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[ A Quick Word ] First, what a joy it's been to chair this year's YSSW contest—from interacting with our region's outstanding teachers and facilitating judging at UTC to assembling this collection of our winning submissions. All is done with an eye toward promoting the literary arts and the creative energy of young writers. Reading the submissions this year, in my own experience as a judge and in reports from other readers/judges, has been an exercise in both humility and hilarity. The submissions, especially the winning submissions that follow, demonstrate good writing as they likewise provide a glimpse into the wild imagination of young minds. So, I thank this year's young writers and their teachers! You've given me much to laugh about, much to enjoy, and much to appreciate. Many thanks, too, to the Board of Directors and staff of the Southern Lit Alliance, particularly Lynda LeVan (Executive Director) and Ann Johnson (Director of Operations). This group and these individuals deserve our thanks for their generosity and for their support of this area's outstanding young writers. Their leadership at the Southern Lit Alliance and the partnership with UTC's Department of English combine to lift up and celebrate the literary arts in our region. I am grateful for the Southern Lit Alliance as a partner in this contest. I also thank this region's dedicated teachers, K-12, who work tirelessly to instill in young minds and hearts the value of literature and creative writing. I am grateful for their efforts as they teach young authors to enjoy the craft of writing. Without our elementary, middle grades, and high school English/Language Arts teachers, along with parents and guardians, we would not have such fine work from these young people. I am also grateful to this year's readers and contest judges. It is true that every submission is read by a faculty member in UTC's Department of English. Our faculty serve in this capacity with pleasure. In fact, it's not uncommon to hear our teachers sharing with one another submissions that are especially funny, creative, or inspiring. It's another way in which we contribute to this wonderful city and this region. I appreciate the time and care with which my colleagues read every submission. It is worth noting that more than 4,000 students from schools in the Chattanooga area and beyond submitted entries this year, so it's no easy task to manage, but our judges did so this year once again with grace and enthusiasm. Finally, I thank Kimberly Guo and Colin Rochelle, two undergraduate students in UTC’s English program. Kimberly and Colin worked tirelessly to facilitate judging and to create this year’s winners booklets. They have spent countless hours managing the contest and collecting the winning entries for this publication. I’m grateful for their outstanding work and their attention to detail. Now, read and enjoy! Joe Wilferth, UTC English Professor and YSSW Contest Chair


[Table of Contents] Kindergarten Poetry …………………………………………………..... 3 Kindergarten Prose ……………………………………………………... 7 Grade 1 Poetry ………………………………………………………... 21 Grade 1 Prose ………………………………………………………... 31 Grade 2 Poetry ………………………………………………………… 54 Grade 2 Prose ………………………………………………………… 58 Grade 3 Poetry ………………………………………………………… 78 Grade 3 Prose ………………………………………………………… 98 Grade 4 Poetry ………………………………………………………… 116 Grade 4 Prose ………………………………………………………… 134 Grade 5 Poetry ………………………………………………………… 175 Grade 5 Prose ………………………………………………………… 199 Winning submissions are arranged in what follows by grade, category, and alphabetically according to the authors' last names. Use the search feature at the bottom of this website to find individual authors.


[ Kindergarten Poetry ]


The North won the battle. The grey could not make enough bullets. They had to keep the cannons clean. The leader died. Caleb Danielson Kindergarten Boyd Buchanan School Maria Sessions

Civil War


The Trampoline It’s a circle Has a net I do tricks Tricks to music and faceplants! Phoebe Early Kindergarten Boyd Buchanan School Maria Sessions



They are brown and squirrels live in them They grow when it rains on them They have branches that birds sit on They have yellow and red leaves In the summer the leaves are green There are holes in them Sometimes ants live in them I can climb as high as the tree can go Sometimes people saw them down for a Christmas tree I love trees! Kaden Moses Kindergarten Grace Baptist Academy Beth Smith


[ Kindergarten Prose ]


Ariel and Rockolus and the Shark

Once upon a time, I was Ariel and I lived in a beautiful castle. I saw a fish that was stuck in seaweed. I unwrapped the fish and then I saw his face and I saw a fish named Rockolus 'cause he was named after a rock. He thought he saw a shark but it was the castle so I took him to the castle. My father said, “Ariel, you are a good girl.” Then Rockolus just stood there in the night and cried and cried and cried. Then the king said happily that he could have a snack with all his friends and then Ariel swam to Rockolus and a shark bit Rockolus’s tail and the shark told his friends he would be nice to Rockolus. But he lied and told Rockolus that he would give him a cake. But he didn’t give him a cake. He just gave him a cupcake for his birthday. And the shark and Rockolus and Ariel lived happily ever after. Emy Broome Kindergarten Boyd-Buchanan School Monica Tompkins


I tell spooky stories at night. Cannon Cothran Kindergarten Normal Park Museum Magnet School Laney Holmes



Personal Celebration

I see my mom. Jericho Crowder Kindergarten Normal Park Museum Magnet School Stacye Gibson



The celebration is about giving and friendship and giving presents to friends and family. Allen Dorough Kindergarten Normal Park Museum Magnet School Laney Holmes


The Day of the Dinosaurs One day I was walking down the street and I saw a dinosaur. It was crossing the street to fight with another dinosaur. The dinosaurs were both T-Rex. They were fighting to get the trophy to be the boss of the dinosaurs. Jackson Fagan Kindergarten Grace Baptist Academy Mandy Long


We Celebrate Hanukkah

We celebrate Hanukkah. We open presents. We light the candles. Hannalea Furr Kindergarten Normal Park Museum Magnet School Jessica Evans and Beverly Randolph



Christmas day I get to open my presents. I love Christmas. Julianna LaPoint Kindergarten Normal Park Museum Magnet School Mariah Smith



A white cat is going to his black bed. He fell asleep and then woke up. He went outside to play and the went inside to eat. His name was Little White. He saw the kids and the Mom and Dad putting up the Christmas tree. Then he saw them decorating it. He went back to his bed and fell asleep. When he woke up, he saw that the Christmas tree was decorated. Little White got a piece of paper. He put his paw in the mud, took is paw out of the mud, and put it on the paper. He cut around the paw print. He hole-punched it at the top, wrote his name, and hung it on the tree. The End Boston Mills Kindergarten Silverdale Baptist Academy Jessica Trogdon


Poochie and Sweetie Go to the Hamster Ball Poochie and Sweetie are my teacher’s classroom pets. They are hamsters. They are best friends and love all the kids in their class almost as much as they love cupcakes, cookies, and candy. Last week they were invited to go to the Hamster Ball with all of the other classroom pets at school. The ball was being held in the gym after all the kids and teachers were gone for the day. Poochie and Sweetie were so excited! They put on their best dresses and fluffed their fur. Their dresses were pink, green, blue, and yellow. They looked just like princesses. When it was time to leave, they got in their hamster balls and began rolling to the ball. But they could not leave the classroom! The children had forgotten to pick up all the books and toys and art supplies before they went home that day. Poochie and Sweetie were so sad! How would they get to the Hamster Ball? They began to cry. Just then, another pet named Trek heard Poochie and Sweetie’s tears and came to help. He saw that they were in trouble. Trek is an iguana. He used his long tail to swing the toys and books out of the way to make a path for Poochie and Sweetie. He then rolled their balls out of the classroom and down the long hallway to the school gym. They were just in time for the ball. All of their friends were there and they were all dressed up. The room was warm and happy. Poochie and Sweetie danced and ate treats. They felt like the most beautiful hamsters in the world. They knew they would be best friends forever, and they were very thankful for their new friend Trek. Daphne Moyes Kindergarten Silverdale Baptist Academy Rebecca Lusardo


Family Culture

Me and my brother and my dad and my mom hold hands because it is my birthday. Camden Odum Kindergarten Normal Park Museum Magnet School Jessica Evans and Beverly Randolph



In my family we like to celebrate Thanksgiving. We eat a lot of turkey. Zuri Settles Kindergarten Normal Park Museum Magnet School Mariah Smith


The Story of the Gingerbread Man and the Silly Water

Once there was a gingerbread man that wanted a drink. He went to the silly pond. It is called a silly pond because when you drink it, it makes you silly. So the gingerbread man drank from the silly pond. Then he went home and got a bottle and got some silly water. So the gingerbread man went to his gingerbread wife and they gave their children the silly water. They performed a magic experiment that made the children do a silly play and they laughed and they giggled and they jumped and they joined the silly play. And they were happy. Mikey Spearman Kindergarten Boyd-Buchanan School Monica Tompkins



When I was four I got a pet velociraptor. His name was Sam. I didn’t name him; he was already Sam. I kept him in a box with food and water. I am five now and can’t remember which box I put him in. I hope he still has food and water. I think he is seven now. I should probably try to find him. My big brother makes up silly stories to tell me that didn’t really happen and this probably didn’t really happen either. So you don’t have to worry about Sam. Lewis Sylar Kindergarten Silverdale Baptist Academy Zee Mansell


[ 1st Grade Poetry ]


Leaves blowing On the car, Leaves blowing On the street, Leaves blowing On the house, Wind blowing Harder and harder. Cold wind blows. Tripp Barfield Grade 1 Thrasher Elementary School Judith Walter

Wind Blows


Today, Today, I went to school. It was fun and it was cool! Crayons, Crayons everywhere. On the floor and in my hair! Hudson Crowder Grade 1 Thrasher Elementary School Kathy Guagenti



Sledding down hills So much fun! Making snowmen So much fun! Snowball fighting So much fun! Bells ringing People singing So much fun! Emma Headrick Grade 1 Thrasher Elementary School Judith Walter

Winter Fun


Flamingo Pink, feathery Drinking, walking, flying Has a long neck Flamingo Makenzye Henry Grade 1 Boyd-Buchanan School Amy Butcher



Scary, horrifying Erupting, burning, shaking Hot lava comes out Killer Blake Miller Grade 1 Boyd-Buchanan Elementary Kayla Halstead



Big, dark Damaging, swirling, tearing A storm gone bad Twister Landon Payne Grade 1 Boyd-Buchanan Elementary Kayla Halstead



Animals in Winter

Over the white snow I see a squirrel scurrying down a hole A mouse is waking in a hole An owl watches a shrew below Dad tells me that tracks tell a story I slip down a big hill‌whoops! A snow hare blends into the snow Frogs sleep under the lake Beavers munching on wood Sh sh sh sh Dad tells me A red fox leaps onto the ground He hears a mouse under the snow Elijah Sabatini Grade 1 Thrasher Elementary School Kathy Guagenti


Surprised, scared Cool and white Woods at home Tired in mountains of snow I like it. Ender Tanis Grade 1 Thrasher Elementary School Michelle Bailey



Dragon Fish Cool, black Spying, swimming, catching Swim fast Dragon Fish Hutch Walker Grade 1 Boyd-Buchanan School Amy Butcher

Dragon Fish


[ 1st Grade Prose ]


A Trip to the Zoo

I went to the zoo. It was cool. I saw a lot of animals. I saw a crow and a hippo and a gorilla and some fish. Then I walked down a tunnel. There I saw a tractor. I got to ride on it. It had haystacks. We rode on a baseball field. I saw a giraffe. It was the spottiest giraffe I ever saw. I was so impressed. I was excited too. When you walked in the building and when you walked out of the building you got Kit-Kats and lots of candy. The zoo is fun. I went to the zoo when it was Halloween there. There were lots of basketball hoops and stuff to do. Sagan Abde Grade 1 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Beth McCoy



One morning I woke up and I was a snowman! My mom saw me and she screamed. I went in the kitchen and I got near the fire and I started melting and I ran outside. My dad saw me outside and he screamed at the top of his lungs. When my brothers saw me, I hit by a white wall so I was camouflaged. My sisters saw me and they screamed loud. I laid down in the snow to be camouflaged as cars drove by but I got stuck in the ice. My stepdad grabbed a hammer and smashed the ice and snow off of me so I wasn’t a snowman anymore. Trenten Barnhill Grade 1 Lookout Valley Elementary School Candace Baggett


At the Park

When I was playing in the park I tripped on a stick. I was sad. I cried and cried. My mom came to me and asked if I was okay. “No, I am not okay.” My sister came to me. My boo boo was red and gross. My mom said playtime was over. I hugged my mom. We went home. I got an ice bag. “I love you mom.” “I love you too!” My dad came home. He hugged me. “I love you dad.” “I love you too!” Catherine Chappell Grade 1 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Beth McCoy


A Pilgrim’s Journey

I work on the Mayflower. It took a year to make it. The next day the Mayflower had a storm. I know everyone was scared. Two people died. Finally I got to climb my ladder and yell, “Land Ho!” Everyone yelled, “Yeah!” and I jumped down. A few hours later we reached land. We made it to the New World. A few days later a man walked up into our village. He was a man named Squanto. He was a nice man. He taught us to plant corn using fish. A year later it was November 21st. We wanted to have a feast to say thank you. We did not have enough food for everyone, so our guests killed 5 deer for us to eat. It was nice. Jack Crawford Grade 1 Boyd-Buchanan School Amy Hunter


Her little brother, Bob, runs to the door and keeps tripping and falling down. Maggie also runs to the door to greet her Aunt and Uncle. She gives them a big hug. It had been a great day for Maggie. Jack Cuison Grade 1 Silverdale Baptist Academy Angie Kelly


The Snake

The snake was hungry one day. Bat flew by in the sky and said, “Please do not eat me, snake.” “I have an idea, said Bat, you could eat a mouse or caterpillar or a cat or a butterfly.” “No way! I like to eat rabbits! said the snake.” “Why did you not tell me you wanted to eat rabbits, said the bat?” “Maybe it was because it was my secret? said the snake.” After that, Bat never asked the snake if he was hungry, and that worked fine and they lived happily ever after. Kate Debenport Grade 1 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Heather O’Brien


Swallowing my Tooth

Once, I was eating my lunch. First, I bit into a pepper and then I swallowed my tooth. Next, I asked “Can I go to the bathroom?� Then, I told Ms. Allen I swallowed my tooth. Finally, I told Mrs. Methvin. She said it would be okay. Then, I went back to lunch. Lunch was over. I told some of my friends. Then, I went to recess and started to play. Lenore Dunn Grade 1 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Megan Methvin


My Brother Damerae

My brother was born on July 5th. On the day he was born we ate cake and celebrated. He was zero so there was a candle with a zero on it. The cake was chocolate. When Damerae was born, I cried so much my belly hurt. I was crying because I was super excited. I had a brother! I even did a happy dance. When Damerae was born, he had to go under a blue light. Damerae had to wear goggles. He had a illness that would go away if he stays under the blue light for a while. When Damerae was born my Poppy and Nana were here. We took a picture together. It looked amazing. Damerae made it cute. Emina Foderingham Grade 1 Normal Park Museum Magnet Amanda Lafferty


The Pond The fish lives in the pond. We see great animals that live in the pond. The pond has a lot of rocks. It has plants. Maddox Gilliam Grade 1 Grace Baptist Academy Sherri Russell


The Story of Rose and Her Pet, Junior the Second

There once was a lady whose name was Rose and she lived alone. She went to find her a new pet because her dog ran away. She went to the pet store and found a bird, but said, “No”. Then she saw a dog and said, “No,” again. Then Rose found a hamster and said, “Yes!” She found the perfect pet for her house. She already loved her new pet and named it Junior the Second. Rose called the hamster “Junior” for short. One day, Junior snuck out of her cage and stole five cookies from the cookie jar and hid in the tree outside. Junior then snuck into the neighbor’s yard and into their dog’s fence. Then Junior snuck into the house’s door from the back yard. There, she found a dog and a cat who were sleeping in their cages. Junior accidentally woke up the cat, and then she woke up the dog too! The dog barked and the cat hissed. They scratched on the doors of their cages trying to get out to catch Junior. Junior ran back through the dog’s little hole in the fence (where she had gotten in first) and ran back home. Junior was happy that she was back home with her owner, Rose. Junior found 5 more cookies on the floor and she wanted to eat them, but she thought, “I’ve had too many cookies in the first place.” She decided to get back in her cage, so she jumped onto a chair and onto Rose’s desk, leaped into the air, and into her cage. Rose was happy that she chose this pet. Avyn Hullender Grade 1 Silverdale Baptist Academy Emily Fernandes


Jon and the Great Escape

Jon is a dog and good at throwing lassos but somehow he got captured by the police. The police thought he was a criminal but he wasn’t. Jon sees the criminal right outside the police station. So he throws his lasso outside the window of the jail and captures the real criminal. The police were so excited and grateful that they let Jon go free. Jon ran out of the police station and met a cat named mittens. He also met a dog named Duncan and a another cat named Lily. They all returned home and lived happily ever after. Brittan Hyde Grade 1 St. Peters Episcopal School Julie Von Canon


My First Christmas in America Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. During this season the world is filled with joy, hope, love, and peace. A few years ago, I experience my first Christmas in the U.S and it was the best one I have ever had. I remember the first time I decorated a Christmas tree with my parents in our home. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. At my school, there was a play where all the boys and girls dressed as shepherds and angels. It was so fun to be with all my friends on stage and sing all the Christmas songs for the parents. After this me and my family went out to eat at Applebees and I got chicken nuggets. I heard a knock at my door and when it was opened my house was filled with a beautiful sound of bell, drums and many people singing Christmas Carols. My favorite part was man dressed as Santa Claus whop was dancing along with the music, he even gave me candy! Before they all left the wished us a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year My mom and I went out for Christmas shopping at the mall. There was a lot of people shopping at the mall that looking for Christmas presents that I almost my mom. but I didn’t because she waited for me. We were there for a long time enjoying the beauty of the many shops and their Christmas lights. We bought a lot of clothes and toys. I even got a early Christmas gift. I was very happy because my mom let me open it early, it was a remote-control racecar and I love to play with it. My parents made me go to bed early because we had to go to Midnight Mass at my church that night. It was very hard to stay awake the entire time but I did it and my parents were very proud of me. Once we got home I went straight to sleep but the next morning I saw the biggest present under the Christmas tree and it had my name on it. I was so excited to open the gift. To my surprise it was, it was the Micky Mouse robot which is the toy that I dreamt about getting for many, many months. I hugged and thank my parents for this wonderful gift they gave me. I painted a picture of the Mother Mary and gave it to my parents as their Christmas gift and they said they loved it. This is why my first Christmas in America was my favorite. Agath Ignatius Grade 1 Silverdale Baptist Academy Angie Marshall


Super Sharks

The short fin Mako Shark is the fastest shark. The Great White Shark is the most ferocious shark. The Bull Shark is the most aggressive shark. The Greenland Shark is the slowest shark. The Tiger Shark eat anything. The Sand Tiger Shark lives longer in aquariums than in the wild. We need to protect sharks. Ian McCormick Grade 1 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Heather O’Brien



I got in the truck. There was so much stuff. My dad drove us to the airport. I’m moving to America. We finally got to the airport. We had to wait a long time. We finally got on the airplane. We were on the airplane for hours. I looked out the window and saw the ocean. I finally got to the United States. We packed our bags into 3 cars. We had a long drive. I finally got to my home. We had to fix it up. When we fixed it up it looked beautiful. Karin Pentiah Grade 1 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Amanda Lafferty


Winning my First Baseball Game

First, I went to the baseball field and practiced with my team. I love playing baseball with my team! Next, I hit a triple and that caused a run for my team and it was easy. It felt good and fun at the same time. It was my first hit ever! Next, I hit a homerun! I was really happy that it caused another run for my team. Then, at the end of the game, I had two hits and zero strike outs. Finally, at the end of the game I was happy because we won! Carson Porter Grade 1 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Megan Methvin


My Life in Hunting

I like to hunt duck because I like to shoot shot guns and I like calling the ducks in and using duck decoys. There is a battery operated decoy called a robo duck. The robo duck is designed to look like a duck trying to land. It flaps its wings in a circle because ducks flap their wings when they are trying to land. The duck calls are feeding calls, double cluck calls and lay down calls. I like shooting deer because I like shooting big rifles. I sit in a shooting house, blind or a tree stand. You can also stalk deer. A grunt call is used during the deer rut. There is also a rattle, which is two antlers attached by a string. You can bang them together and lock them together. It is used to sound like two bucks fighting. I like squirrel hunting because when I look at trees it makes me think of God. When you squirrel hunt you walk around and look at the trees and when you see a squirrel you shoot it. You skin the squirrel and eat it. When you are coon hunting, you will have two coon dogs with you or maybe ten dogs. And, you let them loose and what they will do is tree the coon. The dogs will find a coon on the ground and then run him up the tree. While you are running to the dogs and you get to the tree, you will shoot the coon. I would like to try frog gigging, elk hunting, goose hunting, mountain goat hunting and big horn sheep hunting. If you are not used to mountain goat hunting, it is hard to breathe because the air is so thin. I like to hunt to put food on my table. Trey Randolph Grade 1 Silverdale Baptist Academy Ashley Steele


The Pond

The pond is wet. The pond is cold. Ducks swim in the pond. Frogs are at the pond. Dragonflies fly above the pond. The pond is full of animals. Harper Sloan Schultz Grade 1 Grace Baptist Academy Sherry Blesch


Apple Sauce

Yesterday, I squirted applesauce on my brother’s hair. My brother told on me. My momma said, “Come over here”. I said, “Ok! Momma!” Will Sheppard Grade 1 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Jennifer Zeigler


Christmas Presence There once was a boy named Eli. He loved the holidays, because he always got lots of presents. His favorite holiday was Christmas. He got presents from his family and Santa. He would always ask for toys and candy when his family went shopping. However, his mother would remind him that he had to wait until Christmas. So when he saw something he wanted he always told his mom “Christmas list,” which meant he wanted to add it to his list of things he received for Christmas. This year was different though. Eli wanted to help others. He knew from church there were sick children at the hospital. Also, his neighbor Mr. Bob had died and Mrs. Bob had been sad and lonely. So, he decided he wanted to help the children and Mrs. Bob. He would go visit the children at the hospital every week. He would take stuffed animals for them. This always made the children happy, especially when Eli told them they could keep their animal. Mrs. Bob lived next door. Eli would go see her twice a week to cheer her up. They would talk about their favorite things to do with Mr. Bob. But her favorite part of the visit was when Eli would do his special dance. They would sing songs together and Eli would dance and wiggle for Mrs. Bob. On Christmas morning Eli got most of the things he wanted for Christmas. It was a fun day spent with his family doing all of their Christmas traditions. When Eli’s mom asked if he had a good Christmas he replied, “Yes, best Christmas ever”! She wondered if it was because of the presents he received. Eli told her it was better to give than receive. He enjoyed the time spent with the children at the hospital and Mrs. Bob, making their Christmas special. Logan Smith Grade 1 Silverdale Baptist Academy Christina Steffey


A Snowy Surprise

One morning I woke up and I was a snowman and it was the middle of the summer! When my mom saw me she freaked out then she just threw me in the fridge until winter. When it was winter she took me out of the fridge and she let me go outside and I built another snowman, but the next morning I woke up and I was a normal human once again. The end. Knox Tipton Grade 1 Lookout Valley Elementary School Candace Baggett


The Monster

Everybody was having fun until a monster came. One of the most, fierce warriors came along. He fought until the monster went down. Then the village came to peace again. Grayson Vaughn Grade 1 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Jennifer Zeigler


The Owlocorn

This is about when I saw an Owlocorn. Me and my family were on a picnic. When we were done, we went on a walk in the forest. We got deeper and deeper. We were looking for an Owlocorn. My dad was holding an Olwocorn finder. We looked and we looked. We could hear the birds chirping. We were close to done. We almost left! Finally, we found the Owlocorn! I was so excited. My mom and my dad let me keep it for a pet. My Owlocorn talked. I brought it home. I named her Cristi. She could fly and do magic but she missed her family. I told her to go and visit her family. She was happy. Kate Womack Grade 1 Thrasher Elementary School Michelle Bailey


[ 2nd Grade Poetry ]


A Star Poem

Wise men were led by a star To visit baby Jesus. Stars in the sky help us Find our way. The first star each night is really bright. It might bring a wish you wished tonight. Stars above and stars below; Some stars you can touch. Star fish and sea stars can Be found in the sand. When we see a star, It reminds us of Christmas, wishes, and beaches. Jake Hobek Grade 2 Silverdale Baptist Academy Lynda Williams


Black Cat Jumps high Runs fast Black Frankie Murphy Grade 2 Boyd-Buchanan School Melanie Schonhoff



I have thoughts so fine, Cause all of the business is mine, A job I could do, a mom or a preacher, Or a best, best, best teacher. Savannah Qualls Grade 2 Soddy Elementary School Sarah Leeseberg



[ 2nd Grade Prose ]


Lulu’s Amazing Christmas Day

It was Christmas Eve when mom was reading Twas The Night Before Christmas while Lulu was all snug in her bed. Lulu was dreaming about all of the presents and the pink and turquoise wrapping paper. While her brother was dreaming of his dream car like he always does. Lulu woke up from Santa’s jingle on the sleigh. When she opened her eyes she saw it was morning she yelled, “GET UP IT’S MORNING!” Her and her brother waited at the top of the stairs for her mom to get the camera to take a picture but Lulu and Brant couldn’t keep their eyes open at all. When they walked down stairs her brother said where is my present from Santa? His parents said it’s outside! What? He said. He went outside and it was his dream car. Lulu ran back inside and she saw a big box. It was a PUPPY! The puppy made cute eyes and we all started laughing. They had a Happy Christmas! Brenna Bagley Grade 2 Boyd-Buchanan School Katelyn Statom


I am Very Nervous It is just before Thanksgiving and I am very nervous! I don’t want to be eaten. I am going to hide in a tunnel. If they find me, I will run as the quickest turkey EVER! They will not get me. When they are tired, I will run to my family. Gabby Bridges Grade 2 Soddy Elementary School Cindy Varner


The Odd Owl

One time I met and owl and we became friends. I was the only one who could talk to and hear him. His name was Kibbles. He was not an ordinary owl. He would sleep at night. He did not have night vision and he ate people food. We had a great time but one day there was an alien invasion. There was aliens everywhere. They took everyone except me and Kibbles. The aliens were there for 3 months. Kibbles took care of me because my family was taken by the aliens. Kibbles even had to cook me food. He was a great cook. It was Christmas Eve night. I couldn't sleep. Kibbles couldn't sleep either. I sang us a lullaby and we both finally fell fast asleep. The next day I woke up. "It's Christmas!" I shouted. Kibbles woke up. "What?" said Kibbles. "It's Christmas!" I shouted. "What time is it?" Said Kibbles. "It's 10:43am." I said. "No it's not." Said Kibbles. "Yes it is." I said. "Let me see. Look Kibbles. Oh but now it's 11:00 because we had a long conversation. Let's stop talking and go open presents Kibbles." I said. "Ok but why are you in such a rush?" Kibbles asked. "I'm just super excited that it's Christmas." I said. "What if Santa was taken by the aliens too. Or what if you have been bad and you get coal?" said Kibbles. "Ok let's stop talking now." I said. "Ya, you're right. Let's look and see if Santa has been to our house." Kibbles said. But there were presents. "Santa must have got away. Yay!" I said. "Stop yelling!" said Kibbles. "Ok let's open our presents." I said. "Oh look I got a new owl house." Said Kibbles. "And I got an X-Box 360." I said. And they lived happily ever after. Dawson Creek Grade 2 Big Ridge Elementary School Stephanie Schilling


Halloween Trick

One Halloween night my mom, my sister and I went trick-or-treating. One house gave me a trick and I got Legos. Then I got home and all of my candy was gone. I saw my Legos move but I thought it was the basket rattling. I put my basket down and my Legos jumped out then they came alive! Then I ran to my mom and said the Legos came alive. I told her to cut them up and she did. I helped to. Grayson DelSignore Grade 2 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Lauren Odum


Pencil Adventures

There was a faraway planet just like Earth except everyone was a pencil. It was Pencil Planet. In a little town called Pencil City there were Pencil Dog, Pencilsaurus and Pencil Spider. Pencil Dog wanted to go camping at Pencil Mountain but Pencilsaurus and Pencil Spider want to stay at Pencil City so Pencil Dog went alone. He went through Pencil Forest. Then he heard a cracking sound. Then he ran. On Pencil Mountain rocks started to crumble. When he reached the top, Eraser popped out of the bushes. He tried to draw things but the eraser erased it. Then Pencil Spider hears him. He used his sharp leg as a sword but it didn’t work. Then Pencilsaurus heard them. He ran up the mountain and cracked the ground below the erasers. They went down the mountain. They said, “Let’s not go on!” Oliver Dykstra Grade 2 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Pamela Neal


There once was a marker that used to live in a school. She saw a dancer on TV so she started to dance. She was a very good dancer. The school she lived at called her Red, so she made that her name. Red loved dancing, so she joined a dance class. She was so excited. At the dance class, her teacher was very strict. She did not allow markers to dance. Red had to leave. She was sad. She didn’t know what to do, because it was the only dance class in town. The dance teacher wouldn’t let her dance but Red was as good as the teacher. She wanted to be the best in town. One day, Red told her friend, Queen Allie about her problem. Queen Allie said, “there is nothing you can do about it.” Then she said, “I have an idea! I will make you both famous.” Red said, “wonderful idea.” So that is exactly what happened. Alice Eaker Grade 2 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Megan Shope


Once there was a lonely sea turtle and no one wanted to be his friend. One day, he met two friends. Now that he had friends, he decided to throw a Thanksgiving dinner. “So he said, who will help me pick the seaweed?” No one said anything. “Ok then, I will do it.” “Who will help me cook the minnows?” No one said anything. “Ok, I will do it myself.” “Who will help me get the coral off the coral tree?” He heard no, no, no from everyone. No one would help with anything. Soon, the dinner was ready. “Who will help me eat the Thanksgiving dinner?” Everyone yelled “ME!” Nope, said the sea turtle, “you didn’t help.” Emma Eaker Grade 2 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Megan Shope


Life in a Snow Globe

I live in a snow globe left in a toy store. One day, a girl looked at me and she smiled. “Mommy, Mommy! I want this!” the girl said. “How much is it?” her mom said. “Ugh….$10.99” said the girl. “Okay.” “Yah!” said the girl. She put me on the highest shelf in the house. I could see everything up there. It was December 1st. She left me up there for twenty four more days. Then she took me down and kept me forever. Every year on December 1st, she would put me up again. Jillian Fawbush Grade 2 Grace Baptist Academy Hillary Waters


The Girl Who Tried to Stop a War

Once a little girl was born in a Native American tribe in 1333. Her parents named her Blue Sea because the sea was all around their wigwam house. When Blue Sea was 18 there was a war between two parts of the tribe, because one group was making trading unequal. They forced Blue Sea's group to give them two Buffalo for one deer. Blue Sea's group thought that it would be hard for them to catch two Buffalo and easy for the other group to catch one little deer. So, the war between the two parts of the tribe began. They fought with spears and bows and arrows. It made Blue Sea sad to see her people hurt each other. Blue Sea tried to stop it but people kept getting mad at her. Blue Sea did not give up. One night she called all the people to the center of the wigwams. "We need to stop this war” she said. "We are friends not enemies, we need to stop being enemies”. “She’s right, “some people whispered. "OK we'll stop, they said. Blue Sea's best friend named Wind on the Moon yelled, "let's have a festival!" "Yeah", yelled the people. So they danced until they were all worn out. Blue Sea was happy! Miriam Isabel Fazio-Vives Grade 2 St. Peter’s Episcopal School Sandy Stinnett


