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June 1, 2012





A few lakeview lots are still available for 2012 Season. Other lots available. Lakeview Lots with trailers for sale. Call 613-931-1516 for information

Year after year, Cornwall based just keeps growing. In 2010 they had 54 riders (including Mayor Bob Kilger along for the ride). Last year, they almost doubled to 105 riders in Cornwall as well as a ride in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto and collected & nearly $25,000 in combined rides collected that went toward brain tumour research . This year the Cornwall ride is again taking place Saturday, June 16th from 9-4pm (with Sunday as a rain day) in the parking lot of Earthway Family Chiropractic at 812 Pitt street (next to Wilson's funeral home). A pancake breakfast will be offered from 9-11 (courtesy of the Kinsmen club of Cornwall) and an afternoon post ride BBQ from 2-4pm & is open to all members of the public. In addition, Dr. Paul Poirier (the fundraiser's founder) has convinced his favorite French Canadian rock singer, "Marjo" to afiliate herself to the cause as well. She'll thus be riding with him this year. She will also be present for the pre-ride fundraiser supper at Au Vieux Duluth on Wednesday June 13th from 5-9 pm open to one and all and moneys collected all day and night will be given to the M o n t r e a l Neurological Institute's research department. A special menu will be offered from 11 am to 9 pm and the event will be CO-MC'd by Dr. Poirier and his worship, Mayor Bob Kilger. Dr. Poirier's brain surgeon, Dr. Petrecca will come down from McGill University and be on hand from 7pm onward. The public is thus invited to join in anytime from 11 am to 9 pm on Wednesday June 13th and so a motorcycle is thus NOT a requirement to get involved with this important cause. The fundraiser this year is honoring a local child, Devon Payette, who's undergone 3 brain surgeries and he'll be in attendance at both the supper and ride. Also note that a brain cancer documentary film, titled "The Test of a Man" ( is being made and partly filmed at the Montreal Neuro highlighting that there IS life beyond getting diagnosed with cancer! The documentary is being filmed bilingual simultaneously and is narrated in French by "Marjo" and in English by Ian "Jethro Tull" Anderson.

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n us o and e k k i L boo s on e c u Fa ow l l o F tter Twi sit i or v cal lo the k see

THE GRIND, is open... Go grab a cup!


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FIND US AT ge Value Villa s (East) Food Basic le) s (Brookda Food Basic Metro Farm Boy ry ublic Libra  P ll a w n r o C Giant Tigre dware Home Har chews) all (pick n’  M t  r u o tc s es Ea akfast plac e r  b e h  t ll and a

DEADLINE  to buy your tickets for the SEEKERS CHOICE  AWARDS at $40, June 1st. Price goes up to $45 thereafter.

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Mother Daughter Night raises $9678.00

The Local Seekers

Despite the disappointment of low attendance, and the  fact that the funds collected was not enough to cover the expenses, everyone who attended or participated did enjoy the show. On the 27th of May 2012, and for the first time in Cornwall, Ontario a multicultural event rocked Murphy's Inn Banquet hall from 3-9PM with a taste of memorable live performances by different groups of true talented/ professional people. All came from different cities just to entertain Cornwall from the heart. But unfortunately, Cornwall residents weren't there to properly welcome them, and show any appreciation, except for a few who came and had an amazing time. Lebanese, Syrian, and Tunisian Performers with different background, and culture filled the venue with unforgettable music, and strong yet beautiful voices. such as; Bassem Aho, Robert Maalouf, Issam Haddad, Phyras Haddad, Haykel El Hassni. Canadian artists also participated , and gave an awesome performances such as FireCrow, The Way, and Montreal's own Francine Lima including the hometown DJ Phatty Poirier and a special number by Steven Forrest (actor/female impersonator). The event was hosted in three languages by Mr. Victor Diab, a news anchor at CHOU 14.50AM, and every one's favorite ring announcer Wayne Trenchard. 3Angels Power Film Production INC did everything possible to make each one of them feel welcomed, and enough appreciated for their donated time, and performances. As a caring resident in Cornwall, and a film production company we hope for more support, and care next time around. We feel rather disappointed by the unexpected low attendance knowing the fact that the event was well advertised. 3Angels' main sincere intention is to belong, get along, and make a difference creating a possible better tomorrow. In the same time, give a chance for people to shine, and be a part of our creative journey. Therefore, Cornwall, this is still an open invitation to all local business owners, individuals, and anyone who might have an interest in supporting or taking part in a local project. We are standing with open arms, waiting for every support possibly given by potential sponsors, contributors or investors to set Franceska Finger NailZ movie production into motion. We know that with your contributions, and support Franceska will come to life! Remember, the process of helping 3Angels will open many doors for others. Help us reach our goal for we never give up or give in. 3Angels will keep on trying to make a difference. Hopefully we will have better luck, more support, attendance and encouragement from Cornwall's residents, and business owners at our next fundraiser. For more on Franceska, please visit or simply contact

GET IN THE LOUPE! Become a Local Seeker! Our community begins with YOU YOUR community newspaper does too! Becoming a "Local Seeker" gets you partnering with your local community in ways never imagined before.

It's everyones chance to get in focus! Reach out! Get in the LOUPE!

The "Mother Daughter Night" that was held on May 3rd was a huge success this year. The event, a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society for Breast Cancer Research, managed to raise $9678.00. Money was raised by means of a silent auction, signature drink, men giving massages, purchase of a secret box along with partnering with Scotiabank. Included in the pictures are Kirk Tallman and Rob Lefevbre raising money selling boxes, Robert Martin from Flowers Cornwall and Carolyn Bourassa at her booth.

Thank you to everybody who contributed or donated to make this event a success!

For individuals only - NOT open to businesses.

Call for details: 613-935-3763

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1 Avoid (6) 1 Law enforcement 2 Employees (9) assistants (8) 3 Not those (5) 5 Evaluate (6) 4 Something very ugly (7) 9 Dimmed (8) 6 Swordsman (9) 10 Coiffure (6) 7 Enlist (5) 12 Draw out (5) 8 Financial supporters (8) 13 Hindrances (9) 11 Utilizer (4) 14 Main course (6) 15 Atoning (9) 16 Savior (7) 17 Fazed (9) 19 When the moon blocks 18 Revolted (8) all sunlight (7) 20 Beige (4) 21 Expel (6) 21 Excavator (7) 23 Bizarre (9) 22 Found on most pencils 25 Forest god (5) (6) 26 An introductory section 24 Assertion (5) to a story (2 words) (6) 25 The mountain of the Ten 27 Found on roofs (8) Commandments (5) 28 Harm to property (6) 29 Baffle (8)

Solution next week

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HEADING For HAPPY with Sara Murphy

Fun with words

Dating….with cancer Young adult cancer survivors have to think about things that their peers never have to consider. We contemplate death. We worry about how we will manage with our new post-cancer bodies. If we have children, we worry about how they are dealing with the effects of mom or dad’s illness, and how they will cope if we don’t make it. If we have a spouse, we are concerned for them. We stress about college (I was in my second year when I received my second diagnosis), the security of our fledgling careers, pensions, wills, hefty mortgages and growing medical expenses. We think about love and dating. Surprising? So, why would someone with cancer even think about dating, you might be thinking. Why not hide under the covers and come out in a few years when you are cancer-free? Don’t say that to the ONE MILLION young adult cancer survivors between the ages of 15 and 39, whose reality is that we are living longer and healthier WITH cancer. One of my doctors described my type of cancer as being comparable to living with coronary heart disease. He said, “You will survive this. You will have to come in all the time for tests, take medication, and we will monitor you. You may need several more surgeries throughout your life. It will be a real pain, but this cancer is NOT going to kill you.” Throughout the four years I dealt with cancer, just like many of my fellow young adult survivors, I thrived. I graduated college. I worked. I recorded a CD. I raised my daughter. I went camping. I traveled and dined out. I danced the night away. When I had the energy- I ran, walked or biked. And….I dated.

