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Contributors Writers: Kathy Hunter, Luke Williamson, Kirsty Millar, Elizabeth Allan, Clinton Howlett, Cimino Cole, Cath Lewis Photography: Roberto Buzzolan, Sandy Meharry General Enquiries hi@junctionmag.co.nz Front Cover: Bird house by artist Perry Davis at Mandy and Glen’s house, Mangawhai Photo Credit: Roberto Buzzolan Printed by inkwise nz Published by Junction Media Ltd All content featured in Junction Magazine is subject to copyright in its entirety and may not be reproduced in any form without permission from the Publisher. Views expressed in Junction Magazine are not necessarily those of the Publisher. Any material supplied for publication is at the owner’s risk. All information is believed to be true by the Publisher at the time of printing.

our people: There are a number of us in the Junction family, all locals. We thought we’d tell you a little about each of us every month.

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Kirsty Millar Kirsty has a background in advertising and marketing, holding positions with advertising agencies local and abroad. Fonterra scooped her up in a strategy and marketing capacity where she dealt with all walks of life, cementing her love of people and writing. Bridging these two passions, along with a coastal itch, Kirsty and her family moved north to Mangawhai where she writes for Junction Magazine and others, hitting the beach when time permits. She thrives on digging out stories from a bunch of local good-sorts, and her two school-aged kids keep her on her toes.


wave warriors



Escape the city, explore LEIGH BY THE SEA, just 1 hr north of Auckland EAT – famous fish and chips PLAY – kayak, surf, fishing, horse riding STAY – B&Bs, apartments, campgrounds or holiday homes LEARN – about marine biology and reptiles while staying dry and warm EXPLORE – a range of beach, coastal and bush walks 2


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bali garden


Inspired by the ‘Islands of the Gods’ Friday - Sunday. Bring your truck or trailer! Weekend of 23rd to 25th September: Hours 11-4pm Furniture

Balinese Pots & Statuary Palms & Cycads

bali garden Open Friday – Sunday 11am – 4pm Or by appointment 292 Point Wells Road Matakana

292 Point Wells Road, Matakana. www.balihacienda.com www.balihacienda.com Robyn 0274711181

* Eftpos available - no cheques accepted, credit cards will incur surcharge. * Sold item is full and final - no holds or exchanges, storage or delivery available on sale items.



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Above: The Kawau Volunteer Coastguard team. Opposite top to bottom: a burning boat in the gulf luckily had a happy ending; the last sight of the sinking boat behind LIttle Barrier; Brett Howlett, left and President Peter Garman aboard their pride and joy.

Peter Garman has exactly the sort of twinkly, salt-weathered face you’d like to see if you were bobbing around in the middle of the ocean in a lifejacket, wondering if it was all over. A fair few people find themselves in this situation along the Matakana Coast every year, and as President of the Kawau Volunteer Coastguard its Peter’s job to try and ensure that as many people as possible live to see another day. There’s plenty of action, if that’s what you’re after. There were around 90 callouts last year. “Most people spend more time checking over their fishing gear than their boats when they head out after winter,” says maintenance man Brett Howlett. “A lot can happen in a few wet months: battery problems are just the tip of the iceberg.” Despite all precautions, things sometimes are destined to go pearshaped. These two have some stories to make your hair curl. “Last year we happened to be out training on a Sunday afternoon when we had a callout. A guy was somewhere between Little Barrier and Great Barrier and his boat was sinking. We took off. Luckily our skipper was a DOC ranger who knew the currents between the islands well. “Her hunch was right. We found his boat with just the tip of the bow still above the waves – which were around one and half metres. It’s hard to see anyone in that swell – but this guy did something very clever, which probably saved his life,” Brett says. “He’d escaped the boat on a kayak but got thrown out and lost it. He had a lifejacket on, so he stuck his paddle down the back of it – it was sticking up high out of the water. That’s how we saw him, about 200m from his boat.” The sailor was seriously hypothermic though, and a paramedic was soon winched on to the boat from the Westpac helicopter. (Peter is rueful. “I’ve spent years training for a helicopter deck landing! Missed it…”). All ended well, but the paramedic estimated that the guy may have only had another 20 minutes left in him if they hadn’t found him. The Coastguarders are on call 24/7, but there aren’t really enough of them up here. They have between 20-24 volunteers on the books at the


moment – but it’s whoever’s around that can be problematic. “We are required to have a skipper, one senior, one ‘operational’ and one other on board when we go out on a rescue,” says Peter. “And if you start as an ‘inductee’, it would take at least 18 months to get to a senior level.” Even though inductees are out on the water quite quickly, they need five modules of training to get to trainee level. Once a trainee, it’s another 12-15 modules to get to ‘operational’ level. You’ll be aiming for senior and skipper after that so that’s another 10+ modules. Peter and Brett say it’s quite a lot of fun: “You’re always supported and we never throw anyone in at the, er, deep end,” says Peter. “But the training never really stops. You have to keep up with techniques and technology.” Once you’re in, there’s classroom training and one ‘duty week’ on rotation for each of the three crews. It costs around $4K a month for this unit just to stay operational. That’s without any extra dramas like the $6K they are currently having to spend on fixing their trailer. Government funding they receive is negligible, apart from being reimbursed for their diesel when they have to go out on a mission. The rest is up to them. “We do have the National Summer Lottery which runs from December to February,” says Brett. “We all sell tickets and most of the ticket price comes directly back to our local unit. We get amazing support from many community groups in our area too: the Algies Bay Residents and Ratepayers Association, the Lions Ladies with their Christmas tree show in Warkworth – and Music in the Gardens on Kawau Island have been a huge help – their donation last year paid for new pontoons on the boat.” We all agree: ongoing maintenance of this most excellent bunch who may save your life is a no-brainer. So if you’ve got any spare time, spare cash, or spare fundraising ideas, get in touch with Vice President Luke McCarthy. T: 021 263 1586 | E: luke.mccarthy@vodafone.co.nz. Find them on Facebook: Kawau Volunteer Coastguard

New season safety tips • Get your battery checked or replaced. • If you’ve had half a tank of gas in your boat over winter, ditch it. It can have moisture in it which can literally prove fatal if your boat won’t start in a sudden emergency. • Check your hydraulics and steering too. “We watched one guy last spring whose engine started, but when he tried to motor away the steering jammed and just went around in circles,” says Peter. The coastguard boys didn’t think it was funny at all. Not at all… • Take two forms of communication (VHF and cellphone) in a waterproof bag. • Check your lifejackets. Old ones sometimes don’t actually float that well. Time to invest in some new ones? “Most young people are pretty good with lifejackets, we find,” says Brett. “It’s the older fishermen who are too relaxed about them. And they sometimes they don’t know how to put them on and use them, particularly the inflatable ones.” Check the gas inflation cylinders if you have this type of jacket (they can corrode or leak) and get them fixed or replaced if necessary. • Check the weather, again and again – and always tell someone where you’re going.

Arabella Lane, Snells Beach, Warkworth, New Zealand Open daily 10-5 year round. Tel: 09 425 4690 ext 2 www.brickbaysculpture.co.nz Artwork: Louise Purvis Dog Head Hill P.O.A



fossicking for their future words



Like many of the exceptional items in their Matakana store, Chris Devereaux and Barbara Harris have fascinating stories to tell. They bought a country house in Matakana in March 2015 and will soon move permanently from their penthouse apartment in Freemans Bay. This year they opened vintage and collectables shop ‘Fossick and Find’ in Matakana Village. “This is going to be Barb’s ‘soft landing’ when she retires,” Chris explains. Hard to figure how she’s finding the time now – she’s the Deputy Director of Trade and Honorary Vice-Consul at the British Consulate-General in Auckland. “I know – it’s a mouthful,” says Barb somewhat ruefully. “I have to walk a few steps behind her you know, when she’s working,” Chris puts in. “I’m fine with being ‘the handbag’ though… we take it in turns.” They look at each other and laugh.



and biofuel test sites and workshops in Samoa. “Many of the Islands are sometimes gifted useful technology by wealthier nations, but too often there is no follow-up with training or maintenance. I’ve seen incredibly expensive refrigeration units being used as chook houses due to a missing part.” Barb’s looking forward to spending more time in Matakana; she has a creative urge and there’s an art studio at their new home which is calling her name. But Fossick and Find is ramping up too: within an hour one recent Saturday a vintage French butcher’s block and an enormous replica ship went out the door.

Chris’s contacts are handy, both for restocking the shop and finding buyers. Many will remember him from his TV series ‘Going, Going, Gone’ but the industry has held him in high regard long before that. He’s the country’s best-known auctioneer of fine jewellery and watches and Barb was a geography teacher when she came across an ad at the worked as a consultant to Webb’s for over Auckland University looking for researchers into We have a mad crossover of Barb’s two decades, holding the NZ record for selling the 1975 Royal Commission for Contraception, contemporary taste and mine, which veers a 12.5 carat diamond ring that was sold for Sterilisation and Abortion. She impulsively towards Edwardian clutter ... over $220,000. applied and got the job; it took her on quite a journey. Chris lights up when he talks of the human Her next job, researching Pacific Island women’s health issues in South Auckland, was a springboard to work in the (then) South Pacific Trade Commission. Barbara’s mission was to track down South Pacific people who were producing anything that could be exported, and help them to expand their endeavours.

histories behind the objects of virtu. He loves to research them and his science background comes in handy for this – he has a Masters Degree in Chemistry, of all things.

This took Barb everywhere in the Pacific from Pohnpei to Kiribati, in biplanes and dugout canoes. She once found herself on the back of a truck in Tuvalu being taken to the island’s only hotel, “with a guy in a suit who turned out to be a tribal art expert from the Geneva Museum.”

“We were asked to sell a beautiful little gold box that belonged to an elderly lady in Epsom, a Miss Bird,” Chris says. “Some research on the inscription showed that it was given by King Otto of Greece to a British Lieutenant Bird, who had rescued the King from an attempted coup. Bird went on to become an Admiral and explored Antarctica with two ships, Erebus and Terror. Miss Bird turned out to be his great grand-niece.”

Barb’s now working – still within the Consulate – in renewable energy solutions in the Islands. The British Government is running wind, solar

Chris recently sold at Fossick and Find the full court dress of Sir William Hall-Jones, who was elected to Parliament in 1890 and eventually


knighted in 1910. It was worn at both the funeral of King Edward VII and the coronation of King George V. He sold Jean Batten’s diamond brooch to passionate pilot Sir Paul Holmes; and a lapis lazuli, gold and rock crystal Fabergé box bought by Prince Kinski on Christmas Eve in 1910, possibly given as a love token to Churchill’s mother. His own collecting passion centres mainly on books. Among other things, he owns a rare original set of ‘Cook’s Voyages’, (published 17731784). They reside in his new library, his own mini gentleman’s club. But like Barb, Chris still doesn’t have a lot of time to spend in it. He’s previously held positions as vice-chair of the advisory board of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and as a member of the advisory board of Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design. He’s excited about chairing the new Auckland Museum Foundation. “We’ll be raising the funds to provide an enduring legacy for generations to come,” he declares. The goal? To raise $50M in ten years.

The pair hugely enjoy their new house, which overlooks Point Wells to the east and Mt Tamahunga to the west. It’s important that it’s single storey, since Chris has recently been diagnosed with a very rare muscular condition that may deteriorate. A friend said, “Trust Devereaux to get a bloody designer disease!” he laughs. He’s steadfastly positive; they both are. They love their art, too, and their home is full of beloved pieces. “We have a mad crossover of Barb’s contemporary taste and mine, which veers towards Edwardian clutter,” says Chris. They look at each other and laugh again; they do this a lot. Twenty-five years together and it seems that this relationship still has as much gloss as their beloved grand piano. Fossick and Find | T: 021 764 183 | 41 Matakana Valley Road Previous page: Chris in his library; the couple make the most of their extraordinary views over Point Wells; the eclectic art collection in Chris & Barb’s entrance hall. This page: Gretchen Albrecht in the the piano room gives a pop of sunny colour; treasures available at Fossick & Find.


Fossick & Find


Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday 11am-3pm At other times by appointment.

Vintage & Modern Decorative Arts, Furniture, Maritime Memorabilia, Maps, Art, Antiques, Curios, Jewellery, Pacific, African & Ethnic Collectables, Soft Furnishings, Accessories, Affordable Gifts & More. Tara Hall & Off-Duty Women’s Designer Clothing, Exclusive to Matakana, Arriving Soon for Spring.

Illustrated From Left: Victorian ebony & brass sextant; Suzanne Eisendieck, fine French post-impressionist portrait in pastels on canvas, 1938, with provenance; Pair of early 19th C. old Sheffield-plate silver candlesticks; Victorian walnut box with concealed compartment and secret correspondence pocket.


Tel: 021 764 183 or 09 423 0125 E: fossickandfind@xtra.co.nz , See more at website: www.fossickandfind.co.nz


new & noted sandspit marina Sandspit Marina has officially opened - 10 years after the original concept was mooted. Project managed by the Sandspit Marina Society and built by Hopper Construction and Pacific Pontoon and Pier, the $21 million project was funded entirely by berth licence sales. The marina is already proving to be a popular stop on the tourist scenic trail, as well as a great asset to the boating community. Project Manager Graeme Maker said all berths were sold before completion, confirming that the market felt the prices (between $130k and $277k) were reasonable. Berths are available to rent in all sizes on a short or long term basis. Contact Elspeth or Louise on 09 425 0099 if you would like more information.

