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October 2019

Clark at Franklin | Renovation Project

The project is complete and we are moving on over to Keller Lake. A huge thank you to all of the residents for your patience as we worked in your home. We hope that the updated surroundings make the hassle worth-while. Thank you to all of the staff members that helped us coordinate this successful project. The team at Franklin is second-to-none and we are appreciative of the help and support along the way. And of course, we could not have done this without our trade partners and staff. Due to the diligence of the professionals working on the project site, the renovation finished ahead of schedule, under budget and without any major safety incidents! We look forward to getting boots on the ground at Keller Lake and continuing our partnership with Clark. Enjoy some final photos from the project, Parade on Perl and the ribbon cutting ceremony. Thank you, Nick Novakoski, Project Manager

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On Location_Clark at Franklin_October 2019  

On Location_Clark at Franklin_October 2019  

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