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18 October 18 2013


Mister and Mrs Delorme

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Check out the SEEKERS KEEPERS CENTRE SECTION for all next weeks community Kimberley Ouimet & Eric Delorme tied the knot on October 18 2013. A fabulous reception took place at the Bonnie Glen to Celebrate the occasion. events and happenings Seeker Chicks Julia and Mai-Liis crashed the wedding and want to wish the special couple years of happiness. - plan ahead and don’t miss anything!




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1. – 4,291 2. – 5,452 3. – 11,763 4. – 23,867 5. – 25,095 6. – No Ranking

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Presented by Jason Setnyk News & Politics

CORNWALL PIPING UP ABOUT ONTARIO’S TAR SANDS PIPELINE Concerned residents of Cornwall have the opportunity to attend an info forum on November 6th at the Benson Centre to discuss Enbridge’s plans to pump 300,000 barrels of oil and bitumen from the Alberta tar sands every day through southern Ontario’s relatively unknown Line 9 pipeline. The Line 9 info forum will begins at 7 PM in the McEwen Room of the Benson Centre. Environmental Defence Canada’s climate and energy campaigner Sabrina Bowman from along with environment and energy writer Derek Leahy will provide ‘need-toknow’ information about Line 9. “This info forum is a must for everyone who wants to be informed about the environmental repercussions of the changes to Line 9 and recognizes the importance of environmental safeguards in the transport of hazardous materials”, says City Councillor Elaine MacDonald. “A proper third-party independent assessment of Line 9 is really the best way to find out what the risks and dangers are if shipping bitumen through Line 9 is approved. The pipeline has never transported heavy crudes such as bitumen”, says Derek Leahy, co-presenter at the Line 9 info forum in Cornwall on November 6th. The Benson Centre is located at 800 Seventh Street West in Cornwall. The Line 9 info forum is open to all members of the public and begins at 7 PM. The National Energy Board’s final decision on Line 9 will be made no later than March 19, 2014, but could come as early as January 2014.

CORNWALL TOWNSHIP HISTORICAL SOCIETY ESSAY CONTEST WINNERS - Cornwall Township Historical Society Essay Contest winners where presented with Certificates at the October 23 Township of South Stormont Council Meeting. The essays were written from the perspective of wounded soldiers writing home after the Skirmish at Hoople Creek in 1813. Photo Left to Right: Mayor McGillis, contest winners Olivia McDonald, Kara MacDonald and Kaitlyn Cloutier, Sharon McCullough and Ken McDonald of the Cornwall Township Historical Society. THE TOWNSHIP OF SOUTH STORMONT INTRODUCES NEW MASCOT HOOTIN ANNIE - The Township of South Stormont is proud to introduce our new Mascot “Hootin’ Annie”. A “Name Our Mascot” contest was held

during Local Government Week and our Mascot visited local schools asking for name suggestions. We received over 100 entries and the winners were announced at the October 23 Council Meeting. The winners are brother and sister Thomas and Morgan Bray, grade one students at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic School in Ingleside. Photo: Mayor McGillis, Morgan Bray, Hootin’ Annie, Thomas Bray. C U S T O M -TA I L O R E D BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Staffing your business is often difficult, particularly when the business has its peak times and slow times. The decision to hire someone for a short time or simply work the extra time yourself while you operate your business can be a tough one. This up and down can cause havoc on the ability of an entrepreneur to differentiate between work hours and off work hours. Maybe the time has come to look at a custom-tailored approach to your business overload with recently opened Peak Business Solutions. “Our mission at Peak Business Solutions is to help our customers to reach a healthier work/life balance”, said owner Nicole Rault. “We provide organized solutions, tailored to meet the unique administrative needs of each company. Our services include: English to French translation, French proofreading, record management, minute taking, business correspondence, data management, project and event management, sales analytics (Excel templates) and much more. We can even handle the work remotely or on the premises, which offers more flexibility to the business.” With a great deal of administrative experience behind her, Ms. Rault is able to provide a helping hand in many areas of business. Peak Business Solutions can provide an extra set of hands during peak business cycles, such as year-end, inventory or tax season. If you have a special project to be handled, or find that you must replace a staff member during vacation or time off due to illness, Ms. Rault is able to step in for that period of time. This is a great way to handle short term staffing, whether for a one-time occurrence or on a repeat basis. To obtain additional information on Peak Business Solutions services visit them online at or call 613-870-1723.

Arts & Culture MUSICIAN TRACY LALONDE POSTS TEASER FROM HER NEW ALBUM LITTLE LETTERS - In arts and culture news, local musician Tracy Lalonde has a teaser of her new EP ‘Little Letters’ coming out soon. Take a listen to the teaser on Youtube: BraE4gg . MORE NEWS: Local band Switchgear are raising funds for their next music video. EVEN MORE NEWS: Light My Fire, a tribute to legendary rock band the Doors is playing La Maision on November 30th.

Sports & Lifestyle WINCHESTER FINDS HOCKEY HOME DOWN SOUTH - Former Cornwall Colt and NHL player Jesse Winchester has found a new hockey home down

south. Winchester who was born in Cornwall Ontario and raised in nearby Long Sault now has a permanent spot with the Florida Panthers. He has two goals and two assists in 12 games with the Panthers so far this season.

Letters & Opinion MP GUY LAUZON WRITES ABOUT OPENING CANADA TO NEW MARKETS - Today, with one in five Canadian jobs dependent on exports, our prosperity hinges on opening new markets for Canadian goods, services and investment. We are an exporting nation and many of our jobs right here in Stormont- Dundas- South Glengarry depend on exports. Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently announced that Canada has reached an agreement in principle on a trade agreement with the European Union. This is the biggest deal Canada has ever made. Whether you are a farmer in Dundas, a factory worker in Cornwall, an auto mechanic in Glengarry, a tourist operator in Stormont, or a business owner anywhere- you will benefit from the Canada-Europe Trade Agreement. It will open new markets to Canadian exporters throughout Europe and generate significant benefits, jobs and opportunities for all Canadians. The signing of this agreement is an important step for Canada’s continued prosperity and it will have a huge impact on our local economy. Our Conservative Government will continue to focus on creating jobs and opportunities for all Canadians including those who live in SDSG. MPP JIM MCDONELL ADDRESSES YOUTH EMPLOYMENT - MPP Jim McDonell responds to youth employment. The Ontario PC Caucus is calling Premier Wynne out on her government’s record on youth unemployment. “Ontario’s young people deserve a government that will open up opportunities, not one that drives up unemployment and makes empty promises,” said PC MPP Vic Fedeli, the Ontario PC Finance Critic. Despite promises contained in last year’s Budget and Premier Wynne’s latest announcements on a youth employment strategy, many Ontario youths struggle to find work and training in the province and are forced to move. Youth unemployment in Ontario has risen to 16.4%, a figure even the Government has admitted to. “Over one in seven Ontario youths are without work due to a decade of Liberal job-killing policies that shut doors to trades apprenticeships, drove manufacturers out and bled job-creators dry through red tape and punitive taxation” – said MPP Jim McDonell. “In a gesture of policy leadership, we cleared the decks so Kathleen Wynne could bring forward her plan for jobs, or steal ours if she didn’t have one. Instead, she’s serving Ontarians a re-heated portion of stale rhetoric and empty promises.” “Ontario needs solutions, not more talk; Ontario PCs have outlined a clear path to growth” – McDonell concluded. “The Liberals’ indifference is worse than not having a plan. It’s doubling down on an approach that’s failed young people in our area of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry for ten years. That’s why it’s time to change the team that leads this province. ” My name is Jason Setnyk, and these are the Seeker Snippets. Jason Setnyk is a local high school teacher, journalist, published and award winning author, photographer, arts and culture event coordinator, and a community volunteer sitting on numerous boards and committees. http: //

