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SEEKER Vol. 5 Issue 16 April 25, 2014


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Randy Sauve, owner of Fantasy Realm - 227 Pitt Street, will host yet another FREE COMIC BOOK DAY Motley Crue Tribute Crued Rocked



Team Cornwall Photo Contest Winners




SAVE THE DATE Jacqueline Milner's Life Lines Exhibit

As the name implies, FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is a single day when participating comic book specialty shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely free to anyone who comes into their shops. It is a day full of free comics, special guests, photos and more for comic fans to experience together. On this day, there will be fifty different titles of full-sized comics available (limited quantities) for anyone who visits the store. These new comics are geared for readers of all ages. Children, Teens and Adults will find something appropriate that will stir their imaginations. Free Comic Book Day began in May 2002 and Fantasy Realm has been a part of it ever since. This is an event meant for the whole family, introducing new types of comics to fans, and a great chance for new comic readers to experience the fun and thrill of comics. Even if you have never picked up a comic book, Free Comic Book Day is the perfect opportunity to stop into Fantasy Realm. Many treats will be available for guests and notably, a chance to have your photo taken by Carol Grant (Carol Grant Productions) with selected special guests, characters from the Heroes of the North.

Heroes of the North is a live-action web series relating to the adventures of a group of Canadian superheroes fighting various foes but mostly Medusa, a World Wide terrorist organization ran by former Nazi scientist, Dr. Joseph Mengele. Check them out at ... more on page 5


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This Respect. I was raised fully knowing that at my house, disrespect wasn’t tolerated. My father was loving but severe, stern, but could have given me the moon if I had asked and if I did as I was told. Even though he never laid a hand on me, I never so much as entertained the thought of telling him off. Ever. My father believed you should honour your parents, treat others like you want to be treated, and fear the Lord God Almighty. He instilled that in me. In some cultures, Respect and Fear are synonymous. In Texas, where my husband is from, this respect is predicated by the known fact that citizens bear arms. Many people carry their holstered sidearms in plain sight; others, of course, are carrying theirs concealed, as they are permitted. Trust me, when someone upsets you there, you’re unlikely to run your mouth. Instead, you’d be asking yourself ‘What could I do better?’ and how not to rush to judgement. Why? Because with this respect, there's that distinct possibility that they are packing! This awareness demands respect! People get respect in cultures like that whether earned or not. You don’t have to leap tall buildings in a single bound to get respect. In Southern States, perhaps jerks get respect they don’t deserve, but at least it’s not like here. Here, in Canada, respect isn't always automatically given. Here, what I see ist that Respect is a lost art; that Respect is dead. My husband, on the other hand, sees that at least it's real, when it is there. So, we don’t always see the same thing. Where I see no respect, he sees a lack of fear and doesn’t necessarily consider that to be a bad thing. Maybe kids need to know fear in order to gain respect: Consequences. Maybe my father did well teaching me respect because he instilled an awareness demanding respect. I feared my father. My kids don’t seem to fear me. But is that because of me or because of the societal effect on them? Does society encourage disrespect? I have come to the conclusion that Disrespect is like a virus. People who are disrespectful do it because they know it is in our nature to respond in a passive, soft spoken manner. It’s a calculated way to destroy your morale through your own acceptance. Does our passivity make us enablers of Disrespect?

Julia Lucio, Editor in chief

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SEEK KER SNIPPEETS - Yourr Loca Com mmunity News

Presented by


Jason Setnyk is a local high school teacher, journalist, community volunteer, a published author, and an award winning photographer.

New ws & List of candidates grows - The list for nominated Councillors are as follows: Todd Bennett, Davey Bedard, Roland Besner, Brock Frost, Syd Gardiner, Carilyne Hébert, Mark A. MacDonald, David Murphy, Gary W. Samler, Gerald E. Samson, Geoff Stephenson, and Guy StJean. The only candidate for Mayor thus far is Jamie Gilcig. The City of Cornwall 2014 Municipal Election will be held on October 27th 2014 and the deadline for nominations is 2pm on September 12th 2014. For more info visit:

Davey Bedard running for City Council - Davey Bedard, who was born and raised in Cornwall, is one of the latest in a series of candidates announcing their run for City Council. Bedard is a small businesses owner, family man, and community volunteer. "I am running for council because I want to take my involvement in our wonderful community to the next level. The city is will be going through some big changes and I would like to be apart of it. I want to help with economic development, arts and culture, I want to make it my social responsibility to voice the change that is needed." Photo by Jason Setnyk Photography.

Cornwall Community Police served meals for the Special Olympics - The Cornwall Community Police served free meals at Au Vieux Duluth in exchange for donations to Torch Run for the Special Olympics of Ontario. The event took place on Tuesday. In addition to delicious food and supporting a great cause, there was also live entertainment including comedian Mark Vincent and a silent auction. Cornwall Chamber of Commerce Announces New Executive - The Cornwall Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors today announced

its Executive Committee for 2014. Those elected were Kevin Hargreaves, President, Nada Kovinich, 1st Vice President; Jodi Hawkshaw, 2nd Vice President; Paul Desnoyers, Treasurer, Rick Shaver, Past President and Chair of the Board, and the Chamber’s Executive Manager, Lezlie Strasser. Mr. Hargreaves also announced that Leigh MacDonald, a local TD Canada Trust Branch Manager was elected at the Chamber’s recent AGM as a Director replacing Eric McDonell who has stepped down as a Director. Hargreaves noted some of the issues the Chamber will be addressing in the months ahead. “It has already been a busy year as the Chamber was the first to raise the issue of the storage tanks and it continues to lobby for changes to arbitrated settlements. One of our priorities in the months to follow will be to work with the Ministry of Labour and local businesses on health and safety regulations, the implications of which are often not fully understood.”

Arts & Culture James Green and the Blues Electric at La Maison Tavern - Award winning band James Green and the Blues Electric played a fantastic set at La Maison Tavern on Saturday night. Over the past decade James Green, Marc-Andre Drouin, and John McColgan have established themselves as one of the best blues bands in Montreal. The band has played the Montreal Jazz Festival, various Blues festivals and the Chicago Music-Fest. James Green has been playing guitar since 1979 and has toured the world playing with various bands. With his band The Blushing Brides he played concerts with legendary musicians such as James Cotton and Edgar Winter. Another notable highlight for James Green was in 1983 when he formed the band The Perfect Aff ffaair and played along side David Bowie’s legendary guitarist Mick Ronson. The show in Cornwall was

promoted and hosted by Rodney Rivette of Rockstar Party Productions. Congratulations Rodney on bringing another super talented band to Cornwall! Focus Art AGM - L'association Focus Art Association is hosting its AGM at 7pm on Wednesday May 7th at the Centre Charles-Émile Claude (146 Chevrier Street in Cornwall). The mission of Focus Art is to expand the arts within the visual artists and awaken our community to its benefits. Upcoming Events this weekend: Friday April 25th: Trench Town Oddities @ The Grand (old Johnny Macs) in Martintown 7:30pm - 11:30pm. Yuk Yuk's @ City Limits in Cornwall - 9pm and $20 for tickets. Landmark @ La Maison 10pm. Photo of Landmark by Jason Setnyk Photography. For all the latest in arts and culture checkout daily!