Rex the Mean Pig

My grandfather Poppy used to have a pig when he was a boy. The pig’s name was Rex, and I love hearing Poppy tell stories about him. Here’s how Poppy came to have a pig. He had never had a pig before, but his family moved to Corpus Christi, Texas and his new school required that he had to be in a club. He chose the FFA club, which stands for “Future Farmers of America.” That is how he ended up with this pig, and my grandfather found out that he was no future farmer! When it came time to pick out his pig, he noticed that all the other boys were picking pretty small pigs. He decided to pick the biggest one for himself, and Rex was definitely the biggest. My grandfather thought that would be a good thing, but it turned out not to be. Rex was an unusual pig in many ways. For starters, he was very mean. And he would not follow directions, which made it hard to control him. Everyone had a stick that they used to control their pig. They could tap their pig, and the pig knew which way to go. But when my grandfather tapped his pig with the stick, Rex bit that stick right in half. No one was telling Rex which way to go. Since Rex couldn’t be guided with a stick like the other pigs, it was very hard to get him anywhere that he needed to be. He began to be known by everyone in the club as a terrible pig. One day Poppy needed to load Rex on a trailer to go to an FFA show. He couldn’t get Rex on the trailer, so he decided to ask his best friend Billy to help him with this task. Billy came over to help Poppy and he was dressed very nicely. He had just gotten a nice leather jacket that he was very proud of. Poppy was glad that Billy was willing to help him, but Poppy told him he probably should take off his nice jacket before helping. Billy insisted that he knew all about pigs, and that he could keep his new jacket on. Poppy told him to open the gate to the trailer and he would release Rex. Rex was supposed to go through the gate and up the little ramp. But Rex had a different idea. He headed straight for Billy, knocked him right off his feet into the mud, and tore the beautiful new jacket to pieces. It was ruined. My grandfather said that Billy didn’t speak to him for a month. In the end, when Rex finally was put in the show, he came in last place. One of the last bad things he did was he pressed his nose to the automatic water nozzle and flooded the pen where the pigs were being kept before the show. Every single pig was all muddy for the show, thanks to Rex. I don’t think my grandfather had a lot of friends in the FFA club after that. My grandfather’s family did finally get even with Rex after all the trouble he had caused everyone. He was taken from the show to a mysterious place, a smokehouse, and turned into a delicious batch of bacon. The whole family enjoyed their final revenge on Rex the mean pig! Dakota George Grade 2 Silverdale Baptist Academy Linda Pinter


Life in a Snow Globe

I live in a snow globe left in a toy store. I love to play in the snow in my snow globe. Maybe I'll find a good home like my friends too. One day a little boy took me home. I love him. Olivia Gunde Grade 2 Grace Baptist Academy Darris Waters


The Monstrous Book of Monsters

This is the monstrous book of monsters. First, there are Fire Tires. They are extremely dangerous to tires. If they burn another tire, it would come into their species. The Volcanics live in the Ring of Fire. They are nice when they are asleep, but when they’re awake you should stay away. They have lava. Tectonics make earthquakes and tsunamis when they crash into each other. They cause Volcanics to form. Tory are tornados. They are all over the world causing destruction. Crack-a-booms are lightning bolts with the word “boom” on them. They are dangerous. Seriously Simples are not dangerous since they are only a line and two dots. They could be your friend, but they’re rare. Hivers are nice only when you don’t mess with them, but if you do they get ANGRY! They are hives with legs. Camos are nice, but you rarely see them. Camos are camouflaged. Barks are a mix of birds and sharks. They attack people but they only eat birdseed. They are incredibly dangerous. David Hackathorne Grade 2 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Pamela Neal


How People Came to Earth

Once upon a time the Great Spirit decided to make people to take care of his nature. He took some shooting stars and threw them down to earth. They landed in what is now Mexico. When they hit the land the stars broke open and people came out of them. They named everything in nature. They took wood from trees and built places to live and called them homes. They named the places they went. This is the way people were made. Gracie Holder Grade 2 Boyd-Buchanan School Carol Littlejohn


Lost by Myself

I know the story because I was there the whole time. Once upon a time there was a little girl walking home from school. She stopped because she was lost. She was scared and sad. She looked everywhere. She fell asleep because she was so tired. She heard something. It was coming towards her and she was scared. It was the Grinch so she hid. “Oh no, it’s the Grinch, I must run, run away from the Grinch, it’s the Grinch!” Wait, is that…. Crisy my elf sister? Crisy said I missed you so much. Where were you? You moved without me and I went to find you. “Shhh…the Grinch is here. RUN!” Then they ran to the North Pole. She found her family and she is so happy. She loves her family. The North Pole looked like a pretty Christmas tree. It feels new and smells like candy. Ahhh! They all hugged because they loved each other and they were all family. Meet the Author: Mia Kinney was born in 2009. She lives in Chattanooga Tennessee. I have been writing since kindergarten. Her hobbies are basketball, lacrosse, softball, soccer, football and art. She loves writing! Mia Kinney Grade 2 St. Peter’s Episcopal School Shelly Curvin


All About Dinosaurs

You many already know that dinosaurs are big, but I bet you don’t know about sauropods, theropods or how fossils are made. I am going to teach you all about these things. Do you know what a sauropod is? They are a category of dinosaur. They have big guts for digesting food. They stand on four feet. Sauropods eat plants. Also, they have long necks and whip-like tails for balance and scaring away predators. Some examples are a Brachiosaurus and Apatosaurus. Theropods are dinosaurs too! They stand on 2 feet. They eat meat. Some theropods have armour to protect them. A T-Rex is a therozpod. How to fossils arrive? First, an animal or plant dies. Next, it gets covered in layers of sediment. Then, the soft parts like skin and meat rot away. Only the bones are left and after millions of years minerals replace the bones. Last a paleontologist digs the fossil up! Now you have learned all about dinosaurs. Emery McClusky Grade 2 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Pamela Nelson


Stagosaurus and Doeasaurus

Once upon a time there were two dinosaurs, but they didn’t look like regular dinoasurs. One was called Stagosaurus and he looked like a Stag, which is a male deer. The other one was called Doeasaurus and she looked like a Doe, which is a female deer. One day they were softly snoring when Doeasaurus realized she was going to have babies! And so it happened. She named her 3 babies Leopard, Keylime and Sunshine. Sunshine was a sparkly yellow, Keylime was grassy green and Leopard had leopard print. One day a T-Rex came and stole Keylime, Sunshine and Leopard! Stagosaurus tried to get them back. He had to think of a plan. Doeasaurus said, “calm down”. Stagosaurus and Doeasaurus began to cry. Just then, Stagosaurus thought of a plan. Stagosaurus decided to sneak up on T-Rex and scare him. “ROAR!” Stagosaurus scared him so bad he ran away! Stagosaurus gathered up his babies and went home to have their dinner. Libby Setlich Grade 2 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Pamela Nelson


Pikachu and the Mirror

One day Pikachu was lying on the couch doing nothing. Then he had to brush his teeth. He looked in the mirror. “Oh no!” said Pikachu. He looked and looked at the mirror. Everything was silent. “Someone is trapped in a mirror!” said Pikachu. The person looked exactly like him. Pikachu was shocked. He told his dad. Pikachu’s dad said, “Where did you see the person in the mirror?” “Well,” said Pikachu. I brushed my teeth and then I looked in the mirror. “That’s where I found him.” “He looked exactly like me!” said Pikachu. Three hours later… Pikachu had to brush his teeth again. His mom and dad had to brush their teeth also. “Oh no!” said Pikachu. “There are two more people trapped in the mirror!” Then his mom said, “What?” “Well” said Pikachu. “I was-“ “Wait.” said Pikachu’s mom. “I don’t need to hear the whole story.” “Where are the people?” she said. “Hello?” Someone said in a low voice. “Ahh!” said Pikachu. His dad was laughing. “What is so funny?” said Pikachu. His dad said, “It wasn’t the mirror that talked it was me!” Pikachu’s dad kept on laughing. “It’s not funny!” said Pikachu. “Well Pikachu, no one is in the mirror.” said Pikachu’s dad. “But but why?” said Pikachu. “It’s just your reflection.” said Pikachu’s dad. “The mirror is very shiny so you can see yourself in it.” Said Pikachu’s mom. “Oh.” Said Pikachu. “I understand now.” Said Pikachu. “Hey I’m Mr. Fluffy Pants.” “Dddid the mirror just talk?” said Pikachu’s mom. “No it was just me!” said Pikachu and they all started laughing. The End “Wwwait.” A wizard was standing in the sink. “I was practicing my magic and it didn’t work.” Said the wizard. “What were you going to do?” said Pikachu. “I pulled myself into a mirror and I was trying to make you think that you were a wizard.” Said the wizard. “So I have to go home.” Said the wizard. Then the wizard vanished. Then they ate lunch finally. Now this is really The End. Neela Soni Grade 2 St. Nicholas School Katie McCorkle


Penny the Puppy

Penny is a tiny Dalmatian puppy. She didn’t have any friends. She did have a good mother and father but they had died. Penny was sent to live in a pet shop, then she was adopted. She tried to jump out of her new owner’s arms and escape because she didn’t understand what was happening. She wasn’t able to escape then because she was not strong enough. Her new owners were Jenny and Max and they were kind but Penny did not know that. Penny just wanted to be free and make friends with other animals. In the middle of the second night in her new home, Penny escaped from the pin, because the owners did not lock the door of the pin. They had even forgotten to shut the tiny window of the laundry room where Penny slept. Penny saw the opening and jumped out of the window. “Free at last,” she started to sing! “Yippee, yippee, I’m out! I can go make some new friends!” Then she set out for an adventure to find a friend or two. The next morning, Penny met Alex, a German Shepherd puppy. Penny had made a new friend; she was very excited and loving it. They played for hours. In the mean time Jenny and Max, Penny’s owners, were scared and upset because their new puppy had gone missing. They went for a walk in hopes that they would find their puppy. On their walk, Jenny and Max saw Penny running. They started chasing her and she ran as fast as she could. Penny ran into a maze and she hit a dead end, then she didn’t know what to do. Jenny and Max caught her. Penny realized that Jenny and Max cared about her and wanted her to come home. Penny started to cry; she wanted Alex to come to. Jenny and Max checked Alex for a collar and he didn’t have one. Alex needed a home, so Jenny and Max adopted him too. Penny and Alex were together and they lived happily in their new home for many years! Ali Grace Vereen Grade 2 Silverdale Baptist Academy Heather Beaver


Wispy Boo!

One day my family was trick-or-treating. We had fun. And then the air said, “Boo!” “Wait what was that?” said Daddy. I said, “It was a wisp.” It is a type of ghost. It was probably nice. Sarah said, “What is a wisp?” “It is a type of ghost silly!” One day it dropped a jolly rancher. They are very common. And rare too. You have a 10% chance of seeing one. After I talked about it the wisp said, “boo!” again. And I fed wispy brown jolly ranchers and wispy said, “ggghhh.” Sarah, Daddy and Mommy said, “What was that?” “It is the sound of it chewing candy.” “They sound a little weird.” Ho, my bad it was asking me to be a friend. Do you mind if there is a ghost in the backyard. “Hh…YES!” “I am surprised you said yes. Are you sure?” Sarah said, “I am scared. I am scared that the ghost will eat all the candy.” I said, “Don’t worry. It will share. Don’t worry. If it does, I have a planto get $1,000,000! And we live a very weird life. The End Luke Wilkinson Grade 2 St. Nicholas School Katie McCorkle


[ 3rd Grade Poetry ]


Fall Is‌ Creepy, weird trees shaking terribly in the moonlight Dark, grey bats flying around at night Golden, beautiful dogs playing in the leaves Happy, blue birds singing an amazing song Wonderful, hot sun burning in the daytime Brody Barnett Grade 3 Boyd-Buchanan School Lisa Holland


flat, short camping, climbing, playing plateaus and rivers—so different. fishing, swimming, paddle boarding vast, wet River Abigail Becker Grade 3 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Bethany Schklar



I am an actor. I wonder why. I hear bees buzzing. I see bees pollinating. I want bees. I am an actor. I pretend I can fly a broom. I feel cool. I touch bees. I worry about bees. I cry about dead bees. I am an actor. I understand bees. I say bees are cool! I dream about bees. I try foods. I hope bees live happy lives. I am an actor. Benjy Bertani Grade 3 St. Nicholas School Lynda Pritchett


Hi, my name is Joe, Last name is Poe. I live in a hole, With another mole. I love apple cores, But I hate to do chores. I go to the park, When it is dark. So that is my story from a mole, In a hole. Jacque Cruz Grade 3 Nolan Elementary School Becky Leary

Too Much Information


Whale Shark The whale shark is the biggest fish in the sea, The spots are pretty to me. Its skin is 6 inches thick, And I can go swimming with I t. It eats plankton, small fish, squid, and krill Now the whale shark needs to go, He has to go grill his krill. Now you can see it is cool to me! Channing Edmonds Grade 3 Boyd-Buchanan School Kim Glisson


I am a book worm and I love to read. I wonder about solar eclipses. I hear a dragon roar. I see a dragon. I want to pet a dragon. I am a bookworm and I love to read. I pretend to be a dragon. I feel happy because I am not sleepy, I touch a dragon. I cry when I leave my family. I am a bookworm and I love to read. I understand that books are awesome. I say I believe in Jesus. I dream about dragons. I try to keep my feelings to myself. I hope dragons will be real. I am a bookworm and I love to read. Dillen Foster Grade 3 St. Nicholas School Lynda Pritchett


A squirrel ate my pearl! A squirrel ate my pearl! She chased me down the alleyway until I felt like flying away I didn't know quite what to do I had to blast a couple of moves A squirrel ate my pearl! A rhyme ate my time! A rhyme ate my time! It had a silly kind of sound I think it lives under the ground I heard a rustling in the tree I screamed, "What is that chasing me?" A rhyme ate my time! An otter ate my tater totter! An otter ate my tater totter! It jumped right up into my face Those tots were gone without a trace Eating tots was his desire 'Cause he's a thief and he's a liar An otter ate my tater totter James Grantham Grade 3 Thrasher Elementary School Courtney Johnson

Some Rhymes


A Road Less Traveled

Once I came across a road less traveled. I went right down it. I realized why it was a road less traveled And narrowly escaped a yeti and a mountain lion. On my way back out I almost got crushed by a rock slide. I learned my lesson. I hope you take my advice and don’t take a road less traveled. Reed Hollis Hampton Grade 3 Thrasher Elementary School Mary Ferguson


Ocean Deep pretty Swimming, fishing, boating A river loves watching oceans. Flowing, rushing, running Long big River Lila Hilgen Grade 3 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Emily Pittman

Ocean to River


Not So Fun of a Day

I got a U on a reading test. I told my mom, “I did my best.” My dog chewed up my jogging trophy into shreds, At first, I was so mad that I wanted him dead. My cookies were crumbled during my lunch. It was chocolate chips and grainy crumbs in a bunch. I slammed my finger in the car door. My goodness! What else? There can’t be more. I had an argument with my friend. This bad day, will it ever end? Tomorrow, for sure, will be a new day. I hope I never have a day like this again, I pray. Grayson Holliday Grade 3 Nolan Elementary School Becky Leary


I Am

I am a hard worker, a caring person I wonder what there is beyond the solar system I hear music in everything I see an undiscovered world I want to help others I feel content, happy I worry about my dog I cry when others are lost I understand why my cat meows I say just a little farther, you can do it I dream I will make the world a better place I am William Hubbard William Hubbard Grade 3 Nolan Elementary School Jessica Matukeicz


Canyon to River

Canyon Steep large Climbing, walking, mining A river lies at the bottom of the canyon. Moving, flowing, going Long, skinny River Jacob J. Grade 3 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Emily Pittman


Mistletoe Green, red Hugging, kissing, loving Prickly, small Mistletoe Meredith Lambert Grade 3 Boyd-Buchanan School Lisa Holland



The seahorse is slow And he moves with the soft, flowing water. He swims toward land And he gets pulled back. He thinks for a minute. He goes down And wraps his tail around A piece of coral. Bailey Long Grade 3 Boyd-Buchanan School Ione Matherley


The Electric Eel

The electric eel lives down in the dark, Out of its tail comes a little spark. The electric eel swims just like a snake, He’s swimming home, he has cookies to bake. The electric eel likes to eat tiny fish, The little fish don’t want to be served on a dish. The electric eel likes to hide, But he’s not tall to go on some roller coaster rides. Mia Lucas Grade 3 Boyd-Buchanan School Kim Glisson



Pink like the sunset Eyes wide like an opened door Frightened of the tremendous and famous people Spread a part fingers Close to your body Moving back as the people approach you You don't want to talk when they talk to you Um.....uh.....uhhh h-hell-hello Scared Ummmmm... P-ple please don't hurt me ... H-..-hi there-there W-what do you want from me? S-so how i-is your day going? Sitting in a frightening zone of people Scared from many teenagers Needs to get out of the room Can’t survive much longer Wants its parents Super scared and frightened Extremely nauseous Zain Rifai Grade 3 The Bright School Allie Baum


Tall Tons of branches Green leaves Great to climb Old as Abraham Lincoln Shady on a bright, sunny day Sye Simmons Grade 3 The Bright School Amanda Angel

The Tree


I wish I wish I was an eel! Because I’d like A big old meal! But not as big As a harp seal! I would like To be a moray eel! Gabe Watson Grade 3 Boyd-Buchanan School Ione Matherley

Moray Eel


The Black Cat Walked very, very Slow Its paws softly touched the creaky floor One paw after Another Its footsteps sounded like a bottle cap Dropping on the floor Trip Yalden Grade 3 The Bright School Katie Shirley

Black Cat


[ 3rd Grade Prose ]


This experience has left me with a lot of memories of Grandpa. My grandma told me that I was the last person to kiss my grandpa. This makes me feel special. I will always remember my grandpa throwing leaves on us in the fall, sneaking us treats when my mom said, “No,� and always having presents waiting for us whenever we visited. My grandpa was a carpenter and could build anything. He was also very generous and always found ways to help people. As long as I have my memories of my grandpa, he will always be with me. Isabelle Alpers Grade 3 Nolan Elementary School Becky Leary


Go to School

“Yes, I am excited to go to school!” “Let’s go in the car,” said Mom. “What’s wrong?” said Plum. “The car will not work,” said Mom. “What does that mean?” “That means we are going to find a cab.” The only cab there was a giant taco. My mom said, “It won’t be that bad,” but it was! I was late when I got to school. When I walked in, I got a tardy slip. I got in my classroom, and my friend said, “Why were you late?” I said, “You will not want to know.” My friend said, “OK, but you smell like tacos.” My mom picked me up in a different car. I asked my mom, “Were you in a different car?” She said, “My old car was broken, so they gave me a different car that was a rental car.” “WHEW!” “Smell like tacos, go take a bath!” Josie Arnold Grade 3 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Courtney Hueter


“The Two Spy Girls”

One day there was a girl named Marley she had two BFFs at school their names were Addie Rose and Bentley. One day Marley decided to play with Addie Rose. She asked why Marley was never home. Marley said, “Can you keep a secret?” Addie Rose said, “Yes.” Marley said, “Okay, I am part of a spy company.” Addie Rose said, “Can I be part of your spy company?” “Yes! Okay, but first, we have to train,” said Marley. “What do we do for training?” Addie Rose asked. “First, we have to climb the rope of snakes!” said Marley. Addie Rose asked, “The Rope of Snakes? Are they real snakes?” “Yes, just don’t touch the black parts.” explained Marley. “Why?” asked Addie Rose. “Because that’s the snake head.” said Marley. Addie Rose asked Marley, “and what if I do?” Marley said, “you’ll get eaten.” So, they made it across the Rope of Snakes and to the Torture Chamber. They survived but Addie Rose did not know what was coming her way. “Oh no!” said Marley. “We have our first mission!” “What is it?” asked Addie Rose. “There’s been a robbery at the bank. We have to go now!” said Marley. But little did they know Addie Rose was not ready. So, when Addie Rose came back, she broke her leg. So they hurried off to the doctor and Addie Rose’s mom asked Marley, “what did the doctor say?” Marley said, “Well, she broke her leg and she’s going to have crutches for 20 weeks.” Twenty weeks later, Addie Rose was ready for more missions. She finished her training and was safe to go on missions again. “Marley, can I tell you something?” asked Addie Rose. “Yeah sure, what is it?” said Marley. Addie Rose told her that she was going to quit. “No, you can’t quit! I need you! Why do you want to quit?” said Marley. Addie Rose said, “I’m scared I’m going to get hurt again.” So, that night Marley found the number of Peyton Manning, a former quarterback of The University of Tennessee. She asked for his help. She wanted him to help support Addie Rose so she would go on missions again. He agreed to help and talk to Addie Rose. Peyton encouraged Addie Rose to not give up and to go on mission again. She was excited and thankful for Peyton’s help. She asked Peyton, “How can I repay you for helping me?” Then she said, “I know, I can encourage you to keep playing football.” Addie Rose knew she would need a lot of help to talk Peyton Manning into playing football again. She called Bentley and Marley over to help her talk to Peyton. They told him to not be afraid because God was with him always. The next day, Peyton Manning signed up to be on the Tennessee football team again. He gave Addie Rose, Bentley and Marley free tickets to the game. That night they were jumping with joy because the Volunteers won against Alabama, the score was 84-0. Marley Brown Grade 3 Silverdale Baptist Academy Joe Parker


The Girl who Cried Monster! It all started as a normal day at the library. Kyla was just turning in a book when the librarian said, “Did you like the book?” Kyla said, “Two thumbs down.” Mr. Thomas said, “This book is a classic.” “Yeah, but I like scary books because-” The librarian cut her off, ”Why don’t you just go find another book?” “Hey, Tyler!” Kayla said to her best friend. “Hey, what book are you getting?” asked Tyler. “Frankenstein” she replied. “Nice!” “Kayla, are you sure you want to get his book? Frankenstein is also a classic.” “Yeah, but it is scary.” Bang! Mr. Thomas slammed the stamp onto the book as he checked out the book. Tyler and Kyla were talking on the way home, when Kyla realized he left her bag at the Library. She got her bag, but when she looked at Mr. Thomas, she saw that he had two tanks. One had a tarantula in it, and the other had dozens and dozens of crickets. Kayla stared in confusion. They, MR. Thomas took a hand full of crickets and ate them! Kayla looked in disgust. Then, she saw that he was a monster. Kayla ran out of the library and ran home. Later, she called Tyler and told him about what she saw. Of course, Tyler did not believe her, so she wanted to get proof. The next day, she went to the library, and she turned in Frankenstein. She pretended to shut the door, and instead of leaving, Kyla tried to get as close to Mr. Thomas as possible. Right as she got the proof, he saw her! She ran and ran, but she got stuck in a corner. Mr. Thomas seemed like he wanted to ear her, but Kayla went through his legs and ran home without stopping. When Kayla got home, she called Tyler right away. He now believed her. Tyler said, “If I was you, I would go somewhere else. He is probably heading to your house right now!” She went downstairs and looked out the window of the door, and Mr. Thomas was right there. “What are you doing here?” Kayla asked. “I was returning your backpack.” Mr. Thomas answered. Kayla locked to door and said, “Ok, just leave it on the porch.” “Mom! Dad!” Kayla called out after Mr. Thomas left. “What?” “Mr. Thomas is a monster!” “Monster!” said her little brother Trey. “Kayla stop trying to scare your little brother.” “I’m not joking. Mr. Thomas is a monster! Here is proof!” “Look at this app.” Kayla said and showed them “We are going to invite Mr. Thomas over for dinner tonight, and I don’t want to hear any more of this monster business, okay?” said Kayla’s mom. “Okay, but..” “Stop, go.” Ding, dong, the doorbell rang. “Okay, Mr. Thomas is here. No more monster stuff.” Said Kayla’s mom. She opened the door and said, “Hi, Hello. Kayla would you like to offer Mr. Thomas a meatball?” “Here you go.” said Kayla. “Mmm, what’s for dinner?” Mr. Thomas asked, and Kayla’s mom answered, “Well, it was going to be a surprise, but since you asked, you!” “Excuse me!” asked Mr. Thomas.“That’s right, you! Then, Kayla’s parents turned into vampire like mutants and ate Mr. Thomas. Dad said, “That was close. He almost got away. Now kids,” Kayla cut him off, “You just ate Mr. Thomas!” Dad calmly said, “Kids, never ever tell anyone. Do you know why? Because they would kill us!” “Oh no! More monsters!” Trey exclaimed. “We’ll take care of this.” Then, my parents transformed back into mutants. “Hey, What’s for dessert?” My dad said, “Well since you asked, you and this pie. Ha! Ha! Ha!” Avery Glover Grade 3 St. Peter’s Episcopal School Susan Bell


The Costume Search

All Linda’s friends have costumes, everyone but Linda. All her costumes are either too little or too big. But Halloween is just one week away!! “What should I wear for the Halloween party?” she said in a worried voice. The next day at school everyone in the hall had a costume. She forgot today was show your costume day. But she didn’t have a costume yet. She knew something bad was going to happen. That day in science, she put down her bag. Spat! She felt her head, and it was wet! Then she looked up and saw Mayleen Harper, the meanest girl in fifth grade! She felt tears coming into her eyes and then all of a sudden, ding dong the bell was ringing. After school she decided to end this. She rode her bike to the costume store. When she walked in she gasped. It was like a store of rainbows. It took a long time to find the perfect costume. Finally, she found one. It had fake rips and dry blood. “I love it!” A week later, on Halloween night, Linda saw Mayleen trick-or-treating. Mayleen thought Linda had the best costume on the block. “Hi Mayleen,” shouted Linda. “What are you?” asked Mayleen. “Oh, I’m a zombie.” “Okay,” said Mayleen walking away. The next morning, Linda didn’t see Mayleen anywhere. All of a sudden, she saw her peeking out of the bathroom door. She started walking to Linda. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I liked your costume that you wore.” “Thanks!” “You want to be friends?” asked Mayleen in a shy voice. “Sure!” Then the two went off. Genevieve Gossett Grade 3 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Barbra Lail


Close your eyes and imagine dust in your mouth, your eyes are burning. All you hear is clickity clack clickity clack. You are like I am almost there when you get to the finish line you see some other horse racers. You will be learning about what racing horses eat, the known state, and the best breed. Have you ever wondered what a race horse eats? A race horse eats oats, corn, barley, and timothy. Race horses eat oats, corn, barley, and timothy because they have to eat cereal grains. Race horses eat through 15-20 pounds per day. Race horses have to weigh 1,036-1,135. Have you ever thought about where horse racing takes place? Horse racing takes place at the Kentucky Derby. The city it takes place in is Louisville. The first horse race took place on the first Saturday of May at Churchill Downs. Do you know that there are certain breeds that are the best for horse racing? Some of them are Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Arabian, Appaloosa, Standard Breed, and Pantaloona. All of these horses are all very similar. They are all very similar because they are all one of the best breeds for horse racing. Abigail Gries Grade 3 Lookout Valley Elementary School Brittany Owens


The Grogflow

Nicholas woke up, put on his bathing suit, and ran out of his bedroom. His mother, father, and brother were eating. Nicholas was having so much fun playing with his brother, Carter. They were playing in the sand and water. In the crack of the dawn, the rapid came and took Carter away in the sea!! The whole family had a funeral for Carter. Now Nicholas is so grumpy. Kids at school call him GROGFLOW!! They bully him. He gets so angry because kids were calling him names. Nicholas and another kid got called into the office. Nicholas thinks it’s about Carter. He feels like he is in a black hole!! Nicholas thought of something as fast as a lightning bolt. “We are having a memorial for Carter,” exclaimed Nicholas! Kids started calling him Nicholas again and stopped bullying him. He was not as sad anymore. When they had the memorial for Carter, Nicholas screamed, “I am happy!” Elijah Hall Grade 3 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Barbra Lail



World War II It was the middle of World War II and Jeffery a 13 year old boy was in the middle of it. He was a re-loader for the guns. “Help,” yelled Jeffry. He heard gun shots every were. His dad a rifle man came over. “Go back to the base,” he yelled. So he went back. “What are you doing here Jeffrey?” Said his mother she was a nurse for the army. “Why are you not out on the battlefield?” Said his mother. “Dad said go back to base,” said Jeffrey. “Well you need to go back out there. People need their guns re-loaded,” said his mother. “Ok,” said Jeffrey “I’ll go.” So he went back out and saw that his father was hurt. “Jeffrey,” his dad said. “Take this.” “Your rifle?” Jeffrey said. “Yes take it and use it.” “I am just a re-loader.” Said Jeffrey “Just do it for me Jeffrey,” his dad said. “Ok, but how do you use it?” Jeffrey said but his dad had already passed. “Ok I’ll find out myself, I’ll make you proud dad” Jeffrey thought. He ran over to a barricade for safety. He heard a guy next to him say, “Aren’t you too young to be a raffle man?” “My dad gave me this gun and said to fight with it, before he sadly died.” Said Jeffrey. By the way “My name is Jeffrey” and he said. “No time kid.” “I’ll show you how to shoot that rifle, you are on your own,” the guy said. So he showed him how to use the rifle and he almost shot five German Soldiers. “By the way my name is Brandon.” He said. “Ok you are on your own,” Brandon said run out of this barricade. So he ran closer to the middle of the battlefield, and Jeffrey saw a man that looked mad and furious. He said, “one day I will the world!” Right than he knew it was Hitler the German ruler. He suddenly got scarred and ran into the woods. Every German soldier he saw, he shot them. He ran and ran until he ran out of breath. He saw a shack in the distance. He hid in the shack until he saw no more German soldiers. Then he went on the run again, and saw a house and ran inside and saw a family. They welcomed him in. Days later a guy was at the door, and Jeffrey noticed it American soldier Brandon. He said that his mother got really sick from cancer and died. So he lived with that family ever since he heard that his mother died. The End……. Lucas Hinckley Grade 3 Grace Baptist Academy Tammie Fricks



A long time ago, a girl named Caroline lived with her mother. Caroline didn’t go to school, and she didn’t get home-schooled. She was 15 and could stay home alone, so that’s what she did. Her mom had to go to work. One day, her mom got a day off from work to stay with Caroline. But that didn’t make life for Caroline any better. She was still bored out of her mind, like usual. So she asked her mom what to do. Her mom said, “Go play outside.” Caroline said, “I’m not five anymore mom, why do I have to go outside?” But she went anyway because her mom told her to. She started running back and forth down her yard while playing with her dog. Until eventually she hit something. At first, whatever it was she hit looked invisible. And then it started to appear. It looked like a door in a wall. Caroline tried to open the door, but it was locked. She thought, “I shouldn’t be in this area, I might bump into the wall again.” She started running back and forth down the yard again, chasing her dog to the other side. (Of course, her dog was 5,000 times faster. So he won.) She started to run back to the other side of the yard. Before she stopped to avoid the wall again, she tripped over something. It was invisible, as well, and very, very tiny. She thought it could possibly be the key to the door to the wall. And in fact, it was. Her mom called out the window, “It’s lunchtime, sweetie. Hey, what are you doing on the ground?” Caroline said, “I tripped.” But in her head she thought, “How can Mom not see the key or the wall? Caroline came in for lunch. After awhile, she forgot about the wall. Until she went back outside. When she got back outside, she had forgotten where the wall’s door was located but fortunately she bumped right into it again. Luckily, she still had the key and could unlock the door and find out what was inside. She stuck the key in the hole and the door creaked open. She walked in – and there was a small, cramped flower garden. Half of the plants inside were dead, half were alive. She went back through the door and into her house to get water to water the plants in the garden. Her mom wondered why she got water, so she told her she was watering the plants in the garden. The next morning, Caroline returned to the garden and all the plants were alive . Caroline thought there would be somebody, somewhere, that could see the door to the garden, or at least some of it. But she found no one. Until, a few years later when she was nearly 18, and traveling around Spain. She met a girl named Maria and showed her pictures of the exact location of the wall that Caroline had taken the day when the plants came back to life. Caroline had shown these pictures to people all around the globe for years, but none had seen anything in them. She gave the pictures to Maria to look at, and thought she would also see nothing. But Maria said, “That’s a very pretty wall you have.” Caroline got excited. “You can see that?” she asked. Maria exclaimed, “Of course I can! Why did you think I wouldn’t be able to see it? Caroline said, “Probably because no one can see it except for me. And now you. “


Maria traveled back to the US with Caroline to see the garden. They went inside, Maria was able to see everything. Maria said, “You’re sure no one else can see this but us?” “Yes, I’m sure,” Caroline said. Maria took some pictures before she went back to Spain. “Just in case I can find someone else who can see this place.” Ten years later, she got an email back from Maria, who was now 28 years old. It said she had found a 14 year old boy who could as well see the pictures of the garden. And she said they were both on a flight to the U.S. Caroline was ready for them. When they got to her house, Caroline went and unlocked the door to the garden. The young boy walked in. The girls asked the boy what he saw. He said, “I see a bunch of flowers.” The girls asked, “Is that all?” “A couple trees and vines, too,” he said. Then the girls started to think there were more people out there who could see the wall. So they agreed to keep searching. By the time Caroline was 57, they had only found two more. By now, Caroline and Maria were retired and didn’t want to travel the world anymore. They had lost touch with the other three. They were just happy knowing there were at least five of them who had been able to see the garden. For the rest of their lives, Caroline and Maria kept talking about the garden, even though they were many miles away from each other. Quinn Holland Grade 3 Thrasher Elementary School Mary Ferguson


A Surprisingly Useful Present

Oh my gosh! This is probably some of the best artwork I’ve ever done without instruction! Hmm...maybe I could add more detail, oh, and some shading. It was my birthday, and I was so excited! My whole family was coming. I wished for lots of kitties. I would add them to my kitty collection with all my many, many others. My whole family was coming. My Aunt Sarah, Uncle Jason, Nana and Pop (my grandparents), Gigi (my other grandma), and Grandpa. I was eager to open my presents, especially the cookie cake, which had a kitty head in the middle. “I know Nana is going to bring a fruit tray and a square strawberry cake that I might not eat.” I curiously told myself, “Mommy is making food for adults that I have no idea what it is.” I walked into the kitchen and yelled, “Oh my gosh, it stinks in here! What is it?” “Onions and casserole,” my mom said calmly. I answered, “I’m going to go outside and see if anyone arrives.” I lied. I really wanted to get the dreadful smell out of my nose. Slam! I loudly closed the door and went to the fresh air outside. Of course, I had to find something to do to occupy my time, so I didn’t get bored and go in. I thought about collecting spiky gumballs. Then, I remembered about the large yellow Frisbee that goes far. It was May, so I was hot and perspiring. So, I slowly walked to the garage to grab the giant yellow Frisbee. My neighbors were outside, so I tried not to step on any sticks. I can be kind of shy to neighbors, so I didn’t want to be loud. Vrrrrrrrr! My grandparents finally came. They were the first guests! I was able to hear them all the way up the street. I don’t run up to cars of people you know, like other people do. I wait until they’re in the driveway and then walk to them. Well, more of a light run. They finally came from up the street and started slowing down. For some reason, they parked in the grass, probably because they wanted to leave room for other cars to park. When they were getting unbuckled, I threw the Frisbee really far and it landed on their car (I was like, halfway across the yard). My grandparents noticed, so once they got out of the car my grandpa grabbed it. I ran up to them. Then he tossed it to me. I ran inside. Thank goodness, the horrible smell wasn’t in the kitchen anymore, so I did not have to hold my nose. I said to everyone inside, “Nana and Pop are here!” Then, I ran outside and impatiently yelled, “Come on!” Once they came in, I told them to place the gifts by the chair. I didn’t go back outside, so I sprinted to my room when nobody was looking. I flopped on my bed and thought about random things and nothing for about 45 seconds. My aunt, uncle, and grandparents were here. Everyone was here. I went to look at the kitty cookie cake on the counter. “Mmmmmmm! Cookie cake,” I thought. Cookie cake is always there on my birthday. Since everyone had arrived, we could grab our plates and fill them with lots of food, which was: fruit, chips, hotdogs, juice boxes, and tons of yummies in our mouth. Finally, we were finished. Dessert time! We could eat ice cream and the holy kitty cookie cake. “I call dibs on the kitty head,” I shouted. “Are you sure you can eat all that?” my mom asked. Once ice cream and cookie cake were on my plate, I grabbed my fork and stabbed my giant piece of cake. I ate some vanilla ice cream with sprinkles too.


