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22 Extra-Tuff Bingo Contest Rules:


23 Extra-Tuff Bingo Contest Rules:

The World’s Longest Maze In this state you can walk through a huge maze made up of 14,000 colorful, tropical plants. Unscramble the letters along the correct path to discover the answer.








Standards Link: Reading Comprehension: Follow simple written directions.

This week’s word:


The verb personalize means to mark as the property of a particular person. Kayla personalized her backback by sewing on a flower patch. Try to use the word personalize in a sentence today when talking with your friends and family.

the words by looking up, JACKALOPE Find down, backwards, forwards, LICENSE sideways and diagonally. FATHERS E E S U O I R U C D LOCATED N P T R A D D S L T CURIOUS I O O R E E O I D H ANTLERS WEIGHT W L P D V H C E O G CARVED T A S R D E T T I I TWINE A K A A N A E A D E GIANT L C T S C L N R F W VISIT L A E O I T I S I V HOTEL STOPS P J L S R E L T N A TALL Standards Link: Letter sequencing. Recongized identical ODD words. Skim and scan reading. Recall spelling patterns.

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Adoption Options Options Adoption

Gastineau Humane Humane Society Society Gastineau 7705 Glacier Hwy. 789-0260 7705 Glacier Hwy. 789-0260

Kennel Visitation Hours: M-F 2-5:30pm & Sat: 1-5pm The Gastineau Hours: Humane Society has 4 cats,&2 Sat: dogs, 1-5pm Kennel Visitation M-Fcurrently 2-5:30pm

Darbie Gnat

and 19 smallcurrently animals available for 6adoption. Humane Society has 10 cats, dogs, and 15 small animals available for adoption.

Darbie is a dapper fellow with a strong handsome face. His Gnat a distinguished gentleman whocould enjoys ruggedisgood looks and dark striped tabby coloring land soft warm blankets, and sun him apillows, spot in Hollywood, or maybe even on sleeping a Broadway in stage. spots. Due lavish will need Luckily for the to resthis of us, Darbielifestyle is more ofhe a friendly family man. aHefamily willing life to and teach enjoys domestic likeshim sittingmoderation on your lap orand maybe to helpwith him lose weight in a healthy playing some toys. He occasionally will givemanner. a gentle bite Gnat would a home withhim a family that– too can to let you know love if you’ve been petting for too long pet sitting theButcouch cuddle muchhim of a while good thing, and allonthat. mostly and he enjoys human him while in Ifbed. Havehave you have been attention and lying affection. you don’t time for him, that’s o.k. searching for hanging a quiet, companion? Then as he is cool just outloving and looking good. search no further than Gnat.

Fluffy J Fraggle

There is really nothing fluffy about Fluffy J. He is a What do you get when you combine a snaggle tooth with a friendly but solid, strong young guy. His confident and independent shy guy? Fraggle! This bashful young kitty has lovely long black and personality matches his physique. Fluffy J is very playful white fur, but he’s a bit embarrassed by his one snaggle tooth that is curious. He prefers action overpeople quietand cuddling, but on he aand result of a slightly crooked jaw. He likes will snuggle will lap allow petting as longhis asfavorite you don’t to hold your whileforyoufriendly gently pet him. However, placetry at the him tooisclose tooway long. an safely activesitteenage moment an outfor of the spotMuch wherelike he can and hide. boy, hewould will push away complain “Aww, Not in He preferyou a quiet homeand where he feels–secure andMom! protected. front ofismy friends!” Fluffy J gets well with other cats Fraggle young enough that he can growalong and develop enough and just about everyone he into meets. His short, graywrong and confidence to venture further out the world. There’strim nothing white match no-nonsense attitude. with himfurthatcoat a little tender,hisloving care in a forever home won’t cure.

Fraggle Newman

What do you get when you combine a snaggle tooth with a friendly but Newman – ThisThis gentle loving shy guy? Fraggle! bashfulgiant young is kittyseeking has lovelyalong black and home that him get into shape. white fur, butcan he’s ahelp bit embarrassed by histip onetop snaggle tooth that is Exercise a strict needed to a result of and a slightly crookeddiet jaw.are He likes people for and Newman will snuggle on lose weight that pet keeps him from doingplace many of your the lap while you gently him. However, his favorite at the the things love do. Although moment is anheoutwould of the way spottowhere he can safelyNewman sit and hide.isHe great other loves to and playprotected. he tires would with prefer the a quiet homecats whereand he feels secure Fraggle easily willthat need to grow takeand hisdevelop new enough lifestyle is youngand enough he can confidence With time andoutpatience Newman will be a sleek venture further into the world. There’s nothing wrong with himand that a muscular man ready little tender,young loving care in a once forever more, home won’t play and cuddle as he is meant to do.

