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Whether a condominium or an 8-bedroom mansion is in your sights, find out what to think about when a move is on the horizon. p| 08



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THe North shore weekend

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THe North shore weekend







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THe North shore weekend

04/06 – 04/07/13

Inside This

North Shore Weekend NEWS

p | 17

08 Moving on up (or down) The need to upsize or downsize faces all homebuyers at some point. What’s the best way to negotiate either move on the North Shore?

12 Choosing the candidates


The caucus system is powerful on the North Shore. Yet a few candidates are choosing the independent route for Tuesday’s election.


17 Seeing clearly Ÿ

The biannual FOCUS on the Arts at Highland Park High School is a treasure for both students and alumni.

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Real estate

18 North Shore Offerings Take a look at intriguing houses in our towns.

20 Open Houses See a list — complete with map — of what houses you can see on the North Shore this weekend.


LIFESTYLE & ARTS 42 Sunday Breakfast Susanna Calkins has always been fascinated by 17th-century England and murder. Guess what her first novel is about?

44 Social whirl Take a look at some of the top parties attended by North Shore residents recently.

49 Goings On About Towns Find out about the best events coming up this week in the North Shore.

sports 78 Heady matter North Shore football coaches talk about concussions in the wake of a bill in the state legislature which aimed to limit contact practices.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST… 258 Ridge Avenue, Winnetka $950,000 Candy Pyle Coldwell Banker Winnetka office 847.446.4000

86 The Perfect Weekend Former Lake Forest Alderman John Looby and his wife Janice talk about their ideal getaway.

04/06 – 04/07/13

first word | 7


Voting machines

known as caucuses face a rare challenge


lections in a democracy often surprise. But for that to happen, a race needs at least two candidates. In just about every North Shore town from Winnetka to Lake Bluff, a caucus — a nonpartisan group of volunteers who choose candidates to run for city council, school boards and the like — control local elections and have for decades. The groups vet citizens and add whom they consider the best ones to their slates. Most often, no one bothers to run against caucus choices; residents seem to trust that the caucuses know best. This also means election winners are known before votes are counted. Surprises on a spring Election Day are as rare as swimmers in Lake Michigan. In oft-quiet Lake Forest, both school board races — elementary and high school — are contested on Tuesday. In the wake of a sexting scandal involving a Deer Path Middle School principal in 2011, Ted Moorman and Patrick Patt are running outside the powerful system. Challenges to the caucuses are rare, even historic. Bill McLean talks about the most recent rebukes to the established order and whether

caucuses can continue to thrive in the 21st century. What will thrive for years to come is upsizing and downsizing. Every homeowner on the North Shore, at least once, faces the time when he or she needs to consider reducing bedrooms at a new house or getting a massive kitchen and more garage space at a new spot. Key considerations need to be made before negotiations begin. Realtors and others offer advice in these pages about how to tackle upsizing and downsizing. And speaking of tackling, high school football concussions have been in the news since a Vernon Hills state legislator crafted a bill to limit contact practices recently. Even Winnetka resident Hunter Hillenmeyer, the former Chicago Bear, backed it. But what about local coaches? T.J. Brown has the story in sports.

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8 | news

Some North Shore homeowners end up in lakefront condominiums once they downsize.

■ by bill mclean Personal organizer Bonnie Hillman Shay led a workshop at the Highland Park Senior Center recently. Many of the attendees were either in the midst of downsizing their home choice or thinking about it. Nearly as many were also paralyzed — with fear. “Thinking about the quantity of their stuff at home and the decisions they’d likely have to make before moving scared them,” said Shay, owner of Mariposa Creative Solutions in Highland Park. “Plus they were attached emotionally to so many of their belongings. “I saw a lot of anxious people. One of my messages to them was, ‘If you focus on the future, it’s easier to let go of the past.’ ” The real estate market hasn’t returned to the peak it reached in the not-so-distant past, but it’s hopping along the North Shore with many homeowners looking to either downsize or upsize. In the first 90 days of 2013, the number of showings by brokers at Coldwell Banker’s 10 North Shore offices reached nearly 20,000 — a 40 percent increase compared to the same three months last year. “Homes at $700,000 and lower are hot,” said Patrick O’Rourke, a Coldwell Banker Regional Vice President based in Glencoe. “We’ve been showing a lot of houses at that price and below. There are two rules in our field: ‘Move up in a down market; move down in an up market.’ “We feel the marketplace is getting better. But you know

Home economics what? We’re also not sure.” One of broker associate Sherry Molitor’s clients at Koenig & Strey was positive the timing was perfect to upsize in Winnetka after selling his home at a loss. “The family’s children were growing and the children

“There are two rules in our field: ‘Move up in a down market; move down in an up market.” | Patrick O’Rourke had their friends over at the house more often,” Molitor said. “When you upsize, you need to consider what’s going

on in the marketplace. When you’re not getting the kind of return you want when selling, there are times you can more than make up the difference when you upsize. “That wasn’t a wash for the owner; it was better than that,” she added. “He was thrilled to upsize because he figured he’d live in that house for 20 years at a tremendous value and come out ahead.” The real estate field isn’t local, Molitor noted. “It’s hyper-local,” she said. “It’s so important to known the nuances of your area as well as the marketplace. I try to counsel my clients while looking at the big picture.” For those looking to downsize — senior citizens and empty nesters, among other population segments — condominiums or townhouses are popular options after a spouse perishes or kids start to flourish in careers. “Downsizing for many is a great opportunity to simplify life,” said broker Carrie Healy of Jean Wright Real Estate in Winnetka. “You can also downsize in square footage

04/06 – 04/07/13

news | 9


This house in Highland Park is a candidate for a family in need of more space. 15 Hemlock Lane, Highland Park. $799,000, Jami Brenner and Laura Hara, Highland Park office 847.433.5400

photo and listing courtesy of coldwell banker

Upsizing can bring additional space, while downsizing can simplify life while upsizing in terms of the quality of the new house.” Another example of upsizing and downsizing at the same time is of a family that wants more closet space in a smaller home. Another family might want a smaller house on a bigger plot of land near the lake. “Everybody’s needs and desires are different and personal,” said Michael Golden, co-founder with Thad Wong of Chicago-based @properties. “Some people might move from a five-bedroom house to a three-bedroom but want a larger living space for entertaining. If they are most concerned with the size of their home, they may need to work with a realtor who can help them find communities that can provide what they want for their price. “Whether you are upsizing or downsizing,” he added, “what you buy is typically a function of what your price point is.” Shay, the personal organizer from Highland Park, usually refers to downsizing as “right-sizing.” It sounds better.

It also sounds … right. “Downsizing — that’s so negative, isn’t it?” she said. “I heard someone describe it as right-sizing and I liked it immediately. It’s neutral in a way, but it also puts a positive spin on what can be a challenging transition for many.” Shay, by the way, plans to complete her right-sizing on April 6, to a house in Highland Park a mile away from her current residence. “I’m finding the process to be exciting because I’m paring what I own in a discerning way and getting ready for the next chapter in my life. “What’s funny,” she added, “is people I know are saying, ‘Oh look, the organizer is moving; the expert has to do what she encourages others to do. Let’s see if she can pull it off.’ ” Reid Wettersten of Evanston had no idea he would return from a trip to Florida in November as a three-home owner after seeing a house on Siesta Key. The plan with his wife

Bonnie was to look, not buy. He had owned two homes then, one in Evanston and one in Kenilworth. “We get down there and the realtor immediately lowered the price by $50,000,” Reid Wettersten said of the nearly 4,000 square-foot (nonconforming space included) abode — an upsize in square footage compared to his houses in Evanston (2,500) and Kenilworth (2,200). “Well, we knew what we wanted, so we bought it. When we got back to Illinois we put both houses on the market.” One is slated to close on April 8, the other on May 3. Ninety percent of their furniture now rests in the Sunshine State. The couple — Reid is retired and Bonnie works for Astellas, a pharmaceutical company, in Northbrook — moved into a house at The Glen in Glenview on April 1, and will rent it before deciding their next move in late August. Their first date in early January 2011 was at a restaurant at … The Glen. “A block away from where we live,” Bonnie said. Reid Wettersten earned his real estate license shortly after that marketplace peak in ’06. “For those looking to downsize or upsize, know what you want and firm that up after significantly narrowing your choices,” he said. “That’s the best advice I can give. “I play tennis, and when I miss a really easy shot in a match, I sometimes hear, ‘Hey, Reid, too many choices, huh?’ ” ■


THe North shore weekend


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04/06 – 04/07/13



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THe North shore weekend

04/06 – 04/07/13

Caucus system continues to survive occasional challenges Spring is here, and with it comes parties for Graduation, Communion, Engagements, Anniversaries, and more. Bridie McKenna’s is the perfect place to celebrate these big moments. Experience the warm ambience of our authentic Irish pub, where the atmosphere is fun and the food and drink are second to none. Our weekly specials and events include:

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■ by bill mclean Lake Forest residents Beth Laufenberg and Patrick Patt met at a local playground last year. Laufenberg’s son is an elementary school student in District 67, as is Patt’s grandson. The kids were playing. “You’re a member of the Lake Forest Caucus, right?” Laufenberg recalled Patt asking that day. Laufenberg’s quick reply was, “Yes I am.” The encounter between Laufenberg — a former Ward 1 Lake Forest Caucus Committee member and current caucus communications chair — and Patt — a leader in education for 40-plus years, including superintendent of Oak Grove School District 68 in Green Oaks from 1983-2001 — was friendly and pleasant. Patt interviewed with the Lake Forest Caucus last year, hoping to receive one of the four District 67 School Board endorsements from the city’s caucus system and appear on the ballot for the Consolidated Election on April 9. But he did not get a nod. Mike Borkowski, Beth Clemmensen, Jeff Folker and Robert Lemke did. Patt, though, will not be just an interested voter on April. He will run as an independent candidate for one of four school board positions. “It’s been around a long time, and they’re all well-meaning people,” Patt said of the Lake Forest Caucus, established in 1935 and consisting of nine representatives from each of the city’s four wards and six executive officers. “But I don’t think our school system is as exemplary as it should be. I’m running because I believe my background in education is better and more extensive than the other candidates.” Lake Forest is one of several communities along the North Shore that uses a caucus system to buttress its non-partisan, all-volunteer form of government. But a caucus does not just recruit, vet and interview candidates for positions such as mayor, village president, alderman and school board; it also recommends to a mayor or village president the appointment of scores of candidates for local boards and commissions. “The caucus system is fantastic when it recruits qualified people to serve on important boards and commissions in the community,” said Ted Moorman, a 54-year resident of Lake Forest who is running as an independent candidate for one of four High School District 115 positions. “However, the highest levels of local elected offices deserve more scrutiny. I am concerned the caucus process has resulted in an appointive system rather than an elected one.” Gary Peet thought similarly nearly two decades ago. “You hear it a lot, that a caucus system is insular and not terribly responsive,” said Peet. “I tended to share those views, quite frankly.” Peet is now the Lake Forest Caucus president, in a term that will end April 23. He started as a Ward 2 Caucus Committee member after being recruited by a neighbor who was serving as a ward chair. The last independent candidate to run successfully in a contested election in Lake Forest, he noted, was District 115 board President Sharon Golan in the early 2000s; she is completing her second four-year term as board president and is no longer eligible for caucus endorsement because of a term limit. “I now have a great deal of faith in the caucus system,” Peet said. “It’s a system tailored perfectly for a community like ours, and our only agenda is to practice good government. Too often, in other systems that rely on regular elections, you see so much money being spent on campaigns and the kind of rhetoric that often tears communities apart.” Kimberly Handler isn’t a big fan of partisan politics, either. The Winnetka Caucus Council Chair believes it promotes divisiveness and keeps strong leaders on the sidelines. “A caucus system eliminates long, drawn-out campaigns that seem to take place year round,”

“While (the caucus system) is not a perfect process, residents consistently and overwhelmingly say that the form of government is the right one for Winnetka,” says Winnetka Caucus Council Chair Kimberly Handler.

photography by joel lerner

said Handler, a Winnetkan for nearly 30 years. “(After interviewing dozens of recommended citizens for each position), the Caucus Council is able to slate extremely well-qualified and civic-minded people to serve in important leadership roles who otherwise would have no interest in being the ‘fulltime politician’ that partisan politics encourages.” The only contested election in Winnetka on April 9 will be the one for Village President, between Gene Greable and independent candidate Chris Rintz. The Winnetka Caucus Council — it’s been around since 1915 — asks the village’s voters what they think of … the caucus system. “Every year we ask questions on our survey related to whether residents are aware of, understand and support the caucus process,” Handler said. “While (the caucus system) is not a perfect process, residents consistently and overwhelmingly say that the form of government is the right one for Winnetka.” The form of government is also used in Lake Bluff, Kenilworth, Glencoe and Northfield (Highland Park offers mainly contested elections and paid government posts). Kenilworth calls its caucus system “The Kenilworth Citizens’ Advisory Committee.” Handler has been amazed for years at the diverse backgrounds and talent of her neighbors and other Winnetkans (from 14 geographic areas), as well as their willingness to give their time and share their expertise — for free. “We get so many perspectives, from a retiree who may have lived here her whole life to a busy, young dad who recently moved to the village,” Handler said. “The caucus system will be around in 10 years, because I’m sure the issues we’ll face on the North Shore then will still need to be addressed by a cohesive group of volunteer residents with strong traits, skills and characteristics.” Laufenberg of the Lake Forest Caucus knew about as much about the caucus system as a firstgrader knows advanced calculus when she moved to Lake Forest in 2005. “I knew nothing,” she admitted. “I grew up in a south suburb. But now I’m a big believer in it; I learned a regular election, with all those signs in front yards and campaign funding, is not an efficient process to get the most qualified candidates on a ballot.” ■

04/06 – 04/07/13

news | 13




1840 Skokie Boulevard, Northbrook, IL 60062 Mon-Thurs 9-8, Fri-Sat 9-5, Sun 11-5 phone: 847.835.2400

Make a minimum donation of $10 to Autism Speaks this month at Lewis and receive a 10% off coupon*.


*some restrictions may apply

Darcy Traynor and Alexis Karkazis are co-chairs of this spring’s Lake Forest High School Foundation luncheon.

photography by joel lerner

Luncheon to raise thousands for LFHS ■ by cheryl waity Since its inception, the Lake Forest High School Foundation has awarded more than $1 million in grants to teachers and others. “Planting a Foundation for Education” Luncheon Co-Chairs Darcy Traynor and Alexis Karkazis said there isn’t a goal for fundraising for the year — they just raise as much as they can. “Everything is to make education better,” said Traynor, whose son attends Lake Forest High School. In the past, grants have been awarded to teachers and departments for everything from iPads to tablets for student use in the library and smart boards for classrooms. The foundation has even supplied human skeletons for classes, which allowed for hands-on learning of bone groups. The luncheon fundraiser on Wednesday, April 17 at a private country club in Lake Forest offers a raffle and an auction. Items and experiences up for auction include a photo-editing workshop, a party to use the climbing wall in the field house for 25 kids and a three-minute sports video that student athletes can use for recruiting. LFHS students are running a fishbowl raffle and selling tickets at lunch. The raffle prizes include the ability to pick their own locker location (as well as their locker

neighbor) to fresh-baked cookies delivered every month to their locker. “We have decided this year to get the kids involved,” said Karkazis. “They know they are gaining from the foundation too.” From April 9-16, the foundation is running an online auction to benefit the grant program. There are seven items available through the online auction — including

We have decided this year to get the kids involved. They know they are gaining from the foundation too.” | Alexis Karkazis parking in the senior lot for the 2013-2014 school year and a graduation package that includes six front-row seats. Last year the fundraiser brought in more than $60,000. The foundation will award grants this year on April 25. The luncheon costs $85 per ticket. For more information, please go to ■







THe North shore weekend

04/06 – 04/07/13

Social media

Baumann draws a bead on creating top-notch art ■ by katie rose mceneely JoAnn Baumann is a fiber and sculptural beadwork artist living in Glencoe. Reading: Because of what I do, I don’t have a lot of time to read; I need my eyes and my hands for work. So my husband and I listen to I’m looking forward to reading “Tandia” by Bryce Courtenay, the same author who wrote “The Power of One.” Listening: I listen to audio books. I listened to the entire “Pillars of the Earth” series and “Game of Thrones”; that kind of genre is interesting to me because of how in depth they are and all the webs that are wove. I like a good mystery. I’ve listened to all of Daniel Silvia’s books so far. Watching: I watch way too much, with one eyeball and one ear. We watch “Person of Interest” and I like “White Collar.” And I watch “Justified” with Timothy Olyphant. He’s a bad good guy, loves to kill people — but only the bad people! Following: I am following a lot of people on Facebook all over the world who are doing the most amazing beadwork. It’s amazing how far and wide beadwork has travelled. I’ve been doing it for over 20 years so I see the entire range from people just

starting to people who are doing very elaborate work. I looked at the friends of people I liked and now people respond in languages I don’t even recognize. It’s been fascinating to me to see people doing the same things you’re doing at the same time living across the ocean. Activity: I consider myself a fiber artist. Not only do I do beadwork, which I consider making fabric out of beads, but I also felt and dye fabric and combine the dyed fabric and wool to make something called “Nuno” felt. “Nuno” felt is when you take a piece of porous fabric and lay felt down and press the wool fibers through the silk. It compresses and becomes a fabric — a different kind of fabric, a meshed fabric. You take many different elements, and it becomes a different piece. Eating: My husband started doing this primal diet — that means basically no white stuff. Light on the carbs, lots of protein, all the vegetables and fruit you want to eat. I like to do Indian and Asian favors. Instead of having seafood over pasta, we have seafood over roasted cauliflower. It’s awfully good! When we go out to eat, my preference is Asian or Indian. Favorite mistake: Mistakes usually lead

JoAnn Baumann

you to something new and different. When I first started learning how to do beadwork, I went to beading school and Joyce Scott was leading a class — she was the most important person in the bead world at that time. I was composing a necklace. She told

photography by katie rose mceneely me to cut it apart and put it back together, but make it better. And I did. I learned from that that you can always make it better somehow — if it’s a mistake, learn from it, and the next piece will be better. ■

Lori Baker & aLissa McNichoLas 847.863.1791 | 847.530.3098 | coldwell Banker residential Brokerage

919 Coventry Drive | Lake Forest 4 + 1 bedrooms, 4 baths | $1,089,000

This handsome 10 room brick and stucco home is situated on a park-like setting close to town, train and school. The spacious interior features over 4,000 sq. ft. of comfortable living space. Fully finished basement with 5th bedroom, 4th full bath and exceptional bar area with built-ins. captivating perennial plantings can be enjoyed on the outdoor deck and screened gazebo.

knowLeDge is the DiFFerenCe

04/06 – 04/07/13

news | 15


Rug Sale





The Alumnae of Northwestern University has awarded full or partial funding to projects sponsored by several Northwestern schools, as well as the Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art, Materials Research Center and NuVibe. Awards for 21 grants, totaling $125,000, are included in the Gifts and Grants Program for 2013. Grants include full or partial funding for: -- Development of an iPad application for the Block Museum; -- Application of “clickers” to anonymous student judgments of basic science or clinical problems; -- Construction of authentic period costumes from the turn of the 19th century for a production of Pride and Prejudice.

