Gateways Annual Review 2018-2019

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Gateways Annual Report 2018 - 2019





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Gateways Annual Report 2018 - 2019




As Gateways comes to the end of another successful year, we can be so proud of all that has been accomplished. We have seen the development of Gateways enterprise projects which have provided a platform for students to work outside of JW3 and present their skills to the wider community, giving students a boost in confidence and selfbelief. Our goal is to build on this success and develop a Gateways enterprise division within the next year. Exam success is another accomplishment of which all our students can be proud. Students have completed a range of exams and assessments, enabling them to progress onto work and higher education. In addition, Gateways has introduced therapy and counselling sessions run in partnership with Norwood. This provision has given those young people who were previously unable to access therapeutic support an opportunity to benefit from this service. With many students graduating off the programme, we can now see the huge impact which Gateways has made on the lives of these young people. JW3 trustees, staff and students of Gateways wish to thank all the donors and foundations who continue to demonstrate their commitment to the programme through their generous financial support. Without you, Gateways would be unable to continue to deliver its high quality provision to the young people of our community.

Harry Black Gateways Chair, JW3



An increasing number of young people in every community are facing mental health issues, and many are affected by poverty, neglect and abuse. The Jewish community is not immune to any of these issues. Now in its sixth year, Gateways provides alternative options for those who have been let down by the school system or who lack the family or social support they need in order to progress and thrive. As an integrated provision consisting of academic tuition, vocational training and comprehensive pastoral services, Gateways plays a vital role in helping these young people to turn their lives around. Students aged 15 to 25 enter the programme dealing with a wide range of challenges that have prevented them from reaching their potential. With careful guidance and support, the goal is for every student to overcome the challenges they face and move on to the world of work or further education. Gateways has now been a registered exam centre for three years. Students can work towards qualifications in English and Maths from Entry Level to GCSE, while vocational courses provide them with practical experience in various employment sectors.

Gateways continues to expand the accreditations available to students, thereby increasing their chances of accessing apprenticeships, college entrance or employment. This year, one group became the first recipients of a BTEC in Home Cooking Skills, another earned accreditations in Hair and Beauty and a third gained certificates in Personal Fitness. A new social enterprise scheme aims to enable students to practice their new-found skills directly with members of the public and is an ideal way for them to gain work experience and build their confidence. In the pilot phase, students mounted pop-ups ranging from a hair braiding bar at the JW3 ice rink and a workout on the JW3 Beach, to Hair and Beauty students providing make-up for theatre and dance performances. The glowing feedback Gateways regularly receives from students, parents and referring organisations confirms that the programme really does fill a gap in services that is not being met elsewhere in the community. Gateways is committed to continuing to build on this success.


Gateways Annual Report 2018 - 2019


Programme overview

“We are so grateful for the continued support that we are receiving for our daughter to access education in a way that suits her best” Gateways parent

Your gateway to the future you want Every young person should have the opportunity to progress and thrive, regardless of the challenges they face. A growing number of vulnerable young Jewish people struggle to function within mainstream schools. Many believe that there is no other option available to them. JW3’s Gateways programme provides a viable alternative.

Who we are Gateways is an educational and vocational provision that supports vulnerable young people and those experiencing mental health challenges.

What we do Gateways – the only provision of its kind within the Jewish community – delivers a range of bespoke courses and pastoral care, providing its students with hope for the future.

Who we support 15 – 17 year olds who are in mainstream education and those who need an alternative provision. 18 – 25 year olds who are striving to overcome emotional, social and academic challenges.

Location Gateways is a project of JW3 in North West London. Students enjoy state of the art facilities including a demonstration kitchen, a dance and fitness studio, top of the range computer equipment, a modern work environment and access to an on-site Kosher café.




Student Referrals Students are referred to Gateways by schools, social services and youth support organisations from across London. They are male and female, aged 15 – 25 years, and come from a variety of backgrounds and levels of religious observance.