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by Kris Ward


Safe Travels... I am as restless as my cat this morning, and after trying to fall back asleep, I finally gave up the battle, made a pot of coffee and started my morning at a much earlier time slot than usual. It could be that this morning is the time I know I am saying goodbye to my niece/God-daughter as she embarks on her new adventure. Monika Latour, accepted a full-time nursing position in Houston Texas, and this past weekend, I spent time with her and my sister Lisa, packing the last of her apartment. After a nice supper out last Friday, we agreed to meet at Monika's place on Saturday. I picked up the coffee, and after an extended break, the last of her closets and cupboards were cleared. The weather was questionable so I encouraged them to stay until Sunday, which they did, and the 3 of us enjoyed a movie night at my place. The next morning I headed back over to pick up a few things and see them off. Her dad Paul and his friend picked up the furniture which will be staying behind with her parents. It took her a long time to pick out that large sectional couch and now she has to leave it behind. Monika returned to pick up the last of her things on Wednesday and stayed with me, so as I write this she's snuggled up in the spare room and I had the opportunity to spend some one on one time with her before she left. It is bittersweet to see her go, after all, this is a great opportunity for her careerwise, but I will miss her. Since moving here last fall, I was able to reconnect with her and that alone made the move to Kingston worthwhile. She's my only family here and we have spent some quality time together. Sure we will stay connected versus social media, but it is not the same as calling her or texting her and heading out for dinner, a movie, a concert or over to watch a movie or show. I am so pleased that she joined me and Brad last Christmas. She left me her lounge chair and patio table, her assortment of Davidson teas and some open bottles, and great memories.

I worry about my loved ones but this is a passage of time and she has to follow her heart. As I glanced at my older sister while she was visiting, I can only imagine what she is thinking. This is her baby, her first, and when she gave birth to her 26 years ago, we almost lost Lisa. Maybe this is why Monika felt the calling to be a nurse, because the nurses, doctors and paramedics who valiantly worked to save her mom's life. Texas is lucky. They are getting a bright star, who worked hard throughout her school years, excelling in all subjects, winning accolades and balancing a busy work schedule. Cornwall is no stranger to this lifeguard as she spent most of her teens and early twenties working for Parks and Rec. She swam competitively as well was in the Cornwall Sea Lions, so when I viewed her incredible new place in Texas online, I saw the photos of the spectacular pool and I am sure in no time she will be back in the water, which is second nature for her. I am so glad I got the chance to spend this time with her before she leaves. I do hope I can visit her in the next year or so, but no matter what, I wish her safe travels in her new set of wheels. She is leaving with only a handful of things and her clothes, it will be a long journey, and I wish her well. Safe travels my dear Monika. Now I know she regularly reads my column online when the Seeker is posted, I forewarned her it would be about her. She probably thinks I'll write about the characters we encountered while

moving her, the shopping cart, the time she was stuck in the parking lot at KGH and I had to rescue her or the fact that she would drive us downtown, knowing I can get lost anywhere, but she also has to remember that I have a really sappy side. I never had a daughter, but I am proud to say I have 3 nieces. Monika, who is exactly 20 years younger and is a July baby just like me, from pigtails to scrubs, will always mean the world to me. xo

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Ontario Hockey Academy Students meet NHL legends in Detroit Article by Jason Setnyk. Submitted Photo. The OHA Girls Gold Team played The Two Nations Hockey Tournament in Detroit and won the consolation round. While in the Motor City the girls visited the Joe Louis Arena, and got a sneak peak inside the legendary building. The team saw the Red Wings locker room, gym, training room, and lounge. The girls even got to sit on the teams historic bench and skate on the NHL ice. The girls met Detroit Red Wings and Team Canada coach Mike Babcock, who is both a Stanley Cup Champion and a recipient of an Olympic Gold Medal. The girls also met retired NHL goalie and three time Stanley Cup Champion Chris Osgood. It was a truly amazing experience for the team.



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The Cornwall Business Network held their First Annual Trade Show Wednesday at the Civic Complex. The show, which is the main event of the year, gives CBN Members the opportunity to meet each other and showcase their products and services internally as well as to the general public. The event attracted more than 200 visitors–Not bad for a Wednesday night!

A wide variety of merchants, service providers and musicians filled salons A, B and C of the Civic Complex and even spilled out into the Hall of Fame. Visitors showed up not in a heavy flow, but a steady flow. Even Mrs. Claus came in to do some shopping.

“We are very happy with the turnout of our first annual” said Julia Lucio, president and event coordinator. “This was an amazing team effort and I think we did a pretty good job. The upcoming year is very promising for CBN. We now have 48 members and adding on constantly. I think you will see a lot more of us in the future.” “It’s difficult to put into words last nights event – perhaps a perfect combination of business, community and non-stop energy.” added Brock Frost, co-founder and financial director of CBN. The show doubled as a fundraiser for the Agape Centre. More than $115 and 600 items of non-perishables were collected during Wednesday’s event. A special thanks goes to all those who supported the cause.



Cornwall Business Network helps feed the community with their First Annual Trade Show



Yves Menard, Owner


Event Light on your next Put the Spot Yves Menard, Owner 41

8 Event ber vem , No day Fri next ht on yourck Put the Spot Ligur Ro er

37-41 613-917369 Cornwall Centre Rd, Cornwall, ON - 613-937-4141


Off Yo Comedy

Show 8pm - $10 per person

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We dd ing Bo ok ing s for 2014

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Seaway Valley












Presents the Comedy Act...



Place: Aultsville Theatre (St. Lawrence College) 2 St. Lawrence Drive, Cornwall Time: 8 P.M. Date: November 23rd, 2013

Price $35. (plus applicable surcharges)

Tickets on sale at the Civic Complex, 100 Water Street, Cornwall, ON Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or by calling 613-938-9400 or purchase tickets on line at or at the Box Office 1 hour prior to show time.