MAZ The Mangawhai Activity Zone (aka MAZ) is gaining rapturous fans for its playground, bike and skate areas. The most amazing thing about it is that it’s been completely community funded – but it still needs a little more work. The MAZ Charitable Trust crew want to finish the skate bowls to an international standard (in time for the Tokyo Olympics!), build a sound shell for events, a 3-stage pump track for BMX and mountain biking, a 12-station Functional Fitness outdoor gym, an all-weather cricket oval and a junior soccer field. A hefty $1.2M has been raised but the push now is for another $800K to finish what they started. The MAZ committee is launching crowdfunding to attempt this mighty feat. Be part of the campaign: www.give4maz.co.nz

brick bay folly

matakana magic

The call for entries has just gone out from Brick Bay for their annual ‘folly’ competition. A folly is defined as a garden or landscape structure with no actual purpose (but you should be able to go inside it). The aim is to support and inspire young NZ architects or students to ‘explore the intersections between architecture and sculpture.’ The winner receives $35K to create their piece and exhibit the finished article at Brick Bay for two years. It will also be documented by AGM publishing in Architectural New Zealand, Architecture Now and Urbis. You have until midnight on September 18 to get involved. For more info, email Sculpture Trail Manager Jonathan Organ: jonathan@brickbay.co.nz

There’s a new and rather fab accommodation option just two minutes from Matakana village. Matakana Magic is a high-end two-bedroom, two-bathroom bach with lots of extras. From the huge storage shed where you can securely stash any ‘extras’ (boat, kayaks, jetski), to the fish filleting station, to the spa pool on the deck, this place has it all. Vineyards, beaches and farmers’ markets are literally minutes away. The bach is perched high up on the hill opposite Morris and James Pottery, so has fantastic views. Owners Terry and Ursula will take you sightseeing or fishing, and there are kayaks and bikes available for your use. Check out the photos online at Bachcare. Book fast for this summer… www.bachcare.co.nz/4099 | T: 09 422 9452

Dog Grooming & Pet Reiki, Matakana

Luxury Pet Apparel Merino tees, hand-knitted sweaters and wool coats - all handmade in New Zealand. Visit us most Saturday mornings in front of Finishing Touches, 38 Matakana Valley Road.

Shop online: www.mrsofttop.com Phone: 021 419 888


My aim is to provide a quality dog grooming service in a calm, relaxed haven. Here your pet will be safe, pampered and revitalised. As a Reiki Master, I can help to balance your dog’s energy through the grooming process, ensuring a positive experience.

Introductory Special: $40 for full groom Caroline Bell • www.poshpuppies.co.nz • T: 09 422 7817 or 021 270 8337

new & noted NZ Book Awards anzac heroes Maria Gill, who’s been a Matakana local for over 14 years, has scored twice in the 2016 New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults. Her book ANZAC Heroes (aimed at readers 9+) is the winner of the Margaret Mahy Book of the Year Award and the Elsie Locke Award for the Best NonFiction Book. Marco Ivancic was the illustrator.

Maria Gill and illustrator, Marco Ivancic. Photo credit: Matt Bialostocki

The judges said ANZAC Heroes was “simply stunning,” and “impossible to put down”. The awards, announced on 8 August, are a celebration of the contribution NZ children’s authors and illustrators make to build cultural heritage. There are a few copies at both Matakana Books and Warkworth Paper Plus that Maria has signed… be quick! Check out her other work (this is her 46th book!) www.mariagill.co.nz Congratulations Maria!

springboard $117K

house of the year

Stockyard falls reality

On August 6th, Snells Beach youth charity Springboard held its annual fundraising dinner and auction at Ascension Vineyard. Guests had a delicious dinner courtesy of Ascension and excellent music from local band White Chapel Jak, who donated their time and talent. Auctions run by Bayleys created some fantastic competition. The total raised was a whopping $117,109. Springboard want to thank the community for their generosity.

The House of the Year winners have been announced and there are a number of them in our area. This one in Point Wells built by Steve Haycock Construction. Deceptively simple and elegantly understated outside, it’s much more complex than it seems. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms in 220sqm. Timber interior walls give a mid-century, Scandinavian feel to living spaces, and we adore the window seat. Living and dining areas open with exceptional outdoor flow into a surprisingly big back lawn. And there’s some very cool lighting. We’re hoping to cover this in an upcoming issue of Junction. Watch this space. www.houseoftheyear.co.nz www.stevehaycockconstruction.co.nz

That big paddock opposite Mitre 10 on Woodcocks Rd is looking likely to be disappearing in the not-too-distant future. The resource consent for the Stockyard Falls site is in progress and Warkworth will soon have 15,000m2 of extra retail therapy, along with a few hundred car parks. Glen Inger is the developer, a local boy who went to Rodney College and was one of the founding members of the Warehouse Group, and Executive Director for 11 years. He’s also investing in a massive avocado farming venture on the Kaipara Coast with Southern Paprika. Glen is in this for the long haul, saying, “Once the motorway is built, growth will continue and the demand will definitely be there.”

If you’d like to support Springboard too, join their 1000@10 club. Springboard are looking for 1000 generous people to give $10 or more a month. The account is 12 3095 0219278 01. Just let them know you’ve joined – email mail@springboard.org. nz www.springboard.org.nz


MATAKANA BACON Lovingly hand made with only natural ingredients and happy free range, cage free, New Zealand pigs. Free from additives like nitrates, nitrites, sugar, gluten or added water.



Omaha’s Number One Sales Agent *

Di Balich AREINZ M: +64 21 917 080 E: di@precision.net.nz W: www.precision.net.nz A: 41 Matakana Valley Road, Matakana Licensed under REA Act (2008) *June 2015 - July 2016


junction observant awards The Woolshed | Country Park | Matakana PHOTOS








Bianca Howlett, Junction Publisher introducing the Awards; the tables set to go - styling by Morrae Stephens, Boutique Bar; John Baker, proud owner of Country Park; the team from Jin Jin ready to serve a delicious feast; Lou Lou entertained with her dulcet tones.

989 Matakana Road | Matakana | 09 422 9697 BOOK NOW FOR YOUR WEDDING OR SUMMER EVENT Junction Observant Awards 2016 Finalist We would like to thank all our customers for voting for us!



Clockwise from top left: Wendy Douglas, our MC extraordinaire, glammed up the Awards; dessert is served; a very happy Junction team (Clinton and Bianca Howlett, Tracey Stimpson, Cola Larcombe and Kathy Hunter); table flowers, Boutique Bar in the background serving fine local wines and beers; [www.boutiquebar.co.nz] Mark Griffiths of The Gourmet Within with Junction Editor, Kathy Hunter; The Winners! Michael Putlack and Dan Paine from Matakana Cinemas; a bunch of jolly revellers; Charlie and Heather from Charlies Gelato; a glamourous group of fur-clad ladies, Carlie Blanchett-Burton, Yvonnne Letton, Wendy Douglas and Josie Jackson.


Riverview Plaza, 4 Kapanui St, Warkworth (09) 425 9673

SPRING HAS COME TO REVISION Dolly has a new dress, we have a new window display & some beautiful pieces by Cherith Curtis Art for Sale. We provide a complete, clothing alteration & repair, drycleaning, shoe repair & sewing machine service.


Mon – Fri 9am - 4.30pm Sat 9.30am – 2pm 4 Kapanui St, Warkworth (09) 425 8489 An exciting and eclectic range of new and nearly new designer clothing, shoes and accessories. "A unique shopping experience" New stock introduced weekly.



great outdoors words



warkworth walks TURNS EIGHT Thursday 10 November to Sunday 13 November 2016 It’s been eight years since its inception and Warkworth Walks now generate a booking frenzy – 450 walks sold out in a week last year. What started out in 2009 as seven trails catering for fewer than 200 walkers is now 15 trails with potential space for just under 500. The big change for 2016 is the introduction of an electronic booking system which will hopefully make life a lot easier for both walkers and organisers. Once again, we focus on getting you to the special places you normally can’t go and providing local hospitality along the way. Our two most popular walks, Gibbs Farm Sculpture Park and Hauturu, exemplify this philosophy. Both are back on the programme this year and are guaranteed to sell out. The challenge each year is to keep things fresh by introducing new trails. This year we have five: a ferry/walking trip to beautiful Motuora Island; an adventure through the Kaipara back country from Mount Auckland to Dill Farm bordering the Hoteo River; the Coastal Explorer takes walkers from Sandspit around the low tide flats of Brick Bay, Snells Beach, Algies Bay and Scandrett Reserve to Martins Bay; the Photographer’s Trail starts at dawn and visits photographic highlights in our local area; and we also go back to our local gem, Tawharanui, with an expert guide from TOSSI. There are also another eight walks that were all part of our sell-out year in 2015, and they offer our signature mix of delicious food and drink in beautiful environments.



and the High Country if you are a true hiker, or Big Omaha Trail if you like something with exceptional beauty and a hearty lunch, but is downhill all the way. If you tend even more towards the gastronomic side of things, Duck Creek Explorer and Vineyard Trail will offer a good walk, uncharted territory and plenty of sustenance along the way. For me, if I can have another blue-sky day as I descend to the glowing beauty of Big Bay, eat my picnic lunch on the deserted beach, and have a dip in the sparkling spring ocean, I will be a very happy man. Every trail on the schedule is unique and worthy of your patronage so, whether your passion is native bush, empty coastlines, rolling farmland or just being in the moment in the beautiful outdoors, join us in November for a weekend of walks that will be truly memorable. Make a long weekend of it and choose a walk for each day, but remember to book early to avoid disappointment. We look forward to seeing you for Warkworth Walks 2016. www.warkworthwalks.co.nz | Tickets on sale 1st September.

So which walk should you choose, I hear you ask? I’ve walked or guided at least half of them and, for me, the ideal combination is normally inaccessible land and a nice lunch with new friends. Take a look at Hoteo

Surveying the Gulf.

Open daily from 9am with personal assistance between 10am – 1pm.

A bit of bush bashing.

Our group of enthusiastic volunteers, situated in the Matakana Valley Cinema Foyer, can provide you with plenty of information including free maps & brochures to ensure you enjoy a memorable visit to Matakana Coast.

Matakana Cinemas Foyer, 2 Matakana Valley Road, Matakana WWW.MATAKANAINFO.ORG.NZ Email matakanainfo@xtra.co.nz or Phone +64 9 422 7433 Photo Courtesy of Katherine Norman


Gibb’s Farm walk.

Big Omaha trail. Photo credit: Ian Macdonald

Home to Brambles Cafe, the Stables Restaurant and Smiths Bar

50-acre country estate

50-acre country estate

School Holidays are coming Come Stay, Play and Enjoy! • Mini train rides • Horse and carriage rides

• Adventure playground • Animal petting zoo

FUN FOR ALL THE FAMILY, WEDDINGS, PARTIES, CONFERENCES & EVENTS www.matakanacountrypark.co.nz | info@matakanacountrypark.co.nz 09 422 7437 | 1151 leigh Road, Matakana, Auckland, NZ



great outdoors WORDS



take a walk on the wild side Step aside Hip-Hop Grannies, Mangawhai has a formidable gang in town. Tricky dance moves are nothing compared to steep contours and rough conditions with a dodgy back. Meet the Mangawhai Tracks Charitable Trust, or better known locally as the ‘Trackies’. On any given Friday, rain or shine, this dedicated group rally together to maintain existing Mangawhai tracks and form exciting new ones. Some of the most beautiful local walks have been carved directly by the hands of these amazing volunteers. But more surprising is the average age of these hands – 65 years young, with Mike sitting around the 75 mark. It can be backbreaking work amongst some of Northland’s most

Some of the most beautiful local walks have been carved directly BY the hands of these amazing volunteers

difficult terrain. So what drives this group of 40 or so members? Chairman Gordon Hosking reckons it’s good to do something for the community, and that’s about as fanciful as he gets. He’s not one for applause or thanks. “We love the sense of achievement and companionship – we’re always having a good laugh. Among our group are some really interesting people, a retired scientist, ex engineers and local farmers. We’re a well preserved lot, and pretty hardy”. Mishaps have been few, a roll off the side of a hill here and there, nothing major. Although Gordon does reflect on the day a rather considerable bridge structure was put in place only to disappear a fortnight later – found 50 metres or so downstream!


What about succession planning, considering most of the members are edging towards being a little, er, over the hill? Gordon agrees. “When we open a new walk, like the Tanekaha Waterfall Track we tend to attract a big crowd across all ages. We hope this creates awareness of our work and will encourage new members to get involved.” In the pipeline are some outstanding plans, including a botanical loop around the Tanekaha Complex, dishing out waterfalls, spectacular puriri trees and abundant birdlife across a gentle contour. Gutsy by anyone’s standard, this construction should take about two years, but in typical Trackies style they’re aiming to knock it out much quicker. There will also be two more stages added to the ‘Round the Harbour’ track in Mangawhai, taking walkers from Picnic Bay to the campground and Back Bay to the local tavern. If you would like to help out, just dust off your boots and bring your sense of humour to the Mangawhai Club (next to the Golf Club and Information Centre on Molesworth Drive) by 8am each Friday - it’s tools down by noon. Mangawhai is firmly on the map because of these incredible walks. Our community salutes this hardworking team. Gordon Hoskings T: 027 458 6500

Left: Mangawhai Trackers hit a natural high; right: Tanekaha track; below: a waterfall track.

Plume, the vineyard restaurant, a ‘must visit’ on your journey through Matakana.

Plume, proudly the house of Runner Duck Wines.

For opening hours please call or visit www plumerestaurant.co.nz 49a Sharp Road | 09 422 7915 | reservations@plumerestaurant.co.nz

J002268_Plume Adverts - March.indd 1


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bike mangawhai Mangawhai cyclists of all ages will be well chuffed now that Bike Mangawhai is up and running. Sadie Parker, ex-Olympic level mountain biker, has opened a bike store at 110A Moir Point Road with some great brands for sale (Giant, Avanti and Scott, plus Micro Scooters and all bike accessories), and a workshop. But that’s far from all. Sadie is a passionate biker who is deeply involved in lobbying the Council to put in more biking tracks all over Mangawhai, including one that will link Cove Road with Molesworth Drive along the edge of the estuary. In fact, work has already started on the beginnings of this track, and to get the show on the road, there’s a trackside planting day on September 3rd (all welcome – meet at 1pm at the Museum). Sadie has also been part of the MAZ (Mangawhai Action Zone) group that has put together one of the best cycle areas around. Behind the Museum there’s not only 4km of excellent mountain bike trails, but a pump track is in the plans too. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a track full of lumps, bumps and cambered berms which a rider who knows what they’re is doing can negotiate without pedaling – by using only the impetus of the bike over the bumps. It’s a growing sport with a huge following. Sadie runs skill sessions every Monday afternoon for kids. There are over 30 children aged 5-14 in couple of different age groups and she teaches them safety techniques and lots of fun stuff. They even have a club, Mangawhai Rayders Cycle Club. All members ride in a club cycle shirt – “just to make it more like a family,” says Sadie. One of her kids ended up at the Northland School Champs recently and came fifth overall. The club also has 30 adults riding road and mountain-bike twice a week…so there is plenty of organised cycling and coaching in the town. The Rayders are proudly the second biggest cycle club in Northland. “There are lots of us that just want to make Mangawhai more bikefriendly,” says Sadie. “Over summer it’ll be much better to bike to places – the beach for example. No more parking hassles!” But currently there are no bike racks for locking up your bike. Sadie plans to change that… more power to her wheels! Bike Mangawhai | 110A Moir Point Road, Mangawhai T: 022 453 4475 or 09 4314546

From top: Sadie at her Bike Mangawhai shop; Mangawhai Rayders Cycle Club; the younger team lined up and ready for some bike action.

