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2013 Annual Report


NTCC Foundation

Our college is rich in friends and supporters; I’m grateful to count you in that group. Because of you, the future of our students is bright! - Dr. Brad Johnson, NTCC President -

Brad & Vicki Johnson

NTCC Foundation Mission Statement The Northeast Texas Community College (NTCC) Foundation is a non-profit corporation chartered under the laws of Texas and established in 1984. Its purpose is to receive and administer gifts to enhance educational excellence at NTCC. The foundation board seeks to identify potential sources of gifts and grants to enable donors to make contributions that match their interests and needs, to provide for the prudent management of gift resources, and to encourage the involvement of interested persons in the work of the foundation.

Foundation Board Members

Ms. Judy Weiss - President Mr. Steve Capps Vice President Ms. Ginger Brenner Secretary/Treasurer Ms. Carolyn Adkins Dr. Jim Archer Dr. Cynthia Brown Mr. John Bryan Ms. Joyce Buck Mr. Cliff Butler

Mr. Charles Cole Ms. Jonice Crane Ms. Sondra Fowler Mr. Sid Greer Ms. Cecelia Hagey Ms. Claudia Henderson Mr. Chuck Johns Ms. Beverly Kelley Ms. Peggy Lowry Mr. Jerry Massey Dr. Dan McCauley

Ms. Mary Lou Mowery Mr. Scott Pollan Mr. Bill Priefert Gov. Bill Ratliff Dr. Eric Reed Ms. Ann Reeves Ms. Noureen Ronchetto Ms. Jane Scharlach Ms. Paulette Smith Mr. Jerry Webster

Annual Report


1968 GT 350H

The Last Shelby By: Dr. Jonathan McCullough, NTCC Vice President for Advancement In 2007 I was fortunate (or lucky, or blessed) to meet one of the greatest “car minds” of all time, not to mention, one of the nicest guys I had ever met in my life, Carroll Shelby. After a very entertaining lunch that first day, he went straight to the heart of the matter and said he wanted to talk about the Automotive Program at NTCC. His exact words were “there are many young men and women who are stuck in dead end jobs. They went to work straight out of high school stocking shelves, digging ditches, etc., thinking they were making good money. Before too long they had a car payment, rent, utilities, and more. All of a sudden they found themselves ready to get married and start a family but they could not get out of this rut they had dug themselves into. I want to give those people the ability to get an education and learn a trade that will help them to get ahead!” His goal was to provide an opportunity for struggling students to get into college and send hard working, well-paid, mechanics back out into the community. That day Mr. Shelby committed $50,000 per year to provide students with scholarships allowing them to achieve their dreams. In addition, he also contributed funds to create a position allowing the College to hire a Director of the new Carroll Shelby Automotive Technology Program at NTCC. He made additional cash contributions and purchases of equipment and supplies helping NTCC to enhance its offerings in the Automotive Program. To date, he and the Carroll Shelby Foundation have committed more than $700,000 to this project. However, after many trips to the College where Carroll would show up and surprise students by sitting in on their classes and let-

ting them ask him questions, or he would walk through the garage and look under the hoods with them, he told me there was something missing. Mr. Shelby said we needed a “car” that could be the face of the program. Something to take to local high schools, car shows, parades, etc., that would bring attention to the opportunities made available to students who could become certified mechanics. He had a “certain” car in mind and he personally searched for it for more than two years. In March of 2011, he called me on the phone to let me know that he had found THE car. He told me he personally bought it and was having it shipped to NTCC that week. THE car, a 1968 Shelby GT350H, arrived on our campus a few days later. At that time it was solid maroon (without the stripes) and needed a little bit of body work. However, the person delivering the car jumped up on the trailer, started it right up, and drove it into our garage. Mr. Shelby came by later to look it over and told me we needed to take our time and restore it back to its original condition. He said this was what he had been searching for and when he found it he knew this was THE car he wanted as the face of the Carroll Shelby Autotomotive Program at NTCC. He sat inside it and cranked the engine up and said “this is one of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard”. This was Carroll’s last visit to our College. He passed away a few months later, but his legacy will live forever. However, the picture of him sitting in this Cobra that day and listening to the roar of the engine is priceless, as is the story behind The Last Shelby.

“Mr. Shelby sat inside the car, cranked the engine up and said that was one of the sweetest sounds he had ever heard.”


NTCC Foundation

Carol Meyer named Distinguished Benefactor


“The Meyer family gift was rare, unselfish, and comprehensive.”

Jane & Art Scharlach


hat if it were possible for every single student who graduates from high school to receive a college scholarship? This was a question that a group of forwardthinking Titus County citizens, led by Charles and Carol Meyer, asked many years ago. Thus, the Mount Pleasant Community Fund was born. From the 1960s through today, this scholarship fund has helped thousands of students achieve their dream of going to college. After Northeast Texas Community College opened in 1985, the fund shifted its focus to help high school seniors attend the brand new local campus. Since 1985, any student who graduated from a Titus County high school has been eligible to receive a scholarship to NTCC. “The Mount Pleasant Community Fund is one of the only programs of its kind that I have found. It is a true testament to the power of individuals who band together to make a real difference in their community,” Dr. Jonathan McCullough, NTCC Vice President for Advancement said. “This legacy would not be possible without the leadership of Carol Meyer and her late husband, Charles. In that spirit, the NTCC Foundation is pleased to name Mrs. Meyer as a Distinguished Benefactor.” This is not the first honor that Meyer has received, as the Council for Resource Development named her the 2006 Region VI Benefactor of the Year. When she

learned of the award, Meyer was pleased but reluctant to accept the acknowledgment. “My husband never wanted recognition for anything he did. Our giving was something that wasn’t really discussed within the family. He was a wonderfully complex, yet simple man,” she said. But the impact that the Meyer family support has made on local students has been anything but simple. As of 2013, more than 3,000 students have received Mount Pleasant Community Scholarships (see complete list of names on pages 18-22). “We have four children and I know that, as a parent, if my children had wanted to go to college and had not been able to because of financial issues, I would have felt very helpless,” Meyer said. “To have a community college nearby and to have this scholarship available must be very rewarding.” When Charles Meyer passed away in 1997, the family decided to continue the tradition of giving in his memory. “All of the credit for this goes to my husband. It was his idea and he went through with it. I know he never wanted recognition for any of this, but he’s been gone for 16 years and part of me thinks he deserves it,” Meyer said.

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Annual Report


Meyer Contined... The Meyer family’s generosity has helped countless students achieve their college goals and, as of 2013, the total amount of scholarship awards surpassed $1.5 million. “I remember speaking to young men who went on to become doctors who got their academic start with that little boost in the beginning. It was rewarding to know we were able to be part of that,” she said. Jane Scharlach, a member of the NTCC Foundation Board, nominated Meyer to become a Distinguished Benefactor. “We feel it was a privilege and honor to nominate Carol Meyer and her family to receive the Distinguished Benefactor award. The gift from Carol and Charles Henry Meyer, known as the Mount Pleasant Community Fund, was rare, unselfish, and comprehensive. As a result, we have witnessed over the years how many lives it has touched at both NTCC and the community at large,” Jane and Art Scharlach, said. Those interested in contributing to Titus County scholarships can make donations to the NTCC Foundation. To learn more about this and other giving opportunities at NTCC, contact Dr. Jonathan McCullough, Vice President for Advancement, at 903434-8115 or

Stephani Calderon graduated from NTCC in 2013. She was a Presidential Scholar who received a Mt. Pleasant Community Scholarship. She is now fulfilling her dream of attending the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin.

See complete list of Mount Pleasant Community Scholarship Recipients Since 1985 on pages 18-22

2012 Foundation Scholarship Reception Highlights

Sondra Fowler with recipient Tyrin Evans

Al & Sue Havenstrite with recipient Thomas Arnold

Richard & Margaret Perryman with recipient Rebekah Hall


NTCC Foundation

Foundation News Elizabeth Whatley named Distinguished Benefactor Mrs. Elizabeth Whatley was presented with the Distinguished Benefactor Award for her generosity and support of NTCC over the years on April 30, 2013. Whatley and her late husband, James, have contributed more than $2.6 million to NTCC since classes began in 1985. This includes a record-breaking $1.7 million gift in 2007. The Whatley Center for the Performing Arts, The Elizabeth Hoggatt Whatley Agriculture Complex, and the James Whatley Memorial Park in Pittsburg all bear the family name. The Whatley’s have also funded scholarship endowments and professional development grants for NTCC employees. “Mrs. Whatley’s generosity has impacted the college in so many ways, and we thank those who joined us to celebrate with Mrs. Whatley on this special occasion,” Dr. Jonathan McCullough, NTCC Vice President for Advancement, said.

NTCC Foundation hosts stars of Duck Dynasty The NTCC Foundation was pleased to host a special event featuring Phil & Kay Robertson, stars of the hit A&E TV show, Duck Dynasty, on April 6, 2013. The event was the largest ever held in the Whatley Center, with tickets selling out minutes after becoming available. NTCC Foundation board member, Carolyn Adkins (pictured with guests), was a sponsor for the event. An estimated 900 people heard Phil give an inspirational speech. The Foundation has had many requests to host the stars again in the future.

Annual Report


News Continued... Whatley Campaign enters Final Curtain Call We are now entering the Final Curtain Call phase of the Campaign for the Whatley Center. Over the past couple of years, our generous patrons have given almost $200,000 to help us make much-needed improvements to the Whatley Center. While we have come a long way, we still need your help! Thanks to a grant, any new gifts received will be matched at 100%. This means that your $50 gift actually contributes $100 to the campaign! I hope you will consider taking advantage of this opportunity to help us improve your Whatley Center even more. Below is a list of projects that we have already accomplished and a few more that we still need help with:

Completed Projects • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Re-wired all existing lighting New box office New video display New concession (refrigerators, coffee makers, microwave, ice maker, storage bins) New granite counter tops with new sinks Lobby painted Lobby benches reupholstered New wall paper throughout lobby Entry wing signage (East wing sponsored by John and Betty Traylor, West wing sponsored by Art and Jane Scharlach in honor of Jonice Crane) Conversation Corner (Sponsored by Charlie and Helen Hampton) New state-of-the-art lighting system for auditorium New lighting system in lobby New signage for art display cabinets (recognition plaques) New trash receptacles New outdoor signage

New open concept concession & box office areas

Unfinished Projects • • • • • • •

Renovation of restrooms Lobby video and sound system Auditorium video system New auditorium seating Indoor directional signage New drop down art displays Ticketing software

The Charlie & Helen Hampton Conversation Corner

Call 903-434-8115 to make your matched donation today!