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It’s inevitable that shit will happen, that’s life after all right? We wouldn’t know how good the roses smelt if we never got a whiff of the fertilizer they grew in once in a while. Little do you know that when you let all that excess garbage affect your mood, you’re not only putting your health in jeopardy but your relationship too. You probably spend a lot of time with your partner so don’t you think your stinky attitude is gonna start annoying him eventually? Relationships are supposed to be fun, happy, loving but how can you get there if you’re constantly being a downer? When you’re always negative, you aren’t living your best life and you aren’t any fun to be around. People like surrounding themselves with happy people who don’t sweat the small stuff because it’s these people that make others feel good. Why do you think the most popular people are the ones you are always smiling and laughing? Surrounded by groups of people or just one or two friends, happy people shine and they attract good things because they aren’t fazed by stuff they have no control over. No wonder these people have better relationships; their significant other likes spending time with them ‘cause they aren’t always in a pissy mood. Yeah, even the happiest people will get mad sometimes or be pissed if a car drives by and splashes dirty rain water over a new outfit. But you can either deal with it and laugh it off or hold onto that shitty feeling and let it affect your whole day, then bring it home and annoy your significant other with it. Yes, we like to tell our partners everything but you have to remember, they’re humans too and they may be getting sick of being your sounding board, day in and day out.

Also, if you’re always a downer you may notice that you just don’t feel good, physically. It’s a hard job being a negative person and it will start taking a toll on your health eventually. If you turn that frown upside down you might just notice you’ll have more energy and drive, which is usually an attractive quality in a partner. You want to feel your best so that when you look in the mirror you know that you are beautiful. You should always, always feel beautiful--you ARE, after all. But when you actually FEEL good about yourself, your partner will notice and want to jump those sexy bones of yours. Your relationship depends on your mood and if it’s been hard lately, maybe it’s time for you to start working on yourself and figure out what’s making you so mad. If it’s your partner who’s the grump, mention it to them and let them know you only want positive vibes within the confines of your partnership. Its sounds a lot simpler than it is, I know, but that’s why you have to work on it--just like you have to work on other parts of your relationship. It’s equally important to work on your own being. You owe it to yourself and your partner, so stop pretending you’re a positive person and start truly living a positive life, your future self will thank you. Start shining and never stop, The Love Hawk Shannon loves love. She has a passion for people and understanding the little things that make everyone unique and similar, all at the same time. She has degrees in Communication Studies, Psychology, and Broadcast Journalism but it’s the school of life that taught Shannon most of what she knows about love and relationships. Visit her blog at:

by April Lea Chaffee

We all want to feel good. I don’t think many people wake up every morning hoping for a shit day but somewhere between the moment our eyes open and the second we realize we overslept by half an hour, our feelings fade from optimistic to positively negative. We spill our coffee, we get stuck in traffic, we miss deadlines at work, but why is this making you feel like garbage? Why is this bringing you down and affecting your mind, your outlook, and your relationship?

Wherever I may roam

with Shannon Ferguson

The Love Hawk

Feeling Good Will Improve Your Relationship

TINY TABLE “Tiny Table, for a tiny restaurant” owner, chef and waitress Ubon Sattaboot told me today as I walked into her quaint, little diner. My first opinion upon entering was that the restaurant was indeed very small, which only made the name more suitable. The music that played was calming and peaceful. The beautiful décor set a relaxed mood. I felt very comfortable and at home the moment I walked in. Upon entering, my four year old son and I were offered a free cup of Jasmine tea, and I was given a menu to take home with me. The first thing I noticed was that the menu was bilingual. Second, was the bold, plain, easy to read writing. And third, that the writing on the top of the menu was stating –Gluten Free. Anyone with a severe food allergy knows that dining out can be quite the chore, and very dangerous.

I asked for a suggestion on what to eat. Ms. Sattaboot offered the Gluten-free pho (said Phaw). It was delicious. I shared the dish with my little guest who loved it, and we still had plenty left over. I was full at the end of my meal, and I felt as though I suddenly had energy, which is uncharacteristic for when you eat out. Often it’s the reverse, you eat dinner out and afterward you are stuffed, and exhausted. At the end of my meal, there was live entertainment on the bongo drums! My son gladly danced to the music that Santo- Ms.Sattaboot’s husband played. He was even allowed to play one of the little bongo drums. Then, dessert was served. We tried both of the home-made cakes that they had to offer. They were so mouth-watering that my little boy made room for a second helping! This was definitely one of the best meals I have ever had. It was relaxing, fun, inexpensive and delicious. Definitely a memory worth cherishing! I will be going back soon. April Lea Chaffee-Wall First Year Journalism Student at St. Lawrence College, Cornwall Campus

“One of a kind ... with you in mind!” 613-932-1875 - Evening & Weekend appointments available ...

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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2 DROP IN FAMILY STORYTIME/HEURE DU CONTE FAMILIALE PORTE-OUVERTE (For parents and their kids) - 10:00 am to 11:00 am YOGA YOUTH - 10:00 am to 11:00 am PAWS'N BOOKS - 11:00 am to 12 noon CHECK MATES - 2:00 pm

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3 SUNDAY CINEMA - LES DIMANCHES AU CINEMA Presents: " Oz: The Great and Powerful Audience: Family - 1:00 pm

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4 TIME FOR TWOS - (2 yrs old and their parent of caregiver) - 10:00 am to 10:30 am Friends of Cornwall Library - Monthly meeting New members welcome - 7:00 pm



THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7 BABY TALES - (Ages 0 to 2 yr) - 10:00 am STORYTIME - (Ages 3-5 yrs old) - 10:00 am CORNWALL SCRABBLE - (Ages 16 & up) - 1:00 pm Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Club - (Ages 7 to 11 yrs) - 6:00 pm Movies @ CPL Presents: " Much Ado About Nothing" @ 6:30pm & Friday, Nov. 8 At 2:00 pm Audience: 14A

Mecca Pro Wrestling proudly presents "Brawl At Nativity Hall",

their first TV Cogeco taping on Saturday, November 9th at the Agora Catholic Centre (301 McConnell Ave.). This 9 match stacked card will feature over 23 MPW Superstars. The main event will pit the man who defeated "The Rage" Randy Berry to become the #1 contender, Dave Titan against the longest reigning MPW Champion of 16 months, The American Barbarian. Other names confirmed for this huge extravaganza are Randy Berry, Damian Styles, MPW Pound For Pound Champion Derric Hamilton, KL Shock, Joey Valentyne, Cornwall's hometown hero Canadian Justice, the 6'2" ft. amazon Persephone Vice and many more. Tickets are available for purchase at Poppy's Pawns Plus (224 Pitt St.) in downtown Cornwall or by calling 613-936-1551.

