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WHO IS LIL MEXICO? 1-Who is Lil Mexico and what separates you from other Artist? LIL MEXICO , My Background and the potential I have. 2-Do you write your own music ? Yes I write most of my music and I also have a team of writers. 3-Im From Houston, Texas 4-2years, 2017 will be my third year. 5-I have a few reasons, I feel like God has a purpose for me in the music industry because of my past, I have a lot of faith in myself and I’m MEXICAN.... hahahahaha! 6-My biggest influence was made by UGK,South Park Mexican, and Dipset. The big homie Future is the one that made me start this music and really be serious about it. My playlist would consist of Jeezy, Future, Jay Z, Tory Lanez, YFN Lucci, French Montana. 7-Keep God First! Go hard or Go home!!! 8-LIL MEXICO - Im single. 9-I must start with, down here in Houston we have our own history Rap A Lot, Scarface, UGK, Ghetto Boys, S.U.C, Swisha House, JDawg, and the famous one to screw the world DJ SCREW. Now we continue to make history with our sound, culture, and sauce just look at Travis Scott, Chedda Da Connect, The Sauce Factory, Wolfpack, DSD1, and myself. My city of Houston has a big influence in me as well my music.

10-The newest project that I’m working on is called MY LIFE. Stay tuned.. very different from my last Bricktape 9 PIECE. 11. I see myself At the top! Listed as one of the top ten Artists in the country. If the lord says the same, a multi millionaire. 12-Future, Tory Lanez, Jeezy, Jay z, Kodak, French Montana, and big bro JDawg are some artist i would like to work with. 13-First of God, Jefita and the whole Familia, my team, and the ones that really rock with me you know who you are!!!




Lil Mexico was born and raised in the streets of Houston TX. Since he was raised in a full blooded Mexican household, he has always had strong roots with Mexico and his Raza. You can check out his latest mixtape, clothing line, music videos and photos on




Lewayne Williams, (born, August 28, 1969, better known as Ganxsta N.I.P.) is a rapper from South Park, Houston, Texas and a member of the South Park Coalition, which he cofounded in 1987 with Houston rapper K-Rino.[1] In 1992 he released his debut album South Park Psycho. This record also help put the South Park Coalition name on the map due to world wide distribution from Rap-a-Lot. He also wrote the Geto Boys hit “Chuckie”. NIP stands for “Nation of Islam is Powerful” he is also a part of The Nation of Islam.[2] Williams is also looked at the creator of horrorcore rap genre. Ganxsta N.I.P.’s first album The South Park Psycho was released in 1992. It had no single to promote the album and it charted at #63 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. It sold almost 100,000 copies in the area and landed him a deal with Priority Records. His second solo album charted on Billboard chart at #151 and on #30 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and #5 on the Top Heatseekers. His style of rap was a hardcore gangsta rap with gory explanation which is called horrorcore.[citation needed] N.I.P. also made a comeback album Still Psycho, 5 years after his last album in 2003. Ganxsta N-I-P’s most recent album, Psych’ Swag: Da Horror Movie, consists of 14 songs and was released on the artist’s own record label Psych Ward Entertainment.

My name is jorge thapromoter im from houston texas.a little about my self when i was about 4 years old i caught menigitis an that lead me to get my legs i became a promoter my sis tae told me about ju promotions ,dj pat back in high school days in 2008. i hosted my first event in 2008.also in the middle of 2008 i got asked manage a group called shut em up klick ,.and during the years of 2009 i got told i should make a name for my self and i made a post so my supporters could help me they came up with dat boi jorge an soon i started to get a real big buzz they also helped me come up with the name jorge tha promoter had to get the fans to help me because with out the fans there will be no jorge tha promoter its a blessing with all the support i got ...that same year i did my first event by my self carshow/block party hosted by my mentor mc wickett crickett .also 979 the box.lil villian.swisha house.screwed up click.dope house records came out to support . i want to shout out to all my supporters that been there since day one .


