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BOND BOND OT TH HE BBRR O E RRSS Twins recount fighting in same bomber squadron during

World World War War ][ ][][ ][ p.12

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THe North shore weekend

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Inside This Interiors


North Shore Weekend NEWS

p. 12

12 Band of brothers Twins — one from Highland Park — went off to fight in World War II together. . Here’s what they’re up to at 91 in our inaugural Veteran Spotlight.

12 Garden spots The Chicago Botanic Garden unveils designs for two more gardens by architects in Boston and Belgium.

12 Bad binge Interior Design Ÿ Distinctive Furniture Ÿ Fine Accessories

Store Hours: Monday–Friday 9 – 4, Saturdays 10 – 2 506 N Western Ave., Lake Forest, IL

In most cases binge drinking is on the rise among North Shore teens.


(847) 295-3800

18 Sunday Breakfast


Paula Lillard has been a leader in Montessori education for decades. And her Forest Bluff School recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Real estate 25 Modest Proposals We take a look at condominiums for $500,000 and above out West where you can live while enjoying the slopes

23 Social whirl Take a look at some of the top parties attended by North Shore residents recently.

24 Your Weekend Agenda Find out about the best events coming up this weekend in the North Shore.

26 North Shore Offerings Take a look at intriguing houses in our towns.

sports 28 Champs again New Trier wins Evanston Invitational for the fifth straight time.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST… 32 The Perfect Weekend Gabriel Viti and his wife recently enjoyed a perfect weekend during their 55th anniversary.


20% OFF CARPET, RUG & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING Sale through 1/31/13

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p. 28

01/12 – 01/13/13

first word | 11


Our New Year’s resOlutiON is a cOmmON ONe.

A new feature

Reduce. Reduce. Reduce.

honors our valiant veterans


find it hard to muster an image in my mind of World War I. Whereas World War II had many moments captured on film and relived in movies — the attack on Pearl Harbor, the fury of Adolf Hitler, the dropping of the atomic bomb — World War I occurred pre-television and before radio reporting. Yes, an archduke was assassinated, poison gas was used — but does anyone possess a picture in his or her mind of such tragedies? Snoopy fighting The Red Baron is more likely to be ingrained in modern brains. In 2012, the last World War I veteran died. Not just of the United States; of anywhere. There is no one left to orally paint any picture for us what the horror was truly like (though a recent book, Five Lieutenants, is said to be a gripping look at what the war was like; one of the lieutenants profiled is Lake Forest’s George Alexander McKinlock). Fortunately, World War II veterans and others are alive on the North Shore. What stories they have to tell. This week, twin brothers — now 91 — talk about their bombing missions in the same squadron. Courtney Shanken of Highland Park points out how it seems he flew

double the missions – he was so worried about his brother’s fate in each of the 50 he endured. The duo launches our new feature, Veteran Spotlight. Often newspapers trot out veterans for stories twice a year — on Memorial Day and Veterans Day — but they deserve to be heard more frequently. They are a large reason why our free society exists. Please e-mail me if you know a veteran who has a particularly poignant story to share. Modest Proposals has become a popular real estate feature in our newspaper. This week, Katie Rose McEneely — who previously had focused on mansions and fine homes on the North Shore — puts together a list of condominiums at skiing resorts out West priced at $500,000. Yes, they’re a little more expensive than bungalows at Wilmot, but the deep powder and double black diamond slopes are pretty appealing.

it’s Our JaNuarY clearaNce sale.


we’ve selected special merchandise and reduced it all %. it’s this month only, while stock lasts, so hurry in. Because our loss is your gain.



lake forest


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12 | news ‘We would watch one another ... under enemy attack’

Veteran Spotlight

Botanic Garden announces additions to 385-acre campus

The Shanken twins recall the danger and tension of fighting in same bomber squadron during World War II ■ by

angelika labno

On Jan. 20, brothers Earl and Courtney Shanken will be celebrating their 92nd birthday at Courtney’s Palm Springs residence, where the Highland Park snow bird lives during the winter. Over the years, the twins have shared more than a birthday: they’ve tackled entrepreneurial endeavors, notched national gymnastics titles — and most importantly, endured 50 missions each as navigators in the same bomber squadron during World War II. “We requested it and kind of regretted it,” said Earl. “We would watch one another while we were under enemy attack,” said Courtney. “It was like flying 100 missions instead of 50 missions because we always sweated out the other guy.” Born in St. Louis, the boys moved around Chicago in the early 1930s. They attended the University of Chicago, where they both excelled on the gymnastics team. Earl held the NCAA long vault title in ’40, ’41 and ’42; Courtney won the all-around in 1941. Between them, they hold five gold and six bronze NCAA medals. Coming from a military family (including an uncle who was the rare pilot in World War I), the boys were eager to join the service during World War II. Two weeks after graduating in 1942, they enlisted with the intention of becoming fighter pilots and eventually landed in the Air Corps. They were sent to navigation school, and their main function was to fly over to Europe using celestial navigation, which uses stars to navigate like Columbus did, said Courtney. Once they were stationed in Manduria, Italy, they flew across Europe in B-24 bomber planes. The objective: To destroy the enemy’s ability to wage war by razing factories that built airplanes or tanks. The skies were dangerous for the 722nd Squadron of the 450th “Cottontail” Bomb Group. Key contributions include bombing rail centers in Marseilles and Nice days before D-Day, for which the French government awarded the brothers the highest military medal, the Legion of Honor.




Young Binge drinking among teens remains major problem on the North Shore ■ by

joanna brown

When a 19-year-old finance major from Palatine died after a night of binge drinking at Northern Illinois University last month, his blood alcohol content was about five times the legal limit for driving — which is 0.08 percent — at the time of his death, authorities said. At first, this death, though tragic, seemed not to have any impact on the North Shore. Then, before Christmas, 21-year-old James P. Harvey of Northfield — a member of the fraternity house where the teen was found dead — turned himself in on an arrest warrant for two counts of hazing. In all, 22 members of the Pi Kappa Alpha

Earl Shanken (left) and Courtney Shanken of Highland Park fought in the same bomber squadron in Europe during World War II.

With usually 20 planes in formation, B-24s flew wing to wing so that all the guns could be concentrated on the enemy and the bombs dropped at the same time. Out of 64 officers, only 13 survived all 50 missions — the Shanken twins being among them. Courtney recalls the most dangerous target being the heavily guarded oil fields of Ploesti, Romania. They were a significant source of oil for Nazi Germany. During one mission, Courtney’s plane was shot up so badly that it had to leave the formation. Knowing that the Germans chased after crippled planes, the crew believed their luck finally ran out. “We look up and there’s four planes diving down on us and we said, ‘Here they come, get ready,’ but as we said that, all four of the planes waved their wings to show us their United States markings. They escorted us all the way home,” said Courtney. Earl later received a Distinguished Flying Cross for leading a raid on the Ploesti fields. Courtney says his best mission was a railroad center in Bucharest. They were starting to get flak — meaning pilots >> page 16

fraternity at Northern Illinois University were charged with hazing after the death. Binge drinking — the heavy consumption of alcohol over a short period of time — often seems fun among teens and those in their early 20s who think there will be no consequences beyond, perhaps, vomiting. But as shown at Northern Illinois, lives can be shattered — and death is possible. A 2012 survey by School District 113 among Highland Park and Deerfield high school students shows that binge drinking remains a problem on the North Shore. Though sophomores who reported binge drinking in the two weeks prior to being surveyed dropped to 10 percent in 2012 from 11 percent in 2008, binge drinking during the same period by high school seniors rose to 38 percent in 2012 from 31 percent four years earlier. “It’s something to open our eyes up,” said Cher Hanson, a prevention specialist from community-based Parents. The Anti-Drug, which represents school and community leaders in Highland Park, Deerfield, Bannockburn, Highwood and Riverwoods. “They’re not the best numbers to begin with, but we never want to see an increase.” Of greatest concern to Hanson is the leap in reported drug and alcohol use between sophomore and senior years, as well as the numbers related to how easily students access alcohol. In 2012, 59 percent of local sophomores and 85 percent of local senior reported that it would be “very easy” or “sort of easy” to get alcohol if they wanted to. Hanson said her organization is working now to binge >> page 14

The proposed look of the Greenhouse and Learning Campus.