From vintage mink to china sink we reckon you’ll be

Tickled Pink! Retro and collectibles

Wednesday-Friday 10am-4pm Saturday 10am-1pm 58 Queen Street Warkworth phone 425 0534 Raising funds for Warkworth Wellsford Hospice www.warkworthwellsfordhospice.co.nz 16


master huntsman an audience with sir huntalot +




Photo supplied by Geordie Murman.


I set about tracking down Geordie Murman with the intention of having a quick chat about hunting. Anyone who knows Geordie, or me for that matter, would assume the ‘quick’ part of the plan was the most ambitious. It took stealth, patience and persistence to bail up this good keen bloke, but I finally managed to do it. Confident that it wouldn’t take long to find out what Bambi did to deserve Geordie Murman, I was sure I’d have our local hunting legend tagged and released by lunchtime. Eight hours later, I was looking round for the dehydrated remains of young wannabe Crumps. It’s not that Geordie isn’t generous with his knowledge and experience – he is – but hunting stories are just the bycatch of a conversation that will only ever be about conservation. Geordie has spent his life straddling the fence between the wants of primary industry and the need to preserve New Zealand’s precious fauna and flora. Like many Leigh lads, Geordie started work on fishing boats but by 1979 found himself on Little Barrier trapping cats for the Wildlife Service. He went on to become a Wildlife Manager, specialising in endangered bird species on offshore islands. Geordie’s love of native birds takes flight when he talks about his time in the Chatham Islands, but a change of direction saw him take on the adventure of commercial diving.

Fishing brought him back to Leigh and to his old stomping ground, Mount Tamahunga, which was by then severely degraded by feral exfarm goats. In 2004 and for the next three years Geordie set about hunting down every single goat – 1,340 in total. Ten years later, Geordie’s legacy is self-evident. The vital next layer of native plants and are now well above head height. Geordie introduces me to the young saplings as if they were his mokopuna. The teenage totara, puriri and rewarewa are racing upwards and will, one day, stand alongside their giant guardians. With Tamahunga on the mend, Geordie now hunts full-time as a deer control contractor for D.O.C. / Auckland Council. His mission is to eradicate deer from protected bush and private covenanted bush blocks. Deer regularly escape from local farms or drift out of Woodhill Forest, posing a serious threat to native bush reserves, including the Waitakere and Hunua Ranges. What really gets Geordie’s goat are the recreational hunters and corporates intent on using our native bush reserves as their own private pantry. They’re keen for them to stay stocked with goats, pigs and deer, with no concern for the devastation these animals wreak on our native flora and fauna. If Geordie Murman had me in his sights… I’d be nervous.

MATAKANA COAST WINE COUNTRY – OUTDOOR HAVEN Matakana Coast Wine Country is an outdoor haven and getting out and exploring the region is a must - whether its horse riding along white sandy beaches, diving in some of the clearest waters New Zealand has to offer, snorkelling with the fish in New Zealand’s oldest Marine Reserve, visiting unique regional parks, enjoying the Matakana Wine Trail, following the collectables Trail or enjoying the many attractions and activities the Matakana Coast Wine Country has to offer. There is something for everyone! To plan you visit to the Matakana Coast Wine Country visit: www.matakanacoast.com or call in at 1 Baxter Street and pick up the latest Official Visitor Guide. More information or to book accommodation & tours contact Warkworth i-SITE on +64 9 425 9081 or visit www.matakanacoast.co.nz



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Twice now, nearly thirty years apart, Auckland Regional Parks has proposed car access and parking for thousands at beautiful Te Muri beach (between Sullivan’s Bay in Mahurangi West and Wenderholm). And twice the community has responded by pleading the case for walking access only. But this time, not only has the council backed off plans for intrusive road access, it has recommended limiting vehicles to the western end of the park, more than three kilometres from the beach. Even that might not eventuate, and if it does, only after the Pūhoi–Warkworth motorway is built. Asked about her organisation’s reaction to this news, Mahurangi Action president Tessa Berger said it was one immense relief. “Only two of

Tessa Berger points to the spot where the proposed chain ferry may link Te Muri to Wenderholm. Photo credit Caitlin Owston-Doyle.



Goat Island near Leigh is the home of New Zealand’s very first marine reserve. For over 40 years it has rehabilitated the marine environment and grown into a well-known attraction not to be missed by both domestic and international visitors. Approximately 80km north of Auckland and 10km past Matakana, Leigh is the perfect escape from the city, or for travellers making their way north. For those driving to the reserve, it’s well sign-posted and free parking is available at the Department of Conservation car park, just above the main beach. Priding themselves on making Goat Island as enjoyable and accessible as possible for all types of visitors, Glass Bottom Boat Tours, Kayak and Snorkel Hire offer the Goat Island Experience Package. No car? No worries. City Buses provide transport to



Goat Island Marine Reserve, Goat Island Rd, Leigh

www.glassbottomboat.co.nz | 09 422 6334 | 027 497 9764


140 Phase 1 submissions supported vehicle access, yet the draft plan favoured cars over people,” she said. “Many of the 383 Phase 2 submitters were cynical about the chances of a council rethink, so this result’s a credit to everyone involved, particularly the planners and managers who recognised the community’s vision for the park.” While the campaign for a Mahurangi Coastal Trail and Te Araroa link as the principal access to Te Muri was strongly supported, the council does not favour a footbridge across the Pūhoi Estuary. Asked whether the Mahurangi Coastal Trail Trust, which Tessa also chairs, was despondent (given that without a river crossing, there can be no coastal trail) Tessa’s upbeat: “Well, the report is supportive of the coastal trail, and quite rightly it’s recommending a robust investigation of crossing alternatives. However, it’s also suggested a Pūhoi river mouth chain ferry, saying it ‘could become a unique attraction in itself’.” Asked how long it might be before the coastal trail could be operating, Berger said that a prototype chain ferry could be trialled as soon as this summer. “If that works out, the coastal trail could connect Wenderholm, Pūhoi and Mahurangi West the summer after next, which is definitely something for park users to be excited about!” Above: Visualisation of the Mahurangi Coastal Trail chain ferry option suggested by Auckland Council, at the Pūhoi river mouth. Rendering Jefferson Chapple.

Warkworth, and Goat Island can provide transport aboard the ‘Goat Island Express’ to the beach. Call to enquire about bus transport and Goat Island Express availability. Once aboard the ‘Aquador’, visitors can look through the boat’s glass bottom and view an array of spectacular fish (including some seriously large ‘Grandaddy’ snapper which have been around for years) swimming through the abundant kelp and seaweed forests. You’ll spy eagle and sting rays as they glide over the sand, and see many other types of marine life nestled among the reefs. Glass Bottom Boat tours are not only popular among family holiday-makers but has a growing reputation for providing top quality team-building workshops and school group tours. There’s room for up to 49 passengers aboard the boat, kayaks for 12 people and enough snorkelling gear for a group of 150. www.glassbottomboat.co.nz | T: 09 422 6334 or 027 497 9764

As the world’s leading luxury real estate brand, we are proud to open our new office in the picturesque destination of Matakana.

Shane Romani Charlotte Wilson +64 21 889 906 shane.romani@sothebysrealty.com

+64 27 539 6326 charlotte.wilson@sothebysrealty.com

Shop 2A Matakana Village Matakana Valley Road, Matakana +64 9 422 7245

nzsothebysrealty.com AUCKLAND | WAIHEKE | MATAKANA | BAY OF ISLANDS | HAWKE’S BAY | WELLINGTON | NELSON | MARLBOROUGH | CHRISTCHURCH | QUEENSTOWN | ARROWTOWN | WANAKA Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. Browns Real Estate Limited (licensed under the REAA 2008) MREINZ.



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DIVE the hauraki gulf Spring is almost upon us and the diving officially starts on September 1st with the opening of the scalloping season. The winter has been particularly tough this year with relentless winds and rain making it very difficult for even hardened divers to venture out. But that’s good news for a lot of you – reports just in are that the crayfish are here in abundance! And for those of you who want to see our beautiful reefs and meet wonderful marine life up close and personal, there’s no better location than the Hauraki Gulf. New Zealand is blessed with an incredible diversity of marine life due to its unique location and the currents that frequent it. And the Hauraki Gulf in particular has it all. Our calendar reads like the who’s who in the marine world. December and January is the ray breeding season, and large numbers of eagle, short and long-tailed rays swim into the bays to mate and breed. These are often followed by orca, who are keen to take advantage of this abundance of their favorite snack. February will see the migration of hammerhead sharks that school past our islands in the Gulf. If you know where to look, you can have some amazing encounters. Bottlenose dolphins are always popular and their interaction with divers is getting more and more common. We’re regularly having these now as they have become accustomed to our presence and have a playful inquisitiveness that never ceases to amaze. Towards March you’ll find large whales migrating through the channels in the Gulf. And where there are whales, there are nearly always common dolphin around. We’ve had some amazing encounters with whales bait-balling fish, and dolphins closing in for a free feed. And don’t forget the small stuff – the reef fish. Our reefs are healthy and full of life and you won’t need to venture far to see beautiful marine life on show. Two of our national marine reserves – Goat Island and Tawharanui Regional Park – showcase some amazing creatures such as nudibranches, in stunning colours and varieties.

With the recent addition of a 131-berth marina and enhancement of our surrounds, the Sandspit Yacht Club is bursting with pride. Established in 1960, and now with approx. 450 family memberships with interests in keeler/multihull racing, cruising events, centreboard (junior) sailing, power-boating and sportsfishing, SYC is thriving. This is largely because of, and with thanks to our hard-core base of volunteers.

Maybe hunting and gathering is your thing and you want to get some of those crayfish and scallops –we have dedicated charters for this. And if you need some help in learning, we’re happy to show you how to grab your first cray. Did I mention shipwrecks? Yes, we have those too, and we can take you on another adventure to see them.

The upgraded trailer-ramp and pontoon is in hot demand and the haulout facility is always busy. A good fleet of boats take part in the Friday night Rum races, and/or in the year-round opportunity of weekend racing. There's a growing interest in the cruising series with all manner of boats taking part in these social events. The juniors do their sailing at the SYC facilities in Algies Bay where they learn to sail, race and have fun October-April, and take part in regattas around the country throughout the year. Kawau Bay is an absolutely idyllic playground for boating, be it fishing, sailing or just having fun in the sun, and with the Barrier, Coromandel and Bay of Islands beckoning in the distance, there's no better place to be.

Sandspit Yacht Club 1287 Sandspit Road Warkworth www.sandspit.org.nz Ph: 09 425 9008

If you are lucky enough to be a diver already, why not come and join us on some adventures? We have charters going to many of the surrounding islands and marine reserves. Check out our calendar and book yourself on a trip. No gear? Not a problem – we can supply this too.

FLOATING A RAFT OF IDEAS Pontoonz Swimraft - Paihia

Pontoonz DocBloc Pods

Pump Station Platform

Pontoonz Multipurpose platform


The PONTOONZ concept is designed as a DIY Modular float system ideal for many applications such as Pontoon Boats, Houseboats, Swim & Picnic rafts, work barges, fishing, whitebaiting & Duck Shooting Mai Mai, floating walkways in wetlands, Aquaculture work platforms, stable boating for the disabled, floata homes & campers .. Got an idea ? Then float it with PONTOONZ as long & wide as you want. Email: ask@pontoonz.co.nz

Web: pontoonz.co.nz

Ph: 027-555-2000

Pontoonz Simple construction

Pontoonz Wetland Floating Walkway

Pontoonz America's Cup Marker/Instrument Boats

Pontoonz Affordable houses

dolphins ... have become accustomed to our presence and have a playful inquisitiveness that never ceases to amaze

If you’ve never dived before and want to learn, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. We have evening and weekend courses, with online theory so you can learn at your own pace. And we can provide the gear for you to keep the costs low. If you’re experienced, but want to increase your knowledge and do some advanced diving, New Zealand Diving is a 5-star instructor training centre for both sports and technical diving. So we pretty much have it all covered; all we need is you. Give us a call and join us on an adventure in the marine playground in your own backyard – the Hauraki Gulf. New Zealand Diving T: 094223599 or free phone 0800NZDIVING E: dive@nzdiving.co.nz | www.nzdiving.co.nz C











doc + regional camping It’s that time of year again – the time when hardy folk around the country start dusting off their camping gear, checking the trailer and thinking about what marvellously inaccessible, remote and arduous campground they can go to this year... there’s something about sitting back on your camp chair with a cold one once you’ve lugged all your gear in by foot or by boat and taken most of the day to get sorted. The onerousness of the whole thing makes it that much more desirable to some... and of course, there’s the silence, the birds, the fishing... the fun. Oh and of course, it’s cheap as chips! We bring you a few of the best DOC and Auckland Regional Park (ARC) campgrounds you may not know about... the time to book is NOW. NOTE: Help stop kauri dieback Kauri dieback disease is killing our native kauri. It spreads by soil movement, but you can help prevent it. Please stay away from kauri tree roots and clean your gear before and after visiting kauri forest. Applicable to all DOC sites.

