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Community. Such a short word, but such a big thing. Your community is an extension of yourself. You share a common set of values with the people in your community. When you say "My community", you get a sense of belonging, like you are rightly placed in the right position. And some people are satisfied with just that. But others, such as the 10 on our list, aren't. They want more then the sense of belonging--they want the sense of contributing. They can't sit idle. They are always looking for new ways to make the world around them a better place and they stop at nothing. They are stellar individuals working for the greater good of the people. Here's a look at the top ten community driven people of 2012 Continued on Page 5

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by Jason Setnyk


Hello Snow! It's 2013, and Cornwall is still digging itself out of it's first major snow storm of the season when 40cm fell two weeks ago. Despite the snow piles causing havoc for traffic and pedestrians, the large amounts of snow made for great family fun - from snow forts, to snow angels, to snow men, and snow ball fights! I hope everyone had a restful and joyous holiday season. Last but not least, I would like to extend congratulations to Operation Red Nose that got Cornwall area residents home safely over the holiday season! Great work!

wrote, " It is our hope that with contracts in place and Bill 115 ready to be repealed, teachers will do what is best for students and put Ontario students first." Teachers put their students first, and it is a shame the Minister of Education does not know that! Broten uses a red herring claiming the issue is about wage freezes, however teachers agreed to wage freezes about ten months ago! Sticking it to teachers and stomping on collective bargaining rights won't balance the budget, however this is not about balancing the budget, this was about winning a by-election, and McGuinty's strategy failed. If McGuinty was serious about wage freezes he could have started with Queen's park, instead he supported a $22,000 pay raise for MPP's a few years ago so their pay would be closer to that of the MP's on Parliament Hill. If you want to set an example, start at Queens Park, and leave teacher's collective bargaining rights alone! McGuinty and the Liberals might be looking to take votes away from the Conservatives. Hudak is now promising U.S. style anti-union laws if he is elected. McGuinty and Hudak are not standing in solidarity with labour, and that is why working people in Ontario need to give the provincial NDP a serious look! Continued on page 15

Welcome Back,

It's a new year, and with it, the Seeker is revealing a new look and birthing great things.

I begin 2013 with a profound gratitude and thankfulness for the people who are involved with us at the Seeker. I a armed with a positive outlook and very excited about what the future has in store for the paper. We are working hard at seriously improving our web presence, as well as implementing our video seeker section, where individuals and businesses in the community will be featured every week. Our youtube channel will be widely utilized to achieve this and the Seeker Minutes will become a weekly thing. A new line of web promos will become available to advertisers. You can find the channel at

Rock for Winterfest! On Saturday January 26th 2012 the Cornwall Underground and Rockstar Productions proudly presents a Rock for Charity benefit concert for Cornwall's Winterfest 2013 Carnaval. Playing the show are SkyPeople, Rodney Rivette, The Normans, Heatley, Rock N Roll Joel Ouellette and more TBA @ La Maison in Cornwall - 9pm/$5/19+. Come celebrate Rodney Rivette and Jason Setnyk's birthday weekends, and support the best free festival in Cornwall and SDSG. 100% of the door goes to Cornwall's Winterfest!! For more info on this year's Cornwall Winterfest Carnaval happening this February visit their official website: First Social Justice Meeting of 2013! The next meeting of the SD&G Coalition for Social Justice is Wednesday January 30th 2013 at the Cornwall Public Library Board Room. The meeting starts at 6:30pm. The minutes of the last meeting will be emailed to members shortly, and the agenda for the meeting will be posted in about a week. This meeting is open to the public. For more info on the SD&G Coalition for Social Justice join our Facebook group here:

Speaking of advertizers, it's the new year and time to renew your advertizing contracts. BIG savings are offered on yearly and half year contracts. Take a chance and come spin our wheel to get up to 75% off the total value of your contract. If you are not an advertizer or wonder if the Seeker is for you, come spin the wheel anyway and you could win a free ad to tryout the Seeker. Contact Julia, Mai-Liis, Jenna or Craig at 613-935-3763 ext 1.

In January and February, we will be hosting to two new interns. This month, we welcome Ashley Dufour to our team. Ashley is a journalism student at St. Lawrence college and will be graduating in June. She will work from the office, but will also be on the field to cover your events, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have anything exciting happening in January. We do not know who the second intern will be yet, but we'll be sure to let you know when he or she lands in our office. Thank you for your continuous patronage. Let's make this year a Seeker year. Julia Lucio, Editor in Chief

Idel No More campaign marches into Cornwall! Hundreds of First Nation's people marched across the US/Canada boarder into Cornwall Ontario on Saturday January 5th to protest government infringements on their land rights. The Conservatives Omnibus Budget Bill C-45 includes changes that would make it easier for private companies to gain access to Native reserve lands for development. Chief Theresa Spense went on a hunger strike for nearly a month in protest, demanding a meeting with the Prime Minster. Harper has finally agreed to a meeting with First Nations leaders later this month. The well attended march into Cornwall was peaceful and non-violent, and there was both singing and dancing. Harper needs to be fair, he needs to listen, and be willing to negotiate with First Nation's people. Ontario's Minister of Education Laurel Broten and the Liberals deserve an F for Bill 115! In an open letter Ontario Liberal and Education Minister Laurel Broten

