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JUST BUFFALO / DEVELOPING YOUNG WRITERS by Rachelle Toarmino Amira Almadrahi has discovered the healing power of selfexpression. Her poem, “Write About It” is both a tribute to the practice of writing, and a call for others to give it a shot. “Writing calms me down” she says. At only 12 years old, she was thrilled to discover she would be reading her poem in front of hundreds as the opener for Just Buffalo’s BABEL event in March, which featured Alexandra Fuller. “They picked my poem and I was in awe” she says. Amira is in the seventh grade at Southside Elementary School #93, a Buffalo Public School that participates in Just Buffalo’s Writers in Education Program. Designed to ignite student imagination through writing, Just Buffalo’s education programs have real and demonstrable impact on over 3,500 students each year with hands-on in-school, after-school, and community-based initiatives.




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NOVEMBER 22, 2013 8pm


Bringing the World’s Greatest Writers to Buffalo





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APRIL 8, 2014 8pm

Amira’s writing, like that of so many students who participate in Writers in Education, has enabled her to articulate her voice and communicate her individuality. Through direct contact with accomplished, professional writers, students express things most important to them in words based around a unifying theme. Amira says that Writers in Education helped her express herself in new and creative ways, and she was surprised when her poem was chosen to be featured. Just Buffalo asked Amira to share her poem with the BABEL audience to help expand awareness of the Writers in Education Program, and how important it is to support young writers. Although she has kept a journal at home for several years, she now turns to poetry instead of free-style prose. For her, writing poetry in her journal is like disclosing feelings to a best friend. “If I’m mad, I’ll write down my feelings and nobody else will see” she says. For now, Amira is a characteristic adolescent girl, who loves listening to music and hanging out with friends. Looking to the future, she wants to become either a lawyer or a chef or both, and always plans to keep a journal. “Poetry is personal. It’s my feelings, it’s my point of view.”

Adapted from a piece first published in ARTVOICE, April 3, 2013.

Photo by Lianna Hogan

WRITE ABOUT IT Amira Almadrahi

Write About It, Because Your Mind Is Like A Balloon It Can Only Hold So Much, And Then It Breaks And You Lose It You Lose Yourself It’s Gonna Happen Anyways So Why Not Lose Yourself? Lose yourself In Writing As If In A Labyrinth Of Words. Just Write About It, Write About It Because It’s Going To Keep Irritating You. Until You Let It Out. Write About It, Don’t Think About It, Write About It.



EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S BRIEF Technology is changing all of our lives and fast… The way we approach writing and especially reading is radically different than it was only a few years ago, with a whole new array of mobile devices now available. But what doesn’t change is the need to support the development of reading, writing and creative thinking skills in our community’s children and young adults. Just Buffalo Literary Center has been doing this for more than 30 years through Writers in Education, and our commitment has never been stronger. In this issue, meet two of the young people who have been touched by our programs, and learn why we are so passionately committed to these amazing students and this very important work.


RECLAIMING BUFFALO SPREADS HOPE AND INSPIRATION Writing with Light, the joint education program of Just Buffalo Literary Center and CEPA Gallery, is spreading hope across the region through Reclaiming Buffalo. This after-school project gives students the unique opportunity to learn and combine photography, computer literacy, and creative writing in order to reimagine their communities.

Buffalo natives Kevin and Janet O’Leary have dedicated their lives to giving back. Just Buffalo Literary Center has the good fortune to be one of the organizations the O’Leary’s have chosen to support, with Kevin serving on the Just Buffalo board for the maximum nine years, and contining on the Development Committee. Kevin first got involved with Just Buffalo in 2003 when a neighbor urged him to check out If All of Buffalo Read the Same Book, Just Buffalo’s community-wide book club. As someone who has always been fond of literature and the arts, he was eager to come aboard.

Photo by Julian Montague

“Just Buffalo’s Writers in Education Program leaves a lasting impression on students throughout Western New York. The classrooms I’ve observed exude a playful energy, leading students to self-expression that is both powerful and inspiring.” Falck is an accomplished educator and poet who holds an M.A. in Literacy Education from the University of Dayton. A former public school teacher and National Writing Project Teaching Consultant, who taught 4th and 5th graders for ten years, Falck is the author of the book, Snowmen Losing Weight (BatCat Press, 2012). He has received fellowships from The Ohio State University, Kenyon Review Writer’s Workshop, and Antioch Writer’s Workshop. His poems have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and have appeared widely in journals such as Boston Review, Columbia Poetry Review, Forklift Ohio, Greensboro Review, Gulf Coast, Kenyon Review, and Smartish Pace.

