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Classes & Courses January - April 2018

CLASSES & COURSES January - April 2018

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Connecting our community JW3 is a registered charity. 60% of our funding is derived from earned income, while the remainder comes from friends like you. Your support is essential to enable London’s Jewish Community Centre to be open and accessible to all; programming unrivalled arts and culture, delivering inspiring education and strengthening community.

Please give generously so that we can continue our full range of services and programmes. You can donate online with every ticket purchase or contact the JW3 Development Team on 020 7433 8962 Registered Charity No. 1156248

Welcome TO JW3 We bring you the best in Jewish community, arts, education and culture throughout the year. With hundreds of events taking place each week, there is something for everyone! For information on all our Arts & Culture, 20s & 30s, Families and Youth events please check out our What’s On brochure.

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Modern Sephardi Cooking ‘Probably the best restaurant to open in North West London in the last 10 years’ Giles Coren, The Times

For Zest Catering services visit the website Zest is located on the ground floor of JW3 (Ground floor) 341-351 Finchley JW3 341-351 Finchley Road, NW36ET 6ET London NW3 London


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EXPLORE JEWISH IDENTiTY Dilemmas with Angela Gluck

Weekly Wisdom with Julie Apfel

Mondays 8 January - 19 March* or Wednesdays 10 January - 21 March 10am-12noon £20 per session | £160 for the 10 week course (Monday course bookable via Box Office only)

Mondays 8 January - 19 March* 10.30am-12noon £20 per session £160 for the 10 week course

Angela will explore varied real-life dilemmas and allow Jewish tradition to shine its bright light on both content and the decision-making process. * No classes 12 & 14 February

Come and explore the weekly Torah reading. Looking at the characters and themes we will see how the sages, ancient and modern, read between the lines. Text-based with discussion, no Hebrew required. * No class 12 February



They’re All The Same. No, They’re Not! with Clive Lawton OBE Tuesdays 9 January - 6 February 10.30am-12.30pm £20 per session, £80 for the 5 week course Clive will explore why Judaism isn’t Christianity (or Islam or anything else). The very distinctive Jewish way of looking at and dealing with things, from daily life to philosophical challenges.

Modern Jewish Literature with Maureen Kendler

We will explore the richness of modern Jewish literature through reading Israeli, European and American books. New and old readers begin here! Including Michael Gold and his memoir of manifesto: Jews Without Money, Edmund De Waal’s Hidden Inheritance: The Hare With the Amber Eyes, Catherine Chidgey’s The Wish Child: The Mystery Narrator of 1939 and Michael Frank celebrates his family in The Mighty Franks.


Modern Jewish Literature, book covers

Thursdays 11 January - 22 March 10.30am-12.30pm £20 per session, £160 for the 10 week course

Tickets 020 7433 8988

Will The Messiah Be A Woman? with Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum & Maureen Kendler Wednesday 7 March 8pm | £15 | £12 web advance Some say that our generation is too sceptical to believe in a Messiah, but Judaism has always been about world redemption. If Doctor Who can be a woman, then why not the Messiah? Two well-known Jewish educators and writers will tackle this question and come up with some surprising comments about the future of our faith.

Is Purim Just Bonkers or Does It Make Sense? with Clive Lawton OBE Tuesday 13 March, 10.30am-12.30pm £20 | £16 web advance Following the festival with all its carnival absurdity, this talk with Clive Lawton will ask if it is just a chance to let go or does it contain any true value which should not be lost sight of? What did Maimonides write about getting drunk? What were the even stranger suggestions in the Talmud about Mordechai and Esther?

Pesach (Passover) Is Not For Children with Clive Lawton OBE Tuesday 13 March, 2-3.30pm £20 | £16 web advance With Pesach (Passover) just around the corner, Clive will argue for a different approach to Seder, more befitting the ideas that lie within it. When does ‘enjoying’ become ‘trivialising’? Come along and argue with Clive about your own preferred way of doing things.

Nine Reasons for Being Reform and One Reason for Not with Rabbi Laura Janner-Klauser & Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain MBE Wednesday 21 March, 8.30-10pm £15, £12 web advance Reform synagogues are expanding because of their appeal to Jews who want to stay Jewish but marry tradition and modernity. Come and listen to two leading exponents of Reform Judaism, argue with them and find out what it all means both for you and for our Jewish future.


UNDERSTAND HISTORY The JW3 Understand History programme has been kindly sponsored by The Bluston Charitable Settlement, in memory of Lily & David Bluston.