DOC CAMPS Akapoua Bay Campsite

with one of the most successful community-lead conservation projects in the world – it’s a completely predator-free environment for rare and endangered wildlife. Take a night-walk for a chance to see little spotted kiwi, little blue penguins and tuatara. The bunkhouse on Tiritiri Matangi Island can be booked for overnight stays (there is limited availability), but you’ll have to book early (including booking the ferry) and be organised – but it’s well worth it. Wake up to the sounds of the famed dawn chorus, enjoy spectacular views of the Hauraki Gulf, and take walks amongst regenerating bush. If staying overnight you must have a completed Biosecurity Checklist. You’ll have to bring everything - food, all your own linen etc, but kitchen gear is all supplied and there are hot showers. There are 15 bunk beds in three dorms: Kahu – 4 beds, Kokako – 5 beds and Tuatara – 6 beds. You may be sharing living areas and bunkrooms with others or with voluteers or students. Private boats and kayaks can also visit the island. A decent landing is found at Hobbs Beach on the western side of the island, where there is good swimming and snorkelling. FEES PER NIGHT: Adult 18+ $30; Child 0-17 $20 Bookings: Essential. Can be made up to nine months in advance. Book online or contact: Warkworth Great Barrier Island Area Office. T: 09 425 7812 E: warkworth@doc.govt.nz For more info about Tiritiri Matangi, go to: www.doc.govt.nz/tiritiri-matangi-island-bunkhouse Getting there: A ferry service operates Wednesday to Sunday, and on public holidays (except Christmas Day). During the peak season (November to April), the ferry can get booked up well in advance. Visit the Fullers + 360 Discovery website to check availability. www.fullers.co.nz

Port Fitzroy, Great Barrier Island Type: Car, Campervan or Caravan – 30 non-powered sites Available: A wharf, shop, fuel depot and post office all nearby. Akapoua is a popular family campground set among ancient pohutakawa trees near the sheltered waters of Port Fitzroy. It’s the gateway to many of the island’s walking tracks. One of the Great Barrier DOC staff we spoke to said the other campsites on Great Barrier are beautiful but that this was her favourite. There’s a shingle beach and very good fishing in the harbour. FEES PER NIGHT: Adult 18+ $10; Child 5-17 $5; Infant 0-4 free

Motuora island campsite

Bookings: Akapoua Bay campsite online, or contact: Tamaki Makaurau - Auckland Visitor Centre 09 379 6476. www.booking.doc.govt.nz

Enjoy the beautiful beaches, secluded picnic spots and clear waters of Motuora Island. This is an island sanctuary for native flora and fauna. The camp is near a Māori historic site and early European settlement. Motuora makes for great walking, all water sports and bird watching. Watch for kiwi, whitehead, grey faced petrel and NZ dotterel. Like Tiritiri Matangi, Motuora Island is pest-free and it’s possible to hear and sometimes see (at night) the North Island brown kiwi.

Getting there: From Auckland, passenger and car ferry to Tryphena or Port Fitzroy, private boat to Port Fitzroy, or air travel to Claris or Okiwi. Rental cars available for hire from Tryphena and Claris by arrangement. tiritiri matangi island - bunkhouse

35 non-powered/tent sites Capacity per campsite - 6 people per site Total campground capacity - 75 people FEES PER NIGHT: Adult 18+ $6; Child 5-17 $3; up to 4 years: free Pay cash on arrival at the self-registration stand at the campsite. Book Motuora Island Campsite online, or contact: Tamaki Makaurau / Auckland Visitor Centre T: 09 379 6476 E: aucklandvc@doc.govt.nz or www.booking.doc.govt.nz

Photo credit: Drew Heath

This island represents an amazing opportunity to see some unique native treasures. Tiritiri Matangi is rich in Maori and European history


Getting there: On the west coast of Motuora Island, 6km east of Mahurangi Harbour. There is no ferry service to Motuora. However, you can organise a water taxi or charter boat. Water taxis are available from Sandspit Wharf near Warkworth, about an hour’s drive north of Auckland.

REGIONAL CAMPS Set on a remote peninsula just past Matakana, Tawharanui Regional Park boasts some of the Auckland region’s most beautiful white sand beaches, rolling pastures, shingled bays, native coastal forest and regenerating wetlands. There are four white sandy beaches on Tawharanui’s north coast totalling 3 kilometres. The main beach is Anchor Bay which is approximately 360 metres of white sand and is in close proximity to picnic areas. No shops at all though - Matakana is closest at nearly half an hour away. Tawharanui is New Zealand’s first open sanctuary integrating conservation, recreation and farming. Pest free habitat provides a safe home for threatened native wildlife. To help keep Tawharanui free of pests please check your vehicle and belongings for stowaway pests before you visit. Dogs are prohibited at all times.

Sullivan’s Bay campground is the only vehicle-based campground in the beautiful Mahurangi Regional Park and is very popular, so book well ahead of time. Camping is along the beachfront on a large grassy area, with some large trees to shelter under. There is easy access to sea kayaking along the sheltered bays and heaps of walking opportunities to the lookout and other camping sites. Max capacity 30 people (including infants) / non powered sites FEES PER NIGHT: Adult 18+ $15; Child 5-17; $6; up to 5 years: free BookingS: Auckland Regional Council T: 09 366 2000 (option 2) E: regionalparks@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz Getting there: 190 Ngarewa Drive, Mahurangi West scandrett regional park, mahurangi

Tawharanui all modes CAMPSITE

All modes (up to 8 meters in length) campground on the northern coast behind the sand dunes between Phoenix Reef and Comet rock. Max people: 90 including infants. (See fees below). Tawharanui TENTS ONLY CAMPSITE

There are often simple but stunningly-sited and affordable baches within our Regional Parks which not a lot of people know about. It’s a rather more civilised option for those who’d like to get away from it all but don’t want to camp. Scandrett is a beautiful regional park that’s quite historic – the original farmhouse was built in 1885 and has had four generations of Scandretts living in it. There three cute, retro baches right on the beach - one of which was originally owned by Trelise Cooper’s family, and one (Moonlight) by wildlife photographer Geoff Moon and Charles Light (Moon+Light), who used to be the Dean of Design at the Architecture School at Auckland University. Coldham bach: max 6 people (incl infants) parking limited to 2 vehicles Graham bach: max 8 people (incl infants) parking limited to 2 vehicles Moonlight bach: max 6 people (incl infants) parking limited to 2 vehicles FEES: All baches are $168 per night peak season. $112 off peak. BookingS: Auckland Regional Council T: 09 366 2000 (option 2) E: regionalparks@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz Getting there: 114 Scandrett Road, Mahurangi East

This is a hugely popular campground with great basic facilities and awesome access to some of the most beautiful beaches you’ll find anywhere. Families come here year after year. You’ll need to be fast and determined to get in. Max capacity 200 people including infants. FEES PER NIGHT: Adult 18+ $15; Child 5-17 $6; up to 5 years: free No cash payments are available at any time on park. BOokingS: Auckland Regional Council T: 09 366 2000 (option 2) E: regionalparks@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz Getting there: Drive to 1181 Takutu Road, Tawharanui

There are a number of other baches available around the Matakana Coast including at Mahurangi Regional Park and Tawharanui. Go to www.regionalparks.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz to find out more.

Bookings are essential for all Regional Park campsites and baches. They are extremely popular places in summer so it is recommended to book early. Contact Auckland Regional Council. T: 09 366 2000 (option 2)

sullivan’s bay Campground, mahurangi

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Discover NZ’s underwater world and learn about the research being carried out at the Leigh Marine Laboratory through our touch tank, sound tunnel, BIGeye microscope, shell and animal collection, scavenger hunt activities and information panels. September school holiday programme starts 26 September.

Owned and run by adventure-lovers Tony and Nina, Blue Adventures is recommended by Tripadvisor and has recently won the New Zealand Travel Industry Awards. Whether you’re looking for kiteboarding, SUP or wakeboarding lessons we provide you with a safe and fun way to learn these amazing water sports.

Unique sporting facility with something to offer the whole family, Golf Driving range, baseball and softball batting cages, 9 hole mini golf course, cricket bowling machine and air rifles. Conveniently located on SH1 on the fringe of Warkworth township.

www.goatislandmarine.co.nz T: 09 923 3645

www.blueadventures.co.nz | 022 630 5705 bookings@blueadventures.co.nz

Horse riding and trekking for all ages and abilities through scenic farm and forest just 45 minutes north of Auckland. Quiet horses and ponies. Birthday rides, casual rides, school holiday programmes, lessons, gift vouchers, riding holidays. 42 Kaipara Flats Road (3km north of Warkworth) www.horseridingwarkworth.co.nz T: 09-425 8517

Open 7 days | 09 425 8393 www.therangewarkworth.co.nz

Junction magazine



linen 2 go LINEN SERVICE


Situated in a coastal bush setting, this zoo displays and breeds many species of both native and exoctic reptiles. An ideal outing for families as well as organised groups and educational school trips.

Displaying local history with exhibits such as The Working Machinery Exhibit, and walks through the native bush of the Parry Kauri Park.

Linen 2 Go has one main aim, to make things easier for you. It’s a linen service which hires sheets, towels and table cloths to all types of holiday accommodation on the Matakana Coast and neighbouring areas. Commercially washing, ironing, folding and delivering them to your door. www.linen2go.nz | T : 021 99 4400

Advertise your business in the Junction Magazine Marketplace, printing 10,000 copies distributed throughout Auckland and from Puhoi to Waipu.

27 Ti Point Road, Leigh Open daily 10am-5pm T: 09 4226021 | www.reptilepark.co.nz

Parry Kauri Park, off Wilson Road, Warkworth. Open daily 10am-3pm Bring this advert for discount T: 09 425 4620 www.warkworthmuseum.co.nz

Beach House Excelsior ACCOMODATION

Guest House Excelsior ACCOMODATION



Welcome to our Omaha beach house 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 3 large decks. Sleeps 6. Incl. guest house sleeps 8. 300m to stunning Omaha beach, 400m to Omaha golf course, 100m to boat ramp, jetty & harbour, great for sailing, fishing, SUP, surfing, walking. All day sun and harbour views.

Studio style guest house for couples. Sunny and private, a choice of outdoor living areas so you can chase the sun. Ideal for a weekend or overnight escape. 100m to boat ramp, jetty & harbour. For the more adventurous spend the day sailing or fishing, SUP, surfing. 300m to stunning Omaha beach. 400m to Omaha golf course.

Black Fern looks over Ascension and is perfect for a relaxing holiday, family reunions and wedding accommodation. Featuring four ensuite bedrooms, gourmet kitchen, heated pool, covered BBQ area with kitchen and fireplace. The separate self-contained cottage brings the sleeping capacity up to 10 people.

Sugarloaf Lodge is an impeccably stylish B&B Retreat, set on 5 acres of lush countryside, on the slopes of Sugarloaf Hill. Just 4 minutes from Matakana. Romantic and restful.

P: Sue 021 926 920 E: suezanestass@gmail.com

P: Sue 021 926 920 E: suezanestass@gmail.com


THE ABBEY accommodation

the chapel accommodation

takatu lodge & vineyard

Tangihau Retreat lodge

This funky converted church hall is set in subtropical gardens. Modern french inspired décor, sleeping four with a modern kitchen, bathroom and sunny separate lounge which has a big private deck, perfect for entertaining in the evening. Book via Airbnb, BookaBach or HolidayHouses; by searching The Abbey.

Come and enjoy our unique, converted 1950’s church in the heart of this little village. A gorgeous blend of antique and brand new furniture and appliances and delightful, retro, slightly religious themed decor. Sleeps 6. Book via Airbnb, BookaBach or HolidayHouses; by searching The Chapel.

A luxurious coastal hideaway on the fringe of vibrant Matakana Village. Enjoy the exclusive comfort in the contemporary spaces of a classic lodge. The perfect environment to prepare for your big day or say your wedding vows on the waterfront lawn.



Slip into the luxury of time and relax, rejuvenate and reconnect. A stay at Takatu Lodge & Vineyard is a unique experience with elegance and comfort. Whether you’re celebrating or simply need a getaway, enjoy one of our 4 romantic suites, each with its own personality and character, providing you with a memorable stay. 09 423 0299 • 021 08299630 www.takatulodge.co.nz


Prices $125 - 1 issue, $95 - 3 issues, $90 - 6 issues (ex GST, per issue) E: ads@junctionmagazine.co.nz

09 423 0460 | 021 022 69 331 stay@sugarloaflodge.co.nz www.sugarloaflodge.co.nz



school holiday ideas salt water eco Surf Junky – 3 or 5 Day Program (Kids 6 – 12 years old) Week 1 Sep 26th – 30th Week 2 October 3rd – 7th Catch the surf bug with this epic three day kids only surf camp. We run our Surf Junky Holiday Programmes from Omaha Beach – a great child friendly surf location. What’s included: Three x two hour surf sessions over three days. Expert surf tuition including surf and water safety skills. All your surf equipment is provided and beach games are all part of the service. www.saltwatereco.co.nz Phone: 021 043 3184 Email: info@saltwatereco.co.nz

Mangawhai Mountain Bike Holiday Program WHEN: 26th and 27th of September 2016 8:30am - 4:30pm WHAT: Mountainbiking skills, trail ride, urban ride and short races. Basic bike maintenance. WHERE: Moirs Point Christian Camp and Mangawhai Activity Zone WHO: Riders aged 10-18 years. PRICE: $90 per rider, includes two days of coaching, one night accomodation and camp activities. COACH: Sadie Parker (Commonwealth Games & World Championship athlete) ACCOMMODATION: www.moirspointchristiancentre.com Afternoon activities will include flying fox, waterslide, and archery. REGISTER: E: sadiebikes@gmail.com T: 02BIKEGIRL for more info. Spaces are limited so book your spot now.

Summer Sessions Matakana Formerly Matakana Beach Outfitters ... will be continuing its annual October Holiday Surf Program this September. Dates are September 27th, 28th and 29th - two hours of surf lessons each day for a total of $99 (all inclusive) at Omaha Beach. Times to be determined. Adult and kids surf lessons as well as surfboard, SUP and body board rentals will also be available each day during the holidays from its Omaha Beach Trailer located in the Omaha Beach parking lot. Call Matt at 027 526 0524 to book or visit our new shop in Matakana. www.summersessions.co.nz | 41 Queen Street, Warkworth T: 9-422-3465

Goat Island Marine Discovery Rock Pool Art: Mon 26th Sept & 3rd October 10.30–12.30pm (Ages 6–9) After learning about the various marine creature in the touch tank and working out which ones live in rock pools, the students will get to build a rock pool and the various animals which live in it. Mussel Dissection: 1.30 – 3.30pm (Ages 10–15) After exploring the tanks and calculating the biodiversity, the students will then learn how to identify 7 parts of a mussel and their functions through a dissection. Building a Fish: Wed 28th Sept & 5th Oct 10.30–12.30pm (Ages 6 –9) We will start with exploring the touch tank to learn about the different animals and how many there are. Using this knowledge the student will go to our glass tank to find out about the fish. Behind the Scene: 1.30 – 3.30pm (Ages 10 – 15) Coma and learn about how the Marine Discovery Centre works! You will not only get to learn about the animals in the tanks but you’ll get to help with keeping them operating.

