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© 2018 David Thrift – Owner / Editor Junkyard Blogs & Business Directory The directory connecting bloggers with readers, and businesses with consumers across the United States. www.jybdir.com P.O. Box 1024 Opelika, AL 36803 All rights reserved! Content within may not be used without permission. Publication Date: Sunday, August 26th, 2018 We appreciate sharing. Please link to our site where others can download our free publications directly. Publication not formatted for printing. Large fonts used for easy reading on smartphones and tablets. COURTESY MENTIONS – EDITION 1 – WWW.JYBDIR.COM

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WELCOME TO OUR 1ST EDITION OF THE JUNKYARD BLOGS & BUSINESS DIRECTORY COURTESY MENTIONS This publication's content was first published in a blog post on our website on Saturday, July 21st, 2018. The content is provided to you in this pdf for your keeping and convenience to carry and read on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The original blog post on our site will be deleted within a few months since we receive no accomodation to link to these urls in our Courtesy Mentions or anywhere on our website. Our new Courtesy Mentions program highlights websites we think our viewers may find useful to discover. In our Courtesy Mentions Program, we feature websites and blogs related to various topics such as Art, Blogging, Camping, DIY, Hiking, Home Decorating, Nature, Outdoors, Photography, Technology, Traveling, Science, and anything else that may strike our interest. Some websites may be well known brands, however, whether big or small, we love to feature any reputable blog or business site in America we can, as we know that there's COURTESY MENTIONS – EDITION 1 – WWW.JYBDIR.COM

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always the chance someone doesn't know about it. The sites we're listing in our Courtesy Mentions are not listed in our directory (although we would welcome them to join our directory and enjoy the full benefits of our service), but rather websites we discover in social media. We were noticing that through our social media journey we were seeing tons of website advertisements on Facebook and other social media (like everyone on the internet does), and then we started looking at the profiles and collecting website addresses. We've been collecting website addresses since Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018 in a composition book that we refer to as our "Random Websites List" and as of this edition we've collected 380+ awesome websites and blogs that we're going to be sharing in our Courtesy Mention's blog posts and publications. We really had no specific purpose for collecting them when we started, but we're glad we started doing it. It turns out that doing so has helped us to discover some really amazing services and we'd like to share them with you. So each week (or as often as we can) we'll randomly select 20 or more websites from our collection to feature. Because we choose these links randomly each week, you may see some links that have previously been featured. Here is the list of courtesy mentions for this edition. As of this edition, we do not yet have a specified schedule of publication for this program since this is a new feature on our website, and a new publication series we're starting. Over the next few months we'll be working on getting a regular schedule for this publication. We hope you find something in COURTESY MENTIONS – EDITION 1 – WWW.JYBDIR.COM

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it useful to you.

Before we take a look at the courtesy mentions, we'd like to tell you about some of our awesome directory listings. Check them out below. 1. What’s Cookin’ with Barbara! What’s Cookin’ with Barbara! is a blog about healthy eating and cooking. Barbara provides recipes and cooking tips to encourage people to cook more of their own meals, instead of dining out and eating fast food. https://www.barbaramcneely.com/ 2. Twoborn™ Twoborn™ is the only brand name of clothing designed just for twins! Twoborn™ solves the problem of dressing twins by creating clothing that celebrates their connection while expressing each child’s individuality. Each outfit is harmonious but unique. Related but original. Alike but different. https://www.twoborn.com/ 3. Total Knock Out Graphics & Design Located in Lanett, Alabama, Total Knock Out Graphics & COURTESY MENTIONS – EDITION 1 – WWW.JYBDIR.COM

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Design is your go to for screen printing, vinyl printing, t-shirts, and window decals. https://www.facebook.com/TKOGRAPHICSANDDESIGN/

Now let's get on with our courtesy mentions. 1. Johnson Hardware Professional grade sliding, folding, and pocket door hardware. http://www.johnsonhardware.com/ 2. Yoder's Woodworks With over 20 years of experience in the carpentry trade, Yoder's Woodworks provides workmanship for the domestic and commercial markets. Services include storage buildings, carports, greenhouses, dog kennels, deer blinds, metal roofing, and siding products. https://www.yoderswoodworksal.com/ 3. Dreamscapes Landscaping Dreamscapes landscaping service specializes in lawn maintenance, retaining walls, concrete and paverstone COURTESY MENTIONS – EDITION 1 – WWW.JYBDIR.COM