Issues experienced by students include:

• • • • • • • • • •

Gateways Parent

North London


Low self-esteem Lack of confidence Domestic Issues Neglect Physical abuse Sexual abuse Domestic Violence Bereavement





• •


Repeated exclusion from school

• •

School refusal

• • • •

Drug abuse

Moderate learning and social challenges

Extreme reduction of timetable

Eating disorders Self-harm Suicidal thoughts

Student Enrolments











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Referring Schools Student & Organisations Home Areas







Gateways Annual Report 2018 - 2019



Student Profile

TH NK YOU FOR THE TOOLS ND CONFIDENCE YOU PROVIDED ME WITH Rochelle Female, 20 Suffering from anxiety, Rochelle had been unable to apply for or secure employment. Upon entering the programme Rochelle was unsure as to her path to employment. She lacked confidence and did not feel able to attend an interview. Gateways supported her through one-to-one work readiness sessions, including CV writing and interview prep, to provide the skills needed to find employment. Gateways also provided her with therapeutic support to help her with her anxiety and depression. As part of her training for the world of work, Gateways offered Rochelle volunteering opportunities at JW3 to boost her confidence. Rochelle has recently graduated from the programme and has secured a job as an office junior. She has now gained the confidence to hold down a job and become self-sufficient.


Gateways Annual Report 2018 - 2019




Education Overview The Gateways programme’s holistic approach to education is unique. The staff work collaboratively to create customised programmes for each student, both through educational and vocational paths. Teachers apply a flexible approach to their learners and are open to different and varied methods to suit the individual. Students are well supported and monitored through the use of regular Progress Reports and the core team work together to evaluate these in order to identify next steps or address challenges that need facing. A large number of Gateways students are unable to access mainstream schools for a variety of reasons, including social, emotional and mental health. Some students are referred because they are on the brink of exclusion and may arrive with behaviours that have been identified as disruptive or difficult. Once they begin attending at Gateways and their needs are met, they invariably prove to be well behaved and cooperative and are then able to progress academically. There are also a large number of school refusers who struggle in the main school environment yet respond positively and are able to engage with the one-to-one lessons, tailored to their needs within a nurturing and safe space. Once they have started on the programme, they often become open to engaging more, and choose to pursue further qualifications with us. Gateways has become more widely known in the community, which has led to an increasing number of referrals via even more referral organisations and services. Since becoming an exam centre, new accreditations have been offered, including Hair and Beauty in Levels 1 and 2 and a BTEC Award in home cooking skills. This has also led to social enterprise opportunities for some students, including Hair and Beauty pop-ups and a Beach Workout for the Personal Training students. The team are looking to increase the students’ involvement in JW3 by providing them with volunteering opportunities involving the wider community. Plans to extend the educational offering include adding more accredited courses - including GCSE Science and further Personal Training qualifications - and to work towards becoming a registered apprenticeship centre.


Gateways Courses Gateways offers English and Mathematics and will soon add Science to the list of academic courses. Students can study vocational subjects in the fields of Food, Health and Hospitality, as well as Arts and Media.

Core Academic Subjects English and Mathematics are taught in personalised one-to-one sessions designed to meet the specific needs of the student. As students increase their competence in literacy and numeracy, they become more confident about progressing to the workplace in their chosen field or on to further education. These courses have become increasingly diverse and specialised, in order to cater for the varied academic levels of students entering the programme.

English Language and Literature English courses range from Entry Level and Functional Skills to GCSEs. Students develop vocabulary and syntax and learn essay-writing techniques. Those who are motivated to progress further can study for their GCSEs in English Language and Literature. For many students this will be the first time they have engaged with classic literature.

Mathematics Students learn the importance of numeracy skills in everyday life. Some have little to no prior confidence in the subject. They are taught to understand mobile phone and utility bills, to deal with bank statements and overdrafts and to master other basic numeracy skills for functioning day to day. Again, each Maths student has the opportunity to study at a level that suits their needs, from Entry Level to Functional Skills to GCSEs. Among the students enrolled at Gateways there is a mix of abilities, so they are able to choose between taking their GCSEs at a Foundation or Higher level.

GCSE Combined Science During the 2019 – 2020 academic year, Gateways will begin offering support sessions in combined and separate Sciences for GCSE, across all exam boards. There will be no practical experiments on site but the tutor will support students in preparing for the practical content in exams.


Gateways Annual Report 2018 - 2019


Vocational courses Food, Health and Hospitality

Hair & Beauty

Each vocational course provides students with a practical introduction to a specific employment sector. These courses are ideal for those following an alternative curriculum. They enable students to make progress towards their personal learning and career goals.

In the academic year 2018-19 Gateways offered its first accredited Hair and Beauty course, with students achieving a Level 1 Award in Hair and Beauty.

