2020 Christmas in Cowtown Virtual Magazine

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Junior LLeague eague of Fort Worth presents the 14th annual

Holiday Gift Market 2020

2020-2021 Board of Directors

Photo courtesy of Gittings Photography

amber robertson President

elizabeth knuckley President-Elect

megan valusek Administrative Vice President

tiffany rubenkoenig Sustaining Advisor

lindsey buckmaster mary lou hilliard Education Vice President

Fund Development Vice President

devin sanders

brittyn brender

brooke scogin

katie ciccarino

danielle dollahite

leslie hunt

Communications Vice President Community Vice President

Finance Vice President

Finance Assistant Vice President

Membership Vice President Nominating Chair

Welcome from the President It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the Junior League of Fort Worth’s (JLFW) first ever Christmas in Cowtown Holiday Gift Market digital magazine. Our hearts are still saddened by our inability to gather in person for what has become a timehonored tradition for our community. But our hope is that this will be the next best thing! Throughout this magazine, you have the opportunity to shop from more than 160 merchants through their online boutiques, supporting small businesses that need us now more than ever! We hope that while doing so, you’ll also remember to support the League. The success of our fundraisers allow us to make meaningful financial contributions to nonprofits across this community. Donating to JLFW enables your dollars to do more work because all of our dollars come with the added bonus of dedicated volunteer support. So, please shop for a cause and give with your heart! You may already know about who we are and what we do. The women in this League touch this community in all kinds of ways! But, I’m proud to tell you a little more. Each year, JLFW volunteers devote more than 50,000 hours of service Photo courtesy of Gittings Photography to more than 45 nonprofit agencies across our community. This year, we have allocated $560,000 to give to 10 nonprofits to help fund specific projects that will better the lives of real people in our city. We’ll highlight those projects throughout this publication. We’re also thrilled to support more than 35 other nonprofits this year with our biggest resource – volunteer time! Every active volunteer in our League commits to serve at least 50 hours of her precious time each year volunteering to make meaningful improvements for Fort Worth! JLFW was started over 90 years ago by 10 women during The Great Depression and has grown into an organization of 2,000 members devoted to our Mission to promote voluntarism, develop the potential of women and improve our community. The women in the League today make up a dynamic volunteer army - trained, ready and willing to work for good across this community! It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to a few of those amazing women who have made this magazine possible. Our 2020 Christmas in Cowtown Co-chairs, Ashley Davis and Gwen Harper, have been steadfast with imagining and planning. Throughout the challenges of this year, they have risen to the occasion with a never-ending “can do” spirit and “won’t quit” ethic. Our Fund Development Vice President, Mary Lou Hilliard, and the entire 2020-2021 Board of Directors have supported this team with more vision and hard work than expected or typical. The 2020 Christmas in Cowtown sustaining advisor and former market chair, Wendy Wright, has been a steady source of encouragement and counsel. The entire Christmas in Cowtown committee has exhibited the patience, resilience and flexibility to reimagine and plan this publication this year. My heartfelt thanks to the entire team for their hard work and persistence. They have embodied what this League is all about! It is a true honor to serve and be a part of this League and the bright spot it creates for our community. Our theme and mantra for this year is Thrive, and the women in this League are doing just that! When our League thrives, our women members thrive. When our members thrive, their spheres of influence thrive and they’re empowered to help others throughout this community thrive as well. It’s a ripple effect and we aim to remain at the center! We welcome all women who value our Mission to join us as we continue to thrive and help others thrive! Thank you for supporting us! Our League wishes you good health and happy shopping! Gratefully,

President, 2020-2021 Junior League of Fort Worth

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Christmas in Cowtown Co-Chairs

Welcome to the 14th annual Christmas in Cowtown Holiday Gift Market – digital edition! We could all use some holiday cheer, and it is our hope that sharing our digital market will help bridge the gap until we can celebrate together again. When we accepted our chair positions in November 2018, we envisioned a much different Market for 2020. We saw decked halls, decorated trees, rows of our favorite merchants, and you, sharing in one of our most favorite and treasured traditions. Christmas in Cowtown is the unofficial kick-off of the holidays in Fort Worth, and we could not wait to make the 14th year the best one yet. Unfortunately, 2020 had different plans. This has been a rollercoaster, and nothing broke our hearts more than the realization that we wouldn’t be able to celebrate with all of you this year. Hard decisions had to be made, but with the help from the Junior League of Fort Worth (JLFW) leadership team and our amazing committee members, we were able to find a way to still shop and have fun, support our merchants and local businesses, and stay safe. We are grateful to the merchants of Christmas in Cowtown that are supporting our digital Market! They make each year so special and many have become familiar faces to us over the years. Christmas in Cowtown would not be possible this year without the tireless work of Maggie Shori and her team of graphic designers. Maggie – you are such a gift and we are so grateful for you! Our amazing JLFW President, Amber Robertson, Fund Development Vice President, Mary Lou Hilliard, and Fund Development Administrator, Sara Dameron. We had to make a new play book this year, and we thank you for your guidance and support. Also, a special thanks to Wendy Wright, our JLFW Sustaining Advisor, for her guidance and grace. The Christmas in Cowtown committee has been so gracious. Things were very fluid this year; we only had one in-person meeting before we had to stay apart! Thank you, ladies, for your flexibility, understanding, and support. Lastly, thank you to our families for supporting us during this process, especially Tobias Duenzl and Jim Harper - y’all are saints! We hope you enjoy looking through the digital Market, finding your favorite merchants, and share with your family and friends. Your support is what makes Christmas in Cowtown possible. Merry Christmas,

Ashley Davis

Gwen Harper

2020 Christmas in Cowtown Co-Chairs

Christmas in Cowtown Sustaining Advisor Wendy Wright

Photo courtesy of Gittings Photography

Christmas in Cowtown Committee

Caitlin Adkins • Katie Armstrong • Sarah Ayala • Lacy Bayles • Lauren Bigham Madisen Boenker • Stephanie Booker • Lindsi Bourgeois • Marianne Brawner Mary Brezik • Katie Briggs • Chelsea Brown • Susan Cook • Jacqueline Copeland Jessica Davidson • Whitney DeNoyer • Katrina Duvall • Vanessa Gomez • Claire Green Caroline Hearn • Danielle Hoefeld • Elizabeth Hoelscher • Katrina Hooper Brenna Jefferies • Chelsea McGraw • Leigh Dodson King • Courtney Leach • Allison Lilly Rachel Linn • Lauren Loos • Susan McClary • Margaret Ann Millett • Emily Milliken Elora Moore • Madison Muckleroy • Calynn Mullins • Katie Myers • Sydney Owen Kate Pinkerton • Amy Radcliffe • Kelly Ray • Katie Reeder • Alexandra Renfroe Lauren Robertson • Beka Robertson • Catherine Saathoff • Kristine Shanklin Caroline Shivers • Kaitlin Smith • Connie Song • Lindsey Starnes Ashley Shea Stella • Katie Sumner • Stephanie Swift • Aro Terrell Allie Tolson • Michel Toon • Brittany Walker • Whitney Wallace • Hannah Webb Madison Wenske • Rebecca Younger

The Junior League of Fort Worth, Inc. Financial Advisors

Brittyn Brender • Danielle Dollahite • Joy Ann Havran • Jeff King • Laura Miller Amber Robertson • John Robinson • Tiffany Rubenkoenig • Carla Thompson

Community Advisors

Robert Ferguson •Ashley Freer • Judie Greenman • Chandler Grisham • Marty Leonard • Sharon Martin Judy Needham • Jean Roach • John Robinson •Tiffany Rubenkoenig • Terri Sexton • Jane Sykes

Christmas in Cowtown

Margaret Baird • Emily Balkenbush • Jessic Breanne Clark • Codi Clark • Sarah Cla Samantha Duncan • Madison Easterlin • Caroline Harper • Melissa Howard-Carter • Janie Latimer • Adrienne Lothery • Lyndsay Alexandra Reddell • Taylor Reynolds • Sa Abby Robinson • Maggie Shori • Brooke S Kate Team • Kara Vickers • And

n Steering Committee

ca Bingaman • Katy Branch • Emily Brown ayton • McKenzie Cowan • Alicia Dean • Pamela Gilchrist • Megan Granaghan Rachel Jorden • Leann Keach • Laura Klein y Mojica • Caroline Padron • Allison Presley arah Richardson Barrera • Kendall Riddell Shuman • Elizabeth Smid • Megan Smock i Wallace • Allison Westmoreland

Christmas in Cowtown Sponsors The success of Christmas in Cowtown is in great part due to the generosity of the following organizations and persons.

