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Google Featured Photos puts those Chromecast screensavers on Macs

Presently you can get them for your Mac. Google has propelled another application that surfaces well known Google+ on your unused show.

These are the same photographs that beauty the Chromecast, Pixel and Google Fiber gadgets when they're not being used.

The application just pulls from freely shared, high-determination photographs, and they're frequently stunning scene shots. Every shot additionally incorporates the photo's name, so you can tail him or her.

The app is called Featured Photos. You can Download Chromecast App it from here. Once you do, you'll find the new screensavers available under the screensaver option in the Settings app on your Mac.

In case you're an Android client, Google's current Wallpapers application will likewise now given you a chance to access a similar arrangement of prevalent photographs for your home or bolt screen.

Google likewise point by point how you can get your Google+ photographs in its screensaver accumulation.

All you need to do - to build your shot of being considered - is join the Google+ Create program.

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Ever get lost staring at those screensavers on Chromecast? Google has released a free Mac screensaver that showcases popular high-quality ph...

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