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Seekers top ten community driven people of 2012 KARINE PARTHENAIS is the creator and founder of SheConnex. Karine herself is an entrepreneur and therefore knows the importance of networking from this entrepreneurial standpoint, but she also realized there was a need for online and offline social networking. Being the type of person who likes to make personal and meaningful connections with people, she created SheConnex. SheConnex helps women thrive professionally, socially, and personally by giving them the information and tools they may not have otherwise had. The SheConnex Studio is a place where you don't have to talk just about business, in fact you can bring friends along with you and sign up for a variety of activities that don't relate to business. Activities are geared towards business owners, moms, and just women in general. SheConnex's events are also utilized to amass funds for various charitable organizations. ALYSSA BLAIS has been the Executive Director of the Agape Centre since December 2010. She came to Cornwall from Montreal. When she is not out bettering the community, she enjoys diving with her friends and her daughter. She can see the potential Cornwall has as well as the overwhelming amount of residents that are struggling to make ends meet. As the Executive Director, she creates and oversees the Agape's fundraising plans, some of which include corporate donations, grant solicitation, and major gifts. Alyssa also betters the Agape Centre and the community by finding new projects and programs to do that could help better the lives of the Agape clients. A few of those projects and programs include the “Weeding Out Hunger” garden, special hunger initiatives and a community kitchen. Being an entrepreneur at heart, Alyssa is also involved in her own venture, "Politigal", an organization made to encourage & empower women to enter into municipal politics. ANDRE POMMIER is the owner of Pommier Jewelers on Second Street Cornwall, ON. He gained his knowledge of the jewelery business by studying at George Brown College, majoring in goldsmithing, gemology and jewelry design. In the process of completing his education, he became an award winning Canadian designer goldsmith. Andre, along with his family, had been looking for a way to support local charities. knowing his customers so well, Andre came up with the idea of a custom made Christmas tree ornament. With the help of Corus Entertainment, and with all the profits going to the worthy cause of the United Way of SD&G, the ornaments went over quite well raising $5,500 through the "Angels Among Us campaign". This has now become a yearly tradition and the ornaments are well sought after and highly collectable. GILLES LATOUR is the owner of Latour Financial Group and is a licensed level 2 Life Insurance Broker. Born and raised in Cornwall, Gilles is very involved in his community. For many years, and up to this day, he has been serving as the Chairman of Team Cornwall. Under his direction, Team Cornwall has grown to more than 430 members who are true ambassadors of the city. Team Cornwall is also one of the forces behind the "Year in Review", an annual event that highlights the year's accomplishments of individuals, companies, corporations and Team Cornwall members. Watch the Chamber's Business Excellence Awards this year as Team Cornwall sponsors the new “Ambassador of the Year” award, which will recognize the efforts of an individual who goes out of his or her way to promote Cornwall. DAN PARKINSON is the Chief of Police for the Cornwall Community Police Force. He graduated from the University of Cambridge, England, with a degree in applied criminology and police studies. Chief Parkinson is a member of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and the International Association of Chiefs of Police as well as the first Vice President with the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police. Also he is the OACP representative to the Ministry of the Attorney General and is on the board of directors of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. He also has been awarded with the President's Award of Merit from the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) which is the highest award amongst the province's police leaders and honors a member who demonstrates dedication and support to the organization as well as many other awards. And Personally, I think Chief Parkinson is doing a fine job at keeping Cornwall safe.

THE LOCAL SEEKER (January 11 - pg. 5)

Article written by Ashley Dufour, special to the Seeker RACHEL NAVANEELAN or Dr. Navaneelan is the owner of Dr. Rachel Navaneelan's Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. She studied and graduated from the University of Sri Lanka. Dr. Navaneelan has created the charitable organization “Rachel's kids” which is a community supported organization that relies on corporate donations and the time of volunteers. Rachel's kids was created to help impoverished, neglected, and abused children. They also help with many education initiatives, including building schools and awarding scholarships ,as well as collaborating with other children aiding organizations to improve the lives of children locally and globally. This organization is putting its efforts in to new projects. Some examples would be Rachel's kid school for refugee children located in Bangalore, India, and the Foster Parents Plans in Sri Lanka. AMY MALYON is the Assistant Executive Manager at the Cornwall and Area Chamber. For the past while, Amy has been the Chambers Office Administrator. During that time she has established herself as a highly capable individual as well as a very talented person. While Amy was the Chambers Office Administrator, in addition to doing the day to day administrative affairs, she has also successfully coordinated numerous varieties of projects including the Business Excellence Awards (see Team Cornwall above) and BizFest. BizFest is a multiple day business festival held during small business week in October which features events, presentations, and social functions that brings the business community together to grow and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit. JACQUELINE MILNER is an artist of Commerce. She is an award winning photographic and visual artist. She lives in Summerstown Station. She has her own business “Imageine Photography” which she opened in March of 2002 after having worked with the photography medium for around 20 years. But Jacqueline is also a strong activist for our planet. Her column "Earth Matters" published in the Cornwall Freenews, features local and national environmental news, information and images. Her facebook page, baring the same name, talks about caring for (or the lack of caring for) our planet, our various habitats, and the life forms that we share this planet with. FRANCOIS DESORMEAUX is the Executive Director and Senior Business Adviser for the Community Futures Development Corporation. The Community Futures Development Corporation is a community based nonprofit development and investment agency. The organization is funded by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) and the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry. It also receives funding from other Federal Departments and Provincial Ministries for project initiatives. As both the Executive Director and the Senior Business Adviser Mr. Desormeaux takes pride in assisting entrepreneurs when they are starting, planning, and/or expanding their business. An entrepreneur himself, Mr. Desormeaux has built an impressive track record, having created around a dozen small successful businesses, and brings this real life experience to the table when helping other business owners. He can truly relate to the challenges of starting or managing a business. STEVEN IWACHNIUK is the founder of Storm Realty Cornwall. He began his career in 2004 and has since received numerous awards such as Rookie of the Year in Eastern Ontario, the Ambassador Award, Top Producer, Top Sponsor, Top Sales, Top Lister and many more. He is dedicated his industry and raises the bar of professionalism in that industry. Under his watch and in only two years of existence, we have seen Storm give back to the community in big ways. Steven loves Cornwall. He coaches sports, sponsors community events such as the Cornwall Winterfest Carnival, a free family festival offering loads of entertainment and activities. Storm also donates bursaries at graduation ceremonies for a variety of school in the area.



by Sharyn Thompson


TRY THIS YUMMY PASTA! I don't know about you, but yesterday, my fridge just seemed to have an assortment of veggies, not too much of any kind, but all needing to be cooked. I invented this pasta dish for supper with very nice results. The star of the dish was a kilo of mild Italian sausage. Along with this I cooked about 4 cups of elbow macaroni and a wide assortment of veggies. Parmesan cheese was added at the last for a " really good, flavourful, "stick to your ribs" supper. You will enjoy this meal. It would be great to take for a week-end get-away skiing or to serve after( a day outdoors in the wonderful winter air. I cooked most of the meal right on the top of my woodstove. I feel like I'm in Little House on the Prairie. I want to wish all my readers a very Happy New Year, with good health and happiness. If we have this, everything will fall into place! Enjoy a great week!