The Junior League of Fort Worth, Inc. Wishes to Thank:

Market Ambassadors

Martha V. Leonard • Haley and Mason Manulik Mary Potishman Lard Trust • Amber and Troy Robertson The Ryan Foundation

Market Friends

Argent Trust • Baird Private Wealth Management Borchardt, Doran, Ferrand, Fleischer, Hanley, Hanna, Lawrence, McCarthy and Sanders Kim Darden • Becky Escott, Ashley Freer and Tiffany Rubenkoenig • Mindy Hegi Janeen Lamkin • Paige Pate • Peggy Sims and Jane Sykes Tarrant Property Tax Service, LLC. • Texas Christian University

Our Mission

The Junior League of Fort Worth, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

Did you know that diaper need is both a health crisis and major contributor to the cycle of poverty? Did you know it’s a real problem affecting more than 18,000 families right here in Tarrant County? Did you know you can easily help?

The Junior League of Fort Worth has stepped in to help by opening the first diaper bank in Tarrant County! We aim to help by serving as a mobilizer and connector for diaper need in Tarrant County. In the past year we have donated over 130,000 diapers to our community partners, helping more than 167 families. But, the need is endless and we need your help, too!

Please help by donating here. juniorleaguefw.org

$5 Buys 40 Diapers and Will Support a Toddler for 1 Week $10 Buys 80 Diapers and Will Support a Newborn for 1 Month $25 Buys 100 Adult Diapers $100 Buys 7,800 Diapers Which Will Support 5 Children for 1 Month (based upon average of 50 diapers/week)

For more information, please visit juniorleaguefw.org/community-impact/diaper-bank

Junior League of Fort Worth 2

The Junior League of Fort Worth, Inc. (JLFW) makes a difference in t Some of the agencies also receive The following community agencies were selected to recei

Please Look For The Community Project S

ACH Child and Family Services

Residential Treatment Center and Wellness Program for High Needs Foster Youth Project $100,000

The Net Fort Worth

The Worthy Co. Job Training Center Project $100,000

The Women’s Center of Tarrant County

Space Redesign to Expand Capacity of Violence, Crisis & Poverty Services Project $100,000

Unbound Fort Worth

Identification, Prevention and Support for Survivors of Human Trafficking Project $70,000

Breakthrough Fort Worth

Increasing Breakthrough Access to East Fort Worth Project $50,000

The Cliburn

Sixteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition Project $40,000

2020-2021 Community Projects

the community by providing trained volunteers to nonprofit agencies. e funding for important projects. ive Junior League funding and volunteers in 2020-2021.

Spotlights Throughout The Magazine

The Ladder Alliance

Welcome to the Arts Project $30,000

Donate Now to JLFW Click Here

Tarrant Area Food Bank

Summer Farmer’s Markets Project $25,000

The Salvation Army – Mabee Social Services Center Culinary Arts Training Program Project $25,000

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Tarrant County

Mentor2.0 Barrett Havran Legacy Program at Young Women’s Leadership Academy Project $20,000

Fort Worth Drowning Prevention Coalition

Safe Swim Community Expansion Project - *Project Approved In 2019 $30,000

Recovery Resource Council

Girls Teen Retreat Project - *Project Approved In 2019 $20,000

Junior League of Fort Worth By the Numbers

For 91 years, the Junior League of Fort Worth, Inc. (JLFW), a charitable organization with 2,000 current members, has been a steadfast partner to a vibrant, growing Fort Worth community. Ten charter members founded the organization as the Junior Service League in February of

1929, just months before the Great Depression. In March of 1930, the founding members were accepted into the National Association of the Junior Leagues of America, Inc., becoming the

Junior League of Fort Worth. Over the years, JLFW has forged a strong bond with Fort Worth. Our bond will continue to grow and thrive as the League remains committed to improving this

Donate Now to JLFW Click Here

community and making life better for its residents.

2019 - 2020 Service at a Glance

2020 - 2021 Membership

1,159 120 130,000+ Volunteers Who Served in Our Community

2,002 Women in 3 Categories of Membership: Provisionals

(new members), Actives and Sustainers

Organizations Served in Our Community

Provisionals 7%

Sustainers 58%



Actives 35%



Number of Diapers Distributed to Our Community by June 1



How We Develop the Potential of Women •

All aBoard, a Junior League of Fort Worth leadership development

Board and Leadership Opportunities, meaning that all wom-

program designed to prepare and train members to serve at a high level within our organization and our community. Cohort members learn from community leaders, industry experts, higher-education professionals and others on topics ranging from goal setting, public speaking and general leadership skills.

en can take on leadership positions and grow skills in this volunteer-led organization.

Diversity & Inclusion, an area of interest and growth for the past

Member Trainings, offered throughout the year to promote person-

few years. In 2019-2020 a Diversity & Inclusion Task Force was created, and members spent time with a diversity, equity and inclusion consultant to plan future strategic initiatives and improvements. al education, fulfillment and member interaction; more than 40 training sessions were hosted throughout 2019-2020.

Junior League of Fort Worth 2020-2021 Community Placements

The Junior League of Fort Worth, Inc. makes a difference in the community by providing trained volunteers to nonprofit agencies. The following community agencies have been selected to receive Junior League volunteers for 2020-2021.

Camp Lancelot • Community Storehouse • Cook Children's Medical Center Cowtown Project Success • Cuisine For Healing • Daniel Migael Foundation, Inc. Fort Worth Museum of Science and History • Fort Worth Stock Show Art Contest Fort Worth Teen Court • Fort Worth Youth Orchestra • Girls On The Run Historic Fort Worth Architectural Heritage • John Peter Smith Foundation Junior Achievement • Justin's Place • Kids Who Care, Inc. • Kinderfrogs School at TCU Mayfest • Miracle League of Southlake • Mother's Milk Bank of North Texas • Newday Ser vices Performing Arts Fort Worth • Rivertree Academy • Ronald McDonald House • SafeHaven Tarrant Area Food Bank • Texas Ballet Theater • The First Tee • The WARM Place True Worth Place • Wings of Hope

Becoming a Junior League of Fort Worth Community Project

Becoming a Junior League of Fort Worth Member

JLFW strives to improve and positively impact the well-being of children and families in our community by providing a legacy of trained volunteers. JLFW also selects several agencies each year to provide funding as a JLFW community project.

Do you have an interest in voluntarism, improving the community, and developing your own potential?