Check out our School Holiday Programme on www.goatislandmarine.co.nz


T: 09 923 3621 | www.goatislandmarine.co.nz



WARKWORTH GOLF CLUB The Warkworth Golf Club started out on farmland on Woodcocks Road around 1908. It moved around various farms in the Warkworth district, finally settling in its current location on Matakana Road in 1933. These days, new club president Mike McEntegart has membership on his mind. “The future of golf is in the hands of the under 35’s who have a different view of golf,” he says. “With this in mind, we’ll soon be starting a spring/summer program to provide a sporting outlet for these busy people. Professional coaching by Sergio Figueroa is included together with club hire (at 50%) and free golf balls.” The club has easy access from Auckland, it’s right on Matakana Road and has plenty of parking. The 19th hole and the large deck have the best view in town… pitch in Wayne, their new caterer, and you have the perfect venue for weddings, family functions or business meetings. “Have a talk to the team – Tracey, Bella and Wayne – before you look anywhere else for your event,” says Mike. “At Warkworth Golf Club, we’re inclusive, friendly and local,” says Mike. “Seventy per cent of our members live locally. The course is easy to play (you can, of course, make it as hard as you like) with some good hills for fitness if you want them. We pride ourselves on being your local golf club.” Warkworth Golf Club: www.warkworthgolfclub.co.nz T: 09 425 8248

BLUEBELLE is a newly refurbished boutique holiday accommodation just for two.

Available for hire with free delivery to any location on the Matakana Coast.



OMAHA BEACH GOLF CLUB Omaha Beach Golf Club is a championship course which has recently been rated in the top 5% of the country – but it’s also very family friendly, with its youngest member being just six years old. They have a junior programme for all ages on Sundays with the very popular Neil Ludlum (also known as Coach Trackie) mentoring kids. With its sandy base, the Omaha Club benefits from being a virtually all-weather course. General Manager Mike Reid says “Even after the last crazy weather event there were people out there a couple of hours after it was all over.” The club is close to the beach and boat ramp and has an excellent new café, for non-golfing members of the family. And a quick round is easily accommodated – 9 holes for casual golfers is all part of the ‘relaxed, casual’ vibe that Mike is trying to establish.


Grounds work over the last five years has resulted in some stunning vistas and includes native bush, ponds, estuary views and bountiful bird life. In keeping with their family feeling and community focus, Omaha Beach Golf Club has a high profile on the charities circuit. In conjunction with local businesses they regularly host fundraising events, with a lunch for the Make A Wish Foundation raising $14,000 earlier this year. Get in touch to find out more about their great rates for introductory players. Mike says, “We can offer a great package to suit pretty much anyone.” www.omahagolf.co.nz | T: 09 422 7551



Played at Omaha Golf Club lately ? Play at ‘The Beach’ ....... enjoy great value supreme playing conditions at a quality venue. (Mention this ad for 20% off your next green fee, Ts & Cs apply, offer expires 300916) Call 09 422 7551 E: golfdirector@omahagolf.co.nz

Body care inspired by New Zealand

www.matakanabotanicals.co.nz 27


Libby Angus at Full Spectrum Training Facility words



In her bodybuilding bikini photos, Libby Angus twists to accentuate her oiled and tanned body, the muscles so defined they look edible, her face radiant. But like Clark Kent, you’ll find a different person if you swing by Warkworth’s Full Spectrum Training Facility during opening hours: relaxed in casual wear and makeup-free. The gym is owned by her powerlifting partner, Andrew DeVine. Both Mahurangi locals, the pair met at Omaha Surf Club five years ago when Libby was on a mission to improve her health and fitness. She wanted a goal and Andrew suggested bodybuilding. After a few years competing, she’s gained twelve thousand followers on Instagram and hundreds watch the clips on her YouTube channel. At the gym, Andrew runs the training programmes and Libby handles business and promotion, as well as hosting bikini posing classes for bodybuilders. Since opening on July 1 this year, they’ve garnered 50 members. Their goal is 200. As they grow, they’ll be hiring more trainers – but only those who have at least four years university training under their belt. This is one difference between Full Spectrum and other gyms. Both Andrew and Libby studied at Otago University: he took PE, specialising in strength and conditioning over six years, and she did accounting. On the side, Libby taught Body Balance classes at Les Mills, focusing on mobility and strength work. “I didn’t like standard classes where clients didn’t get the love and care they should,” she says. “We have the ability to help them – we don’t want to smash them.” Another point of difference: there are no classes at Full Spectrum. Andrew offers supervised training, which is closer to having a personal trainer but he may be assisting others in the same session. He writes four workouts on a whiteboard and changes them monthly.

“You can come in and do your own thing, or Andrew goes through a workout with you,” says Libby. “Seventy per cent of our members are aged 30 to 50. Fifty per cent are women. They usually have a goal: to lose weight or fix an injury. The workouts tailor to that.” Libby is also keen on community-based training. She taught one of the free workouts offered by Lululemon in Auckland – serving as a poster girl for their activewear. Now she’s developing her own programme, Sweat and Stretch, which is likely to take place outdoors in different locations. Needing hardcore inspiration as summer looms? Search for Libby Angus on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, or read the blog on her website. Better yet, sign up at the gym. www.fullspectrum.co.nz | www.libbyangus.co.nz T: 021 422 813 | E: andrewjamesdevine@gmail.com

OPEN 7 DAYS 8AM ~ 3PM BREAKFAST & LUNCH Locally roasted Rush coffee Hand made food Gluten free, low carb & vegan options Mahurangi Shopping Centre Mahurangi East Road, Snells Beach 09 425 5582 | info@littleandlocal.co.nz www.facebook.com/littleandlocal 28

FREEDOM FROM UNWANTED HAIR! Can you imagine being cooped up in a shower for an entire day, well that’s how long it’s estimated that we spend shaving our legs each year, that’s right- a whole day! Laser hair removal is a great alternative to waxing or shaving, it’s quick, it will save you money in the long run, and you don’t need to worry about getting caught in ‘hairy situations’, as it’s a long lasting treatment to keep those pesky hairs away!

Libby on stage at a recent competition.

Photo credit: Linda Shootz Photography.

Caci have a laser hair removal treatment plan called Freedom®, which is pretty spot on really, who wouldn’t want to be free from hair! It’s a 12 month programme and each session is six to eight weeks apart to ensure the hair is being removed during its active growth stage; that’s why a series of treatments is required to catch the hairs in this cycle. There are a few different types of machines, all treating unwanted hair using an intense pulsating beam of light/laser; but for the sake of simplicity, they are often all referred to as ‘laser hair removal’.

Treat two areas for the price of one until Oct 31 with Caci’s laser hair removal plan.* Caci has offered laser hair removal for over 20 years, and have found that the latest generation VPL (variable pulsed light) is best suited to a wider range of hair and skin types; making it a safe and more effective treatment for hair removal. You can expect to notice results after the 2nd or third treatment, and you will see up to an 80% reduction of the hair at thecompletion of Caci’s programme. As the laser hair removal industry is unregulated in New Zealand, it’s important to choose somewhere you trust. All Caci laser operators undergo extensive training, so you know you’re in safe hands.

Andrew DeVine, owner of Full Spectrum.

CACI WERE FIRST TO BRING LASER HAIR REMOVAL TO NEW ZEALAND OVER 20 YEARS AGO AND HAVE SUCCESSFULLY TREATED OVER 20,000 CLIENTS. The benefit of laser hair removal will outweigh the cost over time, with permanent hair reduction, you don’t need to worry about buying razors, creams, and waxing kits. Plus, Caci offer interest free payment plans so you can pay for your treatments over a 48 week plan. Contact Caci Orewa and book your free consultation today.

New Zealand’s skin and appearance experts 33A Florence Ave, Orewa 09 426 7423 caci.co.nz



mangawhai art house words







Mandy and Glen take tea on the sunny veryandah. Opposite: the main living space is packed with favourite art pieces.

This Mangawhai home is steeped in the arts – owners Mandy Thomsett-Taylor and Glen Taylor both have decades of creativity in their backgrounds, and it shows wherever you look. Glen started out in auction houses in London before arriving in New Zealand in 1981. He and a partner set up their own auction house in Devonport working in general antiques before starting a shop on Ponsonby Road called Urban Attitude. But life had other plans for Glen. He was helping a friend do some building in Auckland when he met the neighbour, artist Michael Parekowhai. They got on well, and Michael asked him to come and do some work with him. Glen ended up as one of four studio members who fabricated and installed Michael’s art for years – including those bulls on those pianos. He and Mandy went to the 2011 Venice Biennale for the launch of the Parekowhai exhibition. “It was definitely one of the highlights of my life,” Glen confirms, thoughtfully. These days he’s self employed – applying his skills part-time to gardening, both in Mangawhai and Auckland.

Mandy, meanwhile, is multi-tasking. She works part-time at The Vivian Gallery in Matakana, and has just built a professionally-appointed, large art studio at their new home in Mangawhai – a long-held dream. She’s teaching painting and drawing; her classes are small and designed to build confidence and skills. The pair have also planned and executed a fabulous apartment adjoining the studio, which they’ve had fun furnishing and setting up as an Air BnB rental. Dubbed ‘Art House’, they opened in January this year and have already been very busy. “The people we’ve had have been just fantastic – we’ve really enjoyed it,” says Mandy. They both feel very settled here. They’ve moved a lot in their time together and Mandy was brought up never staying more than a year in one place. She was born in a caravan in Whangarei but the family went back to her father’s home in Brighton for eight years soon after. “Dad was an entrepreneur who was always having the next idea… and my mother was a wild and restless soul who always needed to move. Whenever there was a storm she’d wrap my sister and I up and head out; for her it was compulsory to go outside and run around in thunderstorms. She was a


Welcome to Annies Vintage and Curios. Settled on two acres just north of Warkworth, a place to take some time out, relax, and enjoy, not only a shop full of diverse collectables, furniture and vintage clothing, away from the hustle and bustle, and away from the day to day pressures of life. Enjoy the ambience, grab a coffee across the road and come on in . A little time out for you.....to look at the things that were built by carpenters and craftsmen for a life time. Annie’s has an ecclectic range of old and new. A place for those who have a passion…………’cause that’s what our Annie has!!!!! www.collectablestrail.co.nz


Annie’s Vintage Curios, 181 State Highway 1, Warkworth P 09 425 0995 M 021912 805

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TOTAL WASTEWATER SOLUTIONS Residential and Commercial Systems. Free quotes.

Contact 09 4117337 or info@septic.co.nz


hugely creative person who could make a home out of a little arrangement of found objects wherever we washed up.” Mandy came back to NZ as a teenager. She’s dyslexic; she hated school and couldn’t wait to leave. She spent her longest period of work selling vintage clothes at Cook Street market in the seventies – ten years. When it was demolished (a terrible day) Mandy and her sister opened a vintage shop called Deluxe in His Majesty’s Arcade until that, too, was demolished in 1987. She had met Glen by then and had moved from Piha to Devonport and finally to Matakana, 25 years ago. They had two daughters and, once they were well into school years, Mandy began an arts degree. Since those days Mandy has gained a Masters degree with Honours. She’s been a finalist for the Wallace Awards twice and had many successful exhibitions. She has taught art at tertiary level for over 15 years. And she has survived breast cancer. But in 2014, a major restructure of the Unitec arts and design department saw Mandy’s beloved teaching job taken from her. They were back in Auckland then, in Titirangi – their two girls had moved overseas and Glen was ready for a sea change. They made the decision to move back up north. They didn’t want a mortgage, so Matakana was out. They wanted somewhere close to the water and amenities but away from hustle and

They wanted somewhere close to the water ... but away from hustle and bustle. Somewhere with a bit of land ... but not too much to be onerous

bustle. Somewhere with a bit of land to garden and be self-sustaining to a degree; but not too much to be onerous. They found the perfect spot – down a bush-lined lane five minutes from Mangawhai Heads, with their own track to the estuary. It had a character-filled old cottage on it, a single big room with a high, rough-sawn ceiling. Mandy had a weird feeling that she’d seen the agedistressed paint on the walls before. They found out that the building had been moved there from Carrington – which had become Unitec – where she’d taught for all those years and which had ended so badly… she had misgivings. But the building had had a long and varied life: as a classroom, a printing studio, a laundry – and in this location, a women’s retreat. It had a good vibe. They ripped into it – added bedrooms, a cosy TV room, an industrial kitchen, decks; utilising everything they could and repurposing whatever they loved. Old stained-glass interior windows came out into the light on the deck, lush cerise velvet curtains draped rustic French doors. “I’ve dragged that velvet round with me for years! Finally, it’s home,” smiles Mandy. And there’s art, and light, everywhere. Her best design tip? “Fashion doesn’t matter,” she says. “It’s about putting together the things you love, that have meaning for you.”


Mandy and Glen spend a lot of time out on the big covered deck overlooking the little pond, eating with friends or around the campfire. They’ve planted fruit trees and natives. A functional storage shed has become a beautiful, be-decked sleep-out for friends’ sleepovers. Tentative future plans include opening the studio for visiting artists to come and do weekend workshops; good friend Mark Braunias has already indicated interest. In fact, the studio could be rented out for anything really – and Mandy can do the catering. Their grown-up daughters come and go; lines of shoes outside the door expand and contract. One, a teacher, arrives with her family from Abu Dhabi, the other from Brooklyn, New York. She’s an artist and studio assistant with renowned sculptor Janine Antoni. Mandy and Glen will soon become grandparents for the third time. Life’s good. Enquiries for art classes or accommodation please contact Mandy. E: mandytt@xtra.co.nz | www.airbnb.co.nz/rooms/9313298

Previous page: The AirBnB apartment; Mandy in her workroom - there are multiple tables for students in this large airy space. This page: Glen stripped thick paint off the old rimu cupboards in the kitchen; Mr Ted outside the sleepout - a great place for an afternoon nap according to Glen; Michael Parekowhai overlooks the Crown Lynn; the renovated bathroom; floral still life in the lounge room.


We do concrete, driveways, pathways and specialist concrete works. Providing solutions for all your landscape garden and concrete issues. If you need concrete paving, concrete cutting, concrete polishing or grinding, call James for a free measure and quote.

Quantum Landscapes Matakana

www.landscapingmatakana.co.nz • 231 Omaha Flats Road

JAMES SIMPSON • 021 756 001 • 0800 030140 • james@qlm.co.nz 33


GINJA: THE ULTIMATE ENTERTAINER We all have that one item in our wardrobe that we can always rely on – dress it up or down, wear it to work or on a night out. It can be anything you need to be. But what does this have to do with Ginja Café at the Omaha Golf Club, you ask? Well, this waterside café is the sort of establishment that quite literally fits any occasion. The 160-seat café has a huge indoor dining area which is light and bright, but also has a large fireplace for chilly days. And the sunny deck has unrivalled views over the pristine estuary, palm gardens and tennis courts. Parents can tuck into a hearty lunch while their little ones have fun on the grass; cyclists can rest their bikes and sip a juice, and business folk can use free the WiFi to catch up on emails and meet clients for coffee or a salad. There’s a full takeaway menu seven days a week. And Ginja Café is always happy to host any private function you can dream up. Ginja’s menu is packed with classics, as well as a few bespoke creations, and has a kid’s menu to boot. Fresh seafood, burgers, pasta, steak, chicken, soups, salads and more. Highly experienced chef Jacqui Brown (the bubbly red-head the café is named after) recommends the homemade beef burger with chunky fries for the hungry and the signature salt and pepper squid for something a little lighter. “We use as much local produce as possible and are always tapping in to what our patrons want,” says Jacqui. She’s already begun experimenting with some new treats: High Tea was served on Saturday August 20, with plans to make this a monthly indulgence. She’s been writing up menus for degustation dinners, too, and will utilise the amazing wines in the area for matching.