Dating is very complicated for the young adult cancer survivor. A new relationship that has not developed its roots is often not resilient to the ups and downs of treatment. Even the strongest long-term relationships are tested significantly by cancer. For the young adult survivor, dating someone new can be very frightening. When do I tell this new person that I have or have had cancer? Will they just assume that I am terminal and walk away? How do I explain the medical complications that I am left with? It’s so embarrassing. With today’s survival rates, should cancer be a relationship deal-breaker? The 70,000 young adults who are newly-diagnosed this year will have a lot on their minds. Love and dating included. Guaranteed. Education and awareness are the driving forces behind the young adult cancer survivors’ movement. Please feel free to visit the following sites to learn more about the issues facing young adults affected by cancer. Sara Murphy is a freelance journalist, musician, cancer survivor, community cheerleader and mom. To reach Sara for questions or comments, email You can also visit her websites at or



Rock the Vote sponsors rock! I would like to thank the sponsors of Rock the Vote 2012 – The Local Seeker,, Mix 96.1, and 101.5 Fox FM. Cornwall's Rock the Vote is Saturday, June 16th at the Church on Sydney in beautiful downtown Cornwall. This free all-ages event runs from 1pm to 10pm, and features 17 acoustic sets, great guest speakers, plus an art show and an author's corner. This is going to be one of the best arts and culture events of the year, and it promotes voting and volunteering in the community!

Cornwall Farmers' Market Launch! Saturday, June 2nd is the grand opening of the Cornwall Farmers' Market at George Assaly Lane (off of Pitt Street) between Second Street and Third Street. The market will be open each Saturday from 8am to 12pm. People will be able to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, gourmet foods, meat, flowers, crafts, and more!

Latest Polls give me hope, love, and optimism!  According to the National Post, a new Forum Research Inc survey says the NDP gains are continuously increasing. If an election were held today, the NDP would be expected to win a minority government with 138 seats ahead of the Conservatives. NDP leader Tom Mulcair also ranks first amongst national party leaders with a 41% positive rating, pulling him ahead of Steven Harper. SDSG MP Guy Lauzon was quoted in the Standard Freeholder as saying “I think he’s a formidable opponent,” of Thomas Mulcair, “I think he is going to do well by them.” I know an election is years away, and a lot can change, but I am optimistic about the future!

Hockey Talk!  The New Jersey Devils surprised many by making it to the Stanley Cup finals this year. Goalie Martin Brodeur showed all the naysayers he still has something left in the tank. So now New Jersey will face off against the Los Angeles Kings. The last time the Kings were in the Finals was in 1993 against the Montreal Canadians. Marty McSorley - who was in Cornwall this past December playing an old-timers NHL game - will never forget the stick incident. Gretzky and the Kings won Game 1 in Montreal, and were poised to win Game 2. Up by a goal late in the game, Habs coach Jacques Demers asked for a stick measurement on McSorley. The Kings enforcer was guilty of using a stick with an illegal curve, and the Habs went on the power play. They tied the game late, and eventually won it in overtime. Montreal would win four straight (and sixteen of their last eighteen matches during that playoff run) to take their 24th Stanley Cup – amazingly winning ten of those games in overtime. This is Los Angeles’ first appearance in the Finals in nineteen years, and nineteen years ago was the last time a Canadian team won a Stanley Cup - despite the fact that every team who has won the cup since has had many Canadian-born star players on their respective franchises.

My name is Jason Setnyk and these are my coffee grinds. Jason Setnyk is a school teacher, journalist, author, photographer, arts and culture promoter, and a community volunteer. Follow Jason Setnyk on Twitter:

kriscrossroads by Kris Ward

by Jason Setnyk

Rock the Vote sponsors rock!

Just Friends When a relationship ends, it is easy to forget what the foundation was in the first place, and the situation can turn ugly really fast. Feelings of resentment, abandonment, anger, pain and a myriad of other emotions can swirl about. Sometimes once you are pulled from the emotional wreckage and time has passed, a long lasting friendship may emerge. Can you be just friends with an ex? Some say no, it is too hard and you can’t move on if you try. Others do believe you can, especially if your relationship was built on friendship. It isn’t easy but it can happen. Lines and boundaries must be established and not crossed. As with anything, if it is worth the effort, then you will make it.

Last Saturday was a real test for me in regards to this matter. After several months away, my ex-husband came to visit my son. Brad is leaving for college in September, and so I reminded my ex-husband that time is going very quickly and our little boy has grown up. It also means that he will no longer see me, except on special occasions. We had a very tumultuous time over the years. I worked hard to maintain a friendship with him. It wasn’t easy, but for the sake of my son, and for both of us too, it was important to not argue and maintain a good relationship. I didn’t always embrace his new life and family, but with time, I was actually happy for him and his new wife. They are well-suited and I wish them well.

Later that same night, I was organizing my room while the IPod (set to shuffle) played in the background. The song “Cool” by Gwen Stefani came on, which is a song about staying friends with an ex and embracing their new lives. It made me smile, when I realize that is what is happening. As if on cue, the phone rang and I looked down to see the familiar number. It was my ex- boyfriend calling to see how I was; how Brad was; how work was going…etc. I resisted the friendship at first, but when I receive these occasional calls, I see that he is trying to keep the friendship. He was stellar throughout my job loss last summer, but once I started my new career, the relationship ended with no real reason for the break-up. After almost seven years of an on-again off-again relationship, it finally ended. A friend’s recent break-up left her reeling. She did not expect it to end so abruptly, and when it did, she was floored. It brought a lot of feelings back for me as there were similarities to my break-up last fall; hearing from him was timely. Ironically, some of our most profound conversations happened after our break-up. We give each other advice, we have some intense discussions over past matters and - with nothing to lose - I am blunt and honest. I think he is a little shocked at how much I have changed in the last eight months. For one thing, I have probably traveled more in the last while than I did the entire time we were together. Although I haven’t moved on with someone new, I have taken this time to determine what I really want. He asked me what I was looking for, so I told him. He laughed and said basically everything that I didn’t do, and that does sum it up. If we had communicated like this while we were a couple would we still be together? Maybe so, maybe not. I do know that if I ever do get involved in a relationship again, I can’t be afraid to say what is on my mind. Honest, blunt and sometimes difficult discussions are crucial. I have always been a little guilty of leaving the door open a bit. There is comfort in keeping a good connection with a past love. When I let someone get close to me, they have a place in my heart and my life forever. The dynamics change, but the residual feeling and an ability to still care about them still exists. No, I don’t see myself going out for an evening with him and his new girlfriend, but maybe someday I will thank him for letting me go so I can find the right one for me. It is a testament to both of us if we can keep our friendship, he reached out and I didn’t slam the door in his face, so to speak. If you leave a little space for someone you once held dear, a new friendship could emerge. So maybe being “just friends” isn’t something minor, because a real friendship withstands everything.

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This year I will be selling a variety of homemade organic goods ; organic hazelnut spread (Nutella), organic tomato salsa, energy bars, maple granola, organic z u c c h i n i brownies, organic banana muffins, organic zucchini muffins, banana muffin dry mix, and brownie dry mix. I will also be introducing gluten-free products; gluten-free bread dry mix and gluten / egg/ dairy / butter-free chocolate chip cookies dry mix. I will always have samples for you to try as well. I plan on having a weekly special organic treat for you to taste-test. I hope that my booth will be to your liking and that you will quickly become a regular and come by to say hi every week. Great way to start your week: with delicious organic treats.