INGREDIENTS: 4 cups raw elbow macaroni 1 kilo package mild Italian sausage 2 or 3 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil (from my store, Sharyns Pantry- this is unquestionably the best olive oil I have ever tasted in my 46 years of married life and cooking. It comes from Sicily and is just a buttery tasting olive oil. THE BEST!) 1 sweet red pepper 1/2 head of cauliflower 1 sweet green pepper 1/2 package of snow peas (about 1 sweet orange pepper 1 cup or so) 1 large Spanish onion 1 cup or so of good quality 1 bunch of broccoli Parmesan cheese grated

YEAR OF A LIFETIME with Sharon Hayes

METHOD: -In a large potful of boiling salted water, cook the pasta until al dente. Drain, saving about 1 cupful or so of the pasta water. -Remove the casings from the Italian sausages. Slice the sausage links into about

9 Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions With the New Year well underway, how are you making out on your resolutions for 2013? If you’re having issues staying on track, you aren't alone! In this article we’ll be sharing with you 9 ways to help you stick to them, or even get back on track. 1. Make Resolutions for Things You Really Want Resolutions are about making life changes. You’re more likely to keep your resolutions because you really want them. Don’t make resolutions because someone else wants you to change. You have to be ready for the change. 2. Don’t Make Too Many Resolutions The more resolutions you make, the more difficult you may find it to stick to all of them. Changing habits typically take 30 days, with some taking even longer. Ideally, you should focus on tackling one or two resolutions at a time until the changes are second nature. Start with those goals which are most important to you. 3. Be Specific With Your Resolutions Being vague with resolutions makes it too easy to take short-cuts. It’s important to be specific. If your goal is to lose weight, then set a specific amount you want to lose and a time frame. If you want to start exercising, decide what kind of exercise you’ll do on which days of the week and for how long. 4. Break Your Resolutions Down Into Steps Create a step-by-step plan to get to your end result. This is especially helpful with lofty resolutions and a way to prevent a feeling of being overwhelmed. For example, if you want to take a trip to Europe this summer, you would need to save for the trip, research where you want to go and then make the actual travel arrangements.



812 Pitt Street, Unit 6


1/2" slices. Saute

%$". them in a"tbsp. of the extra %$". " ONLY $4.99/ virgin POUND olive oil. Cook "no pink untilGRAMS ONLY%$". $1.43/ 100 remains and the

"* ( '% * )( ONLY- $0 .99/meat100is'.GRAMS thoroughly

cooked. Set this aside. -Cut the peppers from top to bottom. Remove the seeds and cores. Slice the peppers into long strips, from top to bottom, then slice across into about 2" pieces. -Peel and cut the onion in half. Then slice from top to bottom into pieces. -Cut the broccoli and cauliflower into bite-sized pieces. -Slice the snow peas in half across. -In a large pot, heat a couple of tbsp. of the olive oil and saute all of the veggies until tender. -Add in the cooked, drained pasta and the cooked Italian sausage. Mix to combine well. -To this, stir in the reserved pasta cooking liquid, then the grated Parmesan cheese. -Stir well to coat everything with the Parmesan. -Serve in nice bowls and ENJOY! -This makes about 18 cups . Lots for leftovers or freezing. Other veggies may be added, just have a look in your fridge.

5. Being Prepared Reduces Temptations If we’re working on changing habits, it’s important to be prepared for things that may tempt us. For example, if you are working on losing weight and going out for dinner with friends, call the restaurant ahead or check their website to make healthy menu choices in advance. 6. Commit to Your Resolutions in Writing Write your resolutions down along with your specific targets. Keep a copy in your purse or wallet, a copy on the fridge and anywhere else you may want so you’ll be constantly reminded of what you’re working towards. 7. Enlist Support It can be of tremendous value if you enlist the support of 1 or 2 friends who have already done what you want to do. People who have already achieved a goal can be great motivators. Depending on the type of resolution, you may also consider getting support from a group or a professional. Any of these can help you stay accountable. 8. Selectively Tell Those Around You Depending on the type of resolutions you’ve set, it may be important to tell those around you in different environments. If they are supportive of you, this could help reduce temptations. 9. Pick Yourself Back Up If you get derailed for any period of time, all is not lost. Evaluate what went wrong immediately and get back to it. You don’t need to wait for some magic moment to start over. ABOUT THE AUTHOR – SHARON HAYES Sharon Hayes is a Cornwall-based entrepreneur who has worked as a business and marketing strategist since the 1990’s. Sharon is known in social media for being a powerhouse and motivator. She’s been featured in The Globe and Mail, Huffington Post and many other publications as one of the top social media users in business. Her personal blog is at

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... and who says nothing happens in Cornwall !!!



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SATURDAY, JANUARY 12 DROP IN FAMILY STORYTIME HEURE DU CONTE FAMILIALE PORTE-OUVERTE 10:00 am to 11:00 am YOGA YOUTH - 10:00 am to 11:00 am R.E.A.D. WITH DOGS - 11:00 am to 12 noon CHECK MATES - 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm IT'S A BRAND NEW YEAR Calendar Craft (Ages 8 - 12) 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

MONDAY, JANUARY 14 TIME FOR TWOS Stories, songs, rhymes and crafts - 10:00 am to 10:30 am TWEEN BOOK CLUB (8 - 12 yrs) - 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm You like reading? So do we. Join us

TUESDAY, JANUARY 15 THE PACK - 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm A group created by teens for tweens - DROP-IN LIFE & CONSCIOUSNESS Philosophy course - 6:15 pm to 8:15 pm

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 16 BABY TALES (AGES 0 TO 2) - 10:00 to 10:45 am STORYTIME (AGES 3 TO 5) - 10:00 to 10:45 am ADULT FRIENDLY BRIDGE CLUB - 6:15 pm ADULT TRI-COUNTY CHESS CLUB - 6:15 pm