sketch courtesy of the chicago botanic garden ■ by

angelika labno

Having wrapped up its 40th anniversary in 2012, the Chicago Botanic Garden kicked off 2013 announcing a proposal to add two display gardens to its 385 acres. Landscape architects Peter Wirtz of Wirtz International and Mikyoung Kim of Mikyoung Kim Design will work towards finalizing designs for the gardens at the Glencoe campus, which will be completed in the next few years. “We are moving forward to pursue the goals of our strategic plan [“Keep Growing”], and we hope to continue the garden’s position as an international destination,” said CEO and president Sophia Siskel. The commissioned designs of Wirtz and Kim were selected from an international pool of candidates. Wirtz’s design is for the Greenhouse and Nursery Campus, and its aim is to attract visitors to a part of the garden they have most likely not visited before, said Siskel. It will also be a place to experiment or trial new kinds of plants, hopefully replacing 40-year-old buildings as a new greenhouse and nursery facility. The Botanic Garden’s greenhouses cultivate and care for over 250,000 plants. “The designer is exciting because he has a very bold architectural style that will really help balance the campus,” said Siskel. “It will be unlike anything that we have installed before.” Kim’s design is a Learning Campus garden. This new campus will be the center of the Botanic Garden’s education offerings, featuring a 28,000-square-foot Education Center for year-round classes. According to Siskel, the design will double the Botanic Garden’s ability to serve children — especially large school groups — and allow them to connect with and learn about nature and plants. The concept design includes multisensory gardens, an apiary for an apple orchard and a canopy walk. “We need our children to have safe and happy places to enjoy nature so that they can protect nature and the environment for their generation and future generations,” Siskel said. “The Learning Campus is a place that will stimulate a love and spirit of protection of nature.” “Environments for art and nature become a forum for the imagination and teach children about their place in the larger ecosystem,” Kim said. Fundraising for the new projects is underway, according to Siskel. She hopes the additions will increase the public’s awareness of the importance of nature and plants, and she highlights the number of ways the Garden services people: hosting celebrations, comforting those who are grieving, providing inspiration and teaching where one’s food comes from. “We’re really satisfying so many of the issues of our lives and of our times,” said Siskel. “If we can convey how important plants are to Earth, we have contributed something very important to our day.” ■

01/12 – 01/13/13




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Live across from the lake front on a property that is truly one of a kind. designed by ike Colburn. totally updated, coach house. Four car garage. $6,395,000

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Charming nantucket style home on 1.5 acres. 1st floor master, open floor plan, year round sunroom with views of yard. Great curb appeal, hardwood floors. $1,199,000

beautiful stanley anderson home on over 1 acre east of sheridan Rd. brand new kitchen & baths. new stainless steel appliances. new hardwood floors. $1,175,000

*Source MRED (1/1/12 - 12/31/12)





THe North shore weekend binge >> from 12


strengthen protective factors, including the accessibility of alcohol, the disapproval of local parents, and the perceived risk of harm. When asked how wrong their parents feel it is for students to drink alcohol regularly, 89 percent of sophomores and 67 percent of seniors said it would be “wrong” or “very wrong.” “If your liquor cabinet is monitored, it is not as easy to access,” Hanson said. “Maybe you trust your kids, but if there’s a group of kids in your house it’s hard for them to say ‘No, we can’t do that.’ ” At Lake Forest High School, Andy Duran — executive director of LEAD and the Speak Up Prevention Collection in town — said 47 percent of seniors and 19 percent of sophomores reported binge drinking in the 2012 Illinois Youth Survey, an increase over previous years’ data. “Having a drink a week or something at a party is illegal and it’s wrong, but binge drinking is a whole other thing because it means you’re looking to get drunk — or if you didn’t set out to be that way, that’s how you end up,” he said. “And once you are that drunk, you’re more likely to make another poor decision.” Duran echoed the importance of parents’ disapproval of their children’s drinking. “What we’ve found is that a 10 percent drop in the perception of parents’ disapproval translates to a 22 percent increase in teen drinking. So parents have a big role to play,” he said. “Parents can’t let their students guess how they feel. Being clear about your expectations and the consequences is crucial.” Nationally, statistics show binge drinking among teens in decline. A survey by the National Institute on Drug Abuse reveals that binge drinking fell from a

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1840 Skokie Boulevard Northbrook, IL 60062 847.835.2400


01/12 – 01/13/13

high of 32 percent of high school seniors who reported binge drinking in 1998 to 24 percent of high school seniors in 2012. On the other hand, the same 2012 survey shows that seniors (24 percent) are much more likely to binge drink than sophomores (16 percent). New Trier High School District 203 surveys students about binge drinking. Director of communications Nicole Dizon said the most recent results will be reported this month. Assistant superintendent for student services Tim Hayes said local information in the past has reflected the same slow decline in teen drinking that has been reported on the national level. But he said he still occasionally hears that a parent has hosted a party where alcohol was consumed. “There are a lot of studies to show that when parents host parties their kids are more likely to develop problems with alcohol than kids whose parents forbid the use of alcohol while they are underage,” Hayes said. The drinking age in every state in the country, including Illinois, is 21. “What’s troubling to me is the perception teens have that everybody is drinking and everybody is taking drugs. Fewer people are doing it than they think are,” he added. Hanson recommended that parents continue the conversation with their children at home. News of a college student’s death after a night of binge drinking, she said, is an opportunity for families to talk about their rules and the social consequences of drug and alcohol use. “These are times to connect with your teen. When 51 percent of 12th graders are using alcohol, it could very well be your teen, and teens are talking about the news just as much at their parents are.” ■

What does your smile say about you?

ExpEriEncE thE diffErEncE! “‘I consider my office a one-stop dentist’s office,’ said Goduco, who, in one morning, could complete a simple examination of patient, treat another patient’s temporomandibular joint disorder, diagnose obstructive sleep apnea in a third patient and cap the stretch by securing a crown for a fourth.” -Bill McLean, The North Shore Weekend Loyola University SchoolWhy of Dentistry graduate Goduco not give yourself whatDr. you’ve alwaysprides wanted... himself on his ethics anda his focus for doing what is rightand forhis hiscaring healthy, beautiful smile? Dr. Goduco team are ready to transform your smile patients at all times.

with leading-edge restorative and aesthetic dentistry that focuses on you. Dr. Goduco is a Lake Forest resident with a practice in Vernon Hills They listen to your needs and create a custom program that he has had open since 1992. your smile and improve your confidence. to enhance Why wait any longer? Call us today at 847-327-0056 forayour complimentary consultation. “I’m an optimistic person, happy person. And I firmly believe in

continuing education, which helps me provide comprehensive, Visit to learn more about quality care.” -Dr. Goduco our Special Whitening offer!

Philip V. Goduco DDS, MAGD, FADI, D.ABDSM Creating Beautiful Smiles for 25 years 281 EVERGREEN DR. | VERNON HILLS, IL 60061


• Snoring & Sleep Apnea Treatment • Dental Implants • Whitening Philip V. Goduco DDS, MAGD, FADI, D.ABDSM • Cosmetic & • Invisalign® Creating Beautiful Smiles for 25 Restorative Dentistry•years General Dentistry • Porcelain Veneers EVERGREEN DR. | VERNON HILLS, IL 60061

281 847.327.0056


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news | 15




THe North shore weekend

shoW more oF less

Show off the body you’ve always dreamed of.

01/12 – 01/13/13

social media

Contemporary art

is true passion for Glencoe resident ■ by

Join us for a Very Cool EvEnt

Tuesday, January 15th 6–8 p.m. live demonstrations begin at 6:30 rSVP to lynn or Katie at 847-234-1177

800 N. Westmoreland rd. Suite 100C, lake Forest

CoolSculpting Special: Buy 3 Areas Get 1 Free ($650 value)

katie rose mceneely

Rena Sternberg of Glencoe has had her eponymous gallery (whose Web site is for 25 years; she also serves as an art consultant. Her specialty is emerging contemporary artists, and she is involved in Chicago’s contemporary art scene. Reading: The book I just finished is “Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet,” by Jamie Ford. I always like books that take you to a different culture and a different era, and of course it’s a good love story. Listening: Currently I’m listening to “Call Me Maybe” (Carly Rae Jepsen) and PSY (“Gangnam Style”). I’m trying to be current for my daughter’s wedding. I love it! Watching: I’m trying to get into “Homeland,” but every time I start watching it, I end up walking out of the room right before something happens. So, not too much TV. The last movie I saw was “Silver Linings Playbook.” It was really good. Following: I’m always looking at contemporary art blogs, museum websites, upcoming art shows, anything that will educate me. is a good site [to get an understanding of contemporary art] and aside form the art stuff, I love to cook, so I look at recipe blogs; my favorite is Activity: Three of my children are getting married over a fivemonth period, so between my business and my big family, I’m busy. I also conduct contemporary art tours twice a month in Chicago; my tours go to a lot of galleries and artist pilots >> from 12


lake Forest: 800 N. Westmoreland Rd. Suite 100C | 847.234.1177 Wilmette: 3612 W. Lake Ave 2nd Floor | 847.853.7900 CoolSculpting® is the revolutionary new body contouring treatment that freezes fat. Patients are seeing undeniable and lasting results in as little as one treatment. There are no needles, no special diet, no supplements and no surgery. It’s FDA-cleared, safe and proven effective. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

the enemy was shooting at them. He said one was usually in the flak for five or six minutes, but in calculating their ground speed, Courtney knew it would take 32 minutes to get to the city center. It was one of those moments, he says, where people make promises like going to church every Sunday if they make it out alive. He, however, had someone else on his mind — a girl back in Chicago, Edith, with whom he was corresponding with throughout the war. “I said, ‘If I make this, I’m gonna ask Edie to marry me.’ I made it, so I had to ask her.” They’ll be married 68 years this March. Earl, a first lieutenant and lead navigator for 18 missions, also narrowly escaped death. There were two missions that day, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, but Earl was pulled off the morning mission. His crew was shot down, and

