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Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls cordially invites you to its annual

Esti & Benyamin Kaminetzky Esti’s and Benyamin’s commitment to Ma’ayanot’s mission, growth and success helps to ensure the academic excellence of the school. Benyamin has been a member of the Executive Board of Directors since 2007. Esti has served as a member of the Education Committee, and has worked extensively on recruitment efforts. We are pleased to recognize Esti and Benyamin for their loyalty and dedication to Ma’ayanot.

Scholarship Fund Dinner honoring

Esti & Benyamin Kaminetzky Keter Shem Tov Awardees

Sara & Ira Olshin

Annual Scholarship Fund Dinner

Sara’s and Ira’s devotion to Ma’ayanot over the past four years has greatly contributed to our success. Sara has worked tirelessly with the Adult Education Committee in establishing many series of shiurim given by our Ma’ayanot faculty for the community. She also served on the Education Committee for two years. We are proud to honor Sara and Ira for their service to Ma’ayanot.

Sara & Ira Olshin Parents of the Year Awardees

Gila Stein Teacher of the Year Awardee

Art Carpenter Gila Stein Mrs. Stein, our esteemed Science Chair, enriches our students’ science education with her scholarship, skill and clarity in the classroom. Through hands-on learning she provides a deep understanding of fundamental scientific principles, and she is always available during free periods to help her students. This level of care and concern make Mrs. Stein a perfect choice for Teacher of the Year.

Ma’ayanot Service Awardee

 Saturday evening, March 9, 2013

Art Carpenter Mr. Carpenter, Ma’ayanot’s hockey coach from 2002-12, led the team to nine championships — without a defeat in the last eight seasons! More important than wins, however, is his exemplary character and the demeanor in which he led his players. We are pleased to have this opportunity to express our deepest thanks for all his years of service in shaping and molding our girls both on and off the court.

8:30 pm Fair Lawn Jewish Center 10-10 Norma Avenue Fair Lawn, NJ

March 9, 2013 • 28 Adar 5773

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Invitation Design: Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls Dinner

Design: Julie Farkas Graphic Design I January 2013

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Dinner Invitation  
Dinner Invitation  

All designers enjoy putting together the collateral for a meaningful private events. In this piece I used my creativity to transform Ma'ayan...