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SAFETY SPOTLIGHT Utility shutdowns in buildings that never close are extremely difficult and sensitive to handle. Hospitals must maintain utility services for its patients and staff 24/7, so utility shutdowns are literally a life or death situation! Due to its critical nature, many hours, days and weeks of preparation go into each shutdown. Communication and cooperation are the key components to maintaining high quality healthcare while the facility expands.

Upcoming Milestones »» ED Floor Slab Complete P »» Drywall Installation Complete on the 2nd Floor »» 2nd Floor Painting Complete

Executive Summary Taking Shape…

We had another wet week at the project site, but it did not dampen our spirits or our progress. On the second floor, utility reroutes are nearing completion and drywall installation will follow close behind. In some areas of the floor, paint has been applied to the walls and preparations for cabinetry installation are being made. Firestopping is also receiving a lot of attention right now. Crews are working hard to make sure that every penetration in a fire rated wall or floor is sealed per very specific engineering standards. This work is critical to the overall safety of the building and the completion of the project. The ED addition, unfortunately, suffered a little bit with the wet weather. E&V crews, Cascade Cement, and Thompson Brothers managed to complete all the footing and foundations, which ties the new building

addition to the existing hospital. Cascade poured footings for both the drive-up entry canopy and the ambulance canopy. Steel for these canopies will be installed in the coming weeks. The rain affected scheduling for the concrete floor slab pour. The pour was scheduled for this Tuesday, but is delayed until early next week. While this is frustrating to the construction team, it is critical that concrete be installed under the right conditions. Proper installation will ensure that the building serves the community for decades to come. - John Parker, Project Manager

Project Progress Photos

QUALITY CONTROL As winter approaches, Elzinga & Volkers and our trade contractors pay close attention to the changing weather and temperature. Many building components are sensitive to the climate and can fail or perform poorly

Wire reinforcing for the first floor slab

if installed at the wrong time. When the schedule was first created for the Gerber Hospital ED expansion, these concerns were addressed. Temperature sensitive parts of the building have either been expedited to finish up before winter or delayed until spring. These decisions save time, money and ensure a high quality project!

Pier footings for main entry canopy

Wall board hung at the west nurse’s station

Two Week Look Ahead

Pre & Post Op: The east and west portions of the east wing are slowly becoming one as mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins continue and wall board is hung. Vinyl wall protection and ceiling grid will be installed as first finishing steps for the east portion of the east wing. The ceiling grid will allow mechanical and electrical trades to begin laying in fixtures - such as lights and diffusers. In the west portion of the east wing, crews will wrap up mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins and call for inspections. Once the rough-ins have been approved, wall board will go up, and drywall finishers will follow behind, prepping the wall for paint. ED Addition: With the canopy foundation pads poured, the steel erectors will set the structural steel columns for the north and west entrances. In the basement, the CMU walls and the CMU stairwell shaft will continue to take shape. In addition, once the newly poured concrete floor has cured for a few days, D9 Systems will begin to lay out and frame the exterior steel stud walls. These wall fabrications are the first step towards getting the building weather-tight for winter. Med gas rough-in in east wing

- Jordan Gougeon, Asst. Project Manager

Project Progress and Major Milestones


SPOTLIGHT This week, we would like to highlight D9 Systems’ job performance. As our acoustical and framing contractor, they are responsible for the metal framing, gypsum board and ceilings that finish the interior spaces of our project. D9’s crews have worked hard to keep up with the utility rough-ins and relocations on the second floor. They have done an excellent job and maintained a positive attitude all the way. Thank

Lobby Complete

you, D9 Systems, for all your

ED Complete

efforts so far!

Endo Pre/Post Complete ED Enclosed ED Groundbreaking North Parking Lot Complete

Endo Pre-Post Start

Wall board down west corridor

Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial  
Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial  

New Views – Issue 15