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What’s about Racuccolab? Racuccolab suggests situations in which the viewer becomes the creator, interactive situations, entertainment, temporary or longer course. A INTER



Strisce quadre Type: installation place: Ezzelini Castle, Bassano del Grappa (Vi), in the contest of “Caos! Assalto al castello” year: 2011 age of partecipans: mixed audience A dark room was illuminated by a Wood’s light that underline many strips of paper. The visitors can could and compose figures with them but, wearing special glasses, they saw an effect like 3D strips.

Sipario Type: set a design place: Bassano del Grappa (Vi) year: 2010 age of partecipans: 7-11 years old Silvia and the kids realized an ever-changing scenario, inspired by the game of Tangram. The shapes of cardboard, made by children, were screened in stopmotion video.





Azione su Moc Type: workshop place: Mount Crocetta, Bassano del Grappa (Vi) year: 2011 age of partecipans: 1418 years old The Workshops aimed to interact with a public space and the alteration of it. Starting from some ideas proposed by Racucco (sculptures in the mud, post-graffiti action, highlights what you see in the wall .. .) , every guy elaborated a personal creation work.



Imbiancalascuola Type: workshop place: Pianca School, Conegliano (Tv) year: 2010 age of partecipans: 8-11 years old Another interesting workshop using experiments with various white powders and their different processing (sugar, starch, flour, talcum powder ...). Even this path has led to different final creation of ideas.


Strutturanatura Type: workshop place: elementary school “ Istituto Vendramini”, Bassano del Grappa (Vi) year: 2011 age of partecipans: 5-6 years old Bugs and other animals realized with many hands techniques, like “Cadavre Exquis”. These creations were used by children for many games, together this wood multiple frame that always took new shapes. Even In the most simply and driven workshops, like these for little children, Racucco aims to different results, according freedom and inspiration of





The Muscoi’s animals Muscoi is an artist and his artistic interest focuses on the stylization of animals, they become funny characters.

Giulia’s art

Giulia works with any type of technique and material. She makes artworks with experimental thecniques and materials, even with foods. She makes conceptual operations and artworks dicussing the concept of “author”, copyright and instauring a direct interaction with real world .

...and Silvia? She has many interests like drawings, animations, collages. Her specialty, however, are urban games and the creation of situations that involve in psychogeography games.


ie alle sue CUCCO: graz asi a da qualsi tiche liber e l za menta e stitichez

It’s an artistic collective that operates between Vicenza, Treviso and Venezia. It takes care of installations, set designes, workshops, production/promotion of exhibitions, workshops and temporary entertainments. It’s primarily a catalyst for creativity. Infact, it does not propose and realize ideas directly, but pushes other people to do that, being them simple random passersby, customers of public venues, partecipants of “Laboratories”, visitors to exhibitions and, generally, young and old people. It’s based on interactivity and gaming, it doen’t propose always the same project but reinvents itself continuously, modelling itself to the context in which it operates. The attenders are Silvia, Giulia and Muscoi.

Giulia Buono was born in1982, spending her childhood drawing cats, buiding up things and reading books about animals. Silvia Scaldaferro was born in 1981, she spent her childhood experimenting with concoctions of herbes she would find in her parent’s garden, with the intention of saving humanity. Giulia and Silvia met in 2002 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Here Giulia plays with all shorts of means, from jelly to video, from edible materials to database; instead Silvia experiences urban drifts, become deeply involved in grace and photography. At the Atelier of Decorazione B, among other activities that mark their paths, there is the so called “Laboratorio trasparente”, organized with lab the Glass School Abate Zanetti of Murano. In 2007 Giulia graduated with a thesis about interaction, re-using and destruction of art, and taught art for three years at a middle school. At the same time she learnt the art of Murano Glass making. In 2009 she went to Incheon (South Korea) for three months, and there she explained and showed the art of glass making, creating animals and beads with lampworking technique. Also Silvia graduated in 2007, with a thesis about Situationism. Then she left for Rome, where she worked with the cultural association “Stalker on”, a laboratory of urban art, made by artists and architects. Meanwhile, she started collaborating with the graphic desig studio “Ziggydesign” and with “Ullalla”, a theatre association in Bassano city, where she designed as an illustrator and made creative workshops for children. In 2010 Silvia and Giulia founded “Racuccolab”, a reality that offres workshops of contemporary art to children, teenagers and adults. In 2011 Muscoi (Luca Indiveri) joins Racuccolab: he’s the idle of the kids, a well know animals designer and excellent cook. He graduated at Venice Fine Art Academy with a thesys about gift and potlach.



An english description of racuccolab activities and a presentation of it's members artworks.

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