Rena Sternberg

talks. It’s very different when you hear an artist speak about their art while you look at an exhibition. I always learn something. Eating: I’ve always loved everything Asian. And my husband has become a piebaker; I’d put his butterscotch meringue pie up against anyone’s. What is your favorite mistake? Several years ago — like, over 20 years ago — my husband and I were in New York and my husband wanted to buy a painting. I hated it and made him put it in his office; I said, “If you have to buy it, I don’t want to look at it.” It sat there until two summers ago, when I did an inventory of our art collection and found out it was by a very famous contemporary artist. I made him move it into our house, and now it hangs in my dining room. All of a sudden, I love it. ■ no one survived. For the second mission, Earl asked his brother to fly with him as a nose gunner, as he was quite shook up. It was the one mission the brothers flew together in the same plane. “They are probably the luckiest men I know of,” said Courtney’s daughter, Sandy Woycke. After returning home in 1945, Courtney started his life in Chicago with Edie raising three children. He has lived in Highland Park for about 50 years. Earl had two daughters with a Mexican native, with whom he lived in Mexico for a few years. The brothers bought or opened several businesses, a couple of which are still thriving today. Courtney became heavily involved in gymnastics and even sat on board the U.S. Olympic Committee for 12 years. The nonagenarians still play golf together. As Earl puts it, the secret to a long and healthy life is “lots of Scotch and a good wife.” “ I have no complaints,” added Courtney. ■

01/12 – 01/13/13

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Lake Forest: 847.234.0485 Lake Bluff: 847.234.0816


855 Rosemary Road Lake Forest, Illinois Exceptional English manor home designed by Howard Van Doren Shaw. Outstanding details, fabulous kitchen, sunroom & formal gardens. 6 BRs, 6.2 baths | $5,900,000 |



i St





y da



950 Woodbine Place Lake Forest, Illinois Privacy abounds on lush 1.3 acre including the main house, pool house & vintage coach house. Absolutely gorgeous inside and out. 5 BRs, 8.1 baths | $3,650,000 |

1240 N. Sheridan Road Lake Forest, Illinois Set on 1.2 acres in East Lake Forest, this home has been renovated & expanded to perfection! Traditional Concepts kitchen & master bath. 6 BRs, 5.2 baths | $2,550,000 |



1351 N. Green Bay Road Lake Forest, Illinois Gracious 5000+ SF home nestled on nearly 1.5 acres of spectacular property in East Lake Forest. Great floor plan with 1st floor master. 5 BRs, 4.1 baths | $1,550,000 |

88 Paganica Drive Barrington Hills, Illinois One owner French Country style red brick custom home located on a magnificent 5 acre setting with breathtaking views, 5 fireplaces & screened porch. 7 BRs, 7.1 baths | $1,175,000 |

420 Farrington Drive Lincolnshire, Illinois

Why should you work with

Griffith, Grant & Lackie?

#1 #1 #1

Stunning 5455 s.f. home with gorgeous pond & conservancy views, luxurious kitchen & baths, screened porch & exceptional 1st floor master retreat. 5 BRs, 3.1 baths | $1,299,000 |

in Lake Forest productivity per agent* in Lake Bluff productivity per agent*

in Lake Bluff overall market share*

*Based on 2012 statistics from Midwest Real Estate Data, LLC

1343 Inverlieth Road Lake Forest, Illinois Meticulously cared for Colonial on a premium lot. Great floor plan with large rooms, gleaming hardwood floors and updated kitchen. 5 BRs, 2.1 baths | $875,000 |


1919 IL Route 73 Richmond, Illinois One of a kind custom log home offers privacy & spectacular views on gorgeous 6.31 acre wooded site. Gourmet kitchen & luxurious baths. 4 BRs, 2.2 baths | $849,000 |

1050 Griffith Road Lake Forest, Illinois Major rehab/renovation in 2006. Super kitchen with granite and handsome cabinetry. Walking distance to town, train and high school. 4 BRs, 4.2 baths | $795,000 |







442 W. Witchwood Lane Lake Bluff, Illinois Beautiful and impeccably maintained Colonial in the West Terrace. Updates galore! Kitchen with granite, full fin. basement, hardwood floors. 4 BRs, 2.1 baths | $499,900 |

678 N. Western Avenue | Lake Forest, Illinois 60045 | 8 E. Scranton Avenue | Lake Bluff, Illinois 60044 | |



18 | lifestyle & arts sunday breakfast ■ by

david sweet

When Paula Lillard attended grade school in Dayton, Ohio, she enjoyed building a cave and a teepee in class. But by the time junior high arrived, time didn’t fly for the 12-year-old — it crawled. “I can remember sitting at my desk, looking at that clock, waiting for 3:16,” said Lillard, a Lake Forest resident. “I was very bored by that time. It was the typical regimentation. School was something to tolerate.” At that point in her life, Lillard had never heard of a woman named Maria Montessori, an Italian educator. Today, Lillard is the foremost practitioner of Montessori education in the United States, where desks and regimentation are unknown. Forest Bluff School, which she co-founded in Lake Bluff, just celebrated its 30th anniversary. She has written books about Montessori education, including “Montessori Today: A Comprehensive Approach to Education from Birth to Adulthood.” The journey from a rigid Ohio classroom to successfully implementing a somewhat unknown and often misunderstood educational philosophy in Illinois has been a memorable one for Lillard, who sat down for a breakfast of mixed berries at The Deer Path Inn recently. “We’ve done what we set out to do in having as classic a Montessori school as possible,” Lillard said. “That’s important because the biggest challenge for Montessori going forward globally is for people to understand it. You have to see it, to see the students respond. You can’t grasp it intellectually if it’s not in your experience.” A few years after graduating from Smith College in Massachusetts with an education major, Lillard had

married her husband John, and their children were attending Cincinnati Country Day School. After it introduced a Montessori pre-kindergarten, Lillard joined as an assistant and was involved in the program for eight years. During that time, she also created a training program for Montessori at Xavier University, which still exists today. Soon after moving to Lake Forest in 1972, Lake Forest Country Day School Headmaster Sam Parkman invited Lillard to teach a kindergarten Montessori class. She appreciated the opportunity, but she also realized that she wanted to implement Montessori principles in full. “They called it Montessori, but it really wasn’t. A new group of students arrived every September and said goodbye in May,” said Lillard, whose Forest Bluff students often have the same teacher for three-year stretches. “Seeing their response when saying goodbye I thought, ‘Something’s wrong with this.’ It is the relationship between the student and teacher where the learning takes place.” Lillard took Montessori training in Milwaukee with Forest Bluff cofounder Jane Linari in the early 1980s with the idea of starting a preschool. Her daughter Lynn Jessen, another co-founder, opened the school at East School in Lake Bluff as Lillard and Linari learned more. But halfway through the training, Lillard and Linari knew they couldn’t just stop at preschool — they wanted a full school. In 1989, after serving children in a variety of buildings (including the poorly designed Lake Forest High School West Campus), Forest Bluff opened its own spot near the Lake Bluff train station. It was a year after Laurie Dann had killed a child and injured other students in a Winnetka

school. That, Lillard said, influenced Forest Bluff’s look. “Every classroom has access to the outside of the building. A teacher can open the door and ask Cynthia to press the button for the police,” Lillard said. “Now we have all the state-of-the-art materials for security — glass that doesn’t break.” The 150-student school offers features counterintuitive to modern schooling. There is no homework, no tests and no sports teams. Students – who shake their teachers’ hand and look them in the eye at the beginning of each day -- make their own lunches. At a young age, they give oral reports and keep journals. Independence, a love of learning and courtesy are key concepts Forest Bluff wishes to foster for a lifetime. Recent alumni have attended Yale, Princeton, Stanford and other top universities after completing high school, often at East Coast boarding schools. Lillard’s youngest daughter, Paula Preschlack, is now in charge of the school after teaching for many years, and Jessen is still heavily involved. Lillard is proud of their work, though she did not push them to follow her into Montessori teaching. “I know how hard the work of a teacher is. There’s only one job harder — being a parent,” Lillard said. “A teacher gets to go home at the end of the day.” Does Montessori’s premier educator miss teaching herself? “Oh yes. Yes yes yes,” Lillard said. “I will always miss that.” ■

The Montessori way

Paula Lillard

illustration by barry blitt

Kids, dogs, chairs, Chicago weather... life can be rough on your hardwood floors. Restoring their beauty is easy with Buff & Coat® Hardwood Floor Renewal. Buff & Coat® is the eco-friendly solution to restoring and protecting your home’s greatest asset.