THE SEEKER Vol. 4 Issue 42 - November 1 - pg. 7 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2


45 Second Street E. 613-932.4796

So Advertise Your Coming Events With Us ... Call us for complete details ... 613- 935-3763 ext 1


our weekly pages of events n’ more...




VE NT S E E KE R 5$. Craft and white elephant tables.


Celebrate Recovery " A ChristCentered Recovery Program" find freedom from you hurts, habits, and hang ups through God's Healing power. We meet every Friday night at 7:30 pm at Fountaingate Christian Assembly 949 Mohawk Drive Cornwall, Ontario (613 932-0685) or or nwall Singles 55+ Meetup & Activity Night 7 pm to 11 pm. Knights of Columbus, 205 Amelia St. Email: for more information

66th Annual Alcoholics Anonymous Fall Conference Friday, November 1st & Saturday, November 2nd. Ramada Inn, 805 Brookdale Ave. Registration: 10$. Banquet & registration: 40$. Call 613.938.1984

SAT NOV 2 Hospice Cornwall Jamboree from 2 pm to 12 midnite, food served from 4 pm to 7 pm. Moose Lodge, 443 11th St. W. Live entertainment. Free admission and donations accepted

TVCOGECO Hospice Telethon Hospice Cornwall provides compassionate end of life care to families in Cornwall and the counties. Join us for the TVCOGECO Telethon For Hospice, Saturday, November 2nd from 12 noon to 6 pm and make a pledge by calling the COGECO hotline at 613.935.7762 because it’s never too late to care.

Pride Cornwall Halloween Dance at pm. Army, Navy, Airforce Club. 14 Marlborough St. N. Admission: 15$. DJ, buffet and prizes

Fall Tea & Bake Sale from 11 am to 2 pm. 540 Adolphus St. Soup, sandwiches, dessert, tea and coffee:

The Heather Saaltink Memorial Run from Long Sault Public School. Choose the 2 or 5 km run or walk or a 10km run. For complete details or to register click the link at Salem United Church Fall Fair 10 am to 2 pm. 19041 County Rd.2, Summerstown. Home baking & various vendor tables. Luncheon served. Free admission

St. John Ambulance Recycle Your Electronics Day from 9 am to 4 pm at 1001 Sydney St. Accepting computers, copiers, cell phones, fax machines, TV’s, stereos etc.

66th Annual Alcoholics Anonymous Fall Conference Friday, November 1st & Saturday, November 2nd. Ramada Inn, 805 Brookdale Ave. Registration: 10$. Banquet & registration: 40$. Call 613.938.1984

SUNDAY NOV 3 4th edition of the Trunk Sale & Pamper Me Party. Again this year the event not to be missed is being held at the beautiful Marlin Orchards & Garden Centre. Creation Science Centre located at the back of the Cornwall Wesleyan Church, is open every Sunday. Come and see what we’re all about...

Worship and the word. Fountaingate Christian Assembly. With Pastor Brad Montsion. 949 Mohawk Drive, Cornwall

Blessed Sacrament Parish Annual Harvest Supper from 4 pm to 7 pm. 325 Tollgate Rd E. Adults: 12$, Ages 6-12: 6$, children under 6: free

MONDAY NOV 4 Your EVENT coud be

HERE if you had C AL L E D IT IN. Next time,

don’t forget!

Call 613--935-3763

TUESDAY NOV 5 Blood Donor Clinic from 12 pm to 3:30 pm & 5 pm to 7:30 pm. Cornwall Civic Complex, 100 Watter St. E. Book your appointment to save a life: 1.888.2.DONATE Planning For Tax Season Free Information Session 1:30 pm. Presented by Johnston Beaudette Chartered Accountants. Contact the Alzheimer Society 613.932.4914 to register.

Soup & Sandwich Lunch 11:30 am to 1 pm. St. Andrew's-St. Mark's United Church, Johnson Cr., Long Sault. 6$. Take-out available

Never miss an event again! Get the Seeker delivered to your door

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WED NOV 6 Rocking around the Christmas Tree. 5pm - 9pm downtown, Pitt Street. Life's Little Pleasures, Studio 101 and a few other downtown merchants. another great night of fun, prizes, cocktails and a few special holiday surprises to ring in such a special time of year.

Cornwall Newcomers Club Monthly Dinner Meeting Welcoming women new to the area in last 3 years on Wednesday November 6th. Call 613.935.4624 for more information.

CareFor Health & Wellness Clinic from 9 am to 12 noon, Centre Charles Emile Claude, 146 Chevrier St. Registered nurse on site for general health checks. No appointment necessary.