Food Academy Cooking courses at Gateways are run by professional chefs who share their knowledge of and love for different types of cuisine and cooking techniques with the students. There are introductory courses for small groups of students and, as of 2018 – 19, Gateways now provides a Level 2 BTEC in Home Cooking Skills. The in-house demonstration kitchen at JW3 is equipped with top-of-the-range cooking equipment. Students begin by learning basic knife skills and preparing simple meals. As they progress, they refine their ability and begin to explore Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Not only is learning to cook an essential life skill, but for those interested in the culinary arts, this can also be an ideal way to gain work experience. Preparing, producing and selling their dishes to the general public increases students’ confidence and self-esteem. In past years, Gateways has facilitated students’ participation in pop-up food events, which has given them a greater sense of ownership of their work. In future, such opportunities will increase, as pop-up food stands and events will comprise part of the new Gateways Enterprise Scheme.


A professional hairdresser and beautician teaches modules such as Customer Service, Nail Services, Basic Hairdressing Techniques, Basic Facial Treatments, Health and Safety in Hair and Beauty and Careers in Hair and Beauty. Through practicing on their fellow students, they build friendships, life skills they can apply to their own lives and in the workplace, and gain a sense of accomplishment. Armed with their new-found beauty skills, students have participated in a number of pop-up events. They set up a winter braid bar at the JW3 Ice Rink, and another at Klezmer in the Park in the summer. Both proved popular with children and adults alike. Students also provided the make-up for a children’s dance show outside of JW3 and for ‘Older Women Rock’, a theatrical performance that took place at JW3 as part of activities to mark International Women’s Day. The Gateways Enterprise Scheme will see more of these types of pop-up stands and events taking place in future.

Personal Training Gateways has been running Personal Training courses for over six years. The tutor is an experienced professional personal trainer and osteopath. Once students have completed the introductory level, they can progress to a QTF Level 1, 2 or 3 accreditation in Personal Fitness. The course focuses on nutrition, the body and physical fitness and is designed to provide many students with a valuable alternative route to employment. As part of the pilot Enterprise Scheme, alumni students and their tutor mounted a successful workout for the public on the JW3 Beach in July 2019. The experience the students gain from such opportunities to work directly with members of the public cannot be underestimated and staff are committed to encouraging them to create more of these sorts of events in future.

Gateways BTEC Cooking Class


Gateways Annual Report 2018 - 2019


Arts & Media Depending on demand, it would be feasible to provide additional subjects, such as Music Production, which was taught in previous years, as well as those listed below.

Drama At Gateways, Drama courses are geared towards helping students with their social interaction and improving their self-esteem. Building their experience in performance and theatre can give young people a great sense of achievement. Classes are small, in order to offer a safe space where students are able to develop their skills at their own pace, and according to their own needs.

Digital Photography The course aims to teach the basic principles of photography, composition and editing in a light hearted, fun and creative manner. Students learn how modern digital cameras work, where and when to use different lenses and the theory of photographic composition and exposure. Topics include portraiture, still life, photographing in artificial light and the effect of flash on a picture. Once the basics are understood, the focus moves on to the artistic element of photography and finally to editing and basic retouching techniques. There are ample opportunities for students to practice in the JW3 environment, ranging from learning about food photography in the restaurant to taking photos of events.  


Exams & Assessments

A Gateways English student receives his Functional Skills Certificate

For most of the students who attend the Gateways programme, achieving a qualification is the culmination of years of hard work, determination and a commitment to succeed. Students have had to overcome many obstacles to get to this point, and successfully achieving a qualification is the stepping-stone to the next phase in their lives.

Student achievements:

Assessments completed in the past year include:

• • •

QTF Level 2 and 3 in Personal Fitness

• • •

GCSE in English and Maths

25 students took an exam or completed a coursework assessment

100% of students taking GCSEs achieved a grade A* - D

95% of students achieved a pass in Functional Skills exams

100% of students achieved a pass in Entry Level Certificate assessments

Entry Level Certificate Level 2 and 3 in Maths Functional Skills Level 1 and Level 2 in English and Maths

BTEC Level 2 in Home Cooking Skills Level 1 Award in Hair and Beauty


Gateways Annual Report 2018 - 2019



Student Profile

I RE LLY ENJOYED THE LESSONS ND IT W S BETTER TH N I EXPECTED Jacob Male, 16 Recently diagnosed with ADHD, Jacob has faced social challenges that have led to him being misunderstood and labelled disruptive. Withdrawn from school, Gateways has become a place where he could thrive. Since entering the programme, Jacob enrolled onto an English and Maths GCSE course as well as a Drama class focusing on confidence and self-esteem. After one year on the programme, Jacob achieved pass marks for both Maths and English GCSE exams, enabling him to progress onto a plumbing apprenticeship scheme. With one-to-one support and the nurturing, non-judgemental environment that Gateways offers, Jacob was able to thrive.