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Jamie Roth 847.219.6400

Highland Park Office

2012 Performance

Represented the Seller

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4410 Concord, Skokie

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1111 Crofton, Highland Park

1788 Cavell, Highland Park





272 Sylvan, Glencoe

1247 Oxford, Deerfield

2100 Valencia, Northbrook

766 Timber Hill, Highland Park



Sold aS ShoRt Sale

Rented in 22 dayS

2741 Roslyn, Highland Park

1356 Sprucewood, Deerfield

1041 Sanctuary, Vernon Hills

1005 Central, Highland Park

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M BA , J D, S F R


At Home. Ever y where.

Rented in 7 dayS 320 North, Lake Bluff

My 2013 Market is Heating Up. Call Me to Help You Navigate It Successfully.

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709 Central, Deerfield

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Market Time based on Listing Market Time per MREDLLC

706 Lorraine, Highland Park



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s gain




es Sal

Start shopping January 17-19! The weather outside might be frightful, but the upcoming Indoor SIDEWALK SALE makes shopping Downtown Highland Park delightful! Enjoy discounts on all your must-haves, from men’s and women’s fashions; home furnishings and decor; jewelry; children’s toys and games; goodies and more. Bundle up and save big in Downtown Highland Park!

Visit for participating retailers.

Downtown HP

Downtown Highland Park

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01/12 – 01/13/13

lifestyle & arts | 21


Love & marriage A 2013 resolution for you: Have more date nights

■ by

joanna brown

I’m fairly certain that I caused more than a few heated “discussions” among my most favorite married couples when I asked: When was your last date night? When was the last time that you and your spouse got dressed up, found a babysitter and went out on a Saturday night for adult conversation? The responses I heard ranged from three weeks ago to three months ago. I didn’t dare ask for an explanation, as I’ve given all the excuses myself several times over. The wives I queried have kids, jobs, and unanticipated household expenses, all eating away at disposable incomes. “There aren’t any movies worth seeing,” “the babysitter isn’t available,” “the fiscal cliff made me do it” — the list continues. But the experts say we’re being dumb — penny wise and pound foolish, actually — as date nights strengthen relationships. The National Marriage Project of the University of Virginia aims to analyze the health of marriage in America and identify strategies for improving its quality. Leaders have identified five ways in which date nights

foster stronger marriages and compiled them in “The Date Night Opportunity: What does couple time tell us about the potential value of date nights?” 1. Dates remove distractions that children and job responsibilities provide and foster better communication between partners. This is especially important, the report says, because individuals continuously change. Date nights allow couples to touch base and stay current, and maybe even find support for new challenges. 2. Dates provide novelty in a relationship that spans years or decades. When life is otherwise habitual, it’s easy to take people and relationships for granted. Dates that provide exciting, active, or unusual activities serve to counter that, and keep the quality of a relationship high. 3. The romantic love that floods the beginning of a relationship wanes over time, but date nights serve to keep it coming. 4. The happiest couples, the report suggests, put one another first, steer clear of other romantic opportunities and cultivate a strong sense of “we-ness.” In other words, they take seriously their commitment. Dates signal to others and to each partner that we take our relationships seriously. 5. Dates relieve stress, one of the biggest threats to a relationship. Work, finances, parenthood and illness can make one or both partners irritable, withdrawn and otherwise difficult to live with. The report, available at http://nationalmarriageproject. org, offers a slew of facts and figures that relate how weekly “couple time” impacts various measures of happiness and

marital contentment. Of most interest was that they found no evidence that couple time was any more helpful to married people with children than to those without kids. So what do we do now? First, find a babysitter. Then scan Your Weekend Agenda for some ideas. Pull up your local Chamber of Commerce’s website and pick a restaurant you’ve never been to. Or be more adventurous. The Winnetka Wine Shop offers tastings on Thursdays, and The Lake Bluff Brewing Co. gives tours on Sundays (reservations are required). Northfield’s Lehman School of performing Arts offers private ballroom dance classes. Or take a cooking class at Wilmette’s Backyard BBQ Store. ■ Love & Marriage columnist Joanna Brown can be reached at

harry bliss/the new yorker collection/

Lake Forest Frame & Design Studio Open Tuesday–Friday 10 a.m.– 5 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.–2 p.m., or by appointment 204 East Westminster, Lake Forest | 847.234.0755 |



lifestyle & arts

Let’s Talk Real Estate by Jean Wright, President/Broker Owner Crs,GrI

The SecreT To SucceSSful Buying There’s an old secret to buying a new home that Realtors® have known for years. Don’t buy the most expensive property in the community. This secret is a tactic that’s been tested and proven over time, and if you follow it while shopping for your dream home, you’ll be investing in both your home and your future possibilities for its resale value. While it’s appealing to buy a home in a well-established community full of modern homes and meticulously maintained lawns, what happens to that neighborhood in a soft market? What would the ramifications be for your home, valued highest in the neighborhood, is suddenly flanked on all sides by a slew of lesser-valued homes? What happens is this: your perfectly maintained home will be undermined, despite its state-of-the-art amenities, its sleek, modern kitchen and its impressive whirlpool tubs. Your ability to sell your home will be compromised by its proximity to a number of lesser-priced homes, while those same homes will benefit from their proximity to your home. In a market evaluation, this phenomenon is called the negative effect. As a home buyer, it’s incredibly important to be informed and educated in home value trends and the real estate market, especially in light of the turbulence of recent years. Every home is an investment, so make sure you engage the services of a professional Realtor® to help you make an informed, well-planned decision and don’t forget to keep the secret of successful buying in mind as your tour your potential dream home. For professional advice from an experienced Realtor, call Jean Wright at (847) 217-1906 or email at

Join our 6 week body transformation contest and lose body fat, feel better and have fun! Winning team takes home $1,500 cash prize. Contest open to non-gym members! | 1480 Old Deerfield Road, #8, Highland Park | 847-780-4932

THe North shore weekend

01/12 – 01/13/13

‘Let your palate be your guide,’ suggests Brittsan ■ by katie rose mceneely Benjamin Brittsan is the executive chef and owner of Benjamin Brasserie in Highland Park. He lives in Glencoe. Did you cook growing up? I did. I guess I could say it started with my mother, and I always watched “The Frugal Gourmet” on Channel 11 (WTTW). I’ve been cooking all my life. What made you decide to become a professional chef? I’m a musician as well and I’ve kind of dispersed my time among a lot of things, but what made me decide on this profession was that no matter what I was doing, I always missed cooking. I think that motivated me to solidify my career as a chef. I don’t see myself doing anything else. Best advice? Read and experiment as much as possible. And don’t follow a recipe — cooking is a philosophy, not a recipe. Let your palate be your guide. Favorite dish on the menu? Right now — even though we’re switching menus soon — is our seared scallops. Favorite food to make? I like working with fish. I think it’s because the ocean is so vast and deep and there’s more of a fascination of what you can do with it. Fish can take on a lot of different flavors; you can do more than you can with poultry, game, or beef. What do you like to eat at home? My fiancée is a chef as well. I like to eat whatever she cooks — she has a really good touch. Favorite tool? A Robot Coupe — it’s a really, really powerful food processor. It could probably crush rocks.

Benjamin Brittsan Favorite cookbook? “White Heat” by Marco Pierre White, and also the Boulevard Restaurant in San Francisco’s cookbook. I always go back to those. Funniest kitchen incident? I should have tasted it. But we were doing a catering event and we had made panna cotta — this mistake happens more frequently than not, but it was still embarrassing — but the chef used salt instead of sugar. It was an unfortunate surprise. Benjamin Brasserie Highland Park is located at 1849 Second Street, Highland Park. For more information, call 847-7488737 or visit ■

01/12 – 01/13/13

lifestyle & arts | 23


A Cracking Good Time photography by bob carl The 25th Annual Nutcracker Family Dinner was held last month at the Palmer House Hilton in the State and Grand Ballrooms. The event raised over $150,000 for Joffrey programs and performances, and there were 650 attendees. The evening featured entertainment for children and adults alike, a traditional family- style meal, and of course, a performance of Robert Joffrey’s The Nutcracker. Co-Chaired by Women’s Board members Laura Kofoid and Carol Stone, the delightful evening began at the Palmer House in the State Ballroom, with cocktails, punch, lively entertainment and special “Creation Stations.” ■

Elsa Silva, Enrique Toledo, Gaby Ernst, Amelia Silva & Ana Ernst Corinne melchior, helen hall-melchior, fay robb & melissa robb

ashley wheater, yolanda tyler & brian johnson

Laura kofoid & carla stone donnaskin sims-wilson, tighteningshelby wilson & frank wilson iv

wrinkle reduction sun damage reversal skin texture rejuvenation

Time for a renovation? justin & jonna baker

body by

No, not the house.

mike Gillitzer, finnian & darcy gillitzer

body contouring cellulite reduction acne improvement laser hair removal


brent hawkins & yolanda tyler

100s of crunches will only take you so far

Under the Auspices of Steven Bloch, MD


glenview 847.901.0800


After 30 years of experience as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Bloch has earned h i g h l a n d paareputation r k 8 4 7 . 4of 3 2innovation . 0 4 2 6 | and w wexcellence w . s k i n dine ehis pm e d iconsidered c a l s p a . c an om field, expert amongst experts by his peers. It’s this reputation that has lead to appearances on television programs such as the Oprah Winfrey Show and multiple features in major publications such as Vogue and Allure.

