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Vol. 4 Issue 33 August 30, 2013




Page Article by Jason Setnyk and photos by Jason Setnyk, Mai-Liis Renaud and Johanne Pidgeon Photography

Thousands of people enjoyed the approximately 150 cars that were on display at the first ever Kinsmen in Motion in Lamoureux Park. From vintage cars, to muscle cars, to live music by Switchgear, there was a lot to do and see. Congratulations to Event Chair Jody Archambault and to the board and volunteers who put on a terrific event.



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Sympathy Cramps by Frank Burelle Part 29 - Enjoy!

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Snippets of News - Presented by Jason Setnyk Sports & Lifestyle

News & Politics SCHOOL BUS SAFETY The Cornwall Community Police Service are reminding motorist to be on the lookout for School Buses in our community as school will be starting within the following weeks. Motorists who do not stop for school buses is a problem that we have every year, and this threatens the safety of our children. We are taking a “zero tolerance level” on the enforcement of this type of violations. School bus operators are also carrying violation forms, that they complete and turned over to police for investigation. This form contains details of the alleged offence such as, licence number of the offending vehicle, location, date & time of the offence, description of the driver. Officers will also pro-actively follow school buses looking for violators and in some cases we will have officers aboard specific school buses travelling in known trouble spots. They will in turn report violators to a nearby patrol vehicle so that the offender may be apprehended and fined.

MAYOR SEEKS BLOOD - The Annual MayorMedia Blood Donor Clinic will take place on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 at the CORNWALL CIVIC COMPLEX, Salons A, B & C from 12:00 noon to 3:30 p.m., and from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Canadian Blood Services is hoping for over 300 donors that day to roll up their sleeves and give blood. “During the summer months, we all change our routines and take vacations, so donating blood isn’t always top of mind. Meanwhile, daily in our region, there are hospital patients who can’t take vacations requiring blood transfusions for surgeries, cancer treatments and other procedures,” notes Mayor Bob Kilger. To book an appointment, please call To book an appointment, please call 1-888-2-DONATE. SOUTH STORMONT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ELECTION South Stormont – Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the election of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors at their Annual General Meeting held August 20th, 2013 at the South Stormont Community Hall. The Executive Committee is as follows: Donna Primeau, Showcase: President Kim Stewart, Stokefire: 1st Vice President

Dave Duprau, Coldwell Banker: 2nd Vice President Connie Charlebois, Connie Charlebois Bookkeeping BLAZERS U11 GIRLS WINS SOCCER TOURNAMENT Services: Treasurer Congratulations go out to the Seaway Valley Blazers Carol Delorme, Farran Footwear: Secretary U11 Soccer Team who brought With the current economic climate, the possibility of home gold at a minimum wage increase to $14.00 per hour and the the Russel soccer growth South Stormont is experiencing, the tournament. The businesses of our Township need a united voice. We team also went are looking forward to working with all the undefeated in businesses in South Stormont, Township Council and the tournament, other Chambers in our area. “We have a good, strong, and they also energetic group of people who have worked won the team together with the Ingleside and Long Sault Business shoot-out Owners’ Association for a number of years. Add to competition. that the continuity of the incumbent Treasurer along This snapshot was submitted by Rodney Rivette. with two previous directors. Top that off with a handful of new highly motivated, diverse individuals LOCAL FOOD MAP LAUNCHES - A local food map and I’m confident we have a recipe to succeed” stated featuring local farms, farmer’s markets, breweries, President Donna Primeau. wineries and local food businesses in Prescott-Russell and Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry was launched last week by The Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network (EOAN). According to 146TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE STORMONT Network Coordinator Dana COUNTY FAIR Kittle, “We created the map Newington Ontario primarily to connect people — Stormont County with local food and local Fair has been farmers, to make residents providing the Eastern aware of the numerous local Ontario Community food options available to with a fun filled them, and to grow the local Labour Day Weekend market potential for local since 1867 in Newington, Ontario. food businesses. The map, featuring a geographic The 146th Anniversary of the Stormont County Fair map on one side and listings on the reverse side, is takes place between August 30th to September 2nd available free of charge to residents in a paper copy 2013. There will be a lot to do over the course of the format while supplies last, and will also be available fair, from a Demolition Derby, to wrestling, a horse online shortly. Copies of the map can be picked up at show, live music, children’s entertainment, and a lot a wide variety of outlets in the region, including more. Daily passes as well as weekend passes are libraries, farms, businesses, and township offices. To available. For more info on all the happenings visit: view a listing of locations where maps can be picked up in your area, visit the Agri-Food Network’s website at POET TO OPEN 2013-2014 ST. LAWRENCE ACOUSTIC STAGE SEASON - In a world where poets ZOMBIE 5K RUN IN SUPPORT OF UNITED WAY OF rarely intersect with stardom, the Opening SD&G - There was a Zombie Apocalypse on August Ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics introduced us to Shane Koyczan. With a collective “wow” across Canada, we found the poet of a new generation. Powerfully engaging and authentic in attitude, his explorations are relevant to our times in the way that Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Downie and Leonard Cohen are to theirs. But unlike the musicians that he’s often compared to, poets rarely infiltrate pop culture. Koyzcan emerges in a new wave of 21st century poetry that dares to belong to the people and speak directly to them in their own voice. To open this show, the audience will be treated to a couple of numbers from Ottawa's 24th at McMaze, but there were no casualties, as this renowned, Tone Cluster. When Tone Cluster began in was all for fun. Participants rolled in mud and ran for 1994 as a gay madrigal group with a temporary their lives in a zombie apocalypse relay course today name, no one was thinking about what the future to help raise money for the United Way of SD&G. This might hold for the choir. Many years later, Tone was a submitted photo from Lindsay Wells. Cluster is a vibrant musical ensemble with an eclectic repertoire that spans everything from madrigals to My name is Jason Setnyk, and these are the Seeker Manhattan Transfer arrangements. Tone Cluster is a Snippets for this week! mixed choir of gay and straight performers that contributes both musically to the Ottawa arts scene Jason Setnyk is a local high school teacher, and socially as part of Ottawa's LGBTQ community, journalist, published and award winning author, one of their most recent concerts was done in photographer, arts and culture event coordinator, partnership with Ottawa/Gatineau high schools and and a community volunteer sitting on numerous was devoted to anti-bullying. The show is September boards and committees. 14th at 7pm. Tickets for this show are $20 in advance http: // or $25 at the door (all tickets are general admission). Tickets at Basket Case in Morrisburg and Strung Out Guitars in Cornwall.

Arts & Culture

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Packrat Organization 101 with Marie Morrell