Sports & Lifestyle Mecca Pro Wrestling Presents Infiltration On Saturday April 26th wrestling fans can rejoice, because Mecca Pro Wrestling's Infiltration is finally here. Matches include Presephone Vice vs. Payne for the MPW World Championship, a street fight with The Rage Randy Berry facing off against Joey Valentyne, and much more! The event takes place at the Agora Centre on 301 McConnell Avenue in Cornwall Ontario. Doors are at 6:15pm and bell time is at 7pm. Ticket prices are $15 each at the door, $12 in advance, and a family four back is only $40. My name is Jason Setnyk, and these are the Seeker Snippets.

THE SEEKER Vol. 5 Issue 16 - April 25 - pg. 3 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

52 Pitt St., Cornwall, ON

THE SEEKER Vol. 5 Issue 16 - April 25 - pg. 4 BUSINESS ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 1

so a legend is born and a new name Cover Story Continued ... "And is added to those who make the world of fantasy the most exciting REALM of all" (Amazing Fantasy #15, 1962) This quote was inspirational for Randy Sauve when it came time to choose the name for his comic book store, Fantasy Realm. Located at 227 Pitt Street in Cornwall, Fantasy Realm has been supplying local comic book fans with products since it opened its doors in 1985. What started out as a hobby when Randy was only 10 years old has grown into a 30-year success story. Randy has certainly grown in leaps and bounds from his humble beginnings with a couple of boxes of comic books on the counter of a nearby convenience store (Carl's Smoke and Gift Shop). Throughout the years, Fantasy Realm has established a solid and loyal clientele and at one time operated two additional stores in the mid 1990's. Randy has seen many changes over the years, with many trends, new concepts and ideas and he has also watched his customers grow up to have families of their own which he now serves as a second generation in his customer base.

Randy enjoys giving back to the community that has given so much to him over the years. Born and raised here in Cornwall, Randy is now a member of Team Cornwall and has helped many local charities and organizations raise money by donating merchandise for silent auctions and fundraisers.

As mentioned alongside the cover photo, Fantasy Realm will be hosting Free Comic Book Day on May 3rd. (Free Comic Book Day is held the 1st Saturday of May every year). This year, Frank Burelle, a local artist, will also be on-site with his artwork and collecting donations for the Agape Centre. A colouring contest featuring Burelle's artwork is currently available (cut out the last of 3 featured pages from this week's Seeker or visit the store to get your copy of all three different pages). Deadline for contest submissions is Friday, May 2nd. Submissions will be grouped into age categories to win prizes and the judging will take place on May 3rd by the Fantasy Realm now boasts a global presence on Heroes of the North cast. Lastly, eBay (since 1999) and regularly sells products to the newest comic book "The customers around the world. And thanks to Winter Soldier" is currently social media, he continues to build his success available in-store now, leading up with his Facebook page where he can make to and including Free Comic Book important announcements about events or Day for the amazingly low price of ONLY advertise new product releases. With recent Photo 1 - Randy shown in 1985 when the store was in its first year of operation. $1.00 which also includes an entry to win television shows such as "Game of Thrones", "The Photo 2 - Randy shown now leading up to the store's 30th year of operation. a fabulous prize pack. Free Comic Book Walking Dead" and "Big Bang Theory" just to Photo 3 - Some local fans dressed up for last year's Free Comic Book Day Day begins at 10:00 a.m. and runs until name a few, the market has exploded with new 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 3rd. p ro d u c t s. But make Randy plans to proceed full speed ahead this year as he no mistake, celebrates 30 years in business. "The Road to 30" will be a the store year-long celebration of his success and will be still also highlighted by special events including his first-time carries attendance as an exhibitor in the Ottawa ComicCon many of (being held May 9th to 11th) as well as Toronto Superfan the classic ComicCon (being held May 17th to 19th). Randy has characters attended many ComicCons and exhibitions over the years such as as a guest and will finally take the next step to network Batman, with both customers and exhibitors alike and increase his Superman, exposure locally and outside the city of Cornwall. Randy Spider-Man and Archie comics. And with recent and quotes, "It's a perfect time to make the effort since the upcoming blockbuster movies featuring superheroes interest is so high in pop culture right now". such as Captain America, The Avengers, Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man And so, I welcome you to escape into a whole new world at Fantasy Realm. and many more, business has never been so good! Not only can you find comic Call Fantasy Realm at 613-933-7997 for more information. books at Fantasy Realm but the store also offers collectible banks, action figures, You can also find Fantasy Realm on Facebook at board games, card games, trade paperbacks and many other items sure to please or on eBay customers of all ages. at

Hey kids! Cut out and colour in this page and drop it off at Fantasy Realm (227 Pitt Street) for your chance to win

a prize. Make sure to fill out the bottom section with your name, age and phone number. There will be prizes for different age categories and judging will take place on Saturday, May 3rd. Winners will be notified by telephone. All entries must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 2nd.

THE SEEKER Vol. 5 Issue 16 - April 25 - pg. 5 BUSINESS ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 1

FOCUS ART ON LINE NEWS by Rose Desnoyers



I am pleased to introduce our members at this time.

You are invited to the Annual General Meeting of l'Association Focus At Association. In order to vote at our 9th AGM you must be a member in good standing and have paid your dues. Most members are painters, photographers, potters, sculptors or jewelry creators. Some are new to the pleasure of the visual arts while others are award-wining artists well established in the community. Several members are supporters of the arts and enjoy coming to our events to learn and enjoy the atmosphere of a creative experience. Inspiration comes from the exchange of ideas and transfers to all realms of our lives. Hopefully Focus Art offers an occasion when this can happen. A few hours a month and you can have a whole new outlook. Our membership drive begins in September but you can join at this time of the year for a reduced fee of $15.00 and participate at the AGM.

You can see the art of some of these members on our website Alex Abugov Elaine Arkwright Ginette Bélanger Simone Best Anita Bonneville Catherine Borelly Margot Boucher Elizabeth Cameron Pat Campbell Bernie Carrière Moïse Cartier Tracy-Lynn Chisholm Adèle Constantineau Barbara Darling Rose Desnoyers Claire Dorey Mary Ducross Danielle Duplantie Patricia L. Fish Elsie Gallinger Linda Geisel Liane Geoffrion Al Graham Norah Grant Carilyne Hebert Anita Huygen Carole Jeghers Stephanie Kasper (St-Denis) Joanna Kermenides Nicole Labelle Renée Lalande Caroline Legault Beverly Leroux Rolande Levac Frank Loria Julia Lucio

Elaine MacDonald Ken MacLennan Emily MacLeod Jane MacMillan Helen Martel Denise Martin Jean-Pierre Massé Louise Mignault-Lauzon Susan Miller Tina Morin Don Mitchell Norma O'Collin Robert Perron Claudette Pilon Marcel Quesnel Mai-Liis Renaud Betty Rerry Sally St-Thomas Hélène Sauvé Brunhild Schierdhing Manjeet Shergill Heather Smith Micheline Tanguay Beverly Taylor Robert Taylor Natasha Thompson Shawn Thompson Stu Thompson Sue Thompson Claudine Trottier-Leblanc Monik Vallée Ana Verbik Suzanne Villeneuve Carolyn Davis Rivka Waas Rose Desnoyers, President of Association FOCUS ART Association

Cornwall’s ALISON WONDERLAND BAND shines as nominees for the Ottawa Wedding Awards are announced.