Lewis Floor and Home at 1840 Skokie Boulevard is happy to lend its support to Autism Speaks, the national organization for autism awareness. Signage throughout the showroom and April advertising will show support. In addition, 10% off coupons to be used on product purchases (with some restrictions) will be available for a minimum donation to Autism Speaks of $10 For more information about this disability, go to

Lake Forest Students at Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart raised $593 for the United Nations’ World Water Day recently. The Common Ground club of the Lake Forest school launched activities plus a fundraiser to support The Water Project, Inc. Students carried buckets filled with 40 pounds to replicate just some of the weight, plus more, that children elsewhere carry numerous times each day. The buckets could not be dropped as they represented water, which would have been spilled.

North Shore Elections will take place in all North Shore towns on Tuesday, April 9, for local positions, including city government, school boards and more. Check your city or village’s local Web site to find out more on how to vote that day. Be reminded that political signs should be removed from lawns right after the elections. Winnetka The Winnetka-Northfield Chamber of Commerce’s 37th Annual Recognition Lunch will be Wednesday, April 10 at the Winnetka Community House at 11 a.m. All are invited to attend the annual lunch that recognizes area residents, community leaders, business members and volunteers. There will be networking, a fashion show, awards and a silent auction. Tickets are available for $40 per person and $350 for a table of 10. For reservations please call: 847-446-4451 or email

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Doing business in and around Lake Forest for over 25 years! We may be the perfect alternative to having a “house sale.” Consider using Antique & Art Consignment Visit us at and see for yourself the fine quality of furniture we carry. Monday-Saturday 10-5 | Sunday 12-5

531 Bank Lane | Highwood | 847.681.2111

Open House: Sunday April 7th 2:30- 4:30

46 hiBBard rd., Winnetka, il Awesome Chalet-style custom contemporary home on expansive 150x267 park-like grounds. Double-wide circular drive plus side drive & basketball ct.; 3.5 car att. garage. Center, double-door entry, party-sized foyer. Amazing 40x22 cathedral ceiling family rm./fpl; opens to wood deck; exquisite backyd. 1st-flr. den/bedrm; 5 bedrms 2nd-flr. Bonus 3rd-flr office. Front/back stairs. Fab. finished LL rec. rm., exercise rm., bathrm & sauna. $1,549,000 1100 Central Ave. Wilmette, IL 60091

Beverly & Marshall FleischMan Bev: 847.217.0494 Marshall: 847.642.2363

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04/06 – 04/07/13

■ by

bob gariano

At this time of year, homeowners look out on their reappearing lawns and plan maintenance schedules that will bring their grass back to life. Imagine having more than 200 acres of property that will visited by several hundred tough critics while around 150,000 visitors walk across that grass in a single week. This is the daunting prospect faced by Chad Ball, the golf course superintendent at Conway Farms Golf Club, the site of this year’s FedEx BMW PGA Tournament. Chad is responsible for making sure that the golf course is in pristine condition for this event. Of course, he will have some help. Chad’s regular team at Conway Farms includes nine full-time, year-round employees and a dozen seasonal workers who report for duty each summer. During the tournament this fall, Chad will also coordinate more than 30 volunteers who will assist in keeping the grounds in order. The Conway Farms grounds crew maintains over 180 acres of golf course including 26 acres of fairways, three acres of greens, and four acres of tee boxes. These are all planted with penncross bentgrass, a special hardy variety of golf course grass that was developed by Professor Burt Musser at Pennsylvania State University in the mid-1950s. This grass rapidly replaced the standard bluegrass used on golf courses up until that time. Penncross bentgrass is so valuable today that the original strains are still jealously guarded in growing sheds at State College, Penn. The stolons are flown each year to Oregon, where they propagate on special turf farms for distribution throughout the golf course market in North America. Chad’s team also maintains Conway’s 40 acres of rough, which are sown with a blend of bluegrass. Conway also has 60 acres of natural prairie grasses. This last would seem to be maintenance free, but the natural prairie grasses must be mowed each autumn. These natural grasses are also prone to invasion from non-native weeds. In addition to the natural prairie, the club’s six acres of wetlands give the course some of its challenging character. These natural spaces are home to a variety of wildlife including deer, coyote, red foxes, owls, hawks, geese, ducks, and a community of smaller rodents. The grounds crew maintains the driving range, the practice tees, the sand bunkers, hundreds of trees and shrubs, flower and herb gardens, and flower pots. All this is under the demanding eyes of a membership committed to the traditions of golf and this year the PGA. “I came to Conway because it is a highend, walking-only golf club. We have more single-digit handicap members than any other club in the Chicago area,” Chad said.

“And I came because the commitment of Conway Farms is to contributing to the tradition of golf by hosting amateur events from all over the country. I have met with our course designer, Tom Fazio, on many occasions and this helps us preserve the tradition.” Chad, a Grand Rapids, Mich. native, has spent his entire career in golf-course maintenance, starting as a night water man at Cascade Hills Country Club. In 1980 he interrupted his career to attend Michigan State’s esteemed turf grass management program. After graduation he returned to work in progressively more important roles at several top golf clubs in the Milwaukee area, before coming to Conway Farms in 1995. The most skilled hands still need proper tools. Conway Farms has more than $1 million of course maintenance equipment. The six walking greens mowers are set at 0.100 inch height, the six tee box mowers are set exactly at 0.315 inch height, the four big riding gang mowers used on the fairways are set at 0.400 inch height, and the rough mowers are set at 3.000 inch height. “The PGA event will use mostly the back tees so the course will play at 7,216 yards. But, we have not made the course any harder than it normally plays. The PGA wants spectators to be entertained, and this means that people want to see eagles and birdies.” Water is the lifeblood of a golf course, especially in an area where severe summer droughts are common. “Everything we do from an irrigation standpoint is controlled by the weather,” he said. “We monitor temperature, humidity, and dew point and then our computerized watering system calculates the flow for each of our 1200 sprinkler heads on the property. We don’t need a night water man these days.” The irrigation system is made up of over 100 miles of PVC piping from the big 14-inch diameter supply pipes to the 1 1/2 inch distribution lines. All of the irrigation water comes from the three rainwater ponds on the course and these feed three pumps of 100, 60, and 30 horsepower each, located in the pump house adjacent to the 15th tee box. The pumps are cycled and controlled by a computer system that balances the supply. The pumps can supply water to the system at a maximum rate of 1,800 gallons each minute. The retention ponds are connected by underground culverts. In extreme drought conditions, the ponds can be replenished by a well that is located on the east side of the 15th fairway. This well can pump 300 gallons each minute. Hosting a major golf tournament is a honor for any club. But it is a particular compliment to the people who devote their careers to creating and maintaining a world-class course like Conway Farms. ■

04/06 – 04/07/13

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Highland Park High School Fine Arts Co-Chair Ilene April hangs a cloth sculpture for display during FOCUS on the Arts.

photography by joel lerner

Highland Park High School poised to put the arts in FOCUS ■ by angelika labno More than 250 artists will lead workshops and performances at no charge at Highland Park High School during FOCUS on the Arts 2013: Explore. Engage. Enlighten. “The alumni likes to come back, because some of them got turned on to what they’re doing because of FOCUS on the Arts,” said Jody Weinberg, coordinator of FOCUS, which started in the 1960s. “The most amazing about the whole thing is there are so many good surprises,” she added. “One kid changed his whole college plans because of a workshop he attended.” A new genre, Social Justice in the Arts, is being introduced to open students to a better understanding of today’s issues. Hannah Higgins, art history professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, will explore the impact of AIDS-related artwork by artists and average citizens on public awareness and sympathy for the disease. Rohina Malik will perform “UNVEILED,” her one-woman play that depicts her experiences as a Middle Eastern woman living in the United States. “FOCUS Night at the Movies” returns for its second year on Friday, April 5, as a teaser to the main event. Modeled after the Academy Awards, the festival will feature student-made-and-produced films. “Opening Night” celebrations kick off Tuesday, April 9, during an evening of Blues, Jazz and Gospel music. Performances include HPHS Jazz Ensemble and Chorale, local blues guitarist Fernando Jones, jazz legend Orbert Davis and his

quintet and the Soul Children of Chicago. Highlights from Wednesday, April 10, or “Art Night,” include graffiti artists NICONE, LUCX and AMUSE 126; ArtBeat Live performance painting by Elliott From; and chalk art by Nancy Pochis Bank. “Art Night will be more interactive than ever with hands-on opportunities for silk screening, black clay board sketching, paper collage, knitting, origami design and participating in a nationwide project to recreate Betsy Ross’s original American flag,” said Art Night Co-Chair Alison Bloom. April 11 is “Dance Night” and features performances by: DanceWorks Chicago, Giordano Dance Chicago, Luna Negra Dance Theater and Muntu Dance Theater of Chicago. HPHS’s dance troupe “Collage” will also make an appearance. Day workshops take place on the HPHS campus April 10-12, and students are exempt from their usual classes to participate in architecture, media, art, music, dance, drama or writing gatherings. Space permitting, community members can sit in as well. Forty alumni will return to lead various workshops. Student Kaya Monsen, Music Workshops co-chair and performer, is excited about FOCUS. “It’s by far the best week of the school year. It gives the students ownership,” she said. FOCUS is held every other year thanks to hundreds of volunteers, including HPHS faculty, students, parents and community members, who coordinate the programs. A complete schedule can be found at ■

Shop and Save the Entire Month of April! It’s Time for our Famous New Balance

TRADE-IN DAYS! Bring in an old pair of shoes to donate and get $10 Off a new pair. Trade-ins can be any brand, any type.

Minimum purchase of $50 required. Limit one $10 discount for each new pair purchased. Cannot be combined with any other discount or offer.

Ends April 30, 2013. Some exclusions may apply. Details in store.

All collected shoes will be donated to the Salvation Army.

New Balance North Shore 610 Central Avenue • Port Clinton Square Downtown Highland Park

North Shore

847-266-8323 • Open 7 days

18 | REAL ESTATE Exclusively Presented By:

212 Maple Hill Road Glencoe



Susan Maman 847.878.5235

6 Bedrooms, 6.3 Bathroms: Elegance, fine workmanship and details unparalleled by any new construction in this award-winning designer’s masterpiece set on a magnificent 1/2 acre in E. Glencoe. Meticulously renovated and restored for today’s lifestyle, it combines old world charm with new technology. A fabulous kitchen that is open to the family room, a grand dining room, luxurious master suite, millwork, special relief ceilings, a significant staircase as well as a new lower level with home theater/game room. Presented by @properties

Exclusively Presented By:

151 Abingdon Avenue Kenilworth

Jean Wright Real Estate Gayle Dunn



Beautifully renovated Kenilworth home with impeccable style and attention to detail. The lovely foyer flows gracefully into the living room with fireplace and dining room with bay window. The first floor library boasts a mahogany fireplace with marble surround and built-in bookcases. The eat-in Cook’s kitchen features a large island, restaurant grade oven and stainless steel appliances. The cozy family room has a fireplace, built-ins and French doors leading to brick patio. Presented by Jean Wright Real Estate

“Turning Dreams into Reality”

Wendy Friedlich














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Julie Deutsch 847.835.6086

Whether you’re buying, selling, renting or building, let Julie’s expertise work for you. Brand New!

Brand New!

635 Homewood Avenue, Highland Park

777 Bob-O-Link Road, Highland Park

800 Deerfield Rd., Unit 102, Highland Park

Open 3-bedroom, 2.1-bath townhome with finished basement, private deck, central vac, security system. Updated kitchen & master bath. Attached 1-car garage. Location! $375,000

Charming 2-bed, 2-bath ranch on beautiful lot. Den could be 3rd bedroom; attic offers expansion possibilities. New roof. Move-in ready. Perfect location. $409,000

Coveted end unit with 2 patios at the soughtafter, amenity-rich Park Claridge. Over 2500 sq ft with 3 bedrooms, 2.1 baths, 2 garage spaces. Custom finishes. $649,000

New Price!

125 Maple Avenue, Highland Park Gracious Seyfarth Colonial with large rooms on lovely ravine property. 4 bedrooms, 3.2 baths, beautiful screened porch. Over 5100 sq ft on .42 acres. $1,049,000

590 Orchard Lane, Glencoe Impeccably maintained 5-bed, 4.1-bath home. Exceptional 1st-floor master with sitting room, marble bath, steam shower. Chef’s kitchen with top-notch appliances. $1,495,000

135 Hawthorn Avenue, Glencoe Sophisticated east Glencoe home with gorgeous details & rich woodwork throughout. 5 beds + 6th on lower level, 6.1 baths, 3 fireplaces. Co-listed with Maureen Mohling. $1,590,000

New Price!

11 Dunsinane Lane, Bannockburn Architect-designed retreat. Totally updated in last several years. Amazing kitchen & ultra-luxe 2-bath master suite. Flooded with natural light. Private 1.8 acres. $1,595,000

464 South Ridge Road, Lake Forest Featured on NBC twice! Magnificent 2.6-acre estate with tennis court, pool, spa, theater. 5 en-suite bedrooms, 6.3 baths, 3-car garage. Co-listed with Ann Lyon. $5,375,000

256 Ravine Lane, Highland Park Beautifully updated 5500 sq ft Tudor with new granite/stainless kitchen in ideal east location. Lushly landscaped .86 acres. 5 beds, 5.2 baths, attached 3-car garage. $1,775,000

344 Ravine Lane, Highland Park Elegant historic home overlooks 1.8 acres with pool, tennis court, coach house. 6 beds, 7.1 baths, 4-car garage. Includes 2 adjacent lots, approx .5 acres ea. $5,650,000

1021 Lake Cook Road, Highland Park Two homes on 4.6 acres offer endless possibilities, including subdividing. The main house was built by Edward Dart; the second being sold “as is.” $2,495,000

68 Locust Road, Winnetka An architectural masterpiece! Everything custom crafted. Gorgeous 2-acres. Over 16,000 sq ft, 6 beds, 7.5 baths. Stunning. Co-listed with Maureen Mohling. $21,900,000