NATURALLY DELICIOUS ... with the Health Nut

ORGANIZING A KITCHEN FOR THE FIRST TIME Part 3 of 3 - Refrigerator storing tips

Most important tip: Vial of life - A tip from Dr Shah When emergency services workers arrive at a home and find a person who has suffered a health crisis, the last thing they need is to lose time on finding medical and emergency data. Quite often that information needs to be taken to the hospital with them. Purchase at Shoppers Drug Mart a "Vial of life" (Life saving Information For Emergencies). This is a small plastic container holding all your medical information (get one for each person, as required). Fill out the information sheet it contains and place it back in the vial. Attached the vial underneath the top shelf of your refrigerator on the right hand side. Write in pencil the medical portion to ensure to keep the information up to date and the sheet clean and easy to read. Place the Vial of Life decal on the refrigerator door. Emergency personnel will know you are participating in the program. Refrigerator storing tips • Don't wash vegetables before refrigerating; wash them before eating. Too much moisture is detrimental and can cause lettuce to turn brown. • Remove tops on beets, carrots, parsnips, and radishes before storing. • Keep ethylene-emitting and odour-emitting foods bagged (apples, apricots, avocados, ripening bananas, blueberries, cantaloupe, citrus fruit (not grapefruit), cranberries, figs, guavas, grapes, green onions, honeydew, ripe kiwi fruit, mangoes, melons, mushrooms,

nectarines, okra, papayas, passion fruit, peaches, pears, peppers, persimmons, pineapple, plantains, plums, prunes, quinces, tomatoes and watermelon) You can't smell it or taste it, but several types of fruits and vegetables emit ethylene, a naturally occurring gas that accelerates the ripening process. Ethylene is the reason why unripened avocados will ripen if you put an apple into a bag with the avocados. Foods releasing the highest amounts of ethylene are apples, apricots, cantaloupes, figs and honeydews. When these items are stored next to other fruits and vegetables that rapidly absorb ethylene, spoilage occurs. For minimal food waste, never keep cruciferous vegetables (broccoli or cauliflower), leafy greens, eggplants or squashes next to high-ethylene emitting fruits in your refrigerator or on your countertop. How long will vegetables keep in the refrigerator? • 2-3 days: asparagus, corn (unhusked) • 3-5 days: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, lima beans, peas, scallions • One Week: beans, cauliflowers, cucumbers, leafy greens, leeks, lettuce, peppers, scallions, summer squash • One to Two Weeks: celery • Two Weeks: beets, carrots, parsnips, radishes, turnips • Aubergine: Refrigerator temperatures are too low for aubergine, which prefers 50°-60°F (4°-10°C) with high humidity. Store in a paper bag in the crisper drawer. Aubergine absorbs odours from ginger roots, so don't store them together. Aubergine will only stay fresh about ten days. • Onions - Cut onions will keep refrigerated for up to three days if tightly wrapped. • Turnip Greens don't store well; use promptly. Store turnip greens unwashed in a plastic bag to prevent spoilage and contain their strong odour. Place the turnip greens in a colander if they are moist. Allow them to air-dry completely. Do not store in the refrigerator • Potatoes and winter squash • Tomatoes keep best at about 60°F (16°C) and lose flavour • Any vegetables picked to ripen after harvest

if refrigerated.

Marie can be reached at 613-936-6873

Last week I was preparing food at my shop.....I turned around and noticed a lady at my front door (it was locked), she was looking inside and seemed so disappointed that it was closed. I then thought I should go see if she was looking for something in particular. She stated that she was from out of town but originally from Cornwall. She was very excited to hear that there was a new homemade goods shop in town and was really looking forward to checking out what it was all about. I invited her and her mom inside, they were so pleased and quickly became the first taste testers of my maple granola parfait…. they couldn’t believe how delicious and fresh it tasted. Here was a beautiful woman standing before me, full of life, mother of 3, laughing and loving life…then she starts explaining to me that she is in her 9th week of recovery from surgery of a very rare cancer. She is now cancer free, picture of health and truly appreciating her second chance at life! She ended up purchasing quite a few items and was genuinely enjoying living in the moment. We ended up sharing in conversation close to 1 hour and she stated that she would come into town every 2nd week-end to purchase her goodies. This experience really made me realize that my space is more than just 4 walls, it is a place where people from all walks of life can come in and feel comfortable enough to talk about what they are living without feeling ashamed of judged.

decided to prepare homemade lemonade with his mom and give half of the funds he raised to Maison Baldwin House. Spencer stayed outside 4 hours greeting all the people that came to buy a cup of fresh lemonade…. At the end of the day he donated $30 to the charity…thanks so much Spencer you are the best!! He also thoroughly enjoyed eating a very special granola/yogurt/berry parfait…well deserved for sure. My little health nut friend Jacob also showed up to have his first parfait as well…these kids are the best and Two thumbs up to their parents for encouraging them to eat great healthy food at such a young age…

I feel so blessed to meet amazing people every Saturday, this is where my passion has taken me and I am so happy to be there. She and her mom left on first name basis and we hugged, teary eyed I must admit. This made me believe even more in the power of the universe and the fact that you always meet people for a reason. This day in particular made me appreciate my life and all of the people that I have in it…this is an email that I received from her later that day…. “Hi Sylvie, It was so kind of you to let us experience your wonderful store today and it was such a pleasure meeting you. You have inspired me to continue the path I've been on and to continue learning about a whole food organic lifestyle. I will definitely be visiting your store again and am thrilled with the products I bought from you today! I believe we met today for a reason, and I can't wait to see how that unfolds. Sharing your passion is a gift to those around you. Thank you for touching my life today. Wishing you continued success:)” Last Saturday, I also had my little market buddy Spencer come to my store and set up his lemonade stand. He wanted to find a way to give towards my monthly charity, so he

Thanks to all of you that make my space such a special venue...I love greeting all of you and sharing all that I make with love….hope to see you again this Saturday, August 31st…9am to 4pm…come early for best selection….I am hoping to have time to prepare my favorite raw dessert for taste testing…we’ll see what happens…. Sylvie Thibert (The Health Nut) 613-931-3119 or 613-662-3834

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Kevin Jude MacDonald in his First Solo show entitled ” From Paris to N.Y.C” August 10 to Sept. 13, 2013

at TAG Gallery 168 Pitt Street (613) 938-7387 A Show Not to be missed See next weeks issue for 5 Questions with Kevin.

Thinking of Christmas Parties?

Local Artist

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT 613-937-4141 Email:

“The Place to Meet”

Need a Hall? Book it with us ... only $150


Yves Menard, Owner


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Yves Menard, Owner our DJ for the BIGGEST LIGHT SHOW in town Email: Hire

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MP Guy Lauzon, Mayor Bob Kilger, and City Councillor David Murphy were all on hand for the ribbon cutting and cake cutting celebration that marks the opening of a new retirement home in Cornwall Ontario.

President and developer JC Godard and his team have created something special with the new Riverdale Terrace facility that sits along Cornwall’s beautiful and scenic water front. "We were very pleased with the turnout to celebrate our grand opening. It was a great day for everyone - the owners and investors, our residents and staff, and all the people who stopped by to tour our facility", said Marketing Director Gord Shaver. This new state of art facility offers active residents a lot to do, from a theatre, to a fitness centre, to game rooms and billiards, a bowling ally, 9 hole mini golf course, Internet cafe, chapel, library, hair and nail salon, craft room, therapy room, and more. There are 33 suites, 8 studios, 54 one bedroom apartments, and 6 river view sun rooms.

To learn more about Riverdale Terrace visit: support.”

Labour Day 2013, September 2, brings people together in Lamoureux Park, where the Cornwall and

District Labour Council invites working people and their families to a bbq, a stage show featuring Little John, fun for the kids and plenty of interactive challenges for adults, like the crowd favorite Twist contest, a walk for leukemia and music by Trevor Walsh to tie it all together. The public is welcome.

Across the country, labour day celebrates the workplace gains that raised the standard of living and heightened the quality of life for Canadians since the labour movement began in the late nineteenth century: a five-day week, an eight-hour day, the weekend, sick leave, maternity leave, pensions, compensation for workplace injuries and so much more. But the day isn’t only about the past. The labour movement is a contemporary force that is responding to new challenges confronting workers, especially a living wage. The minimum wage in Ontario has been frozen at $10.25 for three years. Labour Council president Elaine MacDonald invites workers and their families to demand a minimum wage of $14.00 an hour. It’s only just.

The festivities in the park get underway at 10 a.m. and wrap up at 3:00 p.m. The event is free, put on by the labour council and participating unions, especially united Food and

Commercial Workers, Local 175, and the United Association or Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 71 and many others. Community organizations and individuals have contributed generously too, by donating prizes for the ongoing fundraiser of choice for UFCW, Leukemia and Lymphoma research and treatment. Since adopting the charity as its own in 1985, the union has raised over $28 million nationwide. On labour Day, celebrants in the Park will have the chance to add to that total.