In fact, pretty much every component of Ginja Café fits perfectly into what the café strives to be: a prime culinary destination for locals. So whether you need a post-stroll coffee, or a spot to wine and dine in style, pop into Ginja for great food, delicious drinks and relaxed waterside ambience. www.ginjacafe.com | FB: Ginja Café & Restaurant | T: 09-422 7551 ext 2 Open 7 days from 7.30am – Dinner Tuesday to Saturday Omaha Golf Club | 1 North West Anchorage, Omaha

Lemurian Springs

‘Not all water is created equal’, is a phrase used regularly by Veda Austin, local owner of Lemurian Springs Alkaline Mineral Water. A pioneering educator of water science in New Zealand, public speaker and author of the book The Youth Molecule, Veda has spent the last four years working with leading water scientists in the US to research the incredible healing and anti-ageing benefits of her very special NZ water. Drawn from an ancient underwater lake full of crystal and lime, Lemurian Springs water is likened to the famed Lourdes water in France, but with the added benefit of a naturally high pH of 9.9. There is anecdotal evidence that it’s helped many people with issues such as fatigue, headaches, obesity, poor memory, diabetes, detoxification, skin conditions and even depression, infertility and cancer. Veda also donates her time working through primary schools on a project called ‘Water Heroes’. Based on water science, it is a fun and educational way for children to realise the power that their thoughts and words have on the water inside of them. This leads to a subtle anti bullying campaign, as well as a way to incorporate mindfulness in schools. She also teaches about the importance of drinking fewer fizzy drinks and more water. With local stores like the Hungry Elephant in Matakana and Kakariki Health in Mangawhai now stocking her water and skin care products, it’s a great opportunity to try it for yourself. Lemurian Springs: www.lemuriansprings.co.nz | T: 022 388 1869



fresh mangawhai It’s one thing to call a food business ‘Fresh’ but living up to the name is a whole different proposition, according to Mark and Anna Reason. hey moved to Mangawhai in 2007 and apart from some offerings at the weekly market, struggled with the lack of reasonably priced quality food available. So in 2009 they decided to create a foodstore based around getting up at 4am several times a week and driving to the Auckland markets to source the freshest available fish, produce, bread and other items. “The first four years were very tough but once we’d started to create our own product range and added a small café area, business grew. We’ve now built up a very loyal customer base of locals, bach owners and holidaymakers,” says Mark. Junction Mag can confirm that their Kokako organic coffee is seriously good and there are some old-school cakes to die for in the cabinet. Not to mention salmon they smoke themselves (with saffron and lime) and some exceptional house-made chutneys. There’s a great range of grocery items too, and even some funky kitchen implements. Recently, Fresh have expanded their ‘artisan café’ range to include a salad bar, prepared meals and healthy smoothies. Following the model employed by top restaurants they develop products using a Test Kitchen approach. “When we make something we try several recipes and combine the best parts to create our own unique offering,” says Anna. This approach has resulted in rave reviews from visiting chefs and celebrity foodies for many products, including their duck pate, muesli, smoked salmon, seafood chowder and sausage rolls. Like the Fresh Facebook page for updates on what’s cooking at Fresh today, and pop in soon to pick up a coffee – or dinner!

Top: Anna and Mark outside Fresh; A small selection of the goodies available

Molesworth Drive, Mangawhai Village, opposite The Hub FB: freshmangawhai | T: 09 431 5247


Coming Soon 40,000 COPIES DISTRIBUTED THROUGHOUT AUCKLAND & LOCALLY Junction Magazine’s large AUCKLAND distribution is perfectly suited to provide Auckland tourists with first-hand destination knowledge in the form of a stylish A5 guide. ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS CONTACT BIANCA ON 021 117 2833 OR AT BIANCA@JUNCTIONMAG.CO.NZ BOOKING DEADLINE FRIDAY 9TH SEPTEMBER



amber rose Seafood and fennel stew with parsley gremolata and nasturtiums This fragrant dish has been adapted from my second book, Nourish: Mind, Body and Soul. It has an amazing combination of flavours with the seafood and fennel, and parsley gremolata makes the dish sing. Head to your garden (or a friend’s) for some colourful, peppery nasturtium flowers and leaves. This stew is fantastic on its own but is also beautifully substantial served over a cosy bed of quinoa.

Olive oil 3 large garlic cloves, finely sliced 3 fennel bulbs, trimmed and cut into wedges, set the fronds aside for garnish 650ml fish stock ½ medium preserved lemon 8 large vine tomatoes, cut into quarters 1 tbsp sweet paprika a good pinch of saffron a small handful of chopped flat-leaf parsley 1 fillet of salmon, skin removed cut into 6 chunks 1 fillet of white fish such as , skin removed cut into 3 10 mussels, 20 clams, 5 raw tiger prawns salt and pepper 2 to 3 nasturtium flowers and a few baby leaves For the parsley gremolata 3 Tbsp finely chopped parsley leaves only 1 lemon finely zested ½ garlic clove, finely chopped Combine all the ingredients in a small bowl and set aside For the soup Cook olive oil and garlic in a large pot on medium/low for 2 minutes. Add fennel wedges and cook for another 3-4 minutes. Add stock and preserved lemon, bring to boil, then cover and reduce heat to a gentle simmer for another 10 minutes. Add tomatoes, spices and parsley, simmer for another 5 minutes. Add all seafood and up to 200ml water – ensure there is enough liquid in the pan to cover the fish. Place the lid on and bring to a rolling boil. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes, or until shellfish has opened and prawns are pink. Using a slotted spoon remove the shellfish and fish. Set aside and allow soup to reduce for 4 to 5 minutes or until slightly thickened. Taste and season. Add the shellfish and fish back to the pan for a few minutes to reheat. Sprinkle with parsley gremolata and a few nasturtium petals and baby to serve. www.wilddelcious.com


ch e r i s h

47th Kowhai Festival: Pirates of the Mahurangi WORDS



The second-oldest community festival in New Zealand gets bigger and better every year. Set in and around Warkworth, it offers events for every age. This year it runs from 2-16 October with the Huge Day Out on Saturday 8 October. The theme of this year’s festival is ‘Pirates of the Mahurangi’ – you can expect a piratical assault from the Jane Gifford historical sailing ship, decorated shops, dressed-up people, themed bands, food and of course, lots of fun. Festival food hub with extended garden bar: The ‘food strip’ along Warkworth’s Wharf Street by the river is always a highlight and with an extended garden bar offering local wines, beers and food, it’ll be the gastrohub of the festival. It will have its own stage for smaller bands and local singer-songwriters, with the main stage located at the other end of the strip, so you won’t miss a beat. Special events: The festival starts traditionally with the Open Day of the Warkworth and Districts Museum on Sunday 2 October, with all the vintage machinery up and running. On the same day, there’s a heritage walk through the township, part of the Auckland Heritage Festival, as is the cruise on the historic Jane Gifford on Sunday 9 October. On the same day is the raft race; a concert by the Warkworth Music Society and the fabulous ukulele festival. Book early as there are only a limited number of tickets available. The Huge Day Out: Highlights here are the canoe showdown, a traditional canoe race down the river - with a special offer of a 2km time trial, where you can borrow a canoe so you don’t need to bring your own. There will be a dog show, heaps of stalls, street music and kid’s entertainment from 9am till 3pm. Debate and Open Air Cinema: On Thursday 13 October, the Warkworth Great Debate, sponsored by Mike Pero Real Estate, is held at Ascension Vineyard in Matakana. This is a fun, lighthearted event that raises funds for the Warkworth/Wellsford Hospice. And on Saturday 15 October, the traditional Kowhai Festival Movie Night is set at Shoesmith Domain (Warkworth), with a free screening of ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ sponsored by Barfoot & Thompson Real Estate. The popular movie is shown on the biggest outdoor screen in the country and will start at 8pm. For more information, dates and times visit www.kowhaifestival.nz or facebook.com/kowhaifestival



sustainable sophie + walk of the month Around the bottom up and over

Out with the old – spring clean your wardrobe

words photo

WORDS S o p h i e B a r c l a y

Winter is officially behind us - which means it’s time for magazines to start screaming about the latest and cheapest summer looks. Fast fashion, which promotes low-priced, lowquality garments, comes at a huge cost: shameful labour practices (workers are given an average of 48.5 seconds to sew a seam, and many factories still use child labour), and environmental tolls (it takes 2,700L of water to grow the cotton used in one t-shirt, enough for one person for 900 days). All this so it can be chucked out in a year’s time, along with around 2 million tonnes of ‘old’ clothing worldwide. Here’s how you can update your ‘look’ with the least cost to the planet and its people: • ORGANISE a clothes swap. Ask friends that share roughly the same size as you. Get a good mirror and plenty of wine. • SUPPORT secondhand and vintage. You’ll find bargains, often at better quality, plus there’s less chance that three people will be wearing the same thing at a party. • AVOID fast fashion. Wear it at least 30 times, or leave it on the hanger.

luke williamson karen williamson

Back to the coast this month and starting at Brick Bay. The tide was out so I walked around the rocks to Sandspit camping ground. Lovely, lurking pohutukawa cling to the sandstone cliffs and the low tide platforms are easy to walk on – family friendly. There is lovely bird life throughout this walk so keep your eyes and ears open. As you approach the gorgeous original baches at Sandspit, watch for the nifty weathered blobs of pillow lava on the rocky flats (see below). Go through the campground and back up the hill, heading for Horseshoe Bay. Slightly dilapidated, large Kiwiana sculptures can be seen along the way and there are lovely views over Sandspit and the harbour entrance. Go right into Horseshoe Bay in order to pick up the correct trail back up to the ridge, over the road, and back down through the bush to where you started at Brick Bay. The round trip takes about an hour but allow time to stop for a swim, (once it warms up) a picnic or just a bit of piece and quiet beneath the beautiful big puriri trees.


Lemurian Springs Are you feeling stressed? Maybe you are tired and grumpy? Is your skin dry or irritated? Are headaches or migraines a problem? Is your energy low? Struggling to manage your weight? There is a good chance that your body may be too acidic. Here in New Zealand we are blessed with safe drinking water, however most of that water is acidic because we live in a volcanic country. What many people don’t realise is that acidity within the body is one of the main causes of disease, lethargy and obesity. Drinking Lemurian Springs 9.9pH alkaline water daily can assist neutralize acidity and wash acid waste products from cells, tissues and fat, dramatically improving your overall physical and mental wellbeing. At Lemurian Springs we believe that all children deserve the best start in life and recognise the importance of drinking alkaline water to support body and brain function for young-growing New Zealanders. We are delighted to support the amazing ‘Water Heroes’ initiative by donating 15% of all product sales. To find out more about Lemurian Springs and the ‘Water Heroes’ initiative please visit www.lemuriansprings.co.nz/waterheroes



korowai: snells beach words



There is no culture without language. Our local libraries understand this, and some exceptional work is done within them by passionate and motivated people. They genuinely care about literature and culture – and about bringing them to our communities.

Senior librarian Fleur Coleman facilitated a project that enabled school seniors to spend time with Te Kauri, a fluent Maori speaker, while juniors enjoyed Matariki stories and created colourful feathers that would become part of an exceptional artwork: a korowai, or cloak.

Matariki, Māori Language Week, and Kia Maia te Whai (Dare to Explore) are regional library events that Mahurangi East Library do their best to get behind. Anne Dickson (Mahurangi East Library Manager) led the way by enrolling in the Te Reo class taught by Mahurangi College kaiako (teacher) Michael Winiana, along with Warkworth librarian Lisa Outwin.

“The point of the community korowai (cloak) was to spread a feeling of community connectedness as known in te ao Māori (the Māori world) as kotahitanga or unity,” says Fleur. “Auckland Libraries work hard to promote inclusiveness of all cultures, but to see Māori language promoted during these regional events is very satisfying.”

Mahurangi East library have celebrated Matariki with gusto for the last three years. Colouring competitions, storytimes, raranga, stick games, baking and ‘he aha te tae o te jellybean?’ (what colour is the jellybean?) all support the use of te reo Māori.

The intention was to create one korowai but more and more children got involved until there were nearly 1,000 feathers. Seven cloaks were made in the end to represent each of the stars in the Matariki Cluster. Junction agrees: the end result is tino ataahua (very beautiful).

Over the recent weeks of Matariki, Mahurangi East Library put together a programme of Māori language that started small but snowballed into a huge and beautiful thing. Local schools, preschools and library visitors all took part.

Mahurangi East Library T: 09 425 6541 To be congratulated on their fabulous efforts are Matakana School, Snells Beach School, Horizon School, Snells Beach Kindergarten, Beehive Preschool, Sandcastles Preschool, Small Steps Montessori, POP Snells Beach Playgroup, Mahurangi East Library Minecraft Club, Mahurangi East Wriggle and Rhyme and Storytime groups, and Mahurangi East Library School Holiday Programme children.

high-rise to kaipara flats ... from the big smoke to country living Rachel Cooney admits that moving from New York to Kaipara Flats was a bit of a shock, at first.

up a land-care group with some local conservation-minded folk to protect the native environment.

Seven years managing art galleries and luxury apartment buildings in New York City had left her accustomed to a pressure-cooker environment. Now living on a quiet lifestyle block surrounded by native bush and birds, Rachel is reveling in the tranquility of the countryside. She has even set

Rachel was born in Minneapolis, USA and has lived in NZ, Australia and the UK. Living in Auckland in the 1980s and 90s, Rachel worked as a portrait painter. Two of her works hung in the New Zealand Portrait Gallery in 1992. When she lived in New York, she managed Lambert Fine Arts, a cutting-edge art gallery on Manhattan's Lower East Side. "If art were a person,” she says, “the experience of managing an art gallery in New York felt like existing in the very heart of that being. I loved it!" So if she loved New York so much, doesn't she feel like a fish out of water in Kaipara Flats? "No - the best things are universal. If you treat people with warmth and respect, they'll treat you the same way, whether you're in Manhattan or Matakana." Her other great passion is the property business, where she worked for six years in Los Angeles and then three in New York. She now sells real estate with Barfoot & Thompson in Warkworth.