• What is a JLFW community project? A community organization selected by JLFW’s Project Research and Development committee to receive both volunteers and monetary support from JLFW for a specific project. • How does my organization request to become a JLFW community project? Submit a timely application to the JLFW Project Research and Development committee. • What types of projects will be considered? The project should address an identified community need, but not duplicate community services. The project should have strong JLFW membership support and be directly tied to the use of volunteers, as well as provide training for the volunteers. • What are the financial requirements? The agency will be required to present financial reports bi-annually to JLFW and should have the potential to become financially independent once the JLFW Project status has ended. Please visit juniorleaguefw.org for more information.

If so, we want you to join us! •Each year the Junior League of Fort Worth trains new members (Provisionals) to be effective volunteers and leaders in our community. •Provisionals complete a year-long training that involves learning and experiencing the League structure and programs and participating in community service. •We are actively seeking a diverse membership of women of all ages. Our membership includes a broad array of women who bring many different talents and perspectives to the community. To speak with someone regarding questions about membership, please reach out to our Provisional Co-Chairs for 2021-2022, Lauren and Lindsay, at provisionals-assistantchairs@juniorleaguefw.org More information is available on the JLFW website at juniorleaguefw.org/join.



Protecting Child


ACH is a nonprofit organization dedica challenges. With over a century of exper with life's challenges. Some of our progr children who can't live with their famili ties we serve.

JLFW funding helped with construction (RTC) for high needs foster youth. Men foster care. The new facility provides a s est levels of care while allowing access to for a smoother transition to foster famil

JLFW volunteers will help develop, coor informational classes and activities focus

mmunity Project Spotlight

Child and Family Services


Preserving Families. Since 1915.


ated to helping children, youth, and families in our community overcome life's rience, ACH brings needed resources and skills to children and families struggling rams keep children and families together, while others provide a healing home for ies. ACH operates its programs and services from a variety of areas in the 19 coun-

n costs for ACH’s recently opened, state of the art Residential Treatment Center ntal and behavioral health is the largest unmet health need for children and teens in safe, stable, and local place for our community’s foster youth who require the higho connections with family and friends, as well as improved access to local resources ly settings.

rdinate and deliver a Wellness Program for the youth in the RTC that will include sing on nutrition, exercise, job-skills and other skill-building areas.


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Accessorize in Style All For The Better Designs All of Us All Saints Episcopal School Anndy Enterprises August Bleu


BambooYou / Yours Truly Bauble Stockings Behrnes Pepper Salts Beyond Cuffs BNR Designs Bosch Box Baby Brenda Grands Jewelry Brenham Kitchens Brewhouse Bakers Brown Family Denistry Bunnies and Bows


Calla Lily Couture Cards for Kids - Woman's Board Cook Children's Medical Center Carmie's Kitchen Carousel Publishing Carry It Well! CAS Curate.Admire.Style Chicotsky's Liquor & Fine Wine Chris Ryan Design Climate by CD Ski & Sports Collins + Conley Covey House Children's Clothier CowboySanta.com Creatures of the Continents Cypress Linen / Casually Cashmere


Daddy Ray's Famous Gingerbread Dalahast Studios Danette's Urban Oasis David Hunt Furs & Leathers, Inc. DGZ Chocolates Divine Goods Dough Delights, Inc. Dragonfly Fragrances Drennan Family Dentistry Durham Ellis Pecan Company


Hazel Grace Boutique Hippie Cowgirl Couture Hope the Dog Hot Spice Jewelry


IMK Jewelry




J is for Jackalope Jammit Jam JARMZ Designs Jennifer Ann JLFW Diaper Bank JOY Macarons Just Tigging Around

Emmacate Everlasting Joy Jewelry

Fancy Schmancy Decor Fete Home Flower and Vine Forget Me Not Fox Den FW Grills & Grease Monkey Rubs


Gently Loved Furs/ Sunset Ridge Gallery GITTINGS Portraiture Gold & Gray Jewelry Good Timber Furnishings Grace & Lace Grace & Wood Co. Grandmother's Buttons Great Harvest Bread Co. FW Grown Wild Food Company

Clicking on the Merchants' Names Above Will Take You To Their Ad. Every ad has an active hyperlink direct to the Merchant's Website.


Karma Living Inc. Kelly Kay Kelly's Treasure Kendra Scott Kim Robbins Photography


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M Street Studio M. Lynne Designs Mad Dash Mixes MAKHALA Designs Manos De Sur Maverick Fine Western Wear Meatboard Mizzen+Main M.U.S.E. Collective Jewelry


Northwest Hills at Davenport Nurseology


Oak Hill Soap, LLC One Crazy Grandma Only Little Once Orient Expressed Overall Fun Childrens Boutique


Paige Collective Pairess Palm of Hope Jewelry Designs Pens by Mike Personalize Your Christmas Phoenix Remix Boutique Pics & Gifts Pony Pal Stable Prippie Punkindooger Publishing


Quintessential Chocolates


R Cinco Ranch Mercantile Rachelmade Rainy Day Illustrations Razzle Baby REECII Rockin' AB


Samser Designs SantM Sara Jo's Haute and Gaudy Sarah Gentry Art Sassy Cups, LLC Sevargo, Custom Home, Party & Gifts ShannieGirl Shirley's Potpourri Signature Napkins Something New Jewelry Cleaner Sort of Cool South Austin Gallery Southern House Boutique Southwest Christian School Stitch & Stones Artistry Summer's Market Floral & Home Decor Susanne Elizabeth Jewelry Sweet Dreams


Tall Order The Christmas Belle The Great Texas Candle Company The Great White Cheesecake The Happy Lark The Mastin Project The Pajama Princess The Popcorn Hut The Urban Hound The Velvet Crumb The Village Bakery Of Fort Worth Tiger Jaw Traveling Gypsy Treasures Of The Ozarks Trends & Traditions Tutu And Lilli Clothing TX Whiskey


Uncle Bob's BBQ Montgomery


Vunkology: The Science Of Valuable Junk


Whiskey In A Week Wildtoad Toffee Willow Hill Soap Company Worthwhile Pursuits, LLC Wrapped To Wear


Yikes Twins

A handcrafted line made from sketch to prototype to production right in our little studio in Fort Worth. EJ’s pieces are created out of natural stones and beads, 14K gold, sterling silver and unique findings sourced from across the US. EJ is made with love and meant to last. A portion of every purchase fights against human trafficking and slavery.


Women’s apparel, Native American sterling silver jewelry, trendy footwear, leather handbags and cowhide accessories.


All of Us

Welcome to Old Plantation. From the heart of the Louisiana delta, our family has taken pride in providing what many feel is the finest line of gourmet soups and dips in the country. For over ten years we have painstakingly created and maintained a catalog of products that represent more than just another soup, they represent us. We look forward to serving you in the years to come. Each bag of Old Plantation Soup is poured up one bag at a time, one scoop at a time. We don’t use fancy machinery or sophisticated gadgets to blend our mixes. We use a measuring scoop, lots of bowls, and plenty of elbow grease. Every bag is sealed by hand and every bag is labeled by hand. This way, we know what goes in and most importantly what comes out as the finished product. Today our catalog includes seventeen different dips, twenty-five different soups, three different pies, and a full line of bread and cobbler mixes.


All For The Better Designs

Anndy Enterprises

Unique & compelling handcrafted "feel good" jewelry. For a one-time discount: COWTOWN10

Fragrances, Home Decor, Drinkware and more! Order online to get the products that make you feel right at home.



August Bleu is a mother and daughter team who create high-end boutique graphic tees. Screen-printed graphic tees, pillow covers, and tea towels made in Texas. All of our tees are a unisex fit with vibrant and unique designs. We also carry leggings, sweaters, pajamas, a goat lotion line, {PURE Milk} and many other items.


