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Vol. 3, Issue 29

August 10, 2012


ALKALINE Powers Up Live Performances at The Port Theatre

Jeff Brunet, Concert promoter and owner of Alkaline Entertainment had 5 things on his To Do List for the Port Theatre on Montreal Road in Cornwall and with the help of Lucie Hart, Chair of Citizens for The Port, countless volunteer hours and donations, 2 items are completed and 3 left to go. √ Inside Construction √ Adequate power for live performances New Stage Theatre Marquee to be lit up again Dressing Rooms restored for acts

Walking in to the Port today was like visiting with an old friend, a very comfortable feeling and I’m sure that is the way 350 people who came here last Friday to see the first live show in 60 years, “Ring of Fire”, a Johny Cash Experience felt. The show was brought here by Jeff Brunet who says, “I finally found a place to call home and bring live entertainment to.” Glenn MacGillivray, owner of The Port Theatre, had a big smile on his face as the future of the theatre is certainly looking bright. Jeff, who has been in the music business since 1993 has many more acts lined up. The Port will be the place have popcorn and a beer while seeing concerts like the “Hardworking Man”, (Brooks & Dunne Tribute) scheduled for Saturday, September 22 and in October, “Comfortably Numb”, ( Pink Floyd Tribute). Also look out for Dr. Hook, The Stampeders and Trooper among others.

Concert photos by Image-ine Photography - Article Mai-Liis Renaud

In October Jeff will be hosting “Local Licks” on Classic Rock 101.5 - focussing on local bands. For more information on booking bands at The Port please call Jeff at 613-933-5882 or visit

GOOD LUCK to all attending the OPTIMIST AGM in Ottawa - August 17 - 19


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Yard Sale - Saturday, August 11, from 8 am to 4 pm. - 234 Yates Celtic, native and provinces flags, CDs & DVDs - $1 each plus much more. HOUSE SALE - Saturday, August 10 and Sunday August 11, 8am each day, 607 Pescod Ave. Cornwall - everything must go!

Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Lamoureux Park, east of swimming pool. All are welcome. For information call: 613.935.5675

FOR SALE: Oriental 4 Panel Screen or room divider with beautifully coloured figures. Each panel measures 18” x 69”. Excellent condition $400, Call 613-528-4533.  


FOR SALE: Treadmill - $200 OBO. 32” Colour TV - $75 OBO. 3 piece Luggage Set, red with black trim - $40 OBO. All items in very good condition - moving, must sell. Call after 7pm 613-861-1181.

FOR SALE: 1985 Chevy Paceaero Motorhome 31ft. Runs well, $5,800 OBO Call 613-577-1045.

%- *+") * #, /+

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FOR SALE: Golf Bag and Right Handed Clubs plus Foot Joy Golf Shoes. $100 OBO. Call for details - 613-932-6374.

FOR SALE: white oak dining room set, one leaf, 6 chairs and 2 captain chairs, buffet with light inside, paid $6,000, asking $2,000. Telephone 613-932-8696. Each

n us o and e k i L ok n ebo Fac w us o o l l Fo tter Twi sit i or v ocal l the k see

FOR SALE: Homemade trailer - 4x8, 3500 pounds Axel / $1,000 firm Call 613-938-6152.

FOR SALE: Tire Machine, fits up to 20”, $400 OBO - needs some hoses. Call 613-932-5810 FOR SALE: Culligan Water Softener & Conditioner and Cast Iron Franklin Fireplace - both best offer - Call 613-931-2240.

FOR SALE: 2 Ford Etzel Hub Caps, 2 Exercise Bikes, Electric Base and Echo Box Guitar. Call 613-932-7045. CALL IN YOUR FREE CLASSIFIEDS TODAY 613-362-2354


FOR SALE: Mens Hockey Equipment - Bauer Vator, Wheeled Graf Hockey Bag - $150 OBO - call 613-932-6374

Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi practise and demonstrations (weather permitting),

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ADMINISTRATIVE HELP NEEDED FOR AVON, working for the District Manager. Answering phones, emails, returning calls to reps etc. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED, you will get some perks. Send resume to


ge Value Villa ast) (E s Food Basic kdale) o ro (B s Food Basic Metro Farm Boy rary Public Lib Cornwall re Giant Tig ware rd a H Home chews) ll (pick n’ a M rt u o laces Eastc reakfast p b e th ll a an d


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THE LOCAL SEEKER August 10 - pg. 2) BUSINESS ADS: 613-935-3763 Call 613-932-7045

The 65th Glengarry Highland Games ...

Seeker Chick Mai-Liis spent a wonderful and very hot Saturday afternoon at the Glengarry Highland Games, which as always was enjoyed by thousands of people, watching the many events as well as checking out all the vendors. I was especially happy to find yet another Golly Wog to add to my collection - a rare find these days as these wonderful dolls are nowhere to be found in the UK.

I love going to Maxville as it has the feel of an English Seaside spot - quiet and relaxing but one weekend of the year it has traffic jams and becomes a busy, busy place - on Highland Games Weekend! See below the before and after pics that I took.

THE LOCAL SEEKER (August 10 - pg. 3)


re Summit 2012 Ar ts & Cultu ce Saturday announced! It takes pla ltsville Theatre September 22nd at Au m. Have your from 12:00pm until 5:30p the 2012 Arts voice heard by attending voting on the & Culture Summit and 1st Board of Arts & Culture Councils to attend this Directors. Register now required to is FREE but registration is on ssi mi Ad t. en ev ing cit ex ed a series up! The event will includ n sig to r be em rem So attend. is involved in will speak about what of guest speakers who vote on SDG, council followed by a forming a regional arts of directors and 's art council's 1st board ne sas we Ak d an all rnw Co Speakers ner and social hour. Guest din e fre a th wi e lud nc will co longing, Loree an - Artist/Quilt of Be will include: Esther Bry mmunity and Ar ts Council and Co Lawrence - Ontario utive Director of ficer, Carol Feeney - Exec Multidisciplinary Arts Of Director of yton Windatt - Executive Cla d an cil, un Co ts Ar e Quint Sudbury Arts Council.

ason Setny J y b Y T E I C O S EYE ON


Arts, Culture, Politics

! My Man on the Moon e mi The release of Jay Joel and Thurler st we ne Fawcett's e th , ok children's bo the sequel to My Mo r Nature, MY MAN ON THE MOON! Come join us at Dairyfest. We'll be parked in front of Embracing the Ar ts hester, store on Main St. in Winc Bank. l right beside the Roya fun! It There will be music and gust takes place Saturday Au ts, Ar the g 11th at Embracin r, ste he Main Street in Winc Ontario from 9am to 3pm.

are appearing live ed Kiss Tribute Destroyer wn no Re rld Wo ? ne yo only $10 in Kiss An y August 18th. Tickets are da tur Sa on lub htc Nig by Mohawk at Friktion event is brought to you e Th or. do the at 5 $1 advance and . According to Rodney and Showtime Apparel ay dw ee Sp al on ati ern Int you want to see". Rivette, "This is the tribute ts an evening of music Angles Productions presen 3 w! No d an en Th sic Mu . S, CMO, STD n brina Fallah, Chilly T, Big Sa r, irie Po y att Ph Dj: turday August featuring Feghali via screen on Sa o Jan est gu ise rpr su theory & the e poster below). 25th at Murphy's Inn. (Se terfest. Also on turday August 11th is Wa Sa d! en ek we is th do sic at the Plenty to BBQ featuring live mu P ND e th is th 12 st Sunday Augu phanie Coleman, Tracy ell by Chris Benton, Ste sh nd ba rk Pa ux ure mo La . Starts at 11am and Sauve, and Kenn Taylor l Joe , hir He Joe , de Lalon finishes around 2:30pm.