Changing The World with Trudy Gold

Jews and Gentlemen with Trudy Gold

Tuesdays 9 January - 20 March* 10.30am-12.30pm £20 per session, £160 for the 10 week course

Wednesdays 10 January - 21 March* 10.30am-12.30pm £20 per session, £160 for the 10 week course

From 1870 to 1914 the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe faced unprecedented challenges and choices. We will examine how group and individual responses changed both the Jewish and non-Jewish worlds. * No class 13 February

What is the riddle of Anglo Jewry? This course will examine our island community from the first settlement (1066-1290) through the absent years to the return in 1656. We will examine the events and huge personalities that make up our community today. * No class 14 February

Brains At Breakfast: On Trial with Trudy Gold Wednesdays 10 January - 21 March* 8-9am £30 per session, £250 for the 10 week course This course will examine the crucial court cases that changed Jewish history. Not only will we study the trials but also their impact on Jewish and world history. * No class 14 February


Poland: A Fragmented History, 1795-2018 with William Tyler MBE Thursdays 11 January - 22 March* 10.45am-12.45pm £20 per session, £160 for the 10 week course In the modern era Poland remained a divided country from its third Partition in 1795 through to the six wars of independence fought successfully from 1918 to 1921. Poland again lost its independence for a further half century from 1939 to 1989. Contemporary Poland has continued to be beset by political problems into the 21st century. * No class 15 February

Tickets 020 7433 8988

Poland with Richard Goldstein Wednesday 24 January, 7.30-9pm £15 | £12 web advance What is the true story of the Jews in Poland? Experienced educator and guide, Richard Goldstein will take you on a journey which explores why the Jews came to Poland and how they shaped its story. The history is fascinating, uplifting and tragic.

Nazi Occupied Britain: The Channel Islands with William Tyler MBE Thursday 12 April 10.45am-3.45pm £40 | £35 web advance

Royal France: The House of Bourbon, 1589-1830 with William Tyler MBE Thursdays 11 January - 22 March* 2.15-3.45pm £20 per session, £160 for the 10 week course

The only part of Britain to fall under Nazi rule was The Channel Islands. Their story, although a true one, also throws light on what might have been the case for the rest of Britain if Hitler’s planned invasion had been successful. The story ranges from outstanding courage through reluctant acceptance to complete collaboration.

From Henry IV through to Charles X, the House of Bourbon dominated not only France but much of Europe too. It did so until Louis XVI was guillotined during The French Revolution; even then the Bourbons returned to the throne in the persons of Louis’ two younger brothers. Dominating the story is Louis XIV and his great Palace of Versailles. * No class 15 February 7

Engage with World Issues The JW3 Engage with World Issues programme has been kindly sponsored by The Bluston Charitable Settlement, in memory of Lily & David Bluston. See Talks & Discussions in the What’s On brochure for further events.

Current Affairs with Paula Kitching Mondays 8 January - 19 March* 2-3.30pm | £20 per session £160 for the 10 week course Paula brilliantly and irreverently tackles new subjects every week. Join us for the liveliest discussion group in London. Topics will be generated by you and the issues of the day. Debate and dissent are part of the fun and we guarantee a lively debate. * No class 12 February Introduction To Christianity with Dr Lindsey Taylor-Gutharz Wednesdays 17 January - 28 February* 2-3.30pm | £20 per session £96 for the 6 week course Explore the history, practices, beliefs, and denominations of Christianity, including its long and troubled relationship with Judaism, and gain a deeper understanding of this religion that has shaped so much of the world’s history and culture. * No class 14 February


Israel Current Events From A Zionist Viewpoint with Ian Lucas Thursdays 1 February - 8 March 10.30am-12.30pm | £20 per session £80 for the 5 week course Join Ian Lucas to look at the weekly news and developments. Find out what is really going on in Israel.

Middle East Update with Hagai Segal Wednesday 7 February, 7.30-9pm £20 | £16 web advance Hagai will explore and explain the latest developments from the everchanging Middle East, including the Syria-Iraq dynamic, ISIS/IS/Daesh, and Israeli-Palestinian relations. The First Year of The Trump Presidency with Hagai Segal Wednesday 14 March 7.30pm | £20 | £16 web advance Donald Trump’s first year in the White House has been as dramatic and unprecedented as was hoped/feared (depending on your viewpoint!). We will examine the Trump Presidency so far and ask what this year tells us about the likely development of the rest of his Presidency.

