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Saint Mary’s 8 North Renovation

Rooms Take Shape!

Upcoming Milestones »» Finish Drywall »» Start of Inpatient Dialysis Renovation »» New Temporary Dialysis Rooms »» Hang Patient Lift Pendents »» Move Mechanical Shafts

Executive Summary The north half of the 8th floor has certainly taken on a different shape over the course of the month. Framing crews have been busy laying out walls and creating the new rooms. Working in tandem with the progress of the framers are the mechanical and electrical tradesmen. These crews are tasked with installing all of the necessary rough-in items that must be set within the walls. The challenge with this activity is that much of this work must occur post framing but pre-drywall phase, leaving a short window of time to complete the work. By prioritizing certain areas and keeping to the schedule, the project is able to transition from the framing phase right in to drywall. To pull off such a feat, the project must have the proper size labor force. With so much activity in such a confined area, the floor has quickly become congested. Managing justin-time deliveries of material and maintaining organization on the site is extremely critical. With increased congestion, the concern for following safety precautions is elevated. All workers must do their part to prevent injury. Wearing the proper personal protective equipment such as hard hats, safety glasses or ear plugs has a positive effect, but actively

making smart working decisions has been the reason for zero injuries thus far. Consistent with an increase of workers, is an increase in the size of the resulting mess. It is therefore a full time job to maintain all infection control measures. Negative air machines inside the project area help keep airborne debris within. Wet floor mats are located outside of the construction entrance to capture dust from being tracked off of the site. Floors beyond the wet mats must be continually mopped to remove any final dust that may have traveled beyond the carpet. Likewise, all areas on the path of material delivery are cleaned with every cart that passes. Constructing in a healthcare environment is no doubt an exciting challenge, the best of which is yet to come! -Joe Novakoski, P.E., LEED A.P. Vice President / Senior PM

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The Look Ahead

Looking ahead, we are anxious to finish the plumbing and electrical rough-ins required before drywall. We will be hanging drywall throughout the month of May, with other activities following right behind. We are currently working with the staff to move into the temporary dialysis rooms. This move will allow us to incorporate the renovation of the existing dialysis into the project. -Joe Shashaguay, Field Manager

Negative Air Machine

Wire Spool

Staged Drywall

New Cement Board in Patient Toilet Room

New HVAC Equipment

Inside Scoop | May 2013

Did You Know? Drywall was invented nearly 100 years ago with the material type typical of today being culminated around 25 years later. It wasn’t until the mid-1940’s, however, that drywall began to be commonly accepted and used. Up until that time, the artists of hand plastering frowned upon drywall as a “cheap fix”. During WWII however, the labor shortage demanded the need for efficient and inexpensive building materials. Drywall officially entered the realm of common practice in construction. The main component in drywall is a gypsum plaster that is pressed between two sheets of heavy paper. Grand Rapids is home to several gypsum mines. Although they are no longer actively mined, the voids left in the earth serve as dry storage areas, lying nearly 100 feet below the city.

Spotlight This month’s spotlight goes to the staff of St. Mary’s hospital. Their understanding of the construction process, which at times can be very disruptive, is nothing short of commendable. All levels of the staff have been extremely empathetic towards the challenges and complexities associated with a project of this size and caliber. The team members at St. Mary’s Hospital are fantastic and continue to make our job easier.

Mercy Health Saint Mary's 8N Renovation  
Mercy Health Saint Mary's 8N Renovation  

Inside Scoop - May 2013