“Where Are The Hip Hop Hero’s” I’m not here to count any of the Hip Hop artist out by asking where are the hero’s. There was just a time when Hip Hop was banging with love and unity. Hip Hop was like strength to many. The money came automatically so it wasn’t always about the money it was more about raising awareness and overcoming obstacles. I have several favorites now don’t get me wrong, but where is the fire and who’s truly trying to catch a flame. What about PAC saying “If we all” he didn’t say “I’m” he said we. Songs were crying and we felt it, because it was about us. I just want to take you back a little. In 1988 Ice T made a song to the movie and soundtrack “Colors” to raise awareness on the uprising of gang violence. “Freedom of Speech” was hard, your mind had to be mature to even jam that song. Ice went off. “You have the right to remain silent, f%&k that right” had people bucking the police. Nwa right behind him with f%&k the police. Then here comes YoYo getting nothing but respect, she wasn’t giving up her cookies which raised awareness on celibacy in a collaboration with Ice Cube. And kept pushing with raising awareness on violence with these hot lyrics “ Black on Black crime equals our time “ it wasn’t me, or I, it was our. Rakim probably changed a stick up kid to wanting a 9 to 5 job. So how do we catch that flame to get a soothing fire burning. Its not about f%&k the police its about how can we get it back to saying, I don’t wanna be a stick up kid I want a 9 to 5. The prison rates and death tolls are high among our young men, teen pregnancy is high. How do we fix this in love and peace. Where is Mr. And Ms. Hip Hop Your answers? Send to email article A64....that’s just a thought lol Sincerely, Pamela Fusilier


Toni Unique To start with a few of my accomplishments; I was in three charity fashion shows, My very first one was with Nae’s Collection for Vintage Fashion Fest 2011; then there was the fashion show by Raw 2012 for Karin Kourture as well as one for Tiffany’s Touch for Lavo Collection in Fashion for Faith Fashion Show in 2013 after that show a few days later I was one of the models who got to appear on Great Day Houston with Debrah Duncan for Tiffany’s Touch rocking Lavo Collection. I was also blessed to be apart of the Houston Image Hair Show at a booth for Basic Hair products in the same year. I worked a promo event for Zeno’s Cigars at The Smoke Ring in SugarLand Tx in 2011 that was a fun and exciting experience. In the year of 2012 I was featured in a music video working with a great group of people the videographer Jason Johnston was great you can find the video on youtube the songs name is Can’t Leave You Alone by three local Houston artist Reb, Marty and Dex. On an exciting note I was recently chosen to be one of the models for Virtuous Cosmetics this was a awesome blessing and I will be working with a great photographer with BeYoutiful Concepts Photography this month to be exact!

The Legendary Sexxx Fiends Ray Fields and Himel Johnson Jr better known to the world as DJ Rated X and Tiny T were born in Opelousas, Louisiana and raised in greater Houston, Texas. The group mates can remember the 80’s as being one of the most influential time periods for them musically. When asked what they can recall the most from that era, they had this to say “We grew up listening to Run DMC, Whodini and the Ghetto Boyz. During that period, that’s what was hot. It was inspirational to us especially with Ghetto Boys being where we are from and making their way like they did”. Although in their musical pursuit the guys found themselves going back and forth about exactly what their plan was, they credit seeing Run DMC live in concert for helping them narrow down their focus. “We saw Run DMC live in concert for the first time at Astro World and it changed our live. We were back and forth a lot, we didn’t really know how to organize this. Watching the performance, the lyrics they spit, the outfits they wore, from the Adidas track suits all the way down to the Adidas shoes. It inspired us to want to be just as jaw dropping as they were. We wanted the girls to scream just as loud for us. We wanted the fans to almost idolize us. We wanted our name in lights, just like RUN DMC”