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05 29



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342 Lagoon Northfield

1630 Sheridan Rd #6G Wilmette

7 N Green Bay Road Lake Forest

Sunday 1-3

Sunday 1-3

Sunday 12:30-2

$475,000 Coldwell Banker 847.924.4119

$565,000 Coldwell Banker

$2,395,000 @Properties 847.295.0700

1805 Sunset Ridge Rd Northfield



620 Country Lane Glencoe


991 Edgebrook Ln Glencoe


550 Greenleaf Ave Glencoe

Sunday 12-2

Sunday 12-2

Sunday 12-2

Sunday 2-4

$1,195,000 @Properties 847.881.0200

$875,000 Coldwell Banker 847.835.0236

$529,000 Coldwell Banker 847.835.0236

$1,795,000 Coldwell Banker 847.835.0236

1291 Linden Avenue Highland Park


1201 Mayfair Lane Glencoe


297 Whistler Rd Highland Park


635 Homewood Ave Highland Park

Sunday 1-3

Sunday 1-3

Sunday 1-3

Sunday 1-3

$879,000 @Properties 847.432.0700

$1,399,000 Coldwell Banker 847.835.0236

$525,000 Coldwell Banker 847.835.0236

$375,000 Coldwell Banker 847.835.0236


125 Maple Avenue Highland Park

640 Winnetka Mews #303



2624 Fontana Drive Glenview


994 Edgebrook Lane Glencoe

Sunday 1-3

Sunday 1-3

Sunday 1-3

Sunday 1-3pm

$1,049,000 Coldwell Banker 847.835.0236

$495,000 Coldwell Banker 847.835.0236

$400,000 Coldwell Banker 847.361.0864

$639,000 Prudential Rubloff

206 Green Bay Road Winnetka



94 Woodley Winnetka

546 Elm Winnetka



475 Cedar Winnetka

Sunday 12-2pm

Sunday 2-4

Sunday 2-4

Sunday 2-4

$874,999 Prudential Rubloff 847.208.1397

$2,625,000 Jean Wright Real Estate 847.446.9166

$1,650,000 Jean Wright Real Estate 847.446.9166

$1,225,000 Jean Wright Real Estate 847.446.9166

518 Winnetka #204 Winnetka

1420 Sheridan Unit 3F, 7H, 6C Wilmette


Jean Wright Real Estate 847.446.9166



700 N. Mayflower Lake Forest



1630 Sheridan Unit 4K Wilmette


1630 Sheridan Rd # 5G Wilmette

Sunday 1-3

Sunday 1-3

Jean Wright Real Estate 847.446.9166

$255,000 Coldwell Banker Wilmette 847.256.7400

301 Little Melody Lake Forest


1122 S. Western Ave Lake Forest

Sunday 11-3

Sunday 1-3

Sunday 1-3

$5,999,000 Coldwell Banker 847.372.6721

$319,000 Coldwell Banker 847.208.9049

$799,000 Griffith, Grant & Lackie 847.234.0485

830 Northmoor Rd Lake Forest



450 Oak Ridge Court Lake Bluff


318 Rothbury Court Lake Bluff

Sunday 1-3

Sunday 2-4

Sunday 1-3

$999,000 Griffith, Grant & Lackie 847.234.0485

$475,000 Griffith, Grant & Lackie 847.234.0816

$859,900 Griffith, Grant & Lackie 847.234.0816




10 16


Sunday 1-3



1745 Tallgrass Lane Lake Forest Sunday 1-3 $1,349,000 Griffith, Grant & Lackie 847.234.0485


14 05 01 18



$559,000 Coldwell Banker 847.924.4119

$569,000 Jean Wright Real Estate 847.446.9166


1176 Carol Lane Glencoe

Sunday 1-3

Sunday 1-3



04/06 – 04/07/13

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special section for the north shore weekend | 04/06 – 04/07/13

special section for the north shore weekend | 04/06 – 04/07/13

1833 Elmwood AvEnuE, wilmEttE 5 BEd/5.1 BAth


1704 highlAnd AvEnuE, wilmEttE 4 BEd/3.1 BAth


LORI NEUSCHEL Mobile: 847.226.5794 Office: 847.881.0200

special section for the north shore weekend | 04/06 – 04/07/13

973 ShEridAn roAd, winnEtkA 10 BEd/11.3 BAth


191 ShEridAn roAd, winnEtkA 5 BEd/5.1 BAth


JOHN BAYLOR & BARBARA SHIELDS Mobile: 847.502.7471, 312.613.9802 Office: 847.881.0200

special section for the north shore weekend | 04/06 – 04/07/13

1093 Elm StrEEt, winnEtkA 6 BEd/5. BAth


211 lockErBiE lAnE, wilmEttE 4 BEd/3 BAth


ELISE RINALDI Mobile: 847.946.8444 Office: 847.881.0200

special section for the north shore weekend | 04/06 – 04/07/13

212 mAplE hill roAd, glEncoE 6 BEd/6.3 BAth


940 vAllEy roAd, glEncoE 4 BEd/3.2 BAth


SUSAN MAMAN Mobile: 847.848.5235 Office: 847.881.0200

special section for the north shore weekend | 04/06 – 04/07/13

428 cumnor roAd, kEnilworth 4 BEd/2.1 BAth


2004 hArriSon StrEEt, EvAnSton 4 BEd/4.1 BAth


PETER CUMMINS Mobile: 847.710.6798 Office: 847.881.0200

special section for the north shore weekend | 04/06 – 04/07/13

909 ShEridAn roAd, highlAnd pArk 3 BEd/3 BAth


117 rEd oAk lAnE, highlAnd pArk 4 BEd/4.1 BAth

TED PICKUS Mobile: 847.417.0520 Office: 847.432.0700


special section for the north shore weekend | 04/06 – 04/07/13

1540 hAwthornE lAnE, highlAnd pArk 6 BEd/4.1 BAth


2340 woodpAth lAnE, highlAnd pArk 6 BEd/5.1 BAth


DEBBIE SCULLY Mobile: 847.373.4296 Office: 847.432.0700

special section for the north shore weekend | 04/06 – 04/07/13

202 winnEtkA AvEnuE, kEnilworth 6 BEd/4.1 BAth


1218 glEndEnning roAd, wilmEttE 4 BEd/3.1 BAth


KATHRYN AND KELLY MANGEL Mobile: 847.372.5801, 847.910.2621 Office: 847.881.0200

special section for the north shore weekend | 04/06 – 04/07/13

2717 ridgE roAd, highlAnd pArk 4 BEd/5.2 BAth


27104 SouthwoodS lAnE, mEttAwA 5 BEd/6.3 BAth

JOANNA KOPERSKI Mobile: 847.668.0096 Office: 847.295.0700


special section for the north shore weekend | 04/06 – 04/07/13

310 richmond roAd, kEnilworth 4 BEd/3.2 BAth


337 mElroSE AvEnuE, kEnilworth 5 BEd/4.1 BAth

MARY GRANT Mobile: 312.339.2018 Office: 847.881.0200


special section for the north shore weekend | 04/06 – 04/07/13

444 8th StrEEt, wilmEttE 5 BEd/5.1 BAth


2003 BEEchwood AvEnuE, wilmEttE 5 BEd/3.1 BAth


MONICA CHILDS Mobile: 847.751.0266 Office: 847.881.0200

special section for the north shore weekend | 04/06 – 04/07/13

781 wAldEn roAd, winnEtkA 4 BEd/3.1 BAth

undEr contrAct

1094 FiShEr lAnE, winnEtkA 5 BEd/5.2 BAth


LESLIE MAGUIRE Mobile: 847.899.9420 Office: 847.881.0200

special section for the north shore weekend | 04/06 – 04/07/13

133 lAurEl AvEnuE,highlAnd pArk 7 BEd/6.1 BAth


2027 pArtridgE lAnE, highlAnd pArk 7 BEd/7.1 BAth


JANICE GOLDBLATT Mobile: 847.809.8096 Office: 847.432.0700

special section for the north shore weekend | 04/06 – 04/07/13

814 roSlyn tErrAcE, EvAnSton 3 BEd/2.1 BAth


305 grEEnlEAF StrEEt, EvAnSton 6 BEd/5.1 BAth


KATHLEEN BUFFINGTON Mobile: 312.286.9988 Office: 847.763.0200

special section for the north shore weekend | 04/06 – 04/07/13

63 wArrington court, lAkE BluFF 3 BEd/3 BAth


105 E lAurEl AvEnuE, lAkE ForESt 2 BEd/2 BAth


LISA HATHAWAY Mobile: 847.337.9265 Office: 847.295.0700

special section for the north shore weekend | 04/06 – 04/07/13

328 ShEridAn roAd, winnEtkA 5 BEd/4.1 BAth


1500 towEr roAd, winnEtkA 5 BEd/3.1 BAth


DEBBIE RICHWINE & GINNY GRINSTEAD Mobile: 847.702.4633, 847.502.1035 Office: 847.881.0200

special section for the north shore weekend | 04/06 – 04/07/13

255 rEd oAk lAnE, highlAnd pArk 4 BEd/2.1 BAth


2751 kArEn lAnE, glEnviEw 4 BEd/3.1 BAth


HEIDI GRUMLEY Mobile: 847.819.9211 Office: 847.295.0700

special section for the north shore weekend | 04/06 – 04/07/13

1000 E illnoiS roAd, lAkE ForESt 4 BEd/6.1 BAth


620 lAkE roAd, lAkE ForESt 7 BEd/6.3 BAth


MARY KAY BRUNNER-DASSE & MEGAN JORDAN Mobile: 847.641.7049, 847.533.2852 Office: 847.295.0700

special section for the north shore weekend | 04/06 – 04/07/13

opEn houSE: 1-3 605 E collEgE roAd, lAkE ForESt 5 BEd/4.2 BAth


opEn houSE: 2-4 1066 cAhill lAnE, lAkE ForESt 5 BEd/5 BAth

ANDRA O’NEIL Mobile: 847.650.9093 Office: 847.295.0700


special section for the north shore weekend | 04/06 – 04/07/13

718 mountAin roAd, lAkE BluFF 6 BEd/7.1 BAth $5,200,000 ANDRA O’NEIL Mobile: 847.650.9093 Office: 847.295.0700

DEBBIE SCULLY Mobile: 847.373.4296 Office: 847.432.0700

GERI EMALFARB Mobile: 847.602.6771 Office: 847.432.0700

42 | lifestyle & arts sunday breakfast

■ by david sweet As a graduate student at Purdue University, Susanna Calkins would thread through the microfilm reader an enormous collection of ballads from 17th-century England. These works were songs Englishmen and women sang to each other — and they always involved a murder. “Why would they always find this letter on the person murdered? Was it that the criminals were dumb? Just a recurring theme?” says Calkins while enjoying a breakfast of eggs, toast and coffee a short walk from her home at the Country Kitchen in Highland Park. “This was sifting in my brain for years, trying to answer these questions.” This month, “A Murder At Rosamund’s Gate” will be published by Minotaur Books, the first of a two-book deal featuring the protagonist Lucy, a 20-year-old chambermaid in London during the late 1600s. The period fascinates Calkins, as London is afflicted first by a brutal plague and then by a devastating fire. “The time after the fire is one of intense social mobility,” Calkins says. “You see servants taking over their master’s homes because the owners fled during the fire.” Given the popularity of “Downton Abbey,” it’s natural to connect the story of an English chambermaid (whose brother is charged with a murder) with the PBS show. But Calkins says her debut novel offers few similarities. “I do like the upstairs, downstairs of Downton Abbey. But I don’t go to the upstairs,” explained Calkins, a fan of both Anne Perry and Agatha Christie mysteries. “Lucy has more freedom, and they live in a small household.” Calkins has visited London several times and conducted research at the British Museum, poring through tracts, ballads and more from the 1600s. During graduate school, she even worked on the Golden Hinde — a replica of Sir Francis Drake’s galleon that traversed the globe — on the Thames River. She gave tours, hoisted ratlines and scrubbed the deck before leaving each day to research her dissertation. At least it was better work than a job she had as a teenager in Philadelphia. After being promoted from a candy girl to projectionist at a movie theater, she set up “Steel Magnolias” to run and then watched it from the crowd. “I was supposed to put the arm down by the projector and didn’t,” she said. “I got back in there and the film was all over the floor. I went down to give free tickets to all of the customers.”

Murder, she wrote

These days, Calkins is an associate director of faculty development in the Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching at Northwestern University (her husband, Matt Kelley, is a professor of psychology at Lake Forest College.) She has already written another unpublished novel, targeted at young adults, about a team of teens who live in sewers in 19th-century Paris. With her busy job and with raising two sons, Alexander and Quentin, how does she find the time to write? “I’ll take any half hour I can get,” she says. ■

“Why would they always find this letter on the person murdered? Was it that the criminals were dumb? Just a recurring theme?” | Susanna Calkins

Susanna Calkins

illustration by barry blitt

04/06 – 04/07/13

lifestyle & arts | 43


A Matter of Taste

Gand gives new meaning to word ‘chef’ ■ by katie rose mceneely Gale Gand is the chef-in-residence at Lake Forest’s Elawa Farm. How did you start cooking? I originally was a waitress at a vegetarian restaurant while I was in college — I was a really good waitress — but one of the line cooks didn’t show up for his shift and my manager asked if I could cook. I was 19, I said, “No! I’m from the North Shore.” She threw an apron at me and said, “You cook now!” I was terrified for about six or eight seconds. But then a strange sense of calm came over me, like I was speaking a language I was fluent in but that I didn’t remember learning. What I think it was, was that I was a good waitress who knew how to describe the food, so I was able to follow my own descriptions. I raced home that night and called my parents and said, “Guess what, I know what I want to do!” This was 1975, maybe? A chef was a sweaty guy, smoking a cigarette and taking a swig from a brandy bottle. It was like calling home and saying I wanted to be a garbage collector: the response was less than enthusiastic. The most supportive thing my father said was, ‘Well, everybody’s gotta eat.” Years cooking? Thirty seven, both full and part-time. Best recipe tweak? I made a batch of

salted caramel sauce the other day and accidentally added extra butter. It’s the best batch I’ve ever made, so I’m debating whether to add extra butter to the next one. Signature dish? I keep two: a chocolate and a non-chocolate. One is chocolate pot au crème, which is like the best chocolate pudding you’ve ever tasted, and the other is buttermilk panna cotta with berries in hibiscus syrup. Favorite food to make? Pies. One of my daughters is addicted to apple pie, which we’ve rationalized is appropriate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I love crimping the piecrust; it’s very soothing. Gale Gand Worthwhile gadget? If you don’t have a microplane, you really need one. Favorite cookbook? James Haller’s “Blue Strawbery [sic] Cookbook: Cooking camera away from what was going on. Brilliantly Without Recipes,” which I think is out of print now. It took away a lot of the Recipe: Quick Pear Streusel Coffee “can and can’t” of the kitchen and gave me Cake: Heat oven to 400 degrees. Butter the ability to stop worrying about something an 8-inch square baking dish or line it with parchment paper. going wrong. Favorite fruit? Raspberries. In a mixing bowl using a wooden spoon, Funniest or most memorable kitchen stir together the dry ingredients (1 ¼ incident? cups flour; 2¼ teaspoons baking powWhen I was filming my show “Sweet der; ½ cup sugar; ½ teaspoon salt; and Dreams” we had a fire on set; a dish towel ½ teaspoon cinnamon). Add 1 egg, ½ was too close to the stovetop. I saw it out of cup milk and ¼ cup melted butter and stir till combined. Add 2 ripe, chopped the corner of my eye; the camera guy saw it too and was trying to stamp it out without pears and stir to coat them with the batdrawing attention to it, so I tried to lure ter. Pour into the buttered baking dish.

photography by stephen hamilton To make the streusel, mix ½ cup sugar, ¼ cup flour and 1 teaspoon cinnamon together in a bowl, pour in 3 tablespoons melted butter and stir till blended. Sprinkle over the top of the batter. Bake 25 to 30 minutes, until golden and dry on top. Cool in the pan and cut into squares. Cake keeps up to four days, covered at room temperature, and is better if made the night before. To learn more about the farm and Gale’s cooking workshops, visit or ■




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The North Shore market is

Sometimes, even the simplest tasks can seem monumental.

off to its fastest start since

Which is why, when you choose ManorCare as your post-hospital recovery facility, we’ll help you get the care you need to overcome your obstacles and get you back to your life. Our team of caregivers provides everything from complex skilled nursing care to expert physical, occupational and speech therapies to help patients reach their goal of returning home safely and sooner. After all, the best way home is through our doors. For more information, call or visit

low. If you are thinking of

the last century. It could be faster, but inventory is

*Based on information from Midwest Real Estate Data LLC. Neither MRED nor CBRB guarantee accuracy of the data; data may not reflect all market activity. Criteria: Area=Bannockburn, Deerfield, Evanston, Glencoe, Glenview, Highland Park, Kenilworth, Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, Northbrook, Northfield, Riverwoods, Skokie, Wilmette, Winnetka; DE properties; Contract date: 1/1-3/15 (1992-2013); Median Sale Price: 1/1-3/15 (2012 & 2013).

A delightful DOWNSIZE

selling/downsizing, now might be the time!

OPEN SUNDAY, 2:30 TO 4:30

943 Westmoor, Winnetka is .. .

“The Talk Of The Town” in Chicago Sun-Times SPLASH

“Townhomes are a stylish, easy alternative to a single family home.”


Affordability and Interest rates are still low. Basecamp

ManorCare Health Services – Northbrook | 847-795-9700 ManorCare Health Services – Wilmette | 847-256-5000 ManorCare Health Services – Highland Park | 847-266-9266

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Market Dynamics @ LiveAndPlayNor thShor



lifestyle & arts

THe North shore weekend

04/06 – 04/07/13

CSO J.MCLAUGHLIN PARTY Pre-Party Announces Post-Party photography by bonnie robinson


J. McLaughlin in Winnetka hosted a reception sponsored by the League of the CSO to announce Corporate Night 2013 with Aretha Franklin and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, plus a postparty scheduled to follow the May 20 benefit. The store also donated 15 percent of any purchases made during the day of the March reception to the CSO League. ■






MISERICORDIA WOMEN’S AUXILIARY 29TH ANNUAL SPRING LUNCHEON & FASHION SHOW photography by bob kusel Dawn Kulis, Kristen Klauke & Kathryn Tallh

Natalie & Jeanne Ebersole

Donna Placio, Sue Hendrick & Karie Smith

Carol & Bill Haldewang

Fr. Jack Clair, Janice Kavanaugh, Tracey Zabriskie, Sr., Rosemary Connelly, Lois Gates, Ellen Malone

More than 700 people attended the 29th Annual Misericordia Women’s Auxiliary Spring Luncheon and Fashion Show at the Palmer House Hilton Chicago last month. Nearly $200,000 was raised as part of the Auxiliary’s Open Heart Open Doors campaign. The aim of the campaign is to raise one million dollars for Misericordia CILAs (Community Integrated Living Arrangement), small group homes in the neighborhood near Misericordia. Misericordia serves more than 600 children and adults with developmental disabilities. Its programs have garnered a national reputation for excellence. The Misericordia Women’s Auxiliary has been committed to raising funds for Misericordia for 60 years ■

Amanda Sundt, Danielle Goggin, Suzy Cirulis

Kate & Tracy Winslow

04/06 – 04/07/13




The North Shore Believes in Coldwell Banker... We

believ e


h om e


Homes on the North Shore are selling at the quickest pace since 1998! •

From January 1 to March 15, more homes have gone under contract on the North Shore than in any year since 1998.

Prices are recovering. There is a 4% increase in the median sales price over the same period in 2012.

Interest rates are still low, but expected to climb.