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-The OHL Tonight Get a center ice seat for OHL Tonight when the Belleville Bulls travel to Kingston to take on the Frontenacs, Friday, January 11th at 7 pm LIVE from the K-R-C -Kinette Club Meeting Cost:, time: 6pm, Location: Ramada Inn- Brookdale Avenue, contact: Lynn Benjamin 613.938.1723

SATURDAY JAN 12 Snowshoeing For more information contact 613 534-8855 or -Colts vs. Smiths Falls 7pm, location: Ed Lumley Arena -Winter Wonderland (photo shoot, Space is limited book now. Open to the whole family. Couples for nice winter photos outside)cost: $40.00 for 20 minute about10-15 photos on a CD, $10.00 deposit to hold your shot, time:10:00am-5:00pm, location: Cornwall Civic Complex, contact: 0517620613/191911400952858/?notif_t =event_mall_reply -Awakening Angels 7-9, location:150 4th street west, contact: Wendy or Steve 613.933.6718

Worship & Praise Night We meet every 2nd and 4th Saturday at 7:00pm at Fountaingate Christian Assembly, 949 Mohawk Drive, Cornwall

Come and spend time in His presence


Skiing / Snowboarding For more information contact 613 534-8855 or

-Club optimiste and club octogone Danse (Danse for Grade 7 and 8 for our area. School dress code in effect and I.D. required) cost: $5, time: 7pm, location: La Citadelle High School, contact: 613.938.2118 Worship and the word. 10:30 AM at Fountaingate Christian Assembly, 949 Mohawk Drive, Cornwall. Sunday Service - Harvest Christian Fellowship, 10 am,York street

MONDAY JAN 14 DrumsAlive For more information contact 613 534-8855 or -Colts vs. Hawkesbur y time: 2:30pm, location: Ed Lumely Arena -Captain Joanisse's Retirement (Retirement parade to celebrate 34 years of volunteering with 325 RCACS Air Cadets. All welcome to join Captain Joanisse's Retirement Parade.) Free, 3:30pm, location: Cornwall Armoury -Bubba Dewar 80th birthday (Join "John/Jack/Bubba" Dewar to help celebrate his 80th birthday.) time:24pm, location: RCAF Wing 424, 240 Water Sreet -Jim service 80th birthday OPEN HOUSE best wishes only, time: 7-10pm, location: 272 Ivan Street


Weekly Xc Skiing For more information contact 613 534-8855 or

-Women's Peer Cancer Support Group Meeting Tuesday, January 15th from 7 pm to 9 pm. Carefor, 205 Amelia St. Guest Speaker : Active Sport Physiotherapy. Call 613.932.3451, ext 225 for more information.

-An Islamic Perspective- tribute to Mother Mary Free, time: 12 noon4pm, location: Cornwall public Library, contact: Awis Mehmood 613.293.0342 -Decorate our ride (judging by Peter, the van driver and the team at auto FX) free, location: SD &G Library Delivery Va, contact: Submit design ideas to before Jan 16. Famous Moose Breakfast cost:, time: 8-11am, location: Moose Lodge 1367


-Decorate our ride (judging day) cost: Free, location: -Cornwall & region writer's society free, time: 6:30pm, location: Cornwall public library-second floor boardroom, contact: Lorna Foreman 613.933.5265

THURSDAY JAN 17 -Livin' It Up! Seniors Wellness Program 6 week program begins January 17th, Seaway Valley Community Health Center, 353 Pitt St. Call: Nancy Herrington:613.930.4892 X 151 to register or for more information. -Legion Over 60 Seniors Club Open Euchre Thursday, January 17th at 1:30 pm. 415 2nd St. W. Light snacks will be served -Cornwall Watercolour Group time: 9:30am-2:30pm, location: St Mathew'sChurch Hall, Riverdale at 2, contact:Linda 613.933.5392 Alan Bain, professional painter guides the group.


-CareFor Walk-In Nursing Clinc Friday, January 18th from 11 am to 3 pm, 205 Amelia St. Registered nurse on site for health counselling, blood pressure checks, diabetes & cholestoral checks etc. -MS Society Italian Night Friday,

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January 18th from 6 pm. Royal Canadian Legion, 415 2nd St. W. Music with the Kealy-Greer All Star Band. Tickets: 20$ by calling 613.938.6777 -”Take Shelter” :Aultsville theater- Movie screening time: 7:30pm, location: Galaxy Cinemas 2nd St. East, contact: Tickets available at Civic Complex Box Office or one hour in advance of screening at Galaxy Cinema

ONGOING / UPCOMING -Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids Sake Saturday, February 2nd at Olympia Bowl from 1 pm to 6 pm & Nativity Lanes from 12:30 pm to 6 pm. Register your team by January 18th by calling: 613-933-8035 SINGLES 55+ MEETUP GROUP IN CORNWALL - The following two Meetup/Activity nights will be on Friday, February 1st and Friday, March 1st, 2013, 7:00pm - 10:30pm at the Seaway Centre, 1010 Guy Street (parking & entrance are on the west side of the building). We welcome singles from surrounding areas. For more info e-mail: Seaway Valley Theatre Company present CHICAGO. Opening night February 8 at the Aultsville Theater. for more events in the area

ute onary, 342

Who to see, Where to go, What to do...




MONDAY, JANUARY 14TH UCK LECLAIR OPEN MIC MONDAYS HOSTED BY CH m start. @ The Glengarrian Pub in Cornwall - 8p THURSDAY JANUARY 17TH THE GRIND CAFE OPEN MIC HOSTED BY CHUCK LECLAIR start. @ The Grind Cafe in Cornwall - 6:30 pm

FRIDAY JANUARY 18TH KEALEY-GREER ALL-STAR BAND all. @ the Royal Canadian Legion in Cornw SATURDAY JANUARY 26TH TS CORNWALL UNDERGROUND PRESEN ROCK FOR WINTERFEST e Normans, with SkyPeople, Rodney Rivette, Th and more TBA Heatley, Rock N Roll Joel Ouellette . @ La Maison in Cornwall - 9pm/$5/19+

Email us your music events to INVITATION Au lancement de l'autobiographie “Quête de liberté" un récit de vie plein d'émotions et de défis de Claudette Pilon-Routhier Le lancement aura lieu dans une atmosphère musicale Avec Gilles Routhier au piano et Julie Ethier-Denis, chanteuse Un léger goûter sera servi.Un apr èsmidi de plaisir à ne pas manquer! Le 13 janvier 2013, de 14h à 16h, au Centr e Culturel 124 rue Anthony, Cornwall, On