Ottawa Ontario — Cornwall band, Alison Wonderland has been nominated as a finalist for the Ottawa Wedding Awards in the Best Live Music category.

“We are honoured to have been nominated for this prestigious award. Live music adds a unique energy to a wedding reception or mixed stag!” said co-lead singer and “Team Cornwall” team captain, Alison Hudson. “We are all proud to be representing our hometown of Cornwall as the only musical act nominated from outside the city of Ottawa. If we are fortunate enough to be able to accept this award, we’ll be sure to let everyone know where we are from!” The Ottawa Wedding Awards recognizes the leaders in the industry who have demonstrated the very best creativity, imagination, and service throughout the year. As voted upon by their peers and those whose lives they have touched, the winners in each category have been selected because they have taken their business to the highest level. Online voting opened to the public on April 22 and ends on May 13 at “We have all worked so hard to perfect our show and would really appreciate the support of our hometown fans.” said Andre Piette, co-lead singer and rhythm guitar player.

Koupon Korner

The awards will be given out at a fabulous gala evening on May 28, 2014 at the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre featuring live music, delicious food, a silent auction for CHEO and Hopewell and of course, the awards ceremony.


In photo: Caroline Legault and Adèle Constantineau Congratulations to Adèle Constantineau who won the People’s Choice Award with her mixed media rendition of a Bird on Birch Bark. Adèle received a certificate of $75.00 and a flower arrangement by the curator Caroline Legault. A second prize, also a flower arrangement, was awarded to Carolyn Davis. Congratulations to all participants. Thank you to all who have taken the time to vote.

Scott Woods Old Time Jubilee

An authentic live tribute to Don Messer’s Jubilee – one of the most popular TV shows in Canadian history. The show reunites Grand Master Fiddle Champion Scott Woods (as Don Messer), Cape Breton Tenor Tommy Leadbeater (as Charlie Chamberlain) and East Coast Music Award Winner Bruce Timmins (as Cecil McEachern). The show also features the Velvet Vocals of Lynda Lewis (as Marg Osborne) and Canadian Open Step Dance Champion Kyle Waymouth in this two-hour masterful performance honouring the days when Don Messer and his Islanders ruled the airwaves. The fast paced, uplifting show delights audiences of all ages with old time fiddle music, sensational step dancing, trick fiddling, family humour and more. Scott Woods Old Time Jubilee will be presented on May 1st at 7pm at the Aultsville Theatre in Cornwall. Tickets are only $25 and can be purchased in advance at the Aultsville Theatre or by calling toll free 1-855-SCOTTWOODS (1-855-726-8896) to charge. Complete tour schedule can be found at


Here's a historical treasure trove. British Pathé has uploaded 85,000 high- resolution black and white newsreels to YouTube. They date back to 1901 and include such events as Queen Victoria's funeral, the Wright Brothers' flight, Lindbergh's transatlantic flight, the Hindenburg disaster, the Beatles at Buckingham Palace, and more and more.

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Article and Photos by Jason Setnyk Motley Crue tribute band Crued returned to La Maison Tavern Thursday night. Once again they played a full house. Adorned in costumes and make up they played all the Motley Crue hits. There was lots of energy and movement in their set, and they successfully recreated the Motley Crue experience. This show was promoted and hosted by Rodney Rivette of Rockstar Party Productions. This has been a busy week and a half for the Cornwall music scene that included a 50th Anniversary Tribute to the Beatles at the Port, and 2014 Juno Award winning band Protest the Hero playing the Vu Night spot. This past week local singer songwriter Tracy Lalonde became a Top 10 regional finalist in the CBC Searchlight Competition. Also this past week local music fans learned 90′s metal band Ritual will be having an upcoming reunion show at Lola’s Pub and Grub. There is a lot more concerts coming up including Landmark at La Maison Tavern in Cornwall on Friday night.

Immaculate Conception Poetry Recitation

As part of the media literacy curriculum, Immaculate Conception students in grades 1, 2, and 3 had the opportunity to participate in Poetry Recitation. Every primary student researched a poem that he/she then memorized and presented to his/her class. Becky Poitras, media literacy teacher, guided students in making the appropriate selection, provided tips on effective delivery and possible props. Once classroom presentations were completed, Ms. Poitras selected students to present in the gym to primary students, teachers, parents, family and friends. We congratulate grade 1 students: Christine Bissonnette, Emily Conway, Eliana Disotell and Gavin MacDonald, grade 2 students: Izik Lafrance, Mackenzie Quenneville and Montana Vierling and grade 3 students: Angel-Anne Geneau, Dylen Samson-Brunet and Rosemary Whitford for their outstanding recitations. The event was well attended and appreciated by parents, family and friends. Bravo!

a message from Artist Jacqueline Milner Exhibition Opportunities at The Grind, 35 Second St. E., Cornwall, ON. I am assisting The Grind by accepting applications by Visual Artists interested in taking advantage of this opportunity. We are now accepting applications for the June/July exhibition period. If anyone is interested, they can send along 2 - 4 jpegs of the work they are interested in showing, along with the size and selling price of the work. I must receive the submissions by May 14th. The Artists will be notified by the 21st of the status of their submission. Kindly send submission or further questions to

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Motley Crue tribute band Crued live at La Maison



Team Cornwall Photo Contest Winners Article by Jason Setnyk. Photos used with permission of Team Cornwall. Cornwall Ontario — Team Cornwall hosted its AGM on April 23rd. This year Team Cornwall held a photo contest online, asking residents to submit landscape photos of our beautiful City. Approximately 60 photographs were submitted.

Here are the three winners that were announced at the AGM:

Left: Second place went to Rob Dobson for his photo of children playing baseball.

Below: Third place went to Jordan Tessier for his photos of the rides at Lift-Off.

Above: First place went to Dean Ducas for his photo of the Clock Tower at Lift-Off. The prizes are as follows: Dean receives a $500.00 gift card to Henry’s – a professional photography store chain. Ross won a Team Cornwall jacket and hat, and Jordan won a Team Cornwall jacket. The submissions were judged by volunteers from the Team Cornwall Board of Directors. They were looking for aesthetics, compliance with the rules, as well as relevancy to the purpose of the contest. “We do not claim to know which photographs are the best, only which are the most relevant to our vision of Cornwall. If it were possible, we would award first place to every single one of our contestants!”