Social Justice on? Two Players have inc comm ey ck Ho d an ars Be What do Polar Agapè Centre – an out to hit the scene at the ab rs ise dra fun w ne nd bra y Game and a PolarBear Alumni Canadiens Hocke Dip! Mark your calendars NOW December 09, 2012 and February 18, 2013 to support and cheer on some of the superstars involved whether they are scoring a goal or taking a dip in minus degree water. Both events inaugural chillin’ a be promise to experience.

The Environment

et Cornwall River Kings Me Joel & Greet Party with on ar Ge h Sauve & Switc ! th 11 Saturday August : ge From the facebook pa 1st We are having our nt me na ur To annual Golf u yo if d during the day an it's care to sign up to that u perfectly fine BUT if yo ve ha u yo r are not a golfe e two other options. On for you can buy tickets the supper for 6:30pm and take part in the Auction which will have some great prizes. The Cost for supper and Party is $35 per person is doors open for the a pair and option number two arge of $5.00.... A draw for ch r ve co a th wi m 0p 8:0 mbered ticket Party & live music at as everyone will have a nu pm 11 at be ll wi ts ke Tic n Joel Sauve will of seaso available to be won also. zes pri r he Ot or. do the playing as they enter m and Switch Gear will be 0p 8:3 d un aro at set kin event.... begin with a roc of our staff at this great st mo d an rs ye pla me 10 till 1pm. Meet so EVENT" 's not just a GAME It's an River Kings Hockey..... "It nd will be ! Graham and his full ba th 11 st gu Au on ir Fa n Fair Greer at the al Fair: The Williamstow nu An st de Ol 's da na Ca rocking rurally at passes are $10.00 - Day fai wn sto am illi .w ww /w mission. Graham http:/ ildren under 12 are free ad Ch 0, 0.0 $2 are s sse pa d Weeken join us!!". says, "Come on out and

THE LOCAL SEEKER (August 10 - pg. 4)

lf Drilling for oil in the Gu a t ou th wi ce of St. Lawren e lin ad he clue! This was the to ron of an article in the To us Star. Buried in the omnib the bill, budget ve ha o wh Conservative's al nt me environ pushed ing deregulation, are open ble the door to a possi ng rdi co Ac ecological disaster. e "Th article, the to r do Newfoundland and Labra ard, Offshore Petroleum Bo for e ibl ns which is respo sal po pro evaluating Corridor’s y wa by July 2013, will have no re or of measuring the natu ntal me on vir ex tent of the en nt, me lop risks." I am all or deve th e to e with being responsibl nd ha in nd ha es go so long as it environment. society. k, and this is my eye on My name is Jason Setny blished and ool teacher, journalist, pu sch h hig al loc a is k tny Jason Se culture event photographer, arts and boards award winning author, teer sitting on numerous lun vo ity un mm co a d coordinator, an and committees. http: //


Murphy ra Sa h it w Y P P A H r Fo G H EADIN

Seeker Spotlight

The year my body and I broke up a lifeFor many people, being diagnosed with some e mak to them threatening illness causes I drastic lifestyle changes. Because was very healthy and athletic when I was diagnosed with thyroid and lymph node cancer, the opposite happened to me.

My body and I broke up. the healthy eating, I couldn’t understand how, after all let me down. exercising and clean lifestyle, my body ke. I don’t drink. I eat I was angry. How could you? I don’t smo possible? well. I run. I lift weights. How is this even ed over to safeguard I felt betrayed. All the desserts I had pass run over lying on the my health! All the times I chose a 5k couch! body and I broke up. I Then, the weirdest thing happened. My abused it. I went on a ignored it. I yelled profanities at it. I s I had been so good to mission to seek revenge for all the year ? And let me down?! it- so it could turn around and get sick first cancer diagnosis, A good friend of mine, upon hearing my get it.” said “If YOU can get cancer, anyone can of my friends as we The words resonated deeply with all . I thought about all the realized that none of us were immune ning foods and the times I had passed over desserts, fatte the times I had suffered occasional cigarette. I fumed over all id taking an over-thethrough a headache in order to avo counter medication. was a sad one. I partied hard, The year that my body and I broke up t I ate and pushed myself way beyond didn’t exercise, had no regard for wha . I despised my body and how it had what I was physically able at the time of resting and looking after myself, I deserted me. I had cancer and instead .or only had one month to live. was acting like I was never going to die… the price. My fatigue grew worse as I I took some dangerous risks and paid n. My parents were concerned. ignored my body’s cries for attentio clusion that it was not my body that Fortunately, I eventually came to the con y needed ME the most, I bailed. had abandoned me. Right when my bod many different emotional stages. Young adult cancer patients go through experiences, but of varying degrees. Others in my therapy group had similar this was how important it is to try The greatest lesson I learned from all of ets. I use caution but take more to have balance in life. I live with no regr e up, I don’t think twice about that risks. Now that my body and I have mad it off. plate of dessert, for tomorrow I will burn musician, cancer survivor, Sara Murphy is a freelance journalist, reach Sara for questions or community cheerleader and mom. To comments, email saramurphymedia@ You can also visit her websites at ww or

(613) 937-3800

For more info: Call Jody Marsolais, Certified Vic Firth Music Instructor

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or visit

THE LOCAL SEEKER (August 10 - pg. 5)

-The Local Portrait-

This is the fourth of eight outdoor summer photoshoots being featured in the Local seeker. These two photos of Lisa Blancard were taken by Jason Setnyk Photography.

Lisa Blanchard is the owner of Spirit Tree Yoga. Spirit Tree Yoga is Cornwall, Ontario's only Yoga Studio! We offer a beautiful and serene studio space where everyone is welcome to enjoy and discover Yoga and all of it's benefits. Spirit Tree Yoga is committed to sharing the authentic practice of yoga with the community and being a source of information and guidance on how to live a healthy, whole lifestyle. According to Lisa, "Yoga has been a part of my life for over 15 years and has given me a way to connect with myself and grow as a person. Practicing Yoga is not a sport or a fitness routine, it really is a way for men and women to deal with the stress in their lives by strengthening our bodies, stilling the chatter in the mind and touching our spirit." Visit online:

Jason Setnyk Photography is located in Cornwall Ontario. Contact Jason Setnyk for photography services including shoots for weddings, engagement, family, modeling, sports, arts and culture, band/musician photo shoots, events, and commercial photography. Visit Jason Setnyk's new Website:

A Slow and Painful Death???

My wife was screaming at me: "Leave!! Get out of this house!" she ordered. As I was walking out the door she yelled, "I hope you die a slow and painful death!" So I turned around and replied "So now you want me to stay?"