I plan on doing some juicing once in a while and offering samples as well, this will encourage all of you to purchase fresh produce at the market on a weekly basis…or maybe even join our juicing challenge? Our first one starts June 2nd (over 35 participants so far) and will be very exciting! Ask me about it, you may just want to join in on the next one?! There will be weekly , great-tasting recipes at my booth to help you develop new tastes for a variety of summer produce that my fellow vendors will be so proud to sell to you week after week. I am really looking forward to living this experience and I strongly believe that it will be awesome!!! I look forward to meeting old and new clients! This will be the beginning of a great summer adventure, I can’t wait to get going and see how it will all unfold! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite Health Nut for the Seeker Choice Awards. Thanks!

New Season of the Cornwall Farmers’ Market

Naturally Delicious ... with the Health Nut

Hard to believe that the Seaway Valley Growers Farmers Market (The Brick parking lot) is starting Saturday, June 2nd, 7am to noon…rain or shine! It will be very exciting to see everyone wanting to better their lives by purchasing fresh local produce and homemade organic goods.

What better sign of great weather (and more to come) than the start of the Cornwall Farmers’ Market on Saturday, June 2nd! This will be the 4th season for the weekly not to be missed social event of Downtown Cornwall. Each Saturday morning from 8am to 12 (noon) (June to Thanksgiving weekend) residents will be able to purchase vegetables, fruit, baked goods, gourmet foods, meats, flowers and more! The market is located on George Assaly Lane (off Pitt St.) between 3rd and 2nd, “This is a great location since there is ample parking available” said Tony Lacroix, Market Manager. He added “This year we’re putting an emphasis on getting residents to come and enjoy the market and see what wonderful shops and services the downtown core has to offer” On June 2, Rachel’s Kids will be selling tickets for a chance to with the grand prize of a 2012 Toyota Corolla (provided in part by the support of Cornwall Toyota). Other prizes to be won include: a trip for two to Cuba, diamond ring, IPad2, just to name a few. For more information on Rachel’s Kids please visit their website , you’ll find the full list of prizes for this fundraiser. Tickets are only $50 each and will benefit the Pediatric Unit of the Cornwall Community Hospital and other projects for children. The new season of the Market will bring back special events such as performances, demonstrations and more. Check out the Market website for more details on these events and vendor list. Many vendors from previous season are returning to the Market (Langview Farms, Clarkburn Vegetables, Kd’s Kupboard, Artist Bradley Pennell, Buffalo Islandview Farms… (just to name a few). “We’re looking forward to seeing our customers from last year” said Debbie Burns from KD’s Kupboard who carries such local foodie fair from Glengarry Fine Cheese and Levac Aperies. Again this season, participants in the Summer Company program will be offered to set-up at the Market. “Offering such a unique exposure to the young entrepreneurs is priceless, it gives them the chance to really showcase their business” said Candy Pollard, Business Consultant with the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre.

In health…hope to see you at the market. Sylvie Thibert (The Health Nut) 613-931-3119

Pierre Milot, Ph.D. Information: Tel: 613.528.1725 Cell: 613.551.7433 e-mail:

THE LOCAL SEEKER (June 1 - pg. 7)


I am often asked “Will Yoga help me lose weight?” This is a tricky question, as there are two possible answers: yes and no. Yoga and taking care of oneself is a commitment, a discipline. And when people are attempting to lose weight, the very thing they are lacking is commitment and discipline. It is very easy to let our needs go unmet with our busy, hectic lives. But Yoga and weight loss require that you put yourself first. The benefits of Yoga can be felt after one visit, but to really reap the rewards of Yoga, you must practice weekly, and even daily. The Yoga poses allow your muscles to build as you use your weight as resistance. Also, the stretching in Yoga really benefits the functionality of your muscles, allowing them to move through their full range of motion. Yoga increases your skill of balance and works the core of the body. A well-rounded class will focus on all areas of the body so that after, you feel balanced and whole. When you commit to a regular practice of Yoga and you eat natural, whole foods - eliminating all processed foods - you are sure to lose weight, tone your body and feel fantastic. If you do not commit, you will not lose weight or experience any of the benefits.

Spirit Tree Yoga offers dozens of Yoga classes a week, so you can make that commitment to Yoga practice. We, along with The Health Nut, Sylvie Thibert, offer a number of health and food-related events and workshops so that you can educate yourself on how to eat and live better. The power of good health cannot be underestimated, however, few can say that they enjoy its benefits. Many of us are on the vicious treadmill of unhealthy eating. You see, it goes like this: you eat a fast-food meal; you feel bloated and lethargic therefore you don’t work out; not working out makes you feel even more tired and lethargic so you lie on the couch and watch TV while you eat more junk food. You gain weight and now you feel ugly and unhappy about your appearance so you eat more “comfort foods” to make yourself feel better, but it makes you feel bloated and lethargic...this continues on and on until you decide to jump off the treadmill!

What can you expect when you commit to eating better and exercising or doing yoga? You start on the path of truly healthy living. It looks something like this: first thing in the morning you drink two glasses of lemon water which start your digestion, increase your alertness and hydrate your body. You do your morning Yoga routine, which stretches all the muscles of your body and opens all your joints so now you walk more straight and feel no pain throughout your day. Your mind is calm and happy form the relaxation and meditation, so you smile more today and send positive feelings to all those around you. You eat a breakfast of homemade natural granola, some organic mixed berries and organic Greek yogurt. You feel satiated but not full, energized - not depleted. With this energy, you look forward to your day, enjoying lots of laughter with coworkers and experiencing a productive work period. Now which treadmill/path would you rather be on? I think the choice is pretty clear!

Visit Spirit Tree Yoga at www.spirittreeyoga .net for information on upcoming classes, events and workshops. Or feel free to call or email if you need more information on how to turn your life around and get off of life’s “Unhealthy Treadmill”. Join us this week on Saturday, June 2nd for our first Juicing Challenge. For $20, you can attend the exclusive screening of the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, and receive all kinds of information on juicing, detoxing and recipes. Come by the studio to purchase your ticket, and make that commitment to yourself to live a better life by eating well and practicing Yoga on a daily basis. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you for it!

MORTGAGE MATTERS with Derrick Cracknell

Yoga and Weight Loss

Getting a  Mortgage Pre-Approval If you are looking for a new home, be sure you are pre-approved. With a mortgage preapproval, a licensed mortgage professional can do a more complete verification prior to sending you shopping for a home. And with that done, the dollar figure you are going shopping with, is actually what you can spend. The mortgage professional that you work with to get pre-approved will let you know for certain what you can afford - based on lender and insurer criteria, and what your payments on a specific mortgage will be. Licensed mortgage professionals can lock-in an interest rate for you for anywhere from 60 – 120 days while you shop for your perfect home. By locking in an interest rate, you are guaranteed to get a mortgage for at least that rate or better. If interest rates drop, your locked-in rate will drop as well. However, if the interest rates go up, your locked-in interest rate will not, ensuring you get the best rate throughout the mortgage pre-approval process. In order to get pre-approved for a mortgage, a mortgage professional requires a short list of information that will allow them to determine your buying power. A mortgage professional will explain to you the benefits of shorter or longer mortgage terms; the latest programs available; which mortgage products they believe will most likely meet your needs the best; plus they will review all of the other costs involved with purchasing a home.

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is something every potential home-buyer should do before going shopping for a new home. A pre-approval will give you the confidence of knowing that financing is available, and it can put you in a very positive negotiation position against other home-buyers who aren’t pre-approved. Derrick Cracknell Mortgage Agent Lic #10001993 613-662-2377 Mortgage Man Dominion Lending Centres Brokerage #12254

Namaste, Lisa 613-938-1988


a collaborative workspace aimed at  providing freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs & independents the space and resources they need to grow their ideas.

"Be inspired. Meet at The Church on Sydney.”

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305 Main Street. S. Alexandria ON

613-362-8524 613-525-5298

THE LOCAL SEEKER (June 1 - pg. 8)

BUSINESS ADS: 613-935-3763

COMMUNITY EVENT SEEKER ...and who says nothing happens in Cornwall !!!


our weekly pages of events n’ more...

