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Opposites Attract Written by; Junior Salas

‘‘Hurry up Brock, you don’t want to be late for first day of fourth grade.’’ Brock rushed outside the door, and hopped into his parents’ truck. His dad drove as fast as he was allowed to, in order to get brock to school on time. They got there, both entered the school, and search for Brock’s classroom. After two minutes of searching, they finally got to the class. The teacher was standing outside of the door. They walked in front of the teacher, the dad said, ‘‘Hi, this is my son, Brock Cantu. He’s going to be in your class.’’ The teacher said, ‘‘Oh, hi Brock. My name’s Ms. Cano. Come in to my class, sit wherever you want. Soon, we’re going to get started ok.’’ The boy replied, ‘‘Ok.’’ Brock entered the classroom and sat in the desk. After a while, a girl came in and sat down next to him. It was the most beautiful girl he ever seen. She turn to look at him, she introduced herself to him. She said, ‘‘Hi, I’m Natalie Ortiz. What’s your name?’’ Brock replied, ‘‘Brock, Brock Cantu.’’ He asked, ‘‘Is this your first time going to this school? Because I didn’t see you last year.’’ She said, ‘‘No. I went to this school last year.’’ She asked, ‘‘How old are you?’’ ‘‘I’m seven years old.’’ Brock replied. He asked, ‘‘And you? How old are you?’’ She said, ‘‘I just turned seven a few days ago.’’ He said, ‘‘Oh, your birthday is this month.’’ She replied, ‘‘Yes, it is.’’ The teacher was walking into the classroom while she was saying yes. The bell rang, Ms. Cano said, ‘‘Time to start class, and let’s start to get to know each other. Tom, let’s start with you.’’ tom stood up, and said, ‘‘Hi, my name is Tom Wilson. I’m eight years old. I like hockey, music, eating pizza, and my favorite color is orange.’’ He sat down after finished. She went to another kid, which that kid stood up, and said about themselves. She went around until it was Natalie Ortiz’s turn. She stood up and said, ‘‘My name’s Natalie Ortiz, I just turned seven years old. My favorite food is, chicken. My favorite drink is, sprite. I enjoy sports, and playing outside. She sat down after she finish talking. The teacher pointed to Brock and said, ‘‘it’s your turn to speak.’’ Brock stood up, and said, ‘‘Hi, my name is Brock Jude Sanchez. I’m seven years old, my favorite color is red, I like football, and I also like playing outside.’’ He sat down after he was done speaking. The teacher began to the first assignment was going to be, it was a team assignment. As the teacher was giving out the assignment, Brock and Natalie began to whisper to each other, saying, ‘‘Cool. You like playing outside?’’ she said, ‘‘Yup, I play almost all day outside.’’ He respond, ‘‘Awesome, my kind of girl.’’ The teacher walked towards them. They both turned at the teacher. The teacher said, ‘‘Brock, Natalie. Since you liked talking to each other so much, I will pair up together and you’ll have two weeks to complete it. You’ll stay afterschool to do it, and I hope you don’t have plans for the weekends. Because you’ll have it for homework for the next two weeks.’’ The teacher walked back to the chalkboard. Natalie just rolled her eyes, and Brock lifted his eyebrows. They connected their desk together, and they started their project. They discuss what should do. After ten minutes of discussion, they both agreed to do the history on Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America. They began to research on the encyclopedia books. She asked Brock if she could borrow a pencil, Brock looked for an extra pencil inside his backpack, found one, and gave one to Natalie. It was the last pencil that he had. It was time to go to lunch, Brock asked for the pencil back. Natalie said, ‘‘I give it back when we go in the playground.’’ Brock said, ‘‘Ok.’’ They finish their lunch, and they went

to the playground. Brock came up to Natalie and asked, ‘‘Where’s the pencil?’’ She took it out of her pocket, she hold it up close to her head. She said, ‘‘if you want it? Then come and get it.’’ Natalie began to playing fully ran away from Brock. Brock chased Natalie all over the playground. Natalie laughed and said, ‘‘Come on Brock, I know you’re not going to allow a girl to take away things from you.’’ Finally after five minutes, Brock cornered Natalie. Brock playing fully said, ‘‘Nowhere to run, Natalie. Give me my pencil.’’ She said, ‘‘Ok, here you go.’’ She took the pencil out once again, she said, ‘‘Didn’t your mom ever teach you not to mess with girls? You’re going to get hurt.’’ Brock said, ‘‘I’m willing to take that chance.’’ Natalie threw the pencil to the sky, Brock looked up, and then Natalie playing fully hit Brock. Brock just grunted, and Natalie just got the pencil. It was time to go back to class, they walked back to class, and sat in their seats. Natalie looked at Brock, smiled, and hold the pencil up. Brock smiled back. During those two weeks, Natalie would come over to Brock’s house. The doorbell rang, Brock’s mom opened the door. Natalie asked, ‘‘Uh, is Brock home?’’ The mom responded, ‘‘Sure, come on in.’’ The mom yelled, ‘‘Brock! Someone’s here to see you!’’ The mom add, ‘‘I know you. Brock talks about you all the time.’’ A few seconds, Brock came to the kitchen. He said, ‘‘Hi Natalie.’’ She told him, ‘‘Hi’’ back. He said, ‘‘Come on, let’s go to my room.’’ They took a few steps, she asked him, ‘‘You told your mom about me?’’ Brock said, ‘‘Mom, why did you say that?’’ His mom replied, ‘‘What? Not like you talk bad about her.’’ Brock turned to Natalie and said, ‘‘Yeah. I said you’re a good friend, and I like to hang around with you.’’ They were going to enter his room. During their history project they found out that Amerigo Vespucci really founded America, and not Christopher Columbus. While they were doing their project, Brock would randomly look at Natalie. Natalie would sense that Brock was looking at her. She would look up at him, Brock quickly put his head down smiling. Natalie would smile and continue with the project. It was time to eat, Brock’s mom said, ‘‘It’s time to eat guys.’’ They rushed to kitchen, and sat down waiting for their food. Seconds later, Brock got up and got a drink for himself. The mom noticed it and was in shock, because he never done that. Brock offered Natalie a drink, the mom thought to herself, ‘‘Oh, that’s why he got up. To give Natalie a drink. This boy is crushing on her big time.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Give me juice, please.’’ Brock got a coke for himself, and got the juice out to pour some for her. He got a cup, and try to pour some juice. Some juice dropped on the counter. His mom saw, but not she didn’t get mad at him so she wouldn’t embarrass him in front of Natalie. She just got a towel and clean it up, while Brock brought the drink to Natalie. His mom asked them, ‘‘So guys, what’s your history project on?’’ Brock answered, ‘‘The first person that came to the west world.’’ He added, ‘‘Amerigo Vespucci founded America, not Christopher Columbus.’’ The mom said, ‘‘Oh, didn’t know.’’ Brock continued saying, ‘‘Yup, Christopher Columbus didn’t discover enough, so Amerigo went to see if there was more land.’’ His mom said, ‘‘Well, you learn something new everyday.’’ Brock and Natalie kept on eating, they were done eating. They went back to his room, and picked up where they left off. While they were doing their project, they were talking to each other. They found out that they have alot in common. Two hours went by, and they heard a car honking. Natalie said, ‘‘That’s my parents.’’ Brock walked Natalie to the door, he opened the door for her, Natalie told Brock, ‘‘See you in school.’’ Then she gave him a long hug, Brock hugged Natalie

back. They let go, and Natalie walked to the car. Brock closed the door, he seeing walking to car through the window door. Natalie got into the car, and her parents drove off to their home. Brock turned around, his saw mom standing behind him. Brock jumped, and said, ‘‘Mom, you scared me.’’ The mom just smiled, and walked back to the kitchen. Brock was walking back to his room. While he was walking to his room, his mom said, ‘‘Put GOD first in everything you do. HE will guide you to the right path. Because without GOD, everything will eventually fall apart.’’ Brock sat down in his room and played video games. One day later, Brock was getting ready for church. Brock got out his room, dressed, and ready to go to church. His mom saw Brock, and she said, ‘‘Wow, you look handsome.’’ Brock answered, ‘‘You’re only saying that cause you’re my mom. She responded, ‘‘Maybe. We should call Natalie to see what she says.’’ Brock smiled and answered, ‘‘Seriously mom?’’ The mom laughed, and said, ‘‘But seriously, you should invite Natalie to church one of these days.’’ His dad and his bothers got ready for church. They got in the SUV and drove to church. Brock worshipped GOD with all his heart. After church finished, they went out to eat. A couple of days passed by, Brock and Natalie were talking to each other. One of the classmates teased Brock and Natalie, saying, ‘‘Ooohhhhhh, look. Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski.’’ Natalie turned to the girl and said, ‘‘Yes, we’re like Zack and Kelly. Maybe even better than them. You’re just jealous that he’s always hanging around with me.’’ The girl said, ‘‘I’m just playing Natalie, you don’t have to get mad.’’ Natalie smiled and said, ‘‘I know you’re playing. I’m just going to along with you.’’ Four days passed by, Brock went to Natalie’s house to finish their history project. Brock arrived at Natalie’s house door, and knocked at the door. A grown man answered the door. Brock said, ‘‘Oh, hi sir. Is Natalie home?’’ The man said, ‘‘Yes. I’m her father, let me call her.’’ Brock waited in the living room. The man went to Natalie’s room, he told her, ‘‘Brock is here.’’ Natalie came to the living room. She said, ‘‘Hi, Brock. Nice to see you.’’ He said, ‘‘Nice to see you too Natalie.’’ She said, ‘‘Well, we’re going to my room to finish our project.’’ They went to her room, and try to finish their project before the end of the weekend. Her mom or dad sometimes would walk pass by her room to check up on her. Natalie knew why they were just passing by through room. She got offended, got up, walked to her parents, saying, ‘‘I know what you’re doing mom and dad. Can you please stop? I know I’m a girl, and you need to protect me. You’re my parents, I get it. I have the door of my room opened, that’s a signal I won’t do anything I’m not supposed to. Besides I’m a kid, what can I be doing?’’ The parents respond, ‘‘Exactly, you’re a kid. You are naïve, you don’t know how the world is. Nevertheless, we’ll keep our distance. But remember, if we see something we don’t approve of. We’re going to intervene.’’ Natalie gave her parents a hug, and she went back to her room to finish their project. They finished their project, Natalie turned on the radio. The song, ‘‘kiss me’’ came out. Natalie said, ‘‘I like that song.’’ She turned it up. Brock and Natalie smiled at each other. After two weeks of working hard, they finally finish their history project. On Monday, they brought their project to school. Both of their parents dropped them to school at the sametime. Brock and Natalie met on the drop-off. Natalie asked, ‘‘Ready Brock?’’ Brock said, ‘‘Ready Natalie.’’ Natalie finally gave the pencil back to Brock. They got to the class, Ms. Cano said, ‘‘Ah, my two students that can’t seem to be separated from each other. Good morning, happy to see you finish your project. Hope you’re ready to present it, because you’re

