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Growing movement Shelter City is a growing movement of cities, organisations, and local citizens, who stand side by side with human rights defenders at risk.

Tailormade support

Local allies

We tailor our support In Shelter City, human to the specific needs rights defenders of each human rights can rely on the defender, and enable companionship them to develop their of local allies skills, knowledge and and can expand resilience. their professional networks.


Shelter City is a global movement of safe and inspiring spaces where human rights defenders can re-energise, receive tailormade support and engage with allies in order to reinforce their local actions for change. The initiative was founded in 2012 by Justice & Peace as a concrete and accessible way to support human rights defenders at risk. Their three-month stay in one of the Shelter Cities enables defenders to renew their energy and continue their work better equipped upon return.

Trainings We provide holistic security trainings on topics as advocacy, digital security and wellbeing, aimed at building the capacities of human rights defenders.



The protection of human rights defenders is of paramount importance to Shelter City in Georgia. I see it as a way to not just protect an individual, but in turn their whole community. Shelter City is and should always be a safe space for human rights defenders to access support and to find professional and personal growth alike. GRZYWATZ

Director of Tbilisi Shelter City NGO and senior case manager of Shelter City in Georgia


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