THE SEEKER Vol. 4 Issue 33 - August 30 - pg. 5

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by Betty Healey

So Advertise Your Coming Events With Us ... Call us for complete details ... 613- 935-3763 ext 1 This may seem like an odd lesson to learn. You may be saying, “really, could I possibly be living outside my body?’ The answer is yes, there are times when we all do. The sensation is usually one of feeling disconnected and ungrounded. Begin to grow your awareness and simply check in. Your body needs you!

Lessons from Goddess Camp

For the fifth year in a row, Jim and I hosted Goddess Camp on the weekend of August 17-18th. I always approach this weekend with a sense of excitement and trepidation. Why? Because it changes every year; there is no set plan, it simply arrives. And then there are the quizzical looks I receive from others when we begin advertising the event, that “I say what?” expression followed by “Goddess Camp?” The look grows when I share that the camp is also for men at which point the conversation shifts to “yeah, right!”

Betty Healey Betty Healey is an award winning author, coach and inspiring speaker. Join Betty and Jim this fall for the Living Your Strengths Coaching Circle, beginning Tuesday, September 24th, 2013. Details available on our website at or contact Betty at

All this to say that the idea of Goddess Camp requires some explanation. The concept began with my desire to understand ways in which the world is changing. I hear the experts talking about energy shifts and of course we just experienced the 2012 phenomenon. It's not like you can nail it down. Like gravity you know that the energy around you is shifting but you cannot see it, touch it or even name it. It simply is. Part of this current phenomenon is the shift from masculine to feminine energy. This claim triggered my research. Did it mean simply that women are taking over? As I discovered the shift to feminine energy or to the Divine Feminine as it is called, is an opportunity for women to step into their power and for men to step into their heart. It is not about men versus women, it is simply a learning opportunity for all of us to grow with the changing times. And so Goddess Camp was birthed around the question, how can we facilitate this shift for both men and women.

Each year we listen to what is happening around us, the conversation we hear, the concerns expressed by our coaching clients and retreat participants, and simply what we observe. This past year I was struck by how disembodied people have become. As a former physiotherapist I have a developed an eye for observing people and their relationship with their bodies. I began to notice that in fact, people were not really in their bodies, they seemed to be living in the space around their bodies.



at the Agapè

TH R IF T STO R E 25¢ sale

Thursday, September 5th at 9am

closed Friday, Sept. 6th & Saturday, Sept. 7th

This created the challenge for Goddess Camp. In the world I live in, we speak of the body-mind-spirit connection in almost everything we do. The conundrum posed by our observations was how do people make the body-mind-spirit connection if they are not really in their bodies – there is a missing link.

I am always delighted with how life informs us once the intentions are set and then observe who crosses our path. In the months proceeding the weekend I found myself attracted to two individuals whom I felt could help us create magic. Enter Sandra, a belly dancer par excellence, who led our participants through a series of moves which led to a full 3 minute choreography by the end of the second day. You could visibly see the shift in energy and how each person had a new sense of their physicality. Secondly came Rosanne, who led our campers through several meditations/journeys, each one grounding individuals in one of the energy chakras. Again, observing the changes across the two days, I could see the significant shift in energy and body relationship. Mission accomplished! Final Word Goddess Camp lessons apply to everyday life, imparting the importance of having a relationship with your body. You grow to understand the need for self-care versus selfneglect, for acknowledging your body for what it offers you versus complaining about what it doesn’t do and for communicating with your body in a way that allows your body to share what is going on. Learn to stay grounded through your breath, through frequent ‘body check-in’s’, or by walking barefoot. All of these have been proven to dramatically change your energy and bring you back to your body.


The idea for this year's Goddess Camp was birthed. We began to focus on activities in which we could offer our campers grounding and ways in which to be in their bodies differently. With that clarity we set our intentions for the event.

Mon, Sept 9th – All new merchandise in the store

40 Fifth St. West , Cornwall 613 938 9297

Seeker Still Ranks #1 among all media websites in Cornwall Ontario according to - Alexa Canada Stats(Source – Canadian Stats) Here is a list of Cornwall’s Top Media Websites in Canada as of August 26th 2013:

Thank you to our writers and our readers who made this possible.

1. – 5,174 2. – 6,377 3. – 8,705 4. – 9,871 5. – 12,940 6. – 29,426 7. – No Ranking

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... and who says nothing happens in Cornwall !!!


our weekly pages of events n’ more...


45 Second Street E. 613-932.4796

WE ARE CLOSED ON LABOUR DAY MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 2. Fall hours begin Tuesday, September 2 WITH NOON - 4PM OPENINGS starting Sunday September 8 ANTIQUE EVALUATION CLINIC @ THE LIBRARY Saturday, October 5, 2013 with antiques valuer and appraiser, Janet Carlile. Limited space available $5 fee per item, limit of 3 items per person. Registration ends Friday, October 4, 2013 or when all spots have been filled, whichever comes first.

DOORS OPEN ONTARIO LIBRARY BASEMENT TOURS Saturday, Sep 7 @ 10:30 & 2:00 pm Sunday, Sep 8 @ 1:00 pm


LE MARDI 3 SEPTEMBRE CLUB LES MILLE-FEUILLES - 18 h 30 Rencontre amicale mensuel - Bienvenue à tous.


2 YOUNG CATS looking for a good home. Call 613-932-1875.

THE SEEKER is Your CORNWALL EVENTS & COMMUNITY Newspaper So Advertise Your Coming Events With Us ... Call us for complete details ... 613- 935-3763 ext 1 THE SEEKER Vol. 4 Issue 33 - August 30 - pg. 7 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2





Friday Night Out At Wing 424 4:30 pm. RCAFA Wing 424/240 Water St. W. Serving fish & chips, wings, fries, onion rings & caesar salad. Karaoke.

Mark your calendars for the 146th Stormont County Fair at the Newington Fairgrounds. There will be loads of entertainment for the whole family. For a schedule of events and more information, please visit Long Sault Farmer's Market. Various local food merchants and charity sale. Hours: Friday afternoons 2 to 6 p.m. In front of the Long Sault Mall

SAT Aug 31

Casino Thousand Islands Gananoque Bus Trip Depart: 9:30 am. Dinner at Swiss Chalet, Brockville: 4:30 pm. For info or reserve call: 613.932.6534. Proceeds to St. Joseph's Continuing Care Center Auxilliary.

Mark your calendars for the 146th Stormont County Fair at the Newington Fairgrounds. There will be loads of entertainment for the whole family. For a schedule of events and more information, please visit Patio Party and Open Mic Night. Mobile GamerZ will be hosting a gaming tournament. Great family fun along the Cornwall waterfront in Lamoureux Park. Karaoke, Open Mic, Bomb Fire, Mobile Gamerz, light show and hosted by Rockstar Party with Rodney Rivette and several performances from local musicians. @MOCKTAILS starts at 6PM

Sunday Sept 1

Navy Club LabourFest & BBQ

Steak Dinner. 30 6th St. E. Music by Spare Partz, door, prizes, raffles & games. Admission: advance 12.50$, at door: 14$. No meal: 6$

Mark your calendars for the 146th Stormont County Fair at the Newington Fairgrounds. There will be loads of entertainment for the whole family. For a schedule of events and more information, please visit Worship and the Word at fountaingat Christian Assembly. 10:30 AM - 949 Mohawk Drive Cornwall. Pastor Brad Montsion Creation Science Centre is Open Wed to Sat from 9am to 4pm Please use the 8th street entrance. Come see what we’re all about!