OXFORD SERIES JW3 is delighted to host this series showcasing the Fellows of the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies. This series has been kindly sponsored.

A History of Judaism with Professor Martin Goodman Thursday 18 January, 7.30-9pm £15 | £12 web advance

Martin Goodman

This lecture will examine some striking examples of the complex relations between different strains of Judaism over three millennia. Despite the unifying force of a shared belief in the covenant on Sinai, the religion of the Jewish people has taken extraordinarily varied forms. Tracing the history of Judaism requires awareness not only of these varieties but of how they related to each other.

Israel and the Meaning of Jewish Sovereignty with Professor Yaacov Yadgar Thursday 25 January, 7.30-9pm £15 | £12 web advance What does it mean for Israel to be a ‘Jewish’ state? What distinguishes the sovereignty exercised by the nationstate of Jews from that of other modern nation-states? This lecture will address these issues by revisiting some foundational notions of Zionist ideology and by examining some current political controversies that emanate from these issues.

How the 1967 War Transformed Diaspora Jews Into White People with Dr Sara Hirschhorn Thursday 1 February, 7.30-9pm £15 | £12 web advance Today, Zionism is largely incompatible with other forms of identity politics — this lecture explores this from a historical perspective dating to the 1967 War and the major changes that continue to affect Diaspora Jewish/ Zionist communities.



The Architecture of The Herodian Temple – History and Ideology with Hallel Baitner Thursday 22 February, 7.30-9pm £15 | £12 web advance

Professor Alison Salvesen

The Herodian temple in Jerusalem was one of the most impressive buildings of the Roman world, and its descriptions are found in the writings of Josephus and in the rabbinic literature. However, these descriptions are not always identical, and the key for their understanding is to try to distinguish between historical descriptions and ideology.

Bird Law and Bird-Lore of The Bible with Professor Alison Salvesen

The Vocabulary of The Septuagint with Professor Jan Joosten

Thursday 8 February, 7.30-9pm £15 | £12 web advance

Thursday 8 March, 7.30-9pm £15 | £12 web advance

Birds mentioned in the Torah can be hard to identify with certainty. For instance, the list of unclean birds. This lecture looks at the ancient and modern interpreters of scripture and how they have used a variety of sources to determine their identity.

Translating the Hebrew of the bible into Greek posed many challenges to the earliest translators of the bible. Many Hebrew words and expressions found no ready equivalent in Greek. The choices made by the translators are often surprising. Studying them closely shows how biblical and Hellenistic thought collided and produced novel interpretations of scripture.


Tickets 020 7433 8988

Making Scents of Revelation: Aromas and Worship in Ancient Judaism with Dr Dominika Kurek-Chomycz Thursday 15 March, 7.30-9pm £15 | £12 web advance God’s nose plays an important role in the biblical narrative. While divine wrath is associated with the shortness of God’s nose, divine patience is expressed in terms of the length of nostrils. The prevalent context in which olfactory terms and motifs appear in the Torah is sacrificial. Yet the power of smell is demonstrated in multiple ways, including the link between fear of God and odour, which allows God’s emissaries to judge based only on olfaction.

The King and The Bible: Ancient Views On How The Torah Was Translated with Professor Kai Brodersen Thursday 22 March, 7.30-9pm £15 | £12 web advance In the Hellenistic age, the largest Jewish community lived in Alexandria. They spoke Greek - but their holy text was in Hebrew. Could a translation be made? Who could initiate (and pay for) such a work? This lecture will explore the stories told about the translators, their work and their world, and show how a King became instrumental in making the Torah available to Jews and 11

Appreciate the Arts

Poetry Circle with Irene Newton

Book Circle with Irene Newton

Wednesdays 17 January, 14 February & 14 March 2-3.30pm | £6 per session

Wednesdays 24 January, 21 February & 21 March 2-3.30pm | £6 per session

Do you like poetry? Here’s a chance to find out more and discuss your appreciation within a friendly and inspiring group.

Join us for an enriching thoughtprovoking and lively discussions of classic and contemporary novels.