*Based on information from Midwest Real Estate Data LLC. Neither MRED nor CBRB guarantee accuracy of the data; data may not reflect all market activity. Criteria: Area = Bannockburn, Deerfield, Evanston, Glencoe, Glenview, Highland Park, Kenilworth, Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, Northbrook, Northfield, Riverwoods, Skokie, Wilmette, Winnetka; Detached properties; Contract date: 1/1-3/15 (1992-2013); Median Sale Price: 1/1-3/15 (2012 & 2013).

Your Home Deserves The Best

Coldwell Banker is consistently #1 on Chicago’s North Shore. LAKE FOREST HIGHLAND PARK GLENCOE WINNETKA WILMETTE EVANSTON CENTRAL EVANSTON DOWNTOWN 847.234.8000 847.433.7220 847.835.0236 847.446.4000 847.256.7400 847.866.8200 847.864.2600 Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage ranks with the highest number of closed sales during years 2005 - 2013 with properties located in cities on Chicago’s North Shore per Midwest Real Estate Data LLC.


THe North shore weekend


04/06 – 04/07/13

Here’s to little league and everything that makes the North Shore home.

and th

Open Sun 1 - 4

Glencoe David Kipnis

$3,495,000 312-375-9669

Lake Forest $3,350,000 Marcia Rowley 847-234-8000

Lake Forest $2,895,000 Suzanne Myers 847-234-8000

Lake Forest $2,595,000 Juli Hallas 847-234-8000

New Listing

Open Sun 2 - 4

Lake Forest $1,980,000

Ann LaSalle Lyon

Evanston Julie Jensen


Highland Park $1,750,000 Janie Bress 847-835-6040

Lake Forest $1,695,000

Linda Rosenberg


Northfield $1,395,000 Maureen Mohling 847-446-4500

Wilmette $1,499,000 Kathleen McIntyre 847-256-7400

Lake Forest $1,140,000 Catherine Kendall 847-234-8000

Lake Bluff Ann LaSalle Lyon

Highland Park $898,000 David Kipnis 312-375-9669

$1,599,000 847-926-1959

Wilmette Claire Sucsy

$845,000 847-866-8200

Highland Park $785,000

Noah Levy


Wilmette $750,000 Beverly & Marshall Fleischman 847-217-0494

New Listing

Highland Park $729,900

James Roth

Evanston Melissa Siavelis

Evanston 847-864-2600


$619,000 847-864-2600

Winnetka $729,900 Thomas Perrella 847-446-4500

Winnetka $585,000 Shirley Olin 847-835-0236

Evanston - Central 847-866-8200

Lake Forest $725,000 Deborah Bartelstein 847-835-0236

Evanston 1 Michael Bren

Wilmette $879,900 Kathy Lerner 847-302-2399

Wilmette Claire Sucsy

Highland Park $749,000 Francie Pinkwater 847-681-4159

Evanston Joan Farquh

$639,900 847-866-8200

Open Sun 1 - 3

Highland Park $569,000 Stephanie Hofman 847-681-4111

Northfield $559,000 Skirving Team 847-446-4500

Winnetka 847-446-4000

Wilmette Team Van Ho

Open Sun 2:30 - 4:30

New Listing

Wilmette 847-256-7400

$2,845,000 847-234-8000

Open Sun 12 - 2

New Listing

Highland Park Noah Levy

Winnetka Beverly & Marshall Fleischman

Glencoe 847-835-0236

Highland Park 847-433-5400

$1,549,000 847-217-0494

Lake Forest 847-234-8000

Evanston Catherine Le

Mo 888-4

845,000 234-8000

04/06 – 04/07/13

549,000 217-0494

orest -8000


Here’s to little league and everything that makes the North Shore home.

Evanston $549,000 Julie Jensen 847-256-7400

Highland Park $532,900 Sonia Munwes Cohen 847-835-6005

Highland Park $525,000 Gloria Matlin 847-835-6058


Evanston $414,000 Michael Brennan 847-316-8524

Wilmette $395,000 Beverly & Marshall Fleischman 847-217-0494

Highland Park Julie Deutsch $495,000

Anita Neumann

New Listing


New Listing

$375,000 847-835-6086

Lake Forest $324,000 Peter Coutant 847-234-8000 x7622

Lake Bluff Ann LaSalle Lyon

$1,298,000 847-234-8000

New Listing

New Listing

$879,900 302-2399

o $749,000 -681-4159



Highland Park $315,000

Michael Hope


Wilmette $299,000 Mary Ellen Stalzer 847-784-7340

Wilmette $295,000 Susan Bâby 847-784-7317

Wilmette $269,000 Sharon Friedman 847-652-2312

New Listing

Wilmette Team Van Horn

$1,200,000 847-702-9686

Wilmette $255,000 Kathleen Sullivan 847-256-7400

New Listing

Highland Park $229,900

Lake Forest $229,000

Judith Weiner, Broker

Marsha Noble



Evanston Susan Arden

$225,000 847-316-8025

$1,049,000 847-835-6086

New Listing

Evanston $225,000 Joan Farquharson 847-866-8200

Highwood $210,000 Carol DeGrazia Santi 847-681-4116

Evanston $180,000 Jenni Gordon 847-835-6089

Wilmette $158,000 Patricia Federico 847-256-7400

Evanston Janet Staackmann

Highwood $119,000

Evanston $79,900 Patricia Federico 847-256-7400

New Listing

Evanston Catherine Leonard

Mortgage 888-492-6077

$150,000 847-866-8200

Title 847-824-8290

$139,000 847-864-2600

Debra Hymen


Concierge/Home Warranty 800-493-1181

Relocation 847-446-4000

Highland Park Julie Deutsch

Previews 847-572-HOME

Commercial 800-838-7922



lifestyle & arts

THe North shore weekend

Love & marriage Waking up with the goal of being a better spouse

■ by

joanna brown

I’ve been collecting advice on how to be a good spouse over the last few weeks and one item, from Jeff in Wilmette, stood out from the rest. A 20-year husband, Jeff acknowledges working on his marriage every day. He writes: “This was something that no one ever told us but became obvious over time. When I wake up every morning I ask myself how can I be a better spouse (and a better parent, as we have children); and you try to live that every day. You will fail at times, but you just keep doing it. Nothing smooths over rough patches and enhances good ones better than trying to be a better spouse each and every day. “When you are ready to try that every

day, then you are ready to be married. Otherwise you are not.” Jeff’s advice seemed to speak directly to a query I’d heard from a colleague not long before: “No one ever prepares you for the strains of a marriage. It’s not like dating, where you just break up with someone and move on to the next person. And who in their 20s can imagine what it’s like to raise kids and try to maintain any romance with your spouse? Should there be some sort of course people take before getting married, explaining what to expect?” My husband and I endured a couple of pre-marriage counseling sessions before our big day, as mandated by the church at which we would be married. Volunteer couples from the community — veterans of marriage — led sessions on everything

from praying together to family planning. Recent calls to Saints Faith, Hope and Charity Church in Wilmette and Immaculate Conception Church in Highland Park both pointed me toward those seminars, still being offered by the Archdiocese of Chicago. The website explained that “through short talks, sharing of the facilitators’ own experiences of their marriages and faith growth, group exercises and personal reflection, engaged couples are guided through topics useful for a successful future marriage.” Topics include the changing nature of marriage, effective communication, conflict management, intimacy and sexual expression, financial planning, the extended family and where to find counseling for marriage. Separate sessions are designed for brides and grooms who have been married before or have children. I don’t know if this structured seminar could satisfy my disillusioned colleague, but it’s a good start. My pre-marriage counsel-

04/06 – 04/07/13

the efforts I’m making in my own marriage. And then, I thought about my New Year’s Resolution. I’ll explain. I hate New Year’s resolutions and work every December not to get swept up in the fantasy of radical change. Waiting a year to feel badly about abandoned fitness goals or financial failures just isn’t for me. Instead, I’ve committed to doing one thing every day to improve the condition of my home. It can be as small as carrying the clean clothes up from the laundry room or wiping all the crumbs out of the toaster oven; one night this week I hung a piece of art I’d purchased for the kitchen a month prior. But every night I go to bed knowing that I’ve left something a little bit better off than it was the night before. That means that every day I celebrate a small victory – or start fresh after a minor failure. I can’t put anything off for too long because I face a deadline every day. I’m left to wonder if I could follow Jeff’s

“When you are ready to try that every day, then you are ready to be married. Otherwise you are not.” ing also included an inventory of expectations regarding things like who would be responsible for managing the checkbook and vacuuming. It wasn’t sexy or romantic, but it got us talking about things we otherwise wouldn’t have. We probably avoided a few fights, too. Nevertheless, it’s Jeff’s most recent advice that stays with me. I considered

lead and apply my methods for housekeeping to my marriage (and parenting). Will this be my next non-resolution? Is that the secret to a lasting marriage, like the one Jeff enjoys? ■ L ove & Marriage c o l u mn i s t Joanna Brown can be reached at




A vintage landmark home built in 1896. Extraordinary restoration and expansion of this local landmark home completed in 2006 by noted architect Marvin Herman. Exquisite vintage architectural detail blends seamlessly with every desirable 2013 amenity. All this steps from the lake on one of Highland Park’s prettiest streets. Magnificent




garden, patio, and

eat-in kitchen, luxurious master suite. 3 Car garage with lift for 4th.



deck. Gourmet

04/06 – 04/07/13

lifestyle & arts | 49


Events to attend on the North Shore in the week ahead

friday april 5

Sounds of Paris

Free |

Lisker Music Foundation at Gorton Community

Daisy Miller, a child survivor of the Holocaust, will present a tribute for Yom Ha-Shoah. The event will include music, a service and a presentation with a reception to follow.

Center | 400 E. Illinois Rd, Lake Forest | 7pm (additional performance April 7, 5 p.m.) | Tickets $30, Students/Seniors $25 | 847-272-

Historic Landscapes: Architectural Designs in Print Chicago Botanic Garden, Lenhardt Library | 1000 Lake Cook Rd., Glencoe | 10am-4pm | 847835-5440 or Explore 17th-, 18th- and 19th-century engravings depicting French formal gardens, playful English gardens, and everything in between. Many of the landscapes in the exhibition have been lost to time and development. The engravings included are the only recorded proof of their original design. Exhibit runs through May 19.

7003 or The program will feature some of the most famously recognizable pieces including Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune, Sarasate’s tribute to George Bizet’s beloved opera “Carmen” in Carmen Fantasy, and many more works by the most significant French composers including Poulenc, Ravel, Faure, and Gounod.

Sunday april 7

Music Institute of Chicago and Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Saturday april 6

Nichols Concert Hall | 1490 Chicago Ave.,

Highwood Senior Social Club Kick-off

dents $10 | 847-905-1500 ext. 108

Highland Park Nursing and Rehab Center | 50

Since its founding in 1997, the Lincoln String Quartet has been a staple of the Chicago music scene. The April 7 program includes Haydn’s String Quartet Op. 33, No. 2 “The Joke”; Smetana’s String Quartet No. 1 “From My Life”; and Beethoven’s String Quartet Op. 59, No. 3 “Razumovsky.”

Pleasant Ave., Highwood | 9-10am | Free | Francine Brodsky, 708-491-7577 or Highwood is working in conjunction with the Highland Park Nursing and Rehab Center to offer Highwood’s senior citizens a social club that includes enrichment opportunities, entertainment, networking and other social opportunities.

Evanston | 3pm | Tickets $30, seniors $20, stu-

Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Memorial Day Temple Sholom 3480 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago | 1:30pm |

monday april 8

Alex Devereux and Richard Laurent: Painting: Photorealism and Magic Realism ZIA Gallery | 548 Chestnut St., Winnetka | 10am-5pm | Free | or 847-4463970 ZIA Gallery presents the work of artists Alex Devereux and Richard Laurent, entitled “Painting: Photorealism and Magic Realism.” The exhibit will run through April 13.

tuesday april 9

The 25th Annual CSL Student Art Exhibition The Art Center – Highland Park | 1957 Sheridan Rd. | 9am-4pm | Free | The Central Suburban League (CSL) Student Art Exhibition seeks to unify the CSL schools through the visual arts. Deerfield, Evanston, Glenbrook North, Glenbrook South, Highland Park, Maine East, Maine South, Maine West, New Trier, Niles North, Niles West and Waukegan High Schools participate. Exhibit runs through April 20.

Lake Forest Frame & Design Studio Open Tuesday–Friday 10 a.m.– 5 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.–2 p.m., or by appointment 204 East Westminster, Lake Forest | 847.234.0755 |


THe North shore weekend


04/06 – 04/07/13

Coldwell Banker Congratulates

Our Top North Shore Agents

for Leading our Company in Closing Over $7.2 Billion in 2012

President’s Premier

1% Nationally


Sharon Friedman SFC Team, Winnetka

Frank Capitanini SFC Team, Winnetka

President’s Elite



Nationally Patti Furman Glenview

Marla Schneider Glenview

Anne Dubray Glenview

Nancy Gibson Northbrook

Noah Levy Highland Park

Claire Sucsy Evanston Central

Barb Pepoon Northbrook

Barbara Mawicke Winnetka

Jody Handler-Dickstein Glencoe

Julie Deutsch Glencoe

Vera Purcell Lake Forest

Sue Hertzberg Winnetka

Gloria Matlin Glencoe

Jean Royster Lake Forest

Lori Baker Lake Forest

President’s Circle

3% Nationally


Houda Chedid Lake Forest

Shaun Raugstad Glenview

Cathy Cascia Glenview

Maureen Spriggs Winnetka

Linda Rosenberg Lake Forest

Beverly Fleischman Wilmette

Samantha Kalamaras Lake Forest

Bryce Fuller Northbrook

Michele Vold Deerfield

Janie Bress Glencoe

Linda Antokal Deerfield

Ann Lyon Lake Forest

Marsha Schwartz Northbrook

Jodi Taub Deerfield

Iris Garmisa Glencoe

Susan Roche Evanston Central

Alan Berlow Deerfield

Maureen Mohling Winnetka

Michele Wilson Lake Forest

Laurie Gross Glencoe

Julie Rogers Winnetka

Janet Borden Highland Park

Beth Repta Northbrook

Based on data obtained from MRED, Metro MLS, GNIAR SWMRIC for the period of January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012. Data is not guaranteed. ©2013 Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Operated by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker and the Coldwell Banker logo are registered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.

04/06 – 04/07/13



Diamond Society




Paula Weiss Winnetka

Anne West Winnetka

Daverille Sher Winnetka

Cheryl O’Rourke Glenview

Maxine Goldberg Highland Park

Donna Mercier Lake Forest

Jacquie Lewis Highland Park

Katie McIntyre Wilmette

Candace Kuczmarski Evanston Central

Jamie Roth Highland Park

Liz Van Horn Winnetka

Suzanne Myers Lake Forest

Susan Levinson Northbrook

Sonia Munwes Cohen Glencoe

Patti Skirving Winnetka

Linda Jacobson Glencoe

Allison Silver Highland Park

Francie Pinkwater Highland Park

Barbara Kramer Evanston Downtown

Carol DeGrazia Santi Highland Park

Sharon Dolezal Northbrook

Blanche Romey Winnetka

Michael Mitchell Glencoe

Margaret Ludemann Glenview

Dawn Wheldon Lake Forest

Halina Krupa Winnetka

Mary Pat Lundgren Lake Forest

Marcia Lyman Highland Park

Joanne Marzano Lake Forest

Pat Strong Northbrook

Lily Hosseini Glenview

Heidi Laros Wilmette

Steven Sims Evanston Downtown

Susan Baby Winnetka

Caron Comin Highland Park

Kathleen Doron Glenview

Ann George Winnetka

Hilde Wheeler Carter Winnetka

Martha Gray Highland Park

Maria Karis Northbrook

Maryann Burke Winnetka

Mimi Bass Deerfield

Irit Jacobson Northbrook

Marla Pierson Northbrook

Rene Firmin Glencoe

Linda Rosenbloom Glencoe

Leslie Goodman Deerfield

Paula McGrath Glenview

Valerie Kistenbroker Northbrook

Leta Gold Deerfield

Nancy London Highland Park

Merle Styer Highland Park

Judy Huske Glenview

Fran Coulter Highland Park

Vicky Maurici Northbrook

Marissa Hopkins Highland Park

Denise Kellar Winnetka

Monica Corbett Winnetka

Barbara Tarr Highland Park

Debbie Hymen Highland Park

Sterling Society




Marcia Rowley Lake Forest

Norma Lopresti Glenview

Jenni Gordon Glencoe

Debra Kruger Winnetka

Find the best agents at



THe North shore weekend


04/06 – 04/07/13



OPen SunDay 2-4 winnetka $1,650,000 OPen SunDay 2-4

winnetka $3,750,000

keniLwORtH $2,995,000

winnetka $2,690,000

winnetka $2,625,000

winnetka $1,975,000

winnetka $1,450,000

winnetka $1,399,000

new PRiCe

winnetka $2,025,000

OPen SunDay 1-3 unit 3F-7H-6C

GLenCOe $1,150,000

Lake FOReSt $1,150,000

OPen SunDay 1-3

OPen SunDay 2-4 new PRiCe

winnetka $569,000

winnetka $1,225,000

wiLMette $1,149,000

wiLMette $700,000

OPen SunDay 1-3

nORtHBROOk $429,900

wiLMette $399,000

04/06 – 04/07/13





winnetka $1,925,000

winnetka $3,950,000

winnetka $3,525,000

winnetka $2,950,000

winnetka $2,760,000

winnetka $2,650,000

nORtHFieLD $1,875,000

nORtHFieLD $1,300,000

Lake FOReSt $899,000 east Location-Over 1 acre with 23,431 sq. ft. of table land

wiLMette $815,000

wiLMette 2 VaCant LOtS-next to the Golf Course! Close to Beach! $769,000 & $795,000

wiLMette $675,000

wiLMette $425,000

CHiCaGO $409,000

wiLMette $350,000

wiLMette $199,900

eVanStOn $199,000

new On MaRket



THe North shore weekend


04/06 – 04/07/13

Kathi Hudson

Griffith, Grant & Lackie Realtors®


678 N. Western Avenue | Lake Forest, Illinois 847.234.0485 (o) | 847.987.4309 (c) |



in ist

g! ew



in ist



1580 N. Tara Lane | Lake Forest

1005 Maplewood Road | Lake Forest

Rare new construction (2011) in East Lake Forest. This masterful blend of exquisite craftsmanship & comfortable living was custom built utilizing superior materials & finishes. Featuring a fantastic gourmet kitchen, luxurious master suite plus 4 additional bedrooms, all with en-suite baths, as well as an outstanding finished lower level. Tucked away on private property with lush landscaping. 3 car attached plus 2+ car detached garage. $3,650,000 |