Mark your calendars for the 146th Stormont County Fair at the Newington Fairgrounds. There will be loads of entertainment for the whole family. For a schedule of events and more information, please visit


Taoist Tai Chi Open Houses 7:30 pm - 9 pm, Wednesday Benson Center, 800 7th St. W. Blood Donor Clinic from 12 pm to 3:30 pm & 5 pm to 7:30 pm. Cornwall Civic Complex, 100 Watter St. E. Book your appointment to save a life: 1.888.2.DONATE

WED Aug 7

M a r t i n t o w n Horticultural Society will be meeting on 4 September at the Martintown Community Center at 7:00 PM. Come and learn all there

is to know about getting your garden ready for winter as Diane Lunan from Marlin’s Orchards and Garden Center provides ideas and suggestions on how to prepare our gardens for the long winter For more information contact Ginny at 613528-4679 or visit our web site p/martintown

Open House at Centre Charles-Émile-Claude, centre polyvalent des aîné(e)s: 10:00 to 15:00 Coffee, timbits for visitors, Demonstration of our activities. Exposition, Concert from The Clarpian-Duo, Come to see us ! The Cornwall Newcomers Club welcomes women new to the area within the last 3 years and the next monthly dinner meeting will be Wednesday, September 4th, 2013. For location and time, please call 613-9354624.

Care For Health & Wellness Clinic from 9 am to 12 noon, Centre Charles Emile Claude, 146 Chevrier St. Registered nurse on site for general health checks. No appointment necessary.

We will have a ride along the river to Brockville then up to Smiths Falls to Iron Legends then home through Merrickville and Kemptville, Winchester, Morrisburg & Cornwall. Leaving from A&W Vincent Massey Dr Cornwall. Kickstands up at 9 am.

Everyone welcome to come out for a nice ride and a fun day.

THE SEEKER Vol. 4 Issue 33 - August 30 - pg. 8 BUSINESS ADS 613-935-3763 ext 1

If it ain’t in here, it ain’t happening! Moccasin Model Railroad Club Meeting 7:30 pm. St. Mathews Lutheran Church, 1509 2nd St. W. Cornwall United Counties Basketball Registration 6 pm to 8 pm & Saturday, September 7th: 9 am to 12 noon. Benson Center, 700 7th St. W. Cornwall Air Cadets Welcome Back BBQ at 6:30 pm. Cornwall Armoury, 505 4th St. E. Welcoming young people ages 12 to 18 interested in flying, drill, band, marksmanship, sports and travel.

Focus Art Meeting at 6:30 pm. 146 Chevrier Ave. Guest: Gerald Swift, artist and entrepreneur. SMART CITY TOASTMASTERS CLUB- offers you the opportunity to learn communication skills and gives you the practical leadership experience in a positive environment. Meetings are on the 1st&3rd Wednesdays of each month@ St. Lawrence Secondary School (library), 1450 2nd St. East. 6:45 to 8:45 pm. Info: Bob LeBrun(613)9324792 or Claudette Pilon(613)938-2394.

Don’t forget to stock up on healthy goodies at the Health Nut, every Saturday! 812 PITT STREET

Try the Berry Love Crumble!


Royal Canadian Legion Seniors Club Monthly Meeting. Lunch at 12 noon, meeting at 1 pm & bingo at 2 pm. 415 2nd St. W.


Singles 55+ Meetup & Activity Night, from 7 pm to 11 pm. Knights of Columbus, 205 Amelia St. Email: for more information

Friday Night Out At Wing 424 4:30 pm. RCAFA Wing 424/240 Water St. W. Serving fish & chips, wings, fries, onion rings & caesar salad.Karaoke. Long Sault Farmer's Market. Various local food merchants and charity sale. Hours: Friday afternoons 2 to 6 p.m. In front of the Long Sault Mall PLACE YOUR EVENT IN OUR CALENDAR FOR FREE! SEND DETAILS TO INFO@THESEEKER.CA