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C HANG E R - do you know these businesses?

cardXchanger prices 1 time - $39 7 times - $129 10 times - $159*

465 Rue Pitt St. Cornwall, On K6J 3R3

Luc Poirier Broker/courtier

Office/Bureau: (613) 938-2121 Direct: (613) 936-3778

*Including a mini profile of 300 words or less

JONATHAN’S VARIETY 357 Alice Street - 935-8745


• Professional organizing of any room - home/office • Filing Systems: manual/computer • Home Downsizing/staging, home packing and unpacking • Household & Business Inventory, Garage & Tag Sale preparation • Translation Services • One stop shopping for: disposal of large items, gardening • Renovations: electrical, plumbing and much more ... 613-936-6873 E-mail: OR VISIT Website

Packrat Organization 101 with Marie Morrell

DVD Rentals - $1.99 DVDs for SALE $3 each / 4 for $10

Thinking adjustment

Decluttering allows a sense of relief.

For some people, chaos is their way of life and it does not seem to affect them. If this is you, then you may not need to be organized.

Letting go of old unused items can be hard at first, but in the end it is completely freeing in a sense. If you are constantly buying things you do not need, decluttering will definitely help you. You can, also, earn money by decluttering. Some things you no longer need, someone else might. Gifts you never liked can be appreciated by someone else and it does not cost you a penny. If decluttering on our own seems overwhelming, a professional organizer can transform and improve your life by designing organizational systems and processes tailored to your specific needs resulting in a clutter free home. The outcome: you are finally in control of your surroundings, time, and paperwork for life.

However, if this is not the case, ask yourself: • Am I naturally disorganized and have no desire to change? • Does my disorganization cause problems in my life? • Does my disorganization affect other people? • Do I pay bills late? • Do I frequently forget appointments or show up late to functions? • Is my home an inviting place where my friends and family can really feel comfortable?

Marie can be reached at 613-936-6873 www.c leanwa

If not, you may need to come to the realization that your thinking may need adjustment. How clutter affects you You may actually fondly believe your clutter to be an asset. It is only when you start clearing it out that you will realize how much better you feel without it. Clutter can make you feel tired and lethargic, keep you in the past, affect your body weight, confuse you, make you spend extra money on things you already have, affect the way people treat you, make you feel ashamed because you have reached the stage where your home is so cluttered and such a mess you are ashamed to invite people over and positively panic if anyone turns up unannounced. You can live in lonely isolation with your stuff, but wouldn’t you prefer to declutter, repair your self-esteem, and regenerate your social life with confidence?

THE LOCAL SEEKER (January 11 - pg. 10)

brent@ cleanw

O 16 yevaer Busin rs in ess!

“Your Chlorine smell and taste removal specialist'

Disc over the bene fits of pure , safe drin king wat er.. . .

613 -362 -852 4 613 -525 -529 8

BUSINESS ADS: 613-935-3763


SEEKING THE ARTS . SEEKING THE ARTS Give your Ego a Day off (once in a while) Part One Recently I had an interesting discussion with my good friend Elaine Bigelow. We were debating the pro’s and con’s of the ego with regard to helping to make you more or less creative. Is it better to remove the Ego completely from the creative process or is it the Ego that makes us stand apart from the crowd? This was indeed a puzzle as we could see where the Ego can be a hindrance and a benefit. Perhaps what we need to do is look at what the Ego is good at and use it to its best advantage and “Give it a day off” when we know it will get in the way. Let’s look first at when we do need our Ego to help us out. Our Ego loves attention: The average artist is often socially inept and hates crowds or even too many people talking at once. This is how we get our eccentric or diva reputation as we really don’t care what people think about our behavior, only what they think about our art. Our Ego however would love to hear the praise from the masses so it convinces us that we really do need to show up for the opening of our show or prize ceremony; gets us up on stage to perform or shows up for a Book Signing . The Ego is also what motivates us to enter shows in the first place; we really do what to see if we are the best around or at least if we measure up. The Ego is also what dresses us up for the Ball so to speak and gives us our “Look” after all we can’t look like everyone else, can we? Do we even want too?

Doreen brings over 40 years of discipline and experience in Spirit based work. Her services are very specialized and are delivered with respect and kindness.

D RDrea EAM m I NInter T E R P Rpreta E TAT Ition ON Channelling the meaning of dreams. The scariest dreams often hold the most valuable guidance.


Certifi Certified ed Tradit Traditional ional Healer

Our Ego drives us forward: Without the Ego’s motivation we would make up stories and songs, paint a picture, sculpt a sculpture or create a dance sequence that ever saw an audience. As children we learn that when we do what we do we receive attention this is a good thing in a child’s mind so we do it again and again. As soon as the thrill of the viewer diminishes we realise we need to do it better and better. Once we discover that there are other talented little children around who can do this nifty stuff too we want to do it better than the other little kids. This is good. Somehow around age 7 or 8 someone will tell you being competitive isn’t good and isn’t fair to the less able children and to stop showing off. This really screws around with a person’s head and where I believe the battle with the Ego begins but it’s too late, the Ego knows what it wants and it wants it all the time. If you ask an Artist why they compete for recognition they will say they don’t really care either way, but seriously if their Ego didn’t convince them they would never leave their house or studio. Somewhere in the subconscious the Ego is driving the Artist to compete or die. I know that sounds dramatic but if we are truly honest with ourselves buried deep down inside us is this driving force to make us do what we do. We can dress it up with altruistic frills but the true and real reason we show what we do to the world is we want the attention. If you still believe that you don’t care if anyone buys or sees your Art then you are in deep denial because I hate to tell you but if you didn’t care you would be doing something else. Next week we will continue this discussion in Part 2 for now if you have any thoughts on what I have said so far, please let me know…… Sandra Taylor Hedges, Fine Artist, Art Instructor, Lecturer, Writer and Creative Coach Cat Scratches - Studio Blog

Call to Artists

For two days each autumn, area studios and artists welcome the public to view artwork, watch demonstrations and share in the inspiration. Participating artists and studios represent a wide variety of media; glass, wood, textiles, ceramics, jewellery, painting, photography and sculpture. The tour is selfdrive and free of charge for visitors. The Art Gallery (TAG) Cornwall invites all regional artist to submit work to participate in it's 22nd Annual Apples & Art Studio Tour on the last weekend of september.