Surgical Practice 847.432.0840 1160 Park Ave. West, Suite 2E Highland Park

Highland Park Med Spa 847.432.0426 1160 Park Ave. West, Suite 2E Highland Park

Glenview Med Spa 847.901.0800 1986 Tower Dr. Glenview



lifestyle & arts

THe North shore weekend


Dearborn Observatory | 2131 Tech Dr.

The Letters

Evanston | 8-10pm | Free | 847-491-7650

Glencoe Writer’s Theatre | 664 Vernon Ave.

The Dearborn Observatory is open for public viewing; reservations are required for the first hour. Walk-ins are welcome in the second hour. The dome is not heated, so dress appropriately. Friday evening sessions are held “rain or shine.” The Dearborn is not ADA-accessible.

Glencoe | 2pm & 6pm | Tickets $60 | 847-242-

Saturday JANUARY 12

What to do on the North Shore in your leisure time

Thyme in the Kitchen Cooking Class: Hearty Winter Soups Sunset Foods - Lake Forest Cooking Studio |

friday JANUARY 11

825 S. Waukegan Rd. Lake Forest | 10:30am - 1:30pm | Hands-on, $65 per parent/child station or $80

Art is Alive in Highland Park

per 2-person station | Call 847-810-0484 24

The Art Center – Highland Park |

hours before the event to register;

1957 Sheridan Road, Highland Park | 6:30-9pm

| Free | 847-432-1888 or

This class will review methods of preparing stock and then make a Quick Chicken Stock. You’ll use the stock as the base for a duo of international soups: Zesty Mexican Tortilla and Hearty Italian Minestrone. Chef Mary Kay Gill will also demonstrate Celery Root Chowder with Wild Rice. This menu can be altered for Vegetarian and Gluten-free preferences upon request..

View the finalists and winners of the third annual Art is Alive in Highland Park juried art contest. Mayor Nancy Rotering will distribute awards to all the finalists and name the winners of this year’s competition. Sponsored by the Highland Park Cultural Arts Commission. Exhibit runs Jan. 11–26.

The Dearborn Observatory – Public Viewing

01/12 – 01/13/13

Sunday JANUARY 13

6000 or When Anna is called in for a meeting with her superior, everything seems to be going well. But nothing is quite as it seems in this thriller of politics and disinformation set in 1930s Russia. Written by John W. Lowell, directed by Kimberly Senior, and featuring Kate Fry and Mark Montgomery. Runs through March 3.

Doctoral Piano Recital: Rachael Kerr Northwestern University Lutkin Memorial Hall | 700 University Pl., Evanston | Free | 847-4674000 Doctoral candidate Rachael Kerr, student of Sylvia Wang, will perform the following: Claude Debussy, “En blanc et noir,” for 2 Pianos, L. 134; Ludwig van Beethoven, “Sonata No. 31 in A-flat Major, Op. 110”; and Antonín Dvořák, “Piano Quintet No. 2 in A Major, Op. 81, B. 155.” None of these tickle your fancy? Here a few suggestions from our editors: Take a walk on any one of the Openlands trails; see for a complete list. | The second episode of Downton Abbey’s third season will air Jan. 13 at 8 p.m. on PBS (WTTW). | Take a trek downtown! Admission to the Art Institute of Chicago is free to Illinois residents every weekday through Feb.13.

260 South, Glencoe

$1,399,000 | 6 Bedrooms, 4 1/2 Bathrooms Nestled On A Park, Blocks From The Lake—Classic Newer Traditional Residence. With A Gracious 2 Story Foyer, Living Areas Unfold Offering A Flexible Floor Plan For Today’s Lifestyle And Perfect For Entertaining Or Quiet Evenings. A Master Suite Offers A Quiet Oasis With Luxurious Bath and Sunny Sitting Room. Finished Lower Level Provides Additional Space For Hours Of Enjoyment. Steps From Trails & Town— Welcoming You Home! For Private Showing: Gloria Matlin | (847) 835-6058 | © 2012 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker® is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Office is Operated by Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate LLC.

Real Estate | 25 Modest Proposals

Condominiums at ski destinations for $1 million or less


9670 E Utah Two Ten Highway S, Alta

JACKSON HOLE, WY 2310 Greenwood Ave., Wilmette

WHAT: 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condominium. HOW MUCH: $575,000 SIZE: 1,708 square feet PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT: $336 SETTING: Alta has been a ski destination

completely rebuilt in 2002 and includes a garage and laundry facilities. OUTDOOR SPACE: Fabulous views towards ski hill. Convenient to both Snowbird and Alta. CONTACT: Ivan James Oliver of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage; 801-467-9000 or

WHAT:2-bedroom, 3-bathroom condominium. HOW MUCH: $715,000 SIZE: 1,137 square feet PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT: $629 SETTING: 12 miles northwest of Jackson,

INDOORS: Furnished with various and sun-

since the late 1930s, and does not allow snowboarding. INDOORS: Unfurnished interior was

this is the largest and most popular ski area in Wyoming.

dry amenities, including a spa. OUTDOOR SPACE: West facing with direct ski area and mountain views. CONTACT: Jeff & Kelli Ward of Jackson Hole Sotheby’s Realty; 307-733-9009 or

3335 W. Village Drive, Teton Village


exercise room, hot tub, dry sauna, owner storage, underground parking, game room, plus a cafe, bar, and restaurant. OUTDOOR SPACE: Mountain views located at the base of the lifts. CONTACT: Keith Dowell of Taos Ski Valley realty; 575-776-0600 or pages/TAOSMLSNM/92811/

WHAT:3-bedroom, 3-bathroom condominium. HOW MUCH: $999,000 SIZE: 1,236 square feet PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT: $808 SETTING: European-style ski resort in the

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INDOORS: Furnished condo boasts a pool

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28 | sports

All-star gathering

Area swim darts are sensational — three meet records — at Evanston Invite Lake Forest’s Daniel Smith competes in the Evanston Invitation on Saturday.

photography by j.geil ■ by

bill mclean

Loyola Academy’s boys swimming and diving team capped a week of training in Naples, Fla., by ringing in the New Year. At the stroke of midnight Jan. 1 in southwest Florida, one of the 18 Ramblers was probably thinking about his new and improved freestyle stroke. In late 2012, senior Ben Pasquesi started working on lengthening the stroke with Loyola coach Mike Hengelmann. “Just trying to improve my DPS,” Pasquesi said at the Evanston Invitational on Jan. 5. DPS is short for distance per stroke. “I needed to get more pull,” he added. “I’d been crossing over too much.” Hengelmann needed only words to toast Pasquesi’s first two efforts in 2013. Pasquesi sped to season-best times in the 200-yard freestyle (1:50.68, 11th place) and 500 free (5:02.43, 14th) at the 18-team Evanston Invite. “It’s a breakthrough meet for Ben,” said Hengelmann, whose crew finished fourth (2,722 points) at the highly competitive gathering. “The whole team trained hard over the winter break, and it was nice to see them get up for a big meet like this. “I think the two best teams in the state (New Trier and Lake Forest high schools) are here.” NT (3,145) and LF (2,851) finished 1-2. The meet also featured brilliant stars. Four swimmers — LF seniors Peter Grumhaus and Colin Rowe, Loyola senior Andrew Jovanovic and Glenbrook South sophomore Jon Salomon — each won two events. New Trier seniors Reed Malone and Jack Mangan each swam on a victorious relay.