going to go first.’’ Brock just looked at her, and said to himself, ‘‘Boy, this teacher has a lot things up her butt. She should go to the restroom and crap them out.’’ Brock told Natalie what he said, Natalie just laughed. Class started, Ms. Cano said, ‘‘Natalie, Brock. You go first.’’ They got their papers, walked in front of the class, and Natalie said, ‘‘It has been said, in 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered America.’’ Brock said, ‘‘They’re wrong. In 1502, Amerigo Vespucci was the one discovered America.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Amerigo knew that Columbus didn’t discovered enough land. So he sailed across the sea himself to discover more.’’ Brock said, ‘‘That’s why America is named America, cause they named it similar to its founder.’’ Brock continued saying, ‘‘These people traveled across the ocean to serve GOD freely. Now centuries later, they won’t GOD in schools!’’ Ms. Cano said, ‘‘Ok, that was good Brock and Natalie. You could go back to your seats now.’’ Brock continued saying, ‘‘This is why shooting happens in schools, they leave GOD out of the equation!’’ Ms. Cano said, ‘‘Ok Brock, that’s enough. Go to your seat!’’ As stubborn as Brock is, he didn’t stop. He just kept going, ‘‘This country is going to crumble if they keep going how they’re going!’’ Ms. Cano got up and yelled ‘‘Brock if you don’t stop, I’m going to give you and Natalie detention!’’ Natalie realized they were in danger, got in front Brock, put her hands on Brock’s cheeks, and put his head towards her head, and said, ‘‘Look at me.’’ Brock finally stopped, and looked at Natalie’s eyes. She said, ‘‘We already gave our presentation. We did a good job, I’m pretty sure we got a good grade. Now please stop before we get detention and Ms. Cano give us a failing grade. Please stop. For me, please.’’ Brock cooled off, and realized they were in danger. They got their project, and went to their seats. Other student gave their presentations, until it was time for lunch. All the students got in a line. They started to walk out of the class. Ms. Cano called Brock, brock went where Ms. Cano was. She said, ‘‘I’m going to let your scene slide. If you ever do that again, I’m going to call your parents. Do you understand?!’’ Brock replied, ‘‘Yes, I understand.’’ Ms. Cano said, ‘‘It’s ok if you serve GOD, but don’t bring HIM to school. Now, go get in line.’’ Brock walked towards the line. While he walking he said to himself, ‘‘Pfft, then don’t ask why there’s shooting in schools.’’ Brock and Natalie sat together in lunch. From that day onward, they would be unseparateable. As time went on, they would do almost everything together. They would go to each other’s house mostly every weekend. They would beg their parents to take them to the movies, that’s where the parents met each other. Brock would invite Natalie to church, sometimes Natalie would go, and sometimes she wouldn’t go. Months later, her parents got a divorce. She called to Brock’s house, his dad answered the phone. She said, ‘‘Can I speak to Brock please??’’ The dad gave the phone to Brock, he told Brock, ‘‘Natalie’s crying.’’ Brock got the phone, he said, ‘‘Hi.’’ Natalie was crying and saying, ‘‘Brock, my parents are getting a divorce.’’ Brock said, ‘‘What? Why? They looked happy when I would go over.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Yes, but they controlled themselves when you would come.’’ Brock said, ‘‘I’m so sorry Natalie. Don’t worry, Natalie. I’m here for you, I’ll never leave your side.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Thanks Brock, you’re a good friend.’’ She had it very hard growing up. There was barely enough food for her and her siblings to eat. Natalie was having trouble in with her schoolwork. Brock would help her with her work on a daily basis. Time went on, they became very good friends. They liked each other, but they knew that they were way too young to start dating. One day during recess, Brock was playing in the playground. Some boys picking on

Natalie, she fought back, the boys outnumbered Natalie 8 to 1. She never back down, Brock saw the boys, and got furious, and he walked over where they were. Brock turned a boy towards him, Brock punched his face, and the other boy attacked Brock. Brock just flipped him to the ground, Natalie started to punch the boys also. The boys were lying on the grass, and they were groaning in pain. Six of the boys stood back up, to attack them again. Brock said, ‘‘Seriously, you’re going to come back for more after we handed your butts to you?’’ The boy said, ‘‘You just got lucky, you caught us off guard.’’ Brock said, ‘‘Hu-uh, sure I did.’’ Brock continued saying, ‘‘Come on, bub. Show me that I just lucky.’’ He and his seven friends compassed round about Brock and Natalie. Brock and Natalie stood back to back, waiting for one of the boys to attack them. Two of the boys charge at Brock and Natalie, they ducked and punched the boys’ stomach. More boys came after them. Brock just swayed his head to the left, and got his face, put his right leg in back of the boy’s legs, and slammed his the boy’s head to the ground. Natalie punched a boy in the face, and then kicked him where he throws out what he drinks. The boy fell on the floor, groaning in pain. The third boy attacked Brock, Brock used the boy’s momentum against him and slammed his head to a wall. The forth boy was going to punch Natalie, Natalie just blocked his punch with her forearm, and punched his nose. The last boy attacked Natalie, she roundhouse kicked his stomach, the boy bend down, Brock came, jumped up, and he hit the boy’s face with his knee. The boy just fell to the ground. The two other boys ran like cowards. By time they knew it, a group of their fellow schoolmates were watching them beating up the kids. Brock asked Natalie if she was ok. She responded, ‘‘Yeah, I’m ok.’’ They hugged each other. The staff finally came to check what was going on, they broke through the ring of kids. They saw the kids laying on the floor and groaning in pain. They realized what happened, they took Natalie and Brock to the Principle’s office. The Principle came in. He said, ‘‘Brock, Natalie. I heard you beat up five kids. My question is, why did you do that?’’ Brock answered, ‘‘They were picking on Natalie.’’ The Principle responded, ‘‘So, you took it upon yourself to do something about it?’’ Brock said, ‘‘Well yeah, it would’ve been too late by the time the teachers came. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t do the samething, if they would be picking on your lady friend?’’ The Principle asked, ‘‘It’s that true Natalie?’’ she answered, ‘‘Yes sir, it’s true.’’ He said, ‘‘Well, I have no choice but to suspend you two. I’m going to call both of your parents.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Call my mom, sir. My dad might not answer.’’ The Principle asked, ‘‘Your parents are separated, Natalie?’’ She said, ‘‘Yes sir, they are.’’ He said, ‘‘Oh, sorry about that.’’ The Principle called the parents of both them. One of the staff came in, and said, ‘‘They’re waiting for at the meeting, sir.’’ The Principle said, ‘‘Ok, I’ll be there. Watch them for me.’’ He said ‘‘Oh, and Brock. Next time you get smart with me. I’ll make sure to make it very hard on you.’’ Brock just starred at the Principle while he was walking away. The Principle walked out of his office, the staff member waited at the outside of the door watching Brock and Natalie. Natalie laid her head on Brock’s shoulder, she said, ‘‘I’m worried, Brock. Ever since my parents’ divorcement. My life has been hard.’’ She asked, ‘‘Am I a bad person, Brock?’’ He said, ‘‘No, Natalie. Of course not. Sometimes things just happen just to happen. Like why is there accidents? There just is, we can’t do anything about that.’’ He added, ‘‘Sometimes, things just happened just because. We can’t do anything about it, but to pray to GOD.’’ Natalie responded,