Photo by John Hand

LEADERSHIP SPOTLIGHT Completing his first year as Just Buffalo Literary Center’s Education Director, Noah Falck is responsible for a full array of education programs including Writer Residencies, Bookmaking Projects, and Writing with Light presented with CEPA Gallery. He also oversees BABEL in the schools, educational opportunities created in conjunction with Just Buffalo’s acclaimed international author series, and the Spotlight on Youth Open Mic/ Coffee House Series which gives young people between the ages of 12-21 the opportunity to share their creative work with a supportive audience.

THIS IS A PLACE By Kofi Asante This is a place Like a flat notebook That has been stained and forgotten It is like a summer day That has been dried out It has been abducted by garbage Overflowed with disgrace... It is like a book that You can’t read The value is broken and lost Gray grass Feels like it was tossed One that is broken and went through pain Always can Be reclaimed


by Rachelle Toarmino

The process begins with students photographing dilapidated buildings and vacant lots in their neighborhoods. They learn computer-imaging techniques and are encouraged to think freely and creatively about their community’s future. Using PhotoShop software, they transform their “before” image into an “after” image, often showing well maintained homes and landscaped yards, green spaces and thriving community businesses. Students then use their images as inspiration for writing poems and narrative essays to expand upon their vision. Selected artworks are featured at exhibitions and on bus shelters across Buffalo, spreading hope and inspiration throughout the city. Last year, Kofi Asante, a 6th grader from Clinton Elementary School, composed a powerful poem called “This Is A Place.” Kofi was filmed reading the poem in front of a bus shelter showing his reclaimed destination. You can watch this video on our website:

Laurie Dean Torrell


“Helping people become engaged with writing and helping local students become better writers, I think the mission is great.” An enthusiastic reader himself, Kevin naturally gravitated more toward the literary side of Just Buffalo’s mission. The educational side, or what he calls the “heartstring” side, is something he learned about as he got more involved. “You’ve got a kid sitting in a classroom in an underperforming school who has a talent that no one is ever going to drag out of him because the school just can’t, they’re dealing with seventeen other problems” he says. “That is where Just Buffalo’s Writers in Education Program comes in.” Kevin is a local businessman, the owner and President of Parkview Health Services, and as a result, his board membership and continued support has taken an entrepreneurial angle. “We need to operate like a business with a social mission,” he says. “And this is what Just Buffalo does.” He is known for leading by example—becoming one of Just Buffalo’s most generous donors in the process­ —and for establishing what he calls “win-win” connections between Just Buffalo and other local agencies. These

collaborative opportunities strengthen Just Buffalo’s chance for long-term sustainability and success. “You can’t just write a check and expect it to solve the problem, you need to build support,” he says. Kevin and Janet have come to their community involvement and commitment to giving back in part through challenging situations they’ve faced in their own lives. When Janet was in graduate school, she fell ill with a life-threatening disease. After she recovered, she chose to get involved with Roswell Park Cancer Institute by doing pastoral care work. “She’s a survivor so she has a great story to tell,” he says. Kevin and Janet have tried to foster an appreciation for different cultures, literature, and the arts in their three daughters’ lives. Every year, Kevin and Janet sponsor an event tied in with Just Buffalo’s BABEL Series at Buffalo Seminary, their daughters’ alma mater. “It’s important for kids to see authors, to see that they are real people, and if you have a talent this is what you can do” Kevin says. One year, Chinese author Ha Jin was brought to the school. At the time, Buffalo Seminary had recently partnered with Cambridge University to establish an international education program that brings Chinese and Korean students to Buffalo. “Culturally, it was something amazing to watch,” he says. “I can’t even imagine the calls back home.” More recently the O’Leary’s helped establish Just Buffalo’s Literary Leadership Circle, a special group of donors who make a three year commitment to support Just Buffalo’s mission. Looking to the future, Kevin’s greatest hope for Just Buffalo is sustainability. “My wish for Just Buffalo is that it’s still here for the next generation, with the support it needs to thrive for the next 38 years.”