NTCC Foundation

Giving Report

$8M Giving Totals At A Glance $7M $6M $5M $4M $3M $2M $1M 0 96-97 97-98 98-99 99-00 00-01 01-02 02-03 03-04 04-05 05-06 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10 10-11 11-12 12-13 Grants

Detailed Totals - 1996 to Present Fiscal Year 2012-2013 2011-2012 2010-2011 2009-2010 2008-2009 2007-2008 2006-2007 2005-2006 2004-2005 2003-2004 2002-2003 2001-2002 2000-2001 1999-2000 1998-1999 1997-1998 1996-1997 Total




# of Donations



























































































































$17,995,189 $52,563,307 $70,558,496 1,590

Avg. $ Per Donation

# of Avg. $ per Donors Donor

Annual Report


Giving Report Continued... Where did your gifts go in 2012-2013? Allied Health Other

$23,021 Athletics $27,743


In-Kind Gifts $147,000

Scholarships Awarded In The Past 2 Years 2011-12 2012-13 # Awarded 330 304 $ Awarded $289,009 $254,486 Average Award $876 $837

Campaign for the Whatley $177,778

Workforce Programs $484,581

Scholarships $181,022 Outreach/ Communities In Schools $300,627

Have you considered planned giving? What is a planned gift?

sonal property, life insurance, a retirement plan, etc., the Planned giving, also referred to as “gift planning,” benefits of funding a planned gift can make this type of is a method of supporting non-profits and charities of charitable giving very attractive to both you and your your choice. This strategy allows donors to make larger non-profit of choice. For information on this or other gifts than they could make from their income. While giving opportunities through the NTCC Foundation some planned gifts provide a life-long income to the please call Dr. Jon McCullough at (903) 434-8115. donor, others use estate and tax planning techniques to provide for charity and other heirs in ways that maxiThe Power mize the gift and/or minimize its impact on the donor’s of Planning estate. Thus, by definition, a planned gift is any major gift, “Anyone may so arrange made in lifetime or at death as part of a donor’s overall his affairs that his taxes financial and/or estate planning. shall be as low as possible.” Whether you use cash, appreciated securities/ - Judge Learned Hand stock, real estate, artwork, partnership interests, per-


NTCC Foundation

Foundation Asset Allocation August 31, 2013

Market Value Cash & Cash Equivalents $94,267 Equities $1,639,739 Fixed Income $806,863 Total $2,540,869

Asset Allocation

% 3.7% 64.5% 31.8% 100%

Large Cap Growth Large Cap Value Mid Cap Small Cap Intl, World, & EM Equity Alternative Investments Intermediate Fixed Short Term Fixed International Fixed Cash & Cash Equivalents Total

Market Value $281,362 $444,864 $337,214 $110,982 $319,538 $145,779 $406,251 $273,267 $127,345 $94,267 $2,540,869

% 11.1% 17.5% 13.3% 4.4% 12.6% 5.7% 16.0% 10.8% 5.0% 3.7% 100%

Sub Class Allocation

Annual Report

History Of Giving (a snapshot of annual gifts of $10,000 and above)

2012-13 $25,000 Carroll Shelby Foundation-Shelby Automotive Program $300,627 Local School Districts-Communities In Schools Services $200,000 MP Industrial Dev. Corp.-Industrial Tech Training Center $30,000 Johnnie Cohen-Endowed Scholarship $20,474 Estate of Rupert and Phoebe Lou Cobb-Scholarships $12,000 Marans Estate-Scholarships $42,000 Mike Craig Ford-Shelby Truck $57,045 MP Community Fund-Scholarships for Titus County Graduates $11,000 Dr. Shae Ochoa-Dental Hygiene Program $15,000 Pepsi Bottling Company-Athletics $96,000 Pilgrim Bank-Billboards/Marketing $10,000 Jim Shanahan-Scholarships $10,000 John and Betty Traylor-Whatley Campaign $232,531 State Comptroller’s Office-JET Grant for ITTC $250,318 EDA-Grant for Virtual Welding/ITTC 2011-12 $200,000 MP Industrial Dev. Corp.-Industrial Tech Training Center $16,500 Marans Estate-Scholarships/CIS $49,948 MP Community Fund-Scholarships for Titus County Graduates $17,000 Marans Estate-Scholarships/CIS $20,000 Guaranty Bond Bank-Caddo Collection $10,000 M/M Charlie Hampton-Whatley Campaign $284,271 Local School Districts-Communities In Schools Services $202,785 State Comptroller’s Office-JET Dental Grant $16,000 M/M Charlie Hampton-Whatley Campaign/Scholarships $50,000 Marans Estate-Whatley Campaign $15,000 Pepsi Bottling Company-Athletics $10,000 Art and Jane Scharlach-Whatley Campaign $14,000 TAMU-T-Transfer Scholarships $52,300 US.Dept. of Energy-Biodiesel Program $17,300 Estate of Rupert and Phoebe Lou Cobb-Scholarships 2010-11 $250,000 AEP/Swepco-Industrial Tech Training Center $33,000 AEP/Swepco-Industrial Tech Training Center $25,000 Anonymous-Industrial Tech Training Center $375,211 Local School Districts-Communities In Schools Services $50,000 Carroll Shelby Foundation-Shelby Automotive Program $200,000 MP Industrial Dev. Corp.-Industrial Tech Training Center $16,000 Marans Estate-Scholarships/CIS $100,000 Guaranty Bond Bank-Industrial Tech Training Center $81,235 Margaret Hinton-Caddo Collection $15,000 Marans Estate-Scholarships $27,833 MP Community Fund-Scholarships for Titus County Graduates $153,000 Tremont Floral-In-kind gift for Industrial Tech Training Center $25,000 US Steel Foundation-Industrial Tech Training Center $107,300 US.Dept. of Energy-Biodiesel Program $15,600 Estate of Rupert and Phoebe Lou Cobb-Scholarships 2009-10 $50,000 Bowie Cass Electric-Agriculture Complex $250,000 Carroll Shelby Foundation-Shelby Automotive Program $336,084 Local School Districts-Communities In Schools Services $14,000 Howard Cobb-Scholarships $50,000 Juanita Bigger Cobb-Scholarships $33,896 Marans Estate-Scholarships $85,000 Meadows Foundation-Agriculture Complex

$59,057 MP Community Fund-Scholarships for Titus County Graduates $30,000 MP Industrial Dev. Corp.-Industrial Tech Training Center $15,000 Pepsi Bottling Company-Athletics $15,000 Art and Jane Scharlach-Memorial Scholarships $279,633 US.Dept. of Energy-Biodiesel Program $16,300 Estate of Rupert and Phoebe Lou Cobb-Scholarships 2008-09 $10,000 Alcoa Inc.-Carroll Shelby Automotive Program $31,247 M/M Joe Bernat-Scholarships, Whatley Programming $200,000 Carroll Shelby Foundation-Shelby Automotive Program $328,915 Local School Districts-Communities In Schools Services $70,000 City of Pittsburg-Our Place Restaurant $249,762 Marans Estate-Scholarships $23,000 Marans Estate-Whatley Programming $17,000 Marans Estate-Culinary Arts/Speaker Series $73,193 MP Community Fund-Scholarships for Titus County Graduates $20,000 Pepsi Bottling Company-Athletics $30,408 US.Dept. of Energy-Biodiesel Program $10,977 Estate of Rupert and Phoebe Lou Cobb-Scholarships 2007-08 $13,000 Mrs. Bob Baker-Athletics, Bob Baker Stadium $17,500 M/M Joe Bernat-Scholarships, Whatley Programming $357,949 Local School Districts-Communities In Schools Services $19,125 ETMC-Quitman-In-kind gift for Radiology Program $108,572 Estate of Ms. Betty Loflin-Scholarships $15,860 Mr. Burt Marans-Scholarships, Whatley Programming $71,815 MP Community Fund-Scholarships for Titus County Graduates $50,000 Pepsi Bottling Company-Softball Field $160,000 Anonymous-Culinary Arts Program $49,419 Pilgrim’s Pride-Scholarships for Camp County Graduates $21,508 Priefert Mfg.-In-kind gift to Rodeo Program $20,000 NTCC Show Team-Agriculture Scholarships $30,000 Texas Heritage National Bank-Marquee $21,787 Estate of Rupert and Phoebe Lou Cobb-Scholarships 2006-07 $1.7 Million Mrs. Elizabeth Whatley-Agriculture Complex, Scholarships $10,000 M/M Bill and Emogene Proctor-Scholarships $368,141 Local School Districts-Communities In Schools Services $85,667 AEP/SWEPCO Grant-Engineering Program $24,263 Anonymous-Whatley Programming, Scholarships $52,000 Mrs. Bob Baker-Athletics, Bob Baker Stadium $24,648 M/M Joe Bernat-Whatley Programming, Nursing Scholarships $10,000 Ms. Katie Hampton-Morris County Scholarships $15,385 Estate of Rupert and Phoebe Lou Cobb-Scholarships $68,933 MP Community Fund-Scholarships for Titus County Graduates $12,775 National Bank of Daingerfield-Morris County Scholarships $47,952 Pilgrim’s Pride-Scholarships for Camp County Graduates $12,000 Staples Foundation-Communities In Schools Services $250,504 Texas State Legislature-Hanson Sewell Center $10,000 US Smokeless Tobacco-Rodeo Scholarships 2005-06 $72,655 MP Community Fund-Scholarships for Titus County Graduates $51,318 Pilgrim’s Pride-Scholarships for Camp County Graduates $147,589 Priefert Mfg.-In-kind gift to Rodeo Program $100,000 USDA Rural Development-Hanson Sewell Center



NTCC Foundation

History Of Giving Continued... 2005-06 Continued $340,806 Local School Districts-Communities In Schools Services $75,000 Meadows Foundation-Hanson Sewell Center $15,000 McKellar Ranch-In Kind gift to Agriculture Program $23,770 Anonymous-Hanson Sewell Center, Scholarships $17,853 Estate of Rupert and Phoebe Lou Cobb-Scholarships $10,000 Methodist Foundation-Land Purchases $75,000 City of Pittsburg-Hanson Sewell Center $30,484 M/M Joe Bernat-Whatley programming, Nursing Scholarships $13,000 Mrs. Bob Baker-Athletics, Bob Baker Stadium $10,000 Southern Refrigeration Transport-In-kind gift to Workforce 2004-05 $27,745 M/M Joe Bernat-Scholarships and Whatley Programming $75,000 Pittsburg Economic Development Corp.-Hanson Sewell Center $18,565 Cypress Bank-Hanson Sewell Center, Whatley Programming $11,530 Guaranty Bank-Speaker Series, Athletics, Whatley Programming $205,608 Local School Districts-Communities In Schools Services $60,000 M/M Billy Paul Hanson-Hanson Sewell Center $12,354 Estate of Rupert and Phoebe Lou Cobb-Scholarships $62,262 MP Community Fund-Scholarships for Titus County Graduates $25,000 Pilgrim Bank-Hanson Sewell Center $100,000 Pilgrim’s Pride-Hanson Sewell Center $47,598 Pilgrim’s Pride-Scholarships for Camp County Graduates $15,225 Mr. Herb Seale-Hanson Sewell Center $14,000 Texas A&M Texarkana-Transfer Scholarships $145,921 M/M James Whatley-Hanson Sewell Center $10,000 Southern Refrigerated Trucking-In-kind gift to Workforce Ed 2003-04 $24,526 M/M Joe Bernat-Joe Bernat Clock Tower $16,000 Domtar-Paper Supplies $144,000 Estate of Christine Hall-Athletic Scholarships $11,000 Mr. Jeffrey Gale-Baseball $10,000 Ms. Merle Griffin-Music Department $22,190 Mr. Dan Hampton-Land for Morris County Scholarships $10,397 Estate of Rupert and Phoebe Lou Cobb-Scholarships $30,000 Hillcrest Foundation-Dental Hygiene Program $56,776 MP Community Fund-Scholarships for Titus County Graduates $50,641 M/M Harold Nix-Scholarships for Morris County Graduates $51,149 Pilgrim’s Pride Corp.-Scholarships for Camp County Graduates $63,926 M/M George Roach-Land for College Expansion $10,000 Tri-County Medical Society-Nursing Scholarships $69,970 M/M James Whatley-Renovations to Whatley Center 2002-03 $15,314 M/M Joe Bernat-Scholarships and Clock Tower $10,000 Mr. Derick Grigsby-Baseball $35,401 D/M Morriss-Naples Omaha Youth Center $47,277 MP Community Fund-Scholarships for Titus County Graduates $40,534 M/M Harold Nix-Scholarships for Morris County Graduates $81,442 Pilgrim’s Pride Corp.-Scholarships for Camp County Graduates $24,000 Meadows Foundation-Communities In Schools 2001-02 $72,529 Pilgrim’s Pride Corp.-Scholarships for Camp County Graduates $14,522 M/M Joe Bernat-Scholarships $10,000 Cypress Bank-NTCC Career Center $45,395 MP Community Fund-Scholarships for Titus County Graduates $30,009 M/M Harold Nix-Scholarships for Morris County Graduates