David Murphy, who is Vice Chair of Team Cornwall, explains, “The photo contest was an opportunity to showcase Cornwall from a photographer’s perspective. We have an amazing pool of talented photographers, both amateur and professional in Cornwall. Every submitted photo could’ve been a finalist, that’s how good they were. Congratulations to the winners and thank you for all the submissions. Once again, the arts community proves our local talent is second to none.” Honourable mentions were also given to: Claude Bissonette, Lee Ladouceur, Tim Ouimet, Diane Picard, Jason Setnyk, Don Smith, and Richard Young.

The Seeker would like to say kudos to Team Cornwall for holding this photo contest. Congratulations to all the participants and winners. Cornwall has a lot of photographic talent and we would like to show case more of it here. So here are some of the Seekers personal favourite photo submissions from the contest. Photos by Claude Bissonette, Dean Ducas, Ed Lefebvre, and Lee Ladouceur.

Koupon Korner



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... and who says nothing happens in Cornwall !!!



45 Second Street E. 613-932.4796



SATURDAY, APRIL 26 @ 1:30am WHAT DO YOUR DREAMS MEAN? Learn how to interpret your dreams Free registration at the library.

SUNDAY, APRIL 27 @ 1:00pm



MONDAY, APRIL 28 @ 6:30pm CORNWALL & REGION WRITERS SOCIETY Explore your writing capabilities

TUESDAY, APRIL 29 @ 1:00pm

DECORATE YOUR HOME Home décor tips and tricks with Rob Csernyik of Habitat Home Décor Boutique FREE REGISTRATION



SATURDAY, APRIL 26 YOGA YOUTH (Ages 6 to 16 yrs) @ 10 am PAWS'N BOOKS @ 11 am CHECK-MATES @ 2 pm

The St. Andrews Knights of Columbus are sponsoring a breakfast at the Church Hall in St. Andrews

prior to the Great Raisin River Canoe Race on April 27th from 7am to 12 noon. Come out and enjoy a great breakfast whether you are a participant or a spectator. Cost is $6.00 per person, $3.00 for children 10 to 5, and under 5 is free.

St. Andrews is the starting point for the race. Photo by Robert Lefebvre




THURSDAY, MAY 1 @ 1:00pm

More program information online at 613-932-4796


RESUMÉ WRITING WORKSHOP @ 10:00 am to 11:00 am Or Thursday, May 1 @ 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm REGISTRATION REQUIRED


our weekly pages of events n’ more...

SEEKERS CHOICE AWARDS - June 21, 2014 Voting has started! Go to or call 613-935-3763 ext. 4 to cast your vote ... THE SEEKER Vol. 5 Issue 16 - April 25 - pg. 9 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2



27 2

The Bre


29 2

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Because your child didn’t come with an instruction manual… Take the guesswork out of parenting. Visit www.MYtripleP .ca to register for upcoming information sessions or call 1 844 362-8593 for details about starting your Triple P experience. The Breakfast Brew with Wayne Thompson, weekdays 6-10

30 0

Aussi disponible en français


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by S Sharyn Thom pson


INGREDIENTS: 1 package of President's Choice Italian meatballs 1 jar of grape jelly 1 bottle of chili sauce

METHOD • Combine the grape jelly and chili sauce together in a saucepan. Heat until the jelly is melted and the sauce is smooth. • Place the frozen meatballs in your crockpot and pour the sauce over them. Stir to coat. Place the lid on your crockpot. • Have the heat setting on HIGH until the sauce boils, then turn down the heat to LOW and let this simmer all day until supper. ENJOY!!!

NOTE: Kathy has done the same sauce and used boneless skinless chicken breasts with excellent results. Same cooking time as well.

2 lb. lean ground beef (of course, use our local STORMONT county lean ground beef, which we sell at my store, Sharyn's Pantry) 2 eggs, beaten lightly 1 or two onions chopped very finely 2 tsp. fine salt 1 tsp. ground black pepper about 1/2 cup dry breadcrumbs


2 cups of Ketchup 2 cups of water 2 tbsp. butter 1/2 to 3/4 cup brown sugar use one of these: 1 tbsp. prepared mustard OR 1/4 cup plain white vinegar 1 - 19 oz. can of pineapple chunks with the juice 3 tbsp. dried minced onion or use freshly minced onion to taste salt and pepper to taste

METHOD Mix all of the meatball ingredients together. Shape into meatballs.

HERE IS A TIP TOP GET THE SAME SIZED MEATBALLS QUICKLY: How I get the same sized meatballs very easily is to place a sheet of waxed paper on your work surface. Place the meat mixture on the waxed paper. Pat the meat into a rectangle about 1" thick. Now cut the meat into squares, to resemble a sheet of graph paper. You just tear off a square of the meat and shape it into a meatball. This goes very quickly and each meatball will be exactly the same size.

• Place the meatballs on a greased broiler pan or cookie sheet with sides. • Bake the meatballs in a 350 degree F. oven for 15 minutes of until the meatballs are browned. Drain off and discard any fat. • Place the meatballs in your crockpot. • Place all of the ingredients for the sauce in a saucepan. Bring this to a boil, then turn down the heat and allow the sauce to simmer for 15 minutes over LOW heat. You want the brown sugar to be completely dissolved. • Pour the hot sauce over the meatballs in the crockpot. Cover and set on LOW heat. Cook the meatballs for 6 to 8 hours. These are delicious! When you serve them they just disappear before your very eyes! ENJOY!!! SHARYN THOMPSON Owne o SHARYN S PANTRY

OPEN Monday to Saturday SHAR-Y9Nto TH5OMPSON, Owner of SHARYN’S PANTRY OPEN: Monday to Saturday - 9 to 5 812 P tt Street Un t 6 Cornwa812Ontar Pitt Sotreet, Unit 6, Cornwall, Ontario 613-936-1998 613-936-1998

Great-looking, flavorful veggies are also good for your eyes

"Whether m cook ng on the set or at home w th my fam y a ways try to prepare d shes us ng the freshest and most co or fu ngred ents n season " rv ne says "And because the ab ty to see c ear y and comfortab y s so mportant to my fe both profess ona y and persona y a so make sure to nc ude eye hea thy ngred ents -

Nearly 90 percent of consumers agree that the visual presentation of their food is important, according to a recent survey by Transitions Optical. And because some of the most color ful vibrant foods such as t o m a t o e s s p n a c h s we e t p o t a t o e s c a r ro t s a n d b e r r e s c o n t a n e y e h e a t hy n u t r e n t s s u c h a s caroteno ds ant ox dants and v tam ns A C and E summer s the per fect t me to start ncorporat ng t h e s e s e a s o n a f r u t s a n d ve g e t a b e s n t o yo u r favor te mea s "D et f tness and overa hea th are the foundat on of my festy e " says rv ne "For me that a so means gett ng regu ar eye exams and wear ng proper eyewear so that my eyes are comfortab e and my v s on s enhanced " F fty percent of v s on prob ems are preventab e through ear y detect on and fo ow-up care - wh ch s why t s never too ear y or too ate to start tak ng care of your eyes Chef rv ne nv tes you to try h s eye hea thy tomato caprese rec pe To earn more about how v s on mpacts Chef r v ne s fe and wh ch Trans t ons a d a p t v e e n s e s a r e r g h t fo r y o u v s t www trans t ons com