We are now CLOSED SUNDAYS until September 9, 2012. 45 Second Street E.

TEL: 613-932.4796


MONDAY, JUNE 4   LE LUNDI 4 JUIN Friends of the Cornwall Public Library Monthly Meeting 7:00 pm Program rooms 1 & 2




CAN’T REMEMBER where you put this or that ? Then let Marie Morrell

MARIE WILL conduct a FREE consultation to determine your organizing needs, and set up

BRIDGE CLUB Open to all interested  in friendly challenges 6:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m CHESS FOR ADULTS with Clifford Labre 6:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.

THURSDAY, JUNE 7  LE JEUDI 7 JUIN CORNWALL SCRABBLE CORNWALL WEEKLY FUN @ 1:30 TO 3:30 P.M. FREE TO EVERYONE appointments for organizing sessions. She understands the feelings of the out of control state that many people experience in today's hectic world: stress, guilt, embarrassment. Marie helps her clients overcome these feeling through friendly yet systematic and non-judgmental approach. You will soon be on your way to a more

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FRIDAY, JUNE 1 Strawberry Tours Begin Cannamore Orchard (Morewood) 613448-3633 June  1-4,  2012  Sheep  Shearing Weekend  Upper Canada Village (Morrisburg) 613-543-4328 or 1-800-4372233 Waiting Mr. Darcy? Look for him at the Heritage  Fair  in  Spencerville, Ontario June 1-3. English country dancing, gentlemen in Red Coats, and rowdy 1812 MISCELLANEOUS elections are all part of this unique event. RCAFA Wing 424 / 240 Water St. West Serving Fish & Chips & Mussels + Jerry"s Karaoke

SATURDAY, JUNE 2 5th  Annual  John  Rice  Memorial  Golf Tournament  Contact Kevin Casselman 613.543.2273 Call for cart: 613.543.3282. Fundraiser for Morrisburg Junior "B" Lions Club Hockey. $60 ( golf, contest, prizes, roast beef dinner)10 am Morrisburg Golf Club Cornwall  Farmers'  Market launches today on George Assaly lane... Children's Treatment Center Garage & Bake Sale from 8 am to 1 pm. Ste Therese de Liseux Parish Hall, 1304 Liseux St. Pride/Fierte Cornwall Car Wash & BBQ 10 am. In the parking lot of The Brick, 1525 Pitt. Yuk  Yuks  Night  for  CHEO  Dinner: 6:30 pm, Show at 8 pm A.N.A.F Club, 14 Marlborough. Tickets: 25$ includes dinner and show. Call: 613.938.8000 St  John's  Presbyterian  Church  Garage Sale from 8 am. 28 2nd St. E. Collectables,

clothing, household articles and more including breakfast and mini bake sale.

Sault Parkway) 613-543-4328 or 1-800-4372233

Royal  Canadian  Legion  Lotto  Dance  & Draw at 8 pm, 415 2nd St. W. Music by 'Revival'. Light Lunch served at 11 pm

Stock  Car  Racing Cornwall Motor Speedway (Cornwall) 613-938-3945

Environmental  Workshop  with  St. Lawrence  River  Institute  – Animal Behaviour OPG Visitor Centre (Cornwall) 613932-4563 ext 3520

Worship and the message.  Fountaingate Christian Assembly. 949 Mowhak drive, Cornwall with Pastor Brad Montsion.


'Thunder on the River' Long Sault Regatta Hydroplane  Races  Mille Roches Beach (Long Sault Parkway) 613-543-4328 or 1-800437-2233

NEW Daily Lunches at RCAFA Wing 424 from 11:30 am to 2 pm beginning Monday, June 4th. 240 Water St. W. Patio or indoor dining.

Coopers  Marsh  Channel  Paddle  10:00 am Cornwall Outdoor Club de Plein Air Contact 613 534-8855 or


Bonfire,  Long Sault.8:00pm Cornwall Outdoor Club de Plein Air Contact 613 5348855 or

SUNDAY, JUNE 3 Cycling Tour de l'isle Mtl. Contact 613 5348855 or

Cornwall  Newcomers  Club  Monthly Dinner  Meeting  Welcoming women new to the area within the last 3 years. Tuesday, June 5th. Call: 613.932.5387 or E-mail: Blood Donor Clinic 12 pm to 3:30 pm & 5 pm to 7:30 pm, Cornwall Civic Complex, 100 Water St. E. Call 1.888.2.DONATE for an appointment

12th Annual CHEO Brunch 613.525.3022 $8 (Adults) $4 (4 - 12) 9:30 am - 1 pm Salle SacreCoeur Church Hall

Soup & Sandwich Lunch from 11:30 am to 1 pm. St. Andrew's - St. Mark's United Church, Johnson Cr. Long Sault. 6$. Takeout available

Old-fashioned  Family  Fun  &  Activities from 2 pm to 4 pm. Cornwall Community Museum, Lamoureux Park, Water St. W. Families can participate in scavenger hunts, games, crafts & more!

A newfie calls the RCMP "Hello is the the RCMP?? I'm calling about my neigbour Billy Bob Smith. He is hiding marijuana in his firewood!"

Salem  United  Church  Summer  Concert Series at 7 pm. 19041 County Rd. 2, Summerstown. Ensemble presents "The Best Of Cabaret". Refreshments & singalong with a freewill offering St.  Peter's  Parish  CWL  Share  the  Wealth Card Party 7:30 pm. 2900 2nd St. E. Cash & door prizes. Light lunch & coffee served. Admission: 4$ 'Thunder  on  the  River'  Long Sault Regatta Hydroplane Races Mille Roches Beach (Long

a bit of humour

The next day the RCMP descends on Billy Bob's house and search the shed where the firewood is kept. They bust open every piece of firewood, but find no marijuana. They apologize to Billy Bob and leave. The phone rings at Billy Bob's.. "Hey Billy Bob, did the RCMP come to your house?" "Yep" "Did they chop all your firewood?" "Yep" "Happy Birthday Buddy!"

For information about events in the area, call Cornwall & Seaway Valley Tourism 613-938-4748 or go to

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What’s happening this week! WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 Disco Inferno ( Musical) contact Rob Currier 613.932.8360 7 pm at CCVS Cafetorium Annual Cornwall Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament Summerheights Golf Links (Cornwall) 613-933-4004 Livin' It Up! Seniors' Wellness Program at the Seaway Valley Community Health Center, 353 Pitt St. Call Nancy Herrington: 613.936.0306 x 151 to register. Moccasin Model Railroad Club Meeting at 7:30 pm. St. Mathews Lutheran Church, 1509 2nd St. W. All model railroad enthusiasts are welcome attend. CareFor Health & Wellness Clinic from 9 am to 12 noon, Centre Charles Emile Claude, 146 Chevrier St. Registered nurse on site for MISCELLANEOUS general health checks. No appointment necessary.

themselves, share their stories and give emotional support to each other. Movies and other activities are also included. We meet every first and third Thursday of the month at the Canadian Mental Health Association, 329 Pitt Street from 6:30 to 8:30pm. See you there! Legion Over '60' Seniors Club Monthly Meeting Pot luck luncheon at 12 noon, meeting at 1:30 pm followed by bingo at 2 pm. 415 2nd St. W. Seaway Valley Model Railroaders McIntosh Country Inn (Morrisburg)

Buy any 2 articles of women’s, men’s or kids clothing and receive the 3rd item free! Coupon valid from June 1st – June 9th. *free item must be of equal or lesser value.

Help Big Brothers & Big Sisters with every donation. One coupon per customer per day cannot be used on prior purchases.

Cornwall School of Dance Annual Recital

Martintown and District Horticultural Society – if you enjoy getting your hands dirty growing plants or just enjoying their physical beauty. Come on out to our June meeting (new comers welcome), Wednesday June 6 at 7:00PM at the Martintown Community Center on County Rd. 20. This months speakers will be discussing attracting birds to the back yard, with time saved to share tips at the end of meeting and fellowship over refreshments.