kriscrossroads by Kris Ward

By Dawn’s Early Light

dawn’s early light. I know, My hometown looks very different by it. My alarm wakes me because for the last several weeks, I see its warning from my peaceful slumber and shouts the new to st adju I that it is time to get up. As the with iliar schedule, I am getting more fam beauty, as the morning unfolds. on the road Today is one of those days where I am to pick up earlier than usual. I realize I forgot erday, and now do not have that coffee on the way home from work yest ivated and alert. I get dressed and gentle nudge that helps keep me mot a coffee and the coffee tin so I can head out to Tim Hortons’ to pick up y located to several coffee shops, make it myself tomorrow. I am centrall e and pull into the drive-through. but select the one that is fairly clos me, 4 trucks, a suburban and a car. There are already 6 vehicles ahead of if they are regulars at this hour, As I patiently wait my turn, I wonder are they up unusually early today. returning from or heading to work or work, and write this column, I can’t As I head back home to get ready for the slow pace of the morning and help but notice the beautiful colours, ic I meet. I am soaking it all in. glance at each business and the traff familiarize myself with. This is one Soon, I will have new surroundings to my the highway and making my way to of those days where I will be hitting from Cornwall, but occasionally also work Kingston office. I am still working from Kingston. past. in past 7am has become a thing of the Even when I am staying local, sleeping ion, preparing a room for their transformat I am up early either working at renos or that so time the find sehold tasks. I have to catching up on laundry and other hou pleted as soon as possible. we can get the house renovations com to feels a bit like a fish bowl, since we had I am sitting in my living room, which a now and s tone Gone are the pinkish remove the blinds to paint the walls. was or ed, Most of the furniture is mov beautiful neutral shade surrounds me. to since the typical furniture is not around removed. There is an echo in the room conceal the sounds. I have in our City. I can’t believe how I am making the most of the time that How ut perspective, and mine has shifted. quickly the time is flying by. It is all abo see lly fina I As t. ligh y earl rent by dawn’s can it not? Yes, my hometown looks diffe In . day the ning y of us are up early plan a car drive down my street, I realize man n take be and day, or re-read what I wrote a few months I will think back to this and , ye yet, but with dates established back to this feeling. It is not good-b s to back to school time and all the change seeing the days of August countdown of these peaceful times, taking a few sips September will bring, I am grateful for e. coffee, while I plan, prepare and reminisc Follow Kris Ward’s Blog at: www.k

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City Snippets! Sidewalk maintenance program focuses on pedestrian safety.

Have you ever wondered what those pink spraypaint lines on the sidewalk are for? They are signs of the City’s Sidewalk Maintenance Program at work. Over time, sidewalks become damaged by a variety of factors, including weather, tree roots and regular usage. To address this issue, the City of Cornwall maintains a Sidewalk Maintenance Program that strives to keep sidewalks safe for pedestrians through ongoing inspections and repairs. The City currently conducts a yearly inspection of sidewalks for surface discontinuities in accordance with the minimum maintenance standards set out in the Ontario Municipal Act. If a surface discontinuity on a sidewalk exceeds two centimeters, the minimum standard is to treat the surface discontinuity within 14 days. Treatment measures could include making permanent or temporary repairs, alerting sidewalk users to the surface discontinuity or preventing access to the area. Residents who notice a potential trip hazard on a City sidewalk are asked to contact the Municipal Works Department at (613) 932-5354. For more information on the minimum maintenance standards for sidewalks, please contact Tommy Sauve, Equipment Training and Safety Supervisor, at (613) 930-2787 ext 2241 or

O 16 yevaer Busin rs in ess!

“Your Chlorine smell and taste removal specialist'

Discover the benefits of pure, safe drinking water.. . .

613-362-8524 613-525-5298 THE LOCAL SEEKER (August 10 - pg. 6)


e Health Nut th ith w ... us io ic el D ly al ur at N

all of the summer events mer. It has really been awesome for Hope you are all enjoying your sum in our beautiful water city hosts incredible outdoor events being held at Lamoureux Park…our front park…very nice to see. e Brick parking) every Valley Growers Farmers’ Market (Th way Sea the at dor ven ular reg a g Bein the coin. Making opened my eyes to the other side of has n noo to 7am e, shin or rain , season. Saturday ers are having with this very , very dry farm l loca our t tha ges llen cha the of me realize all when Mother Nature us the best, fresh, local produce and These individuals work so hard to give e some rain this week to difficult for them. I hope that we hav doesn’t cooperate, it makes it very s. help them with their amazing crop days; run cool water on the ways to keep cool on incredibly hot ural nat se the use to like I ice) cho mming, place a cold facecloth Living without air conditioning (by every hour, run in a sprinkler, go swi hair r you wet , lime and on lem h water with I was a kid as well…funny se are all things I used to do when inside of your wrists, drink lots of fres .the etc… ts figh oon ball er wat t, a water gun figh on your neck, chew ice cubes, have thing….it actually works… etable salad, cool happy and satisfied with a nice veg very are We s. day hot very on lly use the oven minima I tend to prepare lighter meals and ly all you need on hot days… and fresh fruits for dessert. That is real lime and on lem with er wat ing refresh ahead and impress your pes….so light and refreshing….go reci mer sum y eas g, win follo the I love family!

Healthy Nacho Dish safe baking Place organic nacho chips on a BBQ homemade sheet (foil covered). Top it off with s (minced), 2 salsa, red/yellow and orange pepper peno pepper green onions (minced), 1 jala ), olives green ced (minced), 1 small red onion (min ead shredded and black (sliced, optional). Spr the lid 5 to 7 mozzarella cheese on top. Close and so delicious!! minutes. It will be ready in no time

Zucchini au gratin

oil, salt and pepper. ing sheet…to this drizzle with olive Slice zucchinis , place on BBQ safe bak ped with salsa…. top shredded mozzarella cheese…serve Close lid, after 5 minutes…top with

rella Medallions Entree Tomatoes and Bocconcini Mozza le with balsamic medallion between each slice…drizz ella zzar mo ini coc boc a add s, Slice tomatoe s-d’oeuvres. hor g azin the results. vinaigrette, sea salt and pepper. Am take long to prepare and you will love sn’t doe ly real t ….i pes reci mer sum easy I hope that you enjoy these quick and r exertion! Stay safe. ove void l…a coo p Have a great week, kee lth Nut!) In health, Sylvie Thibert (The Hea day, September 9th….9am challenge that will be held on Sun ing juic 3rd our in t par e tak to h wis at 613-931-3119. *Don’t forget to contact me if you or call me at me il ema tion rma info re mo ever! For to noon….come live your best life

Talking Beaver with Rebecca Sorrell

Article by Jason Setnyk - Submitted Photo

Rebecca Sorrell has been fighting the good fight for some furry little creatures in our City. She says, "It is with great joy that I bring to you the news that the City of Cornwall has started the journey of moving forward towards a progressive and wildlife-friendly future. With the help of The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals out of Vancouver and Beaver Solutions out of Massachusetts, our very own Guindon park has been fitted with three separate devices designed to deter beaver destruction in a humane fashion. These pond levelers and exclusion fences will stop the beavers' ability of damming in the park and posing any risk to the infrastructure to the power damn nearby, while giving the beavers the opportunity to continue to provide a balanced ecosystem in the park. This pilot project brings with it the opportunity of opening the door to a city-wide plan of ending barbaric kill-trapping practices and learning to live in balanced harmony with all living creatures. Kudos to all city officials involved and a special thanks to the countless volunteers that helped to make history in our beautiful city!"

Beaver traps were a common practice at Guindon Park for about twentyfive years. When Sorrell learned about this on Cornwall Free News she was horrified by the practice. She got to work on a petition - and on finding a more ethical way of deterring beavers without harming them. Although she faced some resistance at first, she eventually got to speak to City Council, and along with Wyatt Walsh, had meetings with parks and recreation officials. "I was also able to present an offer made to the city by The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals in which they were willing to come to Cornwall and install special devices designed to eliminate beaver issues in a humane fashion. This was all being offered at no cost to the city. The following morning I received the amazing news that Stephen Alexander had ordered that all traps be removed from Guindon park". Thanks to this group of animal activists, Cornwall is not just the friendly City, but now it is a beaver-friendly city too!

In the group photo: Front Row: (L - R) Adrian Nelson, Mike Callahan, Middle Row: (L - R) Ian Wilson, Rebecca Sorrell, Shirley Barr and Donna DuBreuil, and Back Row (L-R) Kate McNeil, Wyatt Walsh and Gary DuBreuil.