2000-01 $53,171 Pilgrim’s Pride Corp.-Scholarships for Camp County Graduates $16,072 M/M James Whatley-Box Office for the Whatley Center $15,000 Posey Manufacturing-In-kind gift-Athletic Facilities $30,264 MP Community Fund-Scholarships for Titus County Graduates $10,000 M/M Bobby McClinton-Scholarships $24,588 M/M Joe Bernat-Scholarships $40,424 M/M Harold Nix-Scholarships for Morris County Graduates 1999-2000 $10,000 Anonymous Gift-Youth Program Naples/Omaha Learning Center $15,181 Estate of Rupert and Phoebe Lou Cobb-Scholarships $25,000 American National Bank-Athletic Fieldhouse $15,000 Dr. Jim Archer-Partners for Excellence Campaign $100,000 Bill, Shane, Johnnie and the Priefert Family-Unrestricted $135,000 M/M James Whatley-Whatley Programming & Supply Campus Needs $15,500 M/M Joe Bernat-Scholarships $110,000 Coca-Cola-Lighting the Baseball and Softball Fields $16,670 Darr Equipment-Diesel Mechanics Scholarships $15,000 International Sulphur-Scholarships $50,000 Guaranty Bond Bank-Fund Various Needs and Programs $42,398 MP Community Fund-Scholarships for Titus County Graduates $34,745 M/M Harold Nix-Scholarships for Morris County Graduates 1998-99 $10,000 Boatner Family-Partners for Excellence Campaign $375,000 M/M John Bryan The In-kind gift, Formerly known as the David Granbury Hospital, is now the Naples/Omaha Learning Center. $10,000 Dr. Mel and Mr. Bill Griffin-Scott and Ginger Griffin Memorial Scholarships $25,626 M/M James Whatley-Scholarships $29,032 M/M Joe Bernat-Joe Bernat Athletic Services Building $56,913 MP Community Fund-Scholarships for Titus County Graduates $47,616 M/M Harold Nix-Scholarships for Morris County Graduates $30,000 Titus Regional Hospital-In-kind gift to Nursing Program $12,000 Dr. Charles Florio-Pledge to Faculty/Staff Division of the Partners for Excellence Campaign $10,000 M/M Jerry Massey-Pledge to Partners for Excellence Campaign $10,000 D/M Dan McCauley-Pledge to Partners for Excellence Campaign $10,000 Dr. Doug Crawford-Partners for Excellence Campaign 1997-98 $18,000 M/M James Whatley-Scholarships $100,000 Estate of Gladys Winkle-Music and Art Scholarships $137,231 Estate of Rupert and Phoebe Lou Cobb-Scholarships $60,951 MP Community Fund-Scholarships for Titus County Graduates 1992-93 $20,000 M/M David Bynum-Matt Bynum Rodeo Scholarships $20,000 Herb Seale-Katherine Seale Nursing Scholarship $23,000 Camp County Residents-Camp County Unites Scholarship Fund $30,000 Estate of Rupert and Phoebe Lou Cobb $62,000 MP Community Fund-Scholarships for Titus County Graduates 1991-92 $250,000 M/M James Whatley-Construct Whatley Performing Arts Center 1989-90 $21,000 Dr. Michael Minadeo-Nursing Scholarship 1986-87 $35,915 Hassell Trust Fund-Nursing Scholarships $50,000 Honor of Mr. William Means-Scholarships 1985-86 $25,000 M/M James Shanahan-Scholarships

Annual Report


2013-2014 Foundation Scholarships 100% Ryderz Recipient: Billy Brown Donor: 100% Ryderz

Joe & Marjorie Bernat History Recipient: Khristian Davis Donor: Mrs. Marjorie Bernat

Cyndie Amerson Honorary Nursing Recipient: Crystal Parker Donor: Ms. Cyndie Amerson

Joe & Marjorie Bernat Science Recipient: Grecia Beckett Donor: Mrs. Marjorie Bernat

Cleo Archer Memorial Recipient: Jessica Whitsel Donors: Drs. Jim & Paula Archer

Joe & Marjorie Bernat Theatre Recipient: Mario Aguilar Donor: Mrs. Marjorie Bernat

Jim & Paula Archer Science Recipient: Chelsea Sobnosky Donors: Drs. Jim & Paula Archer

Price Bockmon Morris County Recipient: Aaliya Veasy Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Danny Bockmon

Robert Arellano Criminal Justice Recipient: Michael Fontenot, Colby Reynolds Donor: Ms. Tasha Martin

L.W. & Hazel Bramlett Memorial Recipients: Zac Ferris, Nesean Roberson Donor: Ms. Betty Loflin

Alan Bernat Nursing Recipient: Raeann Hagan Donor: Mrs. Marjorie Bernat

Betty Brock Nursing Recipient: Lizbeth Welch Donor: Ms. Betty Brock

David Bernat Nursing Recipient: Maribel Gutierrez Donor: Mrs. Marjorie Bernat

John & Janet Bryan Morris County   Recipient: Katelynn Robertson Donors: Mr. & Mrs. John Bryan

Joe & Marjorie Bernat Agriculture Recipient: Jonathan Barker Donor: Mrs. Marjorie Bernat

Matt Bynum Memorial Recipients: Canon Fletcher, Jordan Self Donors: Mr. & Mrs. David Bynum

Joe & Marjorie Bernat Biology Recipient: Nick Pletcher Donor: Mrs. Marjorie Bernat

Capps Family Recipient: Kimberly Edwards Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Steve Capps

Joe & Marjorie Bernat Business/Accounting Recipient: Paige Vandever Donor: Mrs. Marjorie Bernat

E. Howard Cobb Recipient: Sarah Sorrells Donor: Mr. Howard Cobb

Joe & Marjorie Bernat Computer Science Recipient: Irian Ramirez Donor: Mrs. Marjorie Bernat

Howard Lynn Cobb Veterans Recipient: Shelia Castro Donor: Mr. Howard Cobb

Joe & Marjorie Bernat Fine Arts Recipient: Jonathan Garcia Donor: Mrs. Marjorie Bernat


NTCC Foundation

Scholarships Continued.... Jaunita Bigger Cobb Family Recipient: Sonya Mata Donor: Mr. Howard Cobb Rupert & Phoebe Lou Cobb Memorial Recipients: Alicia Diggs, Jacob Dougan, Lauren Fennimore, Ashley Hall, Shane McCall, Megan McCoy, Saul Mendez, Emily Morris, Katrina Nolan, Stephanie Rundle, Alyssa Smith, Meledy Torres, Sierra Warren Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Richard Perryman & Mr. & Mrs. Woody Roark Mary Jane Coker Memorial Recipient: To Be Awarded Fall 2014 Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Bill Chambers Cody-Proctor Theatre Recipient: Ariah Burkhalter Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Bill Proctor Johnnie Cohen Memorial Cosmetology Recipients: Britni Brown, Blakely Martin, Morgan Nutt Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Jon Cohen

Cypress Basin Master Gardener’s Association Recipient: Jamie Dulock Donor: Ms. Glenda Brogoitti Daniel Family Music Recipient: To Be Awarded Spring 14 Donor: Mr. Andrew Daniel DARR Caterpillar Recipient: Luis Martinez Donor: DARR Caterpillar W.D. Dunn Memorial Recipient: Damien Stephens Donor: Ms. Elayna Dunn Richard E. & Joan Eckman Memorial ITTC Recipient: To Be Awarded Spring 14 Donor: Ms. Beverly Hinson Faculty Senate Recipients: Paige Barnett, Whitney Brown, Alicia Diggs, Jessica Whitsel Donor: Ms. Nelda Davis Adam Ferris Memorial Morris County Recipient: Zac Ferris Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Ferris

William & Lucy Connor Memorial Agriculture Recipient: Ashley Roderick Donor: Ms. Carolyn Adkins

Fine Arts Club of Mt. Pleasant Recipient: Dowman Steele Donor: Ms. Rosalie Chambers

Joel & Sally Conroy Recipient: Brenda Castillo Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Joel Conroy

Charles & Sue Lynn Florio Baseball Recipient: Michael Hoffman Donors: Dr. & Mrs. Charles Florio

Ronald M. Cowan Memorial Morris County Recipient: Preston Watkins Donors: Ms. Sharon Cowan & Ms. Kelly Cowan

Alfred & Ethel Fowler Morris County Recipient: Tyrin Evans Donor: Ms. Sondra Fowler

Scott Crain Memorial Recipient: Katie Adame Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Robert Crain

Friends of the Music Department Recipient: To Be Awarded Spring 14 Donor: Mr. Andrew Daniel

Shirley Crane Memorial Nursing Recipient: Stephanie Murphy Donors: Ms. Sheila Bradley Ms. Sharon Presley, Mr. Randy Crane, & Mr. Ricky Crane

Albert Funderburk Memorial Theatre Alumni Recipient: To Be Awarded Spring 14 Donor: Mr. Doug Hoppock

Ferris N. Crawford Memorial Recipient: Stormie King Donors: Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Crawford & Ms. Eileen Crawford

Furr-Loving Memorial Scholarship . Recipient: Raul Herrera Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Rickey Furr & Mr. & Mrs. Joey Loving

Annual Report

Scholarships Continued.... Lee & Evelyn Gray Music Recipient: Colton Fikes Donor: Dr. Ron Clinton Scott & Ginger Griffin Theatre Recipient: Kathryn Comer Donors: Dr. Mel & Mr. Bill Griffin Christine Ousley Hall Baseball Recipient: Collin Day, Zach Fleet Donor: Ms. Jonice Crane J.C. & Katie Hampton Morris County Recipient: Mary Hawkins Donor: Ms. Katie Hampton Charlie & Helen Hampton Education Morris Co. Recipient: Stephanie Vissering Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Hampton J. Hugh & Gladys Harkrider Memorial Recipient: Cody Matthews Donor: Ms. Carolyn Harkrider Phineas & Shaney Hassell Nursing Recipient: Cheryl Webb Donor: Mr. & Mrs. Richard Perryman Havenstrite Criminal Justice Recipient: Agon Sylejmani Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Al Havenstrite Hearron Math/Science Education Recipient: Connor Hall Donor: Dr. Mary Hearron Hinson Ranch Recipient: Ana Martinez Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Gene Hinson Elaine Hoppock Theatre Recipient: Corin Carter Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Doug Hoppock Julia Hoppock Theatre Excellence Award Recipient: To Be Awarded Spring 14 Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Doug Hoppock Lewis & Ina Hoppock Theatre Recipient: To Be Awarded Spring 14 Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Doug Hoppock

14 Sherry Hoppock Theatre Recipient: To Be Awarded Spring 14 Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Doug Hoppock Pat Horn Memorial Recipient: Pasleigh Nelson Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Massey International Sulphur Transfer Recipients: Abby Brummell, Brittany Derby, Nicholas Derby, Wendy Leonard, Amber Via Donor: Ms. Marcie Henderson J. Travis Jackson GED Memorial Recipient: Bryan Wilson Donor: Mr. Malik Latiff, Rotary Club President Bullard & Nan Johns Memorial Recipient: Victoria Anderson Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Johns James Kafer Agriculture Recipient: Dakota Hall Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Sid Greer Dr. John S. Kennedy LVN Recipient: Rebecca Reynolds Donor: Mrs. Frances Kennedy L.D. Landers/Veterans Assoc. Memorial Recipients: Edward Green, Marshall Lee Donor: Mr. Steve Austin Tommy Lee Memorial Recipients: Asenet Obregon, Haley Thomas Donors: Ms. Glenda Lee & Mr. Dillon Lee Lions Club of Pittsburg Recipients: Christopher Hamilton, Susana Perez Donor: Mr. Frank Harrison, Mr. & Mrs. Allen Weatherford Don A. Lutes, D.D.S. Dental Hygiene Recipient: Pratiksa Patel Donor: Dr. Don Lutes Burt & Nancy Marans Memorial Recipients: Wendy Alvarez, Jesi Baker, Cassandra Bise, David Brantley, Amber Brown, Karim Budhwani, Chereasha Godbolt, Edgardo Godoy, Adoniram Heredia, Jessica Isaac, Osahon Oriakhi, Rodolfo Padron, Crystal Parker, Gregory Payne, Elliott Peoples, Susana Perez, Jacob Phosay, Donna Rasor, Brandon Reese, Hollye Rosewell, Mayra Sanchez, Ana Sanchez, Kaylee Swindell, Iris Vega, Jaime Zamarrida, Hector Zavala Donors: Mr. Jon Alexander & Bruce & Kathy Carpenter