Give the gift of luxuriously soft, comfortable, eco-friendly and temperature regulating textiles. Everyday essentials for men and women. Enjoy 20% off your first order by using discount code HOLIDAY20.


Hand-stitched needlepoint made in Haiti, these stockings contain, or have a clue to, the final gift of Christmas.


Six Flavors of Pepper Salts. Good on everything from eggs to popcorn. Unique blends will bring something extra to any food.


Brenda Grands Jewelry

Enhance your wardrobe with detachable "add on" French Cuffs. Offering fun selections take your outfit from SIMPLE to SENSATIONAL

Dainty and contemporary jewelry in gold-filled. Featuring our best-selling Texas line and initials. 20% Off with code: CIC2020



BNR Designs

BNR Designs simplifies your holiday shopping with specialty aprons, mitts, and totes by Two Lumps of Sugar, a premier USA Manufacturer.






The Net’s mission is to develop healthy, res most. Whether its clients are experiencing tion, The Net believes its clients’ needs are clients can begin to understand their inher

JLFW funds were spent in building The W Worthy Co. is The Net’s non-profit social e prostitution and addiction as they improve income. JLFW volunteers will have the privilege of

mmunity Project Spotlight

The Net Fort Worth

Seen. Known. Loved.


storative relationships with people in the community who need a network of support the homelessness, are refugee children relocated to the area or are victims of sexual exploitae far more than material. The Net builds authentic and healthy relationships so that rent dignity and self-worth.

Worthy Co’s newly opened job training center off Magnolia Avenue in Fort Worth. The enterprise whose mission is to empower and employ women survivors of trafficking, e their own lives by learning vocational skills, gaining work experience and earning real coming alongside these survivors in the newly opened Worthy Co.

Bosch Box Baby

Bosch Box Baby: peace of mind in caring for your little one. Detailed health guidance & care products. Created by a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.


Brenham Kitchens

Great Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers. Gourmet sauces, jams/jellies/preserves, dessert toppings, and salsas. Nut & fruit mixtures, garlic pistachios, sugar & cinnamon pecans, chili lime cashews.


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Brown Family Dentistry

Father and son, Kent and Jake Brown, have created a family practice in every sense. We are a full service practice and ready to welcome you to our practice. Our family also includes three proud active and sustaining members of the Junior League of Fort Worth: Connie, Remy, and Emily Brown.


Express your bold and unique style of clothing and accessories at work or play. Size S-3X. Life is a fashion show, the world is your runway. Work It!


Spice things up with gourmet dip mixes, soups, cheeseballs and olive oil seasoning. Creating recipes since 1988. 20% Off with code: JLFORTWORTH



Carousel Publishing

National Award-Wining Picture Books by Sharon Thayer Keepsake-quality books that spread joy, magic, and wisdom for today and generations to come. Order at: www.Carousel-Publishing.com or 903-871-9872 All books will be dated and signed by the author. Free Shipping!


Chicotsky Family SERVING FORT WORTH SINCE 1913

Travel in style! Hanging garment bags in fun, trendy fabrics including ikat, toile, animal print, florals and more! They make wonderful gifts!


Chicotsky Real

Estate Group

817-8 88 -80 88 M CH ICOTS KY.CO

Chicotsky’s Liquor & Fin 817 -332 -356 6 CHI COT SKY S.CO M

e Wine


The Women

A Community of Str


The Women’s Center of Tarrant County o country, is a leader in employment program en and families in crisis and transition. Th each year to inspire and empower them to and the current facility’s configuration inh JLFW funding will help with the redesign serve more clients.

JLFW volunteers will plan, organize, and f gram to Encourage Active and Rewarding clients obtain employment.

mmunity Project Spotlight


Center of Tarrant County


Empowered Women and Families.


operates one of the most comprehensive rape crisis and victim services programs in the ms for the unemployed and underemployed and is a constant source of support for womhe Women’s Center currently serves approximately 150,000 women, men and children overcome violence, crisis and poverty. The need for services has increased substantially hibited The Women’s Center’s ability to meet the ever-increasing demand. of the current facility to expand program capacity and efficiencies in order to better

facilitate events and connection opportunities for older adults through the PEARLS (ProLives) Connect program as well as work with the Employment Solutions team in helping

CAS is your full service women's boutique featuring apparel, name brand jewelry, handbags, graphic tees, travel accessories, bath products, hand poured candles and more!


Modern influenced illustrations and photography. Vibrant, simple and playful prints and cards.

Your one stop shop for all things vacation & lifestyle. From the ski slopes to the beach to staycations in Fort Worth, we have popular brands from the whole family.



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Specialty children's clothing boutique located in Fort Worth. Shop now for all things cute for your little one.

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Creatures Of The Continents

Cypress Linen Co. Casually Cashmere

Children's books about endangered animals, handmade stuffed animals, animal pillows and craft kits for kids.

High end bamboo blend bed sheets, bamboo pillows, plush throw blankets, comforters, duvets and other home items.



Daddy Ray's Famous Gingerbread

Danette's Urban Oasis

Family owned and operated gingerbread bakery specializing holiday treats. 20% Off holiday pre-orders between Oct 21-30 with code: CIC2020

Locally owned Fort Worth small business with gifts for entertaining, indoors and outdoors, Brumate, Coravin and FrostBuddy.



The artists at Dalahast Studios create quality housewares includes butcher block style cutting boards, cheese boards, bottle openers and more. Many of our products can be personalized to create one-of-a-kind gifts. Come visit our gallery in East Fort Worth to see our whole line of housewares, custom furniture and fine art. Need a fun project for the kiddos? Our paint-your-own wooden ornament are a great holiday activity for the whole family. Woman Owned and Veteran Operated right here in Fort Worth! Use Code CIC2020 for 10% off any one item!


Gourmet Chocolate Gifts made locally in Houston, Texas with premium quality ingredients, including our award-winning Toffarazzi Toffee. Save 10% on your holiday orders with code: CIC2020.


Representing "Service at its Finest", all services are done in-house: Fur Storage, Cleaning, Conditioning, Repairs and more.

Ready made gift boxes for all occasions: Holidays, Birthdays, Weddings, Care Packages and more. Let us do the work for you.



Dragonfly Fragrances is a home fragrance line with a unique selection of candle vessels with textures and wooden candles, that are a rustic elegant selection. We hand pour in our candle studio in Plano, TX with premium wax and fine fragrance oils. We believe in re-purposing and re-using, and our candle vessels are intended to be re-purposed into beautiful home decor and storage containers once they are finished burning.


Drennan Family Dentistry

Family dental practice serving the Fort Worth community for over 40 years. Located in the heart of Fort Worth between TCU and Clearfork. Always accepting new patients!




End Hum


Unbound Fort Worth’s mission is to suppo fill this mission in three ways: prevention a support for survivors. Unbound has served with the endorsement of the Governor’s C ing 24/7 crisis response for adult survivors of victims when they are rescued.

JLFW funding will help with furnishings a drop-in center located at OneSafe Place, th

JLFW volunteers will plan and execute mo notes to trafficking survivors.

mmunity Project Spotlight

Unbound Fort Worth


Trafficking. Ignite Hope.


ort survivors and resource the community to fight human trafficking. It works to fuland awareness, professional specific identification training and 24/7 crisis response and d nearly 100 survivors since June 1, 2018, when it launched its survivor advocacy program Child Sex Trafficking Team. Unbound is the only organization in Tarrant County provids – responding to requests from local law enforcement to help meet the immediate needs

and emergency supplies for survivors at The Underground, Unbound’s newly opened he first of it’s kind in Tarrant County.

onthly events for survivors as well as help to sort and assemble survivor bags and write

Dough Delights, Inc.