Gateways Annual Report 2018 - 2019

Staff & Services



Gateways tutors are central to the ongoing success and development of the programme. Tutors are committed professionals delivering classes within a non-judgemental, nurturing environment. All staff are given training to ensure that they are fully equipped to deal with the demands of this role.

Education Professional


Miriam Davis Maths

Jacob Delin Maths

Natania Friedman Hair and Beauty

Miriam’s goal is to inspire students to engage with Maths in the real world. She incorporates life skills such as ICT and organisational skills into her lessons and encourages students to become independent learners.

Jacob was born in the UK but grew up in Israel where he gained a BSc in Mathematics and Chemistry at Bar-Ilan University. Since moving back to the UK a number of years ago he has been teaching Maths and Science at primary school in London and at Gateways, where he has tutored students through the Functional Skills Levels 1 and 2, and the GCSE. He is currently studying for a MSc in Engineering at UCL and teaches at Gateways part-time.

Natania has a Diploma in Beauty Therapy from the London College of Beauty. A qualified wig-maker, she has been working in Hair and Beauty for over ten years. Passionate about working with young people, Natania is committed to building the selfesteem of her students.

Aviva Goldschmidt Maths

Tamir Grant Personal Training

Ruth Heller English

Aviva Goldschmidt studied for her PGCE in Maths for the post-compulsory sector at UCL Institute of Education. She has taught from Entry Level to GCSE both on a one-to-one basis and in group classes. She has always loved Maths and enjoys making it accessible and exciting for her students.

Before joining the Gateways team, Tamir studied Sports and Exercise Science at the University of Birmingham. Following that, he completed a Masters in Osteopathy whilst qualifying as a personal trainer. He practices Osteopathy and currently trains 20-30 clients weekly.

Ruth trained as an English Teacher at UCL at The Institute of Education and is experienced in the classroom setting and also one-to-one tuition. Ruth enjoys the challenge of personalising her teaching to the needs of each student so that it can have the best impact on their progress.

Karina Katz English

Lorna Roden English

Judi Rose Food Academy

Karina has enjoyed teaching English for over twenty years, with particular focus on GCSE. She brings her experience of teaching both in the classroom and one-onone to the programme.

A qualified teacher of English & Drama, Lorna has worked in education for over 15 years. She teaches both Language and Literature to A Level and has a specialist interest in Literacy.

Daughter of the legendary Evelyn Rose, MBE, Judi Rose followed in her mother’s footsteps as a cookbook author, food writer and cooking instructor with over 25 years’ experience. Until recently, Judi lived in New York where she ran cookery courses for adults, children and teens at WilliamsSonoma and Sur la Table, covering numerous cuisines and techniques from kimchi to couscous, gnocchi to knife skills.


Gateways Annual Report 2018 - 2019

Staff & Services

Tutoring at Gateways

“Gateways provides an important safety net for students who might otherwise fall through the cracks in the system” There are so many reasons why students can find mainstream school an impossible place to be, but one way or another, it is because their needs are not being met there. Whether those needs are health-related, behavioural, or educational, Gateways provides a nurturing space where students can get a personalised, flexible and holistic approach to teaching that gives them the space to flourish in their own way. I feel privileged to tutor in such an environment. My main priority, as a Maths tutor, is to make sure my students leave with a qualification that will allow them to fulfil their life goals. Some students take a Functional Skills qualification that could help prepare them for starting their own business or joining an apprenticeship scheme. Others may take a GCSE that allows them to go back into mainstream education to do A Levels. Teaching one-to-one allows me to be far more responsive to students’ needs than I would be able to be as a classroom teacher. In this environment, students that struggle to focus can take a break from learning, in order to chat, or discuss study skills that help them improve their learning more generally. Due to their school experiences, many students start at Gateways under the belief that learning is not for them, but in a one-to-one situation, away from the social pressures of school, they can find that they are more academic than they previously thought and their confidence quickly grows.