Home Garden Tomato Caprese Time: 25 minutes Yields: 4 servings

Dressing ingredients: Balsamic Reduction 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar

Salad ingredients: 4 arge tomatoes s ced 1 pound resh mozzare a cheese s ced 1/2 bunch o resh grown bas 2 cups baby arugu a Ju ce rom ha a emon 1 teaspoon extra v rg n o ve o 2 tab espoons extra v rg n o ve o 2 teaspoons ba sam c reduct on see be ow 1 dash sea sa t 1 dash resh ground pepper

Directions: For the ba sam c reduct on reduce 1/2 cup o ba sam c v negar n a sma pot on ow heat unt v negar s reduced by two-th rds Set as de and a ow to coo to room temperature On a arge p atter p ace the s ced tomatoes s ced resh mozzare a and bas spr gs Toss t h e a r u g u a w t h t h e e m o n u ce a n d 1 teaspoon o extra v rg n o ve o n a m x ng bow Arrange the sa ad n the center o the p atter Dr zz e the tomatoes and mozzare a w th the rest o the o ve o and ba sam c reduct on Garn sh w th sea sa t and resh ground pepper

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Robert rv ne Food Network ce ebr ty chef and Trans t ons adapt ve enses wearer understands ust how cr t ca t s to nc ude eye hea thy foods as part of your d et The r ght foods can he p you ma nta n hea thy enhanced v s on and see your best no matter f you re n the k tchen or outs de on your pat o

so everyone can see their best to enjoy the sights of the season."

( B P T ) - A f t e r a l o n g, c o l d winter, it's time to celebrate the star t of summer with o u t d o o r p i c n i c s, a c t i v i t i e s with friends and family, and b y e n j o y i n g f re s h , s e a s o n a l fo o d s A s y o u p u t t o g e t h e r your menu for your upcom ng summer ce ebrat ons you may not rea ze ust h o w m a ny fo o d s n s o m e o f y o u r f a v o r t e rec pes conta n ngred ents that benef t the hea th and we ness of your eyes n fact many of these fru ts and vegetab es can even be found n your own home garden


SHA ANNON'S MEATBALLS S - Seriously y, this just cou uldn't be easier!!!


One of Kathy's very best recipes is for meatballs made in your crockpot. The sauce which the meatballs simmer in, rates a "10"! I will give you her recipe in a second. Last week, while talking to Kathy on the phone, she told me her daughter Shannon (my sweet God daughter) had a delicious recipe for meatballs. Always, with a pad of paper and a pen handy, I was ready to copy down the recipe. Now Kathy and I have an Irish heritage and we both have a crazy sense of humour. Once given Shannon's recipe, it was so short I told Kathy I didn't need a sheet of paper, only a post-it note as it was so easy and short. We both laughed ourselves silly! I made a similar sauce when doing the Trade Shows for the Stormont Cattlemen. It really is delicious and so easy! Here are both recipes for you to try:



celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of my husband Gary's brother, Ron and his wife Kathy. You couldn't ask for two better people. They are loving and caring, filled with faith, are the parents of four wonderful children and have a great sense of humour. Family is very important to them. Over the years, we have made many happy memories together. Gary and I and our three girls think the world of them. One Christmas, about 35 years ago, when they were visiting at our house, we had a big snowstorm and they stayed overnight. The kids slept in sleeping bags and blankets in the family room downstairs. I remember we walked down to the mall the next day, with all our 7 kids,(this is about a mile, may I add) and bought wrapping paper and such at half price. Kathy and I still use the stainless steel baking pans I bought at the old Steinberg's grocery store. What a bargain, I paid only $2.00 each for a 9"x13" baking pan. I bought a bunch and gave Kathy one. She is a great cook and a very special friend and I have shared some of her recipes with you over the years in my columns.

OUT & ABOUT with Carol Grant



I have been fortunate to visit McMaze during all 4 seasons over the years and there is something exciting yearround. The Spring highlight is their Easter Egg Hunt featuring the Easter Bunny, tractor wagon rides, a Scavenger hunt for older children, hot chocolate, visit with farm animals and Old McDonald's Playbarn. In the Summer, the farm features fresh corn on the cob when in season, fresh home-made ice cream, duck races, Old McDonald’s 1 play barn, Daisy Maze the milking cow, calf roper, John Deere fleet, pig races, 5 mazes and Summer Day 2 Camps. Fall activities include the Haunted Woods Walk, Zombie Run, haunted mazes and of course pumpkin season! And lastly, enjoy Winter at McMaze with an old fashioned sleigh ride in the snow covered forest complete with hot chocolate and homemade cinnamon buns. Enjoy a stay at the cabin and a bonfire in the snow while you're there!



1- Val & Stephen McDonald 2 - Sandy McDonald, the man who started it all 3 - The Easter Bunny 4 - The Grenier family enjoying the egg hunt 5 - A family get-together visiting McMaze from Gatineau and Montreal 6 - helping to collect the Easter Bunny's eggs

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The Easter Bunny was also at Cornwall Square on Easter Weekend - visiting with many local children.

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Visit for more information.


McMaze is a family owned and operated fun farm established in the summer of 2001 by Stephen & Valerie McDonald's oldest son, Sandy. Located in St. Andrew's West, I have been going to McMaze for almost a decade with my daughters and always have a great time and many cherished memories. McMaze has won many awards and contributes to many community groups and organizations which makes them even more amazing. They also annually employ over 70 people which helps support our local economy.

Last Saturday, I introduced single servings of Raw Berry Cheesecakes, let’s just say they were a hit and sold out very quickly. This being said I will have plenty for you tomorrow. Gluten and dairy free they are scrumptious! This week you will be able to spoil yourself with my new R aw, gluten/dairy free dessert “Raspberry Brownie Delight”, mmmmmmm, is all I can say. I have many great, original and delicious ideas for the warmer months, can’t wait to share them with you and see your reactions….

On May 3rd, join Politigal for a day of inspiration with some of Eastern Ontario's hardest working elected local government officials. These women will share their stories serving in elected office and you will learn from women who have been through the trenches and come out stronger for it. This conference is for any woman who wants to be a candidate, run a campaign or just be more knowledgeable about the political process. Males are welcome. Guest Speakers include: Jennifer Mowbray, Campaign Trainer Isabel Metcalfe, Public Affairs Counsel Nancy Peckford, Equal Voice

Register at: or send an email to Alyssa Blais:

Sylvie Thibert (The Health Nut) 613-931-3119 / 613-662-3834

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SATURDAY May 3rd, 2014 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Ramada Cornwall - 805 Brookdale, Cornwall ONTARIO Tickets are $75, includes a buffet lunch.

In health….