NTCC Foundation

Scholarships Continued.... Christiana Martin Memorial Nursing Recipient: Brenda Hall Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Steven Martin Evyone Matthews Memorial Nursing Recipient: Shannon Richey Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Matthews McCauley Visual Arts Recipient: Haley Guest Donor: Dr. Dan McCauley Ewell W. & Bobby W. McClinton Honorary Recipient: Macy Russell Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Bob McClinton McDaniel Family Morris County Recipient: Andrea Wells Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Marc McDaniel E.G. McMillan Family Morris County Recipient: Cody McEntire Donors: The McMillan Family William L. (Billy) Means Memorial Recipients: Emilee Ferrell, Tiffney Goldsmith, Kelsey Stacks Donors: Mrs. William Means & Mr. & Mrs. Bill Means Michael & Nolan Memorial Recipient: Taylor Dungan Donors: Mr. & Mrs. David Sistrunk Minadeo Nursing Recipients: Virginia Graham, Jaclyn Monday Donor: Dr. Michael Minadeo “Miss Dorothy� Music Recipient: Aaron Aydelott Donors: Ms. Emogene Proctor & Ms. Robin Sanders Mary Smith Morrison Recipient: Laura Alvarado Donor: Ms. Jerene Surratt Randy Nobles Memorial Recipient: Dondre Burris Donor: Ms. Mindy Nobles

NTCC Ag Recipients: To Be Awarded Summer 14 Donor: Ms. Rene McCracken NTCC Bookstore Recipients: Graniqua Ivory, Sarah Woods Donor: Ms. Sherry Hoppock NTCC Classified Staff Recipient: Marilyn Toland Donor: Ms. Julie Smith NTCC EducationTransfer Recipients: Ainsley Hallman, Teresa Loden, Devin Logan Donor: Judy Weiss, NTCC Foundation President NTCC Library Recipient: Bryana Dyson Donor: Ms. Donna Griffin NTCC Memorial Student Recipients: Brittany Avila, Emily Bassinger, Lauren Healy, Lane Millsap, Roberto Paredes, Nicole Smith-Neely Donor: Judy Weiss, NTCC Foundation President Mary Bellatti & Robert Blunden Palmer Memorial Recipient: Andrew Tobin Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Palmer Sam & Norween Parker Memorial Recipient: Becca Fain Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Sam Parker Justin Keith Peugh Memorial Nursing Recipient: Cara Beshirs Donor: Ms. Veronica Peugh Pleasant Sams Chapter of the Good Sam Club Recipient: Marialy Villegas Donor: Mr. Jan Dalby Bill & Sally Ratliff Family Recipient: Shannon Richey Donors: Governor & Mrs. Bill Ratliff B.E. Richey Memorial Math Recipient: Ana Martinez Donors: Dr. & Mrs. Doug Richey H. Richard Romine Recipient: Kasandra Lovelady Donor: Ms. Barbara Volentine

Annual Report

Scholarships Continued.... David & Noureen Ronchetto Morris County Recipient: Jamie Nixon Donors: Mr. & Mrs. David Ronchetto Dr. Reynaldo Sarmiento Nursing Recipients: Hollye Rosewell, Cheryl Shovan Donor: Dr. Reynaldo Sarmiento Scharlach/Wight Memorial Recipient: Marco Parra Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Art Scharlach Katherine C. Seale Memorial Nursing Recipients: Brittany Perry, Obed Pina Donors: Ms. Lori Seale Hunter & Ms. Julie Seale Stone Frank Sexton Masonic Lodge #206 Recipient: Eva Hullett Donors: Mr. Roger Devine, Mr. Bill Guy & Mr. Tim Hall Jim & Larue Shanahan Endowed Recipients: Corrine Johnston, Keelie Starek Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Jim Shanahan Shelby Automotive Recipients: To Be Announced Spring 14 Donor: Mr. Keith Fennimore Charles & Paulette Smith Morris County Recipient: Maria Perez Donor: Ms. Paulette Smith Tennison United Methodist Women’s Recipient: Kayleah Cumpion Donor: Ms. Melba Spann Titus Regional Medical Center Auxiliary Recipients: Mary Ballard, Whitney Brown, Becca Fain, Kayla Moore, Manuela Paredes, Krystal Sandifer, Emily Ann White, Holly Wilbur Donors: Mr. Hall Hix & Ms. Jan Gaddis Jeana Turner Memorial Recipient: Kelsey Lee Donors: Mr. & Mrs. George Turner Twentieth Century Study Club Culinary Arts Recipient: Arnetha Sneed Donor: Ms. Janice Webster

16 Twentieth Century Study Club/Pittsburg Nursing Recipient: Meghan Robertson Donor: Ms. Janice Webster Glenn & Judy Weiss Morris County Recipient: Pedro Gonzalez Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Weiss Florence J. Whatley Memorial Recipient: Amanda Washington Donor: Mrs. Elizabeth Whatley James Royce Whatley Memorial Baseball Recipient: To Be Awarded Spring 14 Donor: Mrs. Elizabeth Whatley Ralph Whatley Agriculture Recipient: Justin Toles Donors: Dr. & Mrs. Doug Richey Betty Whitlock Memorial Recipient: To Be Awarded Fall 14 Donor: Dr. Ron Clinton Paula Wilhite Honorary Recipient: To Be Awarded Fall 14 Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Doug Hoppock Willeford, Willeford & Callaway Agriculture Recipient: Chelsea Hall Donors: Ms. Kathryn Callaway & Friends Gilbert C. Wilson Family Recipient: To Be Awarded Fall 14 Donor: Mr. Gilbert Wilson Ruth Wilson-McMillan Recipient: To Be Awarded Fall 14 Donor: Mr. Gilbert Wilson Gladys Winkle Memorial Art Recipient: To Be Awarded Spring 14 Donor: Mr. Tom Wilkinson III Gladys Winkle Memorial Music Recipient: Matthew Laden Donor: Mr. Tom Wilkinson III XYZ & Friends Recipient: Taylor Hammonds Donor: Dr. Charles Barry


NTCC Foundation

2013 Mt. Pleasant Community Scholarships Ms. Carol Meyer • Dr. Brian Nichols Rev. & Mrs. Mike Cline

Flor A Acuna Maria A Aguilar Jessica Armstrong Sarah Baker Crystal L Barrett Lucero Bello Henry Danielsemrau Bing Kelli N Bradley Dustin Kyle Brown Justin L Brown Kensey B Brown Dondre A Burris Williams B Burrows Brenda Castillo Guillermo Caudillo John Mark Chambers Juan A Constante

Lauren Mckenzie Cook Colton A Fikes Sigfredo Gonzalez Raul Herrera Jamie Hipolito Jacob B Johnston Joseph Dillon Johnston Julie L Joyner Kaitlyn J Klepfer Dakota B Landrum Kelsey B Lee Jorge Lozano Erick D Martinez Guadalupe A Medina Lane L Millsap Emily Kate Morris Aaron Brett Parnell

Rosanna N Roach Jaime Adrian Rodarte Jr Macy N Russell Cecilia Sanchez Jorge A Sanchez Ryan Scott Spigener Keelie Starek Jarred A Tigert Samantha L Trickey Emilio Vargas Maria L Vargas Randy L Vaught Daley Janice Warren David J Ysasi Makayla K Zacarias

Camp County Community Scholarships Camp County Residents & Businesses

Mishlene Bennett Charlene Broadway Abby Brummell Cody Busbee Lane Davis

Marco Garcia David Lambert Maria Ordonez Emily Parker Tyler Poe

Taylor Ramsey Tabetha Scofield Juana Torres Chelsea Woods

This photo, by Jeremy Weber, won a 2013 District 4 Gold Medallion from the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations.

Annual Report

Mount Pleasant Community Scholarship


(Complete List of Recipients from 1985-2013) Kathy Abad Laura Abbott Todd Abbott Trent Abbott Joaquin Acevedo Jose Acevedo Heather Acker Staci Acker Jamie Acock Julie Acock Maria Acosta Flor Acuna Juan Acuna Julio Acuna Charles Adair Christy Adair Dustin Adair Miguel Adame Sandra Adame Sergio Adame Ashley Adamek Tyler Adamek Brandi Adams Clint Adams Gregory Adams Jason Adams Linda Adams Cathy Agan Kayla Agan Robert Aguam Alyssa Aguilar Esmeralda Aguilar Jorge Aguilar Maria Aguilar Rodrigo Aguilar Kassandra Agundiz Felicia Aikins Jamarri Aikins Jacob Ainsworth Kari Akers Jesus Alaniz Diana Alden Nicholas Alexander Douglas Allen Haley Allen Jessica Allen Kimberly Allen Rebekah Allen Steven Allen Bryan Alston Ladonna Alston Alex Alvarado Lorena Alvarado Silvano Alvarado Adan Alvarez Ana Alvarez Joshua Alvis Ernestina Amador Paula Amador Ashley Amerson Loyd Amerson Traci Amerson Vonnie Amerson Pamela Amick Stephanie Amick Heidi Amos Brittany Anderson

Crystal Anderson James Anderson Jeanne Anderson Jaime Andrade Maria Andrade Holley Anglin Carole Anthony David Apperley Ashley Applewhite Gustavo Arellano James Armstrong Jeffrey Armstrong Jessica Armstrong Kristen Armstrong Luke Arnold Matthew Arnold Mollie Ashlock Jessica Askew Jason Aston Lasunya Atkins Timothy Attaway Brandy Austin Robyn Austin Theron Austin Terrie Autrey Jose Avilez John Baggerman Katherine Baggerman Mary Baggerman Suzan Baggerman Diana Bagley Charles Bailey A’nico Baker Ashlee Baker Austin Baker Rachel Baker William Baker James Baker, Jr. Nancy Ball Timothy Ball Paula Ballew David Banda Eric Banda Chance Banks Jennifer Banks Jerry Banks Kendra Banks Eddie Banner Oscar Barajas Tonito Barboza Cody Barganski Angela Barker Kenneth Barker Mike Barker Steven Barker Amanda Barnes Billy Barnes Jessica Barnes Kerrie Barnes Diane Barnett Jeffrey Barnett Crystal Barrett Demetriad Barrett Lisa Barrett Angel Barrientos Maria Barron Mark Barry

Jerry Bartley Jessica Barton Emily Bassinger Trever Bassinger Ladonna Bates Ubaldo Baylon Kayla Beadle Amanda Beal Danny Beard Billy Beard, Jr. Brenda Bearden Mark Bearden Stephen Beare Richard Beavers Alec Beckham Troy Beckham Adam Belcher Daniel Belcher Damon Bell Eric Bell Jason Bell Melissa Bell Lucero Bello Rossel Bello Tamara Bellow Leann Benefield William Benson Cristal Berger Brian Berkenbile Marco Bernardino John Berry Kristi Berry Kacey Bert Bridget Betts Cody Betts Matthew Bigelow Cheston Bilbo Henry Bing Ashli Bishop Corey Bishop Haily Bishop Jodi Bishop Deborah Black Devon Blackburn Loyed Blackburn Melvin Blackburn Phillip Blackmon Ben Blackstone Crissie Blackstone Joshua Blackstone Katherine Blackstone Donna Blackwell Betty Blake Marshall Blake Billy Blalock Danise Blalock Heather Blalock Kristy Blalock Mickey Blalock Scott Blalock Shandra Blalock Alyssa Blanchett Brennen Blankenship April Blease Brandi Blount Krystal Blundell Kevin Blunt