THE LOCAL SEEKER (August 10 - pg. 7)

BUSINESS ADS: 613-935-3763

OFF TH E MAT with Lisa

Live your Best Life!

having! I hope everyone is What a beautiful summer we are tak ing advantage of all the abundant local produce found at our many Farmer’s Markets and Veggie Stands. It is so important to feed our bodies daily with many servings of fruits and vegetables to . full of energy and stay optimally healthy and vibrant eating well, you become so happy, and lthy hea lly tota are you n whe t und me who are Did you know tha I feel so bad for the people I see aro ? true be to d goo too s feel ost trying to clear-minded that it alm n of all three). They are desperately atio bin com a (or hol alco king drin or smoking, or eating fast-food, ary high from these addictive things. Yes, they may get a tempor ng wro the all ng doi are but d feel goo c substances to recreate the they need to take in more of these toxi and ved rt-li sho is h hig the but eating fast-food all substances, . I used to be addicted to alcohol and nce erie exp from w kno I as this ut nce from eating high. I can talk abo compares to the “high” you experie hing not me, eve Beli le. edu sch k the time due to my wor great all the time!! Only exception; is not a temporary feeling; you feel This e. rcis exe and a yog ugh thro y well and taking care of your bod hol. when you eat crap food or drink alco begin by ADDING t life ever? It really is quite simple. You bes r you live to ting star ut abo go a smoothie or So how do you ting meals. You can blend them into exis ady alre r you to y dail ts frui fresh vegetables and to your lunch and dinner, and juice. Add lightly steamed veggies make a refreshing fruit or veggie l themselves and our natural m. Our bodies are designed to hea the on salt sea and on lem e littl a e squeez it will take care of itself. giving yourself what the body needs, By nt. fide -con self and ant vibr be state is to edule. This can be as easy Next, add exercise to your daily sch hbourhood, and doing a as taking a walk around your neig down and touching your few simple stretches; like bending ng your knees into your toes, lying on your back and rolli Yoga on a daily basis. Yoga opens and chest. It is even better if you can do y, and stretches all of the muscles. nourishes all of the joints in your bod to ted feeling and allows your body Yoga takes away that stiff, compac itive last item to vibrant health is a pos become expansive and strong. The you think and concentrate on, you will attitude. It is proven that whatever k “I never have any money”. Guess achieve or receive that. So if you thin es ney. But, if you think “money com what? You will never have any mo and ily eas ss what? Money will come easily and frequently to me”. Gue happy, be happy and happiness will frequently to you. If you want to be all the time, you will continue to be come. If you are cranky and angry cranky and angry all the time. e topics mentioned above: healthy give more information on the thre and and exp will I s, mn colu e thre io. I would be glad to coach In my next meantime, feel free to drop by my stud the In . king thin itive pos and tyle weight and supercharge eating, active lifes ges to help you detox your body, lose llen Cha ing Juic r offe also we a, ng, supple and full Spirit Tree Yog l to make your body and mind stro leve ry you on any of these three topics. At eve for ses clas a Yog y dail r tired of being lth and vitality. We offe ds and Raw Meals”. If you are sick and Foo ing “Liv your immune system for better hea on ops ksh wor eral sev s starting in the fall and your “best life”! All you have to do of energy. There is a Learn-to-Run clas erent. I can help you with achieving diff ing eth som try and g doin are t you me at 613-938-1988 or come by sick and tired, you have to stop wha it is just us that makes it hard. Call ple, sim te qui is ly real It io. stud e the change now! stop by the wait to start living your best life, mak ’t is pick up the phone and call me or Don St). Pitt and land ber Cum et West (between Spirit Tree Yoga at 117 Eleventh Stre more information. Go to for Namaste, Lisa

Uniform Outfitters has the LARGEST selection of scrubs in Cornwall and SDG&A!

THE LOCAL SEEKER (August 10 - pg. 8)

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FRIDAY, AUG 10 Fun Darts 7pm at the Loyal Order of Moose Winchester Dairyfest Winchester Fairgrounds 613-938-4748 or 1-800937-4748 Haunted Ghost Walk @ Lost Villages Museum Lost Villages Museum (Long Sault) 613-534-2440 or Annual Antique Car Show at Nav Centre


Tim Horton's FREE Swim FREE 2:00 3:25 pm at the Aquatic Centre Movie in the Park: Arts in the Park 7pm. "The Lorax" FREE at the Bandshell, Lamoureux Park RCAFA Wing 424 Luncheon Specials from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm. 240 Water St. W. Indoor or patio dining. Fish & Chips & Jerry's Karaoke from 4:30 pm. RCAFA Wing 424, 240 Water St. W. Cornwall WaterFest August 10th & 11th, Lock 19, The Old Cornwall Canal. Dragon boat amd swim races, strong man competition, ArtFest & much more! Info:

Dominion Textile Long Sault Fabrics 20th Former employees and staff 1965-1992


Saturday Sept. 22, 2012 Royal Canadian Legion

Get your tickets early! 613-933-3459 Raymond 613-933-3459 Donna 613-936-8436 Ross 613-534-2054



Dance to music by Lil' Debbie 8pm to 12am at the Loyal Order of Moose.

Breakfast 8-11am at the Loyal Order of Moose

Winchester Dairyfest Winchester Fairgrounds 613-938-4748 or 1-800-9374748

The Great Raisin River Foot Race Fairgrounds (Williamstown) 613-347-7096

MS Bike Tour August 11th-12th join or sponsor cyclists heading from Ottawa to Cornwall in support of the MS Society, Ottawa, Cornwall & district chapters. Info: Enter The Williamstown Fair Amateur Talent Show - 1000$ in prizes to be won in dance, vocal, instrumental & variety categories. To enter or info call Lynn:613.931.0966 or Cornwall WaterFest August 10th & 11th, Lock 19, The Old Cornwall Canal. Dragon boat amd swim races, strong man competition, ArtFest & much more! Info: Ridin' Shotgun - Country Music Cruickshank Amphitheatre (Morrisburg) 6 1 3 - 5 4 3 - 4 5 5 8 Fishing Derby for Kids Upper Canada Campgrounds (Morrisburg) 613-5432201

Stock Car Racing Cornwall Motor Speedway (Cornwall) 613-938-3945 Volkfest - Canada's largest non-judged VW event Embrun Park (Embrun) Tapestry Concert Series: Gisele Guibord and Robin Grenon The Abbey for the Arts (North Lancaster) 613-347-1602 Winchester Dairyfest Winchester Fairgrounds 613-938-4748 or 1-800937-4748 MS Bike Tour August 11th-12th join or sponsor cyclists heading from Ottawa to Cornwall in support of the MS Society, Ottawa, Cornwall & district c h a p t e r s . Info: Salem United Church Summer Concert Series at 7 pm. 19042 County Rd. 2, Summerstown. An evening of comedy and country, bluegrass and gospel music with "Old Friends". Free offering accepted.

Environmental Workshop with St. Lawrence River Institute - Butterflies Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary (Ingleside) 613-932-4563 ext 3520

Saturday, Aug. 11 at 12, 1, 2 and 3 p.m.

OPG’s St Lawrence Power Development Visitor Centre present workshops on Butterflies

With their beautiful wings and bright colours, butterflies are a wonderful group of insects to observe. Participants will learn all about these amazing creatures, and get tips on how to attract butterflies in their garden.

AUGUST 12, at 12 noon

Come and hear singer / songwriter

CAREY B. GRANT on the center stage Williamstown Fair

Worship and the word. Fountaingate Christian Assembly. 949 Mohawk Drive, Cornwall. Pastor Brad Montsion

Have an event to promote? Call Jenna! 613-935-3763 Place your ad in the most sought after little newspaper in town...