THURSDAY, JUNE 7 Veterans Support Group - This group is for any military or RCMP veterans and their family members who want to stop isolating

DIVERTISSEMENTS (Ballet ** Character ** Modern)

At Aultsville Theater JUNE 3, 2012 at 2pm

Tickets: Adults $15, Children $12 Available at the theater on the day or phone 613-938-3878

Worship & Praise Night Fountaingate Christian Assembly church 942 Mohawk Drive. Take Brockdale North turn left at Toll Gate pass the train tracks to the right unto Mohawk Drive. We meet every 2nd and 4th Saturday at 7:00pm in the church sanctuary. We celebrate and offer praise to a mighty God that we serve. The night is filled with worship music, personal testimony, and co operate prayer. We want to invite believers and non believers for some good fellowship. Everyone is Welcome

Come and spend time in His presence!

W|w çÉâ uâç çÉâÜ à|v~xàá yÉÜ à{x fxx~xÜá V{É|vx TãtÜwá çxàR

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MUSIC & MORE ... What’s Happening? Ready to Rock the Vote

Dan Martin

Cornwall Transit Offering Free Rides To Celebrate Clean Air Day Cornwall Transit will be offering free rides to the public on Wednesday, June 6th in celebration of Clean Air Day. Residents will be able to ride on the transit service’s environmentally-friendly buses free of charge all day long. The service runs from 6 am to 11:30 pm.

FRIDAY JUNE 1TH  he Dan Martin  Freeway and Uncle Plum playing t all. Birthday Bash @ La Maison in Cornw

Transit Manager Len Tapp is hoping residents will take advantage of the special event and give Cornwall Transit a try, especially in light of the high prices at the pumps.

THURSDAY JUNE 7TH Lancaster Park in Tribute to George Thoregood @ Lancaster.. NDAY JUNE 10TH SATURDAY JUNE 9TH AND SU ont Festival in Chesterville. 2nd Annual Art on the Waterfr

FRIDAY JUNE 15TH   Aultsville Theatre in THE HISTORY OF ROCK TOUR @ Cornwall. FRIDAY JUNE 15TH  Cornwall. EWA and more @ Murphy's Inn in FRIDAY JUNE 15TH  The Grind Cornwall. Jazz music with Candy Provost @

SATURDAY JUNE 16TH guest speakers @ The ROCK THE VOTE with 17 bands + Ages/1pm to 10pm/FREE. All all rnw Co in y ne Syd on h Churc

Dan Martin is a long time Cornwall musician who has been making a name for himself playing shows and festivals in British Columbia. Last year he released an album entitled “Constant Dreamer” which featured Shaun Verreault of Wide Mouth Mason on lead guitar. Now Dan Martin is back in Cornwall to play a couple of gigs. Friday night he reunited with his old band Freeway to play a concert on his birthday. Dan Martin is one

THE LOCAL SEEKER (June 1 - pg. 12)

“Cornwall Transit is an affordable alternative for residents who are looking to cut down on their transportation costs,” Mr. Tapp said.

In addition to the cost factor, Cornwall Transit also offers a convenient and environmentally-friendly transportation alternative, Mr. Tapp noted.

“Our buses have low floors and bike racks, and they are also equipped with regeneration systems that reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions,” Mr. Tapp said.

This will mark the sixth year that Cornwall Transit has participated in the Clean Air Day initiative. Last year, there were 5,333 passenger boardings on Clean Air Day, an increase of roughly 2,200 over a typical day in June.

of seventeen musicians booked to play Rock the Vote Saturday June 16th at the Church on Sydney. It is an all ages show that runs from 1pm to 10pm and is free to the public. The event promotes voting, volunteering, arts and culture. Rock the Vote is sponsored by, The Local Seeker, the Fox 101.5, and Mix 96.1 FM. Also see this youtube video to listen to an MP3 of the brand new commercial broadcasting on Mix 96.1 FM to promote Cornwall's Rock the Vote 2012: GSVkSj80naw

As part of the event, Cornwall Transit has partnered with Corus Entertainment to have “Mystery Riders” who will be randomly handing out monthly bus passes throughout the day. About Cornwall Transit

Cornwall Transit had 792,000 paid trips in 2011, including 41,600 trips made by persons with disabilities. Cornwall Transit operates 7 conventional routes, 1 Community Bus route, 46 daily hours of Handi-Transit service and morning and evening Industrial Park routes. Citizens can travel to most locations in the City within 30 minutes. For information on Transit schedules, fares and more, please visit About Clean Air Day

Clean Air Day began in 1992 and is a celebration of environmentally-friendly activities that promote clean air and good health across Canada. It gives Canadians an opportunity to make environmentally-friendly lifestyle choices.

The goal of Clean Air Day is to increase public awareness and action on two key environmental priorities, clean air and climate change.


The  Emotional Artist Artists and emotions are a natural combination, and when it comes to emotional range we are virtuous. It may come as no surprise that a great portion of artistic souls are inflicted with manic depressive disorders in some degree or another. One day we are flying high with a ‘joie de vive’ and the next day we are so sad we can’t get out of bed. The reason for this is we feel too much. Emotionally-speaking, our nervous system is hardwired to see, hear and feel more deeply. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, as our deep empathy for the human condition and the world’s problems is often the fuel for our creative fires. That is of course if we are given the opportunity to channel it that way. It is unfortunately not always the case, and we are packed off to a professional counselor to “work out our issues”. These professionals will often prescribe drugs to dampen your emotional feelings. Take them with caution; you want to feel a little less - not numb. Make sure your therapist knows you need your emotions to make art.

I believe we should work out our issues with our art instead. Life is full of ups and downs; friends and lovers come into our lives and go, people we love die, and the best way an artist can deal with these life-changes is to make their art. Often when I hear the songs written by Eric Clapton and Annie Lennox, both of whom remember the death of their children in song, I am reminded that through great pain often comes great art. We therefore must embrace our artistic nature when strong emotion takes us, and turn to the outlet we have to work those emotions through. A student in my group class is doing exactly that and creating some strong, wonderful art. One of her fellow artists asked “Isn’t it hard to paint when you are so sad and raw with your emotions?”, to which she replied “No, it is really helping me cope”. As for myself, one of the most stressful times of my life produced some of the most dark but exciting art. Not all emotions that motivate or inspire great works of art will come from depression and sadness. Love and a zest for life is often a fantastic catalyst for all manner of creative genius. The real enemy of an artist is boredom. A bored artist makes boring art. You have all seen it, heard it, and watched it on TV. It’s not bad, not great, just….yawn…boring. So my dear artists, embrace your emotions - the dark ones and the happy ones - they are the essence of that which will make you great. Sandra Taylor Hedges, Fine Artist, Teacher and Past President of Focus Art Cat Scratches - Studio Blog

roadSIGNS by Betty Healey

ART SEEKERS by Sandra Taylor Hedges


Create a NEW STORY Since returning to the Cornwall Region in 2000, I have had the good fortune to coach and work with many of Cornwall’s local artists. It is work I truly love as it gives me the opportunity to play with those extraordinary creative souls who bring beauty to places and spaces. What and who would we be without the influence of art in our lives? One of the reasons that I choose to coach in this arena is that artists, while creative, often do not see the value they bring to society. As a result they tend to underplay their gifts. While there is no doubt that being an artist, and more importantly making a living at being an artist, can be trying, it is essential that the artist believes in him or herself first. Too often I have heard the following flowing from and artist’s lips – “I am just a poor starving artist”. I recoil at the words and wonder why one would even put that out into the world. Step back for a moment and listen again to the words – I am a poor starving artist. While the phrase may simply be meant as a statement of affairs, or perhaps to garner sympathy for one’s plight as an artist, I am compelled to ask, “Really?” Yes, really. Now artists are not the only group guilty of this ‘sin’, that of undermining their worth. I have heard the same words uttered from the many folks I know who work with energy and healing therapies. For whatever reason, there seems to be a belief within both communities that the gifts they have to offer are either not valued or not worth being paid for. And this is a LIMITING BELIEF!