Ashley Boatsman Sarah Boggs Maria Bonarrico David Bond Elida Bonilla Trevor Boone James Bostich Danya Botello Matthew Botello Bryan Bowers Joseph Bowers Justin Bowman Eryn Braddock Courtney Bradford Michael Bradford Taylor Bradford Belinda Bradley Ginger Bradley Jason Bradley Johnathan Bradley Kelli Bradley Mary Bradley Tammy Bradley James Bradley, Jr. Jessica Bragg Margie Bragg Samantha Bragg Tammy Bragg Riddhi Brahmbhatt Jasmine Brannon LaTonya Brannon Roger Brannon Stevie Brannon John Branson Matthew Bratlee Richard Breazeale Kenneth Bretches Barbara Brewer Marcus Brigham Stephen Brigham Jeffrey Brightwell Edward Brindley Amy Brison Stanley Brison Tyler Brison Alheli Brito Bret Brogoitti Christy Brooks Drico Brooks Sheniqua Brooks Justin Brosnan Nathan Brosnan Adrian Brown Angela Brown Anthony Brown April Brown Dale Brown Dane Brown David Brown Deborah Brown Diana Brown Dustin Brown Elbert Brown Heather Brown Holli Brown Jeffery Brown Jeffrey Brown

Justin Brown Kara Brown Karee Brown Kathryn Brown Kensey Brown Kimberly Brown Kimberly R. Brown Kimberly Y. Brown Michelle Brown Mindi Brown Mindy Brown Randy Brown Roger Brown Sarita Brown Shawn Brown Sheila Brown Taylor Brown William Brown Kelley Brownlee Lauren Brownlee Jordan Brundige Lindsay Brundige Brodie Bruner Bryan Bruner Patrick Bruner Demetriad Bryan Lemetria Bryan Rosalind Bryan Latureena Bryson Markisha Bryson Michael Bryson Holly Buck Shawn Buck Ana Buendia Rachel Buerger Janira Buitron Gregory Bullard Shane Bullock Natalie Bundick Amanda Burch Kaylina Burch Laura Burgos Francine Burke Devinie Burks Stacey Burks Dondre Burris Krystle Burrows Lucy Burrows Michael Burrows Williams Burrows Kayla Burton Mandy Burton Todd Busch Trent Busch Dylan Bush Angela Butler Courtney Bynum Heather Bynum Holly Bynum Kristin Bynum Rhonda Bynum Robin Bynum Victory Bynum Brenda Byrd Carlos Cabrera Jeff Caddell Joseph Cadenhead

Stephani Calderon Gladys Caldwell Jeremy Calhoun Lori Calhoun Jennifer Calvert Amy Cameron Brad Cameron Brandon Cameron Brittany Cameron Cammie Cameron Cara Cameron Chelsy Cameron Dennis Cameron James Cameron Jerrod Cameron Jimmy Cameron Joseph Cameron Katelyn Cameron Kevin Cameron Lacie Cameron Nathan Cameron Angela Campbell Ashley Campbell Kellye Campbell Kevin Campbell Lori Campbell Melissa Campbell Michael Campbell Sandy Campbell Tracey Campbell Juan Campos Zaray Campos Juan Canada Calbert Cannon Charles Cannon Donna Cannon Felicia Cannon Andrea Cano Jose Cano Shakyndra Canton Amber Cantrell Kim Capps Anna Carbaugh Ruth Cardenas Antonia Cardoza Laci Carlisle Vanessa Carmona Cathy Carnes Deanna Carnes Kyle Carney Mitchell Carney Jennifer Carpenter Joshua Carpenter Kelvin Carpenter Kimberly Carpenter Kyle Carpenter Shanna Carpenter Clay Carrell Enmanuel Carrillo Christy Carruth Lacey Carson Leigh Carson Jennifer Carter Jeremy Carter Misty Carter Kerri Case Gregory Casey

Mercedes Cassio Luis Castaneda Ricardo Castaneda Idalia Castanon Matthew Casteel Nicole Casteel Dalia Castellano Alejandro Castillo Brenda Castillo Lucia Castillo Luis Castillo Patricia Castle Rosa Castrejon April Castro Oralia Castro Yeny Castro Daniel Cates Jacob Cates Debra Cathcart Guillermo Caudillo Ernesto Cerna Maria Cervantes Pedro Cervantes Robert Chaffin Jeffrey Chambers John Chambers Justin Chambers Olivia Chapa Tammy Chapa Eloy Chapa, Jr. Kaci Chapman Kristopher Chapman Marla Chapman Michael Chapman Tammy Chapman Joey Chappa Kimberly Chastain Araceli Chavez Christopher Chavez Noemi Chavez Rusty Cheatham Christopher Cheek James Cheek Ling Chen Qun Chen Dominique Chism Jeffery Chreene Stacey Chron Kevin Chumbley David Cigarroa Angela Clark Brittany Clark Craig Clark Cynthia Clark Donna Clark Jeffery Clark John Clark Kelly Clark Kenneth Clark Kevin Clark Michael Clark Michelle Clark Misty Clark Regina Clark Stephanie Clark Billy Clark, II Billy R. Clark, II

Kenneth Clark, II Thomas Clark, Jr. Jacklynn Clary Sarah Clary Teresa Claxton Carol Clayton Eric Clements Jared Clements Charles Clemons, Jr. Brett Clifton Holly Clifton Wanda Cline Kelly Clower Sylvia Coats Candace Cobb Meredith Cobb Jeremy Cochran Jessica Cochran Misti Cochran Crystal Cockerell Andrew Cody Sharlynn Coe Dean Cofer Derity Coffman Melissa Coil Kasey Coke Kelly Coke Jackie Cole Mary Cole David Colley Joseph Colley Sarah Colley Terra Colley Daniel Collier Anna Collins Derek Collins Edward Collins Renee Collins Brian Colvin John Colvin Kimberley Combs Matthew Combs Donya Connor Bridget Conroy Jarred Conroy Kristi Conroy Juan Constante Alma Contreras Bianca Contreras Elena Contreras Maria Contreras Brittany Cook Jennifer Cook Lauren Cook Mandy Cook Brennan Cooney Brian Cooper Chad Cooper Cheryl Cooper Cody Cooper Melissa Cooper Whitney Corbell Jason Corley Catherine Corn Christine Corn harold Cornelius James Cota


NTCC Foundation

Mount Pleasant Community Scholarship Recipients (continued)... Jerry Cota Robert Counts Kristin Covey William Covey Brandon Covington Darrin Cox Jason Cox Robin Cox Jacob Crabb Karon Crabb Lacci Craddock Sebrena Craddock Tameka Craddock Christopher Craig Christyn Craig Donald Craig Heather Craig Henry Craig Jodie Craig Matthew Craig Rance Craig Susan Craig Holly Crain Amy Craven Robin Crawford Rachel Crawley Carrie Croley Jeff Croley Ronnie Croley Cari Crooks Darla Crooks Meghan Crooks Kelly Cross Andrea Crump Elizabeth Cruz Juan Cruz Lucero Cruz Maria Cruz William Cruz Claudia Cuellar Jeromy Cullen Teresa Cunio Carlonda Cunningham Joshua Curry Chasity Curtis Colten Cutler Diane Cutler Vernon Cutler Shannon Daily Suzanne Daily Chet Dale Kris Dale Shannon Dale Charles Daniels Michael Daniels Misti Daniels Cody Danner Kevin Daugherty Brent Davenport Juan Davila Brian Davis Darwin Davis David Davis Eddie Davis James Davis Johnny Davis Justin Davis Shawn Davis Takisha Davis Teresa A. Davis Teresa C. Davis Thomas Davis Toni Davis Jerod Day Antonio De La Hoya

Jeremy Deaton Ana Deciga Daniel Decorte Geovanni Dejesus Moises DeJesus Nancy Dejesus Araceli Delacruz Jose DelCarmen Hector Deleon Brendan Dennehy Neal Dennehy Morgan Dennis Elizabeth Derrick Brandi Dickeson Dusty Dickeson Megan Dill Jason Dillard Lisa Dillard Marshall Dillard Alisa Dismuke Wesley Dismuke Brad Dobbs Robin Dobbs Stephanie Dobbs Michelle Dockan Debbie Dodd Dana Dodds April Doddy Paula Doddy Taffy Dollins Adan Dominguez Lorena Dominguez Luz Dominguez Rosa Dominguez Rutila Dominguez Mitzi Domino Omar Dorantes Richard Dorough, Jr. Tonja Doss Christie Doster Kirsten Drange Tommy Driggers Angela Droughton Raymond Dubey Brittney Dudley Teressa Dudley Nicole Duenez Michelle Duffee Britney Duke Jody Duke Trent Dunavant Brandi Duncan David Duncan Donnie Duncan Elizabeth Duncan Morgan Duncan Odis Duncan Sharla Duncan Shonda Duncan Eric Dunn Jennifer Dunn Kristen Dunn Latina Dunn William Dunn Billy Dunn, Jr. Brittany Duran Christopher Durant Dempsey Dyke Jennifer Dyke Marianda Dyke Randale Dyke Martha Dykes Christopher Eakins Jessica Eakins Justin Earman Dane Easley

Darla Easley Kara Easley Terry Easley Bryan Easterling Russell Easterling Timothy Easterling Jaron Eaton Markeeven Eaton Reggie Eaton Towana Eaton Sharlisa Eaves Janna Eddy David Edwards Jason Edwards Kendall Edwards Teresa Edwards Chelsee Ehrlish Hector Elizondo Julia Elizondo Casie Elledge Chadwick Elledge Kayla Ellermann Alyson Elliott Chris Elliott Daniel Elliott Dexter Elliott Jared Elliott Kenneth Elliott Rodrick Elliott Dawn Ellis John Ellis Shannon Ellis Timothy Elmore Blanca Encarnacion Cesar Encarnacion Pamela English Regina English Edgar Enochs Jose Enriquez Taylor Enriquez Yuridia Enriquez Jessica Epps Tonia Epps Beatriz Equihua Laura Equihua Minerva Equihua Carlos Escalante Amanda Escobar Jessica Espinoza Martha Esslinger Crystal Ethridge Brad Eubanks Audrea Evans Vanessa Evans Vernice Evans Nikki Fagg Terry Fain Jennifer Farmer Jerry Farmer Shane Farmer Andrew Farr Vikki Farragh Lauren Farrar Sundae Farrar Natalie Farrell Edward Faulkner Christopher Fergurson Gary Ferguson Laverne Fernandes Nicole Fernandes Cynthia Fernandez Jorge Fernandez David Ferrell Nicanor Ferretiz Jordan Fielder Margaret Fielder

Adam Fields Laura Fields Rhonda Fields Samuel Fields Shar’keitha Fields Traci Fields Melissa Figueroa Colton Fikes Sheila Findley Melissa Finley Scotty Finley Dakota Finney Tiffany Fivera Jacob Flanery Lauren Fleming Blanca Flores Diana Flores Jose Flores Joshua Flores Laura Flores Rene Flores Santiago Flores Charles Florey John Floyd Sharla Floyd Vicki Floyd Nicole Fomby Alexander Forbes Jonathan Ford Bradley Forgy Crystal Forgy Stacy Forgy Callie Fortenberry Rylee Fortenberry Christy Fortner Amy Foster Kenneth Foster Zachery Foster Andrea Fountain R Kevin Fountain Gina Foy Arlene Franco Edgar Franco Estela Franco Maritza Franco Jessica Frank Sarah Frank Robert Franklin John Franks Jessica Frazier Dustin Freeman Jon Freeman Linzi Freeman Marsha Freeman Rhonda Freeman Sara Freeman James French Kayla French Teresa French Gregory Fridell Carole Fry William Fudge Michael Fulce Adrian Fuller Faye Fuller Jennifer Fuller Meletha Fuller Nicoletta Fundles Christopher Gaddis Robyn Gaddis Barry Gage Victor Gaines Cristina Gallardo Elias Gallardo Estefania Gallardo Evelyn Gallardo