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?0;24 0 ?8424 >5 0 6;024 274@@G >= (4B B74 B4<?4@0BC@4 B> 346@44A B1A? 20=>;0 >8; B>? >5 4027 2>>:84 14>@4 10:8=6 *A4 4=>C67 ;0@3 B> 64B B74 >=8>= 27>??43 0:4 B74 2>>:84A 5>@ 01>CB ?@>?4@ 34?B7 >5 50B B> 5@G 8= G>C@ BA? !>A74@ A0;B <8=CB4A >@ C=B8; B74G BC@= 0 ;867B 5@G4@ BA? 6@>C=3 1;02: ?4??4@ 6>;34= 1@>E= @G A4D4@0; 3>=CBA 0B 0 B8<4 740?8=6 B1A? 2>=D4@B43 @824 ;;>E B74 10:43 2>>:84A B> @4AB >= 2>>:8=6 5>@ 01>CB B> >H 90@ >5 ext A?0674BB8 A0C24 So Advertise Your Coming Events With Us ... Call us for complete details ... 613935-3763 1 B74 10:8=6 A744B 5>@ 0 2>C?;4 >5 <8=CB4A 8= B>B0; BC@=8=6 >=24 G>C@ 50D>C@8B4 1@0=3 <8=CB4A 145>@4 G>C ;85B B74< >55 B> 3C@8=6 5@G8=6 2C? E0B4@ 2>>; 2><?;4B4;G >= 0 E8@4 2>>;8=6 )74 @428?4 E8;; <0:4 70;5 0 2011064 6@0B43 @02: 3>=CBA E8B7 B74 7>;4A $ %. BA? @C1143 >@460=> )> AB>@4 CA4 0 ?8424 >5 E0F43 .>C 20= B>AA B74< 8= 0 AC60@ 0=3 BA? 6@0=C;0B3 60@;82 ?>E34@ ?0?4@ >@ ?0@27<4=B ?0?4@ B> =CB<46 >@ 28==0<>= <8FBC@4 05B4@ A4?0@0B4 ;0G4@A >5I was2>>:84A 8= recipe 0 from 5@G8=6 When twelve, I got this my Aunt85 G>C ;8:4 1CB ;>D4 B74< @0B4 B74 2011064 0=3 ?;024 8B Ella for her delicious brownies. I have been 2>>:84 B8= 9CABmaking ?;08= 8= 0 6@40A43 20AA4@>;4 38A7 them ever since and have yet to find a better = 0 A:8;;4B A0CB4 B74 6@>C=3 recipe. You can add white chocolate or dark chocolate chipits or even some Skor toffee bits for 1445 0=3 B74 27>??43 >=8>= A0;B extra deliciousness. If that isn't a word, it should 0=3 ?4??4@ be! The trick with any good brownie is not to G>C 70D4 144= )> B78A 033 B74 90@ >5 A?0674BB8 overbake it. You want to have the centre)78A of the 40AG 20AA4@>;4 B0AB4A 4F02B;G ;> :=>E G>C brownie )78A still 8A very AC27 0 6>>3 @428?4 5>@ B74 ;8:4Dutch 2011064 @>;;A E8B7 => 5CAA >@ A0C24 B74 @824 6@0=C;0B43 60@;82 soft. Using my store's wonderful dark and delicious Process Cocoa 22/24% butterfat them 8A even 14AB 3>=CBA 4D4@ )74makes A42@4B B>better, CA4if that is at all This, I promise, will become one of your favourite recipes. Enjoy a 4 01>CB 3>H4= possible. 5@4A7;G <0A743 AB8;; 7>B great long week-end! AB08=;4AA AB44; C=A40A>=43 ?>B0B>4A )78A @428?4 8A INGREDIENTS: 020@>>= 10BB4@ 4A?4280;;G 5>@ >@>B7G 1cup + 6 tbsp. soft, room AB8;; temperature 4 A2>>? 4027 2C?A C=A40A>=43 7>Bbutter 2 cups of granulated sugar 8H4 0=3 8B @40;;G <0A743 ?>B0B>4A 4 extra large eggs A .>C E8;; 14 pure vanilla (Save money ,78;4 B74 ?>B0B>4A2 tsp.0@4 AB8;; vanilla bottle to my =6 0 A2>>? ,4 2>>:8=6 <8F B>64B74@ and8=bring0 your ;0@64 store, Sharyn's Pantry and re-fill ?A 8= <G AB>@4 1>E; your pure vanilla, it will cost much less than any supermarket. You 2C?A E78B4 AC60@ can buy just the amount you need or want.) < B4<?4@0BC@4 2C? <4;B43 1CBB4@ 1 -1/3 cups unbleached all-purpose flour A >= B 0;;>E 1 cup466A sifted Dutch Process Cocoa (buy this at Sharyn's Pantry) walnuts, chopped coarsely 466 E78B4A >@ 1 cupA?or more ?C@4 D0=8;;0 ? C? 8=B> 0 METHOD:2C?A 1CBB4@<8;: to 3508=6@4384=BA degrees F. and spray CA4 0 A?>B;4AAG -Preheat 40B your B74oven 01>D4 E4;;no-stick 0=3 spray on a 9" X 13" baking pan. E; 5>@ E78??8=6 033 B74< B> B74 7>B <0A743 -In a large bowl, cream the butter and granulated sugar until nice and fluffy. 4AB D>;C<4 0=until ?>B0B> B>use my -Beat in the ?>B0B>4A eggs and vanilla*A4 and beat nice and<0A74@ creamy. I just @ <0A7 4D4@GB78=6 B>Grandpa's. 0 A<>>B7 ;C<? favourite silver mixing fork that was my I rarely use an electric <CAA %=4 >5 <G 2CAB><4@A 70A ?>E34@ 0=3 >@460=> 0=3 E0B4@ mixer. I like5@44 the hands-on approach. =3 >=34=A43 <8FBC@4 144= ?0B84=B;G E08B8=6 5>@ <4 B> &>C@ B78A >D4@ B74 6@0B43 -Stir in the flour, mixing well to combine. 33 B> B78A 58=3 B74 @428?4 5>@ 74@ CAB E74= 2011064 B> 2>D4@ 4D4=;G -Measure a cup of cocoa and then sift this over the batter. Stir well to @02B 2C?A C=1;402743 0;; ?C@?>A4 E0A= B ;>>:8=6 8B BC@=43 C? 1/3 cup Dutch Process Cocoa, sifted incorporate everything. >D4@ B74 20AA4@>;4 E8B7 0 ;83 >2>=CB 5;>C@chopped walnuts. I like to have lots of them as they go so -Add the coarsely =9>G just a small pinch of salt >@ 0;C<8=C< 5>8; 0=3 10:4 8B 5>@ 1 -1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract )@G <G well with the fudgey brownie. A? 10:8=6 A>30 ;1 ;40= 6@>C=3 1445 <8=CB4A B> >=4 7>C@ 8= 0 a little cold coffee, enough to have the frosting a proper spreading consistency -Spray or grease a 9" X 13" baking pan. 346@44A BA? 10:8=6 ?>E34@ AB>@4 A ;>20;;G @08A43 ;40= 6@>C=3 346@44 >D4= >>: B74 -Using a rubber spatula, spread the brownie batter evenly over the pan. METHOD: E8B7 ?0@27<4=B BA? 58=4 A0;B 1445 5>@ 0 @40; B0AB4 38554@4=24 -Bake the brownies for 23 to 25 minutes in a 350 degree F. oven. I use the 20AA4@>;4 C=B8; B74 2011064 0=3 -Cream the butter until is is very fluffy. BA? 6@>C=3 (74@@G &;CA G>C second lowest oven rack for best results.=CB<46 :=>E E74@4 B74 1445 8A salt. Beat @824until 0@4nice B4=34@ -Add to it, the sifted icing sugar and cocoa andB74 creamy. $ %. to cool right in the baking pan. Frost with your favourite <8F4@ 140B-Allow B74 the brownies 0;E0GA 1CGA >C@ 10:8=6 ?>E34@ 0=3 2><8=6 -Stir in5@>< the vanilla0=3 and cold G>C coffee. (If0@4 you don't want to use coffee, you can add chocolate icing. 2@40< >5 B0@B0@ 6@>C=3 =CB<46 5>@ B74 D4@G 14AB AC??>@B8=6 evaporated milk or cream or cold water.) Beat well and spread this over your 0 ;>20; 50@<4@ ?40:A (4BEASY B78ACHOCOLATE pan of cooled brownies. ENJOY! @4AC;BA FROSTING Never worry if you make too much frosting as it will keep in your fridge for #8F E4;; E8B7 0 E>>34= A?>>= several months in a tight-fitting covered bowl. e.g. Tupperware. It is so easy @ B>64B74@to B74 )74and3>C67 14 store-bought AB82:G frosting. I usually have on hand so much E8;; better than 10 % D0=8;;0 double 0=3 this recipe>D4@ B74 1>E; >5 3>C67 to have extras for another day. E8B7 0 B40 B>E4; 0=3 ?;024 B74 1>E; >5 3>C67 OFF INGREDIENTS: 55;G 140B4=1 466 8= B74 5@8364 5>@ >=4 7>C@ B> 2>>; cup soft, room temperature butter 812 Pitt Unit 6 613-936-1998 812 Pitt St. Street, Unit 6 - 613-936-1998 FOR 2 cups icing A;867B;G sugar, sifted FEATURED ITEMS'THIS %$". WEEK 4AA AB44; A2>>? '>;; B74 3>C67 >CB B782: >= 0 SENIORS %$+ ') & ' %" " B> 3@>? B74 ;867B;G 5;>C@43 1>0@3 CB 8=B> "% GOOD "". 'STORMONT ( " LEAN $ GROUND '%*$ BEEF ONLY %$".$4.99/ POUND " LOCAL B74 ?0@27<4=B 3>=CBA ,4 A4;; 3>=CB 2CBB4@A EVERY $ " " ! % %$*) %$". " RUBBED GREEK OREGANO ONLY $1.43/ 100 GRAMS 024 B74< 01>CB #4;B 01>CB B7@44 ?>C=3A >5 ( $ %'( ) % + '. #%$ "* '% * )( MONDAY 0=G A?@4038=6 )4=34@5;0:4 ;0@3 8= G>C@ 344? 5@G4@ PURE GROUND BLACK PEPPER .ONLY- $0 .99/( 100'. GRAMS E8A7 G>C 20=



by Sharyn Thompson


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by Kris Ward

So Advertise Your Coming Events With Us ... Call us for complete details ... 613- 935-3763 ext 1 INTERNATIONAL GYPSY GENEVIEVE


An Epic Summer I capped off summer vacation by taking my son to FanExpo in Toronto last week. I bought VIP tickets last April for Brad's 19th birthday. True it took a few months, but the anticipation was worth it as we returned to the convention that brings together the genres we love; sci-fi, comic, anime and the added sports theme this year. This trip is not a relaxing one, it is not for the faint of heart or if you do not enjoy being in crowds; you will be bumped into, you will be surrounded by people, many enjoying the cosplay aspect of the convention and you will be on your feet and in lines throughout the 4 day extravaganza. With this knowledge in hand, we did return and changed it up. This is a special opportunity to meet a fully Bilingual Born Gypsy , receiving messages from spiritual world, in a state of trance, She will answer all your questions. Also amazing Soul Reading (Akashic Records). Also as a Claivoyant, she will use Tarot, Runes, Crystal Ball and Palmistry, according to your needs and choices. Come a long with a friend or family member. CD is included plus a gift for you.