Handmade salt dough Christmas ornaments to celebrate life's special moments. All personalization is FREE.

Share a little Texas charm with our signature gift basket. 10% Off through Jan 31, 2021 with code: Cowtown10




Fancy Schmancy Decor

Women's clothing, jewelry, accessories, shoes and lot of gifts! Offering free shipping and gift wrapping. 10% Off with code: SWS

Inspiring your home decor inside and out with products from Raz Imp., Craig Bachman and more. 10% Off though October 30 with code: BOOT10



Flower and Vine

Fete Home

Beauty meets ease of use in this lifestyle collection. Fill your home with joy and inspiration from table linens to flatware.

Paper goods company focused on Texas, floral and scripture designs. Special "BUY 3 GET 4th FREE" on ready to go products.



Forget Me Not Embroidered personalized gifts to elevate your bedroom/bath or vacation to a spa level experience. Offerings include pajamas, robes, bags, towels, fragrances, and a couple of gifts for the guys too.


FW Grills & Grease Monkey Rubs MORE THAN JUST GRILLS Orca Coolers & Chasers // Maui Jim Sunglasses Big Green Egg Accessories

WWW.GMRUBS.COM 6550 Wuliger Way, North Richland Hills, TX 76180 www.fwgrills.com // www.gmrubs.com Contact us at (817) 529-5092

We are a Fort Worth based store that offers Big Green Eggs, Orca Coolers & Chasers, Maui Jim Sunglasses & Grease Monkey Rubs. We are the perfect stop for backyard grilling gift giving needs.



Fox Den

Donate Now to JLFW Click Here

Clothing, shoes and accessories for children ages 2-18 years of age. Located in Midland, TX.


Gently Loved Furs/ Sunset Ridge Gallery

I sell new and previously owned furs and accessories as well as cowhides, cowhide rugs, coasters, wine carriers and pillows.


Gold & Gray

Designed to be worn alone or layered, this handmade jewelry embodies natural beauty. 25% Off with code: COWTOWN25

Food safe Lazy Susans and Charcuterie boards perfect for serving and/or decor. Free shipping with code: COWTOWN





Where Young People W


Breakthrough Fort Worth (Breakthrough) underserved youth from Fort Worth ISD o ment. This expansion will enable Breakthr conduct. More than 90% of the students w hoods. For more than 40% of these studen

JLFW funding will be used to support prog space and furniture rentals, classroom and

JLFW volunteers assist Breakthrough with program.

mmunity Project Spotlight

akthrough Fort Worth Who Choose To Make a Difference Come Together


) is a supplemental, out-of-school enrichment program that advances highly capable, on a progressive, experiential and consistently guided six-year path to college achieverough to benefit an additional 70-80 students that have high academic potential and good will be the first in their family to attend college and most reside in low-income neighbornts, English is not the primary language spoken at home.

gramming costs to expand into a second campus in East Fort Worth, which may include d teacher supplies, as well as project and activity materials.

h a variety of activities in preparation to serve administrators as well as students in the

The gift of Gittings For families who are looking to capture and celebrate their most precious memories, a Gittings portrait is truly the gift of a lifetime.

Camp Bowie Blvd at Merrick 817.732.2501 WWW.GITTINGS.COM




Grace & Lace

Grace & Lace is a women's apparel company with a mission. A portion of every sale goes toward building orphanages in India.


Grace & Wood Co.

We are a Texas-based small family business that makes handcrafted original lightweight earrings, wooden accessories, and personalized gifts and ornaments.


Grandmother's Buttons Grandmother’s Buttons handcrafts women’s jewelry from antique buttons and vintage glass in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Today, Grandmother’s Buttons designs and hand assembles over 30,000 pieces of jewelry annually. Grandmother’s Buttons story sometimes brings a tear to the eyes of their customers who, like Susan, the creator, are reminded of playing with the contents of their grandmother’s button box.


Grown Wild Food Company

Old-Fashioned, made from scratch bakery using only the freshest ingredients. Baking the true artisan way.

From the southside of Atlanta, home of Bourbon Bacon Pecans and other awesome flavors. 25% Off orders $30+ with code: COWTOWN



Founded to help women feel beautiful from the inside out. Look great, feel good, #shopHazelGrace

Carefully curated Texas style including authentic turquoise Native American jewelry. 10% Off with code: CIC10



Hope the Dog

IMK Jewelry

Written by TCU alumna and Fort Worth Junior League Provisional, Allison Davis, be reminded of the power of HOPE.




Advancing Class


The Cliburn’s mission is to advance classic contest in the world. Its size, reputation, in it unique among its peers in the United St place on the campus of TCU and at Bass P 40,000 individuals will attend Competition over three million views. In addition to com tion and outreach events. The JLFW has b

JLFW funding will support education and Competition, which includes a festival of m posium and simulcasts of competitions and

JLFW volunteers will lead teams of Cliburn and In-Town Transportation Coordinators benefit The Cliburn and its efforts), Comp pitality Suite Coordinators, Meal Coordina Visitor Information Book & Booth Coord

mmunity Project Spotlight The Cliburn


Piano Throughout The World.


cal piano music throughout the world and is home to the most prestigious classical music nternational visibility, spirit of volunteerism and commitment to artistic excellence make tates. The Sixteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, scheduled to take Performance Hall, will now be held June 2–18, 2022. It is estimated that approximately n performances and events and that the Competition’s free global webcast will receive mpetition attendees, approximately 8,000 individuals are projected to attend the educabeen a valued partner of The Cliburn since the first edition of the Competition in 1962.

outreach events presented as part of the Sixteenth Van Cliburn International Piano masterclasses, guest artist lectures, panel discussions, public concerts, an educational symd award ceremonies.

n volunteers in a variety of areas by serving as the Office Guests Coordinators, Airport s, Gift Shop Logistic Coordinators, Gift Shop Sales & Shift Coordinators (all proceeds petitor Performance Technology Coordinators, Welcome Bag Coordinators, Hotel Hosators, Competitor Welcome Suite Coordinators, Screening Jury Green Room Chairmen, dinators Daytime and Outdoor Simulcast/Sundance Square Plaza Coordinators.

Exquisite pieces handmade in our Austin studio blend modern and traditional aesthetics, bringing bold collections of jewelry designed for daily life.


J is for Jackalope

Authentic western children's book created by local artist, Teal Blake. Read along to search for adventure and friendship.

Your "Beyond Toast" Jams and Jellies made with whole fruit, minimal sugar, all clean label ingredients.



Jarmz Designs JARM�� DESIGNS Hand-Made Home Decor & Gifts

Made in the USA

JarmzDesigns.com 832-857-8380

GIVE Vintage Canvas, Lazy Susans, Tall Porch Signs, Wood Risers, Holiday Signs, and Custom Designs SAVE 15% ENTER CODE CIC2020




Gifts for ever yone on your list! We ship nationwide. Contact our team to start planning your holiday gifting.


Jennifer Ann A baby + children's clothing and accessories brand specializing in personalized items.


Just Tigging Around

Karma Living Inc.

This Stainless Steel Flatware Art will add some uniqueness to your home and garden during these unusual times.

Vibrant handmade collection of home decor and personal accessories to embellish your world.



Kelly Kay

Kelly Kay is a local Fort Worth artist with a passion for paper. Her hand-drawn originals become calendars, stationery, art prints & more. Shop small!