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by Sharyn Thompson

=CB<46 >@ 28==0<>= <8FBC@4 05B4@ 5@G8=6 85 G>C ;8:4 1CB ;>D4 B74< @0B4 B74 2011064 0=3 ?;024 8B 9CAB ?;08= 8= 0 6@40A43 20AA4@>;4 38A7 = 0 A:8;;4B A0CB4 B74 6@>C=3 1445 0=3 B74 27>??43 >=8>= A0;B Un Noël en Australie 0=3 ?4??4@ Way back in 2001, I received this e-mail. 8A B74 @428?4 G>C 70D4 144= Aucune fête n’offre autant de You can file this in your memory bank for )78A 40AG 20AA4@>;4 B0AB4A 4F02B;G )> B78A 033 B74 90@ >5 A?0674BB8 future use. I can't believe it is November traditions et de légendes que B;G E08B8=6 5>@ ;> :=>E G>C )78A 8A AC27 ;8:4 2011064 @>;;A avec E8B7 => 5CAA >@ A0C24 B74 @824 6@0=C;0B43 60@;82 Just0 6>>3 seven @428?4 weeks 5>@ until B74 Noël. already! Attendue D4 8B B>> Christmas! hope these tips will 8A beB> of CA4 14AB 3>=CBAI4D4@ )74 A42@4B impatience par certains, surtout some use to you. I found many to be @428?4 E8;; <0:4 01>CB 3>H4= 5@4A7;G <0A743 AB8;; 7>B les enfants, Noël est une fête quite informative. Some I already knew of. 4A CA4 0 AB08=;4AA AB44; C=A40A>=43 ?>B0B>4A )78A @428?4 8Acélébrée en grand dans tous les pays d’origine chrétienne. B> 3@>? B74 <020@>>= 10BB4@ 4A?4280;;G -Stuff a miniature marshmallow in the 5>@ >@>B7G Toutefois, il existe beaucoup de bottom of a sugar cone to prevent ice G CA8=6 B74 A2>>? 4027 cream 2C?A drips. C=A40A>=43 AB8;; 7>B variantes dans la façon de vivre 4 8A C=85>@< 8= A8H4 -Use 0=3a8Bmeat @40;;G Noël selon le pays où nous ?>B0B>4A baster to<0A743 "squeeze" your pancake batter onto your hot A C? B74 ?@>24AA .>C 14will get griddleE8;; and you perfectly B74 shaped ?>B0B>4A pancakes. You 0@4 can alsoAB8;; vivons et selon le climat de ,78;4 où nous habitons. alphabet letters using the baster. <C27 50AB4@ CA8=6 0make A2>>? ,4 2>>:8=6 <8F B>64B74@ 8= 0 ;0@64l’endroit Si vous voulez savoir comment le Noël australien diffère du Noël canadien, keep AB>@4 potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag with the -To<G ; A8H4A 8= A2>>?A 8= 1>E; je vous invite à venir à la Bibliothèque publique de Cornwall le mardi 5 potatoes. novembre 2013 à 18 h 30 dans la salle de conférence. = A &0=B@G 2C?A E78B4 AC60@ -To prevent egg shells from cracking,add a pinch of salt to the water C’est là que vous trouverez le groupe des Mille Feuilles qui se rassemble E78B4A 0B @>>< B4<?4@0BC@4 2C? <4;B43 1CBB4@ before hard boiling the eggs. chaque premier mardi du mois pour discuter de lectures, pour partager nos FB@0 ;0@64 466A -Run >=your B 0;;>E 466A hands under cold water before pressing Rice Krispies treats coups de cœur, pour écouter une courte présentation sur un sujet choisi. Il in the pan and >@ the marshmallow won't stick to your fingers. 66 G>;: 8=B> B74 466 E78B4A ne faut pas nécéssairement lire un livre pour prendre goût au partage. Il suffit A? ?C@4 D0=8;;0 d’avoir envie de connaître des choses, d’apprendre davantage sur notre E8;; =>B E78? -To C? get8=B> 0 juice out of2C?A the most a fresh lemon, bring it to room 1CBB4@<8;: monde. Le calendrier des rencontres ainsi que le thème de chaque soirée temperature and roll it under your palm of your hand on the kitchen 6C4 4 AC@4 B> CA4counter 0 A?>B;4AAG B74 01>D4 8=6@4384=BA E4;; 0=3peut être visionné sur le site web before you begin 40B to squeeze out the juice. 5@44 2;40= 1>E; 5>@ E78??8=6 033 B74< B> B74 7>B <0A743Soyez au rendez-vous! Vous ne vous y ennuyerez pas! Vous allez rencontrer -To easily remove burnt on food from your skillet, simply add a drop 4@8=6C4 5>@ 78674ABofD>;C<4 two of dish soap and enough water*A4 to cover bottom of the pan, B> des gens passionnés de lecture et des gens avides d’apprendre. ?>B0B>4A 0=the?>B0B> <0A74@ and bring to a boil on the stovetop. ? 2@40< >5 B0@B0@ <0A7 4D4@GB78=6 B> 0 A<>>B7 ;C<? <CAA %=4 >5 <G 2CAB><4@A 70A ?>E34@ 0=3 >@460=> 0=3 E0B4@ Michèle Chauvin-Bourdon -Spray your Tupperware with non-stick cooking spray before pouring >5 06;4 @0=3 >=34=A43 5@44 <8FBC@4 144= ?0B84=B;G E08B8=6 5>@ <4 B> &>C@ B78A >D4@ B74 6@0B43 in any tomato based sauces and there won't be any stains on your 33 B> B78A Tupperware. 58=3 B74 @428?4 5>@ 74@ CAB E74= 2011064 B> 2>D4@ 4D4=;G ?C@4 D0=8;;0 4FB@02B-When a cake recipe calls for flouring 2C?AtheC=1;402743 baking pan, use0;; a bit?C@?>A4 of the E0A= B ;>>:8=6 8B BC@=43 C? >D4@ B74 20AA4@>;4 E8B7 0 ;83 dry cke mix instead of plain flour and there won't be any white mess =64; ;0:4 2>2>=CB 5;>C@ =9>G >@ 0;C<8=C< 5>8; 0=3 10:4 8B 5>@ on the outside of the baked cake. This must apply to a chocolate cake. A? 10:8=6 A>30 and drop in 2 Alka-Seltzer ;1 ;40= 6@>C=3 1445 tablets. )@G <G <8=CB4A B> >=4 7>C@ 8= 0 -If you accidentally over salt a dish while it is still cooking, drop in a peeled potato -Polish jewelry: Drop 2 Alka-Seltzer tablets into a glass of water and 40B G>C@ >D4= B> 346@44A BA? 10:8=6 ?>E34@ and it will absorb the excess salt for an instant fix-me-up. AB>@4 A immerse ;>20;;Gthe@08A43 ;40= 6@>C=3 346@44 >D4= >>: B74 jewelry for 2 minutes. 0 2>>:84 A744B E8B7 ?0@27<4=B BA? 58=4 A0;B 5>@ 0 @40; B0AB4bottle, 38554@4=24 -To clean a thermos drop in 4 Alka-Seltzer tablets and let it B74 soak 2011064 for -Wrap celery in a sheet of aluminum foil when placing it in you fridge's crisper drawer. 1445 The 20AA4@>;4 C=B8; 0=3 an hour (longer if necessary.) celery will keep crisp for weeks. This really works! I have been doing this for years. BA? 6@>C=3 =CB<46 (74@@G &;CA G>C :=>E E74@4 B74 1445 8A B74 @824 0@4 B4=34@ $ %. 6 0= 4;42B@82 140B -To unclog Clear the -Brush<8F4@ some beaten egg B74 white over your pie1CGA crust before baking your two-crust0=3 pie. You 2><8=6 will 0;E0GA >C@ 10:8=6 ?>E34@ 5@><a drain: 0=3 G>Csink drain 0@4 by dropping 3 Alka-Seltzer tablets down the drain followed by a cup of plain white vinegar. Wait for a few have a beautiful glossy finish to your pie. I sprinkle just a bit of sanding sugar over top of the 78B4A E8B7eggB74 2@40< >5 B0@B0@ AC??>@B8=6 ;>20; minutes0and then 50@<4@ run the hot water. glaze for sweet-filled pies. 6@>C=3 =CB<46 5>@ B74 D4@G 14AB 74G 5>@< -Place AB855 a?40:A (4B B78A @4AC;BA slice of fresh apple into a bag of hardened brown sugar. It will help to soften the sugar. 5>@ =>E #8F E4;; E8B7 0 E>>34= A?>>= -Whe boiling corn on the cob, add a pinch of sugar to the water. It will help to bring out the corn's ;0@64 1>E; AB8@ B>64B74@ B74 natural sweetness. I do this too! )74 3>C67 E8;; 14 AB82:G 10 % =A43 <8;: D0=8;;0 0=3 >D4@ 1>E; >5salted 3>C67 E8B7 0 B40it is fresh, -To determine if an egg is fresh, immerse it inB74 a pan of cool, water. If it sinks, but if it rises to the surface, throw B>E4; it away. 0=3 ?;024 B74 1>E; >5 3>C67 CB OFF -A cure for headaches: and B74 cut it in half. Rub it on your forehead. The throbbing will G 5>;3 8= B74 AB855;G 140B4=Take 466a lime 8= 5@8364 5>@ >=4 7>C@ B> 2>>; 812 Pitt 6 613-936-1998 812 Pitt St. Street, Unit 6Unit - 613-936-1998 go away. FOR A A;867B;G -Don't throw out all that leftover wine, freeze it in ice cube trays for future use in casseroles and sauces. FEATURED ITEMS THIS %$". WEEK 0 AB08=;4AA AB44; A2>>? '>;; B74 3>C67 >CB B782: >= 0 SENIOR %$+ ') & ' % " ' " -If you have Try using 5;>C@43 latex dishwahing gloves. They give a A4 A?>>=A B> a problem 3@>? opening B74 jars: ;867B;G 1>0@3 CB will8=B> "% GOOD "". 'STORMONT ( " LEAN $ GROUND '%*$ BEEF ONLY %$".$4.99/ POUND " non slip grip that makes opening the jar easier. LOCAL >>= 10BB4@ >=B> B74 ?0@27<4=B 3>=CBA ,4 A4;; 3>=CB 2CBB4@A EVERY -Potatoes will take food stains off your fingers. Just slice and rub a raw potato on the stains $ "GREEK " !OREGANO % %$*) %$". " RUBBED ONLY $1.43/ 100 GRAMS 2>>:84 A744B (?024 B74< 01>CB #4;B 01>CB B7@44 ?>C=3A >5 and rinse with cold water. ( $ %'( ) % + '. #%$ . "* ( '% * )( MONDA 0@B B> 0;;>E 5>@ 0=G A?@4038=6 )4=34@5;0:4 ;0@3 344?area5@G4@ PURE GROUND BLACK PEPPER ONLY- $0 .99/ 100'.GRAMS -Top get rid of an itch from mosquito bites, try applying soap8= onG>C@ the affected and you get instant 6 10:8=6 will 5 G>C E8A7relief. G>C 20= -Ants, ants everywhere: Well they are said to never cross a chalk line. So get out your chalk and draw a line on the floor where ants tend to march. See this for yourself.