Historic residence set on spectacular 2 acre parcel in a prime East Lake Forest location. This gracious, well-loved Colonial features large, well proportioned rooms including six bedrooms, five and one-half baths, a greenhouse, fabulous newer pool and a three car garage with one bedroom apartment above. Current owners have architectural drawings for renovation. Opportunity knocks for the discerning buyer. $2,195,000 |

1351 N. Green Bay Road | Lake Forest

611 Rosemary Road | Lake Forest

491 E. Illinois Road | Lake Forest

This gracious 5 bedroom, 5000+ sq. ft. oasis is nestled on approximately. 1.5 acres of spectacular property. Great floor plan with large rooms & handsome details. 1st floor master opens to a private patio, and the white kitchen with granite & professional appliances opens to family room. 3 car garage. $1,450,000

Great value! Sit on the delightful front porch or walk to town from this charming updated house on a beloved east Lake Forest street. True 5 bedroom home carefully renovated with gourmet kitchen/hearth room with fireplace, butlers pantry, large family room, library, 2 staircases & full basement. Location & space!! $1,249,000

Fabulous house within walking distance to Market Square. Beautifully appointed & decorated including a nuHaus kitchen & master bath, rich millwork & hardwood floors, 9’ ceilings, 3 fireplaces, 3 car attached garage, finished basement with 5th BR & full bath. Professionally landscaped, private yard. $1,225,000

1122 S. Western Avenue | Lake Forest

220 Margate Court | Lake Bluff

1020 Beverly Place | Lake Forest

Whispering Oaks Cape Cod! Beautifully situated on the corner of Morningside & Western, this 3661 sq. ft., 4 BR, 4.1 bath home boasts a newer eat-in chef’s kitchen with butler’s pantry, 1st floor master suite with office/ sitting room. Neutral decorating & flexible floor plan make this home ideal for family & entertaining. $799,000

Prepare to be wowed by this updated Tangley Oaks Cape Cod. This 11 room house boasts a luxurious 1st flor master, newer kitchen (2011) with large island, stainless appliances & granite counters. All bedrooms have private updated baths. Library, office and 4 season room complete the home. Cul-du-sac location & great yard. $799,000

True 5 bedroom Colonial in desirable Whispering Oaks - great value and move-in ready! Hardwood floors thruout, 2 fireplaces, built-in cabinetry, stainless appliances & granite counters are just a few of the special features. Wonderful floor plan works well for family & friends. Beautiful fenced yard with patio. $719,000

04/06 – 04/07/13



Lake Forest: 847.234.0485 Lake Bluff: 847.234.0816 L






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LE r



208 Northampton Lane Lincolnshire, Illinois Absolutely loaded, spectacular custom home on nearly 2 acre wooded site with the highest level finishes including 10 ft ceilings and cherry floors. 5 BRs, 5.1 baths | $1,499,000 |

tE an ra tr a n p sE r E o i Er xt


Ly ar


Elegant, one of a kind, townhouse at Mayflower Park. Three floors of beautifully executed living spaces - elevator in unit. 3 BRs, 3.1 baths. | $1,495,000 |





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Meticulously cared for Colonial on a premium lot. Great floor plan with large rooms, gleaming hardwood floors and updated kitchen. 5 BRs, 2.1 baths | $875,000 | rs oo L F t d ou oo gH dw ou ar Hr H


1035 Inverlieth Road Lake Forest, Illinois Wonderful rambling ranch, with large room sizes and gracious floor plan. Living room with fireplace. Family room overlooks patio & backyard. 4 BRs, 2 baths | $529,000 |


Custom built New England shingle style home, on private cul-de-sac w/nicely wooded yard. Great floor plan, private master suite. 4 BRs, 3.1 baths | $1,295,000 |


350 North Avenue Lake Bluff, Illinois Enjoy lake breezes from the extra large front porch of this incredible new construction home with separate dining room. 4 BRs, 2.1 baths | $995,000 |


1343 Inverlieth Road Lake Forest, Illinois




Sophisticated French Country home. Beautifully decorated and wonderfully maintained. Nearly 1-acre lot, yet a short distance to downtown. 5 BRs, 3.1 baths | $1,225,000 |


780 Tisbury Lane Lake Forest, Illinois


14 Alden Lane Lake Forest, Illinois

n ri




i st



853 Gloucester Crossing Lake Forest, Illinois Enjoy this impeccable, maintenance free home on a premium lot overlooking Open Lands. Vaulted ceilings, updated kitchen with new SS appliances. 3 BRs, 2.1 baths | $929,000 |



dE E


ay rcH nd o u s Ed p n pE EEn o cr s



205 Lancaster Court Lake Bluff, Illinois Open floor plan lends well to entertaining. Skylighted kitchen has center island, high end stainless steel appliances. Private and serene. 4 BRs, 3.3 baths | $869,000 |



FL om d n ro o s



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s sy


531 N. Mayflower Road Lake Forest, Illinois


E cr



g da Lin n i su cE n d pE tE o auL

318 Rothbury Court Lake Bluff, Illinois Classic custom design/millwork w/dramatic architectural elements in this spacious 4100+ s.f. home. Gigantic kitchen, 1st flr master, finished LL. 4 BRs, 3.1 baths | $859,900 |

s ai



L ab







450 Oak Ridge Court Lake Bluff, Illinois Located within Oak Knoll at Armour Woods, this traditional brick townhome has look and feel of single family living with room for entertaining. 3 BRs, 2.1 baths | $475,000 |

1016 Woodland Drive Lake Bluff, Illinois Sheridan Construction will bring you this new construction Colonial on a wooded lot next to park. Includes 9 ft. ceilings on 1st flr. Full bsmt. 4 BRs, 2.1 baths | $449,000 |

678 N. Western Avenue | Lake Forest, Illinois 60045 | 8 E. Scranton Avenue | Lake Bluff, Illinois 60044 | |






THe North shore weekend

04/06 – 04/07/13

Deer Path Inn TradiTional | ElEganT | ModErn | Casual

a Special Mother’s Day Brunch Adult $49 | Children under 12 $25 255 E. Illinois Road Lake Forest IL 60045 | 847-234-2280 |

04/06 – 04/07/13
















On the North Shore, you don’t buy real estate — you buy a state of mind. The schools, the lakeshore, the parks, the architecture and all the experiences that let you live One Magnificent Life. When you’re looking for a new state of mind, think of us. We’d love to help you find it.




THe North shore weekend


04/06 – 04/07/13





Exceptional Winnetka Stone Manor on quiet cul de sac. Exquisite interior features chef’s kitchen, 6bd/8.1bth, 5fp and heated 3car garage. Over 1/2+acre! $3,149,000

Builder Andrew Kruszewski is offering this exceptional 6000 square foot home near the lake. Agent interest. $2,300,000

Proposed new construction by Andrew Kruszewski in Winnetka estate area. Almost 12,000 sq ft lot. Home can be set back on 207 sq ft deep lot. $1,999,000

Michael Swain 847.881.8000

Joe Nash 847.846.0100

Joe Nash 847.846.0100




NEW PRICE Rare opportunity to Live, Work & Play on your own private 55+ acre county estate. 3BR/3BA ranch style hm, 2+ acre spring-fed lake, established kennel. $1,699,000

NEW LISTING Updated east Lake Forest executive home. 5 br, 4.5 ba. 2-sty foyer, 1st flr luxury mstr. Kitchen open to family rm w/see-through fireplace, bonus rm. $1,449,000

NEW PRICE Exquisite, updated throughout, 4 br brick home has grand FR w/heated floors, stellar master, super kitchen, 3 fplcs, library, fin bsmt, lge private yd. $1,225,000

Kiki Clark 847.804.0969

Rina Du Toit 847.814.8648

Julie Morse 847.830.4356


1 luxury firm

On the North Shore, you don’t buy real estate — you buy a state of mind. The schools, lakeshore, the parks, the architecture and all the experiences that let you live One Magnificent Life. When you’re looking for a new state of mind, think of us. We’d love to help you find it.

* #1 Luxury Firm, Highest Average Sale Price Source: Broker Metrics, based on MRED residential sales for top 5 companies 1/1/12-12/31/12




NEW LISTING Step into your dream home. A+ kitchen opens to eat in area & fm rm, Sun room, den, 5 beds, 3.2 bath. Outdoor paradise w/pool, stone patios, fire pit. $1,170,000

NEW LISTING Walk to town, beach & schools from this delightful East Lake Forest home. Fabulous family room & kitchen. Gorgeous landscaping & patio! $1,149,000

Elegant townhome, completely renovated with first floor master. Hardwood floors throughout. Gracious entry opens to great room with vaulted ceilings. $1,125,000

Daria Andrews 847.477.3794

Ann Jones 847.460.5445

Susan Luvisi Lincoln 847.846.8814



04/06 – 04/07/13







NEW LISTING Stone & stucco home w/ superior finishes built in 2001. Dynamite high-end kitchen open to family room, 5 bedrooms & 4.1 baths, 3 fireplaces. Location! $1,099,000

NEW LISTING Lovely newer 4BR home in East LF. Flowing floor plan, wonderful kitchen, finished basement, 3 car garage & charming front porch. Close to town & park. $959,500

SOLD IN 1 WEEK Picture perfect Colonial heart of Knlwrth Grdns. 4bdrm/2.1bth. Expansive FamRm, MstrSte, 2nd fl ldy, mudrm, deep lot, fin bsmt, close to school, park and train. $950,000

Daria Andrews 847.477.3794

Beanblossom/Klein 847.858.4131/847.309.4331

Taylor Lindstrom 847.881.8027




Exceptional Colonial home! Open design with large, bright expansive rooms. Two fireplaces, elegant master suite.3 car attached garage. $949,000

Beautiful Lot 1 in Masterpiece subdivision. 1.42 wooded acres in Lake Forest. Near Everett School and close by transportation. $910,000

SOLD IN 3 DAYS Impeccable English Tudor. 4 br, 2 full/2 half ba. Hubbard Woods, dead-end street, close to school, town,& train. New kit, family rm custom built-ins. $899,000

Joe Nash 847.846.0100

Susan Luvisi Lincoln 847.846.8814

Taylor Lindstrom 847.881.8027


1 luxury firm

On the North Shore, you don’t buy real estate — you buy a state of mind. The schools, lakeshore, the parks, the architecture and all the experiences that let you live One Magnificent Life. When you’re looking for a new state of mind, think of us. We’d love to help you find it.

* #1 Luxury Firm, Highest Average Sale Price Source: Broker Metrics, based on MRED residential sales for top 5 companies 1/1/12-12/31/12




Ideal CAGE location. Elegant home w/architectural details. Spacious w/recent improvements like roof, A/C & more. Perfect as it is or add on later. 10+. $850,000

Paradise! 3000sqft home on wooded 1/2 acre backs to 6acre park. $200K in updates since 2008. Only 1mi to town/train/ school & steps to forest preserve! $825,000

EXEMPT LISTING Adorable Kenilworth Gardens home. Showings begin April 19th. See details at $639,000

Lyn Flannery 847.338.2753

Lyn Flannery 847.338.2753

Ann Jones 847.460.5445





THe North shore weekend


Winnetka Coldwell Banker Welcomes Wendy Smith

Cell 847.421.3674 | Fax 781.609.1896 “Wendy Smith, a full time Realtor with Coldwell Banker, specializes in Residential Real Estate. Her experience spans all types of clients from first time home buyers and sellers to luxury lake front estates. Wendy also has a strong history with over 17 years of experience in new construction home building. Her husband, founder and CEO of Brookhaven Properties, a new luxury home construction company, serves the North Shore in building the American dream.”

Winnetka Coldwell Banker Welcomes Judy Pettas

CS City Shore Properties Cell 312.259.5952 We are pleased to announce that Judy Pettas has joined our Winnetka Office of exceptional agents. Judy began her early career with Rubloff converting buildings to condos. 15 years later, she opened her own company, Premier Properties, a boutique brokerage specializing in high end properties and custom built single family homes. She has a current Managing Broker’s License and holds accredited designations as a Certified Residential Specialist, e-Pro Broker, International Real Estate Expert and Green Building Specialist. As a Wilmette resident, she has relocated her practice to specialize in assisting families transitioning from the City to Shore, and back again! We are thrilled to have Judy as part of our Coldwell Banker family!

04/06 – 04/07/13

04/06 – 04/07/13



Janie Bress 847-835-6040 - direct line 847-217-7144 - cell

1546 Knollwood Lane, Highland Park

1155 Oak Ridge Drive, Glencoe

Stunning architect-designed home on a magnificent ravine property! Beautifully landscaped grounds, brick paver circular drive, flagstone walkways, large wraparound bluestone patio, in-group swimming pool and heated 4 car garage. Walls of windows provide breathtaking views. This home is in a spectacular east location in one of Highland Park’s most exclusive neighborhoods. | $1,750,000

Beautiful large lot, over ½ acre, in a great neighborhood. Close to Glencoe Golf Course, Botanic Gardens, and easy access to the expressway. Build your dream home!



725 Greenleaf, Glencoe


| 6 Bedrooms, 5 1/2 Bathrooms Open Saturday, april 6th 1:00–3:00

Elegant residence on lovely east Glencoe property. Stunning French eclectic architecture offers details reminiscent of yesteryear with large rooms that unfold - perfect for entertaining! A full basement offers a fun rec room with fireplace, full bath and an abundance of storage. Two blocks from lakefront, town and train. For PrivATE ShowinG: Gloria Matlin | (847) 835-6058 |


62 | sports

Nicole Lipp, seen here during her high school days at Lake Forest, is back on the court — at Duke University.

photography by sportpics

The Lake Forest High School graduate was a four-year starter for Duke University.

photography by shane lardinois

Not just Lipp service LF native and Duke soccer star serving, hitting and volleying — again — as a rookie senior for Blue Devils’ tennis team

■ by bill mclean It was a healthy reaction to a fairly painful moment. In her very first point as a Duke University tennis player on March 23, senior Nicole Lipp got pegged in a leg in a No. 3 doubles match. A tennis ball stuck by a North Carolina State netter nailed Lipp, a former two-sport star at Lake Forest High School. “Immediately after the point I thought, ‘All right, welcome to college tennis,’ ” Lipp recalled, laughing. Duke’s women tennis team had tapped Lipp — a fouryear soccer standout at the school in Durham, N.C. — to stave off a serious roster issue weeks earlier. A tennis team cannot compete unless it fields six players. Duke was down to only five because of season-ending injuries to three players, including Lake Forest native and Laurel Springs (Calif.) School graduate Monica Turewicz. “We approached Nicole; we thought she could help us, even after being away from the game as long as she was,” said Blue Devils coach Jamie Ashworth, well aware that Lipp had been a nationally ranked tennis player for many years before opting to play Division I soccer only. “She was very open to playing tennis for us. “Good for us,” he added. Lipp and her Duke doubles partner, junior Marianne Jodoin of Varennes, Quebec, went up 8-7 on that N.C. State Wolfpack pair after trailing 7-4. They didn’t complete the pro set because Duke’s other two tandems had won, thus clinching the doubles point. Lipp later lost her very first college singles match, at No. 6 singles. Duke, ranked seventh in the nation, won the Atlantic Coast Conference opener 4-1 and improved to 10-3 overall. “Honestly I’m having a great time,” said Lipp, a 5-foot-9 midfielder who delivered four assists and was named to the NCAA College Cup all-tournament team in 2011, when Duke lost 1-0 to Stanford (and Lipp’s former LFHS

teammate Rachel Quon) in the women’s soccer national championship. “I’d missed tennis. It’s still pretty fresh, competing in competitive tennis matches again. But I think familiar patterns will return and I’ll get more and more comfortable each week.” Lipp approached Ashworth about playing tennis at Duke after her freshman soccer season. She had suffered three concussions in soccer in the 2009-10 academic year, two in the fall and one in the spring. The third one concerned her. “The symptoms lasted longer than the ones did after my first two concussions,” she said. “I was worried I wouldn’t be able to play soccer, so I explored some options. “I couldn’t imagine not being able to play a sport in college.” Lipp got cleared to return to soccer in June 2010, and resumed training that summer. Duke’s women’s booters

“Immediately after the point I thought, ‘All right, welcome to college tennis,’” | Nicole Lipp reached the Sweet 16 her sophomore year and the Elite Eight last fall. She finished her career with five goals and 12 assists and helped Duke win 56 matches, with 22 of them coming in that national runner-up season in ’11. During a study break this past December, Lipp borrowed a tennis racket and hit tennis balls with Duke junior lacrosse midfielder Molly Quirke of Wilmette. Blue Devils tennis players watched the indoor sparring session. They were impressed. Little did they know they’d welcome Lipp into their

tennis family a couple of months later. “Nicole has been working hard, doing all she can to get back in tennis form,” said Ashworth, whose club was ranked second in the nation from Feb. 26-March 12. “She wants to be out there, and she’s competitive and aggressive. Her forehand is another one of her strengths and her serve is decent.” Lipp was an ace as an LFHS Scouts netter, twice finishing runner-up in doubles at state. She paired up with Kathleen Saltarelli as a senior in a run to the state final in ’08, two years after teaming with Nadia Zoubareva for runner-up honors. Last fall Lipp’s sister, LF senior and Northwestern-bound tennis player Maddie, and Scouts freshman Christina Zordani captured the state doubles title — the first girls state championship (singles or doubles) in program history. In Nicole Lipp’s second collegiate tennis dual last month, she and Jodoin beat a No. 3 doubles team from Wake Forest 8-4 on March 24. “My shoulder … It’s a little sore,” she admitted a few days later. “The only times I used my arms in soccer were when I lifted weights. I’ve always known how to stretch my legs for soccer. The other day I said to our trainer, ‘Show me how to stretch my arms.’ ” Her tennis teammates’ arms have been open for Lipp since she joined the team as an old rookie right after Duke’s spring break. “They’ve been so welcoming, so friendly,” said Lipp, majoring in history and pursuing a markets and management certificate. “They took me out for a brunch and a movie (“Argo”) before I’d officially become a member of the team. “When (Ashworth) asked me to play, I didn’t hesitate. To be able to play for one of the top tennis programs in the country … I’m fortunate; I really am. The best part is being around so many talented players. I love that I get to hit against that talent at every practice.” ■

04/06 – 04/07/13



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246 Green Bay Road Highwood, IL

Highland Park High School senior Alec Shapiro, who earned all-state recognition, finished with 39 goals and 33 assists this season.

photography by j.geil

Highland Park’s Shapiro caps off rip-roaring, gritty career

847-432-6663 | 11 a.m.–10 p.m.