Finally, I got to open presents. The last gift I opened got me so excited that I almost exploded. I thought I would have a sugar rush from all the delicious cake. “This is so amazing I think I’m going to pass out. (I didn’t say it out loud)!” The awesome gift came with a draw all about me coloring book and a notebook with black paper. It also came with special pens. For the black paper, there were white, orange, green, blue, and yellow pens that were actually made for black paper. Then, the ultimate gift awaited…24 scented glitter gel pens!! I drew, and drew, and drew some more. 4-5 Months Later…. “I should really use this green composition book more often. Ooh, maybe I could draw a picture with these gel pens I got on my birthday.” I wondered what to draw. Suddenly, an idea popped into my head. I have a book called Chloe, the Kitten. It is a book where animals have wings. They have specials jobs to do, however, I really like the enchanted illustrations. So, I drew something that was magical. For a couple of days, I used some free time to work on it. I kept the page in the book open to get more ideas. I wanted my picture to look amazing. At last, I finished. I stared at my picture. I felt good about myself. Did you realize I love kittens? Bess Innes Grade 3 Nolan Elementary School Becky Leary


“Trapped Abstract”

My name is Dana Lawson. One night, I was having a sleepover. My friend Emily Brown was coming over. Then, before I knew it, she came. We played so many games together! But the next morning something strange happened… We didn’t wake up in the bed. We woke up in a strange colorful place, with many different shapes all around us. I was trying to process everything that was going on in my head. Emily was about to pass out- I could tell because of how pale her face was. I realized we were in an abstract world. Then, Emily shouted, “We’re in an abstract painting!” “We’ve got to get out of here!” I said with a worried voice. I was about to look down to tie my shoes but I had tiny feet, and stubby arms. Emily said she felt deaf. I thought it might have been because I screamed as loud as I possibly could, but I didn’t know for sure. We looked around. It almost looked like a path of obstacles made for us. I told Emily that we might be able to get out by going through the path. It started out easy but then is got super hard. I told Emily to grab on to my feet as soon as I grabbed on to the next edge. Well, she grabbed on all right. Maybe a little too hard. Then, well, we fell. “Ahhhhhhh!” we screamed. Thankfully we landed on another platform closer to the end of the path. Suddenly, the painting started to collapse. We ran as fast as we could. We both could tell we were very close to the end. Soon after, we made it to the end. “What’s happening!” Emily shrieked. We started to grow taller, and our arms and legs grew more too. Then we woke up in the bed. “Yay! It was just a dream!” Emily shouted. “Thank goodness.” I said as I was very relived. Then we both said, “I don’t think we’ll be planning any more sleepovers in the future!” Sara Jackson Grade 3 The Bright School Allie Baum


Our hamster name Snowflake got out of his cage. We did not see him. We accidentally left the cage open and he climbed out. We searched and searched for him. I stepped on his little tail and he said squeak squeak. My friend Luke said that was the hamster. The hamster started climbing up the book case. Luke said Snowflake has not heard the saying curiosity killed the cat or in this case the hamster. Luke I think you are right and the class agreed. We could not find the hamster after that, but we got a new hamster named Brownie. Did You Know Did you know that hamsters live for 2 years or less. Savannah Martin Grade 3 Grace Baptist Academy Launa Cooke


So Close!

It was a sunny afternoon. Me, my dad, and my brother were sitting in our chairs next to the fire. My brother silently stared as the thick smoke slowly rose to the bright blue sky. I heard a stick crack. Then I heard it again. I thought it was a rabbit. “It’s a deer!” my dad whispered. I peered into the bushes, and I saw a furry, brown face. It slowly came toward us. All of us tried not to move or make noises. Suddenly a soft breeze blew some smoke into my face. I quickly ducked and tried to wave back at the smoke. First the deer stepped back, then it turned around and dashed into the woods. Vivian Miller Grade 3 Thrasher Elementary School Courtney Johnson


The Three Little Princesses and the Big Bad Cow

Once upon a time, three little princesses lived with their mother in a village in 1722, near a town in a city called Kellentopia. The princesses’ names were Lia, Melony, and Tilly. They all had a little bit of magic. Lia had the power to grow anything in 10 seconds. Melony’s magic was that she could make any word a beautiful song. “Good night, Mother! Good night, Sisters”, she sang before bed. Tilly’s magic was that she could make anything including herself levitate. One day, Lia was tending the garden when she thought, “What a splendid idea, exploring the forest would be!” She needed strawberries anyway, plus there were some strawberry fields deeps in the forest, so she set off! Very near to the strawberry fields, when Lia remembered Max. Max the Big Bad Cow was the worst villain in Kellentopia, which was a very big place. He would snatch up children who were wandering in the woods and take them back to his lair. She was about to run home and hide under her bed when a hoofed hand snatched her up! Melony came out to check on Lia, and when she didn’t see her, she got worried. She thought if the big bad cow had come, then a big hoofed hand snatched her! It was the Big Bad Cow! He was taking her back to his lair as well. She scremed and screamed but no one heard her. The cow took her to his lair and locked her up. When they finally got there, he locked Melony up along with her sister in side by side cages. Then, the 3rd little princess, Tilly, walked out wondering what was taking Lia and Melony so long, but they weren’t there! Tilly knew who must have taken them…the Big Bad Cow! She disguised herself as a shrub, and set off for the woods. She crept through the forest until she got to the cow’s lair. Then, she took off her shrub costume and crawled inside. She hid behind boxes, drawers, and curtains. She hid behind a curtain for about 17 minutes until the Big Bad Cow finally went out to catch some more children. If you remember, Tilly’s magic was levitation, so she quickly levitated off the table, unlocked her sisters, and they ran all the way home. Luckily, they didn’t get captured again. From then on, they kept a low profile. So they lived happily ever after! Piper Ryan Grade 3 The Bright School Amanda Angel


A Dark Night in the Woods

“Do you want to come over, I’ll call Thomas?” It was Saturday afternoon and Ella was calling her friend to come over and play in the woods. When they came Ella told Thomas and Sarah they were going to the woods. “Cool!” Thomas said. When they got there it was dark, “look there’s a house ahead!” Sam pointed in the distance there was a house. “How odd why would a house be way out in the woods?” Ella murmured. “I don’t care, hey lets sleep there tonight then in the morning we can find our way home!?” “I’m going with im, are you coming?” “Fine, but I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. When they got inside it was so spooky/scary all of them jumped and nearly hit the ceiling! “I think I want to stay outside actually!” said Thomas. “Sorry but I think this door made its last open.” “Ugh!” I’m guessing we have to find a key?” said Sarah. “One problem how do we find a key in a 3 story house!” yelled Thomas. “Kindly look up and you will see a key.” “Ohhh.” “yeh but how do we get it?” said Sarah. “Easy just give me a boost and I can get the key,” said Ella. So Ella got a boost and got the key, and the minute they got the key they opened the door and never went in the woods again. Micah Shaw Grade 3 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Courtney Hueter


[ 4th Grade Poetry ]


The Thanksgiving Turkeys

Turkeys, turkeys, jump around. Turkeys, turkeys, on the ground. Turkey, turkeys, up and down. Turkeys, turkeys, all around. Turkeys chirpey Turkeys smirkey Turkeys lurkey All around. Turkeys go left Turkeys go right Turkeys try to get out of sight. Turkeys are scared of becoming turkey jerky. William Andrews Grade 4 Boyd-Buchanan School Brenda Hedrick



Down by the sidewalk There are lots of stores Where to go where to start Bagels, pizza, coffee So many to choose from Down by the sidewalk Down by the sidewalk The water trickled down Fallen leaves cover the ground It created a miniature river Red firetrucks are coming to rescue Down by the sidewalk Down by the sidewalk Different types of dogs walking The beautiful houses of joy The wicked trees growing Laughter all around me All is right in the world Down by the sidewalk Lawson Barrueta Grade 4 Thrasher Elementary School Raquel Newton


What is chemistry? So many things. Beakers, elements, and noble gases. Everything has chemistry, even molasses! Hydrogen, Helium, so many more. You can even buy chemistry at the store! Noble gases glow unique colors with an electric discharge running through them. There are many elements in the periodic table, the third is Lithium. Learning about chemistry is very fun. You can even see it when you go for a run! Oona Cruikshank Grade 4 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Tricia Zienowicz


Swaying Odor Amazing Towering Forest Amazingly needly and green forever Evergreen Bryce Davis Grade 4 Thrasher Elementary Raquel Newton



She Had Some Thoughts

She had some thoughts. She had thoughts who were as creative as a unicorn eating a rain cloud She had thoughts that bored the governor so much that he spilled his chai tea latte on his secretary’s head She had thoughts that were so negative that they always spoke in triple negatives and did math problems with negative numbers She had some thoughts. She had thoughts so timid that lambs called them babies She had thoughts that are as superstitious as a futuristic scientist She had thoughts that partied from dusk til dawn She had some thoughts. She had thoughts who eat pickles like there’s no tomorrow She had thoughts who are writing teachers in a school in Wisconsin She had thoughts that were so crazy they were in a prison in San Francisco sentenced to 10 years She had some thoughts. She had thoughts who agreed with everything she said She had thoughts who tried desperately to disagree Her thoughts were all different Her thoughts were all strange But they were all hers And that would never change. Kennedy Doan Grade 4 The Bright School Allison Sakich


Scratching scratching at my feet Now it is time go eat Muddy paw prints on the floor Now don’t forget to shut the door Lilly Floied Grade 4 Boyd-Buchanan School Geunita Ringold

Rainy Day


My mom is beautiful As a queen. Eyes as bright As the sun. Always has The sweetest smell When you walk in Her room. I feel her Love when I’m Near her. Eli Haddock Grade 4 Nolan Elementary School Rachel Teas

My Mom


The Willow Stood Tall The willow stood in the shadows of January. The ground and its branches were covered in snow. The wind swayed back and forth But the willow stood tall. February came with a ton of snow. That buried willows base. Later in the month the snow melted into a puddle. But the willow stood tall. March came with bright green clovers poking out of the ground. The snow melted down off of the willow, But the willow stood tall. The April sun left willow with bright blossoms That danced in the fresh spring air, but The willow stood tall. By the time May rolled around Willow’s blossoms were bright green leaves. The showers were often, but Willow stood tall. Luciana Hemphill Grade 4 The Bright School Allison Sakich



Gloves, bases, plates 1, 2, 3 strikes you’re out. Fly ball, free for all. Cleats, hats, pants, bats, all a wonder of baseball. The feeling you get when you are under pressure. The crowd roaring like wild lions. The kids in the dugout acting like caged monkeys. The catcher squatting down like a gorilla. The pitcher brings his leg up like a flamingo. The shortstop catching a line drive like a Venus Flytrap catching a fly out of the air. And that is the wonderful sport of baseball. Banks Hoewischer Grade 4 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Stephanie Chapman


There was an ocotopus named Rossapus. And he really, really liked to Talkapus. And he was good at sports, so he was a Jockapus. And he never ever could work a Lockapus. And he got married to a piece of Chalkapus. Oh, Oh, Oh, Rossapus the Octopus. Grace Holland Grade 4 Thrasher Elementary School Michelle Mann

Rossapus the Octopus


The Ghost Train

The train’s gone through this mountain It’s gone for years and years The whistle echoing through the hill And rumbling past trees. It’s gone for years and years Until that fateful day it crashed The train’s gone through this mountain But the ghost haunts the rails. The whistle echoing through the hills The train is still trying to reach its destination And rumbling past trees The ghost’s name is No. 767 The train’s gone through this mountain Until that fateful day it crashed But the ghost haunts the rails It’s gone for years and years. Andrew Hutcherson Grade 4 The Bright School Allison Sakich


Dribbling shooting making the crowd go wild. Dunking, shattering the rim, making it shake. Practicing day and night having fun. Jumping so high. Trash talking. Drafting, picking Lakers, Warriors. Dunk contest shooting stars going crazy. Dribbling shooting making the crowd go wild. Traveling to places all over fouls. The ref blowing his whistle and yelling. Dribbling shooting making the crowd go wild. Eli Mirmelstein Grade 4 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Ali Redfoot


Self-minded hunter Hunting, playing, sleeping Friendly hunter Feline Daniel O’Bryan Grade 4 Boyd-Buchanan School Geunita Ringold



I walk down the negro street filled with silence. The street once black turns blanco, snowflakes fall. Out of the gray sky A stranger rode by on a white carriage pulled by horses and says, “Marhba!” He rides away. He rides away. The wheels are painting the blanco streets black. A young girl walks by with azul eyes and sings a faint, sweet song While her footprints burn into the snow And then she blows away in the blanco distance. Then a school bell rings and the sky turns amarill. The light bleeds into the snow Kids come running out A blanco bus stops by… the streets are silent again. I arrive home and open the door, then hang my negro coat on the rack. My friend come up to me and makes my negro and blanco house colorful… then he says, “Marhba!” The sky turns black “Is it the end?” Aiden Saadeh Grade 4 The Bright School Allison Sakich


Turkeys high, Turkeys low, running from the hunter’s bow. Turkeys, Turkeys everywhere running for their life to spare. Turkeys, Turkeys wobble wobble Turkeys, Turkeys gobble gobble. Turkeys, Turkeys side to side, fleeing with their flock to hide. Turkeys, Turkeys all around running, running up and down. Turkeys, Turkeys look at you. Please be careful what you do. Better hide if you’re able, or you’ll be on our table! Brayden Standefer Grade 4 Boyd-Buchanan School Brenda Hedrick



What is cooking? So many things What is cooking? Food on the stove, S’mores in the microwave Don’t make it explode! Noodles in a pot, Don’t touch, it’s hot! I like cooking, I think it’s fun, And I think cooking Is for everyone! Isabel Sweet Grade 4 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Tricia Zienowicz


I got a bite. He fights and fights. I pulled him into the light. Delight and excite Fish on tight! Smell of fish In the air Happiness everywhere Throw him back Back in the water again. Parker Wilson Grade 4 Nolan Elementary School Rachel Teas



[ 4th Grade Prose ]


What is a dam? A dam is a barrier made to hold back water and create hydroelectric power. There are many different types of dams. In this essay, you will learn about the Watts Bar dam, the positive effects of dams, and the negative effects of dams. In 1950, the Watts Bar Dam was completed. It is located on the Tennessee River between Knoxville and Chattanooga. It provides hydroelectric power. The Watts Bar Dam is 1,175,000 acre ft., and 112 ft. high. It was built by U.S. Army corps of engineers. Also, it is 2,960 ft. long. Some positive effects of dams are hydroelectricity, irrigation, and they prevent flooding. Hydroelectricity is a very green way to power homes. Water from a dam turns a turbine, which makes electricity from a generator. Afterwards, the electricity is carried through power lines. Also, dams hold back water to prevent flooding. Furthermore, you can use water from a dam for irrigation during a drought. In conclusion, dams can be very helpful. Some negative effects of dams are decreasing fish population, flooding, and relocation. The fish that go back to where they were born to give birth can’t do that if a dam blocks the way. As a result, they die without giving birth which decreases fish population. Also, if a dam breaks, not only is it expensive to fix, but all the water it was holding back will rush out, quickly flooding a city. Lastly, building a dam creates lots of relocation. As you can see, there are also many negative of dams. In my opinion, no more dams should be built, but the ones that are there should not be taken down. Taking dams down will cause even more relocation. In addition, taking down all at once would cause terrible flooding. Even though taking one down would be really bad, from my point of view, It’s bad that they’re there in the first place. Watts Bar and all the other dams should definitely not be taken down. Oona Cruikshank Grade 4 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Tricia Zienowicz


When I woke I looked up. There were three giant mirrors. I had gone inside a mirror. Three to be precise. I grabbed the ladder in the corner. I climbed up it to the closest mirror. Sad pictures. I grabbed the ladder again, neutral pictures. One more. Do it one more time. Everything was normal. I checked the clock. 5:10. Wow! Just then the shopkeeper came and I bought the hand mirror. Then I went home. I’ll never forget the miracle on Main Street. Kennedy Doan Grade 4 The Bright School Allison Sakich


A Really Good Excuse

I would’ve cleaned my room, but right as I started our neighbor came and asked so dearly if I could mow her lawn and blow her leaves. I could not say no, so I went over there to start. It took me at least thirty minutes to get the mower started. When the time came to blow the leaves, the leaf blower had no juice and it took an hour to fully charge. I finished all of that. Then I started to clean and found a really good book. I sat down to start reading it, and thought it would be good with a cup of cocoa. I didn’t know how to make it and it took thirty minutes to find out. It was too hot to drink. I felt like I couldn’t read without cocoa. I finished the book and that took two hours. I started cleaning again. I found a cool toy that no one can do so I decided to look it up on Youtube. I got super addicted and was on Youtube for the rest of the day. Then you came home! Fin Dodson Grade 4 Nolan Elementary School Lindie Roden


“Skunk Galore”

Have you ever seen something you didn’t want to see? That is definitely how I felt one hot April day. First of all, the bus shuddered and creaked to an uncontrollable halt. Elizabeth and I slammed into the seat in front of us, face first. I spit the dust out of my mouth. I looked into my pick, glittery mirror. “No!” I screamed, checking my reflection. “What happened, Rachel?” cried Elizabeth, in surprising shock. “My lipstick came off!” I wailed. “Did you trick me again?” “Maybe,” I answered, half paying attention to the question. You see Elizabeth is being hypnotized by the Wall Street Journal. It is absolutely hopeless watching her try to write something interesting. It has literally taken over her entire life. (I know I’m exaggerating but it really does seem so.) “Girls! It’s your stop! Besides the whole BUS is waiting on you!” hollered Mr. Rocky, our bus driver. “Coming!” I said, though my voice trailed off immediately. I saw something on my front lawn. It quickly disappeared so I told myself not to think about it. Meanwhile, I remembered the entire bus was waiting on me. “Uhh,” I signed desperately. My bus driver had taken off his tropical lime green sunglasses and peered into his mirror. We all know that when Mr. Rocky does that, he is completely serious and that he is ready to get some business off his plate. He can be very fun and cool, but can also be very mean and serious. And absolutely no one wanted Mr. Rocky’s mean side. “Ms. Haws, I am sure you will agree with me that it is about time for you to get your butt off this bus. We have waited long enough for you and your friend. Hurry up now!” called Mr. Rocky from up front. Elizabeth walked down the aisle. Right as I stepped off Bus #213, sweat started trickling down my heck. The sun was burning hot. We immediately sprinted up the cul de sac, never looking back. Five minutes later and we already started our math homework while drinking a delicious fruit smoothie. “Thirteen times nine, what is thirteen times nine?” I wondered out loud. My eyes drifted to the brown and black clock propped up in the corner of the family room. It was already 5:30. Eventually, I got Elizabeth to come outside once we finished and checked our homework. When we got onto the front porch, we unwrapped our popsicles. For five minutes, we sat on the front porch silently licking and sucking our delicious watermelon popsicles. The sunset was absolutely glamorous. Pink, violet, lavender, magenta, orange, red, and yellow danced around the sun. A flock of turkey scurried across the newly cut lawn. Deer bounded deep in the woods. I could hear birds chirping in the distance. Then I saw it in the corner of my left eye. Black and white fur covered its entire body. Its little beady, black eyes followed my every move. “Skunk!” I whispered to Elizabeth. “What? How many?” stammered Elizabeth. “So far, two,” I answered quietly. She looked at me with her eyes full of panic and fear. Then we smelled it. The skunk smelled like rotten bananas, green and moldy. The stench was disgusting. The scent of rotten bananas and rotten eggs filled the air. I gagged and choked, coughed and sputtered. Finally, we got the nerve to scream “Aahh” and sprinted full speed inside to “escape” the gross smell floating around din the night sky. “Pheww,” I signed in relief. “That was a close call,” Elizabeth remarked quietly. “Yes,” I agreed. Meanwhile, my Mom walked out of her office to start breakfast for dinner. We sat down on the couch and turned on the news. “This weekend, there is a 45% chance of precipitation. Also, there will be isolated thunderstorms throughout Middle Tennessee this weekend. Stay tuned as we go into our first commercial break. Next up, Trump goes crazy


trying to pull ahead of Clinton. Also coming up soon, Delta passengers complain about their flights being delayed and even cancelled because of a big power outage worldwide,” reported Dan Smith, the main meteorologist. “Bor-ing,” I called out. I switched the channel. “Boring”, I immediately called out as soon as I heard Dolly Parton singing “My Coat of Many Colors.” “Girl, come in just a minute. I’m making macaroni and cheese”, my Mom yelled. I tried switching channels one last time and the screen showed five men golfing in a tournament. “Turn it off girls! Dinner is ready!” my Mom called again five minutes later. Well, all in all, we definitely saw AND smelled something we didn’t want to! That was a once in a lifetime experience! Rachel Haws Grade 4 Edmondson Elementary School Summer Curry


Last Day at the Lexington School

“I don’t want to leave” I bawled when I found out that we were moving. “I know you don’t want to, but it’s for the best,” Dad sighed. I locked myself in my room and only came out for school the next day. I was NOT going to be tardy on my last day. So, on my last day at the Lexington School I saw my friends and signs saying, “Honk if you love TLS!” I felt sad knowing this was maybe the last time I would see my friends. I heard cars honking, friends exchanging phone numbers, and teachers wailing last minute advice like “5x5=25” or “When you divide 52 by 10 there’s a remainder!” I walked over to the mint bush I had smelled every day since I was in pre-k. Its scent wafted up to my nostrils. I saw the woods where me and my friend Zachery had built an Indian hut out of sticks. We saw what we thought was a snake but it was a stick covered in smooth, lush, green, moss. It was very lonely as me, my mom, and my dog Rocky drove away while Rocky tried to jump out the window and lick everybody and everything in sight. I miss my friends and wish that day never ended. That day I learned that good friends can be taken apart. I played with my friends almost enough to last a whole school year that day. I knew I would see them again. It may be too long for my liking but it would happen one way or another. Suddenly I tasted saltwater from tears spilling down my cheeks. The last thing my friends said to me was, “Maybe you can come over sometime?!” They had to yell over “3x7=21!” That is what happened on my last day at the Lexington School. Max Hickman Grade 4 The Bright School Allison Sakich


Happy Holidays

The snow was glistening down in the cold weather. Skittles the gingerbread man rolled on a shiny green boulder with a ruby down a white, snowy mountain about to hit a gray, shiny train. When he hit the grey train he went flying through the air and landed on another brick. Before he knew it, the train dashed away and Skittles was falling down, down into a orange road he saw. He saw a little girl with short brown hair, a navy blue dress, and a small black cat waiting on the edge. When he landed the little girl stepped onto the train and said goodbye to her cat. “Hi there,” she said calmly. Skittles was scared and didn’t know what to do. “H-hi I’m Skittles, where am I?” Skittles said startled. The girl looked around then looked back at Skittles. “I’m Candy, and can't you tell?” She said surprisingly, “It's the North Pole!” Skittles looked around and saw lights, garland, and up ahead he could see, the bright shining tree from the centerpiece of Santa’s Workshop. When he looked back at Candy, amazed, he saw her smiling, then the train quickly zoomed down and hit a very roundly shaped tree. Candy and Skittles were flying through the air like birds flying.... They shivered as the glistening snow fell onto them. “Where are we going?!” Skittles yelled. Candy looked at Skittles calmly and then looked at her watch. Her calm face turned into a worried face. “What?” Skittles wondered. Candy looked at Skittles again very worried. “I’m supposed to turn on the big Christmas Tree’s lights for Christmas Eve!” Candy said surprised, “I’m going to be late! Can you please help me get there?” “I would love to!” Skittles beamed. Candy looked very relieved after Skittles had said that. “Thank you thank you!” Candy yelled. Skittles felt very proud after that. They landed on tall, skinny trees. When they hit them the trees fell over like dominoes falling on top of eachother. “Woahhhhhh!” Skittles and Candy screamed. They jumped across each tree trying to make it to the big tree. Once when they were jumping and they fell. The tree bent and they got sent back into the air like paper airplanes being launched into the air. They landed on one of the practice sleighs that kid elves used to practice putting the toys for all the boys and girls in. “Oh no,” Skittles worried, “I pressed one of these buttons when I landed, we may start-” The sleigh slowly started going towards a inflatable of Santa. “MOVING!” Candy and Skittles yelled. The sleigh dashed and nearly popped the balloon. When they ran into the inflatable the sleigh flew up into the air. They went so fast Candy fell over the edge. She held onto the edge crying for help. “Someone please help me, help!” Candy cried.