-Use an air freshener to clean your mirrors. It does a food job and better still, leaves a lovely smell to the shine.

-When you get a splinter, reach for the scotch tape before resorting to tweezers of a needle. Simply put the scotch tape over the splinter, then pull it off. Scotch tape removes most splinters painlessly and easily.

-See what you can do with Alka-Seltzer: Clean a toilet. Drop in 2 Alka-Seltzer tablets and wait 20 minutes, just brush and flush. The citric acid and effervescent action cleans vitreous China. -Clean a vase. To remove a stain from the bottom of a glass vase or cruet, fill with water

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Don’t forget about this one of a kind event that will be happening this Sunday, November 3rd, at Marlin’s Orchard in the huge Greenhouse next to the store….1 hour earlier for your convenience this year!! Such a great fundraiser for the MS Society… come early for best selection, bring CASH not to be disappointed…looking forward to seeing many of you there!!!!

*My shop will still be open for business as usual…. Saturday, November 2nd….9am to 4pm…. 812 Pitt Street, unit 40…. (Where you will find Wilson Funeral Home, Sharyn’s Pantry, Wine Kitz…I am just passed Earthway Chiropractic Clinic …small restaurant on the left side)

More and more individuals are walking into my shop newly being diagnosed with gluten/ egg/ dairy intolerances. It is a very overwhelming, emotional feeling to be told that you can no longer eat the way you have known all of your life. All I can tell you is that you need to get back to the basics, let go of all man made foods (processed and chemically laced foods, made in industries in mass production). You need to concentrate on real, live ingredients, things that you would find at a dinner table 100 years ago. You need to get back in your kitchen and prepare your food without preservatives. You can find a wide variety of healthy dairy alternatives (Almond, Coconut, Brown rice, Basmati rice milk) at Baxtrom’s in the organic section. Many great gluten-free products there as well….

by David Murphy

healthy taste tastings and tea at my shop last week-end for a minimum donation of $2 raised $60…well over $100 up to now…my goal would is to raise $500 before the end of December for the less fortunate in our community….Thank you for your generosity!!


NATURALLY DELICIOUS ... with the Health Nut

I wanted to find a healthy way to raise funds for Agape Centre…. Offering

CORNWALL ROYALS ALL TIME ALL-STARS Every now and then, local hockey fans reminisce about the Cornwall Royals. That’s the three time Memorial Cup winning Royals. Even though there’s a generation of local hockey fans that never saw the Royals play, their parents and grandparents remind them of some of the great names that donned a Royals jersey. To help spur that trip down memory lane, here’s a list of All Stars from the QMJHL and the OHL (their NHL careers also play a factor in my list). Remember, this is strictly my opinion, not an official list. Let’s start in goal with Billy Smith. He’s the same Hockey Hall of Famer who backstopped the New York Islanders to four Stanley Cups while also being the first NHL goalie to be credited with a goal. Honorable mention to Richard Brodeur. On the blue line, Bob Murray leads the charge. The 17-year NHL veteran spent his entire career playing for the Chicago Black Hawks. He’s now the GM of the Anaheim Ducks. His defence partner would be Mathieu Schneider. He scored more than 740 points while playing in more than 1200 NHL games with several teams. Schneider also won a Stanley Cup with the 1993 Montreal Canadiens. Honorable blue line mentions are Dave Ezard and John Slaney. The forwards are where the Royals really left a mark, not only in Cornwall but everywhere they played.

Hockey Hall of Famer Dale Hawerchuk is the most obvious choice up front. The two time Memorial Cup winner scored more than 1400 points in a 16 year career which included a couple of appearances for his country during Canada Cups in 1987 and 1991. Doug Gilmour would be another “in your face” choice (even though he played centre like Hawerchuk). Gilmour spent 20 years in the NHL picking more than 1400 points and a Stanley Cup (’89 with Calgary). Gilmour also set a then OHL record with a point in 55 straight games. Rounding out the forward unit would be former 1st Overall NHL Draft pick for Quebec Owen Nolan. The 5 time NHL All Star scored more than 400 goals over 19 seasons with a number of clubs. Honorable mentions at forward include Ray Sheppard and Dan Daoust.

