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Doodle Embroidery


icraft By Juliet Marsh

The 3 E’s... Embroider, Embellish and Enjoy !!!

Issue One !! * Articles * Tutorials * Free templates and patterns * Ideas * And lots more...

Shabby Chic hanger decoration Make your own rubber stamps ! Pretty Packaging Upcycle a cardboard box to piece of useful art...

Felt jewellery and bead ideas WORK URL

‘Sleepy Kitty’ brooch tutorial How to make.....


free pattern inside...

It s first icraft issue !! FIRST ISSUE !!

icraft Juliet Marsh

Shabby Chic

Helllllloooooooo !!! I have been working on this

Upcycle old hangers

online magazine idea for

into beautiful

aaaaaaaaaages !! and have

decorations for

finally got it together. I am

your home.

going to show you projects and tutorials, ideas for makes including patterns and templates . A little about me ... My name is Juliet marsh and I like a lot of you have been arty and crafty my whole life, last year i decided it was now or never and jumped in with both feet to

me !

Follow me on facebook below and sign up to recieve mail alerts from my blog :)

make ‘making stuff’ my full time occupation. It is the first thing i think about when I wake and the last thing I think of before I sleep, it’s me, it’s what I do and what I am..... I make anything and everything from artwork to jewellery to dolls etc please check out my page and group on Facebook ‘Little Miss Crafty’ also my websites... www.littlemisscrafty.blogsp If you have any questions or want to say hi my email is littlemisscraftyis@googlemai please let me know what you think of this issue. Hope you like this issue !! Have a wonderful day xoxo

Beautiful accessories in felt !

Little Miss Crafty Find me here: also check out my page on Facebook !!


icraft Juliet Marsh

The 3 E’s.. Embroider, Embellish and Enjoy !!!

icraft Juliet Marsh

I Love Doodle Embroidery! Doodle embroidery is so much fun because it can be completely random, there are set patterns or rules it s like drawing with thread. You can use any thread or material base, the possibilities are as endless as you make them. I use embroidery floss and cotton fabric in these pictures and have also embellished the designs with beads and sequins to add an extra element, a kind of mixed media feel this also works on canvas. I start painting a piece and add in stitching and beads etc to the work. Tip !! Don t think about it too much, do a rough sketch first and then lightly draw it out on the fabric if you need to, but just have fun...

PATTERNS Make patterns and shapes within themselves, adding extra elements of design as you go and before you know it you will be doodle embroidery crazy. Keep a sketchbook just for your doodles, you can come up with ideas on the train, bus at lunchtime too..

EMBELLISHMENTS You can use all types of beads and sequins to your designs, even the fancy shaped sequins. Ribbon looks great too. Sparkly, glittery, gold and silver will add pizazz !!! Start getting a little stash box for beads and bits you’ll get a little treasury going in no time.

STITCHES There are lots of different embroidery stitches you can use to get different effects and looks, when you mix them together it look great. There are also hundreds of threads in different colours, materials and thicknesses. Different stitches, patterns, colours and threads makes it all fun.

icraft Little Miss Crafty

Felt beads: A how to.. Make awesome padded felt beads into brooches, accessories and jewellery. What you need: *Basic craft tools, needles etc *Pieces of thin coloured felt *Coloured cotton/thread *Selection of seed beads and other small beads in a variety of colours and shapes *soft toy filling * Buttons and sequins Step 1. Cut out pairs of shapes in different sizes too. Step 2. Working on one bead at a time to decorate, use small pieces of felt and layer on top, sew these around the edges in coloured thread then add beads in any pattern or colour you wish until the whole piece is covered. Step 3. Then put the second felt side piece underneath and stitch with an overlocking stitch until there is a 1cm gap left open, using tweezers stuff the bead with toy filling the sew the gap closed and fasten off. Step 4. Once you have made a variety of shapes and sizes you can sew together to make bracelets or necklaces, hair accessories and even brooches.




Add depth by making different sizes.

Make different bead shapes such as

Embellish with as many different

circles, squares, oval, star, heart, tubes and even letters or numbers.

colours, finishes and items such as, seed beads, ribbon, sequins, buttons, crochet flower etc


icraft Juliet Marsh

Misschell aka

Chinamommy ! Well, 1st off I'm a wife and a mother, an etsy shop owner, a blogger, a runner, a time waster and an overall goofball with too much time on my hands! I adopted my daughter from China when she was 11 months old, China just happened to give me the most gorgeous, smart, and mature child they had, she is a dream come true! Every year we do a hat drive for the kids that are still there and live in orphanages, if you'd like to participate you can check my blog for all the details. We live in Michigan in the good Ol' US of A, not too far from Lake Michigan. I have a BA in Fine Art but for many years I only used it outside of my "real" job as a hobby. I still feel like I'm figuring my life out as an artist, I do a little bit of everything from scrapbooking to painting. I like to crochet, make home decor, mixed-media artwork, go thrifting, and coat things in glitter. My husband just hooked up a kiln for me in our barn, so I hope to add ceramics to my list soon! I'm inspired by all things cute, glittery and colorful! Ever since I was little I've loved Hello Kitty, stickers, candy and miniatures and I think those things drive my artwork in a certain direction. Even though I'm 42, I still feel like a kid (and look one too since I never even made it to 5ft tall!!) and don't want to ever grow up or become too serious, I'll leave that to my daughter!! Please hop on over to my blog for all kinds of goofy stuff then check out my etsy shop for some glittery goodness! misschell

find me here: at for my mixed media Cutie Cupcakes & wacky blog at:


How to make a...