In the past, I was there for various reasons, first year was to experience it and give my son Brad a taste of the world he aspires to be part of. In 2011 the second year we attended, he was working on his book and preparing for his final year of high school so it was more of a networking and discovery mission, albeit we did have fun and saw some of the celebrities that attended. We missed last year because I was in the process of moving for a new position and Brad was leaving for college out of town, so this year, I planned to enjoy the fan experience of it.

Shamanic Aura Cleansing is available, it erases the fatigue and negativity all around you. This is an experience to have at least once in life time.

Date: September Friday 6th at 4pm to 10pm Saturday 7th at 11am to 10pm Sunday 8th at 11am to 5pm

We arrived on Thursday August 22nd and for this first day we toured the entire expo getting familiar with the new layout, getting the free swag and talking to exhibitors. It is the relative calm before the storm as past attendance proved; they come in droves over the weekend. If you are going to attend a convention such as this; wear comfortable shoes cause you are going to need them. The Skechers "Go Walk" I bought in Vegas were the perfect fit; I am glad to say my feet did not ache, my shoulders from carrying excessive bags the first day was another story.

Psychic Fair Cornwall Complex Civic Center 100 Water Street East Cornwall (Ontario) K6H 6G4

The key to a successful "con" is manage your expectations and set priorities. I reviewed all of the scheduled events and with crossovers occurring, there was no way to see everything I wanted, so I determined which panels and which celebrities I wanted to see, I also broke away from Brad and between cell phones and scheduled meet points, we were both able to enjoy what we wanted. I always wanted to see the panels as it gives the audience a chance to hear from actors and writers about the shows that are either currently on or were long time favourites. My first panel was with Jason Priestley and Luke Perry, two actors who were part of the 90210 phenomenon. With my pass, I was able to secure front to fifth row seating at all panels and it was worth it. What I enjoyed most about this panel was the natural camaraderie between the actors, Jason is Canadian and Luke is American and there was some banter about that, but overall it was great. Next panel I attended was George Takei and Nichelle Nichols, icons from the original Star Trek. Brad attended this one with me and he was in awe of them; Nichelle was inspirational and George was thoroughly entertaining. I could write an entire column just on these two.

character, Karl Urban. So was it worth it? Absolutely! We had an opportunity to meet and listen to many of my favourite actors and actresses, discovered new shows and meet other fans including a very charming man from Australia who travelled to Canada to for this event. He shared photos and spoke about other conventions like this in Australia. So the experience was truly FANtastic, and the memories are priceless.

Follow Kris Ward’s Blog at:

We also attended The Lost Girl panel with the cast answering questions and having met them several times at FanExpo, each time they gain even more fans and this Canadian production is still going strong. The Listener is another Canadian show that we watch and meeting the cast was awesome. Through their panel we met the actors and writer, their use of social media has really taken the fan experience to a new level. Brad was able to get photos and autographs after the panel ended which was great. We scheduled only two photo ops; one with Nathan Fillion and one with Stephen Amell, both Canadian actors and although it is ridiculously quick to take the photo it was an experience! We also were able to attend Nathan Fillion's panel which was incredibly entertaining. He reminded us that we were operating on a higher level and that in a few days we would feel that "post-con hangover" and he was right. In addition to the above mentioned panels we saw the Walking Dead panel, the Covert Affairs panel and the premiere episode of "almost Human" introduced by the lead

“One of a kind ... with you in mind!” 613-932-1875 - Evening & Weekend appointments available ...

THE SEEKER Vol. 4 Issue 33 - August 30 - pg. 11 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2 Evening & Weekend appointments also!

A weekly look at racing from both sides of the 1000 Islands As the 2013 season continues to reach the end of itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s regular season schedule, the championship battles are about to come to and end. This is a very exciting time of the year, as drivers and teams try to claim championships, and battle for top five and top ten positions. Also, with the season coming to an end, race teams that have yet to find victory lane are looking to do so, and end the year on a high note. This past weekend, my schedule consisted of the usual trips to Mohawk International Raceway on Friday night, Brockville Speedway on Saturday and Cornwall Speedway on Sunday. At Mohawk Raceway, the 358 Modified division has been dominated by Billy Dunn most of the season, but the points remain close between Dunn and Chris Raabe. Raabe captured Friday nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s feature win, moving him within 19 points of Dunn for the track title. Following Raabe across the line was Carey Terrance, Mario Clair, Brian McDonald and Zach Aubertine. The Sportsman division also has a very tight battle for the championship. Mike Maresca scored his first career Sportsman victory, with Adam Rozon, Dylan Evoy, Nolan Swamp and Corey Wheeler completing the top five. Wheeler currently leads the points by 19 over Evoy going into this weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s events. Other winners on the night include Roch Aubin in Pro Stock and Randy Whitting in the Bandits.

The action continued on Saturday night at Brockville Speedway. Points are on the line at the BOS as well, with Lee Gill holding a moderate advantage over Danny Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien. It was Ryan Arbuthnot crossing the line first, ahead of Jason Riddell, Pat Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien, Luke Stewart and Lee Ladouceur. With just one week remaining, Gill holds a 20 point advantage. The Sportsman championship has been virtually decided already, as Shane Pecore just needs to show up at Brockville Speedway this weekend and he will earn the 2013 Sportsman championship. On the track, it was Jon Mills in victory lane for the second time this year, and first ever at Brockville. Jessica Power finished a strong second ahead of Pecore, Chris Herbison and Dylan Evoy. Steve Poirier capture the Sprint Car AMain over Jason Barney, Rick Wilson, Chris Jones and Justin Barger. Other winners on the night include Jamie Young in the Rookie Sportsman, Quincy Roberts in the Rookie division, and John Gifford in the Street Stocks.

SEEKING SPORTS with Ashley March


Hockey News

BORDER PATROL with Craig Revelle


CORNWALL RIVER KINGS NAME ROBERT DESJARDINS AS HEAD COACH Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a new King in town. Wasting no time in finding a replacement for the surprising leave of Jean Francois Labbe, the Cornwall River Kings announced today that they hired Robert Desjardins as the new head coach. Labbe left the team following a job offer near his hometown in Quebec. Robert Desjardins is no stranger to the hockey world and to Quebec hockey in general. An intimidating goaltender, he played 5 years in the QMJHL before turning pro with the Wichita Thunder of the Central Hockey League in 1992. He stayed with them for 2 seasons. When it comes to coaching Robert â&#x20AC;&#x153;Bobâ&#x20AC;? Desjardins will bring leadership, character and hard work to the team. He already brings coaching experience having been the bench boss for the Marquis de Jonquiere and the former Saint Hyacinthe Chiefs of the LNAH. Desjardins is a hockey man who has been around rinks a long time. He knows the business inside and out and will be able to provide the players the leadership and spark to ignite the team on the ice. After the long summer months of controversy, this could just be the thing the River Kings need.

Even more big changes are in store for the Cornwall River Kings as they enter their second LNAH season this September. This season is proving to be one of change, speed, and aggression. Be ready to rock the Ed Lumley Arena fans because this wild ride is just starting.