Creative Writing with Sylvia Paskin

Challah For Hunger

Mondays 8 January - 19 March* 5.30-7pm or 7.30-9.30pm** £160 for the 10 week course

Wednesday 17 January, 21 February & 14 March 6-9pm | Free

Expand your horizons by writing poetry, fiction, plays and memoirs in a lively and supportive setting. You’ll receive thoughtful and considered critique. * No class 12 February ** Booking via Box Office only

Volunteer with Challah for Hunger, bringing people together to make a difference through baking and selling challah. The money raised goes to charities Tzedek and Doorstep for the Homeless. Each session includes dinner and fun quiz.

Abraham Debating Club Thursdays 11 January - 22 March, 1.15-2.15pm | £5 per session Debate, listen and voice your opinion over a wide range of controversial topics each week. Organised by the participants. * No session 15 February



Let’s Talk About Work, Retirement and Personal Identity with Bernard Barnett Tuesday 20 February, 2-3.30pm £15 | £12 web advance The lives and welfare of many people are closely tied to everyday work. Bernard will encourage open discussion on the themes often associated with the traumatic experience of retirements and the consequent loss of personal identity.

Let’s Talk About Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalysts, 1900 and 2018 with Bernard Barnett Let’s Talk About Loss, Depression and Depressive Illness with Bernard Barnett Tuesday 23 January, 2-3.30pm £15 | £12 web advance The word ‘depression’ tends to be used loosely to describe both normal moods and serious mental states. It is often associated with sadness following death, retirement and loss of employment. Bernard will discuss Freud’s classic paper ‘Mourning And Melancholia’ and try to make some distinctions between states of mind which are pathological and moods within the normal range.


Tuesday 13 March, 2-3.30pm £15 | £12 web advance Much has changed since Freud’s pioneering work on dreams and unconscious mental life in 1900. Bernard discusses the major ideas and more modern research and discoveries of Melanie Klein and Donald Winnicott. What takes place in a successful analytic encounter and a less successful one? Should we nowadays speak of “cure” or merely of “help”?

Are you looking for the perfect venue for your next simcha*, charity event or meeting? JW3 has the perfect set-up for your event. Not only do we have award-winning in-house kosher catering, but there are a variety of rooms for you to choose from including a 270seat auditorium, meeting rooms for 10-80 people and a 60-seat cinema, wonderful for kids’ parties or private screenings in

luxury surroundings. We also have a demonstration kitchen, the ideal setting for a unique hands-on birthday experience for adults or children. And our Howard Hall an exceptional space that can accommodate up to 180 seated guests for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, or for charity dinners.

*Simcha [Sim-ch-a]: Yiddish noun meaning festive occasion or party. | | 020 7433 8989 15


JW3’s unique approach integrates language learning with history, culture, art and customs. Whether you’re a total beginner or an advanced speaker you’ll be impressed by our professional, friendly tutors and how quickly your language skills improve.

A Hebrew book Ivrit Min Ha’Hatchala A or B is required for most Hebrew classes, as well as accompanying CDs and dictionaries which can be purchased at the JW3 Box Office. The cost of the books (£29-£35) is not included in the course fee. To find out which level will be best for you, please visit or contact Haggit Inbar-Littas, Head of Languages: | 020 7433 8972


Tickets 020 7433 8988

Hebrew Total Beginners If you are not familiar with the block or script Hebrew alphabet, we recommend starting here in order to be able to read without vowels as well as to write and build up basic conversation. Not Quite Beginners For those who have started to read the Hebrew alphabet both in block and script and have a vocabulary of about 100 words. Beginners I For those who can read comfortably, form simple sentences, have knowledge of basic verbs in the present tense, infinitives and a vocabulary of 300-400 words. Beginners II A class for those who converse in Hebrew on basic topics comfortably using the present tense and infinitives. Learn the past tense and to use 700 to 800 words confidently. Beginners III Become confident handling the past tense, discussing newspaper headlines and listening to Hebrew recordings. Intermediate I Finishing the past tense and starting the future tense. Intermediate II The future tense continues to be taught using newspapers and special TV programmes, there will be more developed conversations.

Intermediate III This course consolidates previous learning of tenses and introduces the passive tense. Using video and listening clips. Advanced I We will use a variety of media and elaborate on texts from newspapers to take your Hebrew to the next level. Advanced III For those who know present, past and future tenses and read more advanced newspaper articles. Very Advanced Conversation Students will watch news from Israel and converse on leading topics of the day as well as other relevant topics.

French Intermediate I For students who can speak in past, present and future tenses but are still in need of strengthening their French grammar and vocabulary. Intermediate II Improve your speaking skills and vocabulary through reading articles in French. Advanced Conversation Discuss different topics such as French literature, politics or French culture reading and discussing articles or French novels.