‘‘Perhaps, you’re right. Brock. She looked at Brock and said, ‘‘We did a number on those boys, did we?’’ Brock chuckled, and said, ‘‘Yeah we did, when did you to learn to fight like that?’’ Natalie responded, ‘‘By watching shows about fighting, movies, and three brothers.’’ Brock said, ‘‘Oh yeah, you have only brothers. Geez, no wonder you can beat the crap out of those boys.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Yeah, they’re always picking on me. I have to learn how to fight back.’’ Brock said, ‘‘I like girls who are sensitive, yet tough.’’ They stared at each other, they were about to kiss, when Brock’s parents came in to the office. Both Natalie and Brock stood up. They looked at Brock with angry face, they took him to the house. They ground him for one month. After month, Brock was able to talk to Natalie again. Natalie said, ‘‘I really missed you, I missed hearing your voice.’’ Brock responded, ‘‘I missed you too Natalie. I’m happy that we are able to talk again.’’ Throughout the years, Brock and Natalie were in sports, Brock helped Natalie with her schoolwork, and the pain of her parents’ divorcement. He got her through middle school. Four years has pass by, their parents allowed them to date each other. It was time to register for high school. Brock drove to high school, he walked to the school. While he was walking, one of his friends was walking outside of the school. They talked to each other for awhile. Then Brock said, ‘‘Ok man, got to go register.’’ His friend said, ‘‘Somebody is waiting for you inside.’’ Brock said, ‘‘Yeah, I know. I was talking to her today.’’ His friend said, ‘‘Yeah, when aren’t you talking to each other?’’ Laughing about it. He continued, saying, ‘‘You guys are unseparateable like innovation and design.’’ Brock just laughed, ‘‘Yeah, we could give Bradgelina competition.’’ He whispered, ‘‘Those overrated bastards. Who dates a woman that has dated her own brother? Gross. I hate it when people make a big deal about them.’’ He entered the school, he got in line to register. All of a sudden, two hands covered Brock’s eyes. A voice told him, ‘‘Guess who?’’ Brock acted like he didn’t know who he was. He said a lot of names. Natalie finally uncovered his eyes and said, ‘‘No silly, is the love of your life, Natalie.’’ He turned to Natalie, and said, ‘‘I know. I was pretending I didn’t know who it was.’’ Then they kissed each other. She had to tippy toed because Brock was so tall. He asked her, ‘‘Did you register already?’’ She said, ‘‘Yes, here’s my schedule.’’ He said, ‘‘Let me see.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Here.’’ She handed him her schedule. He saw it and said, ‘‘Cool, I hope I get one class with you.’’ she hugged him, and said, I hope you do.’’ She told him, ‘‘Well, honey. I’m going to be waiting for you in the table.’’ She went sit on a chair. While, she waiting for Brock, one of her friends came and sat next to her. Her friend said, ‘‘Hi Natalie.’’ She said hi back. She asked, ‘‘What are you doing?’’ Natalie pointing to Brock. Her friend said, ‘‘Oh, waiting for your babe?’’ Her friend said, ‘‘Oh, you’re lucky. I would do anything to be his girlfriend. He’s so handsome.’’ She used a cuss word to emphasize it. Jokingly she said, ‘‘Let’s share him.’’ Natalie looked at her with a jealousy look. Her friend said, ‘‘Just joking Natalie, you don’t have to slaughter me.’’ Natalie jokingly said, ‘‘You better be, or I’ll kick your butt if you do.’’ She added, ‘‘If Brock would’ve heard you cuss, he would’ve something.’’ She added, ‘‘That’s the only wrong with him. He’s too serious, too uptight. He needs to loosen up. But in the sametime, I like it because I could tease him. I have fun doing that.’’ Her friend told her, ‘‘Girl, you guys have one weird relationship. He’s too serious about his spiritual life, while you play yours on a dare.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘That’s one of many things that draws me to him. What a rush.’’ Her friend told her, ‘‘Science is right, opposites do attract.’’

Brock finished registering, he walked towards the table where Natalie was. Natalie’s friend said, ‘‘look, your babe is coming. Bye gotta go to do an errand for my mom.’’ Natalie said, bye back. Her friend was walking towards Brock, smiling and shaking her head. Brock said, ‘‘What?’’ Natalie’s friend said, ‘‘GOD only knows how could you and Natalie be a couple.’’ Brock had an idea why’d she said that. Brock got to the table, he asked, ‘‘Hey babe, do you want to go eat?’’ She said, ‘‘Sure. Where do you go in, my car or yours?’’ He said, ‘‘Mine.’’ They drove to Natalie’s house to drop off her car, she told her dad that she was going somewhere with Brock. She got into Brock’s car, and went to eat. On the way there, Brock had it on Christian radio. They arrived to the fast-food restaurant. Before they got off the car, Natalie put the song, ‘‘Kiss Me’’ by Sixpence Nonethericher. Natalie asked, ‘‘Remember this song babe?’’ Brock said, ‘‘Yes, Natalie. I remember. Can you turned it off, you know I don’t hear those songs.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Well, do what the song says. Kiss me and I’ll turn it off.’’ Brock said, ‘‘You don’t have to tell me twice.’’ They kissed each other, Natalie said, ‘‘Nope, longer.’’ They kiss for ten seconds, Brock said, ‘‘Ok, that’s enough. I’m hungry.’’ They got off of his car, and went into the restaurant. While they were walking to restaurant, she said, ‘‘I love to tease you, I have fun doing that.’’ Brock responded, ‘‘Yeah, I could tell. Something about that draws me to you. It gets to me at times, but it brings the man out of me.’’ They went into the restaurant, order there food, wait until they got they’re food, minutes later, got they’re food, sat in a booth, Brock prayed for his food and they started to eat. Brock asked, ‘‘You and Lacey were about me or what?’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Yes.’’ Brock asked, ‘‘What were you two saying?’’ she answered, ‘‘We were saying you’re too uptight and serious. I told her I would kick her donkey. Because she said, you were …….. hot, and she wanted for me to share you.’’ Brock asked, ‘‘Why wouldn’t you share, I would like to be shared.’’ Natalie smiled and playfully pushed him. Brock said, ‘‘Just playing, I’m yours only.’’ She said, ‘‘I told her the samething that I told you when we were walking to chic-fil-a.’’ He just nodded his head. Natalie said, ‘‘She said, we have one weird relationship. You’re too serious about your spiritual life, and I play it on a dare. Something about that just draws me to you. That just gives me a thrill and a rush.’’ Brock said, ‘‘I like it when you’re like that.’’ Natalie asked, ‘‘Have you thought if we would be together, forever?’’ Brock answered, ‘‘Of course. We’ll get married, have kids, see them grow, watch them have kids, and grow old together. Nothing and no one will separate us.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Together forever.’’ She kissed his cheek. She asked him, ‘‘Are you going to be in wrestling this year?’’ He said, ‘‘Yup, are going to be in anything physical activities this year?’’ She responded, ‘‘Well, I don’t know. My grades weren’t that good last year, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to balance those things.’’ He told her, ‘‘I could help you with you work, if you need some help.’’ She said, ‘‘Awwe, you are so sweet. Thanks Brock. You’re my rock. I don’t know what I would do without you.’’ They finished eating, they threw their trash, and walked out. As they were walking out, Brock asked, ‘‘What do you want to do?’’ She said, ‘‘Let’s go to the mall.’’ Brock hanged his head, then quickly said, ‘‘Come on, let’s go.’’ They went to the mall, while Brock was driving, he asked, ‘‘Are you sad because it’s our last year in high school, Natalie?’’ She responded, ‘‘It’s a bittersweet feeling. It’s a new chapter in our lives, but I’ll probably won’t see some of our friends after graduation.’’ Brock said, ‘‘Well at least we’ll have each other.’’ Natalie responded, ‘‘Yep, together forever.’’ She kissed his cheek. After

twenty minutes of driving, they arrived at the mall. They got out of his car, Brock asked, ‘‘What store do you want to go first?’’ She said, ‘‘Let’s see what they have in Macy’s’’ They walked to the store, as soon they walked into the store. Natalie saw a skirt that she liked, she dragged Brock where the skirt was. She said, ‘‘Buy it for me, please.’’ Brock checked the prize, Brock lifted his eyebrows in surprised, ‘‘I would, but it’s too expensive. I barely have enough for the food.’’ Natalie got a disappointing face. She said, ‘‘Let’s steal it then.’’ Brock laughed. She said, ‘‘I’m serious.’’ Brock replied, ‘‘What? You can’t be serious.’’ She replied, ‘‘Yes, I’m serious Brock. I’ll do anything to get through life. If that means breaking the rules, then sobeit.’’ Brock replied, ‘‘I rather be cautious than dangerous. In the end of day, I’ll have to answer for all my wrong doings to GOD. I already have stains on my gown. I don’t want more.’’ she said, ‘‘Yet you’re brutal at times.’’ Putting the skirt back. Brock answered, ‘‘Yeah, that’s what you become when life decides to dump crap on you on a yearly basis.’’ They walked to another area, Natalie saw a dress that she liked. She dragged Brock to that area yet again. She got it, and said, ‘‘This dress nice. Don’t you think, babe.’’ He said, ‘‘ Yeah, try it on.’’ They looked for the dressing room, found it, she got in the dressing room, put on the dress, got out. Brock said, ‘‘Whoa, you look amazing.’’ She modeled for him, he asked, ‘‘Do you want it?’’ She said, ‘‘Yeah, I do want it.’’ Brock replied, ‘‘Well take it then.’’ She went back to the dressing room, and changed back to her clothes. She looked for more clothes. She found some clothes that she liked, she tried them on, she decided to keep two or three of those clothes. Then they head for the men’s section, after looking around for a while. Brock found a dressy shirt, he looked at the prize, and it was under fifty dollars of his budget. He said, ‘‘I’m going to ask my employer for a raise. I have work there for a year now I think I should get one.’’ He got the shirt, and tried it on. He came out of the dressing room, Natalie’s eyes opened wide and said, ‘‘I’m going to have to keep my eyes on every girl in school this year, if you’re going to buy the shirt. You look very handsome in that shirt. I mean more than you already are.’’ She hugged him. She said, ‘‘You’re the best. Not only you’re my boyfriend, but you’re my best friend as well. I can’t imagine my life without you.’’ He asked, ‘‘Do you want ice cream?’’ She replied, ‘‘Can we go to SEARS first?’’ Brock sighed and replied, ‘‘Ok, how about ice cream first, then we go to SEARS?’’ She said, ‘‘I guess.’’ They went to the food court and bought ice cream. While they were eating ice cream, Brock said, ‘‘I wonder how are my teachers are going to be.’’ Natalie replied, ‘‘Well, all the teachers that I’ve had are been good so far.’’ Brock said, ‘‘Lucky, I have always get teachers that douchebags, for a lack of a better word.’’ Natalie responded, ‘‘Maybe you make them treat you like that.’’ ‘‘You know that I’m an easygoing person, Natalie.’’ Brock responded. She said, ‘‘Well, there’s something there that makes them come after you.’’ Brock said, ‘‘Yeah that they’re douchebags.’’ Laughing afterwards. Brock said, ‘‘You know what’s stupid about movies.’’ Natalie asked, ‘‘What?’’ He said, ‘‘In the movie, Along Came Polly, when Ben Stiller’s character finds Claude having his way with Ben’s wife. Claude says, ‘‘It’s not what it looks like.’’ I mean, seriously? That’s the stupidest thing to say.’’ Brock continued saying, ‘‘The guy is on top of Ben Stiller’s wife. What he could possibly doing. I think it’s the stupidest line ever written. If they use the line in real life? Then that’s just stupid.’’ Natalie replied, ‘‘Relax, honey. It’s just a movie.’’ Chuckling while she was saying it. Brock asked, ‘‘Would you buy it if I told you that if you catch me doing