My weekend wrapped on Sunday night at Cornwall Speedway as the Sprint Cars were on hand Ashley March Owner, once again. Jason Barney captured the win over Steve Poirier, Patrick Vigneault, Jared Zimbardi New York Islanders writer, and Jamie Collard. The Sportsman division was cut short due to rain after 13 laps out of the 20 OHL Columnist, that were scheduled. Mitch Primeau captured his first ever Sportsman win, with three CCHL writer, championship contenders in hot pursuit, as Corey Wheeler, point leader Joey Ladouceur and Chris Herbison finished second, third and fourth respectively. Mike Stacey rounded out the top five. Just 14 points separate Ladouceur from Herbison, with Wheeler only two more points behind going into this coming weekend. Other winners on Sunday night were Dave Wilgosh in the Vintage Modifieds, George Renaud in Pro Stocks and Bruno Richards in Semi Pro. This coming weekend is Labor Day Weekend, and that marks the end of the 2013 regular season. It is championship weekend throughout the area. I will be at Mohawk Raceway on Friday night as they decide not only the 2013 track championships, but also the 2013 Frenchieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Chevy Runs Deepâ&#x20AC;? Series and the Frenchieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ford â&#x20AC;&#x153;Go Furtherâ&#x20AC;? Sportsman Series. On Saturday night, Brockville Speedway hosts their final night and will kick it all off early in the afternoon with the first ever pre-race tailgate party. On the track, it will be the final points night for all classes, plus the final round of the Ogilvieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Triple Crown Series, featuring a 50 lap feature for the Modifieds, and a 40 lap feature for the Sportsman division. After the race at Brockville, race teams and fans are invited to stick around as a live band (Healy & Orr) :HRIIHUIOH[LEOHWLPHWDEOLQJDQGDFKRLFHRIPDQ\FRXUVHV will be playing until midnight.

75/(*(56&+22/2)$'8/7 $/7(51$7,9($1'&217,18,1*('8&$7,21 5HFRJQL]HGDVKDYLQJWKHPRVWJUDGXDWHVRI DQ\VFKRROLQ(DVWHUQ2QWDULR

Another big night is in store on Sunday night at Cornwall Speedway as they present the final round in the Canadian Nationals series with a 125 lap main event that also is part of the Mr. DIRTcar 358 Modified Series. There will also be a Mohawk Race Parts Pro Stock Series event, as well as the finale in the Sportsman Seaway Series plus Semi Pro and Mini Stocks.

As always, any comments or suggestions can be sent to You can also visit me online at, on Facebook at, and on twitter at






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Realty Check

with Troy Vaillancourt

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Top 5 Ways to Help Sell Your Property Quickly and For Top Dollar First thing you or your agent need when listing your property for sale is a plan of attack. You would be surprised at the amount of people who tell me they can't seem to get an offer on their home only to find out, after a few simple questions, that all they've done is put a for sale sign in their front lawn. Here are my top 5 tips to help sell your home quickly and for top dollar and trust me, you will not find "visit your nearest hardware store to buy a sign" anywhere on this article. 1. Clean up. You have one chance to make a first impression don't blow it because you didn't get around to scraping the dried up Kraft Dinner off your hood range. Baseboards, walls, bookshelves, toilets, tubs, all of it! 2. Market Exposure This is one of the more important areas. How are you going to let as many people as possible know your home is for sale? With over 95% of buyers starting their home search online that's where your focus should be. Obviously and will offer you the biggest exposure. It is important to take advantage of other areas as well such as and 3. Create an image. Put away your 8 year old Polaroid digital camer. You need professional pictures. In case you didn't catch that ........ YOU NEED PROFESSIONAL PICTURES! You are selling a high valued product not a set of coffee tables. Don't be the $250k property for sale with horrible digital pictures. 4. Give all the facts. This is your opportunity to tell a story about your house. All measurements, recent updates, unique features and even possible problem areas with your

house so people are well aware of all the facts before viewing your property 5. Get it out there!! Take advantage of social media this is a highly unutilized advertising medium. Facebook, twitter and Instagram . When used properly social media can be a fantastic way to spread the word. And best part of all it is absolutely free to use. When used in part of a complete marketing package, these tips are an effective way to ensure a successful sale and earn you top dollar for your investment.

Troy Vaillancourt | Sales Representative | O. (613) 938-8100 C. (613)362-8769 |

Give your children Grace, Strength & Confidence. Give them Dance!

Registration August 29th, Sept. 4th &5th 6 pm - 8 pm 34 8th St. West (between Pitt & Augustus)

CDTA Certified Instructors Candy (Woods) Pollard and Alanna Pollard, OCT

BALLET - JAZZ - LYRICAL - STREET JAZZ - TAP 613-933-2937 THE SEEKER Vol. 4 Issue 33 - August 30 - pg. 13 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2

THE SEEKER is Your CORNWALL EVENTS & COMMUNITY Newspaper Work to Become a Better Investor As we approach the end of yet another summer, many Canadians are giving thought to the last long weekend - Labour Day. A federal holiday since 1894, Labour Day celebrates the achievements of workers — people, like yourself, who work hard for their money. But to make progress toward your long-term financial goals, you need to do more than just earn money — you have to invest it wisely. And that takes work, too. Fortunately, there’s no real mystery to the types of labour in which you’ll need to engage to become a good investor. Here are a few suggestions: Work at making investing a priority. Many people delay investing until they “have a better handle” on their finances. But these good intentions frequently go unfulfilled because there will always be something else on which to spend one’s money. To work toward your important goals, such as a comfortable retirement or a child's education, you need to put away some money regularly. If you’re just starting out in your career, you might not be able to afford much, but even a small amount can help. And when your salary increases, so can your investment contributions. To make it easier on yourself, consider arranging for your bank to automatically move money each month from your chequing or savings account into an investment account.

Work to understand what’s in your portfolio. Some investors aren’t certain about what investments they own — and this uncertainty can lead to poor decision-making if it becomes necessary to make changes. So make sure you know what’s in your portfolio — and why. Work to keep your portfolio current with your goals. Even if you know why you initially purchased certain investments and how they fit into your portfolio, you can’t put things on “autopilot.” Over time, your goals may evolve, which means you’ll need to be vigilant in working with your Edward Jones advisor to adjust your portfolio accordingly. Work to diversify your holdings. No matter where you are in your life, you should still diversify your portfolio by owning a variety of investments — stocks, bonds, government securities and other vehicles. Consequently, you’ll need to review your portfolio regularly to ensure that it’s still properly diversified. Diversification is a strategy designed to help reduce the effects of volatility on your holdings, but keep in mind that even a diversified portfolio can’t guarantee profits or protect against loss.

PASSION for FASHION by Marlene Baker


So Advertise Your Coming Events With Us ... Call us for complete details ... 613- 935-3763 ext 1 Hi there Everyone, Marlene here writing my 24th column for the Seeker. I can hardly believe this and I do hope that you are enjoying reading Passion For Fashion each week. Thank you to all of you who have been. I also hope you have been enjoying these lazy, hazy days of Summer. Fall is knocking at the door and it's time to be getting out your warmer clothes, shoes and boots for the colder and wetter days ahead. Time to get into your closets and storage areas and do some "Fall Cleaning". Time to discard the things that you won't or can't be wearing any longer. Please remember to donate your clean and gently worn items to the many thrift stores (Salvation Army, the Agape Center and Value Village) here in Cornwall. Not only are you helping yourself get rid of unwanted items, but you are helping others who are less fortunate than yourselves by donating your items. Tip of the Week: Make sure your footwear are clean, aired, and have the laces, zippers and holes repaired before having to wear them. Don't wait until the last minute without making sure they are all together. Unrepaired shoes/boots are not safe to wear and may cause you some injury. If you aren't happy with what you have, then go to your local "thrift stores" to choose from a large assortment of Fall footwear.