SPRING 2018 LANGUAGES TERM DATES Monday 8 January - 25 March (There are 10 sessions this term) Half-term 11-17 February (no classes)

MONDAYS French Advanced Conversation Patricia Zerah-Randisi, 10am-12noon, £170 Hebrew Intermediate III (Term III) Haggit Inbar-Littas, 10am-1pm, £255 French Intermediate II (Term III) Patricia Zerah-Randisi, 1-3pm, £170 Hebrew Not Quite Beginners Liat Aharonovitch, 7-9pm, £170 Hebrew Not Quite Beginners (Term II) Ronit First-Kavisky 7-9pm, £170 Hebrew Beginners II Hani Gani 7-9pm, £170 Hebrew Total Beginners (NEW) Kimi (Michal) Waxman 7.30-9.30pm, £170 Hebrew Very Advanced Conversation Haggit Inbar-Littas 8-10pm, £170





Hebrew Intermediate I Nurit Gance 10am-12noon, £170

Hebrew Beginners III (Term IIi) Haggit Inbar-Littas, 10am-12noon, £170

Hebrew Not Quite Beginners Haggit Inbar-Littas 10am-12noon, £170

Hebrew Advanced I Hani Gani, 10am-12noon, £170

Hebrew Beginners I Tami Dayan-Zedek, 7-9pm, £170

Hebrew Intermediate II (Term II1) Rina Gurvitz, 10am-12.30pm, £212

Hebrew Beginners I (Term II) Liat Aharonovitch, 7-9pm, £170

Hebrew Beginners I Hani Gani, 12.30-2.30pm, £170


French Intermediate I (Term III) Patricia Zerah-Randisi 10am-12noon, £170 Hebrew Advanced III Haggit Inbar-Littas, 10am-12.30pm, £212 Hebrew Beginners II (Term III) Hani Gani, 7-9pm, £170 Hebrew Beginners III Osnat Blauer-Rivlin, 8-10pm, £170

Hebrew Not Quite Beginners (Term II) Liat Aharonovitch, 7-9pm, £170 Hebrew Beginners I (Term III) Rina Gurvitz, 7-9pm, £170 Hebrew Intermediate II (Term IiI) Nurit Gance, 7.30-9.30pm, £170

Hebrew Not Quite Beginners Ronit First-Kavisky 10am-12noon, £170 Hebrew Beginners II Osnat Blauer-Rivlin, 10am-12noon, £170 Hebrew Beginners I (Term III) Liat Aharonovitch 11am-1pm, £170 Hebrew Intermediate III Rina Wolgroh-Zolti, 11am-1pm, £170


Sponsored by

The JW3 Food & Drink programme is sponsored by neillerner Enjoy an array of workshops and demonstrations in our state-of-the-art Demo Kitchen, courtesy of neillerner, featuring Miele appliances. Please note that all ingredients and equipment used in the Demo Kitchen are kosher. The kitchen and the events themselves are not under kashrut supervision.

Moreish Moroccan

Persian Feast

Wednesday 24 January, 7.30-10pm £45 | £40 web advance

Wednesday 7 February, 7.30-10pm £45 | £40 web advance

The most refined of all North African cuisines, famous for its couscous, crispy pies, and tagines, a cuisine passed down from generation to generation. This will be a stress-free cooking experience and ideal for entertaining when cooking for larger crowds. Workshop with Danielle Levinson.

In this Middle Eastern and North African influenced class, Fabienne will transform rice into simple delicious meals flavoured with spices, herbs, vegetables, meat and fish. She will show you how to cook rice to perfection. Come hungry! Demonstration with Fabienne VinerLuzzato.

Italian Style Food For Pesach Wednesday 21 March, 7-10pm £45 | £40 web advance Silvia shares traditional Italian dishes for a Pesach feast. She will demonstrate lamb cutlets from Rome, aubergine caponata from Sicily, a spinach frittata from Florence, her family’s matza fritters and a flourless chocolate and almond cake which never fails. Demonstration with Silvia Nacamulli. 19

uFoodie JW3 is delighted to bring uFoodie, an innovative pop-up cookery school which helps adults and children learn to cook, build relationships and community to JW3. Adult classes open to everyone aged 16+ though under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

uFoodie Essentials Tuesdays 7-10pm £60 | £55 web advance £650 for the 12 week course If you are new to cooking or a cook with gaps in your basic knowledge this series is for you. You can attend the entire series, which will give you an excellent foundation in home cooking, or buy single classes wherever you need to top up your skills.