None of this could be done without the Gateways team, who recognise that a student’s academic and pastoral needs are connected and need to be dealt with in a co-ordinated way. They are always on hand and approachable for students and tutors alike, and Gateways is small enough that each student can be treated as an individual. By believing in our students, prioritising their emotional needs, giving them responsibility for their learning and opportunities to progress academically and vocationally, Gateways provides an important safety net for students who might otherwise fall through the cracks in the system, at a crucial time in their lives.

Jonny Berliner MA FRSA Maths Tutor Science Through Song - Education, Engagement, Entertainment Jonny is a qualified teacher with over 15 years of one-to-one teaching experience, and five years of classroom experience, teaching Maths and Science up to A-level. Jonny is also currently completing a Masters in Science Education at the UCL Institute of Education and developing songbased teaching resources for Science teachers.

“I believe that the arts have a part in recovery and the learning process”

I have been working as a drama teacher with Gateways for one year. No one knew what to expect. The Gateways team wanted me to find methods to involve and captivate the students through theatre. I am very sympathetic with Gateways’ belief (on a professional and personal level) that education has to be relevant and engage with the young people where they are when they walk into your classroom. I believe that the arts have a part in recovery and the learning process, because they teach us about empathy, creativity and collaboration. In our drama classes, the students often come in with their own stories, anxieties and anger. Using this energy through games, role play, text and improvisation, the students can use the session as a means of a cathartic release. The students come because they can or want to;it can be difficult planning a course, when I do not know if or how many students will turn up. I often have to throw away my ideas and completely readjust if I have one present or the mood is such that they need to direct me to what will work on that particular day.

We have looked at naturalistic and non-naturalistic performance, devised scenes from current issues, sometimes used our own personal experiences to shape the creativity, and worked on various scripts from Pinter to Beckett. I have asked the students to come forward, perform spontaneously, react, and respond to each other’s opinions and attitudes. Sometimes they just need to talk and jostle with each other. Drama is a safe place for them to be able to do that and if I have helped them to find more confidence and self-belief, then that is a solid foundation to build upon. They are ready and eager to perform. Watch this space.

Sarah Davis Drama Tutor Sarah has always loved theatre and performing. Using it as a tool in her teaching, she found that drama is an essential tool in helping with social interaction, improving self-esteem and, in turn, finding huge self-satisfaction in learning the skills of performance. Sarah’s background in teaching acting (from Year 2 to adults), directing, drama therapy and writing has now led her to Gateways. Sarah hopes her love of theatre will help others to find greater confidence.


Gateways Annual Report 2018 - 2019

Staff & Services

Pastoral Care Overview

Pastoral care at Gateways is based on the belief that a young person’s journey to success is made easier by giving them the training, support and tools to develop the confidence and life skills they will need to live, learn and earn. Sometimes this will mean a drink, a cake and a chat in the on-site Zest Café; at other times, it might consist of supporting them to engage in a task they never believed they could accomplish. But every time, it means listening to students and letting them know they are heard and that the staff care about them. The Gateways team identified a need for one-to-one therapy for those students who were unable to access this service through other channels. The programme entered into a partnership with Norwood and is now in a position to offer students regular psychotherapy services. The Hair and Beauty class worked incredibly hard, together with their teacher and the Head of Pastoral Care, at this summer’s annual Klezmer in the Park. Students set up a braid bar where young girls and women could have their hair braided in an astounding variety of styles. When students do not initially have confidence in their own abilities,


the compliments they receive can be immensely supportive and encouraging, helping them to increase their aspirations, motivation and self-esteem. The Food Academy class completed their BTEC qualification this year. This group of boys did pass but more than this, with patience, support and guidance, they grew in confidence and maturity over the duration of the course, which was a pleasure to watch. Other highlights of the year included a life skills baking workshop for English and Maths students and a Drama class outing to see the West End play, ‘Come From Away’. Along with experiencing the stage, acting and production for their drama learning, these students loved the play and benefited from the shared experience. The premise of the Gateways programme is that young people can achieve their potential, given the right opportunities and full emotional support. A wide range of programmes is on offer and the pastoral team will work closely with every young person in order to find the right path for each student. Gateways has been able to demonstrate that it is possible to unlock their potential and to support them in overcoming many of the challenges they face.