Submission Deadline: Friday, March 29th, 2013 For more information or to download an application form, please visit our website at or contact the Gallery at info@tagcornwall or 613-938-7387 The Art Gallery (TAG) Cornwall 168 Pitt Street, Cornwall ON Tel.: 613-938-7387

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roadSIGNS by Betty Healey

SEEKING THE ARTS . SEEKING THE ARTS 4. Believe in yourself. Be aware of your inner conversations and whether you are pumping yourself up or putting yourself down. Just as others can do this for you, you must also do it for yourself. Take the time to begin consciously communicating with YOU. Listen in on the conversation and ask who is on the stage, your critic or your coach.

The Seven Habits of Highly Happy People 1. BE Happy! Have you ever noticed how people chase happiness? They declare, “I just want to be happy!” The question is, “What is stopping you?” The usual obstacle is what I refer to as conditions. A condition is a reason why you can’t be happy, the big BECAUSE… If this describes where you are at the moment, it is time to realize that happiness is a state of being, a choice you make for yourself. No one and nothing can take this from you. Make a choice today to be happy. Notice the moments in your day where you are happy. Appreciate them – they will grow. 2. to it.

Be Intentional – know what it is that you want and stake claim

You will notice that those who settle for just anything, are usually among the unhappiest of the people you know. When you cannot clearly define what it is you want from life, you have no measuring stick for what you are receiving. When you take the time to set intentions or goals, you immediately have a yardstick. When you reach your goals, you have a sense of achievement. This builds your self-esteem. You feel good about yourself and HAPPY! 3. Build an attractive community around you. Be clear on the relationships you want in your life and release the ones that no longer lift you up. Take the time to assess who is in your life and ask the following questions, “Do the people in my life, my friends, family and colleagues, pump me up or put me down? Do they inspire me or steal my breath? Do they believe in me and encourage me or criticize me? Are they honest and authentic or are they difficult to trust?” Happy people surround themselves with other happy people, those who are optimistic and inspiring, who believe in them and support them, and who stand by them through thick and thin. These are the people you want around you.

The inner critic can loom very large in your life and is the leading contributor to being unhappy. You can choose a different course – put your inner coach on the stage, the voice that is up to date and aware of who you really are. This is the voice that celebrates YOU every day and the voice that generates happiness and contentment. 5.

Be an optimist - approach life with a glass full attitude.

We all know them – the naysayers, the people who ‘YES BUT’ everything. If you are one of them, it is time to change gears. You can only be happy when you see the silver lining, when you can see the everyday miracles around you and express gratitude for all that is right in your life. 6. Perform Random Acts of Kindness. Notice how a simple act of kindness lights people up – whether this is a smile, opening a door, or helping someone cross an icy street. It is easy to be kind, to offer a word of encouragement, to notice someone and say a meaningful hello. When you do, they will light up and this in turn lights you up. 7. Develop your NO-How. Have a clear sense of what perfect for you and what is not. Know what your boundaries are and state them. You will notice that unhappy people say YES to everything, then complain that they are overwhelmed or have no time for themselves. NO may be the most important two letter word in the English language. It does not need to be harsh, it simply needs to be clear. Remember, you are not saying NO to others, you are saying YES to YOU! Finally, begin every day with a smile, stand tall, take a deep breath, insert happiness file into your personal computer, and move forward. Until Next time… Betty Healey Betty Healey is an award winning author, coach and inspiring speaker. Betty and Jim Healey will be starting a weekly coaching circle, late January, in Cornwall. To find out more about this opportunity, contact Betty at or go to

Thank You from The Salvation Army!

aign The Salvation Army wants to thank you, our donors, for As we come to the end of the 2012 Christmas Kettle Camp all and the SD & G area enables us to provide help, not your continued support. The generosity of the people of Cornw services to people in need every day. only at Christmas, but also to provide critical, wide-ranging serve, helping them not only at Christmas, but all through Your kind-heartedness makes a big impact on the people we the year. social and community service programs that focus on Thanks to your generosity, The Salvation Army can provide g to alleviate the increasing strain on our social system. developing the skills and strengths of individuals thus helpin by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY (725-2769), or If you still wish to give, donations can be made online at www. K6J 3Z8. via mail to The Salvation Army, 500 York St, Cornwall, ON to continue to provide hope and dignity to the many in need Without your support The Salvation Army would not be able in our communities. Thank you, and may your New Year be blessed with happiness. Oren Cole Pastor/Corps Leader The Salvation Army Cornwall Community Church, 500 York Street, Cornwall, ON,

K6J 3Z8, 613-932-7515 office

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OFF THE MAT with Lisa Blanchard

Finding Balance in 2013 I want to wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. As we enter this New Year, many of us welcome the opportunity to “start over” and to create a fantastic year for ourselves. Many New Year’s resolutions include the goal of “getting back in shape” or “getting healthy”. These goals are to be applauded. I, however, suggest another goal or resolution to strive NEW STUDENT for in 2013—finding balance in life. In the New Year, we tend to focus on the physical INTRO SPECIAL: aspect of our lives, how we look on the outside. We want to lose weight, get a beachready body, tone up. This usually involves going to a gym, lifting weights and listening $50 for 30-days unlimited Yoga to loud music. What if I told you there was another way that you can achieve all the MOM & ME BABY CLASSES: muscle toning and trimming you want and also find serenity and peacefulness? The answer is: YOGA. Yoga is a discipline that $100 for 10 weeks, Wednesdays 10:45-11:30 strengthens tones and adds flexibility to Starts January 30th. (ages 4mths-10mths) your muscles and joints. It helps you lose weight and sculpt your body. But unlike PRENATAL CLASS: weight lifting and cardio machines, Yoga Mondays 5:45-6:45 Starts Feb. 4th for 10 weeks $100 soothes your mind and calms your spirit. Yoga allows you to focus within and get in 117 Eleventh St. W, touch with who you really are. (entrance 2nd door on side of building) There is a popular saying: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting For more information, visit: different results. Stop the insanity and experience something that will nurture you on the inside and or call: 613-330-4494 the outside; Yoga!