Fleur Coleman holds up one of the korowai and little Manaia models one. Ryan (left) Jamie Tyler and Ashton celebrate their hard work.


iconic + irresistible The Pottery Café at Morris & James is a destination in itself. With the iconic pottery right beside them, owners Peter and Tess Garner say there’s always been exceptional built-in foot traffic. And with a bridge and walkway soon to be finalised from Matakana Village there’ll soon be even more. With the phenomenal growth of the Matakana area, the café has huge potential for growth. It’s very popular on the tourist circuit and with locals too, who meet in the wisteria-hung outdoor courtyard, or inside by the fire. The cute playground is a great drawcard too – parents can keep an eye on their kids while they relax over a coffee, and parking is never an issue. Weddings and community events are regular features here but could be built up with tailored packages. The commercial kitchen with full baking equipment could be expanded into a boutique bakery; and an evening restaurant is always on the cards – it looks quite magical all lit up with strings of fairylights! “We never quite got around to it, but we’ve always thought it’d be great to bring back wood-fired pizzas and create an outdoor bar around the courtyard oven – it’s sitting there, ready to go,” says Peter. “Match them with local wines, get your mates along and there’s your Friday night sorted.” To talk about your dream of owning a café, restaurant and bar on the Matakana Coast, call Wendy Douglas or Gary Knapp at Premium. www.potterycafé.co.nz www.premium.co.nz | Ref MTK 90229 Wendy Douglas 021 244 5683 Garry Knapp 021 940 999

New addition to Warkworth high street:

Quinovic Property Management

Linda Otter is one of the latest business owners to choose the Warkworth high street to set up shop with her Quinovic franchise. Linda tells Junction readers about why the Rodney district is becoming popular with renters and how those thinking about renting their property can get free expert advice. Why did you choose the Rodney district? I’ve lived here for over three years now and I love it. The countryside is wonderful with its gorgeous rolling hills, and there are great beaches for walking your dogs. Why did you choose Quinovic as a franchise? I’d heard from friends about how effective Quinovic’s unique tried and tested business model is, and I’d seen firsthand the amazing results they’d been providing for clients. They’re very professional and experts at what they do. What makes Quinovic different to other property management agencies? Communication first and foremost. We offer convenient online reporting and a very personalized service. A great source of pride for us is our rapid response times, which really stand out in an industry with a reputation for

not always addressing owners' concerns. Most importantly, we understand that customers need our undivided attention when it comes to the management of their property. Our philosophy is to maximise returns for our clients, and to protect and care for their homes. What advice would you give a homeowner considering renting their property? Talk to a property manager. We’re here to help. We provide free home appraisals so you can get an idea of how much you could be earning, and what work, if any, your home would need beforehand. We can even put you in touch with our mortgage and insurance brokers, so you’re aware of all of your options. What do you put in place to protect your landlords and their properties? We know it can be hard leaving your home in the hands of strangers, but we do everything we can to ensure your property is protected. We do rigorous background checks on all potential tenants and ensure they’re the right tenants for you. Additionally we can help you to work with an insurance broker to guarantee the right cover that will protect you in all eventualities.

Quinovic: Shop 1 • 20 Neville Street • Warkworth • T: 09 973 5397 40


Pure relaxation: your own slice of paradise WORDS KATHY







Looking for a holiday home but can’t deal with all the work and costs involved? Then this is for you. You now have the opportunity to purchase your own stylish two bedroom, two bathroom home-away-from-home (that even has a sleepout for the kids) at Riverside Matakana. For a very reasonable price you’ll have an investment property, but without any of the hassle. Riverside is a luxurious, resort-style retreat less than an hour north of Auckland. It was voted number one in the accommodation category by Junction readers in our recent business awards and also has a 5-star rating from Trip Advisor. Just a few minutes from the delights of Matakana’s shops and markets, it’s also very close to glorious beaches, walks and an everincreasing number of dining options. There are 17 immaculately-appointed accommodation units here, set among 13 hectares of vineyards, olive trees and manicured grounds. As the owner, you are able to spend 50 nights here every year, and it will be available to be rented out the rest of the time – generating a return on your investment. The best bit is that you need do nothing more. You’ll simply arrive to an immaculate property in stunning surrounds, spend time relaxing around the pool, playing tennis, kayaking or fishing from the pontoon, and when you leave, the cleaning is taken care of. There are no utility bills, insurance, body corporate fees or rates to pay, and all the maintenance (both indoor and out) is performed by your property managers. One of the owners who’s reluctantly leaving has this to say. “Since 2009 this has been my own personal slice of paradise. Every stay has been wonderful, tranquil and very relaxing. What made having our home at Riverside Matakana even more special is getting to know all the other lovely owners, but in particular the two Michaels who manage the property. “We’ve had fantastic gatherings twice yearly when we’ve all got together to pick the grapes and the olives. We think the olive oil we produce is second to none! It’s so easy: you rock up, and minutes later you can be in the pool or having a glass of wine on the deck. The place is fully furnished, including towels and linen, even down to luxurious dressing gowns. 45 minutes from the North Shore for us and we’re in heaven.” It’s not often you’ll find these on the market, but in a rare twist there are now two for sale. If you’re interested in owning your own holiday home at Riverside Matakana, call Wendy Douglas at Premium Real Estate. www.riversidematakana.co.nz Premium Refs: Lot 12: MTK 90229 | Lot 14: MTK 90199 Wendy Douglas | T: 021 244 5683 You’ll be purchasing a leasehold tile for the unit and curtilage, and a 17th share in the freehold of the rest of the property. Purchasers of these units will occupy them pursuant to a particular form of leasehold interest, details of which are available on request.



Women’s Centre Art Expo 2016 At the end of September there’s a fantastic opportunity to support both the Women’s Centre Rodney and local artists. Forty artists in collaboration with the Centre are happily participating in the third community-lead, pop-up exhibition upstairs at the Woolshed, Matakana – and all proceeds go towards supporting the Centre. The Women’s Centre is an exceptional Warkworthbased charity offering Lianne Divine and Maria Collins. support, resources, knowledge and skills for women within the Rodney district and further afield. Their core values are equality and empowerment for all women.

bought a number of works in the past. “The Matakana fundraiser for the Warkworth Women’s Centre is a fantastic way for me to spot new artistic talent,” says Tim. “There’s a super-talented community of artists in the area – you do wonder, actually, whether there’s something in the water!” The two previous annual art exhibitions have been very successful, with participation from many different artists throughout the community; funds raised have bought a playground for the Centre. The final installation of this will be completed by November this year. The Centre has also received support from many local businesses and individuals who volunteer their time to make this community-lead project a success. The Women’s Centre are, among other things, involved in the establishment of a community hub in Wellsford with Auckland Council and Hauora Trust; they’re working on a collaborative project with Te Rito Rodney towards the prevention of family violence, and they’re helping to increase services (especially for sexual abuse victims and programmes for men) across the Rodney area. They’re also committed to making local services more inclusive for our Pacifica communities.

At this exhibition, there’ll be work by well-known artists such as Star and Ra Gossage, Louise McRae, Jenta Griffin, Awa Gillgren, Pat Betts, Rhana Panhuis, Mark Lewington, Heather Owens and Sonia Fraser plus many other prominent, newly established and emerging artists. Local college students have also been invited to exhibit alongside more established artists to encourage participation in the art community from an entry level. The exhibition includes many differing media such as painting, sculpture, photography, jewellery, furniture and print.

All proceeds from the exhibition will support these and other works in the North Rodney area. As Tim Melville says, “If you can pick up a great piece of art and support the Women’s Centre in the process, it’s no-brainer!”

Tim Melville, owner of the Tim Melville Gallery in Newton, Auckland, has been at previous events. Exhibition curator Maria Collins says he’s

Woolshed, Country Park, Matakana

Opening night is on 30th September from 6.00pm to 9.30 pm with the multi-talented DJ Mark Lewington. Nibbles and drinks provided. Opening Friday 30 September 6pm-9.30pm, then October 1-9, from 9.30-4.00pm daily www.womenscentrerodney.org.nz | Maria Collins 021 933 801

Riverside Dental Warkworth

Mahi and Seena share more than 20 years of experience between them in general and cosmetic dentistry. They are very excited to provide dental health services in Warkworth. • Consultation • Scale and polish • Zoom teeth whitening • Hygienist services• General and cosmetic dentistry • Crowns, Veneers and Bridges • Invisalign (clear alternative to braces)• Root canal treatments • Extractions • Implants by periodontist• Denture services • ACC • WINZ • Free Dental treatment 13-18 year olds • Gold card discounts (10%)

Girl with the Seashell, Star Gossage

Dr Seena Gopi P: 09 422 3214 | M: 027 725 7999 E: seena@riversidedentalwarkworth.co.nz Dr Mahitha Veerepalli P: 09 425 7997 | M: 027 725 7997 E: mahitha@riversidedentalwarkworth.co.nz SPECIAL

Riverside Dental Warkworth

Hygienist scale + polish $99 Exam + X-Rays $49 Valid until 30 Sept

Unit G, 11 Neville Street, Warkworth (entrance is down Warkworth Street)


39 Omaha Valley Road, Matakana www.thevivian.co.nz | T: 09 422 9995 Ko taku whare, to whare hoki 13 August - 18 September 2016

Jenta Griffin, ATM It’s Not An Audi (detail)

Pat Betts, Low Brow Grafitti Style

Louise McRae, Colourplay, Verde

Heather Owen, Rose Red

Rhana Panhuis, work in progress

Whananaki Coastal Walk, Sonia Fraser

Thanks to: Matakana Country Park • Zeffer • Ransom Wines • Brick Bay Wines • Hungry Creek • Lothorien Wines • Puhoi Valley Cheese • New World Warkworth • Herons Flight • Only Concepts • Times FM Black Dog Café • Lee Hart Pharmacy • XS Cuts • Nosh

Matakana Country Park, Leigh Road - 09 422 9790 info@artmatakana.com - www.artmatakana.com


h a pp e n i n g s

hollie smith words



The smoky vocals of Hollie Smith will be live at the Sawmill this September as part of a rare acoustic tour, accompanied only by good friend Marika Hodgson on bass and guitar. We caught up with Hollie just after she got back from a whirlwind Australian tour – 4 gigs in 5 days in early August. You must be exhausted – will you get a bit of a rest before you kick off the new tour? Yep – I’ll be cramming a lot of stuff into the next few weeks, then I’m off for a real, live holiday in the UK and France for two weeks. Sunshine! Since you were last here for the Vineyard Tour with Fat Freddy, Anika Moa and Boh Runga you’ve done some big international gigs. Montreal Jazz Festival? That was a major career highlight, for sure. We played two gigs one after another for around 25,000 people each time. A massive workout – now I know how Prince felt doing his back-to-back shows! We took a couple of hundred CDs with us and they sold out in ten minutes. Should have taken a few extra suitcases. Funny you should mention Prince – I noticed a fan commented on the youtube clip of Lady Dee (the first single from the latest album) that it had shades of Prince. Well that’s very flattering! Most of this album was written on guitar but that song was on keyboard. It gives it more depth and complexity. I’ve only recently come back to keys. I used to play as a child… my dad is loving that I’m playing again – it’s his instrument. This album – any overall theme? How about that title, Water or Gold? No overall theme really – a number of big things have happened in the last few years and they all came together. What’s more important: water or gold? Survival or wealth? How do you feel about where you are in your career right now? I’m feeling pretty strong. I’m quite confident about my writing right now. When Water or Gold was released I had already written four or five songs for the next album, which would normally not happen till a few years down the track! I’ve got a game plan. And I’m really happy with my new record label ‘family’ – Warner has done an excellent job with this album I think. It’s been nearly a year since your good friend and exceptional human being Helena McAlpine was lost to breast cancer. Will you be on tour for that anniversary? The song ‘Helena’ on the album is absolutely beautiful…

Graphic communication

I’ll be between Nelson and Christchurch – but the Leigh Sawmill gig on the 10th will be her birthday. I’ll be doing some kind of birthday shout out for sure. Hollie Smith | Leigh Sawmill | September 10, 9.30pm Limited tickets $27.50 Eventfinda

Level 1, Millstream Building, 17 Elizabeth Street, Warkworth

Phone: 09 425 9863



This is not a seated show – call Sawmill to book pre-show dinner 09 422 6019.

h a pp e n i n g s

29 August

whangateau hall

More monthly musical marvels at the Whangateau Hall this month – the Acoustic Music and Social Club will showcase John Hayday and Vaughan Morgan. As usual, the first half of the evening is open – put your name down at the door to perform! $10 on the door, which opens at 6.45. Start time, 7pm sharp.

2 September Polish guitarist and composer Marek Pasieczny and New Zealand classical guitarist and lecturer Dr Jane Curry (left). Pasieczny is one of the most influential and respected contemporary composers in the world. Dr Curry is a highly sought-after soloist, chamber musician and educator, performing with the Kapiti Concert Orchestra, the Nelson Symphony, and in chamber music collaborations. The Whangateau folk reckon this’ll be quite fancy. $25 on the door or book at www.whangateau.co.nz | 7pm

11 September @ 2pm

Polished Performers Warkworth Brass and Jazz Connection are playing at the Matakana Hall at on Sunday 11th September. Warkworth Brass will be hitting the Big Band and Swing music (think Glen Miller, Roger Fox) and Jazz Connection, a smaller group, will be playing classic jazz numbers. Warkworth Brass is a 22 piece band (previously known as Warkworth Brass Band) but have recently changed the style and line-up of the music and instruments. Jazz Connection is a small group, made up of players who were formerly from The Rodney Jazz Connection. They’re all fresh and super-shiny! These guys are always awesome, with some seriously talented players. Dust off the trilby, grow a quick goatee (not for the ladies) and get on down there. Entry $10 at the door | Starts 2pm

Wellsford Rockers Every Monday night the Wellsford Co-op Church Hall resounds to the strains of 1950s rock and roll as the Wellsford Rockers jitterbug, swing and stroll the night away. All are welcome – it’s only $5 on the door and your first lesson is free.