Pastoral Services Therapy and counselling A new partnership between Gateways and Norwood has enabled students to receive therapeutic support in the form of psychotherapy or counselling, on site at JW3.

“Not only did Gateways help me with my education but also with therapy. You have been a fundamental support in my life and words can’t express my gratitude” Gateways student

Liat Hoch

Sarah Harris

Liat is an Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist who trained at Terapia. She has many years of experience working with young people in a variety of settings and joined the Norwood Children’s Services Psychological Therapies Team in summer 2018. She works creatively to support young people to express themselves and think about difficult feelings and experiences. It is well established that difficult thoughts and feelings can get in the way of learning and coping with day-to-day life so the opportunity to explore them with a therapist can be transformative.

Sarah is a psychotherapist with children, young people and families, who trained at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. Accredited with the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC) and registered with the Tavistock Society of Psychotherapists (TSP), she has had extensive experience working in schools and clinical settings with children and young people of all ages, from a variety of socio-economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. She is a psychotherapist in Norwood Children’s Services Psychological Therapies Team.

23 23

Gateways Annual Report 2018 - 2019

Staff & Services

Work readiness For students to have both the confidence and ability to start the challenging process of job applications Gateways offers help and one-to-one support with both CV writing and completing job applications. The team also helps with the process of applying for apprenticeships and interview technique. Students can also access support in finding job placements, including part-time work at JW3 e.g. ushering for the box office.

An introduction to anxiety by Philippa Carr, Education Manager at JAMI UK;

A talk on methods for dealing with exam stress by Juliet Landau-Pope, Coach and Study Skills Consultant;

A workshop on how to facilitate engagement in the classroom, by Jonny Berliner, a member of the Gateways team of experienced teachers;

Brainstorming strategies for improving the service offered by Gateways.

Staff training The Gateways staff team attends regular staff meetings that include a continual professional development component. Teachers have the opportunity to share teaching methods they find particularly helpful when dealing with students’ anxiety. This year, sessions have included:

Practical support It is possible for Gateways to provide food vouchers to those students who might otherwise not be eating adequately, due to lack of financial support. Thanks to Zest Café, students may choose breakfast or lunch for themselves. Gateways has also used the hardship fund to provide occasional emergency financial support to students who are struggling with accommodation issues.


The Core Team

Laurence Field Head of Gateways

Sarah Mendelsohn Head of Pastoral Care

Ali Kosiner Head of Education

Gateways founder, Laurence was the former Youth and Community director at the London Jewish Cultural Centre and representative on the Children Youth Involvement & Participation Strategy Group for Barnet Children’s Services.

As a professional counsellor, Sarah has worked extensively with young people for over twenty years. With her deep knowledge of the Jewish community, she brings passion in working to help those in need build strong emotional foundations for their future lives.

Having taught for over twelve years at various schools around London, Ali went on to do private work, specialising in GCSE English. This led to Ali becoming an examiner, which she has found to be most beneficial to her work.

Rachel Grunwald Director of Programming, JW3

Julia Shapiro Administrator

Rachel Grunwald is a professional theatre director, with a background including educational and outreach work. She is a Fellow of the Clore Cultural Leadership Programme, and previously held the position of Director of Community Development at Hampstead Synagogue.

Julia gained experience in social work, community development, social research and management of non-profit organisations in South Africa and Zimbabwe, before teaching English in Hong Kong for seven years. In the UK, she has worked in a number of educational and health charities.


Gateways Annual Report 2018 - 2019



Student Profile

NYTHING I NEEDED, YOU WERE LW YS THERE TO HELP Isaac Male, 25 Disengaged from his family and with little support, Jacob enrolled onto the Gateways programme looking to gain qualifications and create some structure in his day-to-day life. With an interest in cooking, Jacob enrolled onto a BTEC cooking skills course. He was able to access weekly therapy sessions through the partnership between Gateways and Norwood. While enrolled on the programme, Jacob successfully completed his BTEC qualification. He also found a group of friends who accept him, so that he was finally able to experience a sense of belonging. Jacob has since graduated from the programme and has started a work placement in a local restaurant.