Kelly's Treasure

Beautifully curated boutique specializing in putting together your entire look. Fort Worth owned. Come find your Treasure.





The Ladder Alliance empowers women vic ful and independent lives. In addition to p tion also provides a Success Store where stu training programs. Because modeling the is launching “Welcome to the Arts!,” a pilo ing both the parent and child to the arts. I er visiting The Ladder Alliance classrooms

JLFW funding will cover the cost of three s $10,000 will be designated for an “emergen Ladder Alliance classes due to unforeseen e

JLFW volunteers will plan, organize and ch

mmunity Project Spotlight

The Ladder Alliance

Empowerment. Encouragement. WELCOME TO THE ARTS PROJECT $30,000

ctims of domestic violence and low-income women with tools to lead self-reliant, successpreparing students with training in computer and professional office skills, the organizaudents can “purchase” appropriate office and interview attire using points earned in the value of learning is a proven indicator of success for young people, The Ladder Alliance ot program designed to showcase the success of its students to their children while exposIn this program, The Ladder Alliance students and their children will spend a day togeths, enjoying a “fancy” lunch and attending an art performance.

separate “Welcome to the Arts!” days benefiting a total of 180 people. Additionally, ncy fund” designed to help The Ladder Alliance students avoid an interruption in their emergencies.

haperone the Welcome to the Arts! days.

Kim Robbins Photography

LA LO LA Clothing

Specializing in the creation of limited edition fine art photographic images and portraiture.

Wrap yourself in gorgeous LA LO LA cashmere. Luxuriously soft in classic shades, these are a season must have.



Lael Alpaca

Sweaters, dresses, winter accessories, wraps and more. 15% Off with code: XMAS


Laura Lively

Beautiful jewelry made with genuine pearls and natural stones. Modern twist on classical designs at affordable prices.


Landry Kate At Landry Kate you will always find super soft sweaters, muted colors, and feminine dresses to keep you chic yet comfortable. Elevated fashion without the elevated price!


Lauren Betancur

Lavender Falls

Original watercolors, prints, greeting cards and unique gifts, including online watercolor workshops.

Premium skincare, bath and culinary products made with natural ingredients sourced from around the world.



Lauren Ferrell Designs Handmade jewelry and fun women's accessories supporting missions in the Caribbean from Tyler, TX.


Leigh Ann Hurst

Leo + June Sensory Play

Contemporary artisan jewelry handmade in Decatur, Alabama. Designs inspired from the 1930's to 1960's timeframe.

Engaging learning opportunities for children (0-12) through open play. Offering a holiday bundle at a discounted rate.



Let Them Be Little Box

Fun for all ages, these themed sensory boxes come with two sensory tools, a base element and a good time.


Light of Mine Rock Candles

Natural rock handcrafted into oil burning candles. Unique home decor for indoor or outdoor use.




Where N


The Tarrant Area Food Bank Farmer’s Ma to families in need by utilizing benefits fed and farmers together in one location by set

JLFW funding will purchase equipment an expected to provide fresh produce, prenata

JLFW volunteers will assist with distributio to see the faces and hear the stories of peop

mmunity Project Spotlight


Area Food Bank

No One Has To Go Hungry.


arket Nutrition Program provides locally grown fruits and vegetables during the summer derally funded through the USDA’s WIC program. TAFB brings the WIC participants tting up Summer Farmers Markets.

nd supplies and will support 15 farmer’s markets during the summer of 2020 that are al vitamins and healthy snacks to over 1,500 families.

on at the farmer’s markets. This is simple, fulfilling work that will allow JLFW volunteers ple who face the challenges of hunger on a daily basis.

Boho fashion with western flare. Lo&Co believes in making you feel beautiful while rocking your own style.


Lucy & Co. Curvy Boutique offers a unique shopping experience for the curvy lady carrying unique clothing in sizes XL-3X. Live fit videos are featured on our Facebook page on Wednesdays at 12PM & Sundays at 8PM (CST).


Lonestead Range pays homage to the iconic spirit of the West with artisan made fine leather goods and furnishings.


Modern Accessories. Made in Texas.


Luna Antigua With lightweight hand-loomed fabrics and intricate embroidery, these heirloom worthy pieces will be cherished for years to come. Our little girls hand drawn and embroidered dresses feature a romantic ruffle sleeve and were designed with comfort in mind. Each Luna Antigua piece celebrates the artistry found in traditional Guatemalan pieces with techniques that can be traced back to the ancient Maya.


m. lynne designs Your one stop shop for all of your unique gifting and statement decorating needs! From sweet gifts, sentimental jewelry, thoughtful cards to colorful decor, we have you covered for every moment life throws your way. Specializing in ornament personalization, we have ornaments for all of life’s milestones.


Mad Dash Mixes

We manufacture dried mixes, soups, no-bake cheesecakes, dips, pasta salads, and meat seasonings.


Manos De Sur Unique, globally-sourced products including: alpaca/acrylic throws & blankets, sustainable cork products, Fair Trade horn jewelry, wine accessories, vintage South American textiles & pillows, home decor items and other great gifts.


Makhala Designs

Continue Your Shopping Tradition With Family and Friends: Book a Virtual Shopping Appointment in Advance and Receive 20% off your Entire Purchase

Beautiful stones are just part of what you will find in my collection of one-of-a-kind jewels. I started my business with one sole purpose: to create pieces that you can't find with any other jewelers.

Maverick Fine Western Wear specializes in custom hats and boots, luxury clothing, jewelry, accessories, and home dĂŠcor appealing to the western lifestyle enthusiast.




The Salvation Ar



The Salvation Army – J.E. & L.E. Mabee S operations. Whether an individual or fami to take a family or individual from homele its workforce development initiative, Mabe ents. Mabee expects to provide the skills an rant upon completion.

JLFW funding will support one year of cla equipment for 30 individuals selected for t

JLFW volunteers will prepare a curriculum clients residing in The Salvation Army’s tra

mmunity Project Spotlight


- Mabee Social Services Center

Doing The Most Good.


Social Services Center (Mabee) serves as the hub of The Salvation Army’s Tarrant County ily needs a hot meal, a place to stay or any of the variety of residential programs designed essness to being a stable and productive member of society, Mabee can provide it. To grow ee will add a formal culinary arts training program to provide free training to select clind training needed for clients to obtain employment in a commercial kitchen or restau-

asses including costs for supplies, food safety training, work clothes, interview attire and this Culinary Arts Training Program.

m and teach bi-monthly classes on health and nutrition in the Mabee Center Kitchen for ansitional shelters.

Performance Menswear

Mizzen+Main brings innovation to the classic men’s dress shirt by utilizing moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant fabric. You can shop online or at one of our four Texas locations! Take $50 off 3 regular priced dress shirts with code MAINMAN3 at checkout.






M.U.S.E. Collective

Muse Collective Jewelry is a collection of contemporary fine jewelry crafted from oxidized sterling, 14k yellow and rose gold, pave diamonds, pearls, and gemstones. Created to layer, mix and match, and collect.

A curated collection of unique gifts for the special people on your list. Featuring elegant seasonal decor, luxurious loungewear, and timeless table top pieces.



Oak Hill Soap

Founded by two nurses, we feature products made by nurses, for nurses. Our collection of unisex t-shirts, compression crew socks, and badge holders add to the monotony of the scrub uniform while bringing a smile to the faces of nurses and patients alike.