Skittles didn’t know what to do. He tried to pull her up but he fell down and was hanging from Candy’s legs. He looked below and saw another sleigh with a dog. “Let go, it’s safe below!” Skittles yelled. “You sure?” Candy worried. “Yes!” Skittles yelled. Candy let go and they fell like a plane about to crash. When they landed the dog was on the control panel. “Please don’t press that button dog…” Candy whispered. The dog looked at candy confused. He lifted his paw and hovered it over the button. “No….” Skittles whispered. They dog pressed the button and the sleigh nearly ran into another inflatable, but again, they flew up into the air but this time slowly. The sleigh calmly landed behind the balloon. The dog pressed another button that launched the seat they were sitting on. “How did you get the privilege to turn on the lights?” Skittles asked Candy breathing heavily. “Well one time I was given a tour of Santa’s Workshop last Christmas Eve, and I got to tell Santa what I wanted for Christmas. When I sat on his lap of of the elves told Santa that Christmas would be canceled because on of the toy machines shut down and they couldn’t do anything at all. Since I, Candy was a witch, I knew a spell to fix so then I said, I can help, I’m a witch, I know a spell! They trusted me so they brought me to the machine and let me fix it. When I did the spell it worked, so they wanted to say a big thank you by letting me turn on the Christmas Tree lights,” Candy told Skittles. “Wow, that’s very nice of you,” Skittles said surprisingly. They looked down and saw they were standing on more trees. The first tree was about to fall. “Oh no, not again..” They said. They nearly fell until they jumped onto each tree. After the skinny trees there were fat trees. Candy and Skittles jumped onto those with no problem. After those was the big tree Candy stood in front of the big button to turn it on. “Sorry Santa, we had trouble getting here,” Candy breathed heavily, “But I think I want my friend Skittles turn on the tree for helping me get here.” Skittles smiled and turned on the Christmas Tree. Carolina Hightower Grade 4 Red Bank Elementary School Elisabeth Wilson


The Boy who Changed Everything Hi, my name is D. Y., yes, you're probably thinking, "What kind of name is D.Y.? Well, it stands for Daniel Yoults, in case you're wondering. But now let's get to our story. I was twelv years of age and I went to Wichmond School of California. It was Monday morning when it all happened. My nine year old sister Tashia, the most annoying person alive, was reading a book on fungus taking over the world. "Oooh scary!" I have a new idea why she's so into science fiction, but you know what girls are like. Our dad was driving us to school. Once we got to school and I tried to get out of the car, I tripped and fell flat on my face, of course Brit the Bully and his minions, Austin and AG were at the school doors like they always are. AG came up to me and said "Get up daddy's boy!" He pushed me into the muddy grass. "I said, get up!" he said. Then BB (that's what we call Brit) came up to me and said, "Why did your dad drive you up to the school?" I replied "You know why," with tears in my eyes. "Isn't that your mom's job?� he said with a smirk. "Why did your mom drive you to school and not your mom?" He demanded. "Because she is dead!" I said, really crying now. "I was three , we could not make it to the hospital on time so we had to do it at our house, Tashia was born, and mom didn't make it." You know earlier when I said that she was the most annoying person ever? I was just covering up that I will never like her! I ran to the bathroom and turned on the sink.When I stuck out my hands to get water on them, all I got was SNOW! This wasn't the first time that this had happened. One day I wanted a glass of milk, drank it, but instead of a milk mustache, I got an ice mustache. I had frozen the milk! For the rest of the school day I didn' really touch anything. Then the day was over, I went home. I tried to open the door, but instead I froze the handle! I heard a fire truck, and saw some smoke near the forest fire. I ran as fast as I could! When I reached the forest, I pulled all my strength together and it went BOOM! I froze the whole forest when I stomped my foot on the ground, and the whole forest became unfrozen. Everyone was there and now dad, Tashia, Brit, AG, and Auston, they all cheered. Brit came up to me, but instead of kicking , punching, or hurting me in any way, he held out his hand. I checked for a joy-buzzer, and then I shook it. That's the story of how I changed everything Kaleah Holmes Grade 4 Boyd-Buchanan School Kay Lee Smith


The Legend

Once there was a boy named Harris. He started out as a little boy in Cleveland, Tennessee. Harris lived in a white house on Centenary Avenue with his mom and dad and his brother, Connor. They had lots of memories and when Harris was seven years old, his new brother, Sam, was born. The three of them had lots of fun with their neighbors. One was Mrs. Amy. Harris spent a lot of days helping her and he loved her cats. Soon, he got his own cat by finding one in the bushes. The cat loved Harris. He named it kit cat. It was soon tie to move to a bigger house. His whole family moved to a house with lots of land. They had go-karts and dirt bikes and a zip line. They always invited their friends to play. Harris went to Silverdale where he grew wise as to many things. When Harris was in fourth grade he had a plan and that plan stayed in his head for so long he made it come true. He got to go into the NBA when he was 23n the 2030’s. Harris was the best player who invented a dunk called the Dabbing Dunk. He played for the Heat from 2030-2035. Then he started a DJ gang called D-Bird. There were three members and they dressed up like birds. The DJ names were Backbird and HQ. Their best song was HQ and the Gang. They rapped for a year until the gang broke up. Harris started to make cup holders that have something in them to make drinks cool and for the cup not to spill. Harris also invented a mattress with a massager and a heater. He owned the factories for 50 years. In 2037, he became the best wrestler and strongest man in the world. In 2038, Harris then bought a mansion close to his parents’ house. He played basketball again for three years, but not for the Heat. He played for the Bulls instead. He created the new HJ shoes that had a logo on them of the Dabbing Dunk. Harris still had the best scoring average on record and won the NBA finals in 2039-2041. When Harris retired, he allowed all the neighborhood kids to come play basketball and swim at his house. During this time, Harris also was asked to be in a lot of commercials. In 2042, Harris created a new version of the Ghostbusters movie, but it was a flop in the box office. In 2044, he went back to school to learn how to be an architect. He then built some houses, and all of them had a special place to play games and store all his toys from when he was a boy. In 2050, Harris used his architectural degree to restore the Biltmore Estate. He also started his own publishing company to write cool books. One book series was about how kids should try to follow their dreams. Then, he owned part of a rapping studio called Benito’s Cadillac. In 2057, Harris wanted to be a teacher and so he taught science and was in charge of the Lego Construction Club. Finally he retired from everything again in 2061. The rapping studio and the book company were sold. With the money, Harris built a new church and school for his town. He also took joy in leaving treasures for people in need to find. He also had more time to do his favorite thing, which was spend time with his family and animals. Harris Jenne Grade 4 Silverdale Baptist Academy Jonathan Westcott


Every Time My Dog Barks

Last summer, the most unusual thing happened. When my dog barked I scored an almost impossible shot with a soccer ball. I was so impressed. I wish it was a game but I was only practicing in my backyard. Then I shot it away from the goal and it curved in because my dog barked again. “Impossible,” I thought. I punted it away from the goal and in curved in again because my dog barked. I was so surprised that I decided to take my dog Chewy to my game. The next day I asked my sister before the game if she would make Chewy bark when I had the ball. Of course she said ok. My team had kickoff, they passed it to me upfield and Chewy barked. I took a shot and it went in. I scored goal after goal and Chewy barked, bark after bark. We ended up winning the game fifteen to zero. Next month I went to my soccer tournament. I begged to bring Chewy but my Mom said, “No”. I could not depend on my dog. It was hard but we worked our way to the finals. The championship was the hardest game in all the tournament. It ended in a tie so we went to PK’s. It was up to me to score. If I scored we would win. I was nervous but I shot it to the top corner and it went in. I was so happy my team dog piled each other. Now I know I don’t need to depend on my dog and I know I can do it myself. Samuel Jones Grade 4 Silverdale Baptist Academy Keum Glass


The City with No Light

“Once upon a time there was a city with no light. Just dull and dark ness.” As my grandpa began his story of when he was a kid. “The world was a sad place. I had no friends all I had was my mom. My dad died in the war.” “I was very sad.” “So.” he said I bought a light bulb because I knew the city needed one I had to travel far though only 2 people in my city had a light bulb plus my mom could read in the dark and see in the dark but I did not think it was safe. So I built a rube goldberg To turn on the light.” “What is a rube goldberg?” I asked “a complex machine to do a simple task.” Said grandpa “then once I finished I pushed the car and went down the ramp and it hit the dominos. Falling faster and faster and hit the ball down a ramp and the dominos on the other side where bigger stronger and faster they fell over and over and then it the did not hit the switch. “That's’ awful did you give up?” I said “NO NO NO! Said grandpa “I tried and tried I did not give up and finally I did it. My mom was so happy to find out what I’ve been doing.” “It was the best feeling in the world and it did not blow up!” “That was an amazing story grandpa but why did you not just flip the switch?” I was scared I did not want it to malfunction right next to me. “Thank you grandpa.” “For what?” “Telling me that story.” “You're welcome.” Colin Kane Grade 4 Red Bank Elementary School Elisabeth Wilson


Cats, Cats, All Cats

Do you have a cat? Do you know how to take good care of you cat? In my opinion, cats are the best in every way. One important thing is to feed your cat and here are some things that you can use: kibbles and bits, wet food, meow mix, and for your kittens, kitten chow, and for your adults, adult indoor formula. Cats make a lot of different sounds. If they hiss, that means they're mad or they're scared, and if they purr that means they are happy. They usually do that when you are petting them. One more sound they make is meow, which can mean they are happy to see you. What do cats do when you are not at home? They sleep, play with toys, and climb on things. So, buy them a climb post. They can have hair balls which causes them to throw up. They can clean themselves by licking themselves. If you do not what your cat to have hairballs you can wash them but they hate it. Some cat like water but not all. Finally, how do cats look? They have claws in front and back, but never get their back claws out or they cannot jump or climb. Some cats are fluffy and some are not. There are different colors of cats. Four colors are black, ginger, white, and many more. Cats have tails, some are long and some are short. Cats also have teeth to help them bite their food and defend themselves in a fight. Finally, there are a lot of breeds of cats. Here are some breeds: British Shorthair, Siamese cat, Persian cat, and a lot more. There are about 73 cat breeds in the world. As you can see cats are hard work. Please get a cat, they are so cool. I hope you think that too. Kaleena Keene Grade 4 Nolan Elementary School Rachel Teas



I’m the kind of kid who feels like a fish out of water. My family was from France and my mom had many frightening dreams after my dad died. I started learning English at age 8 in 1993. Then in 2004 I, my mom, and my grandma boarded a small plane to the U.S.A. We arrived and instantly got in a taxi to go to a hotel. About three days later my mom bought a house in Chattanooga, Tennessee. About a month later we were able to move in. It was the middle of summer so I didn’t go to school right away. It was a long and lonely summer. Then the summer was over, and I went to school. My new school was called Normal Park Museum Magnet Upper School. I started in 6th grade. My teacher was Mr. Holmer. He was very nice to me, but a group of kids, who called themselves the Cannon Crew, picked on me. It was very hard to understand these people, but Mr. Holmer said I was very bright. Now this is what I wish will happen in the future. In 7th grade the head of the Cannon Crew will have to move. My life will become much easier! Every Saturday I will have an English tutor to help me. I will get to go to Harvard, which will be a big treat. Then I will grow up. I shall marry, have two daughters, and one son. My dream job is to help new kids who feel left out. By the end of 6th grade, things were going very good. So, if you feel lonely just go through life cause something good will happen. Also, remember kindness is stronger than punches. (I’m telling the truth!) So au revoir! Harper Kelly Grade 4 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Meredith Vlahos


The Duck, the Toucan, and the Crocodile Once there was a small duck who was young and foolish. He lived in a remote rainforest in Brazil where the coos and caws of birds could be heard around every corner. Massive trees grew anywhere they could and monkeys swung through their branches. One day, Duck went down to the river. He loved any kind of water. It made him wet and helped him be calm and relaxed. That soothing feeling of warm water was Duck’s weak spot. Now he hopped in the river as he did every day, but today would be different. Near the green and lush foliage a sly and hungry crocodile saw Duck enter the river. He thought to himself, “What a fine meal that plump duck would make. I shall catch him to have for dinner!” The crocodile entered the plants and waited, licking his lips. Now nearby was Toucan. He was the wisest and oldest bird in the jungle. He had seen the crocodile’s sneaky hiding place and heard his plan. He flew off to warn Duck. Toucan flew up alongside him and talked into his ear. “Duck you must look behind you!” said Toucan but Duck did not heed his warning. “What awful noises the river is making,” Duck complained. Toucan knew he needed to warn duck soon if he was going to save him. Toucan flew up to Duck and shouted at him. His voice was filled with concern as he yelled, “Duck, you must listen! Please look behind you.” However, duck stayed still as a rock and went farther down the river, humming as he went. Only a few meters away Crocodile was eagerly waiting for his prey to come close enough to eat. Toucan knew he had little time left to warn Duck, so he had one last idea. Toucan flew down to the river and tried to push Duck to the riverside. However, even with all his energy, the old toucan could not push Duck. Now the crocodile was only a few feet away. Toucan reserved all his energy and took a deep breath. Just as the crocodile was about to snap, Toucan pulled Duck out of the water and dropped him to the land. Duck was stuttering. “Th-th-thank you.” He said weakly. “Duck, today I think you have learned a valuable lesson. It is okay to relax but you must keep a presence of mind.” Said Toucan. “I am sorry I did not listen to you Toucan. I have learned my lesson and from today on I will promise to be aware of my surroundings,” said Duck. From that day on, Duck always kept a presence of mind. Erno Lindner Grade 4 Thrasher Elementary School Michelle Mann


Dog’s Journey It all started in Hawaii on one lovely day. The sun was very warm and bright at this time of day. Dog was playing with his wonderful blue ball near his owner’s cottage in a very small village on the hill which was his backyard even though it had no fence. The village was right under a volcano which was known to only erupt when someone would be foolish enough to awaken it. Dog started pushing around his wonderful toy as if playing a simple game of tag. “You are the most wonderful ball in the whole world” he whispered to his ball. The ball didn’t respond but he didn’t care. Suddenly Dog pushed the ball too hard down the hill right towards the VOLCANO! “Noooooo!” the animal yelled in astonishment while he watched his only toy fall down the huge hill. He rushed down the hill to grab his ball but it was too late. The ball hit the volcano causing the treacherous volcano to wake up right before Dog’s very eyes. The large mountain like landform began to shake in anger while it began to erupt! Dog watched the rushing molten lava go right towards his home. The hot liquid rushed over the village burning everything in its path. Everything he loved was destroyed all because of him. Even his ball burnt into nothing but part of the lava. He had nothing left to love anymore. He was all alone. He started to whimper while he looked around in sadness. All he wanted was to have his family back. He knew that wouldn't happen any time soon. Dog decided to keep walking until he found something. Finally he found water and berries in the woods. He found a place to sleep and dozed off. When he awoke from his nap he was under a tree in a village that he has never seen before in his many years of living. While he looked around he saw many people from his village that he used to live in before the volcano. He started to look around in hope of finding his family. He finally made it to the last house in the village while hoping that they didn't die in the lava. When he finally knocked his head on the door he heard footsteps coming towards the door When the door finally opened dog slanted his head down in disappointment. The person at the door was not in his family. She was an older woman with white hair. She was covered by a blanket even though it was 100 degrees outside. She was wearing a pink dress. “What are you doing at my door little guy?” she asked surprised that she had a visitor.” You are going to stay with me.” she told dog. So that’s what happened. He stayed with her for that day and the next. Dog learned that her name was Emma and she was his new owner. She always ate two eggs a day and they were always raw. She was 90 years old when she picked him up. To this day she is still alive. So is Dog. They lived together creating a happy ending. Sophie Lusk Grade 4 Red Bank Elementary School Elisabeth Wilson The Legend of Sinister Woods


“My first camping trip ever!” my brother, Steven, screamed running down the staircase. “Do we have to go mom?” I asked. “Yes, honey, you have to go,” she said. “But mom,” I pleaded. “I’m sorry, but your dad’s been planning this for months.” “Fine,” I muttered. Hi, I’m Maci Echoes. I’m twelve years old, and my brother Steven is nine. My favorite thing to do is play outside … except in Sinister Woods. Legend has it that if you step foot on the wolves’ land, they will hunt you down and eat you for dinner! “Time to go everyone,” Dad called from the garage. “Bye mom,” I muffled walking to the car. “Bye honey,” she said. “Dad,” I said when I got in the car. “Yeah, what is it?” “Where are we camping?” I asked. “We are camping in …” It was quiet for a moment. “Sinister Woods,” he said in a whisper. It was quiet for the rest of the trip. When we finally arrived, Steven jumped out of the car, ran to the lake, and jumped in. “Steven, get out of there!” Dad screamed. “I didn’t pack you any extra clothes.” “What?” Steven yelled in surprise. He climbed out quickly and ran back to us. “Don’t get me wet,” I said quickly. Dad handed him a towel. He dried off and asked where we were going to set up our tent. When we were looking for a camping spot, we heard an ambulance siren. “That’s weird,” Dad said. “Yeah, what was that?” Steven asked. “I’ll look on my phone,” Dad said reaching into his pocket. “It …” he paused. “Actually, I think it is best if you don’t know.” “Why?” I asked. “I’ll tell you later,” he said. “But …” I said. “No ‘buts’,” he answered. An hour later we found our camping spot deep in the woods. “What are we going to eat tonight?” Steven asked. “I brought some sausage and so-” he muttered something to himself. “Run!” he yelled. “Why?” I questioned. He raised his voice, “Just run!” I heard something behind us, and then I heard a howl! We ran for miles … that’s what it felt like at least. “Wolves,” Dad exclaimed. “I know ... I know wolves were chasing us. I heard one howl.” I said. “No, not that. Wolves are the ones that hurt that man we saw. You know, like the one in the ambulance,” Dad explained. “And now … they are after us. We have to get out of here.”


“But Dad, Mom’s ring is in my backpack. You know, the one she gave me for my birthday?” “Honey, that ring is gone,” he said. “But, but, but … I, I … Can we at least try to get it back?” I asked. “No,” he said sternly. I started to cry. “Please, please, please,” I whimpered. “Fine,” he said out of frustration. “We will go in the morning,” he uttered as he calmed his voice. In the morning we started hiking again back to our tent. When we got there, our tent was all ripped up and my backpack, well … well, it was gone!! “We found the key leader, Scar,” Zeekos said. “Thank you, Zeekos,” Scar replied. “Now all we have to do is find the Bazonian Wall.” “Scar! Scar!” Memeum screamed. “What?” Scar growled back. “I found this in the bag. It has an apple-shaped thing on the back. It looks like some sort of tracking device,” Memeum described. “Memeum, that’s called a phone.” “Why haven’t I heard of it?” Memeum asked. “Because it’s a human thing … and we aren’t humans. We are wolves.” Memeum muttered, “Oh, sorry.” “But I have heard you can ask someone who lives on the phone how to get places. Memeum, how about you try?” Scar said. Memeum reluctantly pushed in the button. The phone responded with, “What can I do for you today?” Then Memeum asked, “How do you get to the Bazonian Wall?” The voice responded, “I am sorry, I do not know what you are trying to say.” “Why does it say, ‘woof, woof, woof’ in the corner of the phone?” asked Memeum. “Phone lady, I am not saying, ‘woof, woof, woof’, I am saying, ‘How do you get to the Bazonian Wall?’” “You are not speaking human. That’s why she is not understanding you,” explained Scar. “Let me try. I can speak human.” Memeum handed Scar the phone. “How do you get to the Bazonian Wall?” “Scar! Scar! Intruders!” “What?” Scar roared. “Dad, what is this place?” I said. “I don’t know, but I followed the wolf prints here so your ring should be here.” “Okay, good,” I said. “Who are you?” one of the wolves grumbled. We all jumped back. “You, you … you can talk?” “Yes,” he said. “My name is Scar. What is yours?” “My name is Ma- … Ma- … Maci, and his name is Steven, and his name is-” “You can call me Mike,” my dad said. “We know you have the ring. Give it to us.” “You mean this?” Scar said. “This isn’t a ring; this is a key.” “A key to what?” my dad asked.


“A key to the Bazonian Wall,” replied Scar. “My mom did say there was something special about it, she just didn’t know what,” I spoke up. “Are you going to use the ring-” my dad asked. “Key,” corrected Scar. “I mean, the ‘key,’” Dad replied. “Yes,” answered Scar. “Okay then. Use it, give it back, and we will be on our way. Deal?” “Deal,” agreed Scar. Two hours later we stumbled upon what they were looking for ... the Bazonian Wall entrance. They inserted the ring into a small hole in the wall. A section of the wall slowly pushed back and slid over to the right. Then we began to see miles and miles of tundra. It was like an entirely different world. It was a world the wolves had been searching for for 78 years. We said goodbye, got the ring back and left. After getting home we told mom all about the trip. She did not believe us. No one did. Then I walked up to my room that night after dinner, turned the corner, and Scar along with his pack was sitting there. “We didn’t like the tundra,” he said. “So we came to live with you!” Ty Mathis Grade 4 Boyd-Buchanan School Kay Lee Smith


Fox Silently, a fox is searching for prey, lifting her head up the fox scatters and hides. A bear approaches. Nearly positive the fox will be caught with all odds against her she runs. After making it away safely away from the bear and back to her den she rests. The fox rises with the sun at dawn. Her hunt continues as she fishes. She swats her paw into the water and she grabs a trout. As the fox eats her fish she realizes a hawk in a tree waiting for her to leave. The hawk wants the fox’s fish. The fox growls and barks until the hawk leaves. The fox begins to scavenge berries and such as it comes near to winter. She won’t leave her home during winter but, she won’t hibernate either. The fox’s fur isn’t thick enough to hunt in the winter. As she scavenges for food she sees many bunnies, wolves, bobcats, and other foxes. At dusk she buries all of her food. The fox withstands the flurries of winter and survives for another year. Mary Hadley Meece Grade 4 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Mrs. Jorgensen


Different Holidays

Long ago, in North America, there were two Jewish kids. One was a boy named Aaron, and the other was a girl named Abigail. Hanukkah was coming up, but the siblings were being made fun of. Nobody at school celebrated Hanukkah like they did. It was a normal day. Abigail got on the bus. She saw her brother being made fun of by Luke and Ben. She went over to them and said, “What gives you the right to make fun of my brother?” “You don’t celebrate Christmas,” Ben said so the whole bus could hear. They had made fun of them to get a laugh from the bus. When school was over, Abigail said bye to Gracie and Anna Marie, not meaning it. Her dad picked her up. The reason why she didn’t mean it was they had laughed at her instead of standing up for Abigail. Aaron and Abigail played the dreidel game to get the bus incident of their minds. After a heated competition, Abigail won both rounds. They went to set up the menorah. The menorah is a sacred candelabrum with seven branches used in the temple in Jerusalem, originally made by Bezalel. It was a very important symbol to the Jewish. They looked everywhere, but the menorah was missing! The next day at school they found out who stole it. It was Ben, Luke, Gracie, and Anna Marie! They had used it to charm the teacher. Aaron had seen the tag on it stating it belonged to him. He told the teacher. The teacher talked to them after first period. She said,” Stealing a menorah is like stealing our cross. It should never be done.” The kids were ashamed. After school, the friends made up and made a new school Christmas tradition. They lit a menorah, and played dirty Santa. This was the custom for years to come. Bridie Miller Grade 4 Thrasher Elementary School Raquel Newton


Tobi’s Adoption Story

I was in the car with my sister and my mom. I was bursting with excitement. I couldn’t take my mind away from the meows and faces of the sweet little kittens. We were going to McKamy’s Animal Shelter. This was because Lottie had gotten around a 100% on TCAP, and was promised a significant prize by my dad. She said she wanted a cat, and now we might be getting one! When we finally arrived, I got out of the car as fast as I could. I wanted to dash in, go to the room with all the kittens, and start cuddling them. We walked in, and beside the desk there was a glass box on a white stand with 3 little kittens in it. They were black and white bundles of fur and cuteness. While Lottie and I stared into the box at the kittens, my mom talked to the lady at the desk beside the box. Afterwards, we were taken to the room where the kittens were. I looked around the room and at the kittens. On the scratching post stand, there was a sweet little kitten with an orange striped top and white bottom. He had deep green eyes that stared right at us. Besides that, was a big cardboard box with two kittens in it. One looked like the cat on the stand, and the other was a solid color, white or grey, I can’t remember. They were squished together and very adorable. When I saw them, my heart melted, they were shy but probably very sweet. We sat down in the middle of the room. In almost no time, a tiny little grey kitten walked over to us. Lottie picked her up and looked at her paper collar. It was pink, so we knew she was a girl, and it said Philadelphia. We all got a chance to cuddle her, and wanted to adopt her. Right when we were going to get up to do that, a man that worked there came into the room and picked up the kitten. He said that someone was adopting her, and pointed to the woman outside the room. I was too sad to look. We left the room and went to a room with adult cats in cages. We looked around. I put my hand up against a cage, and the cat rubbed up against my hand. We got a room with it, but once it was out of the cage, it didn’t care about the people. We went back to the other room, and started playing with the cat on the stand. We had a long conversation about which cat to adopt. My mom reminded us that we might not be getting a cat. I looked at the cat we had played with. His pupils were so big you could barely see the green color of his eyes. “Mom, dad would like a boy pet,” I said, hoping we would get him. It took a long time, but my mom finally agreed to get the cat. I was so happy! We put him in my other cat’s crate, and we went home. He meowed the whole ride home. Now his name is Tobi, and when somebody is at the door, he runs up to greet them. He is only one year old, but many people have already met, and fallen in love with him. Campbell Miller Grade 4 Nolan Elementary School Lindie Roden


Volleyball Awesomeness

Have you ever thought about playing volleyball? For over 120 years, volleyball has been played and enjoyed by many. People have been enjoying the energetic game of volleyball for over 120 yeasr! That means that volleyball was around when world war I and II happened! That’s not all. During volleyball you can create friendships, use teamwork, burn energy, and most importantly, build confidence. That is why volleyball is the best. Teamwork and Friendship When you play volleyball with your teammates it is very important that you use teamwork. For example, you may have to pass the ball or get out of the way in order to help a teammate get the ball over the net. Friendship is equally as important because sports are a great way build relationships. For these reasons, volleyball is a great way to build friendships and become a team player. Burning Energy When you play volleyball you probably don’t even thing about all the energy you are burning, which is great for your health. This game is so fun, you forget you are working out too! By playing volleyball, you are creating something called muscle memory, and that is great for your coordination. With this game, building strength is fun and easy! Confidence Boost Most of all, volleyball is a great way to build confidence. The more you play, the better you get! It feels great to set a friend up for a big spike. Nothing beats the cheers you receive when you score a point for your team. Playing volleyball is a great way to build self esteem. Wrap Up Now you can see that volleyball is the best sport around! By playing this game you are sure to develop long lasting friendships and develop teamwork skills. With volleyball, burning energy is fun and easy! Most of all, volleyball will help you to boost your self-confidence. You should really consider playing volleyball! Meiah Moss Grade 4 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Meredith Vlahos


Koll and Grant 1 It was a cold winter morning. I was in the woods, the leaves crunched under my feet like a delicious food being eaten. My mom was still asleep, it was only a few more hours until she had to leave for work. I could hear the dogs chasing the cats outside of our wooden fence. If my mom wasn’t such of a heavy sleeper, the barking would have woken her up. The trees bustled in the wind. I don’t know how trees can be scary, I mean sure the trees make shadows, but obviously they are just green plants. A lot of little kids in my neighborhood are scared of trees for some reason. I looked out of the trees and looked into our window and saw our little Christmas tree. It’s not like we are poor, it’s just that my dad left me and my mom when I was a baby, so I never got to meet him. My mom always got nervous and quiet when she talked about my father. It was like she never liked talking about him. But I always did. She shared so little about my father, like she hated him. I looked out at the falling snow, the snow on the ground looked fluffy like a pillow, I ran out into it, laughing. It was time for my mom to get ready for work, but she must of heard me because the back door opened and my mom came out. She had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. “Grant? What are you doing out here again? It’s freezing out here!” she said. I shrugged, nervously. “I’m sorry, mom. It’s the first day of Christmas break,” I said. By the word “Christmas” she froze in place. She finally moved when I took a step towards her. “Fine. Go take a shower, I’ll be leaving for work,” she said as she kissed the top of my head and went inside. 2 Mom had left and I was laying in my bed. My bed was pushed into a small corner. There was a window in the middle of the room. My dresser cast a shadow across the wood floor. I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep, but it wouldn’t work I heard a thump! Sound in the kitchen. My heart dropped. It was normal to get robberies in our town, but still...I went into the cold kitchen expecting to see a robber, instead I saw a note folded up on the table. I picked it up and hid it in the back pocket of my jeans. I ran to my room. What if it was a note from the robber? I was terrified. I opened the note, it was the sloppiest handwriting had ever seen so I didn’t even know what the words said. But I did know that I was scared. I heard a knock on the door. I went to open the door and recognized the guy right away, it was Mr. Bishop, our neighbor. “What is that noise, kid?” he asked. “What noise? I didn’t hear any noise,” I quickly lied. “Come on, kid! I know I heard a noise. A big thump! Maybe.” “Sir, there was no noise,” I said. At this point he looked very mad. “Boy! Tell me the truth, boy!” he shouted. I shrugged and closed the door in his face. Mom was telling the truth when she said that man was an annoying guy, I thought. I went back to my bedroom and plopped down on my bed. Just wait until Mom gets here, I thought nervously, she always asks about how your day was. Well, I


can’t tell her about the big thump! She’ll freak out. She’ll probably tell me that we’ll be moving or tell the police or something if I tell her. If she found out, I don’t know what I’d do, but I do know that I’m not telling her the truth. 3 Mom got home about three hours later, looking tired as usual. She looked over t me, looking worried, then she said, “Grant, my work partner and I were offered to go down to the beach to do something for work. I was going to ask your Aunt Elena to watch you, but if she can’t, I won’t go.” “Don’t worry, mom, I’ll get Elena to watch me. We need this money,” I said reassuringly. She smiled. “Thank you, honey. How was your day?” she asked. “Um...fine. I did nothing, just played in the snow. Nothing much,” I said quickly. “Well, here is your dinner.” She handed me a plate of food. I golfed down my food and quickly ran to my room, breathing hard. My Mom had almost found out! I thought, that was close. I thought of something, I wouldn’t call my Aunt Elena, while my mom was gone, I would go out and try to find my father, this could be my only chance at finding him. Mom came into say goodnight, and she also mentioned how quickly I ate my dinner. She plopped a kiss on my head and said she was leaving in the morning. I thought for the first time, maybe, just maybe, something will go right. My plan will maybe go right. 4 The next morning, Mom came in and said bye. Then she started to look nervous, the same kind of nervous when she talked about my father. Then she told me, “Don’t go looking for your father.” I did want to obey her, but this was the only chance to find my dad. So after she left, I decided to have breakfast and pack for my trip. Once it was nighttime, I started out on my trip. The wind howled like wolves. I crossed our street into another neighborhood. The wind was picking up a more intense level. I found a body of water and filled my water bottle up. The feeling of guilt, from not obeying my mom, rushed through me. I tried not to think about it. I went into the woods and tried to find a place to camp for the night. I found a place and made a fire to warm me up, it was a long time since I had been warm. I heard the rushing sound of a river close by. I found the river and gasped. The water looked like a shiny crystal. I dipped my foot in the water. I yelped. The water was icy cold. It sent a chill up my spine. I heard wolves howling. Great! I thought. More trouble. There was only one more thing to do, jump in the water. 5 The icy water flowed in my veins. I gasped for air. But it was useless because I was underwater. The water flooded my mouth. I swam to the top of the river. I rushed by trees, grass, deer, and animals. I flowed along in the river, shivering. I thought about my mom and if she found out about me trying to find my dad when she was gone. The wolves I heard earlier were sounding closer by the minute. I tried to swim, but then I remembered when I asked my mom for swimming lessons but she would just say, “No. Those lessons are dangerous and cost more than we can afford.”


So I still gasped for air as I tried to get out of the water and get away from the wolves. I cried for help which is dumb because who is dumb enough in the woods than me? Gosh. Why are you so scared? You can survive on your own! I thought. It’s all my dad’s fault. He left me. Now think about how your going to get out of the water. But I didn’t get to finish that plan because suddenly everything went black. 6 When I woke up, a wet slobbery tongue was licking my face. I sat straight up. The thing that was licking my face was a dog. “Hello, boy! I’m Koll,” the dog said. I yelped. “You can talk?” I asked. “Of course I can talk! I guard this waterfall, boy. I saved you from that waterfall. What’s your name, boy?” the dog asked. “Well, first of all, it’s not boy, it’s Grant.” “Well, why are you here, Grant?” “I’m looking for my father.” “Hmm. I can’t help you.” “I didn’t ask for your help.” The dog howled. The howl sounded like the wolves I heard earlier. Then I thought that maybe the two sounds were the same howling sounds. The dog named Koll was the wolf making the howling sound. “Well, I’m looking for my boss. So, I guess I’ll help you find your father, Grant,” the dog said. “What’s going on? How can you talk? You haven’t answered that, yet. And I didn’t ask for you help,” I said. “Anyway, I have something to show you.” 7 I followed the dog into a plain field of grass. The wind howled like the dog. The dog stopped at a tiny blue flower. But, the flower didn’t look like the other flowers. It had a glow to it, like an angels glow. “This flower is the only flower,” the dog said. I looked at all of the flowers in the field. “Really?” I asked, confused. The dog sighed. “The only flower that counts,” the dog said. I nodded as if that made any since. “But why does only one flower count? No flower really counts that much.” The dog gasped. “Do not say that! If you want your father back, you have to earn it.” “I don’t have time to earn my father back. There’s no time.” The dog made a face that I think was a glare. “Kids! They spend all of their precious time on useless things, like you, boy.” I started at him, but he barked.


“Don’t you dare. I’m watching you.” I stepped away from the dog. “Boy! Do you want your father back or not?” the dog asked. “I do. But I don’t want some talking dog help me find him,” I said. The dog looked stunned. “How dare you!” the dog yelled at me. “I’m leaving!” I yelled back at him. “No!”” He pleaded me. “Your my only human from the waterfall!” “Well, I’m sorry, but I can’t follow you around.” So, I left. 8 The dog followed me. “Boy, listen to me, that flower is your dad’s flower, the most important one,” he explained. I stopped. I turned around to see the pleading look on his face. “I’m sorry, but, WHAT?! You couldn’t of told me that earlier? My mother had that same flower tucked in her hair!” I yelled at him. He shook his head disapprovingly. He barked again, and this time when he barked, we were in a room with a really high, gold ceiling, and white columns holding it up. In the middle of the room there was gold throne, sitting in it was a guy with dark brown hair like mine and brown eyes. He smiled a blinding smile at me and Koll. “Ah, Grant, welcome. Listen, I’m your father. I’m sorry I left but—” “Your my father?!” I yelled. He frowned. “Koll, what did you tell Grant about me? I told you not to say anything dumb about me,” my father said. “No, sir. I just said that I was looking for my boss and led him to you, sir,” Koll said. I ran to my dad and tackled him in a bear hug. “Ok, calm down. I’m coming home with you. And suddenly we were home, including Koll. Camden Nelson Grade 4 St. Peter’s Episcopal School Randi Schlosser


My Friend

I once had a friend who was a part of my life for only eight months, but our friendship taught me more about life than you would believe. Why only eight months? Because my friend was an oak leaf named Red. Our friendship began in late March. I was playing outside beside an oak tree, when I looked up and saw the first red bud on the end of the lowest limb. I wasn’t sure what it was, so I went inside and got my Daddy. As he always does, he not only taught me about the bud, but went through the entire life cycle of an oak leaf. When he went back inside, I decided to name the bud and become friends with it. So began my unusual friendship with Red. As often as I could, I would stop underneath his limb and look up to see how Red had changed. By mid-spring, he had grown into a small, green, pointy leaf, and three very small acorns grew next to him. I chose not to name them, since I don’t really like acorns. Early summer breezes caused Red to blow back and forth, which I imagined was him talking to me. In my mind, we told each other corny jokes, since my older sister doesn’t really like my corny jokes. The morning after a late summer thunderstorm, I ran out as fast as I could when I saw several oak leaves laying on the driveway. To my relief, Red was still attached, and I told him how strong he looked to me. I’m not sure if it was him nodding, or a breeze blowing, but he moved up and down for a few seconds. By the time school started, Red was a big, dark green leaf, and the acorns beside him had more than tripled in size. Halloween seemed to arrive in a hurry, and as I was headed out to trick-or-treat, I stopped by to say hello to Red. When I looked up, my eyes filled with tears, for Red had gone from green to dark red. It was a handsome red, and he seemed to be living out his name, but I remembered what Daddy had told me about his life cycle, and knew the end was near. Each day for the next two weeks, I spent time visiting with Red, watching him go from red to gold to brown. I had just stopped beneath his limb and looked up, when a short but strong wind whipped him off and carried him away from me. I ran to keep up and just reached Red when he landed on the ground, among all the other fallen oak leaves. I gently picked him up and held him in front of me. “Thank you for your friendship, Red. It was an honor to watch you grow from a tiny bud into the handsome leaf you are now. You taught me so much about life and nature that I had never really thought about before.”


