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Gad’s Hill Careers Team Update

22 April 2014

GAD’S HILL CAREERS TEAM NEWS UPDATE PWIB - Kate’s Blog On Friday 28th of March, four members of the careers team accompanied by Juli Dosad our Careers Team Co-ordinator went along to an all female network event to promote the Gad’s Hill Careers Fair on 4th July 2014. It was an early morning start but well worth it! All of the girls got breakfast and then got given the chance to pitch their idea, but they only had 60 seconds to talk.

!All of the members did really

well. The event was interesting and the the team managed to get some of the women to sign up to come and talk about their line of work and careers at the fair!

!The event although short and to the point was enough time for Ellie, Katherine, Yasmin and Bethany to get nervous but they managed to pitch the main messages they needed to on the Careers Fair in less than 60 seconds! Everyone in the team is looking forward to the next network event in May!


PWIB - Ellie’s Blog I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the PWIB EventIt was something I had never done before and really wasn't what I expected! Four Gad;s Hill Careers Team members o attended the event, and we got the chance to stand up for 60 seconds and promote our The Careers Fair 2014 and invite anyone who was interested to come along and help us make it bigger and better than last year's!

Emma Harraden of Hatten Wyatt, Beth Sutton, Katherine Hodge, Yasmin Hamza and Ellie Golson of Gad’s Hill School Careers Team

Promoting Gad’s Careers Fair at the Professional Women in Business Event The Professional Women in Business is a network of local business women and professionals who come together to network, share skills, contacts, ideas and expertise as well as support each other in the work that they do. Gad’s Hill Careers Team were invited to come along to the event and make a “60 second elevator pitch” which is a short punchy presentation where you sell yourself, your business, ideas and products to the rest of the room and our presentation was on the Careers Fair on 4th July 2014! The idea is that people then ask you more about what you tell them in the networking time at the end of the session and hopefully like what they hear enough to also share what you have told them with other business professionals too! More from this news story can be seen on Pages1&2

It was very successful for us and we managed to get some details for our Careers Fair who we are still in contact with-so it was worth going! It was also interesting however to just listen to some of the other 1

Gad’s Hill Careers Team Update

22 April 2014

to come along and help us make it bigger and better than last year's! It was very successful for us and we managed to get all the main info across to everyone in the room so it was well worth going! It was also interesting to just listen to some of the other independent business women, and hear what they had to say about their own business and the work they did on a day-today basis. Their careers were really varied and some of the achievements people had made were really impressive, which was inspiring for us! I think these types of events are a really good idea, especially for girls like us to attend so we can learn about what goes on in the real world! I had a really good morning and actually learnt a lot which I wasn't expecting to do!

PWIB - Yasmin’s Blog ……………………………………………

On the 28th March 2014 Katherine Hodge, Bethany Sutton, Ellie Golson and Yasmin Hamza of The Gad’s Hill Careers Team went to Gravesend Town Hall for the Professional Women in Business Networking Event. There were around 40 women who each run their own business, there on the day. The aim of the meeting was to share each other’s businesses info and gain ideas, share knowledge and contacts and inspire others as well as encourage them to think of ways they can work together in the future. There were a range of business from painters and decorators to construction, beauty consultants and solicitors. Every person in the room had a strict 60 second time limit to present and sell their business to others. The point of the four girls going there was to get the businesses that are on our top 20 careers list from the survey to come to the 2014 Careers Fair. The girls speech was packed with information to lure people to our careers fair. All went well without any mistakes and the whole trip was very successful, the trip gave all the girls confidence to speak in public and everyone there was lovely and supportive. A big thanks to Juli Dosad who volunteers to support the group and took the girls to the event and helped them confidence to speak in public.  

Victoria Batchelor, Yasmin Hamza, Ellie Golson, Ellie Dosad, Beth Sutton, Tim Moullin of Barclays Bank. Saffron Bance, Rachel Keys, Sophie Mitchie, Aimee Turner, Jemima Burn Bof Gad’s Hill School Careers Team

Gad’s Hill Careers Team Visit Barclays On Friday 11th April 10 of the Gad’s Hill Careers Team took part in a special work experience day at Barclays Bank, Gravesend. Tim Moullin had already visited the Careers Team earlier in the month to talk to the team about helping Barclays shape some of the workshops that they deliver to students in schools. We jumped at the chance to take part and get a good feel of what it is like to work in a bank at the same time. The workshops are part of their Money and Life Skills Programme. There are lots of different workshops available to schools that Barclays can offer including the CV Surgery, Promoting Yourself, Presentations and Communications, Networking, Behaviour and Body Language, Assertiveness, Money Skills, Overcoming Challenges and Thinking Confidently but our job was to design a package that was going to be just right for students at Gad’s as well as other schools too. There were lots of Barclays staff on hand to help and support us throughout the day, helping us with building a good CV, what it should look like and include and how good English and grammar are important. We were given a tour of the bank and learnt about all the different roles of the team and they shared with us the type of skills and qualities that were important in their roles, things such as patience, understanding, being well trained, having a good manner and being approachable. Another main factor was being able to manage your time well and being a reliable and responsible team member. After lunch we worked on the importance of good communication and the art of giving a good interview. The key thing to remember is that the people who are interviewing you want you to do well. We learnt that you need to be confident when you walk into the interview as first impressions count. We took part in a money skills workshop where we learnt how to budget our money as well as about mortgages, bank accounts and how they all work and what they mean to us. It was a great day which gave us an insiders point of view and the chance to build the workshop programme for Barclays in the future too. A great experience! They signed up to our Gad’s Hill Careers Fair 2014 too so catch them when you are there! Thanks to Tim and the Team at 2 Barclays!


Gad's Hill Careers Team News Update April 2014  

Gad's Hill School Careers Team first News Update

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