that?’’ Natalie’s face turned serious. Brock said, ‘‘Exactly’’ After ten minutes, they finished their ice cream. Brock said, ‘‘I need to go to the restroom.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Okay, I’ll wait for you here.’’ Brock got up and went to the restroom. As Natalie was waiting for Brock, she spotted a bag that had the same skirt that she wanted. The bag was sitting there besides the table. Natalie waited if someone would come and pick it up. She saw no one came and pick it up. She was itching to just go over there and snacth it off of the bag. She was telling herself, ‘‘Hurry up Brock.’’ She was nervously tapping her fingers on the table. She looked towards where the restroom were, to see if Brock was walking her way. She saw no sign of Brock. She waited about a minute more. Then checked again, still no sign of Brock. She couldn’t take it anymore, she went over there and snatched the shirt out of the bag and stuffed it in one of the bags. Seconds later, Brock came and said, ‘‘Let’s go.’’ They continued going to the stores. After three hours, they finally left the mall, and walked to Brock’s car, they got in, and Natalie pulled the shirt out of the bag. She showed Brock the skirt, Brock said, ‘‘I thought we didn’t buy it. How did you get it?’’ Natalie smiled, and said, ‘‘I have my ways.’’ Brock quickly figured out how she got it. He said, ‘‘You stole it. Seriously?’’ Natalie said, ‘‘I’ll do anything to get through life. If that means breaking the rules? Then sobeit.’’ Brock said, ‘‘What happens if you get caught? What then?’’ Natalie chuckled and said, ‘‘I’ll never get caught. I’m too good.’’ A couple of weeks went on, it was the first day of school. Brock and Natalie were hanging out before school. Their friend walked by them. He said, ‘‘Hey, Brock.’’ Brock said, ‘‘What’s up, Joe? Are you excited for the first day?’’ Joe responded, ‘‘You know me, man. School is not for me.’’ Brock replied, ‘‘I know, I don’t like school either. But, in the end of the day. It prepare us for the real world.’’ Joe said, ‘‘Yeah, I guess you’re right.’’ Natalie asked, ‘‘Hey Joe, where’s Barbara?’’ He said, ‘‘She hasn’t arrived yet.’’ He added, ‘‘We’re not glue to each other like you guys.’’ Smiling while he said it. Natalie said, ‘‘Tell her I said hi when you see her.’’ he responded, ‘‘Okay, I will. Got to go, got talk to the counselor about my schedule.’’ Brock and Natalie said, ‘‘See ya.’’ Half an hour went by, the bell rang for go to class, Brock walked Natalie to class. Brock said, ‘‘Bye, Natalie.’’ She said bye back, and they kissed. Then he walked to his class, the teacher walked in. It was elderly male, around his fifties or so. The first thought that came into Brock’s mind was, ‘‘Please GOD, don’t let him be a good teacher.’’ He began to teach. As he taught, he gave the impression that he was mean. After thirty minutes of teaching, he gave assignment out. Time went by fast by the time Brock realized it, it was time for lunch. Brock and Natalie met up for lunch. They were in line getting their food. Natalie asked, ‘‘How’s your teachers? Are they good?’’ Brock answered, ‘‘Well, so far so good. Can’t complain yet.’’ Natalie said that’s good. Can’t wait for the last class. So we could be together.’’ She added, ‘‘Let’s hope the teacher won’t be like Ms. Cano. remember her?’’ He said, ‘‘Yeah, I remember her. She just put us together because we talked a lot.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Hey, we wouldn’t be together if she didn’t do that.’’ Brock said, ‘‘Yeah, I guess we should thank her for that.’’ They walked where the tables were, they found an empty table,and sat on the chairs. Brock asked, ‘‘Still want me to help you with your work?’’ She responded, ‘‘Well, yes. I need some help.’’ He said, ‘‘Ok, tell me what you need help with, and I will help you.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Thanks Brock. You are always there for me. That’s one of many things I like about you.’’ She laid her head on Brock’s shoulder. Two of their friends came to the

table. They said, ‘‘Hey, guys. This is school, not a romantic room.’’ Laughing and sitting down while they said that. Brock responded, ‘‘What up guys? How’s your classes?’’ Joe responded, ‘‘It’s so boring. I can’t wait for the weekend.’’ Barbara responded, ‘‘How ‘bout some cold ones, babe?’’ Joe responded, ‘‘That’ll be nice. My parents aren’t going to be around this weekend. How about it, Brock? Are you down for it?’’ Brock responded, ‘‘Come on guys. Y’know that I don’t drink.’’ Joe mocked him, and said, ‘‘Oh, mister high and mighty don’t know how to have a good time.’’ He added, ‘‘What a buzz kill, man.’’ Brock responded, ‘‘Mock me all you want, Joe. At the end of the day, you’re going to answer to GOD.’’ Joe responded, ‘‘I’ll be ready to give a response. I’m sure HE’ll understand. He’s forgiving GOD, right?’’ Brock just chuckled, and nod his head, ‘‘no’’ Brock said, ‘‘I have rules, and I won’t break them. No matter what.’’ Barbara said, ‘‘But yet, you’re brutal and barbaric sometimes.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘That’s what I tell him.’’ Brock stayed quiet and thought, ‘‘If you knew what I have gone through, you would understand.’’ Joe ask ‘‘Seriously dude, why are you like that?’’ Brock just had a blank stare. Seconds later Brock said, ‘‘Come on, Natalie. Let’s take a walk.’’ She said, ‘‘Ok. Bye Barbara.’’ She said, bye back. Brock and Natalie got up. Joe asked, ‘‘Was it something I said?’’ Brock responded, ‘‘Naw, dude. Just need take a walk.’’ They stood in a corner of the hall, Natalie asked, ‘‘Were you bothered by what Joe and Barbara said?’’ Brock replied, ‘‘Not really. I’m pretty sure if he, or anybody would be in my place. They would understand why I am how I am.’’ Natalie looked up at him and said, ‘‘All these years of knowing you, I’ve never seen you going through bad stuff. Or anything like that.’’ Brock replied, ‘‘It’s cause I hide it, I don’t let no one know what I go through. I don’t let no one in.’’ Natalie smiled and said, ‘‘Please Brock. You let me in the first time you saw me in Ms. Cano’s class.’’ Brock laughed and said, ‘‘Yeah, I let a super model in. But there’s more to me that I show.’’ Natalie chuckled and said, ‘‘Ok, ‘‘mysterious man.’’ whatever you say.’’ they kissed, Natalie rested her head on Brock’s muscular chest. Seconds later she said, ‘‘If I see any ‘’supermodels’’ flirting with you besides me, I would get my claws out and scratch their faces til no recognition.’’ A security walked by them, saw them and said, ‘‘Cantu, Ortiz. I better see some space between you two.’’ Natalie stepped away, both of them were looking at the security to until she was far from them. Out of nowhere, Brock caught Natalie off-guard, quickly turned to give her a quick kissed. It happened so fast, Natalie had no idea what just happen. She figured out what happen after five seconds. Natalie just smiled, they walked to their class. They got there, and sat beside each other. The teacher walked in, she saw Brock and Natalie. She walked up and said, ‘‘If you talk a lot, and don’t do work, I’ll separate you two.’’ Brock stared at her and said, ‘‘Ok, ma’am, we get it.’’ Months went by, it was time for wrestling season. Brock had a match-up, Natalie went to his event. As she was watching him, one of her friends came, saying, ‘‘Watching your boytoy wrestling?’’ Natalie turned, she said, ‘‘Hi Brooke. Yes, I am.’’ Brooke sat down next to her. Brock won the match, he went to sit down, and waited for his turn. As he was waiting, he saw Natalie in the stands, he waved ‘‘hi,’’ and she waved ‘‘hi’’ back. Her friend said, ‘‘Man, he’s so handsome. I would kill you to have him.’’ Natalie replied, ‘‘I’ll scratch your face off if you dare to get close to him.’’ Brooke laughed, and said, ‘‘Chillax, Natalie. Brock won’t even dare to cheat on you.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘That’s true. He love me too much for him to cheat, or even hurting me.’’ Two hours went