Councillors Panel: Elaine Macdonald, Bernadette Clement, Carma Williams, Marianne Wilkinson, Katherine Hobbs, and Joyce Gravelle,

My shop is located at 812 Pitt Street, unit 40. I am just passed Earthway Chiropractic Clinic, small restaurant on the left side with a black railing. ONLY OPEN SATURDAYS…9am to 4pm..(often opened by 8:30am)……..


Join the conversation!

D u e t o u n f o r e s e e n c i r c u m s t a n c e s , M AO P h o t o g r a p h e w i l l unfortunately not be at my shop tomorrow, Saturday, April 26th….. w e w i l l t r y t o r e - s c h e d u l e a t a l a t e r d a t e… … s o r r y fo r a ny inconvenience.

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Lynda Turner (Zengarry Vegetarian Cuisine) will be hosting a “Nut Cheese Workshop” at my shop on Sunday, May 25th, 1 to 4pm…She will be sharing nut based recipes for parmesan, ricotta, sour cream, herbed cream cheese, brie, and more and will also show you how to prepare your own rejuvelac and ferment your nut cheeses at home. There will be demos, and tasting and lots of time for questions. For more information contact me. Thanks!! Don’t miss out on this original workshop…limited seating.

NATUR RALL LLY DELICIOUS ... w with the Health h Nut

Don’t miss this great upcoming event, Zumba Plus Fundraiser for Canadian Mental Health…Friday, May 2nd, 6 to 9pm at SLHS. I will be t h e re hosting mini juicing/smoothie workshops, the goal of the evening is for us, the vendors, to spoil you. All you need to do is pay a $5 fee to enjoy the workshop that you desire. It will be a great , inspiring evening for all that attend. Hope to see you there!


I w i s h to t h a n k that e ve r yo n e p u rc h a s e d a c o u p o n t o w a rd s o u r “ S t o p t h e S t i g m a - B e t h e Change” basket as well as the purchases of awareness bracelets at my shop. We were able to raise over $200 tow a rd s M ental Health Awareness. Woohoo! Co n g r a t u l a t i o n s t o t h e l u c k y winner Karen Desrosiers !

I will be hosting a Healthy Eating Cooking Seminar on Sunday, May 18th, 1 to 4pm at my shop. I only host these every couple of months. I will demo quick and easy recipes, you will taste test these and more , as well you will receive via email all the recipes, tips and info after the seminar. Great timing after all the trips and over indulging during the winter months, great way to learn ways to focus again on eating healthy. For more i n fo r m a t i o n please c o n t a c t m e. L i m i t e d seating…

BORDER PATROL with Craig Revelle



A weekly look at racing from both sides of the 1000 Islands The 2014 racing season continues to ramp up, and before long a busy schedule of racing will be in full swing. This past weekend I attended the Friday night portion of the Jan Corcoran Memorial at Canandaigua Motorsports Park located near Rochester, New York. I made the trip with local Sportsman racer Brian Comeau, who was making his first attempt at racing at the historic Canandaigua track. Canandaigua Motorsports Park is a fast half mile track. Friday night’s schedule consisted of a 35 lap race for the Sportsman division. The race winner was Kevin Ridley, who had the field covered for most of the race. Ridley is no stranger to Canandaigua victory lane, and was the 2013 Sportsman Champion at the Speedway. Ridley crossed the finish line ahead of Dan Wiesner, Greg Martin, Paul Guererri and Nick Guererri. Brian Comeau had a very strong run, battling to a 12th place finish in his 2014 debut. Nick Cooper won the 305 Sprint Car main event while CJ Guererri found victory lane in the Pure Stock class. Racing continued at Canandaigua on Saturday night for the 64 lap, $6400 to win Jan Corcoran Memorial. Local fan favorite Gary Tomkins took home the popular win after a great battle with Billy Dunn and Jimmy Phelps for the top spot. Tomkins crossed under the checkered flag just in front of Dunn, Phelps, Matt Sheppard and Billy Decker. Paul Guererri won the Sportsman main event on night two, while Dan Wiesner, Matt Guererri, Nick Guererri and Ron Davis III earned top five finishes.

Coming up this weekend is the 40th Season Opener at Chapman’s Can Am Motorsports Park. The night will feature the Empire Super Sprints with a 40 lap, $2000 to win main event along with the first race in the new Thunder in the 1000 Islands Series for all weekly classes with extra laps and money on the line. The Sportsman race will pay $700 to win with $100 for taking the green. The Pro Stock Street Stock Challenge race will pay $500 to win, Mod Lites are on the schedule paying $300 to win, plus the Thunder Cars and Thunder Stocks will each compete for $300 to win. Plus Late Model practice will also be on the schedule. It will be a great night at Can Am, and hopefully the weather will co-operate, and it the pits and stands will be full. I plan to return to Can Am on Saturday afternoon as they are hosting an open practice session for the racecars as well as the go karts. This will be the first on track session for the Finish Line Web Design kart. From there, I plan to head to Fulton Speedway in Fulton, New York for the 100 lap Big Block Modified Super DIRTcar Series race. Fulton Speedway is one of my favorite tracks, and a fantastic track to watch a race at with their high banking. This race is being dubbed the ‘High Bank Holdup’ and will also feature a $1000 to win Sportsman race, as well as Late Models. The following weekend will be a busy one, as I plan to attend Can Am on May 2nd, Brockville Speedway opens for practice on May 3rd, and Mohawk International Raceway hosts the postponed Atomic Spring Clash on Sunday, May 4th that will feature the Empire Super Sprints, Go Nuclear Late Models, and a $1000 to win race for the Sportsman division. Brockville Speedway opens on Saturday, May 10th, Mohawk International Raceway will open for their regular season on Friday, May 16th, while Cornwall Speedway gets their 2014 season kicked off under new management on Sunday, May 18th. As always, any comments or suggestions can be sent to You can also visit me online at, on Facebook at, and on twitter at

Tree planting for Earth Day Parks Horticulturist Subforeman Wayne Lauzon and Mayor Bob Kilger planted a hawthorn tree next to the Bandshell in Lamoureux Park on Tuesday in recognition of Earth Day. The tree is just one small sign of the City's commitment to the environment. Each year, the City plants approximately 75 new and replacement trees along City streets and in neighbourhood parks. In addition, the City will be undertaking additional tree planting efforts in the near future in response to the threat posed by the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).



Cornwall's Earth Day spirit will kick into high gear on Saturday, May 3rd when the annual Spring Clean-Up Week is launched. During the weeklong event, residents are encouraged to gather a group of friends, family or co-workers and help clean a park, boulevard or other public space. Groups who register in advance at can win some great prizes! To date, nine teams have already registered to participate in Spring Clean-Up Week. For more info on the event, visit the Environment section of the City website.