Juliet Marsh

Sleepy Kitty Brooch

STEP 1. Firstly make a template using the images I have provided and cut out pieces of felt as shown above. You will need a couple of small beads for the flower centre, black cotton for the eyes and nose, similar coloured thread to the cat head felt and soft toy filling which you can buy from large craft stores plus the a needle and scissors.

STEP 2. Using a simple backstitch create the sleepy eyes, takes about six neat same length stitches to create the arc then from the end of each stitch make the eyelashes that fan out.

STEP 3. Make a few neat overlapping horizontal stitches in the middle for the nose.

icraft Juliet Marsh

STEP 4. Use an overlocking stitch, start from the bottom right of the head and stitch close enough to the edge to secure and not fray the felt approx 2-3mm in all the way round but stop with 3/4 inch gap..

STEP 5. ..after leaving the gap use soft toy filling to pad out the head. It is easier to use tweezers for this as it is accurate and can get to the small parts (the ears).

STEP 6. Once stuffed continue the overlocking stitch to close the gap and secure the end with a few extra overlapping stitches.

STEP 7. Attach a brooch finding to the back of the head as neatly and securely as possible. These as everything in this project are available at craft, haberdashery, bead shops and hobby stores.

STEP 8. Assemble the flower pieces together with a few small stitches.

STEP 9. Sew the beads with a few more stitches.

Don’t forget, you can add other embellishments like sequins, beads or crochet flowers !

STEP 10. Finally attach the flower to the top of the head.

STEP 11.

Wear me and love me !!!

icraft Juliet Marsh

MAKE LOTS... Use the templates to make lots of little sleepy kitty heads and use them to decorate you cushions or hats, make them for friends and family. You can use lots of different embellishments for the flower decoration, crochet flowers, sequins, beads, and ribbon.

Enjoy this project and please send me your images either to littlemisscraftyis@google or add them to the Little Miss Crafty Facebook page which can be found via my blog or website.

I created this for personal use only do not re sell pattern or use my images without permission. Please give credit or link to Juliet Marsh, thank you !! :)

Make your own rubber stamps

icraft Juliet Marsh

If you can t ďŹ nd the stamp you want then make your own, it is so simple... You will need.. * Sheets of carving rubber * A rubber carving tool set * Ball point pen or ďŹ ne marker * Craft knife All of these are available from craft stores.

To prepare make a few sketches of the designs you want to make.

Step 1. Using the pen or marker draw out the design on the rubber, decide which areas you want to leave raised which will form the stamp design and shade these in.

Step 2. With the craft knife cut around the design leaving a few millimetres around the edge of the design.

Step 3. Using the carving tool (and choosing the right tip) start to lightly carve away the unshaded rubber but not all the way try to go down halfway though the rubber. Use Lots of thin slices to reduce mistakes.

Step 4. Once you ve got your design, wipe the stamp with a wet cloth or baby wipe to remove the pen and test the image with an ink pad, if it needs trimming further keep testing.

The more you sketch out before hand the easier it will be. And the more you make then before long you will have a stamp for every occasion.

Have fun !!!


In the studio with...

Juliet marsh

Little Miss Crafty I love my studio, it is on the Thames in East London. I get so much creating done here and being surrounded with other artists of all different media and styles is amazing. I do everything here from artwork to jewellery, my little house and character miniatures and dolls. I have a wicked sewing machine and overlocker on their own bench and it is so good to have so much space for different projects. I am even thinking of starting my workshops here, there are even great spaces outside for breaks and lunch too ... I am still in need of some storage containers as everything is on shelves or stacked on the tables at the moment but it is all to hand, I can see and get to everything I need which makes a change... I also have a large pinboard filled with lots and lots of inspiring pictures and bits and pieces that I have always wanted on my wall, I m thinking of getting another because I could quite easily fill it. Here at the studio complex there is a gallery space where I am hoping to get an art collection together in the next few months and I would love to get it shown there at some point in the near future.




This is a small collection of my

This is such a great idea to have all

I have a lot of my canvases up on the

miniature houses and characters that I can collect lots and make

your bits of artwork, scraps of fabric, decorations, cards, pictures, photos,

walls, being surrounded by the work you have made really helps with your

your own little world.

magazine pics and anything that you

creative process, inspiration and acts

are inspired by to help you when you

as your own little gallery.


get stuck.