by, after ten matches. Brock and the wrestling team won. Natalie walked down to congrat Brock, she said, ‘‘Congrats on your victories, Brock.’’ She hugged him. Brooke came to congrat Brock, she said, ‘‘Congrats on your victory.’’ Brock said, ‘‘Thanks, Brooke.’’ She said, ‘‘Natalie really loves you, Brock.’’ He replied, ‘‘Yeah, I really love her too.’’ They hugged each other. Brooke rolled her eyes, she said, ‘‘You two should get married already.’’ Brock responded, ‘‘We would if we could.’’ Brooke said, ‘‘Anyways, got to go Natalie. Bye.’’ Natalie said, bye back. Brooke said, ‘‘Bye, barbarian.’’ Brock said, ‘‘Bye, shorty.’’ Brooke walked away and did an obscene gestor. Brock said, ‘‘Yeah, GOD bless you, too.’’ Brock laughed after he said that.’’ Brock asked, ‘‘Are you going to come to eat with us?’’ while he was asking that, his friend/teammate came and said, ‘‘Brock, the coach is calling you.’’ While he was saying that, he saw Natalie. He said, ‘‘And of course. Look whose Brock talking to.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Hi Julian.’’ He said, ‘‘Hi Natalie.’’ He turned to Brock and said, ‘‘Loverboy, coach’s calling you.’’ Brock said, ‘‘Ok, be right there.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘To answer your question, Brock. Yes I am going to eat with you guys.’’ Brock’s parents came to congratulate him. They said, ‘‘Congrats, mijo. I’m happy for you.’’ His mom hugged him and his dad shook his hand. He went to the locker room to take a shower and change clothes. He went outside, got on the bus, and went to eat. Time went by, Brock was at Natalie’s house to help with her homework. As he was helping her, he checked something on his phone. He put it on the table after he was done. Few seconds later, he was going to check for information from the internet on his phone. Natalie got it before he did. Natalie said, ‘‘Want it? Then come and get it.’’ He reached and tried to snatch his phone out of Natalie’s hand. She moved her hand out of the way before he got it. He said, ‘‘Gimme the phone, Natalie.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Want it, then come and get it.’’ Brock reached his arm further. Natalie moved out of his reached once again. Brock said, ‘‘You’re going to make me chase you, aren’t you?’’ Natalie replied, ‘‘Want your phone? Then come get it, handsome.’’ Brock stood up, Natalie also stood up when she saw that Brock stood up. Natalie smiled and hold up Brock’s phone. Brock smiled back, Natalie said, ‘‘If you couldn’t catch me when we were kids, what makes you think you could catch me now?’’ Brock replied, ‘‘I’m six foot three, you’re five ten.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Correction, I’m five eleven.’’ Brock said, ‘‘Just one inch difference. I’m still taller than you, which means I have longer legs than you. I could catch you anytime I want.’’ Natalie replied, ‘‘Let’s put that to the test, shall we?’’ Natalie ran away from Brock, Brock chased after Natalie. They were laughing while he chased her. After a few minutes, Brock’s mom called to his phone. Natalie saw who was calling him. She said, ‘‘Oh look, Mama Sanchez is calling. Better catch me Brock if you want to answer her phone call.’’ After ten rings his mom hanged up the phone. Finally Brock cornered Natalie. He playingfully wrestled her to the ground. Natalie said, ‘‘I will give you the phone, if you do this.’’ She put the song, kiss me. Brock looked at her eyes, and gave her a kiss. He took his phone out of her hand, and called his mom back. His mom answered her phone, he asked, ‘‘Need something mom?’’ His mom said, ‘‘Yes, I need you to get me some milk from H-E-B.’’ He said, ‘‘Ok, I’ll go.’’ His mom asked, ‘‘What were you were doing?’’ Brock answered, ‘‘I was trying to get my phone, but it was walking away from me.’’ His mom had an idea of what he meant. For his mom knew that Natalie would sometimes tease Brock. Time went on, Brock and Natalie enjoyed their final high school year together. During

those years, Natalie started to get her frustration out. She would steal anything she wanted, just to see if she could get away with it. She would take easy way out in school. She would steal money from her work, to get the upper hand in life, and to see if she could get away with it. One night, Brock called Natalie to her phone. Natalie answered, Brock asked, ‘‘Hi beautiful, what are you doing?’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Nothing, just here. Thinking about when we have a family.’’ Brock said, ‘‘Our babies are going to beautiful.’’ Brock asked, ‘‘Want to go out tonight?’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Okay. Where do you want to go?’’ Brock said, ‘‘Chili’s sounds good.’’ She said, ‘‘Alright, give me fifteen minutes to get ready.’’ She said, ‘‘I’m staying with my mom tonight, so pick me up at my mom’s house.’’ Brock said, ‘‘Ok, I’m going to get ready, too.’’ Brock took a shower, got dress, drove to Natalie’s mom’s house, got off, and knock on the door. Natalie opened the door. When Brock saw Natalie, he was stunned by her beauty. He said, ‘‘Holy crap. Man Natalie, you look beautiful. It’s like an angel came down from heaven.’’ She replied, ‘‘Thanks Brock, you look very handsome too.’’ He said, ‘‘Come on Natalie. Let’s go to eat.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Bye mom, going to eat with Brock.’’ Her mom replied, ‘‘Ok, don’t come late.’’ Brock drove to chili’s, got there, they got seated, and looked at the menu to decide what they were going order. While they were deciding, a waiter came to ask them what they wanted to drink. Brock ordered a Dr. Pepper and Natalie said, ‘‘I’ll have the same.’’ The waiter said, ‘‘I’ll be right out with the drinks.’’ Natalie told him, ‘‘Today, I was remembering when you saved me from the boys who were picking me.’’ Brock said, ‘‘Oh yeah, I remember. Why were they picking on you?’’ She replied, ‘‘Cause they’re boys. They like to pick on girls. They’re not man enough to pick on someone their own size.’’ Brock responded, ‘‘They’re noting but wannabes. They pick on people that looks weak just to convince themselves that they’re dominant, when in reality they’re not.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Excuse me, I can handle stuff myself pretty well.’’ Brock said, ‘‘I never said you couldn’t. I said you looked weak, I never said you were. It hurt me when you punched me in the stomach, when I was trying to get my pencil back.’’ She just rolled her eyes at him. She asked, ‘‘How do you like senior year so far?’’ ‘‘It’s the samething. The only thing different, I don’t have school work as much.’’ She said, ‘‘Yeah, we don’t do anything fun with our friends.’’ Brock asked, ‘‘Like what, Natalie?’’ Natalie said, ‘‘You’re too serious all the time. You need to lighten up alittle bit. Come on, Brock. Even your parents say you’re too serious.’’ Brock said, ‘‘Okay, Natalie. I’ll try to be more open to things.’’ Natalie asked, ‘‘So if our friends invite to a party, we would go? Even though there might be drinks?’’ Brock said, ‘‘Yes.’’ The food finally came, they started eating. While they were eating, Natalie asked, ‘‘Want to see a movie after this?’’ Brock said, ‘‘Ok, theater or one of each other houses? Natalie said, ‘‘House. How about, The Last Kiss?’’ Brock made a face when he heard the name. Natalie said ‘‘Come on, Brock. We see barbaric movies, which I don’t want to see, why can’t we see that one?’’ He said, ‘‘Ok, we’ll watch that one.’’ They finish their food, and left to pick up the movie, and went to his house to see the movie. After the movie finished, Natalie said, ‘‘I love that movie.’’ Brock got up and went to the restroom. Natalie said, ‘‘Love you barbarian.’’ Brock said, ‘‘Love you too.’’ Time went on, one day Brock was at Natalie’s house to helping with her homework. Brock noticed Natalie had a worried face. Brock asked, ‘‘What’s wrong Natalie?’’ Natalie replied, ‘‘Nothing’s wrong. I’m just tired.’’ Brock said, ‘‘You could tell me.’’ Brock responded, ‘‘Come on, Natalie. I