Gateways Annual Report 2018 - 2019

Gateways Enterprise Scheme


GATEWAYS ENTERPRISE SCHEME When looking at ways to further support students’ ambitions beyond the classroom, the Gateways team have identified the need to help students into the workplace. This need can best be met through training and developing young people in a safe, nurturing environment based around social enterprise. Over the last two years, Gateways has run several pop-up enterprise projects providing opportunities for vocational students to hone their skills through working with members of the public in the wider community. Popups have included:

• • •

Hair & Beauty stands Personal Training circuit training sessions Food stands

These schemes have helped students to access training and qualifications whilst working, gaining experience and being paid. Based on the success of these pop-ups, Gateways will be developing further enterprise provisions for students to transition into the world of work.

Gateways Hair Braiding stand, Klezmer in the Park, September 2019 28

Gateways students provided makeup for ‘Older Women Rock’, JW3, March 2019

Gateways Circuit Training Workout, July 2019

Gateways Hair Braiding stand, Klezmer in the Park, September 2019


Gateways Annual Report 2018 - 2019




What we’ve achieved Gateways is very proud of all its achievements over the last year. These include:


Vocational students running five enterprise pop-ups.

Setting up a new BTEC course in Home Cooking skills.

Adding a Hair and Beauty Level 1 Diploma to the list of accreditations available.

Assisting 15 students into work, apprenticeship and work placements.

Introducing a counselling and therapy provision.

95% of students successfully passing their end of year exams.

Engaging with 30 new students.

Working with 15 referring organisations.

Family support for Gateways, Maccabi Fun Run, June 2019


Gateways Annual Report 2018 - 2019



Gateways alumni What was different about Gateways, compared to other schools? Gateways has a unique approach to education, unlike traditional schools. This flexible approach to studying makes it a better learning experience.

How have the Gateways courses helped you? Gateways has helped me dramatically in terms of education, especially English and Functional Skills Maths.

What skills have you learned from your time at Gateways? I can speak better English, with better understanding of the language and culture. I also gained a lot from Maths, Drama, and one-to-one therapy.

A former Gateways student spoke about his time on the programme. This student spent a number of years engaging in a range of courses, from English and Maths to Drama, Music Production, Photography and Personal Training. He has now left Gateways and is living an independent life.

What does the future hold for you? I hope my future will be a happy and successful place, and I would like to be in a position to give back to all who have helped me, especially Gateways.

How have your teachers made a difference to you? All the teachers have had the best effect on me, as they made learning an interesting and enjoyable experience. I can recall a time when I was experiencing huge anxiety and my teacher was incredibly supportive. I wish to personally thank them all for being so decent and understanding of my pain.

What were your highlights from your time at Gateways? The theatre trip. This was the first time I have been to the theatre and I absolutely loved it.

Overall, how would you describe your time at Gateways? Overall, I strongly feel that Gateways is an incredible programme managed exceptionally well by Laurence and the entire team. Everyone is empathetic and recognises problems and deals with them in the correct and positive way. The Gateways Programme brings out the best in people. More people should support this incredible cause. I do not have one bad thing to say about my five years of being on this tremendous programme. I think that says it all.


Drama Class theatre trip, July 2019


Gateways Annual Report 2018 - 2019


Alumni Destinations

Alumni destinations

These are some of the recent paths students have taken, since leaving the Gateways programme. • Apprenticeship in hairdressing

• Office receptionist

• Apprenticeship in a car dealership

• Krav Maga trainers

• Shop assistants

• Assistant occupational therapist, NHS

• Employed in a kosher deli/restaurant • Nursery school teaching assistant 34

• Ushering at JW3 • University and college

WITH THANKS “Gateways was a light at the end of the tunnel for our teenage daughter, who was struggling to cope in the school environment.” Gateways Parent

Gateways would like to express its thanks to the following trusts and foundations for their support over the past year:

The Finnart House School Trust

The Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation

KC Shasha

The Duveen Trust

The Max Barney Foundation

The Bertie Black Foundation

M & C Trust

Jewish Youth Fund

The S&P Sephardi Community Children’s Fund

B’nai B’rith Leo Baeck Lodge

Shoresh Charitable Trust

Jews’ Temporary Shelter

Make a difference You can help Gateways to make a real difference in the life of someone in the community who has been let down and needs a chance to succeed. If you would like to support Gateways, please email Laurence Field at

Full permission has been granted by those Gateways students identified in this review. Other images have been posed by models in order to protect students’ identities.


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