20 February: Intro to Cookery Skills 27 February: Soup & Bread 6 March: Eggs, Pasta, Rice 13 March: Chicken 20 March: Meat 6 April: Fish 24 April: Vegetables 1 May: Salads 8 May: Desserts 15 May: World Food 22 May: Shabbat 29 May: Jewish Festivals

uFoodie is also offering a selection of Sunday and half-term classes for children aged 9+. Please see the Families section of the What’s On brochure for more details, or visit our website.


Sponsored by

Tickets 020 7433 8988

uFoodie Inspiration Thursdays 7-10pm £60 | £55 web advance If you cook regularly but want to rev up your repertoire and be inspired with new recipes, these classes are ideal. The food created is enjoyed together at the end of the class. 18 January, 12 April: Sizzlin’ Salads 25 January: Healthy & Happy 1 February, 22 March: Midweek Meals 22 February: Divine Desserts 8 March: Va Va Vegetarian 20 March: Mid East Feast 26 April: Fab Fri Nites

uFoodie Socials Sunday 2-5pm 4 February: Men Only (Valentine’s prep) Thursdays 7-10pm 8 February, 19 April: Dinner Date £60 | £55 web advance These classes are designed to socialise through cooking and eating together at the end of the class!


JW3 Membership Become a member and support outstanding programming that increases the quality, variety & volume of Jewish conversation. Membership benefits include:

• 10% discount on ticket prices* • Exclusive member events • 10% off food and drink at Zest To become a member and support our work please go to or call 020 7433 8988

*Terms and conditions apply.

HEALTH & FITNESS Feldenkrais Mondays 8 January – 26 March* 10.30-11.30am £12.50 per session, £110 for 11 week course A gentle approach designed to achieve greater ease, flexibility and range in our movement, taught by Orna Dale Eliashev. * No class 12 February


Feldenkrais Gold

Thursdays 11 January – 22 March* 9.30-10.30am £12.50 per session, £100 for the 10 week course

Wednesdays 10 January – 21 March* 10.30-11.30am £12.50 per session £100 for the 10 week course

Help improve your posture, enhance your muscle tone and body shape. This mind and body experience will leave you feeling energised and relaxed, taught by Ronelle Solomons. * No class 15 February

A lighter and more subtle range of movements, all taught within the Feldenkrais Method. Find greater ease, flexibility and range of movements, taught by Orna Dale Eliashev. * No class 14 February



Krav Maga is widely recognised as the world’s most effective form of self-defence. Originating in Israel, it was created in the belief that we all have the right to walk in peace. Our courses will give participants the skills and experience to do just that. It is fun, quick to learn and easy to retain. It is particularly useful in practical situations, and will keep you fit. London Krav Maga was established in 1996 and is affiliated to the official Krav Maga Global (KMG) based in Netanya, Israel. We only use Israeli-trained and registered instructors using a rigorously tested syllabus. For more information, term dates, registration and payment please visit the London Krav Maga website: Any other questions please email Please note that all courses are booked per season and cannot be booked on a per session basis. Prices include VAT.

Kids Foundation

Kids Intermediate

Mondays 8 January - 26 March Ages 11-13: 5-6pm; Ages 14-16: 6-7pm £169 for the 12 week course

Tuesdays 9 January - 27 March Ages 11-13: 5-6pm; Ages 14-16: 6-7pm £40 per month

Krav Maga is easy to learn and retain. Israeli-trained and registered instructors teach you how to defend yourself against attacks in the street as well as how to fight back. Plus, learn to respond quickly under stress.

The classes will further develop striking and defensive abilities, as well as mental awareness of conflict situations, and provide the opportunity for students to continue to progress through the grades.


Tickets 020 7433 8988

Women Foundation Sundays 7 January - 25 March 10-11.20am £195 for the 12 week course Learn how to defend yourself against common threats and attacks in all sorts of environments and gain the skills to fight back. We only use Israeli-trained and registered instructors, specifically qualified to teach women, using gender-appropriate methods and material. Suitable for ages 16+.

Adult Foundation Sundays 7 January - 25 March 7-8.30pm or Thursdays 11 January - 29 March 7-8.10pm £195 for the 12 week course Our instructors give beginners the basics of the theory and practice of Krav Maga – teaching you how to defend yourself against all manner of attacks as well as how to fight back. We simulate the stress of a real attack without compromising your safety.