According to many medical websites, stress is responsible for 50-80% of our health-related problems in our society. Doesn’t it make sense to start a practice that will help reduce the amount of stress in your life? Yoga gives you the tools to help combat and reduce stress. Breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation are techniques you can learn to soothe your mind and spirit. Yoga asanas (poses) strengthen and invigorate the body. Yoga is truly a mind/body/spirit practice that is a necessity in our fastpaced world. In honour of the New Year and to celebrate Spirit Tree Yoga’s First Anniversary, we are offering a “New Student Intro Special” of 30-days unlimited Yoga for only $50!! This pass will allow you to truly experience all the wonderful benefits of yoga and will help you create a new routine for yourself so that you can create balance in your life. In addition, we are offering 25% off all prAna yogawear. prAna is superior to Lululemon and is so comfortable and beautiful. Drop by the studio the week of January 14th-19th to see for yourself this beautiful line of Yoga clothing. We have a number of meditation and yoga workshops coming this year that will teach you how to find balance in your life so that you can truly experience all this beautiful world has to offer you. Be sure to make a commitment to yourself this year and come by and visit us at Spirit Tree Yoga. Let us show you how to find peace and happiness within! I can be reached at 613-330-4494 anytime to answer any questions or feel free to email me at If you have missed my previous columns, check out my blog at May you have a Wonderful 2013! Namaste, Lisa Blanchard 613-330-4494

Congratulations Gil!

Seeker Chick Mai-Liis visited Gil Strudwick and his wife Eva at their open house this past Saturday at Gil’s newly renovated studio/gallery in Maxville.

There were app. 40 people who came and tasted the delicious apple cider, along with some Greek dishes inspired by Eva who came from Greece as a child.

The large picture windows offer a sweeping vista of the adjacent farmer's field where Gil often sees cattle within two meters of his window, and the odd time a deer.

His studio is tucked away and surrounded by soaring pines and cedars. His paintings adorn the walls and are a feast for the eyes. He paints his 112 year-old canoe very often and the images he creates of that boat sell very quickly. Gil also paints the local barns and streams of Glengarry County.

THE LOCAL SEEKER (January 11 - pg. 13) BUSINESS ADS: 613-935-3763

... with the Health Nut

Naturally Delicious

Hello everyone….Happy New Year to all of you…..make 2013 your best one ever!! I truly loved my time off this holiday season, it allowed me to re-energize and catch my breath. 2012 was an awesome year for The Health Nut , busier that I had ever imagined! Thanks to all of you for your constant support and positive feedback. This year I am hoping to introduce very original health related ideas to all of you….cross my fingers it works… When I stop and think of all that happened last year, it makes me very, very proud to be a part of this community.

Seeker Spotlight -The Local Portrait-

I am always so pleased when many of you decide to attend my 3 hour healthy eating cooking seminar. Come and see me demonstrate healthy recipes (you taste test these and more), I give you lots of info and tips on how to live your best health journey ever!! It is not a miracle cure or a magic pill, it is a new way of life, all in baby steps…one day at a time. Make this the year to attend one of my seminars and see for yourself what others have lived and how it has changed their lives for the better. After the seminar you will receive all the recipes, tips and info as well as my personal diet plan via e-mail. I will have a part 1 cooking seminar (weight maintenance recipes) in February, please contact me to place your name on the list…I try to take 20 people max…first come first serve basis.

Due to the great success stories of last year’s juicing challenges, myself and Lisa Blanchard (Spirit Tree Yoga Studio owner) will be hosting them again this year. Come and learn the ins and outs of juicing, demos and taste testing of awesome recipes…you will see how easy this healthy alternative can easily be added to your daily lifestyle. Recipes, tips and info will be sent to you via e-mail after the seminar. If you “Like” my Health Nut Facebook Fan Page (click on the Facebook icon at the bottom of the main page), you will be able to view my new webcam healthy recipe videos on a regular basis, from my kitchen to yours. This is something new that I am trying this year, bringing myself more often into your kitchen, showing you how easy it really is to prepare easy, quick and delicious recipes. I am hoping by doing this that I will influence those of you sitting at home to come and join me for a seminar. I hope you like this concept, hoping to hear great regular positive feedback from all of you. This week I was lucky enough to be asked to host a mini juicing seminar at a local Senior Centre. It was a great success and the participants were very enthusiastic in wanting to give this a try. After a couple of demos and taste testing they were convinced that this would be something healthy and easy to add to their daily lives. Looking forward to another amazing year with all of you… In health…. Sylvie Thibert (The Health Nut) 613-931-3119

THE LOCAL SEEKER (January 11 - pg. 14)

These photos of Meliss were taken by Jason Setnyk Photography. Meliss is a graduate of CCVS, and she works at Kraft Canada. She enjoys movies, and hanging out with friends and family. She also likes concerts, traveling, and games. Jason Setnyk Photography is located in Cornwall Ontario. Contact Jason Setnyk for photography services including shoots for weddings, engagement, family, modeling, sports, arts and culture, band/musician photo shoots, events, and commercial photography.

The parents and friends of Rosika Desnoyers are pleased to congratulate her on successfully achieving her Degree of Doctor in Philosophy interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture at Concordia University.


kriscrossroads by Kris Ward

New Year, New City Happy New Year! As we bid adieu to 2012, it is a great time to reflect on the year that passed, resolutions made and the friendships forged and maintained throughout the year. Like many, the Christmas vacation was an opportunity to spend time with my son who has been away at college. It was an adjustment for both of us, and in the end a lot of quality time was spent together. After 3 weeks I was sad to see him go, but excited for all the new courses he will have and all the experiences winter semester will bring for him. Since I moved, this signified the first time I am away from my hometown for the holidays. I used to hear friends lament about being torn for the holidays and trying to squeeze in as much as possible, this year I can say I know how they feel. I wanted to stay in Kingston at my new place this year, but felt some guilt at not being in Cornwall. We had an early Christmas with the family, exchanged gifts and enjoyed a Christmas dinner together, which was a welcome surprise. My younger sister Melanie and her family had a real tree for the first time, and my niece and nephew were anxious to show it to us.