Tears filled my eyes, but my heart was happy. I picked up three acorns and carried them and Red down into the forest behind our house. Scooping out a place for them, I placed them together and gently covered them with dirt. “Farewell, Red. I hope you help one of these acorns grow into a lovely, tall oak tree. I’ll never forget you, my special friend.” Aidan Noll Grade 4 Thrasher Elementary School Raquel Newton


“I found one!” screamed me, myself and I and then there was a shell. In the earliest days of my life there was that shell, it was no ordinary shell because it had a name and children. Its name was Shelly Stormy and her kids were named Shelly Sue Stormy and Stormy Sue Stormy get it? Shelly because she’s a shell. No. Ok. First of all I couldn’t tell them apart either because they were all shells. One night Shelly Stormy came, ALIVE! She had FISH FOOD eyes and SEAWEED hair but, she seemed fine to me, but that’s when the tragedy happened. Like I said she had her characteristics in and all, but she was no match for Giant Fluffy Stuffed Animal. (P.S That I loved!) Mrs. Shell all furious and raged and you know. So my mom thought it would be best for her to go to operation baby book. “Why oh why did it have to be that shell. Why me, myself and I say?” Isabel Pielich Grade 4 Edmondson Elementary School Stephanie Higgs


The Farm I got down from our gigantic van. Everyone was greeting each of us kindly. My cousin and I ran to their house. We ate delicious sweets from Bangladesh. Once we finished eating we went outside. It was so hot! But I love the country scent. We ran around and played with the cows. Then my dad and uncle came outside. They proclaimed, “You guys can now see the animals, but be sure not to let the chickens out.” We ran and opened the fence where the animals were. They were so noisy! Finally, my cousin, my brother, my cousin Wasi, and I got to see the chickens. They were everyone’s favorite animal on the farm. They were so peaceful. I really wondered if I could pet one. So, I asked my cousin and she said, “Sure! How hard could it be to get the chickens back in their cages?” We opened the cage and I started to pet one, but it popped out of my hands. We closed the cage so the others wouldn’t come out. My cousin was running after the escaped chicken. I followed her and I caught it! It was going crazy. I handed it to my cousin and she put it back in its cage. It was time to leave. I said bye to my cousins. I had a great time on the farm! Nabiha Rahman Grade 4 The Bright School Allison Sakich


I Survived the Somewhat Furious Snake My mouth dropped and my eyes shot open when I saw the furious creature. Some years ago I was in the mountains with my Trail Life group. The Woodlands were hunting in every direction looking for the hidden treasure. In the middle of the hunt I saw a shallow dark concrete hole. I knew I had found the treasure and I was thinking of everything that could be inside the wooden box. That’s when I looked down in the hole. I jumped back and my mouth dropped and I yelled at the top of my lungs, “It’s a snake!” I looked once more the creature was poking its head out hissing with its vicious fangs showing. I still stayed a few feet away in case of the snake attacking. All of a sudden, the furious creature started to move out of the hole. “Yikes,” I said. Luckily the snake went back into the hole. For a second I thought it was going to bite. It was now covered under the leaves, but you could still see his deep eyes as he drifted to sleep. Meanwhile, I always check for snakes whenever I’m outside or in the wood and I hope you do too. William Rhodes Grade 4 Edmondson Elementary School Stephanie Higgs



Have you ever wanted to know who invented the gymnastics beams, bars, and all of the equipment? Want to learn what the word gymnastics means or where it comes from? Well, all those questions and more will soon be answered by reading on. Gymnastics started as ancient civilizations doing strength and acrobatics exercises. The word gymnastics comes from the Greek words “gymnos” and “gymnazo” meaning roughly to train, and to exercise with no cloths. (naked). After the Roman invasion of Greece in the second century BC, gymnastics was adopted by the Roman army, for training exercise, and the practice was spread across the ancient world. In the late 1700’s, Friedrich Ludwig Jnahh of Germany developed the side bar, the horizontal bar, the parallel bars, the balance beam, and jumping events. He, more than anyone else was considered the “father of modern gymnastics”, because he developed all of these events Women first started to participate in gymnastics events in the 1920’s. The first women's Olympic competition was held in the 1928 games in Amsterdam. However, the only gymnastics event was synchronized calisthenics. To be good at Gymnastics, there are several things you need. You need gracefulness, dexterity, acrobatic skills, balance, physical skills, extra gracefulness (so you are extra safe you won't fall), athleticism and most of all…. STRENGTH. Strength is so important because you need to have arm strength to be able to hold your handstand, leg strength for pushing of in your back handspring and back kick over. If you think you might like to try out gymnastics after reading this, ask your guardian and you just might have yourself a hobby. Robyn Shumpert Grade 4 Nolan Elementary School Rachel Teas


Did you know that there are 84,000 dams in the U.S? The Nickajack Dam is one of them. In this essay you will learn about the Nickajack Dam, the positive effects of dams, and negative effects of dams. The Nickajack Dam was built in 1964, and took 3 years to build. It is located in Marion County, Tennessee. The capacity is 10,370 acre feet, 81 feet tall,and 3,767 feet wide. The dam is one of the major impediments. The Nickajack Dam creates hydroelectricity, and it has 179 miles of shoreline. It costed 81.4 million dollars to build! Some of the positive effects of dams are that they generate power, they prevent flooding, and they create recreation. They create recreation so you can go swimming, fishing, and boating. They prevent flooding so your town doesn’t flood. Lastly, they generate power (hydroelectricity), to power your town. Those are a few positive effects of dams. Some negative effects of dams are that they decrease fish population, they stop water from getting into the ocean, and their very, very expensive to build!! It decreases fish population because the fish can’t get back to their homes. It stops water from getting to the ocean because some dams block the river. Lastly, they are very expensive to fix or build. Those are a few negative effects of dams. In my opinion, I think the Nickajack Dam should not be torn down. It is a great dam because it creates hydroelectric power to Marion County. It also decreases flooding, which is great for the county. That is why I don't want Nickajack Dam to be torn down. Isabel Sweet Grade 4 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Tricia Zienowicz


Spring Don’t you love the colorful afternoons with new creatures prancing along? If you do than spring is the best for you. Watch the squirrels run, jump, and play. As the deer frolic, bound, and leap. A new child is born to the lion standing brave, and looking down at his happy spring kingdom. Dancing daffodils doing the spring tango. Beautiful daisies doodling on huge canvases, and painting pictures of rabbits, birds, anything else that comes to their minds. And don't forget the roses in their long, silk gowns. Little pine sapletts new, green and just coming out of the earth. As the old, ancient, tall pines stand tall, and grand. Little fox cubs trying to eat sapletts. Amelia Talley Grade 4 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Stephanie Chapman


How We Got the Sunset

It was a warm evening in July, and all the colors of the rainbow wanted to say goodnight to the Blue Sky in a special way. They decided to come together and discuss it. Orange suggested to act out “The Night Before Christmas” because he was an amazing actor, but they thought that idea was too boring and not festive enough. Green, who was lively and liked to sing and dance, thought they should perform The Barber of Seville, but they thought that Italian operas were cheesy. Red was an experienced artist, so she wanted to paint the sky. Because they knew the Blue Sky appreciated creativity and works of art, the colors agreed Red had the perfect idea. They determined the Sun could choose which colors should paint the Blue Sky, and they even got the Night Sky to join in for the finale. They went to the Sun to gather advice. Now the Sun was pretty much a grandpa and typically very grumpy. He was also not the most excited person. This was the worst time of day to see him. He was tired and grumpy all the time, but he was grumpier today because he wanted to get more sleep. The Sun picked colors, at least. It didn’t help his mood that the colors were pesky either. The clamor the Sun had to deal with went something like this: “Pick me!” shouted Orange. “No, me!” yelled Blue. “Sun! Sun! Over here!” cheered Green. And so on… After listening to the ruckus for a while, he gruffly motioned for silence. He started a speech, but it is much too long to include in this story. So let’s skip that part and move on. He stood up, and as he spoke he pointed to each color. “Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, and Purple. Congratulations!” Since the Sun didn’t say anything else (and the colors were glad of that, considering the long speech), the colors left. *** It was time for “The Painting of the Sky” to begin. They decided that Yellow would appear on top, followed by Orange. Red would go under Orange, followed by Pink, then Purple beneath Pink. Then it was time. They put on a brilliant show as the setting Sun went to bed. The bold rays of light joined with the bright colors to create a brilliant show. It was exactly like a painting. The Night Sky finished the wondrous scene with a curtain of black that covered the Blue Sky like a blanket. And that’s how we got the sunset. Sarah Beth Underwood Grade 4 Silverdale Baptist Academy Heather Prairie


The Game that Steps Backwards “Can we play trouble now?” My sister asked for the hundredth time today. “No” I say “We have to eat dinner and then we have to do are chores.” “Why” she said board of waiting “Because they have to go to the wedding and they say it’s not for kids.” I say under my breath “I wish that they didn’t have to.” “Come one let's go eat.” After we ate my little sister had to go to bed she when up stair to brush her teeth. After she was ready she ask “Can you read me a story?” I said sure “But this time I make up one for you.” “Fine.” She said like I tell the worst stories “but” she said “Do I really have to go to bed it is not too dark.?” “Yes you still have to.” “Come on I want to play” she said “That was a rainy day so she played a game called rolling the dice. She got a new version for her birthday and she had been wanting to use it for a long time. So she got out the game and her dad and mom read the directions for her and the last it said was, “don’t go backwards!” “What does that mean?” She said looking confused. “I don’t get it” she said “Why does it say that?” “Let me tell the story not you. Ok.?” “Then her dad got a call.” “Ok...let me just get ready...ok I’m coming… bye.” He said looking at mom then me “We have to go to the office.” “Why” she said feeling sad. “It is very important.” “It is for our house.” So they left. After they left they started to play the game. The wind was so hard outside a tree branch fell then it started to thunder the rain pounded against the wind like someone playing the drums really hard at a rock band. As we started to play the game her little brother said “I go first!” “Fine.” They chose their players and began. Peter rolled the dice and got a 6 and 5 so he moved 11 spaces he read out loud “Move to the rain forest and then go to lion roar.” Then they heard a roar and they said “Lion!” They Thought that there was a real lion but the hide for a couple of minutes and nothing happened so they looked out and there was nothing. “Come on let's get out.” Then Bella rolled a 1 and 0 so she read “Go to the gift shop.” So she moved and a present appeared in front of her she peeked in and saw the most eye blinding thing an iphone7 she had wanted the so long she reach in as careful as she could “Yes I love this game!” she said. He started to roll when she said “Yes they already have Minecraft!” As loud as a fog horn could be. “Come on let me roll please?” he said trying to be calm. He rolled and got on the go back 1 space then she notes that it was the only go back space on the board. “Is that what they mean by “Don’t go backwards?” “I don’t know.” He said. He went back 1 space and got lava river. Then they saw lava going from the ground. “Come on Bella roll so we can get it over with!” Then she rolled a 4 and 1 she only need 7 more she got beehive she looked at him confused and saw a beehive right by peter. “Peter move to the left very...very slowly.” So he moved over to the side and saw the biggest beehive ever. “It’s as big as a bush!” The lava was still going they had to go to the table and sit on it.


“Come on get a seven.” She said under her breath. She got a 6 and 1 “Yes!” She said. Then everything shook like an earthquake. Then it when white and turned back they were on the floor sitting no lava no beehive no lion roar no phone. “No phone!?” She said sadly. “What happened?” “I don’t know.” She said still sounding sad. “Come on let's go watch some TV.” “Mom, dad your home we’ve be waiting for you.” She said sounding happy. “We had to go through some traffic so it took us awhile.” “Shouldn't you be in bed?” “We were waiting for you to come home so we could say goodnight to you.” Erika Ventura Grade 4 Red Bank Elementary Elisabeth Wilson


When Me and My Family Went to the Beach One day I went to the beach with my sister, my dad, and my mom. When we got there I felt the salty breeze blowing in my face. I heard the wild bark of the dog I have not seen in four years. Then I saw the doorknob turn. I saw the huge, big, ginormous smile of my aunt and uncle. “Hi’ I said and gave them big hugs. Then I saw my uncle’s and aunt’s dog, Woody. I sat on my knees and boom! I went crashing down covered in doggie drool. I felt his slobbery tongue licking me. His face felt like wool. I could tell I was missed. While my mom and dad talked to my aunt and uncle I went to my room. When I was done unpacking I went to their porch. I looked out at the ocean. It was beautiful. I went back into the house. I went into the kitchen. My aunt and my mom were making dinner. “Will you help us with dinner Sara?” “Sure,” I said. “What are we having?” I asked. “Cod and salmon,” my mom said. While my mom, my aunt, and I made dinner, my dad and my uncle walked the dog. After dinner I watched TV in my room, got ready for bed, and fell asleep. The next day we went to the zoo. We saw bears, monkeys, and lions. I got a stuffed animal and so did my sister. When we got back to the house we started to pack our stuff. Tomorrow we would leave. At dinner my sister had a piňa colada. She said it was good. The next day came. We grabbed our stuff, packed up our car, and left. Sara Wright Grade 4 The Bright School Allison Sakich


“The Storm of Curiosity” I am a father. Hold up, rewind! Have you ever felt like you have a thunderstorm reeking havoc inside your mind? It’s like you have so many emotions flowing and you can’t decide which one you’re feeling. Well, you better grab your “reading umbrella” because there is a 95% chance of a “Storm of Curiosity!” Once upon a ti- Oh, wait, this isn’t a fairy tale! This is a story! Pssh! You brain! Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, my grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and family were riding with me while we were coming back from Disneyland. We were heading to my grandparents’ house. It was the happy, jolly day of Christmas! My brother and I were extremely excited! We were so excited that we were jumping up and down in our seats, and our hands were trembling with excitement! FINally, we arrived at my grandparents’ house. “Maybe Quinny should go first,” I said trying to help organize the order in which we’ll open the presents. “Yeah, thanks Easy-E,” my Dad said. “Nah, I think I should go first,” Ricky said with pride. “Nope, Quinnikkins will go first,” my Dad declared. “Ugh, fine. Go ahead Quinn,” Ricky exclaimed. “*Screech!* Eek!,” Quinny exclaimed with a present load of excitement. “What is it?” we all asked with a box load of curiosity. “A scooter!” Quinny screamed. “Awesome!” Man, I was so frustrated because everybody was getting good gifts. Last one of my presents. The present was wrapped in “Santa and his sleigh” wrapping paper. My mind was about to explode like a volcano with curiosity had erupted. The curiosity lava was flowing down “Intellect Road.” Meanwhile, back in reality, I am staring at the present with the totally amazing wrapping paper. Could you tell that was sarcasm? My vibrating hands reached toward the box. The box was . . . . . .. white? Just pure white? Well, that was anticlimactic? Anyway, I was spinning the STILL white box around wondering what it could be. Then it hit me. It hit me like one of those curious lava rocks to the face. “It’s probably just socks or underwear,” I thought sadly. Man, I was still so upset that I would get dumb clothes. “Well I might as well open it up.” I opened it . . . . . BOOSH! The reflection of the sun from this “mysterious object” was overwhelming. Are you ready for the unveiling?!?!?!?! It was . . . . . an IPad Mini 4!!!!!!!! “I have been wanting this forever!” I told my peers! Suddenly . . .. I teleported to a mysterious area. I looked up into the sky. It was clear. That was the moment I realized something had gone away. The Storm of Curiosity has passed . . . Quinny = (kwin-ee) Elliott Ybarra Grade 4 Edmondson Elementary School Summer Curry


[ 5th Grade Poetry ]


The Cowardly Hat

There was an old woman all dressed in gold She wore a hat but it was not bold For this was no ordinary hat The hat of a coward Long ago, no not star wars, but longer The man who wore the hat, he wrote poems He had once lived with Samoans The hat was made of suede With a brim and a feather Which looks quite ridiculous altogether For this man was such a great poet He entered a contest but was afraid he was going to blow it So he copied and cheated his way to the finals Only to reveal himself as a coward. Caleb Austin Grade 5 Nolan Elementary School Sara Lisowski


FALL Fall falls after summer which falls after spring which falls after winter. Fall falls on October, November and rarely just rarely falls on September. When fall falls it has something special fall falls with leaves orange and red yellow brown. Fall falls in the bitter cold not freezing but cold, and rarely just rarely It falls on fall which falls after summer Which falls after spring which falls after winter. Julia Baker Grade 5 Nolan Elementary School Heather Murphy


Fun when you get to play On the field is the best Offense is almost as fun as defense Touchdown going to the Super Bowl Breaking peoples’ ankles All the way to the end zone Love this sport Linemen are the best Mason Buckner Grade 5 Boyd-Buchanan School Jennifer Jones



As the cat spies We see its eyes When you, walk through the hall You see him ball. Ethan Burnette Grade 5 Ringgold Elementary School Todd Giannamore

Bright Cat


A Lie It burns within you like fire It is cold like ice It sticks with you like glue I only know because I’ve told one or two. They hurt like a punch to the gut They push tears from your eyes They don’t stretch the truth; they break it I only know because I’ve heard one or two. A lie does all of these things So if I were you I would not tell Even one or two.

Lauren Butt Grade 5 The Bright School Vicki Everett



Poems are annoying for kids to write Obviously meant for adults Extremely complicated for adults and kids alike Mind bending if written right Coda Cooper Grade 5 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Regan Phillips


Tailgating Marching bands Sweating anticipation Sideline cheerleaders Down, set, hike Shouting crowds Peanuts, hotdogs, and cokes Hoping to win John Edwards Grade 5 Hilger Higher Learning Shelley George



As I see the sea Almost as blue as the sky Hitting the ground hard Dakota Gasaway Grade 5 Ringgold Elementary School Todd Giannamore

Watching Waves


How does the sky Be so azure? How does it Cradle All of the floating Clouds? How does it extend For miles and miles With not a hole To be found? How does it shield us from the vast Universe? It does many services For us And we give it no Credit Natalie Hankins Grade 5 Thrasher Elementary School Karen Simpson

Blue Sky


Molly Quiet, Non-runner Coloring, Cooking, Relaxing Deceit, Strategy, Clever, Trustful Engaging, Computing, Eating Runner, Bold Casey Nickolas Hardison Grade 5 Boyd-Buchanan School Michelle Rudolph



When I listen to this song I light up And I know what’s up I can feel what I see And that is what I will be I will accept defeat forever I shall stay go in my one brain I like this poem It is not from the hood It should not be for people like me He should always stay in peace And that is why I speak. Caleb Irvine Grade 5 Calvin Donaldson Elementary Kristina Jensen


My School Routine

I go to school because I’m way to cool. I get in the car and go to school which is far. I learn some spelling so I start yelling. Also learn some math, oh wait I need to take a bath. After that I do some science but there is no word to rhyme so I’m going absurd. Then I’m going to lunch so I can eat a bunch. When I go to homeroom I get into a loom. Then I leave which pulls off a heave. I go home to look at a knome. Taala Issa Grade 5 Boyd-Buchanan School Jane Beasley


A Crashing Sea

In my seat I'll scoot and move. The lights and noises do not soothe. The window calls for me to look. I cannot focus on my book. I try to write the letter b. But my pencil draws a d. I try again to get it right, But the answer is out of sight. Some days my mind runs really fast. Words and numbers fly right past. I hope the teacher doesn't see How scared I am she'll call on me It's hard to try and sit real still. To get through homework takes all my will. I'm not stupid, lazy, or dumb. It's just my mind likes to run. A broken bone might wear a cast. But my problems you'll look right past. You cannot see what troubles me. Inside my mind is a crashing sea. Writing for some is a great escape. To me it's just a chance for mistakes. Because years ago a doctor told me Your dyslexic with ADD Ava Katherine Ann Levine Grade 5 Nolan Elementary School Heather Murphy


What Will I Do This Year?

Hooray! Hooray! It’s time to put the old year away The year I ride a unicorn or Even grow a horn Or this year I will dance With dinosaurs or lean to a New chapter of life Then I will dance with a monkey In a glitter forest then I Will give fortunes for free I’ll live in a house As small as a mouse And bake cheese for the mice at hand I will prance around In the snow and dance With Grace who is a dancer. Kaleigh Loden Grade 5 St. Peter’s Episcopal School Hannah Maounis


Reflection Misconception

Tree, tree, beautiful tree Such a sad sight to see, In the water you constantly gaze Not knowing you might not be staring at the real thing, You do have beauty don’t get me wrong But sometimes the water can emphasize your flaws and your perfections, Let me lead you in the right direction, Here is a mirror that is big and wide, That will show you things that water will sometimes hide, Your leaves are majestic, As pretty as can be Dancing delicately in the sunlight, Swaying in the breeze, You’re a very beautiful tree and I hope you can see What I see, And that’s true beauty Ashlynn McElhinny Hommel Grade 5 Thrasher Elementary School Karen Simpson


Jenni’s Ball Abuse!

Hello, I’m a tennis ball I don’t enjoy being whacked I don’t think you give a quack for What I have to say. You smack me with you racquet You put me on the bottom of chairs What is the deal with that? I don’t think you give a quack for What I have to say. I get spankings all the time What about being captured By that net I don’t think you give a quack for What I have to say. Man’s best friend slobbers And chases me and makes me slimy too What about when I am on your scoreboard Representing all your wins Do you think that feels nice? I don’t think you give a quack for What I have to say. This is tennis ball abuse! Claire McOmie Grade 5 The Bright School Vicki Everett


Swaying their trunks round and round While drinking water from the ground Stomping loudly on the ground What giant is coming around Herds of them here and there But they aren’t even a bear Tusks pulling down trees While bending down their knees Sounds of trumpets are near But we don't shed a tear Big curved eyes in the shape of pies Huge round ears, but have no fears Large thick, chubby skin Although that is how they win Using their trunks as a shower So they really do feel the power Eats grasses, fruits, and leaves But can rip down trees What is this giant beast you say? Well it is a giant elephant! NO way! Kate Ottley Grade 5 Nolan Elementary School Sara Lisowski

Gentle Giants


The sky is like art I looked up at the painted blue sky The cotton ball clouds Then the glitter like birds While the sun was on my face Josie Pfiester Grade 5 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Regan Phillips



Snow falls from the sky Kids come out and start to play Snowball fights begin Me and my friend build snowmen I hope this day never ends Liam Reeves Grade 5 Ringgold Elementary School Todd Giannamore

Snow Days


Sometimes the world’s a little better When you smile Sometimes the air’s a little fresher When you smile Sometimes you run a little faster When you smile So just smile Sometimes the day’s a lot brighter When you smile Sometimes you play a lot harder When you smile Sometimes you’ll be a lot nicer When you smile So just smile Smiling is piling love on And your smile is as sweet As swimming doves.

Kenya Sharp Grade 5 The Bright School Vicki Everett



A passageway from bad I create a reality One that can overrun Overpower And cure our own Pen to page Drawing a better world Erasing mistakes Seems to erase my worries But You can't always hide Hiding feels good I know There are some things You can't erase But you can try to fix them You may fail It stings So bandage it up And try again Tyler Shipley Grade 5 Thrasher Elementary School Karen Simpson




Bright, joyful, and so alive Earth is what helps us thrive From the beautiful butterflies that glide in the air To the biggest of trees that can see everywhere Earth is one of the most wonderful things It is so gentle to all of the coursing streams But what we do to It is a terrible thing All the pollution, and all of the trash Making this land a terrible bath And what can we do to fix all we know Well that is a test that we are all going to blow Ben Timblin Grade 5 Thrasher Elementary School Karen Simpson


If you look around and see

There comes a time when You look around and, See That the world is as beautiful as me But the inside is more than the can see My world revolves around me but, That's not the way it’s supposed to be because, If you look around and see there comes a time When you see that the world is as beautiful as me We can all be stronger and free If you look around and see the world is as Beautiful as you and me You can be as beautiful as the World if you live life the way It is meant to be. Trinity Williams Grade 5 Battle Academy Melanie Williams


[ 5th Grade Prose ]


Stuck in Space

One day I was looking up at the sky. I’ve always wondered what was up there? Twenty years later I went into space. I stayed there for only a couple of days but you know, it takes forever to get up there. Once we got up there I was too tired to see the galaxy I’ve always dreamed about, so I went to bed. As I was getting into the bed, the spacecraft started to shake side to side. I looked out the back window and an asteroid hit the spacecraft on the side and fuel started to come out. I thought to myself “How will I ever get back to Earth? I’ll fix it!’’ So I got out of the spacecraft. I got closer to the ship and my rope came undone. I was floating in space and no one knew I was out there. Minutes later I saw these lights. They looked weird. They were every color. It picked me up. It was pulling me! I got inside and these people took off their masks and they were martians. As I screamed their names I passed out. By the time I woke up, we had landed. I walked out and I had no idea where I was. As I was walking by I asked them where I was but they didn't make a sound. It was dead- silent. It made me get angry. I screamed at them but all they did was look at each other side to side. They then got in there ship and left me there. As they were leaving I said “Don't leave me here, please!” but they left anyway. As years went by I looked for tools to build a spacecraft. Ten years later I went home, but I can't wait to go back into space. Rachel Anselmi Grade 5 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Jessica Narwold


Eleven-Year-Old Eyes

Adults think that children have it easy. Well guess what, we don't! Welcome to the horrors of fifth grade. You may think it's not that bad. But wait until you see it through the eyes of an eleven-year-old. I woke up that morning in a panic. Because as always I had slept through my alarm clock! I checked my phone and leaped out of bed. The bus comes in five minutes! I ran downstairs, grabbed a pop tart, and raced outside just in time to catch the bus! About halfway to school I realized that I A. was still wearing my pajamas B. forgot to grab my backpack C. forgot to put on shoes. Yep, today was going to be interesting. I was super nervous today as I headed down the hall to the auditorium. Every year the 5th grade does a play at the end of the school year. This year we were putting on The Wizard of Oz and I really wanted to get the part of Dorothy. This play was the whole reason why I wanted to be in 5th grade. Acting is one of the only things that I'm good at! So, if I don't get the role of Dorothy, then basically all of my hopes and dreams will come crashing down on me at once. So yay, wish me luck! I walked inside where everyone else was already waiting. I plopped down in a chair and “listened” to Ms. Sean while she blabbered about unimportant things. Well apparently those things were important. Guess what super important role I got? Understudy. I won't even get to go on stage unless I'm lucky. I don't even have time to sulk about not getting the role of Dorothy because I have a test in every class today! All of them worth half of my grade! And to make matters worse, all of my study guides were in my backpack! Yep, I am totally loving fifth grade today! On Monday morning I was running down the hall because for once in my life I was late! I stopped at the bulletin board to quickly scan through the announcements. That's when I saw the latest headline. “Our fifth grade lead, Shelley Anderson, broke both her legs when she accidentally tumbled of a camel at the zoo. Her understudy, Harper McLean, will play Dorothy.” I almost fainted from excitement. According to Roseville Elementary Daily News I was going to play Dorothy. That is if I remember to show up. Okay hold up. What just happened? I auditioned for Dorothy in March and now it is May 4. The play is May 6. And we only had 4 rehearsals. Granted now that I think about it, I slept through my two of them and just plain out forgot about 4 rehearsals. Whoops. I ran down to the auditorium as soon as the lunch bell rang. I went to Ms. Sean to apologize for missing the rehearsals. She said I could keep my part. So, instead of eating chicken nuggets, I spent lunch sitting with Ms. Sean catching up on the play. This might actually go as planned. In all my eleven years I've never had that happen!


I got to the school at 6:30. That means for once I was on time for something. I ran inside where I found Ms. Sean pacing backstage. I asked her what was wrong and she said that both the kids who were going to play the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man were sick with the stomach bug. So that means that we were now going to have to put on The Wizard Of Oz without two of the lead roles. Just great! This always happens to me. Just when I thought that things might turn out my way, everything falls apart! Just when I was about to give up hope and accept the fact the play would be a disaster, both the girls who were supposed to play the parts walked in. They insisted that they were well enough to perform. (right after saying that, they immediately threw up.) So, our saving graces are stationed over the toilet throwing up. Yep, this play is definitely saved. Yay. I can't believe what happened on Friday night! Even though I thought the play was a disaster, the audience loved it! They apparently thought that it was a hilarious twist on the Wizard of Oz. They especially liked the part when Tin Man threw up on the Wicked Witch of the West. And after the play, people started to ask for autographs! I'm like a fifth-grade Taylor Swift! Wow! I can't believe that I'm done with elementary school! It went by so fast! And because of the play I get to give a speech at graduation! I can't believe I went from a nobody to the most popular kid in school! A lot can change in a week I guess! Well, next year I'll be 12. Look out Middle School, Harper McLean is coming your way! How hard can be? Riley Barford Grade 5 Thrasher Elementary School Karen Simpson


The Disease

“Sorry for interrupting your favorites how, but there is breaking news! Many people are getting sick with a new disease!” At that moment the TV went blank. Cessna looked out the window, and saw people running for their life. He knew he had to try and save his family. His first thought was to get the car and drive to their cabin. He realized that he had to get everyone to a safe place. Then he remembered that his Uncle Eddie worked for the CDC (Center for Disease Control). THAT WAS IT! He could call Uncle Eddie to see what this disease was and what he could do to save his family. In the meantime, he carried his sisters, Mom, Dad, Granny and TT to their cabin on the mountain. He told them, “Do not open any doors or windows. Keep the doors locked and you should be safe until I get back!” Cessna’s Mom said, “I am worried about you being alone, please take Bear with you.” Bear was the family dog. Cessna set out on the trip to find Uncle Eddie and hopefully the cure for the disease. He knew he had to protect himself, so he put on a mask and gloves. Cessna took a chance and called Uncle Eddie’s phone. Uncle Eddie actually answered. Cessna found out that Uncle and Eddie and the other doctors were close to finding a vaccine for the disease. Cessna got directions to the lab in Atlanta and drove even faster. By the time Cessna got there, the vaccine was ready. He asked, “How will we get this to everyone?” Uncle Eddie said that it was shipped by planes, trucks and trains, but that Cessna should take it straight back to the family. Cessna drove as fast as he could back to the cabin. His sister was already showing symptoms of the disease. She had a fever and a rash inside her mouth. He panicked, “Oh no! Am I too late to save Marilyn?” He quickly called Uncle Eddie and told him what had happened. Uncle Eddie said, “No worries. She is in the beginning of the illness. Give her two Tylenol and the vaccine, and give everyone else the vaccine including yourself and Bear.” So Cessna gave them all the vaccine. They stayed at the cabin for a month until the disease was under control. Thanks to Cessna’s quick action, and Uncle Eddie and the other doctors at the CDC, many lives were saved. Sofia Bean Grade 5 St. Peter’s Episcopal School Hannah Maounis


The (Almost) Tyranny of the Summoner: Jacob Truman was an ordinary boy. He was just a kid with the noodli-est arms in the whole school. He was in seventh grade when a maniac was on the loose. Things were stolen left and right. The great katana of samurai Hiro was stolen and the mastermind left a paper that was encrypted saying that if they figured out what the paper meant, it might give him away. The criminal also stole the sacred, jeweled, jade dragon of the 3rd Dynasty, and the mastermind left the same note. Jacob was in class one day, and it was the same old thing. As he left, people were making fun of him, calling him, “Mr. Noodles,” and other aggravating comments. He wasn't fazed by it, and the day passed along. He slumped back home, and opened the newspaper. The “ritual stone” and the “Book of Monsters” were missing from their stand in the local museum. Jacob ran outside, to let his mind deflate. He could not believe it! The thief was in his town, who stole the items from the artifacts section. The museum was about to bury the ritual stone 20 meters deep, because the runes started to glow. This was not a good sign. Then something flashed in the corner of his eye. It was an amulet. He walked toward it. When Jacob came within 4 meters of it, it triggered. It gleamed brighter than the Sun, and Jacob was jerked with an absurd amount of force. Before he knew it, the amulet “jumped” onto him. Jacob’s mind became foggy, and then his whole consciousness became amplified. He had a tingly feeling that made him nauseous. He felt as if his whole soul jumped out. His soul was flying. Then he saw him, the Summoner. The Summoner was a bony figure in a dark, flowing, silk cloak. His head was concealed, and when he tried to look at who it was, all that he saw was an abyss. He was doing a ritual. He chanted some words in a raspy croak. And it looked as if a dark cloaked ghoul risen out of the pages. Suddenly, as quick as it happened, Jacob was then aware of his body. It was cold, and then he heard a voice. “Jacob, where are you, I’ve been calling you to lunch for the past 5 minutes,” said Jacob’s mom. “Coming,” he replied. He came into the living room. His mom asked about his day in school, and all of the other mom stuff. In Jacob’s head however, he heard a little voice, and it kind of sounded like his mom! Jessica is the nicest girl I have ever met! He heard in his head, and then he asked his mom. “Hey mom, who is Jessica?” asked Jacob. “How did you know?!?!” his mom worriedly said, “Jessica is the new girl at the office.” “I was just wondering (No pun intended),” Jacob replied.