Freaks of the Industry As the duo continued, to build they began to gain notoriety as the Houston 2 Live Crew with their sexually charged lyrics and live shows. To promote safe sex and a healthy lifestyle, the guys used to give out condoms and other trinkets at their live performances. This tactic was definitely a means to have fun with their fans, but it also wound up being one of the most brilliant marketing plans implemented in brand promotion for African American musical acts in the early 90’s. Groups like TLC, R. Kelly & Public Announcement and more can be seen using condoms as a means to market themselves and promote safe sex. Though this memorable promotional effort was perfected by them with their corporate backing, Sexxx Fiends were the very first to do it. Not to be confused with 2 Live Crew and their brash sexual objectification of women, Sexxx Fiend is actually a group that encourages women and men alike to enjoy one another, but to be safe. The group is dedicated to bringing awareness of the affects that unsafe sex and abuse have on the urban community. When you hear the name it can either intrigue you or turn you off, which was the duo’s plan, because either way, they have your attention. In having such an uncensored name, the draw that they get aids them in their effort to bringing awareness to their personal cause. “Music, Money &Ménage (Family). We want the world to feel our music so that money can be made to feed our families. Seeing the fans gravitate to what we create motivates us. Knowing the profit in which we gain pushes us. But those who are the biggest part of our lives is the MAIN reason why we grind. And nothing is possible without God. He gave us this gift, the drive, the grind. So its our duty to use it for the greater.” They said when asked what pushes them.

When the guys speak about their cause, one can see that community means a lot to the two. Being that they came up in an era where there was a flood in drugs, gang violence and a spike in sexually transmitted disease fatalities it’s evident that they want to help make a change. When asked what they want the world to remember about their brand, they said “When its all over and done, we want people to say, “These guys were unique artist who not only presented great, real life music. But focused on true, real life issues. We want to leave a legacy so great, that they have no choice but to remember our names and recognize what we represented. See, our music is more than just about sex, its about safe sex, the ups & downs of relationships, respecting one another and beyond. Yes, there are some hardcore things we spit about, but we spit about it because we spit what people are afraid to speak about. That alone makes us unique. And decades from now, we want the entire world to know that we’re more than just artist, we’re activist in our own right.” With the type of dedication and community commitment these fellas have, they will definitely go down in history as community leaders the way they hope to.





Moe McCoy – AKA Moe Money McCoy an Award Winning Filmmaker with a goal to shoot 100 movies. He’s a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan but currently resides in Houston, TX. He’s a filmmaker, writer, producer, director, actor, model and fashion designer. Moe Money McCoy began his career as an artist in a group call the Nappy Head Assassins at 14 years of age. He wrote and produced his first album in 1999, since then he has accomplished many things in his young life. Over the past 7 years he has released approximately 9 cd/mix tapes. 2001 he established a partnership with Cash Boy to form the nationally known group Fireproof, where he laid the foundation for his career as a solo artist. While with Fireproof he sold over 30k units without a distribution contract. He has produced music that received multiple spins on Grand Rapids, MI most popular FM station 104.5. He has been featured on local tv programs and newspapers and was host of Fireproof TV on GRTV and promoted local concerts and comedy nights as well. 2006 he began touring the nation with T John E as urban representation at many colleges and universities, hosting a trivia game called Think Fast! Giving him exposure to the masses. 2007 received 8 nominations from the Grand Rapids Hip Hop Awards and won 3 including Album of the year, best radio single and best club single. 2008 received 11 nominations from the Grand Hip Hop Awards and won 5 including Best group, Best live performance, Album of the year, Best street anthem and Most hustle, and was co-director of the video that was awarded Best Video. He co-directed, edited, and starred in 2morrows Never Promised a story about a struggling rappers rise and fall. This feature films one-day showing sold out the largest theater in Grand Rapids. In addition, 2NP the soundtrack and DVD were released. (Fireproof) average tour 10 was months out of 12 and toured across the map and has shared the stage as an opening act for many such as: DJ Kid Capri, Light Weight Champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Mario, Steve Harvey, Gorilla Zoe, Young Jezey, Rick Ross, Young Burg, Freeway and many more. As you can see, Moe Money McCoy is no stranger to hard work. Moe McCoy because the assistant program director of WYGR 94.9 and also hosted the Fireproof Radio Show on 1410 AM as well. The radio show is now on #Texas101jams and can be heard Friday’s & Saturday’s from 10pm to Midnight at www. In 2014 Moe McCoy premiered a movie called #theperfectromancemovie on Christmas Day. McCoy says he has 5 films ready to go into production. #TheTicklerHorrorComedy premiered in on October 31, 2016 at The River Oaks Theather Houston, TX. He is working on a film called #BadBoxer a comedy about boxing. His plan is to open Fireproof TV as a retail store, launch Fireproof TV News a comedy news show, get The Fireproof Radio Show on XM radio, and Produce 100 blockbuster movies for people to enjoy. In December 2016 he won Videographer Of The Year for the ZBT Awards. To start 2017 he was named president of The Money Club Empire a full service record label out of Washington DC. His slogan is Love More, Laugh More, Give More and you will Live More!