Limiting beliefs are those things you tell yourself that have no basis in fact. They do come from the collective, that is ‘they’, whomever they are, have been saying this over and over to everyone they know until it simply becomes an accepted fact that you can’t make money being an artist or a healer. It moves into your psyche and whenever you approach financial success the little voice in your head rears its head and repeats the mantra, “I am a poor starving artist”. It’s a vicious cycle! As I stated above however, we all have our story, that is, our own set of limiting beliefs which usually go something like, “you can’t do that----- because….. You can fill in the blank. If you listen in, you will hear the story and even though you may not believe it anymore, it still pops up. You recognize that when it does it steals your breath. You see your mother’s finger pointing at you or an old teacher scolding you. The old stories you see come from your choir, the team of critics who have lined up over the years to keep YOU in your place. Guess what? They are out of date and it is time to write a new story. What will your story be? Last week, I spent 2 hours with one of my coaches, a remarkable man named John Heney. He uses a very interesting technique for getting us out of our old story and into a new one. This is how it goes –

Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of all starving artists and healers in the world, watch me ROCK! Watch me walk the path of success and financial abundance! This action is done full throttle, arms flung wide open, face turned skyward, as you embrace what it is YOU really want. The truth is YOU don’t want to be a starving artist or whatever you old story is, you want something different, larger, beneficial to you and your future. You are tired of living small and the way your choir instructed you. You want to live large, and to live the life where you really are a true expression of who you are. Don’t YOU? Here is the reality – YOU get to choose your story. You can live the one you were given or you can write a new script. Of course to write that new script, you must know what YOU want and what YOU want to attract to your life. Then you must step into it, as if it is already happening and be in the belief that your new story has arrived. When the Old Story creeps back into your space, and it will, smile and simply say, ‘you are out of date’. Begin today – write your New Story! No more hesitating – time’s a wastin’! Abundantly Yours, Betty Healey is an award winning author and inspiring speaker. Her new book, The ME FIRST Playbook, is now available in Cornwall at Laura’s Gift Shop or by ordering from the roadSIGNS website. Join Betty Thursday, June 14th at 6:30 p.m. at the Church on Sydney for the workshop ‘Stepping into Your Power’. Registration at For information regarding Betty’s coaching and upcoming retreats or to subscribe to her monthly e-newsletter, contact Betty at or visit her website at

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812 Pitt Street Unit 6 613-936-1998


My friend, Sylvia Daigle gave me some of her glutenfree recipes which she makes for her grandson Ben. You don't have to be celiac to cook gluten-free. Some of my customers are following a gluten-free diet and experience far less pain when they avoid wheat flour commonly used in pastas and bread. I hope that you will find some of these recipes helpful.Thanks again Sylvia for sharing.We carry all gluten-free ingredients needed at my store.

CHoCoLATE- APPLE- which you mixed up at the AnD CrAnBErrY beginning of the recipe 1 cup grated gala apple ( press to BUnDT CAkE

This recipe will fill a 10" to 12" bundt pan. First you make your own bean flour mixture: 1 cup garbanzo and fava bean flour ( we call this garfava flour at my store, Sharyn's Pantry ) 1 cup arrowroot flour 1 cup tapioca starch/flour Now proceed with the recipe: 1 tbsp. ground flax seed mixed with 3 tbsp. hot water ( this will substitue for an egg ) 1/2 tsp. Xanthan gum 1- 1/2 rounded tsp. of gluten-free baking powder 1 tsp. baking soda 1 tsp. ground flax seed 1/2 tsp fine salt 2 tsp. ground cinnamon 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg 1- 1/2 cups of your bean flour mix

remove excess juice ) 3/4 to 1 cup white sugar 2/3 cup light oil 1 cup fresh or frozen cranberries 1/2 cup pure chocolate chips


-In a large bowl, combine the dry ingredients. -Sprinkle over top of this, the combination of ground flax seed stirred into the hot water, the oil, white sugar and mix well to combine. The mixture will appear dry. -Stir in the grated apple, cranberries and chocolate chips. Mix well. -Grease well your bundt pan, dusting it after with a little of your bean flour mixture, tapping out

any excess flour. -Spoon the batter into the prepared bundt pan, spreading it evenly. -Bake the cake in a pre-heated 350 degree F. oven for about 40 to 50 minutes. -Cool the cake in the pan on a wire cooling rack for 5 minutes, then turn it out of the pan to continue to cool on the wire rack.


We give our customers at Sharyn's Pantry this little recipe to take home. You can make your own all purpose flour

mixture for baking cookies, muffins, pancakes, etc. We carry all necessary ingredients.


Mix together: 1 cup white rice flour 1 cup brown rice flour 1/3 cup of each: potato starch tapiocaflour/starch either chic pea flour OR romano bean flour 1 tbsp. Xanthan gum Store this gluten-free flour blend in a tight fitting cannister or Tupperware container. Use as needed.

with Sharyn Thompson

Suzy’s Q’s Starting next week, a new weekly advice column for life’s little speed bumps. Relationship ruts, family issues, lingering love troubles, or just something on your mind - send me your questions for some sound suggestions. For the young and old (and all those in between), completely anonymous, and of course, free. You don’t have to take my advice, but at least you’ll have the option to consider it.


Look forward to hearing from you. Please send your questions to

Photo and Article by Jason Setnyk

On Thursday over forty people, including MPP Jim McDonell, attended a town hall style meeting. It was hosted by City Councillor Elaine MacDonald, who is also the Chair of the Cornwall H e a l t h Coalition. The meeting was to discuss concerns about McGuinty government cuts to health care. Keynote speakers at this event were Dennis Howlett (Canadians for Tax Fairness); Ross Sutherland (M.A., RN), Anne Clark (ONA); and Natalie Mehra (director of the Ontario Health Coalition). “We don’t want to see any more hardship as a result of patients unable to access the care they need,” said Mehra. The message from the panel was clear; that public health care needs to be protected, and ordinary citizens can speak up and help change the government's mind. Elaine MacDonald is hopeful that M.P.P Jim McDonell will bring their message to Queen's Park.

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JOB TIPS with John

EMPLOYMENT SEEKER The Rejection We've all been there. Needing and looking for a job. Sending countless resumes in response to job ads. Going for interview after interview. Being told; “Sorry – we went with a candidate with more relevant experience,” or words to that effect. In many cases you won't even hear anything as companies will often only “contact those who have been selected for an interview...”

It's hard. You question your worth as an applicant; as a potential employee and often as a person. We look for validation in the work we do and expect the job application process to provide us with an affirmation that we are a great applicant and person. We want to be told that we are worthy enough to be on their team. When we are told we are not wanted or perhaps not good enough, the feeling is akin to being left standing alone when the team captains have chosen the taller or faster kids in the line-up in gym class. Add to this the fact that we need a job to pay bills and buy groceries; the net impact of a rejection is significantly compounded. What is striking however is the lack of help or advice offered to help us deal with rejection. I did a Google search and found a wealth of information on how to write the perfect rejection letter, but little useful information discussing how to deal with being the recipient of that letter. We have all been there and perhaps a degree of solace can be taken from this. What I have learned having spent a fair amount of time on both sides of the fence (hiring manager and job seeker) is that the most selfdefeating thing to do is to take rejection personally. This almost sounds counter-intuitive given that we – as individual applicants – are being rejected. There are a thousand reasons why one applicant prevails over another. Often we do not understand or see the entire range of criteria that is being used to score one candidate over another. Never, ever, take job rejection personally. That being said, critically examine why you think you did not get the job. Did you meet all the requirements of the position? If this is a field you really want to get in to, is there up-training you can take? You will need to do some very candid and honest post-interview analysis and ask yourself if the company was right for you and were you truly right for the company?