Thanks for taking a look and don’t be shy, say hi ! :) Juliet x

Shabby Chic

Wooden hanger decoration

This is a great project if you have old wooden coat hangers, if you want to use some scraps from your stash box, creating some pretty decorations for your home and so easy and quick to do.

You will need: Rubber stamps Ribbon Decorative papers Embellishments Matte medium/mod podge (to seal and glue papers and stamped images) Ink pads Fabric scraps Paper flowers Gems Paper tags Sandpaper (fine) General craft tools




To get the vintage shabby chic theme going

Again use images with the themes

Prepare the hanger by lightly sanding the

use stamps with flowers, parisian images and text, general patterns, postage themes,

suggested for the stamps, old books, music sheets, tickets, postcards and letters, these

neck piece to remove any varnish and create a slightly rough surface. Using

hotels and travel, love and romance, food

can all be distressed and altered before or

you re chosen stamp and ink pad stamp

and drink. Use permanent ink pads and

after attached to the paper tags.

the neck of the hanger and leave to dry .

you can use shades of pink, reds, brown and black

icraft Juliet Marsh




Once the stamped imaged or text is dry

Using paper from old books or music

Start cutting and tearing papers and layer

use matte medium to seal and coat the area that was sanded, add a couple of

sheets collage these first to give a base for the more decorative papers. Stick

over the tags.

coats if you wish to protect it.

these down with matte medium on all different sized paper tags.




Use stickers and a little bit of colour,

Use stamped images and text over the

Add ribbons to the holes of the tags with

pastels are great especially pinks and greens.

paper layers. You can edge the tags with gold or other metallic ink pads to finish the

either a knot or a bow, satin and organza and even bits of lace look beautiful.

piece off.



STEP 10.

Embellish the tags further with paper

Once all your tags are completed layer

Now fasten them together with a further

flowers layered and crystal flat backed gems, fabric decorations, beads and even

them together with the largest at the back and smallest to the front.

piece of ribbon or string to the hook of the wooden hanger. Then use to show off

broken or old costume jewellery.

a vintage piece of clothing or hang up as a simple decoration.

UPCYCLING !! You can use up all your old and broken costume jewellery and bits of fabric, ribbon and scrap materials from a stash box of bits and bobs that we all have. You can make up sets of these in themes. Distress or paint the hangers themselves for an extra element, add fake flowers which look gorgeous too.

I would love to see pictures of ones that you create so please add them to my Facebook page, Little Miss Crafty or email me links or pics to littlemisscraftyis@go Have fun !! xxx

New for 2012

Little Miss Crafty

icraft Juliet Marsh




Gorgeous embellished little felt houses.

Each knitted character has their own

I have lots of original artworks and

outfit and accessories as well as personality, you won t know which one

prints that will be available in my shops and on my website.

to choose so you might have to get more than one !




Brand new for 2012 I have lots of

This is my popular range of jewellery,

A range of felt based jewellery and

crochet based jewellery, bangles, bracelets, earrings, brooches and rings.

made from clay and handpainted original designs.


There are finished jewellery pieces available.




I am making individual clay beads and

I have a pretty range of woven

Adorable felt owl brooches and

charms now in old and new themes, some of the new ones include day of

friendship bracelet sets go to to


the dead, sugar skulls, Frida Khalo, hot

check them out.

air balloons, dinosaurs and animals.

icraft Juliet Marsh

Take cardboard boxes, postage boxes and remove stickers and labels. If possible unfold and lay flat with outside facing you. Cover with a gesso or white acrylic paint, 2-3 layers with complete drying time in between. Then sketch on an image and paint ! That's it. Make sure it is completely dry before you fold back up. You can use these to hold gifts or just to store things around the house. Add embellishments and gems/ crystals for extra loveliness and don't forget you can apply this to any shape or size !!!

Pretty Packaging


Cat Brooch Pattern

Cut x2

Juliet Marsh

These elements make the ower

Felt Bead Patterns

These form the decorative layers

Cut x2 to form the bead

Note: the felt bead shapes and layers are meant to be irregular and have a hand made look.

Cut x2 to form the bead

These form the decorative layers All designs are created and belong to Juliet Marsh. Please give credit to Juliet Marsh, Little Miss Crafty and link to

Cut x2 to form the bead

These form the decorative layers

All designs are created and belong to Juliet Marsh. Please give credit to Juliet Marsh, Little Miss Crafty and link to m www.littlemisscrafty.blogsp

Embroidery pattern designs

All designs are created and belong to Juliet Marsh. Please give credit to Juliet Marsh, Little Miss Crafty and link to

Embroidery Design Patterns

Profile for Juliet Marsh


A craft magazne with tutorials and projects for everyone


A craft magazne with tutorials and projects for everyone