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High-Performing Teams Foundational elements for success Presented by: Erica Yesko, VP entrepreneurial Talent

June 23, 2013


• Pair up • Take turns and share: – An experience you have had being a part of a high-performing team (personal or professional) –

What made it high-performing?

– What was unique about that experience?

• Write down common themes and be prepared to share with the larger group

Effective Teams

Culture • Organizational culture is intentional and well articulated • Values are defined and are aligned with culture • Team members are hired in alignment with culture and values Role and Capability Alignment • Roles should be designed and aligned to support growth strategy • Identify critical milestones to achieve for growth • Identify capabilities needed to achieve those milestones (eg., sales, technical expertise, fundraising, leadership)

Effective Teams

• Identify capabilities present within existing team and capabilities needed to fill gaps (People, Process, and Technology management capabilities should be covered) • All necessary capabilities should be present within team and all team members should align with culture of the company Alignment with Strengths and Passion • Role alignment based not only on capabilities but also on strengths and passion • Each individual is aligned with a personal and shared vision

High-Performing Teams

• Share a common vision • Are more positive than negative 3:1 • Ask more questions than make statements 3:1 • Are cross-functional to some extent • Are emotionally intelligent (aware of self and others) • Are accountable • Are transparent • Are collaborative • Are respectful • Are diverse • Move through a complete learning spiral

Kolb Learning Spiral


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High Performing Teams (Erica Yesko)  
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