Women Intermediate Sundays 7 January - 25 March 11.30am-12.50pm £45 per month For women over 16 who have completed the Foundation Course. Learn more skills to defend yourself and fight back with registered Israelitrained instructors.

Practitioner & Graduate Programmes Sundays to Thursdays, all year For students who have completed our Foundation Course (or who have prior experience) the Practitioner Programme (grades 1-5) is the next step. There are seven sessions per week to choose from split by level. Fees are payable by month and depend on payment options chosen. The Graduate Programme is for students who have completed the Practitioner Programme. For details see 25

JEWISH BOOK WEEK 2018 Jewish Book Week returns to JW3 with a lively programme of lunchtime talks and interviews. All Jewish Book Week events at JW3 are £8 per ticket or £12 for a same day double bill Overture and Beginners Please: An Autobiography in Five Movements Monday 5 March 1pm | £8 | Talk International concert pianist Anthya Cohen speaks to Sue MacGregor.

The Children of Willesden Lane Tuesday 6 March 2.30pm | £8 | Talk Pianist Mona Golabek performs and tells the story of her mother’s experience on the Kindertransport.

Storm in a D-Cup

A Rocky Road

Monday 5 March 2.30pm | £8 | Talk

Wednesday 7 March 1pm | £8 | Talk

Rigby & Peller’s June Kenton discusses her memoir with Vanessa Feltz.

Rabbi Abraham Levy discusses his memoir with Norman Lebrecht.

Charlotte Salomon and the Theatre of Memory

Against All the Odds

Tuesday 6 March 1pm | £8 | Talk Griselda Pollock presents her major reevaluation of artist Charlotte Saloman.

Wednesday 7 March 2.30pm | £8 | Talk David Bolchover on football legend and Holocaust survivor, Béla Guttman. Transitions Thursday 8 March 1pm | £8 | Talk Yael Dayan looks back on her life in conversation with Janet Suzman. From Things Lost Thursday 8 March 2.30pm | £8 | Talk Shirli Gilbert and Yitzchak Mayer’s new books use letters to delve into the history of the Holocaust.


ICE RINK Get your tickets at the Box Office or online at Book penguin stabilisers & banana toboggans for the little ones! Private hire & group bookings available please contact the JW3 hospitality team on 020 7433 8955

Events & Activities by Date EVENTS LISTING Wednesday 17 January Poetry Circle 2pm p12 Challah For Hunger 6pm p13 Thursday 18 January A History of Judaism 7.30pm p9 Tuesday 23 January Let’s Talk About Loss, Depression and Depressive Illness 2pm p14 Wednesday 24 January Book Circle 2pm p12 Poland with Richard Goldstein 7.30pm p7 Moreish Moroccan 7.30pm p19 Thursday 25 January Israel and the Meaning of Jewish Sovereignty 7.30pm p9 Thursday 1 February How the 1967 War Transformed Diaspora Jews Into White People 7.30pm p9 Sunday 4 February uFoodie Socials: Men Only 2pm p21 Wednesday 7 February Middle East Update 7.30pm p8 Persian Feast 7.30pm p19 Thursday 8 February uFoodie Socials: Dinner Date 7pm p21 Bird Law and Bird-Lore of The Bible 7.30pm p10 Thursday 14 February Poetry Circle 2pm p12 Tuesday 20 February Let’s Talk About Work 2pm p14


Wednesday 21 February Book Circle 2pm p12 Challah for Hunger 6pm p13 Italian Style Food for Pesach 7pm p19 Thursday 22 February The Architecture of the Herodian Temple 7.30pm p10 Wednesday 7 March Will the Messiah Be A Woman? 8pm p5 Thursday 8 March The Vocabulary of the Septuagint 7.30pm p10 Tuesday 13 March Is Purim Just Bonkers or Does It Make Sense? 10.30am p5 Let’s Talk About Psychoanalysis 2pm p14 Pesach Is Not For Children 2pm p5 Wednesday 14 March Poetry Circle 2pm p12 Challah For Hunger 6pm p13 The First Year of The Trump Presidency 7.30pm p8 Thursday 15 March Making Scents of Revelation 7.30pm p11 Wednesday 21 March Book Circle 2pm p12 Italian Style Food for Pesach 7pm p19 Nine Reasons for Being Reform and One Reason For Not 8.30pm p5 Thursday 22 March The King and The Bible 7.30pm p11 Thursday 12 April Nazi Occupied Britain 10.45am p7 Thursday 19 April uFoodie Socials: Dinner Date 7pm p21