I was angry, and I wanted redemption.” — Daniel Smith Lake Forest HS New Trier

Trevians coach Mark Onstott stood on a bleacher seat as the second of three heats in the 400 free relay was staged. His twotime reigning state champions would soon capture a fifth straight Evanston Invite. But he wasn’t ecstatic. “We have a ways to go,” he said with a straight face. “All in all, everybody was solid. But there’s still work to do and you can’t win the state meet today.” Jae Park hinted a Trevians practice always has a state-meet feel. The NT junior appreciates being surrounded by Division-I fish like Malone and Mangan. “I love racing and I love how competitive our team is,” said Park, who clocked season-best times in the 200 IM (1:56.27, second place) and 100 breaststroke (1:00.01, third) at the Evanston Invite — NT’s first invite of the season. “My teammates motivate me.” Park ran for NT’s cross country program as a sophomore. But too many swimming commitments last fall prevented him from racing on land. Park cruised as leg No. 2 in the triumphant 200 medley relay (1:36.99) at Evanston, joining Michigan-bound Mangan, senior Brian Walsh and senior anchor David Schriesheim. USC-bound

Malone anchored the first-place 200 free unit (1:28.95, with Schriesheim and seniors David Tao and John Dina). NT finished runner-up in eight events, including Park’s finish in the 200 IM. Malone silvered in the 200 free (1:42.8) and 500 free (4:42.39); Mangan touched second in the 100 free (48.05) and 100 backstroke (52.45); Tao was runner-up in consecutive races (22.18 in the 50 free, 53.19 in the 100 butterfly); and the 400 free relay of Malone, Dina, Walsh and Mangan combined for a 3:12.3. Walsh placed third in the 100 fly (53.27) and fourth in the 200 IM (2:01.22), and senior teammate Denver Freeman swam faster than his seed time to finish sixth in the 500 free (4:52.4). Freeman also contributed a fourth-place 1:47.26 in the 200 free. “He’s a great captain,” Park said of Freeman. “He never complains and he’s always positive.” Schriesheim’s third top-six effort at the invite came in the 50 free (22.63, fifth place). Lake Forest

Anger can be a wonderful emotion. Scouts sophomore Daniel Smith found that out during his leg of the 400 free relay at the Evanston Invite. Two events earlier, his hands slipped at the start of the 100 back. Nobody recovers from such a beginning, especially for a swimmer like Smith whose strength in the event is the start. Smith finished 10th in the back (57.0) after entering the race with a seed time of 54.11. “I was angry,” he admitted. “And I wanted redemption.” Smith got it in the 400 free relay, motoring to a personal-best split of 48 seconds as leg No. 3. Rowe (lead-off), Grumhaus (anchor)

and senior Bogdan Balteanu swam the other legs for the first-place unit (3:11.89) — one of the Scouts’ meet-best five championships. “Daniel,” said LF coach Cindy Dell, “is brilliant, such a student of the sport. I was proud of the way he bounced back after his slip.” Grumhaus made Dell beam as well, after setting a meet record in the 500 free (4:39.17) to supplant the mark (4:39.48, in 2010) held by former New Trier Trevian CJ Smith. Grumhaus also topped the 200 free field with a 1:42.6. Rowe also left the Wildkits’ natatorium with a pair of individual gold medals, via his efforts in the 50 free (21.79) and 100 free (47.55), and anchored the runner-up 200 medley relay (1:38.02, with Grumhaus, Smith and Balteanu). Balteanu contributed significant points in the 200 IM (2:00.39, third) and 100 breast (1:01.07, fourth). Apparently the Scouts’ pre-meet practice, held from 7:30-9 a.m. at LFHS, didn’t hamper Dell’s squad in the least in the afternoon. “We focused on aerobic swims, getting little bursts of speed,” Dell said. “It’s something we do on invite days to get their heart rates up. “Their confidence is up, too,” she added. Scouts sophomore Michael LeMay (seventh, 100 back, 56.19) missed a medal by a spot. LF senior diver Andrew Marsh, meanwhile, finished third at the New Trier diving invite Jan. 5. Loyola Academy

Northwestern-bound Jovanovic left his mark at Evanston by breaking two meet swim >> page 33

01/12 – 01/13/13





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THe North shore weekend

01/12 – 01/13/13

on the mat

Trevians are loaded with solid guys

by kevin reiterman

Colin Kenyon can live with this trend. After placing fifth and third in two earlier invites this winter, the New Trier High School junior brought home the gold at the rugged two-day, 43-team Mid-States Tournament in Whitewater, Wis. “He did a great job,” said head coach Marc Tadelman, who is in his fifth season at New Trier. “And it’s not surprising. He’s been a solid guy.” With the championship at 113, Kenyon improved his record to 21-5. New Trier, which finished third as a team at the Wisconsin meet on Dec, 28-29, has a number of solid guys. The other 20-match winners include senior M.J. Pritchard (24-4 at 120), sophomore Alec McKenna (20-8 at 126), senior Chris Alcock (22-5 at 132) and John Benson (26-5 at 220). Senior Paul Papoutsis is 19-6 at 160. Pritchard, Papoutsis and Benson were runner-ups at the Wisconsin tourney. Alcock took third and McKenna was fourth. “Our goal is to have multiple state placers,” said Tadelman. Loyola

Jack Tower and David Kennedy are making the most of their opportunities.

The senior duo have identical 23-13 records for the Ramblers. “They were mostly back-ups last year. Splitting time,” said LA coach Chris Stevens. Now, they have a chance to be 30-match winners. Kennedy’s season includes a runnerup finish at the Prospect Invite and a fourthplace finish at the Glenbrook South Invite. Tower took fourths at both tournaments. “They’re smart and hard-working,” said Stevens. That quote also defines senior Patrick Dancer. He’s 20-10 on the mat this winter. His ACT score? It was a perfect 36. “He’s very modest about that,” Stevens said. “If I would have scored that, I’d be calling Channel 7 News.” Loyola’s other 20-match winners include Nico Couri (21-15) and Peter McPike (20-15). Couri has a team-high 51 takedowns, while McPike has a team-best 12 pins. Lake Forest

With the LF football team advancing to the Class 6A semifinals, it took Regis Durbin — a starting defensive back, punter and back-up quarterback — a little while to hit his stride on the mats. Durbin, who is now wrestling at 170 after starting the season at 182, certainly is one to watch. “There’s high expectations with him,” said

Lake Forest’s Branko Tupanjac (left) battles Highland Park’s Chris Kingwill at 152 pounds during last week’s dual meet.

photography by j.geil

LF head coach Matt Fiordirosa, noting that Durbin took third at the Frosh-Soph State Meet last spring. Durbin is 17-2 on the season. He took first at the Wilmot Tournament and second at the Buffalo Grove Tournament. The team also is receiving solid work from junior Erik Wasser (7-7 at 145), sophomore George Karkazis (14-5 at 152) and sophomore Corey Knudsen (10-7 at 132). Karkaziz was a champ at Wilmot, while Knudsen was a runner-up. Wasser has been slowed by an injury. The team has only one senior on the roster: Richard Daniels, who is sidelined with a knee injury.

The future looks bright for the Scouts. Their numbers have doubled in one year. The up and coming freshmen include Gage Griffin and Keegan Kullby. Highland Park

It’s been a “winding road” for the Giants. “Our program has made some significant strides this year,” said HP head coach Chris Reilly. “But we also have had some setbacks. Things that we could control and things that we couldn’t control.” wrestling >> page 33

01/12 – 01/13/13

sports | 31



Swimming: New Trier’s boys and girls swimming and diving teams held a joint college signing event on Dec. 18 at the school. It was a crowded event. The signees on the boys team include Denver Freeman (Bucknell), Reed Malone (USC), Jack Mangan (Michigan) and David Tao (Emory). The signees on the girls squad include Campbell Costley (Denison), Riley Hayward (USC), Olivia Loucks (Yale), Stephanie Marchuk (Indiana), Taylor Patterson (Williams College), Anna Peterson (Connecticut College), Jessica Sutherland (Duke), Sharon Wu (Wellesley) and Sydney Tan (Brown). CLUB SPORTS

Soccer: The Lake Forest Soccer Association (LFSA) held a 25th Anniversary celebration on Dec. 22 at The Grille on Laurel. The LFSA has developed plenty of top stars, including Nicole Lipp (4-year starter at Duke University) and Rachel Quon (4-year starter and All-American at Stanford). LFSA currently rosters 350 players. The director of coaching is Oktay Akgun.

Jane McNamara keeps score for New Trier at a recent girls basketball game at Highland Park High School.

photography by j.geil

‘She’s an institution at New Trier’ Iconic McNamara has an everlasting love for the North Shore school ■ by

bill mclean

You can’t miss “Miss Mac” at New Trier High School athletic events. She’s Jane McNamara, and she’s the one usually surrounded by throngs of Trevians fans, young and old. “How are you?” countless, smiling NT fans asked eagerly as they approached McNamara before the start of the New Trier-Evanston girls basketball game at Northwestern University Dec. 20. McNamara was standing near the entrance of Welsh Ryan Arena, wearing a green New Trier Pep Team T-shirt and directing foot traffic in the only way she knows: officially and warmly. Her genuine response to those excited to see her was, “I couldn’t be any better.” New Trier — the school, as well as the community — couldn’t be any luckier than it is, having McNamara as one of its devotees since 1966, the year she began her teaching and coaching career at New Trier West. She retired in 1996 and continues to serve the school dutifully as a supervisor at athletic events. “She’s an institution at New Trier,” Trevians girls basketball coach Teri Rodgers said. “Kids think a lot of her. I remember my first year here. She noticed my players’ bags were not where they should have been, and she pointed that out to them. The bags needed to be moved. Well, they got moved. “Jane,” she added, “cares about doing things the right way.” The year was 1976, and things went right

for New Trier West’s field hockey team and its blue-cowboy-hat-wearing coach, McNamara. Quite right. The Cowboys captured the state championship then. McNamara, a PE teacher, also coached NT West volleyball, basketball, softball and track and field teams. “Jane is remarkable,” gushed NT athletic director Randy Oberembt. “She’s also iconic, and for all the right reasons. She’s fearless and she can control a crowd of kids at an athletic event in a way no other administrator can. Kids respect her and admire her commitment to the school – their school. “All of us are grateful she is a constant presence on campus,” Oberembt added.” McNamara grew up in downstate Dwight with 10 brothers and sisters. She was child No. 9 in her family, born before twin brothers. She played field hockey, basketball and softball at Illinois State University and was inducted into ISU’s Athletic Hall of Fame. McNamara caught for ISU’s softball program for four years — even though she usually played shortstop or first base for a local girls league before entering college. “ The team needed a catcher,” she recalled. “I caught.” When New Trier needs McNamara to do something, she does it. Concession stand help? McNamara will be there, handing you a hotdog. Crowd security? McNamara will be there, firmly encouraging the occasional unruly fan to become … ruly. Scorekeeper help? McNamara will be there, pencil in hand, at boys and girls basketball games, cheerfully chatting up anybody with a heartbeat – even the official who made a call that went against her beloved blue-and-green squad. “Miss Mac, she’s always in the spirit for us,” NT junior basketball player Isabella