! ts l u es R t Ge

For information about events in the area, call Cornwall & Seaway Valley Tourism 613-938-4748 or go to

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What’s happening MONDAY, AUG 13

Revival: Arts in the Park FREE 7 pm at the Bandshell, Lamoureux Park

Teacher Appreciation Day McMaze (St. Andrews West) 613-932-7630


THURSDAY, AUG 16 Sand Road Bluegrass Music Festival Sand Road Maple Farm (Moose Creek) 613-538-2177

Teacher Appreciation Day McMaze (St. Andrews West) 613-932-7630 Heart Healthy Eating with Diabetes free workshop. Register: Nancy 613.930.4892x151 This is part of the Heart Institute Education Workshop Series. 2:45-3:45 pm at Seaway Valley Community Health Centre

Butlers: Arts in the Park FREE 7 pm at the Bandshell, Lamoureux Park South Mountain Fair Fairgrounds 613-989-3815

WEDNESDAY, AUG 15 Cornwall Girls Hockey Association 2012-13 MISCELLANEOUS Registration 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Benson Centre, 800 7th St. W. (Main Floor) CareFor Health & Wellness Clinic from 9 am to 12 noon, Centre Charles Emile Claude, 146 Chevrier St. Registerd nurse on site for general health checks. No appointment necessary.

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Coupon valid from August 10th – August 18th. *Discounted item must be of equal or lesser value to the 2 full priced items. Ask us about our next donation drive!! Help Big Brothers & Big Sisters with every donation. One coupon per customer per day & cannot be used on prior purchases, not valid on Sale day, cannot be combined with any other coupons or specials. Redeemable at Every Cornwall Location only.

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Jam Session - 4-8 pm with Wings and Things at the Loyal order of Moose.

Shrine Circus 613.838.9400 Civic Complex

donation helps

this week!

FRIDAY, AUG 17 South Mountain Fair Fairgrounds 613-989-3815



Sand Road Bluegrass Music Festival Sand Road Maple Farm (Moose Creek) 613-538-2177 Tim Horton's FREE Swim 2:00 - 3:25 pm at the Aquatic Centre Agape Center/Carefor Walk-In Nursing Clinic from 11 am to 3 pm, 40 5th St. W. Registered nurse on site for general health counselling such as blood pressure, diabetes, checks and more 12th Annual Alzheimer Society Golf Tournament SummerHeights Golf Course. Contact Sherry Davis: 613.932.4919 to register your foursome Fun Darts 7pm at the Loyal Order of Moose

ARTS IN THE PARK Movie - THE LORAX Friday, August 10th - 7 pm - FREE at the Bandshell Residents are encouraged to arrive early as local artists will be showcasing their work prior to the movie, and items on display will be for sale. Vendors will also be on site selling food and drinks. The Cornwall Civic Complex washrooms will remain open for the duration of the movie.



Miracle Healing Service Miracle Healing Service Chist is the answer CHRIST is the ANSWER Ministry


Friday, 17,17, 20122012 FridayAug. Aug. 7pm 7pm at atFountaingate Fountaingate Christian Assembly, 949 Christian Assembly Mohawk drive. 949 Mohawk Drive EveryoneWELCOME! Welcome EVERYONE Bring thethesick Bring Sick and see what God God can can do do. see what

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Worship & Praise Night We meet every 2nd Saturday at 7:00pm at Fountaingate Christian Assembly, 949 Mohawk Drive, Cornwall

Come and spend time in His presence!


THE LOCAL SEEKER (August 10 - pg. 11) FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-362-2354 for more events in the area

MUSIC & MORE ... What’s Happening?

Looking for something to do SATURDAY, AUGUST 11th? Seaway Roller Derby Girls League/Power Dames FRIDAY AUGUST 10TH @ La Maison 9pm-2am JOEL'S AUGUST OPEN JAM NIGHT FRIDAY AUGUST 10TH k Band Shell in Cornwall. Movie in the Park @ Lamoureux Par SATURDAY AUGUST 11TH your Heart Out Waterfest plus Artfest and Busk @ The Waterfront in Cornwall.

SATURDAY AUGUST 11TH Long Sault. Derby Day @ the Long Sault Arena in SUNDAY AUGUST 12TH music Annual NDP Picnic/BBQ with live @ Lamoureux Park in Cornwall. MONDAY AUGUST 13TH viour, and Slyde @ PROTEST THE HERO, Be The Sa doors open 7pm Friktion Night Club in Cornwall WEDNESDAY AUGUST 15TH Shell in Cornwall. Revival @ Lamoureux Park Band THURSDAY AUGUST 16TH Inn in Cornwall. The Nailheadz @ 7pm - Murphy’s THURSDAY AUGUST 16TH in Cornwall. Graham Greer @ East Side Marios

THURSDAY AUGUST 16TH @ the Civic Complex Cornwall Zombie Walk starts 5pm parking lot in Cornwall. SATURDAY AUGUST 18TH and more Sk8fest with Insurrection, Slyde, xandria. @ The Glengarry Sports Palace in Ale SATURDAY AUGUST 18TH in Lancaster. Tribute to Queen @ Lancaster Park SATURDAY AUGUST 18TH oyer @ Friktion Nightclub World Renowned Kiss Tribute Destr

***Roller Derby Game/Scrimmage*** Date: Saturday August 11, 2012 Scrimmage Time: 4-6 pm BBQ Time: 6-7 pm Where: Long Sault Arena Tickets: Available through Derby Girls or at the door Come watch us play! The SRDG are excited to host their first Black and White flat track Scrimmage this summer. See first-hand what Roller Derby is all about when the girls get in action in an actual scrimmage, referees and all. The league will be divided into two teams for this event. At the venue fans can enjoy a food concession, BBQ and unlimited Derby entertainment. Derby merchandise will also be available. For a full Derby experience, take advantage of our floor “Suicide” seating. We suggest all children and woman who are expecting to sit in the bleachers. If you’ve got an itch to skate after you’ve seen us, then stick around for our Roller Disco Night.

THE LOCAL SEEKER (August 10 - pg. 12)

As a relatively new sport following it’s resurgence in the 1990’s, Roller Derby has evolved from season to season becoming more competitive and athletic as its skaters further hone their strategies. Roller Derby has experienced a nation-wide explosion in the past few years, and now has found its way to the Cornwall area.

The SRDG/PD were founded in August, 2011 with four girls with a vision and intention of bringing Derby to our community. The team has grown into 22 members and is still flourishing. The league is comprised of fearless, strong, intelligent women athletes who crave and share a common interest of growth and physical strength through this sport. Next year we hope to have enough members to have both a home and a travelling team. We’ve worked with trainers from Montreal, Ottawa and British Columbia and have our own personal team trainer, Jeff Brown “WhiteSnake”. We are always growing and continue to nurture our inner athlete & derby skills. We are members of the Canadian Women’s Roller Derby Association and practise under a strict set of rules.

Roller Derby is a full contact, aggressive, competitive sport conducted on four-wheeled skates. Trips, grabs, elbows, head butts and fist-fighting are all illegal. Shoulder, hip checks and body blocks are totally legit, but still no one is invincible to injury, bumps and bruises.

The SRDG/PD are bringing its first flat track action to the area this summer with several events that we would like to share with the public. Come and be a part of our Roller Derby Game/Scrimmage, followed by a BBQ. Come out and watch us play then have the chance to skate with your favourite Derby Girl at our Roller Disco Night. New recruits, or as we Derby Sisters like to refer to new skaters, “Fresh Meat” are welcomed. We are always looking to expand our roster. Women of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to join. Interested? Just contact our Recruiting Co-ordinator, Amy Brown. We are a non profit league run by our members for our members. Without help from our sponsors we wouldn’t have come this far.