Mr. Shmoo Fluffy J

Mr. Shmoo could be mistaken for a small Cowardly Lion with There is really nothing fluffy about Fluffy J. He is a the fluffy mane of fur that frames his face. He is recovering from solid, strong young guy. His confident and independent an unknown mishap that happened before he was brought to personality matches his physique. Fluffy J is very playful the shelter, so right now his fur is a little bedraggled. If you use and curious. He prefers action over quiet cuddling, but he some imagination you can easily see how he will grow into a will allow for friendly petting as long as you don’t try to hold beautiful little lion cat. He is still trying to figure out where he him too close for too long. Much like an active teenage boy, is and what’s going on around him so he is a bit fearful when he will push you away and complain – “Aww, Mom! Not in you of firstmymeet him. Fortunately, he along responds pettingcats and front friends!” Fluffy J gets wellwell withtoother gentle so there he is nomeets. doubtHis thatshort, given trim a loving and justcuddling about everyone grayhealthy and environment will grow into a gorgeous long-haired beauty. white fur coathe match his no-nonsense attitude.

Your advertiseYour advertise Here! BusinessHERE! Business nicole CallNicole Call 523-2229 523-2229 Remember to to spay spay and and neuter neuter your your pets pets Remember

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 2018 REGULAR PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING 7:00pm Assembly Chambers The following agenda items are scheduled for consideration: Applicant: Case No.: Location: Proposal:

City & Borough of Juneau CSP018 0005 13010 Glacier Highway A City Project in a rural reserve zone to provide an easement across CBJ property to locate a power and communication cable

Applicant: Case No.: Location: Proposal:

City & Borough of Juneau CSP2018 0007 9290 Hurlock Avenue A City Project to review the sale of city property to Alaska Legacy Partners

Applicant: Case No.: Location: Proposal:

ISG Inc. USE2018 0004 5011 Short Street A Conditional Use Permit for a marijuana product manufacturing facility

Applicant: Case No.: Location: Proposal:

Alaskan Kush Company LLC USE2018 0006 159 S. Franklin Street A Conditional Use Permit for a marijuana retail store

Applicant: Case No.: Location: Proposal:

Jeff Martinson USE2018 0008 811 4th Street A Conditional Use Permit for a detached accessory apartment

To view the public notice and mapped location associated with these cases please visit

CITY AND BOROUGH OF JUNEAU BOARD OF EDUCATION June 12, 2018 Library, Juneau-Douglas High School EXECUTIVE SESSION – 4:30-5:45 PM Topic: Superintendent Evaluation REGULAR MEETING – 6:00 PM AGENDA (UNADOPTED)

Executive Session: Evaluation of the Superintendent “I move that the Board retire to executive session to discuss a matter which may tend to prejudice the reputation or character of a person or persons. The matter to be discussed is the “Evaluation of the Superintendent.” Special Reports Student Reports Superintendent’s Report Teaching & Learning Report Student Services Report Action Items Certificated Personnel Report Approval of Minutes – May 8, 2018 (Regular Meeting) Approval of 2018 AASB Board Policy Updates (Final Reading) Adoption of the 2017-2018 Board of Education Meeting Calendar (Final Reading) Information Items Classified Personnel Report Future Board of Education Agenda Board of Education Correspondence Quarterly Grants Reports Board Committee Reports Facilities Committee Report Program Evaluation Committee Report Policy Committee Report Community Committees

Board of Education Members: Brian Holst, President; Josh Keaton, Vice President; Andi Story, Clerk Emil Mackey, Dan DeBartolo, Steve Whitney, Jeff Short Email the Board at:

ADA Accommodations Available Upon Request: Please contact the Clerk’s office 72 hours prior to any meeting so arrangements can be made to have a sign language interpreter present or an audiotape containing the Assembly’s agenda made available. The Clerk’s office telephone number is 586-5278, TDD 586-5351, e-mail: Published: June 11, 2018 AO- 110502

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Juneau empire ads for 06 11 2018  

JE ads for 6-11-18