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Entrepreneurial Talent Services

Who We Are

Our program is built around the idea of adaptive excellence. Candidates who possess adaptive excellence aren’t afraid to take on new challenges. They also respond and adjust to new situations quickly, and consistently produce meaningful outcomes and highquality results. When adaptive excellence is combined with strong core values and technical abilities, leadership teams are more successful.

create good-paying jobs—has made in Northeast Ohio and regions across the country.

Our screening process assesses fit. The challenges and characteristics of an entrepreneurial firm are unique. Not everyone can be successful in the demanding and often uncertain environment of a young company. We possess domain expertise. Besides knowledge of entrepreneurial environments, we bring deep industry expertise gleaned from our portfolio. We understand the unique qualities of the advanced materials, healthcare and software industries among others, and understand that these industries are changing all the time. In fact, our senior partners are often involved in the recruitment process.

JumpStart is a seasoned nonprofit venture development organization. Over the last decade, we’ve seen the difference targeted intervention for entrepreneurial businesses— those fast-growing, competitive companies with the most potential to attract capital and Our entrepreneurial talent team is a resource for entrepreneurs leading high potential young companies. We believe that helping to find the right talent at the right time in a company’s development is key to their growth; as a result, we offer specialized recruiting services to help accelerate these successes.


Our Approach We know that young high tech companies are our nation’s job creators, but how do cashand time-strapped startups identify, find, recruit and retain talent crucial to their success? If you, your community or your portfolio has struggled with identifying and sourcing quality candidates, you’re not alone. Even though fast-growing companies across the country have difficulty locating the programming, research, sales and C-level employees that have the skills they need, traditional recruiters often don’t fully understand the dynamics of these early-stage companies. JumpStart has placed more than 500 key hires and advisors at tech startups and, in the process, helped client companies become better and more efficient in their hiring process. Starting with talent planning and moving all the way through structuring and negotiating an offer, JumpStart’s talent and paid search assistance helps scaling entrepreneurial businesses fill new jobs as quickly as possible, matching these companies’ unique needs with employees that will keep them growing.

JumpStart was so helpful to us early on. You have nobody else in your corner—you have no one who even knows who you are—and JumpStart is out there with this pool of talent, ready to jump in and help you. T E R I H E M B R E E | E X EC U T I V E V I C E P R E S I D E N T, O P E R AT I O N S / H R , O N S H I F T

Our Services Attracting the right talent at the right time is critical to the success at any company. However, it’s especially critical to young growing companies, which don’t have the financial resources and the time to make bad hires. JumpStart has a four-pronged approach to talent that’s customizable depending on a company’s needs. Our offerings include: Planning: At a basic level, we work with companies to help them figure out how to start the recruiting process. We consult with them on job descriptions, search and interviewing strategies, and how to structure the actual job search.


open positions are advertised monthly on JumpStart’s job board

Candidate Identification: We believe in leveraging a variety of sources to create a qualified pool of candidiates. This includes our extensive network, online research, event participation and social media. Recruiting: We assess and recommend candidates that offer both a strong skill set and cultural match based on extensive research and rigorous interviewing. Retention: We assist our clients to proactively develop and execute high impact retention strategies aimed at enhancing employee satisfaction and commitment.


jobseekers view open opportunities at entrepreneurial-minded businesses each month


new hires and board members have been recruited with JumpStart’s help (1.1.2010-12.31.2013)


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Northeast Ohio Tech Talent A LinkedIn group for job seekers interested in opportunites at Northeast Ohio startups.


I sensed this sincere interest to find a person with the right background and introduce them to a company with great promise. It was so personal. I never felt like I would be introduced to a company that wasn’t a fit. FR AN PAE Z | VICE PRESIDENT OF SALES INTELLIGENT MOBILE SUPPORT

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Tech Startups Are Hiring In Northeast Ohio  
Tech Startups Are Hiring In Northeast Ohio