***Roller Disco Night*** Date: Saturday August 11, 2012 Time: 7-10 pm Where: Long Sault Arena Tickets: Available through our Derby Girls or at the door. Come be a part and help support our 2nd Roller Disco Fundraiser and keep the fun rolling. This event is open to the public and is a family friendly event. Retro quad skates will be available to rent, for an additional fee. People are encouraged to bring their own quad or inline skates from home, since supply will be limited. Family packages will also make this evening more affordable for all. For health and safety reasons, it is strongly recommended for everyone to wear safety gear when skating. *** We are also looking for skating venues in the Fall and are always looking for volunteers.***

If you would like to become a sponsor of our upcoming events, please contact us at We need sponsorship and offer sponsor packages as low as $50.


Hedges or yl Ta ra nd Sa by S ER EK SE T AR

SEEKING THE ARTS . SEEKING THE ARTS Excuse me, I don’t need a Workshop!! On my list of 10 Rules or advice if you l prefer, there are two rules that dea r you ing with the subject of practic art: Rule No. 7 – Challenge yourself and you will grow e Rule No. 8 – Creativity needs exercis


& present the 2012

Monday October 15, 2012 at 6:00 p.m.

land, athletes from all While I write this column over in Eng the title of the best in over the world are competing for last 4 years since the the world. They spend, not just the preparing themselves last Olympics, but their entire lives n their Coach called for competition. Just imagine if whe y were showing up to them up and asked them when the I am already as good train they said “I don’t need to train, or call 1-866-283-7583 happen because with as I will get”. Well, it just wouldn’t • Sweet Creations Mix 96.1 • Mai-Liis FALL SPONSORS ARE: e the cut. Why? The SPONSORS INCLUDE: that attitude they wouldn’t mak Specialty Chocolates PartyLite Cathy Demars Art & Technique Hairstyling Academy king The Graphic Designer • Elegante Wedding wor re that are reason is there are hundreds out the Jewellers Pommier • Strathmore Winery Bridal's Dream • Mary Kay – Roslyn Abrams Decorations nt t, never for a mome Ramada Hotel &&Conference Centre Charmic LimosCivic & Tours • Art & Technique • Charmic Limos Tours daily at beating their personal bes • Cornwall Complex what they do; they Sunlife Financial: Cornwall CivicMen’s Complex • Hairstyling Academy • Memories Video Photos • Richard Wear being satisfied with being good at Scott Beck and Peter Dugdale -Advisors Living Elegante Wedding Decorations • Uppercase • Ramada Inn & • Herbal Magic t. bes want to be the The Local Seeker MagicFinancial Herbal Debbie Holmes Conference Centre • SunLife Invitations Complete by Mai-Liis • Thomas Cook - Algonquin Travel average Artist if they So why is it then when you ask the Wedding Showcakes Johnny "B" Good Disc Jockey S their discipline they STAY TUNED - MORE SPONSORS ARE JOINING US ...... Laura's Flowers & Fine Gifts take workshops to learn to perfect A extra nose on your Memories Video Photos look at you like you just grew an m? the e “Tak e ons resp y the rd hea n forehead? I have eve GRAND PRIZE Vacation Getaway supplied by so why would I be I am good enough to give them Thomas Cook - Algonquin Travel is they are too expensive or I taking them?” Another reply I get this at nge cha I , why would am fine with the way I paint now rkshops are for beginners”. I “Wo is ly point. The most stupid rep that you know everything you need call this stupid because if you believe perhaps you are not stupid but you to know to be the best you can be may be delusional. to take several workshops a year not Every artist of every discipline needs t r craft but to keep current with wha just to learn new approaches to you from rkshops tend to attract artists is happening in the world of art. Wo even Countries. This becomes an many different venues, areas and about their corner of the world with opportunity to share information kshops that are out of your area or you and you with them. Look at wor en d to new ideas and approaches. Wh Country in order to become expose ble to work with what will be marketa we are in a certain region we tend you e zon fort com r expand out of you to that area. If you are looking to what is not in the target area you are need to know what is working and t area would be the per fect first going for and a workshop in tha approach. ive that is why you need to find the Sometimes workshops can be expens llenges. If you are a landscape artist, ones that will give you some new cha are a classical musician, take a rock take a figure painting workshop; if you king at make sure you are going for n roll workshop. Whatever you are loo d at or feel you could improve in this something that you are not very goo or t artist in the workshop. Believe it will ensure that you are Not the bes ity will stimulate a latent behavior not seeing art that exceeds your abil g, not competing you are not growin called “Competitiveness”. If you are cing bra em on ak t week I will spe some of you may not agree so nex r only good thing but necessary to you competition and seeing it as a not career. workshops that you could possibly For now take some time and look up a group going of like minded artists take, make a vacation out of it, get ney you ever spent. and have fun. It will be the best mo Sandra Taylor Hedges, Fine Artist, Art Teacher and Past President of Focus Cat Scratches - Studio Blog

THE LOCAL SEEKER (August 10 - pg. 13) FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-362-2354

BUof the most satisfying things D AN D 'S BR EA tr y BR EN DAGro one is es tabl vege own r you wing

r family. Our youngest you can ever do for yourself and you grew a lovely vegetable daughter Jen and her husband Bobby y are understanding what garden for the first time this year. The your very own out in to your backyard and picking I meant when I said that just going the compost ever! I grow all my garden using only ing feel best the is er supp for es tabl vege dwork weeding. Gardening is I allow to sit for a year and hard han great exercise! mbers and made my first This past week I picked some of my cucu from my longtime friend, batch of pickles of the year. This recipe ad and Butter Pickles. It Brenda Forrest, is my favourite for Bre They are just SO GOOD! only takes an afternoon to complete. ml. will make 7 to 8 pints. (A pint is a 500 You will love them as well! The recipe Pantry. We also rse pickling salt at my store, Sharyn's jar.) Note, we sell all the spices and coa carry the cheesecloth. follow the single 2 single recipes in 2 separate pots. You If you want to double the recipe, I do cooking time the as told me to never double a recipe recipe in each pot. My Mum always would not be as good. would be different and the end result

812 Pitt Street, Unit 6 613-936-1998


, slender ly sliced, skin left on I like to use long 4 quarts (16 cups) cucumbers, very thin cucumbers with great results. cucumbers. This year I used English very thinly 6 medium onions, peeled and sliced 1- 1/2 tsp. ground turmeric 1/3 cup coarse pickling salt 1 tsp. whole celery seed 3 trays of ice cubes 1- 1/2 tsp. yellow mustard seed 3 cups white vinegar 1/4 cup mixed whole pickling spice ar sug te whi s cup 5 (Tie this in a cheesecloth bag.)