COURSES Mondays Dilemmas Feldenkrais Weekly Wisdom Current Affairs Krav Maga: Kids Foundation Creative Writing Creative Writing

10am p3 10.30am p23 10.30am p3 2pm p8 5&6pm p24 5.30pm p13 7.30pm p13

Tuesdays They’re All The Same 10.30am p4 Changing the World 10.30am p6 Krav Maga: Kids Intermediate 5&6pm p24 Creative Writing 5.30pm p13 uFoodie Essentials 7pm p20 Wednesdays Brains at Breakfast Dilemmas Feldenkrais Gold Jews & Gentlemen Introduction to Christianity

8am p6 10am p3 10.30am p23 10.30am p6 2pm p8

Thursdays Pilates 9.30am p23 Modern Jewish Literature 10.30am p4 Israel Current Events 10.30am p8 Poland: A Fragmented History 10.45am p6 Abraham Debating Club 1.15pm p13 Royal France: The House of Bourbon 2.15pm p7 uFoodie Inspiration 7pm p21 Krav Maga: Adult Foundation 7pm p25 Sundays Krav Maga: Women Foundation 10am p25 Krav Maga: Women Intermediate 11.30am p25 Krav Maga: Adult Foundation 7pm p25

JW3 would like to thank our generous donors FOUNDATION BENEFACTOR Clore Duffield Foundation JW3 Capital Campaign Major Benefactors Sir Trevor Chinn CVO & Lady Susan Chinn CBE City Bridge Trust Dr Naim Dangoor CBE z"l Barbara & Mick Davis The Dorfman Foundation Caroline Elton & Andrew Franklin Alan & Sabine Howard International Charitable Fund Richard & Pamela Jacobs David & Denise Joseph Clive & Helene Kahn Klein & Cantor Families The Morris Leigh Foundation Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands Foundation Harold & Nicola Pasha Pears Foundation The Rayne Trust David & Alex Rhodes Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe Family of Mr Basil Sandelson Donald Sussman Nick Viner & Victoria Boyarsky Garfield Weston Foundation

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VISIT CONCESSIONS & DISCOUNTS Concessions are available for recipients of universal credit, pension credit, disability living allowance, full-time students in possession of NUS/ISIC cards, and companions/carers of people with disabilities. Please call the box office to book concessionrate tickets. Concessions and discounts cannot be combined. Our bursary fund is available to those who cannot meet the full cost of a course or event. To apply, please email Ziva Ambalo in confidence at

The Six Point Foundation legacy grant survivor enrichment programme can, at JW3’s discretion, provide an 80% reduction for entrance to a wide range of events at JW3 for those Holocaust survivors and refugees who would like to attend but have financial needs. The Six Point Foundation legacy grant can also assist with transport costs, carers and other relevant accessibility costs for those unable to meet these costs themselves. Group booking discount: Buy nine tickets for the same event at the same time and get the tenth one free.

ACCESS JW3 is an accessible building for people with physical impairments. The JW3 Cinema and Howard Hall both have a hearing loop. For further details please visit or call the Box Office.

PARKING Paid parking is available at the O2 Centre, 400m away. Free parking on Finchley Road and adjacent side roads after 7pm (6.30pm side roads) Mondays to Saturdays and all day Sunday. JW3 is situated in a residential area. Please be considerate of our neighbours if parking locally, and ensure you leave adequate space for emergency vehicles to pass.



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*Opening hours are subject to occasional variation – please check our website for full details. JW3: 341-351 Finchley Road, London NW3 6ET Box Office +44 (0)20 7433 8988

JW3 is a Jewish community centre with a kosher restaurant, café and bar – only food bought at JW3 can be eaten on the premises. When we are open over Shabbat or Jewish holidays, we will run a reduced “JW3 Unplugged” programme and the Cinema and Zest will be closed. Further details available on request. Prices, dates and times are subject to change. JW3 Trust Ltd is a registered charity, No. 1117644. JW3 Trading Ltd, registered company No. 7686352 (England and Wales), is a wholly owned subsidiary of JW3 Trust Ltd.

Classes & Courses January - April 2018  
Classes & Courses January - April 2018