know when something bothering you. Tell me, what’s eating you?’’ Natalie asked, ‘‘You promise won’t get mad?’’ Brock said, ‘‘I won’t get mad.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘I got fired from work today.’’ He asked, ‘‘Well, why would get I mad?’’ He added, ‘‘It’s not your fault.’’ Natalie replied, ‘‘Well, it’s kinda is.’’ Brock asked, ‘‘How?’’ Natalie said, ‘‘I was stealing money from my work.’’ Brock got up and sighed. After a couple of seconds he asked, ‘‘How much did you stole?’’ Natalie responded, ‘‘About hundred dollars a week. Brock replied, ‘‘Hundred……? Are you serious? Why?’’ Natalie responded, ‘‘You got to see, Brock. I do whatever I can to get through life. I’ve told you this before.’’ Brock responded, ‘‘And I told you that’ll be consequences didn’t I?’’ She said, ‘‘Yeah.’’ Brock asked, ‘‘Was I right?’’ She said in a very low voice, ‘‘Yes, you were.’’ Brock asked, ‘‘Is your boss going to report you?’’ She responded, ‘‘He hasn’t said anything about that.’’ He stayed quiet for a while, Natalie was hunched down, as the room got filled with silence. Brock grabbed Natalie’s hand, he slightly stood her up, and said, ‘‘Come here.’’ He wrapped his arms around her back, she also wrapped her arms around his back, resting her head on his chest. Brock had a blank stare, thinking how he could make things better. He came to the conclusion that, he would ask his mom to put a good word where she works for Natalie. Five days later, Brock came to Natalie’s house to help with her homework. Her mom had to run an errand, her brothers were in their friend’s house. Brock was helping Natalie with her homework. After they finished, they began to remember how they met, and Natalie said, ‘‘I’m glad you’re in my life, Brock. I love you.’’ Brock said, ‘‘I love you too.’’ She said, ‘‘You helped me a lot when I was going through stuff.’’ They started to kiss, one thing lead to another. Brock was hesitant at first, because of his beliefs. Natalie said to him, ‘‘Just live your life, just go with flow once in your life. Don’t deny your desires.’’ For once, Brock loosened up, they went to Natalie’s room, and they slept together. Hours later, her mom arrived at the house. She wondered where Brock and Natalie was. She came into the room, she caught Brock lying on the bed next to Natalie. Natalie woke up, she said, ‘‘Mom!’’ Brock woke up, he saw Natalie’s mom, and he purposely fell off her bed. Natalie said, ‘‘It’s not what it seems.’’ Brock put on his clothes, and said, ‘‘Seriously, Natalie? That stupid line?’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Yeah, you’re right brock. That line is stupid.’’ Her mom said, ‘‘Wait in the living room Brock, I’m going to talk to you afterwards.’’ Brock got out of Natalie’s room. Natalie’s mom turned to her, and asked, ‘‘What were you thinking Natalie? You know if you sleep with your boyfriend or husband, you might get pregnant?’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Yes, I know.’’ Her mom asked, ‘‘Then, why did you do this? You’re too young to have a baby. I’m still wiping your butt. (Figuratively speaking of course.)’’ Natalie said, ‘‘We didn’t mean this to happened, it just happened.’’ Her mom responded, ‘‘That’s one of the most stupidest thing I have heard. ‘‘So you’re telling me is, you and Brock had no idea what you were doing? You and Brock talked or whatever you guys were doing, and out of nowhere you guys started having sex without realizing it?’’ Natalie answered, ‘‘No, we knew what we were doing.’’ Her mom sat on the bed next to her and said, ‘‘Well, me being mad at what you did won’t solve anything. Yes, I’m not happy. But I can’t do anything about it by being mad at you.’’ Meanwhile, Brock called his mom. His mom answered, he said, ‘‘Mom, I…………. uh. I need to tell something.’’ His mom said, ‘‘Okay, tell me, mijo.’’ Brock said, ‘‘I did something.’’ His mom asked, ‘‘What did you do?’’ Brock replied, ‘‘Well…………..’’ His mom thought the worst. She said, ‘‘Just tell me.’’ Brock

sighed, he said, ‘‘You might become a grandma in nine months.’’ She said, ‘‘Please tell me you’re joking.’’ Brock said, ‘‘No mom. Me and Natalie slept together.’’ His mom asked, ‘‘What were you thinking, Brock? Do you know how hard it is to raise a child? Even more so that you’re still in high school?’’ Brock said, ‘‘Yes mom, I know it’s hard, but I’m ready to take responsibility for my actions, mom. I’ll do everything it takes to take care of the baby if Natalie got pregnant.’’ Natalie’s mom got out of the room. Brock saw her, he could tell that she wanted to talk to him. Brock said, ‘‘Gotta go, mom. Natalie’s mom wants to tell me something.’’ Natalie’s mom said to Brock, ‘‘I’m not going to say what you two did was foolish, because you already know that. But, what I’m going to say if my little girl gets pregnant, you better be a man and take responsibility for your actions. Don’t be like the rest of the so called ‘‘men’’ of this generation. Please don’t. I don’t want to see my baby raising a child on her own. ’’ Brock replied, ‘‘I won’t, I love your daughter too much to leave her helpless.’’ Days passed by, Natalie was in school. Her friend came and said, ‘‘What’s up, Natalie?’’ she responded, ‘‘Nothing much, just here thinking about stuff.’’ She said, ‘‘I got the thing you asked.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Thanks, Molly.’’ She asked, ‘‘Where’s your handsome man?’’ Natalie said, ‘‘I haven’t see him.’’ She added, ‘‘You won’t believe what happened.’’ Her friend said, ‘‘Tell me.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Me and Brock slept together.’’ Her friend said, ‘‘Shuuut up. Are you kidding me?’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Nope, we slept together.’’ Her friend asked, ‘‘Are you pregnant?’’ Natalie said, ‘‘I don’t know. Atleast I don’t think so.’’ She said, ‘‘You have to have a baby shower, if you are.’’ Brock came where Natalie was. He said, ‘‘Hi darling.’’ She said, ‘‘Hi’’ her friend said, ‘‘I thought you were too strict.’’ Brock signaled to Natalie, Natalie said, ‘‘I told her what we did.’’ Brock said, ‘‘Oh, that.’’ Molly asked, ‘‘Who were going for the super bowl?’’ Brock said, ‘‘Colts. Thank GOD patriots didn’t go to the super bowl. I can’t stand Brady, man. He’s overrated quarterback, not even John Elway got that much praise. He’s was a better quarterback than Brady.’’ Natalie chuckled and said, ‘‘Ok, Brock. We get it, you dislike him.’’ Brock said, ‘‘It’s not that I dislike the guy, I don’t like they make a big deal about him. He’s a good quarterback, but the NFL overrates the guy.’’ It was time to start school, Brock walked Natalie to her class. They hugged, Natalie, went into the classroom, and Brock walked to his classroom. Natalie was taking a test, she took out the paper that molly gave her, and copied the answers. Time went by, Natalie finished the test. After a few minutes, the bell rang to go to the next class. Natalie got up and left the classroom. As she was leaving the classroom. She threw the paper that had the answers in the trash. She missed the trash can, instead of the paper landing on the trash, the paper landed on the floor. The teacher was cleaning the classroom. He saw the paper that had the answers, he remembered he saw Natalie threw a paper that didn’t land in the trash. It was time for lunch, Brock, Natalie, and their friends sat together. They were eating, Natalie’s teacher came up to her and said, ‘‘I need to talk to you.’’ The teacher and Natalie sat on a different table. His friend ask, ‘‘What’s wrong?’’ Brock answered ‘‘I don’t know.’’ Natalie finished talking to her teacher. She came back, her friend asked, ‘‘What happened?’’ She said, ‘‘He caught me cheating on the test. He found the paper that you gave me.’’ Brock nodded his head ‘‘no.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Oh come on Brock, I know you would do it to.’’ Brock said, ‘‘No, I wouldn’t. But ok, I don’t want to start a scene.’’ Joe said, ‘‘I’m having a birthday party this weekend, want to come?’’ Natalie quickly looked at Brock, he said, ‘‘Ok, we’ll

go.’’ Joe said, ‘‘Alright bro, you’re finally loosing up.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Yeah, he’s not being a sourpuss.’’ Laughing after she said that. Brock sarcastically said, ‘‘Haha, funny.’’ Natalie responded, ‘‘Yeah. I know. It’s funny.’’ It was time to go to class, everybody went to class. Time went on, it was the weekend. Brock and Natalie went their friend’s house. Natalie was talking to her friend. Her friend said, ‘‘You look like you and Brock are the perfect couple. You don’t look like you don’t argue at all.’’ Natalie replied, ‘‘We do argue sometimes, Brock says no couple’s perfect. Every couples fight, and Disney gives a falls expectations of happily everafter.’’ Her friend laughed and said, ‘‘He bashes almost everything and everyone, huh?’’ Natalie laughed and said, ‘‘Yeah, he does. You gotta admit, half of what he says is true.’’ Time went on, Brock came where was, her friend ask them, ‘‘What are you guys planning to do after high school?’’ Brock replied, ‘‘Go to college, get married towards in the end of college, find work, and have a family.’’ She said, ‘‘That’s good. I don’t think I want kids. Atleast, not an early age.’’ She continued saying, ‘‘I’m young I want to enjoy life.’’ Brock said, ‘‘Well, we’re saving up for our wedding. We don’t want to wait that long.’’ Time went on, it was time go home. Brock and Natalie helped to clean up, and then they went to their houses. It was Monday morning, Brock and Natalie was hanging out before school like always. Natalie said, ‘‘I wonder how it’ll be in our wedding day.’’ Brock said, ‘‘It’ll be our happiest day of our lives. It will feel like we entered heaven.’’ One of their friends walked by them. She said, ‘‘We have a new Science teacher.’’ Natalie asked, ‘‘Really, what happened to Mrs. Calloway?’’ Their friend said, ‘‘They found she was doing something bad.’’ Brock asked, ‘‘Like what?’’ she replied, ‘‘Well, I’m not sure. But, rumor has it that they caught her selling drugs to students.’’ Brock responded, ‘‘What a corrupt teacher she was.’’ It was time to go to the last class. Brock and Natalie entered the science class. A male teacher entered the class. He said, ‘‘Hi class, I’m Brad Evans. I’m your teacher for the rest of the year.’’ Natalie right away noticed how good looking he was. It was time to start the class, he checked roll, Natalie said, ‘‘Here.’’ He looked at here, as he called her name. He thought she was pretty. He just smiled, and continue to call row. After he called row, began to teach. After fifteen minutes, he began walking through the students, and passed the assignments. As he put the assignment on Natalie’s desk, he smiled and winked at her. Natalie smiled back, then he turned to Brock and gave him the assignment. The students began to do the assignments. After fifteen minutes of work, the final bell rang, the students turned their assignments. Brock and Natalie started to talked to each other after the bell rang. Brad noticed they acted like if they were boyfriend and girlfriend. They turned in their assignments, and Brock and Natalie left the class. Later, Brock and Natalie waited for their parents. After twenty minutes of waiting, Brock’s came and picked him up. His parent’s told Brock, ‘‘Ask Natalie if wants us to give her a ride.’’ Brock asked Natalie, she said, ‘‘No, I’m good. My parents will be here any minute.’’ Brock asked, ‘‘Are you sure?’’ She said, ‘‘Yeah, its ok’’ Brock said, ‘‘Ok, talk to you tonight or tomorrow.’’ She said, ‘‘Ok, bye.’’ Brock got into the car and drove off, Natalie waited there alone. After a few minutes, Brad walked by through the pick-up area. He said, ‘‘Hey. Natalie, right?’’ Natalie responded, ‘‘Yeah, my name is Natalie.’’ Brad responded, ‘‘Nice work today.’’ She said, ‘‘Thanks.’’ He said, ‘‘I thought you would have a car by now. She said, ‘‘My car broke down.’’ He asked, ‘‘Do you work?’’ Natalie replied, ‘‘I used to, until they caught