■ by bill mclean

award-winning style, taste, & culture your north shore magazine

Advertising Inquiries 847.926.0911

Hockey players don’t have to sit in a penalty box for screaming. That was one of the reasons Highland Park High School senior forward Alec Shapiro turned into Tarzan on ice in a postseason game last month. Another? “Playoff hockey,” Shapiro said. “There’s no tomorrow in the playoffs when you lose. “We were down and it was intense. I got intense.” The 6-foot-3, 190-pounder nearly coughed up a lung and his larynx while chasing down a puck. Giants coach Sean Freeman heard Shapiro’s steady stream of primal screams, as did most of Chicagoland. “No words,” Freeman recalled. “It was Alec yelling, just yelling and making noise. The rest of the guys seemed down on themselves, and they needed a lift.” Shapiro, an Amateur Hockey Association Illinois all-stater, delivered by scoring a goal shortly after gathering the puck. In another playoff game he quieted Crystal Lake South’s Gators and their fans with a three-goal, one-assist effort in a 7-3 victory on Feb. 14. “If we needed a big play, Alec was there to provide it this winter,” said HP senior forward Alex Block, also an AHAI all-state pick. “He was a great leader.” Shapiro finished with 39 goals (two power-play tallies) and 33 assists in 46 games for the 35-14-3 Giants. A year ago he amassed 24 goals and 34 assists. In his most productive game this season he struck for two goals and slid three assists in a 6-1 rout of Evanston on Oct. 12. But Shapiro’s point total in games didn’t define him as a player, Freeman noted. Nor did his timely, piercing, board-rattling screams. “Alec got it … Got what it took to become the hockey player he became,” Freeman. “His game is about so much more than numbers because he went to the gym to work out without ever being told to do so. God-given ability — it gets you only so far. Alec knows that. “He’s one of the hardest workers I’ve ever coached,

and his work ethic made him special in the years he played on my teams.” Shapiro, a four-year varsity Giant, intends to try out in late May for the Bismarck Bobcats, a Junior A hockey team in North Dakota. Making the team could postpone his plans to enroll at Indiana University. “What I love about hockey is that every single time I step on the ice, something new could happen,” he said. “Scoring is fun, sure. But I’m a grinder; I like to go in the corners for the puck and I’m not afraid to take a hit.” He’s also a fun-loving guy. Shapiro cracked Freeman up big-time while the two were on separate winter-break vacations in Cancun this year. “So I’m in my hotel and I get this text from Alec, who’s in another hotel,” Freeman recounted. “The text message was, ‘Hey, Coach, my friends and I are going for a run. You want to join us?’ I laughed as I read that.” Freeman then laughed some more, the moment still fresh, still hilarious. Freeman chose not to run with Shapiro that day. Vacations in Mexico are for sunning, not running. “Alec is easy-going and he likes to have a good time,” Block said. HP’s Giants relied heavily on Shapiro’s on-ice, inthe-gym leadership after the break. It was a responsibility he embraced heartily. “It was an important role and I was more than happy to fulfill it, more than happy to be a role model for my teammates,” he said. “Hockey showed me, more than anything else I’ve done, that if you consistently put in the time and effort, you can achieve something.” Freeman won’t just lose a self-sufficient and steady forward when the “third period” of Shapiro’s days as a student-athlete ends on Graduation Day. The coach also will have to bid adieu to a giant part of the Giants’ hockey identity. “Alec was our grit, out toughness,” said Freeman, HP’s coach for 12 years. “You get what you earn — that’s what he was all about as a hockey player. “I coach hockey because of kids like Alec Shapiro.”■

04/06 – 04/07/13

sports | 65


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Home run trot: Mike Madigan of the Ramblers rounds third base and receives a glad hand from first-year coach Nick Bridich in Saturday’s season opener.

photography by joel lerner

Goodbye, baseball

Loyola’s Madigan exhibits early power surge ■ by kevin reiterman Senior Mike Madigan has been an absentee home run hitter. “The last time I hit a home run … {now, wait for it} … I was in the eighth grade,” said the Loyola Academy first baseman. “I hit it at some random park.” The lanky 6-foot-4 Madigan — no relation to Mike Madigan, Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives, though, he said, “I get that all the time.” — smacked a solo shot in the fourth inning of Saturday’s 8-1 season-opening win over visiting Rockford Guilford. To quote an ESPN anchor, “You can go ahead and call the next of kin (because) that one’s a goner.” Or, “Like a kid going home crying to his mommy, that one’s not coming back!” Madigan’s home run disappeared over the leftcenter field fence and into the down-slopped woods at the Loyola varsity field at the Munz Campus. Gone forever. Never to be seen again. To get that ball back — for posterity reasons — you would need a search and rescue team. Madigan wasn’t the only Rambler to go yard. Junior teammate Drew Owen also knocked one — with a runner on — into the same woods in the fifth inning. “Our at-bats today were pretty darn good,” said Loyola’s brand-new head coach Nick Bridich. “We’ve got guys, 1 to 9, who can put the ball in play.” Bridich, who had been the head coach at Chicago De La Salle for the past four seasons, watched his team score eight times on 11 hits. His No. 7 hitter — Madigan — was a triple away from hitting for the cycle. “He gave us some quality at-bats,” said Bridich, a graduate of Marquette University High School in Milwaukee who played his college baseball (middle infielder) at Butler University. “He had some pitches to drive. He was aggressive.” Madigan also doubled in the second inning, when his big fly to dead-went off the outfielder’s glove. In his third at-bat, he singled to center.

“I had been struggling, offensively,” said Madigan. “I’ve been working a lot on my swing. Trying to figure things out. It came together today. “Today was special,” he added. “Hopefully, I’ll keep it going.” Madigan, a corner infielder, was just as happy with the team’s showing. “We’ve got a talented group,” he said. “We’re sticking together and playing good team baseball.” The Ramblers will be aiming for a big turnaround this year. They finished 11-24 last spring. Bridich will depend heavily on senior Daniel Rafferty, who will play at Bucknell University. The left-hander will be the ace of the staff — he allowed only one hit and one run in four innings against Rockford Guilford — and No. 3 hitter in the batting order. His first at-bat on Saturday was a two-run single in the first inning. “He’s played a lot of baseball,” said Bridich. “He’s tough. Tough as nails.” The LA coach also is super high on Dan Woodrow. The senior right-fielder (2-for-4) made an instant impact in the season opener. “Having your leadoff hitter rip a triple … You can’t start a season much better than that,” said Bridich. “He’s another D-1 kid,” the coach said. “He runs the 60 in 6.7. And you saw his arm today, when he threw out a runner at home by 10 steps.” Junior shortstop Tom Bordignon, who is hitting in the two hole, is another tough out. He went 1-for-3 and scored three runs against Guilford. His day also included a fabulous defensive play. “He’s a competitor,” Bridich said. “He’s a hardnosed. And he’s ready to take on a leadership role. In fact, he craves that.” Bordignon is penciled in as the No. 3 starting pitcher. “He throws 85 to 87 (mph),” the coach said. “He’s got unlimited pitching potential.” The big RBI guy on Saturday was Owen. In addition to his homer, the center fielder brought in a run with a sacrifice fly to finish three RBIs. Owen, who can reach 91 mph, will be the No. 2 starter.■

Sale ends May 31st

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THe North shore weekend

04/06 – 04/07/13

Bill Donlon (left) looks on as his son Billy speaks to a player during a Wright State basketball game during the 2012-13 season.

photography by wright state

Double dose of Donlon Son-father combo a winner at Wright State ■ by kevin reiterman He’s been in the Midwest for years. But that “New Yawk” accent? It’s never left Bill Donlon. One word — “taw-na-ment” — in his familiar, raspy voice is a dead giveaway. The same goes for his passion for basketball. It’s still very much in him. Donlon’s distinguished coaching career was thought to be history. The 68-year-old, who guided Lake Forest High School’s varsity boys basketball team to four regional titles in eight years, had been out of coaching for nearly a decade, when he got the call … from his son. In September, Billy Donlon, a third-year head basketball coach for Division I Wright State (Ohio), was in a minor bind. One of his assistants left, and he needed to find someone — quick — to fill a key position on his staff: Director of Operations. Whom better than Bill Donlon, a former college assistant? It was an offer — too perfect to refuse. “I’m just along for the ride,” said Bill Donlon, who was an administrator for LFHS for 14 years. “I love my son dearly, but it had to be a family decision.” In other words, he needed the blessing of his two daughters: Heather and Therese. And what he got from them? Four thumps, enthusiastically up. “Here’s what I thought,” said Bill Donlon, who lost his wife Maryann to cancer on Sept. 3, 2010. “Here’s an opportunity to bond with my son.” It also was a chance to make up for some lost “court” time.

While coaching the Scouts (1996-2003), he rarely watched his son play guard for UNC-Wilmington. “Having him with me is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me,” said 36-year-old Billy Donlon, who is one of the youngest head coaches in NCAA Division I basketball. “And it’s turned out great.” A double dose of the Donlons has done wonders for Wright State. The Raiders, who stumbled to a 13-19 record in 2011-12, rebounded this winter, finishing the season 23-13. They just missed a national tournament bid and a chance to play in the Big Dance, when they fell to Valparaiso by 10 points in the Horizon League tournament championship. But, thanks to 21 regular-season wins, the Raiders earned a berth to the 16-team College Basketball Invitational (CBI), where they advanced to the semifinal round before being eliminated by Santa Clara 81-69 on March 27. The strong finish has turned Billy Donlon, who starred at Glenbrook North High School, into a coaching rock star. In addition to being named the conference coach of the year, he is a finalist for two other major honors: the Hugh Durham Award and the Skip Prosser Man of the Year Award. Billy also has received rave reviews from his dad. “He’s got a great demeanor on the bench,” said Bill Donlon. “He really knows how to relate to players, which is very important with today’s players. And he makes smart in-game decisions.” This dad knows basketball talent when he sees in. After growing up in Sunnyside, N.Y. — where he acquired his East Coast accent — Bill Donlon went on to play guard for Virginia Commonwealth University. Then after coaching at a couple of high schools in New York

and Massachusetts, he become an assistant coach for two Division I schools: Providence (1982-87) and Northwestern (1987-94). He’s got several claims to fame. At Providence, he recruited Billy Donovan (head coach at the University of Florida) and assisted legendary coach Rick Pitino — now at Louisville — when the Friars advanced to the Final Four in 1987. At NU, he recruited guard Rex Walters, who moved on to play in the NBA, Evan Eschmeyer, Pat Baldwin and Todd Leslie. “In taking the job (at Wright State), I knew what I was getting into,” said Bill Donlon. “I found that I still have a passion for coaching.” Being a Director of Operations is a new brand-new role for him. “Basically, I scout our opponents,” he said. “My job is put together scouting reports and game plans. Game prep. “Under NCAA rules, I can’t actively recruit high school kids. I can’t go to their school. But I can talk to them when they make visits.” On game day, he’s a source of knowledge. “I am more of a soundboard on the sidelines. The other coaches (including his son) ask me what I think. And I make suggestions.” And that, according to Billy Donlon, has been key. “His basketball acumen speaks for itself,” he said. “My dad gives me advice, without a filter. And that’s not a negative. He tells me exactly what he thinks. And hearing it from him is invaluable.” Through the years, Bill Donlon has touched many lives. At LFHS, he coached some high-profile talent in Tyler Smith , Ed Cage, Danny Hodgkinson, Mike Liddy, Greg Belcher and John Burke. Smith, who played at Penn State, currently is playing professionally in Japan, while Cage, a Bradley grad, is a pro player in Spain. Hodgkinson remains the all-time leader scorer at Denison (Ohio) University. “I’ve received a lot of e-mails from my dad’s former players,” said Billy. “They write about the lessons that they learned from him, and how they’ve used those lessons later in life. “Dad is a teacher,” he added. “In college basketball, there’s a lot made of recruiting. But once you get to the players, it’s about making them better. That’s what my father is all about. He wants to make players better.” ■

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New Trier senior forward Katy Ratty will play collegiately at Dartmouth.

‘Sick’ with the stick

photography by joel lerner

Player of the year Ratty plagued opponents with her rare talent by bill mclean Maybe a New Trier High School girls hockey fan yelled it. Or maybe a Fenwick High School supporter shouted it from the spectators’ lounge area above The Edge Ice Arena in Bensenville on March 19. The unmistakable words, heard ’round the rink and beyond, were, “That is sick!” It was a rather loud reaction to the otherworldly stickhandling skills of New Trier senior forward Katy Ratty early in the third period of an Amateur Hockey Association Illinois state semifinal. The 5-foot-2 ½ Ratty had smoothly and quickly slithered her way around more than a few befuddled defenders, all while deftly protecting the puck with a now-you-see-itnow-you-don’t flair. “She’s got great dangles, doesn’t she?” Trevians sophomore forward Ivy Dynek said, referring to Ratty’s slick stick moves. Ratty, a first-year Trev and multi-year Chicago Mission standout, scored the first goal of the semi with a frighteningly fast slap shot. But Fenwick’s Friars hung tough and stunned the top-seeded team and reigning state champions 3-2 to advance to the state championship at the United Center, where they lost 2-0 to Lake Forest on March 24. Ratty had to hustle out of The Edge minutes after the semifinal loss, pile her equipment into her car and motor to Seven Bridges Ice Arena in Woodridge for a U18 Mission practice. Busy, busy. The club had qualified for nationals, set to begin in early

April in San Jose, Calif. It will be Ratty’s fourth national appearance in six years with a Mission team; she skated on national runner-up squads the past two winters. “I thought seriously about coming out (for New Trier hockey) the last three years, but I was concerned I’d get bogged down because of my other hockey commitments,” the Dartmouth-bound Ratty said. “And after deciding not to play each year, I wished I had. “I played for my school this year so I’d have no regrets.” Ratty was named AHAI girls hockey player of the year after needing only 12 games (scholastic contests) to amass 22 goals and four assists. She added two goals and five assists in seven varsity games during the regular season. “She’s an unbelievable player who does a little bit of everything on the ice — and everything well,” NT coach Nelson Forsberg said. “Katy has all the skills. “One of the moments I’ll never forget this year was an assist she delivered while on her knees. It was like watching an NHL player.” Ratty played her first organized hockey game at the age of 7. What she remembers most about the game occurred before the puck drop. Her ears might still be recovering. “The warm-up session was just about to end, and I was standing right under the horn,” she recalled. “When the session ended, that horn went off. The sound that buzzer made was loud … so loud. It scared me. You should have seen me skate toward our bench right after that. “It was the fastest I’d ever skated in my life.” Her speed on the ice, as a teen, will certainly come in handy at Dartmouth, where the club features 18U and

22U Team Canada players. “To be a part of such a team in college, I’m fortunate; I really am,” said Ratty, who is as humble off the ice as she is talented on it. But hockey in college will take a back seat (next to all that equipment) to her major, pre-med. Neuroscience fascinates her and she wants to become a pediatric surgeon. “I’ve always been interested in how the brain works and psychology,” Ratty said. “But saving young lives — that’s been a dream of mine for years.” A nightmare for many opponents this winter was the task of defending a driving, weaving, deking Ratty. She proved time and again that magic shows don’t always involve a deck of cards, a top hat and a rabbit. “She’s just so clutch, so good with the puck,” New Trier forward Sheila McCain said. “She’s all hockey all of the time, and I mean that in a good way. Katy’s attitude on the ice, it’s amazing and always positive. Her heart for hockey is huge. “That player-of-the-year award — she deserved that, definitely deserved that,” McCain added. But Ratty, who also worked out with younger Mission teams on Mondays in 2012-13, has never played for hardware and accolades. What thrills her in hockey more than anything else is effort. “I love giving 100 percent in games for my teammates,” Ratty said. “But what I also love about hockey is seeing all of my teammates giving 100 percent, too. It’s an amazing feeling when that happens.” ■

04/06 – 04/07/13

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Evan Swenson Loyola Academy Girls Water Polo: She sparked the visiting Ramblers (12-4, 4-2) in their impressive 11-10 victory over highly touted St. Ignatius on March 27. She scored the game-winning goal with 20 seconds left to play. The allstater finished the contest with four goals. All-stater Marta Considine and Meredith O’Brien also played major roles in the win. Considine tallied six goals, while O’Brien made 13 saves and was credited with an assist on Swenson’s game-winner. So far this season, O’Brien had made 147 saves and allowed only 6.5 goals per game. Considine has scored 54 goals this season. Carly Schmidt Lake Forest high school

Girls Track: The senior cleared 12-6 to win the Class 3A pole vault title at the Illinois Prep Times Indoor Classic, which was held in Bloomington on March 24. Adam Kost New Trier Baseball: The senior was the hero in his team’s 5-4 victory over Lockport on March 26. Kost singled home the game-deciding run in the seventh inning. Andrew Kirby earned the win in relief. The Trevians (1-3) opened the season with three losses, dropping games to St. Rita 4-3, St. Charles North 4-2 and Harrisburg 10-0. In addition to Kost, who has three hits in six at-bats, the top hitters include Grant Klenovich, Jack Cloud and Matt Blanchard.