He went to the museum, and found a sarcophagus wide open. It looked like a putrid acid green liquid was flowing down the sarcophagus. As it turns out this was a portal, and the Summoner forgot to close it. Jacob walked into it. He felt nauseated, and felt as if his legs were jelly. Suddenly, he regained his balance. There he saw him, the second time, the Summoner. Jacob quickly dove to the left, behind a cabinet. He glares at the Summoner, and he hears the same raspy voice as when his soul flew. Hmmm… The Dark Falcon Warrior, or the thief of the Nile? I know I can do both! The Summoner was going to build an army, Jacob needed to stop him. He looks at the Summoner and gets a connection. You really want some coffee; you need to go steal some. Jacob transmitted to the Summoner. “I am very sleepy, I could go for some decaf coffee,” the Summoner rasped. The Summoner went through the portal, searching for the nearest Starbucks™. Jacob snatched the book, and it started to shake. His shirt was bleached, and distorted. The amulet flew off and sunk into the book. His small shirt suddenly stretched, and he was now wearing an “extra-extra-large.” His amulet was sucked into the book. The runes turned from their dull brown to a shimmering gold. He saw something wobble in the portal, and then he dove back behind his little hiding place, the cabinet. The figure was back, with a brown stain on his shirt. He looked at the book, and got instantly sucked in. Jacob dashed and slammed the book with a tremendous force. The book shook and then it stopped. He saved the world. He brought it back, and he gave the items up to the police, and he made the headlines. That Monday, everybody stared at him. That is the kid who stopped the guy who was the guy that was the evil guy, one kid thought. He is famous, another kid thought. That was that. Jacob was a hero. Logan Dapp Grade 5 Nolan Elementary School Sara Lisowski


Ellen’s Journey “Doctor? When may I see her?” exclaimed a roused Ellen Peters. “In a moment miss.” said the doctor with his low melancholy voice. Ellen just sat and huffed. Her mother was very sick. One moment she burned with fever and the next she shivered with cold. Her mother had not been faring any better in the last couple of days, and Ellen was worried she would lose her beloved mother. Suddenly Ellen bursts into spurts of hot, fat tears. “Miss Ellen-”cooed the flustered doctor. “NO!” shrieked Ellen, her long, wavy brown hair billowed across her face like a raging pony’s mane. Ellen hiked up her china blue skirts and raced from the room, like a bluebird soaring through the night. **** “Miiiiiiilllleeeeeeyyyyyy!” Ellen stretched out her dog’s name like a rubber band. The happy, chubby dog bounded across the broad hallway to see Ellen. “Miileey! Who’s the good girl? Who’s the good girl?” Ellen puffed out her words and baby talked to Miley. “Arf!” said the dog, as if answering Ellen’s question. “You wanna go for a walk girl?” said Ellen. “Arf! Arf! Arf!” the dog jumped up and down as he made these barks. “Okay Miley!” Ellen said. Ellen put the light pink leash around Miley’s neck and they walked out the door. As Ellen and Miley strolled down the lane, a young boy named Nate Miller approached them from behind. Nate reached out and delicately touched Ellen’s shoulder. She gasped lightly, and slowly turned around. Ellen couldn’t help it, she knew it was impolite but, she gaped at the boy. “Pardon my gape you’re just so… so... handsome.” Ellen stuttered, like a broken machine. “Oh! Really?” “Yes!” Ellen exclaimed. “I was wondering, do you want to come down to my farm one day to eat dinner?” “Me?” said Ellen. “Yes” Nate clarified. “Okay! When should I come?” “How about tomorrow at 6:30?” “All right. I’ll meet you there. Oh and can I have directions?” “Sure, just take a right on South Oxford and then left on 42nd street.” “Thanks! Bye!” “Bye!” ****


“Mother?” “Yes?” Ellen heard Mrs. Peters’ still young but weak voice. Ellen sprang into the room. To her joyous delight her mother’s cheeks had gained some color. She was getting increasingly better, and the doctor had told Ellen that in a few weeks her beloved kin would be fully healed. “Oh Mother! You look so much better!” “Yes dear, and in a few weeks I shall be better! I just need rest.” Adrenalin coursed through Ellen’s body. Her mother would be well again by two weeks? It seemed too good to be true! And of course, like almost anything that seems too good to be true, it was. **** A week later the doctor told Ellen that without a special rare flower, Ellen’s mother, Charlotte, would indeed die. “Well in that case I will pay $100 to have an adventurer go get it.” bribed Ellen. This may not seem like a lot but, Ellen lived in 1832, so it was a lot. “Miss, the plant cannot be retrieved by an explorer for it must be a child. Adults cannot see the herb for it was planted by a child, and it is a magical herb.” “Fiddlesticks!!! Then I, Ellen Rose Peters, shall go.” said Ellen “But it shall be extremely dangerous Ma’am” the doctor warned. “I don’t care! My mother matters too much for fear!” cried Ellen “Fine!” moaned the doctor “Here is the only known map.” “Yes!” shouted Ellen, “Where do I start?” “Start at the Bluegold Mountains, they’re 2 blocks away” “Okay!” **** As Ellen walked up to the Mountains she thought about Nate. Well, he’ll be as sad as a snowman in May! She thought. She was going to have to miss the date. And Ellen started her long strenuous hike up the mountains of her future. When Ellen reached the top she realized that her calves burned like fire! Well that’s probably because you just climbed a mountain, missy! she thought. Then Ellen heard a voice behind her. Who could that be? She wondered. “Ellen! Wait” It was the Nate! “Ellen, when I’d heard you were gone, I just had to come too. The kind doctor told me where you were.” “Oh, thanks, Nate! I’ve been getting awfully lonely!” she replied “The map shows that next, we cross the raging river of death… oh my! That doesn’t sound horrible at all!” she piped, sarcastically. “Is there a bridge?” “This shows a thousand-year-old, rickety rope bridge.” she gulped. When they got to the bridge, Ellen said, “I’ll go first and if I don’t make it… please try and get the flower another way.” Nate nodded solemnly. She took a step forward and felt the bridge collapse under her feet, and her body swinging down, down, down she bobbed under


frigid water. Then she felt cool earth on her hands, she was on the other side, and she realized, with great affection, that Nate had hopped on the swinging bridge with her at the last moment. “Thanks” she said gratefully. Then she saw it- the flower- sitting on a pedestal glittering with early morning dew. Ellen walked up to the flower, plucked it, and it made her feel as if someone was giving her a warm hug. Then she saw a broomstick with a note tied to it that read quite simply: Ride this home when done- planter year 1243 And that’s exactly what they did. EPILOGUE When Ellen and Nate climbed onto the broomstick, it flew and it felt like all the winds in the world were blowing against their faces as they lost their stomachs soaring. Also, on that broomstick, they had their first kiss. Ellen’s mother was healed the next day and once again joy coursed through the little old house. In 1834 eighteen-year-old Ellen and nineteen-year-old Nate were married. Two years later they had a baby named Ella. The End Lucie DeGaetano Grade 5 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Rebecca Parker



One day a baby was born her name was Strong. Her parents’ names were Yoga and Abbs. When she was born she was stronger than her mom. I guess that's where she gets the name from. Abbs and Yoga took their beautiful baby home the next day. Strong was a skillful five-year-old when something scary happened. Once when a robber tried to break into their house she beat him up with her skillful strong muscles. He never came back again because he was afraid of what Strong might do to him if he did. After this happened she received the Medal of Bravery. She went down in fame in the Hall of Bravery. Strong was now twenty and trying to apply for jobs. She tried out for a baking position, but she broke all the tools due to her pushing down too hard. Then she tried out for a carpenter, but did the same thing. It had been two later and Strong thought she had to get a job one way or another. So she went down to Muscle Town and tried out for the USA Women's Soccer Team. She dribbled, kicked, passed, and scored well. One month later she found out that she made it. Strong was so excited that she told everyone she knew, and they were so proud of her. Strong got a text from Alex Flex one week later that said, “We have practice tomorrow at the field at two o’clock pm. Strong was so excited that tomorrow was going to be her first practice. After she drove in the car for ten minutes she finally got there and jumped for joy. Then after that mess she put on her cleats and walked on to the field. When she got in there was no one to be seen. Then all of a sudden her whole new team jumped out and said, “ Surprise! ” Strong fell to the ground and her teammates like Alex Flex, Hope Stretch, and Carly Lunge helped her to her feet. After a few weeks, the USA Women’s Soccer Team had kicked off the season with many wins. Strong had played so well that she was asked to came to the Best Soccer Player of the Year Awards. She was given Best Player award, and Alex was given the Best Teammate award. A few years later she had to give soccer a break due to her going on a honeymoon with her new husband Austin Muscle which is a football player. They when to the Bahamas and had a great time. Although Strong was missing out on one of her team’s games she was having a great time and her team understood why. Strong and Austin went swimming, went to the spa, went on a cruise, and even played some soccer. After a week at the Bahamas Strong and her husband return home and to their surprise Strong was pregnant with a baby boy. She was so happy she told everyone. Although she was happy she was also sad because she was going to have to miss three months of soccer. One month later she had her baby boy his name was Tyler Muscle.


Strong loved Tyler she thought he was everything she could ever want. He was so much like Strong. He was strong, athletic, and adventures like his mom. Besides him acting like his mom he looked a lot his dad. He had blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. After two years of having Tyler she had another baby, but instead of having one baby she had a set of twins. She had a girl and a boy the girl’s name was Ellie and the boy’s name was Jackson. They were all excited, but Tyler was the one most excited because he was going to be a big brother. Soon after all her kids were born she wanted to be with them more often, so she quit her job. Although many people were sad about her quitting job, she was still remembered to be a legend on the field. Besides many fans being sad she had more time to do things with her kids than she did when she had a that job. Avery Edwards Grade 5 Thrasher Elementary School Karen Simpson


An Adventure in the Woods

Day 1 – At fifteen feet tall, the oak tree looked like a giant. With each swing of my axe, I chopped it into pieces to build my house in the woods. The rest of the day was spent gathering stone, coal and other materials so I could finish the job. By the end of the day I was super hungry. I went hunting and found four big pigs. Now I’ll have enough food to last me all spring. It was getting dark outside, so I went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night, when something started banging on the front door and didn’t stop. Thump, Thump, Thump! It kept going. Thump, Thump, Thump! I jumped out of bed and pushed a tall bookcase in front of the door. The sound stopped immediately. I was so scared. I peeked out each window and saw nothing but tall grass and trees. The only sound was the wind. Maybe the person left, or maybe it was just a bad dream. Day 2 – After finishing my breakfast, I moved the bookcase back where it belonged. I peeked out the front door and slowly looked side to side. That was when I looked down and saw a large wooden chest. I carefully opened it. Inside, there was a baby bunny, a suit of armor, and a note. The note said “I noticed you were alone in the woods. The bunny will keep you company. The armor will protect you from the mon…” the note just stopped. What did mon mean? Monkey? Monsters? Or something else? And who wrote the note? Shocked, I pulled the chest into the house and gave the bunny some food. I spent the rest of the day making sure my house was safe from the “mon”. I put the suit of armor beside my bed, and went to sleep. It wasn’t long before the scary sound started again. Thump, Thump, Thump! I quickly put my armor on and got my sword. Thump, Thump, BOOM! The front door crashed open and in came six ugly zombies. Their clothes were ripped and they smelled rotten. With their arms out, they slowly came at me. I swung my sword chopping the first one; its head flew off, slamming into the zombie behind him. As the second zombie ran at me, I kicked him in the stomach. He backed into the other four, all of them falling like bowling pins. I dropped my sword and fainted. Day 3 – I woke up on the floor with a bunny licking my nose. There weren’t any zombies on the floor, so maybe last night was just a bad dream. The rest of the day was normal. I gathered wood, went hunting, and did some farming. Day 4 - I hiked to a mine in the hills. The mine was damp and cold. There was a huge tunnel that went deep into the mountains. I carefully walked into the mine. I placed 3 lit torches, took out my pickaxe and started mining. With each swing, it made a loud ding and echoed deep into the mine. I was gathering stone when I heard a scary clank. It was close. I turned around, and saw a 6-foot-tall skeleton carrying a bow and arrow. I ran out of the mine as fast as I could. It was getting dark. I made my way back to the house, locked the door, and hid under the covers.


Day 5 - I spent the day planting flowers around the house. When it started getting dark, I went inside for the night. Before long, there was a knock at the door. I peeked through the window and saw a man with a light blue shirt, dark blue pants, and brown hair. I carefully opened the door. The man said, “Hello, my name is Steve. I’m the one who brought you the chest with the bunny, armor, and note.” I invited him to come in. I took out the note and asked him what it meant. He said “I was trying to warn you about the monsters, when a skeleton shot me with an arrow. These woods are dangerous. There are zombies, skeletons, spiders, and creepers that come out of the caves at night.” Just then, there was a loud bang on the door. Thump, Thump, Thump! This time, it was followed by my mom’s voice saying, “Gavin, it’s time to come and eat. Shut off your Minecraft and come to the table.” I turned off the computer. This adventure will have to continue tomorrow. Gavin Englehardt Grade 5 Nolan Elementary School Heather Murphy


How I Ate the World

Garrett hungrily opened his superhero lunchbox. Next to the apple he found a worm. He flicked it away and started eating his sandwich. It was a turkey and cheese sandwich. When Garret finished his lunch he threw his scraps away and was still hungry. “Hmmph!” he said. “That was really good.” He was so desperate to find more food that he started eating his lunchbox. To him it surprisingly tasted good! He started eating his chair. When he was finished he was so famished he ate the table. Next it was the school! Garrett tried to stop himself but instead he ate the county. Then he started chewing on the state. Next his giant chew toy was America. He started to get bigger and hungrier. Before anyone knew Garrett was munching on the continent. He ate the world before anyone could snap their fingers. Then all that was left was Garrett floating around in space. Jackson Ermenc Grade 5 St. Nicholas School Lynne Mulligan


A Boy Named Jimmy Nickles

One day a boy named Jimmy Nickles came home to an awkward moment, his Mother had been laughing her head off (which was very strange because she was typically a very serious lady)this could only mean 1 thing...she had caught a very, very, VERY, bad case of the giggle fits. The next day when Jimmy came home to let his Dog out for a walk, only to find him snarling continuously while burying his snout in an empty jar of...Peanut Butter! “Mom, Sam got into the Peanut Butter again!” he yelled then quickly threw the empty jar into the trash can but then he realized...Mom wasn’t home almost instantly he decided to have a Hamster Party and invite all of his friends and to tell them to bring their Hamsters. That night he decided to take out his hamster, only to find him with the cage door open and in his room it was raining...feathers? Finally he put the puzzle together he had TOTALLY destroyed his pillows! After that he finally ended the party. The next day was Saturday so Jimmy didn’t have to go to school, instead he when to a local doctor and told him everything that happened and the doctor told him what a giggle fit was then, Jimmy realized that everything was normal and he never met another person with the giggle fits ever again. Chloe Graham Grade 5 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Natalie McLeary


Jack and the Christmas Tree "Mom!" Jack said. "We need to get the seeds before Christmas comes!". "Well then I'll have to send you to town before nightfall" Jack's mom replied. "But first I need to tell you, don't you dare buy any toys or candy with this money! Ok now go!" Jack's mom said excitedly as she got her baking pans ready for an evening of cooking. "Jingle bells! Jingle bells!" Jack sang to himself as he ran to the store. "Hey there boy!" called a strange old man from the side of the road. Jack screamed in surprise. He hadn't seen the old man sitting there in the shadow of a large pine tree. "I hear you are looking for some seeds boy! I just happen to have some very special seeds here that you can have for free!" the old man said through a crooked smile and a curly white beard. "That's true, I am looking for seeds," Jack replied struggling to catch his breath. Still smiling, the old man pulled a small cloth package from inside a dirty pack at his side. Jack snatched the little package from the old man and turned around to run to the candy store. Had he looked back as he ran he would have seen the old man had vanished without a trace. Back home with a belly full of candy, Jack handed the package to his mother. She opened the cloth folds and was immediately angry. There were no seeds inside the package at all, only a handful of perfect tiny green pinecones. The smell of pinesap filled the kitchen as Jack's mom angrily threw the pinecones out the window. "What were you thinking Jack? I sent you to the store to buy seeds to bake my special holiday seedcakes and you come back with pinecones? Now what will we give to the neighbors for Christmas? That was all the money we had for presents! Even if we could get our money back, the stores are all closed now. What will we do?" Jack's mother was in tears. Jack had never felt so guilty in his life as he told his mother the pinecones were free, but he had spent the money on candy in town. As punishment, Jack was sent to bed with no dinner. Jack's mom also went to bed without eating. She was so upset she had no appetite. When Jack woke up the next morning he noticed the usual annoying ray of sunlight that sneaked through a tiny opening in his window shade was not shining into his eyes. "Must be going to snow today," Jack thought to himself as he opened the drapes over his window. As he looked out, his mouth hung open. He stared up, up, up into the sky unable to believe his eyes. "Mom!" Jack cried. "Remember those pinecones you threw out the kitchen window last night? Look out your window and see what they've grown into!". Jack's mother climbed out of her bed to open her shutters. Jack could hear her gasp across the house as she looked out into their yard. Outside the kitchen window was a small stand of the most enormous Christmas trees she had ever seen. The tops of the trees were hidden by clouds, and each tree was decorated top to bottom with beautiful ornaments, candies, strands of dried berries and popcorn, and treats. Jack and his mother walked outside and were more shocked the closer they got to the spectacular trees. Every inch was covered with something good. Jack's mother smiled as an idea formed in her head. "Jack, there are enough treats and goodies here to give all of our neighbors a whole cart full and still have enough left over to sell in town! My prayers have been answered, it's a Christmas miracle!" Jack's mother exclaimed. Jack cried tears of joy as his mother hugged him tight. Now, climbing hundred foot magical Christmas trees and harvesting their goodies is not easy work but Jack climbed all day hauling treats and ornaments down an armload at a time. Jack's


mother spent the day wheeling carts full of holiday presents to all of their neighbors. The next day was Christmas Eve. Jack and his mother spent the day selling the rest of the presents in town. When they returned home, the trees were bare, but their pockets were full with coins. Jack's mother had snuck away to the toy shop during the day, and gave Jack his first real Christmas present ever the next day. Jack was proud of his new guitar, and learned to play very well over the next year. The following December, Jack and his mother were singing carols by the fire. Jack strummed his guitar and smiled as he remembered the previous Christmas. Suddenly there was a strange noise from outside. Jack and his mother rushed to the window to see what was happening. As they looked out, the magical Christmas trees were filling with goodies once again. What Jack's mom had thought was a Christmas miracle became a yearly event. Jack and his mother were able to live off their Christmas gift shop and they both lived happily ever after. Pierce Grantham Grade 5 Thrasher Elementary School Karen Simpson


The Doll in the Attic The sky was gray as the wind brushed across Haley’s face that summer day. It was a quarter after twelve and Haley had just eaten lunch. Just like any other summer Haley was staying with her grandpa while her mom would go and visit her boyfriend in Brazil. “Haley, where are you Haley?” It was always weird for Haley going to her grandpa’s house ever since her grandma passed away. His house was always black things were always where they needed to be but it was very dusty. “I’m on the porch grandpa” Haley replied. “Haley, I have an important business trip I have to attend for two days. You are twelve you are old enough to stay here by yourself. I am leaving in an hour oh and while I am gone would you mind to clean out the attic?” Haley thought to herself, “I have nothing better to do” she said to him “I would love to.” Her grandpa replied “Great!” Later that evening Haley had dinner and started on the attic. The attic was at the very back of the hallway where all the bedrooms where. To get to the attic there were pull down stairs. The first thing in the attic was a cardboard box written on the box was Mary (Mary is the name of Haley’s grandma.) Inside the box was an old, dirty, and nasty doll. It had these eyes that were as red as blood. “Oh, I should go to bed but I’ll go ahead and take out grandma’s box.” so she took out the box and got herself ready for bed. That next morning, Haley had gotten out of bed and it was when after breakfast that she had saw that the doll box was open. Odd enough the doll was not in the box. “Where’s the doll?” She went down the hall and up into the attic but still there was no sign of the doll. Haley went back to the living room sat down and thought “Where could this doll be?” There was a moment of silence until Haley heard the porch swing swinging. “who’s out there?” Haley said as she opened the front door. Odd enough the doll was sitting on the swing with a paper that said “Watch your back.” Haley’s not the kind of person that gets scared a lot but this time she started to panic. She ran back inside shut the door then she tried to go back outside the door was locked. “I never locked the door, this is weird. I will call mom I know she will answer.” When Haley turned on her phone wallpaper it said “sleep with one eye open!” But still, Haley went on with calling her mom Haley said to herself “No service! what there has always been service I will go get one of the neighbors.” But then, she shortly realized that all the doors were locked. Around noon things got even more scary. The power went out and Haley couldn’t make lunch, the porch swing was still swinging, and her phone shut off at 50%. “Haley wake up, Haley honey it’s one o’clock and it’s only our second day in Brazil!” Haley was really confused and thought “what that is only a dream!” Haley replied to her mom “mom, I had this big dream about a doll, and I was at grandpa’s house then he went away, and” then Haley’s mom said “Well you go ahead and get ready I think we should go ziplining today!” Haley was still trying to wake up because she slept to long and she was a little hungry to “yeah sure mom, but remind never to go and clean out grandpa’s attic ever again pretty please!” mom answered “yeah sure honey that’s a weird request. Well what are we waiting for let’s get ready for our super awesome, great day!” As Haley’s mom left the room Haley thought “That was the worst dream I’ve ever had in my life. I hope I never have a dream like that again! And never go back into grandpa’s attic ever in my life!” Later that afternoon Haley was walking to go ziplining and then she walked across a box and on top of the box was a old, dirty, and nasty doll. That had these eyes that were as red as blood. Josie Greer Grade 5 Battle Academy Melanie Williams


Two Felines in the Forest

Splash! Came the sound of Pusheen’s tiny paws wading through the crystal-clear brook in the warm morning sun. “Are you sure about this, Pusheen?” Stormy meowed warily. As Pusheen and her sister Stormy walked out of the brook, their light grey fur shining in the early sunlight. “Sure,” replied Pusheen,” Just a little adventure I wanted to go on.” “Won’t it get dark soon?” Stormy cautiously asked. As they slowly walked over to a pile of sticks, Pusheen said, “We should use these twigs to build some sort of shelter.” The forest was silent, only the sound of little paws and twigs knocking together to build the shelter could be heard. “There we are,” Pusheen proudly meowed. “Where are we going to find food? I don’t see any canned cat chow around here.” Stormy nervously looked around. The felines would have to find their own food. “I will go down to the brook to try and catch some fish, while you try to catch some mice on the forest floor,” Pusheen bravely meowed. As Pusheen walked through the dense forest, she saw a tail fin pop above the surface of the brook ahead! Pusheen got into predatory mode and raised her haunches and got ready to pounce, 3, 2, 1...Pounce! Sploosh! Pusheen’s body hit the face of the water and water splashed all over Pusheen’s face and coated her grey pelt. “Got ya!” Pusheen triumphantly mewed. The fish under her paws scrambled for freedom, but was completely weighed down by Pusheen’s chubby body! Later, after a successful fishing trip, Pusheen made it back to the shelter in the setting sun. Stormy was continuing to stack sticks onto the roof of the hut. “Did you catch any?” Stormy hopefully asked. “I caught two, one for each of us. Did you catch any mice Stormy?” Pusheen asked. “Yeah, I caught only one though, they are pretty fast for tiny rodents! “As Pusheen and her sister, Stormy, ate a dinner of fish and little mice, they curled up in their tiny hut to drift off to sleep, “Good night “Pusheen meowed. “Good night” Stormy said tiredly with a big yawn. The bright morning sun shone on Pusheen and Stormy’s soft fluffy fur. Stormy woke up in surprise to see Pusheen with a mouthful, standing over her, “Good morning” Pusheen said with several fish hanging out of her mouth. “Yay, fish!” Stormy exclaimed. After a small breakfast, they both walked through the dimly lit undergrowth. “Pusheen! Stormy! You’re home!” their owner exclaimed, as she scooped up both of them into her arms. “It’s good to be home,” meowed Pusheen, burrowing her face under her owner’s arm. Maya Halenar Grade 5 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Natalie McLeary


The Travelers Clip! Clop! Clip! Clop! The sound of the carriage horses’ hooves pounded on the ground. My name is Quince and I’m going to Yeildam I looked around again, six other guards were tasked to guard the wine shipment. We were in a thick forest with dark brown trees that loomed over us as though we were ants. The smell of wine drifted around us. “Pay attention!” ordered a soldier. “This carriage is worth more than y—” said another soldier, but was interrupted by a sound. I tiptoed slowly keeping my guard up toward the sound then I heard it clearly. I was a melody of the gods. It was so beautiful! I looked back at the guards. Their faces showed that they heard it too, but there was something else that their faces showed… wait, no! I ran towards a guard, but I was too late. He fell to the ground with no control of his body. I quickly thought of an idea. I screamed at the top of my lungs…. All the remaining guards got out of the daze. “What happened? Is he dead?” said an alarmed guard. “No,” I said “he’s asleep. That song is a nasty spell called Naritsu. It pulls people who let their guard down and puts them to sleep for an hour.” “Why would someone do that?” a guard said. “An ambush,” I said grimly. Everybody looks around and the silence is a killer. I look at the tops of the trees. Hmmm, that would be a perfect place to hide. I studied the trees and noticed a broken branch. Someone has to be up there. I picked up a rock and threw it as hard as I could. Knock! Something fell down. “Hey what was that?” a guard asked. “Don’t worry, I’ve got it,” I replied. I went over, but suddenly I felt an amazing strong pressure like two walls on opposite sides were pushing on me. “Arrgh!” I whimpered. I looked down and saw a black book. What was this power? I grabbed the book and bolted to the carriage. I changed out of my armor and put on normal clothes and a cloth robe. We got the carriage moving and everything was calm. From time to time I got some glances at the book and I decided not to tell the other guards. The book was mostly filled with gibberish and strange symbols, but then I flipped to a page that said, “Naritsu sleep spell.” Questions flooded into my brain like an open dam, but only one really fit the person who ambushed us had to own this book. “Arrgh!” yelled a guard. “I fell in a hole,” “Great!” said another “now the enemy’s setting traps.” No, this is good! I went over and looked at the hole. It had been recently dug. He was here and now that I took his spells, he’s turned to manual tricks. I started glimpsing at the trees. Ah ha! Gotcha! I saw a figure with a black coat on in the trees. Time to finish this. Wait, no! I had to wait for him to make his move. I waited to see the figure move, but instead 3 arrows darted at me. Now is my moment! I lunged and grabbed the figure. Let’s finish this! What?! It’s an empty coat. Wait! I turned and saw a grim face with pale eyes and brown hair say the ending word, “Checkmate” and everything went black. I woke up and heard birds chirping and animals moving. The trees were swaying in the wind, but no caravan of wine carriages. Avery Hampton Grade 5 The Bright School Vicki Everett


Blitzkrieg Mystery

I never imagined this. When I woke up this morning, on September 15, I was clueless. All I knew was that I had to get out. My eyes watered from all the smoke and debris coming in through my bedroom window. The linen curtains and the quilt on my bed were covered with ashes. Suddenly, I heard a scream that would change my life forever. “Mama! Papa!” I shouted as sprinted down the stairs. My siblings turned around and saw me, so they quickly dashed after Mama and Papa, making them seem even more annoyed for the urgency to leave. “Charlotte!” Mama spoke in a stern voice. “I want you to know that this is no time for dilly-dallying! Right now, we are not safe, so we need you to stay with the group…” Her voice faded off into the distance. I still didn't know what was going on. Then, I felt a sudden tug on my pant leg. Bernard. My dog Bernard is very sweet, and loves to play. He will do whatever you want, if it's a game. Too bad he won't listen otherwise. I needed to ask Mama something, but she kept yelling, “Come on Charlotte! If you and Bernard go now, you might make it!” The flames from the fallen bombs, the airships in the sky, London; they all pinched my memory. “Home,” I thought. “Back home, in America, where we learned about the Blitzkrieg at school. People died and some were severely hurt.” I shook my mind from those thoughts. Could this really be real? But this happened about 50 years ago. This was probably just a dream. I pinched myself. “Ow!” I whispered. No, not a dream. My mind couldn't believe it; this was really Blitzkrieg. I panicked. All that touched my mind was, “I’ve gotta get out. I've gotta get out.” In an instant, I grabbed Bernard and rushed out the door. I only got about 20 feet and I was about halfway to our bomb shelter. But thanks to Bernard, he thought that this was a game. He pulled me down to the ground and started to tackle me as I saw the German airships coming closer. “Charlotte, run!” Mama repeatedly yelled. Bernard still tackled me as I tried to push myself up. “Get up!” I screamed. “Get up!” Suddenly, a spark touched the ground and sent Bernard sprinting to our bomb shelter. The airships were overhead and prepared to drop the bomb. I picked myself up and ran as fast as I could to the bomb shelter. “Charlotte!” my mother screamed. Thud. Fiery red flames behind me burned my leg, making me have to lay there. I sat in that spot for days, wondering what might happen to me. One night when it seemed safer than it had been, Bernard ran over to help me. He grabbed my arm and dragged me to the bomb shelter. Mama and Papa nursed me back to health and I went to sleep on a Tuesday night, exactly one week from when I came to London. The next morning, I woke up to find a bedroom, my bedroom, with a sky blue mirror and Bernard waking up from his fluffy dog bed. “Oh my gosh!” I said, running around and touching everything; like it was a distant memory. Though I knew it was probably true, I doubted myself. “It was probably just a dream…” my voice slowly trailing off into the distance; my eyes wide open. When I turned around to look at my leg, I saw a scar from where the fire had burned me.