Here are a few specialties that you will find weekly at my shop; Gluten/egg/dairy free chickpea chocolate chip cookies, gluten/egg/dairy free chocolate chip cookies (dry mixes for this as well), gluten/egg/dairy free chocolate cake mixes, gluten-free banana loaf, gluten-free pumpkin loaf, gluten-free pancake/waffle mixes, gluten-free banana muffin/loaf mix, energy nut mix, organic hazelnut spread, organic caramel, organic maple spread, chia seed/ unpasteurized honey fruit jams, energy bars, gluten/dairy-free chickpea cake with chocolate ganache, gluten/dairy-free black bean brownies, gluten/dairy/egg free avocado chocolate pudding, raw love crumble (medjool dates, almonds, walnuts, fresh fruit), raw apple pie (medjool dates, walnuts, almonds, apples, lemon, cinnamon), fresh tomato salsa…. Look for my logo at the sidewalk on Pitt Street, every Saturday!! Looking forward to meeting you…come see all that I have to offer…in health….Sylvie Thibert,,, 613-9313119 or 613-662-3834.

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Positively Marlene by Marlene Baker

Hello there to all of you Beautiful and Handsome people reading my column and the many other wonderful columns here in the Seeker this week. Brrrrrr it's been quite chilly these past few days. It's time to get out your woolen tights, socks, mitts, hats, scarves etc.. If you are in need of any of these items, please check out the many thrift stores here in Cornwall. The Agape, the Salvation Army and Value Village are all stocked up and ready for your business. By purchasing your Fall and Winter items here, you are not only helping yourselves have beautiful and warm clothing and footwear, but many other less fortunate people are being helped out by these non-profit organizations. I had the pleasure of going to the Cornwall Haunted Jail and the Haunted Walk at Lamoureux Park, on Monday evening with my best friend, Isabelle Comeau and my partner, John Lister. We were the first ones in line at 6 o'clock. The admission was $5 for the Jail Visit and $2 for the Haunted Walk or a food can or two for a donation for the Agape Center. I just have to say," It was FREAKIN SCAAARY!!!"


Patient River Kings fans were finally rewarded with an impressive home opener.

But River King killer Francis Charette spoiled the party, scoring two goals to lead the defending champion Jonquière Marquis to a 5-2 victory on Saturday night at the Civic Complex. Former River Kings goaltender Fred Piché earned the win in goal for the Marquis.

From a laser show to start the night, to a trumpeter in the stands, to live acoustic music during intermission, 2,453 fans were treated to an entertaining evening from start to finish.

Jonquière opened the scoring at 8:56 of the first period on a powerplay goal by Hugo Carpentier. Then, Alex Bourret took off on a shorthanded breakaway and ignited the crowd with a nifty deke on Piché to even the score a few minutes later.

Francis Lessard put the River Kings up 2-1 at 4:55 of the second period when he banged a rebound into an open net for a powerplay marker. But, Charette evened the score moments later when he squeaked one past Loic Lacasse.

Bruno St. Jacques scored on a rocket from the point with two seconds left in the second period to give Jonquière a 3-2 lead heading into the dressing room. The backbreaking powerplay marker beat Lacasse top shelf.

In the third, Charette spun and fired a shot past Lacasse at 6:10 to open up a twogoal lead and with 87 seconds to play, Marco Charpentier iced it for the Marquis with an empty netter. Simon Laliberté chipped in three helpers for Jonquière, which outshot Cornwall 30-27.

Charette (first), Bourret (second) and Piché (third) were the announced stars. The River Kings (1-2-1) next home game is Sunday, Nov. 3 when Sorel-Tracy visits the Ed Lumley Arena. (3 p.m. start).


On Friday night in Saint-Georges, Samuel Grenache scored with four seconds left in regulation as the Kings were dealt a heartbreaking 5-4 loss. Cornwall trailed 4-2 in the contest but battled back on third-period markers by Doug Andress and Nicolas Corbeil. Ryan Jardine scored twice for the River Kings.

Rodney Wilson, Media Relations, Cornwall River Kings

screamed and gasped several times to the delight of John and Isabelle. A BIG "Thank you" to all of the workers and volunteers involved in making this FRIGHT NIGHT happen. Everyone did such a wonderful job and I look forward to returning to see what they will have in store for next year. Thanks to Paul St. Onge of Mocktails for holding this event and for the delicious marshmallows and hotdogs. Tip of the week: To freshen up your unpacked sweaters, hats, scarves, etc. Place them in your dryer with a damp towel and a dryer sheet for about 10 minutes or so. It will give them a pleasant smell and take out any wrinkles that may have set in. This will also save you some money (to spend on other things) that you would be paying out for dry cleaning. There are many things in LIFE that will catch your eye. But, only a few will catch your heart. Pursue Them.

Cornwall Colts next games

Smiths Falls Friday, Nov 1, 7:30 pm Cumberland Sunday, Nov 3, 3pm Cornwall Thursday, Nov 7, 7:30pm

The Seeker’s Player of the Week

Until next week - Pay It Forward - A SMILE Can & Will Change Someone's Day sooo SMILE at Someone Today!!! Marlene Baker of

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Soup - Pizza - Chick Peas - Pancakes - Eggs Bacon - Sausage - Ham - French Toast - Fruit & Salad Bar

SUPPER BUFFET - $9.99 - 4 pm - 10 pm

Butter Chicken - Chilli, Honey Garlic, Sweet Chilli, Mild & BBQ Wings, Hamburgers, Soup, Lasagne, Fettuccine, Spaghetti

Specials: Fri. Nov. 1 to Thursday Nov. 7 1503 Pitt St, Cornwall, ON DELIVERY 613-932-1133 / 613-932-6216

Get a chance to win 4 Colts Tickets Call in at 613-935-3763 and select “weekly contest”, then leave the name of the player of the week to enter the draw! If you win, the Seeker will send you and 3 of your friends to the next home Colts game!

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Fundraiser raises over $2500 for abused, abandoned and neglected animals Roy and Cher’s Rescue Farm, a new not-for-profit organization in South Glengarry, held its first annual fundraiser “A Night of Live Music for the Animals” held at the Legion in Cornwall on Saturday, October 19, 2013. The event, hosted by The Beat’s 92.5’s Kim Sullivan, had over 100 people showing their support. Cornwall’s Heatley opened the evening playing rock hits that had the early crowd singing along.

There were two recipients for the 2013 Sponsor of the Year: Nelly Guettinger of Jezybel Animal Care and Vacation Centre in Bainsville and Stacy’s Pet Depot in Cornwall. “Both Nelly and Stacy have been fantastic supporters, supplying us with hay and food and foster care.”