Coach Mike Napoleon has 14 pitchers on his roster, including front-liners Kevin Douaire, Grant Stern and Johnny McNitt.

We pay the highest attention to detail

Devon Burns Loyola Academy

Girls Soccer: This freshman has made an early splash. In helping the Ramblers get off to a 6-0 start, Burns has scored 11 goals to go along with two assists. With Brittany San Roman in goal, the Craig Snower-coached Ramblers have yet to give up a goal this season. The shutout victories have come against Glenbrook South 2-0, Glenbrook North 5-0, Resurrection 8-0, Evanston 5-0 and Regina Dominican 9-0. The other offensive standouts include sophomore forward Kathryn Cichon (7 goals), junior midfielder Tori Iatarola (2 goals, 10 assists) and senior defender Corey Burns (5 goals, 3 assists). Amanda Skurie Highland Park

Girls Soccer: This versatile senior scored her team’s first goal of the season in a 2-0 win over Walter Payton College Prep. She was assisted by Shelly Feldman. Skurie has a dual role for the Giants. She plays forward and shares time in goal with sophomore Grace Quirk. HP’s other goal was scored by Lauren Daly on an assist by Stephanie Bailen. In other action this season, the Giants lost to Niles North 1-0.

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Press Box PREP SPORTS Girls Soccer: Lake Forest standout Lucy Edwards, an all-sectional player last season, made a verbal commitment to DePaul University last week. The threeyear starter helped the Scouts to a 16-5-2 record in 2012. Her father, Kevin Edwards, is on the DePaul men’s basketball coaching staff. He’s a former Blue Demon (1986-88) and 11-year NBA player. Lacrosse: Players for the Illinois teams have been selected for the 2013 Brine AllAmerican Lacrosse National Classic. The high school boys team includes four area juniors: Kenilworth’s Ryan Chestnut, Glencoe’s Jackson Kaplan, Lake Forest’s William Nowesnick and Winnetka’s Matt Solberg. Kenilworth’s Grace Hemmer and Jennifer Thompson have made the high school girls roster. Middle school athletes also were chosen. That list includes Winnetka’s Nelson Gaechter and Colin Mone. The National Classice will be held in Boyds, Md., on June 30-July 3. The Illinois selections will compete against other regional teams in front of college coaches. CLUB SPORTS Women’s Soccer: The Eclipse Select’s Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) U-18 squad, which features Winnetka’s Jenna Miller, went 4-0 in the recent Las Vegas Players Showcase. Miller, a midfielder who is a University of Illinois recruit, had the winning goal in the team’s 1-0 victory over FC Portland.

In U-17 action, the Eclipse Select squad finished in a tie for third place in the 12-team Venetian division with a 3-1 record. Winnetka’s Megan Sadera had the game-winning goal against Eastside FC 2-1. COLLEGE SPORTS Men’s Basketball: As members of the University of Michigan’s basketball team, Highland Park High School grad Josh Bartelstein and Lake Forest High School grad Matt Vogrich will have front-row seats in this weekend’s NCAA Final Four at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. The two seniors saw late action in the team’s Elite Eight win over Florida 79-59 on Sunday in Arlington, Texas. Vogrich hit a stop-and-pop three-pointer in the final minute. Bartelstein had a shot blocked. Michigan will face Syracuse on April 6 at 7:49 p.m. The winner will face either Louisville or Wichita State in the championship game on April 8.

We PiCk uP and deLiver to CHiCago and tHe entire nortH sHore. Ask us About our weekly speciAls! HigHLand Park 1740 First st. 847-433-4800

evanston 831 EmErsoN st. 847-864-6200

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PRO SPORTS Baseball: New Trier High School grad Charlie Tilson, a top draft pick by the St. Louis Cardinals in 2011, will open the summer playing in the Class A Midwest League. Tilson, who had a strong spring training season, will be one of the outfielders for the Peoria Chiefs. The 20-year-old is looking to make an impression after sustaining an injury and playing in only eight games last summer.


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144 Woodstock Avenue, Kenilworth Stately English Manor home designed by noted architect Ernest Mayo. Stunning two story reception hall with elegant staircase. Gracious living room with fireplace and doors to the expansive terrace and gardens. Lovely formal dining room. New fully-appointed kitchen with adjoining breakfast room, butler’s pantry and family room. Eight bedrooms. Wonderful recreation room. An architectural gem with grand rooms, high ceilings, custom millwork, handsome mouldings, glistening hardwood floors and attention to detail throughout. Four car garage. Walk $3,595,000 to schools, train and the beach! BARBARA MAWICKE • (847) 917-7345 • “It’s Not Just My Business… It’s My Neighborhood!” 2012 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker® is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Office is Operated by Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate LLC.

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464 Ridge Rd., LAke FoReSt | New Price $5,375,000 Featured on NBC’s show OPEN HOUSE, this estate features 11,000 square feet of luxuriously finished space, a tennis court, salt water pool & pool house. Historic presence & exquisite detail encompass this magnificent residence perfectly sited on nearly 3 acres of stunning grounds. This remarkable home includes superior materials, outstanding millwork, exceptional craftsmanship and an amazing DeGiulio designed Kitchen with a LaCornue Range, Rotisserie, carving station and polished nickle potrack. The quality of this luxurious home is evident throughout; from halquist lannon stone exterior, Ludowici clay tile roof, state of the art technology & the finest finishes to the spectacular gardens and grounds, prepare to be impressed! Enjoy the benefits of newer construction with the refinement of old world architecture. 18 rooms, 5 bedrooms, 6 full baths, 3 half baths, high ceilings, hardwood and stone floors, elegant millwork, 6 fireplaces, a Theater Room, Spa Room, 3 car heated garage and more! A truly remarkable residence!

Ann LASALLe Lyon 225 E. Deerpath, Suite 50 Lake Forest, IL 60045 Cell: (847)828-9991 Co-list Julie Deutsch (847) 835-6086

©2013 Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Operated by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker and the Coldwell Banker logo are registered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.

360 n. MAyfLower rd., LAke foreSt | $3,899,000

Incredible price! Historic presence and exquisite detail encompass this beautifully updated Holabird and Roche designed estate built by railroad baron John Insley Blair in 1898. Located within 1 block of Lake Michigan, the beautiful Insley Estate was awarded the 1995 Historic Preservation Award. Built of durable materials, this classic masonry residence features a newer slate roof, a fabulous Christopher Peacock Kitchen and Butler’s Pantry that open to the family room and sun room, a luxurious master suite and fabulous floor plan that includes 24 rooms, 10 bedrooms, 8 updated full baths, 3 updated half baths, high ceilings, hardwood floors, elegant millwork, 15 fireplaces, a finished lower level, 3rd floor and more. ©2013 Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Operated by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker and the Coldwell Banker logo are registered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.

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Winnetka native Peter DeYoung, seen here playing for the Joliet Jackhammers in 2002, is an assistant director of scouting for the San Diego Padres.

North Shore native DeYoung serves as an assistant director of scouting for Padres by bob gosman

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Even during his playing days, Winnetka native Peter DeYoung always had a healthy respect for scouts and talent evaluators. In fact, he would have come to the same conclusion as the St. Louis Cardinals’ brass did in 2000 when he was invited to minor league spring training and competed for a spot against a future MVP. “They must have known what they were doing because they kept Albert Pujols and got rid of me,” DeYoung said. While his playing career came to an end a few years later — he hit .266 in five minor league seasons — it did not conclude his life in baseball. In fact, it gave him a head start on a career in scouting and baseball operations. Since 2005, he has steadily worked his way up through the San Diego Padres organization where he now serves as an assistant director of scouting. When he evaluates players, DeYoung — who was a college baseball star at the Brown University (twotime first-team all-Ivy League) — is a blend of an old-school scout and analytical number cruncher. “While the gathering and use of statistics has grown a great deal, it is really just another tool in the evaluation process,” said the 37-year-old DeYoung, who graduated from Deerfield Academy (Mass.) after attending North Shore Country Day (Grades 1-8) and New Trier High School (Grades 9-10). “The further away you get from the Major Leagues from a statistical standpoint, the less valuable and predictive the numbers tend to be. We use various metrics to help us evaluate players at the amateur level, but numbers alone cannot tell us the entire story about a player.” DeYoung said seeing a player live and in person is always best.

“We feel strongly in the subjective aspect and art of scouting,” he said. “Understanding a player’s instincts, makeup, desire and intangibles are equally important as their tools and can’t be found on the stat sheet. We look at all the information we can to help us bring in the guys with the most impact for our organization.” Jaron Madison, the Cubs’ director of scouting, has high praise for DeYoung. The two met when they both worked for the Padres in 2005: DeYoung as an area scout and Madison as assistant scouting director. “It was immediately clear that Pete is a highly intelligent and motivated person,” Madison said. “His education, playing experience at the collegiate and pro level and time in the front office gave him a unique skill set. He got to know players on and off the field, which gave him convictions in his evaluations. His passion for those players was evident in the draft room. He fought for those players that he believed in and was visibly upset when other teams selected them before we had a chance to.” Madison is convinced DeYoung’s career in baseball is just beginning. “He has already made a name for himself as a scout and supervisor,” Madison said. “He has lofty career goals, and I’m confident that he will have similar success in any role he’s placed in.” The challenges of scouting are great but so are the rewards. “Hitting a baseball is still the single hardest thing to do in sports, so you can imagine the challenge of predicting which 18-year-old players we see are going to end up hitting in the Major Leagues,” DeYoung said. “As a scout, it is important to communicate and stay open-minded and creative because you just never know when you might stumble upon the next great player to help the Padres to a World Series title.” ■

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THe North shore weekend

‘Tough loss’

New Trier High School’s Maggie Armstrong (No. 5) makes a move on the Palatine goaltender and scores the team’s second goal on March 30.

photography by joel lerner

Trevians will play rest of season without Weaver ■ by kevin reiterman Jess Weaver was all set to have a dream season. Unfortunately, the New Trier High School senior, who is a “dream weaver” on the soccer field, saw her final prep campaign come to an abrupt end, when she sustained an ACL injury during a practice session last month.

Her future remains bright. Weaver, an all-sectional and all-conference midfielder, will play her college soccer at DePaul University. “It’s tough to lose her,” said New Trier coach Jim Burnside, who guided the Trevians to a 20-4-1 record and a berth to the super-sectional last spring. “Tough for her, tough for our team. She’s not only a great player but

04/06 – 04/07/13

she’s also a great leader for us. The injury takes her away from the game she loves. “There’s no way to replace her,” the coach added. “No one is going to be able to step in and be a Jess Weaver. Instead, everyone on our team will need to step up and do a little more.” Weaver, who entered the season with 13 career goals and eight assists, was productive in the team’s first three games this spring. She had two goals in New Trier’s 5-0 win over Niles West on March 16. She also helped the Trevians (3-0-1) in their 3-0 victory over Stevenson and in their 1-1 tie against Prospect. “She’s got a new role now,” said Burnside, following his team’s 3-0 triumph over visiting Palatine on March 30. “She’s going to be even more of a leader for us. She’s going to be more of a coach. “Already, there are players on our team who go directly to her (for advice) when they come out of the game,” he added. “It’s easy to lead by example when you’re on the field, and she does that. Now, she’s going to learn even more about the game — because she’ll be teaching it.” The team also played Palatine without junior Molly Cahill, who is sidelined with a foot injury. “We’ll be happy to get her back,” said Burnside. The talent runs deep with this team, especially with the likes of returning all-conference players Jessie Berman, Maddie Mulford, Sarah Connors and Nora Mabie. Mulford stuck for two goals against Palatine. “She’s skilled and aggressive,” said Burnside. “Every year she adds another level of skill.” Mulford finished with 18 goals and seven assists as a sophomore. She had nine goals and one assist as a freshman. Berman, a senior and four-year varsity starter for the Trevians, came into the season with 26 points (13 goals, 13 assists). She had an assist against Stevenson. Junior Meg Wozniak and sophomores Maggie Armstrong, Jackie Welch and Caroline Smith have been productive in the early going. Wozniak and Armstrong have three goals apiece, while Welch, who has moved to defense, had goals in the wins over Stevenson and Niles West. Burnside likes the versatility of Welch, who also plays varsity basketball at the school. “Jackie is straight up athletic,” said Burnside, who watched Welch score five goals last spring. Smith is proving to be a durable player. She logged in 70 minutes against Palatine. Youth, meanwhile, is being served in goal with freshman Michelle Sokal and Dani Kaufman. “So far, they’ve played about equal time,” said Burnside. “They’re good athletes. They’re learning a lot.” Kelly Maday is the other freshman on the squad. She had a goal against Niles West. ■

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sports | 77


Regina Dominican’s Kerry Durham, seen here during the sectional final at Vernon Hills, earned co-coach of the year honors.


photography by j.geil

Regina Dominican players buying into Durham’s system

■ by bill mclean Three weeks into her second season as Regina Dominican High School’s basketball coach, Kerry Durham looked at her players and no longer saw hope. But that was a good thing. She noticed something else during a game against visiting Nazareth on Dec. 13. “What their eyes were saying to me was, ‘We know we can win this game,’ ” Durham recalled. “Hoping to win and knowing you can win – two entirely different things, two entirely different mindsets. “It’s exactly what I wanted to see.” Nazareth’s Roadrunners had deflated Regina’s Panthers with a buzzer-beating three-pointer in a one-point victory the previous winter, when Durham’s first team at her alma mater finished 6-21. “We wanted revenge and believed without a doubt that we’d win that game,” Regina senior guard Lindsey Welch remembered. “We weren’t intimidated, weren’t scared. We were positive and confident for the entire game.” Durham’s girls of winter beat Nazareth 57-47, a couple of weeks after winning four of five games at the seasonopening Immaculate Conception Tournament. RD’s hoopsters had opened the Durham coaching era by going 1-4 at the same tourney in 2011. Something special was going on at the Wilmette school this winter and that something didn’t end until a Class 3A sectional final at Vernon Hills on Feb. 21. The host school defeated Regina 42-30 for the sectional title and went on to take state runner-up honors for the second straight year. Regina’s Panthers finished with a 22-9 record after entering the postseason as a No. 3 seed in the VH Sectional. Their sectional seed last winter: 14. Following the 2012-13 season, the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association named Durham co-coach of the year (District 4). “She’s a great coach,” Welch said of Durham (Regina

Dominican HS, ’85), a guard who helped Regina finish a program-best third place at the Class AA state tournament in 1984. “She’s also goal-oriented, determined and committed to the program. “Coach never talked about herself and the success she had at Regina,” the captain added. “Her focus was always on our team.” Durham continued her playing career at Xavier (Ohio) University before starting her coaching career four years after graduation. She served as Tanya Johnson’s assistant at Loyola Academy for five years, including the Ramblers’ Class AA state-title seasons in 1996-97 and 1997-98. Durham then guided Resurrection High School’s teams for nine seasons in Chicago, with her first four teams going a collective 88-35 (.715). “I could not have asked for a better coaching opportunity than that one,” she said. “I got to coach some very talented players.” One such player was Kristi Cirone, who became an AllAmerican at Illinois State University and played professionally overseas and in the WNBA. She currently coaches the women’s basketball team at Judson University in Elgin. A Cook County probation officer for the past 24 years, Durham took a two-year break from coaching after her final season at Resurrection, before assuming duties for two seasons (2009-2011) as the eighth-grade girls basketball coach at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School in Glenview. Regina hired Durham in May 2011. “It wasn’t until my second summer here that I was able to fully introduce what I had implemented at Resurrection,” Durham said. “I wanted to see to it that our players got stronger and in better shape in the summer, while encouraging them to do more to improve as basketball players during camp and open gyms.” She continued to encourage her Panthers in the fall months. “Things were really clicking by then, and everybody was working well together,” Welch said. “Our team chemistry