Bosco said. “She’s so supportive and she’s always a great presence to be around.” Ten minutes before the New TrierEvanston girls basketball tipoff at NU last month, five male NT students entered the lobby of Welsh Ryan Arena. All waved to a beaming McNamara, who shouted, “Hi, guys! Are you ready?!” They all nodded. McNamara, meanwhile, couldn’t lose her smile. “This,” she said, looking around as more NT fans streamed in, “is what keeps me young. I’ve been truly blessed for years and years. The entire New Trier community — the students, the parents, the coaches, the administrators … Everybody in it provides the wind beneath my wings. That’s why I’m flying so high.” Sally Wascher, a former athlete in the NT community, is now a parent in the NT community. She set for McNamara’s volleyball teams. Sally’s son Matt Wascher, a senior, plays volleyball for the Trevians. He also sets. “(McNamara) always has something to talk about and she’s always smiling,” Matt said. “She’s always willing to do something for you. She’s driven our family to the airport.” A few days before that prep hoops game at NU, McNamara stood in the cafeteria at NT, selling tickets to the game, with $1 of each $3 ticket benefitting Hillside Food Pantry. She had a blast. Matt Wascher was there. “She was right in the middle of all these male athletes,” he recalled. “She was into it. It sure looked like she sold a lot of tickets that day. That kind of moment, with her enthusiastically doing something for the school while being surrounded by a bunch of New Trier students … That’s what she’s all about.” ■

Girls Soccer: Ginny McGowan of Lake Forest is ranked No. 7 in the Club Soccer Player Rankings (Class of 2014) by topdrawersoccer. com. The junior, who is committed to Notre Dame, is No. 2 in the nation at her position: defender. The Eclipse Select star is ranked No. 1 in the Midwest. Highland Park’s Zoe Redei is ranked No. 5 (Class 2016) nationally. The forward, who plays for Eclipse, is No. 3 at her position and No. 1 in the Midwest. And Lake Forest’s Angela Waddle, who also plays for Eclipse, is No. 49 in the Class of 2013. The Vanderbilt recruit is ranked No. 5 in the Midwest. Boys Soccer: Lake Forest’s Abuchi Obinwa, who plays for the Chicago Magic, is ranked No. 36 (Class of 2013) nationally by The midfielder is No. 4 in the Midwest. Meanwhile, Highland Park’s Elijah Rice is No. 2O in the Class of 2014). The forward, who plays for Chicago Magic, is No. 1 in the Midwest. COLLEGE SPORTS

Football: Three Loyola Academy grads — Brian Munroe, Pat Hickey and Chance Carter — helped Northwestern win its first bowl game since 1949. The Wildcats downed Mississippi State 34-20 in the Gator Bowl on Jan. 1. Mulroe, who is an All-Big Ten lineman, started at left guard. Hickey was the starting long snapper. And Carter was a back-up defensive lineman, who recorded one tackle. Lake Forest’s P.J. Carollo (QB) and Loyola’s Eric Hauser (LB) also play for NU. Men’s Basketball: New Trier grad Connor Boehm is making a quick transition to college hoops. The 6-foot-7 freshman forward is averaging 6.8 points and 5.4 rebounds per game for Dartmouth College. PROFESSIONAL SPORTS

Women’s Basketball: New Trier graduate Amy Jaeschke is averaging 14.2 points (second on the team) and 8.2 rebounds (first on the team) for PEAC-PECS, an A Division team in Hungary. The 6-foot-5 center, a former player for the Chicago Sky, had a stellar career at Northwestern. She was a four-time all-Big Ten pick. ■

| North Ravinia Shore Monday 1-18 Heating ad_Layout 1 32 sports

THe North shore weekend

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01/12 – 01/13/13



boys & girls basketball

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Loyola Academy’s Kevin Kucera drives with the ball during action against St. Laurence on Jan. 4.


photography by j.geil



Join us at The Book Stall... for a special evening with

Al Roker

Monday, January 14th, 7 p.m. Come meet Al while he is introducing us to his new book: Never GoiN’ Back: WiNNiNG the WeiGht-Loss BattLe for Good The Today show’s Roker talks about his lifelong battle with weight issues and how he kept faith in himself. It’s a story to inspire others to lose the weight, keep it off for good, and regain their health. 811 Elm Street Winnetka, Illinois 60093 847.446.8880

morrissey stars as ramblers pick up win no. 10 ■ by

kevin reiterman

Jack Morrissey was unstoppable once again from beyond the arc. The Loyola Academy junior drilled six three-pointers and led all scorers with 24 points as the Ramblers (10-5, 3-2) took care of visiting St. Laurence 50-34 on Jan. 4. “Everybody on our team looks for him,” said LA head coach Tom Livatino. Morrissey, who nailed 11 threes in the recent Wheeling Hardwood Classic, hit two threes to open the game. He then put the game away by connecting on three more early in the fourth quarter. St. Laurence defenders constantly screamed, “shooter” when Morrissey had the ball. But the X on his jersey didn’t seem to matter. He kept firing in the long bombs. Fellow junior James Clarke tallied seven points in the third quarter to end up as the team’s second leading scorer (10 points). Livatino was thrilled by his team’s defensive effort, allowing only 11 points in quarters No. 3 and No. 4. “We challenged the kids and they responded,” he said. Loyola Girls

This squad is on a roll. After sweeping the competition and going 4-0 at the Suburban Holiday Showcase, including wins over Stevenson and Trinity, the Ramblers (11-5, 4-0) kept it going on Jan. 3 with a road victory at St. Joseph 55-41. Sophomore forward Sarah Elston led the way with 14 points. Loyola Academy also received strong showings by Anna Schueler (12 points), Maggie Nick (10 points) and Egan Berne (eight points, 10 rebounds). That tourney win over Stevenson was significant. The Patriots entered the contest with a nine-game win streak. Highland Park Girls

She was dazzling in Florida. Highland Park’s Lena Munzer tallied 62 points in three games at the recent KSA Tournament in Orlando.

The four-year varsity starter, a Yale recruit, is averaging 24 points per game. Her best game in Orlando came in Day Two, when she tallied 27 points, seven assists and seven rebounds in a 57-35 victory over Lake Nona. In the tourney opener, a 38-35 setback to Cherokee, Munzer finished with 19 points and 15 rebounds. And she added 16 points, nine assists and seven rebounds in the finale, a 61-44 triumph over Beaver Falls. Lizzy LoGrande also had strong games for the Giants (11-7, 5-0). The junior guard came up with 22 points and six rebounds against Beaver Falls. She had 13 points and six rebounds against Lake Nona, while she scored 10 against Cherokee. Grace Quirk and Tina Berardi were the other stat leaders against Beaver Falls. Quick finished with 12 points and six rebounds. Berardi pulled down 11 boards. New Trier Boys

Senior Steven Cook was rewarded for his stellar performance in the recent 32-team Proviso West Holiday Tournament. The New Trier guard/forward, a Princeton recruit, earned second-team all-tournament honors after averaging 17.8 points and 10.4 rebounds in the five-game set. In helping the Trevians (13-3) finish sixth overall with a 4-1 record, the 6-foot-4 Cook had two monster games. He tallied 26 points and 15 rebounds with four dunks in a win over Westinghouse. And he had 24 points and 12 rebounds against Rockford Auburn. Jalen Brunson of Stevenson also was a second-team pick, while Crespi Carmelite was the tourney MVP. Regina Dominican Girls

The standouts were Caroline Adamczyk, Erin Gavin and Lindsey Welch. The three Regina players picked up alltournament honors at the recent Guerin Tournament. The trio led the way as the Panthers claim the championship with a 4-0 record. The team is riding a seven-game win streak. ■