b y S h a r y n Th o m p s o n



I aim for h and slice them as thin as possible. -First, scrub the cucumbers with a brus the onions. about 1/15 of an inch. Do the same for the of sliced cucumbers and onions with rs -Use a roasting pan and alternate laye coarse pickling salt and the ice cubes. hours. -Allow this to sit, undisturbed for 3 and drain well, r nde cola -Then place them in a large any ice cubes g pressing out any liquid and removin which may still be there. large potful of -Sterilize you mason jars either in a rinsing your mason boiling water OR after washing and kie tray in a 250 jars, place them right-side-up on a coo . Keep the jars degree F. oven for at least 15 minutes warm. gar, sugar, -In a saucepan, bring to a boil: the vine Tie the whole . seed turmeric, celery seed and mustard loth and add esec pickling spice in several layers of che ar mixture in the this bundle into the vinegar and sug Cornwall Dog Park Association - CDPA spice is tied up saucepan. Note that only the pickling Presents loose in the in cheesecloth. All the other spices are 2nd Annual Pet Idol! -- Woofest 2012 store, Sharyn's Pantry.) saucepan. (We sell cheesecloth at my ers umb cuc ed slic d aine l-dr wel the Saturday Oct 6th, 2012 -In a very large pot, place ns. and onio solution over the sliced Calling all dogs! -Pour the boiling vinegar and sugar ns. cucumbers and onio Do you have talent? n as the vegetables begin to -Bring this back to a boil and as soo Do you have charisma? are done. I find that this turn a yellowy green in colour, they Do you have confidence? takes 10 to 15 minutes. Stir constantly. jar on Can you entertain? mas r you k, place -As the pickles are beginning to coo 5 for them gently snap lids in a pot of hot water and boil lid. Boil the rings along the on minutes to soften the rubber ring Ask your owner to enter you in our canine with them. r pou ), too! e talent show! thes sell -Using a handy canning jar funnel (We Fill . jars on ilized mas Win prizes along with community recognition that the hot pickle mixture into the hot, ster jar. the of top you are Cornwall’s Top Dog! each jar to within 1/2" from the d jar and apply fille each of rim the e wip h, clot p dam -Using a WANT SOME HELP TO GET READY? Twist to seal tightly. the boiled snap lid and ring to each jar. Pawsitively Fit – will be hosting free has jar ck that each -Allow to cool on you counter top. Che that talent training workshops just for you. ing to show you sealed tightly, with the snap lid depress a in les pick r you e Contact us at Stor each jar is tightly and safely sealed. for p kee will they and Hurry and enter soon cool, dark place. I use my cold storage ! JOY EN ly. as spaces are limited! at least 2 years nice


THE LOCAL SEEKER (August 10 - pg. 14) FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-362-2354

ley roadS IG N S by Betty Hea


One of the things I admire about the Local Seeker and one of the reasons I write for the paper is that the focus is on Positive News. It has long there would be a been a dream of mine that one day all you can find newspaper, TV or radio station where world. You will is the things that are right with the t media as mos of s notice that this is not the focu g until gin dig n finding the negative and the ferred pre the whatever the wound is bleeds, is H! approach to the news. Honestly – YUC and in case you Is it truth? Hardly! It is perception ity – it is simply have forgotten, perception is not real the situation. the reality of whoever is reporting on events unfold. We all have a ‘different take’ on how on we believe And yet, for some indescribable reas that what is t ges what we read. It’s not to sug each of us to reported is wrong, it is simply wise for ernment and read and watch with a level of disc ctly as it is understanding that all is not exa portrayed to be. same principle applies Back to celebrating positive news, the tend to remember the to your life. At the end of the day, you er than enumerating all things that went wrong in a day rath ally begin form the the things that went right. If you actu good things, then all moment you arose and recorded all the over that the good far the ‘bad’, you would probably disc in his book Buddha’s outweighs the bad. As Rick Hansen to stick to us like Velcro Brain wrote, negative thoughts tend they simply side on by. whereas positive ones are like Teflon,

Stressed out.. tired.. need to relax?

Business Directory Ad

1515 Pitt St. Cornwall, ON is the place to be and Julie Collin RMT is the person to see! Call her today at 613-932-6100 TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT!

1 Time for $29 7 Times for $99 10 Times for $149

10 times includes a mini profile of 300 words or less YOUR BUSINESS CARD WILL BE PLACED AS IS. Take advantage of our



FOR MORE DETAILS CALL 613-935-3763 (Julia) 613-932-1875 (Mai-Liis) 613-935-3763 (Jenna)

into your life and It takes focus to bring the positive is not inherently a ld consciousness to make it stick. The wor ed that on any given bad place and I am completely convinc happen are like a day in the world, the bad things that paper. All the white small black dot on a white sheet of kindness, good deeds space is filled with the many acts of go, for the most part, and amazing acts of humanity that get to choose what unnoticed and under reported. simists, our glasses held empty. You pes ome bec we ise erw Oth s. new ired and fed a diet of positive view on TV or the As human beings we need to be insp e with, what you read and what you tim r you nd spe you who , with s and begin you fill your day will attract only stories that inspire you you that n ntio inte an Set ! diet ia internet. Consider a med ld that influence your days, es you feel less than joyful. How wou to turn away from anything that mak n you feel better your energy even influence your relationships? Whe s hap per and ss pine hap r you act imp are. e a different experience of who you field shifts and others around you hav Tuesday, August 28th or you, our readers to join us either te invi we s, new itive pos of g will be filming the Speakin ty and well-being. On these days we itivi pos of day a for h 29t ust Aug , gram filmed by TV Wednesday Do you want to select the . This is the third season of the pro ney Syd on rch Chu the at w it Sho Spir indy-M Bod roadSIGNS TV the g udin services important to you and ber of guests speaking on topics incl ple flourish. The Cogeco and we will be featuring a num peo s help t wha ing and erst your family and have money left und – itive Psychology so if you are s ber connection as well as themes from Pos mem e ienc aud for le ilab ava over? We will match the price m! We have 25 spots Seeker Chicks are part of the progra us know. You do need to reserve a let l, sou r you feed will t tha day a of any funeral home in Ontario interested and want to join in for ne at 613-874-9934. pho or IGN adS @ro info at plus give you a further discount us spot so e-mail your in is t wha f, rsel you ask and ry nto of 20% of the difference. e every day. Take a little inve Life is a series of choices you get to mak s do you have that build you ship tion rela t Wha ? way itive pos a it in GUARANTEED* life today that feeds your soul and spir your life? in ia med the g rdin rega e mak you up? What choices do rself, about life and about gs that make you feel good about you thin se tho for h reac to you age our I enc all, you and I, focused focus on expands. Imagine that if we you t wha that er emb Rem in. live you the world ht happen. on what is right in the world, what mig


Abundantly Yours, Betty T Playbook, is speaker. Her new book, The ME FIRS iring insp and or auth ning win rd awa Betty Healey is an SIGNS website. Join Betty and Gift Shop or by ordering from the road now available in Cornwall at Laura’s roadSIGNS Show featured Church on Sydney, for a taping of the Jim Healey August 28th or 29th, at the rmation regarding Betty’s contact For info t spo a rve rese To . eco Cog TV on er, contact Betty at scribe to her monthly e-newslett sub to or eats retr ng omi upc and coaching site at or visit her web

428 Second Street East, Cornwall 613-932-6300 email:

THE LOCAL SEEKER (August 10 - pg. 15) FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 613-362-2354

evelle Border Patrol with Craig R


A weekly look at racing from both sides of the 1000 Islands

The 2nd race of Canadian Natio nals postponed to Sunday, August 19th!

by Martin Bélanger A decision was taken regarding the reschedule of the 2nd rac e of the Canadian Nationals. This event will be held on Sunday, August 19th. The Modifieds will run a 100-lap feature replacing the regular 30lap race, the Sportsman, Pro-Stock and Mini-Stock will have a com plete race program as the SpeedSTR will be in town for their annual event. The Semi-Pro class will have the night off. The decision was tak en along with RPM Speedway as they have 2-day event next wee kend and Cornwall Motor Speedway did not want to interfere with the se races. Do not forget next Sunday, Aug ust 12th as the Pro-Stock and Semi-Pro will have double features due to cancellation on July 15th, a complete program will be presented for all five divisions on Cayer Mo tor Sales Night.