“Come & see why we are Matakana’s n0. 1 restaurant” TRIP ADVISOR AUGUST 2016

Tutor Berni Blair has been dancing since she was three. Berni and the other main teacher, Craig Stevenson, have 25 years of rock and roll experience between them. “On a wet, rainy and cold night we’ll get about 20 people, but in summer there’s up to 50,” says Berni. “We don’t dress up for Monday nights – if you’re coming, wear something comfortable because it’s quite a workout!” The lesson goes for about an hour, then they have tea and bikkies. They hold a few ‘hops’ throughout the year – like the Wellsford Rockers facebook page to keep up to date. Wellsford Rockers | Monday nights, 7pm | Wellsford Co-op Hall | 09 423 8024

Spring Wellness R e t r e at September 23 - 24 - 25 Kourawhero Estate - Warkwor th Imagine a weekend away dedicated solely to you. Hang out with other fabulous women and enjoy healthy food in a breathtaking luxury retreat.

v i s i t s h a r l e e n g re e r. c o . n z call +64 211456432

celebrate YOUR ol’ MAn

free glass of bEER ON FATHERS DAY - SUNDAY 4th SeptEMBER -

(WITH EVERY lunch main purchase FOR DAD)





EVERY Oysterfest SATURDAY Shucking demonstration 2-5PM & free samples - SAT. 24tH Sept. (Weather permitting)

Now taking bookings for both

work & xmas functions

Check out our facebook page for full details





September 23 - 7pm end of year puhoi party There’s going to be a whopper of a do at the Puhoi Centennial Hall towards the end of September. Dubbed the ‘End of Year Puhoi Party’, it’s a fundraiser for the Puhoi Hall itself. There’ll be an array of old-school bands: The Narcs, with special guest Pete Warren from DD Smash, plus Lee Gray and The Beat with exceptional guest Malcolm Foster (guitarist from Simple Minds and the Pretenders) and Reuben Cutts. It’s all about the 80s! Sponsored by the Puhoi Pub, tickets are $40 each – available at the Pub – and it’s BYO chilly bin and nibbles: woo hoo! Don’t be slow... Puhoi Centennial Hall

30 + 31st December

Northern bass A heads-up to all those Northern Bass hopefuls out there: stop dithering. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, you’re almost out of luck. There are only limited day passes available for the 30th and 31st and with the likes of Chase & Status, Krafty Kuts, Hudson Mohawk, Pitch Black (and Junction’s personal favourites Yoko-Zuna) on the lineup now, you’d better scramble as soon as you finish reading this. You could be missing out on the new Fuzen Lounge, a VIP room with exceptional mainstage views and lots of special features (including its own cocktail), or for the more discerning festival-goer, why not try the Bass Hotel, where you simply walk into your own super-sexy glamping tent, freshen up and hit the stages. What are you waiting for? www.northernbass.co.nz

Matakana Branch

Pony Club w w w. s a w m i l l c a f e . c o . n z SATURDAY 03 SEPTEMBER | 9:00PM | FREE




SATURDAY 10 SEPTEMBER | 9:30PM | *$27.50









*PRE-SALE TICKETS $15: undertheradar.co.nz | MORE ON THE DOOR |













Registration: 11 September | 11-12.30am at the Clubhouse, Jubilee Park, Matakana Valley Road | www.matakanaponyclub.co.nz Enquiries: Christine Peart T: 027 694 1762 e:matakanaponyclub@gmail.com

HOSPICE HOMES TOUR Exceptional homes & gardens of Sandspit & Warkworth




Sunday 13 Nov Tickets $ 50 09 425 9535

1 4 2 P A K I R I R O A D L E I G H . P H O N E : 0 9 4 22 6 0 1 9



They are now calling for enrolments of new and past members (all members are required to have their own mount). Come and join them!


*PRE-SALE TICKETS $15: eventfinder.co.nz


Matakana Pony Club is a caring, fun and supportive environment for riders of all ages (including a strong adult membership).







Entering its 40th season in the heart of Matakana – this pony club have second and even third generation members coming through now. The lease has just been renewed at Jubilee Park and they’re now on a mission to grow their membership. They have a dedicated team of volunteer coaches able to teach at all levels and a full season of twilight rallies are planned on Tuesday evenings with rallies or events on selected Sundays. Events cover dressage, show jumping, show hunter, cross country and mounted games.

admin@hospicehouse.org.nz warkworthwellsfordhospice.co.nz

Proudly supported by

september gig guide MARKETS:



To list your event for free on the Junction Gig Guide email event details to hi@junctionmag.co.nz

Event Venue website

Every Sat 8.00 – 13.00 Every Sat 8.00 – 15.00 Every Sat 9.00 – 13.00 Second Sun of the Month 10.00 – 14.00 First Sun of the Month 8.00 – 13.00 Last Sun of the Month 9.00 – 13.00

Matakana Village Farmers Market Matakana Markets Mangawhai Market Matakana Vintage Markets & Sunday Sessions Warkworth Museum Market Day Puhoi Farmers Market

Matakana Village The Old Dairy Factory, Matakana The Village, Library Hall, Mangawhai Matakana Village Old Masonic Hall Puhoi Domain

Sat 13 Aug–18 Sept Fri 26 August 19.00 Sat 27 August 17.00 Sat 27 August 19.30 Sun 28 August 12.00 Mon 29 August 19.00 Fri 2 September 19.00 Fri 2 September 19.00 Fri 2 September 19.00 Sat 3 September 13.00 – 16.00 Sat 3 September 17.00 Sat 3 September 19.00 Sat 3 September 19.00 – 23.00 Sat 3 September 21.00 Sun 4 September 16.00 Sun 4 September 19.00 Fri 9 September 19.00 Sat 10 September 21.30 Sun 11 September 10.00 – 14.00 Sun 11 September 14.00 Thu 15 September 20.00 Fri 16 September 19.00 Fri 16 September 19.30 Sat 17 September 18.30 - 24.00 Sat 17 September 21.30 Sun 18 – 10 Sept Sun 18 September 10.00 - 16.00 Sun 18 September 17.00 Fri 23 September 19.00 Fri 23 September 19.00 Fri 23 Sept–25 Sept Sat 24 September 14.00 – 17.00 Sat 24 September 20.20 Sat 24 September 21.30 Mon 26 – 27 Sept Mon 26 September 10.30 – 12.30 Mon 26 September 13.30 – 15.30 Mon 26 – 29 Sept Mon 26 – 30 Sept Tue 27 – 29 Sept Fri 30 September 16.00 Fri 30 September 19.00 Fri 30 September 18.00 – 21.30 Sat 1 – 9 October 9.30 – 16.00 Sun 2 October 10.15 Sun 2 October Mon 3 October 10.30 – 12.30 Mon 3 October 13.30 – 15.30 Mon 3 – 7 October Fri 7 October 19.00 Sat 8 October 19.00 Sat 8 October Sun 9 October 12.30 Sun 9 October 14.00 Sun 9 October 10.00 – 15.30 Thu 13 October 18.30 Fri 14 October 19.00 Sat 15 October 19.00 Sat 15 October 16.00 Thu 20 October 20.00 Fri 21 October 19.30 Fri 21 October 19.00 Sat 22 October 7.30 - 13.00 Sat 22 October Fri 28 October 19.00 Fri 4 November 19.00 Thu 10 – Sun 13 Nov Fri 11 November 19.00

Ko Taku Whare, To Whare Hoki The Vivian www.thevivian.co.nz Mahurangi Kindergarten presents Bad Moms Matakana Cinemas 09 425 7096 Asch Rose Matakana Village Pub www.matakana.co.nz The Fleetwood Mac Experience – Dreams Wellsford Community Centre 09 423 8258 The Mangawhai Tavern Sunday Market Mangawhai Tavern www.mangawhaitavern.co.nz Whangateau Folk Club -John Hayday & Vaughan Morgan Whangateau Hall www.whangateau.co.nz So French Pop-Up Dinner So French Warkworth 09 422 3316 Whangateau Folk Club - Marek Pasieczny and Jane Curry Whangateau Hall www.whangateau.co.nz JJ Rhythm Warkworth RSA www.warkworthrsa.co.nz Omaha Paddleboard Club Spring Series 1 Omaha Beach mattanderson7774@gmail.com Auckland Opera Studio The Vivian www.thevivian.co.nz Elvis Warkworth RSA www.warkworthrsa.co.nz Op Shop Ball Village Hall Mangahai Karaoke #3 with the Prof Leigh Sawmill Café www.sawmillcafe.co.nz Warkworth Music Concert – Pettman Players Snell’s Beach School Hall www.warkworthmusic.org.nz Father’s Day Rum Tasking & Cocktail Making The Vintry www.matakanamarketkitchen.co.nz Blame the Cats Warkworth RSA www.warkworthrsa.co.nz Holly Smith Leigh Sawmill Café www.sawmillcafe.co.nz Reef Saver Marine Surveying Mathesons Bay info@reefsavers.nz Warkworth Brass and Jazz Connection Matakana Hall Tickets on the Door Quizzical Leigh Sawmill Café www.sawmillcafe.co.nz Gary Pallett Warkworth RSA www.warkworthrsa.co.nz Brick Bay Pop-up Dinner Brick Bay – The Glass House Kitchen www.brickbay.co.nz Spring Fling T he Cow Shed, Mangawhai www.mangawhai-museum.org.nz Greg Copeland & Steve ‘Guitar’ Gilles Leigh Sawmill Café www.sawmillcafe.co.nz Art Matakana Celebrating 10 Years Art Matakana www.artmatakana.com Big Art/Craft/Market Day Summerset Falls Retirement Village www.summerset.co.nz Terry Hicks Trio Leigh Sawmill Café www.sawmillcafe.co.nz Kavallier Warkworth RSA www.warkworthrsa.co.nz End of Year Puhoi Party Puhoi Centennial Hall Spring Wellness Retreat - Kourawhero Estate Warkworth www.sharleengreer.co.nz The World is Mine Oysterfest Matakana Village Pub www.matakana.co.nz Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute Show Mangawhai Tavern www.mangawhaitavern.co.nz Psycho Roadshow Leigh Sawmill Café www.sawmillcafe.co.nz Mangawhai Mountain Bike Holiday Program Moirs Point Christian Camp & Mangawhai Activity Zone 02BIKEGIRL School Holiday Program Rock Pool Art Goat Island Marine Discovery www.goatislandmarine.co.nz School Holiday Program Mussel Dissection Goat Island Marine Discovery www.goatislandmarine.co.nz Outdoor Adventure Club School Holiday Program Aotearoa Surf School www.aotearoasurf.co.nz Saltwater Eco Surf Junky School Holiday Programs www.saltwatereco.co.nz Summer Sessions Holiday Surf Program Omaha Beach www.summersessions.co.nz Warkworth Music Concert – Tony Lin Mahurangi College Hall www.warkworthmusic.org.nz Kane Steves Warkworth RSA www.warkworthrsa.co.nz Women’s Centre Art Expo 2016 Woolshed, Matakana Country Park www.wonescentrerodney.org.nz Women’s Centre Art Expo 2016 Woolshed, Matakana Country Park www.wonescentrerodney.org.nz Heritage Walk of Warkworth Township Warkworth i-Site 027 484 9935 Warkworth and Districts Museum Open Day Warkworth and Districts Museum www.warkworthmuseum.co.nz School Holiday Program - Rock Pool Art Goat Island Marine Discovery www.goatislandmarine.co.nz School Holiday Program – Mussel Dissection Goat Island Marine Discovery www.goatislandmarine.co.nz Saltwater Eco Surf Junky School Holiday Program www.saltwatereco.co.nz Glenn Carley Warkworth RSA www.warkworthrsa.co.nz Beatles Warkworth RSA www.warkworthrsa.co.nz Kowahai Festival ‘Huge Day Out’ Warkworth www.kowhaifestival.nz Heritage Excursion - Jane Gifford Warkworth Wharf 027 484 9935 Rodney Marine Pirates of the Mahurangi Raft Race Warkworth Boat Ramp 0800 969 694 Summerleles Riverside Warkworth Ukulele Mini Festival Warkworth RSA 09 422 3023 The Warkworth Great Debate Ascension Wine Estate www.kowhaifestival.nz Klassic Trax Warkworth RSA www.warkworthrsa.co.nz Kowhai Festival Movie Night – Hunt for the Wilderpeople Shoesmith Domain www.kowhaifestival.nz Warkworth Music Concert – Marimba and Percussion Duo Matakana Village Hall www.warkworthmusic.org.nz Quizzical Leigh Sawmill Café www.sawmillcafe.co.nz Brick Bay Pop-up Dinner Brick Bay – The Glass House Kitchen www.brickbay.co.nz Gary Pallett Warkworth RSA www.warkworthrsa.co.nz Matakana School Gala Matakana Primary School www.matakanaschoolgala.co.nz/ Bluegrass at the Boat Club Kawau Boating Club www.kawauboatingclub.nz JJ Rhythm Warkworth RSA www.warkworthrsa.co.nz Gerry Lee Warkworth RSA www.warkworthrsa.co.nz Warkworth Walks www.warkworthwalks.co.nz Klassic Trax Warkworth RSA www.warkworthrsa.co.nz






Beachfront, Lakeside and Riverfront Collection

For over 20 years, Waterfront has been the premier showcase for beachfront, lakeside or river’s edge properties for sale in New Zealand and the Pacific. The portfolio is supported by our national team of waterfront property specialists, who offer you unparalleled experience in this niche sector of the market. They ensure no stone is left unturned to find the right buyer and generate a sale at the best possible price.

Bookings for the 2016 edition are closing soon. So list your property in New Zealand’s premier waterfront property portfolio, and give your property the opportunity to shine… FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, CALL DEBBIE JONES TODAY ON 09 425 7640 OR 021 412 530.

The Way We Were

Water World

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The waterfront property market grows up 

Three Kiwi stars in, on and under the water 

Over 90 waterfront property opportunities 

Bayleys Warkworth, 41 Queen Street, Warkworth | Bayleys Matakana, 38 Matakana Valley Road, Matakana | Bayleys Omaha, 1 Matariki Street, Omaha Mackys Real Estate Ltd, Bayleys, Licensed under the REA Act 2008

TOP END PROPERTY? Deal with the market leaders

Mackys Real Estate Ltd, Licensed under REA Act 2008

Bayleys sells more waterfront and $1 million plus properties than any other agency. Our specialist Waterfront magazine is back soon, so it’s a great time to talk to our specialists about how we can help you. SO

































SO Dahnie Burton M 021 628 327 E dahnie.burton@bayleys.co.nz




SO Peter Marsh M 021 772 477 E peter.marsh@bayleys.co.nz






















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