It was like my mind tricked me or something. “Just close your eyes and it will be fine,” I thought. I opened my eyes. Nope. It was still there, again. I told Bernard, “Well, I guess we really did go to Blitzkrieg, Bernard. And I'm pretty sure when I said he winked at me. Lauren Hays Grade 5 Thrasher Elementary School Karen Simpson


No Reflection

“Can you hear me?” a soft hand touched my face lightly. My eyes fluttered open, and looking me straight in the face was a strange fox that stood on its hind legs. It had very shiny fur, with a cute button nose. The strange fox looked at me with what looked like a forced smile. I looked around and noticed that I was in a dirt like tent where the foxes head almost hit the roof. I only saw then that I was laying on a pallet on the ground. “Can you hear me?” the fox asked again. “Y-yeah” I muttered. The fox let out a sigh of relief “Thank goodness”. The fox lifted its arms and made the walls go down into the earth revealing the most beautiful garden. In the middle of the garden was a fountain of gold and silver, and flowers of such beauty that I was stuck staring at them until the fox took my hand and hoisted me up off the ground and to my feet. “Where am I?” I asked. “Not important.” I heard the foxes voice but I couldn’t see its mouth move. I noticed then that the fox’s voice sounded almost as beautiful as the flowers looked. The fox was still holding my hand when she started walking forward into a solid wall of lush vines. I tried to pull back but the fox was resentful. Right when we got to the wall it walked right through and so did I. Behind the wall was a room of mirrors. I wiggled my fingers but the fox wasn't holding my hand anymore, in fact it wasn't there at all. I looked in one of the mirrors, but I didn’t see my reflection. I looked in another and there I was. All the mirrors had my reflection in them but one. I stuck my hand out to the mirror in curiosity, and the very moment I touched it my hand went through. I walked forward and entered a room where the fox was standing stiffly. When it saw me, its eyes took on an evil look. “Where did you go?” the foxes voice sounded like nails on a chalk board. I suddenly found myself in a bed, and then it all came back to me. I was just dreaming. Dakota Houck Grade 5 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Jessica Narwold


Frank the Unicorn Once there was a unicorn, he lived in a forest with birds and other creatures that were magical. His name was Frank. Frank had beautiful parents who loved him very much. His parents had a strict rule though, they said he was never allowed to go to the Lake of Wisdom. His parents never told Frank why, but he obeyed the rule. One day Frank was collecting snozzleberries for his mother’s soup and he came upon a wise looking old man. The old man said to come to the Lake of Wisdom. So Frank trusted the old man and went to the lake forgetting what his parents’ only rule was. When Frank finally reached the destination, he found a lake with crystal blue water and trees hanging down covering part of the lake. Frank was amazed, the old man said that if you drink the water then you can become the wisest unicorn in unicorn history! Now every unicorn wants to be the wisest unicorn in unicorn history so Frank got a sip of the wisdom water. First he felt a tingling in his feet, then legs, then body, then head. He looked at himself in the water and everything looked the same but………… he had no horn!!!!! Frank was mortified! What will he tell his parents? He looked over his shoulder, the old man took off with his horn in his hands. He had been tricked! Frank galloped home and told his parents everything! He told them about the snozzleberries, the old man and the lake of wisdom. Then he stopped there, he realized what he did! He had just disobeyed his mother’s and father’s only rule, don’t go to the lake of wisdom! His parents asked him if he saw where the old man was going? Frank said he was headed towards the human world. They would have to look for his horn in the human world! They were off to find his horn! Before too long, they came upon a very odd looking creature that told them she could take them to the human world in about 2 hours. Her name was LuLu and she was a Pegasus. Finally they arrived at the destination, the human world! When they landed, they saw trash everywhere and humans were hustling to get to cars and buildings. Frank’s parents gave him a kiss and said goodbye, because they knew they had to leave him because they would not blend into the human world. Before they left, Frank’s parents told him that now, he looked like a horse so he would have to act like one. He decided to disguise himself as a carriage horse because carriage horses go all around New York City. Frank thanked LuLu for the ride, then she was off soaring through the air with his parents on her back. Frank saw a sign that read New York City! Straight Ahead! The only thing Frank knew about the human world was that New York City was a very busy place with lots of people, and boy was he right, he was going to have to be careful to not get discovered! As luck would have it, Frank spotted a line of carriage horses waiting for customers to take a ride. He waited until it was his turn to get hooked up, finally someone got on him and he took off! Frank walked all around town searching for his horn, when something caught his eye.


When it was his turn for a break and his driver was distracted, he wiggled out of his carriage hooks to get a closer look! At the top of a building that was sky high, he saw something glittering in the sunlight……………… it was his horn!!!!!!!!!!!! He looked to the left of his horn and he saw the old man! It looked like he was trying to sell the horn to some guy! He knew he had to bust into the building and get it! Frank rammed through the window of the sky high building, he ran full speed up the stairs to the top of the building, but there was no old man or horn. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a guy standing behind him. This guy had his horn! Frank's thoughts raced, his heart pounded in his chest, what should I do he thought? Suddenly, he thought, run, ram into this guy! So he did, at full speed. He grabbed his horn and put it on his head. Then the guy took it back, it was a tug-o-war on the horn. Finally, the guy gave up and Frank finally got his horn and put it on his head. It felt so good to have it back on, he tested it out, zap, yep it worked. When he turned around he saw the guy was crying! Frank decided to talk to him. The guy said his name was Jeff and that he just wanted to be cool. If he had a unicorn horn, then maybe people would like him and think he was brave enough to get one. Frank asked why the old man who looked very wise took his horn in the first place. Jeff said that the old man was very rich and greedy and he wanted more money so he could rule the world. Frank said, you don't have to be rich or brave to have friends. you just have to be kind and have a good heart. Jeff thought about these words that Frank said and from that point, Jeff was very kind and made lots of friend. On the other side of the world, Frank was happily back with his family and promised to obey his parents and be kind and good hearted. And the old man, he never made it back to the lake of wisdom. In his rush to leave the city, he didn't look both ways when he crossed the street and that was not wise! Addison Jones Grade 5 Nolan Elementary School Sara Lisowski


AN OCTOPUS IN MY LOCKER! I arrived at school one Friday morning and went to my locker as normal. I noticed that things looked a little different that morning than how things usually looked in the halls of Boyd Buchanan. As I finished putting things away and getting ready for my first class I noticed a strange smell, but was not sure if it was coming from my locker or not. After my first class, as I was in the hallway with my classmates, I realized that I was not the only one that noticed how the school looked different than normal. Several of us noticed the strange smell and the glowing light coming from our lockers. Afraid to open my locker again, I went and got Mrs. Jones to ask if she knew what was going on. Mrs. Jones replied, “Brayden, you are going to be late for your next class you need to go and get your books and paper and head to Mrs. Beasley’s room.” “But Mrs. Jones, there is a really strange smell coming from the hallway, and our lockers are glowing!” I replied. With the reassurance that all was fine from Mrs. Jones, I approached my locker to get my math book and head to math class. As I moved my books, I noticed that there was something sticky on some of them. As I pulled my hand from the inside of my locker I noticed it was covered in a green and purple slime. Trying to figure out where this was coming from, I stuck my head inside to get a better look. There it was, an OCTOPUS IN MY LOCKER! The octopus had small beady eyes and tiny black things crawling all over it. It was covered in slime and slinging slime all over the inside of my locker. I tried to close the locker to keep the creepy octopus from getting out, but before I was able to it slimed me and jumped on my face. I started screaming out for help and as my friend Blake came to my rescue the octopus shot ink out at both of us, covering our faces to where we could not see anything in front of us. Wrestling with the octopus, I was finally able to get its tentacles to release from my body, but not before it completely covered me in slime. As the octopus started slithering down the hallway trying to escape, I realized I was not the only one that had been attacked by these sea creatures. The next thing I remembered from this crazy Friday was hearing the beeping sound of an alarm going off, only to realize that it was my alarm clock trying to wake me up to get ready for school. I was so relieved that this was just a dream and that there was not an OCTOPUS IN MY LOCKER! Brayden Kincaid Grade 5 Boyd-Buchanan School Jennifer Jones


The Girl Next Door In a small little neighborhood there lived a girl named Cindy. She was very lonely and blue. But all that changed when she woke up one day. She saw three moving trucks. Also a girl her age. Cindy though this may be a good opportunity for a friend. So she went to introduce herself. As Cindy walked up to meet her new neighbor she got a weird feeling but she just ignored it. Cindy introduced herself with a tub of cookies. Her neighbor said that her name was Carol, and that she just moved there from Rhode Island. She had long blond hair, and was wearing a purple dress. The next day Carol brought a piece of chocolate cake to Cindy. Carol knew that Cindy was lonely. Little did Cindy know that cake was powerful. When Cindy took one bite of that chocolate cake her whole life would change. Just like that. Cindy awoke to cameras flashing in her face like she was staring into the lightning-filled sky with people yelling right into her face like she was the president. Cindy did not know what happened. She rushed into her bathroom questioning herself, but in the corner of her eye she spotted Carol. She yelled, “What are you doing here, and why are those people yelling at me?” “Is this not what you asked for?” said Carol. Cindy thought about it. “This is what I wanted,” said Cindy. So Cindy brushed her hair and put on her best dress and walked out their all dolled up. The camera people asked questions like who designed that dress and what is your favorite color. But one question made things worse. This dude with curly orange hair and a pair of round glasses like Harry Potter yelled, “Who are your parents?” Cindy yelled back, “Do they really matter?” Two weeks later Cindy went to see her parents, but she was still famous. She rang the doorbell and as they opened it she said hey guys but her parents said to her that apparently to her they did not matter so they threw the door shut. Cindy was hurt by this so she wondered. Maybe being famous is not that good. Carol came over the next day with a new piece of cake. “Eat this,” Carol said. The next day Cindy woke with no flashes, or loud yelling. She noticed that everything was back to normal. Just the way she liked it. Cindy wanted everything to be back to normal, so she went to her parents’ house. As she rang the doorbell she got nervous, but as soon as she caught one little glimpse of her parents, she hugged them with all her might like she would never see them again. Or like she just got a brand new teddy bear. Her parents asked what was wrong, but Cindy said that nothing was wrong. She hurried home and felt lonely again. She felt as if she was the queen but then somebody took her crown. She sunk onto the couch and cried like a little girl who lost all of her friends. She felt like she got punched right in the stomach, but Cindy looked at it from a new direction. She saw a girl who had amazing parents who loved her even though she did not have any friends. Some people may think that Cindy’s life is not great, but to her it was amazing. Cindy was watching the television three weeks after the mess up when she saw all of these smart people. She wished she was smart, and then the next day she watched somebody move in right next to her with a big chocolate cake. Ava Katherine Levine Grade 5 Nolan Elementary School Heather Murphy


The Turner Back It was a bright and sunny day and three boys were playing in the pond. While they were splashing and swimming, three frogs were watching them. The frogs really wanted to be like the boys and the boys wanted to be like the frogs. The boys decided to really become frogs so they set off and The frogs followed them. The boys went to a wizard's house and asked if they could trade places with the frogs. The wizard waved his wand and "Boom" the boys were frogs. The wizard told them the spell would only last until midnight but they did not pay attention to him. They walked and hopped away. They played for a while and got bored, then they had more fun. It was close to midnight and they were still playing. They would have to go and turn themselves back or the swap would be permanent. They ran back to the wizard's house but the wizard was not home. The wizard had left a message at his door for them to find. This is what it said. Dear Friends, If you want to be turned back, you will need to travel to the land of Nymh. There you will find a fire breathing dragon. Then you will have to fight a giant. Also, you will go through the Dungeon Of Doom. I almost forgot to add that you will go through a portal to get there and to leave there. The portal only stays open for one hour. Sincerely, The Wizard The boys and frogs looked at each other with their mouths open. How can they do that? This is where their story begins. They set off anyway to the portal, but where is the portal? Then they heard a voice, it told them follow their heart. They did it and it lead them to a small cabin. There they opened the door, it looked clean and small. One stepped in. Boom, he was gone! The others were scared, another one put just his hand in. They all stepped into the portal, boom. Then out of nowhere a fire breathing dragon swooped down and almost ate one of the boys. One of the boys saw a piece of metal and swung it back and forth, back and forth at the dragon at least ten times. Then he killed the dragon, it fell down a hole. The boys went on for ten minutes walking and talking. They heard a thump on the ground. Thump, thump...then they saw a giant. They ran for a mile and came across a village and they ran to it. The boys and frogs asked for water but the villagers would not give it to them. The villagers said the boys had to kill the giant and then they could have some water. They found the giant and battled him for ten minutes but it felt like three days. Right now the boys and the frogs had to get to the place they needed to be to get changed back. It had been another ten minutes and they fell into a trap door. They looked around, it was a smelly, rotten place. They thought it was the dungeon. They were correct. They walked down a hallway and it came back to the starting place. They went down another hallway and it had mouse traps. Another hall way had tacks all down it. They went down another hallway, it slung glue on their stomachs and sandpaper stuck to it. It lit a match that lit a rope that was connected to a cannon which shot them to the starting point. They went down another hallway and it shot darts at them. They went through a lot of hallways and finally got to the end, or so they thought. They stepped into another trap door which put them in a cage, they


tried to break free but could not. People came and dug a hole and blew up the cage and took them out. The people took the boys and frogs to their hide-out. They stayed there a little while but then asked where the place was that changes you back to your normal self. The people told them that it is called The Turner. They asked them to take them to it. The people told them it was too dangerous and they could die! The boys and frogs were angry so they left and went there knowing not a thing. They walked a long way. They wanted to quit but didn't. They walked and walked forever at least that's what it felt like. Then a giant earthworm appeared with a wizard on its back. It was the wizard they were looking for. Oh, it felt good to sit down. They rode on the earthworm, they fought other earthworms too. They finally got there, they had to do testing. There were six tests. The first one was they had to go into a forest and they had to cut a tree down. They had to bring it back. If they passed they had to eat ten lemon cream pies. If they did, they would have to run around a track non-stop ten times. Next be tortured with eggs and water. If they passed onto hard stuff, they had to do 1,000 push-ups with 1,000 pounds of grain on their backs. Then they would have to pull a bus with their teeth. Finally they had to repeat all the tasks again. One time they did it. At 11:59 they had one minute to get in the things. But where is the thing the boys asked. The wizard told them to close their eyes and it would happen. Then he told them to open their eyes and they did. They were floating in the air with birds singing. They finally got back to normal and got in the portal and went back home. They were all waving goodbye to everyone. They got back into the woods where they had gone into the portal. They all walked out together. Jacob Long Grade 5 Silverdale Baptist Academy Jennifer Westcott


If you’ve ever read a fairy tale, you know that they are fantasy, not real, a hoax. Well this story is quite different. People believe and people doubt, but one thing is for certain, this fairy tale will teach an unforgettable lesson and dig a hole in your heart that cannot be refilled. One hundred thousand years ago there was nightmare, a creature that was so ugly and so hideous, it would die by just looking at its own reflection. Her name was Clover. Clover was a fox that was bewitched by a wizard that made Clover orange. Now you might be thinking, “foxes are orange!” Well in this fairy tale, before mankind, one hundred thousand years ago, foxes where gold. So beautiful that if the man existed when the golden fox existed, just looking directly at one would bath your eyes in glory. Clover was named the horror of the evergreen forest by all creatures from the smallest mouse to the biggest mountain lion. So Clover wasn’t the luckiest fox, mind her name, but likely to be the ugliest creature in the whole world. One-day Clover was sitting in her den hiding from all the animals in evergreen forest that would laugh at her about her ugliness. Then, Clover came up with a crazy yet brilliant idea. Clover would climb over mountains, swim across rivers and lakes and reach the legend known as the Great Cave of Wishes. The Great Cave of Wishes was a cave that was guarded by a giant vicious dog with three heads known as a dodger. In the Cave of Wishes laid the golden swan. The swan swam in the Great Lake of Wishes. If you entered, the swan would bath you in the lake and you would be able to pick three wishes that without a doubt would come true. The dodger was the thing that clover worried about nobody has even gotten past the dodger and lived to tell the story. It would take more than being slick and sly to get past the dodger. Eagerly, Clover got up ready to start her journey. Half way out of the forest, she stopped and though to herself, “do I really want to risk my life to be beautiful?’ She stood there for a good thirty second and then squinted her eyes and continued her journey. Clover walked for days. She was exhausted and was giving up hope. Clover decided that she would rest under a tree and go home in the morning. She would never find the Great Cave of Wishes. That night, Clover dreamed of being orange and being loved by all the animals. In the morning Clover got up and looked at her paws “nope still orange.” Clover thought to herself. Clover sighed and got up. What laid before her eyes made her gasp. It was the Great Cave of Wishes! She got up gratefully and ran towards it as fast as her little legs could carry her. Her mind shattered as she ran inside the cave. Her brain got put together like a puzzle when she remembered about the dodger. There it was sleeping like a baby each head drooling a deep puddle. She slowly stepped past the first dreadful head. At about half way past the second head, Clover stepped on a stick. The noise of it cracking was so loud it echoed throughout the cave. Luckily, the dodger was extremely tired and did not hear a peep. Clover took another step and stripped on the stick that was so sappy, it stuck to her paw. Clover tugged and pulled at the stick hopping all over the place. Then, it finally slipped off leaving Clover’s foot all sticky. “got it!” She yelled. The loud noise woke up the dodger. The creature slowly got up and made a terrifying noise that was somewhere in between a bark and a roar. Clover sprinted as fast as possible until she had a crazy idea. Clover took the stick carefully out of her jaw and threw it past the dodger as far


away as possible. “Go fetch!” She yelled. The dodger became playful and started to run towards the stick. When the dodger came back to pass it back to Clover, she was already swimming in the Great Lake of Wishes. The great Golden Swan was looking down gracefully at Clover. This was the first time in forever somebody looked at Clover without running away in fear. The swan had a voice that sounded like an angel. “Pick three wishes you wish to come true.” Clover quickly answered, “One, I want to be loved by all.” Two, I wish to be admired. “Three, I want to be beautiful!” The swan looked at her in confusion. “You already are.” She said calmly. Clover shot back. “No I’m hideous!” “Look inside yourself Clover.” Find your inner beauty.” The swan said in a very convincing voice. Slowly Clover was being put through some sort of portal. “No!” Clover yelled trying to reach for the swan’s wing. “Please! I want to be beautiful!” the portal closed and Clover woke up back in her homey den where she first started. Clover ran outside in the light to see if she was golden. Nothing had changed. Yet that time Clover walked out of her den felt different, because this time Clover walked out, she saw an orange shape in the distance. Could it be, another orange fox? She slowly walked up to the creature and gave it a slight shove to get its attention. It turned around. Clover couldn’t believe her eyes. It was another orange fox. “Clover!” He yelled. He put his arms around her. “Do I know you?” she asked. “You don’t remember me? He asked “No” said Clover. “I’m your brother, Red!” he yelled. “You got separated from me when you were just a pup!” a tear ran down his face. “I missed you.” Years passed and Clover and Red stuck together as one. The mean animals that hated them didn’t bother them anymore. Even though Clover didn’t get beauty from her journey, she got something far more valuable, she got love. What clover didn’t know was that she was beautiful inside and outside all along. Ever since Red and Clover existed, foxes that lived after them where always orange, and that Is how the fox got its color. Madison McCaffrey Grade 5 Nolan Elementary School Sara Lisowski


Muddy, Muddy Not So Clear Family

Eloise McBiayer is afraid of summer. All of the bees and butterflies weird her out. “Eloise, go outside and play,” Eloise told herself. “There is no reason to stay inside and be Snow White! Go get a tan” With that, Eloise McBiayer stepped outside and screamed as a butterfly floated lazily by her face. This was becoming somewhat of a morning ritual. Her dad rolled his eyes and said, “Eloise, oh Eloise please quit the drama. You used to love it outside. Here is the mail,” he sighed. “Is there a letter from Mom?” “No. Wait! There is, it is for you!” “Really??” Eloise asked from inside the screen door. The letter was about a mud run her mom, Regina, wanted her to compete in. It was on Friday. How will I get to see my mom and win the mud run? I can barely go outside without screaming. “Today is Thursday, Daddy. How will I ever get over my fear?” “Well, probably by taking one step at a time,” he said. “Well how should I do that?” Eloise asked. “First you should open the screen door and take a step and don’t run inside!” “OK,” she said timidly. Big breath! I’m on the porch. Another step. Past my eight 18 cent scratch marks…one for each birthday. “Hey, that is two years outdated!” “Wow! I’m at the end of the porch.” One step out, “I feel free,” I shouted! The next morning I ran outside “I’m ready to race, Dad!” I have on my sweatpants and my t-shirt. I walked out to the car on the lookout for any bees or butterflies. I made it to the car safely. I jumped in. Daddy and I got there and walked around a bit to stretch. “It is great to feel the grass rub against my ankles!” READY, SET, GO!! As the bullhorn booms, I see my mom. She has fire red hair and I thought she had brown! As I look at her, I am swept away by a sea of kids each one in pursuit of the finish line. But me, I’m in pursuit of love from my mom. I run like a maniac! Panting and sweating through the whole ordeal. I’m covered in mud and possibly butterflies. I shiver at the thought. I’m in the middle of the pack of runners when I cross the muddy line. Mommy, with her fire red hair, came up along-side Daddy. I ran to up Daddy and he said, “No! No hugs please, you’re caked in mud!” Mommy didn’t care though. She came right up and hugged me. “Oh I have wanted to do that for a long time!” I play outside with Mommy everyday now. But she still doesn’t live with Daddy and I. My life is complicated, but not bad. Claire McOmie Grade 5 The Bright School Vicki Everett


The Secret Graveyard

Dear Diary, Today, I was walking around town. Then, I made a wrong turn down Blackwell Avenue and I saw her. I said to myself is it really her laying there? I dashed to her, but it seemed too late. She was all spread out, cold and paralyzed in fear. I called 911 as if I were in an action movie. I rode in the ambulance with her. Now we are in the hospital. When we got there I tried calling her sister, but she wouldn’t listen, and I know she’s up there… “Just listen!” I yelled. The next morning I went back to Blackwell Avenue to look around and I found something, something I had seen before. “What is it?” I asked her back in the hospital. “I, I don’t know,” she said, but I knew she was lying by the look on her face. “Where did you get this?” I yelled. “Fine, fine I’ll tell you it’s… YOURS! It’s the only thing I have left of you, Mom, and Dad!” she said. “What were you doing on Blackwell Avenue?” I said, waiting for an answer. “I was visiting some people, Mom and Dad especially, at the graveyard,” she whispered. “Why were you visiting Mom and Dad at the graveyard? You know they’re not there, right?” I asked her. “They’re not? Well then where are they?” she said as I started to feel like I was being interrogated. “They're everywhere, but most importantly, they’re in you heart.” I whispered. That night I took her home and I cleaned her up. “So, Elisabeth, where have you been staying?” I asked her. “With Grandma in Kentucky,” she said. “Oh, so just a few minutes away from here. That’s good. It’s time I get to see you and Grandma,” I said. “Um, Ellie, there's something I didn't tell you when we were talking about the graveyard. It’s that I saw them, I saw Mom and Dad,” she said in fear. “What? You saw them?” I yelled in shock. “Not even, I talked to them and they said don’t worry and that they’ll be back soon.” Elisabeth said. “Oh my gosh I don’t know what to do, call 911 or what?” I said. “Just relax,” Elisabeth said. “Ok,” I whispered to myself. “Ellie, come look at the history of this graveyard, it said that it is right on top of an ancient burial site,” Elizabeth told me. “That's so fascinating, it's on top of an ancient burial site!” I said in shock. “Yeah, and it says here that this graveyard is known for seeing passed relatives and friends,” she read out loud to me. “In the morning we should go to the graveyard and try to talk to them,” I said with Elizabeth responding, “Yeah that’s a great idea.” The next morning we walked down Blackwell Avenue and into the graveyard where mother and father were buried.


“This graveyard gives me the creeps, and everyone in it except Mom and Dad,” Elizabeth chattered. “I see them, Ellie I see them!” Elizabeth yelled. “Is that really them?” I asked. “I think I hear Mother's voice!” I screamed. “Girls?” Mother says, I respond with a yes to her. “Girls, I want to give you an important message: when you get down to it, girls, the only purpose grand enough for a human life is not just to love but to persist in love,” Mother said dearly. “We love you Mom,” we said overlapping each others’ voices. Now we live in a small house at the end of Cherry Street, and only a few blocks away from Blackwell Avenue that holds the secret graveyard. Sierra Mitchell Grade 5 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Regan Phillips


Haunted House

This story is 100% true. The girls in the story, the monsters…… oops, I got a little ahead of myself, but let's get on with the story. One day there was a group of friends (Carlee, Abby, Caroline, and Delia) who thought that they could go to a girl’s house who sits alone during school. It’s sad to see her face, but when people try to sit by her she says she's okay sitting alone. It's like she wanted to be alone just sitting there alone in the darkness of the school. So, the girls went to her house and they were surprised to see what her house looked like. It was a pink “funhouse” like you would find at a carnival. Caroline said “I thought her house was going to be a dark and gloomy house!” All the girls were suspicious and was scared to ring the doorbell. Caroline said “Well I’m not going to ring it!” Then Carlee was brave and went to go ring the doorbell. It had a circus song as the doorbell ringtone. They all went to the door but not Delia. Delia was the shy one, but when she talked, it was always funny. Abby was scared but wanted to go in. Caroline….. she just flat out didn't want to go, but Abby made her go in. When they did finally find the girl who sat alone she was in there. They thought she was looking around with her family, but she was all alone. They went up to her and asked her what she was doing there. She said “I heard that there was a monster in this house!” Abby and Caroline were running to the door. Carlee said “WAIT!” They stopped. Carlee wanted to help get the monster. “ARE YOU CRAZY!?” Caroline yelled. Carlee said “Yes” and moved on. Abby and Caroline followed her. By now you are probably thinking Where's Delia? Well when the girls went outside they were thinking the same thing because Delia was nowhere to be found. The girls looked high and low for Delia and there was no trace of her. Then Abby found something, it was a note. It said, “If you want to find your friend go back inside for your next clues.” The girls got very scared and went back inside. Once the girls got inside they looked all through the house for their lost friend and for another clue.Caroline was out of her mind scared. She was so scared that she was sweating. So, Caroline found something and wiped her forehead. Carlee said “Wait, what are you wiping your forehead with?” “I don't know?” Caroline looked down, and it was the second clue! It said “You have looked and long time now I think you should have a clue. Your friend is not on your level, but still in the house.” Abby thought for a few minutes then she got it. “She’s on the second floor!” Abby yelled.


The girls raced to the stairs and then a weird woman got in front of them in a blink of an eye. It was the woman who owns the “funhouse”. She said “You can go up there, at your own risk.” Then backed away slowly, it was very creepy. So the girls raced up the stairs and found a note. Caroline was not, 100% not going to read this note so Caroline asked Abby, but Abby was not there. Abby was gone. So it was just Caroline and ………. Where is Carlee? So it was just Caroline. Caroline said “No way! I'm the last person! I’M NOT READY TO DIE! I’M TO PRETTY TO DIE! And to young. BUT MOSTLY TO PRETTY!” Caroline heard something and screamed. She was so scared. She saw each note and ran to the next one, and she didn't even read the notes. She ran down the stairs and went to the front door. The same woman that stopped them at the bottom of the stairs. She said “Where do you think you're going.” Caroline ran to the window. The same thing happened, but it was a different “person”. Caroline ran to the middle of the room and before she knew it she was surrounded by monsters. Each of the monsters had a name. It was her friends names. Caroline found her friends, but they were all…...monsters. “Delia, Abby, Carlee you are all ……...monsters!” Caroline was stuck there all night. She waited until everyone who was in the house was fast asleep. That is when Caroline decided to go upstairs and look around. She was scared to do it, but had to find a way to save her friends. Then she found something, a plain wooden old box. Caroline was suspicious about the box. When she opened the box and she saw everyone's bodies. The bodies of people who have gone missing over the years. She found all of her friend’s bodies. She knew what to do with all the bodies. She put them all the bodies in a bag and tried to find each body that belonged to each monster. She went back downstairs then…….”SQUEAK!” Caroline stepped on a loose board. She was so scared when she stepped on the loose board she thought she was going to pass out. Caroline got out of the house without anyone waking up. She found a witch down the street and she said that she should use some of this weird powder and told her “Whatever you do, don't smell it!” Caroline return to the house and noticed that one of the monsters was looking for her. Caroline put the powder on the monsters and they turned back into her friends, but Delia was not there. They heard something upstairs. They went upstairs and got there friend. They left that house and went home. Not everything was normal. When they were walking home…. Caroline had a tail. Ellis Ann Mitchum Grade 5 Thrasher Elementary School Karen Simpson



A cat walks up to a castle and sniffs the air “ wrong,” whispers the cat. “Come doge. We have some work to do,” Doge replied. “But Unikitty, we are on the way to the candy store.” They walked the rest of way in silence, until Unikitty proclaimed, “We are here!” An old man with a funky crown stood up. He had a wave of sorrow on his face and deep brown eyes. “Follow me,” he said. The wrinkled old man started waddling to a door with a castle shaped lock. He took a key with dust all over and put it into the keyhole. They noticed a man with a colorful sombrero and he huffily assisted them. Then the door opened to a room that was filled with fairytales. There was grass on the floor and no roof! The old man’s gloomy voice spoke again, “This is where I keep the city of fairy tales, but…. some are missing.” A deafening silence fell as the king finished his sentence. “Which ones are missing?” said Doge. “Take a look,” called the old man. There actually were some fairy tales missing. There was no Red Riding Hood, and the setting of the story was all gray. They also saw that there was no Peter Pan. His setting was also droopy gray. “Are these all?” asked Unikitty. “Three fairy tales are gone,” mourned the old man. The old man was right. At the very back, there was a stone castle trimmed with gray, gold, and flowers. “Which castle is this?” questioned Doge. The old man walked over and picked up a glass slipper, “Now do you know?” the old man answered. “So where do we go now?” asked Unikitty. The old man spoke, “Follow Me” he walked out of the glorious castle and out onto the street. He pointed to a colossal cloud up in the sky. It was pearl white with a colorful rainbow making a arch from the Cloud to the ground. The old king spoke, “That cloud will lead you to your home, and you will find a fairy tale there,” His crown slid to the side as he thought. “My home??” protested Unikitty” I don't have one.” “You don't remember?” Said the old man “that’s where you were born and raised!” The old man chuckled and gave them an amulet, “this, is the amulet of the October dragon, whenever you call October dragon and press the orange jewel the dragon will come to you,” Unikitty responded “Ok I'm ready to go.” Unikitty pressed the orange jewel and said, “October dragon!” In the distance they saw a red and orange dragon with Yellow horns all over. Its massive wings gaped over the city providing enough shade for ten people. It landed with a thunk and sat on the dusty brick sidewalk. “-um-y-you can g-go first,” stuttered Unikitty, “-l-ladies first-t,” shot back doge. Unikitty slowly climbed the dragon. It took her five minutes just to get all the way up. Doge started his way up and sat behind Unikitty. “Before you leave would you like a taco?” The same Mexican man with a colorful sumbereo held up a hard shell taco. “Um, maybe later,” huffed Unikitty. “Can I at least come with you?” asked the Mexican man, “you can call me taco man,” “Oh fine,” mumbled Unikitty. As they flew, they landed softly on a white fluffy surface, and they looked up to see the great cloud cooco land. They looked around first and saw so many amazing sights, they passed a clown town with bright smiles and rainbow afros. There was an ice cream shop on the corner with only 3 flavors! Unikitty frowned at the simple ice cream shop, but moved on to a old shack. Inside was a…wolf? No,it was a little old woman for sure, but the old woman had huge furry ears. How odd, she also has a long furry snout. Then a little Girl with a red hood knocked on the door. “This must be little red riding hood!” exclaimed Unikitty. They walked over to the scene and said, “Hello I'm Unikitty and this is Doge, Taco guy, and the October dragon.” She pointed


to them as she said their names. When Unikitty pointed at the October dragon he lifted his head and beamed with pride, “You can call me Dempsey.” “I'm in the middle of the scene! Now the ax man going to be off time,” huffed the snotty little girl. “Please?” Said begged Unikitty, “we need you and your fairytale or it will never exist!” The little girl looked puzzled, shocked, puzzled again, then scared, “oh boy! We better get going, cmon guys, we have to leave!!” A real looking grandma came out then a wolf or a grandma, it was hard to decide, also came out. An ax man came out with a buldging chest, and a massive beard also marched out of the house. Then a king came, “No no!” cried the king “this is not how I wanted it to go!!” Everyone stared at the big baby of a king. had old brown eyes a long silver beard and a key shaped like a castle on his belt. Taco man threw a taco at him, and after that he threw a burrito and sprayed him with pepper spray, “you criminal!” Spat the taco man, “He is top criminal of disguise he steals fairy tales! The real king is me, but he stole my throne so I became a Taco man.” Taco man took the king locked him in chains and put him on the dragon. Doge waggled his tail in excitement as he chanted, “the problem is solved! The problem is solved!” Then taco man, I mean the king of fairy tales, took the fairy tales to the right place and banned the king to the dungeon. Unikitty and doge flew Dempsey away for another mission. Clara Joy Monahan Grade 5 Chattanooga Christian School Lisa Tallent


The Weird Old Woman Day 1 of October When it all started My name is Alex. Let me tell you my story of the weird old woman and the magic bracelet. ‘Beep…..Beep…..Beep’ went the alarm clock. ‘Beep!…..Beep!…..Beep!’ “Ugh!” I yelled. I tried to push the button that turned it off, but that didn't do so well. I had kind of knocked the clock off the table. I got out of bed to see how much damage it had taken. I checked the alarm clock, and it turns out that most of the damage was done by me. Morning craziness, I guess? I still went to school that day. I was walking to the bus stop, when I saw this weird old lady dressed in a long black cloak with the hood covering her face. “Hello there dearie,” The woman said, “Could you help a poor old woman?” “I’ll try but it can't take long because I need to catch my bus that comes in ten minutes,” I told her. “All I need is for you to wear this bracelet to school and if anyone asks you where you got it, just say, ‘From a friend’, okay.” “Okay.” So I went to school that day and people did ask me where I got it, so I told them ‘From a friend’ like the lady told me to. It was weird the way people looked at the bracelet. Almost like they were mesmerized by the little purple pearl on it. I went through all my classes that day. They all seemed the same. People would stare. So would the teachers. I decided to walk home the longer route on the way back to my house. Yes it was longer, which meant more people to stare at the bracelet, but it meant no creepy old lady either. “I thought you might come this way instead,” said the woman. Seriously, her again! I thought to myself. “Really, well you were right,” I said back. “Of course I was, because that bracelet is a tracking device,” she mumbled under her breath. “What?” I said. Yes! I knew that lady was up to something! Not that that was good. So then the lady told me something about if my hand started to rub onto my skin, it was fine because it was just because of the string she had used. I didn't think so. When I got home I went straight to my room and called my best friend Lily. “That is freaky,” Lily said over the phone. “I know! But this bracelet is really getting itchy!” I said. “Then take it off!” Lily suggested. When I tried to, the bracelet would not come off! “Well, I can't because it's kind of stuck!!!” I yelled over the phone. I could hear her flinch at the sound of my high-pitched squeak. Every day after that was the same. I would walk or ride to school and every day that old lady would cross my path and I couldn't get that bracelet off.