Hand-crafted Goat Milk Soap. All natural. Balances the PH in your skin, Vitamin packed, moisturizes and softens, slows effects of premature aging, treats acne and helps to repair damaged skin. FREE SHIPPING Available!



One Crazy Grandma

Unique, handmade gifts for everyone. Grocery tote bags, microwave potato bags, bowl caddies, tortilla warmers and face masks are just a few of our items.


Only Little once

Only Little Once

We are a children's lifestyle brand designed to capture the magic of childhood. Our product lines include classic holiday pajamas, princess inspired twirl dresses, casual clothing, gift items, and special occasion dresses. onlylittleonce.com

Orient Expressed

Overall Fun Children's Boutique

Orient Expressed, a New Orleans retailer, has dressed Children, offered Beautiful Gifts, and Fine Monograms for 40 years. Let us Customize your Gifts, we'll wrap, write your card, and ship (only $5). At checkout enter Discount Code: CIC2020 for 20% OFF your purchase.

Unique children’s boutique with a variety of Holiday & everyday looks. We have boys and girls NB-5T. Need something specific? Email me! Local pick-up available, shipping upon request.



Paige Collective


Quality Cozy Women and Baby clothing in neutral tones and dainty jewelry and accessories.



Pens by Mike

THE ACCENT IS ON YOU. NATURALLY. Nature inspired designs, handcrafted with versatility. Enjoy free shipping for the holidays. Use code: CICFREESHIP

Truly unique writing instruments handmade from exotic materials including wood, metal, acrylic, deer antler, replica rifle shells, abalone shell, watch faces, cogs, and gears, reclaimed wine and whiskey barrels, Holy Land olive wood, circuit boards, and much more.



Personalize Your Christmas

Phoenix Remix Boutique

Personalize Your Christmas has a variety of ornaments, table tops and doors signs, all of which can be personalized. We offer free shipping on all orders. Happy Shopping!

A lifestyle boutique mixing modern, eclectic, country, bohemian etc in fashion, home decor and gifts.



Pony Pal Stable

For years Pony Pal Stable has been a customer favorite at Christmas in Cowtown! Visit our website and enter "SAVE50" at checkout to save $50 on your order!! "Every Kid Wants A Pony!!"


Prippie Prippie carries a wide variety of on trend clothing, gifts and accessories that make the perfect gift for your family and friends. Top Holiday gifts like hands-free door pulls, MakeUp Erasers, cocktail napkins and so much more can be found online and at our new location on the bricks here is Fort Worth. Clothing and accessory lines like Entro, THML, Umgee, Treasure Jewels, CacatoĂŠs glitter sandals, Taylor Elliott Designs, Namjosh headbands and more are ready to shop.



Big Brothers Big

Together, W


Big Brothers Big Sisters Tarrant County (BB strong and enduring, professionally supporte Havran Legacy Program furthers BBBS’s mi by BBBS staff emphasizing college planning

JLFW funding will expand mentor2.0, Barre secure platform for online communication b

JLFW volunteers will serve as mentors to 12 guided writing prompts on the secure and m skills being taught by the BBBS staff each we apply for college and financial aid, or pursue

mmunity Project Spotlight


Sisters of Greater Tarrant County

We Are Defenders Of Potential.


BBS) partners with parents and guardians, volunteers and donors to provide children with ed one-on-one relationships that change lives for the better, forever. The mentor2.0, Barrett ission by incorporating online mentoring into the school-based curriculum taught weekly and job training programs.

ett Havran Legacy Program at the Young Women’s Leadership Academy and provide the between the mentors and mentees.

students at the Young Women’s Leadership Academy in Fort Worth. Mentors will utilize monitored online platform to follow up with the students and build upon the non-cognitive eek, with the goal of helping students as they create their post-graduation plan, set goals, e job certification programs.

Pics & Gifts

Punkindooger Publishing

Personalized Christmas ornaments, appliqued Fall & Holiday clothing and Christmas PJs! Monogrammed gifts for everyone!!


Quintessential Chocolates



Exquisite Liquid Center Chocolates Hand-Crafted with

Authentic Spirits

European Heritage. American Taste.

Not a Cream filling - Taste the True Liquid Spirit Difference

European Heritage. American Taste. Not a Cream filling - Taste the True Liquid Spirit Difference

Handmade organic spa products, aromatherapy candles, aromatherapy roll-ons, moisturizers, lip balms, whipped shea sugar scrubs, mineral bath soaks, and spa gifts featuring organic ingredients and aromatherapy essential oils.



www.liquidchocolates.com 830-990-9382

R Cinco Ranch Mercantile

It's a passion started by chance, creating a brand reflecting our lifestyle! Boho Hippie with a Western Flare. Boutique offering a variety of apparel along with hand-crafted jewelry, hand bags, and accessories!


At Reecii, all of our products are individually handcrafted. We work with individuals from around the world including St.Kitts/Nevis, Indonesia, Vietnam and Kenya. Our products are ethically made and we work primarily with manufacturers that are Fair Trade Certified. The vast majority of our artisans have a disability or are older, which makes it challenging to get a job otherwise.




Rainy Day Illustrations

Razzle Baby

100% Cotton Flour Sack Kitchen Towels featuring original watercolor artwork inspired by the beauty of Texas.

Each product is handmade in Texas using only the highest quality materials. We often like to say, "There is no blanket, like a Razzle Baby blanket".



We carry a wide variety of toys, clothing, books, accessories, and your favorite Books to Bed PJs with the matching books for your littles.

We are local Texas designers dealing in one of a kind, handmade statement bags. Artisans work for over 4 days to produce each bag using the finest beads and silk threads. 40% Discount Code: CIC40




SantM is a pro-comfort, anti-compromise, handmade in Italy footwear. We set out to give modern women a newfound sense of freedom and ease in their day-to-day lives.


OOOHHH GIRL! You will LOVE this FUN & trendy S-3X boutique! Find me on Facebook: Sara Jo's Haute and Gaudy Squad. I also have shoes, and accessories.



Sarah Gentry is a Fort Worth artist who specializes in mixed media floral and abstract paintings. Her work is shown in galleries in Fort Worth and Dallas as well as through her website.

With a unique & whimsical approach to entertaining & decorating, Sevargo offers personalized gifts, home & party goods -all designed here in FW!



Sassy Cups

Decorative Styrofoam & Frosted Plastic Cups for every cccasion! From Holiday to Collegiate to everyday use, we have cups for everything! Custom printing available.


Something New Jewelry Cleaner

Go green by going pink! All natural jewelry cleaner that cleans every metal and stone, even opals, pearls and costume jewelry! Family owned and operated, Made in the USA. Coupon COWTOWN gets you 25% off entire order!


ShannieGirl is a private label line of women's outerwear featuring shawls wraps and capes in a variety of beautiful styles and colors. Perfect for travel as well as day to dinner.

Shirley's Potpourri is a family owned and operated business, serving our community for over 30 years, We make beautifully handcrafted potpourri, refresher oils, garland and wreaths from dehydrated fruits and vegetables.



Luxury Disposable Cotton Napkins & Placemats

Husband & wife team of photographers creating handmade neighborhood-specific gifts.




Fort Worth D

2 Seconds is 2 Long to SAFE

The Fort Worth Drowning Prevention Coa non-fatal drownings in the Fort Worth are locations across Fort Worth. We leverage t vention education and in-water swimming

JLFW funds will be used to cover program Fort Worth.