NOLIA CHAPO JUSBU MAGAZINE SPREADING A LITTLE LIGHT ON WOLFPACK FAMILIA NOLIA CHOPO 1. Who is Nolia Chapo and what separates you from other Artist? Nolia Chapo is a young mexican from the projects tryna make it..what separates me is my story and my work ethic 2. Do you write your own music ? Yea I write my own music and I ghost write. 3. Where you from ? Im from Galveston tx Magnolia homes projects born n raised 4. How long have you been doing music ? A few yrs now 5. What gives you the drive and inspiration to keep pushing in such a competitive industry? My love for music 6. Who are you musical influences ? What would we find on your iPOD or music player ? My older brother Killah Ro , You prolly find some otis redding Bob Marley. ..the hot.boys...some r&b and dj screw 7. If there was any advice that you could give to up and coming artist what would it be ? The advice I would give Is to be different make ya own lane and don’t ever stop .don’t let nobody tell u that u can’t do it. 8. Is Nolia single or taken ? I’m taken by a beautiful queen . S/o my woman Sheontae Akel always supporting me 9. Can you give us a brief run down of the history of music from your city and how it affected you ? World wide riders was a rap group from my side of town I looked up to as a kid Jak da ripa being from the same projects as me seeing him with the big diamond chains and having photo shoots in ghetto that’s what I wanted to be that hood superstar.. s/o Lifestyle too Tommy G was a big influence too.. 10. What projects are you working on now ? I’m currently working on the NOLIA CHAPO STORY it should be done by February 2017 and me and my wolfpack brothers are about to start working on LIFE AFTER THE SCALE 2 11. .Where do you see yourself 5 years from now ? IDK where I see myself in the next five yrs...hopefully with no worries living good..whatever God wants. 12. Are there any artist that you would like to work with or see yourself working with in the near future? I really wasn’t into working with other artist but of course if a big artist would want to work with me I’ll be ready.. 13. Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to ? I would like to give a s/o to the whole gtown the whole htown

Born September 20th 1984 CHUCKY THE KILLA VELOSA aka CTK Is a Cold Latino Hardcore gangster rapper/ Psycho Rap, A recording artist, Live performer, A tongue flipping lyricist, A EX Street Fighter, a one hitter quitter knockout artist, A father, A hustler, A Gogeter, And a entrepreneur From Houston Texas. He is in the South Park coalition put in by K-Rino. He has recorded over 400 features and has several underground mixtapes and albums released under his own independent record label “STILL HOLDIN RECORDS “ He is an outstanding businessman. He is many things and has many names And is a force to be reckoned with And is definitely one of the greatest rappers From Texas! So if he’s not in the gym beating up a punching bag And lifting weights Or somewhere on stage Rocking a show He’s in his recording studio working on another hit That everyone Can’t seem to get enough of.


A teenager with a dream that grew up to be a MAN with a purpose. I grew up not listening to much music, but fell in love with it in my teenage years and decided to pursue it as a dream. I stayed dedicated, but met with my fair share of obstacles along the way. I put out CD after CD on my way to release an actual album and in 2010 finally accomplished that goal with the release of “Already: The First”, after 5 longs years of grueling effort. Along the way I made friends, made fans, made money and made enemies. Over the years I matures as an artists, but more so as an individual. In late 2010, after re-establishing my spirituality, I decided to make life changing decisions to project my self and my music in a more positive direction and trying to distance myself from the stereotypical, run-of-themill Rappers, and although I had spent time playing around with the idea of doing “Gospel Rap” I decided to just be myself and focus on making more music that is positive, relevant and most of all, REAL! I am the lead artist in a Rap group based out of Lafayette, LA, known as Tha Foot Clan.I am also the founder and owner of the independent record label, Ghetto Graduates Records, (LLC). In 2012 I was also inducted as a 2nd generation member in the legendary Hip Hop Rap collective from Houston, TX, the South Park Coalition, by the Coalition founder himself, K-Rino.