On Christmas Eve, Brad and I traveled back to Kingston and I was able to attend midnight mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Kingston. It was a beautiful evening but due to parking in an area I was not familiar with, I was a little anxious. I typed in the Google map app on my phone and asked Brad to co-pilot so I could get back home. There was a button for a beta version which I clicked and a voice came on that guided us through the downtown back to the street that lead me home. It was a welcome relief as it was now 1:30am in an area I did not know as the snow fell to the ground. Christmas day was also my first time preparing Christmas dinner. I invited my niece to join us since she is also now a resident of Kingston and we welcomed her company. I don’t think there is a dish I didn’t use, and thanks to my recent move, I knew what I had. I have less, but I use them more. The major storm that closed down many businesses and brought traffic to a halt, also curtailed my plans to return after Christmas. Luckily we pay attention to storm warnings and didn’t venture out. In fact, we made it our comfy day where we stayed home and watched movies and shows together. It was awesome. The friendships you make in high school can carry throughout your life. I have maintained friendships with many of my former high school friends and with my move to Kingston, I have been lucky to connect with some of my best friends who now live here too, and it is making me feel welcome and not so alone. New Year’s Eve was spent with one of my high school friends, Kim and her girls. We played board games and enjoyed a quiet night at her place. Another high school friend also named Kim has also reconnected with me and invited me to her place and introduced me to her circle of friends. This year, I did not make any special resolutions; 2012 was all about change, and now I’d like to settle in a bit more and enjoy my new surroundings, while still maintaining my close ties to my home town. Yes 2012 was a great year filled with changes and opportunities. What does 2013? I vow to make the best of every situation, not compromise my beliefs and be the best person I can be. Last year at this time if someone told me I’d be sitting in my new place in Kingston, I would have brushed it off as a crazy idea, yet here I am. Opportunities come along, plans change and life happens. Make the most of every day. Cheers to 2013! email: thegraphicdesig

THE LOCAL SEEKER (January 11 - pg. 15)

specializing in Custom Wedding Invitations


Follow Kris Ward’s Blog at:

Coffee Grinds continued from page 3 Long term Health Care a hot topic! A well attended meeting lead by former City Councillor Mark MacDonald asked for a halting of the sale of the Second Street Hospital. I received two letters about this important issue, one from Ian Wilson, and another from former Mayor Brian Lynch. I would like to share both of them with you! Letters to the Local Seeker! My fellow citizens of Cornwall: I am appalled to hear that the Cornwall General Hospital is to be sold from under our nose, with no discussion with the public. The citizens of our city, through our taxes and fund raiser have bought this hospital many times over. Selling this hospital is total disrespect towards the good folks of Cornwall. Just over a year ago, during the provincial election. I listened to Jim McDonell, Mark MacDonald and Elaine MacDonald state during their debates, answering questions to the public, that health care and seniors is a top priority. Well, is it? Closing this center down will be a detriment to Cornwall and the elderly who, in our aging society, will require long term care today, and more so in the future. Transporting the elderly to homes outside the the region will cause great anguish to the patient’s and family members. I feel that discussion must take place with Champlain Local Integrated Health Network (LIHN) CEO Chantal Le Clerc, to look at other alternatives before any sale takes place. Perhaps a co-op could be formed with local investors to keep this facility operating for years to come. When public resources are sold off quickly and silently, it usually involves a sale that can be looked at suspiciously. It’s up to us, the citizens of Cornwall to stand up, and stand together to block any sale of the Cornwall General Hospital. Ian Wilson, Cornwall Ontario.

Dear Local Seeker: The current debate over the pos sible conversion of the Cornwall General Hospital site into a longterm care facility highlights the urgent need for more long- term care beds in Cornwall & SD&G to serve the needs of our seniors who make up 20% of the local population. At the present time, the wait time for a bed in a long-term care facility in our area is the highest in the province and double the provincial average. Indeed, 800 resi dents in our area of the province continue to wait for long-term care beds. In Ontario, there are now more than 30,000 persons on long-ter m wait lists for nursing homes. The 2012 Ontario budget contained nothing new to alleviate these wait lists which Health Quality Ont ario reports have tripled since 2005. And the population continues to age. The 2013 Ontario budget should provide funds for more long - term care beds across the province and especially in areas suc h as Cornwall and SD&G with our long wait times. Before the Cornwa ll General Hospital site is sold, the Champlain LHIN and the Ontario Min istry of Health and Long-term care should do a study on the pos sible conversion of the Cornwall General Hospital into a long-term care facility. We certainly can afford to provide good long-term care for our parents and grandparents. We can do it with a fairer tax system in Ontario. The Ontario Government should stop the corporate tax give aways that don’t create jobs and ensure that the large, profitable corp orations and the wealthiest one per cent pay their fair share of taxe s. If the corporate tax cuts were restored to the 2009 level, if the wea lthiest individuals earning more than $250,000 a year paid a two per cent surtax, and if tax loopholes were closed, billions of dollars wou ld be raised by the provincial government each year to pay for esse ntial public services like longterm care for seniors. By working tog ether, we can address the need for long-term healthcare in our reg ion and make our community a better and healthier place in which to live. Yours truly, Brian Lynch, President, SDSG Provinc ial NDP riding association. Excellent and very thoughtful letters Ian and Brian, thank you for sharing! MY NAME IS JASON SETNYK, AND THESE ARE MY COFFEE GRINDS! Jason Setnyk is a local high school teacher, journalist, published and award winning author, photographer, arts and culture event coordinator, and a community volunteer sitting on numerous boards and committees. http: //


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THE LOCAL SEEKER (January 11 - pg. 16)


The Seeker, Volume 4, Issue 1, Cornwall, Ontario  

The Seeker, Volume 4, Issue 1, Cornwall, Ontario

The Seeker, Volume 4, Issue 1, Cornwall, Ontario  

The Seeker, Volume 4, Issue 1, Cornwall, Ontario