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patios, dry creek beds, and much more. Their showroom boasts a wide arrange of outdoor furniture, playgrounds, citronella candles, outdoor lighting, outdoor carpets, umbrellas, and outdoor accessories. https://www.dreamscapeslandscapingservices.com/ 4. Reynolds Polymer Building the impossible. Reynolds Polymer is the world's leader in highly engineered acrylic and polymer material products. For over 30 years Reynolds Polymer has provided turnkey projects in the aquarium, archetectural, signage, furniture, and scientific industries across the globe. http://www.reynoldspolymer.com/ 5. Vetrazzo Vetrazzo is a Tate, Georgia, based company that is the inventor of recycled glass countertops. https://www.vetrazzo.com/ 6. House Beautiful Home decorating ideas, kitchen designs, paint colors, room ideas, entertaining, flower arrangements, and more. https://www.housebeautiful.com/ COURTESY MENTIONS – EDITION 1 – WWW.JYBDIR.COM

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7. Pensacola Beach Boardwalk Shop, dine, and unwind, island style. https://www.pensacolabeachboardwalk.com/ 8. Kudzu Kudzu gives you honest, uncensored feedback on millions of businesses from homeowners who have used their services. https://www.kudzu.com/ 9. Thor Industries Have the trip that's calling to you. With RVing comes a new kind of freedom to travel. You can let your heart be your guide. You can answer its call. You can go your own way. And Thor Industries can help you get there. https://www.thorindustries.com/ 10. Navarre Properties Navarre Beach, Florida vacation rentals and real estate property management offering accomodations in Navarre Beach Florida. https://www.navarrelistings.com/ COURTESY MENTIONS – EDITION 1 – WWW.JYBDIR.COM

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11. Forty Millimeter Screen Printing and Embroidery Your reliable source for custom t-shirts in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Largo, Florida. https://www.fortymminc.com/ 12. Threshold Homes Helping houses reach their full potential by incorporating custom design elements and quality materials to create spaces for living your best life. http://thresholdhomesmn.com/ 13. Brian's Toys Specializes in Star Wars toys and provides a wide selection of toy collectibles to people around the world. http://www.brianstoys.com/ 14. Digitizing One Digitizing One is dedicated to helping commercial and home embroiderers express their creativity and develop beautiful apparel and home decorations. http://www.digitizingone.com/ COURTESY MENTIONS – EDITION 1 – WWW.JYBDIR.COM

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15. Displayit Exhibit stuff for trade shows, education and government displays, portables, backwalls, modular, custom rentals, and more. https://www.displayit.com/ 16. Savage A worldwide leader in backgrounds and photographic products since 1937. https://savageuniversal.com/ 17. Cody, Wyoming Yellowstone Official Travel and Vacation Guide Roll up your sleeves, dive into western adventure, and experience everything this region has to offer... without the penny pinching. http://www.codyyellowstone.org/ 18. Dendra Doors Custom doors for IKEA cabinets. https://www.dendradoor.com/ COURTESY MENTIONS – EDITION 1 – WWW.JYBDIR.COM

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19. The Blue Book Building & Construction network. http://www.thebluebook.com/ 20. Bedford Camera & Video New & used cameras, lenses, and accessories. https://www.bedfords.com/ This concludes this edition of Junkyard Courtesy Mentions. It is our policy to list only websites that we perceive as reputable blogs and business services. Links provided as courtesy mentions in this blog post are done so as that, a courtesy. We received no monetary accomodation to mention these websites. As such, we do not accept solicitations for requests to be added into our courtesy mentions program. Please do not send any correspondence with such requests. Any United States blogger or business website owner wishing to join our directory can submit an application for evaluation to be added to our directory. We accept applications only for United States resident bloggers and businesses. As there are millions of websites on the internet, we offer a low, one time fee to help you get your blog or business more recognition. Join our directory today at The Junkyard. COURTESY MENTIONS – EDITION 1 – WWW.JYBDIR.COM

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To get your blog or business website listed in our directory, please go to www.jybdir.com and submit your preliminary application on the "Join (get listed)" page. Applicable listing fee is required. Look for our 2nd edition of Junkyard Blogs & Business Directory Courtesy Mentions to come soon with more great blogs and business sites in America. Connect with us online: Website: https://www.jybdir.com/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/junkyardbd Issuu: https://issuu.com/junkyardbd


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Courtesy Mentions Magazine Issue #1  

It's our first issue of Courtesy Mentions Magazine. Our directory's premier magazine featuring businesses and blogs in America. Preview here...

Courtesy Mentions Magazine Issue #1  

It's our first issue of Courtesy Mentions Magazine. Our directory's premier magazine featuring businesses and blogs in America. Preview here...