MAY 2,3,88,9,10 Matinée 1:30pm MAY 4, 2014

Evenings 7:30pm

Dream Builder Studios 2107 Second St., W. Cornwall


Tickets available online at Cash, Cheque or the Cornwall Civic Complex Box Office, or Credit Card Plus applicable fees 100 Water St E, Cornwall 613.938.9400 Welcome! Produced in special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc

VISUAL COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATIONSS w w w. w. w e t h i n k i t . c a

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Article and Photo by Jason Setnyk Cornwall Ontario — Jacqueline Milner’s Life Lines exhibit, which asks us to consider the impact we have on the environment, is on display in the foyer of Aultsville Theatre until May 15th. Milner who is a nature lover says her concern with our living planet was the inspiration for doing this exhibit.

“The inspiration for much of my personal work is my love and concern for our living planet. The title “Life Lines” is what the habitats that we challenge or rebuild represent to all life. Clean water, healthy soil, trees, wetlands. These are Life Lines that give and support all life”, explains Milner. For Milner the message behind this exhibit is clear, we are all interconnected with this planet, and the choices we make have long term consequences. “We are all interconnected in ways that we have yet to understand. Our health and welfare and that of our future generations are dependent on maintaining and respecting the Life Lines that keeps our Earth living. The lives and habitats that are found on Earth are finite. It is imperative that we question and understand the results that our daily choices have on the world we are leaving to our children and grandchildren”, says Milner. The Life Lines exhibition was made possible through a partnership with YAC and Aultsville Theatre. It is creating a new space for art to be displayed and featured in our City. It demonstrates the positive things that can happen when we work together. “The partnership came about because YAC and Aultsville Theatre both have their offices in SLC. Both Janet and I said there needs to be artwork in this lobby to really illustrate the fact that two arts organizations are working here. We also need to really bring this great space to life and visual art was the answer. The partnership made sense – Aultsville was able to provide the space with assistance from SLC and YAC was able to cover the coordination, marketing and communication and the hanging as well as the monitoring of the art in the public space”, Bruce Davis, Executive Director of YAC said. Bruce Davis, who is a visual artist himself, appreciates and is a fan of Jacqueline’s work. “I just love Jacqueline’s work. It has guts, it has a message and its wonderful to look at and to study. She is a creative force to be reckoned with and I am happy to have been able to show it off in the lobby”, mused Bruce.

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Over $101,000 Raised for Corus Caring Hearts Radiothon Corus Entertainment’s Greatest Hits 101.9, Variety 104.5, and, are proud to announce that $101,325.30 was raised at the eighth annual Corus Caring Hearts Radiothon in support of the Cornwall Hospital Foundation this past Thursday. These funds will go toward the purchase of a cardiac ultrasound machine. "We are proud to once again partner with the Cornwall Hospital Foundation for such a worthwhile cause,” said Bill Halman, On-Air Personality, Corus Radio Cornwall and 2014 Radiothon Chair. “Thank you to our listeners, volunteers, sponsors and the community for the incredible support.” Over the past nine years and through eight Corus Caring Hearts Radiothons, over $955,000 has been donated to the Cornwall Hospital Foundation. For more information on the Corus Caring Hearts Radiothon, please visit or Variety 104.5, Greatest Hits 101.9 and are owned by Corus Entertainment Inc., a Canadian-based media and entertainment company that creates, broadcasts and licenses content across a variety of platforms for audiences around the world. The Company’s portfolio of multimedia offerings encompasses specialty television and radio with additional assets in pay television, television broadcasting, children’s book publishing, children’s animation and animation software. Corus’ brands include YTV, TELETOON, ABC Spark, W Network, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada), HBO Canada, Historia and Séries+, as well as Nelvana, Kids Can Press, Toon Boom and 39 radio stations including CKNW AM 980, 99.3 The FOX, Country 105, 630 CHED, Fresh FM London, Q107 and 102.1 the Edge. A publicly traded company, Corus is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (CJR.B). Experience Corus on the web at

SpringEvents Spring Learn-To-Run Program: last week to join Wednesday, April 30th between 5:30-5:45pm, run starts at 6pm- $50 for 10-weeks. alignment - $25 for members, $40 for non-members

Spring Boot Camp: 10 classes for $100 plus tax- Tuesday and Thursday 6-7pm

31-Day Yoga Challenge: Join us for the month of May to transform your mind, body and spirit. Only $75 for nonmembers, $25 for members. Prizes TBA

52 Pitt Street 613-330-4494

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Cornwall Area Citizens Unite in Support of Local Hospital


Jacqueline Milner’s Life Lines considers humans impact on the environment

THE SEEKER Vol. 5 Issue 16 - April 25 - pg. 17 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

I’ll share with you something that happened to me over the course of this brutally long winter. There are certain things we take for granted. One of those things I took for granted this winter is the snow. Ya, I know what you’re saying: ‘it’s awfully hard to take it for granted when you’re shovelling 3 feet of it every day.’ I agree, of course, but what I took for granted was the positive attributes of snow and especially snow in great quantities. Last summer I managed to find the time to build a deck on my house. I’ve lived in my current home for 8 years – long enough to establish a status quo – and so when things change, I notice them. I understand the way my house moves and sounds and how it feels throughout the year and the effects of weather on it. Well this year was different. Not just for the copious amounts of snow, or the extended sub-zero temperatures, but something in my house was different.

It took me a few weeks to figure it out. There was a chill in the house; a chill that started in the basement and crept up through the floorboards, under doors and numbed the toes of those who ventured into the laundry room. It took a few weeks to figure out that this chill was emanating from the crawl space under my kitchen. It took me a few weeks to realize that the deck I had built in the summer and enjoyed into the fall and dutifully shovelled off all fall and winter long, attached to the foundation of the kitchen crawl space was preventing the snow from landing on the ground, and banking up against my foundation as it has for the last 90 years. As it turns out, the snow, much maligned, was actually protecting the foundation walls and headers- sealing out the draughts of icy winter wind. In one well intentioned project I had severely compromised my homes efficiency and winter hardiness. I couldn’t have predicted the effect that this change of snow accumulation would have, but the effect was negative and noticeable; So much, in fact, that I have no choice but to complete some additional insulating work to compensate for my now missing winter packing. So the lesson here, as I see it, is twofold: Firstly, your grandfather was correct when he touted the benefits of banking snow up against the house to protect and insulate it over the long winter months. And second, in our excitement to update our homes and do our dream reno’s, we have to be cognisant of the unplanned side effects on other systems and structures within our homes that may impact our lifestyle and enjoyment. You, your contractor, and the building department will all do their best to prevent these things from happening, but Article 3; Subsection 2.4 of Murphy’s Law insists that in spite of our best efforts, things will always happen that are beyond our control. Take care all, ‘til next time. Keep watching here each week for more household tips and renovation advice. It's FREE to submit a question and you can email them to: or, Text them to 613-551-5932. For additional information about me and what’s going on in your community, please visit our website: Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and read past letters on our blog:

Koupon Korner


“ABOUT THE HOUSE” with Joe Adams




Hello again everyone. I am glad to be back to contributing my two cents to the Greatest little good news paper around. I must apologize for my delinquency. Life is busy as always for Joe and Adams Home Services and with the burgeoning spring weather, this year will be no different. I will endeavour to share with you my experiences and my expertise as we tackle projects for homeowners all over Cornwall and SD&G. And as always, I love to receive your questions, comments and story ideas. Your thoughts are the best resource for my anecdotes.