Glengarry’s popular Celtic rock band, Bang on the Ear, had the attendees on their feet dancing to traditional Irish songs. The evening closed off with Ottawa’s original The Goodluck Assembly, who performed at Bluesfest this past summer. Jukebox Pete provided music and karaoke, which ran until midnight with singers performing everything from rock n roll to 90s pop. There was more than just musical entertainment. The silent auction had over 50 donated items, including a one year Physical Limits VIP full membership, an electric chain saw from JT Sport, and eco-friendly face and body products from Green Beaver. There were hundreds of books at the used book sale table. The Tupperware table had an array of delightful items. Every ticket for the event was entered to win the grand prize draw of two tickets to Aultsville Theatre’s Winter Film Festival in January. Donna McMillan of Fassifern, ON was the winner. Four other door prizes included a meal at Dairy Queen, a bracelet from Pommier Jewellers, a three month membership to Physical Limits and two Cornwall Colts tickets. Angie Parker, Founder and Director of Roy and Cher’s Rescue Farm, was impressed with the turnout. “I started this organization only five months ago. Word has spread quickly. I am very grateful for such amazing support.” The former television producer and magazine editor attended FARM’s Animal Rights Conference in Washington, DC in July to learn more about animal rescue. “I met so many remarkable people who have animal rescues in the States, including Jenny Brown of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and Scotlund Haisley of Animal Rescue Corps. I learned so much about animal care, as well as charity and grant applications, and business organization.” Even though Roy and Cher’s Rescue Farm is only five months old, the organization has been receiving tremendous support. “The Farm has six board members and twenty volunteers. These volunteers help with everything from animal fostering, specialty animal advising, maintenance, promotion, social media and fundraising.” The new notfor-profit organization currently only has a few animals since most of their rescues have been adopted or are in foster homes. However the Farm also provides behaviour advice, as well as helps other rescue organizations find homes for abused, abandoned and neglected animals. Angie has big plans. “I am ready for this. The Farm’s board of directors is ready for this. Our volunteers are ready. I am very excited for the Farm to grow. We want to take in all animals. The Farm will also be a retirement home for animals who are unable to or cannot be adopted out. We also want to assist with the feral cat populations in Glengarry and Cornwall by catching, spay and neutering and releasing.”

Photo (l to r): Chantal Comtois - Vice President Roy and Cher's Rescue Farm, Nelly Guettinger (Jezybel Animal Care and Vacation Centre), Angie Parker Founder & Director Roy and Cher's Rescue Farm, and Mathieu Cormier President Roy and Cher's Rescue Farm. The Farm’s animal rescue team will be spending the next few weeks fixing the fence at their current temporary location to be able to accommodate horses and other livestock over the winter. Volunteers are needed. Roy and Cher’s Rescue Farm is also seeking a volunteer to manage its Twitter and Instagram account. High school students are welcome to apply. This opportunity can be applied to the educational curriculum’s mandatory volunteer hours. If you would like to help out, please email or call 613-662-7162.

What’s next? Zengarry Vegetarian Cuisine and Organics by Julia are

hosting a fun-filled holiday open house at 53 Dominion St. North in Alexandria, ON. This is a great opportunity to try some fabulous food (including gourmet nut cheeses) and wine. A portion of each and every sale from the evening will be donated to Roy and Cher’s Rescue Farm.

About Roy and Cher’s Rescue Farm

Roy and Cher's Rescue Farm is a not-for-profit organization that provides comfort to animals who have been rescued from abuse, neglect and abandonment. The Farm’s animal rescue team believes that their lives do not matter any less than ours. Companion animals live in non-violent and spacious environments. No one is ever euthanized to make space for other animals. The team believes in patience and compassion.

A Night of Live Music for the Animals also provided an opportunity to showcase Roy and Cher’s Rescue Farm and present deserving awards. Genevieve Poirier of Cornwall was awarded the 2013 Volunteer of the Year award for her efforts. “Genevieve has supported the Farm and its mission since the beginning. She helped at our Book and Bake Sale in July; she has adopted and is currently fostering animals; she has helped cut down trees and transport fence posts. The list goes on.” Genevieve received a daypass for two adults to the Ecomuseum Zoo in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue.

Photo (l to r): Chantal Comtois - Vice President Roy and Cher's Rescue Farm, Genevieve Poirier, Angie Parker - Founder & Director Roy and Cher's Rescue Farm, and Mathieu Cormier - President Roy and Cher's Rescue Farm

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SEEKER SNIPPETS / Out & About in Cornwall

Fantasy Realm was one of thousands of comic book shops celebrating Halloween ComicFest on Saturday October 26th. It was a day full of free comics, special guests, photos and more for comic and Halloween fans to experience together. There was a special appearance by the Heroes of the North. Heroes of the North is a live-action feature film and web series relating the adventures of a group of Canadian superheroes fighting various foes but mostly Medusa, a World Wide terrorist organization ran by former Nazi scientist, Dr. Joseph Mengele. Check them out at The group is seen above with Randy Sauve and Seeker Chick Mai-Liis Renaud who are presenting them with their Team Cornwall cards. To the left is Isabella Grant with one of the Super Heroes.

The Childrens Aid Society concluded their Child Abuse Prevention campaign month with a successful Kids & Youth Dinner of the Arts Fundraiser held at the Vieux Duluth Restaurant.

The Blizzard of Ozz, along with local artists Boozehound, entertained a hall of fans dressed in Halloween Costumes at The Port Theatre last Saturday night. A good time was had by all! More photos on next page

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Attention Woodworkers & renovators! Beautiful hardcover book on wood projects, yankee workshop, and more... $5 each. 613-936-6529

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Send us your “Good News Stories” or your “Rotten Tomatoes” and we’ll publish them on the

Ballroom for fun

Seekers Wall of Fame / Wall of Shame

Relaxed approach to Ballroom Dancing Cha cha, Rumba, Jive, Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, etc.

Email to:

SEPT 16 TO NOV 25, 2013 Centre Charles-Emile Claude

ese businesses? Lucie and Marc 613-933-5524 146 Chevrier Avenue, Cornwall

YOU Load it - WE move it Call John at 613-360-1607

Cost to place a classified or Yard Sale ad: FRAMED CLASSIFIED: Up to 25 words and a picture - $9.99 plus hst REGULAR CLASSIFIED: Up to 25 words - $4.99 plus hst Classifieds can be called in at 613-935-3763 ext. 2 and paid by PayPal or credit card. If you prefer to pay by cheque or cash, you can stop by the office (327 Second Street East, Cornwall) Monday - Wednesday - 9 am -5pm


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• Professional organizing of any room - home/office • Filing Systems: manual/computer • Home Downsizing/staging, home packing and unpacking • Household & Business Inventory, Garage & Tag Sale preparation • Translation Services • One stop shopping for: disposal of large items, gardening • Renovations: electrical, plumbing and much more ... 613-936-6873 E-mail: OR VISIT Website

THE SEEKER Vol. 4 Issue 42 - November 1 - pg. 15 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

THE SEEKER Vol. 4 Issue 42 - November 1 - pg. 16 BUSINESS ADS 613-935-3763 ext 1

Vol 4 issue 42 web2  
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