Mary Farallo, President Anne Y. Taylor, Vice President Thomas F. Hewner, Treasurer Elizabeth Pascal, Secretary Dr. Arjang Assad Thomas G. Aurelio James R. Bachwitz Paul Battaglia Elena Cala Miriam C. Dow Geri Grossman Olga Karman Tanya Perrin-Johnson Bryan P. Roland Franca Trincia Timothy J. Vukelic

STAFF Executive Director Laurie Dean Torrell (716) 861.9985 Artistic Director Barbara Cole, Ph.D. Education Director Noah Falck Finance Director Kristen Pope Executive Assistant Lynda Kaszubski Program Coordinator Hallie Winter Grantwriter Kathleen Kearnan Graphic Design by Julian Montague Frazer/Montague Design

Just Buffalo Literary Center is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contact us at: 617 Main Street #202A Buffalo, New York 14203 (716) 832.5400 or visit the website

Creating and strengthening communities through the literary arts.





that are central to our community-building mission and that makes us who we are. Getting us up the mountain and paying for these programs is a combination of individual donations, corporate support, government and foundation grants, and revenues from our programs. I am here to say that for our fiscal year ending June 30, 2012, we made it to the top and the view is great.

…a summary of our audited financial statements / Please contact our offices should you wish to receive the complete report.

Each year Just Buffalo secures more than a quarter million dollars in competitive grants to be reinvested in Western New York.

STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES FOR THE YEAR ENDED JUNE 30, 2012 EXPENSES Program Services General and Administrative Fundraising TOTAL EXPENSES INCREASE IN NET ASSETS Net assets at beginning of year Net assets at end of year

SUPPORT AND REVENUE UNRESTRICTED $ 141,809 Support 234,754 Earned Revenue Net assets released from restrictions 246,804 TEMPORARILY RESTRICTED 250,680 Support (246,804) Net assets released from restrictions $ 627,243 TOTAL SUPPORT AND REVENUE

$ 474,823 81,532 70,580 626,935 308 213,920 $ 214,228

At a very personal level, I believe an important purpose of Just Buffalo Literary Center is to take us on literary adventures. Certainly those of us who participated in this season’s BABEL lectures got to take a world tour from the north country of New York State to Somalia and Rhodesia with a stop in the Dominican Republic. On a more local level, but no less equal in opening the door to adventure, is the opportunity for our in-school programs to excite students as to the opportunities of the written word to expand their horizons. There is yet another adventure that goes on behind the scenes at Just Buffalo, and that is the adventure of climbing the budgetary mountain. Every year our talented staff and our devoted board build a mountain of budgeted expenditures that we need to meet in order to carry out the programs

TOTAL REVENUE – $627,243

As we begin each new fiscal year on July 1st, we are magically transported back to the mountain’s base looking up at a new budget. However, we are up for the task. And we believe that with the support and encouragement we have received, and continue to receive from you, along with careful planning, we will successfully make the next climb, enjoying both the journey together and the destination.

Thomas F. Hewner

General and Administrative $81,532 – 13% Earned Income $234,754 – 37%

Wordplay Your donation helps us publish and distribute 3,000 copies of this annual breathtaking anthology of student work.

Literary Programs $279,500 – 45%

Federal, State and Local Grants $187,626 – 30% Arts Education Programs $195,323 – 31% Individual and Corporate Donations $79,898 – 13%

Please consider a gift to Just Buffalo (716) 832.5400 or Your support is needed throughout the year to sustain and grow important programs, and for a variety of special projects. Before we turn to you, we make sure that 100% of the Just Buffalo board of directors has made a commitment. Your gift can be used where it is needed most, or can be directed to a specific current campaign: BABEL Support the BABEL Series and help bring the world’s greatest writers to Buffalo.


Community members reached through literary articles, publications and news


Reached with weekly Literary Buffalo e-newsletter, website and social media


Adults and students participated in BABEL, literary readings & events


Students served by writingbased Education programs, publications & exhibitions


Adults participated in Writing Workshops and Interdisciplinary Programs

TOTAL EXPENSES – $626,935 Fundraising $70,580 – 11%

Foundations $124,965 – 20%

Meeting our budget in these difficult economic times is something we do not take for granted. Executive Director Laurie Dean Torrell, our staff and the board can plan, work hard, and hope. It is those individuals and corporations, governments and foundations who believe in our work that enable us to scale the heights.