Stress Busters" for the Sandwich Generation You may have been too busy to realize it, but April was Stress Awareness Month. Sponsored by the Health Resource Network, a nonprofit health education group, Stress Awareness Month promotes awareness about potential ways to reduce stress in our lives. And if you’re a member of the “Sandwich Generation” (caring for aging parents while supporting your children), you may well have plenty of stress to deal with — especially financial stress. That's why you may want to look at this month as an opportunity to explore ways of “de-stressing” yourself. To understand the scope of the problem facing people in your situation, consider this: One out of every eight people aged 40 to 60 is raising a child while caring for an aging parent, according to the Pew Research Center. The definition of “eldercare” can range from having the parent living in one’s home to helping pay for the parent’s stay in an assisted living or nursing home facility. When you consider the costs involved with this type of care, added to the expenses of raising your children and possibly even providing some financial support to them as young adults, it’s easy to see how you could potentially face enormous strains, both emotionally and financially. To help ease this burden, consider these suggestions: Save. If you're part of the Sandwich Generation, you’re probably close to your own retirement — so you need to save for it. But this may not be easy. Because you can't predict the future, you won't know how much financial support you may someday have to provide your parents. And even after your children are grown, they may need some help from you. Unfortunately, in helping your children, you may end up disrupting your day-to-day income and dipping into your savings. That’s why it’s important to try to “pay yourself first” by deferring part of each paycheque into your RRSP.

Talk. Many people in the “Greatest Generation” (over age 80) have not even prepared a will. If your parents are in that group, talk with them about preparing one. Also, find out who, if anyone, is handling their investments. If your parents have a will, you need to know whether they've created a power of attorney or how they've titled their assets. It’s best to have these conversations sooner rather than later. Delegate. You eventually may have to take some responsibility for your parents’ care — but you don’t have to do it alone. You could, for example, work with a trust company, which can be invaluable if your parents are incapacitated and useful even if they aren’t. A professional trust company can help manage your parents’ investments, pay their bills, keep their records and supervise distribution of their assets to beneficiaries. In short, a trust company can make life a lot easier for you. Stress Awareness Month lasted only 30 days, but by taking the right steps, you can help de-stress yourself for many years to come. After all, just because you’re part of the Sandwich Generation doesn’t mean you have to be “squished.”. Edward Jones, Member Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor - Brian Seguin. BRIAN SEGUIN, Local Edward Jones advisor, (613) 932-6161 89 Tollgate Road West, Unit 2 , Cornwall, ON K6J 5L5

And remember, whatever you do, do it well, because a job well done stays well done forever.

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Space available preferably to run a restaurant or a computer store,

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HOUSE CO TE T SALE: Friday and Saturday april 25 nad 26 8am to 5pm. Tractor, furniture washer, dryer, crystal, china, painting, water colors african art, books, and much more. 18205 county road 19, South Branch Road, Cornwall. FOR SALE: 2004 Hyundai accent, decent shape new clutch, 186,000KM, $1500 or best offer.

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Pass this information on ... to the ladies you care about in your life. Taught by Mothers for Daughters - Your Safety First Aid To be held the second Saturday of each month Cost is only $25.00 per session. Noon - 2pm 200 Hoople Ave Cornwall ON 613-936-2443 Review, Refresh, Relearn…Practice, Practice, Practice

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THE SEEKER Vol. 5 Issue 16 - April 25 - pg. 19

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Packrat Organization 101 with Marie Morrell

LETTING GO OF ITEMS OF SENTIMENTAL VALUE WHY YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO LET GO Because your things have a sentimental value, they are an anchor to a memory of a past event. You are afraid of losing the past completely but fear is never a good guide. When you realize you are led by fear, try to replace it with curiosity and confidence. Your things are important to you considering the events symbolizing them; for example, a ticket stub for a movie you saw with a good friend before he moved away and added to your possessions of sentimental value. These objects are just objects, their value change when you attached a story to it. Otherwise, you could throw them without hesitation. This is the definition of things of sentimental value. You must change your way of thinking and accept a new mentality which means trusting yourself. Trying to keep everything decreases this lack of confidence in your memory and in a larger sense, a lack of confidence in yourself. Sometimes it is easier to photograph an object rather than keeping it if you need to move to a smaller place. You cannot relive the past; however, you need to realize how much you will always remember of it using the tools to achieve this purpose. Realizing your memories can exist only through your thoughts and photographs help you to realize you can trust yourself to be reminded when you want to facilitating the detachment of meaningful things. Even more important than your memories is what you do at the present time, i.e., having confidence in your ability to live each day to the fullest and creating new memories. Therefore, letting go of sentimental value items becomes much easier.

If you want to keep a few sentimental objects in your home, keep only the treasures. For example, do not keep anything you would not want your family or friends to see that would cause them pain and discomfort. Keep only the very important things you want to view, use, and share with others. Keeping your "treasures" in your attic, in a box you never open indicates they are not that important. For what is important, make sure the container and these treasures are not going to be damaged in a fire or flood. In addition, if you do not want to give the energy needed to document these objects, it is a red flag indicating you do not really want those treasures and these things do not have the importance you believed they did. Remember you can not keep everything and objects do not have magical properties. These simple reminders can help you let go of the things creating clutter in your life and home by making you realize they are not treasures.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Many people face that moment when they wonder what they are going to do with the sentimental items that fill their home - things like old photos, kids' artwork, childhood treasures, books and family heirlooms. It's almost impossible to consider throwing out such cherished possessions such as your children's trophies or your grandmother's chipped dishes even if they've collected dust for decades. There are ways to rationally deal with life's clutter when the time comes. Sometimes the biggest sources of confusion, hurt feelings, and family conflicts are decisions people make about who inherit important items for emotional, not monetary, reasons. Therefore, everyone should give some thought to family jewelry, photos, antiques, and other items that likely have sentimental value to your surviving family members. You can leave items to inheritors in your will or living trust, or give them away while you are alive. It’s up to you. There are a few good reasons for handing out gifts now. You can find out what people would prefer to inherit. Acting now gives you the opportunity to talk with the members of your family on whom you plan to bestow your treasures, find out what items they care about and which ones they really don’t want or need. You may really be surprised with the results. You might think your daughter wants the silverware, when she really would prefer a piece of furniture or some souvenirs from family vacations. You’ll get to see the recipients enjoy your gifts. One big advantage to presenting family members or friends with a special gift now is that you get to see them use and enjoy it. They will also appreciate the opportunity to thank you for your generosity. It is important to note that I don’t think that sentimental items are bad or evil or holding on to them is wrong. I don’t. I think what is harmful of sentimental items and sentimentality, in general, is far more subtle. If you want to get rid of an item but the only reason you are holding on to it is for sentimental reasons and it is weighing on you then perhaps it’s time to let go of it, perhaps it is time to free yourself of the weight. That doesn’t mean that you need to get rid of everything. Next week look out for the second part of this article ...

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