me stealing.’’ He said, ‘‘Trying to advance in life, huh? Well, you’re still young. You’ll get more job opportunities, trust me.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Well, I stole. I don’t know if I could get more job offerings.’’ Brad said, ‘‘Well, with a face like that and with a personality like yours, I don’t think anybody wouldn’t hire you.’’ She knew he thought that she is good looking. ‘‘I don’t mean to over step my boundaries, but is that guy who you were talking to your boyfriend?’’ She said, ‘‘Brock? Yeah, he’s my boyfriend. For four years. We liked each other since we first met, but we were too small to date.’’ Brad asked, ‘‘Since when do you know each other?’’ She said, ‘‘Since fourth grade. The only problem he’s too serious most of the time. He needs to lighten up.’’ He said, ‘‘Wow, I remember my first girlfriend. Didn’t go so well.’’ Natalie asked, ‘‘What happened?’’ He said, ‘‘Let’s just say, she got pregnant. Turns out the baby wasn’t mine.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Oh, sorry to hear that.’’ She asked, ‘‘Do you currently have a girlfriend?’’ Brad said, ‘‘No, but I just met a girl that I’m attracted to.’’ She asked, ‘‘Do you talk to her?’’ He responded, ‘‘Yes.’’ Natalie asked, ‘‘Have you told her?’’ He said, ‘‘I was going to. But, she just told me that she has a boyfriend a couple of minutes ago.’’ Natalie just smiled, she knew he was talking about her. She said, ‘‘You’re not so bad yourself.’’ Brad said, ‘‘I would love to trade places with Brock.’’ She said, ‘’If I wasn’t with Brock, I would’ve like to secretly date you.’’ Brad said, ‘‘Yeah, well. Life isn’t fair, is it?’’ She said, ‘‘Nope, it isn’t. Girls want to be with Brock, and guys want to be Brock.’’ Then she realized, if she saw a girl flirting with Brock. She would get angry and beat the crap out of that girl. Especially if a teacher was hitting on him. She said, ‘‘I’m sorry to stop talking to you, but I need to call my parents to pick me up. I have a lot of homework.’’ He said, ‘‘I could drop you off at your house if you want.’’ She said, ‘‘No, thank you, I’m good.’’ He asked, ‘‘Are you sure?’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Yeah, I’m good.’’ Brad shook her hand and said, ‘‘See you in class tomorrow.’’ She said, ‘‘Ok, bye.’’ She walked to the pavement and called her mom. Her mom didn’t answer, she hung up, and called her dad. Her dad called back, he asked, ‘‘Do you need to me to pick you up?’’ She said, ‘‘Yes, dad. Come pick me up.’’ He drove to the school, and picked her up. They drove off, her dad asked how school was. She responded, ‘‘It was nice. I really liked it.’’ She was thinking about Brad when she said that. But, shut it down immediately. They got to the house, Natalie started to do her homework right away. While she was doing her homework, she was beginning to daydream about Brad coming in to her room. He helped with her homework, they stared at each other, and they began to kiss. She was getting deeper into the fantasy. It got more intense, as her fantasy progressed. As she was going cheat on Brock in her fantasy, she snapped out of it, and realized it was wrong. Her phone rang, and it was Brock. They talked for a few minutes. She didn’t comfortable talking to Brock, not after the fantasy she had about Brad. She told him that she was tired, and going to get some sleep. The next day, she got to school. She walked through the halls. Brad saw her and called her, ‘‘Hey.’’ He said. Natalie turned, she said, ‘‘Oh, hi Mr. Evans’’ They shook hands. He said, ‘‘Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable yesterday.’’ Natalie replied, ‘‘Nah, it’s like me telling a random woman she’s good looking.’’ Brad laughed and said, ‘‘True.’’ Natalie wanted to kiss him, and tell him about her fantasy. She knew that he also wanted to kiss her, but push that fantasy to the back of her mind. She was just playing with her hair when they were talking. He said, ‘‘If you need any help with your work? I can help you with it.’’ She said, ‘‘Ok, I’ll keep that

in mind.’’ He replied, ‘‘Gotta go, gotta finish some papers.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Ok, see you in class.’’ He said bye back. Natalie just put down her head, she didn’t like what was on her mind. She went to the restroom, to wash her face. After she put water on face, she looked at the mirror. She told herself, ‘‘I can’t do this to Brock. He wouldn’t do this to me, I can’t do this to him. I’m pretty sure that there’s teachers, girls, and friends that Brock thinks they’re good looking. He doesn’t act upon them. So, I can’t do this to Brock. I have to try to control this fantasy.’’ She got a paper towel, dried her face and hands. As she was coming out of the restroom, Brock was walking towards her. They both walked up to each other, they hugged and kissed. Brock asked, ‘‘What was wrong last night?’’ He added, ‘‘You sounded like something was bothering you.’’ She responded, ‘‘Just a headache, that’s all.’’ He asked, ‘‘Do you feel better?’’ She said, ‘‘Yes I do. Thanks for asking.’’ They went on with their day, it was the class before school finished. Brock and Natalie entered the class. Brad saw her, she saw Brad, and her fantasy came back to her mind. The class started, Brad began to teach, she tried to keep her cool, and pay attention to the lesson. After he was done teaching, he passed out the assignment. He told the class to pass the assignment. He personally gave the assignment to Natalie. He gave her a smile, while he gave her the assignment. As she was doing her work, she would start to have fantasies about Brad. She would try to control her thoughts, she constantly moved around, and trying to keep those fantasies in check. Brock noticed was bugging Natalie. Brad said, ‘‘Class, I need to go to the restroom. I expect you to be on your best behavior.’’ The class said, ‘‘Yes Mr. Evans.’’ As he walked to the door, he gave a quick glance at Natalie. He smiled, Natalie slightly smiled back, and he left the classroom. Brock whispered to Natalie, ‘‘Ever since last night, you’ve been out of the ordinary. What’s wrong?’’ Natalie whispered back, in a frustrated voice, ‘‘Nothing wrong, I’m trying to do my work.’’ Brad came back to the class, Natalie just wanted the class to end already. After it seemed like an eternity, the class finally came to an end. Natalie was just itching to leave. Brock stayed to ask questions about his work. Natalie stood next to Brock, trying not to stare, or look at Brad. After Brock was done talking to Brad. Brad said, ‘‘Bye, Natalie.’’ But he didn’t say nothing to Brock, he became suspicious about Brad. But he didn’t want to come off like an insecure man. Over the next months, Brad offered Natalie, tutoring, outside lunch, free grades, and Natalie would accept his offers. She would spend a lot of time with him, and she would stay after school, just talking to Brad. They would email things to each other than school stuff to each other. By this time, Natalie’s fantasies grew stronger and were more frequent. Natalie was in the school restroom, she heard girls were saying, how good looking Brad is. Natalie got jealous and said, ‘‘He’s already talking to a girl, he’s taken.’’ The girls asked, ‘‘How would you know?’’ She said, ‘‘Well, I saw him kissing a woman at McD’s the other day.’’ Lying to them in order for them to not flirt with him. One day, Brock arrived at school and hang with his friends as usual. He noticed that Natalie hasn’t showed up yet. He asked one of his friends, ‘‘Hey man, have you seen Natalie?’’ One of his lady friends said, ‘‘I think I saw her in Mr. Evans’ class.’’ Brock said, ‘‘This has gone far enough.’’ For Brock knew that Brad had a crush on Natalie. He walked down to Brad’s class. Meanwhile, Brad was talking to Natalie about his life and he wishes that he was her boyfriend. Natalie was just laughing to every sentence he was saying, and touching his arm every chance she got. He said, ‘‘You look nice today.’’ She