01/12 – 01/13/13

sports | 33


Headliners Standout Efforts

Kat McKeon lake forest Girls Gymnastics: The senior standout placed third on the balance beam (9.2) in the highly competitive Lake Forest Invitational on Jan. 5. McKeon, who finished seventh in the all-around with a 9.3 average, added a sixth-place finish on bars (9.4), while she was 12th on vault (9.35) and 15th on floor (9.275). Teammate Kylie Carlson was a top-10 finisher in two events: beam (7th, 9.0) and vault (10th, 9.4). The LF senior was 15th in the all-around. The Scouts went into the 11-team meet without two of its top performers: Carly Schmidt (vacation) and Brittany Moccia (injury). Moccia sustained a fractured finger during a meet at Stevenson just before Christmas. The Scouts scored a 131.175, which placed them 10th in the team standings. “We have to adjust a little,” said Lake Forest coach Robin Straus. Prairie Ridge came out on top in this tough field (150.00). Lyons was the runner-up with a 149.67, while three-time reigning state champ Carmel Catholic took third (145.625) Avery Spitz highland park Girls Gymnastics: The freshman continues to be a bright spot for the Giants, who placed sixth in the Evanston Invitational on Jan. 5. Spitz came up with an 8.25 routine to place seventh on vault. And she was eighth on the uneven bars with a score of 7.35. She added a 7.50 on the balance beam and a 7.90 on floor. Teammate Bianca Oviedo had

swim >> from 28

marks. After recording a 50.73 in the 100 fly to best the previous record by 0.18, Jovanovic pulled his way to a 51.49 in the 100 back to displace Mangan’s 51.64 (set last winter). “ I ’m h appy for h i m ,” Hengelmann said near the end of the invite. “I’m happy for all of the boys. They’re all tired, but they’re having a great meet.” Jovanovic also swam on a pair of top-four relays, collaborating with seniors Blake Morgan and Jack Considine and freshman Christopher Kearney in the 200 medley (third, 1:39.82) and joining Kearney, Considine and Morgan in the 400 free (fourth, 3:20.12). Like Pasquesi, Ramblers junior Cameron Shewchuck earned heaps of praise from Hengelmann for having a breakthrough meet. Shewchuck sped to season-best times in the 100 free (50.99, 10th) and 200 free (1:52.28, 14th). Shewchuck also anchored the Ramblers’ fourth-place 200 free relay (1:31.68) after legs from

the team’s best floor routine: 7.925. She added a 7.4 on beam. The vault was HP’s best team event (30.850) behind Spitz, Kendall Robbins (7.55), Ellie Maites (7.55) and Kim Major (7.50). Noah Pickus highland park Boys Hockey: He’s up to 38 goals. The Highland Park junior continues to be prolific on the ice. In 32 games, Pickus also has 32 assists which gives him a teamhigh 70 points. The Giants (27-9-2) also feature two other high-powered players in Alex Block (26 goals, 28 assists) and Alec Shapiro (30 goals, 22 assists). Jonathan Chudacoff has 29 points (12 goals, 17 assists). Ethan Fischbein and Ben Berger have been solid in the net. They have 11 wins each. Erin O’Connor loyola academy Girls Hockey: O’Connor has been a scoring machine for the Ramblers (10-4 in the Metro). The junior has tallied 27 goals to go along with 10 assists for a teambest 37 points. Freshman Lindsay Getz currently is the No. 2 in points for LA: four goals, nine assists. Teammate Kathleen O’Connor, a sophomore, has seven goals and four assists for 11 points. Freshman Elizabeth Wright also has seven goals, while fellow freshman Kathryn House has six assists. Claire Kennedy and Mia Rascia are sharing time in goal. Kennedy has 129 saves. Rascia has 92 saves. Ivy Dynek new trier Girls Hockey: This sophomore

Considine, Kearney and junior George Finn. Highland Park

The Giants have taken a liking to the “fast, faster and fastest” format of the Elk Grove Invite. “Each race counts, and the guys know that it is all about racing and getting to the wall first,” said HP head coach Tim Sirois. “I like the rivalry with Cary-Grove and Hoffman Estates.” Highland Park tallied 592 points in the Jan. 5 meet, good for second place behind Cary-Grove (684). Phillip Goldberg, Ben Laedlein and Jeremy Solomon were “furiously” fast. Goldberg came home with three titles. He took first in the “fast” 200 free (1:54.97) and “fastest” 500 free (5:00.66). And he teamed with Solomon, Joey Levy and Scott Sonneborn to claim first in the “faster” 200 medley relay. Solomon also earned a victory in the “faster” 100 breast (1:06.12), while Laedlein claimed the top time in the “fastest” 100 back (55.04). ■

forward has tallied 17 goals in 13 Metro games this season. She also has eight assists for a team-leading 25 points. The Trevians, who are 12-0-2 in the Metro League, also are receiving solid work from Carolyn Hickey (11 goals, four assists), Sheila McCain (six goals, nine assists), Rebecca Lindblad (four goals, 10 assists), Grace Dynek (five goals, seven assists), Claire McCain (six goals, five assists), Mia Solberg (four goals, six assists) and Jacqueline Kingdom (five goals, five assists). Goalie Nicole Diesing has made 112 saves. She has a 0.69 goalsagainst average. Anna Bleck lake forest Girls Hockey: Wearing jersey No. 17, Bleck has been a productive scorer for the Scouts (11-2-1 overall). The junior leads the team with 21 points (14 goals, seven assists). Bridget Roche is right behind her with 11 goals and eight assists for 19 points. Caroline Knop is the team’s third leading scorer with five goals and seven assists. In goal, Sami Schechter leads the team with nine wins and 96 saves. Lindsay Projansky has four wins and 83 saves. Prior to the holiday break, the Scouts claimed a couple of tight victories, topping HomewoodFlossmoor 2-1 and Fenwick 1-0. Assisted by Nina Wilson, Roche came up with the gamewinner against HF. Frannie Sensenbrenner tallied the first goal on a rebound off Maddie Pfalzer’s shot. Roche, meanwhile, scored the lone goal in the Fenwick game. She was assisted by Wilson. Projansky had 22 saves in the shutout. ■

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wrestling >> from 30

The Giants opened January in nice fashion, when they earned a 45-36 victory over visiting Lake Forest. Dom Ciancio and Brandon Garcia-Galvin registered pins to lead the Giant attack on Jan. 3. Ciancio improved his record to 10-3 at 145 pounds. “He’s bringing his wrestling to another level,” said Reilly. “He’s really starting to put things together. It started at the end of last year, and he’s continuing on that path.” Garcia-Galvin is now 7-3 at 138 pounds, while Nate Kessler (10-2) and John Ciancio (9-6) also have winning marks. Kessler currently is out with an injury. Reilly continues to be very hopeful with his young competitors. The HP freshman team has a 14-1 dual-meet record, including a win over Deerfield. The 27-member squad features Keaton Tucker (106), Andrew Cohen (113), Aaron Ferrer (120), Spencer Jacobson (126) and Gabriel Guzman (heavyweight). ■



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the Perfect weekend

THe North shore weekend

01/12 – 01/13/13

Gabriel Viti, who runs Guy Viti Insurance and Viti Financial, and his wife Jeannine get together at their Highland Park home.

photography by j.geil

For Gabriel & Jeannine Carmel is always welcoming

There was a restaurant in Carmel for breakfast we stumbled upon where we had French toast. You couldn’t believe what it was like. It looked like one of those funnel cakes at the carnival.”

We went to Carmel for our 55th anniversary in November. We’ve been all over the world; we recently got back from Moscow. But Carmel is such a special town. We were married there. Back then I got drafted out of Arizona State and went to Fort Ord, Calif. I said to Jeannine, ‘Why don’t you come up here? It’s so beautiful.’ My uncle was a priest in Sacramento — he married us at the mission in Carmel. We had the reception at The Pine Inn. We stayed at The Pine Inn for our anniversary. Anything replaced in Carmel has been in keeping with the architectural style that was there before. We went that first night to Flaherty’s Seafood Grill & Oyster Bar. We stumbled on a restaurant in Carmel for breakfast where we had French toast. You couldn’t believe what it was like. It looked like

one of those funnel cakes at the carnival. We split one because it was so high. We went on the mile walk above the ocean — it was beautiful. We went back to our old haunts nearby — Cannery Row and Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey. One night we ate at the Sardine Factory — they filmed part of ‘Play Misty for Me’ there. We took a trip to Big Sur and spent the day exploring. We ate at Nepenthe (above the Pacific Ocean). We also ate at The Bench in the Lodge at Pebble Beach. We went there in 1956 during Bing Crosby’s golf tournament. We saw Bing Crosby at midnight mass at the Carmel mission. He was bald – he used to wear a toupee. That’s how relaxed you could be in Carmel – no one bothers you. Jeannine and Gabriel Viti, as told to David Sweet

to toprovide provideunparalleled unparalleledexposure exposureAND ANDRESULTS. RESULTS.


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Experience the difference of working with a seasoned marketing professional with an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Nancy will help you stage and market your home to provide unparalleled exposure AND RESULTS.

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the north shore weekend | saturday january 12 | sunday january 13 2012

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The North Shore Weekend EAST, Issue 14  

Featuring the news and personalities of Wilmette, Kenilworth, Winnetka, Northfield, Glencoe, Highland Park, & Lake Forest, Illinois

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