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Jill Keeney, Goodman-Rockwell Professor of Biology “My husband Marty and I were both involved in music from the time we met, married and started a family. I think we both find it to be a relaxing challenge. Once our children reached elementary school and started an instrument, we bought trio and quartet music that we could all play together as the ‘Keeney Brass.’ With full time teaching and raising a family, I would not be playing if I didn’t have the opportunity to play on campus. And playing with students that you know from class adds to the social fun.”

At various times French horn players and scientists Jay Hosler and Jill Keeney have played with the Juniata Orchestra and other ensembles. Tara Fitzsimmons ’00, a mobile science educator with Science in Motion, plays clarinet with the Wind Symphony and the Orchestra.

Larry Mutti, professor of geology


2010 Spring-Summer

“Music is enormously significant in my life. Music, even if I create it solely for my own personal and private ‘enjoyment,’ meets so many personal needs. It gives me a creative outlet, it energizes me, it calms me when I am distressed or agitated, it allows me to vent my rage, it provides inspiration and motivation, it allows me to dig deeply into my emotions and feel them more intensely and at the same time to arrive at emotional or

Juniata Spring Summer 2010  

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