said, ‘‘Thanks, you do too.’’ Her fantasies were running like crazy as well as Brad’s, they snapped of it when they heard someone knocking at the door pretty hard. Natalie went to open the door, Natalie jumped and gasp when she saw Brock. She asked, ‘‘Brock, what are you doing here?’’ He said, ‘‘Funny, I was going to ask the samething to you.’’ With an angry and a voice of authority. Brad got up and said, ‘‘I was just helping with her work, that’s all.’’ He walked towards them as he was saying that. Brock sarcastically asked, ‘‘Like what, working on her laugh?’’ Brock said, ‘‘I need to talk to you Natalie.’’ Brad said, ‘‘Go, take her.’’ In order not to make a scene. They went a corner, practically out of the school area. Brock asked, ‘‘What is the deal with you and Mr. Evans?’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Nothing going on between me and Brad, he’s just helping me. It’s just your imagination.’’ Brock said, ‘‘So it’s Brad now, not Mr. Evans?’’ He said, ‘‘Oh please, Natalie. He tutors you, buys you food, you spend a lot of time with him. And nothing’s going on between you two, seriously?’’ She said, ‘‘Look, I love you. I won’t do anything to hurt you.’’ He sarcastically asked, ‘‘Except when it comes to Mr. Evans, right?’’ He said, ‘‘You might love me, but you lust after him. Don’t lie.’’ She said, ‘‘Brock, I want to marry you, I want to have your kids.’’ Brock said, ‘‘Yeah, Debra Messing’s character said the samething in Along Came Polly, and Gwen Stacy loved Peter Parker. Look what happened to those four.’’ He added, ‘‘I hate that storyline. Stupid Marvel and Joe Quesada, they had to ruin Gwen Stacy for me.’’ He asked her, ‘‘You do know I think that some girls here that are pretty, right? Even teachers?’’ She said, ‘‘Yes, I’m pretty sure you do.’’ He said, ‘‘I don’t act upon them cause I love you. I’m not saying, not to find Mr. Evans attractive. I’m just saying try to control yourself. For our relationship.’’ Brad came where they were, and asked, ‘‘Is everything alright?’’ Trying to pretend that he didn’t know what was going on. Brock said, ‘‘No, it’s not. This relationship is between the two of us, not three. You’re ruin it.’’ Brad sarcastically said something vulgar. Brock said, ‘‘Says the guy who’s coming after a teen. Hmph, I’m pretty sure you’re coming after her cause you couldn’t keep a woman satisfied.’’ Brad asked Natalie, ‘‘You told him?’’ Brock made a making fun face, ‘‘So it’s true? I was just saying that. But dang, I hit right in the ****, didn’t I?’’ Brad said, ‘‘Keep her, man.’’ He walked away, Natalie said, ‘‘That wasn’t nice.’’ She walked up Brad, and said, ‘‘I’m sorry.’’ He said, ‘‘It’s ok, you belong together anyways.’’ He continued to walk away. Time went on, it was prom night. Everybody was time of their lives. Brock and Natalie were vote prom king and queen. They enjoyed their last days of high school. Days later, they graduated high school. Brock and Natalie went on vacation with Brock’s family. Time went on, Natalie started to watch The Kardashians. She would invite Brock, Brock said, ‘‘The Kardashians are boring. Those so called celebrities are famous for taking off their clothes.’’ He added, ‘‘their only famous for being famous.’’ Brock would bash them everytime he could. Months went on, Brock was on vacation with his family, Natalie stayed behind because she alot of school work. Natalie was in her apartment, checking her email. She saw ‘‘Brad Evans’’ she wanted to know what he was doing after five months of not seeing each other. So she emailed him and seconds later, he responded back. Natalie sent a message saying, ‘‘How are you?’’ He replied, ‘‘I’m ok, haven’t seen you in along time.’’ She replied, ‘‘I know, what have you been up to?’’ He said, ‘‘Nothing much, you?’’ Natalie responded, ‘‘Just here doing homework. Brock is on vacay with his family. He asked, ‘‘Why didn’t you go?’’ She said, ‘‘Cause of school. I have a

lot of homework.’’ He said, ‘‘I could go help you, if you want.’’ She replied, ‘‘Ok, that would be good.’’ Natalie gave him the address, and Brad went to help her. As he was helping her, he said, ‘‘I never forgot about you Natalie, until this day I think about you.’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Well, I never thought I’d say this. But, I’d have fantasies about you.’’ He replied, ‘‘Like what? Like this.’’ He kissed her, she kissed him back. Meanwhile, Brock cameback from his vacation. Brock had a spare key to Natalie’s apartment. He went to her apartment to give her something that he bought for her and to surprise her. As he entered the apartment, he saw Brad Evans was about to have his way with Natalie. Brock got furious, he threw the gift to the floor. Natalie saw that Brock entered her room. She said, ‘‘Brock, I know it looks bad. Just listen to me.’’ As she pushed Brad off of her. Brock screamed while Natalie was talking, saying ‘‘What were you going to do with Brad?!’’ Natalie said, ‘‘Nothing, trust me Brock. There’s an explanation for what you saw.’’ Brock screamed, ‘‘Explanation?! Explanation?! There’s no explanation for what you were going to do!’’ After that, Brock said something vulgar. Natalie said, ‘‘I got caught up in the moment.’’ Brock asked, ‘‘Another stupid line from the movies?!’’ Brock screamed, ‘‘WE’RE DONE NATALIE!’’ he stormed off out the apartment. Brad was going to say something. Natalie said, ‘‘You should leave Brad.’’ He left. Natalie went to her room, and thought about what she did. Days passed by, Brock got a text from Natalie saying, ‘‘Come outside, I have something waiting for you.’’ Brock went outside and saw Natalie waiting by the door. She had a box full of stuff that Brock gave her throughout the years. Brock saw Natalie had tears in her eyes. He saw Brad getting out of the car. Natalie walked up to Brock, she put the box down, and said, ‘‘I’m so sorry, Brock.’’ She kissed his cheek and said, ‘‘Take care of yourself, Brock.’’ She walked back to Brad’s car. Brad got back inside in his car, she opened the door. She gave Brock one long last look, she got in the car, and they drove off. Brock started to breathe heavily, he clinched his fists as hard as he can, and looked up to heaven. He remembered every bad thing he had been through. Natalie was the only good thing that he had, she left him for a guy she knew for only a couple of months. Tears flooded his eyes, until they over flowed, and ran down his face. He looked at the box, got it, and went inside the house. He went to the room, started to look at the pictures that he and Natalie took throughout the years. Every gift that he gave her, it was in the box. Natalie wrote a goodbye letter to him. He read it, ‘‘Oh, Brock Jude Sanchez. Where do I start? What can I say about you? You’re the best person alive. Ever since I saw you in fourth grade, I thought you were very handsome. That’s why I teased you, and made you chase me when you asked for your pencil. Throughout the years, you showed me how good hearted you are. (Even though you are brutal and stubborn at times. lol) I dislike that, but like you how would say, every person has a downside. But, you are good person. I did planned to spend the rest of my life, and have kids with you. I’m sorry for hurting you, Brock. I didn’t want it to end like this, I wanted death or father time to separate us. Not a person, but I allowed it to happen. Perhaps, in another life (even though you don’t believe in that.) we could be together, but not in this lifetime. Hope you find love once again. Love, then, now, and forever. Natalie Ortiz.’’

One year later, Brock enrolled in college once again. It was the first day of college. He was eating breakfast at the cafeteria. As he was eating breakfast, he saw a woman stared at him. She smiled and looked down everytime she would looked at him. Brock knew that she thought that he was good looking. He went up to her, and introduce himself. ‘‘Hi’’ He said. ‘‘My name is, Brock Jude Sanchez.’’ She said, ‘‘My name is Crystal Davis.’’ She shook his hand, ‘‘Is any one sitting here?’’ He asked. She responded, ‘‘No. you can sit here.’’ He sat down, he asked, ‘‘How long have you been coming here?’’ She replied, ‘‘Four years’’ Brock asked, ‘‘Are you planning to becoming a teacher?’’ She replied, ‘‘Something like that.’’ He said, ‘‘I have bad experiences with teachers.’’ She asked, ‘‘Can I ask, why?’’ He replied, ‘‘Let’s just say, he took a piece of my heart.’’ Crystal replied, ‘‘Oh so….’’ Brock responded before she finished the question, saying, ‘‘No, I’m into women. I’m, not, gay.’’ Laughing about it. Crystal said, ‘‘I was going to ask, he stole your girlfriend. But ok.’’ Brock felt stupid. Brock said, ‘‘You’re attractive.’’ She said, ‘‘Thanks.’’ Brock realized it was time for his next class. Brock said, ‘‘Well, gotta get to class. Bye.’’ Crystal said bye back. Brock walked to his class. A guy came to Crystal and ask, ‘‘Professor Davis, can I get extra time on the assignment?’’ She asked, ‘‘Why?’’ He said, ‘‘I haven’t finished it.’’ She replied, ‘‘You have five more days. If you don’t finish it by then, you’ll fail.’’ She got up and went to her class. Brock went to his last class. He entered the class, he sat in a desk, and the teacher entered the room. She said, ‘‘Ok class, I’m Professor Crystal Davis. This is Chemistry 1 o 1.’’ She saw Brock, he smiled. She began to teach, then she passed out the assignment. Brock started to do the assignment. One hour ½ later, the class finished. Brock turned in the work last, he asked, ‘‘Why didn’t you tell me you were a professor?’’ She smiled and said, ‘‘You didn’t ask.’’ He said, ‘‘You got me there.’’ She said, ‘‘I don’t know why your girlfriend left you. You’re very handsome.’’ He said, ‘‘Thanks.’’ She said, ‘‘You’re girlfriend was stupid for leaving you. I never would’ve left you if you were my man.’’ He smiled, she said, ‘‘If she could date her teacher, so you could date your professor.’’ He knew she was hitting on him. She asked, ‘‘Want to get something to eat?’’ he said, ‘‘Sure.’’ They secretly date for six years. One day, Brock’s mom invited Brock and Crystal invited to see the movie, GOD’s not dead. Brock said, ‘‘Nombre mom, Not that one.’’ His mom said, ‘‘Why not? You watch other movies. Why not that one?’’ Brock said, ‘‘Because in that movie, they put every person that’s not a CHRISTian are very cold hearted.’’ He added, ‘‘What person says, couldn’t this wait until tomorrow. When someone tells them that their loved one has cancer? Seriously mom, what kind person says that?’’ his mom didn’t say anything. Brock said, ‘‘I know there’s people who are cold hearted, but not all people that are not CHRISTians are cold hearted.’’ Brock and Crystal got married three months later, and had four boys. As for Natalie, Brad ended up cheating on her with a student. They broke up, until this day she regret leaving Brock for Brad. She never found a guy as awesome as Brock was.

Opposites attract altrnate ending  

a romance for the ages. a couple that knew each other since childhood. one day, they came to a stumbling block. will they survive, fall apar...

Opposites attract altrnate ending  

a romance for the ages. a couple that knew each other since childhood. one day, they came to a stumbling block. will they survive, fall apar...