… It had never been better leading up to a season.” Significant court time was crucial for Regina’s varsity members, since Durham’s unique defense isn’t an easy one to grasp and it relies on feel rather than on strict execution. The run-and-jump press – aka “organized chaos” – requires Panthers to double-team a dribbler, typically right after a made basket. The other three Panthers on the court, meanwhile, must communicate effectively to maintain the scheme’s attacking pressure. “It’s the most difficult defense I have ever had to learn,” Welch said. “At first it was intimidating because it was so different. It took a long time to fully understand it, but it was worth it.” Durham figured her squad used the stifling defense about 80 percent of the time in this winter’s postseason. It worked wonders. When it didn’t force game-changing turnovers, it scrambled an opponent’s rhythm. Regina won its first three playoff games by an average margin of 15 point before running into Vernon Hills, a team which boasted three Division-I players. “It certainly was fun to watch,” Regina Dominican athletic director Bob Carlson said of the Panthers’ playoff run to a Sweet 16 berth. “The kids worked hard and responded so well to Kerry, who knows how to adjust her coaching style to her players’ talent. She’s not set in her ways — that’s one of her many strengths as a coach.” After Regina topped St. Viator 51-41 for the Ridgewood Regional championship in Norridge on Valentine’s Day, Durham found herself surrounded by ecstatic Panthers. Her run-and-jump-press team was running and jumping for joy. “That night,” Durham said, “I had never seen a team happier to win a game than our team was. That night I also believed it was a team most deserving of a regional championship.” ■




THe North shore weekend

04/06 – 04/07/13

Should high school football have a limited number of contact drills? by t.j. brown An attempt by a north suburban state legislator to curb the number of concussions suffered by high school football players has stalled in Springfield — but the discussion is just beginning. State Rep. Carol Sente (D-Vernon Hills) proposed a bill to limit high school teams to just one full-contact practice per week during the football season while eliminating contact drills during summer camps. After receiving feedback from area coaches and parents, she amended the bill to allow for two contact practices per week. The bill stalled in committee last week, but Sente has indicated she will introduce another version of the bill soon. Sente crafted the legislation after discussions with Northbrook neurologist Dr. Larry Robbins, who runs the Robbins Headache Clinic in Northbrook and who says he sees patients with neurological disorders attributable to football. Robbins said that he has seen studies that show high school players are hit in the head an average of 15 times per game. “It’s a matter of cumulative head trauma,” Robbins said. “There’s almost too much emphasis on (one-time) concussions. Sixty to 75 percent of all head blows come in practice.” A Boston University study surveyed head injuries across high school and college sports during the 2005-06 school year showed that football experienced the highest rate of concussions with 0.47 per 1,000 “athlete exposures.” That is double the risk of all sports and it is almost 33 percent more risk than the sport with the secondhighest concussion rate, women’s soccer (0.36 per athlete exposure). The study also shows that the concussion rate increases sevenfold during actual games to 1.55 per 1,000 athlete exposures from 0.21 in practice. This highlights a dividing line between opponents and advocates of the bill. Opponents assert contact

practices are necessary to teach technique, and regulation is a form of overreach. “We have trainers on hand, and the coaches are schooled and we’re taught to be cautious about it,” Lake Forest High School coach Chuck Spagnoli said. “People are experts in this whole field. I just don’t understand how a legislator knows better than they do.” The Illinois High School Association sets no rules governing how many days of contact a school can have during the season. The IHSA restricts practices to the two weeks before the start of the regular season, but it does not regulate contact in these practices, either. In 2000, it increased the number of allowable contact days in summer camps to 25 days. It also mandates nine days of no practice at all between the last allowable contact practice day in the summer and the first official fall practice day in August. IHSA Executive Director Marty Hickman opposed legislation and asserts that the IHSA is continually adjusting its guidelines. “Risk minimization is a high priority for the IHSA and we feel that we have proven at a state and national level that we have effective systems in place to institute quality measures to maximize the safety of our student-athletes,” Hickman said in a statement released by the IHSA last week. “If measures, such as limiting contact, are forthcoming, we would prefer to see them run their course through the processes we have in place.” Supporters of the bill included Winnetka resident and former Chicago Bear Hunter Hillenmeyer, whose playing days effectively ended after suffering his third concussion of his career in the first game of the 2010 season. An advocate for player safety as the Bears’ union representative, he wrote a letter to the House Education Committee in support of Sente’s bill. “Without (the law), a rogue, wannabe Mike Ditka youth coach will continue to

have unchecked ability to overexpose our next generation to harm, harm that is avoidable and has long-term implications,” Hillenmeyer wrote. Loyola Academy coach John Holecek played eight seasons in the NFL after playing at Illinois and Marian Catholic and has seen safety standards increase so much that he couldn’t even compare it to his playing days. “It was much more barbaric then,” he said. “Look, I played middle linebacker my whole life. I know of the consequences. Now it’s safer. People are looking for it now. We are more proactive. We have trainers at every practice.” There is also self-interest. “I don’t want to lose our best player on a meaningless tackle drill,” Holecek said. One of Holecek’s standout players, senior Luke Ford — who will play at College of the Holy Cross this fall — said contact is minimal in practice. “In what’s called contact practices, we’ve practiced in pants and pads,” Ford said. “We didn’t do a lot of live tackling, and when we did, it was all about form.” New Trier senior Devin Boehm, a wide receiver on the Trevians’ playoff qualifier this past fall, noted that head trauma and concussions have become a focus of the coaching and training staff over the last several years, but he didn’t see practice as a venue where he was at risk for head trauma. “A big thing they emphasized in practice was form tacking: putting our bodies in the proper alignment so that we’re not injuring ourselves or anyone else,” he said. “We’re not out there to lay out our own guys.” Spagnoli said that Lake Forest did not practice in full pads after the middle of September and that prior to that, he conducted two full-contact practices per week, and none containing more than seven fulltackling plays. “It’s not about a number of times you hit in practice,” Spagnoli said. “It’s a specific

point of contact. From my perspective as coach I look at it as I do on all injuries and use common sense.” “The goal of the bill was never to eliminate instances of concussions or sub-concussive hits completely in the game of football, as that would be nearly impossible to do without sacrificing the integrity of the game,” Sente said. Robbins, who said he has also spoken to U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) about a federal law addressing contact in practice, also suggested banning tackle football for children under a certain age. “I’d like to see it eliminated until children are at least 14,” he said. “You could make a case for banning it for children under 18.” Glenview resident Glenn Farkas played tackle football for 15 years, from when he was 7 until he was the starting quarterback at the University of Cincinnati as a senior. A candidate for School District 34 Board, Farkas observed Sente’s proposal from a unique perspective. As a parent, he had just agreed to let his 11-year-old son play youth football this fall. Last fall, Farkas ran for Illinois Senate as a Republican, losing to Democrat Dan Biss in District 9, a district that includes Winnetka, Wilmette, Northfield and Kenilworth. He pondered Sente’s bill and thought about how he would have voted on the bill. When it came to how many days of contact should be allowed, he had no answer. “I’m not qualified enough,” Farkas said. “I don’t know the right number. I guarantee that Carol Sente isn’t qualified, either. “It’s not their place. Right now it’s a subject people are talking about and it sounds nice, so she’s trying to get out in front of it and make it look like leadership. Is that what really needs to be done in Springfield right now with bigger issues like the state pensions and Medicaid and unemployment?” ■

04/06 – 04/07/13

sports | 79


Loyola Academy all-state forward Erin O’Connor (center), seen here in a state semifinal game against Lake Forest, finished the 2012-13 campaign with 38 goals and 14 assists.

photography by joel lerner

Sugar & Ice O’Connor skates to super sweet season for Loyola Academy

■ by bill mclean Erin O’Connor’s hockey career began with a fun-loving bribe from her father Pat. To get his daughter, then 4, to hit the ice, Pat handed her a snow cone. Erin’s eyes grew hockey-puck big in an instant. Of course she would play her father’s favorite sport after receiving such a treat. “He later gave me Sour Patch Kids candy, my favorite, to play hockey,” recalled Erin, now a Loyola Academy allstate junior forward. o’connor >> page 82

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LESS TALK... ...MORE ACTION under contract

Susan Maman

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THe North shore weekend

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FITTING THE BILL 3006 Central Street evanston

Highland Park’s Carter excelling in closer’s role


■ by kevin reiterman

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So far, the closer role has been a good fit for Liam Carter. The Highland Park High School junior relief ace brought the heat again in the seventh inning to preserve an 8-6 victory over visiting Grayslake Central on Monday. “It was nice to see him come in and close the door in the seventh,” said Dan Casey, HP’s first-year head coach. Carter is now 2-for-2 in save situations. He also sealed a win on March 28, when the Giants went south and ended up on the north end of a 3-2 decision at Illinois Valley Central. “That’s his role,” said Casey. “Two opportunities. Two saves.” With the win over the Rams, the Giants improved their overall record to 3-2. HP, which advanced to the Class 4A Elite Eight in 2012, opened the season with a 1-0 victory over highly touted Chicago Mt. Carmel. Left-hander Brett Shimanovsky, a Saint Louis University recruit, came up with a brilliant performance on the mound. He went seven innings and recorded six

strikeouts. “It was the best that I’ve seen him throw,” said Casey. Juniors David Hochstadt and Matthew Lowy were the hitting stars against Mt. Carmel. Hochstad doubled and then scored on a two-out single by Lowy. “Lowy has been our most consistent hitter so far,” Casey said. “He’s hitting around .400.” Sophomore right-hander Daniel Wagner, who is opening the season as the No. 2 starter, was impressive in the win over IVC. He allowed no runs in five innings of work. The pitching staff also features senior left-hander Justin Stern and junior righthander Zachary Nankin. Nankin notched the W against Grayslake Central. He worked four innings and allowed only two runs. Max Kreiter, one of the team’s middle relievers, worked out of the jam in the sixth inning to keep the Giants in front. Harrison Carl led the attack with three hits. Other players to watch include David Joseph, Jonathan Chudacoff, Jack Zamost, Taylor Smetana and Perry Weber. ■

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o’connor >> from 79

O’Connor’s hockey game today, in a word: sweet. The 5-foot-10 Rambler — during games she looks like a towering WNBA center in skates — completed her dominant winter on ice March 19, scoring both of Loyola’s goals in a 3-2 overtime loss to eventual state champion Lake Forest High School in an Amateur Hockey Association Illinois state semifinal at The Edge Ice Arena in Bensenville. It was impossible to miss her talent and savvy, from the way she controlled the puck efficiently and coolly to the way she retreated calmly to poke the puck away from dangerous Scouts. “Erin has great presence on the ice,” said Ramblers all-state forward Emma Wright, one of nine freshmen on a team comprised of only Loyola Academy students. “She’s a great player, a great role model.” O’Connor netted 38 goals and had 14 assists for a 14-12-2 club in 2012-13. Twenty-seven of her goals and 10 of her assists came in only 13 regular-season varsity games. The assistant captain produced her other stats in scholastic games. “What amazed me about Erin was how hard her shots were,” Wright added. “They also made plenty of noise. She either scored by hitting a post first or blasting a shot right at the net — and the net almost always made a swishing sound.” Pat O’Connor’s bribes ended when his daughter’s love for hockey was the only tug she needed to lace up her skates. Erin O’Connor has been competing with father and his hockey-loving friends since she turned 13. “That has helped me as a player,” said O’Connor, an Evanston resident who has already verbally committed to Harvard University. “My dad has taught me everything about hockey. Through the years he’s told me what I need to work on, and he’s been so supportive, as has my mom (JoAnn), who’s also really into hockey.” After last week’s playoff loss to Lake Forest, Ramblers second-year coach Conor Sedam stood rinkside, contemplating a question about what impresses him about O’Connor.

He had to pause. “Gosh, where do you start?” he said. “She’s an outstanding player, a leader on and off the ice … There’s only one of her. Everything she does on the ice she does with her head up. Erin can do it all. She moves and protects the puck, and when you do that with your head up at all times, you’re able to make the rest of your team better.” Loyola’s team last year included six seniors. The average age of the Ramblers’ squad this year is 14.5, and its only senior is captain and all-state goaltender Clare Kennedy. “Erin was fairly quiet last year because of the number of seniors we had,” Sedam said. “This year her communication skills, along with her skills as player, helped us tremendously. Look how close we were to going to the United Center (to play for the state title) with such a young team. “Erin’s leadership,” he added, “had a lot to do with that.” Loyola defenseman Maggie Cusick wanted to develop a slap shot, Wright recalled. Cusick, naturally, sought help from O’Connor, who also skated as a second-year 16U Chicago Young American this winter. “Maggie ended up having one of the best slap shots on the team,” Wright said. “With Erin around, it was like having another coach. She’s a good teacher and she’s really friendly.” O’Connor attended five — yes, five — hockey camps last summer, a load she has no intention of repeating this summer. She did become a stronger and more physical player because of all that ice time in the sweltering months, and her stickhandling skills improved. If any player deserves more time under the sun, it’s a ball-of-fire hockey player like O’Connor. But she knows that taking it easy won’t be easy. “I didn’t play hockey for two days last Thanksgiving break,” O’Connor recalled. “That was tough. I had so much energy; I had to run. “I couldn’t just stay in the house. So I went outside and ran while it snowed.” ■

04/06 – 04/07/13

giving back | 83


and are also the top reason for buying or selling a home.” Attendees can learn from a variety of renovation examples. One of the renovations includes an empty nester wanting to re-create the space because of downsized needs. On the other side of the spectrum is an expansion project, which required blowing out the walls to increase space. “Whether attendees have built a home or already renovated a kitchen – or are thinking of doing so in the future – there are so many design alternatives, new technologies, and decisions that go into a kitchen, that we all have a lot to learn,” added Kligora. A unique aspect of the tour is a “meet-and-great” with the designers, who will be stationed at each house to educate tour attendees on everything from workflow to space utilization. “It’s an opportunity to ask the minds behind the actual work,” said co-chair Jennifer Willson.

“Many of us practically live in our kitchens, so they are a very important room in any home.” | Kate Kligora

Kate Kligora and Jennifer Willson are co-chairing “Designer Kitchens of the North Shore” at homes in Wilmette and Winnetka next month.

photography by joel lerner

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Tour of home kitchens includes talksTime with fordesigners a ■ by

angelika labno


House walks on the North Shore are a way to unearth trends and to support good causes. When the Junior League of Evanston-North Shore decided to raise funds through a house walk in 2011, the women wanted to differentiate themselves by solely

body by

focusing on the heart of the home — the kitchen — and thus formed “Designer Kitchens of the North Shore.” “Many of us practically live in our kitchens, so they are a very important room in any home,” said Kate Kligora, co-chair of the Third Annual Kitchen Tour, the only home tour of its kind in the northern suburbs. “Kitchens are one of the most expensive rooms to build or renovate in a home

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This year’s self-guided kitchen tour will be held on May 3 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will include six homes in Winnetka and Wilmette. Guest speakers Brandie Malay and Barry Wood from HGTV’s Hidden Potential will offer two presentations at the Winnetka Community House along with a luncheon catered by Galleria Marchetti. New this year is a raffle boasting a Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel, a three-night stay at Miami’s ONE Bal Harbour Resort and more. The list of designers includes architectural firms Morgante-Wilson Architects and Gensburg, Toniolo, Harting Architects; custom home builders Heritage Luxury Builders; full service residential construction company Scott Lyon & Company; kitchen designer and cabinet maker Christopher Peacock; and residential design-build company Benvenuti and Stein. Founded in 1924, the Junior League of Evanston-North Shore has grown to 350 members. Last year, they raised over $30,000 for programs including “Baby Steps,” an educational baby shower for at-risk and in-need mothersto-be in the area, and “Fitting Futures,” which offers free interview attire to bolster the careers of financially challenged women. ■ To purchase tickets, visit or contact the Junior League of Evanston-North Shore office at or 847-441-0995.

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THE perfect weekend

THe North shore weekend

For John & Janice it’s a fun and winding road to Wisconsin

04/06 – 04/07/13

For the last 22 years during a weekend in November, we join the Waukegan chapter of the Antique Car Club of America for a drive from the North Shore to Bristol, Wis. It recalls the 1896 trip where they celebrated the speed limit of the first cars going from 4 mph to 14 mph in England. On Saturday we decide on which cars are running the best. We check the oil and the radiator fluid. We get the car polished up. Last year we went in a Model A. If it snows, we’ll take the ’65 Cadillac. On Sunday we leave for a McDonald’s or another North Shore spot with a big parking lot and have breakfast. There are usually more than 100 antique cars. We kick the tires and chat about the cars — we meet people we haven’t seen in a long time. We are given the route and hand it to the navigator, which is often one’s wife. The trip, by the time we wind all around, is 60 miles.

“It’s like a parade when you have these cars driving — some steam cars, Rolls Royces, all 25 years or older. People when they first see these cars are like, ‘What is this?’ ”

John Looby, who has served as chairman of the Lake Forest Annual Antique Auto Show, and his wife Janice are fond of old-fashioned cars.

photography by joel lerner

We take a different route every year. Hopefully you make all the right turns and stay friends with your navigator. It’s like a parade when you have these cars driving — some steam cars, Rolls Royces, all 25 years or older. People when they first see these cars are like, ‘What is this?’ Through certain areas, we get police escorts. My son John will drive his ’57 Ford and daughter Eileen will ride with us or take another car. We get to see some really unusual roads in Lake, McHenry and Kenosha counties. If someone breaks down, everyone helps out. No one is left stranded. When we get there we go to Jeddy’s Bar and have Bloody Mary’s and Wisconsin cheese. They’re waiting for us to come up. It’s a small place. We’ll watch the football games. Then we order the turkey dinner, which is brought from St. Francis Xavier Church next door. We wind back down home a different way. We’ll listen to the Bears’ game on the radio. If the weather’s good, we’ll try to play golf when we get back. John and Janice Looby, as told to David Sweet

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The North Shore Weekend EAST, Issue 26  

Featuring the news and personalities of Wilmette, Kenilworth, Winnetka, Northfield, Glencoe, Highland Park, Lake Forest & Lake Bluff, Illino...

The North Shore Weekend EAST, Issue 26  

Featuring the news and personalities of Wilmette, Kenilworth, Winnetka, Northfield, Glencoe, Highland Park, Lake Forest & Lake Bluff, Illino...