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“Besides the fact th aid, it a ctually w at, with financ ial state sch as cheap e ool for me, I ch r than a arts coll ose a lib e era corny a ge because no m line it is atter ho l , w a s soon a around s I walk campus ed I felt a t home.” —Laur a Whitm an ’13

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I transferred to J un because I loved th iata e sense of community I foun d on the campus. Comin g from a large school, it was aw esome to be able to interact w ith people who know my na me and my goals. —Ally Lush



“Liberal arts schools are much more flexible in letting students explore their own interests— Juniata let me spend a long time wandering around from department to department before I finally decided which one I wanted to settle in.” —Kelsey Molseed ’14

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RAL ARTS? By Genna Welsh Kasun ’06

“The main attraction of being at a liberal arts college is that creating a well rounded individual is the highest priority. I am a chemistry POE with a secondary emphasis in the arts and I greatly appreciate having the opportunity to be taught everything in between.” —Thomas Jordan ’13


4 “I chose a liberal arts college for the sense of community and family feel. A liberal arts college gives the student a chance to thrive in a culture that wants students to succeed.” —Rob Strauss ’13 juniata / Fall ’12


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