KLONDIKE KAT Klondike Kat began rapping in 1986. While he loves hip hop, his love for all music came from his mother and grandmother. His first act showing his appreciation of music began with the responsibility of returning the records to their sleeves given to him by his mother every Saturday morning. Kat did everything he could to be around music from being in a singing group with friends beginning at age 13, playing Michael Jackson in the school talent show and eventually writing his own originals by the time he reached high school. He battled other artist from other schools in the Houston area which is where he met Krino. Kat went on to become one of the first original members of the South Park Coalition based in Houston, Texas. In 1993, his first EP Hustler dropped. It was definitely work that was noticed. What followed was Mobbin’ Music Melodies (1996), Biography of a Made Man (1999), Eating Off the Streets Vol. 1(2001), Eating off The Streets Vol 2(2003), Grand Theft Hustling in 2009. Klondike has been featured with with other SPC artist like his close friends Krino and Point Blank and many artist from other labels including DJ Screw, Ice T, Lil Keke, Zro, Tre the truth and a host of others. Kat not only raps but can sing. Many times he will use different accents that would make one believe he does have a featured artist. Klondike Kat is still making music. He is a forward movement in Houston hip hop. Kat still wants every song to leave a lasting impression on each listener as long as he has something to say. Klondike’s legacy continues in the form of his youngest son and youngest brother both in their early twenties. His son, known as Ric Demone raps and sings as well. His brother, Lou produces and is the family beat maker. His daughter family nicknamed Pinky, who is also his oldest child raps and sings. Through it all, as time marches on Klondike Kay remains a fixture in the Houston rap scene as a legend who still breathes for a fresh new beat and the lyrics he creates to go along with it.


JOLYNN I am going to make this short and sweet! I am pretty much your connect to Who’s Who & Who’s Not! My name is Jolynn Whittington born in Baton Rouge, La but family moved to Texas soon after. I want to Thank God first and foremost for all my blessings and this wonderful journey he has taken me on. I also want to thank Steve Francis (Franchise) for the opportunity in working for him, giving me the ability to gain some knowledge of the music industry. All this allowed me great networking and was able to build amazing relationships, which then in turn opened some major doors for me. Working along side some amazing people. Be on the lookout for a movie soon to come, starring Larry McCoy (St Louis, Players Club) and myself. Facebook: Jolynn Whittington Instagram: Mzlivin_lyfee