My busy racing schedule continued this past weekend with the usual events at Brockville Speedway on Wednesday night with some Kart t’s events at Mohawk racing action, followed by Friday nigh e Speedway for their Raceway, Saturday night at Brockvill ts night for all classes. double laps, double purse, double poin edway for a 100 lap On Sunday, it was Cornwall Motor Spe Canadian Nationals Series race. a lot of fun, and even The Kart racing on Wednesday’s are e involved with my more so now that I have become mor Box Stock winner, Evan nephew racing. Tristan Best was the With only 4 events left countin ntosh’s unbeaten streak g toward the championship poi Reynolds put a stop to Mathew McI nts, the bat tles on the track will be heated Jr. the was ell Ridd in Gav , sion divi 1 in each category. With 5 drivers for 2012 in the Rookie still in the cha nd se in the Modifieds as Chris Raabe on getting his seco and Joel Doiron are Sportsman 1 winner with Johnson Wils cur ren tly tied for the lead, we will probably son and Alex Blasko have to wait until the last win a row in Jr. Sportsman 2. Jesse Hud show to determine the 2012 cha s sion divi k Stoc mp and d ion . ricte The Rest scenario is similar in Jr. the in ors took top hon Sportsman as only 1 point sep arates the top 2 between Chris Herbison and Dan Jalbert. In Pro-Stock, respectively. Joey Ladouceur as a comfortab l le lead in iona rnat fro Inte nt as awk Ben Moh oit Dubois only has a 16-point On Friday night, I was back at edge over Andrew Giroux in s, ified Sem Mod i-Pr the o and ure a battle to the end in Mini-Stock Raceway for their regular show feat between Mathieu Aubin and Martin Bernard with only Dunn Billy . dits Ban and s Lite Mod 8 points between them. ks, Sportsman, Pro Stoc with his fifth win of For more information on the continued his domination 2012 season upcoming events at the speedw the point lead with ay, you can visit the website at www.c the season. The win also puts him into ornwallspeedway or join us on e Morin finished Gag on. Facebook seas the in at ng ww aini w.f rem ace th boo k/cornwallmotorspeedway for less then a mon useful information and completed ngs Billi t Mat and rien O’B ny fun Dan e, con tests! second, Carey Terranc in the Sportsman division with the top five. It was a first time winner r Dana Aikins, Dylan Evoy, Wyatt Mike Arquiett picking up the win ove es in Pro Stocks, Bryan Green in Mullin and Nolan Swamp. Dion Oak also shared Mohawk Raceway Mod Lites and Mathieu Aubin in Bandits victory lane. e Speedway on Saturday night It was a huge night of racing at Brockvill event with double laps, double at the track hosted a “Triple Double” . Current Modified points leader purse and double points on the line battle for the championship with Dale Planck extended his lead in the Herrington and Kyle Dingwall. a win over Pat O’Brien, Lee Gill, Bobby nded his point lead as Chris The Sportsman point leader also exte n event over Dylan Evoy, Steve Herbison picked up the 50 lap mai ica Power. Derek Cryderman Barber, Bruce Mak inson and Jess g to the BOS with a brand new car continues to dominate since returnin up another feature win. Quincy in the Street Stock division, picking the rookie division and Steve Roberts made it two in a row in of Paul Billings in the Vintage Arbuthnot finished just inches ahead class in a photo finish. n Nationals Series event at Sunday night was a 100 lap Canadia a full racing program. The Cornwall Motor Speedway along with day, but after an early morning forecast called for rain most of the t of the day. As the pits began to thunderstorm, it remained dry for mos skies once again opened up and fill up, and race time approaching the celled. the racing events at Cornwall were can BOS on Wednesday night for This coming week I will be back at the eway closed this coming Friday some Kart racing, and with Mohawk Rac Am to race on Friday night. On night, I am going to take the Kart to Can Speedway and on to Cornwall Saturday I will be back at Brockville they host double features for the Motor Speedway on Sunday night as rained out a couple weeks earlier Pro Stocks and Semi Pro after getting before their features. always follow along at home If you can’t make it to the track, you can track. Follow Finish Line Web with my live raceday reports from the Facebook at Design on Twitter @finishlineweb17, website, my at or the track in just another week. I look forward to seeing everyone at kly column. As always, any I hope you continue to enjoy my wee t to comments or suggestions can be sen

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Wilson Pipers Point with Rodney


A day at the ball park the early Growing up as a Toronto Blue Jays fan in erhouse; pow a 1990’s was a treat. The Jays were titles in they won back-to-back World Series ar, Kelly 1992-93. I loved watching Roberto Alom ome. Gruber and Joe Carter play ball at the Skyd winning Nowadays though, I’ve realized that ball – base to es isn’t everything when it com en’t hav Jays mainly because the made the playoffs since 1993. But the real reason: it’s just a thrill for me to be able to take my 6daughter, year-old ar-old 3-ye and Isabella ball the to ary son, Zach park. We had the opportunity to travel to Toronto recently and enjoy an afternoon of ball as a part of Junior Jays Saturdays.

Seeker’s Roving Reporter Jason Setnyk was also in Toronto on vacation and has these great photos for us.

Villanueva and Blue Jays bullpen shut-out the Indians

Article and Photos by Jason Setnyk

Toronto Ontario - July 15th 2012 - The Toronto Blue Jays were one game above 500 with a 3-0 win over the Cleveland Indians at the Rogers Centre on Sunday, July 15th. It was rainy and gloomy in downtown Toronto, but the Blue Jays bullpen was shining. Righthander Carlos Villanueva threw six scoreless frames, and the injury-plagued Jays bullpen managed to complete the shut-out that Sunday afternoon.

Before we even set foot in the park, there were plenty of activities for children outside the stadium. My kids met and highfived the mascots, Ace and Junior. If that wasn’t enough of a thrill, they got free ice cream, tattoos and before balloons jumping around on the bounce houses. And then it was time to America’s enjoy ime, and past favourite what’s a ball game without some snacks! Once the bellies were full, there were plenty game: the kids got dresses up in Jays more activities for the kids during the ers were stations set up throughout the Rog uniforms and took a few pictures. There Centre for children to keep busy. ce light, any excuse to get up and sing/dan The seventh-innings stretch was a high e home runs and were victorious on this for my children will due. The Jays hit thre score. fans. But the kids didn’t care about the afternoon in front of more than 40,000 rdays, e. After the game, on Junior Jays Satu And the biggest thrill was still to com to run the bases. children under the age of 14 are allowed ding and next thing you know we were roun We made our way down to field level in run e hom ning hitting his World Series win the bases just like Joe Carter did after l ona pers my (for his safety, not at all for 1993. I accompanied my little guy … us of with my daughter, who ran ahead enjoyment!) but we couldn’t keep up without a care in the world. past first, second, third and then home CN field, enjoyed the amazing view of the We took a few more pictures on the in front of the Blue Jays dugout. Tower and hung out for a few minutes Series since the Jays first brought the World It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years a rnoon, all that mattered to me was that title north of the border. But on this afte . ime lifet a last will creating memories that new generation of baseball fans were goes or Jays Saturdays at the Rogers Centre BLUE JAYS ALL THE WAY: The next Juni halfget dren Chil . ts the New York Yankees this weekend, Aug. 11 when Toronto hos l sections. price tickets in certain 200 and 500 leve on Twitter: @piperspoints Follow me

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The Kinsmen Cornwall Lift-Off Board of Directors would like to extend a heart-felt thank you to all of those that took part in the 16th edition of the Balloon festival. The vision was and continues to be to have Hot Air Balloons fill the sky over the weekend while entertaining SD&G residents and tourists alike. The 2012 brought a record year for our balloons as all 6 flights went up from Lamoureux Park! We also saw a diverse crowd enjoy some top Canadian musical acts including Burton Cummings and Marianas Trench! Many others enjoyed the daily activities in all areas of the park. Stay tuned for next year’s event scheduled for July 11-14th, 2013 and please take the time to recognize the 2012 sponsors.

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