negativity creep into his overall approach and strategy. This reminded me of my grandmother when I asked her how she kept going during the war when things were pretty bleak in London. She replied that defeat wasn't an option. They had to keep going and know that eventually they would win. Job hunting is often referred to as a battle, and we use terms like strategy and maintaining the job search initiative. Defeat is not an option and eventually an offer will be made. Amongst the few tidbits of advice out there dealing with job rejection is one that suggests the best thing we can do is adopt a zen-like, philosophical approach. Believe that everything happens for a reason. If a job was not meant to be – then it was not meant to be. Shrug the rejection off. Something better is waiting just around the corner. If your application is good and your resume can stand on its own merits, then you will eventually land the job you want. Never take a job rejection personally. Where you can, seek feedback, but never seek personal validation from the job application process. Ask yourself pointed questions that will serve you well next time. Eventually, you will win and you will emerge as a victor in the job hunt battle. In the meantime, along with a great resume and awesome interview outfit, adopt the belief that if it is meant to be then it will be. Your confidence level will increase, you'll be more at ease when you get to the next interview. If you have been rejected or get rejected again, remind yourself that you are not alone. Want proof or need to vent? Email me. Along with a few encouraging words, I've a number of personal rejection stories I can share! Quick Bio John has been involved in recruiting in the Cornwall and SD&G area for the past several years having interviewed, selected and onboarded hundreds of employees for some of the area’s biggest companies. He has lived and worked as far afield as the UK and Hong Kong in a variety of fields. Before becoming a Logistics and Warehouse Sector Staffing and Talent Acquisition Specialist, he was in private practice as an Inward Investment Economic Development consultant in Montreal after having lived an exciting period as a Canadian Forces Intelligence Officer. With a Masters degree in Public Policy and Public Administration from Concordia University he is a firm believer in the value of education and dedicates much of his time helping develop and coach new employees to assist them in achieving their professional and personal goals. He can be reached via email at or you can follow his Twitter feed: @johnaparsons

Remind yourself that you are not alone. Depending on the number of open positions a company is advertising for, only one or two applicants out of dozens or hundreds might be successful in securing a position. The rejection of so many candidates can't be a decision based on the personal feelings of the hiring manager, but is often the result of the application of a series of very impersonal evaluative and exclusionary check-lists – either man-made or designed by a computer program. Do not fall victim to the belief that the rejection of your application is a rejection of you as a person. As mentioned above, do not seek personal validation through the job hunt process. This is hard as we are applying for jobs for a variety of often very personal reasons. One authority on job rejection suggests that we seek validation from sources that truly matter; namely friends and family. You are more than a job applicant or name on a resume. Try not to get sucked into a vortex of self-doubt, bitterness and defeat. This will destroy your job hunting mojo and your spirit of defeat will come across in the next interview you are invited to attend. I was speaking to a colleague today who works for one of the world's largest multi-nationals. He had just attended a seminar given by a senior vicepresident who spoke about the issue of rejection. Unashamedly he told his audience that he had been rejected for more jobs than he cared to count, yet still rose to the pinnacle of his chosen profession. He suggested the adoption of a can-do attitude and refused to let

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SPINAL COLUMN with Dr. Paul Poirier

Gutters should be cleaned out once or twice a year depending on the tree cover around your home. If left unchecked for more than a year, the gutter will fill up with organic material which will decompose into muck and effectively stop the flow of water in the eavestroughs.

Dear Joe, I have a gutter on my home that is sagging. The water pours out of it when it rains and doesn’t go to the downspouts. What can I do to fix it? Thanks, Patty. Dear Patty, Unless you are comfortable on a ladder and familiar with some tools, there isn’t much you can do to fix it. Eavestroughs are a system of your house which require precise installation and proper maintenance to run properly. If the gutter has pulled away from the house, chances are there is some underlying damage - perhaps to the fascia - that should be addressed before attempting to reattach or replace the troughs. Older gutters are nailed on, and the nails often pull loose as the wood they are attached to ages or rots in behind

Grains...How Important are They?  Everyone knows that grains are part and parcel of a healthy diet. Many are not aware of the lesser known grains that are becoming mainstream. I recommend you allow yourselves the chance to experience these great alternatives.

What’s so good about Buckwheat We've all sampled it at some point in our lives. It has a long history and is thought to be discovered in China only to later crop up in Europe and Asia. The latest research finds that this product helps in the concentration levels of nitric acid in the stomach, therefore beneficial in digestion (Plants Foods Hum Nutr 2009; Epub). It’s considered a glutenfree complete protein, rich in selenium, iron, and zinc and contains all 8 essential amino acids. Different cultures prepare it differently. Japan, for example, uses this flour to make Japanese soba noodles, whereas the Russians make a paste called Kasha by roasting the hulled seeds.

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This leads to standing water, which adds significant weight to a system meant to channel water away - not store it. If a gutter or downspout is plugged, you can potentially have 3 lbs of standing water per foot of trough. So, on a standard bungalow you could theoretically have about 500 lbs of water working with gravity to yank the troughs off your home. Allow that to freeze up and you’re asking for ice dams under shingles, troughs torn off by ice and huge chunks of ice falling from the sky. I would contact a seamless gutter professional for a free evaluation, and commit to maintaining your eavestroughs on a yearly basis. If you can’t access them yourself, there are lots of handymen who offer great rates on seasonal home maintenance. Thanks for the great question, Keep watching here each week for more household tips and renovation advice. It's FREE to submit a question and you can email them to:,

and is known to suppress blood glucose and insulin levels (Pak J Biol Sci 2009;12:1063-8; J Clin Biochem Nutr 2009;44151-9), which is good news for our carbohydrate fanatical ingesting society. The Scots also adopted Barley in their diets many years ago in the form of what is known as "Barley bread" but we also use it as Barley flour for pancakes and muffins.

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How to Best Enjoy Grains So many options exist. The goal should be the maximum absorption of its nutrients and this happens if the following protocol is respected. Phytic acid is a chemical that shields the nutrients from getting absorbed well, and so soaking the grain over a 12-hour period in water and adding a touch of lemon juice, buttermilk or yogurt will break down the phytic acid. Another option is to grind the grains into flour. Dr. Paul Poirier

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The benefits of Barley Not for decades but for centuries mankind has eaten this ingredient which is also consumed by many in the form of beer. It too has next-to-no gluten, yet is considered by most experts to be a champion anti-oxidant

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them. Be sure that the wooded fascia and rafter ends are in good repair before making any other repairs.

Pipers Point with Rodney Wilson

SEEKING SPORTS NEWS To boot, you’ve got a classic matchup in goal. Martin Brodeur, 40, going for his fourth Stanley Cup, in which could very well be his last NHL season. At the other end is Jonathan Quick, who almost single-handedly got the low-scoring Kings into the post-season.

Parity  rules today’s NHL There is plenty of parity in the NHL today, and Stanley Cup finalists New Jersey and Los Angeles are perfect examples of this.

Then, you’ve got a pair of American captains, leading the way for their team. Dustin Brown has been Mr. Everything for L.A. He scores big goals and delivers big hits. The Kings struggled to score in the regular season, but their top line of Brown, Kopitar and Williams has been a threat almost every night in the post-season. As for Parise, well he’s simply the heart and soul of the Devils.

Last season, the Devils finished 11th in the Eastern Conference. In the off-season, they hired a new coach and came up with a new identity. They rebounded with a 102-point season and here they are, back in the Cup final. The Kings, meanwhile, are only the second 8th seed to make the final. With two weeks to go in the regular season, they were actually on the outside looking in.

Whichever team hoists Lord Stanley will become the highest seed to ever win hockey’s biggest prize. That’s the reality of today’s NHL… you can miss the playoffs one year and be a contender the next.