PSK-13 is easily one of Houston’s most talented MCs. Since 1994 he has been a mainstay on Houston’s sizzling underground Hip-hop scene. A member of The Southpark Coaliton, Screwed Up Click and Wreckless Klan, respectively, PSK-13 has garnered respect and admiration from some of the industry’s biggest acts including, Ice-T, Scarface, Bun B, Lil Troy, Z-Ro, Slim Thug and J-Dawg to name a few. His unique delivery and distinctive cadence make his verses easy to recognize on some of the South’s best projects which includes appearances on Southside Groovin’, June 27, Slipped Into a Coma and Master P’s Down South Hustlers Compilation (RIAA Certified Platinum). In 1998, PSK-13 collaborated with Southern Royalty in the likes if UGK. The union produced “one of the South’s best songs EVER”, according to D ​ ave Weiner, Director of A&R and Marketing at Priority Records. The song was entitled LIKE YESTERDAY and literally made PSK-13 a house hold name from Washington DC to California and everywhere in between. After much success from the single, PSK13 became affixed to Houston’s newest culture swing in that of DJ Screws music. Linking up with Screw was believed to be another career positive as the two agreed to release PAY LIKE YOU WEIGH but Screws untimely death put those aspirations aside. Left with a decision to make PSK-13 decided to finish the project with DJ Michael 5000 Watts which was a perfect decision. PAY LIKE YOU WEIGH 5000 sold more than 50k units and set PSK-13’s self owned label NIGHTSHIFT MUZIK on a successful path. PSK-13 decided to take the Screw Culture to the next level by branding his NIGHTSHIIFT MUZIK label and releasing one of the most successful Trilogies of Screw Muzik to date, The Something To Lean series. The collaboration with upstart Beltway 8 Records was meant to be. The series did over 100K units and proved that PSK-13 was not only one of the hottest MCS in the South but we’ll on his way to becoming one of the most succesful. In 2000 PSK-13 was recruited by Russell ‘Bigtyme’ Washington and UGK legendary Pimp C, to hold down a position in Pimp’s new group effort, Trill Azz Niggas. After recording for a week in Atlanta, UGKs heavy workload and obligations to Jive Records, cut the project short but not before some songs were recorded. Although the album never reached a release date some of the songs have been leaked and are on popular mix tapes.


Mike Walls (born December 10, 1972), better known as Mr. Mike, is an American rapper best known for his time spent with Suave House Records from the mid to late 90s. Mr. Mike first started with Suave House as one-half of South Circle with Thorough.[1] The duo released their debut album, Anotha Day Anotha Balla, in the summer of 1995. It became a minor success on the Billboard charts, but the duo disbanded shortly after its release. After South Circle, Mr. Mike embarked on a solo career. His debut album, Wicked Wayz, debuted in the top 40 on the U.S. charts, peaking at 29 on the Billboard 200 in the summer of 1996.[2] Despite the album’s success, Mr. Mike left Suave House and joined Priority Records, where he released his second album, 1999’s Rhapsody. The album failed to match the success of Wicked Wayz, only making it to 172 on the Billboard 200,[2] and Mike was dropped from Priority. In 2003 he presented and featured on the album Rude and The Gulf Coast Wise Guys - Hard Life, Hard Times. In 2003 Mr. Mike released an independent album entitled Piping Hot, featuring Bun B, MJG, JT Money and Big Gipp but he has been rarely heard from since. He featured on Hilda Lamas song Green Eyes in 2006 and Point Blank’s album Ganxstaz Only in 2012.

Today I’m speaking to Cl’Che, a well known artist in the music industry, and an passionate activist. 1. Cl’Che, tell me what is it like to be labeled as Ms. Houston, and receiving a Proclamation from Houston’s Mayor Sylvester Turner? Tell me a little about Cl’Che.


My friend and business partner Mr.Bling aka Puggy Pugg gave me the title Ms.Houston because he was like “no other female does it like you Cl’” He witnessed my entrepreneural grind determination and input as a music artist, business woman, and activist in these Houston streets..If I said it I made it happen, still do. So what its like being called Ms.Houston? Sounds about right to me and for me..not boasting but speaking truth on the paper I put blood ,sweat,and tears in this game of music for what I believed in..and that was and is myself..nobody fought for me like I did..nobody grinded for Cl’ like I did..Nobody put it down like I did..just like no one can put it down like any of you can.So the uniqueness of the gifts talents and strengths God Blessed me with make me who I am and different than the rest.. So Ms.Houston fit me well and I accepted.Being proclamated on July2nd was a gift from a friend that wanted to do something very nice for me so I can’t give Mayor Sylvestor Turner all that credit..the other half goes to my Dame Society Sisters RawLt and Leilani Monroe for thinking that great of me and thought I deserved to be proclamated..I Thank them it was special to me because of that reason alone..Cl’Che’ Day is nothing if Cl’Che’ Dont do nothing for her people,so I like to say its Cl’Che’ Day everyday as Ms.Houston use the gifts God blesses me with to help our ppl daily come up from poverty and senseless gun violence against one another. 2. Congratulations July 2nd is officially Cl’Che day Yes! 3. What are your views on police brutality, and what are your ideas for a solution? Police Brutality is welcomed in this society because they built this country that way.its not a coincidence ITS A PLAN, it needs to be stopped and dealt with fairly by governmental laws. We the ppl been fighting for our rights and laws to be enforced but I think MORE of us need to be aware and step up to the fight so the punch could be harder to do away with these unrighteous crimes like any others. 4. On Martin Luther King Jr birthday just last month, the same intersection you was honored with the proclamation. Four people was shot including a 13 yr old girl, what do you feel is the solutions for black on black crime? UNITY, I feel unity is the solution, once we learn that once we come together as a people that so much would be obsolete like killings would be decreased.. Less crimes in our communities.. Less hate..less disconnections of Love.. Love rules! Love will make you not want to harm your brother or sister.