Day 31 of October When it all was over

Every day of October I walked to school. When I decided I think I'm going to ride to school. Of course I got this advice from Lily because she was full of great ideas these days. Speaking of good ideas, she even suggested that I cut the bracelet off, but that also didn't work because one snip on that thread and the scissors BROKE!!! When mom dropped me off at school the woman was sitting in a broken rocking chair. Wait! How did she get that rocking chair down there? Oh well, she's a weird old lady. What do you expect! I got out of the car and the woman said, “It's Halloween. Things are going to start getting worse! You'll be able to take the bracelet off when you are able to tell people that there really was a old woman and that I was the one that gave you that bracelet.” “Why do you want me to tell people who actually gave me the bracelet when you told me to say ‘a friend’?” But it was too late. She was already long gone. People were still asking me where I got my bracelet. I didn't know what to do and there was something about that women that made me not trust her. So I asked Lily for advice. First I asked her if I should trust the weird woman. “SERIOUSLY!!! YOU ARE SERIOUSLY ASKING ME THAT!!! NO YOU SHOULDN'T TRUST HER!!! First of all, she gave you this ‘weird magic bracelet that you can't get off. Then she follows you everywhere. Now, she tells you it's going to get worse!” “When you say it like that it sounds like someone is about to die!” I said. “You are going to die! This woman is crazy!” Lily said. So I took her advice and I didn't tell anyone anything. If they asked me where I got it then I wouldn't say anything and I just kept on walking toward my next class. The woman was right, things were getting worse. The rash from the bracelet was spreading! It was spreading down my arm, to my shoulder, to my neck! When I thought it couldn't get any more worse, it spread to my face! I told Lily about this and she freaked! She said I had to tell people the truth. When I got out of math class people would ask where I got it I told them, “From a weird woman who is trying to kill me!” That was the truth! The bracelet fell of like it had been cut. It fell on the floor and burned to ash. That was the end of the weird old woman. Oh, and about the alarm clock that was just the warning that all of this might just happen. Well, it was right. Caroline Newton Grade 5 Thrasher Elementary School Karen Simpson


Duondo da Vinci

Once there was a man named Duondo da Vinci. He was related to Leonardo da Vinci and had developed Leonardo’s painting ability. He was very good. People all over the world bought his paintings (including kings and queens). The money came pouring in, and soon, Duondo was very rich! He bought a mansion, servants and butlers, and many luxurious things. He became used to the wealth and fame, so he became lazy when he painted. His paintings soon started to look like pre-school paintings (no offense pre-schoolers); so, no one would buy them. Soon, he had to let his servants and butlers go. He couldn’t pay them anymore. He had to sell his luxurious things. Then he was evicted out of his mansion! Duondo and his family were thrown out into the street where they looked in the dumpsters for food. Duondo was very ashamed of how he had acted. He wished he could have been one of the greats like his great, great, great, great grandfather, Leonardo da Vinci. Then, as he was digging through the dump, he found a canvas and some paint. He started to paint and ended up with a mama bear and three cubs. The painting became world famous and reporters asked him why he had painted that. He told them he wanted to be able to take care of his family like the mama bear was doing. Soon, the money came pouring in again, but instead of buying a mansion, he bought a modest sized house. Duondo didn’t get any servants or butlers, or buy luxurious things. He gave any extra money he had to churches and charities. He was much happier than before and promised himself he would never be lazy or wasteful with his money again! Kaitlin Preast Grade 5 Silverdale Baptist Academy Victoria Willcutt


The Sun and the Moon

“Luna! Luna!” mother yelled. “Coming Mother! Should I wake up Summer?” “Absolutely!” “Ok. We’ll be down in a second!” Luna called down from hers and her sister, Summer’s, room. Summer had pale skin, golden hair and extraordinarily green eyes. On the other hand, Luna was dark skinned, black haired and had bright blue eyes. Although these two were very different, they worked tremendously well together. Today their 1000th project together would be due and they couldn’t wait. “Summer… Summer… It’s the first day of summer Summer.” Luna whispered in her ear.“Wait…” Summer said with sleepy eyes. “It’s the middle of December.” “Finally! I’ve been waiting for you to grow out of that prank for twelve years!” Luna said with a grin on her face. “But it is the day we turn in our 1000th project together.” “Oh yea! I think we’ll be put in the Guinness Book of World Records 2017!” Summer said. It looked like two more golden flex were added to her eyes just at the thought of it. Ding-dong. “Who could that be?” Luna asked. Summer rushed down the stairs. “I’ll get it!” Summer called to her mother who was preparing the girls lunches. As Summer started to turn the handle of the door, it swished open. In streamed a camera crew, news reporters and their teacher, Mrs. Crack, holding the shiny cover of the 2017 Guinness Book of World Records. “Luna!” yelled Summer; “You need to come down here, quick!” “Who is it?” Luna called as she came bounding down the stairs. Before Summer could answer, Mrs. Crack said in her best teacher voice “Hello Summer; Luna.” “Hello. What’s all this?” Luna asked with great surprise, making a broad sweeping motion with her hand. “You two are setting two new records according to the Guinness Book of World Records.” Mrs. Crack said with her voice cracking a little bit. “One is for being a pair who have done more than 999 projects together and the other for being the youngest pair to do so at 16 years of age. You better get changed before we take your picture!” “Okay, but then we will be 17.” Summer said. Their birthday was at 9:00 and it was 8:59. “Won’t that mean we won’t get the other award?” What Summer and Luna didn’t know was that they were actually quite special and a prophecy had been written about them. An astronomical collision was about to take place that, if all worked out right, would change their world and possibly all of planet earth. It all hinged on being in the right place at the right time and the right time turned out to be before the girl’s 17th birthday. Mrs. Crack yelped. She sneered and said through gritted teeth “Maybe I’m mistaken. Maybe the current record is held by a 20-year-old.” “We memorized the record and we totally need to be 16.” Luna yelled. Just then, Luna and Summer’s mother came in. “What’s going on here?” she said staring fiercely at Mrs. Crack. Then, suddenly, she yelled “Girls! Go outside!” “But Mom –” Summer said. “NOW!!” their mother screamed. The kids cowered and ran out past the camera crews, reporters and a very angry looking Mrs. Crack. Right as they took one step out the door, something happened. It felt like the Big Bang was happening all over again except over their heads. “Children!” Mrs. Crack yelled, but she didn’t look like Mrs. Crack any more. Now she had hair that looked like water, arms that were made out of tree roots and her legs were in flames. Her mid-section was nothing but a tornado and her face was split up into the four elements: Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. “Come


back inside immediately!” “No!” Their mom said pushing Mrs. Crack aside. “Go! Now!” She yelled at the girls as they hurried out. Just then, Luna and Summer looked to the sky overhead and saw the sun and the moon smashing into each other with purple light spewing out from the collision. As they turned toward the house, they saw their mother come out with what appeared to be an oven burn. Her clothes were dripping wet. She was covered in dirt and her hair looked like she’d had her head out the car window going down the highway. It looked as if she had just fought Mother Nature! “Kids! hold on to each other as tight as you can!” The girls hugged each other so hard they thought they would suffocate. Purple light was bursting out everywhere now. It started to surround them and then, all of a sudden… BANG! SWISH! WHOOSH! The kids and their mother were sucked up and seemed to have turned into light themselves. And, as quick as it all happened it all stopped and they drifted down to Earth. Or not…. As the girls looked around, they saw that the trees were vibrant colors and there were paths along the ground that looked like mini suns and moons. At the horizon line, there was a large tornado wall. “Where are we?” Luna asked her mother. “The world I am from. It’s where I grew up. There is much you don’t know, but for now, I needed to find a place where you would be safe. This world is divided into 6 territories: Fire, Water, Earth, Sun, Moon and Mother Nature’s Village where you two will be going.” “Wasn’t that Mother Nature at the house?” Summer asked. “No Summer, that was an old nemesis of Mother Nature’s.” their mother said. “Now girls, the road ahead will be rough but you are strong, smart and witty. You will have many tasks ahead of you but I know you will succeed no matter what you are faced with. I must leave you now. Mother Nature will help you. In order to get to her, you will need an Earth balloon powered by wind in a jar.” And so it begins… Lily Rhyne Grade 5 The Bright School Vicki Everett


The Dream The moment he imagined it, he knew: This is a dream. Nick was sitting in his house, but everything seemed too...normal. So Nick went to check his windows and the doors to look for any distortions. When he was checking his front door, he stopped in his tracks and stared out of the window. Oh, no, he thought. What he saw was a red star that seemed to be moving. He continued to watch the star for a while, until it finally stopped. He thought, it must be my mind messing with me. He started walking away from the window, until he heard an explosion. He ran back to the window and saw the same star expanding and heading straight for him. He braced for the impact of the star, but right as it was about to hit him, he looked up and saw that the star wasn’t moving anymore. He then heard an echoing voice that he had heard for weeks in a row. You can not escape me, Nick. You know you never will. Nick looked around for the source of the voice. He stopped abruptly and faced his bedroom door. It was shimmering with darkness. He slowly shuffled to the door. When he reached out to touch it, he found himself being slowly sucked into the blackness of his door. He tried to pull away, but it was too late. As I said, Nick. You will never have the brainpower to figure out how to escape the void. As he was sucked in. when he was fully submerged, all he saw was pitch black. He was able to stand up, but he then made the mistake of turning around. As soon as he did he saw a face standing in the dark it was slowly floating towards him Nick couldn’t move. When it was right next to him he gasped and sat up in his bed. He was drenched in sweat. This isn’t a dream anymore, he thought. I’m awake. He slowly got out of bed. When he walked out of his room, he looked through his window. It was still dark. He went back to his room to check the time. Hmm, he said. 3:00 am. He decided he needed the sleep, so he went back to bed. The moment he hit the bed, he was asleep. He was still in the same setting as his last dream. His home. He then slowly walked to the same window that was acting strange in his last dream. Nick peeked through it. Nothing. He went to his bedroom door. Nothing. So, he decided he would go check if anything besides his bedroom door in his last dream was abnormal. He retraced his steps back to his bedroom because he realized he had to be more observant when looking around in his dreams. You will never have the brainpower... Nick replayed the voice over and over in his head until he got to his bedroom. He slowly crept in, as if waiting for an invisible force to pull him away. Nothing. He searched and searched inside his room for what seemed like hours until, finally, he heard a repetitive thumping noise coming from somewhere behind his bookshelf. “Hmph,” he muttered, “Looks like that weirdo is giving me a hint this time.” He shoved his bookshelf out of the way. What he saw was the same black substance that was blocking his bedroom door. He replayed the time when he was sucked into the void. Nick backed away, contemplating his thoughts. He would have to find a way. TO BE CONTINUED Jake Richards Grade 5 St. Peter’s Episcopal School Sue Nelson


Birthday The first thing that a teacher tells me to do, prior to me writing a story, is brainstorm. Why? I’m already full of ideas; I think my head's about to explode. Any second now… I figured the conclusion, the excuse, to this problem (mainly for teachers) is these few words that come out of an adult at least once in their lifetime: “I’m an adult.” My brain is slowing down. Blah, blah, blah. Give me a break. Another great case to add down to my “For the people in the future, why haven’t you solved this problem yet?!” book. Anyway, since I’m the all-time genius, who’s brain is full of the brainstorming process, I decide to put my super- extraordinarily- rare skill to work. And what for? My birthday. I felt like this was a wise choice given the fact that it only happens once to a kid every year. By the way, when I’m in this process, no one can distract me. But I’m already prepared for that anyway. So earlier this afternoon, when I was processing, my little brother walked right up to me. And all I had to do was give him my preparation tools: a slice a pizza and a tub of ice cream, and like always, he walked right away. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The screams and chants erupt my ears like someone is banging a drum in my ear. I change the vision to sloooooooooooow moooooooootion and feel my eyes slowly open and cloooooose as I wave my pompom that possesses the color red. The color the skin of a scarlet red apple. “A-hm,” my dad looks at me with a questioning look. Probably because I had my jaw open, still in progress of sloooooooooow moooooooooootion. Too bad, I don’t have a slice of pizza and tub of ice cream. And suddenly, I do remember where I am. Right. Sanford Stadium, home of the Georgia Bulldogs. 2026 National Championships vs. the Georgia Tech yellow jackets. My birthday. The clock reads :20 left in the fourth quarter. Score? Georgia: 28. Tech: 35. Georgia has the ball at Tech’s 10 yard and it’s third down. Let me zoom you in on the next few plays. 3rd down. Georgia’s quarterback takes the snap only to have a result of an incomplete pass. I’m probably missing half of my head of hair, but honestly, I don’t really care. Georgia takes a timeout. “You probably need to call that too and take a timeout for yourself,” my dad exclaims. I can tell he senses that my stomach is about to explode (his too) so he keeps saying little comments like this. This minute seems like the longest in my life. If Georgia’s coach doesn’t go for the 4th down… Okay, good. We are currently back in action, folks! Looks like our running back takes the snap. Somehow he escapes the defensive players as he heads for the in zone. 10 yards! 5 yards! And here I am, on the bleachers cheering my head off. In a few moments that cheering will abruptly change as our running back gets tackled at the 2nd yard line. I quickly turn around and cover my ears as my body shuts down. But not even turning my ears inside out, or squeezing them purple can avoid the sounds of the referee’s whistle that indicates this game over and the Georgia bulldogs just blew the National Championship. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As my dad and I depressingly walk back to our car, my dad points out something that my teacher back at the good ole’ school would call, “words of the wiser.” It appeared to me as plain stupid, but now… well.. maybe not THAT bad. But I am the one experiencing, here. “You know, buddy, life’s not a fairytale,” he announced while taking a ruffle at my hair.


I smiled and replied, “Yeah, well you’re probably right but I think we can make this game the official sponsor of my “For, people in the future, why haven’t you solved this problem yet?!” book. “That book is surely out to get published someday,” I say as we grin and then laugh. And that was that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would never want to admit it, but I still have taken my dad’s words in consideration up to this day. But in my book, for Pete’s sake, we are just going to call it a fairytale. ‘Cause I’ve always liked to live happily ever after. Well, guess what? Some dumb boy that attended that National Championships game as a Dawgs fan might have called it the end of his life. But, I’m Kim Noonan. And this is my onceupon-a-time, happily-ever-after story. Allison Royal Grade 5 Normal Park Museum Magnet School Regan Phillips


The Enchanted Book

Once upon a time there was a ten-year-old girl named Clara. She lived in the countryside of Tennessee on a farm with horses, dogs, cats and chickens. “All Lianne could do was pray and wait,” Clara read to her eight-year-old sister, Katie. Clara read on, “She and her family were horrified at the thought that Duke ran away. They tried almost everything. They called the police and the fire department and they didn’t find Duke. They made flyers and hung them up in town and out of town, still no sign of Duke. They sent letters and flyers to every address they could find, and still no Duke. Lianne and her family prayed and prayed and waited and waited. After five months there was still no sign of Duke. Lianne wanted another dog, but her parents told her no more dogs unless she paid for it and took care of it. So, Lianne decided it was better to not have a dog and she and her family started living their lives without a dog, but they still enjoyed themselves without one. The end.” Then Clara let out a big sigh. “What an awfully sad book! If I were Lianne, I would try to buy another dog,” said Katie. “Me too, Oh, how I wish we could help Lianne get another dog and make this book have a happier ending,” said Clara in response. Suddenly, the book started to glow and the girls started floating! The next thing they knew, they were standing right in front of Lianne’s house, but they didn’t know that yet. “Where are we?!” asked Katie in surprise. “I’m not positive, but I think we are at Lianne’s house because I said ‘Oh how I wish we could make this book have a happier ending,’ and then the book started glowing and we started floating. Now we’re here!” said Clara in reply. “So you’re saying that we got sucked into the book because you said that?” asked Katie. “Exactly!” said Clara. The girls stood in silence for a minute thinking. Finally, Katie said, “Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s go make this book have a happier ending!” So they went up to the house and knocked on the door. Lianne’s mom answered and asked them who they were. Clara said, “We are friends from far away. May we talk with Lianne?” “Do you know her?” asked Lianne’s mom? “No,” said Katie, “but we know about Duke.” “Come on in and let’s talk,” said Lianne’s mom. Clara, Katie, Lianne, and her Mom talked for a while and became friends. Clara and Katie eventually left because they didn’t want to be rude and ask if they could stay for the night. They ended up cuddling up outside and eventually fell asleep. The next day they were able to talk to Lianne alone. “We know that you lost your dog, Duke,” said Clara. “Why don’t you want another dog?” asked Katie. “I do want another dog, but my parents told me I can’t have anymore pets unless I pay for them and take care of them. So, I decided it is better to not have a dog,” said Lianne. “Well, would you rather let a dog live a miserable life in a pound and you live without a dog, or would you prefer giving a dog a home and owners, and you having a happy life with a dog?” asked Clara.


Lianne thought about this and said she would like to try to get another dog. So, the girls started thinking about how they were going to earn enough money to get a dog. They thought about having some sort of sale. They thought and thought and thought. “I’ve got it!” said Lianne, jumping to her feet. “What?” said Clara and Katie at the same time. “The city’s big market starts in three days. We can sell stuff there,” said Lianne. “But what would we sell?” asked Clara. “Well, if you guys have a needle and thread and some fabric, I can sew pillows,” said Katie. “And I’m pretty good at making Lemonade!” said Lianne excitedly. “That sounds great! And I can draw some pictures,” added Clara. The girls worked hard for three days. Finally, the day came when the market started. They earned $200 selling their items! They showed the money to Lianne’s mom and she agreed to let Lianne get a dog! The family picked out a little brown and black Yorkie and named her Yippie. Lianne and her family thanked Clara and Katie for helping them get a dog and make their lives happier. Before Clara and Katie left, Lianne’s mom gave them the left over money they didn’t use to get Yippie. She also gave them a card to remember the family by. Clara and Katie figured out that they had to say “We wish we can go home,” to get back home. It worked! The girls started floating and Lianne’s house began to disappear. The next thing they know, they were standing right where they were before they got sucked into the book. In the book, there were now more pages with the story of how Clara and Katie helped Lianne and her family. The girls wrote Lianne and her family a note, put it on the book and said, “We wish this note would go to Lianne and her family,” and the note sent. Clara and Katie never forgot their awesome adventure. The End Parker Ryan Grade 5 Silverdale Baptist Academy Victoria Willcutt


Native Americans

Native Americans should be able stay in lands west of the Mississippi River. Native Americans had previously been forced from their homes on the Trail of Tears. They were moved by the settlers to Oklahoma on a reservation and had their rights stripped away from them. They were mistreated by settlers who were taking them on the Trail of Tears. A lot of Native American’s died on the Trail of Tears. Settlers just arrived and Native Americans were already there living off of the land. The Settlers came in and kicked the Native American’s off of the land they were using. First, they made them teach the settlers how to live off of the land. They grew their own food and the settlers didn’t have any knowledge of how to live off of the land. They taught them and then they removed them. Native Americans didn’t consider land to be "owned". Native American’s thought that all land should be respected. They thought “ownership” was a strange concept. Native American’s thought that the land was sacred. They thought all things in nature was sacred. Forced to move without knowing why was a problem for Native American’s. They were used to large hunting grounds and having the land to live off of. Native American’s used to move frequently. They didn’t know why the Government was pushing them onto a reservation. They were moved to Oklahoma to live in a group called a reservation. The Government wanted to keep up with every Native American. They had to be enrolled on a list called a Roll. They were numbered and had blood drawn to see what percentage of Native American DNA that they had in them. The Government kept them on reservations like cattle and they are still on reservations to this day. Savannah Spurgeon Grade 5 Snow Hill Elementary School Meredith Ziegenmier


Viewpoint of the American Indians

Everyone has a right to the land. It's to be used communally by all members of the tribe. Land is to be shared by people and animals. The land has belonged to us up until now so it should be ours. Our belief is the Great Spirit created the Earth. If we respect the land and the creatures the Earth will give us gifts in return to survive. Living off of the land is how our families have always lived. We have never needed any more than what the land has given us. Our survival is based on the respect of the land. We don't agree with the white man. The land can be owned by anyone. The animals should be able to roam freely and the Earth will give us what we need to survive. They put fences up and divided the land. They tried to keep us out and we were treated unfairly. We believe this is a sacred violation and the land should not be treated this way. To keep the peace we have signed treaties promising to stay on certain territories, but the white man wants more. The more we give the more the white man take. We honored these treaties, but the white men do not. The white men do not respect the land, animals, or other people. We should be able to keep our land because the land is sacred and we treat it that way. We will fight for the survival of our tribe. If we don't fight the white man will take all our land. Without large areas of land we can't survive because we live off of the land. We are not afraid to die fighting for our rights to the land. Parker Steele Grade 5 Snow Hill Elementary School Meredith Ziegenmier


Forevermore He ran up the hill and then came to an abrupt halt in front of it. A huge cave where it is said a mystical creature lives! Jaque was a seventeen-year-old adventurer. Trying every chance he got to do something amazing. This was it! Jaque lives deep in the heart of New Zealand. There were adventures everywhere. Jaque was a fair-haired boy with dark brown eyes. With his satchel and sword he began on his adventure! The cave was barred by a stupendous boulder. It was a fact though that a hole on the top of the cave was right above the entrance. Jaque took out his rope and threw it up. He was lucky and it fell into the hole at the top. A pickax was tied to the end of the rope so that it got stuck in the roc. Jaque began to climb. When he got to the top of the cave he jumped in and then got his rope down. Vividly colored mushrooms and unidentifiable plants lined the wall and a mysterious flitting noise came from the walls. Jaque began to walk, and he ran his hand down the wall. All of the sudden something very sharp sunk itself into his hand and it began to bleed. To his surprise thousands of angry fairies came flitting at him with their teeth bared. Jaque began to run while being bitten all the way! Then he was in a very quiet chamber. It was filled with sparkling aqua pure liquid beauty. Water spirits danced to a mermaid’s song as mermaids flashed their tails and swam deeply in the pool of pure aqua liquid beauty. All of a sudden a water spirit came up to him and gave him a beautiful gem and told him it was a wish rock and then glided away. Jaque turned the rock over twice and then made a wish. He wished to find the entrance to the last chamber. A door opened up right beside him. He went down a soggy passage way. Then he was blown backwards by a sudden wind. Something was snoring in the next room! He slowly and quietly tiptoed into the chamber. Inside was a huge dragon! Jaque screamed, but no sound came out. He stopped and went up to the sleeping dragon and petted its side. The dragon was on its feet. It gestured to Jaque to get on its back. The dragon was a dark shade of purple with green eyes. Jaque got on its scaly back cautiously. The dragon roared, and lifted his head and blew flames! He melted a hole in the cave, and flew out. They were soaring over rooftops! Jaque named his dragon “Forevermore” because not only did Jaque have an amazing adventure but he found the coolest best friend in New Zealand who liked adventure almost as much as Jaque did. They would be friends forevermore. Maybe he would try to find a sea serpent next. Plus, He still had the wish rock. Ansley Waters Grade 5 Hilger Higher Learning Shelley George


The Runaway

Jack was a normal kid, but his parents died when he was only two years old. So, he became an orphan. He lived with his grandparents in California. His grandparents were grumpy, and when they were mad they took it all out on him. He decided to run away at 12 years old. He made a plan to go to Nevada. The next night he set out when his grandparents were sleeping. He took a map, compass and five dollars. Then he went east. He didn’t eat the next day, so he looked for something in trash cans. It had been a week since he left home now. He saw his school and walked past it. He checked his compass and saw that he was going north! He got his map and located where he was, and this time he made sure he was going east. He still had a little bit of money, so he bought himself a sandwich. He was 100 miles away from home, but didn’t know it at the time. It had been three weeks since he ran away. He looked in a window and saw that he was on the local news. There was a $10,000 reward if someone found him. He was starving to find food! He went out to find food. He asked a man if he had food, but the man shoved him away. This time he asked a lady in about her 40s for food. She said, “Who are you and why are you asking for food?” Jack said, “I am an orphan with my grandparents who were mean to me so I ran away. She decided to give him some food! The lady gave him three days-worth of food. Jack was very lonely. It had been two months since he ran away. Suddenly he saw a stray dog and decided it was okay to pet the dog. The dog was a mutt with brown eyes. The dog followed him so jack kept him! Jack was glad that he had company. The next day he figured out where he was. Jack realized he was only a hundred miles away from his town. He was walking with his dog when he realized he hadn’t named his dog! He went over names in his head and decided to name his dog, Benen. At first Benen didn’t know what his name meant. After 15 minutes, Jack said, “Benen!” and the dog came to him. What a wonderful dog I have, thought Jack. Jack decided he would stay in the city for a week. He would sleep under the drive-thru when it rained. He knew where a trash can was at the restaurant. Everything was good. He decided to rest for a week. Everything was good until the 4th day. A drunk guy chased him for half a mile until an officer arrested the guy aft a fight. Jack was so scared that he ran away while they fought. Jack had never been through something like that. Sure, his grandparents did mean stuff, but nothing that bad. So Jack got on his way to a different city. The next day Jack realized he had crossed into Nevada! It was October and going to get cold soon. Benen ran off so Jack chased him. He saw Benen at a school sniffing at a boy. Jack was blushing and saying, “Sorry!” The boy seemed nice. The boy didn’t care, and said he had a dog of his own. The boy asked Jack’s name, but Jack said, “What is your name?” The boy answered that his name was Jonathan Bower. Jack told him his name too. The boys immediately were friends! Jonathan asked what he was doing in rags for clothes. Jack didn’t answer so Jonathan asked where he lived. Jack answered I don’t have a home. Jonathan asked if he would stay the night at their house. Jack had to think about it a while, but in the ned Jack gave in. Jonathan’s house was half a mile away. Jonathan’s family was very kind to him. Then came the question, “Did you run away?” Jack hesitated at the question, but Jack told them about his grandparent and everything. They understood so they asked him if he wanted to stay with them over the winter. Addie, a 5-year-old asked him if he wanted to be


adopted. Mrs. Bower immediately hushed her. Jack said, “I’ll stay with you over winter, but I’ll have to think about adoption.” The Bowers were overjoyed that he was staying over the winter. The first thing they did was buy him warm, new clothes. The Bowers’ dog, Becky, played with Benen all day long. They seemed like the perfect family. It was the best day ever for Jack. A few days later they got paints and painted all day long. Jack painted Becky and Benen, and Mrs. Bower painted all the kids together. Addie just splattered paint and it actually looked great. Jack teased Jonathan about his painting of a horse. Mrs. Bower was very good at painting. They voted on the best painting and chose Addie’s! The next day he woke up early. No one was up, but Jack. He decided to read a book. He started on Robinson Crusoe. It started out boring, but got better. He read until everyone was up. Reading that book gave him joy just like his friends he lived with. So that day he decided he would ask them if he could be adopted by the Bowers. Jonathan was so excited because his family was going to ask Jack anyway! When they told Addie, she screamed, “We’re adopting Jack! We’re adopting Jack!” Everyone was so excited! The grandparents found Jack a few weeks later and tried to claim him back. However, the police took them into custody for child abuse. The police asked Jack if he wanted to be adopted, and he said, “YES!” Benen and Jack lived happily forever with the Bowers! Corey Waters Grade 5 Hilger Higher Learning Shelley George


What I found in my locker Hi my name is Eva and I have an extravagant story to share. I woke up one day super early, because I had to take a mega test. A mega test is a test to see if I could skip a grade. I wanted to skip the 5th grade. I got to school a little early. The total place looked like a ghost town. I thought I could study before my test. I went to my locker to get my books and it was empty. Completely empty, except for a key held by a string connected to a magnet. Then I took my key to my teacher’s room but she wasn’t there. Of course, she wasn’t there, but that’s another story. I went to the principal’s office but the door was locked. I slipped the key in the door. Immediately the key went in, and I stood in the doorway and gawked at the sight. The sight of pools the size of Florida and theme parks the size of California. You wouldn’t believe it, the place was amazing! There were bright colors everywhere. The most amazing part was the animals. There were sharks you can swim with, lions you could pet, and snakes that you can hold. Later on, I found out that my key was the only key to this special dimension. I lost track of time and a whole week had passed by. I took my test. I failed, but it was okay. I like the elementary school anyway. I have met a lot of good friends, but I have never shared my special place. The year has passed by so quickly. I couldn’t wrap my head around it, and soon I moved on to middle school. Now, that was a journey!

Eva Winston Grade 5 Boyd Buchanan School Jane Beasley


Young Southern Student Writers - Winners 2017  

Elementary School Winners

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