JLFW volunteers will assist students within

mmunity Project Spotlight

Drowning Prevention Coalition


Turn Your Back on a Child in the Water.


alition is a community nonprofit organization whose mission is to prevent fatal and ea and beyond. The Coalition offers four drowning prevention events every summer at the expertise and resources of our members to provide both out-of-water drowning preand water-safety skills.

m expenses to expand the Swim Safe program into the Stop Six neighborhood in Southeast

n the pool environment and assist with check in and record keeping for the program.

Sort of Cool

Fun and colorful fine art prints of Fort Worth and Texas icons. Find your favorites at sortofcool.com! Great gifts for a guy or anyone who loves Fort Worth & Texas. Use code FWJL2020 for 25% off your entire order.


Southern House Boutique

We are a millennial driven company that offers trendy contemporary clothing, shoes & accessories! Southern House is the Ultimate Online Boutique! You will always find something to fall in love with!

Original fabric designs for your home including Christmas items, table runners, and pillows



We are a small mother and daughter business which combines our two different styles to offer quality and affordable home decor and floral. Be sure to use PROMO CODE: COW15 to get 15% off your entire purchase!

High quality classic jewelry that you can wear every day. Styles that turn a simple outfit into something breathtaking! Featured on ABC's The Bachelorette



Sweet Dreams

Smocked Children's Clothing and Embroidered Fine Linens

Tall Order designs fashionable socks in sizes 9-20, and donates a portion of profits to Tuesday's Children to help communities facing traumatic loss.



The Great Texas Candle Company

Elegant, sometimes whimsical, handmade Christmas décor and gifts, including stockings, embroidered pillows & linens, accessories and fabulous tree skirts!!


Our family business creates custom candles using handmade reusable stoneware, hand-poured soy wax, and fine fragrances representing the beauty of the great state of Texas.


The Happy Lark

We offer award winning white chocolate cheesecake and a white chocolate praline cheesecake. Available in Large or 1 dz minis. Place your order and we’ll provide free delivery.

Visit your local toy shop! The Happy Lark has the best toys for the best play. We’d love to help you pick out the perfect gifts for your favorite little ones.



Comfy, cozy, Pima Cotton, satins, upscale PJ's and loungewear for women and men & perfect for working from home. Holiday sets for the family: Girls & Boys. @thepajamaprincess is small woman owned business for 15 years. Use CODE: Cowtown for 15% off and Free Shipping for our amazing customers.


We make all play dough ourselves and it’s non-toxic! Each project has its own theme and we also do a Birthday Project to send by mail to friends, Monthly Subscriptions and Holiday Subscriptions!! For every 3 projects sold we donate 1 to SafeHaven.org.

We offer handcrafted gourmet popcorn in assorted flavors from cheesy favorites to traditional caramel and chocolate drizzled caramel! We also handcraft chocolate dipped caramel apples, moon pies, Oreos, marshmallows, pretzels, Rice Krispies, S’mores and other novelty treats.



The Urban Hound

The Urban Hound is a Baton Rouge, LA-based canine mercantile. From wholesome treats and chews, to innovative toys and custom wearables. Don't forget to check out our collections of practical and wellness stuff. The Urban Hound has it all for your canine companion. We hope you enjoy perusing our carefully curated canine selections. Go fetch something cool for your pup!




Providing Hope, Co

Recovery Resource Council works with peo health services. Their goal is to help individ tient treatment or our outpatient services. to make healthy life decisions.

JLFW funds will be used to cover the costs life readiness skills and discover new intere

JLFW volunteers will assist with the Teen R

mmunity Project Spotlight


Resource Council


Addiction, Healing Families.


ople seeking of behavioral health services, including drug and alcohol abuse and mental duals find the best treatment plan for their situation whether that is counseling, inpaThey also provide prevention education to local schools and youth centers to teach kids

of The Teen Retreat, which provides a unique opportunity for at-risk girls to strengthen ests that will empower them to see a healthy future.

Retreat and serve as mentors and role models to the attendees.

The Village Bakery

At The Velvet Crumb we believe cookies tell a story. While we help you share yours, your purchase helps rewrite someone else's story. A portion of the proceeds from your purchase will go toward serving at risk women and children.

We are an artisan bread bakery that specializes in Old World bread and pastries. We use stoneground flour in our bread for the most authentic rustic loaf of bread possible. You can find us online or at the Ridgmar Farmers Market on Saturdays.









Telescopic One Touch Ratchet Lopper Cuts Up To 2”.

SINCE 2004




Great For Any Surface, Inside or Outside, Wet or Dry.

Pruning Tools FOR THE







SR1 & LR2

Adjustable Great Rakes Twist For Small Areas.


65° Angled Telescopic Lopper Cuts Any Angle On Multi Flora Rose, Mexican Buck Eye, Crepe Myrtle And More.






PROTECTIVE PRODUCTS • Hand Sanitizer Gel 70% Alcohol* • Hand Disinfectant Wipes 75% Alcohol • Hand Disinfectant Wipe Dispenser Stations • Hand Sanitizer & Soap Dispensers • Portable Hand Washing Stations • Non-Touch Thermometers • Thermal Temperature Screening • Nitrile 5mil Gloves, Gowns & Face Shields • 3 Ply, Cloth (washable) & KN95 Masks


DETAILS 940.367.2587 940.365.6100 *All Bottle Sizes Available.



Traveling Gypsy Jewelry Collections are a blend of beauty with a little sparkle and the right touch of vintage charm made in McKinney, Texas.


Trends & Traditions

Hill country style for 55 years. Artisan and designer product for you, your girlfriend, your husband and your home. Featuring Dian Malouf, Jon Hart & Spicher Customized Rugs.


Treasure of The Ozarks

One of a Kind Jewelry, handmade with gemstones, fossils & precious metals. Unique designs to add to your treasures! Save 20% by entering code: TOTO20


Tutu and Lilli is a collection of casual lifestyle apparel designed and manufactured in Houston, Texas USA! Styled to go effortlessly from day to night. Machine wash....wear.... repeat! You will want to collect every color!


TX Whiskey

TX Whiskey is Fort Worth’s iconic whiskey distillery. Creator of TX Whiskey & TX Bourbon, we also offer a wide variety of TX merchandise for whiskey fans!


Uncle Bob's BBQ

Uncle Bob's BBQ is a family owned BBQ Restaurant and BBQ Sauce company located in Montgomery, Texas. All of our products are manufactured in house and do not have any high fructose corn syrup, no msg and are gluten free.

Artisan homespun Vintage Christmas Cards, Hymn Favorites, & papers from the past - enlarged, mounted, & finished to warm your heart & home with treasures from yesteryear.



Wildtoad Toffee Rich, smooth, buttery artisan toffee hand-stirred in 3 pound batches in Fort Worth. Preservative and GLUTEN FREE! Discover what toffee is SUPPOSED to taste like! Use promo code "CinC" for 10% off your order.


Family owned, small batch created, handcrafted, natural bath and candle products free of SLS, parabens, and phthalates.


Whiskey in a Week

Tradition meets New Technology! Whiskey in a Week is a hand-crafted kit to age bourbon to a custom flavor in 4-7 days. Chipped, sifted, toasted, hand-blended and handpacked in SC. Contains no alcohol, just add moonshine.

Find Me Funzy the Fox & Love You Lickey the Labrador are 3-in-1...a book, a plush animal & a family game! Fun, creative, unique and interactive!



Yikes Twins

Handmade leather and natural stone jewelry that is versatile enough for casual or dressy occasions and is entirely an expression of each wearers personal style that will be treasured for years to come.

Children's hooded towels and slippers. Baby towels, swaddles, bibs and lovey blankets make a great gift for that special little one on your list.



Thank You for Shopping! Can't Wait to See You In Person in 2021!!

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