Moises Gallardo Chris Gallon Humberto Galvan Heather Gann Alejandra Garcia Dionisio Garcia Esau Garcia Heidi Garcia Jennifer Garcia Jesus Garcia Julian Garcia Luis Garcia Marianda Garcia Maribel Garcia Maricela Garcia Paola Garcia Sandra Garcia Victor Garcia Yajaira Garcia James Garner Karen Garrett Jennifer Garza Joshua Garza Roman Garza Erik Gaspar Maria Gaspar Sandra Gaspar Gabriel Gaytan Timothy Gentry Anita George Chase Gerhart Robert Geron Kristin Gholson Abdolar Gholston Amy Gholston Christina Gibson Randy Gibson Blair Giddens Michelle Gilbert Audrey Gillean Paul Gilpin Jeffery Glenn Matthew Glenn Amy Goates Joey Goates Clay Godbey Fenton Godfrey Hailey Godfrey Orlando Godfrey Edgardo Godoy Kimberly Godwin Karen Goens Timothy Goens Billie Goldman David Golightly John Golightly Maricely Gomez Nereida Gomez Adan Gonzales Emma Gonzales Ana Gonzalez Cindy Gonzalez Daniel Gonzalez Janeth Gonzalez Jesus Gonzalez Melissa Gonzalez Sigfredo Gonzalez Aaron Goode Anthony Goode Lynnette Goolsby Stephanie Gossage Chad Graf Gregory Graham Courtney Grant Tammy Grant Thresa Grant

Amanda Graves Karri Graves Shea Gray Amanda Green Jessica Green Kelly Green Kim Green Michael Green Misti Green Shawna Green Lynn Greene Brian Gregg Stephanie Gribsby Crystal Grier Melanie Grier Angela Griffin Cullen Griffin Demetra Griffin Gabriel Griffin Siamara Griffin Edie Griffith Joshua Griffith Ronda Griffith Brandon Grigsby Jeff Grissom Warren Grissom Brian Grisson William Grubbs Nathan Grundy Adilene Guerrero Alejandro Guerrero Nancy Guerrero Mark Guess Glen Guidroz Kimberly Guidroz Candace Gullion Christopher Gullion John Gullion Mary Gullion Angel Gutierrez Joe Gutierrez Lillian Gutierrez Manuel Gutierrez Rolando Gutierrez Israel Guzman Miguel Guzman Nain Guzman Sam Guzman Stephanie Guzman Sara Hairston Amanda Halbert Krystal Hale Deanna Hall Joseph Hall Judy Hall Kristina Hall Lacey Hall Lycledia Hall Marci Hall Michael Hall Richard Hall Whitney Hall Bo Halley Sam Halley Jennifer Hamm Rhyan Hammer Amy Hammonds Jason Hammonds Michael Hammonds Charese Hammons Charles Hammons Jessica Hammons Brian Hampton Michael Hampton Scott Hampton Sharla Hampton

Trista Hampton Wesley Hankins Amy Hanks Grace Hanks Joseph Hanna Corey Hardenburg Rachelle Hardison Melanie Hardman Robert Hardman Brent Hargrave Raymesha Hargrave Sharlisha Hargrave Heath Hargrove Kevin Hargrove Amanda Harper Miranda Harper E Clay Harrel Jennifer Harris Lillian Harris Marlon Harris Natasha Harris Ronald Harris Michael Harrison Mack Harvey Christie Harvill Johnny Harvill Jacob Hatfield Jedidiah Hatfield Alicia Hawkins Shana Hawkins Jackie Hayes James Hayes Jeremy Hayes Misty Hayes Brandi Haynes Lucy Haynes Christin Heard Joshua Hearron Kathryn Hearron Larry Hearron Cecily Heath Jay Hedges Robert Hedges Bryan Hedrick Brian Heeren Jennifer Heeren Michelle Heeren Aaron Heintz Jason Heintz Patrick Heintz Donald Henderson Gidget Henderson Joely Henderson Marcilena Henderson Brandon Henley Dusty Henry Leslie Henry Stephanie Henry Kevin Hensley Steven Hensley Susan Hensley Jesse Henson Adolfo Hernandez Alberto Hernandez Ana Hernandez Andres Hernandez Azucena Hernandez Carlos Hernandez Cesar Hernandez Esmeralda Hernandez Hector Hernandez Jose Hernandez Joshua Hernandez Maria Hernandez Marisol Hernandez Pedro Hernandez

Ramon Hernandez Sarai Hernandez Teresa Hernandez Zelene Hernandez Tamara Herndon Joel Herrera Laura Herrera Raul Herrera Evan Hess Chase Higginbotham Matricia High Blakely Hill Christopher Hill Danny Hill Jared Hill Jessica Hill Kati Hill Kinsee Hill Mandi Hill Phyllis Hill Ray Hill Tommy Hill Yolanda Hill Bonita Hines Chequita Hines Ronnie Hines Shonkisha Hines Stacey Hines Temeka Hines Angelia Hinson Judy Hinson Truet Hinson Devin Hinton Jason Hinton Lacie Hinton Trista Hinton Carl Hinton, Jr. Alex Hipolito Jamie Hipolito Nidia Hipolito Amanda Hipp Heath Hipp Jason Hix Judith Hix Cynthia Hobbs Debra Hobbs Lance Hobbs Rex Hobbs, Jr. Natasha Hodge Amy Hodges Caroline Hoffman Jordan Hoffman Jaimee Holcombe Tandy Hollaway Alan Hollingsworth John Hollingsworth Kristy Hollingsworth Lance Hollingsworth Brittney Holloway Glenna Holloway Joseph Holloway Kyle Holloway Rachelle Holman Brandy Holt Brian Holt Lacey Holt Rebecca Holt Robert Holt Sarah Hooks William Hooks Misty Hooper Traci Hooper Christi Hooser Brenda Hoover Daphne Hoover Debra Hopkins

Annual Report


Mount Pleasant Community Scholarship Recipients (continued)... Tyler Hopson Kem Hord Christopher Horn David Horn Joseph Horn Mindy Horn Sheri Horn Tracy Horn Bridget Hosey Derrick Hosmer Kendra Hosmer Krystal Hosmer Christine Hosterman Chris Houchin Sean Houston Sedrice Houston Ricky Howard Starla Howard Jennifer Howell Mitzi Hudson Kathryn Huffines Caroline Huffman David Huffman Ashleigh Hughes Jerry Hughes Mistie Hughes Patrick Hughes Rusty Hughes Shannon Hughes Wendy Hughes Laurie Hullum Kelly Hulse Brian Hunnicut Bradley Hunt Michael Hunt Rodney Hunt Tony Hunter Latisha Hurndon Jeremy Hurt Brian Hutchings Cindy Hutchings Heather Hutchings Jeffrey Hutchings Jessica Hutchings Wayne Hutchings Tiffany Ibarra Bonnie Ingalls Chelsea Ingram Rebecca Ingram Renee Insall Eric Irick Kenneth Irvin Kathey Isbell Rodney Jackson Ulises Jaimes Corri James Kayla James Robin James Jeffery Jenkins Lenora Jenkins Ricky Jennings Tabatha Jennings Ronald Jennings, Jr. Amanda Jensen Travis Jernigan Brenda Jimenez Dalia Jimenez Eliza Jimenez Tatiana Jimenez Stacy Jobe Stephanie Jobe Amber Johnson Amy Johnson Andrew Johnson Barbara Johnson Brandice Johnson

Brian Johnson Broc Johnson Charity Johnson Charlotte Johnson Christie Johnson Christopher Johnson David Johnson Donald Johnson Georgia Johnson Jeffery Johnson Jeremy Johnson John Johnson Julie Johnson Justin Johnson Kenny Johnson Kimberly Johnson LaToya Johnson Laura Johnson Leather Johnson Lois Johnson Marcus Johnson Michael Johnson Mildred Johnson Nathan Johnson Nicholas Johnson Nichole Johnson Rachel Johnson Raymond Johnson Sheila Johnson Tandra Johnson Teresa Johnson Tracie Johnson Zachary Johnson Thomas Johnson, Jr. Jacob Johnston Joseph Johnston Steven Johnston Aleesha Jones Brian Jones Brittany Jones Bryan Jones Carey Jones Christina Jones Darrin Jones Dondriaun Jones Felecia Jones Hannah Jones Jerrianne Jones Jessie Jones John Jones Joshua Jones Justin Jones Kathleen Jones Kortney Jones Lena Jones Paula Jones Shawnya Jones Sylvia Jones Varette Jones Brandon Jordan Dusty Jordan Jarrod Joyner Julie Joyner Kaylynn Joyner Megan Julian Virginia Juneau Michelle Justice Vivian Justice Angela Justiss James Justiss Jodie Justiss Kristy Justiss Lajuan Justiss Lance Justiss Rebecca Karkoska Michael Kay

Mandy Keefer Autumn Kelley Zachary Kelly Jaylyn Kennedy Jennifer Kennedy K.C. Kennedy Kendra Kennedy Shannon Kennedy Nathan Kent Donna Key Marlea Key Savannah Key Rhonda Kidwell Roger Kidwell Brian Kimball Wendi Kimbrell Darren Kimbrough Douglas Kimbrough Ashley Kinder Ashley King Carl King Christophe King Hannah Kingston Seth Kingston Kendal Kirk Amanda Kirkham Nicklaus Kirkham Amanda Kirkland Justin Kirkland Bradley Kittle Cassie Kizer Shonda Kizer Kaitlyn Klepfer Mindy Kniep Shawn Kniep Matt Knight Brandon Konkel Katia Kozel Krystal Kozel Laura Krafka Rachel Krafka Theresa Kraner Shawn Kridler Brandon Krpec Robert Krugh Jenny Kuhl Keith Kuhl Lisa Kuhl Dara Kyser Michael Laden Darin Lair Regina Lambert Luis Landeros Austin Landrum Dakota Landrum Marsha Lane Teresa Lane Morgan Laney Kenneth Lange Stephanie Lange Linda Lanning Jennifer Laprade Debra Larrison David Larsen Curtis Larue James Larue Paul Larue Troy Larue Amanda Lassen Justin Lassen Lisa Lassiter Cole Latham Adeel Latif Rameez Latif Clayton Lawrence James Lawrence

Jamie Lawrence Susie Lawrence Brian Lawson Brittney Lawton Tarsha Lawton Shawn Leake Veronica Lebsack Andrew Lee Bry Lee Keelie Lee Kelsey Lee Sabrenah Lee Shane Lee Shelly Lee Sherry Lee Krystal Leija Sherri Lennie Courtney Lennox Ashlyne Lesher Hayes Lesher Joshua Lesher Ashton Lewis JeCorey Lewis Jera Lewis Larry Lewis Latyric Lewis Marianda Lewis Zameon Lewis America Leyva Austin Lick Erica Lightsey Chelsea Lilley Debbie Linseisen Mikita Linwood Laura Litchfield Douglas Little Billy Lively Lisa Lively Ronald Livermore Tabbatha Llanes Catrina Lloyd Justin Lloyd Shannon Lloyd Tabitha Lloyd Nathan Lockaby Bart Logan Brittany Logan Casey Logan CasSandra Logan Jackie Logan Latesa Logan Molly Logan Trey Logan Jackie Logue Amie Long Mary Long Alma Lopez Josue Lopez Mauro Lopez Mayra Lopez Claudia Lorenzo Trevor Lousberg Jana Love Julie Love Tina Love Bryan Loveless Eric Loveless Brent Lowry Brenda Lozano Carlos Lozano Jorge Lozano Leonel Lozano Luis Lozano Maricruz Lucio Mario Lucio Linda Luck

Reagan Luck Roberto Lugo Tania Lugo Victoria Lugo Leonardo Lujan William Luker Brandi Lum Josie Lum Aimee Lumpkin Jessica Lunsford Jeremy Luster Randy Lyles Adrienne Lynch Ashley Lynch Mark Lynch Tammie Lyons Christy Mackay Lacey Maddox Stephanie Madrid Bryan Majors Candice Majors Michael Majors Paul Majors Leigh Maloney Genesis Mancera Jeremy Mangon Cindy Manzano Wendy Manzano Christina Maples Nuvia Marino Amber Markey Brooke Marlar Martin Marquez Yessenia Marquez Callie Mars Dorthy Mars John Mars Sarah Mars Brandon Marshall Brooke Marshall Chad Marshall Courtney Marshall Amy Martin Austin Martin Christie Martin Corey Martin Gregory Martin Jeffrey Martin Jennifer Martin Keri Martin Laura Martin Lisa Martin Tammie Martin Alicia Martinez Araceli Martinez Cinthia Martinez Erick Martinez Graviel Martinez Guillermo Martinez Isaac Martinez Jesus Martinez Joel Martinez Leocadio Martinez Magdalena Martinez Maria Martinez Perla Martinez Prisca Martinez Ramiro Martinez Ricardo Martinez Carol Martz John Marxsen Pamela Marxsen Carlos Mata Diego Mata Guadalupe Mata Juan Mata