5. You go out to schools and speak to the youth. Is the forum about violence in the neighborhood’s or education? Both.. The program is called One Houston One Hood.. which consists of Bro.Gerry Monroe who fights with the school boards for our kids to have the best in our Black n Latino communities. Calandrian Kemp founder of “The Village of Mothers” advocate for parents that lost their children from senseless gun violence. Carlos Jiminez with “Texas Alliance for Crime Prevention” and also ex member of the Mexican Mafia..OG1 creator of “The Scared Straight Program” which he has now “Operation Outreach” reconstructing lives of juveniles. Then you have myself, Cl’Che’ HipHop music artist and activist that reach our ppl and youth through hip hop, and to sum it up Dr. Robert Muhammad that finalizes all of what we all bring to the table to one solution. So you ask is it about violence? Yes, to save our babies from it. Then u asked is it about education Yes! To building our schools back up from books to motivation of how great they are and could achieve anything they desire, while supplying outlets and tools for them to use. 6. Do you ever reach out to parents in the communities, and speak about violence? Always.. Through my music, my events and social media 7. Who’s Cl’Che biggest inspiration? My biggest inspiration here on this earth I would have to say Dr. Robert Muhammad. looking at this black man bring a unit of lost ppl together and fill us with knowledge of self and ability inspired me to give that back to my ppl so we can build our communities and ppl back to our original ruling. 8. What advice will you give to new artist? New artist don’t change to fit in. Be urself your uniqueness is your fortune. Don’t kill us with your gift. Give the world life with it then you know your doing what God has you to do with it. 9. Do you write all of your music? Yes 10. How does Cl’Che take a break. That’s a hard one.. But I have to say take a trip.


Houston Texas-Home of the brave, land of the legendary OG POINT BLANK! One of Texas’ finest and veteran of the South Music Hip Hop scene, OG Point Blank “The Bull” has been moving crowds all across the globe since his debut release “Prone to Bad Dreams” in 1992. Born in Chicago Reginald Gilliand aka OG Point Blank moved to Houston, Texas as a teenager. It was there in his South Park neighborhood that he honed his incredible lyrical skill. In 1990 he became a member of the legendary SPC (South Park Coalition), One of Houston’s most influential music coalitions. A few of its most notable members include: The Terrorist, K-Rino and Gangsta Nip. While part of SPC Point Blank went on to form Wreckless Klan. His 1992 debut “Prone to Bad Dreams” was released on the Big Tyme Records label. OG Point Blanks Discography includes: Mad At The World (1994), N Tha Do (1996), Blowin’ Up The Scene (1996) Bad Newz Travels Fast (1999),DJ SCREW Sentimental Value (2002),DJ Screw As The World Turns Slow (2002),Point Blank My Personal Screw Tape (2003),Point Blank & Slab Slow Loud & Banged Out(2005),Just When You Thought It Was Safe (2007).Yall Got me Fuxxed up Vol.1(2008),Yall got me Fuxxed up Vol.2(2009), Pick Your Poison (2010),Ganxstaz Only (2010),Ganxstaz Only 2 (2012) While his releases were impacting the Texas market, OG Point Blank toured the U.S with UGK, The Geto Boyz and DJ Screw, some of biggest names in Southern Music history. Not limited to the U.S, Point Blank has recently toured Europe and Australia.