I had the joy of seeing something really fun and frivilous, here in Cornwall this week that brought a smile to my face. John informed me that there was a car behind us that had eyelashes. I had to investigate. Sure enough the car's headlights had a pair of curly eyelashes. I had to talk to the owner, who happened to be an estetician from Face to Face. How Apprepo is that!!! I look forward to continuing writing for the Seeker. I wonder what the next 24 columns will be about??? Stay tuned for many upcoming and exciting events. We haven't forgotten about the Make Over Contest We will be starting that up again for the Fall Season. Until next week LIVE Your LIFE and FORGET Your AGE!!!

Keep Smiling! Marlene Baker of

Work to maintain a long-term perspective. No matter what you might hear from anyone else, there’s no “shortcut” to investment success. Many people hope they will “hit” on that one investment that will make them rich quickly — but that’s pretty much a fantasy. To help achieve your goals, you will need to invest for many years, through good markets and bad. And during those inevitable downturns, you’ll need to focus on your long-term objectives and follow a consistent investment strategy, making only those adjustments that make sense for your situation. As you can see, you’ll need to work on many aspects of investing to stay on the road toward success. But you don’t have to work alone: Investing can be complex, so you may want to get help from a financial professional — someone who knows both the investment world and your individual needs, goals and risk tolerance.

Edward Jones, Member Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

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Lunch & Supper SPECIAL

Veal and Chicken Parmesans, Any Kind of Pastas & Poutine

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BUTTERFLY SHRIMP PLATE - only $9.99 includes salad, rice and potatoes

BRIAN SEGUIN , Local Edward Jones advisor, (613) 932-6161 89 Tollgate Road West, Unit 2 , Cornwall, ON K6J 5L5

Specials: Fri. Aug. 30 to Thurs. Sept. 5

1503 Pitt St, Cornwall, ON DELIVERY 613-932-1133 / 613-932-6216

THE SEEKER Vol. 4 Issue 33 - August 30 - pg. 14 BUSINESS ADS 613-935-3763 ext 1


Parade of nations for the developmentally challenged is looking for volunteers to help sell 500 raffle tickets for a season pass 2013-2014 donated by the Cornwall Colts to be raffle on September 15th, at the Bowl in Lamoureux Park, at 3:00 pm. - a value of $225.00. License No M724817. To volunteer call Marie Morell at 613-936-6873.

Seekers Wall of Fame / Wall of Shame Send us your “Good News Stories” or your “Rotten Tomatoes” and we’ll publish them on the

Seekers Wall of Fame / Wall of Shame Email to:

Cost to place a classified or Yard Sale ad:


FRAMED CLASSIFIED: Up to 25 words and a picture - $9.99 plus hst

Saturday, Aug. 31 & Sunday, Sept. 1 8am to 3pm 3130 Poirier Avenue, Cornwall Mostly new items, sport prints, decor prints, handmade items, art supplies & antiques

REGULAR CLASSIFIED: Up to 25 words - $4.99 plus hst Classifieds can be called in at 613-935-3763 ext. 2 and paid by PayPal or credit card. If you prefer to pay by cheque or cash, you can stop by the office (327 Second Street East, Cornwall) Monday - Wednesday - 9 am -5pm


YARD SALE Saturday, August 31 - 8 am to 3pm - 61 Anthony Street NO EARLY BIRDS

Call in your yard sales & Classifieds 613-935-3763 ext. 2 Deadlines noon on Tuesdays

Happy 1st Birthday Fizza Khan

celebrating on September 2nd from mom, dad, loving family and especially cousins Alyan & Rayan Khan and aunt Irfana Khan

YOU Load it - WE move it Call John at 613-360-1607

SMALL PAINT JOBS & MINOR REPAIRS Call Andrew 613-571-4247

My beloved cat


passed away August 27. Good bye my little friend, I love you and miss you already. Jason

EVERY TIME I DIE WITH RYAN “ LEGS” LEGER MAKE THEIR CORNWALL DEBUT Article and Photo by Jason Setnyk Every Time I Die with Ryan “Legs” Leger made their Cornwall Ontario debut last night. Ryan Leger who use to be the drummer of popular Cornwall metal band Third South, has now toured many parts of the world with his new band. Well over 300 people waited in anticipation at the Agora to see this talented hometown musician behind the drum kit again. The debut show of Every Time I Die will be a memorable one. From circle pits to stage diving, the crowd came to life Thursday night. There was a lot of energy as audience members chanted “Lets go Buffalo”. Every Time I Die are

from Buffalo New York. The band which has played many festivals including Warped Tour, released their sixth album last year on Epitaph Records. Ex Lives was recorded by Joe Barresi of the bands Tool and Queens Of The Stone Age. Every Time I Die was very pleased with the turnout. Lead singer Keith Buckley said on the microphone to the crowd, “I never thought I would ever say this, but it’s great being in Cornwall Ontario”. This was greeted with cheers and some chuckles. Opening the show Thursday night were the bands Partycat, To the Wind, and Structures. Structures are a progressive hardcore band from Toronto Ontario that are gaining notoriety in the metal/alternative music scene with their strong melodies and melodic rifts. They were simply an excellent band to open for Every Time I Die. Some members of Every Time I Die went to Vu NightSpot in Cornwall for an after party. Vu NightSpot is going to be hosting two excellent concerts this September. Abandon All Ships are playing Vu on Saturday September 14th: The Motorleague are playing Vu on Monday September 16th:

THE SEEKER Vol. 4 Issue 33 - August 30 - pg. 15 CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-935-3763 ext 2


It's Back-to-School... That can only mean one thing...


Registration dates and times Saturday, August 24 10am - 2pm Wednesday, August 28 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Classes begin Week of September 9. w these businesses? 1-866-277-9588

Don't delay, Register Today!


9 9*

file of 300





C HANG E R - do you know these businesses?


613-662-7456 or 613-935-7671do w w w. m o b i l e g a m e r z . c a


62-7456 or 613-935-7671Birthday Parties, . m o b i l e g a m e r z . c a School Events,

ER -



s, , s s, 613-662-4578 s, h !

Y r !

y e

you know these businesses?

Birthday Parties,


BILINGUAL SERVICES OFFERED School Events, do you these businesses? Fundraisers, • Professional organizing ofknow any room - home/office

Festivals, • Filing Systems: manual/computer Plus much • Home Downsizing/staging, home packing and unpacking Fundraisers, much more! • Household & Business Inventory, Garage & Tag Sale preparation Plus much • Translation Services CALL TODAY much more! • One stop shopping for: disposal of large items, gardening to book your • Renovations: electrical, plumbing and much more ... CALL TODAY next event! 613-936-6873 E-mail: to book your OR VISIT Website next event!

EAT IN & TAKE-OUT - plus PATIO open

cardXchanger prices

cardXchanger prices

You have big dreams and big ambitions, why store them in a tiny box! Think outside the You have big dreams and big ambitions, why and give life to the your dreams with... store them in a tiny box! box Think outside


box and give life to your dreams with...

cardXchanger prices

1 time - $39

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do you know these busin

1 time - $39 *Including a mini profile of 300 613-662-7456 or 613-935-7671 a mini profile of 300 or less w w w . m o b i l e g a m e r zwords .or ca upfront payment. See us for details. words less

Get a fully customized website for $24.99/month and *Including 7 upfront times - $129 payment. See us for details. customized website no for $24.99/month and

Birthday Parties, School Events, TerryLynn’s TerryLynn’s *Including a mini profile of 300 Festivals, THE SEEKER Vol.BEAU-TEEK 4 Issue 33 - August 30 - pg. 16 BUSINESS ADS 613-935-3763 ext 1 words or less BEAU-TEEK Fundraisers, For a limited time. For a limited time. Plus much Get your PINK lady’s Get your PINK lady’s 10 times - $159* Now Being Sold at

Now Being Sold at

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