Raquel Mata Tonia Mata Adrianna Mathis Melanie Matkin Jamie Matthews John Matthews Willie Matthews Deanna Maxton Jeremie Maxwell Richard Maxwell Kyle Mayfield Tonya McAllister Kevin McAnally Eamond Mcauley Graham Mcauley April McCain Ashley McCain Rhea McCain Robert McCain Shawn McCallum Gary Mcclinton Joseph McClinton Nicole McClinton Ashley McClure Jeremy McClure Crystal McCollum John McCollum Darshanda McCoo Marcus McCoo Erica McCord LaNetra McCowan Winston McCowan Larisa McCowan\ Jeanette McCoy Jessica McCoy Sunny McCreery Brandon McCubbins Dustin McCubbins Damon McCullar Erin McCuller Mary McCune Matthew McDaniel Catherine McDermott Robert McElroy Tiffany McElyea Megan McFarland Stephen McFarlin Michael McGahee Brittani McGee Carmel McGee Melissa McGee Brittnei McGill Byron McGill Gloria McGill Kelentrea McGill Seleria McGill Shelisa McGill Danette McGonagill Rusti McGonagill Tonya McGonagill Lellon McGregor Amber McKee Vernon McKee Eulos McKinney Patrick McKinney Kimberly Mcleroy Jason McMillan Jimmy McMillan Heather McNabb Andrieka McNary Daniel McNatt Jonathan McNatt Charles McNeil Kenneth McNutt Michael McNutt Michelle McNutt

Tanya McNutt Marcie McRae Mark Meadows Chris Means Michael Means William Means Jessica Medders Edith Medina Elsi Medina Francisco Medina Guadalupe Medina Jose Medina Luis Medina Jose Medrano Brittinni Meeks Jakarte Meeks Jerry Meeks Rasheka Meeks Laura Mellody Amanda Melton Giovanni Memije Sesar Memije Diego Mendez Edwin Mendez Federico Mendez Jesus Mendez Sandra Mendez Angelica Mendoza Cinthya Mendoza Gabriela Mendoza Janet Mendoza Lara Menhennett Matthew Menhennett Maria Mercado Paul Mercer Taylor Mercer Colin Merrick Laura Merrick Leslie Merryman Cecil Metcalf Samantha Middleton Kally Miester Patricia Milam Doug Milburn Jacob Miles James Miles Joshua Miles Larry Miles Laura Miles Stacy Miles Amber Miller Christina Miller Christopher Miller Cindy Miller Erica Miller James Miller Jeffery Miller Jennifer Miller Joseph Miller Lance Miller Flicka Mills Lane Millsap Christi Milner Melanie Milner Ashley Minor Derek Minter Kirby Minter Marcos Miranda Miguel Miranda Gina Mitchell Jeffrey Mizell Nicole Mizell Corey Mobley Brandi Moles April Molina Crystal Molina

Sandra Molina Sergio Molina Shamarea Molloy Amy Monroe Jennifer Monroe Melissa Monroe Josue Monroy Sarahi Monroy Carlos Montes Rosa Montes Allison Monts Kyle Moody David F. Moon David P. Moon Kelly Moon Allison Moore Bobby Moore Brian Moore Carl Moore Casey Moore Cynthia Moore Gwenda Moore Robbie Moore Robin Moore Teaira Moore Ana Morales David Morales Yeimi Morales Kaycee Moreland Natalie Moreland Nancy Morelos Jessica Moreno Joe Moreno Luis Moreno Orlando Moreno Yuridia Moreno Amanda Morgan Ashley Morgan Jaguadrain Morgan Jon Morgan Katrina Morgan Sharon Morgan Jeannie Morman Amy Morris Emily Morris Jacob Morris Karen Morris Merle Morris Tami Morris Michael Morrison Todd Morrow Mechelle Mosley Phillip Moss Stacey Moss German Mota Jennifer Mott Jesica Moyao Sergio Moyao John Muirhead Debbie Mull Sheley Mull Sean Mullins Cecilia Munoz Cesar Munoz Miguel Munoz Julio Munoz Rodarte Jason Murray Mary Murray Tyler Murray Kristin Musgrave Audrey Myers Holly Naasz Carmen Nance Clay Narramore Leslie Narramore Andrea Nason


NTCC Foundation

Mount Pleasant Community Scholarship Recipients (continued)... Agapito Nava Andres Nava Filiberto Nava Maria Nava Ricardo Nava Michael Neal Amber Neeley Jason Neeley Marsha Neeley Shandra Nelms Amanda Nelson Amy Nelson Brandon Nelson Jessica Nelson James Neumeier Alex Newman Amanda Newman Angella Newman April Newman Betty Newman Joe Newman Lance Newman Leslie Newman Marty Newman Timothy Newman Tracy Newsom Amy Newton Anthony Newton Mark Newton Tonikqua Newton Jenny Nichols Priscilla Nichols Barry Nicholson Edgar Nieto Jennifer Nino Jesus Nino Shebby Nixon Timothy Nixon Elizabeth Nolen Ariel Nore Terry Norfleet Clarence Norice John Norman Shundra Norman Krisan Norris Lee Norris James Norris, Jr. Josh Norwood Donna Nunley Patty O’Bier Luke Oglesby Lydia Oglesby Ariberto Ojendis Joshua Old Orlando Olivares Jacob Oliver Landon Oliver Shawn Olney Ariel Olvera Elisa Olvera Juan Olvera Dulce Organista Brenda Ortega Joe Ortega Galdina Ortiz John Ortiz Rodolfo Ortiz Kayla Ottmer Leslie Ottmer Russell Ottmer James Overstreet Antonio Oviedo Jessica Owens Tina Owens Troy Owens

Twaynia Owens Brad Pace Isaac Pacheco Judith Palacios Natalio Palma Tequlia Palmer Regina Pantoja Cheryl Papp Heather Papst Rachel Papst Jeffery Parchman John Parchman Erin Parker Jerod Parker Jonah Parker Richard Parker Ross Parker Aaron Parnell Julia Parnell Neal Parnell Cathy Parr John Parr Michael Parr Stacy Parrish Jason Parsons Deana Pate Bhavini Patel Darshna Patel Priyesh Patel Suenitaben Patel Ashley Patino April Patterson Paige Patterson Susan Patterson Ami Patton Donald Patton Michelle Patton Bradley Payne Carin Payne Gaylon Payne S Brandon Payton Dusti Peacock Kristi Peacock Troy Peacock James Pearce Jesse Pearson Kristin Pearson Lutrina Pearson Edgar Pena Jose Pena Luis Pena Orduna Misty Pence Cassie Pennington Chase Pennington Brooke Penny Emerson Peoples Katandra Peoples Susan Pepper Alejandro Perez Becky Perez Brent Perez Edith Perez Jessica Perez Jesus Perez Maria Perez Natividad Perez Wendy Perkins Karen Perritt Mark Perritt April Perry Cheyenne Perry Gregory Perry Ashly Perryman Tadarius Peters Ashley Pettit

Elaine Pettit Whitney Pettit Garrett Phillips Joe Phillips Toni Phillips Angie Pickrel Darrell Pierce Jeffrey Pierce Krislyn Pierce Amanda Pilgrim Bobby Pilgrim Alan Pitts Shane Pitts Sharon Plascencia Doris Plata Rheagan Poag Adriana Ponce David PonceDeLeon James PonceDeLeon Angie Pope Brian Pope Carolyn Pope Jerilyn Pope Kami Porray Trent Porray Velinda Portillo Erica Posey Justin Posey Robert Posey Amy Potter Nycolle Powell Jared Prater Chris Preddy Lydia Preddy Candice Prescott Mandy Prescott Brady Presley Kristin Prewitt Marci Prewitt Michael Prewitt Randall Prewitt C Nicole Price Charity Price Kristine Price Laurel Price Caroline Priefert Edward Priefert Cheyenne Proctor Kensi Proctor Glenna Pruitt Michelle Ptaszynski Kelley Pteres Jimmy Purdon Diedra Purvis Gregory Purvis Jason Pyron Bobby Queen, Jr. John Quinonez Brett Radcliff James Ragsdale Kristi Ragsdale Adrian Ramirez Angelica Ramirez Azucena Ramirez Claudia Ramirez Connie Ramirez Edward Ramirez Julio Ramirez Luis Ramirez Luzelena Ramirez Manuel Ramirez Maria Ramirez Roberto Ramirez Valeria Ramirez Xochil Ramirez

Eva Ramos Rachel Ramsey Carrie Randall Michele Randall Sharon Randall Karen Randle Kevin Randle Kristen Randle Krissy Raney Shauna Rankin Chad Rape Jesse Rawlings Laura Rawlings Adam Rawls Jennifer Reagan Ashlee Redfearn Billy Redfearn James Reed Jeff Reed Leslie Reed Patrick Reed Brandy Reese Candace Reese Matthew Reese Dustin Reeves Josh Reeves Nicole Reeves Chris Reichman Morgan Renfro Amanda Rester Heath Rester Jade Rester Candido Reyes Nancy Reyes Paul Reyes Tonya Reyes Francisco Reyna Adam Reynolds Amber Reynolds Ashleigh Reynolds Cassandra Reynolds Johnny Reynolds Leslie Reynolds Marci Reynolds Shannon Reynolds Shelbye Reynolds Dana Rhodes Christopher Richard Cody Richardson Joe Richardson John Richardson Kelly Richardson Mark Richardson Charles Richeson Mindi Richeson Jessica Richey Katrina Richey Kelly Richey Shannon Richey Jim Richey, Jr. Amy Richie Carrie Richie Melissa Richie Juli Riddle Laura Ridge Lori Rigney Ryan Rigney Brandon Riley Cecilia Rios Tamara Ritchie Jennifer Rivas Lucero Rivas Ana Rivera Brail Rivers Rosanna Roach

Tina Roach Candace Roberts Joanna Roberts Johnny Roberts Kristi Roberts Lorri Roberts Nicki Roberts Sonya Roberts Tara Roberts Tyler Roberts Cassandra Robertson Daniel Robertson Keena Robertson Samantha Robertson Todd Robertson Kevin Robey Randy Robinson Ricky Robinson Russell Robinson Theresa Robinson Trey Robinson Eva Robles Jose Robles Julian Robles Maria Robles Patsy Rocha Brenda Rockwall Britannica Rockwell Carmelia Rockwell Jessica Rockwell Teresa Rockwell Jaime Rodarte Amanda Rodriguez Austin Rodriguez Claudia Rodriguez Daniel Rodriguez Emmanuel Rodriguez Jose Rodriguez Yara Rodriguez Yessenia Rodriguez Arron Roesler Gretchen Rogers Justin Rogers Karen Rogers Nedra Rogers Lizbeth Rojo Selene Rojo Tammie Rolf Carllem Romans Jose’ Romero Darin Root Jose Rosales Laura Rosales Ramona Rosborough Angela Rose Chelsie Rose Darleen Rosewell Jason Rosewell Ricky Rosewell Steven Rosewell Vance Rosewell Crystal Ross Timothy Rovell Lonny Rowden Robin Rowland Jeffery Roy Christopher Rozzell Andres Ruiz Celene Ruiz Elizeth Ruiz Timothy Ruland Ashley Rushing Bradley Rushing Cassie Rushing

