IN Free to the Public • Food • Games

September 2014 Community Baptist Church Car Show

Saturday, September 6 8651 W. 93rd. Ave. • St. John 10am Registration • Free More Info Call 219-662-8336 Donations of non-perishable food items being accepted for local food bank

FREE Valpo Car Shows Sponsored by Region Rides

Porter Co Fairgrounds & Expo Center Sunday, September 7th 9am to 2pm • Valparaiso, IN Car Show • Swap Meet • Prizes 50 Awards • Vendors • More Must Register by 10:30am For More Info - 219-464-9918

Iron Horse 4x4 Truck Show Sunday, September 7 Schererville Buddy & Pal’s

36 | Like us on Facebook

Finnegan’s Pub Car Show Sunday, September 21 12pm to 6pm • Dyer, IN

Cruisin’ for Critters Car & Bike Show

Sunday, Sept 21 • 9am to 2pm Pav’s Restaurant 642 North Main St • Hebron, IN Door Prizes & 50/50 Bags for first 50 $15 Registration Fee Breakfast will be Served! All proceeds will benefit local animal shelters & rescues. Donations appreciated. Dog & cat food, blankets etc. Call 219.663.2565

Wanatah Scarecrow Festival & 19th Annual Car Show

Sunday, September 28 • 8am to 3pm Wanatah Lions Club Park Registration 8am to Noon Sponsored by Michiana Auto Club $15 Entry Fee • Dash Plaques Goody Bags • Rain or Shine Call Kathy or Jerry 219-326-8365 or visit

16th Annual Sunflower Fair Car Show

Saturday, September 20 Downtown LaPorte on Michigan Ave 9:30am to 3pm • Registration ‘til Noon $15 Entry Fee • All Cars Welcome For more info call 219-778-2285

Cruise-In/Bike-Night Schedule All cruise/bike nights are subject to cancel or change. If in doubt, call appropriate phone numbers to confirm

Monday Night

Wednesday Night

Rt 30 & Cline Ave • Merrillville, IN • 5pm

330 E US Hwy 30 • Schererville Every Wednesday Night 4pm to 8pm

2250 W 81st Ave • Merrillville, IN 7pm to Whenever!

Downtown Whiting Cruise

Valpo Harley Davidson Cruise Night


Tuesday Night Southlake Auto Mall

Whites Pit Stop

Every 1st and 3rd Tues May thru Sept • 4pm to 8pm with Burnout Contests!

3rd Wednesday of the Month Downtown Whiting 119th Street • 5pm

Hebron Cruise Nights

Quakersteak & Lube Bike Night

Starting in May • Every Tuesday Patz’s Market Parking Lot

Downtown Monticello

Starting May • 5pm Around the Square Call Ken • 574.583.1101


1942 45th St • Munster, IN Starting May • 6pm to 9pm

Michigan City Al’s Supermarket

3535 Franklin St • Michigan City The corner of Barker & Franklin 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Glenwood Oaks Rib & Chop House

106 N Main St • Glenwood, IL 60425 Every Tuesday Night

Blue 82 Cruise Night

8209 Wicker Ave • St John, IN Every Tuesday Night • 5pm Food & Music All cars,trucks and motorcycles are welcome!

6245 Ameriplex Dr • Portage Every Wednesday Night 5pm to 12am Live Music • Vendors Food & Drink Specials • Much More

Thursday Night “Full Throttle Thursdays”

Shenanigans Pub Starting May and Every Thursday 2:00 PM till Midnight 6121 Melton Rd • Portage, IN 46368 All cars and bikes welcome! Full menu & drinks available Big parking lot and outdoor dining For more info call Chastity at 219.309.4550

Friday Night

Simon Sez Cruise Night

1151 US 30 • Valparaiso Live Entertainment, Beer Garden, Lighted Parking Lot, Food by Susie’s Café

Hammond Home Depot Cruise

1624 E 165th St, Hammond, IN Last Friday of Every Month All Rides Welcome

Saturday Night Simon Sez Cruise Night

2250 W 81st Ave • Merrillville, IN 7pm to Whenever!

LaPorte’s Cruise In @ Staples Parking Lot Starting May • Every Saturday Night Hwy. 2 E. • 5pm to 9pm

Downtown Lowell Mill Street Cruise

6340 Melton Rd • Portage, IN Every Thursday Night • 5:30 PM FREE FOOD!

First Saturday of the Month May through September New this year if rained out cruise will be 2nd Saturday of the month time 5pm til 9pm Paul 219-730-4314 John 219-789-0494

Crown Point Square

Lansing Cruise Nights

Ryan’s Tavern

Every Thurs Night • 5pm to 8pm May through September

Starting in June 6pm to 9pm • 119 Street in Lansing For more info call Norb 219.384.7147

If we missed one, let us know! -

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July 20th, 2014

Put on by: The Crown Point Corvette Club Sponsored by: Christenson Chevy

Registration forms available at the dealership & our Facebook page.

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Region Rides - July 2014  

Region Rides - July 2014