Now at first glance, you wouldn’t think a No. 6 vs. No. 8 Stanley Cup final would be too exciting. We’ll soon find out, but one thing is for sure; there are plenty of interesting story lines here.

‘03 DRAFT WAS A GEM: Several first-round picks from the 2003 NHL draft will be front and centre in the Stanley Cup final. In ‘03, Jeff Carter (11th to Philadelphia), Dustin Brown (13th to Los Angeles), Steve Bernier (16th to San Jose), Zach Parise (17th to New Jersey) and Mike Richards (24th to Philadelphia) were all selected in the first round of that impressive draft. While Bernier never developed into the player many thought he would become, Carter, Brown, Parise and Richards are stars in the NHL.

Border Patrol with Craig Revelle

First, of course, is the fact that Los Angeles steamrolled through the No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 seeds in the Western Conference; they went 12-2 in the process, including an incredible 8-0 on the road. And, they’ll start this series away from Los Angeles as well. Also interesting is the fact that the Devils are the NHL’s single oldest team. They happen to be up against the Kings, who are the league’s fourth youngest team. Oh, and L.A. has played four fewer games.

YOUNG  STARS  CASHING  IN:  Even though the Kings are one of the league’s youngest teams, they

still have one of the highest payrolls in the NHL. The Kings are 7th in payroll, as young stars such as Anze Kopitar, 24, and Drew Doughty, 22, are being paid big bucks. Kopitar pocketed $6.4 million this season, while Doughty cashed in $6.0 million. Quick, 26, is set to become an unrestricted free agent after next season, and he is sure to get a hefty raise over the $1.7 million he’ll earn in 2012-13. MICKEY  MOUSE  NO  MORE:  Wayne Gretzky will attend the Stanley Cup final in Los Angeles in support of his former team, against a Devils squad that he once called a ‘Mickey Mouse organization’. After a 1983 game in which Edmonton routed New Jersey 13-4, Gretzky was frustrated for his former teammate Ron Low (who was playing for the Devils) and was quoted afterward as saying: “Well, it’s time they got their act together, folks. They’re ruining the whole league. They had better stop running a Mickey Mouse organization and put somebody on ice.” In response, many Devils fans wore Mickey Mouse shirts when Edmonton next played in New Jersey. Gretzky learned his lesson from the incident and very rarely has anything bad to say about anyone since. GRAPES  LOVES  HIS  BABY  BUDS:  The Toronto Marlies have advanced to the American Hockey League final, where they will face the Norfolk Admirals beginning Friday night. I can already hear Don Cherry next fall if the Maple Leafs’ farm team captures the Calder Cup. “Carton Ashton, Joe Colborne, Nazem Kadri… these guys are beauties and let me tell ya somethin’ right now, the Leafs would have made the playoffs with these guys in their lineup. A bunch of good Canadians down there but they’re not good enough for Tarranna (Toronto)!” Gotta love Grapes.

It was another busy and exciting weekend of racing this week! It began with a rare Wednesday night special event at Can Am Motorsports Park in Lafargeville, then on with the usual Friday night stop at Mohawk International Raceway. Saturday night at Brockville Speedway; Sunday night at Cornwall; and while this column is sent out for an early Monday deadline, I will be attending the Victoria 200 at Utica Rome Speedway in Vernon, New York.

On Friday night, I was back at Mohawk International Raceway as they hosted a full racing program, plus a 50 lap Frenchie’s “Chevy Runs Deep” 358 Modified series race. Despite a forecast that called for rain, racing continued without delay, and it was Dale Planck back in victory lane for the second week in a row. He crossed the finish line with teammate and car-owner Carey Terrance in hot pursuit. Billy Dunn rebounded from an early race issue to finish third, with Chris Raabe and Matt Billings rounding out the top five. Josh VanBrocklin captured the Sportsman 20 lap main event over Dylan Evoy and newcomer Josh Brockway. Jody Swamp was the winner in the Pro Stock division after an exciting side-by-side battle to the checkered flag with Marc Lalonde. Daryl Mitchell won the Bandit feature, and Mathieu Robinson remains undefeated in the Mod Lite division with his third straight victory.

My first experience of the week with racing action was at Chapman’s Can Am Motorsports Park for the SUNY Canton Shootout. This was a higher-paying event than usual, and the track opened up their tire rule, allowing cars from further down state to come up with their American Racer tires (as opposed to the Hoosiers that are the exclusive tire for weekly racing events at the track). Despite the extra cash available to be won, the car counts were much lower than anticipated, which was disappointing to see. Still, the Modified feature was very exciting, as Billy Dunn and Matt Sheppard battled to victory. Dunn had a strong car early, but lost the lead in lapped traffic. As the final laps counted down though, it was Sheppard having issues with the slower cars, and Dunn was able to regain the lead and cruise on to victory.

It was back to Brockville Speedway on Saturday night for me, and after three weeks, we have three different winners in the 358 Modified division. After Danny O’Brien won opening night, and Dale Planck last week, it was Matt Billings’ turn this week as he drove a great race and picked up his first win of 2012. Billings finished ahead of Kyle Dingwall, Dale Planck, Tim O’Brien and Lee Gill. Dylan Evoy captured his first Brockville win of 2012 over Chris Herbison, Kenny Polite, Sheldon Hoogwerf and Jessica Power. Alain Proulx was the Street Stock winner, Dwight Feltham won the Rookie main event, and Brian Comeau was the Vintage Modified winner.

“It is definitely my biggest win here at Can Am”, says an excited Dunn in victory lane at Can Am. “I really have to thank my crew and all my sponsors for their help getting me here. That was an awesome battle with Matt (Sheppard), he is a great racer, and it was a lot of fun racing him for the win”. Dunn has had a great season so far, with a win earlier in the year at Canandaigua Motorsports Park, and other strong finishes along the way. It was a well-deserved victory, and with the way he has been running this year there will be plenty more to come.

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My action-packed weekend continued at Cornwall Speedway on Sunday night. Gage Morin was the 358 Modified feature winner. Kyle Dingwall was second over Kayle Robidoux, Dale Planck and Tim O’Brien. In the Sportsman division it was Gilles Godard picking up his first career Sportsman win over Mitch Primeau, Dan Jalbert, 2011 division champion Chris Herbison and Ryan Arbuthnot. Joey Ladouceur won the Pro Stock main event, Benoit Dubois was the Semi-Pro winner, and Martin Bernard won in the Mini Stock division. If you can’t make it to the track, you can always follow along at home with my live raceday reports from the track! Follow Finish Line Web Design on Twitter @finishlineweb17, Facebook at, or at our website, I look forward to seeing everyone at the track in just another week. I hope you continue to enjoy my weekly column. As always, any comments or suggestions can be sent to


SMART  MOVES  BY  HABS: A week after snagging Rick Dudley from the Maple Leafs, Montreal GM Marc Bergevin has added Scott Mellanby as director of player personnel for the Habs. It’s great to see Montreal hire good hockey people, no matter the language they speak. With Bergevin, Dudley, and Mellanby now in place, the Habs can turn their attention to the vacant head coach position. Perhaps the Canadiens are waiting until the Devils are eliminated to speak with assistant coach Larry Robinson. LAST  CALL,  THANKFULLY: With E6 vs. W8 in the final, most people have struggled with their playoff predictions this spring, and I’m no different. With one series left to call, I’m 77 so far. I’m going with Los Angeles. How can you bet against the Kings, who demolished the Top 3 seeds in the West? They’re younger, faster and bigger than the Devils. Kings in 6. PIPER’S POINTS: The NHL isn’t the only pro hockey league with parity these days. Cornwall fans will be treated to a league with plenty of balance when the LNAH comes to town in the fall. The top team in the regular season finished with 61 points last season, while the last-place team was only 16 points back at 45. The seven-team league plays a 48-game schedule. Last year, only two points separated second from fifth place.

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