Young Writers Fund Make a gift to support creative writing programs that nurture the talents and voices of young people. Literary Leadership Circle Join a very special group of supporters by making a commitment of $5,000 or more over 3 years (which can be done for as little as $139 a month). You can also support Just Buffalo by making a planned gift. Create a lasting legacy while providing you and your heirs with important tax benefits. Two examples of planned gift options are those done through life insurance policies or retirement plans. Just Buffalo is pleased to work with your financial and legal advisors to devise a plan that best meets your goals.


Writers and artists presented literary and education programs In addition to thrilling the local community, the BABEL literary lecture series drew audience members from Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Colorado, Washington, Texas, and Toronto. More than 10,000 program participants and visitors came through our doors at The Western New York Book Arts Center.



THANK YOU TO OUR DONORS New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature

The Cameron & Jane Baird Foundation Balbach Family Foundation Children’s Foundation of Erie County City Honors Foundation City of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown City of Buffalo Common Council Embrace WNY Erie County Cultural Funding Robert J. & Martha B. Fierle Foundation Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies The Fund for the Arts: The Baird Foundation Louis P. Ciminelli Family Foundation Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo Davis Family Foundation Josephine Goodyear Foundation The Patrick P. Lee Foundation The John R. Oishei Foundation The Margaret L. Wendt Foundation Western New York Foundation Give 4 Greatness Hodgson Russ LLP HSBC Bank USA, N.A. Veljko Jellech Trust Key Bank The Library Foundation of Buffalo & Erie County Elsie P. & Lucius B. McCowan Private Charitable Foundation New York Council for the Humanities Rigidized Metals Corporation RIVERRUN-NA, INC. Simple Gifts Fund George G. & Elizabeth G. Smith Foundation, Inc. Try-It Distributing Co. Inc. Ms. Cindy Abbott Letro & Mr. Francis Letro Ms. Deborah Abgott Ms. Cynthia Allen Ms. Rebecca Almond Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Amigone III Ms. Karima Amin Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Angert Anonymous (12 donors) Ms. Connie Arena Ms. Stephanie Artis Dr. Arjang A. Assad Mr. Thomas G. Aurelio Mr. John Bace & Ms. Melissa Balbach Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bachwitz Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bacon Mr. and Mrs. Richard Baer Ms. Gay Baines Ms. Ansie Baird Dr. Joan S. Baizer Ms. Sarah Bandemer

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LITERARY LEADERSHIP CIRCLE: Literary Leaders pledge to give a minimum gift of $5,000 (total) over 3 years. This gift is made in support of Just Buffalo’s present and its future. Anonymous (1 donor) Mr. Paul Battaglia Ms. Melissa Garman Baumgart Mr. Mark Chason and Mrs. Mariana Botero Chason Ms. Jean Doerr & Dr. Robert Kaplan Ms. Miriam and Mr. Peter Dow Ms. Mary E. Farallo Friends of Just Buffalo Mr. Jeffrey & Ms. Shelley Hirshberg Mr. Patrick Long & Dr. Sandra Block Mr. Kevin and Ms. Janet O’Leary Ms. Anne Y. and Mr. David Taylor


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PROGRAM PARTNERS AND OTHER SUPPORT CONTINUED City Honors Foundation Compass House Compeer West Inc. Earth’s Daughters El Museo Exhibit X Gay & Lesbian Youth Services The David Gray Chair of Poetry and Letters, SUNY at Buffalo Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center Himalayan Institute of Buffalo Hispanic Heritage Council of WNY International Institute of Buffalo Karpeles Manuscript Library The Mansion on Delaware Avenue Medaille College Native American Community Services Penguin Group (USA) Inc. Planned Parenthood of WNY Random House Rust Belt Books Speak Your Mind/Shape Your World Starcherone Books Talking Leaves Books TDC Ten Thousand Villages University at Buffalo Department of English University at Buffalo Humanities Institute Villa Maria College WBFO 88.7 Western New York Book Arts Collaborative Young Audiences of WNY This listing includes donations of $100 + received July, 2011 through December 31, 2012.

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