Candy Russell Christopher Russell Macy Russell Nathan Rutledge Victor Rutledge Buddy Ryan Glen Ryan Cuahutemoc Sada Michael Saenz Vanessa Saldivar Claudia Salinas Ritchell Salinas Cody Salter Joshua Salter Brooke Samples Alma Sanchez Ana Sanchez Antonio Sanchez Cecilia Sanchez Ezra Sanchez Fabiola Sanchez Herminia Sanchez Ivonne Sanchez Johnathan Sanchez Jorge Sanchez Jose Sanchez Keziah Sanchez Maria Sanchez Casey Sanders Cory Sanders Jacqueline Sanders Shannon Sanders Tricia Sanders Jason Sandley Marlen Santiesteban Alex Santos Areli Santos Christina Sapp Ronda Sargent Joseph Sasin Timothy Sass Alejandra Saunders Randall Saunders Mark Sawyer Amanda Scarborough Sharon Schakel Hillary Scharlach Trevor Schneider Salena Schuchardt Michael Schultz Jennifer Schwalm Jade Scoggins William Scoggins Kelley Scott Jennifer Scroggins Thomas Seabourne Angela Seaton Sandy See Kandis Segari Kayla Segari Rodrigo Segura Sofia Segura Ashley Self Edward Senn Anna Sensing Luis Serna Cody Sharp Tessie Sharp Amy Sharpin David Shaw Gail Shaw Jeffrey Shaw Kristina Shaw Bryan Sheets Martin Shelley

Jennifer Shelly Phillip Shepard Shedrick Sheppard Robert Sheridan Joe Shipp Cheryl Shovan Rex Shults David Shumate Jeannette Shumate Shanna Shumate Trenton Shumate Carmen Shurtleff Toni Sides Sayra Sierra Stefanie Sievert Octavia Simmons Mekea Simon Ashley Simpson Brandon Simpson Cassandra Simpson Emily Simpson Thomas Simpson Brent Skeen Kent Skeen Gina Skidmore Tom Skidmore Vicki Skidmore Vickie Slaton Jillian Sloan Michael Sloan Amanda Smith Andrea Smith Angela Smith Cassandra Smith Cassidy Smith Chaz Smith Chris Smith Dannielle Smith Elisha Smith Geoffery Smith Jamie Smith Jennifer Smith Jessica Smith Jimmy Smith Joseph Smith Katisha Smith Kristene Smith Kristi Smith Patricia Smith Quisha Smith Tell Smith Temeka Smith Teresa Smith Tiffinay Smith Tisha Smith Wesley Smith Lori Smith-Clark Jerry Smith, II Nickie Smith, II Shirley Smoak Leland Smyth Chadwick Snapp Janet Solis Araceli Solorio Inahel Sorto Cynthia Soto Mark Southerland Scott Southerland Charlotte Sowells Jennifer Spahler Clint Spann James Spann Stephen Spann Judy Sparks Sarah Sparks

Zachary Sparks Stephanie Spearman Margaret Speidell Chance Spencer Clint Spigener James Spigener Michelle Spigener Ryan Spigener Chris Splann Charlie Spradlin Latoynia Spraglin Donna Spruill Timothy Spruill Amy Staadt Michael Staadt Becky Stacks Lynsey Stacks Brandy Stalcup Jeremy Standard Johnanna Staner Kelsie Stanley Amanda Stansell Zachary Stansell Keelie Starek Carrie Steen Mark Steen Stacy Steen Sean Steinmetz John Stephenson Kara Stephenson Robert Stephenson Christine Steptoe Deann Steptoe Laura Stevens Matthew Stevens Dorinda Stewart Holethia Stewart Jimmy Stewart Ronald Stewart Stefani Stockinger Karissa Stogner Brandi Stone Ashley Storey Roy Stovall Steven Stovall Tyler Stovall Matt Stringer Gigi Stroman Ashley Strother Heidi Stroud Michael Stroud Robert Stroud Ryan Strudthoff Kristy Stumpges Robert Suarez Brenda Sullivan Shaina Summerlin Ashley Swafford Brandon Swafford James Swafford Kaitlin Swafford Sheila Swafford Stephen Swafford Susan Swan William Swan Dana Sweet Kim Swindell Katie Swinnen Christine Swofford Mitchell Tackett Krystal Talbert Shanita Talbert Charles TalbertSwafford Jeffrey Tallant

Annual Report


Mount Pleasant Community Scholarship Recipients (continued)... Aaron Taylor Angelia Taylor Angie Taylor Chad Taylor Jacqueline Taylor Kelly Taylor L Sheree Taylor Nena Taylor Renee Taylor William Taylor Jennifer Teal Salvador Tejeda Shannon Temples Charlotte Tenbrook Rachel Tennison Christopher Terrell Steven Terrell Amy Terry Robert Terry Nickolas Theofiledes Aaron Thomas Ashley Thomas Betty Thomas Blake Thomas Brad Thomas Casey Thomas David Thomas Jeremy Thomas Jill Thomas Jimmy Thomas Keith Thomas Kelly Thomas Kristal Thomas Leigh Thomas Lyndsay Thomas Oliver Thomas Ragayla Thomas Tanya Thomas James Thompson Kayla Thompson

Kendall Thompson Lawrence Thompson Melissa Thompson Richard Thompson Scott Thompson Shatia Thompson Shonda Thompson Stephen Thompson Traci Thompson Tracy Thompson Bethanie Thurman Christi Thurman Seth Thurman Tris Thurman Patrice Tidwell Chelsea Tigert Jarred Tigert Jennifer Tillman Maria Tinoco Alton Todd Fortino Tolentino Jazmin Tolentino Lisa Torres Meledy Torres Abraham Tovar Juana Tovar Oscar Tovar Joshua Trammell Katie Trammell Staci Trammell Terry Trammell Santrecia Traylor Tiffany Traylor Brian Treat Stephanie Treat Samantha Trickey Allen Trout Susan Trout Robert Trussell Jenny Tucker

Angela Tuhoski Deborah Tuhoski William Tully Kimala Tumey Kenneth Tumey, II Ashley Turner Brandon Turner Linda Turner Mark Twaddell Allison Tyler Gene Tyler Lee Tyler Lesa Tyler William Tyler Michele Underwood Stephanie Urban Brenda Valdez-Diaz Connie Valenzuela Eloisa Valerio Jorge Valladolid Benjamin VanBuskirk Jatarvis Vandyke Angelique VanZandt Ana Vargas Elizabeth Vargas Emilio Vargas Maria Vargas Juan Vasquez Kari Vaughn Kyle Vaughn Spencer Vaughn Alexander Vaught Jerrod Vaught Randy Vaught Alejandra Vazquez Daysi Vega Carlos Velazquez Diana Velazquez Tara Velin Kimberly Verner

Jaimeka Vickers Samuel Vielma Bernardo Villacorta Yesenia Villalva Onorio Villanueva Raul Villanueva Cristina Villarreal Emmanuel Villarruel Julio Villarruel Omar Villegas Kerry Vinson Robert Viviano Kevin Voyles Kyle Voyles Jill Wade Kelly Wade Kerri Wade Randy Wade Jeremy Wagner Allison Wahlert Amy Wake Rachael Wake Randall Wake Dina Wakefield Brian Walker David Walker Debra Walker Frances Walker Geina Walker John Walker Leslie Walker Lisa Walker Mary Walker Robert Walker Stormi Walker Trevor Walker Wendy Walker Colton Wallace Lowry Wallace Rhonda Wallace

Steven Wallace Miranda Waller Adrian Walton Paul Walton Rene Walton Amy Ward Toni Ward Josue Wario Daley Warren Jerry Warren Jan Watts Aimee Weakley Jason Weakley Marc Webb Larry Webster Scott Weeks Jeremy Welborn Jon Welborn Kevin Welborn Dana Welch Lizbeth Welch Beth Weldon Amanda Wesberry Melody West Jeff Whatley Michael Whatley Allison Whitaker Darin Whitaker Joel Whitaker Jonathan Whitaker Keri Whitaker Marcy Whitaker Mitchell Whitaker Robert Whitaker W. Darin Whitaker Brent White Christina White Donesa White Jason C. White Jason D. White

Jimmy White Kimberly White Lisa White Lonnie White Ricky White Robyn White Tonya White Karl Whitehurst Kevin Whitehurst Faye Whitney Michael Whitney Elizabeth Whorton Kathleen Wilbanks Melanie Wilbanks Samantha Wilbanks Stephen Wilbanks Joseph Wilcox Dwight Wilder Alison Wilhite Jasmine Wilkerson Kimberley Wilkerson Maria Wilkerson Willie Wilkerson Blake Wilkins Courtney Wilkins Jenna Wilkins Susan Wilkinson Amy Williams Brandy Williams Brianna Williams Christina Williams Collin Williams Jeraton Williams Kimberly Williams Misti Williams Natalie Williams Phil Williams Shannon Williams Thomas Williams Tiffany Williams

Zachary Williams Oscar Williams, II Oscar Williams, IV Alisa Willingham Ann Willingham Jeff Willingham Carla Willmon Ashley Willson Melissa Willson Mistie Willson Cody Wilson Joshua Wiltse Rae Wiltse Matthew Winn Jessica Wisdom Tasha Wisdom Ann Wisinger Melanie Wisinger Stacey Wisinger Elizabet Wolfe Kara Wolfe Charey Wood Chloe Wood Ethan Wood Whitney Wood Amber Woods Andrea Woods Timothy Woodson Chad Wooten Jacqueline Wooten Krissy Wooten Shad Wooten Joshua Workman Marla Worthey Phillip Worthey Kyle Wren Eric Wright Latanya Wright Nancy Wright Natalie Wright

Amy Wristen Phillip Wristen Malcolm Wynn Michael Wynn Kandy Yarbrough Waqar Yazdani Zohaib Yazdani Maricela Yepez Lonnie York Brandi Young Kiki Young Linda G. Young Linda L. Young Louis Young Rebecca Young Talesha Young Vernice Young David Ysasi Natalie Ysasi Makayla Zacarias Bill Zachry Cheryl Zachry Deidi Zachry Rick Zachry Maria Zaldivar Jason Zamora John Zamora Pablo Zaragoza Edgar Zarzoza Erica Zelaya Wendy Zelaya Stephanie Zepeda Crystal Zuniga Jose Zuniga Luis Zuniga Rosa Zuniga Tanya Zuniga

How to Establish a Scholarship

Anyone can create a scholarship at NTCC. Our gifts come from a variety of sources including individuals, families, businesses and civic clubs. Many are given in honor or memory of friends, relatives, colleagues or community members. Most scholarships are established through the NTCC Foundation and awarded annually by the scholarship committee. In addition to the Foundation general scholarship fund, there are three types of scholarships: an annual scholarship, a perpetual scholarship, and an endowed scholarship.

Annual Scholarship: To establish an annual scholarship a person must provide a gift of at least $500. This named scholarship can be good for one year or renewed annually.

Perpetual Scholarship: To establish a perpetual scholarship a person must provide a gift of at least $10,000. The funds received from the earnings on the investment will be awarded toward the cost of tuition, fees, and/or books. This named scholarship will remain in effect as long as the College continues to exist. Endowed Scholarship: To fully endow a scholarship a person must provide a gift of at least $25,000. The funds received from the earnings on the investment will be used to pay for a full scholarship (tuition, fees, and books) for one student each year. This named scholarship will remain in effect as long as the College exists.

For more information on giving a scholarship, contact Dr. Jonathan McCullough at 903-434-8115.

Northeast Texas Community College P.O. Box 1307 Mt. Pleasant, TX 75456-1307

Summer Of

Service The NTCC Welder’s Association (pictured left), made two trips to assist with cleanup in tornado-ravaged Moore, OK this summer. The club used funds raised during the 20122013 school year and private donations to pay for trip expenses. “We would like to thank all of the individuals who gave money and supplies to help make these trips happen. It was a valuable experience for our students and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to help out a community in need,” Advisor/Instructor, Marcos Sanchez, said.

Northeast Texas Community College

F O U N DAT I O N Enhancing Educational Opportunities NTCC is an Equal Opportunity, AA, ADA institution.

NTCC Foundation Annual Report 2013  
NTCC Foundation Annual Report 2013